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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 12, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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killed them. it was the contractor that never showed up or had the decency to say he wasn't showing up. then, fire. a lot of fire. that is free advice. men, women. i haven't gotten my christmas shopping. this is just a freebie free. watching the superhero thing. it felt i owed it to you. why are you laughing? that is me. see you tonight on fbn. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: something interesting happened amid all the violence yesterday. america got a glimpse in to the soul of organized labor.
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>> hey! >> i wasn't talking to you. put your hands on me and see what happens. this is my message. leave us alone. we're done. >> but it wasn't always this way. the labor move in the america was once honorable group interested in carving out a slice of the american pie for the middle class. fast forward through decades of tough economic conditions. competition from china, india and brazil and 12 million americans willing to work for less slashed the union membership. organized later on the brink of collapse and the pressure is getting to them. what was a membership of hardworking men and women and
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big labor degenerated to band of anarchist thugs. peaceful protest given way to mob violence, vocal dissent turned to revenge. property destruction and violent assault. bob, you a bird's eye seat to. this got to be tough to come to term with the end of the movement. >> bob: you as delusional as you have ever been. the idea the labor move element go away because you wrote that crap is ridiculous. the fact of the matter is very few indense of violence yesterday. 13,000 people. and three or four people got in the hiddal of it. >> eric: why should there be any? >> bob: because you had people attacking the people. you have a tent that was there -- >> eric: you would -- [ overtalk ] >> bob: got us in trouble. got me in trouble. >> eric: this is america. peaceful protest is fine. we start to lay hands on people, game changer.
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>> greg: i don't know. bob convinced me. fight makings right. if you believe strongly enough in something you should kick somebody's butt. why does the left excuse violence? conservatives think that liberals are wrong. but liberals thing conservatives are evils so that is why is left can be more dangerous because they justify violence in greater good. the greater good killed more than the black plague. don't forget manson families were hippies who were unionized. >> eric: kimberly, at one point, 20% of the american workforce was unionized and now it's below 11%. that is under 7%. >> kimberly: what have you done for me lately. that is the problem. why would i sign up? it's impeding their ability to get jobs for what they might want to get. neap the right to work states. when you see on the television like this, union thug riff.
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problems with the teachers going on strike. they don't want to essential kite the kid. you cannot deny in this is not good for business this public perception. >> bob: they should have kicked more of them if you want the truth. they took out a tent paid for by koch brothers. yesterday dana said people of michigan voted for this bill. they did not vote for it. they voted against the constitutional change. that's what they voted for. it had nothing to do with right to work. >> eric: clarify two things. that were people in the tent. elderly people in the tent. women in the tent. >> greg: that's okay. >> eric: who cares who paid for it? >> bob: koch brothers to create illegally with the enemys? >> eric: property destruction, violent assault. >> kimberly: violence against women. why are you saying that is okay, bob? >> eric: dana, jimmy hoffa from the teamsters said governor snyder angsts were declaring civil war on michigan. trumka says he is a puppet of the extreme donors. goes on and on.
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union feels to me -- am i wrong -- in last grasp of fresh air? >> dana: i think so. the language shows it. i can understand why they are angry andup set. the bill that the governor signed is mild. compared to what happened in wisconsin. governor snyder is the most mild mannered easy going guy -- bob, wait. i can't say a word would you going grrr. boston okay. say nice things about the guy. >> dana:be forget it. >> bob: i'm not going to say anything. >> dana: i don't have to saying anything because what you say and the tone -- you're basically just like these guys. that is the language that isn't working. i don't think anybody who voted to make the change with michigan did it for any other reason except they want to bring jobs to michigan. for a generation or two things are declining. they looked to other states
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and say we'd like to be like indiana a change our fate. >> bob: let me ask you a question. they give them five days they had to under law. the state troopers were around who were exempt from this, by the way. the governor, the person you say is a mild mannered -- >> dana: don't. >> bob: what? i haven't said anything. >> dana: you are about to say -- i know what you are about to say. it's obvious, the tactic from the left are driving me crazy. they are not going to win friends or influence people by that type of behavior or attacking me because i say that the governor is a mild mannered guy. >> bob: you say he is mild mannered. i don't know him. but maybe he is. he signed the bill, refused a signing ceremony. done behind closed doors. >> greg: unlike the healthcare bill. >> eric: it was done absolutely legally. the people of michigan -- >> bob: voters -- no, they
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did not. >> eric: theyer with lechted. every one of them was elected let's move on to top twik to calm things downment maybe we can. mainstream media edited the violence and assault from the nightly newscast last night. they told a different story. greg, quickly, nbc, brian williams said, they called at it boisterous day. cbs said union workers voiced their anger. abc world news diane sawyer said ominous sign for unions. nobody talked about violence. >> greg: if alec baldwin stubbed a toe at occupy wall street rally it would have been three weeks on the "new york times." a year ago i coined a phrase pig pass. he can treat people like -- women like pigs. like bill maher. leftist pass you can hurt people and media says it's okay. that's why bob has no problem with violence hem gives them a
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thug pass. >> eric: what if this was a tea party rally protest and somebody from the tea party put an ass whooping on a liberal journalist there, do you think that would have been the lead? >> kimberly: they would have been in jail. you were one of the first people to decry the action of tea party saying they were violent. >> bob: i still do. the reason they didn't lead with the story of violence, there was so little of it. you have make it out the whole part of the protest around the mob violence. it wasn't. isolated incident. say what it is. we run the same footage over and over and over again so you can pick apart organized labor. that's what you are trying to do. >> eric: it happened with 25, 26 hours ago. why not show it? why not show union guy beating up -- >> bob: show people protesting peacefully? you didn't. >> greg: hard to find. >> dana: where? look. >> bob: one camera and isolated incident. there are 12,000 people there.
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the footage fits your -- >> dana: i actually think this was a mild bill and i think the reaction to it was a lot more mild than what you saw in wisconsin which shut down the state for three week weeks. hardly anything new. they have to work with them. thaw might be glad they've done this. >> kimberly: why does the governor have to apologize when he has courage to stand by the conviction to provide job pers people of his state that are suffering? he went on the air. he spoke to every reporter who had decency to discuss it. he didn't cower and cave to thuggery of the union. good for you. >> eric: he said on neil's show less than an hour ago he says to reinvent michigan. why not reincident a state with 9.1% unemployment and one of the worst household income in the country? try something -- >> bob: first, there have been a lot of guys added in
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michigan this year. the point here is all this is the fault of the unions, right? you dobe make a point about the bad management or businessmen doing this crap. you pick on the unions in the still of the night behind locked doors. the governor signs it in a secret signing ceremony. that's a good bill? >> greg: speaking of management trying to figure out who in management killed jimmy hoffa senior? the ceo of wal-mart that buried him in concrete? >> bob: by the way, he's in a garage if detroit. >> greg: why do you know? that is my point? >> kimberly: unions told you? they're peaceful people. >> eric: we leave it there. directly ahead it's 12-12-12. last repeating number date of this century. if you aren't doing something special, maybe you should. according to the mayan prophecy the world may end in nine days. go ahead. ask out that girl or guy you have been wanting to. heck, it could be your last chance.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: so, have you checked your calendars yet today? 12-12-12. lines are long at courthouses as people pick the easy day to remember to get hitched. still time for me. why not? i got to catch liz taylor. created a worldwide frenzy. and it means we are ticking down to an ominous day. december 21, 2012, which is the end of the mayan calendar and the day that predicted the world would end. so that means no more bob on the union. what? >> greg: let's -- they never predicted the end of the world. the calendar ran out. the mayans couldn't predict their own end. how will they predict ours? i did calculations. this is what is creepy.
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if i follow the mayan calendar which is 18 months instead of 12 i'd be 36, not 48. today is 12-12-12. if you add is up 36. six squared, six letters. j-a-s-p-e-r. six letters. symbolic mark of the "b." 666. erdo, dana perino is satan. >> eric: satan's mom. >> kimberly: you said you had something amazing to say, was that it? >> dana: where did you spend your afternoon? >> kimberly: please excuse yourself. >> kimberly: what do you think of this? [ laughter ] >> eric: yesterday, he said the mayan calendar thing. i know. i'm driving. he goes it's not real, right? right? clearly it's not real. but what i did -- >> kimberly: did you believe it? >> eric: you know what i did. i followed obama on twitter.
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>> dana: follow me. dana perino. >> eric: i'm dieing to have the pope followed me back. but only seven. his twitter in different languages. 35,000 on day one. >> dana: i was interested in this part of it. there have been 300 books on amazon dealing with the doomsday. greg gutfeld didn't write any of them. believe me, we would have heard about it. >> greg: absolutely unnecessary! by the way, you can get "joy of hate" at any bookstore. >> kimberly: when are you going to ban the phrase gratuitous. as in -- >> greg: the photos i have of you? >> kimberly: your shameless self-promotion. >> bob: the pope could help
2:18 pm
him because he could use the help. the reason is the international organization of labor unions is meeting on the 13th. soily be gone. so it's their fault. people predict the enof the world -- treb creature? last year and everybody waited for it to end? i was waiting so if eric was the one person -- >> eric: why are you hating on me, brother? >> bob: because -- ahh, never mind. first, who are the mayans? they got wiped out, right? >> greg: they didn't predict that. >> kimberly: what do they have going for them? >> greg: they didn't predict their own ending. >> kimberly: they predict one in 2000 and it didn't happen. greg this is not their fault. this is the part of people like us who misread stories thastory.there was no predictio. i'm saying there was never a prediction. the calendar was 5,200 some years long. >> eric: starts over. >> dana: so we start over?
2:19 pm
>> greg: no apocalypse. people are just looking for stories. [ laughter ] >> eric: it's true. >> kimberly: mayans are talking to me in my ear. >> bob: people are lined up to get married? >> dana: yeah. 7,500 marriages today. >> bob: 7,423 divorces by -- >> kimberly: see, my addiction is cured. admit night, i can get married again. >> bob: how many have you had? >> kimberly: far ma m than i experience. >> dana: can i share something, though? as a little girl, there is one thing -- >> greg: you were a little girl? >> dana: shut up. 10-10. if you see the same number on the clock you make a wish. this is true. >> bob: what are you saying? you stop to make a wish? >> dana: because today is 12-12-12. you don't have to wait for
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today to be able to have a special day. every day, twice a day, six times a day -- oh, my gosh. six times a day. erg, i am satan. >> kimberly: i want to talk about the power of negative thinking that can make you happier. this is the number three story on the "new york times." >> kimberly: that sounds like you are negative. that will make you happy. >> eric: the theory is if you are a negative -- >> dana: positive thinking has been proven to not work. >> kimberly: well, then that blows away the -- >> bob: just ask eric questions about this. >> greg: positive thinking prevents you from thinking of potential consequences so you are unprepared for the future. and you tend to run in trouble. negative thinking is preparing for the things ahead.
2:21 pm
>> dana: that's why this would have been a great block if we had given it some thought. >> kimberly: i have been a fan of the mayans. some like the incassor aztec, but to close steve jobs, steve jobs famously declared remember you are going to die is the best way i know to avoid the trap you have something to lose. >> bob: mayans were wiped out by the spaniards? >> dana: no, by the dinosaurs. good news is, bob, we can talk about unions in the next block. >> bob: seriously. >> dana: it's a mystery. >> kimberly: we got to go. coming up, hard to think anyone could steal the show from the tampa bay cheerleaders, baby, but this kid did. he is giving beck a run for his money. this is all ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ as you can see, geico's customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: bob loves country music. all right. update now on a story that greg told us about the other day. remember the waiter at a california lounge who labeled a trio of customers "fat girls" on their receipt. he has been fired after the story went viral and the public pressure mounted on the management. this marks three firings in one week. one for insensitivity, one for saving a boss' life. yet pot smokers who belong to a union got the job back. is the world spinning out of control? would you fire for
2:27 pm
insensitivity? he got fired and the workers have to go to sensitivity training. >> greg: right now, i'm writing something about you. tiny person. >> dana: that is a compliment. >> greg: what he did is a mistake. the owner has ever reason for somebody if you are offended a customer because that's what you can do. he could have been reply manded. my problem with this is metaphors. that is defying the culture, ascribing physical consequences to words. the news coverage of this story about the fat girl receipt said that the women were scarred. they were scarred. they were scarred. knives scar people. we grew up on the phrase sticks and stones may break your bones but names will never hurt you, words will never hurt you. now that's all they do. words do hurt. words aren't that painful. >> dana: couldn't the boss have said we agree it was inappropriate. we talked to the employee, moving on? it seems to me a lot of people in day-to-day jobs are getting
2:28 pm
fired when people like bob's point that do egregious things maybe on wall street or wherever else there are no consequences for it. >> andrea: this is too -- >> kimberly: this is getting too much. the manager wanted to mote with the women and their family to make personal apology. why drag the family? no offense. it's rude behavior, sure. but it's taking it too far so it doesn't make sense. >> greg: that is my point. >> dana: we had the example examples. but then the topics on the union, chrysler wanted to fire workers who were spot smoking spot and getting drunk. they were off the clock and came back to work on the assembly line. the arbitration guy said you have to hire them back. fair or unfair? >> i'm trying to get over this. if i got scarred for every time somebody called me fat i'd be nothing but scar
2:29 pm
tissue. it doesn't bother me. >> kimberly: you like it because i said i like meaty men. >> bob: what is the big deal? he said fat. >> dana: didn't say it to their face. it was on the receipt. >> bob: if you fired everybody out smoking on the lunch break after the country would be out of work. >> eric: may i weigh in? >> dana: yes. >> eric: this is the problem with america we're worried about firing people. business owners if you want fire them because they called someone fat, fire them. guess what? he is not going to get employed until he turns his ways around. fire away. fire that guyer radio d.j. good luck getting more radio d.j.s. turned around and the unions tell you, you can't fire someone for doing something wrong the whole world -- >> bob: can i fire you? >> eric: sure. fire me. >> dana: i don't think the guy wanted to fire him but under public pressure.
2:30 pm
how much bad press could they get? any bar that has the word "lounge" in it is awesome. old school lounges are great. >> bob: how many people would contact them? 1,000? 10 thank you? >> greg: people like to get angry. >> eric: but why can't you fire your workers? they should fire their workers. if a teacher is smoking pot or drinking on his or her lunch hour, fire them, too. >> dana: another example, remember the teacher in north carolina, the young guy, 17-year-old got up and said wait, why do you say that about romney and you didn't say it about obama? there was a confrontation and public pressure to get the teacher fired. the teachers union said no, you can't fire her. so she is teaching school today. >> bob: your profession at wall street, every night they
2:31 pm
are doing blow and going to strip joints. why aren't they fired? >> eric: there should have been perp walks. they were laundering the money for the mob or drug dealers and iran. they got fined $1.9 billion. but no one fired. no one is going to jail. 100% right. >> dana: it's not on the front page of any paper but the mystery of the g.o.p. super donor of a major paper. not that story. >> eric: foreign bank doing business here and money laundering here. >> bob: i don't believe it. >> greg: kimberly yawned in this segment. you are so bored. that is amazing. >> b a discussio discussion. c'mon! >> bob: 12-12-12. >> kimberly: let's go back to the marriage segment. it covered my mouth.
2:32 pm
i was polite. >> dana: knew she is thoroughly embarrassed. next up, santa claus. what does santa claus, president obama and bob have in common? greg took a trip to the north pole to find out. finding next on "the five" and hopefully kimberly will still be awake. ♪ ♪
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i'm chris wallace in washington. the big story today is north korea's successful launch of a satellite in to space. tonight on "special report," that development is seen as putting north korea one step closer to send a nuclear tip warhead as far as california. the u.s. and many western nations recognized new opposition coalition as the legitimate representative of the syrian people.
2:37 pm
but there is already disagreement over the designation of a rebel group as terrorist. police in suburban portland, oregon, identified the young man who fatality shot two people and himself at a shopping mall tuesday. but they say they do not know why jacob tyler roberts opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle. a man who bought the gun that killed border patrol argentina brian terry two years ago has been sentenced to 57 months in prison. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 p.m. eastern. now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: can somebody invent new christmas songs? is there a limb, we only have 12? anyway, i'm tired. i'm tired. >> bob: so is kimberly.
2:38 pm
>> kimberly: hey! >> greg: only 12 christmas songs. >> eric: 12-12-12. >> dana: divided by two is six. >> greg: do most americans think santa claus is a democrat? 44% believe the jolly man of heft is of the left, versus 20% think st. nick is like mitt. it make sense when it comes to the handing out grieve i have things, democrats are the party of giving but the giving isn't link to worthwhile behavior. santa rewards you for being good, liberal reward you for towing the line. that is where the similarities end. santa's toy is made in a toy shop. but a dem doesn't make them, he just takes them. the quality of outcome means there is no ceiling on goodness, leaving you with sad drinkings that cost four times more. in the war of who is naughty or nice, dems will win. they will be santa and satan, stereotype in pop culture that
2:39 pm
deems anything rooted in c'mon sense must be mean. this lets the left run the give-away. that is the point to win people over with the free crud that isn't free at all. yes, there is a santa claus. as the jolly red democrat nice back to the north pole he leaves behind a mountain of toys and mountain of bills as well. who is going to pay for those? let the republicans worry about that. the grown-ups. i hate that bob predicted my monologue before i started. >> kimberly: he is asleep. >> bob: i could have written it in my sleep. >> greg: when i was writing i go this is writing itself. >> bob: yes, it is. reindeer are a member of a union. transportation reindeer union of america. >> dana: rudolph was a scab. >> bob: he was. he was a drunk and game and took over -- >> dana: the elves were terrible. >> kimberly: you guys. >> bob: are you awake? >> kimberly: i have been
2:40 pm
awake. okay? >> greg: go to eric. [ laughter ] sitting there patiently wondering what just happened to this show. santa democrat or republican? >> eric: clearly a republican. he's carrying, loving, compassionate. all things associated with -- >> dana: old fat white guy. perfect. >> eric: the conservative movement. [ laughter ] >> kimberly: carrying, i thought. like a weapon? >> bob: for sure. >> kimberly: like santa the packing heat. >> greg: do you think the brownies that john gibson gave us earlier today had something in them. >> dana: trying to sabotage this. >> greg: if you could formulate a coherent sentence. what do you make of the findings? >> dana: this is what i decide about christmas. i agree with you. we should celebrate this every three years. it's driving me crazy. i feel like i can remember, i
2:41 pm
have a good memory. blessing and a curse. especially for my husband. and for you. the thing is like, i remember everything from last christmas like it was yesterday. i could tell you exactly what happened on your christmas show and everything. the other thing santa has just become a behavior enforcement device for parents. for like ever since like halloween to christmas, it's like you bet ber good or santa is not going to bring you this. it's too much. >> kimberly: naughty list. you were never on the naughty list. be honest. you were always nighty or nice, i'm nice. >> bob: i can't remember yesterday. >> dana: which is a blessing and a curse. >> bob: one thing you lose track of the fact, i know they say two or three years for christmas is sort of funny. let's remember, serious note, this is a celebration of the birth of -- >> dana: now they will all attack me. >> bob: all the
2:42 pm
coherrialization -- >> dana: i celebrate christmas every day. >> eric: i light candles every day. since we're off the rails anyway on the show, i was tweeting about this. i said x-mas, meaning -- there are 147 characters. they went craze i used it instead of christmas. i'm not taking christ out of christmas, i go to church every day, but i was conserving space. >> -- is great -- >> bob: for theologians that is nasty thing to do. >> kimberly: didn't mean anything by it. >> eric: but there is a reason to be able to use the x-mas. >> greg: are you tell megato tease? >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: now you're bored with this segment. >> kimberly: just with you. for real. changchange it. it's boring.
2:43 pm
you're boring chase and me. >> bob: coming up, that time of year. remember this. >> covered pretzels, out of my face. >> look at that. >> let me see. suspenders. i'm guessing -- >> capitalist pig. >> this is so thoughtful it has to come from kimberly. >> only a girl would do this. >> this is starting to get weird. this isn't the first time i got a picture of a guy. >> why do i feel like i'm going to like this? gobs ahead, greg. >> greg: time to pick secret santa again. if you leave you won't find out what is in the secret eggnog recipe. it rhymes with hobo toes. because it is. ♪ ♪ jaymi's christmas shopping and was looking for gifts at best buy. you wanna see walmart has similar gifts for less?
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♪ ♪ >> bob: we'll put all of these christmas songs together for you in greatest hits and play it out of your house. >> greg: that is gitmo.
2:48 pm
>> bob: 13 days left until christmas. we need to pick our secret santa. each name is put on a piece of paper in this santa hat that looks like something from a strip joint. >> kimberly: you are ruining it. >> bob: sorry. this will be our christmas eve show. kimberly, go first. >> kimberly: i have been awake. >> bob: you have? go ahead. >> eric: don't say it. >> kimberly: i want to look first. see my reaction. [ laughter ] >> bob: eric, you got it. pass it along. >> greg: i wear a large. >> dana: yeah, right. >> bob: it's a hat. >> bob: who are the odds we don't pick one of our own names? that is a good bet. you can't look at mine. >> kimberly: ill saw it. >> dana: i did not get my own name. >> bob: five for five.
2:49 pm
>> greg: i did get dandruff. >> dana: who's hat is that? >> greg: mine. >> bob: have you given out christmas presents to authority figure in your life? your boss? >> greg: no. the best gift to give your boss is show up to work and do a good job and $100 cash. >> dana: don't call your customers fat girls. >> greg: the worst gifts you can give are knickknack, scotchkies, curious, tringlet, plumery, frill, gadgets, miniatures, notion, novelty, suv nears, whatnot, and thing thingamajigs. >> kimberly: you sound like dr. seuss or something so strange. >> greg: putting on an entertainment center. that is up there that makes no sense. >> dana: the tackatorium. >> greg: tacky and weird. >> dana: you to keep it for three years. >> eric: i want to say last year i had dan the secret
2:50 pm
santa but i bought you a present. do you remember i got you? >> bob: suspenders. >> eric: no. one of my used socks. >> bob: disgusting. i remember that. >> kimberly: i got a photo shop picture of you. >> greg: you still have it. >> kimberly: i do. >> bob: think about what is the best gift you can give and the worst gift you can give. >> greg: best -- well, the worst gift is the absence of a great gift. meaning i don't think there could be a bigging gaping place in your life without having my book. >> kimberly: you are totally going to give that as a gift. >> bob: please. dana best and worst gift you have gotten? >> dana: ever gotten? you will see a picture on the christmas special. my mom found one that will show you the best gift i got. it might surprise you. >> bob: what is the worst? >> dana: my detention notice. i thought i slipped by my
2:51 pm
parents. i got out of school with my friend tracy shilling and i got caught but i didn't any my parents knew about it. i had to go to detention. but the detention notice was sent to my mom and dad. only time i ever got detention. when i opened up my presents on christmas day my mom and dad framed my detention notice. that was the worst gift. >> dana: no wonder you hate christmas. >> greg: you were scarred. words do hurt. >> bob: excuse me. asking you a question. >> eric: i think best gift, i really mean this is impersonal but gift cards. i am telling you. >> dana: they are a scam! >> eric: if i give you a gift card you would use it. >> dana: i have a gift, two gift cards in my wallet i carried around for 11-1/2 months i haven't used yet. they are going to expire. >> kimberly: i love gift cards. >> i love giving gift cards. >> bob: worst? >> eric: the worst gift ever my wife gave my sister a
2:52 pm
sweater once, and the sister opened the box it had been given to her. she regifted the sweater. sorry. >> bob: what is the best and worst you had? >> kimberly: best gift i got? a car. >> greg: that is what you said last year. >> kimberly: i got more than one. what do you want from me in >> dana: that makes my best present look lame. >> kimberly: the worst list was a cactus that said watch out for -- >> eric: you? >> bob: my worst gift was ever year. fruitcake. same thing. you can throw it and hurt you. hurt you particularly. the best gift i ever had, let me see -- >> eric: sitting next to us at "the five." >> bob: that's right. one more thing is up next. ♪
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2:56 pm
>> eric: all right. time for one more thing. bob kicks it off. >> bob: young kid that goes to the tampa bay buccaneers game and father works for i them. christian is a dancer. a little 10-year-old kid. look at the routine he does with the cheerleaders of the
2:57 pm
tampa bay buccaneers. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ >> bob: it looks like greg. >> greg: he's slightly taller than me. >> bob: that is great. >> kimberly: he can dance. he is obviously theatrical. and musically inclined. >> greg: i get questions on the road they asked dana as tiny as she seems to be. i thought you know what? people on television can't tell by context. to give a sense of how long dan sash i went to the apartment and found a normal size coffee mug in my kitchen. i found it. i don't know, it's pretty -- [ laughter ] >> dana: really, where have you been the last few days spending your afternoon.
2:58 pm
>> dana: we should have color coordinated. >> eric: i would like to been there the moment you realize that is your one more thing. >> dana: 4:45. >> eric: we haven't talked about in a long time, the fiscal cliff. the only way you really talk about the fiscal cliff, might be this way. >> ♪ fiscal cliff, you know the time has come ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ and it won't be sparing anyone ♪ ♪ you'll see ♪ you'll see >> eric: you accept it for me on twitter. i love it. keep it coming. >> bob: who is that? >> eric: todd chappelle. >> dana: i have something also about the fiscal cliff. something you haven't heard about is rural america is under threat from a major raise in taxes. death and state taxes. throw up the map. senator from wyoming put this
2:59 pm
out. 526,421 family farms threatened by the new death tax. mostly because assets are tied up in land. you're land rich and cash poor. this hurts a lot of people. >> greg: this plays in the old phrase buying the farm. >> dana: it plays in something i want to tease for friday, which is i am -- i got to buy the farm. get it. think we haven't heard that. >> bob: promote something? >> dana: on friday, tomorrow i'm going to vegas and i'm going to the national rodeo -- the national finals rodeo sponsored by wrangler. i went last year and i got to interview the rodeo queen. the new rodeo queen this year and talk to a few other people and chance to go to the rodeo and see my family. >> eric: that's nice. >> dana: that's it? "that's nice." >> kimberly: it sundays fun. you know how to ride a horse. >> bob: ride a bull. >> dana: we talked about greg's book for three weeks. >> kimberly: so


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