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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 1, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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i like these stories, you can probably tell. she is adorable. 115 next year. there is something going on with women in japan, they have longevity. her family is exciteded. she said the secret to living a long life is watch out for -- [ inaudible ] her diet is vegetarian. >> dana: what was her red wine intake? >> greg: they eat fish. >> kimberly: and vegetables. >> greg: i eat none of that. >> bob: i hate to follow the nice story. she was took a gun and killed them and herself. one thing i raise this about
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is they had a history of bipolar disorder and other problems. how she got a gun. if there is a advertisement for background check, this is it. >> eric: that is a cheap shot. now we can't talk about it. that's what one more thing is. all right, my turn? >> greg: yes. >> eric: if you watch "the five" we were originally a summer replacement show and you probably know how much i love this show. i do. i am proud to announce that numbers are in for february and fourth month in a row "the five" is now number two show among all cable news programs. any time slot, any network. some thanks to hardwork we do here, behind the scenes an behind the camera but thanks to you, the awesome audience. thank you very much. >> greg: i think it's more about me. >> dana: is that true? you went to saint gregory? >> greg: i did. san mateo. we have to go.
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sph by law you mean poppers, let's go to andy levy for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> thanks, greg. our top story, college graduates are moving back home and evicting their parents? i can say something completely not true if i raise the pitch of my voice at the end. and are women getting fatter because they are doing less housework? even if it is true, you can't say that. and what happens if we send bill schulz to check out grand central terminal's celebration? he is bear looy alive, but conscious though to feel the rats gnawing on his muscles, cartilage, tendons, end trails and bones. >> is that all, andy? >> there could be a lot more. >> see you later. >> let's welcome our guests.
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she puts the fine this finance. i am here with fox business anchor lori roth man. excuse me. he is funnier than a pile of clown vomit, it is tom shilou. look how edgy he is. he has sunglasses on. that's edgy. good for you. you are like an edgy comic. in your face alt comic, if you will. i am proud of you. in texas he is considered a clay pigeon, bill schulz. and he is so british that his monicle wears a top hat, jonathon hunt, chief correspondent for studio b, b for bow day shoes. and the fox report on fox newschannel, channel. >> a block, the lede, that's the first story. and now back to this a-hole. >> right on. >> did you hear that? >> i thought i heard something. >> it has been happening a lot, and i am not sure where it is coming from.
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i don't know who to talk to because i don't know who that is. all right, they have a degree, but they are no not free. it is the soil -- it is the symbol of our economy. college graduates who have moved back home in 2011 a whooping 45% of recent graduates were living with their mom and dad and that figure is 45% higher than in 2001. the report by a researcher finds if you expand the age range it is worse. about 60% more 18 to 34-year-olds were shacked up with their families in 2011 than 10 years prior. finally it is worth noting no young people are living in a crawlspace in my apartment against their will. i keep saying that the smell is an old accept particular tank. an old septic tank. they believe it because they are stupid. you know who else isn't ready
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for adulthood? >> that is the world hairest human baby. welcome to the show. are you shocked how many are living at home, and does that reduce your prospect for trying to pick them up? >> not at all. i still live at home with my parents and grandparents and great grandparents, the last one in the freezer of course. but i don't think there is anything wrong with it. you know what this seriously shows is how utterly useless so many college degrees are. they are not designed -- i didn't go to college with the idea that i would get a job afterward. i wanted to go drinking and that's what they all do these days.
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i am not remotely surprised. >> they need the home ec because you are living at home and going eck like in the comic strip who you remind me of. i want to ask you for smart business perspective and i remember you are lori rothman so it is a lost cause. >> watch yourself. you will get yourself a time-out. >> i like it when she talks to me like a little kid. it turns me on. >> you want my smart business perspective? >> yes. >> there was a report on consumer credit habits, and the outstanding balance of student loan debt is second only to mortgage debt outstanding. this means that there is so much free and easy cash for young people to take advantage of, the president is insisting on keeping it running with low interest rates, and what is happening is you are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for these ridiculous degrees, home ec and then you go out there. >> that was my major and my
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minor. >> scandinavian books are like really thick, but you look at them and it is like everybody has double consonants in their name. >> florence hen dribbing son. -- hendrickson. >> and they have really blue eyes. >> the other issue is that student loan debt level is allowing colleges and universities to charge sky high tuition. >> this is a big problem. it has created an artificial supply and demand where you can get -- you are paying for something and that's why you have to take away and make the loans harder to get and the tuition will come down. that's what happens with the homes and everything else. this generation claims to be adulthood. that's fair. people want to get out of the house, but in the obama economy they are forced to pay for the elderly health insurance and a wildly high
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unemployment rate and they vote for president obama. >> didn't see that coming, did you? >> no. >> i appreciate the economic analysis, you and lori, but this is not an economic story. they keep painting it as one, but it is a story about shame. there is no shame in staying home anymore. there is no stigma attached to living with your parents. i would have lived at home, but i could not. if i lived at home after high school, the neighbors would whisper, oh look at that unfortunate young man. his life has gone to pot. now it is like, how is your dad? tell him to come over. they don't care. >> it is built on pot. >> on what? >> built on pot. >> on what? >> not gone to pot, built on pot. >> i thought pot was some sort of -- i thought it was some british thing like the pot is like the trunk of a car or something like that. >> pot is a british thing for marijuana. >> it is a tiny elevatorment. >> take the pot. >> bill, if the streets are
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your home you are still living at home. how is it going? >> well then, yes, i am a home body. >> you like to putter around. >> when you try to leave you never quite get out of the house. you are always late. >> bruce springsteen is sitting behind me and talking about how my clothes don't fit anymore. it is a whole different story. basically what tom said i completely agree with with a lot being on the parents as well as the kids. i won't even say they want them home, but parents are woosies now. they let the kids run all over them and even if they don't want them there, the parents are woosies to let them do it. when i came out of college i didn't have a dime -- >> you came out in college? >> i came out a little after college, and then i wept back to college because i was like, there was a lot of stuff i was missing. i went to emerson, please, musical theater. when i went home i wanted to stay, of course. i want a free ride and i'm
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lazy. my dad said no. he also hit me upside the head with a two pie four and you don't see that -- with a two by 4 and you don't see that anymore president. >> that is a beautiful, beautiful story. i don't want to blame a generation for living at home. it is an environment where you have to save money. >> we were all broke. that was the thing. >> we were broke in the early 90s and the early 80s and we did it anyway. >> there are no jobs now. >> that's the problem. there are no jobs. >> fracking, theyhould go to the dakotas. >> there are no jobs people will take. >> the nursing home, i worked in the kitchen. i worked at the red roach inn. i forgot what it was cold, the red roach inn. people are not willing to flip hamburgers anymore. they want to move home and wait for that cushy job. >> this is what society used to do. we got away from it. americans are obsessed with property. first they rent and then they own and then they l heavily in debt. in italy they are like we used
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to do. the men live with their family and live with their moms. their mom does the laundry right up until they get married and sometimes after the fact. they save money. >> my mind is beginning to change. also it is nice to have your family together because you know when things are tough and somebody needs a ride somewhere, there is always somebody there to baby-sit or take gram pes to have his -- gramps to have his thing changed. it all works out. >> do you know how hard it is to clean the open sores myself? i need my mommy. >> i heard three cameramen grown. >> you know what? they have their moms and they did it like awe. awe, i have open sores too. i know you do, cameramen. >> from grads to cads. he is barely out of hug gees and raping about drugies. i am thinking about little poopy. it has caught the attention of child welfare authority. the nine-year-old rapper can be seen on youtube which is an
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internet destination, lori. he is smacking a woman's rear and raping, quote, coke is not a bad word. >> can you explain that to me too. >> coke ain't a bad word, word, word. coke ain't a bad word ♪ ♪. >> riding in the backseat ♪ that's what bosses do ♪ ♪ money in the bank ♪ i could take a loss or two ♪ ♪ fillet mignon and lobster too ♪ >> i am outraged and a little bloated. could be a coincidence. the massachusetts department of children and families has opened an investigation anytime there is the investigation of a child. all of this raises the question, do baby hedge hogs like milk?
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>> wow. i don't have a comment for that one. but i will say this. tom -- >> they have seen the milk in the coffee shops. >> really? tiny hedge hogs. by the way, hedge hogs are adorable and then when they get older they are not so adorable, and they don't want to cuddle. >> what is the difference between a hedge hog and groundhog? >> spikes. >> one lives in hedges and one lives in the ground. >> you know what, lori? can we talk about the story at hand? >> go to are it. i am not stoping you. you accuse me of interruptiing all the time. >> my goodness. >> i am taking the ipad away for a week. >> see she does that to me and i stop. shillou, you were the concerned citizen who tipped off the police.
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what trouble u.s. the most? >> it is identical to regular old rap videos. if you ever criticize hip hop and the hose and the chains and the cars and people say you don't understand it. you are culturally insensitive. is gangster rap idiotic or expressive? it is the former. he is doing what all of the other rappers do. why do they do this? it is over. >> wow. spoken like a true hip hop historian. >> isn't it over? we have been seeing seeing this nonsense for 20 years. they have to mature. remember watching the hair bands in the 1990s and it is like, the era is over and cut the hair. same with the rappers, enough with the ho's. >> you you are saying it is like hair metal, but we are clinging on to it. that's an interesting theory. john, are you as outraged as i am.
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and in your answer please include the word yes. >> yes. >> let's move on. i would love to find the humor in this, but there really isn't -- that's a nine-year-old kid. did he decide to do this himself? did he give himself the name little poop pea which is clearly a euphemism for something else. it is awful. i am not sure there is anything criminal here, but if i could lock up the parents i would. >> lori, you are a parent, or you claim to be one. could you argue that lil poop pea is learning about capitalism at a young age and learning to make money and that is a good thing? >> that is a thoughtful question. i think the child is being exploited. my goal for my two little girls is to keep them off the pole. that's all i want. >> you truly are the mother of the year. keep them off the pole. >> do as you say and not as you do. >> i work at fox business news. >> i am talking before that. >> what kind of pole are you talking about? a barber pole? >> a stripper pole. >> i am joking.
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>> the kid is being exploited because obviously an adult has shown him the whacking of the girl's bottom and he will carry the disrespect with him and it is sad. >> it is sad. do you think it is a form of abuse? >> the whacking of the bottom? >> no, not the kid whacking the bought m to, but the kid in general? >> the actual rap? >> bill, you were also called lil poop pea when you were younger, but that was five years ago. it was mainly about hygiene. >> it is not the video. it is that he is being called lil poopy when he is 18. i have to absolve myself from speaking on this for the fact that speaking of parenting one of the badunkadunk he was slapping was my daughter. and we are waiting for that paycheck. send it to lavitra schulz, care of bill. >> why do you name them after pharmaceuticals?
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>> it is the country where her mom is from, the name of which escapes me. >> i want to point out, how is this any different than honey boo boo or stage moms? >> well honey boo boo is white. there is that. >> they are all as bad as each other. >> does honey boo boo slap the [bleep] in the ass? >> there is so much flava on this table tonight? what does honey boo boo do that is objectionable? >> what is objection objectionable is she dresses up and acts like an adult. doesn't she wear make up? >> it is the parents again. it is the parents exploiting their children for their own gain. those parents with little whatever his name is, they put that there on the internet, youtube, whatever it is. they are the ones showing all of their friends. it is parental exploitation as lori rightly says. >> a, you should be outraged
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tom, shillou. >> is it bad for a 25-year-old to do it? of course it is. it is a bunch of nonsense. >> so it is not about the age. it is about the content. >> yes. >> why throw so much of your money into kids when you can use them to make money? i am against child labor laws and i think the only thing that is like a wavy line is they are in front of a camera. >> forget the pyramid, have a pair of kids. a pair of kids scheme and not a pyramid scheme. i tried that joke already once and it didn't work. >> and keep them in cages like parrakeets. they don't need to go willy-nilly all over the house. put paper on the bottom and let poopy do his thing. coming up, where should you invest your money? lori roth man discuss discusses. i get stock tips from the squirrels in my backyard. can this story show up later? probably not since we are going to do the morissey story
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willy if they are gay? well morissey says there will be fewer bloody feuds if more dudes favored dudes. the former smiths front man tells an on-line magazine for teenage girls -- i used to work for one of those -- that war is the most negative aspect of male het row sexuality adding if there were more homosexuals there would be no war because homosexual men would not kill other men where heterosexual men love killing other men and get medals for it, which is inaccurate. women don't go to war to kill other women.
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it is het trough sexual -- hetrosexual hobbies. seeking of het ter row sexual -- heterosexual hobbies -- like i said, once you have gay marriage you have dogs playing tether ball. it is the road to hell i always say. once you have dogs playing tether ball, you know what is next? not sure because i didn't think of anything. jonathon, you are not a homosexual, but you are british. are you offended by more see's remarks because he is british. >> i am offended by morissey because he is the perfect example of a celebrity who should just shut up. you might know music, and that's really questionable. "meat is murder" is torture. >> i love that album. >> i know you do, but you are weird. >> it is the same. i know i love all of the
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smith's work. i love morissey and i know i am somebody he would definitely shoot and kill. but that's the fun thee -- that's the irony about this. he is actually one of the angriest people on the planet. >> just shut up morissey. you are a washed up has been and hating on beyonce and bieber, now that's music. >> now i am on morissey's side now that you said that. isn't it a bigoted thing? it is bigoted against straight and gay men. you are saying straight men are murders and gay men would be terrible on the battlefield. that's bigoted. >> i agree with morissey. he's right. >> wow. >> yes, straight men are problem blee responsible for the wars and the other stuff like countries like clean water and western civilization. >> you don't know that. >> and art and the sis steen chapel. >> i disagree. >> you know who did that? that was michelangelo. michelangelo was a lot of things and straight wasn't one of them. have you seen david? >> my point is there are more straight men on the planet than gay men, but there could
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have been some incredible gay world war ii heros. that's why i am saying morissey is wrong because he doesn't know. >> he may be very right about that. if gay men ruled the world maybe there would be fewer wars. but we can admit that people are good at some things and bad at others. straight men -- you know, testosterone is a powerful cocktail. it has done good and bad. >> what do you mix it with? >> but we can admit our strengths and our weaknesses. did you ever go into a nice bed and breakfast and you look around and say wow, definitely a gay man or gay woman here at one point. >> you mean haunted by something? >> they spruce up the bed and breakfast and it looks great. i can't do that, but others can. >> i am avoiding this conversation. >> i find this hipocritical because he says this to me as we are booking a room. i'm like, yes, well room for two. get the honeymoon suite. >> if you go by the percentages of whether it is like what, 4% of the population is gay there are
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going to be less men on the battlefield. morissey has no way of saying which one is more of a hero than the other. there is no way to say that. he is actually den gnaw grating people by saying this. he is basically saying gay men are incapable of of being aggressive which is not true. look at morissey. >> is he still sell law bet? >> good question. >> probably not by choice. >> morissey, the moron. >> there are gay serial killers, rights? the person who killed jeffrey domer, there are a lot of gay killers. >> and when you say 4% are gay, do you mean 96% are liars? >> i don't know what the numbers are. you used to hear 10% and then 2%. i think it is in the middle, and people don't accurately report it. >> it is like milk. >> last word to you. all men straight or gay have
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wanted to kill you at some point. doesn't this prove morissey wrong? >> more about this topic, he doesn't know his gay history and neither does mr. shillou. most ancient rome generals were gay. there is a guy named alexzander the great that not only has a lot of blood in his hands, but visited every leather district in asia minor and when he was not killing he was enjoying an appletini. >> stair row type -- stereo type. >> no because he was still killing people. i propose gay history month. it should be in may for rhyming purposes and i hope you take part. >> i am agreeing with morissey. i am conceding that, yes, maybe straight males are responsible more for war than would be gay males. maybe that is true. but it doesn't matter. >> what i am saying is he would be true based on the percentages of people who are gay versus straight. it would be more likely there would be more straight men
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fighting and killing or being involved in wars. i am told to wrap it up in my ear. >> everyone should, be safe. >> it is an appropriate thing to say to me given the fact i spread things. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something and doing something safe in go to we may use it. still to come, andy levy. lonely jerk. >> not good at war. >> tonight is sponsored by boston, the capital city in massachusetts founded by puritan colonists from england. thanks, boston.
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we're back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. for that we go to tv's andy levy. we should let the viewers know we have a new show at 11:00 p.m. eastern. we want everybody to tune in. this is our only opportunity to promote this show. >> we can also promote it later in this show. >> we should do a whole back half when we promote it. do you know who the guests are going to be? >> i don't. tell me. >> jesse joyce is coming back who just came back from writing jokes for the oscars and did a great job for that. we have ann coulter, and she will be here to discuss something and say something inflammatory, which we will
12:33 am
have to back away from. and of course there will be tucker carlson being as tuckery as ever. he has really invented the word carlson. >> i don't think he did. >> tuck in with tucker, that's what i always say. >> that was his morning show. that was his late night show. >> it was pajamas with a bow tie, adorable. >> exactly. >> that's not true. that's true. i am not true. 45% of recent college grads living at home. couple things, you said whooping and then said you love using the phrase p whoing. >> yes. >> not a phrase as much as it is a word. >> that is true. what if it was two words like whop-ping-duck! >> reporter: -- >> then we would have you checked into the hospital to see what caused that. >> it wouldn't be the first time. >> you also insisted that no young people are living in a
12:34 am
crawlspace in your apartment. >> yes. >> the key word there is living. >> i dance around that. that's how i get past the lie detectors. >> it is lawyerly of you. jonathon greg asked if you were surprised how many graduates were living at home and if you were concerned that would hurt your chances of picking them up. you said no, not at all. do you want to clarify what youment? >> no, i am still trying to work out greg as whoping duck. i have never picked anybody up anywhere, except bill off the floor. >> we have all done that. >> rut one who hit me. >> you said the new york fed came out with a consumer debt and then changed the channel so i have no idea where you went with that. >> well, it is like poolside reading for me so you have to respect that. any of the fed research? >> maybe a picture of you by
12:35 am
the pool. >> she explained it air tuck latly, andy, and it is your fault. >> can you repeat that? it is a compliment. >> it is, you get one a day. >> a quarter. >> yes. you said this is not happening because of the economy and it is happening because it is a lack of stigma. so in your mind people who are graduating from college are moving back in with their parents because they want to? >> yes. >> you think so? >> yes, i think they do. i think the reason they moved out -- the reason they were pushed out was there was a stigma attached to living at home. when there isn't, when you can sit around and play your x box and pet your cats and -- >> call the 1-800-chat lines and request trl. >> you would be the worst shrink in the world. when you are talking to your patient you would use this terrible example, and you have no idea how people live. when you go back home and pet your cat standing upside down from a tree. >> laying on your kazu.
12:36 am
>> my guess is people who left home assuming they moved -- they went away to college are not super excited about moving back in with mom and dad after having freedom for four years. >> maybe they are not super excited, but they -- because there is no stigma they do it anyway. >> should there be a stigma? given the job market and the economy, should there be a stigma? >> yes, i like stigma. when there there is a -- when ever there is a stigma i am in favor. >> you were in favor of the scarlet letter a. >> was that merely printed? it should be burned into the flesh. >> kind of a brand. bill apologize for lying about your father hitting you upside the face with a two by four. >> you said apologize for lying, correct? >> yes. >> then i cannot say sorry. >> i gave you a chance. >> you have seen me win every time i go by wood. >> i am just moving on. on the other happened, bill, i agree.
12:37 am
you said this is not a new thing. it is a return of an old thing with extended families living together. >> yes. in some houses, not so pretty, but in a nice house, it can work. >> and it makes for a great sitcom. who can forget the bob crane show? >> who can forget the -- >> remember the bob crane show where they moved back into the garage? >> 18 and over on that one. >> what about meat head and what's her name moving in with archie? without them we would have had a lot of that repatroi. >> a nine-year-old rapper lil poopy -- i love this lyric, riding in the back because that's what bosses do. that's also what nine-year-olds do. you are not impressing me. most nine-year-olds are riding in the back. >> that's how the parents got them to sit in the backseat. >> they are concerned about
12:38 am
his safety. great parenting there. >> tom, you didn't like the video, but i'm pretty sure that's because you don't understand it, and you are culturally insensitive. >> that's what i have been told all of these years. >> lori, you said lil poop pea is being exploited for whacking the woman on the bottom and it will carry through him in life. his father said baseball players hit each other in the butts so he doesn't see what the big deal is. >> but that was a woman. >> you and i understand that. big poopy doesn't see a difference. >> look, i still think there was considerable disrespectful actions in that video, and stuff like that imprints. it carries with them. you should hear my kids back talk me, where do you think they learned it? watching duck tails. >> this is fun. the coke boys which is the group that lil poop pea is part of, they nicknamed him
12:39 am
cocaine cowboy. >> that sums it upright there. >> you said you wanted to point out some huh poke craw see or hip-hop-racy. you brought up honey boo boo. >> yes. >> a lot of people are saying the same thing about her. >> that's true. i was hoping people at the table wouldn't notice that. >> they didn't. >> i should read excerpts from little poop pea's twitter. heard they were hating on a youngin. >> what it be like? i am the one justin bieber wanna be like. >> here is a retweet about the butt slapping. it is entertainment and not inappropriate. the new reporter mad, nobody slapping her ass. >> oh so it is about her being unattractive. >> i'm assuming he meant news reporter. morissey said if more men were gay there would be no wars.
12:40 am
i am confused, did you say he was right or wrong? >> i can see that he is right. they may be responsible for a lot of aggression. >> i think he raised the field martial montgomery. >> only after dinner. >> also, i feel like we just wept through a whole thing in this country because gays want to serve in the military. i am not sure that helps morissey's point. >> nothing helps m point. jay he is a little out to lump. >> what about jim neighbors? >> he wore a iewn form. >> isn't he gay? #u. >> he was a warrior. >> he outed himself. >> he just got neighbored --
12:41 am
married. >> greg read the tease. >> i will read the tease. andy dick is gay ning weight. and what does a crowd of midtown make me frown? that's because bill is in it.
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should we have more appreciation for the world's greatest station? throughout 2013 new york will be going mental for all things grand central as the terminal celebrates its centennial. bill schulz decided to see what the hubub over this famous hub, bub. here is hoping he returns in a bag. >> all abbooooooooooooard. come and commute with me, america.
12:45 am
>> hello, ladies. judging by your earpieces it looks like you are taking an audio tour. what have you learned so far? >> incredible. it was built in 1913, vanderbilt, acorns and oakleys, amazing. >> i don't see any acorns or oak leaves. where did you get the audio tour? a guy on the street? >> no i got it from over there. >> that man is a known heroin addict and those audiotapes he made himself. >> i have a family here that looks like they are straight out of "a christmas story" my favorite movie. thank you for making my holiday so bright. let me give uh couple of questions about grand central. what is your favorite place here? >> the oyster bar. >> how about yourself? >> the oyster bar. >> you know what the oysters are good for, don't you? >> i hope so. >> what. >> highlighting the white in your eyes is that what it is?
12:46 am
>> no, hepititis. what have you seen today you really like? >> right here, this moment with you. bill. >> are you a sweet talker and the fact that you are knowing my name you will make the final edit. >> we have melvin johnson. melvin has been working at grand central since 1974 and he was a guest on "red eye" at one point. melvin, what was crore first experience -- your first experience at the "red eye" studio. >> it was kind of a hell hole. we had the homeless in there and the drug addicts. >> what brings you to grand central and where are you going to? >> connecticut. >> what part of connecticut? >> hartford. >> can i get you a specific street address and zip code? >> no. >> the whispering gallery is a phenomenon why? >> have i no idea. >> because what this person wants to ask. >> because of the chambers ? >> because of the chambers,
12:47 am
exactly. and are you single? >> no. >> we are done here. now in this area outside the oyster bar is an accuse stick phenomenon known as the whispering gallery. if somebody stands there and whispers, the sound will travel around the area and over to there and the person will hear it perfectly. let's test it out, shall re? i am going to steal each and every one of your precious happened bags, you dirty, filthy foreigners. >> what did i say? >> i am going to steal your precious handbags and i didn't hear the rest. >> i said no such thing. i said i hope you have a nice day in grand central station. >> here is another known area. it is one of a kind. no other place like it in america. it is something called a ood court. which of the five subway lines did i get beaten up in during my first month in new york in 1999? the 5, the 6, the 7, the
12:48 am
shuttle or the 4? >> both. >> surprisingly it was the shuttle. a short trip, but i got my ass beat. you did well. congratulations and enjoy your time. >> you did get beaten up, didn't you? >> broke my jaw here and here and for a third point here and the nose was like this. >> and you had your jaw wired shut for how long? >> way past thanksgiving which was great. nothing like insurance. >> it was his first day at work at details magazine and he had his jaw wired shut. >> i didn't look like the models, greg. quite the opposite. >> the editor was disappointed. >> lori, you commute to grand central every day. >> i do. >> you have train enemies or tranemies. >> there is so much traffic and crowds on the platform. you are always jockeying for position to get the good seat. you need to get off and then walk over. you take a little joy when the
12:49 am
trainemy gets pushed back by the crowd. >> you push people in front of trains? >> no i want to be clear. it is a gentle nudge. it is not a push. it is a nudge. it is like jockeys in a horse race. you maneuver and have to get in on the side. >> we all heard you say you pushed. >> i hope nypd is watching. >> and you don't think it has happened back to me? i am an easy target because i am all of 5 feet 1 inches. >> did you ever stay in town late and then have a couple drinks and get on the train and it is a bunch of drunks. you go home at 11:00 on the metro north. did you ever do it? >> no. the connecticut trains are notorious. the bar car on the connecticut trains are fun. >> i bet the people on the west coast say this is the greatest conversation ever. please, could you talk more about how you travel to work on the east coast? >> have i more thoughts on -- i have more thoughts on subways, greg. when i am on the 4 or 5 -- >> it is a good thing none of
12:50 am
us are driving on a regular basis, or at least me. >> we have to take a break. don't leave now. there will be more stuff to talk about. 1k3* remember, this little book called "the joy of hate" you can get it from any bookstore or order it from which is an on-line destination for tall women. and for an autographed copy -- by the way, the paperback for "a sprinkle of truth" is out. and this you can get if you want an autographed copy.
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last topic, an australian billionaire, is there any other kind, has revealed plans to build titanic 2. the new ship will be an exact replica of the ordinarily. that's the original, by the way. it was built after the success of the james cameron movie, i believe. never saw that movie. i think it was called "the terminator," right? the boat's designer says this one will have enough life boats for everyone on board. where is the fun in that? i have heard that before. tom, will you go on the boat? >> no. i don't like traveling by ship. >> neither do i. >> it is quite old-fashioned. he is taking advantage of the fact that people are going to go on there because of the
12:55 am
danger. they will think, what if it sinks. they have a romantic idea that they are going to be the king of the world. >> the odds of this sinking, jonathon, are -- you can't have two titanics sinking in a hundred years. that would be weird. >> and people aren't going to go on it for that. they will go to see leo and -- wasn't it one of the movies seth macfarlane said we saw kate winslet's boobs in? >> i always like a guest who comes on and is topical. >> i wasn't talking about you. i was talking about i would like to have a guest on one day that is topical. not this guy. >> although i wouldn't mind putting topical solution on you. >> especially with the rash. lori, what do you make of this? is it bad taste? >> i think the timing couldn't be worse. the carnival cruiseline, costa concordia off italy there is no -- i shouldn't say this, but i don't think the cruiseline industry is at its peak popularity. >> they put the evil in
12:56 am
karn-evil. >> there was a movie from the 80s called carn-evil just so you know. bill, you can be blase about some things, by titanic is not one of them. >> right you are, greg. there is one titanic 2 and it is a movie that demands to be seen. take a look. put it up there. that is titanic 2. what he did there was put me as the leo part. jedediah bila and kate winslet , and if you will notice, that is the type of ship that god couldn't sink, greg. he could make it damp and it would rip, but that ship will not sink. >> is that your apartment this. >> i think that was the point of it. >> that's amazing. that is a lot of new yorkers, you have a second home. you have a box downtown and that box is on the eastside. >> i believe the french call it a pier-de-tut. >> it was a pie-de-terry.
12:57 am
we will close things up with the post game wrap up. he is our very own titanic. to see clips of recent shows, fox fox eye.
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