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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  February 28, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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p.m. eastern for "five." we have tom shilou and lori roth man and jonathon hunt. back to you tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up jie.
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what's up with the scarf? >> a lot of folks will go we are celtics. let's stop the insanity. we got the manager of the celtics team going to school with the bodyguard. i'm wearing a scarf. i am a celtic. let's stop the madness. it is a bloody game. >> this is weird because the rangers play hockey and the celtics play basketball. i don't understand what is going on. >> i like that attitude. i do. let's get back to that level. >> where can our viewers catch you? stewart? >> sorry? >> where can our viewers catch you? >> what did he say again? >> you have to hurry up. >> i had people talking in my ear. >> 9:twenty eastern bonnie and company. >> why 9:20? >> fun show. this time slot and we thank you. >> bill: the o'reilly
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factor from l.a. is on. tonight: >> when i went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they told me was: you are not even to acknowledge the drone program. >> a stunning admission by former obama spokesman robert gibbs that he was not to tell the american people about drone attacks on suspected terrorists. that's not sitting well with jon stewart. >> did it bother you, mr. gibbs? did it bother you? >> we'll get to the bottom of this very intense story. >> i think that the administration is trying to play games with the american people, scare the american people. this is not leadership. >> reports are because of the budget mess, some illegal aliens are being let out of detention. some border patrol will be furloughed, and airline security may be compromised. do you believe all of that? we'll have the inside story. >> and a big new mini series on the bible begins on sunday.
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we'll talk with producers roma downey and mark burnett. >> bill: also tonight from california, dennis miller on the oscars. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone from los angeles. the factor begins right now. >> bill: i'm bill o'reilly, thanks for watching us tonight. does the president of the united states have an obligation to tell us the truth. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. you may remember that when president obama took office, his theme was a change from politics as usual. mr. obama promising he would be a leader we could trust. >> let me say this as simply as i can. transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidency. >> bill: okay. the president went on the record back then and many americans believed him. but now we have a very
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embarrassing situation for barack obama. his former press secretary robert gibbs recently said this: >> when i went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the things -- one of the first things they told me was you are not even to acknowledge the drone program. you are not even to discuss that it exists. but here is what is crazy about that proposition. you are being asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists. >> bill: now, the drone program has been very successful in degrading al qaeda and other terrorists there is no question about that. it's a necessary tool to win the war on terror. however, the american people have a right to know what is being done in their name. not specifics but the general philosophy of combat operations. president obama chose to deceive the american people on that front but the left will not make a big deal of this, again, because the president can do no wrong in their eyes. in dana perino had said
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publicly that president bush had ordered her not to give information about an important program, it would have been a front page story in the "new york times" and every other liberal paper in the country. one of the few left leaning guys who did take notice of what gibbs said was my pal jon stewart who asked this question about gibbs. >> can we trust him? >> when you were working as press secretary. you were drones. >> other u.s. officials have confirmed these predator drone strikes. >> i'm not going to get into. >> operational. >> i'm not going to get into these matters. >> drone strike killed 8 germans in pakistan today. do you have any information about that? >> i don't. and if i did, -- if i did, i wouldn't get into it. >> here is a a tip for aspiring truth spoofs out there. >> i didn't know anything about that and even if i did i wouldn't tell you. [ laughter ] that person knows something about that.
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did it bother you, mr. gibbs? did it bother you? >> bill: like him or not, stewart is an honest man. that's what we the people should demand not only from our commentators but also from our president. let's bring in another man so he tells me. co-host of the five bob beckel. this is pretty devastating to president obama, i think, is it not. >> not even close to being deficit stating. what gibbs said was exactly right. he was told not to talk with something that was a top secret operation and he didn't. now he says it's a little bit strange that the story was reported and i have to stand up there and say i can't talk about it a lot of stories reported about a lot of things the united states government needs to do and keep quiet. every time it's reported you have to sit out there and say okay i'm going to break a top secret story. that's ridiculous. of course he is not going to do that. >> all right. do you remember the vietnam war? do you remember that, beckel? >> very well. yeah.
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do you remember all the press in america combing south vietnam trying to find out about napomon. all of that was lie niced by the press. that he was the way the press should be. we should aggressively find out what's being done in the name of the personal people. you have are taking the other approach right now sounding like some right wing guy saying you know what? we can do whatever we want and the people are no right to know anything. taking overall. >> here is the difference of what you are talking about here. in vietnam, you are waging -- i was concerned illegal war based on illegal attack on or myth call attack on an american ship. >> you, bob beckel said it was illegal so therefore it is. come on, bob. i'm talking about a time in history when the press was being inencouraged to do this and now the liberal press sits back and accepts
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it. >> you know, i don't agree with that for a second there has been more reporting on drones than virtually any other policy in this administration. you think the press set back, which they did, when george bush's administration decided to waterboard people? of course they did. >> bill: no. it was on every show in the world people were screaming about it. i don't want to get into the hypocrisy situation. this is a represent toler toler -- transparency. now, tell me what's wrong with this. i'm robert gibbs. and i go out and i say to the press corps. we are using drones to attack the enemy. we are doing it in a very secret way because obviously that's what has to happen. i'm not going to give you any specifics about what we do and when we do it but i will tell that you drone warfare is in play. do you object to that bob beckel.
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that's not a bad formulation. >> bill: thank you, honest man. wait, wait, wait. you say okay, that's not a bad way to handle it good, i'm glad. so we agree. so then you have -- because i'm no genius, all right in. >> you wouldn't know from listening to you. >> bill: you figure they could pick that up. they say to gibbs you know what? you are not going to say anything no matter what they ask is you. i'm saying to you, beckel, that is dishonest because it's not right for the american people not to know generally what is being done in their name. we are paying for the drones, beckel. i understand royale, here is the point. the fact is it was a program that was secret it was being effectively done. i said i gave you some credit, which is a big leap
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for me. to say that your formulation was not a bad formulation. that doesn't mean that you ought to get in the details of these things. you shouldn't get into the details. >> bill: i would object to that, too. we again. >> transparency, by the way. you one president come in not talked about being transparent. i can't think one in the last 20 years who hasn't used that formulation. >> bill: nobody made as big a deal about it as barack obama did. he is going to be transparent and different isn't true. it isn't true. >> depends ons who eyes you are looking at it through. everyone that goes into that white house has to write down their names get out to the press. in the bush administration dick cheney had secret meetings with oil company executives. you didn't complain about that did you? >> bill: yes, i did. as a matter of fact i did. >> you did? i'm glad to hear that o'reilly. that's an honest man. >> bill: i'm a fair man and did i complain about it you lost that debate. next on the run down. >> i didn't lose that debate.
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easy. >> bill: more deception by the media this time about government spending. later, media on the academy awards presentation and an ad, an advertisement that was banned. that should be interesting. and the factor is coming right back from southern california as we continue all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: in the impact segment tonight, if you were listening to the news today, some outlets reported on a couple of new polls that show more americans disapproving of the way republicans are handling federal spending than the president? abc news poll for example says 52% of us believe president obama is handling the issue poorly. but a whopping 67% of the folks say the republicans are handling the federal spending badly.
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wow. but upon examination there is little distortion out of the three following options. what do you favor congress doing? 14% favor automatic spending cuts 39% of americans want more cuts in spending 37% say fewer cuss. the reason americans have lower spending than the president is many conservatives don't believe the g.o.p. congress can cutting enough. fascinating. joining us now from new york, radio talk show host mike gallagher and leslie marshall fox news analyst. you see how the see how the press kind of spun, this. >> no. depends. few weeks ago pew research say that americans say look, you have got to reduce spending and reduce the deficit. what do they say same outlet pew research don't cut anything but money we are sending overseas. just a little bit. >> bill: i think this "wall
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street journal" poll is accurate, gallagher. i think it's 39 want more cuts in spending. 37% don't want any. and then the other ones are kind of like well, we don't really know and da'da da'da. if you were to listen to the news reports, clearly they say oh more people are favoring the president's plan. you know, it's all about spin and deception. it just bothers me. now, leslie, why, in your crew, your crew, leslie, your tribe, all right? these liberal people, why do they not see the danger of looming bankruptcy? >> it's not that they don't see the danger of looming bankruptcy and i don't think that mike and i are necessarily totally that far apart nor left or right. everybody knows that we have to reduce spending. >> bill: 37% of americans say they don't want to. >> when we do it. yeah. because like you said the other day, he they want their stuff. i agree with you. >> bill: 37% who don't want to reduce spending. you said everybody -- what
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about them? >> the people that do want to reduce spending. i think both left and right that's what americans send our representatives in washington to do. but disagree. let's take tax loopholes, okay? >> bill: leslie, you are confusing. let gallagher try. do you want all americans want to reduce spending. >> that's in the democrats' d.n.a. i don't know how to spell cuts. >> bill: you are saying gallagher leslie sees the danger of looming bankruptcy you disagree with that. >> absolutely i disagree with that president obama doesn't know how to cut spending. doesn't want to cut spending. figuring out every way he can he wants to increase spending. is he making that very very clear. >> bill: no doubt about that there is no doubt that he doesn't want to cut spending. i want to get back to the folks, gallagher. you are a right wing guy and you make a living pounding obama into pudding, that's what you do. we don't need to do that tonight. >> that's fine. >> bill: have you americans, 37% according to this poll, anybody, anybody
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seeing a 17 trillion-dollar debt that we can't possibly pay off, all right? borrowing billions of dollars a month, would say, you know, this is reckless. but 37% of americans apparently don't see it as reckless. >> bill, what they don't want and you have said it over and over again, americans crave their stuff. i mean, you cannot break -- it's impossible to break this sense of entitlement. >> bill: let the country burn like in the romans and neuro's time. >> as long as. >> bill: they are willing to let the country burn so they can get a few more entitlements. that's what you are telling me? >> this is what the republican leadership is failing to point out. of course that's what it is. i talk to people every day. >> bill: that's what romney said but romney put it at a very high rate. do you disagree with that. >> first of all i think it's funny that mike is quoting me quoting you about americans and their stuff. when eisenhower spoke about a military complex isn't that what we have? we are not in a cold war we have two wars ending. >> bill: with all due respect i don't want you veering off of this. answer the question. 37% of americans simply
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want the spending madness and that's what it is to continue. do you understand the mentality? >> i actually do. is it is based on who you are going to hurt. if you look at head start. if you look at the elderly vs. tax loopholes which effect huge corporations, big oil, rich people they don't perceive as being a hurt to those individuals. >> this is all the left can do is go back to the tax loopholes to beat up corporations. you are not acknowledging, leslie 37% of americans who don't seem to care if america is going to go down the tubes as long as they continue to get their entitlements. entitlement mentality suffocating this country until we grow up and bite the bullet and realize you are not going to get anything more it's going to continue. >> bill: yesterday we reported i only have a minute so i need a pithy comment from both of you. i know that's hard but listen, leslie. 19% of hispanic americans that's all, want basic self-reliance.
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the others want big government and entitlements. i was shocked at that. >> well, if you look at hispanic community. >> yeah. >> and you look at unemployment. and you look at what many of them perceive as discrimination that they face. >> bill: they see themselves as victims. >> they do see themselves victimized. >> bill: leslie just hit it gallagher. a lot of people see themselves as victims and say where is mine? i'm a victim, give me money. >> temporarily. >> a lot of hard working hispanics in america to be sure. there is a lot of hispanics who are as we know sneaking across the border. drawn to the great big welfare state. >> bill: i think those sneaking across the border are harder workers. anybody that would take the risk to sneak across the border to take a job i would hire them if it's legal. >> still going to the emergency room. >> bill: i don't know if that poll is accurate that poll disturbed me. gallagher. >> all right, guys. >> bill: leslie, directly ahead thousands of illegal immigrants being released from detention because
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president obama says we don't have enough money to keep them in jail. is that true? carl cameron with the inside story moments away.
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washington beat segment tonight the department of homeland security set to release thousands of illegal aliens because of budget cuts and is the white house selling access to the president something mr. obama promised never to do. joining us from washington fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron. james rosen is traveling with john kerry. so tell me about the selling access allegation. this sounds very ominous, cammeron. >> well, and it's absolutely contrary to what he campaigned on five years ago. after his re-election last year. the president turned his campaign, which was then
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called obama for america into a new operation called organizing for action. both ache critical condition nimed ofa. shifted all the money from the campaign resources into this new operation to do social good. it's a 501 c 4 for those who care about it in the u.s. tax code. the goal was to coordinate it. >> nonprofit. >> can't be too owe overtly political. going to advance the obama agenda. this is a first because no president has actually had an external political operation while they were still in office. so it's controversial in that regard. but, more importantly, to encourage big donations aids reportedly discussed ways of offering access to the president for big contributions to the outside organization of a half a million dollars or more. that would be straight up crony capitalism that we really haven't seen since going back to the clinton gore era when they were investigated for representing out the lincoln bedroom for big huge donations to the democratic party. it's a big deal. no less than common cause which is one of the most prominent campaign finance
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watch groups in the country calling out the grass roots on the left to demand that the president shut down ofa and president go back to the drawing board. >> let's get facts from allegations. is the president and his staff offering access to him face-to-face access. what i heard was if you donate $500,000, half a million dollars you get to meet with the president monthly or every other month or something like that. is that happening? >> the white house says absolutely. no ofa isn't really talking about much of this reporting in the first place. do they talk about making the president accessible, getting together, perhaps, at a dinner or a luncheon and things like that? that's sort of the way this kind of big contribution to outside groups has worked ever since they tried to reform it back in the 1990s. it hasn't happened yet we're told. when the organization started. the idea they are even discussing it has members of congress want to investigate. this they say it's already looking like he is going to break his promise to be
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more transparent. >> bill: it would be untoward for the president of the united states to meet with people who give him money. no. department of homeland security janet napolitano's outfit are they releasing illegal aliens now because of the looming budget cuts? is that happening? >> well, the department of homeland security says they didn't actually know about this. they are laying it all at the feet of immigration customs enforcement. >> bill: ice comes under -- they come under the department of homeland security. under the umbrella of -- this was all done by them. it's true that some departments were instructed last year to start planning for the sequester and put together contingency plans to start the belt tightening early. congress says they weren't told about. this the white house says they didn't know about it even dhs. >> nobody knew, cammeron. >> nobody knew. >> some guy named ziggy, this is a tough one.
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it's happening now in like five states and so far it's only been a couple -- >> bill: is is it actually happening. >> yeah. >> bill: they let illegal immigrants out? >> it started this weekend. we are told these are not people who have r. suspected or accused of any other crimes it's just that they're illegal and ice is not dropping its case against them. they're just letting them go and pick it up when they have more money in the bank. this all plays into what's been a real criticism of the administration that they are trying to scare everybody. blogs have been lit up over the last couple of days, bill. both left and right sounds like the white house and the administration are doing this to try to put will public pressure on the republicans by scaring the public with it. >> bill: are you scared, cammeron? >> i am not. this sort of stuff. >> bill: you are not scared. >> another day before it actually begins to happen. if they don't come up with something, it's not going to happen immediately any wavment the layoffs furloughs don't happen until april and may. some of them don't happen over the next of the course of the five years. it's really $44 billion in
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this fiscal. >> bill: it's lunch money to these pinheads. i'm glad you are not scared cammeron. rosen would be scared. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening from southern california. big new mini series on the bible set to begin on sunday. we'll talk to roma downey and mark burnett the producers. dennis miller on the oscar program and a tv ad that was banned from the telecast. hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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>> big new mini series called the bible set to begin on sunday on the history channel. who created you? >> lord! >> and joining us now from new york city, the executive producers of the bible' downey and tv guy mark burnett. begin with you, is this a straight play on the scriptures you? are just interpreting the scriptures on the screen? >> listen, bringing the bible to the screen came with a huge responsibility and one that we took very seriously. we had a great team of and
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theologians helping us making sure that we told these stories accurately. and truthfully. i have been a believer my whole life and that was very very important to us. something else that we wanted to do was to make it really really cool. you know, we have teenagers at home and hard to get them radio-to-read anything and one of the goals here was to get this generation interested and excited about scripture. i think we have been able to achieve that. >> bill: when you say you are a believer, do you believe in the bible literally? do you believe that adam and eve were out there and the snake and the apple and all of that business? >> i do indeed. i believe the truth of the bible. that's what i was taught. it's been a wonderful, wonderful faith for me my whole life. i grew up in ireland. earliest memory is my father reading the bible to me sitting on his knee. and this was something that i had wanted to do and it's been wonderful to be able
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to work together with my husband. the good news is we are still speaking to each other. [ laughter ] >> bill: if i were you, i wouldn't talk to burnett because i know him and he is not -- you know, the guy is trouble. >> bill: all right, now, i want to examine -- look, a lot of the bible, mr. burnett is allegorical and we know that in creationism and things like that. so, what you are doing here, i assume, is just telling the story the way that the prophets put forth without any commentary in it; is that correct? >> exactly correct. right down the middle, the bible as written as five hours old testament, bill. five hours new testament. >> bill: now are you telling people that they should believe in adam and eve and they should believe in noah's arc. jonah and the whale? are you telling people this is the way to go. >> it's a great drama. it's a beautiful, beautiful expensive drama. and you feel the stories.
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people will believe what they want to believe. the worst thing would be trying to preach to people and tell them how to feel about these stories. people love these stories. and endorsements across all denominations of faith. it's epic. we love it. >> okay. now, ms. downey, i'm writing a book killing jesus, about why jesus of nazareth was executed. it's a history book. but obviously the gospels that discuss this are -- were involved with that there are some contradictions among matthew, mark, luke and john. it's my job and martin dugard my co-author to cut through the contradictions and give a narrative of what happened to jesus because he was executed. when you were producing the bible. there were some things in the bible that are obviously allegorical as i just mentioned. did you take that into account? >> we worked from the
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position that the bible was a true story. we haven't taken a position on that except to bring the story to life. meaningfully. we have filmed the passion of jesus. we have taken it right through resurrection, the conversion of paul, and through to revelation. and that episode will be on easter sunday evening. and the 10 hours were shot entirely on location in morocco. we were over there from february until june of last year. and it has been an extraordinary journey to bring these stories to the screen. >> bill: it really is. mr. burnett you are going to get criticized, you know that by the secular progressives and they are going to say this is a bunch of propaganda and why are you doing this. how are you going to answer that criticism. >> we love the story. it's the most important book in the history of the world. amazing biblical ill
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literacy. i really believe the bible should be taught in public schools. it's embarrassing for americans go overseas. doing business in rio de janeiro and berlin and paris and not know who david and goliath were. it's embarrassing. >> bill: it is. certainly the scriptures both old and new testament have been played down in this country. all right. we're going to be looking for it. the bible, thanks for coming on. >> thank you. >> bill: come back from l.a. it will be miller time. dennis miller critiques the peta ad that was banned from oscars. miller is next.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight.
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let's get to the sage of southern california who joins us from santa barbara which is is 90 miles north of where we are in los angeles. so, miller, some thoughts on the academy awards. >> well, you know, first off, billy, i have to say nice interview with roma and mark, two of the nicest people in hollywood. very gracious hosts. i have to correct you. you are misusing the word allegorical. since the current tv sale to al jazeera allegorical means completely full of crap for money. there you go. >> bill: allegorical it's not al goreical. >> i'm sorry. i had a bad connection. i didn't hear it it i was going to skip the oscars this year but i was in my office at home and i had the 24-hour-a-day the all barack obama channel on. and there it was right between her gardening show, obama momma and his in-house american band stand dance show obama rama there were the oscars. on our her way home last night she stop and sunk a
1:42 am
mid court shot at halftime of the washington wizard game for $10,000 and they just announced him as one of the new cast members in "dancing with the stars." it's a good day to be obama. you see photo ons of him in every single aspect of day-to-day live save say governance. i never see any of those shots. >> bill: you believe he might be a little overexposed? >> listen, hollywood used to fight the power. now they invite the power. okay? the first five rows of the oscars, if you did to them what they do to obama, they would call in a security expert because they are stocking the obamas at this point. >> bill: now, were you offended when michelle obama gave the best picture award out because that was engineered by harvey weinstein who is a big obama supporter and he doesn't. >> i'm not offended. i'm bored. can i get a night off from these people?
1:43 am
[ laughter ] >> that's all i'm saying. just one night, baby. that's all i'm asking you. >> bill: watch a laker or clipper game. second half, right? >> oh my god. listen, i thought the oscars. i thought seth was pretty good. when they're all moaning and jokes about chris brown for god's sake. do you realize that all the cool kids, which is supposed to be the oscar crowd, they turned into the scolds. all the old hip centers are now the biggest squares you can't say anything in front of them. they are watching you all the time. and the best director of the year was there. classy dame. but for them to not put kathryn bigelow up because they didn't like somebody putting that shammy on that pig's face in that movie of hers, is crazy. they have become everything they made fun of on their way up in the 1970s. all those bonnie and collide movies, fight the power, don't give into the man. they are the man. they don't even realize it.
1:44 am
>> all right. now, there was an ad. >> billy, you are down there this week. you watch because i worry about you sometimes. you dig that scene. but keep in mind. >> bill: i dig that scene? come on, miller. >> oh, billy. i saw you at the vanity fair thing the other night. >> bill: i had to go to that. that was a work thing. >> nobody has decried the show business from more red carpets than you, my friend. >> bill: i dodged the red carpet. i didn't walk on the red carpet. i went through the janitor entry. >> i'm teasing you. >> bill: you are giving the wrong impression. >> there are people in hollywood who would take a ride on a private jet if you told them you were going to crash it into a canyon wall before you took off. >> bill: when i walked into that vanity fair party you should have seen the crosses whip out like this i i thought i was bella lagosi. >> daylight for the coffin.
1:45 am
>> peta, one of your favorite organization, protection of animal people. they wanted to have an ad on the oscar show but the oscars said no. here it is. >> in water humans drown just as fish suffocate on land. it's slow and painful, frightening. and we do it to more than 1 trillion fish every year. put yourself in their place. try to relate. >> bill: now you can't even eat fish and with a queen phoenix is drowning. >> what is that all about. >> one thing grasping for air it's grasping at straws. this kid is a great actor. i thought him in the mouse trap i thought he was stunning. at the end of the day, what? -- what do i care that
1:46 am
joaquin phoenix thinks about fishing. does he not realize that being rich and being visible and being famous. do you know what their fishing is recording psa ads about not fishing. all right? this is his hobby right there. most people go in and say hey, i would like to fake drowning because i don't like people fishing. what are you nuts? get out of here. a star comes in and says it, they get a budget gore gore -- for it what do i care about what he thinks about fishing? fine with me. >> bill: why do you think the academy wouldn't take the ad? >> i don't know. it's their night and they thought he was blowing it out his blow hole. >> bill: what are we supposed to eat miller? we can't eat anything anymore. what are we supposed to dine on? >> eat the party line and be happy with it. >> bill: that's right. a few figs once in a while and a date on sunday. a date, the fruit. >> no dating anymore
1:47 am
because of -- forget it. billy, what about the japanese billboards on the girls' leg? >> bill: next week they will still be there. >> wait a second they are running billboards on the girls legs over here. and and over here we are running kardashians dariers. >> that was my one joke. [ laughter ] >> d man and i looking forward to seeing everybody on friday night at the nokia theater in l.a. it's going to be our biggest show. it's going to be a blast. also we have bolder fresher shows in washington, denver and kansas city. great mother's and father's day gifts. going fast check it out on bill o' a shocking report about food stamp abuse. wait until you hear where your tax dollars are going. coming right back.
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>> back of the book segment tonight. did you see that last week a television station in texas on the border ran an investigative report about the supplemental nutrition assistance program. that's food stamps. >> tonight, we're uncovering just how many people are on snap in the valley and how much money they are getting. one man calling for action after seeing what he calls abuse of the system happening every day. >> there are times i do see customers come in and they have got thousands. >> this gas station clerk who wants to conceal his identity over fears about losing his job is fed up. bob as we are calling him rings up a customer paying with a loan star card. the numbers he says just don't add up. the balance more than $7,000 in taxpayer funds. >> you would think that it
1:52 am
would red flag in the system. >> bob claims that he got short changed when trying to report it. the local snap office telling him they couldn't do anything about it. according to bob on an average day he sees about 10 different people all with over 2,000 bucks in food stamps who report to the government that they can't make ends meet. >> but they are driving mercedes. >> bill: joining us from new york to explain further do you know what that mercedes reference is too? >> i do. basically to get food stamps you have to be so in need, so desperate to have money that you can't afford to pay for anything so the government has to help you out as you obviously know. some of these snap recipients are rolling over. they are not using the money that they are allotted every month. to add insult to injury especially for us taxpayers footing this bill these people are rolling up to like you saw the gas station in luxury cars, mercedes, lexus. >> bill: that's true and i your humble correspondent
1:53 am
while i was working in dallas did an investigative report on the border about this exact thing. they had mansions, mercedes, five, six cars. know where they are getting the money? >> from us. >> bill: no. drugs. the drug traffickers and they don't declare, obviously, you don't put down occupation cocaine dealer all right? it's all cash. drug dealers and other people in that business making a lot of money don't declare it on paper they don't make any money so the government sends them food stamps and other assistance. >> yeah. >> bill: which they give to bob and they drive away in a mercedes benz. that's all over the place down on the border. >> that's the problem. there is no system of checking this up. there is one state representative who is trying to introduce a bill that's going to be coming up next month who willlly stary the problem that they are seeing in texas. but it is frightening because as i mean you saw this gas station attendant
1:54 am
say this is he sees several times day. it's not a unique problem to one little area. >> yeah. >> bill: it's the biggest con and not just in texas. it's all the border states. because of the ill illicit activity down there. primarily in narcotics as i pointed out. and that's all cash. that you don't have any follow-up. once you apply for the assistance, and the government says you can get it, nobody comes to your house and says hey, look at this. what are you living in this kind of a house with a pool for? >> that's the thing you can have an expensive house and a car worth up to $15,000. again, they are not checking any of this stuff. you could be living in a mansion and driving around in a brand new mercedes and nobody knows. >> bill: that's what's going on in south texas. all right, huddy, thanks very much. we appreciate it factor tip of the day. are you a fair person? the tip 60 seconds away.
1:55 am
1:56 am
>> factor tip of the day. are you a fair person? and mr. o'reilly did you really have to scold senator marco rubio in front much millions of people? are you kidding me? are you kidding me? you think i scolded the senator? had a little fun with the the water deal. come on. anthony mathews, eyed he hidaho great interview with rubio, o'reilly, you gave him some valuable advice. and giving marco rubio a primer how to drink water was condescending. okay, jefferson city, missouri funny stuff with the cup of water, o'reilly, take it easy on our next president. as you know, paul, we don't take it easy on anyone. from melbourne, australia, barack obama's legacy with be eagletainer society and rich
1:57 am
folks like you guys will quickly be forgotten. egalitarian being fair. and i'm a struggling actor and conservative, i continue to stay honest in my beliefs, but it's true that many change their political views to advance their career. and o'reilly, i agree that honesty and courage matter in the long run. since many of my protesters were liberal, i would have received a much lower grade if i had not written my paper with a liberal stance. >> you should have toughed it out. man, i had exactly the same situation at mayorist college when a proffer of political science named carolyn landa. she gave me a c. i took it, didn't deserve it, and then i exposed dr. lando
1:58 am
in the student newspaper because she was a-- tough it out. hey, bill, killing kennedy is another excellent back by you, and took me by surprise when you reported your role in the assassination, i'm glad you liked it. and cpac's christie snub shows how long the republicans have come from the party of reagan. and if the g.o.p. doesn't change nor will our fortunes. jim williams, oklahoma, cpac stands for conservative, and governor christie is now. why are you tougher on obama now than before the election? >> i've been fair to the president in my analysis. right now in my opinion,
1:59 am
mr. obama is hurting the country and trying to destroy the republican party and not, not trying to solve problems. there's no way on earth that mr. obama should not cut 10% out of the bloated putting. the republican party is absolutely correct to stand firm against him. bankruptcy will devastate this country. through the president's first four years, i criticized him he when he deserved it and praised him when he did something positive. i don't personally not like the president, but sub versusive, and i try to present the facts, and if that tees people off. if the best thing you could say at your funeral is that you were a fair person. that's the tip of the day. check out the fox news factor website different from the and we love the foreign mail,


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