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tv   The Five  FOX News  December 20, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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speaker's plan to avoid economic catastrophe. they are going to vote on the tax measure there. to keep tax rates the same for everyone except those who earn over $1 million a year. snarl reid said came after the "lincoln" movie it won't fly. president said it won't go anywhere. we're live at 8:00 p.m. tonight at fox business as this goes down with the likes of the former intel ceo graig barrett and many others. your money, your future. it's your own movie. like a horror movie because it gets more come call and come call and frightening and more frightening at the same time. break out the popcorn. see you at 8:00. >> andrea: hello, everyone. i'm andrea tantaros with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five."
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: caution. somebody let bill o'reilly out of the no spin zone and we got him right here on set with us today. bill, we have you for the next 20 minutes. we have a lot to cover. thank you for being here. start with benghazi. are you buying the whole concussion that hillary clinton is saying she has? >> well, laura ingram named it the immaculate concussion. am i buying it? i think he is could have tape -- if you are a football player you can tape and play. i think he is could have -- she is trying to delay it. i nobody knows where she is. i'm worried about her. >> greg: at my apartment. watching videos. >> andrea: is that why she delays it? she can say i can't remember. i don't know. the concussion.
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>> am knows yeah. >> greg: you got to understand. what if this concussion is real? everybody had a time and you got to a final and hoped a car ran over your foot. something like this would happen. and it happened. we're jealous. >> bob: this is one of the best secretary of secretary of state in history. new mexico one. number two, why fake a concussion? she said she would testify in january. there is witch hunting going on. >> andrea: because she is a clinton. >> eric: nobody questions her ability on secretary of state. on the show we said she has been a fantastic secretary of state. >> dana: who did? >> eric: i did. but nonetheless, four people are dead. she said i'll take responsibility. >> they fire the valet parker at the state department. the janitor got fired. the man delivering the mail was let go before christmas.
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firing people all over the place. one of the guys today i'm in charge of romania. whatm i doing here? i don't know what happened. >> dana: they're career state department officials with "x" amount of time in government. >> here is how bad it is. it couldn't use the sound bite for house or senate side. there wasn't one interesting sound bite i could use. everybody was going i don't know anything about it. i wasn't there. i don't know. >> greg: the real winners are the media. they no longer have to report because they get a report. they got a cliff's note version of benghazi, the 29 point. they miss everything. >> sit back, don't leave your desk. >> it was previously on dallas. if you watch "dallas" you knew what was happening. >> andrea: the state department said the doctors ordered her to work from home. if you have a concussion the l.a. thing you do is work. do nothing or sit around and
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talk to others. only thing you the k do like at a hearing. >> bob: i got a concussion playing football. i still have it. still here. the republicans in the house cut .ting for state department >> bob: you got to red it. >> dana: when you are at the state department, you have discretion to say i have a certain amount of money. blaming republicans that are not in charge forever. >> we need to get secretary of state under oath to tell us what happened. agree on that? >> andrea: we are talking about the clintons. they have a storied relationship with testifying. remember the rose law firm. >> eric: if she testifies while she is still secretary of state.
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work the clock a little bit. what if she testifies while secretary of state. >> bob: welcome to the tenor of "the five." >> eric: who changed the talking points. someone has to answer the question. >> bob: like there is an epic central conspiracy that you think it is. >> greg: the report avoids the central question: who pushed the video? that is removing the whale from "moby dick." it's the only point that matters. >> no, no. why was the guy in benghazi when they were warned he should haven't been? why did they pull the two security teams out of libya? those are the questions. >> greg: why did they create the story about the video? >> that is important, too. five or six questions. dispense with this. hillary will come on the factor when she is feeling better. ask questions and they don't need to waste money on hearings. we'll give her the whole hour. >> dana: the biggest p.r. problem not that initially
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saying -- actually, saying she won't testify on thursday. spokesperson said will she testify, hmm, spokesperson said we'll see if there is an on going conversation in january. five days of heat, she will testify. should have said it initially. >> andrea: she has a head injury. while laid up, we have a u.s. u.s. marine in mexico. it seems like the obama administration isn't doing enough to get him out. what do you say? >> been in there since august. it's almost christmas. >> jay carney says i don't know about it. >> don't know. sergeant schultz, nothing, i don't know. again, leadership dictates, i use abraham lincoln on the factor last night, a great example. pay attention to big stuff and small stuff. commander-in-chief is a president. marine served in fallujah in combat, post traumatic stress when he came back, and now incourse rated for no reason at all in mexico because they
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want to extort money from the family. president obama should have made a public statement. as should hillary clinton before the concussion. this is ridiculous. please let him out. we are assuming that the president is involved behind the scenes. if mexico doesn't release the corporate by christmas, i will call for boycott of mexico. >> bob: you don't think the government is trying to get him out of there? there are thousands of american prisons in mexico. >> not like this. this is egregious. he had paperwork. brought it to mexicans and they grabbed him for extortion purposes. behind the scenes i assume they are doing what they should do. should they have made a public statement before this time? yes, they should. that is what leaderslip is. commander-in-chief. you have don't let a guy chained to a bed i. >> greg: don't knock chained to a bed. mexico sends half their country here and we sent one guy. he is in jail.
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ch >> there are a lot of americans in jail in mexico. if you go to mexico you going to a corrupt country. country that doesn't have any value. they are going to want money. if you drive an american vehicle down there, you will be pulled over. >> eric: can i add to your boycott, though? >> individual airlines doing that, we can do that quickly. >> dana: i disagree. i don't think all of mexico is corrupt. there is a small part. >> oh, c'mon. he could sign the papers. >> dana: i don't say anyone going to mexico should be treated badly. >> i didn't say that. they should be cautious. >> andrea: i think anybody who goes abroad should be cautious. >> you the go to ireland without being put in jail. >> andrea: this administration fights tooth and nail for birth control. they do not when the american lives are in danger, whether it's benghazi or mexico.
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>> c'mon! >> they seem out to lunch or deliberately not doing anything. >> greg: if he was a grad student trying to get free birth control at tijuana pharmacy there would be hell to pay. the white house is affected not by incidents but by who covers the incidents. so when fnc covers anything from benghazi to poor guy in a prison they take the ball and go home. they don't like following fnc. >> bob: to say they don't care about people -- >> andrea: i didn't say they didn't care. i said every time it seems that there is american lives in danger they seem checked out. >> eric: sandra fluke is insulted by a radio show. obama makes a statement and calls her up. addresses it. we have a marine chained to a bed. >> we had her parents on last night. the state department tells the
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parent we can't do anything. but we have a signist in jail in pakistan for 30 years. this guy helped us get bin laden. but have the government done about that? nothing. >> bob: not right. they tried to get him out. >> who is they? who went to isi? >> bob: i assume the cia -- >> you assume a lot. >> you're assuming something. you're saying -- >> i'm not. i'm a fact-based guy. have we seen hillary clinton say anything publicly? see the president say anything publicly? no. that is the fact. >> you think saying something publicly is policy? >> that is leadership. >> that is not leadership. leadership when it comes to pakistan is very, very difficult shape with the country. you don't make a public -- >> the leadership is not saying anything. allowing the people to assume we're doing something. >> bob: you are assuming the
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other side of that is not doing anything. >> i want leadership and clarity. we are not getting it. if you assume they are doing something, fine. that is not a fact. the fact is no clarity and no public statements. two guys rotting in prison who shouldn't be. that is the fact, jack. >> bob: you are assuming, jack -- it's bob. you are assuming that that is a good way to get the guys out, go public? >> one guy has been in there for no reason since august. the other guy has been in there for a year. neither of them should be in prison. i know people believe in santa claus, and here he is. >> bob: show them about the thousands of other people who are imprisoned down there? >> we'll knock them out one/one. i gave you egregious example of how the president should lobby to the people publicly. he isn't. >> andrea: santa claus and bill we have to go. coming up, we will turn the tables on bill and he will answer each of our questions. nothing is out of bounds.
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>> eric: welcome back, everybody. bill o'reilly, author of the best sellers "killing kennedy" and "killing lincoln" is back with us. i'm a big fan of intense interrogation technique. loud music, hypothermia and we got to ask bill o'reilly any question. around the table. >> andrea: you have all the number one books. you the number one rated show in all of cable. what is next? what haven't you done that you wish you could do? >> another book in late september which i think will be the biggest, the most successful. >> greg: "killing gutfeld."
2:17 pm
>> the book that we are starting to write shortly. i can't tell you or i'll be undercut. >> dana: follow a theme? >> follows the killing theme. >> you will be surprised. >> eric: that wasn't exactly waterboarding. >> waterboarding on o'reilly's show. that iswaterboarding. >> i got news reports. some of this we need to get confirmed but how stingy fox was on your last contract. >> you are close to getting on food stamps. >> i can get on social security. but i'm not going to take it. send it back to the government. i don't want it. >> good for you. >> that doesn't stop you from taxing the 2%. >> for what? >> how did you come up with
2:18 pm
2%? >> arbitrarily picked that number? >> anybody with that free ride deserves to be taxed. >> eric: this is o'reilly's segment. i'll take my shot at you. do you own a gun? are you in favor of arresting the second medical examiner >> we ca -- second amendment. >> i am not going to -- i think we can tighten up the second amendment but i am not going to answer what i own or don't own for security reasons. >> dana: more water. >> i would like to see common sense stuff in play but people have a right to defend themselves. i think that the government overreaches in this regard, because they can't protect them. >> bob: are you for concealed weapons? >> i don't mind if you have a license and you are trained properly and the state knows
2:19 pm
who you are and why you have it. but we live in a dangerous world here. i don't want to defend on police to protect my family. >> eric: move it along. >> dana: my question is about a year ago, little more than year ago after "the five" started i came on your show. you were skeptical about "the five." and whether or not "the five" would work. >> because gutfeld is on. >> dana: i wanted to ask you. >> greg: you said the show was crappy. >> i did not. what are you talk about? >> dana: you told me i should haven't moved to new york and i shouldn't that confident in the show. but the show worked. >> i don't remember any of these things. >> every single day -- >> andrea: did you have a concussion, o'reilly? >> dana: "the five" worked. why do you think so? >> i think people like robust debate and keep it moving fast. i trained your producer and that's the primary reason. barry worked on the factor.
2:20 pm
>> did you work anywhere that bill o'reilly was not associated with? >> eric: greg, you rup. >> greg: we lived together in the 1990s. >> this is what i mean with gutfeld. >> i left two book proposals on the table regarding the presidential assassinations. curious if you accidentally have taken them? >> this is gutfeld all day long. "joy of hate." >> greg: "joy of hate." >> you made the best seller list. >> greg: four weeks running. >> amazing how many copies your parents bought. how they got around to that many stores. >> greg: you notice there is only one name on the book. there is no cowritten there. i did it all by myself with a bottle of wine. >> there is a good reason. no research at all. >> greg: i did a lot of research. a lot of research. >> bob: who is that second guy? >> eric: talk about your books. you alluded to them. >> bible for beck is the "new york times."
2:21 pm
>> debut on the "new york times." best seller list. remains there. >> number one. >> eric: number one. >> but this sunday, this coming sunday, kennedy is number one. lincoln is number two. and first time in history of publishing we have one and two, same author. you know how much it pains the "new york times." they are how this happening? do we have to print it? they do. >> dana: i was on a plane three weeks ago and -- shut up. i'm walking up the aisle and i saw four people. three of them are reading "killing kennedy" and others were "killing lincoln" and they weren't sitting together. >> andrea: you know you knocked off "50 shades of gray off." >> the second author to sign it for you? >> dana: i signed gregs. >> it's a great researcher. happy to have them. really good researcher. >> bob: you are going to reanimate the president.
2:22 pm
so reanimating kennedy and reanimating lincoln. am i right? >> you're wrong but i know what your book is. "joy of silence." >> greg: in your dreams, my friend. >> hate of joy of the republicans and the conservatives who hate the good times. >> greg: relationship with joy behar. you have remember? you don't remember it. >> gentlemen, you are seeing the show now disto chaos. right before your eyes. >> eric: they are telling me to tease. on cue. >> merry christmas to you all. beckel, i can say it to you? or are you a happy holidays guy? >> i'm a merry christmas guy, o'reilly. >> eric: war on christmas. >> greg: still raging. >> eric: catch bill, more of bill in few hours on "the factor." coming up, pot is still illegal in america, federally. but pressure obama has bigger fish to fry than go after people who smoke it. some celebrities like brad pitt coming out to join the president. dare we say it's the new tune,
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gang? we'll explain next. ♪ ♪ this holiday, share everything.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: it's legal for folks over 21 to smoke pot recreationally in two states but a lot of people wonder if the laws hold up on the federal level. president obama asked about that last week. here is what he said. >> what i think is at that at this point, washington and colorado, you have seen the voters speak on this issue. and as it is, the federal government has a lot to do when it comes to criminal prosecutions. it does not make sense from a prioritization point of view
2:28 pm
for us to focus on the recreational drug users in a state that has said under a state law is legal. >> dana: but this is making folks in the hollywood crowd happy. celebs brad pitt, russell simmons, danny glover released joint statement for praising the president from stepping away from the war on drugs. >> greg: you said, "joint statement." >> dana: i didn't even think about that. >> bob: between those four guys, there is a pile of weed. >> dana: there was a lot of news last week. this would have been big news before but people are just over it. it didn't even make news. >> greg: you're right. the fact that the police departments are changing the way they look at this. i always go back to this. our culture could only handle one recreational drug. booze got there first. the idea of two scared us. but i think now it's, there is an aging population, younger
2:29 pm
people that are used to it. we realize that pot is, people who smoke pot are generally less obnoxious and violent as a lot of -- >> eric: please don't do that. don't generalize. >> greg: you're letting your emotion take over. i'm dealing with facts. >> eric: you are generalizing. >> greg: you hate the idea -- >> eric: that people are generally more when they're stoned -- >> greg: look at the facts. more violence linked to alcohol than to marijuana. >> eric: are we counting drug violence or people crossing the border. >> greg: you are talking about illegality. i'm talking about the effects of the drugs. >> eric: on a federal level, it's still illegal. even in states if it's legal medicinally a recreationally. the question is what does the justice department do? do they pick and choose who they go after.
2:30 pm
>> bob: we have polls out that say 50/50 believe in marijuana. my old mother is now deceased and we got her stoned once and it's one ofniest things you have seen in your life. >> dana: do not try this at home. >> bob: she was funny. >> dana: what do you think of this? >> andrea: the federal drug evidents should focus on large trafficking organizations. it always has. the dea can go after important investigation in colorado and washington but they don't go after your 'cuz whon will smoke a joint on thanksgiving day. that is the simple fact of it. but the trafficking organizations are more important. that drivers up the street price. only hardcore addicts don't
2:31 pm
care about the price. totally taking the stigma off marijuana is dangerous. it makes you stupid. >> dana: bob, we won't answer that question but i can tell you i have not. >> eric: i haven't also but what is point. make a point. you ask a dramatic question, now make the point. >> bob: it wasn't dramatic. >> eric: 4% said no. now what -- 40% said no. >> bob: i think -- >> greg: this raises the question that law enforcement is having issue if they eliminate everyone who is experimented -- i hate that phrase with narcotics or light narcotics or whatever they call pot. the size of the force would be limited to a local fair kissing booth. they are running out of people. you can't eliminate good people. >> dana: this is weird you can't work for the federal government -- if you take a drug test and you have -- well, you are supposed to be truthful. if drugs are in your system you can't work for the federal
2:32 pm
government. >> eric: give you another one. i have a 14-year-old son. >> greg: i didn't know that. >> eric: should he be able to smoke? it's still illegal, though. it's illegal to a 14-year-old. 18-year-old. and 21-year-old. in all states except for two. >> greg: it's easier for him to get pot than alcohol. >> dana: somehow that a fact? >> greg: it's a fact. >> dana: i wouldn't even know where to get that. >> greg: you need an i.d. to buy alcohol. you don't need an i.d. to buy pot. kids can buy pot in a high school playground. >> andrea: you say this all the time. you say around the corner you can get a bag of marijuana, dime bag. you can't get a 16-ounce soda. wow would rather is someone in front of me driving on a slurpie than puffing on a fatty. >> bob: who interests me is federal government comes down to medicinal use of marijuana in california. >> eric: why? >> dana: doesn't make sense. >> eric: 100% right and it's
2:33 pm
insane. that they are going to bust people in oakland for bad illegal uses of medicinal marijuana and look the other way for rest of the country including colorado and washington state. for using it -- >> andrea: there is no news with what the president is saying. >> bob: let me tell you something. the way they cos pollinate marijuana is making it very strong. almost hallucinogenic. that worries me. >> dana: i don't have a strong opinion? you can lead a segment because you let everyone talk and tease. >> greg: if jasper was a drug. you'd smoke it. >> dana: absolutely. so would you. coming up, espn commentator rob parker yanked off the air over the racially charged comments about robert griffin iii. now he is apologizing. says he blew it. greg has the rest on that. ♪ ♪ meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here, republicans are voting now on major house vote that could be the next step in the fiscal cliff standoff. tonight on "special report," as the clock winds down, the outcome of these votes on the house floor tonight could determine how the negotiation moves forward. potentially put john boehner's speakership on the line. we'll cover the story from multiple angles for you tonight. state department official and lawmakers tangle over the deadly september 11 assault on the diplomatic mission in benghazi, libya. hearings in both houses of congress sparked rhetorical fireworks after unclassified report was released. tonight, part four of the cost of spending series looks at what happened if the federal government spends more than it takes in. role of the federal reserve. grapevine.
2:39 pm
worldwide preparation for the end of the world. we'll see you in 30 minutes. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ gregg yeah. so the racist if do and race fist they don't. adolf reed writes in the "new york times" while the republican nomination of tim scott to be the first southern black senator since reconstruction seems like a milestone, it ain't. because scott is not a lefty. according to adolf, ivy league professor, black republicans don't count because they have "been more tokens than signs of progress." for proof adolf points out that scott is staunchly antitax, antiunion, and antiabortion.
2:40 pm
so i guess adolf thinks all blacks are for high taxes, unions and abortions. no stereotyping there. to say this is racist is pointless. right now we're just deciding how racist it is. i guess to adolf scott is just another cornball brother. this is the big leagues of stupidity, which can only mean the ivy league. political correctness and narrow minded twattal like reed passes as scholarship. this is analysis with the depth of a cereal box list of ingredients. but adoll sof unlikely to get criticism, what he will get is tenure and a book deal. giving them out to any idiot these days. adolf employed in arena that champions open minds and denigrates anyone who deviates from the "the herd." thinking all blacks think alike is idiotic, perhaps as idiotic thinking all adolfs think alike, too. >> bob: who are you referring to? >> greg: this has an interesting parallel to the story. rob parker from espn said
2:41 pm
something awful about rg3. called him a cornball brother. safing if he is not the right kind of black he is not really black. he apologized and got 30-day suspension. this is what he originally said on espn. >> my question, straight honest question, is he a brother or a cornball brother? >> what does that mean? >> explain that? >> he is not really. he's black. he does his thing but not really down with the cause. he is not one of us. he is kind of black. but he's not really like the guy you want to hang out with. we all know he has a white fiancee, all this talk about he is a republican. there is no information at all. we're trying to dig deeper why he has an issue. >> bob: you to admit this crazy? who wants to hang around this dude? he doesn't want to hang around the hood with people like him.
2:42 pm
first, the person he is talking about, rg3, is now dead the washington "red eye" to number one in their division. too bad, new york. i think it's just one of those things if you marry a white woman or have a white girlfriend, you deviate from something is absurd. i'll say this on the first part about this, i do think the scott appointment was token appointment. 'canes is outrageous -- >> dana: that is outrageous. >> bob: you don't think there were more qualified guys than that guy? >> dana: he deserved it. on the city council of charleston, south carolina, 13 years. built a business, decided to go to public service. he won his district and won over all the voters. i absolutely think he would have won the seat anyway if he would have run for it in 2014. to say that -- i think it's so repulsive to say it was a token pick. >> bob: you don't think more experienced people to get that job? >> dana: he deserves it. >> eric: speak on fiscal cliff, deficit. spending. >> bob: he is what freshman -- >> dana: who was more
2:43 pm
qualified than he was? >> eric: he was more qualified than most other senators. >> andrea: we are not talking about his qualifications. all the left wants to talk about is the skin color. same with rg3. he came out and said i don't want to be defined by my race, but that is the only way the left sees to define blacks. >> bob: do you think nikki haley would have appointed him if he was white? >> andrea: sure. >> dana: sure. why not? >> andrea: why is it race? >> dana: how can you say that after all the other things you say, it's inconsistent to say do you think nikki haley would have chosen him -- do you think it was political reasons? >> bob: yes. >> eric: did barack obama appoint eric holder because he was black? >> bob: i assume he was his friend. >> dana: did bush appoint condoleezza rice because she was black? colin powell? education secretary? >> bob: do i think race factors in the selection of cabinet members? yes. >> andrea: democrats like to
2:44 pm
tout, it's the first black president, she is a female. wink-wink. republicans do it on merit it's a cynical -- it can't even be a token. cynical token. there is nothing cynical about it. >> eric: can you imagine -- well, this is going down a rabbit hole. >> greg: i love this. republicans can't do anything. they can't -- if they don't appoint -- no, you are proving my point. if you don't nominate minorities, you're racist. if you do nominate minorities, you're racist. at a certain point the democrats have to look in the mirror and say we are a-holes. >> bob: you feel oppressed, don't you? >> greg: i'm not. pointing out your hypocrisy. >> dana: he is free to say he has principled. unlike adolf. >> greg: i want to apologize for using slight profanity, though i edited it out. >> dana: rob parker, the columnists on espn, they say something outrageous to then apologize is all of us will know who rob parker is.
2:45 pm
>> greg: this guy will get tenure. this guy is worse in the land of free expression. he is denigrating a guy who is not thinking like a pack. >> andrea: or player awesome who should be recognized for his football skills. >> dana: or who he fell in love with. >> greg: it's really about love. >> i i'll for it. >> bob: all love begins that way. >> greg: coming up, what happens at the christmas party last night? i don't know. i wasn't invited. "the five" went bowling. who won the most innings and hit the most slam dunks? details at "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl
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♪ ♪ >> bob: this will be a short block. it's mine. 32-year-old pastor and u.s. citizen, hev rend abadini is held in one of the brutal prisons without brutal charges other than he is a christian
2:50 pm
convert. he was born in iran an spent many years as a christian leader there. he became a u.s. citizen after marrying an american woman and seized by the revolutionary guards in a trip brack to see his family. his wife described the heartbreak of the family last night on "hannity." >> he has been hoping for the last few months to at least try to get out on bail. he has gone through harsh treatment there. he had me put the phone on my daughter's ears. she was half asleep, it was 5:00 in the morning. he told her "dadly loves you." she has been wondering for weeks and weeks if he had grown a beard. she missed hearing his voice. said mommy, i am forgetting daddy's voice. >> eric: he had been there nine times. what he has done is organize the christian churches in household. the only place they can meet. they can't build churchs there. this is just a continuing war in the muslim world against christians. they killed them. pulled them out of the own
2:51 pm
churches. they deny them the right to organize, religion now. they throw him in jail. if we threw every muslim in jail in this country out there propagandizing about muhammad we'd have a full prison system. it's time for you to stop it. just let the religions be able to practice their religion. the most intolerant religion in the world. >> andrea: he is even worse in the eyes of the muslim religion, because we're considered infidels because we haven't converted. he, because he was born muslim turned his back on the muslim faith. which under the shariah law says he is waging war against islam. but you know what? peaceful religion. i'm sure they are developing the nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes. >> eric: are you being sar castic? >> andrea: not at all. >> eric: wow! what a dangerous profession to be in. >> sure. >> eric: christian minister, pastor, whatever it is in a muslim country.
2:52 pm
>> greg: you know -- >> eric: fundamentalist muslim country. >> greg: that is a great point, though. people talk about it and make fun of christians. they forget, the risks that many christians have taken going in hostile territories and losing their lives because of this. >> bob: you said going to iran an doing anything in dangerous. dabs we are not at war -- >> dana: yes, not at war with iran physically but we are in a psychological war with them. the more we talk about this and the more they dig in and hold on to them, i think possibly he should think about whether or not he could be more effective, working from the outside. because he is not, he is obviously getting some attention now. if he wants to help people realize life of christ as he has, maybe he could do a better job doing it here working from outside in. >> andrea: missionaries, that is their thing. they know they are in danger. >> bob: evangelical movement
2:53 pm
is moving to places like china, where a number of them were killed and country that is dangerous. that is what conviction of the face in jesus christ is about. give him credit. i don't say that all muslims are intolerant. they are not. but the problem is your leade leadership, don't seem to get it. they don't some to follow the prophet muhammad. they might want to read it one more time. one more time. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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>> andrea: time now for one more thing. >> dana: last night we had our "the five" holiday party, office party. instead of going out to have a dinner, we went bowling. at a place in times square. >> greg: we. >> dana: greg didn't come because he is a scrooge. place called 44. happened to be, president obama, the 44th president. i took that picture and said it was a sign. get it? greg? andrea and i threw pins. i don't know what happened to our eyes there. we look demonic. >> andrea: possessed. >> greg: payback. >> dana: we were angelic and we very, very good. >> andrea: speak for yourself, dana. >> eric: tell you about the score in a second. we had a blast. dana sent me this picture. posted it on twitter. i got responses.
2:58 pm
mark says i see scrooge at the party with the suspenders. sharon says love y'all, mostly bob. love to go on a date with him. he's funny. wrong, but funny. did kimberly bowl in heels? the answer is yes. stephanie wants to know who won? dana who won in your lane? couple people, including bob. >> dana: the first game, did i win? >> bob: you did. >> dana: i won the first game. like in jeopardy i lost. >> eric: who won in my lane? >> bob: i don't know. the kid did. >> dana: bob was a good coach. gave me tips. >> andrea: you were a good bowler. >> dana: fun. we missed you, greg. >> greg: whatever. i'm sorry. i had to work. it had to host a show called "red eye." >> bob: what is that? >> greg: that is why you had red eyes in the photos. god was punishing you. glad you worked bush in the whole thing. number 44. >> dana: i didn't work bush in it. you did. >> greg: you just did. >> andrea: greg, want to go?
2:59 pm
>> greg: is it my turn? >> dana: 44 is president obama. obama, dumb, dumb. >> greg: you don't have to call me names. forget it. i'm not saying anything. >> bob: good. >> greg: banned phrase. national conversation. whatever you hear a politician or a commentator saying it's time for a national conversation, they are saying it's time for you to agree with me. >> andrea: man, i was going to use national conversation in my one more thing. bob, thank you, you were kind enough to talk about a new show i'm getting on radio 9:00 to 12:00. syndicated. we'll have a national conversation. i'll give you more information on twitter and "the five" about that. we beat you up a lot here. but because you are so kind to us, i got you a christmas present to wear around the house. feel better about the points you make. it says, "of course i'm right. i'm bob." >> bob: i think that's appropriate. [


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