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tv   The Five Christmas Special  FOX News  December 25, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> kimberly: hello. i'm kimberly guilfoyle with bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. crunchtime on the north pole. this is "the five."
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♪ ♪ >> kimberly: thank you for spending part of your christmas eve with us. spirit of christmas is about giving. so earlier in month we did a secret santa. time to see who picked who. bob, you are up first. we have a gift for you here. it's big. >> dana: beautifully wrapped, too. >> dana: be careful. it's inflatable. >> kimberly: the spirit of giving. >> bob: i have a few of those. >> dana: a wrap for the beach. >> can you get one for under $10? >> you can. on times square. >> you have to figure out this is a good gift. this is a -- figure out who gave it to you. who is your secret santa, bo
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bobby! foosball. that is nice. it's from eric. >> dana: amazing. >> isn't that cool? >> why did you pick eric? >> i love it, it's for ages five and up. perfect. >> dana: we have the video of we saw the lights of your house. this is for the big kid that lives here. i thought this is something to play in greenroom. >> bob: that's very nice. >> greg: how much do you want to bet she was on a flight and ordered it from sky mall. >> dana: nope. on 57th street. that's why window shopping works. they decorate the window and things. >> greg: i don't believe you. i think it's sky mall order. >> kimberly: these sell like hotcakes. not easy to get.
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>> greg: nobody buys hotcakes. >> dana: how is it possible you never played foosball before? >> bob: never have. >> dana: first time for everything. i thought you'd love that. it's falling flat. >> bob: i will taker rick on it. he's so competitive. >> kimberly: it's a good stress reliever. when you're fighting or having bickering. bob we don't bicker -- >> bob: we don't bicker. we -- >> kimberly: snicker. a present is making noise! [ laughter ] >> greg: it might be the dog. >> kimberly: didn't you love to shake them when you were little. >> eric: christmas vacation. >> kimberly: by the way, somebody must love you, greg. this is biggest present i've seen yet in two years. >> greg: it has three parts to it. >> kimberly: it has a hat. it's for greg. from his secret santa.
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play along. >> dana: three presents. this is present one-up-man-ship. >> greg: mocking my anti-holiday sentiment. >> dana: that is backwards. >> greg: very nice. got a hat. what? it turns on. somebody is telling me it turns on. >> dana: well. you open. i'll try to figure it out. >> kimberly: it's on the side. >> ♪ ho, ho, christmas ♪ the best time of the year >> kimberly: that is fabulous. you look like an elf. [ laughter ] look at the face and the eyebrows. [ laughter ] >> greg: this looks like i have a medical disorder. >> dana: that is a given. >> greg: i think if this goes on for four hours i have go to emergency room. >> eric: call your doctor. >> greg: i better take that off. take it off. >> kimberly: more than four hours. this is amazing. >> greg: a fold your own
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unicorn. 2013 calendar. this is amazing. somebody went to a lot of trouble. >> dana: thoughtful. >> greg: going to make me feel bad. this has a fox news sticker on it. >> kimberly: freebie. >> dana: the box -- >> greg: be careful when you say "freebie." what is that? jeez! i thought it was something that was alive. >> bob: how cute. >> kimberly: purple and pink unicorn. >> greg: it has great dark eyes. jasper eyes. soulless beast. i have to guess who gave this to me? >> kimberly: yes. but it might be somebody who had assistan aanalysis -- assis. >> greg: that means bob.
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who helped you with that? >> bob: thank you. i don't shop. >> dana: you could make a hipster unicorn. gripples that is create -- >> kimberly: i think that is very creative. two numbers up. >> eric: this is funch who is left? kimberly, dana and greg. >> bob: sharper image. we know that much. >> greg: that is awesome. >> eric: a snowball thrower! this is perfect! >> dana: that would be great if it wasn't global warming. >> eric: this is fun. >> greg: this could be the first evidence anybody bought something from sharper image. they are killing time for a
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flight. >> kimberly: is that not the cutest thing ever. whoever got that gift is amazing. >> eric: so you scoop. you make a snowball. you lock it. >> kimberly: lock and load. you go like that. do it with eric chase. >> greg: that is great. >> kimberly: sharper image. big thinkers. >> i'm supposed to guess. kimberly. >> kimberly: yes. i did get it for you. >> eric: you did? >> kimberly: i did. they're talking in my ear. >> kimberly: this is a good gift. you think about the person
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involved. he was playing baseball. >> bob: the good news there is no snow. >> kimberly: thanks to al gore. >> bob: global warming. >> kimberly: should i open mine next? >> eric: that is the best thing to do. >> greg: yes. >> kimberly: i'm doing a christmas audible here. i'm going next. oh, my gosh, every year i get a picture frame. really? is this you again? >> greg: i don't know. i'm not saying anything. >> kimberly: dana saw if my office. >> dana: it's creepy. >> kimberly: make it stop. it gets bigger every year! if it wasn't bad enough i have the picture. >> bob: promoted that book so much. the next is full size. >> kimberly:♪ ca santa,
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business ♪ >> bob: i have been noticed things missing and we took dna sample and it's kimberly. >> dana: secret santa is making it secret. someone is supposed to guess -- guess -- >> greg: you gave it to her because you had it for a year and got sick of it. >> kimberly: is this from the book budget? the eyebrow is arched in a pointy elf direction. bigger, nicer photoshop photo of you. >> greg: it's life-size. that is the size of my head. go to sharper image and buy a body billow and put my head on the body pillow and you'll never be alone. >> kimberly: if that happens, commit me. this is hilarious. >> bob: look at that face. doesn't he look like the texas chainsaw massacre? >> kimberly: no. >> bob: yes. >> kimberly: i think it's very cute. i like it a lot. next to the baby one. obviously, greg got it for me. >> dana: you realize you had her last year and i had bob
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last year. >> kimberly: i could make money off your stalkerrish i could probably sell this now if i throw in one of your books. ebay. >> greg: put it next on the picture of your child and give him a complex. >> kimberly: the split screen. too much botox. can't do it anymore. what is in the red bag? >> eric: it must be for dana, right? >> dana: my turn? >> kimberly: hello. i thought we had a special delivery. >> eric: can you do this first? >> bob: you just took it out. >> dana: very good. excellent. >> eric: this is deal. it found the coolest wine for
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you. dog wine that comes with pictures of dogs. i had it sent from california. i swear if it comes in this hour we'll bring it out. fedex on its way. >> dana: can i still drink this? >> kimberly: actually, you never go wrong with a bottle of wine. >> bob: yeah, you can. believe me. let's get close and share with one another, the feel-good thing that you don't buy medication for, greg. talk about what christmas was like when we were little as a kid. eric? >> eric: wait, the segment is not over yet? [ laughter ] >> kimberly: the fun is just beginning. >> eric: three more minutes. okay. christmas was cool. christmas was fun. we had beautiful, wonderful
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parents. >> dana: snow in chicago? >> andrea: yeah. there is me on a good christmas. that is me under water. >> bob: your hair went from blonde to black. >> dana: we could go up to the ranch in colorado. or the ranch. it was fun. i remember them fondly. my grandmother passed away but in denver, we had an avocado green chair and drape i remember. there is another one, that was
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my favorite picture ever. my mom put a tree in the play pen because would not leave it alone. i don't know if kids are still allowed to be put in the play with. i was dignified, no crying. well, there was one i thought was the best one. >> dana: i also had a dog. >> greg: yes. >> kimberly: what was the dog's name when you were it will? >> dana: what else do you want to know about me? >> greg: we got a dog for christmas. >> dana: not necessarily a good idea.
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>> greg: my favorite christmas present was the people's almanac. i read it and there was a glossary of sexual terms. my parents did not know it was in the book. anybody in my age knows the book i'm talking about. you would sit there and learn stuff you should haven't learned. we had a fake pink tree for a while. go like this. >> bob: where are the pictures? >> greg: we chose to forget. >> kimberly: why? your mom is so cute and so sweet. you must have been happy. kili love christmas -- >> kimberly: i love christmas. that is me with my christmas stocking that had barbies in. nine months old. obviously adorable.
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my daddy took me and i loved it. i kept going back. >> bob: i don't have pictures because they had not invented cameras when i was a child. my christmas memories, the best i have are the ones of the last 15, 20 years. the early ones were forged gettable. >> dana: you tried to make christmas special for your kids? >> bob: yes, i do. there were years that there were not christmas. >> kimberly: we're all family now and you do the nice thing with christmas lights for kids. >> eric: we have these for you guys. names on the back with the logo. >> dana: great. it wonder what greg will put in there?
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i'll have water. >> eric: the tumbleer. drink a lot of this. maybe christmas eggnog. >> kimberly: coming up, some might be surprised to learn bob is a huge fan of christmas. >> labor of love. more than anything else. no sane human being would do this work. >> kimberly: our familiar ras followed him home to find out how he decorated the holiday. don't niss rest of it ahead on "the five." some of you guys sent in christmas cards. stay tuned to see yours. we'll be back in a moment. in a. [ male announcer ] this december, remember --
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>> dana: merry christmas. i have five fun questions for to us answer. we start with christmas cards because they are starting to come in. greg, since you make the face, do you send out christmas cards?
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>> greg: no. what bother mess is family that inserts the long story what they're up. to suzie is in grad school. studying, premed. billously a stockbroker in philadelphia. one kid they go joe is travelling. extremely mysterious what he is up to. or he is mysteriously single. i don't care about your family! i don't care! >> dana: i do do facebook and i do go on regularly to hear from people. if you get an update from people, i like that. >> greg: you know what she is saying. that is her excuse for writing two pages on jasper in the greeting card. >> dana: i don't do cards. >> greg: i bet it has a picture of jasper. >> dana: i don't do them anymore. >> bob: the long letters about the father. george is in transition. >> greg: exactly! >> bob: other words george got fired.
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>> eric: bob! >> dana: do you send update? >> greg: taking four weeks off for recuperation. >> eric: no, but we send a picture of eric chase. i like to see my friends -- >> greg: is he shirtless? [ laughter ] >> eric: i like to see my friends' kids, how they grow up, especially if you have known them a long time and see them this big and this big. cool. >> dana: it forces a -- forced family fun photo. >> kimberly: alliteration. >> dana: does everybody dress in the same white linen shirt. >> dana: and jeans. with a red accent. now with photo shop, you do that. >> greg: jasper is in a tonic. >> dana: i don't do a card for him. it might if you keep going. >> greg: i bet you buy gifts for jasper. >> dana: everybody buys gifts for jasper. that is the thing. i don't have children, so of course. buy for a dog. >> greg: they don't know it's christmas. >> dana: every day is christmas for a dog. and it should be. kimberly, do you send out
2:23 pm
greeting cards? how would you have time to put together a greeting card? >> kimberly: i always have a good idea to do it. then i think okay, i have to get a photographer to do a nice photo. and then send it out. i don't know. it should do better about it. i like getting the cards. so i keep them all. but then i feel bad -- >> dana: how long do you keep them? >> kimberly: i feel bad. i don't want to throw them away if they have picture of kids on them. >> dana: do you keep them? >> bob: if they send out the family pictures. figure out who got divorced. the father, mother, all the kids. next year only the mother. i used to send out the letter. i had a picture of me on it, of course. i used to tell them what i was doing. the whole year. my kids. i don't do it anymore. i don't have time. >> dana: i like the idea. let me ask you, i think i probably know the answer to this for eric. real or fake tree in your home? got to be real. >> eric: real.
2:24 pm
in everything. for that matter. you have to do the real tree. adrian puts like sugar in the thing, too. you have to water it. that is the only issue. >> kimberly: it helps a lot. >> bob: you know how much i love christmas, right? i never had a fake tree until this year. the reason i did, i wasn't back because i commute. up here all week long. so i couldn't water the tree. so i had to get a fake tree. >> dana: how does it make you feel? >> bob: bad. >> eric: the thing about the real tree is getting it out of the house. >> dana: in new york, i don't understand it. for the entire month of january and february there are trees sitting outside on the sidewalk because nobody comes to pick them up. real or fake? >> kimberly: real all the way. all the way. >> dana: you got to work. >> greg: i got a tree. slightly inebriateed. >> dana: tell us why. i know why you bought the tree? you had been out too late and brought it home so your wife elena would be happy about the
2:25 pm
christmas tree and not mad at you. >> greg: it was a distraction gift. like when you only in. for $25 i bought tree in the street. scary thing about buying trees in hell's kitchen or anywhere else, they are usually wrapped up. that is where the mice and the rats sleep. you can buy a tree, you take it home and cut the thing so the tree opens up and you have a mynagery of ugly animals in your apartment. >> bob: chevy chase did that. family vacation. >> eric: "christmas vacation." >> bob: i love that. love that. >> dana: all right now. we know that eric has a real tree. you had mice in your tree. kimberly has a real tree. bob has fake tree. i went with no tree. gregg you really have the spirit. >> dana: they're everywhere. you have can't go anywhere without running into a tree. next, eric has christmas trivia. later, what do you think of regifting? okay or inappropriate? greg does it all the time and doesn't have a problem with it at all.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: i vote next year we don't use christmas songs, just the regular music. okay with that? >> greg: we'll invent new ones. >> kimberly: i like "santa, baby." >> eric: kimberly can have that one. >> eric: time for christmas trivia on christmas eve, test my co-hosts in a minute. but first, andrea tantaros went out on the street of new york city to give folks a pop quiz abs the holiday. take a look. >> how do you say merry christmas in spanish? >> feliz navidad. >> felei. n ashvidad. >> what town was jesus born in? >> beth le mem. >> nazareth. >> jerusalem. >> bethlehem. >> what is the german name for christmas tree?
2:31 pm
>> soft tree. >> christmas tree. >> we just need the german verse. what is the most widely known christmas carol? >> "deck the halls." >> "santa claus is coming to town." >> "jingle bells." >> "silent night." >> yes! >> eric: all right. those were easy. we have a little harder. producer put together a few questions for you guys. for the record, i couldn't answer one of these myself. kimberly, start with you. what holiday for jingle bells originally written for? which holiday? >> greg: arbor day. >> kimberly: thanksgiving. >> eric: let the record be shown that the producers are giving them in people's ears. what was the name of scrooge's
2:32 pm
dead business partner. >> bob: scrooge's dead business partner. pope john iii. >> greg: reggae muse -- >> dana: think reggae music. >> eric: are you reading on my shoulder? >> bob: bob marley. >> dana: first name? >> bob: jacob. >> eric: ding, ding, ding. dana -- >> dana: she read them all. >> eric: how long -- [ laughter ] >> eric: how long does it take for a christmas tree to grow to full maturity. >> dana: ten years. >> greg: you cheated! >> dana: who doesn't know that? >> greg: you are evil. >> kimberly: she can see. the rest of us wear glasses. did you know that? you wear glasses, he wears glasses. >> eric: what year was the first christmas placed in -- underline -- in white house? genera
2:33 pm
>> greg: 1812. >> eric: back to kimberly. where was the first christmas tree decorated? >> dana: former baltic state. starts with an "l." >> bob: lithuania. >> dana: the other one. >> eric: camera three. getting latvia. >> kimberly: why couldn't you whisper this in my ear? we practiced. >> eric: the most annoying christmas song ever. >> bob: chip monks. >> eric: yes! >> dana: i couldn't read the last one. your thumb was on top of it. >> eric: why are candy canes shaped that way? >> dana: twirl them on your finger. >> bob: hang them on christmas tree. >> eric: close, but no.
2:34 pm
staff. fair and square! i didn't cheat. press secretary who worked hard to get the answers no matter what or somebody who just guessed. >> greg: you lied in trivia pursuit. >> kimberly: santa forgot -- >> eric: hold on. in 1670, in germany, they bent the end to resemble the shepherd's staff. we got to go. coming up, greg knows a thing or two about presents next. and bob has a special light show for us later. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ [ laughter ]
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smoke? nah, i'm good.
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tonight on a live "special report," the excon who lured two firefighters to their deaths and set a neighborhood ablaze said he wanted to do "do what i like to do best: killing people." we have a live report between a link between the gunman and the victims. major winter storm brought white christmas with travel headaches. oklahoma city got up to six inches of snow and it brought threat of tornadoes and thunderstorms from texas to alabama. hurricane sandy may have taken most of the family's belongings but it didn't take the christmas spirit.
2:39 pm
amazing story of triumph in face of adversity. you will meet wounded warrior who isn't letting quadruple amputation slow him down. the all-stars bring naughty and nice list. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. ♪ ♪ >> greg: welcome back. regifting, a good idea or a bad idea? or is it a good idea? or is it a bad idea i? just said. that my dog casper is still sick after dana's mutt jasper gave him bag of dog pretzels for his birthday. he died. so i have my feeling about regifting. how about you, dana, dog kil killer? >> dana: time to confess what happened to casper. people think you have a real dog. now you killed him. regifting. i know the right answer is to
2:40 pm
say no, never regift. but i did it once in a spectacular fashion. i was late getting a gift out. i got it out. later on, a few hours later i realized that it had been engraved to me. and thanking me for giving a speech somewhere and i sent it as a gift and wrapped it. i had to call the person ahead of time and explain. >> greg: awful. the great thing about the show is as the show goes on we learn more and more horrible dana perino is. all the persona of being sweet. you are sick! eric? >> eric: what? i am watching bob. he's going to work. >> kimberly: show your gift. the rest of eric's gift. santa's sled stuck in the bottom of the bag. >> eric: "jersey shore" christmas balls. this is snookie. the situation. >> kimberly: check out my situation. >> eric: paulie d.
2:41 pm
>> kimberly: cool glasses. air force one. >> eric: why? obama fer on air force one. >> kimberly: walkie talkie. >> dana: need batteries. there are like 12 of them. never going to happen. >> kimberly: this is the world's smallest walkie talkie awesome. >> bob: you need a screwdriver to do this. 'canes is worst thing. you wake up and no batteries. >> greg: where am i going? do you regift? >> bob: i do. but, every year, i get people, i get bottles of wine. if you watch the show, i don't drink anymore. because i drank every time i was allowed to drink in your life until i was 40. i regift those and send them back. send it to people. one time i sent it to the same person that gave it to me. that was a bummer. they remind -- they weren't
2:42 pm
even subtle about it. they called me up and said you know we gave this to you. gee, you have great taste in wine. >> dana: must not have known you well to send it to you in the first place. >> greg: kimberly, you regift men. >> kimberly: i don't. >> bob: how many times have you been married? >> kimberly: you are ruining my life. "entertainment tonight" is the clip they used and it's false. now they think it's true. no i don't get any more cars for christmas. thank you. >> greg: you don't regift, do you? >> kimberly: i don't. >> dana: c'mon. >> kimberly: i don't. but i have no problem if someone regifts me something awesome or tasty like wine or something good. >> eric: if you are willing to accept a regifted gift, you should be okay giving one. >> kimberly: my feeling is regift, regift but not -- >> greg: it's not regifting if it's never a gift to begin with. i'm a major celebrity, generally things i have in my
2:43 pm
apartment have greater value to lesser famous. discarded swim wear. grab swim trunks and wrap them up to a friend who are sub secure. unfamous friend. this is amazing. >> kimberly: bill schultz. >> eric: do you regift? >> greg: sometimes. >> kimberly: do you cut out the old liner of the swim trunks? >> greg: you have take then to a dark place. i'll tease. coming up, the moment you've been waiting for. bob beckel and christmas lights. >> every time i think i have everything i need, i end up going to the hardware store to get something else. we're going to the store. >> greg: the rest of the beckel extravaganza. knock it off. >> kimberly: i'll do what i want. it's christmas!
2:44 pm
♪ ♪
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2:47 pm
♪ ♪ >> bob: that is my man, elvis. all right. now, you probably saw if you were watching "the five" a few weeks ago that i decorate my house for christmas a lot. and fox sent down film crew to follow me around when i decorate it. here it is! ♪
2:48 pm
♪ >> well, i started doing it 20 years ago. i started to get in to it, when i was a kid. my father came home and fall on the christmas tree and knock it over. i said to myself when i got on my own i'd do christmas the way i want to do it. labor of love. more than anything else. no sane human being would do all this work. ♪ ♪ >> bob: this is my main man. contractor. he does the roof deck because i'm getting too old to do that. ♪ ♪ >> those all work. they're brand new. put it underneath the table there. ♪ ♪ >> get everything you need? >> every time i think i have everything i need, i end up going to the hardware store to get something else. we're going to the store. see what i can find. ♪
2:49 pm
♪ >> never fails. ♪ ♪ >> yet another one of them? >> yep. >> man! all right. ♪ ♪ >> another day, another dollar. ♪ ♪ >> one goes there. one goes there. one goes to the corner right over there. >> every year, i'm out here and i'm sitting here and i'm thinking should i really do this or not again, because it's so much work. some little kid comes up and says, "mr. beckel, are you going to put your lights out this year?" and i say, "yeah, i'll put them out." i had a sign made, exactly to tell you everything what about this is all about. it's right here. it reads "this display is for all the kids and the big kid who lives here." that would be me. so it's worth it. i'll tell you, it's worth it. every year it's worth it.
2:50 pm
it's cold, but it's worth it. >> bob: there you have it. sorry, i talked over my own -- >> they couldn't hear that. >> kimberly: bob, they can't hear it. that is a joke we played on you. >> bob: kimberly said you have to talk about it. so i started talking about it. cheap shot. it's christmas. does anybody decorate their house like that? greg, i'm sure you do. gregg my basement is lineed with mistletoe. if i call the service people over to fix things, no choice. >> eric: i have the same light up bear you have there. >> bob: you do? >> eric: yeah. >> dana: my dad used to decorate our house in denver, parker, colorado. yes, really get in to it. >> bob: we have a contest every year. small house, big house in maryland. in montgomery county. the winner gets $10,000 to go to a charity. it won last year. this year i'm not sure i'm going to, because i'm not down there. >> dana: do you have to lobby for it?
2:51 pm
>> eric: stuff the ballot box? >> greg: can we point out that mr. alternative energy source has 100,000 lights. >> bob: they don't burn that much energy. my electric bill that is usually $175-$200 a month goes to almost $2,000 in december. yeah. it's very expensive. >> dana: did you get complaints? >> bob: i get complaints from the neighbor because the cars come to look at it and one-way street and block it up. on the side o the house -- i decorate it all the way around. on the side i put feliz navidad. i thought neighbors were spanish. they weren't. then i have a snowman that shoots snow out to the skiing dog. and it is so loud it blows them away. i this thing they put music on and the light goes like this. >> greg: i'm laughing. i wasn't yawning. >> dana: only kimberly does that. >> bob: the music goes on and the lights goes like this.
2:52 pm
but it lights up the people's house on the side of me. >> kimberly: bob is that neighbor. >> bob: it has been down there and i haven't been able to take care of it. but it will be fine. >> kimberly: done? >> bob: we are done. yeah, because you think -- >> kimberly: no, no, no. >> bob: you don't think i'd get you back for what you did, do you? >> kimberly: no. >> bob: one more thing is next. >> kimberly: you can't be trusted. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] wouldn't it be cool if we took the already great sentra apart and completely reimagined it with best-in-class combined mpg, and more interior room than corolla and civic? and a technology suite with bluetooth, navigation and other handy stuff?
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2:55 pm
>> kimberly: time for one more thing, christmas eve edition.
2:56 pm
irk irk? >> eric: we did this once before but good friends at "fox & friends" they have a christmas special coming up in two hours from now. stay here and watch this. ♪ ♪ >> eric: here we are in studio d. our audience, "the five" audience wants to know why we were displaced. obviously there is a good reason. what are you doing with the studio? >> we turned in a winter wonderland. >> this is our christmas set for with the fox & friends" special christmas. right there is your special tv. if you notice we have taken out your television -- >> "the five" logo is gone. >> that is a fire. i need to feed it right now. ♪ ♪ >> eric: great. when are you getting out of here so we get back in our studio? >> as soon as we do the entire program. but we have a gigantic show. not only do we have christmas and some elves and gutfeld is playing the elf, but we also have an actual live nativity
2:57 pm
scene. with, you know, the king, and the wise men and baby jesus. >> beckel claims he would be the best baby jesus. what do you think? >> he is certainly not one of the wise men. >> thank you, steve. get out of here so we can get our studio back? >> fine. throw another log on the barbie. >> good boy. he's a good boy! >> eric: there it is. there is the full screen. 8:00 p.m. tonight. keep it here. >> kimberly: that is adorable. it love and frightped by baby bob. >> bob: baby bob will come visit you, baby. who is next? >> kimberly: i have been very good. if i was naughty. >> bob: you have been naughty most of your life. >> kimberly: no. one-third. dana? >> dana: i spent time making a craft for greg and others at the table. if you don't want it, i will understand. but when you see it, you won't believe it. you can make the calendars now on -- look how cute is he? so this is jasper.
2:58 pm
what do you mean what is that? [ laughter ] >> greg: like you didn't see this coming? >> dana: this is jasper. you a whole calendar. >> greg: he is not wearing anything. that is his stuff. >> kimberly: insane. guest you a naked -- >> greg: you have a naked dog. >> dana: whole calendar when we went to the beach. >> greg: what is wrong with you? my gosh. >> kimberly: that photo is something else. >> greg: i'm very happy. put in a special place. >> dana:fy come to your office i hope it's hanging up. >> greg: it will be. democrat is problematic. >> greg: we have to block the first photo. >> dana: he was a puppy. >> eric: it's a little raw. >> dana: dedication to henry. >> kimberly: that is very
2:59 pm
nice. >> eric: i know eric wants one. >> greg: i will put one up, too. >> kimberly: somebody forgot his christmas shorts. >> greg: it comes in a special folder. thank god. >> kimberly: greg? >> greg: i want to announce that i have a name -- i named the unicorn. cap pain pink hosh -- captain pink horn. we are getting married in a civil service in vermont. serve involved. >> kimberly: bob? >> bob: i want to give a big thank you from all of us at "the five" to the troops out there. watching the show. hear about this. you have done a remarkable job defending the country around the world. we very much appreciate it. thank you. >> eric: "hear! hear!" >> kimberly: eric, something else? >> eric: no. >> dana: marveling at the


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