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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  December 22, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> thiss s the fox report tonight an early christmas miracle for one family and a gift for many menches who had his wish list on their wish.
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john hammar is out of prison and on the way home. a u.s. marine held in one of mexico's notorous prisons for mongs now back on u.s. soil and head back home for christmas. he tried to do the right thing but authorities at the border didn't see it that way. new details on his return to america and freedom. >> also we rarely hear anything from the cia about covert operations. but this movuv has the secretative organization speaking out. america's top fipefive reacting to the film of the capture of osama bin laden. the crit terof zero dark 30. >> and a shopping cart with a baby inside rolls out of a parking lot and straight into oncoming traffic .
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>> i am harris faulkner and we begin with a taste of freedom. an end to an ordeal that drew outrage in america. it started in august. 's 27 year old combat veteran was headed to corsa ricka on a trip. it belonged to his great grandfather. hammar attempted to clear it and they arrested him saying that the gun was illegal. they threw him in a lock up . those thungs the place. they threatened his life. hammar leaving last night with a police escort. we are told his father greeted his son as the car van drove in texas. the family told fox news that father and son are bonding and driving home to florida, hoping to make it to miami in
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time for christmas. they are thanking fox news and lawmakers who put the story on fox news. dominic, can you tell us where john and dad are right now. >> driving through texas and arriving the miami home sometime on christmas eve. his dad was there to meet him in brownsville and john can only travel by car. he's fighting a nasty bug and recovering from ptsb which he suffered from a recent combat experience . the viewers already one florida congresswoman who prompted washington to act. with the help of florida lawmakers.
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it is the hillary clinton and homeland security and on the band wagon and it snow balled from there. . it is all of the right inqueries about what you are doing and stopping up to the case. because the r-embassy should be advocating for the release of the americans . that took a lot of congressional pressure and it took a lot of media attention. and they said it was fox news that saved his life. and it absolutely will. south of the border. and that is under pressure from the attention was just plain wrong. >> at issue for the mexicans. it is how to prosecute him and what crime he committed.
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it is the whole mess and they needed a way out. they determined that john had taken the shot gun in the country without intent to commit a and the next system proved it however. and there should be modification. and they should not have it happen. >> and despite the embarrassment . it is a point against the united states. the mexican buss -the good news. and thank you very much. we'll turn to the fiscal cliff . it is approaching effort .
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it is earlier this week there is signs of progress and republican house speaker john boehner said plans don't do enough to address the key problem. nasa's government spending that could impact future americans . >> what the president offered so far will not resolve the spending problems . it will hurt our economy. a failing to reach a deal by december 31st would trigger tax hikes and spending hikes . and they say they are willing to continue to work toward a deal . the question is can they get it done in a time. here's steve in washington. will president obama focus on
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the fiscal cliff? do we know? >> probably not: there will not be done to much -- and president arrived in honolulu. within to his rented vacation home. he left washington last night after scaling back . it is still possible . he's focusing now on a middle class tax hike and extended unemployment benefits. and this congress laws can only pass for democrats and republicans and that means no one gets 100 percent of what they want. everybody has to give a little bit in a sensible way. we move forward together or we don't move forward at all .
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>> they are planing to stay in honoluluand planning to return right after christmas. harris. >> what is next for republicans . at this point speaker boehner is saying it is up to the president and democraticically senate . wouldn't have survived in the senate. it leaves the speaker in a difficult position especially when he is up fory reelection next year . and that is you will feel it in your paycheck, because pay roll tax are going up.
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and they'll have to tell you how much to hold from the paycheck because they don't know what the tax will look like. they'll with hold before changing to any higher tax rates. tomorrow, a programming note fur on fox news sunday, chris wallace gets the latest on the fiscal cliff from lawmakers in the now. exclusive interviews with republican john burasso. today we saw the three funerals for the final three children. 7 year old josen gay . six year oldnana mar quiz green . parker was laid to rest in u>> she had just celebrated her
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7th birthday three days before the attack. ana mar questions-greene moved to the area from canada . she was emily parker knew to the earlier from ogden, utah . the father said the world is a better place for having had emily in it. pope john paul ii sending an inspirational christmas message . one that speaks louder than words and all what it had to do with the man on the right. >> and run away shopping cart with . but you will see there is a child in the cart . millions of americans, preparing to reach the holiday destination . the weather may not cooperate with the plans. meteorologist maria mowill you pleasa in the extreme weather
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pope john paul ii showing forgiveness in motion by giving his forler butler a pardon. despite an 18 month prison sentence, pab low gabiel is a free man again and reunited with his wife and kid. >> this morning, the holy father pope john paul ii visited gabiel in prison in order to forgive his forgiveness and inform him personally of his acceptance of the for the request of pardon. >> the jailhouse visit lasted 15 minutes before he was released . he was convicted of aggravated theft. the documents pointed to
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alleged corruption in the vatican. the vatican will help him find a new job but he will not be allowed to work in the church. >> winter storm suddens in the northwest is making room for a new round. just as millions of americans were about to travel for christmas. maria molina is in the weather center with the next storm that is taking shape. hello, we have a bland new storm system that is impacting the west and even though the storm in the northeast is winding down we are seeing travel delays. one of those being newark. if you are flying out you are looking at those flights and we have gusty winds in the northeast and obviously colder and temperatures are colder where they should be at tomorrow should be a
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relatively quiet day . that is going to double up in parts of the southeast tomorrow. and higher elevations and significant snowfall accumulationsed in the california sierra. and we are headed in to tomorrow . a new wave will be impacting parts of california . in areas to the south. and oregon cascade and sierras across portions of california. and impact. and by monday we'll have to have the storm in the southeast. and that is even in the northeast and it will be cold
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enough that people in the northeast. and that is in the form of snow . impacting christmas eve and christmas day could produce snow like in the texas panhandle and oklahoma and missouri and arkansas. they don't typically see a white christmas. this year it looks. and and linked with osama bin laden. newark dark 30. and his own review of the film . we are just now able to tell
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you that new video is coming into fox news on the opposite side of the commercial break and mom of the marine john hamar talking . we'll hear what she you has to say. stay close. what's next?
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just in to fox news, the mother of john hammer howas in a mexican jail is talking with our fox affiliate and just came in moments ago. >> it was my first night they slept all night long without getting up . the thought of not wopering what was going on and can anyone hurt him tonight.
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he's eating and able to have a mile . you know, it is just i honestly can't process it totally until he is here. we are days away. >> you say he's not feeling that well he has a stomach bug and he's not been able to eat. he ate a banana today and drinking gatorade and has a bad chest cold which we are concerned that is new ponia. my husband may have to stop on the way if it gets any worse but johnnie wanted to keep going. >> what is the first thing to talk to him on the phone. >> are you okay . he was like i am sick but i am okay. so i am okay and i am tired . the first thing he said to me, and i need a shower. that was his first comment and my said he took like a four
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hour shower and i think he's doing okay. >> they spent the night and i think they were just get out of dodge and stopped and went to a hotel. >> excellent. thank you. >> a four hour shower. wow . wouldn't you? after months in a jail. this story of course, reverberating around the country as mile per hours learned about are much of that from coverage on fox news. she was on the bill oriley on the factor and their first opportunity to hear from us on this saturday as her son is not going to stop. he just want to keep on going to try to get home to christmas in florida. john hammar. he took what he thought and told on this side of the border a legalan teak gun that was given to the grandfather and the mexican authorities
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said it was not legal and he endured unconscoinable conditions. the mother said we will not be sure when we will hear from him. those are her words coming in on the fox affiliate in miami. more news as we get it brand new reaction to the controversy to film zero.30 and that reaction coming from an unexpected place. the cia going on record with strong criticism. that leads to the events of the capture of the most wanted person in the world. it takesarivitiic license and portraying itself as being historically accurate it is it a dralmization and not
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accurate. this come after a grouch lawmakers wrote to sony lawmakers said it was misleading by suggesting that torteur helped investigators to find osama bin laden. the american doctor kidnapped from taliban fightsers is thank the troops that saved his life. dr. joseph was kidnapped on december 5th on a humanitarian mission . he was rescued special forces in a bold mission that took the life of a navy seal. >> i would like to take a moment to thank the u.s. and afghan forces for putting their lives on the line to rescue me. my heart goes out to the hero. he will be a legacy for generations to come. he was a 24 year old petty
4:26 pm
officer first class and a it is last year. it is in the in the court ruling . one woman losing her job . she was too pretty. is that even possible or fair? we report and you decide. a major come back just in time for christmas. the church, meet the community behind the holiday renewal. ♪ ♪ ♪
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i am harris faulkner this is a fox report marine veteran shackled to the bed is safely back in the united states. john hamar who served in iraq and afghanistan trying to enter into mexico with an antique shot gun that belonged to his grandfather. the last shooting victim laid to rest. mourners for six year old emily parker and six year oldnana pargrez green. n dollars ra broke silence and reacademies is pouring in. and that was in the press. and in the tabloids the the
4:32 pm
new york post and it was video game makers and refused to discuss and saying more weapons are duplicated from the school. it is the only way to stop a monster from killing our kids is be to be personally involved and invested in a plan of absolute protection. the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. according to a gall up poll released this week 53 percent agreed saying some whative and 12 percent said not effective . half would be effective and third said some what and 14 percent don't think it would help . 14 out of 10 said banning assault weapons is a good idea and more than 36 percent said it would not be effective and
4:33 pm
a pugh research poll far more men than women support that . all of the adults of sandy hook were woman. >> vuto start to question whether or not people forgot their history. the putting armed police officers in schools is not knew. former president clintonon was doing that. >> and then president clintonon pledged 50 president and hundreds of officers. and they crack doup on military assault rifles. >> the it is shamefully inicate and rejecting real action in gun violence . defining historic moment for
4:34 pm
our nation . demanding wayne lapeer did not take questions . they make answer next week. thank you very much . more more political turmoil in egypt. this comes after they head to the polls. it is if that referundum passes. and there is also word that the government of egypt has quit on this saturday . president muhammad morsi alienated government officials. they accuse him fast tracking. .
4:35 pm
now to syria where the threat of war violence continue to escalate. the latest under threat are the christian towns. theb areles -- rebels said they will storm the town. they are uses it as base to attack nearby regions. damascus is rocked by car bombs. it killed five people. more than 40,000 people have been killed since the uprising began in march 2011. more possible fall out to come from the royal hoax that may have led to the suicide of a london nurse it started with a phone call by two austin powers dee jays where the pregnant duchess of cambridge kate middle town had treatment for severe morning sickness.
4:36 pm
three days later the nurse was found dead in her room. british prosecutor are considered to be pressing charges and not clear if anybody would be charged with a crime and what they will be. eight people were killed in a bomb negligent political rally it is our top story as we go athe world and 80 seconds . pakistan, that attack happen negligent northwest part of the country as people chanted in support of a party targeted by the taliban. more than 20 people were wounded and video showing a burned out car and damaged buildings. china. fire fights go to work on a raging fire in a building and one security guard trapped inside and 50 people staying in a hotel on the top floors .
4:37 pm
and they're still in the streets . and that is the death penalty. and they will do more to protect women. and in lakeland st. nick's official. and they're leaving to santa and others meet with the evils . and that is a bit unpredictable. one police officer dives in icy waters.
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get help rightway if you have swelng of the face or throat, or trouble breathing. tell your doctor your medical history and find an arthritis treatment for you. visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> and police from the town are releasing the dash cam video from last month. a child from inside rolls nay busy intersection. as soon as one officer realized what he was seeing, he jumped into action. >> he just kind of went in fight mode and just think you have to get that kid.
4:42 pm
you had to try to stop traffic and it was reading to a busy height and tried to stop the traffic. >> he sound so calm and modelt: the mom placed the other child in the car when the shopping cart started rolling. all right. how about this rescue. a boston policemen jumped in to rescue a woman in the channel. he plunged in the waters and throwing him a live ring from the side is another person as he samp out to reach the woman as he heard her screaming. >> particular it off and it was like a modern day hero.
4:43 pm
she was scream i tell you after these two store storse it is hug your first responder. she was taken to the hospital and treated for hypothermia and still not clear how she ended nupt water in the first place. >> police arresting a man after they discovered a pipe bomb in a vand. >> maryland. police say they came across the pipe bomb after a different device was detonated at a home in the college park. he set off the explosion to send a message to the people inside. police say drugs played a role. you talk a baby deer stuck in
4:44 pm
a slipperiuation and trapped on a lake near salt lake city. they practiced icy rescues. it is usually dealing with people and we could make things work for a deer. >> the officer pulled the deer in a small boat that was pulled back to shore. the deer is expected to be just fine. >> wisconsin. proof that nothing gets between die-hard packers fans and their football. hundreds of cheese heads shoveling out lambeau field. they are paying 10 bucks an hour for help. >> they are just supervising it and we are move egg lot of snow. we couldn't do it wute the help from the football. we want to tell you about a woman who was too attractive to keep her job.
4:45 pm
melissa nelson spent a deck -- decade working as a dental asustant. she sued because she -- the iowa supreme court just upheld the ruling and said the dentist acted within his legal rights . the men ruled 7-zero that bosses can fire employees that are irresistable and attractive. nemson said she is appalled by the decision. our floor director who is an attractive female is laughing. melissa was dependent on the income. she lost it simply by showing up for work in her female body. that was the statement.
4:46 pm
with christmas just a few days away. we want to tell you about a group of elerks ves-- elvesfor hire. they donate the schools to parks and churches and replanted thim in the crown. it was started by a woman who was a stock brocker. >> that's right. harris it is an inspirational holiday story lost the job at aag . turned an unconventional idea in a successful business. >> that is $25. queen of pop famous in the south for the funky flavored popsicles sold in street carts. he and his brother knick decided to take a chance. >> i thought what it takes to
4:47 pm
be an entreprenear. and they grew in dozens of carts . sales topping one million in 20-12 . their business plan had one flaw. who wants a popsicle in december. >> we have a treat for you. >> special deliver from the treo. to keep them working, they started to deliver live potted preplotted christmas trees to homes in atlanta. >> that's how we manage both businesses. we have other people we can rely on. >> after christmas. elvescome back and pick up the trees and replant them . makes you feel good to stipulate local businesses. or go to home depo and purchase one like we have done in the past. >> now harris for the kings or shall we call them elves. they sold out all 200 .
4:48 pm
next week they are going to have more trees and varieties of trees for customers in the southeast. >> harris, fabulous and good to see you,. >> it is less than two months since super storm sand look the lives. one church in staten island was badly damaged and welcome to worshippers for christmas . the woman goes to the airport expecting to greet a relative from over seas. whom she didn't expect to see was her husband walking off of the plane. how this warrior pull today off. ♪ ♪ i'll be home for christmas. ♪ you can count on me. for singing definitely dry mouth has been a problem for me.
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>> president obama and the first lady in with the presidential address and pishing americans merry christmas and happy holidays. >> after a decade of war our heroes are coming hope. all across america, military families are reunited . so this week, let's give thanks for the veterans and their familis and a prayer for all of our troops especially those in afghanistan who are sphending this holiday season over seas and risking their live to defend the freedoms we hold so dear. >> the obamas are in hawaii for their holiday celebration. >> amanda thought she was picking up a relative. she was shocked when her husband was there to greet her instead after being deployed in afghanistan.
4:53 pm
>> i hoped but never expect today. it is a nice surprise . >> it was a surprise for me. something my sergeant did for me and i didn't know i was coming home until two weeks ago. yeah. just to be with my wife again. that puts it over the top. >> i love it when she kisses her on the cheek. she looked surprise. that was a big surprise for his mom. they have a 1-year-old daughter whom brian hasn't seen in 7 months. >> it was two months ago when super storm sandy caused destruction in long island and staten island and took lives there. one house was worship will be fully operational just in time for christmas. douglas kennedy has more. ♪ >> for years the oasis christian center is a gathering place for resident
4:54 pm
on midland beech and staten island. it is a strong knit community and the church is in the center for years. we have done our best to reach our community with god's love and children's program and youth and our sunday services. >> then in october, hurricane sandy hit and shocking lifetime resident like the oasis pastor. it is a hurricane like this in new york and the devastation is incredible. >> midland beach was hardest hit. tragically nine resident of midland beach lost their lives and dozens of families here still remain homeless. mcentire saw his church the next day and he didn't think it would ever open its doors again much less for christmas mass. >> describe the damage. it was devastation lower level
4:55 pm
of the church was totally under water and destruction and tragedy mcentire quick turned to hope and he got calls from community members volunteering to rebuild. >> i gave them my time and any time they need anything in the time ofove to do that. >> he said the church is a community oasis bringing them together with love and support. you will celebrate christmas here. >> what does that mean to you. >> it means a lot we have suffering and hard work and we are looking forward to very much. >> looking forward to the most meaningful christmas mass he celebrated and douglas kennedy. fox news thud odds of winning big are not that good .
4:56 pm
that is an understatement. >> what does it mean a sizable chunk of the town wins. they are happy about it that's for sure. [ male announcer ] imagine facing the day with less chronic osteoarthritis pain. imagine living your life with less chronic low back pain. imagine you, with less pain. cymbalta can help. cymbalta is fda-approved to manage chronic musculoskeletal pain. one non-narcotic pill a day, every day,
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>> a bigs pot of cash for my town. this is a spanish town just outside of madrill and people celebrating new found wealth after scoring a winning lottery ticket worth half million dollars. it is especially ailing in spain. a recap of a fox top story. u.s. marine veteran held in a mexican prison since august is back in the united states. john hammar was arrested in mexico while trying to bring in


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