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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  December 30, 2012 3:00am-7:00am PST

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saying the fast and furious scandal was not a scandal. the winner of audacity of dopes award. >> how many times in your life mr. president have you been properly in love. in love with all of humanity. [ laughter ] >> i love all human beings. >> you can see all the awards at that is wrap this week. thanks to our panel. i'm jon scott. have a great new year. we'll see you again next week for another edition of fox news watch. >> hi there, everybody, good
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morning, it's sunday, december 30th, i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota. we're less than 48 hours away from the fiscal cliff. will congress and the white house be able to reach a deal before americans see a 500 billion dollar tax increase? >> and george h.w. bush's health taking a turn for the better. there's good news regarding the former president's healths. >> clayton: well put. >> juliet: well said. >> clayton: a frightening moment when an airplane broke in half crashing on to a busy highway, caught on camera. watch this. >> juliet: oh, how about that car? >> that's not something you see every day. >> no. >> "fox & friends" begins right now. ♪ >> hey, everybody. >> juliet: hi, everybody. >> dave: good sunday morning, juliet huddy in for ali.
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how are you doing, my friend. >> clayton: dave usually gets the coffee. and no coffee around this place. >> dave: i apologize. >> clayton: dave overslept and dropped the ball. >> dave: it happened with my iphone. i woke up an hour too late to my wife shaking me. >> juliet: i don't know what it is about this morning. i'm like in lala land. >> clayton: there is no snow. >> juliet: there's no snow here, sir. >> clayton: it might be be the pending fiscal cliff. >> juliet: that's exactly what it is. >> clayton: honestly if you read the different newspaper reports what in the world is going on with the fiscal cliff, you hear about a small deal sort of in the works between harry reid and mitch mcconnell, maybe it's not voted on until monday, maybe no deal at all. maybe sequestration is going to happen so for that let's go to washington. >> juliet: all right. tick-tock, tick-tock, time is almost up for lawmakers as we
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say to avert the fiscal cliff. they worked throughout the weekend in hopes of hammering out some sort of deal. >> dave: peter doocy is live in washington and we hustle you over to the capitol. and what is the latest, do you think we'll get something done? >> reporter: dave, we were told late in the evening that legislative staff was going to work through the night, but the only principal we heard from was mitch mcconnell who said he and his democratic counterparts have been trading paper all day saturday, but the only big news, mcconnell cared to share with us, in the state he represents, kentucky, louisville beat the university of kentucky by three and meanwhile, the officially republican weekly address features another republican senator explaining once again why a deal before monday night's deadline is so
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important. >> at a time when our federal debt's topped 16 trillion dollars, it's been more than three years since the senate democrat leaders passed a budget. if you fail a plan, you plan to fail and that's exactly what they've been doing. >> reporter: three o'clock this afternoon is when senator reid and mcconnell will tell their caucuses the details of the deal that they've made and we should get a better gauge of running off the cliff after the meetings. if the senators don't like it, it's a bad sign and president obama will left his hawaiian vacation to come and work on this, says if we do go off the cliff once again it would be very bad for the economy. >> we just can't afford a politically self-inflicted wound to our economy. the economy is growing, but keeping it that way means that the folks you sent to washington have to do their jobs. the housing market is healing and that could stall and
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people see smaller paychecks. >> reporter: and told us last night there's been no major progress. back to you. >> juliet: oh, well. >> dave: and we heard about on friday seemed to dried up. >> clayton: so cautious. >> juliet: i would say i appreciate cautious. >> clayton: well, much has been made about this $250,000 cap that's where the president initially wanted to raise the-- raise revenues taxing anyone over-- making over $250,000 for the household. so, $200,000 for a single person and $250,000 for a married couple. now, it seems like that number is being shifted because oh, much has come out about that $250,000 range, right? that if you're a family living in, i don't know, a major city. >> juliet: new york city, for instance. >> dave: new jersey, connecticut. >> clayton: you're not living the dream. >> juliet: it's sort of subjective. well, actually not subjective you can look exactly at what
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people live here for 250 or people in san francisco, another expensive city, it doesn't go that long, didn't go that far. >> dave: the bottom line, it appears they've moved the goal post and it may be around the $400,000 mark and that may be the new 250 if you will. may be where ne get the deal done. and upwards towards the 500 mark, but here are two congressmen on perhaps moving this up. >> the $400,000 level seems to me to be about right, that represents about the top 1% of the income earners, the people who got 93% of the income growth our last year and that seems to be enough, but i think there's some flexibility there. >> it's about making sure that we can live within our means and address the real problem and that's spending. i kind of feel like i'm a lifeguard and we've got to save as many people from drowning in higher taxes as we can. >> clayton: that seems to be the new threshold 400,000. who knows to peter doocy's
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point the paper handed back and forth in the deals last night. it seems you hear from republicans and democrats that 400 maybe $500,000 may be where it comes. >> dave: doesn't it seem like the the republicans are the only ones compromising? we don't hear about the spending cuts moving, don't hear change of entitlement. >> juliet: it's all about the level. >> dave: all we hear about is raising taxes on the rich. i don't know where the republicans lost control of the narrative and kept the focus on spending and entitlements, it appears from the outside looking in, that's all we talk about where we tax the wealthy and job creators. >> juliet: president obama continues to push for tax hikes on the rich. and france lost a bid to raise taxes and he want today raise to 75%. now, there weren't a lot of people he was focused on, really not that much money, he was going to raise, but the fact is he wanted the french judicial council, however,
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said it would have been excessive and unconstitutional. joining us-- >> sorry, dave. >> dave: and for tax foundation from the heritage foundation. >> juliet: good morning, curtis. >> good morning. >> dave: what's the deal here, the decision made is not unconstitutional, but bottom line, bad for the economy? i think we can learn from this? >> that's right, the court has bailed them out. and the tax increase, 75% rate was going to really damage the french economy. the french economy's already strugglingling and adding on the economy would be worse. >> i'm looking at it, expected to be a temporary two year measure and affect 1500 people and raise less than 661 million dollars. >> but the revenue we brought in, and what it would have done, it would have reduced the incentives, and working and saving, and investing and would have been for people that do those activities and create the most economic
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growth and jobs and what every country in the world needs is more growth. raising taxes reduces that growth that the countries need so badly. >> and this is something that hollande ran on. sort of the linchpin of his campaign and even on the record saying he didn't like rich people and you had actual, you had some other-- like gerard depardieu, famously moved out of france. >> juliet: went to belgium. >> clayton: in this little village there because of taxes about to be handed down. sort of an anti-rich narrative there and perhaps in this country as well. >> yeah, that's been developing here for a while and we certain states trying to tax the wealthy herrier. what we were going to see france, what would happen, people would move away. the actor gerard depardieu is a good example moving to belgium. whether they move or not is not as important as what they do, it's a behavior in regards
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to the tax increase. they work less, save less, take on less risk, the economy will suffer. that will happen wherever tax increases occur. again, the french economy has been bailed out and hopefully for the french people, the president, they're going to push for further tax increases down the line. >> curtis, back here. we're not hearing anyone talk about economic growth and jump starting the economy as part of this deal. are we? >> no, i think in -- what we were talking about before is largely accurate. and i think that president obama struck it perform. he hasn't offered a whole lot and not we're only talking about tax increases, no talk about what will really matter, which is getting spending under control, entitlement programs, social security and medicare. nobody is talking about that and kicked the can down the road and only talking about taxes which will do nothing to decrease the deficit. >> juliet: thank you for joining us and waking up at
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the bright and early hour of 6:10 a.m. >> clayton: thanks, curtis. let's check with maria molina, another snowstorm in ohio and east and some places in southern new england got up to a foot of snow. >> dave: and drivers be warned, five people hurt in new hampshire after a 20-car pileup and some airports saw slays and a plane taken off in sheing slid off the runway, and stuck in a snow bank, 6 6 on board. no one was hurt. >> juliet: for more on the conditions as mr. clayton morris said, maria molina. i was saddened not to see a white new years, pre-new years. >> we didn't see it accumulate in new york, in manhattan. outside, hoboken saw snow on the cars, but not on the ground or the streets, but place ins connecticut and massachusetts actually saw close to a foot of snow.
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i even sawmill ford, massachusetts over a foot of snow and some people did get lucky and needed snow across portions of we haven't is that much snow so far this winter. it's early in the season and about to be 2013 here, coming up tomorrow and i'm excited for new year's eve. we have the snow pulling out of the northeast and heavy snow across maine, and behind the storm you'll notice it's going to get chillier and windy. the rest of the country very quiet across the southeast, the plains and out west. we have wind advisory because of the strong gusts over 40 mile per hour gusts across parts of the new york city up into the city of boston. >> thanks, maria, check with you in a little bit. let's get to headlines, how about that. >> great. >> juliet: the woman who shoved a man to his death in front of a subway train said she did it because she thought he was a muslim and wanted to
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make up for 9/11. and she admitted to pushing the the man charged with a hate crime and her family says she's bipolar. and a drone strike, men were hit driving in a car and one of them a senior operative for the terror network and this is the fourth drone strike there in just one week. good news in morning, the former president george h.w. bush was moved out of intensive care. he was moved thereafter he developed a fever. he's been in the hospital since november 23rd, a persistent cough and suffering from bronchitis. the family says he's in good spirits and doctors are cautiously optimistic his treatment will work. >> dave: it was the oak ridge boys. >> juliet: i don't know if they sang elvira. >> the n.r.a. blasted in the media for call for armed guard
3:14 am
in schools, and guess what, his approval rating higher than the president. so why won't they talk about that? we will next. >> a dramatic new video after deadly plane crash, the act moment a huge jet crashes into the highway. >> can you imagine being na driver? >> oh!
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>> welcome back, the mainstream media mock being the head of the n.r.a., all
3:17 am
shoes should have guards, a gallup poll shows 54% of americans have a favorable opinion of the national rifle association. why is the mainstream media so harsh on them? joining us now is a contributor to the daily collar, good morning to you jeff. >> good morning, thanks for having me on. >> i would say so. and it's a little rough on the n.r.a., but if you look at the overall approval rating, they think higher than president obama and higher than the media covering as well. >> dave: maybe the speech from wayne lapierre didn't represent perfectly members of the n.r.a. i know, some weren't happy about maybe the lack of consoling to the victims and maybe some sensible proposal for some sort of reform in this country and maybe that's the problem here is that speech may not exactly represent the n.r.a. members
3:18 am
in this country. >> right, now, i think the n.r.a. does have some pr issues to work out, you know and leading up to that press conference, they talked a lot about some major reforms and probably left a little people wondering, probably expecting something a little bit bigger. >> dave: the n.r.a. has millions of members and when you're talking about the mainstream media, it's all in this tiny bubble here in the northeast, has very little representation of most of the people in this country that do make up groups like the n.r.a., right? is that part of the problem here, that the northeast does not have a whole lot of n.r.a. members, most of the country out west does? >> right, 4.3 million members, all across the country, like you said. i think the way, the way this is lining up, with that many members and they begin to kind of demonize the n.r.a., they really stand to hurt themselves as, you know, damage the credibility for others, as far as the media and even in their own credibility ratings.
3:19 am
>> what do you make of the fact that since the shooting, put the wayne lapierre speech aside. there's been a run on guns, gun shows, gun permits in virginia and one day after the shooting in virginia, the most background checks in the history of that state. we're seeing this coast to coast, a run on weapons. is it they fear some pending legislation? >> i think anytime, any kind of markets like that, looks like something could be outlawed or regulated, then there will ab buying frenzy and look at the stock prices of the smith & wesson and some of the other gun manufacturers have gone way up, i assume they're making more of these guns. so, yeah, by some of the rhetoric we've heard on the news, probably some fear in the marketplace. >> dave: jeff, thank you. >> thanks for having me on. >> dave: a newspaper taking heat for printing the names
3:20 am
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>> 6:22 eastern. quick headlines overnight. president obama sending 50 u.s. troops into africa and tasked with helping evacuate u.s. citizens from the advancement to the capital. the senate faces an uphill battle in the republican-controlled house and pushing to cut the bill down to 24 billion. they say it's loaded with unnecessary amendments, guys. >> juliet: thanks, dave. >> clayton: well, as we get ready to cash out of 2013, the
3:24 am
biggest celebrity meltdowns. >> juliet: and joining us is a behavior expert. >> good morning, juliet. >> juliet: let's start with this one. she was on the the show and lovely, but i don't know what's happened to her. she kind of just, i don't know. >> clayton: what's happened to her, patrick? >> well, she-- i'm not attracted to alcohol and pub scenes, but arrested for dui, arrested for leaving the scene of two separate accidents and what does she do? in an act of narcissism and entitlement she tweets that the united states president should fire the arresting officer as if she's saying to the u.s. president, you're my daddy, rescue me. >> juliet: in an act of drunkenness. >> that's part testiof it. but she has incidents connected to alcohol and she needs to disconnect from toxic
3:25 am
friends, and with family. >> juliet: she was in a store in new york and babbling and i feel sorry for her. >> clayton: sort of like a lindsay lohan. >> going down that path. >> juliet: and let's talk about liam hemsworth, great, gorgeous actor, gorgeous guy. >> very talented guy, walks out of a bar, sees someone-- he and his friend and friend holds the guy down and liam beats him. not an act of self-defense, it's barbaric, immature and verging on rage. we need to be aware of controlling our oemotions, and there's a difference. >> clayton: he had one of the biggest ones and played thor in the eye vengers and heels of that film and why are some of the big years for the stars and we have these types of
3:26 am
meltdowns. >> multiple reasons, first you've got to look at the backgrounds australia are fiery and temperamental people and second talking generally about hollywood, there's expectation, you have to maintain the public image, have to be at the parties, perfect, young, rich, beautiful. second there's a lot of stress, and with that public image, third, there's constant temptations and going to the parties with drugs and alcohol and finally what i call self-sabotage and one questions, we all do, question do i really deserve success and you'll see some celebrities, but lee he am is young and hasn't yet learned how to-- >> he's engaged to miley cyrus, at least right now. kristin stewart we know what happened with her. >> yes, now, the thing here, juliet, is that women find na power is a potent aphrodisiac
3:27 am
and she she becomes enamoured with her director and cheats on her boyfriend. rupert is married, father of two potentially ripping apart a family and recognize, there's a high price for instant gratification. >> there's two more on your list, erin moran and lindsay lohan. >> erin is almost to the point of homeless, and she's married, but alone, and offering back rubs in parking lots and alleged she blew $65,000 settlement on partying and alcohol. the lesson quickly here is treasure your friends because you're going to need them as a support system on your way down. her and lindsey have one thing in common. childhood actresses have
3:28 am
struggles, they didn't have a new identity. and lindsay's accounts have been seized, and there's an extraordinary arrogance, she tweets that the victims of hurricane sandy should stop projecting negativity. >> juliet: she's very dopey, really, she's gotten out of control. >> it's more serious than that, it's more serious, she needs to say, i surrender, i need help, i can't do it on my own and then she needs to give her family the same program, but the only way for addiction-- >> her family is a mess and have been for years. >> addiction-- >> and next year on this list, too. >> you're right, five years out of six and can i say to treat addiction, you have to treat the whole family. >> clayton: good luck with that family. >> juliet: thanks, patrick. >> clayton: they need it. thank you for being here shall appreciate you joining us. >> juliet: we woke him up early, but he's in miami.
3:29 am
>> clayton: exhandle it. >> juliet: coming up an npr host compares republicans to terrorists, the proof is in the tweet. we're going to show you next. >> clayton: and then spider-man under arrest? and best, by best, we mean the worst mug shot of the year. that looks kind of awesome. ♪ the man in the mirror ♪ ♪ i'm asking him to change his ways ♪
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>> oh. >> dave: wow, welcome back, that's-- >> who is that? the unfortunate shot of the morning. getting arrested may not be funny. sometimes the mug shots are. here are the best or shall we say the worst of 2012. some tearful woman caught driving the wrong way down the highway. >> juliet: she still looks beautiful though. >> dave: no, she doesn't. >> juliet: she still has a-- >> oh, lord. >> dave: now, that's good. >> juliet: oh, my. >> clayton: this person got caught for violating probation, that will teach you. >> juliet: spider-man accused of drying to steal a woman's purse. he says it's part of his disguise. he didn't carry purses. >> and come on. >> juliet: this guy was caught, no excuse for the fur coat. >> clayton: here is a good celebrity one. randy travis, yeah. >> dave: that was unfortunate.
3:33 am
>> clayton: all up over his face. >> dave: that might make the cut. >> juliet: and here is a look at king of prussia, pennsylvania, the snow falling there and show is across the northeast. >> clayton: one of my favorite areas, not too far from my home and this is a huge mall there and people trying to return the boxes or presents they got yesterday and what a mess it must have been. let's get up to maria molina for the forecast. >> hey, good morning, good to see you, yes, we saw a lot of snow in some areas eastern massachusetts and parts of rhode island, some places saw over a foot of snow, otherwise here in manhattan, unfortunately, no snowfall accumulation, i say unfortunate i wanted a little bit of snow and cold air behind the storm system, also, across portions of the northeast and some of it making it all the way down into florida and this morning, temperatures only in the 30's across northern parts of the state and 40's for today in tampa. yesterday looking at
3:34 am
temperatures in the 60's and 70's and 54 in miami. across the northeast, factor in the winds and the cold temperatures and it feels very cold, and the wind chill temperatures right now. widespread in the teens in upstate new york, and 13 in buffalo and it feels like 20 degrees in new york city so you really need to bundle up today. that wind will continue to be gusting up to 40 to 50 miles per hour throughout the day today. so we could even potentially be looking at traffic delays in some the bigger airport hubs and wind advisories in effect, connecticut, rhode island, long island including new york city and heavy snow coming down across the eastern parts of the state of maine and most of it's over with and the rest of the country really on the quiet side, and southeast in the center of it, we're going to see a new system developing across the southwest and that's going to be the storm, you guys, that we're going to track as we head into tomorrow and could be bringing rain to people
3:35 am
unfortunately for new year's eve. >> juliet: i don't know. >> dave: thank you, maria. >> juliet: thank you, maria. let's get to other headlines the moment that a plane crashed into the highway in moscow. that's scary, that's a wheel actually from the plane knocking the car almost off the road and four crew members were killed when the plane slid off the runway, furs apart and into flames. russians investigators say that pilot error is likely to blame. a manhunt underway for the man who strapped a fake bomb to a bank employee, we've been hearing about these things. he broke into the woman's home and drove her to the bank of america branch where she worked. she triggered an alarm and the suspect escaped. it took them three hours to remove the device from her neck, she was not hurt.
3:36 am
how scary is that. and a newspaper taking heat for publishing names and addresses of gun owners and they're not stop at that, the online maps, list of all people in westchester and rocklands county, in putnam county, the paper claims, but they say, uh-uh, privacy. and dozens of people try to find out and then find themselves in need of a rescue. >> somebody get a branch. >> oh, oh! so you could see one after another, they all start falling into the water. oh, within seconds of each other and chain reaction continuing as more people tried to help out. took ten minutes and luckily people on shore were able to pull everybody out and we can
3:37 am
smile about it now because everybody was okay. >> because i was laughing. >> it's pretty comical watching na. look, you can see that ice is thin. don't go out on that. use your head, people. >> clayton: a lake up in the poconos where i like to go, a big lake and people drive on the lake. it's like golf on the lake. >> dave: golf. >> clayton: new year's eve thing and do like a golf classic. >> juliet: the whole driving on a lake thing-- they used to do that. >> clayton: do it all the time. >> juliet: they used to do that during prohibition and run cars across, huge things across the river. >> clayton: with alcohol. >> juliet: and the ice didn't look like that thin layer. you would hope not. >> dave: and if you're a nude person we are sometimes. >> some of us. >> dave: could you have to be careful what you tweet, can you not tweet parity articles and poke fun and use our
3:38 am
politicians in a not true light? you're the twitter guy? >> i think this was a little-- i think it was over the line. an npr host, a fill in host for terry gross, you're familiar with terry gross and fresh air, long time host, down there at hyy in philadelphia. filling in for her during the holidays and tweeted out a link to a liberal humorist. if you follow mimm on twitter, the things he tweets, tongue in cheek and he's a comedian. >> there's a photo of mcconnell boehner. >> al-qaeda isn't in the same league as congress when it comes to terrorizing americans and links to this other article and the other article goes on to elaborate on the tweet and presumably taking the headline from the piece and linking to it, but dave brings up an interesting point when you tweet out something
3:39 am
like this, and while retweets and things aren't your personal viewpoint, they could be viewed as such. and people say he's retweeting a link. >> juliet: the article, it's humorous article basically al-qaeda the official statements from al-qaeda saying, look, we're going to back off terrorizing you the united states because your congress people do enough during the so-called fiscal cliff showdown convinced the terrorists they had been outdone and said the idea of holding the entire nation hostage with a clock ticking until the ends of the year-- >> it wasn't terribly funny at all. but to dave's point when you're tweeting out links to articles like that, he didn't say here is a funny piece with a link-- it's not funny anyway, but trying to compare people who lost their lives to al-qaeda and 9/11.
3:40 am
>> juliet: it's a lame joke and this npr guy tweet ago link to a lame joke. >> dave: be careful what you tweet. let us know at ff weekend and friends@fox news weekend. and a company that never had to layoff an employee, now about to. >> juliet: this is a sad story. >> dave: thanks to obamacare. >> juliet: and heather did a great job on this. we'll show you this next. .so s customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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>> welcome back. some quick headlines for you now. a plane landing nose first in arizona, a small plane carrying four people flying to scottsdale and the pilot noticed a problem with the landing gear. the plane made an emergency landing, luckily no one was hurt there. and a warning, banks no longer have to post signs on machines warning about potential fees.
3:44 am
accord to go a new law signed by president obama however, an alert will pop up on the screen once you try to take out money. don't we all just assume you're paying a fee? >> yes, sadly. thank you very much, clayton. in just two days, a handful of taxes tied to obamacare will go into effect including the medical device. it doesn't sound like a lot, but it could stifle innovation. >> dave: could really stifle innovation. in north new jersey, they have they're a medical device, they heal up the process post surgery. a medical action may force him to layoff three people, something the company has never done. >> your company is about to be hit by a new 2.3% tax on medical devices. what does it mean for your
3:45 am
company? >> it means more costs to us, unfortunately on gross sales and it could hurt the number of people, hurt the number of sales and increase the cost of our business this is a family-run business and you've been in business more than 40 years. how do you see this affecting your company. >> we've tried never to lose our employee, and it's like a family and we may not sustain the number of employees. >> might have to lay someone off, which i've never done before and it's tough to tell somebody you don't have a job anymore. >> and it's an excise tax on the top line and it's frustrating, i don't know where to turn and trying my best to let people know it's not just hurting our industry, it's hurting america. >> what the morale like. >> right now they know it's slow, i'm giving nem little
3:46 am
messages and here this and that and they're worried. they're very worried. >> our kind of business is really what this whole industry is, because of the 2 million jobs that are in the medical device industry, 80% of them are companies with 50 people or less, so, we're really a small industry and we are the leaders in the world in innovation and production of these products. why would you want to destroy this industry. >> reporter: president obama says that this is actually going to be good for your business because more people will have health insurance, therefore more people will be using the kinds of products you make. what do you think of na? >> i have to say that president obama's argument is totally specious, people are not going to say let me go for an angioplasty today. it just doesn't happen this way and these people typically were younger and don't have insurance and don't use more medical devices and ones that needed it going to emergency rooms and others. it's totally specious, in my opinion it's not going to increase our business. forget the politics and get down here.
3:47 am
this is not a political question, this is a question about america, about jobs and working and good people having good jobs. >> juliet: it's really sad. like 19 people and right now they're looking to stay afloat such as diversifying and andre hasn't taken a paycheck in six months and he offered the employees, he said do you want a christmas bonus or take the time off and they're taking the time off and trying to work with him as well. >> dave: and not to lessen the impact of laying off a couple of people, but stifling innovation in this country is what concerns me and a lot of people i've spoken to in this industry. these people take risks, and put millions in r and d and that's why our medical system is what it is, because of research and development and innovation in the medical device injury. this could kill them. i guess it's part of a grand deal if we ever see one after the new year. >> juliet: we'll keep you updated and let now what is
3:48 am
happening with this country. coming up thinking the threat from iran was bad in 2012. wait until you hear what could be next. we'll run through the those. >> dave: the secrets of brad and angelina's christmas vacation revealed. ooh. why everyone is talking about them this morning. ♪ ♪ ♪
3:49 am
3:50 am
3:51 am
>> and welcome back from benghazi to the fighting in syria. there has been a lot of turmoil in the year this year. one of the most serious he threats americans face next year. ryan, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> clayton: so, it seems like we may have some repeats in this look down the list of things we've already seen in 2012 which may be extensions into the next year? >> sure, that's true. with the number one being the potential conflict between israel and iran getting hotter, especially because there's presidential elections
3:52 am
coming up in iran if you're a middle easterner, what do you do when it's campaign time? you pick fights with israel. >> clayton: and see that continue all year with the u.s. involvement there? >> it's going to have to. because israelis say iran has to have the program delayed by mid summertime. >> clayton: number two? >> there's no good option because you have assad the dictator butchering his people and rebels that are fighting him. they're not controlling what's happening on the ground, that's al-qaeda and the muslim brotherhood so the bloodshed as horrifying as it is now, wait till you see what happens. >> clayton: what about u.s. involvement in syria? there's been hand wringing whether we should get involved as in libya. i know there's movement to try to arm certain great news in syria, are we confident that's going in the right direction?
3:53 am
>> no, because we've outsourced a lot of our role to countries like turkey and qatar and just like libya when you give them support on our behalf they support the islamists the people that we don't want to take over syria, without a direct relationship to the more secular rebels you are going to see al-qaeda and the muslim brotherhood benefit. >> clayton: if you look at a secretary of state john kerry, perhaps and a shake-up in the cabinet positions in the white house, do you see a more isolationist tone coming out of this white house or a more -- getting more involvement in the middle east going forward this year in the coming four years? >> i wouldn't say that the tone has changed. it seems to have been pretty consistent. you had secretary of state clinton saying that assad was a rehe former, someone we could work with. so there's apprehension towards a more aggressive policy, but what matters the most, the facts on the ground, that al-qaeda are again the fighters on the ground in places, and it's difficult to try and develop a relationship
3:54 am
with an opposition that includes them. >> clayton: let's talk oil, number three on the list. and an act of sabotage on the oil infrastructure? >> absolutely, everyone focuses on the tension between israel and iran, but the tension between iran and saudi arabia and other arab countries is just as intense and there was a dramatic escalation in the property war between iran and saudi arabia and iranians most people believe was behind cyber attacks on the saudi oil infrastructure. now that's on the target list for iran, bad for the u.s. economy. even if the attack isn't completely successful, what that does for the economy and the markets really hurts all americans. >> clayton: the muslim brotherhood, now in power basically in egypt of course, this was something that we were down playing, the obama administration downplayed the importance of the muslim brotherhood, it wasn't going to be as much of a concern and we saw what unfielded in egypt, and other countries.
3:55 am
can we expect more from the muslim brother mood, democratic tendencies that they would have this year? >> their version of what democracy is is completely different than ours. they adopt our terms and use it as a form of deception. so there's a sharia law right now and looking at ways to try to essentially cut off the meds of the opposition, closing the media or persecuting them, but what's really important here is to understand that the muslim brotherhood ideology is not limited to egypt, they have a brand in the united states and they're extensionist, they want it create a coalition called the united arab states and looking at jordan and saudi arabia, throughout the gulf. >> clayton: egypt, before i move on to number five, how does that play out with morsi there, will he cede some
3:56 am
power? >> he won't, he doesn't want to lose power. he's acted so aggressively he can't afford to make any type of real concession. already the muslim brotherhood in egypt is talking about reaching out to hezbollah. >> clayton: number five on the list and ominous one, you believe more terrorist attacks on the united states? >> right, i'm not saying for sure it will happen, but the threat is going to increase because it's just a matter of math. you have a very small percentage of the population that believes in using violence in order to advance ideological goals. as the population increases that's more and more to keep track of. as we saw in benghazi, the system inevitably fails, you can't get it right every single time. when i look back at the history of home grown terrorists in the united states, i've got to tell you it's pretty much a miracle there hasn't been more. >> we now see a larger footprint taking hold in africa as well by the united states moving into areas which were usually just diplomatic strong holds and now the
3:57 am
concern that al-qaeda has spread into africa and might not necessarily be terror attacks, you could say ooh here in the united states, it could be consulates and others abroad. >> that's true, but tislamist ideology exists in the united states. and a small number of people believing that getting larger numerically, it's hard for the fbi, and only so many resources. >> clayton: thanks for some of the list, hope some of it doesn't come true or all of it. thanks, ryan. >> thank you. >> clayton: happy new year, we're nearing d-day, less than 48 hours before we hit that fiscal cliff, will congress and white house be able to reach a deal? we'll have a live report from washington at the top of the hour. then he's one of our favorite neurotic guys on television, larry david.
3:58 am
>> you come down the hall and you wouldn't let me get by and signed in ahead of me. and my appointment was 11:30, yours is 11:45. >> it turns out being neurotic may actually be good for you. >> clayton: oh, finally, something i can hang my hat on. ♪ initiated.
3:59 am
neural speeds increasing to 4g lte. brain upgrading to a quad-core processor. predictive intelligence with google now complete. introducing droid dna by htc. it's not an upgrade to your phone. it's an upgrade to yourself.
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♪ ooh baby, can i do for you today? ♪ [ female announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance? align can help. nly align has bifantis, a patented probiotic that naturally helps maintain your digestive balance. try align to help retain a balanced digestive system. try the #1 gastroenterologist recommended probiotic. align. >> good morning, everybody,
4:01 am
it's sunday, december 30th. i'm juliet huddy in for alisyn camerota. they have been working through the night, we hear to try and reach a deal on the fiscal cliff. will congress and the white house be able to come together in time to avoid a 500 billion dollar tax hike. live reports from washington just a second away. >> dave: and president obama ordering pay raises for members of congress and other federal workers, even though we're dangling off the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> juliet: love it. >> dave: might cut your paycheck. we're not kidding. more info on that. >> clayton:'s he one of our favorite television neurotic guys, he's neurotic in real life, larry david. >> you came by the hall, wouldn't let me get by wouldn't let you get by me? >> my appointment was 11:30, yours is 11:45. >> clayton: turns out being
4:02 am
neurotic may actually be good for you. we'll explain. "fox & friends" hour two starts right now. ♪ >> oh. >> juliet: why is that good news? why are you smiling about that neurotic thing? >> i agree with larry david on a lot of things. stop and chat, laboring about it all day, stop and chat. >> juliet: i move it along and the elevator is the worst. >> dave: stop and chat and you want to talk to clayton and you get natalie. >> clayton: for 40 minutes you're stuck in a conversation. we'll have more on that coming up. >> dave: it's seven o'clock eastern time and now what that means. >> clayton: how many hours left. >> dave: starbucks is open. >> clayton: starbucks is open. >> juliet: lisa, where are you? >> our day can continue. and we're talking the fiscal cliff and the clock is ticking on that not necessarily the
4:03 am
talking place. and type is almost up for lawmakers to avert this fiscal cliff. the senate trying to make that a reality and they worked, we hear, throughout the weekend in hopes of hammering out a plan b or a plan c. >> juliet: peter doocy was knocking on people's doors and answering, saying what's going on? were they working through the night? >> reporter: we were told before a lot of the senators went home that their staffs were going to stick around and work all night long, but a senate aide with knowledge of the talks told us last night about 12 hours ago there was no progress, no major progress towards a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. we know that about eight hours from now right at three o'clock here in d.c., senator mitch mcconnell and senator harry reid, the principal negotiators from the senate are going to is sit with senators from their parties down and tell them the numbers they've agreed should be in the deal and if those meetings go well, they might be able to vote tomorrow in the senate,
4:04 am
tomorrow afternoon. the house of representatives though would then need to support it, too, before it can become a law and we heard last night a little bit of what republicans there are worried about at this stage. >> it's about making sure that we can live within our means and address the real problem and that's spending. i kind of feel like i'm a lifeguard and we've got to save as many people from drowning in higher taxes that we can. >> reporter: one of the big sticking points so far has been the income threshold for tax increases, basically trying to figure out who should be classified as wealthy and who should count as middle class. president obama wanted $250,000 per household to count as wealthy, but democrats now say they're willing to let that go higher. >> the 400,000 that would seem to me to be about right, represents about the top 1% of income earners in the country and those are people who have 93% of growth last year and that seems to be enough and i
4:05 am
think there's some flexibility there. >> senator mcconnell said yesterday he and his democratic counterparts have been trading paper all day and that discussions were continuing, but the only big news he wanted to share with us is that louisville beat the university of kentucky down in the state he represents, 80-77. that's all we've got. >> juliet: he wasn't watching that game because he was busy working. >> dave: which plays in, peterer, ashley judd may run against him and she's the biggest kentucky fan on the planet and there's a reason he mentioned that, may have been about his potential senate opponent. >> reporter: can root for more than one of the big schools in your state. >> dave: ultimately you may have to. >> clayton: peter, when does that unfold? maybe you mentioned that. >> reporter: sounds like about three o'clock this afternoon, reid is going to sit down with the democrats and mcconnell with the republicans and okay, these are the numbers we came up
4:06 am
with, what do you think? >> it's good they're waiting until three in the afternoon. >> reporter: they won't still have time-- if they do it at three o'clock they have time to put the bill together and put it down on paper and vote on it sometime tomorrow, but it's important because then, that means that if the meeting today does not go well, nen the chances of going off the cliff would obviously increase. >> dave: thanks, brother. >> juliet: thank you very much. here is an interesting topic, you know, francois hollande, you know. >> dave: no. >> juliet: the president of france, hollande. and pushing for a tax on above one million euros. and it's part of his campaign. >> c won. >> juliet: it ain't happening for him. the folks there said no. this is not going to go through. this is what would have happened though-- >> they say it was unconstitutional.
4:07 am
>> juliet: exactly. and it would have been a two year measure and only affected like 1500 people and it would have raised 660 million dollars, so not exactly a ton of money, but-- >> the argument here, if you raise the rates to $400,000 for americans, $400,000 for middle class in america, that it really wouldn't -- it really wouldn't hurt president obama's bottom line if he had kept it at $250,000, it'd be more of the same. it's not that much of had a difference in any of the revenue they would have brought in. curtis was on earlier on "fox & friends" from the heritage foundation talking about similarities between france and united states. take a listen. >> the rate was going to damage the french economy. french economy is struggling adding on the extra tax increase would have made a bad situation worse. it would have reduced incentives for engaging in activities, that created economic growth. working savings, investing, and those people that do that the most, create the most economic growth and the most jobs. and every country in the world
4:08 am
needs is more economic growth. raising taxes reduces that growth that the countries need so badly. >> dave: economic growth is not a part of this conversation, however, back here in this country. that's what i can't figure out. there's a lot of proposals being floated out there and not a single congressman is saying what we're doing is going to seriously help our deficit, nor is it going to help grow our economy or jump start any industry in the united states. >> clayton: well, the president saturday morning radio address mentioned that this is not the time to have all of these tax increases because the economy, as he said, was rebounding, we're seeing growth, seeing growth in the housing market. so you're right, it's not about having some sort of exponential growth, it's about not stopping it dead in its tracks, i guess, this recovery, this modest recovery, this small recovery. >> juliet: this is-- >> modestly optimistic. >> juliet: that's what it was. let's go to a weather alert.
4:09 am
>> clayton: a snowstorm founding parts of the ohio and the northeast and people are picking up the storms in parts of southern new england and here in boston, looking at pictures from boston. >> juliet: yeah, drivers across the area warned to be careful due to slick road conditions and five people are hurt after a 20 car pileup there. >> dave: some airports saw some flight delays in albany, new york, and got stuck in a snow bank and 66 people on board and no one hurt. for the latest on the conditions let's get to maria molina in for rick reichmuth this morning. maria, not as bad as it could have been, i guess. >> yeah, not as bad for us in manhattan and some areas got hit hard with a lot of snowfall and like juliet mentioned, some areas over a foot of snow. one was milford, in massachusetts. and a lot of snow in of specific areas. overall, that storm not so bad. we have areas of snow across eastern maine and that's still
4:10 am
coming down out there and we could see a couple of inches of accumulation, you're going to notice behind the storm system today, it's going to feel a lot colder out. the wind will be howling and we're looking at temperatures also a little bit cooler, in cleveland and 29 in new york city, and it's the wind chill temperatures i'm going to show new a moment. minneapolis is a very cold morning this morning, 4 degrees out, as you head outdoors, 27 in kansas city and in the teens in rapid city and also in denver, colorado. back during the cold temperatures across the northeast, this is what it feels like as you head out the door. 8 in burlington, 20 degrees in new york city and the wind will howl throughout the day today. gusting over 40 and even 50 miles per hour at times. wind advisories are in effect across new york city up in the city of boston because we're expecting those windy conditions throughout the day. otherwise, a lot of people excited for new year's eve and guys, looks like the east coast will stay dry as we head into the midnight monday
4:11 am
night, but rain further west. >> juliet: new, maria. let's get to some headlines, remember, we we talking about this woman who shoved a guy to his death, once again, in front of an oncoming subway train in queens, new york. she says she did it because she thought he was a muslim. there she is. she wanted revenge for 9/11 she added. erica menendez, looked crazed and ranting as she was picked up by police last night. and she admits to pushing the man and now she's charged with murder and a hate crime and her family says she's bipolar. overnight three members of al-qaeda killed by a u.s. drone strike in yemen. local officials say the men were hit as they were driving in a car. one of them, a senior operative for the terror network, this is the fourth drone strike there in one week. good news this morning, former president george h.w. bush is out of intensive care and now in a private room and the 88-year-old has been in the hospital since november 23rd for a persistent cough from bronchitis and high fever.
4:12 am
family spokesperson says the former president is in great spirits, good spirits i should say and doctors are cautiously optimistic his current treatment is working. and pay attention clayton, think you're neurotic, that actually can be a good thing. >> let me get by. >> i wouldn't let you get by me. >> you signed in ahead of me. >> i was here before you. but my appointment was for 11:30 and yours is 11:45. >> a new study finds neurotics like larry david are less likely to develop chronic health problems and it counter acts stress and anxiety. guys, i find that hard to believe. >> dave: that barely even touches the tip of larry david's. that's the modest case. >> juliet: would you say you're highly organized and responsible. >> clayton: no, i feel like i'm-- i always get everything done by the time i get it done, but i was the guy in school and
4:13 am
college and write the 15 page paper like-- >> you why congress. >> clayton: right (laughter) >> i averted my fiscal cliff. >> juliet: on the edge of the fiscal cliff. >> clayton: i think there's something to be said for that you're constantly washing your hands and worried about your health, is one little thing wrong with me better get it checked out. >> dave: you're not that kind. >> clayton: i'm not that kind of neurotic. >> dave: coming up on the show, don't want to wake up like this, new years day? >> are you okay, buddy? >> no, i am in so much pain right now. >> oh, my god my lateral incisor is gone. >> juliet: what vegetable could you take to avoid a hangover? we're going to tell you. >> clayton: even though lawmakers can't reach a deal on the fiscal cliff, one thing they agree on, raises for themselves. >> juliet: wa, wa, wa. >> clayton: we're not kidding about this. getting new raises. ♪ got it going on, all i want and i've waited so long ♪
4:14 am
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4:17 am
raise from as much as $6,000. joining us now is peter swietzer a research fellow at stanford university, hoover institution. good to see you, peter. >> hey, it's great to be out with me, thanks for having me. >> dave: is this a bit hypocritical talking about raising taxes for all americans if they don't get a deal done, yet, how do you go ahead and give congress a raise? >> that's a great question. you know, it beats me. there's been a pay freeze in effect since 2010 and obviously, they've done such a fantastic job between then and now that they deserve this pay increase, right? it makes no sense, it makes no sense in terms of the merits and the performance in washington has been terrible and it makes no sense in terms of the politics and the atmospherics, they're getting a pay raise before they fix the fiscal cliff? who gets a pay raise before they get the job done? it's a ridiculous notion and shows me how out of touch
4:18 am
washington d.c. is with the rest of the country. >> dave: it's certainly not about merit. according to one report, this is the least productive congress since the 1940's in terms of the amount of bills they've passed that have gone into law. let's talk about some, joe biden, for example, gets a raise 225 to now $231,000. we move on to a couple of others, if we can spin through to give you an example. john boehner increase of $1,000, so they're not enormous raises, they are fairly mottdest, right, peter? >> they are fairly modest, it affects not only congress, but the supreme court justices and also includes senior executives in the executive branch. the cost of this, according to the congressional budget office, is going to be about 1 billion dollars a year with this increase for senior
4:19 am
executives in government. so, literally, think about this. they're talking about the fiscal cliff, they're talking about raising taxes and cutting spending. the only thing that's been accomplished thus far is to raise spending by about a billion dollars a year. >> dave: i think in particular rubs americans the wrong way when they see this, members of congress average salary, 174,000. average american, $48,000. that's on top of the fact that we see all the time, they take off, these long recesses and oh, by the way not passing bills and on top of this, this was by executive order, the president did this himself. >> yeah, it was done late at night, obviously, not great politics. i'm not quite sure what the thought process is here, maybe they think it's going to somehow incentivize members of congress to move things in a certain direction, but again, i think it's a terrible idea. it shows the disconnect with the country. keep in mind, washington d.c. last year passed the silicon
4:20 am
valley as the town now as the highest per capita income in the country. and this is going to add to that and it shows the disconnect between what i call the permanent political class in washington and what's going on in the rest of the country. >> dave: and also interesting the president is talking about tax increases for those making 200 or more, but just below 200 is almost every member of congress. peter schweitzer from stanford university, thanks for being on this morning. >> hey, thanks for having me. >> dave: up next, secrets of brad and angelina's christmas vacation revealed. why everyone is talking about brangelina. and then a look back at the lives and legacies of the icons we lost in 2012, like whitney. ♪ yeah, i want to dance with somebody ♪ ♪ with somebody who ♪ to the best vacation spot on earth.
4:21 am
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♪ >> 7:22 eastern time. time for your news by the number. first 60 billion dollars, that's how much victims of superstorm sandy would receive if the house passes a new aid bill. the senate passed the measure friday, but the republican-controlled house still needs to work to cut it down. and next, 1987, that's the year that rolston elementary
4:24 am
in omaha buried their capsule. it was reopened as part of the school's 50th anniversary and found inside, go-bots, and guess jeans and garfield. go-bots were sweet. finally, 12, that's the number of nannies, angelina jolie and broad pitt brought with them on the caribbean vacation, two nannies for each one of their six kids. how do they get by? how do they get anything done? >> that's just-- i love it, good work brangelina. >> and back me up, america, go-bots were the transformers. >> juliet: '87 was a good year. >> clayton: they made us laugh and cry and accomplishments play out in a public arena and this year we bid them a fond
4:25 am
farewe>> juliet: while swe say goodbye, we'll never forget them. and here to see us from across the pond. >> hello, good morning to you both. >> juliet: let's start off with the beautiful, beautiful, singer with the incredible voice, excuse me, whitney houston. >> she was a much-loved singer, dubbed "the voice" sadly died in february, leaving a massive void in the music industry and so much anticipation of her comeback and we're well aware of the well-reported speculation surrounding her death and marriage to bobby brown for 14 years and of course her battle with drug addiction. >> clayton: a really sad end. >> and her legacy will be an amazing one. i think it's going to be her powerful voice that we remember most about whitney and she was definitely the definition of a triple threat, a music car, theater, and she is the only artist to chart
4:26 am
seven consecutive billboard top 100 singles ap most awarded artist of all time and i don't think there will never be another whitney. >> clayton: might never be another dick clark as well and as we head into new year's eve we think about dick clark and the tributes with rockin' eve, hosting that show for years. >> absolutely, yes, you're absolutely right. and known as the world's oldest teenager. the radio and tv personality who remains one known for dick clark's new years rockin' eve and the american television longest run variety show, american band stand which was the launch pad for many artist including madonna, michael jackson and his dear friend, stevie wonder and entertainment entrepreneur. we remember him for creating the american music awards. and the golden globes, and of course, the new years rockin' eve with ryan seacrest, this year will actually be
4:27 am
remembered in a two hour special before the show airs in times square. >> juliet: let's move on now, neil armstrong. >> yeah, neil armstrong, now, yeah, the astronaut. he was fantastic, obviously, he was the first person to walk on the moon. he did one of the most iconic phrases, that's one more step for man, one giant leap for mankind. already, a decorated war hero and apart from that he became an accomplished aviator at nasa. >> clayton: a humble gentleman who didn't want accolades for his work on the moon and number four on the list just lost recently larry hagman of course, the star of "dallas". >> absolutely, another icon, obviously known as jr ewing in the '80s tv show "dallas". in the '80s, 41 million viewers tuned in to see the answer to who shot jr.
4:28 am
dallas the second most watched entertainment show of all time and known for his role as captain tony nelson in "i dream of jeanie" and now that well-documented he said he was a drinker and diagnosed with some bad kidney problems and as well as cancer of the throat, but was to reprice his role as jr and a got to know him as the one and only jr and one of the most loved villains. >> juliet: thank you, we'll check with you later on in the show of a continuing of the rundown. thank you. >> clayton: coming up on the show, it's the crazyiest video you'll see all day. the exact moment when a huge jet crashes through a busy highway. >> juliet: then, have kids these days lost their manners and how the heck can we get them back? parents, the answer is next. ♪
4:29 am
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4:31 am
>> 3, 2, 1... ooh! >> it's the shot of the morning, the confetti that rains down on times square in new york city, getting a practice run and those pieces of paper holding the hopes of people across the world for the new year. on the pieces of paper, wishes have been written down for
4:32 am
everything from true love to new jobs. >> dave: see, we really like the kind that are like police reports. >> juliet: social security numbers. >> clayton: which police department had that. >> dave: nassau county. >> clayton: yeah. >> dave: after the thanksgivi thanksgiving-- >> and tax returns. >> juliet: ops. >> dave: let's talk about the weather this morning, digging out continues across the northeast this morning after a second storm pounds the area the past two weeks. still creating some problems for drivers like here in philly, luckily, not anything too serious like the last one that proved deadly. checking in with maria molina to see how people are doing and gearing up for their new year's eve. will there be weather on new year's eve or just a little wet? >> yeah, it's going to be wet and we're actually going to see snow across portions of the north. and looking at wet weather that could possibility limitings visibility for your
4:33 am
fireworks. don't let that stop you, go out and enjoy it. we're looking at colder temperatures across the east coast. for most areas in the northeast, didn't drop a whole lot of snow, but over a foot in massachusetts, rhode island and connecticut some specific areas did see snowfall from that storm. current wind chill temperatures across the northeast, very cold. 16 degrees at burlington and feels like 20 degrees in new york city and the reason why it feels so cold as we head out the door, it isn't your temperatures, but the wind. we're going to be looking at wind gusts throughout the day today. and gusting to 40 or 50 miles per hour, new york city, long island, connecticut and eastern portions of massachusetts and anywhere from new york city up to the city of boston and if you're flying today you could look at delays due to that wind and keep in mind that black ice is actually reported across some roadways, across the northeast and drive carefully and slowly down into florida some of the cold air has made it as far south as northern florida, in
4:34 am
tallahassee, right now, you're looking at temperatures at the freezing mark and central florida, 40 degrees for you in tampa and orlando is cold for a floridian. so it's going to be a cold start to your day today. and you're rebounding nicely into the 60's with some sunshine today. it's a very quiet day in terms of precipitation today across most of the country in the plains in the west and also the southeast and we do have clouds right here and that's basically where the system is farming and producing wet weather across places in the mississippi valley as we head into your new year's eve around midnight. keep that in mind. otherwise the nor'easter brought snow across massachusetts and the northeast and slowly winding down and eastern parts of maine at this hour. >> thanks very much, maria. >> let's get to headlines, the moment the plane misses the runway in moscow, watch this, it's all caught on video.
4:35 am
see if you look closely, that's a wheel from the plane knocking the car almost off the road and that car really lucky. four crew members were killed after the plane slid off that runway and burst apart in flames and russian investigators say pilot error is likely to blame. and a newspaper taking heat publishing the names and addresses of gun owners and "fox & friends" have been telling, but the online maps listing people in counties in new york that have permits. despite the backlash, the journal news plans on adding information from putnam county as well. the paper claims it's all in the name of spreading guns awareness and critics say it's a violation of privacy n manhunt underway for a man who strapped a fake bomb to a bank employees neck. he was at her home and drove her to the bank and she
4:36 am
triggered an alarm. the suspect escaped before they arrived. it took the bomb squad three hours to remove the device from her neck, luckily, she was not hurt. >> dave: new year's eve, hopefully it's not like a seen out of the hangover. ♪ >> there's a tiger in the bathroom. >> are you okay, buddy? >> no, i am in so much pain right now. oh, my god! my lateral incisor is gone! >> awesome. >> here are tips to avoid that clayton. researchers say chemicals in an asparagus can help liver cells against toxins. eat the asparagus before you head out. doctors also recommend drinking plenty of water throughout the night. warning, asparagus can come with a bit of a side effect for some of us. >> clayton: yeah, just saying.
4:37 am
well weeks don't need to go into that. >> dave: we won't elaborate. >> clayton: google it. and google this, because has the meaning behind "mind your manners" slid off the table? many etiquette experts are concerned that children aren't effectively learning these lifetime essentials. >> dave: the ceo of etiquette moms, the company that shows clients how to effectively teach their children etiquette joins us with details from tampa. good to see you. >> good morning. >> dave: are manners, is it just a lost art today? >> no, i think people are very concerned with manners. i just believe we live in a bit of a chaotic world so sometimes we can allow our children's manners to slip and also, our own manners, i think. >> clayton: now you run a company that actually deals with and helps train families, i guess, and children and moms, called moms on edge. you founded it in 2004, but it cost as little bit of a penny to learn some of the the
4:38 am
skills, i think $250 to take one of your courses, if they take all of them together. up to $1250. are people that desperate for manners they're willing to shell out that kind of cash? >> well, we are a train the trainer certification program. the etiquette portion of my company is called etiquette and we actually write curriculums, fun, exciting, interesting curriculums that are not only for parents, but they're for people who would like to set up businesses teaching etiquette and we're in 68 countries around the world, where we have members teaching from villages in nigeria to new zealand and canada, england. >> dave: hey, look, parents are busy between their own jobs, between soccer practice, between dance class, between ice skating, i'm just reading my own schedule, but it is difficult to find the time. you say there are three
4:39 am
fundamental manners to teach children and number one is respect. >> i think it is crucial that we learn how to have self-respect and respect one another. i also believe that learning how to value others is very important and having integrity. we need to teach our kids that integrity is one of the most vital characteristics that we can have as children, but then carry into our future to be successful and wonderful, warm, kind people, which is really what we want from our children. >> next on your list here, i believe is value. what do you say about learning the values or trying to teach values to our children? >> i think it's more about valuing others. i think when we practice etiquette, it's really about rubbing elbows with other people and saying, you know, i value you as a person. so i'm not going to treat new
4:40 am
a way that's disrespectful or unkind or ill mannered. i see the value in my fellow man and it's important that i treat you with respect and caring and kindness and warmth. >> and as you mentioned, briefly, your number three was integrity. is there one thing that you feel that's really missing the most from households across this country in terms of teaching manners and etiquette? >> i just feel that we as parents, and i have three little children, we're busy, and we're running from here to there and our schedules are jam packed pan sometimes we don't have the time to reinforce manners or to stick to our guns around manners and it's really important that we not let things slide, that we go on the journey with our children, it starts in the crib and the journey of
4:41 am
teaching he h endeavors that they want to do and it's important that we train them along the way and reinforce and go with them on the process. >> clayton: i think a lot of people deal with the fact the children don't want to sit still at the dinner table. >> dave: and my family at dinner last night. >> clayton: a lot of friends say-- >> i need your help. >> clayton: you guys were featured in eat, drink and be nice and kids are there totally fine eating in this piece. and we want to thank elena in morning and nice work featuring in that piece. >> dave: etiquette mom, my family needs your help. a mess at dinner. >> clayton: we all need help, there's no handbook for it. there's a new frontier. when julie got up from the couch, she could have picked up her tissues, with manners. >> dave: juliet.
4:42 am
up next on the show, we're hearing that the housing market is rebounding, is that true? if so, will that change if we go over the fiscal cliff? real estate expert kendra todd weighs in on that. there she is next. >> clayton: a new last name, too, mattera, i did not know this. congrats, see you in a minute. >> thank you. okay, here's the plan. you have a plan? first we're gonna check our bags for free, thanks to our explorer card. then, the united club. my motr was so wrong about you. next, we get priory boarding on our flight i booked with miles. all because of the card. and me. okay, what's the plan? plan? mm-hmm. we're on vacation. there is no plan. really? [ male announcer ] the united mileageplus explorer card.
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4:45 am
>> welcome back. quick headlines, for the first time ever we're learning about a botched israeli assassination attempt on saddam hussein. five elite troops were killed during friendly fire during a practice run. and we keep hearing how bad salt is for us and some cities like new york is cracking down on the almost allowed, shocking for new york, but cutting satelli cutting salt intake can increase some results for
4:46 am
heart disease. and these are not used tissues, clayton, just a stash. >> clayton: i'm he not touching them. and looks like there's finally good news for home owners, the you now reports shows that the housing market is on the rebound, home prices rising in nearly 20 cities, as we go over the so-called fiscal cliff, could the real estate market go backward? what does it mean for home owners managing broker of the addition group, kendra todd mattera. nice to see you, welcome back to the show. >> thank you, clayton. >> clayton: so this new 4.3% growth we're seeing in the housing market, is this signs of a longer trend to come or is this temporary? >> well, i don't want to say that it's temporary because you know, all the analysts are showing that year after year we're going to see similar gains in home values of 3 to 4%. now, i think everyone would like to see that on a national
4:47 am
scale to be higher because at this rate it will take us till about 2023, about a decade from now to recover home values to their pre-pre-bust peak. so that's a long road ahead and i wouldn't call it a rebound, i would call it an anemic recovery. >> clayton: yeah, anemic recovery sounds about right, but earlier this year, kendra, we were hearing from a number of experts, maybe yourself included, saying, look, we haven't hit bottom yet. this was earlier in the year. have we finally hit bottom and we're coming out of it now? can we say that with any certainty? >> well, yes, because it's he so hard to take a number like 4% rise in home values nationwide and really make that make sense in different areas, i mean, real estate is intensely regional. that number means nothing to californians who have seen a 25% rise in home values in 2012. almost 40% in phoenix, hardest hit areas have really
4:48 am
regained, you know, a quarter to half of the values that they lost. but then you have areas like the northeast that are actually stagnant and very flat and still have an issue with housing absorption rates and still have an excess of housing units that people need to buy up. so, it really-- you look at that number and it's more of a reflection of the some momentum of national economy than regional. the west coast has experienced a bottom and is settling and now starting to see very positive trends. >> clayton: let's talk about the fiscal cliff. 'cause a number of factors in play here, number one, capital gains taxes moving forward and we saw a lot of investments and a lot of investors buying up. are you from phoenix in that neck of the woods? >> no, i'm in washington. both d.c. and seattle. >> clayton: and some of those investments, even in the d.c. area, we saw some investments in the outlying areas, but
4:49 am
phoenix of course, vegas. investors coming in and buying up a lot of those properties down there, but how will the fiscal cliff affect investment going forward and maybe helping this recovery? because we're going to see a big increase in the capital gains taxes? >> that's right, it's going to have a bigger impact than i think analysts are predicting, maybe because they're numbers crunchers and not in the market. and fueling the momentum in the real estate markets, snapping up the foreclosure properties the last few years and the concern is they're going to be a little bit more conservative in their purchasing moving forward. and here is a really big thing to consider. consumer confidence is a huge driver in housing. and with this, all of this uncertainty of how much tax, people are going to be paying and what types of tax hikes people are going to be experiencing next year, i think the quarter one is it going to be a very conservative quarter for housing. i think that people are going to be side lined, waiting to see what the financial impact
4:50 am
on their household is going to be. >> clayton: a lot of realtors have simply gotten out of the business or simply waiting, waiting, waiting, hoping it's rock bot ton and we're finally coming out. nice to see you and happy new year to you. >> same to you. >> thank you. >> juliet, what's coming up on the show. >> is there a father hood crisis in america, how it could affect future generations and after that, from clayton and dave competing, and dave a horrifying moment. the best moments of 2012. we'll be back in two. >> i'm no marilyn monroe, but happy birthday, mr. president. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families
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4:53 am
>> all right. welcome back. well, it's a "fox & friends" tradition where we pause for a moment at the end of the year and reflect on our favorite memories. >> juliet: here is the highlight reel from 2012. ♪ >> good morning, everybody. great to see you. >> happy new year. >> this coffee has been here since last year. ♪ >> the best have gone viral. >> this isn't going to go well.
4:54 am
>> i can't wait for reichmuth and the bear. >> whoa nellie! >> we'll be back in two and two, chuck wohlerry. >> i'm no marilyn monroe, but happy birthday, mr. president. >> and he was a vanilla ice wannabe. >> will it ever stop. yo, i don't know. dance, and kids don't play, if there was a problem. >> yo, i'll solve it. >> check out the hook while dave revolves it. >> oh, man! >> take a walk in my shoes. >> wow!. ♪ >> we don't object at all. >> that's the orchestra. >> oh! >> wait a minute! wait a minute! >> don't go down the stairs. those are stairs! oh! >> clayton, do not go down the stairs!
4:55 am
>> who do you have to tip-- >> i'll give you a tip if you pull your microphone out of your pocket. >> that's the best tip of the day. >> thanks so much, rick, i want to know about accent walls and how-- oh, no, i don't. first i want to know about your headlines. and then i want to know about accent walls. >> oh! >> and dave briggs here, a brand new father. >> there she is. >> my girl, the shot of the morning. the newest member of the "fox & friends" family. >> we should mention a new member of our "fox & friends" family. >> a new daddy, not a new daddy, but number two, i'm happy you had a girl. i was rooting so hard for a girl. >> may the best father win in 3, 2, 1. >> go, go. >> clayton is good start. >> dave was pushing off with his hands, not sure if that's allowed. >> how silly does dave look? >> definitely, going to have to flip those hamburgers fast, fast. >> 18 degrees and they're
4:56 am
filled with ice! >> oh! >> how is my hair? >> do you think that i'm a chicken, but that's not the case. >> oh! >> oh! >> oh! >> dave, are you tested to go in midtown manhattan right now. >> this is a sweep right here. >> cleaning up the studio. >> i thought we were already in the after the show show. >> no, so keep it clean. >> it's the last time the three of us will be together on the curvy couch, our own dave briggs is moving up in the world and we are terribly sad to see him go. >> i just, i love you guys. >> thank you. >> and rick, rick has been my confidante and my office mate and you guys are my family, i've never had a work family and damn, i'm going to miss it. >> we're going to miss you,
4:57 am
da dave. >> oh, dave. >> clayton: here it is a look back at 2012 and yes, our own dave briggs moving on and sad. let's hold the tears for tomorrow, you'll be here tomorrow. >> dave: and tough mudder that tough mudder was a nightmare. >> clayton: and the part where we got electrocuted and strings hang down and electrocuted. >> dave: and remember the guy said link arms, that actually lessens the shock and we said, okay, we're so stupid. we did that and that actually means everyone gets shocked, and the shock moves through all of you. >> clayton: we did see the only athletic event i beat dave at the father competition and getting back to the recliner. >> dave: and you say that's athletic. >> clayton: and we had to go through the entire thing in overalls. >> dave: and thanks for mcdonald's, doing a great job with that. >> clayton: a great year here
4:58 am
at "fox & friends." and chris wallace, anchor of fox news sunday, big lineup. two high ranking senators and plus his analysis of the fiscal cliff crisis. >> juliet: no good deed goes unpunished. these guys tried to save one guy who fell through the ice and then that guy and then the next, the next. it was kind after nightmare. >> clayton: polar plunge. >> juliet: yeah. ♪ and i'm thinking, "shouldn't you have more energy than me? you're, like, eight!" [ male announcer ] for every 2 pounds you lose through diet and exercise alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. simple. effective. advantage: mom. let's fight fat with alli. have a healthier holiday at that's the sound of car insurance compani these days. here a cheap, there a cheap, everywhere a cheap... you get it.
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5:01 am
>> happy sunday, everybody, it's december 30th, i'm juliet huddy in for ali. the clock is ticking and there's now less than 48 hours to get a fiscal cliff deal done. so can a compromise be reached before your wallet takes a hilt. the anchor of fox news sunday, a guy who knows his biz, chris wallace weighing in this hour. >> dave: maybe wake them up over on capitol hill. good news for the bush family, former president george h.w. bush is now out of intensive to be doing much better and we'll update his condition. >> clayton: and let me pull the spectacles off for this one. a newspaper publishing gun owners names not backing down. and what county they have now. >> dave: and put the glasses on to read. >> clayton: put them on for this part. "fox & friends" hour three starts right now. >> juliet: yes. ♪
5:02 am
>> here, i just looked at my twitter and it's blowing up with people yelling at me for having my tissues behind here. >> dave: etiquette, juliet in for ali. >> juliet: first of all, i have a cold. i can't reach back like this to grab my tissue box, i take a few and put them right here. everybody okay with that? everybody okay with that. >> clayton: talking in the manners section. >> juliet: they're clean, people! what's wrong with you guys? >> aim going to shower. >> juliet: the ones on the floor are the ones that-- >> nasty, man. >> juliet: oh, my god, you guys are so weird. >> dave: next year. all right, folks. >> juliet: come back, clayton. >> dave: how do i transition from that to anything. there's no natural segue for the fiscal cliff. come on back, clayton. >> juliet: it's fine. >> dave: we need your help to avert the fiscal cliff. congress back in session today and we understand, be careful,
5:03 am
get your hazmat suit out. >> juliet: stop that now, come on. >> dave: we understand there's about a three o'clock deadline to present this new deal. we hear there may be some sort of a new deal coming out of the senate, when it comes to mitch mcconnell and harry reid presenting something, we don't know what, probably some sort of threshold around 4 or $500,000. >> and look on the table, the president sequestration and no one was going to have to deal with, they were going to get their act together months ago and now we're talking sequestration with two days left and 3 p.m., only hours left. >> dave: we'll have the latest with chris wallace in a couple of minutes. it's interesting as we near this fiscal cliff, the president signed an executive order that would give members of congress a raise, which is raise ago few eyebrows.
5:04 am
>> juliet: they have a 18% approval rating by the way, congress does. >> dave: that's up, i believe. >> juliet: yeah, so here are the average salaries in 2011. a member of congress average was 174 k. the average american 48,000. members made over three times more. so, now, you had peter schweitzer on and i was running around during that segment. what did he have to say about this? >> it's hard to believe that it was an executive order. the president did this late at night, hoping to slip this in. it doesn't read well when congress is getting nothing done, certainly not based on merit. here is peter schweitzer from stanford, university. >> the cost of this, according to the congressional budget office is going to be about 1 billion dollars a year. that makes no sense in terms of the merits, the performance in washington has been terrible. it makes no sense in terms of the politics and the atmospherics. i mean, they're getting the pay raise before they've even
5:05 am
fixed the fiscal cliff. who gets a pay raise before the job is even done? so it's a ridiculous notion and it shows to me, really, how out of touch washington d.c. is with the rest of the country. >> dave: they're not enormous raises, most of people between 1/2% and 1%, but most americans are out of work and pay freezes across. >> juliet: yeah. >> dave: and the problem is merit. as peter just mentioned, this is one of the least productive groups in congress since the 1940's in terms of bills they passed, being signed into law. >> juliet: why can't they just not have a raise. a $600 raise. >> clayton: the problem is with the federal jobs. i'm he not a federal employee, but i don't know. you have inherently built-in raises and how they trigger. it doesn't pass the smell test right now when you think you'd be getting a raise based on merit for the work that you've done. some would argue hey, maybe some members of the tea party
5:06 am
say we don't want them passing all of these bills, that means more regulation, more things we have to deal with. maybe the less work that congress does is better. >> dave: so maybe this is based on merit, less is more. >> juliet: do you think any of these people will step up and say i will not take my raise this year out of he respect to our -- my fellow countrymen. >> clayton: in the end of the day, they're family members and to feed as well. i'm going to hand you a raise, it's to be seen if a member of congress-- >> it's interesting the threshold for the president's tax raise is 250,000 and most members are just below that. and meanwhile, we turn to severe weather. most people digging out of the northeast after snow hits hard some of the region, some of southern new england got up to a foot of snow? >> yeah, for more on what to expect head up to maria molina in the weather center for rick. how does it look. the snow is
5:07 am
wining down out of southern new england, and maine, a possible three additional inches of snow out there with snow still coming down. take a look at rest of the country. southeast, the plains and midwest, not looking at precipitation ongoing and a quiet weather start to your day. out west across portions of western texas and mu new york stock exchange, we ha-- and we have parts of the mississippi valley and also down into parts of the south as we head into new year's eve and we'll monitor that for you, otherwise, a closer shot of that snow across eastern maine and lake effect snow showers, nothing too significant here off the lakes, talking between one to three inches of snow and we're not expecting too much snow off the lakes, otherwise current temperatures, a cold morning in minneapolis, 15 in chicago and the teens as well and rapid city and denver. across the northeast, it feels colder today not so much of the temperatures, new york
5:08 am
city reading at 30 degrees, so factor in the wind and the wind chill temperatures are much colder and 24 in new york city and 6 degrees in burlington and 9 in buffalo. looking at wind gusts to 40 or even 50 miles per hour, anywhere from new york city up through boston so we could even be seeing some delays. otherwise you guys, midnight the east coast looks dry and rain across tennessee. >> juliet: we don't like that. thank you very much my dear. let's get to some other headlines and we begin with a fox news alert. al-qaeda apparently putting a bounty on the head of the u.s. ambassador in yemen. ap is reporting based on audio posted on an al-qaeda website, the terror group is offering gold to $160,000 to anyone who carries out the order and offered $23,000 to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen. they say the offer is on the
5:09 am
table for six months and they consider al-qaeda in yemen. and a woman says she wanted revenge for 9/11. erica menendez, you see her there, crazed and ranting as she was picked up by police. cops say she admit today pushing the man and she's now charged with murder and hate crime. and her family says she's by poe polar. sad news to result, five children and an adult drown after an suv drove off the road into a creek. the children's dad was driving. nine people were in the s.u.v. and only the children's parents and one of the family's friends survived. can you imagine? the children were between the ages of 18 months and nine years old. better news for the former president george h.w. bush. he's out of intensive care, in a private room now. the 88-year-old has been in
5:10 am
the hospital since november 23rd for a persistent cough from bronchitis and a high fever. the former president is in good spirits and cautiously optimistic that the treatment is working. and looking at chaos that broke out. dozens of people tried to help guy and found themselves in need of rescue, too, watch. >> and you can see, as one keeps going, the other, they fall into the water within seconds and the chain reaction lasted ten minutes and luckily people on shore pulled everybody out and everything is okay except maybe damage to egos. >> why are they all still on the ice though? >> and. >> clayton: very weak ice. >> juliet: yeah. >> dave: anyway.
5:11 am
>> let's go up to putnam county up here in new york. we told you about this newspaper, the journal news about a week ago or so, right around christmas time and coming out and identifying folks that live in westchester county, all registered gun owners decided to print their names and addresses in the paper. these are registered gun owners these are not criminals, these are not people who have done anything wrong. the journal news said that they thought their community should be aware of other folks in the area who have guns. in fact they said this: the massacre in newtown remains top of mind for many of our readers, we have obtained the names and addresses legally. now they've done it again. >> juliet: they're doing the same thing for putnam county, a nearby county. remember the blogger, chris fountain, who published the addresses, i believe, it was of these people. >> clayton: of the newspaper people. >> juliet: yes, who published the addresses and names of the people who had permits. here is what he says, the
5:12 am
journal writers should have their info published. in the aftermath of newtown it was obviously one tragedy, but somehow they were conflating legal gun owners with a devil up in newtown and putting the two together and i was offended by that and how they would like it if their addresses were published. so-- >> he was justifying. we had a gun trainer from put numb county. he hadn't his information published and he knew it was coming and going to end up happening. he said this is ridiculous. both sides are ridiculous here, the blogger shouldn't have been publishing their names and the newspaper shouldn't have been publishing their names. >> juliet: the gun owners are mad and nongun owners too, because their houses are standing there with no gun in the house, but you're-- >> you know who to rob. >> dave: you know who is a non-gun owner, right, i guess that's scary again. >> juliet: and the argument from both sides. >> dave: and no one has done
5:13 am
anything bordering on illegal by owning a gun. we clearly have the right to do so. let us know what you think of this ridiculous tit for tat. and coming up on the show the crazyiest video you'll see all day. what do you think? top that, would you? the exact moment a huge jet came crashing on to a busy highway. >> juliet: very sad, too. people died. >> clayton: and the fiscal cliff countdown is on with less than 48 hours to get a deal done. what will it take to reach a compromise? we're going to ask the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace, next. ♪ i take back all the words that have hurt you ♪ ♪ you'd stay ♪ ♪
5:14 am
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>> oh, yes, the countdown is on. only two days until automatic tax hikes and deep spending cuts kick into effect. yes, we call it the fiscal cliff. senate leaders are still struggling to hammer out a deal and we understand they're on a three o'clock presentation of some sort of new deal. >> clayton: joining us now with reaction, the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace. he is up early, but congress is not. hey, chris, nice to see you. >> hey, guys. >> clayton: so, 3 p.m. today, we understand accord to go peter doocy and those in the washington bureau where you're sitting right now, papers were
5:17 am
shuffled last night and back and forth, trying to hammer out financial deals. do you have any indication where this thing sits right now? >> no, and in fact, i talked to a top senate aide just a little while ago and he used the classic line, those who talk don't know. those who know aren't talking. >> clayton: right. >> so we really don't know and i'm the not sure at this point that they've made-- this idea of the 3 p.m. they come out with a deal, they may not reach a deal. it's possible that the republican leader mitch mcconnell and democrat leader harry reid may not make a compromise at which point harry reid says he'll put president obama's plan, $250,000 as a threshold for raising income tax rates and extending unemployment benefits and that's about it, put that to an up or down vote and see if republicans block it either in the senate or the house. not necessarily going to be a compromise deal although that obviously would have a much better chance of passing congress if it gets some
5:18 am
republican behind it. >> juliet: you're going to have lindsey graham on the show. i think it was lindsay graham the other day who said you call these public-- you announce the meetings publicly it's usually political theater. what is your assessment what's happened over the last couple of days? are we really seeing any real action going on behind the scenes in your opinion? >> well, absolutely. i mean, there's no question, and i think it's much more in terms of the staffs and the principals, they'll get to sign off on it, but i think you've got staffs -- there are a lot of moving parts to this because the one question, probably the central question, where do you set the threshold on income tax increases, you know, for extending the bush tax cuts, is it 250,000 and above, that you let the taxes go up. is it 400, $500,000? and then a lot of republicans and some democrats are saying, you know, we really don't want to see the estate tax go back up from 35% to 55% and maybe they trade down a little bit in terms of the income taxes
5:19 am
to save the estate tax where it is right now. so, there are a lot of moving parts and basically, i mean, ultimately what it's going to come down to is harry reid's going to say i can get enough votes from democrats to support this plan and mitch mcconnell's got to say i can get enough votes from republicans to get this plan. >> dave: chris, one of the surprising things to me is the role of john boehner suddenly. now we're talking about reid and mcconnell and the senate. has john boehner been deemed powerless by the developments and what the house voted and did not vote on that million dollars threshold? >> well, i don't know that i'd say powerless because if it does pass the senate he becomes quite powerful, but he's definitely on the sidelines on this president, and that may be just as well, quite frankly because i have to say if you bet on boehner and obama getting into a room together and making a deal, you'd have lost a lot of money over the last couple of years. on the other hand, when reid and mcdonnell, the two senate leaders get into a room
5:20 am
together, they somehow seem to be able to find an accommodation. i think there's much more for compromise with the senate leaders. let them make a deal, i'm sure reid is talking to the president and conversely, mcconnell is talking to boehner what they can go for, but probably to have the actual deal making going on between the two senate leaders. >> dave: chris, i want to say farewell, last time i'll chat with you on air and always a pleasure having a conversation with you on sunday mornings, we appreciate it. >> i know that, david. and i'm sorry to see you leave. better you know, i hope better things for you and going to miss our back and forth about the michigan wolverines. (laughter) >> you or dave always have to get a dig in. >> dave: enjoyed it, chris and thank you, we'll watch the show today. it's a good one. >> clayton: check your local listings, chris, thanks so much. coming up on the show, if you hate atm fees you're going to hate this. now you're not going to get a warning if you're getting a charge. >> juliet: we all know the
5:21 am
fees are going to be there some way anyway. and is there a fatherhood crisis? why the number of two parent households are on decline and affect for years to come. my old friend is coming up. ♪ i will be the one who loves you till the end of time ♪ let's give thanks -
5:22 am
for an idea. a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile. when times get tough, it rallies us as one. every day, more people believe in the american idea and when they do, the dream comes true. we're grateful to be a part of it.
5:23 am
5:24 am
>> quick headlines, overnight three members of al-qaeda killed by u.s. drone strike in yemen. local officials say the men were hit as they drove in a car. one of them a senior operative for the terror network and this is the fourth drone strike in the reason for just one week. a warning if you use another bank's atm. banks no longer have to post signs on the machines warning about potential fees, a new law signed by president obama last week. however, an alert will pop up on the screen once you try to withdraw money. nothing is ever free, people. >> dave: thank you, juliet. we all remember the classic show, "leave it to beaver". >> because you would have felt dumb, dad. >> wally, i'm talking to your brother. >> beaver? >> because i would have felt
5:25 am
dumb, dad? >> and are the days of the traditional family long gone? and 20% of children were living apart from their dad in 2010 up from just 11% in 1960. >> clayton: what's going on and to blame for the troubling trend and can it be reversed. men and issues, glenn, nice to see you this morning. >> my pleasure. >> clayton: one thing that stood out for me in this research, even as the country has added a number of families with children, number of two-parent families is declining year after year he, if you look at the states, in fact, it's declining by almost half in some situations. what is going on here? why is this happening? >> well, now, there are a lot of different factors, but i think, unfortunately, everybody tends to focus on fathers who have left their children or abandoned their children, et cetera, and put all of the blame on those fathers. in many, many situations,
5:26 am
what's happening is that mom and dad split up, maybe they were married, maybe they weren't, but they split up and afterwards, between the mom and the family court system, often the father is locked out of his kid's lives and often allowed to have a minimal role in his kid's lives if any role at all. the family court decides that mom is the real parent, dad isn't, she gets sole custody. dad is allowed to see his kids a few days a month if he's lucky if mom even abides by the court order. so there are a lot of fathers who love their kids, kids love them and need them and they're allowed to play only a marginal role, if any role, if their kids' lives because of the system. >> dave: of course, glenn, you're talking to two dads involved in every aspect of parenting and i know dads everywhere i turn that are more involved in parenting than i've ever seen, the previous generation never changed a diaper, never took
5:27 am
their kids to school. whereas this guy, everyone i know, seems much more involved with their kids than the prior generation. so, maybe when the court's involved that's not the case, but i've seen more involved fathers across the country. >> yeah, i think that dads are more hands on now than ever before. and you know, young fathers who get almost no credit for it often are very, very involved in their kids' lives even if they're he not manot ma lot of money, even if they're not married to their mother are doing a lot. and defend the fathers in the old days, gender roles were different, those men often worked hard, dangerous jobs to provide for their kids and that was seen as their role as opposed to changing diapers and more hands-on role and defend those fathers, also. i agree with you, today's fathers are very involved and there are so many fathers who have played such a large role in the lives of their children
5:28 am
as soon as the relationship with the mom ends, they find that they're locked out. >> clayton: i mean, we can't let you go without seeing if there's some kind of solution here, glenn. what is the solution to this? >> well, the solution is, you know, i mean, look, it's a complicated problem with various aspects. but the solution is to have a presumption of shared parenting. after there's a divorce or a separation, assuming that both parents are fit, one of them is not a drug addict or crazy or violent or whatever, assuming they're both fit, not perfect, but fit, they shall both play an equal role in their children's lives. we don't have that right now and the national organization for women and a lot of other organizations have fought that tooth and nail. it's a simple thing. i'm sure both of you as fathers, you assume that that's the way it should be, but in most cases it isn't. >> clayton: yeah, in fact, saying in this research, single motherhood is the single leading predictor of
5:29 am
crime atoday. and they're not making enough money with these kids on their own. glenn, thank you for joining us. >> my pleasure. >> dave: is fatherhood disappearing or on the rise. and on twitter. some the most famous words ever spoken. >> that's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> dave: now, a huge revelation. was that line rehearsed? >> i hope so, i hope he wasn't winging it. and then get some belly fat from the holidays? how about baby weight or thunder thighs? those are all my nicknames. denise austin is here, you know her and love her, solutions for our most common body issues. there she is. ♪
5:30 am
5:31 am
5:32 am
>> and welcome back to "fox & friends" on this sunday morning. here is your shot of the mourning. as we know firsthand, things don't always go smoothly on live television. >> i love these. >> this is not us, is it. >> no, but these are the best news bloopers, and the best one from the year 2012.
5:33 am
>> go up to, and so we see fewer people driving. >> and we're reporting. thank you so much for ruining the fun, total complete kill joy. >> maybe we can kanoodle before you get into it about-- >> we're not going to be kanoodling. >> what? >> oh, i thought kanoodle meant chat. >> and still needs to be erect-- election first. >> tuesday through thursday, the students with credit hours bet chance of getting tickets. live from the news room-- >> oh, i love them. >> oh, this is funny, watch this. >> the audio. >> oh, audio, good, speaking of bloopers. >> and this woman. >> i thought we had a blooper during the news blooper segment. >> and that's only on "fox & friends" for the segment. >> juliet: i love the last
5:34 am
one, the guy gets down-- >> the kanoodling guy. >> juliet: that was pretty fun. >> dave: you know, we embrace our bloopers. >> juliet: we do. >> dave: and that's the difference. >> juliet: we like them. >> clayton: roll the camera back and roll the prompter back and a shot of this on the camera. no, up a little bit. yeah, stay tuned, because we will-- look at this, this is what it says, stay tuned we'll have more news mishaps coming up next hour. >> dave: our own. >> you can count on that. >> oh, my. >> it's guaranteed bloopers ahead. >> clayton: four hours of live television you're bound to have something. >> juliet: we like to roll with it. you know we're not perfect. >> clayton: that's why it's the best show in television otherwise you have to act like you don't notice something just happened, boring shows. >> juliet: all righty let's get to some of the other headlines and this one caught on camera, it's pretty wild, an exact moment the plane misses a runway in moscow and crashes on to a highway.
5:35 am
watch. that was a wheel from the plane that knocked that car almost off the road. four crew members were killed after the plane slid off the runway, four people severely injured and they're examining the black boxes right now to find out exactly what caused the crash. so far they say that pilot error was most likely to blame. a manhunt in arizona after a man strapped a fake bomb to a blank employees neck. a guy breaks into a woman's home, she works for a bank and he drives her to the bank of america branch where she works. she triggered an alarm and the suspect escaped before police arrived. and she had the bomb around her neck and took three hours for the bomb squad to get the device. scary moments, a small plane carrying four people was flying to scottsdale when the pilot noticed a problem with the landing gear, that's not
5:36 am
fun. when they couldn't fix it, the plane made an emergency landing coming in nose first. >> the plane coming in and as the plane got closer, it was very quiet, the fire trucks and all of those police cars started inching closer as well. >> my heart started racing and hoped and prayed the people didn't get hurt, this didn't look pretty. >> juliet: the pilot landed as softly as possible, no one was hurt thank good neness. it's one of the most famous lines in history. >> it's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. >> juliet: it kind of makes sense, it turns out that neil armstrong's legendary words were planned months in advance. in a new interview, neil wrote down the quote before he left for cape canaveral and the written quote included the infamous "a" before man and
5:37 am
neil always intended to include it, but maybe got last in transmission-- or translation. >> dave: and would you want it rehearsed or ad-libbed-- >> if i didn't get off the craft that day, man, amazing. >> juliet: expletives flying around. >> dave: era baseball fan, do you want a broadcaster to rehearse what he's going to say when the red sox win the first world series in 86 years, for example? >> that's a tough one. i don't know. i know what you mean you think about the famous lines. >> dave: the giants win the pennant. i don't think that was rehearsed. >> clayton: and those moments, famous lives. >> dave: miracle on ice. >> clayton: and there it is. >> dave: the miracle on ice call, that was not rehearsed and probably the best call we've ever had. >> juliet: all right. >> dave: and that's raw emotion. >> juliet: we need to get to weather people. >> dave: sorry, i could go on and on. >> juliet: okay. parts of massachus hit with yesterday's snowstorm, dave. >> dave: that's right, the second storm to pound the
5:38 am
northeast in the past two weeks and causing problems for travelers on the road and in the air, and maria molina is in for rick reichmuth with the latest. >> good morning, good to see you guys. another storm system dumped up to a foot of snow across eastern massachusetts and a lot of snow in rhode island and eastern connecticut, widespread lighter amounts overall across portions of the northeast, but i want to point out that temperatures are much colder across the system, not the northeast, but take a look at florida, yesterday at about this hour we were seeing temperatures in the 70's, and during the early morning hours and now, 40 degrees over in tampa, freezing mark in tallahassee, 32 degrees and 31 over at pensacola, it's very cold for floridians and you're going to feel a chill out the door this morning. bundle up, otherwise across the northeast you'll need to bundle up, not because of the temperatures, but the wind and make it feel colder across places like new york city and we still do have some snow coming down from our system
5:39 am
across eastern portions of maine. again, it's a storm that dumped over a foot of snow across portions of massachusetts. wind advisories in effect from new york city into boston with gusts over 40 miles per hour possible, that could be causing some delays at the airports, when you start to see the wind gusts over 40 miles per hour with those delays and current wind chill temperatures in the single digits in burlington and buffalo. 13 over in syracuse and 24 is what it feels like in new york city and also in philadelphia. and teens in boston. now, a lot of people wondering what's going to be going on with the weather at midnight. you're headed out to see the fireworks, east coast looks good and expecting dry weather. take a look further off to the west and parts of kentucky you could be dealing with snow showers and off in some areas of heavier snow, and parts of that. further south it's too warm to see any snow and dealing with rainfall unfortunately across western parts of tennessee and down into northern mississippi and portions of eastern texas and could be coming down at times in eastern texas during
5:40 am
the midnight hour, as we head northbound, it's a cold one in wisconsin, minnesota and dakotas, good news you're not dealing with rainfall or snowfall and out west, a very quiet new year's eve in store for you guys in california up to the northwest. guys? >> thank you very much, maria. you don't have to pay attention to this you're a skinny little thing. one of the top news resolutions for america, never easy, and fear not our next guests have solutions to stubborn body issues and denise austin here skinny, skinny, skinny, that's all i look at, skinny, skinny. and holidays are an issue for us and on the new year we're going to work out. and you've got some exercises for us. >> absolutely. >> it's not just for women for men, too. >> for all who have that middle no matter what. >> the bloat is right here from overeating, too much satellite, too much sugar. >> juliet: don't i know, it
5:41 am
sister. don't i know it. >> the key thing i do a seven to seven rule, eat between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. try tonight not to eat too late at night. the worst for your tummy, it sits there and your body needs to metabolize the food. here is the best exercise for the waistline, twist. this is great for the whole waistline area and when you're doing this you've got to tighten up the tummy and pull in the belly button and twist side to side. >> juliet: a lot of people know, it looks so easy. >> i feel my tummy. >> juliet: i know, you work out every day. >> 30 minutes, that's all i do. >> juliet: next one, you have a baby, you have a baby and how do you get the baby weight off. >> it's below the belly button around the belly button to work the lower abs and this is the best exercise that gives every mom, new moms, this is it. you want to flatten that tummy, tighten up the tummy ten seconds and hold it in and
5:42 am
bring your knees to your chest and work the lower parts of the abs and holding it right in right here, really helps. >> juliet: and really, ladies and gentlemen as well. literally, it's making it-- >> and doing it yourself will actually help tighten, one sit up, tighten it for five seconds equivalent to one situp. sitting in the chair, doing a tummy tightening. >> juliet: love handles, after 30 it goes you know where. >> this is one of my favorite exercises, go side ways and you twist side to side and really feel it, twisting, and in the book i've got a seven minute routine seven minute slivers. this is one of the exercises works the waste line and love handles. >> juliet: should we do all of them for seven minutes. >> no, one minute apiece. >> juliet: very easy. and the thunder thighs. >> you've got to really make sure you walk a lot and that
5:43 am
will really get rid of a lot of fat in the thighs. >> juliet: we can do that in new york city, we walk everywhere. >> a lot of. >> juliet: when we live other places we take the cars everywhere. >> but the key thing is, i do this even in the kitchen. what you do is side slimmers, what you do you just lift the legs out to the side and come back in. i call it the data bank slimmer. >> juliet: you have good balance. >> you can use the counter top or a friend or use the wall. >> juliet: i like this way of exercising, it's great. >> there's lots of easy exercise to do. >> juliet: and tracy, the book is called skinny-- tracy? >> and my husband says-- >> denise austin. >> it's all about food, too, what i eat, how to lose weight and the average person lost four pounds in one week. >> juliet: thanks. boys, take over.
5:44 am
>> dave: thank you, tracy. (laughter) >> we promised you news bloopers, you've got them. >> juliet: come on. >> clayton: political predictions for 2013. mr. speaker boehner keep his job? larry sabato. >> dave: and quick thinking saves a boat on fire. the whole thing, as everything seems to be today, caught on camera. >> clayton: it's like the a-team. look at that. >> let's go make some bloopers over here. >> okay. off vietnam in 1968. over the south pacific in 1943. i got mine in iraq, 2003. usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation. because offers a superior level of protection, and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans and their families is without equal. begin your legacy, get an auto insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
5:45 am
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to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. nicoderm cq, the patch with time release smart control technology that acts fast and helps control cravings all day long. ♪ quit one day at a time with nicoderm cq.
5:47 am
>> welcome back. 8:46 east coast time come to go a close. it's time for the next guest to make political predictions for the new year. >> joining us is from the university of virginia, larry sabato. >> good morning, good morning.
5:48 am
>> dave: 2013, right around the corner, the first thing's first, will we get a deal on the fiscal cliff? what do you think it will be, if so? >> i think we'll get a very partial deal. the deal may or may not lead over for a few days into the new year. it won't be a comprehensive deal, unfortunately, at least not right away. we won't deal with all the things we should deal with like entitlements, but we'll do the best we can and now, we're great at kicking the can down the road, we specialize in that as a country. >> juliet: i've heard that expression is lot lately. and let's talk about president obama, the honeymoon period, will it be short, will it be long? >> very short, if it is one. the election was november 6th and i don't see any great impact he's having in pushing this fiscal cliff deal through. look, it's a second term presidency. honeymoons are always shorter and when you have divided government as we have now, the honeymoon is either
5:49 am
nonexistent or very short. >> i would go with nonexistent in this case. you know, some couples take their honeymoon a year or so later and may happen then. speak speaker boehner, a lot of them are talking about his losing his leadership january 3rd there's a vote. what do you think? >> he will win easily. i don't think he will be seriously challenged. you know, running the house or the senate is like herding cats, and so, you have to give credit to the fact that speaker boehner can do it. i don't think there's anybody else who can do it better. >> dave: no one stepped up to challenge him, i don't think they will. >> juliet: let's talk about republicans versus democrats in the new year. >> republicans versus democrats? well, they're going to be of course fewer republicans in the house and senate, but you can run the house with very few, a very small majority and they've got a decent majority. in the senate they're losing two seats. they'll have 45 republican senators, but unless they change the filibuster rule,
5:50 am
and some people are trying to do that, you only need 41 reliable votes to stop things from happening. by my count, they're at most three moderates in the republican senate so i think they'll hang together on the vast majority of issues. that means they few major democratic initiatives get through. will anything get donen this country with that in mind? >> well, a lot gets done in the country, it just doesn't necessarily come from government and i think this is going to be a classic case of it. i don't see a whole lot happening in president obama's second term in domestic policy that has to be passed by congress. now, remember, and this is one of my predictions, foreign policy could sneak up on us. whatever we think that everything is about domestic policy, it often turns out to be about foreign policy and president obama will get frustrated with congress. as a second term president
5:51 am
he'll probably do what other second term presidents have done, focus on foreign policy. >> juliet: all right, and your final prediction has to do with neil cavuto. >> this i believe, neil cavuto will continue to lose bets to me. now, neil doesn't get up this early on sunday as you know, but i hope somebody tells him what the prediction is, it was crystal clear in the crystal ball. >> juliet: we'll get to get his reaction. >> dave: i'll tell him right now and try to get his reaction on twitter. thank you. is your car ready for the long winter ahead? what you should always keep handy to make sure you're safe on the roads, it's next. ♪ slow ride, take it easy ♪ this is america.
5:52 am
we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn and then treats day afr day... block the acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] e pill eachmorning. 24 hours. zero heartbur
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5:54 am
>> all right. welcome back, getting your gloves on because it's cold outside. on the heels of yesterday's snowstorm in the northeast, what better time to talk about winterizing your car. lauren is the car coach. walking us through some tips and you're here on an important day and people need to pay attention to it.
5:55 am
my car yesterday, the tires were low. people don't take the precautions and it's important. >> it's your transportation to get your kids to school, and where you want to to be. nine out of ten vehicles have something wrong with them on road and this is your time to do this. you don't want to wait until you're stuck on the side of the road because it's too late. >> clayton: we lifted up the hood. we've got different fluids and jumper cables. >> batteries are number one. in the cold, amplification of what's wrong with your car is huge. battery is number one. yes, you should have a set of jumper cables, get the battery replaced. it's not that expensive. don't forget the headlights 8% of decisions are based on that, get it fixed. >> clayton: and fluids, winterize some. >> nine fluids in a car to get an idea what the coolant looks like. this is two years old. this is long life coolant.
5:56 am
check your owners manual and tell you what to do. you can buy an hydrometer for >> clayton: it's interesting what fluids are in the car. engine oil. >> i prefer a synthetic and they run in all cars, old or new, longer life and better fuel economy and important to lubricate that engine, if the oil freezes and you live in the northern half of the country, you're not starting that car. >> clayton: what is next? >> wiper blades, most people have a regular wiper blade like this, a winter wiper blade is the best choice, a jacket like we're wearing and not that expensive and any auto parts will install them for free and do not leave them on year long, they will look like this, only six months a year, every six months change your blades and check your tire pressure, you were saying you had low tires. >> clayton: yeah. >> digital gauge under $10. >> clayton: it's colder and condensing and looks like you need more air. >> every two degrees of--
5:57 am
or 10 degrees of outside temperature change you can lose your tire pressure up to two pounds and you think it's no he big deal, but check the number inside the driver door that's correct for your driver's door. on the or side. check the panel. >> and i'm having this dispute, but if you check the tire test, better braking, better handling. >> clayton: you have a car kit. change your tire car kit. >> how many people don't know how to change a tire? i'm not dressed for it, but on the road, seven minutes one end into the lighter, other into the tire and press the button, under $25 good investment, an emergency kit and then these are things i add. these are snow boots, a good snow brush, hand warmers, protein bars and a car charger is important and if you don't know how, the car care guide is free, i'm with the care care council, not for profit.
5:58 am
and we want you safe on the roads. >> clayton: good tips and dave, what's coming up on the show, have you winterized? >> i'm ignoring the change your oil light on my car. and coming up on the show, though france says no to the massive tax hike on the road, should the u.s. take note. >> juliet: in time for a reunion with her family at the the top of her hour. love these. >> oh, oh! wants that pink cas. and you realldon't want to pay more than you have to. only citi price rewind automatically searches for the lowest price. and if it findone, you get refunded the difference. just use your citi card and register your purchase online. have a super sparkly day! ok. [ male announcer ] now all youeed is a magic carriage. citi price rewind. start saving at
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6:03 am
where can we finds common ground? is there any common ground? nothing has leaked yet out of capitol hill and what might emerge. it's thought that a new $250,000 threshold could be $400,000 and that's where the tax hike would kick in if you make more than 400,000, you wouldn't pay more in taxes in 2013. again, we're all left guessing. and read what you will from representatives we spoke with. >> the $400,000 level seems to me to be about right. and that represents about the top 1% of income earners in the country and those are the people who got 93% of all the income growth last year. so, that seems to be the number and i think we need
6:04 am
some flexibility there. >> 250, 450, 700,000 a million who knows? we talked to chris wallace, he has the big show later on and he'll talk about what he thinks about the threshold. >> there's the one question, the central question, where do you set the threshold on income tax increases? you know, for extending the bush tax cuts, is it 250,000 and above, that you let the taxes go up, is it 400, 500,000, ultimately what it comes down to, harry reid says i can get enough votes from democrats to support this plan. >> and democrats say and republicans say that would be about the 1 percent-ers, so-called 1 percenters would hit that 400,000 a year maybe higher, up to 500,000, what revenue does this generate? we've been hearing about this for a long time. what does it actually generate? well, if we take about 12.4 days to run the federal
6:05 am
government, that's the amount of money extra that the government would bring in to run the federal government. that's how much we spend in 12 days. so, all of this fighting back and forth, that's why so much is being said or lack of-- i guess i should say, lack of being said about cuts. and the real way we can grow this economy is cuts. get all of this out of control spending in place first. >> dave: right, and just the conversation alone that we're now having, the american people are the loser in this deal because none of this talk is about this package growing the economy, jump starting any type of industry, doing anything about our deficit, doing anything about the out of control entitlements, this is simply, as we've seen before, kicking the can down the road. >> juliet: france's president, francois hollande, part of his platform he's going it raise taxes on the very rich. for him. 1.3 million u.s. dollars, that
6:06 am
doesn't work out so well for him. and that plan was shot down and the folks there saying it was unconstitutional. >> clayton: this news sort of happening overnight as we're getting ready for the show. we're seeing the he headlines out of france, unconstitutional, the courts had ruled there, 75% tax? uh-uh, not going to happen and francois hollande had said even while he was campaigning that he, against sarkozy, if you remember, he had basically con at the point in time for the rich and we asked curtis about this contempt earlier on the show. >> and the 75% rate was going to damage the french economy. it's struggling adding on that tax increase would make a bad situation worse. what it would have done, reduced the incentives for engaging in economic growth and helping to create the nos economic growth and jobs. and france and every country in the world needs is more economic growth. raising taxes reduces that
6:07 am
growth that those countries need so badly. >> clayton: i'm trying to compare what france has done and looking here in the united states, what california has done, you see a lot of the rich in california moving out, moving to texas and even tennessee and even in france you had the actor gerard depardieu moving out of france to belgium taxs he's about to face, a little belgium village because he could have access to france, but not have to pay the taxes. >> juliet: interestingly, only 1600 people fell into the category and would have fell into the rate. >> dave: and most the people can pass on a higher tax letting go a couple of employees, cutting back on expansion, cutting back on innovation, the kind of things that hurt economies. and perhaps there's a lesson learned here. >> clayton: exactly the same thing dealing when we put up that 12.4 days and taxing the
6:08 am
rich that's all it would run. >> dave: doesn't solve the problem. the northeast recovering from a second round of storms the past couple of weeks, and some parts of southern new england got up to a foot of snow, creating havoc on the roads. >> clayton: for more on what to expect when we leave the house, let's go over to maria molina at the fox weather center. >> good to see you guys. good morning, everyone. something to note across the northeast, not in terms of precipitation, but actually the the roadways, we could be seeing black ice across portions of new england and portions of the northeast. do drive carefully and safely and slow down out there we could see that throughout the day today. tempts are so cold and we had that round of light snow across some areas of the northeast, otherwise, eastern portions of massachusetts, connecticut and also rhode island, that's where we saw the bulls eye in terms of snowfall with over a foot recorded in some areas. otherwise, as far as the precipitation goes, most of the country is pretty quiet, but that leaves the center of the country and out west and we have a couple of specks
6:09 am
there in southern portions of texas moving in and basically the next system that's slowly going to start to develop and head into new year's eve and could actually be producing areas of rain and snow right at midnight for the fireworks celebration and some of you might be trying to enjoy. northeast, eastern maine dealing with areas of snowfall and we have also strong winds on the back side of that system from boston down into new york city with gusts over 40 to 50 miles per hour, of course, that's going to make it feel closer than what the temperature reads out there. >> that's nice. >> i was just outside for that car segment and even gloves weren't enough. >> all right, thanks, appreciate it. >> thank you, maria. all righty, let's get to other headlines and start with a fox news alert. we'll get back to the head, the u.s. ambassador in yemen. associated press is reporting that the terror group has posted on their website, an offer of $160,000 to anybody who kills this man, ambassador gerald firestein, excuse me,
6:10 am
and they're offering 23,000 dollars to anyone who kills an american soldier in yemen. a woman who shoved a man to his death in front of an oncoming train said she did it it because she thought he was a muslim and she wanted revenge for 9/11. it happened in new york, erica menendez looks crazed and ranting, apparently, according to those who saw her when she was picked up last night. she admitted to pushing the guy and she's charged with murder and a hate crime. her family says she is bipolar. good news now, former president george h.w. bush is out of intensive care, and now in a private room. he's been in the hospital since november 23rd, way back when for a persistent cough from bronchitis and a high fever as well. a family spokesperson says the former president is in good spirits and doctors are cautiously optimistic and current treatment is working. a sailor home in time to ring
6:11 am
in the new year with her family. who whoo! >> operation specialist chandra mcdonald has been away for a year travelling the world, singapore, dubai, south korea to name a few. >> i've been gone for a long time, so for them to be here is so hard, especially my sisters and brothers. >> and welcome home sailor, won't be deployed until may. those are your headlines, congratulations. >> i want to add quickly, the president said this morning on meet the press, the republicans only unifying theme in negotiations have been protecting tax breaks for the wealthy, that's what the president says. that's not exactly a good way to find common ground with republicans on the morning of the deal. >> juliet: i'm guessing that things aren't moving forward. >> dave: that may not be a coming-together moment. >> clayton: perhaps he knows that the ball is in his court
6:12 am
and-- >> playing politics. >> clayton: coming up on the show he, vladimir putin playing politics with children's lives. now, thousands of kids' futures hang in the balance. >> juliet: it's a horrible story, including this little boy's. the american couple trying to adopt him. they were supposed to be getting him just a few days from now. join us live to talk about this terrible story. >> dave: and a little hero, this boy is saved by his best friend, one of the best stories you'll hear all day. ♪ you lose, the more you lose, because for every two pounds you lose through diet and exercise, alli can help you lose one more by blocking some of the fat you eat. let's fight fat with alli. ♪
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6:15 am
>> welcome back, everyone, russia's vladimir putin, now banning the adoption of russian children by americans as of january 1, even halting the adoptions already in progress dealing an emotional blow to many families including our next guest. robert and kim summers are parents in the process of adopting a russian child and they're afraid they'll never see him again. robert and kim, good morning to both of you. >> good morning. >> dave: i'm sorry what you're going through and what the russian president is doing is despicable to say the least. you were so close, felt it was a part of your family, tell me how difficult it's been.
6:16 am
>> you can't fathom the pain, it feels like losing your child. this is our son and we have spent so many-- so much time waiting to get to this happy point and as a matter of fact, i looked at my husband this morning and said two weeks to go and we'll be in russia holding our son. and now that's so-- we don't know where we're at. >> dave: robert. in terms of the process and in terms of the emotional commitment, tell me how far along you are in this process. >> emotionally we're drained beyond belief, okay, look, we keep our spirits up that we are going to bring him home and we hope to bring him home within this two-week period left to go. we hope that the state department will do their duty to help us bring him home. >> dave: what do you do? what is the process now and what are they telling you both here and in russia. >> in russia we haven't heard
6:17 am
anything, nothing. we've reached out to the embassy and basically they're going on holiday now. they're going, so, i mean, the timing of all of this had to be planned somehow because all of the government offices in russia will be closed for the next week and a half to celebrate their holiday and the the new year. which we were aware of and that's why we had been given the date to return on the 13th of january. now, you know, we don't know where we're at. our son is still in the baby house, in the orphanage, if you will, and my clothing, my diaper bag, preston's stuff is at our host family in moscow. we thought we were returning. >> dave: and your son, like some estimated 120,000 other russian children who are
6:18 am
eligible for adoption to caring families like yours, american familyiey'ies adopt mo than any other country alone. what would you say to vladimir putin, and basically our legislation that punishes human rights violators. this is common sense. what do you think of the political steps? >> if i had to make a plea right now to the russian government and vladimir putin. please, free these children, they need a good life. the life that they're never ever going to get in an orphanage. and we want to bring him home. but we want all the families to bring their children home as well. >> dave: i want to give you the same opportunity. because i'm sure you'd say it's not about us as much as we're hurting.
6:19 am
the children are the ones to pay here, what would you say to the russian government. >> president putin please, you're a father, you're a father. it would be as if somebody ripped your child out of your arms, that's why we feel. you're tearing at our hearts and just for a political statement. it's so unfair to these children. it's so unfair. they deserve forever families. they deserve everything that life has to offer them. and they have no, i mean, they have no future. my son's future if i'm not permitted to bring him here, he will remain in an orphanage and every month that a child is in an orphanage, they lose three months of developmental-- development, if you will. and little by little they become where they have many, many delays and a lot of issues and he'll stay there and he'll age out and then
6:20 am
what? >> all right. i don't know, unfortunately, none of us know. here is how insensitive the russian president is, his statement says there are probably many places in the world where living standards are better than ours, so what? shall we send all the children there or move there ourselves? this is a man all about showing of strength, how macho he is and clearly is not a man by everything he's shown us in the last couple of days. what can our government do? what can our state department? what can you plead with them to do? >> we asked president obama to please, step in any way possible to help the children. please help these children, okay? that's all we ask. >> please help these families, because we have so much invested in our children, just like president obama has with his daughters and you know, from a parental point of view,
6:21 am
you know, you live for your children. i live for preston. preston is my child. he's our child and his everything in life is waiting for him. miss stroller is in the middle of my dining room. his room is filled with toys and clothes. it's not a matter of whether-- it's better to live here or better to live there, it's that they are he' getting loving families that can nurture them and develop them. >> dave: kim, and robert summers, we are sorry for what you're going through and hope something can change in the next couple of days. more "fox & friends" in two minutes. we're looking back at the year and those we lost in 2012. bodt tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion. staying active can actually ease arthritis sympto. but if you have arthritis, staying active can be difficult. prescription celebrex can help relieve arthritis pain
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quick headlines now. caught on come a the exact moment the plane misses the runway in moscow and crashes on to a highway. here is a wheel from the plane knocking a car almost right off the road. four crew members were killed. the cause still under investigation. and like a scene out of a james
6:25 am
bond flick a boater newscast a stunt to put out a boat fire. the driver creates a huge wave over the flames. he did it three times to completely put out the fire and save the boat. i'm impress. >> very clever. >> looks like something from the a-team. >> as the year comes to a close we look back at the lives and leg he is of some of those we lost in 2012. joining us is entertainment jurisdictionist aadora. good to see you. >> start off with andy griffith. he is a legend. >> multitalented actor, producer, singer. his career spanned more than half a century on stage, film and tv. he will always be best known as the and drivers griffith show and for matlock. andy griffith aired from 1960 to 1968 and one of the only three series in tv to go out
6:26 am
above the ratings. surprisingly he never actually won an emmy, however, he was inducted into the academy of television arts hall of fame in 1992 and in 2005 he steve the presidential medal of freedom and won a grammy in 1997 for his album of gospel music but his legacy for many will be the andy griffith theme song. >> of course. >> i didn't realize it went out at the top of the ratings like i love lucy and seinfedl. >> and henry hill. >> a a know torous new york city mob teresa payton and fbi informant jess died from heart failure and lived a complicated life from drug cartels to the air france robbery which then formed the base for the martin score saycy film.
6:27 am
popular characteristic. and robin giv gibb of the bee gees. stayin' alive and how deep it your love. >> best known for being one of the members of the bee gees with a career spanning six decades. they he sold more than 220 million records worldwide. divide as one of the major figures in the history of british music. he will be remembered for putting the disco on the map in the late '70s and creating the saturday night fever soundtrack starring john travolta can. and he received multiple grammy awards and inducted into the song writer's hall of fame. as the group the bee gees were entered into the rock and roll hall of fame of fame. he will be sadly missed. >> sherman helmsley famous for.
6:28 am
the jeffersons. >> he was a very famous actor. although he played the cranky george jefferson on the jefferson. he did serve in the u.s. air force for four years. he worked for the post office during the day and as an act or at night. since leaving the jeffersons he did turn up frequently for guest star roles and starred in familiar le matters and even landed a voice role on family guy. he died suddenly at age of 74. disputes over his will in his family prevented him from being buried last month. he will be remembered as the loveable opinioniated george. >> thank you very much. we appreciate your joining us today. >> happy new year. thanks so much. >> i could listen to her talk all day. >> she could call you later. >> yes. >> coming up, one of our
6:29 am
favorite neurotic guys on television. larry david. >> you signed in ahead of me. >> i was here before you. >> my appointment was for 11:30 and yours was for 11:45. >> the best fox and friends weekend of the moment of 2012. ♪ they got the beat ♪ hang around until quarter after 12 snods it's a big deal. check your december 30th sunday paper or print the coupon at
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6:32 am
welcome back to "fox and friends." some of the best news bloopers from 2012. i love them. here are are a few more. enjoy. >> oh, my god, that hurt! >> campbell is celebrating her 2th birthday in the hospital. >> that s not true. we did call the sheriff's hospital and all of the warnings do need to be taken seriously. power outages could be a problem. that is never a good idea, folks. >> this is about 12-pounds but they can grow -- oh! [ laughter ]
6:33 am
>> i'm chris garrett on fox 23. >> what does she think the fish is going to do, jump up and attack her and bite her ankle. >> getting wiggly on her. >> wiggly. >> we scattered the show with our own bloopers just for you. that is our service to you. >> highlights. >> close out 2012. >> see if we can have any next bloopers in the next segment. parts of pennsylvania hit hard from yesterday's snowstorm. the weather does not look good. dangerous conditions there. >> one of the favorite news bloopers is when nucema newsmao weather girl and said we will be canoodling. >> i would just move on like i will right now. >> a little awkward. >> current temperatures across the northeast widespread in the 20s in new york city and
6:34 am
philadelphia as we head into the interior sections in the northeast, really feels cold when you head out the door not just because of the temperature but when you factor in the winds makes if feelle like this. single digits in burlington, vermont, with the temperature at 5 degrees. that is the windchill temperature. new york city through boston, wind gusts 40 to 50 miles per hour and that, of course, could even cause travel delays if you are doing any flying out of the northeast for today. tomorrow, new year's eve day, looking at very cold temperatures across portions of the upper midwest. minneapolis, i'm sorry, 7 degrees for the high temperature. that is as arm as it is going to get tomorrow. during the midnight hour a lot colder than that. the southeast in florida back into the 70s. 73 the high temperature. in tampa. as far as any rainfall goes, not expecting much of that across the east for tomorrow at midnight but a new storm will produce rain in tennessee as we head into tomorrow night. guys?
6:35 am
>> thank you very much. >> thanks. let's get to headlines. start with fox news alerts. we may have the first sign of progress on the fiscal cliff. >> huh? >> listen up. just minutes ago on "fox news sunday" republican senator are lindsay graham said this. >> i think people don't want to go over the cliff if we can avoid it. what have we he accomplished? political victory for the president. he stood his ground. will get tax rate increases maybe not at 250 but on upper income americans and the sad news for the country is we accomplished very little in term its of not becoming greece or getting out of debt. this won't affect the debt situation. >> sort of hats off, wink, wink. >> the president told "meet the press" they hope to get a deal condon in the next 48 hours. police say a guy broke into a woman's home and drove her to the bank of america branch where she worked. she triggered an alarm but the
6:36 am
suspect escaped before police arrived. it took the bomb squad three hours to remove the device from her neck. she did escape unharmed luckily. >> a best friend becomes a hero after rescuing a boy who fell through the ice in iowa. they were walking on a lake when the ice gave way, sending 11-year-old ashton eckenrod into the water. >> i thought i was going to die from it. and just not see my family any more. he didn't say anything. he was just leak freaking out. i didn't know what to do so he just grabbed my hand. >> his 10-year-old friend managed to slide across the ice and pull him back out. they are both doing just fine. and think you are neurotic? that could be a good thing, you guys. >> thank good glance and you came down the hall and wouldn't let me get but you. >> you wouldn't let me get by? >> and signed in ahead of me. >> i was ahead of you. >> my appointment was for
6:37 am
11:30 and yours was for 11:45. >> a new study finds experts are reliable and responsible and that counter affects the negative effects of neuros is is. >> they are anxious and stressed out. >> a tradeoff. 2012 is certainly a big year with the presidential election front and center. "the fox report" anchor shep smith takes a look back at all of the major stories that made the news. >> shepard: politics played a major role as the u.s. counted down to the presidential election but mass shootings, a historic supreme court ruling and washington scandals also dom netanyahued thdominated th. >> the first in the nation iowa caucuses. initial reports put mitt romney out in front but the certified results showed former senator
6:38 am
rick santorum won by a handful of votes. george zimmerman shot and killed trayvon martin. he says he shot the 17-year-old in self-defense. fighting in syria intensifies but a defiant president refused to step down. active itists estimate at least 40 those people have died since the violence began last year. trouble in colombia for the u.s. secret service when agents allegedly brought prostitutes back to hair hotel. president obama arrived in the country just a few days later. the gop race for the white house took shape. mitt romney the party's presidential nominee. change in egypt. muhammed morisy months of private sector the first three presidential election but later sparked enormous protests when gave himself proceed powers. as the summer heated up so did the supreme court. the justices ruled on the
6:39 am
affordable care act. the 5-4 opinion a big win for the healthcare insurance plan. the court decided the individual mandate which requires nearly every american to have health insurance or pay a penalty falls under the government's taxation powers. massacre at the movies. james holmes opened fire at a midnight screening of the batman film "the dark knight rises." 12 people killed and 58 others hurt. athletes from all around the gold gathered for the 2012 summer olympic games in london. in august, a somber milestone for u.s. forces as the mel terr military deaths in afghanistan reached 2,000. >> a gunman opened fire in a sikh temple, killing six people and wounding four others before he kelly wrighte killed himsel. hurricane isaac cancelled the first day of the republican
6:40 am
national convention in tampa where the republican party nominations were accepted. >> i will work with all of my energy and soul to restore that america and lift our eyes to a better future. >> a week later democrats hosted their convention in charlotte, north carolina and president obama and vice president biden accepted their nominations for reelection. on september 11th gunmen killed the u.s. ambassador to libya chris stevens and three other americans at the american consulate in benghazi. >> they had a mission and they believed in it. they knew the danger and they accepted it. >> u.s. ambassador to the u.n. susan rice used intelligence agencies talking points to tie the violence to worldwide protests over an american made antiislam film. the attack later linked to terrorism and some on capitol hill accuse the administration of covering up the truth though there is no evidence of that. in the midst of that controversy, president obama and governor mitt romney squared off in three debates.
6:41 am
while both joe biden and paul ryan came out swinging at their one on only pressial debate. benia minute netanyahu renewed his calls for drawing a red line on iran's nuclear program. the white house said all items are on the table. the u.s. antidoping agency released a report accusing lance armstrong of using performance enhancing drug. it cost him his 7 tour de france titles. a jury son convicted jerry sandusky on 45 counts of child sex abuse and he was sentenced to at least 30 years in prison. devastation in the northeast as superstorm sandy slam inside the coast. it caused the heaviest damage in parts of new york and new jersey. it caused a gas shortage that led to long lines and
6:42 am
rationing. >> president obama won a second term in office. >> we remain more than a collection of red states and blue states. we are and forever will be the united states of america! while republicans retained control of the house and democrats kept their majority in the senate. and just days after the election, a scandal hit washington. the cia director, the retired general day rid petraeus resigned after admitting he had an affair with his biographer. a man murdered 20 children and six adults at an elementary school in newtown connecticut. he killed his own mother before the shooting spree and later killed himself at the school. >> you are not alone in your grief. but our world, too, has been torn apart. >> thank you. an amazing look back. hard to believe that all happened in this year. >> yeah. >> up next, on the rundown, how your health insurance could
6:43 am
change when obama care kicks in next year. the pros and cons of a health savings account. >> we are looking back at the best "fox and friends" weekend moment of 2012. who is the bigger man when it comes to sport events like this one? >> me obviously. >> apparently not you. >> look at that man. ♪ droid dna augmentation initiated. vision expanding to a 5-inch 1080p hd display and camera.
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6:46 am
welcome back to "fox and friends." a plane landing nose first in arizona. the small aircraft carrying four you people was headed to scottsdale when the pilot noticed a problem with the landing gear. the plane made an emergency landing. luckily, no one was hurt. former president george h.w. bush out of intensive care and in a private room. he has been in the hospital since november 23 for a persistent cough for are bronchitis and a high fever.
6:47 am
doctors are cautiously optimistic that the current treatment is working. >> there is that phrase again. >> cautiously optimistic. we heard that a few times. never too early to see what impact obama care will have on your wallet. one insurance option the health savings account. the executive director of the american bankers association hsa council. good to see you. >> my pleasure to be here. >> take a look at this and kind of how it breaks down here. the 2013 hsa info. this is contribution limits deductibles and out of pocket expenses. so a single minimum deductible would be $1,200 and minimum out of pocket $6,200 and family $2,500 and up to $12,500. >> this is where the liability is capped. you are looking at a much more expensive 2014 and 2013 contribution this is designed for people who want to cap
6:48 am
obligations and save money for future healthcare needs. fidelity investments said if we retired now we would need $240,000 to get us from retirement to the grave. that is a lot of money. >> what is the pros? what is the biggest pro here? >> when the affordable care act actually comes into effect in 2014 and every american is going to be required to have health insurance this will be the most affordable product you can buy, by a lot. we think you will need to save money over time. this is the most affordable thing. this is where the millions are americans who don't have health insurance will land. >> the architecture of the account is a big pro. >> a huge pro. indiana switched over its entire state health plan so that 90% have hsas. they have $54 million in the account for future healthcare needs and that doesn't happen in a traditional healthcare plan. >> this are cons. what are they? >> there are a couple of. because the deductibles are
6:49 am
your obligation there are some places where there will not be a contribution from an employer in the account. you really are going to have to do individual diligence and save the money because you have to spend it before you can access insurance benefits with the exception of preventive care. >> and can't purchase over the counter drugs is that, correct? >> that was one of the tradeaways. before you could do that and now you can't. there have been a number of efforts in congress to reverse that but so far unsuccessful. >> might have high out of pocket costs on this one. >> the deductibles are where it starts. every plan in america statue statutorily lapped at 12.5. if somebody has a major illness or chronic disease 10% of $250,000 s $25,000. way more than 12.5. >> thank you for joining us.
6:50 am
>> thank you for having me. >> we will have more information on our website. coming up, looking back at the best of "fox and friends" weekend. stay here. it is fantastic. >> i shall do that. >> trip down memory lane. we'll be right back. >> harpoon laically and nightly. ♪ the kid don't play >> i can't wait. >> go. >> whoa nell will. >> we will be back in two and two. >> thank you very much. >> i'm no marilyn monroe but happy birthday, mr. president. nah, i'm good. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette, you celebrate a little win. to a cigarette, the patch with time release smart control technology that acts fast and helps control cravings all day long. ♪ quit one day at a time with nicoderm cq.
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well, it is an annual tradition here around the "fox and friends" studios when look we are post election, when we had to be serious for a long time. we just want to have some fun, right? we look back and think did we have any fun this year. a tough election year. >> it is funny this happens to us at the end of the year. we think this, we do nothing but politics and world events and go did we have any fun on look back on it with the wonderful producers and we are like did we get anything serious done throughout the last year. >> here are some of our favorite moments from 2012. hard to believe. take a look. ♪
6:54 am
good morning everybody. great to see you. >> happy new year. >> this coffee has been here since last year. >> the vests have gone viral. >> this isn't going to go well. >> i can't wait for reichmuth and the bear. >> we'll be back in two and two. >> i'm no marilyn monroe but happy birthday, mr. president. >> vanilla ice wannabe. >> let's do it. >> will it ever stop. ♪ i don't know ♪ if there was a problem ♪ yo i'll solve it ♪ check owl the hook while the deejay revolves it ♪ >> now, you can walk in my shoes. ♪ >> we don't object if you are dancing. >> it is the fox and friends
6:55 am
orchestra. >> wait a minute! >> don't go down the stairs. those are stairs! >> clayton, do not go down the stairs. >> who do you have to tip. >> i will give you a tip if you pull your microphone out of your pocket. [ laughter ] >> that is the best tip of the day. >> thanks so much, rick. >> i want to know about accent walls and how to do -- no, i don't. first i want to know about your headlines and then i want to know about accent walls. >> doesn't leak the heat that i bring. >> a brand new father. >> there she is. >> my girl. you shout of the morning. the newest member of the "fox and friends" family. >> a new member of the "fox and friends" family. >> a new daddy. well, not a new daddy but number two. i'm so happy you had a girl. i was rooting so hard for a girl. >> may the best father win in three, two, one. clayton off to a good start. dave pushing off with his
6:56 am
hands. i'm not sure if that was allowed. >> go! >> how silly does dave look? >> he definitely has to flip the hamburgers fast. flip them fast. >> 18 degrees in there. filled with ice. >> how is my hair? >> you think that i have been chicken but that s not the case. >> go! >> dave, are you tempted to go nuts in midtown manhattan right now? >> yeah. >> this is a sweep right here. >> cleaning up the studio here. >> i thought we were already in the after the show, show. >> not yet so keep it clean. the last time we will be together on the curvey couch.
6:57 am
dave briggs is moving up in the world and we are terribly sad to see him go. >> i love you guys. and rick has been my confidante and office mate. i never had an office family. damn, i'm going to miss it. >> we will miss you. >> no mar canoe races between you and i. it would have been five years in april for me but the canoe race. am i invited back to take you on? >> i mean come on, i don't know who is going to be sitting there but no one as athletic as you i'm sure. >> more "fox and friends" in two minutes. ♪ will have ever stop, yo i don't know ♪ ♪ better hit bullseye the kid don't play ♪ >> i can't wait for reichmuthou >> i can't wait for reichmuthou and the bare. >> we'll be back in two andr
6:58 am
two, chuck woolery.
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