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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOXNEWSW  December 30, 2012 1:00am-2:00am PST

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guilfoyle, with juan williams,
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eric bolling, andrea tantaros. congressional leaders met with president obama at the white house in a last-ditch attempt to come to an agreement on how to avoid the looming fiscal cliff crisis. but as the hours tick down, neither side is optimistic. what will that mean for the american people? eric? >> again, i am on the record as saying, i was with you this morning saying i think we should name it the obama cliff and i think we should swan dive off of it because it's the only way democrats will cut spending because they are forced into it. if nothing happens, if a deal isn't struck over the next couple of months, people's paychecks will get smaller because payroll taxes will have expired. peopleville to pay in because the alternative minimum tax won't be patched. taxes will go up. spending cuts over time will
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happen as well. the stock market, i think the stock market will be hit hard. but again, here i am saying, let's do this. i have the most to lose of anyone i know. it's the only way to fix the economy. it's the best thing for the economy. >> okay. take us through what each side is wanting. >> here's what the deal is. president obama wants tax cuts to expire for everyone except those making $250,000 a year. john boehner's plan "b" was anyone making under $1 million a year. neither seemed to work. it looked like president obottomma was coming back with the same deal, $250. they are miles apart. they are miles apart. >> there is a big divide. andrea, you were able to speak with a number of people on the hill. what reaction are you getting? >> well, the president has spread these stories and people in his administration that he is going to come to the table with a deal. we have been hearing that all week long. that did not happen. swan dive, we're going off the cliff. president obama wants us to go
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off. he is going to come back with a larger plan, the obama tax cuts. then he will be able to reinstate those across-the-board sequestration cuts to gut things like defense, national institutes of health. he will be able to reinstate a lot of programs and give his caucus the opportunity to say, look, i am voting for something and to restore tax cuts for the middle class. i am voting to restore the great things. and the republicans are going to be in a really tough position because no one's going to say, let's vote to restore the tax cuts for the rich. this is his game plan from day one. >> what's the alternate sniff $250,000 and above -- everything we see -- obama is not offering cuts at all. he is lock looking for spending. >> he is managing the message. so it seems like he's being conciliatory. boehner hassen a lot of heat. he has taken a ton of slack on
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this. he was given a tential hand of cards. but he came to the table. he tried to at least bring something to the floor. mitch mcconnell knows he is not going to be able to pass anything, any tax cuts. kimberly that, wouldn't pass the senate. let me tell you that. >> allow me to introduce just a little bit of sanity to this forum and say that -- >> yes, juan, please! >> it's incredible to me that you would say they are far apart. actually, they are not far apart. boehner wants a trillion in revenue, however he gets it, closing loopholes, deductions. obama is $1.2. that's not far apart. boehner says let's have one for one, $twenty1 trillion in cuts. obama is $1.3, actually, more than barron, dmeapt -- let me finish -- except that obama has stimulus spending built in
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there. these guys are not far apart. but what we have -- >> the problem -- [overlapping dialogue] >> boehner can get a million dollars -- >> no, no. that's because -- you can't blame that on the democrats [overlapping dialogue] >> how dare they do this to a guest. how dare you? >> welcome tote program. >> thank you very much. >> we are out of time now. [laughter] >> now a word from our sponsors. i want to ask you about political fallout. a lot of people are saying -- let's blame the democrats or the republicans. right now, it seems the democrats are winning the messaging game here. but who will be to blame if we go over the cliff? >> correct me if i am wrong -- especially you -- but it seems like the conventional wisdom, when wh all is said and done, obama will come out looking nice. but right now, what he doesn't care about is a popularity boost in the polls. what ultimately the president cares about, like all presidents, is the legacy.
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what happens after all of this is said and done, four years from now -- if he blow this is one, this is part of his legacy. that's what we will remember. so blaming somebody in a couple of weeks is pointless. >> i think that's exactly right. >> he is invested in getting something done here to make hike him look better. >> that's what they want everyone in america to believe, if they get something done, it will be better for the economy. the dirty little secret, that's the worst thing that could happen. if they do something, it's a bad deal that will tank the economy in two, three, four years, no deal is the only shot of getting a more healthy, robust economy. >> this is the attitude that has us mired in the muck -- >> $25 trillion in debt -- >> nobody's leaving -- >> everybody is saying we need cuts. let's be rational for a second and cool the rhetoric. everybody says we need to have cuts and deal with the deficit. but you can't do it in such a way that you do it in a sudden flash -- >> sudden flash! >> and it causes the economy to crater. >> it's been four years and so
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many meetings. >> excuse me, do you think republicans have no complicity in passing two wars without funding it. >> democrats voted for the war in iraq, including hillary clinton, if you want to go there. >> republicans voted for this. my point -- >> entitlements. you said hayare not miles apart. >> they're not! >> what's the plan on entitlements. >> the president has put on the table, the chain cpi to slow the rate of growth -- >> slow the rate of growth is not a cut, juan! >> it is a cut! >> even john boehner says that's a cut. the left thinks that's a cut -- >> no plan. there are no plans. >> let's go up to $400, if you want. so what we're talking about, eric, is a cut for 99% of americans. they keep the bush tax cuts. you would think republicans would be seb berating. >> juan's drinking the kool-aid,
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man. >> i agree that the republicans are no better in this -- >> oh! let me take your comment about drinking the kool-aid. you sold them on the kool-aid. >> what flavor is it, juan? grape? cherry. >> andrea, i have to disagree with you. he has been handed a house that went republican because they said, no raising taxes. >> eric -- >> he knew what he was getting into. >> he lost seats. he didn't have the votes to try to get some sort of deal passed. >> john boehner brought the house republicans. >> guess what's going to happen? he is going to get a worse deal -- a worse deal after the new year. that's the political reality. i work in the house for years. i know what this guy's a very shrewd operator -- >> who? >> yeah -- >> i want to ask -- we had this lecture after the gabrielle giffords shooting and colorado, we have to be responsible with
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the way we talk about guns. but steny heuer decides to equate holding your kids hostage and murder to theic fiscal cliff. >> it is somewhat like taking your child hostage and saying to somebody else, i am going to shoot my child if you don't do what i want done. you don't want to shoot your child. there is no republican leader that wants to default on our debt. >> that's a different story. not the fiscal cliff. that's the debt ceiling debate we were talking about. what he is saying is, give us the free checkbook, the additional trillions we want to spend, it has to happen through the house. he's taking a shot at the republicans. that's different from the fiscal cliff. >> well, they are intertwined. i mean, they are not separate entities and the issue here is the language that he used. he conflated republicans holding their own children hostage and then murdering them. imagine if a republican had said something like that. but you don't hear about it. you hear about it here -- >> because we put it here on fox
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news. i like to play the game deal or no deal -- >> taken. >> sorry. >> juliette, we are going to begin with you. >> okay. >> let me know what you think -- deal or no deal by the deadline? >> no deal like lindsay graham says. the meeting was political theater. >> andrea. >> no deal. he doesn't want one. [laughter] >> unfortunately, there probably will be something in early january -- >> with the parachute or not? >> it will be, whatever it is, it will be a bad deal for everybody. >> squishy republicans i. you are mad at republicans, you are mad at democrats. >> i am mad at lawmakers in d.c. -- >> i think you are going to say deal. >> i don't think there will be a deal before december 31. but i think they will put a place in deal to vote before january 7 and the markets would panic. >> the market's going to panic on monday. >> juan, aren't you excited -- we are going back to the tax
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rates? >> i think they're appropriate. but i am not excited about it. >> democrats go to pass further cuts, isn't that an acknowledgement that the clinton tax rates were too high. >> it's an acknowledgement that what has been said at the table is true. >> come on. you don't want to hear -- >> i thought you loved the clinton tax cuts. >> 39%. >> obama -- tax cuts. wait for it. hillary clinton is coming back to work after her concussion. will she finally have to face the music on the benghazi attack? and the head of the epa is stepping down after shady behavior is uncovered, next on "the five."
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["pretty woman" playing]. >> i picked that music. welcome back, everybody. we have breaking news this morning. secretary of state hillary clinton coming back to work. the cob cushion is becoming less concussed, apparently. and she may testify about what she scbiew when, regarding benghazi -- maybe.
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good news for madam secretary and john kerry's position is on hold, while republicans decide whether to wait for mrs. clinton before approving him. bad news for four dead americans. hillary's testimony is months overdue. i hope mrs. clinton backs up her promise. i take full responsibility for benghazi -- remember that. i hope you do, madam secretary. i hope we don't let those men die without honest answers. i hope a lot. in sports and business, my former careers, once you hope -- you have already lost. kimberly, wow. >> she's going to come back and testify and then what? >> well, this has been disappointing. why did we are to put the big push on her to come and do the right thing? she has a health issue, she has a health issue. concussion -- memory loss involved? you know? what is the extent of this? i don't know. it just seems highly
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suspicious -- from a cynical former prosecutor. >> you call it typical clintonesque. >> yeah. i am not really buying this. i am not sure, eric, if she does testify, we are going to get all the answers, anyway. the clintons haven't been the most forthcoming in their testimony, when they have been sworn under oath. i hope that the g.o.p. senators ask her three questions. the first one is, why wasn't that consulate secured after the two attacks? or why weren't they pulled out of that consulate? or why wasn't it closed? and if i'my, why weren't there any answers? who pushed the video, as we like to say here on "the five"? >> who ordered them to stand down? did you talk to the president that day? what involvement did he have? i want a timeline of that entire day for her. >> what do you make of this? hillary coming back i. well, yeah, the benghazi flu. i am kind of -- yeah.
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i am with kimberly. i don't know. the whole -- did she have memory loss? it wouldn't surprise me if that happened. do i have to say, hillary clinton has served her country. she has been a work horse, even when she was a vice-president -- she acted like she was vice-president -- in the white house with her president husband. but the years go by and the election cycles go by, i get more and more mistrustful of politics and politicians. >> by the way, is she going to be forthcoming with the testimony that she gives? >> i don't know why you would impugn her reputationism we are not! >> law firm, juan. the rose law firm. >> way out of line. let me just say -- let me say, most of the american people have judged hillary clinton to be the most popular politician in this country for a reason. people respect the amount of work she has done and she has represented this country and the face of america to the world. that's why she has great prospects to be the next
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president. let me finish up here. again, breaking newsue wouldn't believe it -- there was a report put out on benghazi and it is widely respected and honored report that indicates there were no lies told, no coverup. there were no assets held from protecting the consulate -- i don't get it. >> that was from the beckel institute. >> oh, i see. >> that institute is under investigation. >> oh -- anything that doesn't fit the fact that there are aliens in new mexico, you don't believe it. >> a government investigation. >> there was other news. epa chief lisa jackson is stepping down. we found out she had been using an alias -- you know -- >> i am quite surprised that this is even happening because so far what you have seen is a lack of accountability. nobody's stepping down or stepping aside. when they said four officials were resigning and stepping aside, they actually are in fact going to be still retaining government jobs.
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why isn't eric holder stepping down? that should be the first one. >> how was eric holder involved in benghazi? >> he's not. follow the thread, okay, juan? he's doing the investigation -- >> no, he didn't do the investigation. >> no. remember. he was sending the fbi in to do the investigation, wink-wink -- that couldn't give imus answers before the presidential election. but holder was going to get back to us. >> what about this -- can you imagine -- >> i like the wink. that was good. >> lisa jackson was using an alias, a male alias to conduct official business. >> 12,000 emails -- it's like petraeus and the admiral, what are they doing? when do they get anything done in washington? >> not transparent. >> 12,000 emails. i don't think i have sent 12,000 emails in my life. >> maybe text messages. the biggest failure under her watch, the keystone pipeline. her administration blocked the
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keystone pipeline, actively, per president obama. >> she can step aside and not have to -- answer to what she was doing with the emails. >> no, no. i think sheville to answer and she should answer. to me, that is corruption. if you are avoiding having your emails seen and understood as a public official, you are wrong. let me say, i think she has been an outstanding public servant. i think the environmentalists have been disappointed that president obama hasn't listened to her, especially on fracking. ele pipeline. but that's part of the story, too. >> why was she pretending to be a man? >> very strange. very, very strange. >> we'll dig into that. gun owner and defender of the second amendment, i resent michael moore's anti-american and racist comments. you won't believe what this clown said now, coming up.
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>> it is an interesting choice for this block. >> it was inevitable that michael moore would weigh in on the gun control debate. it was no surprise that he plameed the mass shooting on -- of all things -- >> i think we are very frightened people since we landed on the shores. we were frightened of the native people. we were frightened of the slaves we brought over, as we should have been. and -- and we have lived -- and those in power have known how to manipulate us with fear. fear. fear is use to the point where everybody feels like they have to have a gun in their house.
1:26 am
so why is that? what are they really afraid of it. what do you think of? who is going to break in the house? freckle-faced jimmy down the street in i don't think so. i don't think that's who they are afraid of. >> okay. so he is basically talking about, kimberly, how whitey people have guns -- i am assuming -- to keep away from black people, which is just -- it's so beyond the pale. every time he does this, he loses credibility. >> honestly, he is insufferable. i look at him -- i hear what he has to say, it's worse. he doesn't make any sense. he is part of the problem. he is the one that creates the hist earia. he's a divider, he is not a uniter. he is putting down this country, doesn't have a positive thing to say about americans at all. honestly, he makes us sound like the worst country, the most corrupt eye mean, move! goodbye, michael! if you hate it so much. >> juan, what do you think?
1:27 am
he went on to say more slanderous things, relax, white people, put down your guns and actually insinuated that white people have guns because of black people and crime. it's as if white people don't commit any crime, which they do. they commit a lot. >> to my mind, it's unnecessary. i think it introduces an element and allows people to ignore reality, which is, you know, look, if you look historically, it was efforts by whites to take gunasway from black people that started this argument. this came up in the supreme court debate, reaffirming the second amendment rights. let me say, when you look at who owns guns, it is overwhelmingly republicans. if you look at gun ownership -- >> oh, really -- [overlapping dialogue] >> that's the true. >> that's so inaccurate. >> 51% of americans believe in the right to own gun it's. >> i didn't say believe -- i said who owns guns --
1:28 am
>> that's inaccurate. >> no, it's not! >> the skew is, yes tdoes skew to republican, but it is not an overwhelming majority. look, michael moore is wrong. white people who own guns are not afraid of freckle-faced jimmy down the block or afraid of black people. white people are afraid of moron, idiot liberals like michael moore who think they are going to have their guns taken away because they have a liberal democrat in office and in the senate. so white people buy guns and make sure they have guns, if these idiots have their way, they will take them away or stop selling them. i think his comments were racist, in themselves. that's assuming that black people commit crime. that's what he is saying -- >> why are we afraid of black people, michael moore. >> i can't understand -- i understand he made $50 million on bowling for columbine, so
1:29 am
he's relevant with a gun issue comes up. but it is so hard to take him seriously, when he tries to be the ramshackle guy next door in a million-dollar place here in new york city and out in michigan -- >> and he has bodyguards. >> $50 million net worth, the numbers that i see -- come on. >> he has bodyguards. i don't know if they are guarding him -- >> who is he afraid of it i. i really liked -- [overlapping dialogue] >> more hollywood chatter, kimberly, matt damon -- your hero -- is giving up on washington, d.c. yes, matt damon is saying that the game is rigged. boo-hoo. i think he is trying to get press for his new movie, which we are going to talk bpromise land. there is rumors that it was funded by the united arab emirates, which is a conflict of interest, considering it's an anti-fracking movie. >> what happened to him?
1:30 am
he was normal and cool -- >> he's fine. >> no, he's not. >> he's fine. i am telling you, he is not that fine. he seems really weird. >> matt damon? >> matt damon, the bjorn identity and he gave up that franchise, it's downhill -- >> he is doing art films. that's the problem. >> he has become liberal and bizarre. he is not making any sense. he is upset with hollywood -- i mean with washington, d.c. and -- >> wait a minute, wait a minute. >> benghazi -- >> i was going on say -- >> aren't the republicans concerned there is too much government and conspiracies and i mean, that the game is rigged and the honest working man isn't getting a break? >> he is right to be upset about benghazi. >> it's all natural gas's fault. >> he is wrong about fracking. >> i don't know if he's wrong or right. >> and valerie, big oil to try to kill the fracking. >> isn't that politics? >> isn't that interesting? he says republicans and democrats want to get re-elected. he wants to sell movies.
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we lost some great people in 2012. we will pay our respects when we come back. [ male announcer ] we all make bad decisions.
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>> that song just gave me chills. general norman sworts coff pass away at the age of 78 after complications of pneumonia. he was known as storming norman, in the u.s. coalition in desert storm. only 78 years old. like i said, he was called storming norman. but he liked to be called bear. good man. >> yeah. >> and a character.
1:36 am
we don't have a lot of those. >> but this brings us to talking about the people we lost a lot of people this year, some of the people we are most fond of. >> this may be controversial, but i chose whitney houston. i loved her. i still love whitney houston. i think she rocks. >> controversial because of the reason? >> a lot of people say she was abusing drugs. but still, she had a talent, she was something else. her voice is unmatched. i still think it is. it is a shame what happened to her, but you have to give her credit. >> she did have at the time of her death, no illegal drugs in her system. >> ladies, so eric -- just kidding. >> hilarious. >> i spent all morning with you -- >> i love you. >> kimberly, go ahead. >> who are you going to miss? >> i want to say something really quick about storming norman. i greatly admired him. i also loved that he quietly served. even, you know, after he had all
1:37 am
the notoriety, he worked for children's groups and charities and did a lot of philanthropic work. i chose dick clark, an iconic figure w. new year's coming up. i thought he was really incred and i believe talented and was an innovator and entrepreneur and was able to do a lot of incredible things to change the face of american music, as we know it. and no one will forget the amazing, watching the apple drop in times square. i will be working new year's eve. >> horn? >> at least you didn't fail as a girl. >> no, of course not. >> thank you, love. my choice was andy griffith of the andy griffith show. i grew up watching and any time i see it, still, on some crazy network, i just watch. it takes me to a better place and time -- just loved it. my family goes on vacation in north carolina. we go to ut outer bafergs and they have an outdoor play, where andy griffith got his start.
1:38 am
one day, there was andy griffith and i was like, are you kidding me! he's a human being. such an amazing guy. look, i am in love with andy griffith. i think his image of america is like buried deep into my consciousness, you know? >> where is that america? >> i try live it. >> eric. >> also a very liberal. we found out later, after his andy griffith days. remember -- [overlapping dialogue] >> you make my head hurt. i need a pill. >> general swarz coff, he pushed the iraqis back. >> i thought you were going to say, he was a liberal. >> no. my estimate -- >> the guy, i have to point out who died, andrew breitbart, a
1:39 am
very close friend of shine and greg gutfeld. but i can't tell you how many afternoons and evenings i spent having scotchs with him. he saw the big picture. he saw what was coming. a true, true hero in the conservative party. and his -- his legacy will live on. we will miss andrew breitbart. >> i will throw out a name a lot of you probably don't know -- adamyouch. he was a beastie boy. he was nca. he was taken young, he was 47 years old, he suffered from cancer. early on, the beastie boys, they were the trail blazers in that type of music at that time. but later on in his life, he became a buddhist and he sort of apologized to the world for some of the words that were hemophobic and sexist. but he was a good guy.
1:40 am
he did a lot of humanitarian things. i know every word -- >> your favorite is a homophobic rapper. >> he apologized for that -- mr. bowling. >> i never knew. look at this side of you. >> and -- >> i loved that song i. everybody, yeah, but who knew -- >> they were innovators. >> you were a wild child! [laughter] >> i am not going to do that. >> do you have any beastie boys concert anecdotes you would like to share? >> no, nothing i would like to share. no. do you have any? >> i don't. i have never been to a beastie boys concert. >> at their concerts, they would play blips of their songs and you wouldn't get the whole song. >> you could celibate, don cornelius died -- >> song of summer. >> okay. >> all right. comprehending up, some of the best moments of "the five," over
1:41 am
the last year. stay with us.
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[laughter] >> yeah, that was good. it's been a great 2012. that's why she has the heeby geebies. one thing that make this is show so special is the wide variety of opinions you will hear. so let's take a look at some of those opinions from this past year. >> that sounded contagious. >> the u.s. has just evacuated all personnel from benghazi to tripoli,s some a concerted effort, well organized, heavily armed. >> you had the american president, the secretary of state and everybody else in the administration saying it was because of the video. >> what happeneds, it was a spontaneous reaction to what has just transpired in cairo, as a consequence of the video. >> thew threw the libyan president under the bus. he said it was a terror attack and the administration said, he doesn't know what he's talking about. >> is this a guy worried about the muslim world. >> the idea that it's somebody that doesn't care is absolutely absurd. >> let us never, ever forget
1:46 am
that our freedom is only sustained because of people who are willing to fight for it. >> exactly two hours from now, at 7:00 p.m. eastern, the first polls will close in six states. >> you cannot win as a republican if you don't win ohio. >> none of this is making any sense. it's want right. i think it is going to go to obama. >> obam is going to get 299 votes and obammal win. >> but it's not always serious, as you regular fans of the show know, so we have had a lot of fun, too. watch this. >> we hit the budweiser tent, no beer, though. >> you know me, mamma loves some fried chicken. i came to the motherland of all chicken. it is de-licious. >> how is boca raton -- i have always wanted to visit mexico -- is it nice? >> beautiful, greg. in florida, not mexico. >> big bird. take her. >> dorothy -- maker.
1:47 am
>> communist! >> caller: oh, yeah. okay. >> 45 million people -- unemployed i. 45 million. >> greg, you can't eat him -- >> please, he's a good boy. >> no shaking. >> he's six weeks old. he's cute, though, right? >> i have another bad phrase of the day. comfortable in my own skin. >> when are you going to ban the phrase gratuitous. >> as in the photos i have of you? >> yeah, right. >> the president has a big steak. >> i don't want see what is so funny. >> my nickname for you is honey boo-boo. >> do you think politics can ruin relationships? >> i surely do. >> have you ever been snooped on by a woman? >> yeah! >> can you tell me what happened? >> not on camera? >> i will take you home if you want. >> take me home -- >> your home or my home. >> it will cost you more than half a billion dollars.
1:48 am
>> what do you think the start of christmas should be? >> day after thanksgiving. >> size 7, perfect stocking stuffer. [laughter] >> i gotcha! >> you are ruining my life, bob. >> let's take a look at the electoral map. let's take a look at the road -- minnesota or wisconsin, one or the other. he has to win one of those. [laughter] >> i think that's fabulous. >> you look like an elf. >> you look like a grinch. >> oh, hell. [laughter] >> have you seen more great moments moments from "the five," join us for a new year's eve special, airing at 5:00 p.m. on 10:00 p.m. on monday. you are look from this outside in. >> i love. >> it you think it's good. >> you know you, also real life. i am telling you, they are just
1:49 am
like they are on television -- in real life. they are so funny. they are cool people. that's why fox newschannel is so great. this place is filled with characters. everybody's the same way theyor camera. >> you know -- >> congratulations. >> i was walking through -- when i was walking through the republican convention, so you have to go through the magnetometer. this guy says, wait a second, you are juan williams. he says, do you know mohammed hussein andrea tantaros? my ego! my ego. i said, yeah, i do. well, can i meet andrea -- >> give you another example. republican national convention in tampa. the people, we are walking down the street with andrea and kimberly and people would say, "the five" -- can i get your picture? >> sure. i get in the picture, hey, buddy, can you take a seat. >> what's the most rewarding thing for you guys, being on this successful show. >> i don't think there is any question, it's fun. you see, for me, this is one of
1:50 am
the things that sometimes, you have to be very humble about. i feel like, so lucky. >> so blessed -- we all do. >> eric beats the living daylights out of me, out of bob -- >> they all do. >> you know what? i find it interesting i. you kind of like it. >> i don't know that i am a masochist. >> you keep coming back for more. >> i think you need to be humble about it. but i will tell you, i think we are going to be number 1 by the end of next year -- >> we are going to play this clip back. >> number 1. remember we talked about, once have you started hoping and then you are lost? -- >> yeah -- >> i am telling you, we are going to be number 1. >> this is confidence. i like the idea that i am positive, optimistic. but you say it's beyond that. it's confidence. >> it's cool. we were given a tremendous opportunity by our ceo who, grouped us together, hand picked all of us, put us together and we built this from the ground up. i remember shooting the pilot. there was a lot of naysayers --
1:51 am
>> there were a lot of naysayers. from the outsider's point of view. >> we have had so many laughs ls and we have covered a lot of ground. >> we were a temporary show, a temporary summer show. >> you were so versatile, you can go from serious news story to funny -- >> i think that's what's going to happen. i think this year was so political. but i think the versatility and the humor of the show and the idea that, you know what? people here know a lot about different situations. i think that comes out more i. that's what give this is show legs, juan. >> legs -- did you say that? >> speaking of legs. >> oh, i don't know. because the leg side is your spot -- >> and andrea. >> got it made. what i think is good, the chemistry, the fact that we can do -- who ever thought we would be newscasters, doing the weather on the network? but we can do the weather and cover breaking news. we can cover serious story,
1:52 am
brainment. i think that's what the viewers like, it's one-stop shopping. >> we have done dog shows -- >> yeah. >> we have done conventions. >> chicken -- >> rodeos. >> dunking contests. we have it made, juan. >> i'm telling you, it's a good time. >> yea. >> we need to take the show on the road. we need to hit some cities. >> we should! where should we go first? >> vegas, baby. >> a couple of great city, maybe miami. >> you are getting warmer, getting warmer. puerto rico! check me out! >> i think that's a good idea. this is an international network, you know? >> that's a very good point. i am going to put that in the suggestion box. >> we did go on the road once for the convention -- >> okay. >> all right. don't forget to tune in to our new year's eve special on monday, 5:00, for "the five." one more thing, coming right at you. stay with us. with the spark cash card from capital one,
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>> i know what time it is? it's come check me out time. time for one more thing. notice how i said that, versus bob beckel. all right. we have a very special occasion because tomorrow, baby, is andrea tantaros's birthday.
1:57 am
we are going to celebrate it right now. >> oh! >> happy birthday, baby! [laughter] [applause] >> how old are you going to be? >> 29 again. >> a woman never tells her age. >> i am just kidding. >> okay. >> blessings. >> i already got it, i think. >> happy birthday. and also, your fantastic new radio show, debuting on january 2. everybody's going to be tuning in. 9:00, 12 eastern. look it up. or -- >> go to talk radio network dot-com. trn entertainment to find your local listings, the andrea tantaros show. january 2. we are gearing up. it is going to be a lot of fun. >> post it on your web site. >> i can't tell you my wish, juan. >> okay. >> andrea, we get to go to you
1:58 am
again. >> i was going to do one more thing about kate winslet. but this is more fun. you were in my dream last night. and not in the way -- juan -- >> i didn't say a word! >> out loud. >> wow. >> dana and i were getting our hair and makeup done and getting a ride to a live show, eric, which you said we should be on the road. we were on the road in front of a live studio audience and we were late. eric opened the show with three empty chairs and they cut and threw it to bret baier. [laughter] >> sort of like -- wow. >> groundhog day. >> like the other day. >> stop being late. we need to start the show. >> kidding. it was a dream. >> that's called a nightmare. >> come on, let's go. >> what? my turn? okay. check out this video -- anything cannot be better than this. look at this video, it's a great dane. his name is scooby and a little boy named cape. awesome. >> huge.
1:59 am
very, very cute. >> we are running out of time. let's move on. >> go ahead. >> the traffic reporter for good day cincinnati has dance party fridays. take a look at this. >> i think there is going to be work on time,ine, of cars i'm just the man to get you there. >> he gets up and starts dancing. i love this guy. he's from a different affiliate. but that's awesome. >> is he single? >> juan! >> what? >> we can find out for you. >> on a different note, i lost a friend this year. the friend's name was bill raspberry, a pulitzer prize-winning columnist for the washington post for 40 years. he was writing the best column in washington. and he was the most widely syndicated black columnist in america and he opened a program in native mississippi to help children and to help those children grow, just a wonderful man. we los


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