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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 19, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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jedediah bila. >> jim, tell us where you will be this weekend. >> i will be working with dave in las vegas at the mgm grand on friday and saturday night. >> exciting. i wish i could go. >> tickets still available? >> you bet they are. why wouldn't they be? i am on the show. >> immogen, what dare i ask did you do to neil cavuto? >> i did a fashion segment with cavuto which is almost as surreal as this show. not quite, but pretty well up there i have to say. >> all right, will, what do you have coming up this week? >> well, if you are in williamsburg, brooklyn this weekend a new play about star crossed flq terrorists features a knockout performance by "mad men"'s
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jess saw perray. >> everybody has interesting stuff going on. bill, i am afraid to ask, but do you want to plug anything tonight? >> i would like to plug my performance in for love in the time of true dough. it is not in williamsburg. he told me the wrong address and now i am concerned. it is a walk on, but i think you will enjoy it, america. >> and guys, just so you know you should be glad i was not there for that sexist female driver segment or i would have given apiece of my mind. back to you, andy. i have been told i am done. >> thanks, jedediah. thanks to immogen, bill, will, jim and todd. that does it for me. i'm andy levy. greg should be back tomorrow. that's what he says. you never know with that guy though. hopefully. this. >> bill: o'reilly factor is on. tonight, every dollar we invest in high dollar early education can save more than $7 later on.
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>> bill: a shocking report from health and human services saying that the head start program which has cost the american taxpayer about $200 billion doesn't do much good for the students involved. we'll have a factor investigation. >> while no one speaks, consequences happen. >> bill: shear the reason for that harry. much of the gun crime is committed blacks against blacks. juan williams has some thoughts. tiger woods plays golf with president obama that is causing some controversy. charles krauthammer will weigh in. also tonight on glenn beck on whether the tea party will regain momentum. caution, you are about to end
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the no-spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching. what president obama really wants that. is the subject of tonight's talking points memo. a stunning study, it says that despite spending almost $200 billion on the head started program. the program is not helped them very much. by the third grade, head start students are behind their peers. someone should tell president obama about the study because he continues to pound the drum for even more educational spending for young children. 2013. u.s.a. is set to spend about $571 billion on public education highest per student costs in the world. now, obviously, we're not
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getting our money's worth. recently i talked to jeb bush who did a good job of raising academic standards in florida. mr. bush believes that they don't concentrate enough on reading which is why it's not effective. as a former high school teacher myself i know the feds waste a lot of money on foolish programs. it sounds so noble. let's spend more on education. bureaucrats really care about implementing programs that actually work. the main pointed here is that president obama is not all that interested in what works because his educational agenda is tied into his social justice agenda. he firmly believes that america is not, is not a fair play. "new york times" commentary written by a columbia professor joseph stigley. today the ins is less equality of opportunity than almost every
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other advanced industrial country. he goes on to propose that the feds pay for the following, more preschool education and after school care, as well. so-called environmental protections for pregnant women that means subsidized food and medical care on top of what is already available. more food provided in the public schools as well as increased medical care on campus. direct cash payment to parents of poor children if they make sure their kids show up for school and extra programs. we would be parents to parent. those are the things that liberal america really want, a complete soup to nuts, welfare scenario delivered through educational spending. get the con? do you get it? the truth the deck is stacked
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against children of bad parents but no government can change that. schools can give them a safe environment and motivational programs. those are not expensive. matter of good teachers and good discipline by the principal, but that is is not what professor and president obama want. they seek government control and guaranteed economic outcome for everybody. that, of course, is the end gain of socialism. it has never worked anywhere. that is memo. now to the top story, president obama played golf with tiger woods. press was banned from covering it. joining with us reaction is charles krauthammer. it may seem like a trivial yal thing but press access and the image of the president of the united states with tiger woods who is a controversial guy. how do you see it? >> i think you were right at the
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beginning. as the trivial issue. the guy wants to play a golf. the guy deserves a couple days off. he wants privacy, big deal. this is the biggest non-media, non-story the media have created since the kardashian weddings. he has a lodge way to go before he plays half as much golf as eisenhower, a pretty good president you have to admit. i don't understand what the outrage is. >> the press being banned from covering his leisure activities, you don't care? >> absolutely not. >> bill: i don't want to watch it. i don't care. >> me, too. what we'll do we'll look at his score card and that is enough. >> bill: look, i think it is a big deal but obviously tiger woods resume, dubious and then
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the president lends his prestige to more woods in a sense. i can understand why people might not like that. >> i don't think obama is out there with tiger receiving marital advice. i think he is out there receiving advice on how to line up a putt. >> bill: that is good point. he a good golfer. if i want to know hit a baseball i'll talk to mark mcguire. you wrote a column and said charles krauthammer supports the presidential authority to drop drones on terrorists and kill them, very controversial issue. do you understand why a lot of conservatives are against it, they don't want to give the president that kind of authority? >> i do understand it and i received a lot of incoming since the weekend when i published the column. i independence it. the problem is this: understand
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the constitution the commander in chief conducts war. lincoln did, fdr did, every president is the highest authority when it comes to deciding who lives and who dies. look, lyndon johnson picked out targets on which we dropped bombs in vietnam. fdr and truman what entire cities we would wipe out there. >> was no review or committee or anything else. >> bill: but that was declared war? >> as the declared war. what we have is the authorization for the use of force three-days after 9/11 which in the gulf war and is in the iraq war is the modern equivalent of a declaration of war. you do that and we declare who the enemy was. people who did 9/11 and all those who harbored or abetted them and that declaration....
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>> bill: do you think if mitt romney had been elected president, i think he would have continued the drone program, do you think there would have been as much conservative opposition if republicans were dropping the drones as opposed to obama, isn't this about obama? >> no, i don't. i think its principled opposition. these are people who worry about the extent of the power of government. it would have been the same in bush administration. the real hypocrisy is the liberals. if this had been the bush administration dropping drones onto americans -- i think there are principles at stake. i respect the opposition on this issue, but i don't see any alternative to having unity of command in the conduct of the war and the principle here even if you attack an american as we did alaki, if you take up arms
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against the united states, you for fit the privileges of citizenship and the fifth amendment due process. once you do that by being an enemy combatant we can drone you the way that we do an afghan or a saudi or a yemeni. there is no difference. >> bill: charles, go to the results of our poll. do you support the president for drone program. 55% do not support the program. very interesting poll. and we have a brand-new poll this evening. does it matter that president obama played golf with tiger woods, yes or no? next on the rundown, harry belafonte brings racism in the
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>>. >> bill: last month nearly 40 americans were shot dead in chicago, deadliest in the windy city. 18-year-old was killed by gunfire. her sister was on the stage, on the stage behind president obama the very same day as the president spoke about chicago's awful gun violence. harry belafonte won an message award and said this in his -- image award. >> the group month most devastated by americans with guns is african-americans. we are the blood that washes the street of our nation, it's our
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black children. yet, as the great debate emerges on the question of the gun, white america discusses the constitutional issues of ownership while no one speaks the consequences of our relation is carnage. >> bill: joining us is juan williams. so, belafonte, he is very, far left guy and he frames almost everything in racial connotations. if you understand his background it makes sense. he was one of the first black singers to break through in the '50s on a national level. i am sure he had a hard time doing it. he a like the jackie robinson of music in that area. we respect his point of view even if we think it is misguided.
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what he doesn't say in implying that white america is der liquidity in the analysis of the gun control issue is that blacks are killing blacks way more. it's 75% in chicago. why do you think belafonte ignores that. >> i think its generational issue. he deserves all the credit in the world. not only a breakthrough, he a guy that stood with the civil rights movement. i take my hat off to him in that regard. he is stuck because in reality black people are about 13% of the population. about 50% of all the murders in the country are committed by black people and against black people. this is black on black crime in black neighborhoods and yet somehow harry belafonte has blinders to it. it's not just harry belafonte, it's the ncaa, it's the black
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churches and -- naacp. they want to talk about pipelines and inequity.... >> bill: it's like that. >> all that gas and all those words, all of the protests and not one against the drug dealers the gangster rappers, pimps the guys that force black neighborhoods to be locked down with gates over the doors and grills over the windows and old people running. no, this is an outrage somehow there is silence among black leaders when it comes to condemning black on black crime. that ties with chicago and guns. i'm not a fan of guns as you know. let me say, how can you not say that the guns that is being used to kill young people in chicago is held by a young black person, usually a dropout and shooting another young black man. the woman that got killed in
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chicago that was here for the inaugural she was shot by accident. the guy that as arrested was a gang kid. that is what is killing america's black community. >> bill: we're working on the story, 15-year-old arrested in chicago on armed robbery and he had 19 priors. i think it is true the white establishment doesn't care what happens in the black neighborhoods. i have always felt that way as a reporter that did cover harlem on a local level. if you are going to have a gun down in very expensive neighborhood in any city you'll get more headlines than a gun down in the ghetto. the other thing i don't understand why the folks in chicago the south side they know what is going on. why they don't rise themselves up and say they are afraid, but
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you don't hear outcry like los angeles, chicago and new york. i'll give you the last word. >> this is my point. i focused it on bill cosby you have to raise your voices and speak out. president obama was in chicago last week. he said he wishes, he tried to connect the dots of absence of fathers in the black community right now. the fact that these young men, low semifinal esteem get a gun and they start shooting other black people. those are the dots and whole gangster culture and rap that celebrates gangsterism, it's got to stop. >> bill: only way it can stop if the regular folks that live in those neighborhoods come together and we haven't seen >> marco rubio says the
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immigration bill is not acceptable. glenn beck on whether the tea party can rise again. we're coming right back.
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. >> bill: president obama proposed immigration bill expected to be introduced shortly. parts have leaked out causing marco rubio saying the bill would be dead on arrival unless changes are made. joining us from florida, the main beef seems to be not only for senator rubio but republicans in the house that mr. obama will not put anything in writing about the border security problem, is that correct? >> in part it is correct. border security is the big issue for republicans because they don't think there is any way they can succeed in going home
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and selling that will look like amnesty unless there is strong border security provision with metrics that are credible to measure it. that has been the sticking point for some years on this issue. it's what john mccain, presidential campaign had to recognize when he was running that you got to get border security up there first and everything else you want to do comes after that. the president's -- the ideas embodied in this leaked bill has border security measures in it but it doesn't put it up front and make that the premise after which everything else flows. that is the sticking point. >> bill: why doesn't the president if he wants to get it done, just say we're going to negotiate with the republicans, we'll put in some tough measures
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on the border and then everything will follow after it? this doesn't seem like that, you know? >> he may say those words but the president and his party are much less concerned about border security than the republicans are. >> bill: does the president say.... >> no. these aren't things people. >> bill: it's more b.s.? >> of course it is. but it will be produced without the president's negotiations. it will be a congressional affair and the president is very likely to sign whatever he gets, whether it's tough other border security than he wants and whether the path to citizenship is as easy he would prefer. the democrats would like it if people kept coming in. they feel that way for two reasons. one they think it's the rye the thing to do. more cynical reasons they think they will be democrats and more
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of them the better. republicans have a constituency, these people are breaking the law. we shouldn't reward them with citizenship and shouldn't do anything to reward that and make sure we have closed the border in effect to illegal aliens before we allow these people to stay in the country. that is the divide. >> bill: i said that on the radio factor in 2006 exactly what you said. there was a strain of the democratic party who want an open border situation to attract illegal aliens in here, mainstream them and give them citizenship so they would vote democratic. i was attacked. you are saying the same thing, right? >> i'm saying politics is a part of it. i think democrats seriously and sincerely believe this is the right thing to do.
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>> bill: anybody can come here. >> if people get here. >> bill: but we should try to stop them. >> nobody is quite saying that. what i will say, they are not nearly concerned about the stream of illegal aliens about trying to people treat the people here properly in their view. >> bill: because it helps them to have as many illegal aliens as possible. >> they also believe that we are nation of immigrants, they make enormous contribution to the country and lots of republicans feel that way too. >> bill: but it doesn't hold. >> that is one of the reasons why the system is so broken. legal side of it. >> bill: think i you are right. i think that among democrats, a lot of them say we want as many people as we can primarily poor because going to sign up for our party.
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we have seen some of that. we are seeing some of that. brit hume in florida, thank you. factor moves ahead. bernie goldberg how the press is coordinating the attack on marco rubio. glenn beck on the tea party. will that movement be able to regain momentum? stay tuned.
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>>. >> bill: in the segment tonight, president obama wants to raise the minimum wage to $9 an hour.
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>> today a full time worker making minimum wage earns $14,500 a year. even with the tax relief we put in place, a family with two kids that earns the minimum wage still lives below the poverty line. >> bill: joining us to react to that and the russian meteor frenzy. since you were denied a job at taco bell with wo have paid minimum wage, you have some expertise in this minimum wage deal? >> yes. first speaker obama and woods golfing together the guy i feel sorry for is the white caddie that has to go out with them. >> bill: he gets signatures from both of them? >> rusty that old caddie, that caddie is not going to be happy.
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yes, i applied to taco bell i was rejected. i then put an application in mcdonald's and they accepted me for $2.90 and i worked the grill for that money. i hated every second of it. it was good because if i loved it and i was getting rich i would still be there. the point that everyone is missing in obama's speech not raising the minimum wage, what is the family who is making minimum wage warning are they doing having two kids. that is insane. you can't have two kids when you make minimum wage, by the way, who is not paying their fair share? i would argue the people making minimum wage and having two kids and sending kids to our schools and roads aren't paying their fair share. >> bill: i'm going to be controversial. if you are willing to work hard, you are not going to make
1:35 am
minimum wiamg. if you want to paint a house, drive a cab, you. so all of this hyperbole? >> you are supposed to work minimum wage if high school. >> bill: they raised it to $9. they got to stair step it. if you are willing to work hard you are going to make more. >> let me say this. it's like obama saying we need to hollow bar bells so they are easier to lift. they are supposed to be resistance in life. >> bill: right, i did. i worked for minimum wage. you worked at mcdonald's. i have to get to russia. big meteor that scared everybody except putin, as soon as he saw it come, he took his shirt off. what do you got. everybody else was scared. were you scared when you saw this?
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>> well, first off this proves the theory i've always had that god hates russia. number two, i've seen 2,000 movies about meteors hitting our planet and there are a bunch of guys in nasa that are meeting with cheyenne mountain we have 72 hours before it impacts. how didn't we know it was coming. i found out they were working on an early warning detection system and build in it hawaii. i don't like stuff built in hawaii. build in it cleveland. >> bill: i don't think we have to worry about it. will smith would be in the jet and diverted that meteor. we're not not going to have to worry. in russia they are not known it was coming. i don't think you can do anything about it. the media is coming, that is it. >> i feel bad for the people who
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have like grandparents and great grandparents that survived hiroshima. they always go, it hit with 30 times the impact of hiroshima. why grandpa's legacy and like this is nothing. >> moscow, 200 people were hurt. as always, that can i. bernie goldberg, helping the left hammer marco rubio. then glenn beck, can the tea party regain some of
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>>. >> bill: bernie segment there was shootout between david gregory and senator john mccain.
1:40 am
subject the libyan chaos. >> we have had a massive cover-up. >> susan rice said. >> you can't, i'm asking you, i'm asking you, do you care whether four americans died? or the reasons for that? shouldn't people be held accountable for four americans died. >> you said there was cover-up, a cover up of what? >> a korup of the information concerning the deaths of four brave americans. >> bill: and bernard golberg, i thought senator mccain won the changes but did gregory do anything wrong? >> i don't think so. senator mccain said there was a cover-up and legitimate question. i don't think david gregory crossed any line but i don't think john mccain crossed any line. he went down a whole list of
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questions that he said the president of the united states has hasn't answered about benghazi. john mccain said i don't know the answers to those questions. my guess is neither does david gregory and lots of other reporters. they don't know the answers either. they have shown a breathtaking lack of curiosity about those questions. when john mccain comes up with this and says, what are the answers? david gregory ought to be more curious about what those answers are. >> bill: that is why i thought mccain won because you care about this because we don't know how these men died. >> but you know what, john mccain and others on the right believe that president obama has not answered these important questions about benghazi and he got away with it because the media was complicit.
1:42 am
>> bill: media doesn't hold president obama for anything. >> that is bigger issue. i think there are two reasons. one reason has to do with barack obama and the other reason has to do with roger a ails. the media adore him and they respect him that has not happened before. that is because he is young. he is cool. he is black and he is liberal. if he were conservative they would crucify him. second reason is roger ails. before roger ails created fox news as we know, abc and cbs and nbc had a monopoly. but fox has become so influential, i think the other media and networks and "new york times" are compensating for fox's influence. so they are no longer simply
1:43 am
biased. they have moved into account virtually. >> bill: that is an interesting point. we told you about the pipeline to diminish marco rubio and then it goes to the late night comedians and then to saturday night live. roll the tape. i just want too put that back. >> it was never there. >>. >> bill: but there is even more to the pipeline, correct? >> as you said, it starts out in the news. by the way, this is the same
1:44 am
news media that showed very little interest in benghazi but a whole bunch of interest what they are calling water gate. then it goes to the comedians as you mentioned. then it goes back to the morning shows that talk about what the comedian said the night before and goes to one other thing. it all seechs into the consciousness of the american electorate. >> bill: new word, ba phenomenon arising. -- they only, bafoon arising. >> and when marco rubio made the cover of an establishment of "time magazine" as the republican savior, that is when he became a threat. that is when he was in their
1:45 am
crosshairs. >> bill: glenn beck on deck. tea party, can it rise again? beck is next.
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>>. >> bill: we haven't talked to glenn beck recently so i demanded that he appear this evening. here is from dallas, thank you for answering the call. >> i didn't know what the ringing was. >> bill: i know you are lonely guy because i know you are talking on your radio program and internet, you are all over. you are talking about the tea party? >> yeah. >> bill: versus the republican establishment, right?
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>> no, i don't care if there is a tension or not but i think the republicans have betrayed their own values for so long. there a lot of people like me that tried to push the republican party into maybe, hey why don't you have common sense here? all the way along they have worked against the tea party and the people who understand the constitution and want to live by constitution. i think the tea party has made themselves irrelevant and it's time for me, i'm done with them. i'm looking for.... >> bill: who you are you done with? >> the big government establishment republicans. i support rand paul if he is republican but he is small government. >> bill: how about marco rubio? >> you know what i haven't made my mind up. >> bill: you like rand paul, how about christie?
1:50 am
>> no. i feel about rand paul the way i used to feel about chris christie. i thought he was really good and i ignored a few things that kind of bothered me. now, i don't like chris christie >> bill: now, do you think that the tea party can reorganize itself. because remember, there is no central authority there. it's a state by state movement. can it recapture the mojo knowing that the press? >> i don't care what the press thinks. anybody that starts to stand up for small government and especially if it is led by somebody rand paul, it can have success. libertarians tend to eat their own. if you don't fall in line lock step, it's the strangest things, some of the fringe libertarians, they somehow believe in maximum freedom unless you disagree with
1:51 am
them. then you can't be in the camp. >> bill: so you are not too optimistic about the tea party rising unless there is a standard there? >> no, i think i am sure that the republicans will become less and less relevant as every day that goes by. they are becoming the wig party because -- whig party. >> bill: look if the economy continues to be bad you will have a viable candidate in 2016. whether it's rubio or or christie i don't know. >> the republicans are the ones we need to be more rod mod rat. are you kidding me? stop spending our money that we're working hard for. stop putting us in debt. that is pretty moderate idea. >> bill: i think it's all about
1:52 am
leadership. now, as you know we broke a big story last week about the department of agriculture hiring a guy from massachusetts to be politically correct. roll the tape. >> i want to say the pilgrims were illegal aliens. pilgrims never gave their passport to the indians. by the way, i don't like the word minority. how about american majority. [ laughter ] >> how about people? i mean, look at what this government is doing. this government under barack obama is hiring people to teach people how to be racist. this is the most incredible thing. we've seen a lot of incredible stuff from our government. usually it's something like maxine waters, you know what this libya is going to do, we're going to socialize your oil company. this is coordinated, planned
1:53 am
effort to go in and teach government workers to be racist. >> bill: did he define the racism. i see politically correct but go back one sentence where you picked it up. everybody needs to say black man. >> what is it with this? what is it with this? we all in this together. here is an organization that is our government spending your tax dollars trying to teach this nonsense. they are teaching that the white man came over and stole the land from the indians. that is what they are teaching here. if i were in congress and i would urge everyone to call your congressman and you tell them, pull the funding from the usda. this is outrageous they would spend your money. anybody that has been in business at all we work for big
1:54 am
corporations and we have to sit through the stupid sensitivity training things and the corporation, you don't think they said, come over and do a sensitivity training thick. they looked for the right person and.... >> bill: there is no doubt about it. you wanted everybody to call their congressman and demand funding be pulled? >> until they fire this guy. explain who hired him. fire everybody involved and apologize. >> bill: glenn beck everybody. >> factor tip of the day, how you are getting ripped off on vacations. the tip is 60 seconds away. [ indistinct shouting ]
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♪ [ indistinct shouting ] [ male announcer ] time and sales data. split-second stats. [ indistinct shouting ] ♪ it's so close to the options floor... [ indistinct shouting, bell dinging ]'ll bust your brain box. ♪ all on tnkorswim from td ameritrade. ♪ >> bill: factor tip of the day, how mill grons are getting ripped off on vacation. sales of my book, "killing lincoln". film brought in the highest
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rating ever on the national geographic channel. congratulations to them and scott free to who made the movie and. if you buy the book or killing kennedy another big seller. copies of the constitution and declaration of independence free 6 charge. now to mail. holding his last name. for the first time ever i agree with professor hill but his manifesto at the he is wrong. what is next. are you going to cite mine cam of. los angeles. former lapd officer thanks for dressing downhill, o'reilly. >> you're welcome. and professor hill's insensitive remarks once again at the left has no moral ground. i don't think that's fair, james. most liberal people are fair, just the media focuses on the far left and that's what we
1:57 am
hear. dr. james belcher, willmore, kentucky bill, thank you for challenging the assertion, the woman who ingested cocaine two days before giving birth did not commit a crime, would not automatically make the mother a bad parent. i strongly disagree. this is part of the left trying to remake the criminal justice system, doctor, and want them to be considered a di held accountable for their actions even if they endanger children. >> bill, you're incorrect about the mother and the baby. >> i'm sorry, i'm correct. and from georgia, i have a doctor of pharmacy degree and you are correct, bill, the cocaine does enter the the baby's circulatory system. and california, i'm questioning your boldness, why don't you and miller have a show in san franciscos. get in the car and zip down to l.a. and washington, long island,
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denver, kansas city, hurry, the tickets for the shows going fast. if you can't see us, check out the bolder fresher dvd. waters world is dragging you down, o'reilly. that's exactly what i told waters. >> i'm 11 and love the factor and my favorite section is wa watters world. >> down in florida i stayed in a brand name hotel and when i got the bill the place added more than 20% to the room rate and i had to pay a resort fee. don't know why. my room wasn't clean until 4 in the afternoon. so what's the resort fee exactly? then there were the taxes on everything. including taxes on the resort fee.
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the hotels are doing what the airlines do. want an extra towel? going to charge you for it. and in this place a bottle of water cost $6, a ripoff beyond belief. the factor tip of the day, when booking a hotel room, ask the room rate and the taxes and freeees together in writing by the way if the hotel gives you a free bottle of water in the room, that's a good place. factor tip of the day. and that is it for us tonight. please check out the fox news factor web which is different from also, we would like you to spout off about the factor from anywhere in the the world. o', anytime, anytime, and the word of the day, do not be a pt ettifogger. >> and froal


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