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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  January 12, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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big imus news? >> the i-man has resigned with the fox business network. on the radio and all over the country for three more years. i will be on this coming tuesday. i will be on anderson cooper and looking forward to it. >> excellent. i threar is a big anniversary at the daily caller. >> it is the daily caller's third anniversary and that's due to the work of our sexy and brilliant and not at all flatulant founder tucker carlson. >> a little late for that, will. bill, i know i am going to regret this, but at the end of the last segment you started to say i have a theory and then were cutoff. >> yes. thanks. i have a theory that all of the pieces in the monopoly game belong to the monopoly man. he has a top hat and drives a race car and does ironing because he is a single. if you will have a piece it should be his big old bushy mustache. >> that was agreeably stupid. >> thanks to jedediah bila, bill schulz and will and bernard. that does it for me. see you next time. ain't gettins
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place. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> what do you do for a living? >> i'm on unemployment. >> are you the only occupier with a leather recliner? >> no, i'm not. >> some officials in hawaii angry with me for reporting on how liberal the aloha state really is we will talk with a congresswoman from honolulu. >> obama never promised women would have seats of significance at the table of power. he just promised that they would have contraceptives and free abortions. >> bill: mike huckabee and some liberals like charles rangel furious with president obama for not hiring nor women in his second term. laura ingraham on that. >> we got to deal with this as a family. together. no matter how it effects anybody financially wise, whatever. >> "time" magazine trying to
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make new jersey governor chris christie look like a mob boss? >> make him look like tony soprano. i can't wait for that to come home for my kids to see it. >> get to the bottom of that. >> where is dumb dumb? >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. the unintended consequences of a liberal america. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. if you watch the factor often, you know i'm not an idealogue. in fact, some the people who attack me the most are far right people on talk radio. but the far left despises me as well. because i bring a traditional sensibility to my commentary. primarily, we are problem solvers here. if there is a solution on the left, we will endorse it. certainly the economic safety net set up by franklin
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roosevelt helped the nation through the depression. the tough stance that lyndon johnson took on civil rights was absolutely the right thing to do in the 1960's. >> now we are seeing a move to the left in america that does not bodi -- bode well. 50% of american households have someone receiving some kind of social assistance. in order to pay for the entitlements, both earned like medicare and given like food stamps the nation's deficit is approaching 16.4 trillion. would can't sustain that spending. president obama and liberal allies don't seem very concerned. and that, in my opinion, is dangerous. on the social front the latest stats available show there were 1,200,000 abortions performed in the u.s.a. in 2008. that means more than a million americans will never be born. should the country be proud of that? yet, we see wild applause when
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proabortion zealots speak at the democratic convention, for example. exactly what are they applauding that more than a million potential human beings are dead? drug front panoply that drug use will be legal in the u.s.a. close to 30 million americans are addicted to something. yet, some people are happy, happy that, yet, another indocks can't will soon be widely available. does that make any sense to you? as far as children are concerned they can see the lowest forms of depravity on the internet. yet public schools are mandated to virtually ignore religion. let's recap, enormous amount of entitlement spending drive the nation into bankruptcy.
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judeo religion philosophy deemphasized in schools. abortion and drugs more widely available. should would he be celebrating this move to the left? you make the call. and that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. perhaps the most liberal state in the union is hawaii. more than a million americans live there. hawaii has the fourth highest homeless rate in the u.s.a. it ranks number one in food stamps. >> its debt approaching $10 billion. money it will never be able to pay back. 39% of hawaiians describe themselves as nonreligious. prostitution and drug use widely accepted in the islands. the individual state income tax rate, the highest in the country at 11%. if you are an underaged girl in hawaii, you can get an abortion without telling your parents. and if you rape a child in the aloha state the mandatory prison sentence is an unbelievable two years. hawaii will not pass jessica's
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law to correct that appalling situation. joining us from honolulu is congresswoman who rejected the factor's report that focused in on hawaii's liberal culture. congresswoman what exactly is your beef? >> first of all, mr. o'reilly, thank you for giving us this opportunity. >> bill: sure. >> what i was taking great exception to was the way you basically described asian americans, which i am a part of. you must know that one of the issues that we have always contended with as asian americans is the fact that we have had to deal with for example world war ii and the fact that japanese americans were interned for no reasons other than the fact where their parents may have been born and where they were worn. >> bill: that was appalling. at that time franklin roosevelt liberal guy not me. what did i say about asian americans that has you fired up? >> you just basically said that we couldn't be from a
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liberal state though i'm sure you meant it as a compliment. we are hard working and we are in fact indust industrious. >> bill: that's exactly what i said. those my contact words. >> that did not equate to someone who is liberal. what you fail to recognize is a major part of our culture, our asian culture pacific islander culture is the fact that we cherish our capuna those are our elders. we believe someone put it together we move together. we are a culture that really talk band care about each other. >> bill: that has nothing to do with what we are talking about. listen, did you see the report. >> yes. >> bill: do you remember hot correspondent was? >> no, i'm sorry i don't. other than the fact that it was you. that you were talking. >> bill: you don't remember the guy that we sent to hawaii who was talking to me on the set? >> >> no i don't remember that person. >> bill: do you remember
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seeing him on the set? >> no i don't remember seeing him on the set. >> it's hard to believe you saw the report with all do respect. >> i saw you. >> bill: he was with me and you didn't see him. >> i also saw the scenes that you put on your report. i saw those. >> bill: you saw them on media -- congresswoman just listen to me for a minute because i think you are a good person and a fair person. i don't believe you saw that report on television. i think you saw it on media matters, which i site on your web site and you took a clip from media matters, which they took totally out of context, totally out of context, all right? you didn't see the full report on this program. you didn't, did you? >> i saw it -- yeah, you are right. >> bill: all right. thank you. >> rebroadcast. >> bill: that's mistake number one. the asian comment was in the context of watters going to hawaii, interviewing guys in recliners who are on unemployment sitting back in the beautiful sun and saying, you know what? it's give me stuff. i don't want to work for it. that's what it was -- that's
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it. it wasn't an asian american report. >> if you want to -- if you want to just pick on certain things in hawaii. >> bill: no, no. no. i love hawaii. >> i'm sure you could find it. >> i know that's what i found to be so interesting. >> bill: i know hawaii -- congresswoman, i know hawaii as well as any journalists in this country. i based out thereof when i did my asian reporting. i love hawaii. however, you can't dispute what i just told you. you have a very low unemployment rate in hawaii. it's 5.3%. >> very low. actually lower than that depending on -- >> bill: highest food stamp and fourth highest homeless rated in the country. that's because you have set up an entitlement system that encourages people to get food stamps and be homeless. that's what you have done. the addiction rate in the islands is off the chart because you don't enforce the drug laws there. drugs are coming in from everywhere. this is the liberal culture.
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statistics. >> bill: i gave them to you. >> no. you do not have -- you do not have statistics available based oon what you say drug use. those statistics are not kept by the fbi or by our own attorney general's office. >> you can't do it because you know you do. let's get to the -- >> -- no, wait a minute. i have worked on this whole issue with crystal meth in hawaii. and i will tell you the one thick that we have always recognized and we have always done is we have addressed it and we know where to start. that's when we have been successful. >> bill: mrs. congresswoman you are a good woman. you know you have a problem, which is why you are spending your time on it it now, i have got to get to jessica's law. are you kidding me? two year mandatory for child rape? 45 states have some kind of jessica's law which means that child rapist are given 15 to life if they commit that crime. hawaii won't even consider it. come on. have you got to get behind
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that. >> i will tell you, i will get behind it it. >> we are talking about a liberal hawaii. a liberal hawaii. >> we care about our elders. we care about those who need help. >> bill: conservative people care about their elders too. >> we have a very strong culture in hawaii. all i'm saying is when you characterize us in hawaii, be aware that you are talking about a culture of people who have managed to live together and work together. also realize that john kennedy said we are what america should be like. >> bill: okay. >> because we have that special state. i'm glad you like coming here. and i hope that you continue to come here. >> bill: in their hearts hawaiian people are the best. in their hearts. all right? your social system is chaotic. and do me one favor because i think you are a very good
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woman. never again condemn anybody unless you see the total report. because, what i did was not offensive to asians. i was talking into a context that you didn't see because you took it off a far left web site that is dishonest. and that doesn't do you any good. >> no. no you are offensive to asians. you are. by making that statement, you were offensive to all of us who are asian. >> bill: no, no, congresswoman. >> we are not one person. we want you to recognize that we are different. that is all we're asking to do. we are individuals and we are different. >> bill: i will do that if you will promise me you will be fair if you are going to come after somebody, watch the report. it was three minutes and 30 seconds. you could have done it you should have done it congresswoman, thanks very much. >> i did see the report and i'm sorry if you feel i didn't watch the whole thing. >> bill: you just said you didn't watch it so we'll take your word. next on the rundown, president obama criticized for not
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appointing enough women in the second term. mcguirk want to talk about ms. alabama brouhaha and we are coming right back.
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aren't ation many women as there were the first time around a. promise people seats of significance at the table of power. he just promised that he would have scene that acceptives and free abortions. so the old adage that was once said that, you know, you would talk about some extreme sexist pig who just wanted to keep women bare foot and pregnant, i guess maybe you could say
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that this is a president who wants it to keep them bare foot and barren. >> bill: for the record i don't believe the president is a sexist: joining us from washington radio talk show star laura ingraham. and you say? >> bill, here is what is funny about all of this. the president has made a big deal, big splash back in 2004 saying we are not white or black america, red or blue where the united states of america. that was very refreshing. i think when people first heard him give that speech. it was a sense of inclusiveness and let's get beyond the america. criticism of not having women and the response. you see we are inhis perpetual mode of bean counting in america. the president got himself in trouble on this on his own. he made such a big deal of well, we're diverse and we have diversity. how about just have excellence. and if they're women or black or gay or straight, it doesn't
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matter. if they are excellent appointees and smart and knowledgeable and can offer something to the american people. isn't that what we deserve? and the people who are paying their taxes? >> bill: you are almost sticking up for the president because i think what is he doing. it looks to me like he is saying i don't have a litmus test for we have got to have 8 women and got to have four blacks. >> that's good. shouldn't demonize other people. >> bill: sticking up for barack obama here who is under a barrage of criticism from both the left and the right. and ms. laura is coming to the president's defense. >> okay. i am to an extent, right? he invited this criticism himself on himself because he is in bed with all of these far left groups that do using beaten counting to try to clothe themselves in some type of invulnerability. you are invulnerable to criticism because you have ex number of women in your company or on your board, it's
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ridiculous. >> bill: maybe is he evolving into a position that you and i have that all jobs in america should be given on merit lawyer. >> only after he slams mitt romney for the binder. at least mitt romney had a binder. >> bill: remind people what that was. mitt romney said he had a binder of qualified women. >> qualified women and he wanted to hire more of them. >> bill: he got criticized -- i could never figure out what was wrong with that it? >> was ridiculous, bill. look, you are seeing all of this emerge in the ongoing debate about the hhs mandate and you are against women. and if you are not for government funded or insurance mandates for contraceptive coverage it's ridiculous. >> it's even worse than that if you are against abortion you are anti-women and anti-women rights. why are we applauding abortion? is there anyone on earth? i know this is a big issue for you. >> yeah. >> bill: why are we applauding that? sometimes it's necessary. >> when is it necessary?
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>> bill: why are we having pep rallies about it? isn't that disturbing? >> number one, i don't think it's ever necessary. >> bill: in the life of a mother. >> i don't know what instances you have to kill a child to save a mother. that could probably be an hour debate. what we know here is that there is an ongoing debate in the united states about making everybody's lives better, more prosperous. people have more take home pay, create jobs for all americans. women included. i saw bumper sticker on in a car on the way to the studio. bill, on a blue prius looked like a young woman in her 20's, i couldn't tell exactly. young attractive woman driving it had a bumper sticker that said progun choice. which i just thought was bizarre on a prius and she is pro-choice but i guess she wants to have whatever gun she wants to buy. she wants to have the free choice to buy whatever type of ammunition and gun she wants to to offend herself there is a lot of interesting twist on who is more pro-women and pro-choice. >> bill: very busy person.
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>> it was great. only in washington could you see that i love it. >> bill: laura ingraham, everybody. mile high city higher. denver's pot club is on the march now that the drug is league. then gutfeld mcguirk discuss chris christie's soprano like poor pratt on the front of "time" magazine. how about that? upcoming.
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so mr. corrie inhold as you
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may know is shutting down some these pot clubs operating for years because of all the social problems. in portugal they have legalized drugs and had a lot of problems there in zurich they had to stop that. what do you think about that. >> this is america and a free country. the voters of colorado have spoken and we want to treat marijuana like alcohol that was what amendment 64 is all about. it is much safer to treat it that way in a regulated fashion and that's what we are doing. there are hundreds of thousands of alcohol clubs all over america. we are just like those except marijuana. >> bill: i'm wondering about the safer comment. i used to live in denver as you know. everybody has a car. mass transit very minor there in colorado. they go to your club 64. you don't sell marijuana there but you allow them to use. sit sit around and have little
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snacks i'm sure you sell. then they have to leave and go home and they are stoned and your responsibility for that is? >> well, these are all adults. and we don't allow anyone who is under 21. >> bill: but they are adults but stoned when they leave your club. and they have to go home in a car. all right. and your responsibility for that is? >> they don't have to go home in a car because when they go to bars they arrange for designated drivers. they can take a cab. they can walk. they can do any number of things and nobody comes in and condemns a bar owner for serving someone alcohol. >> bill: do you see the difference between having a beer or a glass of wine in a bar and smoking a joint? >> not much different. >> bill: you don't think that the altering capacity of one beer is different from smoking a blunt? i mean with the level of thc that's in those cigarettes now, you don't see any difference? >> the science would say that alcohol is more detrimental. >> bill: one beer, one glass of wine because there are
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blood alcohol levels that you have to obey. one beer, one glass of wine as opposed to smoking a marijuana cigarette which they are going to do in your club. you don't see any difference? >> i would say it's about the same. >> bill: about the same. okay. >> it is. >> bill: i don't think you are going to get a lot of flack on that statement. in los angeles, medical marijuana clinics more than 200 of them have been closed down in the state of california i should say. a lot of them in l.a. the reason is that authorities said around these clinics with drug dealers. okay? because people who are in the drug culture, ie marijuana, then are a little bit -- have a little bit more tendency to use other drugs and that was attracting the dealers. also something that you don't have to worry about because you are not selling drugs at club 64. buying selling it to children. that was a big problem as well. but the culture that is being created by this intoxicant,
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marijuana does holland, portugal, los angeles and california lead to other problems. and you don't seem to be very concerned about that. >> well, i'm not because the science says that banks, convenience stores and liquor stores all attract more crime than medical marijuana centers and dispensaries in colorado. >> bill: why the bank convenience stores because people are going to rob them. you are comparing apples to oranges or comparing meth to pot. that would probably be better. >> here is the difference though. every time a liquor store is robbed in colorado which does unfortunately happen, it doesn't hit the media. if a medical marijuana shop is robbed it is front page news. it attracts an undue amount of attention but the crime rates are lower. >> bill: this whole drug culture thing i feel is very unhealthy, you obviously see it as a positive forrest country. i will give you the last word. >> this is bigger than just marijuana. i mean, this is about freedom. and we as americans have the
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right to pursue life, liberty and happiness. that is in the declaration of independence. >> bill: as long as you don't hurt anybody else. >> exactly. the declaration of independence was written on hemp paper. this is part of our country's heritage. >> bill: i wouldn't do what you are doing because i know that all the people leaving my club 64 are stoned and most of them are going to get into cars and i wouldn't want that on my conscience. just me. >> that's not the case. that is not the case at club 64. >> bill: if that's not the case then i'm the abominable snowman. >> i think you should come. >> bill: allowing people to get stoned. that's what it is. denver has no mass transit so they have got to drive. thank you very much. plenty more as the factor are we crazy? is america becoming too permissive in the drug and alcohol area? then gutfeld and mcguirk on chris christie's soprano portrait and the must
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>> bill: personal story segment tonight, we are beginning a new segment called "are we crazy?" let's face it the u.s.a. is changing rapidly and some things that are happening are kind of nuts. here now to help us out with first effort barney farce attorney. wendy walsh human behavior expert and author of the upcoming book the 30 day love detox. all right.
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dr. walsh, begin with you. you just heard the discussion with the marijuana clinic guy. not clinic but social club guy. and he says. >> right. >> no difference between smoking a joint and drinking a beer in a bar. and you say? >> i say i have seen cat scans of both and the red wine that you and i like to drink, bill, is far worse on our brains. you are right, they shouldn't be getting in cars until we have breathalyzers that can connect detect that there is marijuana in their systems. >> bill: i don't drink. >> at all? >> water and maybe a fanta. dr. farce, this is the argument that you can have a glass of wine and a beer, that's exactly the same as sitting there in club 64 in denver, colorado all night, it's no difference and you say? >> will, i think you have got the answer, which is you have made a personal choice not to drink. the problem is, is we are becoming too permissible in
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our society and too many people are doing that should we legislate it? should adults be able to go out and have a joint if they want to? i say absolutely yes. i think we need more people like to you say i'm going to put the breaks on my own behavior though and not go in. >> as far as america being society knew that it looks like it's going to embrace another intoxicant and this filters down, dr. walsh to children. you know, when i was growing one refer madness the movie and all of that we were propagandized into thinking that marijuana was bad and then this vietnam thing came in and that flew out the window. however, it is an intoxicant and now children are being told, you know what? it's just like a beer. it's okay. and i will tell you what, i know enough about this world to know if a child smokes marijuana, the childhood vanishes by the way. they can never come back. they are altered forever. and it's a bad thing. the message that we are sending now is is is that it is okay, dr. walsh. i say that it's okay to have
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these freedoms for adults if you are only going to put the money towards predicting our young ones and kids and people who are not interested in pursuing this. this is not about morals. this and money anyway. governments are getting themselves out of debt in states and cities because they are taxing this stuff so much. >> bill: they are not getting themselves out of debt. >> bill: they tax the hell out of alcohol now. >> people not incarcerating. they need to take some of that money and protect our kids. >> bill: i'm not calling for anybody to be incarcerated, okay? i'm saying the message that we are sending because we are becoming a very permissive culture here much like holland, all right? and in holland it's a disaster. these kids are disastrous, right? because they cause so much social problems. this guy in denver saying these people are going to walk out and be absolutely fine. that's not true. >> no, i totally agree with you in one sense, bill. here is the problem. the problem is parents aren't regulating teaching kids.
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more narcissistic, research shows more narcissistic. >> bill: parental authority is absolutely -- >> we shouldn't have to legislate it bill. >> bill: but we do. let's switch dr. walsh to this study that comes out oof the centers for disease control because i only have a minute on this showing that binge drink something increasing among women big time. your reaction to that? >> big time? i think that me feminist sisters hate me when i talk this way. women seem to be adopting a male model of everything. when it comes to our biology, we just can't do it. the reason why women are binge drink something they are trying to keep up with men who have a bigger body weight and can metabolize alcohol better. the statistics are terrible like something like one in eight women binge drink at least three times a month. that's as many as six drinks. so, they can't -- i don't think women should behave sexually like men. i don't think women should drink like men. women need to learn there isn't equality when we are driving this perfect biology that is very different.
1:38 am
>> bill: last question, dr. forest, why are so many men and women binge drinking. >> the research didn't specifically address that bill. i think that one hypothesis is that they're acting more like men. another hypothesis is that women are in positions that are stressful and they are turning to alcohol as an easy stress reliever. >> bill: ladies, thanks very much. when we come right back, what the heck just happened? chris christie on the cover of "time" magazine looking like tony soprano. justin bieber apparently smoking pot and the must burger ms. alabama deal. the boys moments away. @huhanp%
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the what the heck just happened segment tonight. we have a full roster of controversy. here now john gibson in for greg gutfeld who apparently throwing up at home. let's all feel sorry for gutfeld. one guy who will not feel sorry for him bernard mcguirk. have you ever felt sorry for anybody in your life. >> i feel sorry forever the lady to does your pedicures. >> bill: my nails are all right. oh that's a manicure. the feet thing? a guy would never do that a real guy. >> you hear about bill o'reilly. >> bill: would a real guy ever do that? no. right? >> no pedis. >> i don't feel bad for greg gutfeld i saw him doing gym
1:43 am
doing squats in the steam room. >> bill: i don't know what that means. chris christie comes on the program. mcguirk is a producer there. talking about the "time" magazine cover. throw it on up there and you say? >> i say first of all "time" magazine it's a dead mag walking. about as relevant as mother jones magazine or phil donahue for that matter. as far as the picture goes, i think it's amusing. he looks like he is sitting in a room -- small room with al roker getting gastric bypass advice. >> bill: he does look kind of ominous there gibson does he not? >> sure he does this. is part of the east coast christie love fest going on. >> bill: why would they make him look like a mafia guy if they love him? >> everybody loves tony soprano. why wouldn't they love chris christie. >> bill: i took it another way. >> if they did that to devol patrick or antonioville gross is a there would be whining. >> if they tried to make the mayor of l.a. look like al
1:44 am
pacino in scarface there would be a problem. >> exactly. black and white thing looks like a mugshot of ravel cram cramlin going to the moon alice and got busted without the bus driver hat of course. >> isn't this part of making him even more popular where he is running for re-election? >> let's hear what the governor had to say about it, go. >> you want to see a picture of a really tough guy? >> yeah, let me see. yeah, did you see that? i'm reporting "time" magazine to like anti-italian defamation league. look at that thing. boss underneath it come on. >> makes you like like tony soprano. >> i can't wait for that to come home for my kids to see it. >> bill: you know what mcguirk, he likes that. >> why not? it's a good image. good fela's image. i'm all for it. this guy is the man, in my humble opinion. he is the future. i mean, with all due respect to the my friends on the right who criticized governor christie, he is the guy, he is
1:45 am
a no b.s. straight talking miss call hawk. what's the biggest danger to our country debt? >> what did i tell you about the east coast love fest? it's sitting right here. outside of this area are not going to forget those wet kisses he gave barack obama. i don't think they are going to forget that. >> he had to do that. >> of course he had to do it. he didn't have to do it so many times. >> lance armstrong who i think is a weasel, is he going to go on oprah and talk about his alleged drug use in the tour de france. and you say, gibson? what's he going to say? you make a prediction. >> there is no reason to go on oprah except to admit, apologize and ask for forgiveness. there is no reason. >> bill: he lied for 18 years and took all these photographs home? >> is he gonna say it was my drive to win and i had cancer and i had a short life and i really needed to do it and i'm so sorry. please forgive me. >> bill: you should do the interview instead of him because that was convincing. >> oprah is going to give him a little james frey and
1:46 am
forgive him. >> bill: oprah is going to forgive him? >> yes. >> bill: what's he going to do? >> go on and tell oprah how thin she looks maybe present her with a stationary bicycle as a gift. katie couric and ellen degeneres and combined couldn't carry her jock. >> bill: flatter her. >> make out ohow uncle tried to make out with him when he was a kid and get sympathy. american hero. went into france and beat the crap out off the ♪y ingrate french at their own game. >> bill: how are were they cheating? >> they were cheating too. he was the best of the cheaters. >> bill: you admire him because he outcheated the cheaters? >> with one onion, too. >> bill: i think mcguirk should be -- i don't know what that means. don't y'all think that mcguirk should be the principal of some school because of the -- more with the boys in a moment. i have got to apologize for the segment.
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brent mustberger and ms. alabama in the segment. baby tip of the day. should babies
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. we continue now with what the heck just happened. gibson, what do you think about this mus burger ms. alabama deal. did you watch it live? >> no i watched the replay. >> you saw mus burger flat terred the woman and you say. >> vastly overblown. there is no reason for espn to apologize. a boring game. the director who says in his ear pretty girl shot. he goes a little over the top. and what this is is
1:51 am
executives to apologize. throw this guy under the bus for that, these thumb sucking spineless espn executives should be ashamed of themselves. i mean, the guy did nothing wrong. cathy griffin tries to kiss anderson griffin's crotch. two days later getting standing ovations. poor old brent mus burger he is a pervert. >> bill: did you see it live? did you watch it. >> did i not. >> bill: i talked to some kids about this. and they said what you said. they said it was because musburger older guy looking at a younger woman. that's what the offense was. whether that ages -- ageism or not i don't know. shouldn't apologize because they make the situation 100,000 times worse. the only people complaining about this are really the crazies on the internet. you know, the extreme now,
1:52 am
maybe they had mail from, you know, regular folks. i didn't get email on it. i got mostly mail sticking up for musburger. the girl wasn't ongedded. >> she went on "the today show." >> alec baldwin married a woman 30 years his junior. >> is he a broadcaster. they were trying to get people to continue to watch. >> bill: he was exuberant. >> a little bit more than hey there is a nice looking woman she dates a quarterback and a mother. well, i'm not going to do musburger imitation but there it is. justin bieber. >> i have the latest bieber right next to my vanilla fudge album. i love the guy. let's pop the picture up. not that picture. yeah. now apparently he is smoking pot, mcguirk, which you know, we have dealt with in this program. is he not in denver. he is not at club 64.
1:53 am
he is like some place else. then he issued a statement saying that he is evolving as a person or something. i don't know gobbledygook and you say. >> i say this is a concerted effort on his people's part to try to make him -- give him a more hard core image. is he going the way of marky mark and the funky bunch. >> they want him to be jimmy morrison of the doors and janice job blin? i have got to go back to the 1960's. >> while you were getting your nails done today, i actually did some research, his body guard is suing him for beating the body guard up. >> bill: bieber beat the body guard up? >> i swear to god. >> bill: what is he 11 years old? the body guard? what is he 5'8". >> transparent effort to make this canadian little squirt seem like a tough guy. the thing is he is going to have to hold up a liquor store. and then he will go to jail. >> bill: i don't know tough guy smoking a marijuana cigarette. i don't know if that's the figure for tough guy.
1:54 am
>> bieber with a blunt and little twister. that is a p.r. guy's good day. >> will littl twister. >> little twister. >> bill: that's a rapper with bieber? >> little twister. they are conversing. do you think they're talking about the national debt? >> no question. >> bill: probably not. >> debt ceiling. bait coming up. bad thing about this bieber thing is lots of kids. >> that's true. >> bill: they look up to him. it's like jerry matters in the 1960's if he was shooting heroin with wally and beeb. he was beeb. we don't want justin bieber. you have a responsibility to the kids, justin, they buy yourself. don't be using drugs in public. is that reasonable? am i reasonable here. >> completely for a change absolutely. your nails look great by the way. >> bill: this nail fetish you have mcguirk, this is starting to disturb me. in a moment, factor tip of the day. why, why is this baby dancing?
1:55 am
the tip 60 seconds away.
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day. should babies dance, in a moment. first some male, champaign, illinois, your talking points summed up the current status of the country. the president is accumulating more power and people are the not paying attention. >> and michael stapleton, min ams. -- minneapolis. and why don't you tell two wars and tax cuts run up the 16 trillion dollar web make, get off the websites, maybe that would be a good thing for you. the wars are a factor in the debt, but entitlement spending is overwhelmingly driving. mr. obama had two years of a democratic congress which drove the wild spending.
1:57 am
sorry to upset you with the facts. rosemarie nicholson of new jersey, what took you so long. too bad you didn't talk about obama's agenda to socialize the country before the election. now, rose marie, you and the guy from minneapolis are the same mindset. a fair and precise poll, 80% of the factor said that. i did not use words socialism as facts, because that's an opinion. betty santos, albuquerque, new mexico, where does it all end. we have military people coming back home with serious injuries and the taxpayer is being forced to pay a million dollars to give a convicted killer a sex change operation in prison. i am shocked and disgusted. totally the correct reaction, betty. this is crazy and irresponsible and massachusetts, the big problem
1:58 am
up there with that kind of nutty stuff. brian mathews, garden city, new york, bill, i served in iraq with the marines and 2nd battalion. respect your patriotism, looking forward to seeing awen miller in wesbury june 1st, i am going to send you passes to meet us. and nokia, washington d.c., april 26th and finally one week from tonight at the hard rock in broward county, florida and taking questions from the audience. that will be fun. i have a doctorate in history, blown away how much i learned from "killing kennedy", if i'm thinking of becoming a premium member. if you do that you get "killing lincoln". you say you want to dine with
1:59 am
jesus, will you tell him your thoughts on pony tails on men? first of all, i would not tell jesus anything, i would ask a few questions and then listen to him. don't tell jesus. second, jesus was under 40, remember? 40 is the age with the no ponytail thing and there were very few barber shops in the galilee area, and super cuts back then. and sorry for you atheists for all the biblical references. and tip of the day, a 17 month old boy dominating the internet. ♪ ♪ ♪


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