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tv   The FOX Report With Shepard Smith  FOX News  December 12, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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avoid the white house. blaming them for a crash over taxes on the rich. >> the white house is ready for christmas. michelle obama gave tour of the president decorations and that is not it. >> chris: charles, you always want the video and the script to match. i didn't see anything like that. that is "special report" for now. no online show tonight. i'm chris wallace in washington. keep it here on fox where more news is always on the way. >> shepard: this is the "fox report." tonight after years of failed attempts, north korea successfully launchs its first long range missile. and potential new threat to our nation. plus, the shooting at the mall. ♪ >> shepard: a witness says the gunman announced "i am the shooter." and then opened fire.
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>> i knew at that point we needed to lock up and get over the the back of the store. >> i got up and i started running. >> everyone got up and was tripping over one another. >> the mall packed with thousands of holiday shoppers when it happened. >> he was armed with an ar-15 semi-automatic rifle. we believe he was carrying several fully loaded magazines. >> shepard: even santa had to duck for cover. >> i heard about 18 more shots, i decided semi-automatic, hit the floor. >> i was feeling really scared. >> shepard: tonight, what we learned about the mask-wearing gunman behind the mayhem at the mall. that is first from fox this wednesday night. hours ago investigators identified the suspect in the mall shooting. jacob roberts. 22 years old. one of his friends told us today that roberts was always so happy, so friendly. according to the sheriff he had no known criminal history
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until yesterday afternoon. when witnesses say the guy walked in the clackamas town center mall in su push of portland, oregon, carrying a stolen semi-automatic rifle, magazine after magazine full of ammo, wearing a hockey mask. like jason, the killer from friday the 13th horror movie they said. >> as he drawn the hallway it got real quiet. just because i was in shock. everything that but going on. i hear "i am the shooter." after that, i heard five or six shots. but then i ran out and i started telling people it's time to go. >> witnesses say dozens of shots followed. the shooter chose his targets at random, say police. in the middle of a mall packed with up to 10,000 employees an shoppers. a lot of them ran. others say they hid in backroom of stores. sheriff department reports itsed within one minute. radio traffic shows the chaos.
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>> active shooter. >> people sailing out like crazy from everywhere. >> shepard: the hands in the air. roberts killed a woman as well as a man who owned a business in the mall and a 15-year-old girl is wounded in the attack. in serious condition. then he took the gun and killed himself. last gunshot the punc wait holiday horror story. and one that rattle rattled thel santa, but for a moment. >> santa will be at the mall. something like this can't scare us away. >> shepard: tonight we still don't know why anybody would
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have done a thing. marched in a mall and opened fire. but we are learning more about a man they say was responsible. dang springer is live outside the mall in happy valley, oregon, tonight. this guy has been going through some tough times, the cops tell us. >> reporter: yes. we are hear many destructions of jacobs roberts from many sources. a couple of reports that say he recently sold all of his belongings and planning was to move to hawaii but apparently missed a flight over the weekend. life long dream of his. friend of his says roberts was depressed about a breakup with his girlfriend. the two may have been evicted in june from an apartment. there is also a report he quit his job at a sandwich job abruptly last month. the lone surviving gunshot victim, 15-year-old girl is lucky to be alive because the bullet passed through her back. but hit no vital organs. >> this caseua, we saw is that despite the bullet probably not penetrating her chest, it
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produces a large blast effect. i think most of her injuries were a result of the blast effect, result of a high velocity weapon. >> she is expected to fully recover. >> it probably saved a lot of lives. >> yeah. absolutely. we heard last night there were a couple of shots off the bat and then a pause. that pause may have given crucial time for people who are right in the food court to get away from the gunman. also the mall and the local police had practiced for a scenario just like what happened yesterday within the last year. cops were on the scene as you mention, one minute after the first 9/11 call 911 call. they did everything right. running away if they could or locking in place. >> 10,000 people in the mall at one time, kept a level head
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that got themselves out of the mall. they helped others get out. >> and the mall was closed down today so cops could continue their investigation. might be able to reopen tomorrow. >> shepard: dan springer outside portland this afternoon. thanks. jacobs roberts, the suspect here was on facebook. we got a look at what his friends say there. it indicates he was in a relationship. and that he worked at what he called the most badass eurass go shop in town. in his bio, he wrote if you ask someone that knows me they'd say i'm a funny person that takes sarcasm to the max. the kind of person that is going to do what i want. there is no reason for another person to tell you what to do i'm the conductor of my choo choo train. i may be young, but i have lived one crazy life so far. it certainly ended that way.
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what other than insanity could motivate somebody to start shooting people in a mall? tonight, two innocents are dead. teenager fighting for her life. a lot of folks in an around portland are suffering because of one man, two decided to walk in that mall yesterday afternoon. and open fire. experts say north korea may now be closer to being able to fire a nuclear weapon at the united states. after the launch that happened during the newscast last evening. u.s. officials say there will be consequences. they report this is video of watching the launch at command center. the three-stage rocket is similar to one to carry warhead to california. but the north is long way from pulling off the nuclear attac attack. this rocket carried weather satellite but the launch itself violates all kind of united nations resolution. >> the international community has to continue to make clear
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that there won't be any benefit for north korea in this. and on the contrary, that there will be consequences. >> shepard: no word on what the consequences might be as usual. by the way, analysts say north korea spent more than $1 billion on the last two rocket launchs. enough to feed the country for a year. that country is very hungry. jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. where was this headed? >> reporter: well, remember, the pentagon was tracking this with egypt radar. the u.s. navy moved several warships in to the pacific. with that radar on board. they were watching. waiting for the launch. according to the north american aerospace defense command or norad the first stage of the three-stage rocket fell in the yellow sea southwest of north korea. the second stage travelled farther before falling in to the philippine sea. but the rocket ultimately launched some sort of object to orbit. the north koreans say it was a satellite. norad confirms the long range
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ballistic missile lunched but added at no time was it a threat to north america. not yet, at least. >> shepard: u.s. officials say they think the north koreans had help with this. >> u.s. officials are concerned that north korea could not have done this on their own. they point to the fact that the north koreans only have one porch. it's difficult to ship things out of that port because of the sanctions. typically any ballistic missile parts would fly through china to the north. china is north korea's only friend. there have been reports of voice of america this week that iranian team was seen in north korea, in recent days. there are questions tonight as to whether the iranians helped or benefited from this north korean ballistic missile launch. >> shepard: jennifer griffin, thanks. from the pentagon. just released fox news poll finds most americans think the government is broken. but some fresh hope tonight
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that our leaders can get things together in time to keep us from going over the fiscal cliff. we'll show you what is driving the optimism. there is quite a bit of it. plus, possible break in case of the manhattan murder. days after somebody carried out apparent execution on the sidewalk. police found a very important clue miles from the scene. it could help them track down the killer. they need some help. so we'll show you with the help of journalists on fox news with this wednesday "fox report." our new maine stays! 15entrees under $15, seafood, chicken and more! oothe tilapiawith roastedegetab! i'm actually looking at the wo grilled chicken with portobello wine sauce. at pork chop was great! no more fast food friday's! we're going to go to red lobster. yep. [ male announcer ] come try our new menu and sea food differently and introducing 7 lunch choices for just $7.99. salad, sandwiches, and more.
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common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >> shepard: big break here in new york city where police say they've found the car that a killer used to make his escape after shooting a man in the head. that shooting happened broad daylight monday afternoon right near central park in carnegie hall. police say surveillance video shows the gunman getting out of his car to wait for his target, a man named brandon wood d has rd. he was visiting from los angeles and minutes later, the killer walked right up to the man on the right here, and put a bullet in his head. police say they don't yet know
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the motive for this murder. while they located the get away car across the river in queens, the killer is still on the loose. most americans say our leaders will keep us from falling off the fiscal cliff 20 days from now. that's according to a news pal. 51% say president obama and congress will cut a deal to prevent automatic tax hikes and spending cuts. john boehner says he still has serious differences with the president after they exchanged new counteroffers apparently and talked on the phone last night. now some house republicans are vowing to work through the holidays to get the deal done. ed henry is live at the white house. that's a motivator i suppose, lose your christmas. >> normally when there is a holiday like that, you're right. this forces them to come to the table. right now they are still pretty far apart. there was a phone call you last night between the president and the speaker. officials on both sides telling me tonight the call was pretty tense because the bottom line is they are still not finding common ground. you listen to the speaker today, jay carney from the white house
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podium, they're still saying that they're farther apart on both spending cuts and tax increases. take a listen. >> mainly tax hikes. and as planned is it not begin to solve our debt crisis. it actually increases spending. >> closing loopholes that they will not name or capping deduction, that they will not specify sometime in the future. that is those magic beans are just beans and that fairy dust is just dust. >> i spoke to a top republican a short time ago who said look, when a budget deal is very near, normally vice president biden comes up to the hill as sort of the closer. they've soon no sign of the vice president yet because they are not close yet. >> shepard: we did not poll on whether people think they're faking all this and are going to tell the deal they've done for a long time. but people weighed in on the beans and dust here. >> they have. it's interesting because on one hand if you look at our new poll out tonight, there is an overwhelming majority who say
4:16 pm
the president's right, raise taxes on the rich. look at this. 69% say the president's call for raising taxes on the wealthy is a good idea. they support that. that's overwhelming. but on the other hand, when asked tournament best way to deal with the country's budget problems, 57% said mostly spending cuts. only 20% said mostly tax increases and just 18% said both. overwhelmingly, more spending cuts. that's what speaker boehner has been saying. more tax increases for the rich. that's what the president has been saying. the outlines for the deal are right here. raise taxes on the rich and have a lot of spending cuts. the public is behind that. yet they somehow won't come together on it. >> shepard: or if they have, we don't know it. >> that's right. >> shepard: ed henry, thanks. the u.s. is set to withdraw most of its troops from afghanistan by 2014. today the defense secretary leon panetta gave us new details on the time line. military families may find that
4:17 pm
interesting. also the crisis in syria and the rebel coalition has the backing of the united states us, at least on paper. one rebel leader says they need more. what that means and why it could be a real problem for the white house. that's next as fox reports live tonight ♪ [ male announcer ] shift the balance of power decisively in your favor. the exclusive eight-speed transmission and rotary shifter in the new 2013 ram 1500. engineered to move heaven and earth. guts. glory. ram.
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and if we overcame that or if we can overcome that... we can overcome anything. [ sniffles ] ♪ >> shepard: the recognition is nice and everything burks we need real support. that today from the head of syria's opposition coalition. the coalition trying to bring down the government after the united states joined 100 countries in recognizing that group as the sole representative of the syrian people. in an interview with abc news' barbara walters, the president put the main opposition group on the path to becoming syria's only government. if and when the rebels take out president assad's regime.
4:21 pm
>> we made a decision that the syrian opposition coalition is nowusive enough, is reflective and representative enough of the syrian population that we consider them the legitimate representative of the syrian people in opposition to the assad regime and so we will provide them recognition and obviously with that recognition comes responsibilities on the part of that coalition. >> shepard: the head of the syrian national coalition says they need military equipment. but the white house is still against arming the group. at the same time syrians say television reports a huge explosion rocked the main gate of the interior ministry in damascus and senior u.s. defense official says the syrian military is firing scud missiles at rebel fighters. think of that. the government firing scud missiles at its own people inside its own borders. the fox report jonathan hunt has this, live from the united nations. what else do we know about the scud missiles?
4:22 pm
>> according to the u.s. official, shep, something like half a dozen of those scuds have been fired over the last few days. the target, not surprisingly, groups of the opposition rebels, although according to the same u.s. individual, there have not been any reported casualties among those rebels, which is a demonstration of just how inaccurate these scuds generally are. our viewers might remember them being used dozens of times by saddam hussein back in the gulf war in 1991. what is the point of firing such inaccurate weapons? it could be yet another negotiating point by president bashar al assad or in the view of the white house, it might just be another act of desperation. listen. >> if true, this would be the latest desperate act from a regime that has shown utter disregard for innocent life, utter disregard for the lives of its own citizens. again, the idea that the syrian regime would launch missiles
4:23 pm
within its borders at its own people is stunning, desperate, and a completely disproportionate military escalation. >> one of the concerns about the scuds is that they are capable of being armed with chemical weapons bearing warheads, although we understand there is no indication whatsoever that the six or so that have been fired were carrying such weapons, shep. >> shepard: is the formal recognition of this opposition group designed to separate the moderates from the extremists? >> yeah. that was certainly the message being sent by u.s. representatives that this meeting of the friends of syria. the undersecretary of state was leading the u.s. delegation in the absence of secretary of state hillary clinton, who is still suffering from that stomach bug. he made the u.s. position very clear that they do not approve of unwarranted violence against any syrian civilians whomever carries out that violence. listen. >> human rights abuses cannot be
4:24 pm
tolerated no matter who commits them. they will only weaken the syria that you hope to inherit. this week the united states designated the extremist group as a terrorist organization. this group is little more than a front for al-qaeda in iraq and we urge all our friends and partners to join our efforts. >> but the leader of the opposition that the u.s. now has formally recognized said the designateing them as a terrorist group is a completely pointless and unhelpful exercise and other opposition rebels have also said that they need them, which the u.s. says is al-qaeda affiliated, quite simply, because those members in the words of many activists are the best fighters they have. shep? >> shepard: jonathan hunt at the united nations tonight. president obama will decide in the next few weeks how many u.s. troops will actually stay in afghanistan after 2014 when most combat forces are set to leave that country. that's the word we got today
4:25 pm
from leon panetta. he's in afghanistan tonight meeting with american military commanders and afghan president karzai. he says the goal is to turn over security of the afghan forces next year and he says those forces are making progress. >> they're involved in almost 85% of the operations there that they're guiding. they're involved in some large scale operations on the ground. they're involved in special forces operations. so in every one of those areas, they're doing a better job of providing security. >> shepard: right now the united states has about 66,000 troops in afghanistan. officials have said as many as 10,000 could be stuck there after 2014. protesters staring down tanks and riot police again today in egypt and now opposition leaders say they may try a new strategy in their showdown with their president. plus, what the millionaire cops call a person of interest in a
4:26 pm
murder case. john mcafee is coming here, aloha. police say that does not mean he's in the clear and word of a crisis for american dairy farmers. tonight how the milk industry is trying to bounce back. that's next as we approach the bottom of the hour and top of the news a hybrid? most are just no fun to drive. now, here's one that will make you feel alive. meet the five-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max says ha. c-max says wheeee. which is what you get, don't you see? cause c-max has lots more horsepower than prius v, a hybrid that c-max also bests in mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid.
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>> shepard: it seems john mcafee is at the very least quite weird his bizarre journey has brought him back to the united states
4:30 pm
now. he touched down a short time ago in miami. he's the guy who founded mcafee computers security software. these days he's better known as the guy who spent days on the run from cops who want to question him about a murder in belize. he has a neighbor who complained about his dogs, then somebody poisoned the dogs and then somebody killed the neighbor. so it's a little messy. his run from the cop ended in guatemala where officials locked him up. today they deported him nothing to go back to belize where the cops wanted to question him. no, they sent him here to the united states. mcafee claims the government will kill him if he goes back to belize. the prime minister sunday up the bizarre case saying, i don't want to be unkind to the gentleman, but i believe he is extremely paranoid, even bonkers. i'm shepard smith. this is the fox report. it's the bottom of the hour and
4:31 pm
time for the top of the news. don't go ballistic. that's basically what the north koreans are saying after they divide the world by launching a long-range rocket. the north calling on the united states and its allies to, quote, remain cool. tonight the united nations security council is condemning the launch and threatening an appropriate response. whatever that is. james rosen is at the department of state tonight. what might that be? have a clue? >> shep, the dirty little secret here is that the united nations security council doesn't have many options. diplomats debated today whether to issue a toughly worded but ultimately meaningless resolution or to try to impose still more sanctions on the backward stalinist state that's the most heavily sanctioned country in the world. >> our objective is that this be a clear and meaningful response by the security council can consistent with the last presidential statement which said there would be appropriate further action and we will be
4:32 pm
searching for a clear and credible response. >> plus there is the usual problem of trying to get china and russia on board, shep. >> shepard: are they indicating whether they believe the administration's policy of engaging nations in this way, i don't know, not worked? >> senior u.s. officials tried to say today that that policy has worked in some places like burma, but not in others. they recounted spending the last year making overtures to kim jong-un, who succeeded his father last year, but hasn't changed his country's belligerent tone or conduct. >> we were willing to match steps for steps. we put concrete ideas on the table. >> there has and remains a path for north korea to end its isolation, but that requires abiding by its international obligations. >> analysts expect kim jong-un to move swiftly to conduct a new nuclear test to bolster his standing within the regime. >> shepard: james rosen, thanks.
4:33 pm
sort of last ditch get out the vote effort is underway now in egypt where opponents of a constitutional referendum are urging followers not to boycott the vote on saturday. protesters have been out on the streets in cairo after mohammed morsi granted himself sweeping powers to push through the draft constitution. a constitution that the critics claim cobol officer hard line islamic policy. gag palkot following it all from cairo and streaming now. greg? >> hey, shep. things are relatively quiet here in cairo right now. but they are going to get noisy again. supporters and opponentses of egyptian president mohammed morsi get ready for a referendum on that draft constitution. actually it's going to happen over the next two saturdays due to a shortage of judges who have to act as election monitors. one main judicial group is calling the document an insults. the opposition is very much involved in this now. they have branded the
4:34 pm
constitution as promise and noninclusive. they want their followers to vote no. but they will be up against it. morsi's muslim brotherhood party has a good ground game, an excellent grassroots network and calling for rallies outside of mosques on friday. and they also play hard ball. a national unity meeting planned for wednesday was canceled. we were told 'cause morsi didn't want to show up. shep? >> shepard: greg palkot live in cairo. strong signs venezuelan leader who once called george w. bush el diablo is not doing well after cancer surgery. the vice president addressed the nation, his face grim and voice cracking and he said, president hugo chavez made it through a, quote, difficult, delicate six-hour operation in of all place, cue about. that's the fourth surgery since last year. chavez won a new term, six-year term as president. officials say he might not be well enough to return from cuba
4:35 pm
in time for next month's inauguration. a man who brought weapons for a drug cartel during operation fast and furious is going to prison. a judge sentenced avila to more than four years behind bars for buying the guns. investigators later found two of avila's rifles at the scene where the border patrol agent brian terry died in a shootout back in 2010. fast and tour yours was a sting intended to follow guns from the united states to the cartels. the feds failed to track some of those weapons and brian terry's family now reminding people that the government's actions had real consequences. william lajeunesse is live in our west coast news hub this afternoon. william? >> you're right. by looking the other way and allowing avila to buy 52 guns, it especiallied with the death of brian terry. he received 57 months or just under five years in prison for buying guns on behalf of the cartel. the cartel paid avila several
4:36 pm
hundred dollars for every gun he bought, including the two ak 47s later found at the murder scene. avila wasn't charged in terry's death, but for dealing guns without a license. >> brian was a victim of straw purchasing activity despite the government not recognizing officially victims in this type of gun trafficking crime. >> today in court, avila asked for forgiveness. his attorney said he sold guns because hed intoed cash to feed a drug habit. outside his family accepted the sentence as fair. >> my brother is a good guy. he made bad choices. but he's going to try to move forward after this. >> for terry's family that, will not be easy, spending another christmas without brian near the anniversary of his death. >> here it is december 12, almost two years to the day, and it's a very difficult time for
4:37 pm
the entire terry family. >> as for the murder case, five men are charged, three remain at large in mexico, two are in custody. one pled guilty and is likely to get life in prison, shepherd. but this does bring to a close one chapter in the fast and furious story. >> shepard: william lajeunesse live in los angeles. thank you. thousands of people are without power as a brutal winter storm blasts the capitol city and it tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. ukraine. heavy snow and gale force winds product brought down power lines near tiev. -- kiev. nearly two feet of snow blocked roads and trapped some 10,000 vehicles. the mayor declared a state of emergency. forecasters predict more snow through tomorrow. india.
4:38 pm
a wall under construction collapsed trapping six children beneath the rubble in the capital city of new delhi. five of the kids died in the hospital. officials will investigate. but for now they blame the collapse on poor construction. china. a woman can write with both hands at the same time in english and chinese. 24-year-old says she discovered this talent in high school while doing large amounts of english homework. she's normally anded and now working as a chinese english translator. taiwan. artist who specializes in miniature sculptures has created tiny santa claus figurines that fit on the tip of a pencil. you need a magnifying glass to see the detail. he says it took a month to make them after about a dozen tries. that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds.
4:39 pm
>> shepard: construction crews started to install the mast of one world trade center. the largest pieces of what will soon become the top of the new york city skyline arrived on site today. our cameras were there as a crane lifted the first section of the mast to the roof on the 104th floor, placing it high atop the steel frame. crews plan to co the mast in the coming months and expect it to reach a peak of 1776 feet sometime in the springtime. it's 12-12-12 on your calendar and depending on who you ask, it's a great day to get married or go into hiding. plus one of the first world music superstars, a man who influenced the tunes of the beatles has died. his history coming. ♪ can i help you?
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[ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. avoid bad.fats. don't go over 2000... 1200 calories a day. carbs are bad. carbs are good. the story keeps changing.
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so i'm not listening... to anyone but myself. i know better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole and stays whole. see the seam? more processed flakes look nothing like naturalrains. you can't argue with nutrition you can see. great grains. search great grains and see for yourself. for multi grain flakes tt are anxcellent source of fiber try great grains banana nut crunch and cranberry almond crunch. >> shepard: most of us will long be gone the next time this day comes along, december 12, 2012.
4:43 pm
the last triple digit date in the century, you'll be happy to know. folking around the world claimed it was either lucky or some sign of apocalypse, or ignored it completely. looks like the doomsdayers are all over it. >> yeah, they were wrong again. because it's already 12-13 and the mayan clapped said it would happen on 12-12. they still have one more chance on december 21. meantime, many of those who were planning to live on decided to get married today. some 7500 couples across the u.s. that's compared to about 400 this time last year, a big spike. las vegas chapel had 40 different 12-12-12 wedding packages and across the country, judges and justices were swamped. listen. >> we had the other popular numerical days, 1-1-1, but for some reason, 12-12-12 has just taken the cake and has made that
4:44 pm
day the most popular day that i've ever seen in my time as far as people want to go get married. >> certainly weddings are big. but the biggest event happens a madison square garden. the 12-12-12 concerts for the hurricane sandy victims. paul mccart nears bruce springstein and the rolling stones among those who will perform at msg. >> shepard: i have been informed that a lot of people apparently love the number 12. >> and for a split second today, it was 12-12-12, 12:12:12. there are 12 signs of the zodiac, 12 months of the year. 12 hours on a clock. 12 inches in a foot. 12 disciples. 12 gods of olympus and don't forget the 12 days of christmas. it's also a master number. listen. >> my master number, it means it's a spiritual number. not like hail mary or our father in church, but that it's
4:45 pm
pertaining to the spirit of the time. now, and it's good luck when numbers repeat. >> not sure if there is a catholic code in the 12-12-12 thing, but the hope sent out his first tweet today on 12-12. >> shepard: a lot of blessings with it. trace gallagher, thanks a lot. it seems a lot of people were interested in learning more about super storm sandy this year. google reports more folks wanted to know about the korean performer who dances like he's riding horseback. psy could not knock whitney houston from the top of searches in 2012. the death prompted more searches than the gangam music style that went viral. got crisis? according to the "wall street journal," which our parent company own, the milk business
4:46 pm
could be in for a long-term troublesome time. the journal points to statistics show not guilty 1975, each american drank 28 gallons of milk. gross. you see, then that number has fallen. the journal reports it's because of price increase examines more people being concerned milk is high in calorie, which it is, and turning to bottled water. the milk companies are fighting to win back customers, pushing back with protein enhanced milk. more news for dairy lovers. scientists in europe say they found the oldest evidence yet of cheese making. 7500 years old. researchers tested pottery fragments from poland, which had strainers that could have helped make beer, honey or cheese. hopefully beer. they say they found lots of fatty milk residue, so figured those prehistoric humans were making cheese. nasa scientists say it's like a baby picture of the universe. the hubbell telescope capturing
4:47 pm
images from billions of years back. just after the universe was born. first, the man who teamed up with the beatles to bring traditional indian music to a global audience has died. ♪ ravi shankar performed across europe and in the united states since the 1950s. but it was his friendship with george harrison that shot him to global staffer dom. he gave the beatles, that beatle, lessons in playing the sitar, which you can hear on songs like "nor wean i can't think wood." the pear later collaborated on the concert for bangladesh. he seemed amused when the audience applauded him tuning his instrument. among his children, norah jones. in a statement, his family said he died yesterday after suffering from heart problems. he was 92. this holiday, share everything.
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>> shepard: some folks get whited when they find pennies on the ground. probably not the folks at nasa who announced they found a half dozen new galaxies. none are as old as this one. scientists say the new photos from hubbell telescope show the collection of solar systems is 13.3 billion years old. that's 100 million years older than they previously thought. the oldest galaxy known to us. they say the findings give us a look at our cosmic roots, as they put it. america's space agency is adjusting to life after the space shuttle program and officials there tell us the hubbell photos offered just a small preview of what we'll see
4:52 pm
with the planned launch of an even more powerful telescope later this decade: what's this thing? >> they focused on a distant part of the universe with the telescope. they focused on an area about the size of one tenth of a full moon. and they held that exposure for a much longer time than they've ever done before. the light from those stars just now arriving at earth after more than 13 billion years of travel. hard to comprehend. the photos revealed seven galaxies that had never been observed before, seven galaxies created just before the dawn of time. >> we have amazing capability with hubbell to probe this far back in time. all the way back to 13.3 billion years. only a few hundred million years after the big bang. one universe is less than 3% of its present age. >> to see any further back in time, perhaps even peer at the
4:53 pm
origin of the universe, nasa is develop ago new telescope called the james web telescope, operational in the year 2018. its launch delayed by funding issues. something that nasa is facing a lot of. >> shepard: listening to that guy talk, it occurs to me we can see 13 million years but we can't get a clear odd yo-yo from him. -- audio from him. >> funding issues are just a huge concern for nasa. that and what a panel of experts before the hill called a lack of leadership and direction in washington over nasa's future. >> the reality is that no federal budget in the foreseeable future is going to provide nasa with the money it needs to do everything we want it to do. >> most agree that nasa needs to open itself up to private partnerships and one witness suggested that nasa model itself after formula 1 car racing which is just like nasa, high-tech, expensive, and privately funded.
4:54 pm
one congressman from the timed over where the neil armstrongs of the world are plastered like nascar, or something like that. >> shepard: thanks. for more on the space program, check out a special airing of "fly me to the moon" this sunday, 3 eastern. noon pacific. he's a form baseball owner who became governor and then became president. george w. bush has done a lot of things most of us will never got a chance to do, but he has never before done this. it is a first for any former president and it's next. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now through december 31st.
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campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. >> former president george w. bush's daughter jen in a made an announcement today. >> i'm nervous and so excited to say that henry and i are pregnant, or i'm pregnant. we're so excited and obviously nervous about it. i'm a first-time mom. but it's something i've always wanted.
4:58 pm
i'm a teacher and i love kids. hormonal. [ laughter ] >> she sounds so much like her mom. jenna bush hager married her husband four years ago. there they are. he now works as an investment firm after a stint in washington tc and she's a special contributor to today. her father, president bush, says he's fired up about becoming a grabbed dad. it's the first for this former president. this former president jokes that he'll want his first grandchild to call him sir. a mountain top in france is the only safe place to be when the world ends. that's what some of the doomsday believers are saying. as you probably heard, there are folks who claim that the mayan calendar indicates the world will end on december 21. but some claim a peak in southwestern france will provide shelt prosecutor apocalypse. police will close it starting next week 'cause they don't want anybody to survive. top five things. 877-768-6274, inaugural committee reports the president's official swearing in next month will be open to the
4:59 pm
press. some reporters say officials indicated it would be private. but it won't. number four, the fed projects unemployment rate will not drop below 6.5% until the year 2015, at the end of it. number three, dow gained 81 points on news the fed announced they extension of low interest rates. the rally faded. number two, u.s. officials say there will be consequences, whatever that means, after north korea successfully launched a long-range missile. number one, cops in oregon say the man who killed two people and himself in a mall shooting rampage stole the gun. and that's a fox report, top five. on this day in the year 1946, the united nations picked up some prime new york city real estate when a u.n. committee voted to accept a gift from john rockefeller, junior. he gave the world's body six blocks of land along the east river in manhattan. diplomats have been meeting in london, but he had already sected the u.s. as their host country. they considered setting


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