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tv   FOX News Watch  FOX News  January 12, 2013 11:30am-12:00pm PST

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to lead the fight for comprehensive besides well not comprehensive, but immigration reform. >> paul: immigration reform, on republic-- >> and he has been a prominent cuban-american politician, came out two years ago, and he's slowly moved into immigration. he now says he's willing to take up president obama's challenge to do something about immigration, but proposing a series of bills to overhaul the guess worker program and the most-- and hardest thing of all, about the undocumented immigrants. >> paul: thanks, matt. >> a big hit to journalists in china, we talk about courage in journalism. these guys are courageous and responded to censorship by the communist party going on strike and communist party relented and they're going back to their jobs and maybe progress for press freedom in china. >> paul: and maybe not all end up in prison, we have to hope. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching, i'm paul
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gigot, we hope to see you right here next week. >> on fox news watch. >> shoot him again! shoot him!. >> jon: a mother of two shoots a man who invaded her home. >> we believe that the shotgun came from his residence. >> jon: a teen takes a shotgun to school, allegedly targeting two bullies. >> the president is going to act, executives orders, executive action can be taken. >> jon: vice-president meets with groups on all sides of the gun debate with a promise to deliver a plan to the he president next week. >> the second amendment isn't there for gun hunting, it's there to protect us from tyrannical department of the and street thugs. >> jon: the media takes on the issue. >> show up with a semi automatic you've got legally
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and pop em no jerks, no whiners. >> and three men for his cabinet. are the media happening with his choices. the controversial film "zero dark thirty" opens nationwide. did the hollywood producers skew the story to fit an agenda? a season the sports caster for his overreaction. >> what a beautiful woman, wow. >> jon: on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. radio talk show host, monica crowley. jim pinkerton, conservative magazine and ellen ratner, radio news service. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. the fight over guns and the news of another school shooting, breaking at the very same time they were meeting at
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the white house trying to figure out what to do about all of the gun violence. >> the white house ready to take action on gun violence. >> the vice-president has been tasked with coming up with recommendations for curbing gun violence. >> vice-president joe biden heard from the other side today in the debate over gun control. >> jon: he will wthe debate over gun control took the top spot in news coverage this week, the media in overdrive to push their positions on the issue. as the white house ramped up its agenda to try to curb gun violence. vice-president joe biden heading his boss' task force to come up with a plan, had this to say on wednesday. >> the president is going to act are executive orders, executive action can be taken. we haven't decided what yet, but we're compiling it all with help of the attorney general and all the rest of the cabinet members, as well as legislative action we believe is required. >> jon: well, that was what the vice-president had to say on wednesday, the day before meeting with the n.r.a.
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his comments got a lot of reaction, jim, from second amendment proponents, but not so much in the media. >> well, you know, this is vice-president biden's chance to shine, as he prepares himself for the 2016 nomination, nomination quest. i would say this though, that on friday, politico reported the white house might be backing off on the all weapons ban, as not pushing it forward, which i think is quite significant. and it could be that the country see the issue differently than for example the mainstream media, as do the country, for example, might relate to the story of melinda herman, the woman in georgia, who shot an intruder in his house five times and then, obviously, needed more bullets because the guy wasn't dead yet and needed a bigger clip, and i think the media were really doing a job. donny herman, the husband, the coolest customer on the phone
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with 9/11 and his wife the same time. remember this, this, and this, as we talked about and they'd be household names and oddly, they're not. >> jon: it strikes me, the vice-president has been given a couple of weeks to come up with the recommendation, it's a debate in this country for years and yet, they're trying to push something through in i don't know, seems like a relatively short amount of time. >> i think a couple of newspapers have pointed out they have a set of proposals that they sheffield during the first obama term, they just didn't have the political capital and didn't want to spend the political effort required on this, and now, they feel that the mad has changed. whether or not it's changed sufficiently to get the kind of sweeping measures that many guns advocates favor is a separate issue and i think something has changed and i think that's why you see biden all in on this one. he wants a deal, he wants something he can get through and what he can't get through, i think they're preparing to do on the law enforcement
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side, by executive fiat. >> is the mood of the country changing because of the media coverage? >> we don't know. the mra says that they've got 100,000 more members after sandy hook. i just say this, you know, i'm a lib, don't like guns that kind of stuff, but i have almost never heard in the mainstream media stories about people defending themselves with guns successfully. that is x'd out. i'll give you that. i mean, i don't know about it. >> jon: gabrielle giffords, the congresswoman shot in that terrible incident in tucson, she and her husband, the former astronaut mark kelly, they started that organization this week that they say is going to, you know, designed to counter act the effectiveness of the gun lobby. they got a lot of publicity for that. >> right, they did, they did. because these incidents provoke a lot of emotion, it's true. you see gabby giffords, survived this attack and come back in extraordinary ways, and you see the heart break in
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newtown and aurora and of course it pulls on the emotional heart strings. when you look at the media coverage, i fault the media because they're more interested in add voe vocacy fo stricter gun control. the aurora theater shootand new took place in gun-free zone. you didn't see that report and jim, you mentioned the assault weapons ban, they may or may not go down this road, but you see little reporting the last time we had such a ban for ten years from '94 to 2004, there was very little appreciative effect of having that ban and having a decline in gun related murders and violence. you don't see those facts reported. you what you see is emotion-laden reporting and that's not entirely fair f conversation. >> jon: and you saw alex on
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piers morgan and set him up as the typical gun owner. >> and jim garrity said in the national review piers morgan picked him well, because jones comes on strong. >> do you think. >> in other words, morgan had given himself a little signature on this issue, riding it hard and sort of mocking the u.s. constitution as he does so, but what point on what judy said about executive orders, rush limbaugh made a great point. lessen, it's entirely possible that the obama administration will do something for gun control by executive order and it's entirely the mainstream media will say that's terrific, what we need. limbaugh says imagine if it's bush 43 doing it on abortion and what would the reaction then be? it would be completely different. it's congressional power and blah blah blah. >> jon: this is one of the weeks we need more time for a topic like this. next on news watch, mr. obama's cabinet pick is getting interesting media attention.
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>> mr. obama working to rebuild his cabinet. earlier in the week, naming former republican senator chuck hagel as his nominee to be defense secretary and john brennan as his pick to become the new cia director. then on thursday, naming his chief of staff, jack lew as his nominee to become the the next treasury secretary. the president's pick is getting all sorts of media attention from all sides and conservative media groups in particular, jim seem to have with chuck hagel and the liberal media seems to have issues with brennan to run-- and then the issue of jack lew's signature, everybody has an issue with.
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yeah, i mean, look on the hagel thing, all the issues about the iraq war and israel lobby and all the other things that hagel has brought up. we've got another drama within a drama there, which is chuck schumer and-- chuck schumer a democratic senator from new york, jewish, seen as a decisive vote inside the senate and the republicans mostly oppose hagel and the question for the democrats go and could be following schumer's league and going to enjoy this drama as long as he can and get on tv a lot saying i'm deciding, i'm deciding, you'll deciding, and see what he's doing in the end. >> and what do you think of the pick of the president for a republican. >> and commenttators would say why would you pick someone with such tense rowlations as
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a republican. most republicans don't see chuck hagel as a stand-up guy anymore. and said the reason he's there, is they're asking republicans, nominal republicans to cut the defense budget, that's one thing to do in republican circles and that's why he's there. >> jon: have the politics of this choice been examined? if you want to fracture the republican senate the way you fractured the republican house with a the fiscal cliff vote you pick chuck hagel. >> it's interesting, and folks went off bill kristol, why he's doing this, and i felt that was manufactured. >> it's an interesting pick though because this would be typically obama's m-o to choose the republican he can get with to try to break apart the republicans in the congress. but the problem with hagel, he doesn't really have any senate allies on either side. he was a very prickly guy when he was in there he has no natural allies.
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what's interesting, which i don't think really has been covered, is the fact that he was picked because he ended up opposing the iraq war and voted for it and then turned on it. the opposition to the iraq war is reason president obama is president and the reason he beat hillary clinton in the primary and the reason he's president. that's why hagel is there, the very deep support for deep military cuts. >> and the press did cover a couple of his no votes on sanctions, but did not cover all of his votes and his voting record. i found that interesting. >> we'll get to brennan and torture next week. >> right. >> jon: what about this photo that ran in the new york times, i guess taken in december, and it ran with an article that said "obama's remade inner circle has an all-male look so far." the white house released this photo, also, on tuesday. why has that become an issue? >> well, because the feminists, the national organization for women, for example, are leading a little
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petition drive against this. i don't think this is going to be the most effective campaign ever. not as if obama's credentials as a liberal are in disrepair. it's called a tempest in a teapot, one of the many subplots. >> to be fair to the president he has a lot of strong women around him. his top two advisors are his wife michelle and valley garrett and two members to the supreme court and strong women in the cabinet. at least in the first term, hillary clinton, kathleen sebelius and-- >> she's giving me a look. >> his record is better than president bush and no better than bill clinton-- >> how about a meritocracy. >> i'd like to have the press to look at who he has appointed and what's happened to them. >> jon: and jim says--
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no, i'm sorry, charles krauthammer says the binders full of women came up empty alt the white house. and next up, flak over the bin laden's photos and the film about bin laden's death. >> "zero dark thirty" opens nationwide with questionable torture scenes and concerns over access to cia secrets. does the hollywood production mislead the audience? do the media care? that's next on news watch. as a mom, you spend a lot of time helping others. hamburger helper can help you back. and with box tops for education on every box, it helps you help your school. so you're doing good, just by making dinner. hamburger helper. available at walmart.
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>> if you're right, the whole world's going to want in on this. never find it.
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's o he's one of-- ♪ >> clips from the film "zero dark thirty" which opened nationwide on friday, and the film getting a lot of media attention along with controversy over the so-called torture scenes. what about that judy? while it was being made there was concern about the access these film makers were given and then the film comes out and a lot of concern over whether it was accurately portrayed or not, especially the water-boarding? >> right, its producers say, it's a movie. you know, it's based on something, but we shouldn't take it as gospel. on the other hand, it's a very powerful movie and it's interesting to me that sony felt they had to delay it until after the election, because i found its message to be rather critical of many
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aspects of the obama administration's counterterrorism policy. >> as "the washington post," a little disenginous saying it's on the-- >> they were getting access to the top secret information. >> it's clearly not a documentary, it's extraordinary bit of film making, but this kind of mixture of fact and fiction, we've seen this. oliver stone has been doing it for decades and other film makers, take a real situation and fold in fiction and make up characters and composite characters. it's always sort of dangerous when you're talking about real historical events and particularly dangerous when you're depicting an event critical to a war they're still engaged in. are we still engaged in these tactics, the obama administration says no. and you're signaling to the enemy what we have been willing to do in the past and
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i think that's a dangerous thing. >> judicial watch sued to get access, freedom of information act, access to the death photos of osama bin laden. >> yes, they did. and in my view, they'll often do anything for a story, whether they're going to get that access or not. >> jon: should they? >> i don't think so, actually. >> jon: why not? >> why? because i think that we have a lot of secrets in our government and i'm not so sure that that one is going to do the united states any good. >> jon: judy? >> i would normally be against what ellen just said, but given the fact that there's so much in this administration that is being kept secret, i would rather go after other things that are, i think, of more immediate interest than benefits the american people. >> jon: jim? >> i would keep it secret, which is not the same as saying it will stay secret because after all, there's more hollywood movies to be made, right, and more memoirs
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of obama administration officials to be published in the years to come. >> jon: all right. ask yourself this question, is it bad to call someone beautiful? >> what a beautiful woman, wow! >> brent musburger takes a moment during a big bowl game to admire the sights. then, gets tackled in the press. but why? that's next on news watch. so now i can be in the scene. advair is clinically proven to help significantly improve lung function. unlike most copd medications, advair contains both an anti-inflammatory and a long-acting bronchodilator working together to help improve your lung function all day. advair won't replace fast-acting inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used more than twice a day. people with copd taking advair may have a higher chance of pneumonia. advair may increase your risk of osteoporosis
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>>. you see that lovely lady
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there. she also miss alabama and sha is a.j.'s girlfriend and right there is deedee, you corner backs you get all the beautifully women. >> whoa. >> you are a youngster in alabama, start getting the football out and throwing around the backyard. >> espn brent musberger and announcer taking a break from the title game introduced the audience to katherine web b. it got little reaction a creepy and awkward and this from sue carter a journalism professor, it's inappropriate to focus on an individual's looks. it's a major personal violation and it's so retrograde it's
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embarrassing. s pn apologized says musberger's commentary too far. >> musburger. this is ridiculous and it shows what you is wrong with the journalism schools. she is former beauty queen. get over it! >> ellen, i think is in agreement. >> it is ridiculous. who cares. it was a comment. it's sports, she is a beauty queen, give me a break. >> rush limbaugh there is all kinds of criticism directed at musburger but when cnn had a new year's eve sim ui lighted oral sex incident between cooper and griffin, it didn't get attention. >> that has bone pace on that for years. giayd was over quickly. alabama went to a 28-0


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