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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 27, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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game. >> sherrod what is missed? >> i am doing a show on thursday , and it is like a performing arts place called my imagine. you do shows up there. i am going up there thursday at 9:00, 9:00 p.m. if you are in new york, come to harlem and enjoy. >> joe, upcoming gigs? >> don't go to sherrod's show. go thursday night to see me at got them comedy -- goth e comedy live. >> remi? thanks to another guilty man walking free. >> not guilty across the board. great verdict for my client. >> great for your client and bad for america. back to you, greg. will -- >> bill: o'reilly factor from l.a. is on. tonight: >> most americans,
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democrats, republicans, and independents, understand that we can't just cut our way to prosperity. >> how will history evaluate president barack obama? over the next few days that question could well be answered. as chaos in the federal government grows even more intense. senator marco rubio, karl rove and bill o'reilly will analyze. >> now, you know, come on, guys, at some point you have got to be able to call b.s. on those kind of press releases. >> the conservative republican group cpac says no to new jersey governor chris christie. he has not been invited to their conference. charles krauthammer will tell us why. >> vifs also got worse the more he spokes we watched him back over a cone. >> now that marijuana is legal in colorado and washington state. how about the authorities handle driving while high?
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is it legal is investigating. caution, you where to enter the norpz from california. the factor begins right now. if hi i'm bill o'reilly, reporting tonight from los angeles. thanks for watching us. how will history evaluate president obama? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. in just a few days automatic federal spending cuts might kick. in that is the known as the sequester, a word we don't like here at the factor because it's a word few understand and it's largely meaningless. the issue is very very simple, president obama does not want to cut federal spending without another tax increase republicans say no way they are not going to continue to feed the federal spending co-loss sis. >> most americans, can't
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cut our way to prosperity. >> i want to disagree with those who say we have a spending problem. it is lamb false argument to say we have a spending problem. we have a budget deficit problem we have to address. >> i am not going to keep cutting the discretionary budget, which, by the way, is not out of control, despite what you hear on fox news. >> bill: huhuhu senator landrieu and others are wrong. it is out of control. the debt is approaching $17 trillion. here is how bad it is in 2003 the u.s. spent just above $2 trillion. this year, the estimated spending will be $3.6 trillion. a 75% rise in spending in a 10-year period with no inflation. and what do we have to show for all that spending? the economy is not much
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better. the poverty rate is about the same as it was 50 years ago. and salaries for working people are going down. so why are we spending all the money? for what reason? i will tell you why. take a look at this chart put out by the pew research center. it says 48% of americans want smaller government and fewer services. but among hispanics, only 19% want smaller government and fewer services. a whopping 75% of latinos surveyed. approve of bigger government and more entitlements. that's why president obama is spending the money because he knows that a coalition of african-americans, hispanic americans, organized labor, and committed liberals will overwhelm the republican party. so, in essence, the president is putting party politics above the good of the nation.
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history will record that and a few years from now when president obama's administration is evaluated. historians will not care about his charisma, co-opting of the press or his demeanor in general. no. history will look at the facts. and the facts are that the u.s.a. is on the road to bankruptcy. and when that happens, if it does, president obama will be blamed. previous presidents like van buren, harding, coolidge and hoover all got hammered because of perceived bad economic policies. the fact is, that right now barack obama is in that historical category. that's a fact. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. let's bring in senator marco rubio from washington. watching the budget travesty unfold. at this point many believe the automatic cuts will kick in on friday. do you believe that? >> i do. i do believe they will happen on friday.
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you know, bill, let's be clear. the goal here is to -- the solution all these problems is rapid dynamic economic growth. we can't have rapid dynamic growth if we don't bring our budget problems under control. this is not the best way to do it but it's better than raising taxes as alternative and better than doing nothing. the ideal weighed to do this is saved and reform medicare those are the programs driving long-term debt. the president has decided he doesn't want to do that the sequester will kick in on friday. >> bill: here is what i am worried about. the press is telling me that i'm probably not going to be able to get on an airplane that illegal aliens are going to flood across the border because we are not going to have anybody down there. that global warming is going to overwhelm us. you know, i mean, the scare tactics and i think this is in concert the president, his administration and the press are putting together are designed to make americans think that you guys, the republicans are causing the destruction of america. how are you going to
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counter that? >> well, first of all, this is the president's idea. he actually came up with this. this is something that he suggested. his office suggested when they were talking about this back in the summer of 2011. number two is certain there is certainly going to be impacts to governmental services. what is going to be put out there is exaggerated for political purposes. this idea of making the cuss as painful as possible. focusing on programs that most impact people as a way to create outvague a time tested tactic that's used all the time at the state level when people, for example, threaten to cut some program or another. i think the bottom line is, yeah, this is not the best way to do it. we are not going to walk away from this in exchange for tax increases. real plans to do this. >> bill: i think you guys are going to have to expect by you guys i mean the republican party that the people the united states who certainly aren't locked in. they don't know what sequester means. they are not paying attention. they are going to blame you for whatever inconvenience might unfold i don't know
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whether you guys are going to be able to counter that. >> i think what people need to understand is that is nothing compared to what's going to happen in this country if we don't begin to bring our fiscal house to order. what people face is nothing compared to what this nation is going to face if we continue to spend a trillion dollars a year more than we take in. >> bill: agree with you i don't know if the folks are locked. in i have got to take a drink of water here, senator. [ laughter ] i'm going to take a little sip. now, were you surprised that you got hammered over watergate when you took the little water? were you surprised the press used that to kind of diminish you a little bit? >> well. >> bill: you weren't surprised. >> no. i think every day people that watched it, normal people and every day world they look at that and say what's the big deal. people that don't like you will harp on it. i think it is what it is. i mean, that's the state of political coverage today in america. i knew that when i got involved in politics and in
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service. you make the best of it i thought i had a pretty important message to deliver that night. a the love people heard and it liked it we will continue to work on the things that matter. >> bill: it might work to your advantage by making people feel sympathy towards you because it was unfair what they tried to do with it. now, i would do this for a democrat if the democrat were unfairly hammered for taking a glass of water or eating a tuna sandwich or whatever. i would do the same thing. but i'm going going to give you some tv advice. okay? i have been in this business for 36 years so i know a little bit about it. whenever you are on television, particularly live television, where you can't edit and do it again, you have got to tell the folks everything. everything. so, when you were giving that speech and i understand you had given a speech in spanish before that so you obviously were bloviating and your throat was parched and everything, when you wanted to take your water, you just tell the folks that. excuse me, i'm a little
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parched here. i have got to get a drink of water. i'll be right back. you smile, you take your little water, which should have been closer to you by the way and the pinhead who put it far away have you got to slap them around a little bit and then you take your sip and you smile again and you go oh, that was good. and now and you go back. that's what's called performing and you know who is a brilliant performer doing that? do you know who is? >> who? >> bill: barack obama. he has got everything -- on the tell prompter he has got take sip of water. he has got everything scripted. and that's the way -- that's the age we live. >> in that's good advice. i don't anticipate doing that again in the future if i get a chance, it's good advice and i will take it. [ laughter ] >> bill: just be natural. tell the folks what whatever is on your mind. whatever is going on. people want authenticity, senator. that's what they want. >> that's good advice. absolutely. >> bill: if can you take
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that the sky is the limit. >> or really long straw. >> bill: that's right. whatever you need. senator, we always appreciate you coming on the program. let's hope hat carnage in washington is kept to a minimum. and we appreciate. thank you. >> thank you. >> bill: next on the run down as we continue from california karl rove will reply to senator rubio. thin a disturbing story out oof massachusetts as the state is allowing school children to change genders on campus without telling their parents. we're not kidding. we're coming right back. target is in sight. yes, dad, i see him. now pour some chloroform into a white rag and.... no. hi. i understand you're looking for a hotel with a pool. with priceline express deals, you can save big and get exactly what you need.
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>> bill: continuing with lead story automatic budget cuts set to grin on friday. joining us from washington karl rove. the senator thinks it's going to go down. that the cuts are going to kick in. do you think that as as well snnch absolutely. i think he was spot on in
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his analysis. this is not a good way to cut government spending. we need to restrain government spending. we need to not do it across the board. but this is the only tool the administration was willing to give us. and they are not willing to negotiate over smart cuts to the budget. all they want is more money to spend. better toe have some small cut 2.4% of the entire budget than to have no cuts at all. >> bill: all right. and the republican party simply cannot cave again or you don't have a republican party. this is is the line they can't cross; is that correct? >> i think that's right. but i do think the republicans ought to go on the offense. realize. this after the sequestration cuts. after the automatic across the board cuts the federal government will be spending $3.554 trillion. more than being spend last year. last year was 3,538; 3% increase in spending. since 2009, the budget is up $447 billion a year.
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that's a 14% increase in spending. you can't tell me having had four years to back to back to back to back of big budget increases we can't pull back just a little bit. the republicans do have to go on the offense and the way to go on the offensive is to pass a measure that gives the cabinet secretaries flexibility not to make this cut across the board but instead to make it from the less essential accounts inside their individual departments so we end this foolishness of ray la hood saying i have to cut 5,000 air traffic controllers in order to meet my sequestration, my budget cut target. look, he has got stupid things in there like $72 million a year for alaska trains. site seeing trains. he has a million dollars in his budget for sidewalks in florida that lead from nowhere and go nowhere. he has $22 million to buy trolleys for a development a resort in missouri.
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are those more important than making certain that our planes take off on time and land safely? i don't think so. >> bill: all right. so it's being demagogued. the issue is being demagogued. >> sure. >> bill: some might say from both sides. i'm just interested in getting the fiscal house in order. now, senator rubio said something interesting and i think he believes it but he is naive. when he says that the -- what the american people have to understand is down the road this is going to be catastrophic. the american people don't have to understand anything. and they don't. it's a hypothetical that the country is going into bankruptcy. certainly possible but it's a hypothetical. they can't see it or feel it. so, with the press not really reporting the story honestly, and they are not. they are hyping up ray la hood's contention that they are not going to be able to put air traffic controllers in there. the press runs with that how are the american people supposed to know what the hell is going on? >> i would say two things to it i would agree we need
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to do a better job of explaining it which is why i want the house republicans to pass a measure and give the cabinet secretaries flexibility that gives the house republicans who control the oversight process the chance to call up any cabinet secretary who goes out and does foolish things call them up to the hill and say why did you cut alternative. let me give you one example. the agriculture secretary when i have to make the across the board cut what i'm going to do is spend less money on treating the national forest to stop wild fires. really? that's the least essential thing you do? remember. this is the agency that has a 2.2 billion-dollar a year program. free cell service study was done free service either were not eligible for refused to prove they are eligible. cut a couple hundred
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million dollars out of the ag department budget. start with that 2.2 billion-dollar program that is riddled with fraud and abuse. that's why i want the republicans to give them flexibility and then call the agriculture secretary up to capitol hill and say why are you cutting. >> bill: embarrass him. >> shame the politicians into doing the right thing. >> bill: shame is a good weapon. i mean in the agricultural committee vilsack is spending million dollars of dollars on sensitivity sessions that we showed last week. that say hey, you can't stop any illegal aliens coming in from mexico because they should be running arizona texas and new mexico. that's what we're paying for now. >> take the secretary of the interior salazar. i'm not going to call monument close campground. take some of those hundreds
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of thousands of acres that you took out of the auctions for shale gas development in the rockie mountain west that you could get billions of dollars income if you put them up for auction. stop the games and the best way to do it is for the republicans to blow the whistle by passing flexibility cabinet officials and haul them up in front of congress whenever they do the bad thing. >> bill: what they should be able to do is get out all the waste and say this could be cut, that could be cut. the press is not going to report it. >> i don't know. >> bill: thanks very much. i hope they will. i'm not optimistic. >> made for tv drama, bill. >> bill: all right. we love that. state of massachusetts allowing school kids to switch gender identities on campus. and not tell their parents. wait until you hear this as the factor continues from los angeles. >> announcer: you never know when, but thieves can steal your identity and turn your life upside down. >> hi. >> hi. you know, i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. >> you just read my mind.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. commonwealth of massachusetts issued guidelines allowing the students the option to change genders. the craziness is called the transgender equality law and allows boys to use the girl's room and vice versa. allows girls to play on boys sports teams and visa versa. it allows girls to change their name from jane to john or from sean to tiffany. and all of that can be done without informing the parents madness? you decide joining us from new york monica crowley and alan colmes. do you believe, this monica. if you wanted a gender change, what name would you pick from the male side? >> oh, that's a tough question. you are putting me on the spot, bill bill is as good as any name. can i believe this is
1:26 am
happening? you did a segment about liberalism being on the march in the united states, i think that's true. the reality is it's difficult for anybody who may be really going through serious gender identity issues. and those people do deserve our respect when you are talking underaged kids, students in the school system, those under the age of 18 responsible right thing to do is to alert the parents to let them know they are going through this. >> bill: the school authorities can work with the counselor and guidance counselor. >> please call me alana. the idea is that you don't -- thank you, finally got that. >> i got it has to be some confidentiality some students don't feel comfortable talking about parents like this. this isn't that you wake up one day and jane says call me john.
1:27 am
documentation. medical history. not some cavalier decision. >> the kid comes in and the kid is going to provide all of this documentation that. >> show that they are sincere and the idea that you have -- >> bill: the parents should be shut out of this whole process? they shouldn't know anything that's going on? someone needs guidance counselor not in the family to talk to. >> bill: this is how insane this is here is how insane you are. truly madness. you are telling me that a kid can go to a public school in massachusetts. immediately upon entering the school, take off othe kid's shirt and put on a dress gortat girl's room when he is a boy change.
1:28 am
>> you can't do that. >> bill: say they have the documentation and everything they need. all right? you still -- the law says you don't have to tell the parents that's insane. sometimes the child needs confidential conversation with someone. >> bill: lifestyle. that's such a violation of parental rights by the state of massachusetts. it's off the chart vital we see this in other areas too underage girls can get abortions. they are given birth control pills and the parents are not told about it look, the other part of this equation, bill, to me is that the other students in the school have to abide by the rules. boy who wants to go into the girl's bathroom they can do that and what this directive specifically says
1:29 am
is that even if those other students are made uncomfortable by that that's too bad. the question is your rights end where my begin. no vast majority for those not transgender. >> bill: we don't want to get into the locker room situation here. i know a lot of wise guys who would exploit this in a way that we are not even going to talk about. if this ever happened. here is how stupid the state of massachusetts is you don't think everybody in town would know what's going on? you don't think every kid in the world would come home and tell their parents? their parents are going to know anyway. >> you do as much as you can to protect the dignity of the person who might be going through something like this. >> bill: the parents be damned. it's insane. monica colmes thanks very much. factor moves along from southern california. john stawttle and john bolton shooting it out over the drones pardon the pun. we will tell you what they were arguing about.
1:30 am
then is it legal on the travon martin case heading for the courtroom and then also driving while under the influence of pot. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. úúúúúúúúúúúúúúúúú
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traffic noises may0i0walk you acrossp the street?ú um... sure.ú why0not. thanks.ú you'ree ♪ hold0my hand0 stossel matter seeing: does not like that the president of the united states has the power to drop drones on suspected terrorists. >> the constitution gives the president the commander
1:34 am
and chief authority subject to congressional check through the appropriations process to defend the united states against attack. >> i don't get how that's an answer. the issue is whether we are in a war situation whether we are operating under the war powers of the constitution or whether we are in a law enforcement situation the two have radically different approaches. we killed tens of thousands. maybe hundreds of thousands without due process whatsoever in the civil war and it was the right thing to do. [audience boos] >> on that note we are out of time. >> bill: joining us now from new york is john stossel will crowd was
1:35 am
libertarians. >> students. students for liberty who respect the constitution and don't agree with john bolton who says the constitution allows. this judge napolitano says it absolutely doesn't. last i looked knap -- napolitano was doing "fox & friends." he isn't on the supreme court. >> i don't want to diminish your opinion or his opinion here. if it was constitutional it would be in front of the kid right now. it isn't. there hasn't been any serious legal challenge to the drone situation because of what bolton said the war powers act. congress said it, okay. defendants after 9/11. the president now is doing what bush did. the same thing. there isn't a serious challenge to that stossel, there probably will be challenges and why is it --
1:36 am
why is it right that obama who criticized bush for doing this. >> was it right? >> i don't know if it's right or wrong. in the sense that i don't know whether a information the president has given and how he makes this decision on who goes, who lives and who dies. i know if i were president and i had the constitutional authority to wipe the al qaedas out from the sky i would do so because i don't want to put the navy seals in pakistan or in these places. put their lives at risk. i will do it from the sky. well part of me says i want to kill them there so they don't kill us over here. but, the constitution gives people due process before we just get the kill 2,000 people in pakistan and yemen we are not at war against those countries. those guys are losing those countries to hide or operate openly depends hot
1:37 am
people are. al-awlaki who got people drond he was basically a guy who was on the list of being an enemy combatant. he was an enemy combatant against his country you trust the military officials who say all 2,000 people we killed are enemy combatants and threats to america. i don't. >> bill: i can't say whether they are right or wrong because i don't have the information. can i tell you this it's legal what they're doing. maybe it's immoral but it's legal. last word. >> i'm a constitutional scholar. i fear we are creating more enemies rather than making us safer. >> bill: all right. stossel. thanks very much. as always we appreciate it come right back from los angeles. trayvon mar martin case headed to court. we will handicap it chris christie not invited to a conservative conference. charles krauthammer has some thoughts on why that is happening. upcoming.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm boiferl in the is it legal segment tonight. where the travon martin case stands right now as head to trial. driving under the influence of marijuana. as you may know washington, d.c. state and colorado have legalized pot causing massive headaches for law enforcement on the road who have to contain drivers under the influence. >> jeff's driving also got worse the more he smoked. >> his backing is very slow. >> we watched him back over a cone. and after nine tenths of a gram of pot, he drove so slowly the officer told us he should not be on the road. after nine tenths of a gram addy was becoming much more aggressive. excited about being high and behind the wheel. >> one time in your life you get to do this, you should do it. >> you should do it. [ laughter ] yeah. but she made no major mistakes. and we asked the officer if he would pull her over?
1:41 am
>> border line. >> bill: that was a very fine report by kirotv. in seattle. joining us from new york city analysts kimberly guilfoyle and lis wiehl what does it stay about driving under the influence the pot. >> washington has a standard if you are caught driving five or morton know grams of thc the ingredient of pot that gets into your blood. if you are caught driving with that that's automatic you lose your license for up to 90 days. you get caught a second is time you lose your license for two years. get caught a third time you lose your license for four years. >> bill: how does that test go down? >> well, the cops are able to take that test right there. it's a blood test they can take. that's the thc in your blood. >> bill: they have to take a blood test? they have to prick you and draw blood from you right on the street. >> they can do that right on the street. they can do it right there. the problem is in colorado
1:42 am
dr. is no standard what's illegal when i are driving the car. >> bill: colorado doesn't have any standards. that means anybody can go there, drive stoned and and probably get away with it. i'm interested about the about the blood test, guilfoyle. a cop is now going to take blood from somebody? i mean, how is that going to work? much more complicated than a breathalyzer and all of this. >> guess what so when you think about enforcement and whether or not an officer wants to get involved in that when it is highly speculative and somebody is going to sue them and say you pulled me over, you infringed my rights. you were racial profiling and didn't like the way i was driving there was a whole host of problems here. good luck with the officers even trying to put this report together. let alone presenting it to the prosecutors for punishment and filing of the case. that's why it's no surprise now that colorado hasn't even set the standard. so technically, yeah, you can go there and drive.
1:43 am
what's going to happen to you really nothing? because legally speaking, a conviction wouldn't be upheld because they haven't even defined a standard. >> make any cases. >> you can be pulled over for reckless driving though. a cop sees you swerving. >> bill: yeah, if do you something, sure. if you go 8 miles per hour or something like that, look, here is the deal. and this is the truth. by legalizing marijuana or any other substance, you add to the drunk driving problem. you compound it. but, with drunk driving, whether you have a fairly quick way to determine, pot, you don't. and as guilfoyle rightly says, it's not going to be anybody prosecuted. you you have people going out there like this. is that sane public policy? >> you are bringing up exact point. when you want to go and check the numbers of how many of these cases going to file. they are not going to file them. not going to be cases that are going to be taken by the d.a. they are going to reject them. >> i have got to move ahead to travon martin. about a year ago travon
1:44 am
martin, george zimmerman confrontation teenager winds up dead and now the trial is at least on the horizon for june, guilfoyle make some predictions about what is going to happen here. >> june 10th is the trial. april 22nd a very important hearing is going to happen in the state of florida. stand your ground where george zimmerman will be able to present evidence to the court to say why, in fact, he used deadly fatal force against travon martin. the judge could make a determination that the stand your ground law applies and he could walk. i think under the facts and circumstances he has a good chance ultimately i think the judge is is going to be afraid to make that call because of the worry of riot. i think it will go to a jury trial i seriously doubt this man will be acquitted. >> i'm in a different point of view here. on the stand your ground kimberly is right. that's the all inclusive ground. he if he doesn't, there is
1:45 am
a good chance he will be convicted at trial. i think he has a shot of getting off the stand your ground -- his nose was fractured. he had cuts on the back of his head. the florida law is so broad that if you feel a threat, do you not have to back down. fatal force. >> bill: upheld that, too. >> look at the photos there, too. at the time travon was 6'2", 175 pounds. even the photo we are showing is not the photo when he was 17 years of age. >> we are not going to try it on tv. >> no. >> bill: i'm going to make a prediction that zimmerman will not be convicted. i don't know where or how but i don't believe is he going to go to jail for this crime. here are the results of bill o' poll about 30,000 of you voted on this one. does it matter that president obama played golf with tiger woods? 33% say it does matter but a whopping 67% of factor viewers paid it no mind. charles krauthammer on deck. why was chris christie not invited to a conservative
1:46 am
republican conference? krauthammer moments away. kids will spend 8 minutes decorating their little brother. brushing for two minutes now, can save your child from severe tooth pain later.
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two minutes, twice a day. they have the time.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. governor chris christie seen 2006. has not been invited for cpac which holds its conviction next month in washington. so far mitt romney sarah palin, marco rubio rand paul and jeb bush all set to speak at the gathering. no chris christie. joining us now from washington to explain why. charles krauthammer. so i assume this has to do with super storm sandy and president obama. right? that's why they don't want him to speak there? >> yeah. i think so, and i think this is a vast overreaction. it's a mistake.
1:50 am
is he a leading republican. he will obviously presidential timber. he has got the highest popularity of any governor and he is in a blue state. look, i wasn't very happy with what he did with sandy. i thought he deserved three months in quarantine the three months suspect. let him out. cpac. should have a wide tent. if that's what it takes to win elections in the northeast and nationwide, let's go for it why the bitterness. you are a conservative guy you certainly favor the republican party at this point in history. i think both of those statements are accurate why is the lich of cpac trying to diminish the governor? that's what they are trying to do here. we don't have any use for this guy and you shouldn't either. why are they trying to do that? >> since disagree i can't speak on their math. i any it's a mistake.
1:51 am
trying to define legitimate ideology fairly narrowly and they want to rule people out. here we are four years to go before the next election. we ought to keep the tent wide and open let the republicans decide i think what he did with sandy and what he has done with being a moderate will surely help him to win re-election as governor in his state. is he way ahead. nobody wants to challenge him. it will hurt him if he runs for the presidency as a primary campaign among republicans. is he articulate. he is smart. he is great politician, i think he will make his case foe rule him out in advance because of unfortunate, although i think he could explain incident meaning the sandy embrace. it was more than an embrace. i would call it a lap dance. although i'm not sure i like the image. you ought to have a wider
1:52 am
somebody could get hurt with that image. >> as a doctor i wouldn't recommend it christie did what he had to do for his state that was get the money in i also helped barack obama. no doubt it. >> clinton is a big fan. you are probably glued to the academy. there comes jack nicholson who look at little unsteady, on monday nights that happens to jack occasionally. he throws it to michelle obama. last night we said we have nothing against the first lady, in fact, i like her and i think she has done good work in the public service with the weight and the exercise and all of that this was a very slick piece of propaganda. you see the military people in the background orchestrated by harvey weinstein a fanatical obama supporter. all of this playing to the obama's strength. was there anything wrong
1:53 am
with this in a general sense? not ideological. >> i wasn't disturbed ideologically. the problem i is is you you bic question at ubiquity. he is at the super bowl. he is at the classic. the basketball game on aircraft carrier. he does his brackets for the ncaa on live television. and now you get michelle at the oscars. is there nowhere where we can be in the absence. even a temporary absence of this couple? and that's perhaps -- well, that's perhaps why you get an increase in scuba diving in the country. one place where you feel safe. >> there is a place that you cannot see them and that would be on -- no, i'm not going to say it.
1:54 am
>> where you don't see them. >> bill: once in my life i pulled back. >> it's a good thing you did. one place you won't see them on is capitol hill negotiating with the republicans as a way to save our budget. >> one place he is not. >> if you look for them there, and the power to try to save the country from fiscal. >> you won't find them find a went fishing sign. >> maybe do brackets on what to cut. little bracket. maybe if you did it, if he had the bracket thing it would be incentive for him to do that maybe. all right. charles krauthammer. everybody. there he is factor tip of the day. standing up for your principles. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:55 am
>> factor tip of the day. telling people what they want
1:56 am
to hear. is that a smart thing to do? in a moment. and goldsmith, in missouri, i agree with rush limbaugh, liberals have won and so far as the biased media controls the politics in this country. bill, how dare you categorize liberals as entitlement mongers. taking advantage of the downward pressure to amass more wealth for themselves. why don't you get informed. >> i'm trying to get informed. i appreciate your letter. i know enough, liberal politics driving the entitlement states, that's the truth. if you don't believe me, hop on a plane to holland. >> and half the country as moochers is insulting, the attitude that lost the election for the republicans. most americans want a fair shake. depends what the fair shake is, bill.
1:57 am
some see he themselves as victims and believe it's fair that you and i pay their way through life. and other americans think people should make it on their own. and fair is a tough word to define in general terms. michael long, lebanon, new hampshire, and sally quinn the first lady's oscar stunt aimed at increasing the positive image of the obamas not the usa. >> michelle says that the michelle looked gorgeous, and glamour game, too. and troy, alabama, michelle obama's appearance at the academy awards the first event to succeed her husband as president. wow provocative. and bill, as you promised, killing kennedy was an enjoyable fact-based book that delivered things that have never been revealed. i look forward to your new
1:58 am
book "killing jesus" same format, father, i believe you're going to like it. and we do have new stuff. very interesting new stuff. and charlie waltz, saw the promotional trailer for killing lincoln in the u.k. and ireland can't wait to see it this sunday. ontario, canada, your it tip of the day inspired me to send plants to he will elderly frien family and the joy that simple gesture spread overwhelmed me. once again if you want to make this country and world a better place, send a senior citizen you know some flowers, a gift basket, doesn't have to be big, something like that, along with a really nice note. it will make their month. not their day. >> and the factor tip of the day. los angeles is the ultimate go along to get along town,
1:59 am
because the show biz industry dominates and there are very few jobs in that arena. conservative actors and production people tell me that many liberal executives will not hire folks who are not left wing and you know what? i believe that. again, the entertainment business very small, a lot of nasty competition going on. to survive out here economically, many people go along to get along and that's why you have this liberal culture. it's understandable, but i continue to believe the mark of an honest person is courage. stand up for what you believe in a rational way. in the long run, it will pay off. factor tip of the day. that's it for us tonight, check out the fox news factor website, different from o'reil and we want you to spout off about the factor


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