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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  December 22, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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with medium term interest rates. that is gone up. that will be a biggest surprise and they own to benefit from higher rates. >> johnathon you seem bullush. a new corner for you. >> stocks without question . it sounds like a broken record. >> john, lay field you are feeling better, too . i know you are. >> i echo john's sentiment. no yield anywhere else. what they will do is put a band aid on the fiscal cliff . >> and that's it for the cost of freedom. merry christmas . i will see you on fox business week days. noon eastern . home for the holidays. an american marine held in mexico notorous prison is finally freed just in time to make it home for christmas.
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january 1st gets closer and no deal to stop us from going over the fiscal cliff. a live report coming your way . the benghazi report. independent panel said the state department failed to connect the dots in security in benghazi. the state department concedes that mistakes are made . the lawmakers want to hear from the secretary of state. we'll talk to thitate department and congress. i am uma with news headquarters live from the nation's capitol starts right now. >> are we all going over the fisical cliff? there is still no deal. steve joins us from washington with the latest on thes. >> hi, uma, the fiscal cliff may be looming.
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but both sides are pulting the dial on hold. no deal for the tooks . at times it appeared congress was made but not the case this weekend. house speaker john boehner said he is hopeful, but none theless of as the presidentov dubbinging the fiscal issue in the stapped off. boehner delivered the gop. >> the president has offedy will not do anything to solvelet speppeding problem and begins to the crippling debt. he wants more spending and tax hikes and that will hurt our economy . he refuses to challenge the members of his family to deal with entitlementriform and the big issues that are facing our nation. president obama said a deal could be reached but that appears unlikely. he took off for hawaii and landed with his family for a
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shorter than usual christmas break. he said he is it a hopeless optmist. he is scaling back and pushing for a tax cut for the middle class and calling for compromise. it can only pass from democrats and republicans and no one gets 100 percent of what they want. everyone has to give a bit in a sensible way. we move forward together or not at all. in addition to making bush era tax cuts permanent for the middle class. let president want to preserve unemployment benefits if congress doesn't act. that know amount to an achievable goal and something that can get dun before the end of the year. >> steve, thank you for that.
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and now turning to the scathing report against the state department. it is fueling out a debate over what they call the grossly inadquate security at the benghazi compound. that attack led to the death of four americans including buss buss stevens. the state department said mistakes were made and promising to fix security conscience. lawmakers are demanding worries from secretary of state clinton who has yet to answer questions about that the attack. will me grine wu. four were remove they didn't critize the senior officials and i found it odd that mrs. clinton was never questioned for the report. did that surprise you?
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>> it surprised me that the herself was not questioned. it was labeled a criminal investigation and not a terrorist attack. are we learning more on what we are able to glean? and cables were spent and warning about the concerns . some of them could reach the top official in the state department. why haven't we learned. >> what happened in benghazi is a terrible tragedy and we have to make sure there are no benghazi in the hillary clinton has been the finest secretary of state that this
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country has had as far as i am concerned and she has accepted 29 recommendations of the board that made the recommendations and had gone a step further and appointed a secretary of high risk post. but nearly things have gone astray. the report provides a great detail. there was not enough secretary between the people abroad and experts in the middle east. there was a reliance on militia to protect our citizens and we have to make sure that doesn't happen again. congress has to play a role. they have underfunded diplomatic security for years.
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woo need to protect them. >> senator gram wants to know what president obama's role was in the critical attacks were happening on the ground and pushing for more critical information and it was done by a mate on video means it is no longer. this should not having a surprise. we saw 20 insdents of 20 atax in and around benghazi and they will tell you when the population ket goes off of the streets something is getting ready to happen. what was our military poisture that could have been called upon to rescue those americans. could americans and terky or a
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naval vessel called upon to rescue americans that gave their lives. >> as i understand it. those people who were rescued have yet to be identified and given access to those individuals to ask them what happened. why is that happening. why shouldn't they be asked to come toward. >> they should be. we have been briefed, and briefed in a classified way and had hearings and secretary clinton is going to come to the foreign affairs committee in january . i want to get to the bottom of the important thing. we have to be fair. barak obama is no more responsible for what happened in benghazi than george bush is responsible for 9/11 or ronald reagan for the killing of 200 plus marines in berut. there is it terrorism and we need to make sure our people
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in harm's way was protected. i want to get to the bottom not to point fingers but make sure this never happens to the diplomats in the future. >> the question is ask. when did the president know the attack was order canning and a stand down order issued and by whom? >> can andwe knew it was a terrorist attack. the statement on the next day to the affect it was a terrorist attack . the un embassy said -buss buss buss ambassor said it was. four americans sacrificed their lives and especially two navy seals and. >> you accept that secretary of state will testify. >> she said she would come in january and show was going to come this week but she had a fall . she will be back and we'll ask
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her questions. >> thank you very much for the insight. >> merry christmas. >> you, too. >> and just over a week since the tragic connecticut massacre . the last of the funerals. they are saying fair well for emly parker and jodev gay . an green. >> and the nation paused to remember the dults and children that were kill would. the u.s. is concondition state flags will be raised back to full staff. the connecticut governor ordered them raised again. familiaring the. and in a man going along a shooting rame page. >> the gunman killed two women and a woman. there was a christmas party .
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the gunman rammed his car head on in a police crudeser. >> concerns are growing for an american pastor. his crime is that he is a christian. attempts at making bail and pleas from the family he's been jamed since september. this is not the first time this abuse has happened. american center for law and justice was able to free an iranian pastor . joining us now the districtor jordan sekolow. thanks for joining us. thanks for having me, uma. >> we'll t about the pastor who is held there simply by the fact that he's a christian. >> he's 32 years old and in the worst prison and and since picked up in july on the
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iranian border and his whole family is under house arrest will he's beaten and fortured and a convert fromy islam because of his faith. he made an agreement that he would no longer run the house churches it is since he's been to iran nine times it is it an orfan age. but this time the guard got involved and so he's been interrogated and treated like a national security threat. that is the same kind of a charge that iran tried to levy against the pastor usef. it is death unless you peek out. this is an american citizen. our state department has
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acknowledged that now why did it take so long for them to acacupon knowledge -- acknowledge he was there. fox news broke the story with the information and we got that attention and people start to ask the state department. it is that decision you make as we represent the fam foom here in the united states. his wife and two kids. they are in america and not iran. he was visiting his family. we have to make that decision when it is it he is enough risk to put his name out there publicly and ask, you try to do as much as you can before you draw attention on persecution in iran. his family who is under house arrest. things are heightened. it is all about timing . we have to work with the state
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department and members of congress . and it is not a issue. but if you are not a christian, you understand people should have freedom of and one to come together on it is not just christians that are persecuted in iran. it is one of our own. american citizen sits in the worst prison in terrain. for joining us today. >> thanks for having me, uma . it a lot of headaches for the holiday travelerings. the powerful storm made it difficult for folks making it through chicago and other cities. those who waited it out. there is better news ahead. meteorologist maria molina is in the fox weather center with the forecast. >> that's right. much better news for today and
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tomorrow. we have a storm system that produced all of those traveled had aches in the midwest and great lakes finally departing the northeast. in big and flurries and snow flurrieses flying around . it is really in portions of upstate new york and you can see the additional one or two or three inches of snow and locally higher amounts and a quieter day over the northeast of the it is colder and windy out west. we have continuing issues and we have wide spread rain and snow and that's the story not just for today but the next several days and it is dangerous traveling conditions. be careful on the roadways and plan to see delays in and out of the airport. uma. >> a little bird tells me there is it no in the east
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coast in in parts of the midsouth like arkansas and missouri they could be seeing a white christmas and good news for some. thank you very much. >> and his mother call it would a christmas miracle. a marine in a mexican prison released just in time for christmas it is it a story you saw on fox news. we'll tell you how he gained his freedom. plus. love with action can create miracles. loch without action is meaning . and action without love is irrelevant. combine the twompt >> special visit by best selling author and well known doctor. his word and heeling in time of tragedy and what he said one day after the mayan calendar end and offers a different take. [ loud party sounds ]
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>> welcome back everybody. a u.s. marine thrown in a
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mexican jail for months for trying to carry an antique shot gun across the border is finally released. thanks to one congresswoman in particular. >> hi. it was four full months that john hammer was chained to his bed in jail. all for trying to register a shot gun. and they're now back in united states . and she should be able to speak. it is it not only for the hammer but our community. that means he is in
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brownsville texas after being released. he was in terrible living conditions. his mother said johnathon is really sick and his father may take him to the emergency room. john was coughing and they were not sure if it was bronchitus. john's condition is frail. it is a concern all of this time. he spent months treated for ptsb after a grueling combat experience in iraq. he crossed from mexico on vacation and declared an antique shot gun after custom officials told him that that was peramited. the mexican arrested him for breaking the fire arm. it was emblazoned on the news . pressure from the state department. they dropped all charges and determined that he never
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intended to commit a crime. the ordole is overwhelming for the family which they described as very religious. >> this is it a family who believes stronger of the power of prayer and they are still thankful for the nationwide prayers that they have gotten. they want breathing room and their privacy to be respected. they are just regular citizens like your parents or your relatives and not use totted glare of the media. >> that said, uma, the family may be sharing details of john's homecoming soon once he is well enough to get back to florida. >> good news, he's finally out and back with those who love him. >> and congress tries to get to the bottom of the continuing controversy over security concerns following a deadly attack on the bing beng. but they still haven't heard from hillary clinton. after the break.
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we'll talk to nicholas burns next . later on, a parent's worst nightmare. a shopping cart rolled to a busy street with a young child inside. we'll introduce us to the man who saved that baby's life. ♪ the weather outside is frightful ♪ ♪ but the fire is so delightful ♪ nothing melts away the cold like a hot, delicious bowl of chicken noodle soup from campbell's. ♪ let it snow, let it snow can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift?
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>> welcome back everybody. another deadly shooting this one in a night club in birming ham, alabama. here's peter doocy . it is interesting a shooting in a night club call martinies. two people were both were dults. police have not released other information yet.
9:29 am
just days after a long-range rocket launcheded. the north korea leader is calling for more powerful rockets . this is the first time he's explicitly called for the advancement for the country's rocket program. president obama and his family are spending holidays in honolulu. the first family touched down in hawaii and will be staying in their vacation home . no public events are schedule would and an iowa couple who won a 202 million jackpot last december is donating three million to the son's high school for a new football stadium. there is a catch. no, they don't at any point named after them. they want the visitor's locker room painted pink. it all started as a joke. >> that is odd. but if they are giving out the
9:30 am
money they can do what theyment. thank you for much. >> head of the n thereto ra said the way to keep schools safe is put more guns out there. increased and armed in school is sparking controversy. rick joined with more on reaction. >> after a week of silence. the national rifle association held a press conference and sparked more debate. nra has four million member power to vote and lobby for or against stricter gun laws and after the sandy hook shooting when a troubled 20 year old fired his way in a yute to execute 20 women and six women. there was great n interest in the >>nr'ses-- nra's response. >> only way to stop is to be
9:31 am
involved and the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun and a good guy with a gun. so how did americans react to this? a gall up. 53 percent agreed and increasing police presence in schools would be effective and third some what effective and 12 percent said not effective. half of those polls said increasing mental health screen treatment would be effective. when asked if banning the salt of assault and semifour oust 10 said yes. two out of 10 some what and more than a third said it would not be effective. connecticut attorney general said the nra missed an opportunity here. >> the nra statement is sadly
9:32 am
inadquate calling for more guns and rejecting real action. at a defoining moment for our nation and demanding courageous leadership the nra decline to step forward as a constructive parter. >> that is from the forevermore attorney general and now senator from connecticut. >> we are looking for your opinions. send on twitter at rick lev anthal and we'll share with your viewers. >> rick, thank you very much. >> egyptians voting in the second and final phase of islamic backed constitution that divided that nation. with only hours left to go, a political surprise . vice-president manew mickey resigned. he said it was due to president mursi's policy.
9:33 am
results are expected tonight or tomorrow. >> clearly mistakes were made. we learned about the mistakes leading toupt attacks and the report makes that clear . one of the most candid and important observation was the failure by certain leaders to see the forest through the trees. there were clear warning signs that the security situation in libya had deteriorated. >> that is senator john kerry who is nominate to take secretary of state hillary clinton's place . as he testified there. we told you earlier in the show that the independent new report on benghazi highlights serious short comings of the state department. secretary clinton was not present. but senator john kerry said she is expected to testify
9:34 am
before the committee in january. joining us now is nicholas burns . professor of the practice and diplomacy in international politics in harvard university. thank you for joining us. >>. >> first of all whampt is your reaction to a independent report that critized the state department with the grossly inadquate security in the benghazi compound. >> it is it a hard hitting and tough report. it will lead to a lot of soul searching in the state department. obviously the number one job is to protect our men and women. whether they are out in the front line . we have seen people resign and the state department accepted all of the recommendation and to her credit secretary clinton said she will implement all of those recommendations in the remaining time she is in office.
9:35 am
you can get full funding for the security. she's been ill and suffered a concussion and it is it understandable she couldn't be there. >> no. by the panel. they studied what was going on >> i wasn't aware she hadn't been questioned. i know the panel was headed by tom pickering and mike mulen former chairman of the chiefs of staff. they launched a very, very report and one would not want to critize the objectivity of the commission. >> some are raising questions why was not questioned for the independent study. >> yeah, i don't know the reasons for that. you would have to ask the people who conducted the side. secretary of state clinton said she took responsibility back at the beginning and she
9:36 am
did the right thing by sharing to the congress she takes the report seriously . >> lindsay graham raising concerns about president obama's role in the critical seven hours and want to know what he knew as of hours past to see if it misled the country saying it happened because of an anti-muslim video. >> i think the criticism of the president is unfair and not right. as you remember. there were demonstration in many of the embassies in the middle east and muslim countries that week after the publicication . file video from california . other demonstrations outside of libya were promoted by the video . so the administration had a theory. but once they decided and more information came n it had to be a terrorist attack .
9:37 am
i don't think they are misleading. i think it is it a very difficult time. . your reaction to john kerry to be the next secretary of state in >> i think it is a good apoignment and there are few people more qualified than john kerry. he spent a lifetime preparing for this and he ought to be a good secretary of state. >> thank you. we appreciate temperature >> we talked a lot about the fiscal cliff. the government spends more than 11 billion every day . you will be shock to see what they spend most of that on. it is a new series called the cost of spending next this family used capital one venture miles to come home for the holidays. that's double miles you can actually use... sadly, their brother's white ristmas
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i saw the cart moving and saw the child about here. >> the officer happened to be in the right place at the right time. he was there when a shopping cart carrying an infant rolled out of a general store parking lot. thankfully the police officer driving by took off running and grabbed the child. let little boy was nolt injured and also brun quick -- brunclwas an award for his action. >> 11 billion a day. that's what the federal government spends in one where are your tax dollars really going. ? anchor bret baer looks at the cost of spending we can't spend ourselves rich. presidents are talking about the federal government spending appetite for decades. >> whats us can be simply put. the federal government is too
9:43 am
big and spends too much money. >> president george h. bush. >> this government is too big and spends too much. >> president clinton. this is it the largest deficit reduction in history. >> president bush. >> american families have to balance their budgets and so should the government. >> and president. >> ever day families sacrifice to live in their means and they deserve a government to do the same. >> boehner insists that the president is singing a different tune. >> it is clear that the president is not serious about cutting speppeding, but speppeding is the problem. >> you can hear the talking heads every day and back and forth every day. but have you tried to get your head around how much the government doles out every day. what is the basic math we have the problem.
9:44 am
>> in the month of november. the government brought in five billion worth of revenue . we spend more than 11 billion a day. the difference as you can clearly see is roughly six billion dollars. so how can we keep speppeding more than we take in? the econist said we can't. the government spends more than 11 billion a day. where does thity of the money g. top four outlays. department of health and human services that goes through three billion of the tax dollars a day. social security is a close second at two and half billion daily and keeping us safe department of defense 1. 8 billion daily . most concerning is is number 4. smallest daily out day dropping down to 854 million a day . we don't get anything for
9:45 am
that. that is interest that our country pays on our day every day. >> even by. >> we can't keep borrowing ore we'll be like europe. this is not a classroom exercise. look at wuper and see what happens if we continue down the path that. is a place we don't want to g. >> the budget director puts the bilk on medicare and medicaid and social security. >> they will drive federal spending up faster than our economy can grow . revenues will not keep up . so we have a problem. if you don't have enough revenues to pay for the spending, you have to borrow and on the track that we are on. if we go on doing who what is in the law over the next several decades.
9:46 am
our public debt will rise faster than our economy can grow. when that maps, you have to pay interest on the debt and cretors can see your debt rising faster than your economy is growing and they charge more and more. it is a very bad situation. >> author brooks finds currentidates current debates misguided. >> it is simple as a family that does that. right now, you have a situation in which the government in its over speppeding ways tries to rationalize it by saying that the problem is. we are undertaxing the american public it is it like your responsible brother in law runs up the credit card and said the real problem is that you stopped sending me checks. that is crazy and we are a debtor nation that has the menitality if only we squeeze
9:47 am
more money out of people working and honestly earning their living we can solve the problem. the truth of the matter is, our country spends too much. and the noit. watch the entire cost of spending. >> and? feared yesterday would be the end of the world. but clearly it wasn't. our next guest explains 12-21 was not about an but a new beginning instead. dr. dee pack chopra next. i have a cold, and i took nyquil, but i'm still "stubbed" up. [ male announcer ] truth is, nyquil doesn't unstuff your nose. what? [ male announcer ] it doesn't have a decongestant. no way. [ male announcer ] sorry. alka-seltzer plus fights your worst cold symptoms plus has a fast acting decongestant to relieve your stuffy nose. [ sighs ] thanks! [ male announcer ] you're welcome. that's the cold truth! [ male announcer ] alka-seltzer plus. ♪ oh what a relief it is! ♪ [ male announcer ] to learn more about the cold truth and save $1 visit alka-seltzer on facebook.
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>> we are back with news of pope john paul ii who pardoped his former butler who was serving time in jail for what call a scandal . he confessed to leaking private documents and the pope helped to find him a new job outside of the vatican so he can start a new life with his family. >> well, we are still here, it is one day after what expected to be day. the ancient mayan calendar prediction of world ending december 21st may have happened after all. earlier i spoke with dr. chopra about the mayan
9:52 am
predictions and why it is an opportunity to get a new beginning when the world confronts tragedy and economic unstate your namety. >> the mayans were smart people and indicateed a calendar and it was a linier calandiar and that came to an end yesterday. but you can start a new calendar and one which to interpert that yes. perhaps this is it our opportunity to go beyond the world we have created thus far. it has a lot of war and eco destruction and social and economic injustice and embark through a critical mass of people and then action a peaceful and more healthy and sustainable world.
9:53 am
poetically today is the first of the age of aquarious and peace will guide the planet and love steals the stars. let's do that. it is not enough to intend love. but love with action can create miracles. >> absolutely. we don't have love without action is meaningless and action without love is irrelevant . when you combine the two. >> when you talk about the collective consciousness there. we can see this right now with some of the incredible challenges that we are dealing with. whether it is it the economy or tragedy, the recent shootings that took place in connecticut with the sadness that still exists there in the deaths of the children. how do you talk to people when it comes to finding ways to still hold on to your faith and stay grounded and not be
9:54 am
brought down by the external circumstances around you. this is time to nurture relationships and we have deep empathy and where we listen and where we exercise compassion again with action that is followed . that we are kind to each other and we love each other, that we also hold on to the center within us . in the eastern world traditions, we call them divine emotions and love and kindness and compassion, and return to the innocence and joy that we have all experienced as children . not in lie always get sucked into the melodrama. where there is it violence in society, there is actually consequences on the brain. our brain that is our
9:55 am
emotional brain gets damaged and certain parts of the brain is recycling image of violence and fear and distort and defiling of memories . then perpet all the year and it is to hang in together and help each other and guide each other in a feeling of safety. if you do that. we are regulate would by each other's emotions and that regulates our brain and biology. >> your books it >> it is hard wiring the brain. book is called the super brain. how to hard wire to start experience love and kindness and joy and empathy and healing >> let's hope it is it a new beginning indeed. >> some of us are hoping for a
9:56 am
white christmas . others are wishing to be reunited with loved ones. we'll share a soldier's seasonal surprise is next. ♪ ♪ try running four. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase.
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>> i didn't know i was-- so, yeah,


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