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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 1, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PST

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studio b with shepherd starts now. >> the news begins anew in studio b. one moment he was in his bedroom, the next, a sink hole swallowed him and his bedroom. now the sink hole victim's brother described a horrifying ordeal. we'll have him live. the entire bizarre story ahead rvelts plus, the government's latest self inflicted crisis that they like to call the sequester is is he questio sequ. the president calls it dumb. speaking of, chris wallace will explain what will or lp will not happen at midnight. you saw this plasti last ho. if it were up to me, we'd show it the whole hour. there's not much going on. faa, do you have nothing to do with your time? the ha harlem shake is ahead uns breaking news changes everything on studio b.
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but first from fox at 3:00 in new york city and in tampa where cops say a man is likely dead after the ground beneath his bedroom suddenly opened up and swallowed him. the man's brother was in the house at the time. he said he heard a loud crash, ran to see what happened, dove into the crater in an attempt to save his si sibling but couldn't find any sign of him. >> we heard a loud crash, and i ran in there. i heard somebody screaming, my brother screaming. i ran in there is all i could see was the big hole and the top of his bed. i didn't see nothing else. i jumped in the hole and tried getting him out. i couldn't get him. i tried to get him out. i couldn't do nothing. it swallowed his whole bed, his dresser, everything in his room is gone. ain't nothing there no more. >> was it the mattress? >> i seen the top of the mattress, the bottom of the box
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spring, and the bed frame. that was it. >> you never saw him. >>.>> i never saw him. i thought i heard him. that's why i was digging for him. >> what did you do after that? >> the cop snatche snatched me f the hole, that i couldn't be in there, that the hole was still caving in. i didn't care. i just wanted my brother, man. >> that was a sheriff's deputy who rescued him from the hole. cops have ordered the evacuation of several nearby homes out of concern that the crater may be growing. we can't see it from the outside but officials say there's a 30 foot wide, 20 foot deep hole in that bedroom. is there any hope for the guy who is apparently down in there somewhere? >> reporter: shepard, this happened at 11 p.m. last night. since then there have been no signs of life. engineers have putting in listening devices and cameras but r really coming from the hoe that indicates 36-year-old jeff bush might be alive. he was asleep when the hole
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opened up directly beneath him. of the six, the five survivors moved to a hotel exempt for one aunt sleeping in her car out front, keeping a vigil, waiting for news. >> they're concerned the hole may be still growing? >> that's right. they're trying to get an accurate reading on it right now, but it's been tough. it's been tough for engineers and even rescue workers because the ground, the territory around that house is still deemed to be unstable, so it's been tough for them to really do their jobs. >> our crews have continued in their efforts to try and locate mr. bush. we have brought in additional sophisticated equipment this morning to try and help us determine the structure stability, what our efforts can be to try and locate him safely without endangering more percent personnel. >> reporter: some of that additional equipment is penetrating radar. they're trying to build a map of the terrain underneath the house to see how unstable it is. they're trying to determine how
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many more houses need to be evacuated. shepard. >> steve hair began i harrigan a newsroom. republicans and democrats today failed to reach a compromise to avoid the big government-created spending or crisis known as the sequester. with a midnight deadline about nine hours away, the president said he still believes the feds will be able to avoid financial apocalypse, but he also blames republicans for failing to stop the automatic spending cuts. >> what doesn't make sense and the only thing we've seen from republicans so far in terms of proposals is to replace this set of arbitrary cuts with even worse arbitrary cuts. that's not going to help the economy. that's not going to help growth. that's not going to create jobs. >> the president also said he cannot use a jedi mind meld to convince his political opponents to change their minds. of course, many republicans see things differently or say they do.
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today house speaker john boehner said he refuses to raise taxes in order for the government to make ends meet. >> let's make it clear that the president got his tax hikes on january 1st. this discussion about revenue, in my view, is over. it's about taking on the spending problem here in washington. > so what happens now? everything from drastic military cuts to longer lines at the airports to more unrelated pot holes on the interstate. wendell goler is live at the white house. i don't know exactly when them not getting anything done in that town seeses t ceases to be. in my estimation, it has. >> reporter: shep, the president said the pain will be real but not everyone will feel it. some who do won't feel it for weeks or months but he says the cuts will help some people and hurt the economy overall. he called the cuts arbitrary and dumb and he wouldn't take the blame for the failure to reach an agreement. >> the majority of the american people agree with me and this
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approach including, by the way, a majority of republicans. we just need runs in congress to catch up with their own party and the country on this. if they did so, we could make a lot of progress. >> reporter: he said it's a caucus off common sense willing to use additional tax revenue to loather deficit. he hopes in a matter of weeks or months it gains the upper hand, shepard. >> what from republicans? >> reporter: republicans suggest when the president agreed not to make tax revenue a part of the sequester he basically took it out of the equation. they say he is now moving the goal posts, although the president's aides said he always made it clear that more tax revenue had to be part of reducing the deficit which is the overall goal. speaker boehner said he got that revenue at the end of last year and made a veiled threat about a budget agreement congress needs to pass bit end of this month. >> the house is going to move a continuing resolution next week to fund the government past march 27th, and i'm hopeful
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that we won't have to deal with a threat of a government shutdown while we're dealing with the sequester at the same time. >> the president made clear he, too, wants to avoid that fight. he said he'll accept the deal but continue spending at the sequester cut level. >> thanks. so what do the employees in washington have in store for us now? we'll look at this whole sequester dust up with the fox x news sunday" host chris wallace. a driver sends a bus full of people into oncoming traffic after he passed out. we'll go live to tampa, florida. find out how a sink hole swallows up a man. and whether they'll be able to get him out of there. ns for you... ♪ i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast.
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more now on washington's awfulness and it's failure to reach a deal on the government created budgetary game of
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chicken that they're calling sequester this time. in two or three months we'll have another crisis and it will have another time it's calling sequester. make no mistake about it, political gam building on the future of our economy. plain and simple. will the earth crack open and swallow the country, no, but it does prove that capitol hill is as divided as ever. chris, i keep readin reading pee saying this is fine. they should do this. the pentagon says this budget is making them keep a program they don't want and cancel a program that they really need. this is the dumbest thing i've ever seen. >> well, i agree with you, shep. of course, it was designed to do that because of the fact that we were never going to reach this point a year and a half ago which we have now reached, but in fairness to the republicans, they say you're right. it is done. we want to give the president more authority so he can sit there and decide, you know, to cut the programs that should be cut, don't cut the programs that
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shouldn't be, and the president and democrats don't want the flexibility to make the choices. that's pretty dumb right there. >> shepard: they don't want to be blamed. nobody wants to be blamed. it's all politics, isn't it? >> well, yeah, but the point is we've reached this point. no, no. we've reached this point, and the president you would think as the commander-in-chief, the person in charge of our national security, would want to decide what national security programs to cut and what not to, and he doesn't want his fingerprints on it. let me tell you somebody else who is a little disgusted with all this. we have an exclusive interview this weekend with mitt romney. and i asked him about the mess in washington yesterday. take a look. >> how do you think the president has handled the sequester, the $85 billion in automatic spending cuts. >> no one can think that's been a success for the president. he didn't think the sequester would happen. it is happening, but today what we've seen is the president out campaigning to the american people, doing rallies around the
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country, flying around the country and berating republicans and blaming and pointing. now, what does that do? that causes the republicans to retrench and put up a wall and fight back. it's a very national human emotion. the president has the opportunity to lead the nation and to bring republicans and democrats together. it's a job he's got to do, and it's a job only the president can do. >> you know he, shep, it was so interesting. this is the first introo view it mitt and ann romney have given since the election. i went to san diego and interviewed them. they still feel the sting of the defeat but both romney and mrs. romney feel he would have been uniquely qualified to avoid the mess that we're in right now, and they feel the frustration. >> shepard: what does he say about people in his party throwing him under the bus now? they haven't been that kind to him. i guess that's part of politics, too. >> yeah. he knows it, and he says i understand it and people are going to say whatever they want
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to say. he said look, i lost. i'm not the guy that most people are going to want to take advice from because i lost an election a lot of them think i should have won, but he said on the other hand, i care too much about this country. i know some people will ignore me. i will say what i think. people will take it for what it's worth. >> shepard: mitt and ann romney on "fox news sunday". back to the sink hole story. seems we have our technical issues worked out. as we reported, cops in tampa say a man is likely dead today after the ground bet underneaths bred room opened up and swallowed him up. the sink hole guy is taylor yarkoski. >> he's a sink hole expert and contractor who takes care of this sort of thing. what causes this? >> well, shep, first of all, thanks for having me on today. i send my condolences to the family.
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this is a horrible situation. in florida we have lime rock down below the surface, you know, anywhere an average to 30 to 100 feet down. we have very sandy soils in florida. over the years the lime rock will erode and break and the soil essentially shifts and passes downward and you know, almost like an hour glass effect where over time it creates voids and holes and anomalies under the homes that eventually you feel at the surface, and you know, a catastrophic sink hole like this can happen at any time, and they do happen down here more than people know. >> i read that they're using some sort of technology to try to figure out how big this thing is going to become. how do you do that? >> well, you know, that's what the engineers have to determine and look at. you never know. at the end of the day, we're using, you know, we're testing soils and trying to determine what's going on down below the ground. at the end of the day, nobody
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really knows to a hundred percent scientific certainty. this thing could continue to open, it could be done opening at this point. they're going to do some geological tests i'm sure to determine what's going on and how much more they perceive of this happening any further. >> shepard: the sink hole guy. taylor, thanks. on the phone with us is jeremy bush, the brother of the guy who fell in the singl sink hole. you jumped in the hole to try to rescue him. any updates? >> no no updates. i don't know what's going on with him. >> go on. >> i know he's still in the hole. all they're doing is drilling holes around the house. nobody will go in the house to get him. he's been in there since sen 100 last night. >> shepard: it's my understanding they've had listening devices, there, and sadly, jeremy, they're not optimistic. >> yeah. they're drilling holes right now. >> shepard: i heard you explain
12:19 pm
earlier that you heard the noise, sounded like a crash, i think you said, and you dived in the thing, huh? >> yes. me and myocardial infarctio my d daughter and my father-in-law was in my roosm. we just got back from getting something to eat. i knocked on my brother's door to let him know we wasn't working today and he answered me back and say okay. i went back to my room. me and my wife and daughter and father-in-law was in my room. we heard a loud noise like something crashed through the house. we get up and run. i ran to my brother's room. i go to open the door, and i run in, and my wife turns the light on. i can't see nothing. there's nothing there. his bed's gone, his dresser's gone, his tv's gone. he's gone, and i'm yelling and screaming for him. i jump in the hole. i start screaming for somebody
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to bring me a hovel. i get a shovel, i start trying to dig and dig, and i thought i heard -- are you still there? >> shepard: i'm listening, jeremy, thank you. go ahead. >> i thought i heard him hollering my name for me to help. that's why i kept digging and kept digging and kept digging. my old lady was on the phone with 911 and they kept tell me to get out of the hole, get out of the hole, get out of the hole because i was in danger. i wasn't able to find my brother. i lost my brother and my house and everything i ever worked for in my life. i have nothing now. >> shepard: when you were in this hole, jeremy, there was dirt all over the top of all of his things, i suppose the walls were caving around it, the dirt walls? >> no. the walls were still standing. the only thing that gave way was the concrete floor, all the dirt underneath it, and the only
12:21 pm
thing i could see was a corner of his bed, a corner of his box springs, and a corner of his bed frame. that's all i could see. >> shepard: wow. there was no way for anybody to get in there and try to remove some of that dirt to see if they couldn't get your brother out from under it. >> i was trying. i was trying and trying. i couldn't move the bed. the bed was full of dirt. i couldn't move them nowhere. i was trying to dig with a shovel and dig with a shovel, dig with my hand. i was trying to put in an air pocket to see if i could feel him. i thought i could hear him yelling for me to help him, and then the cops -- the cop come in the house and snatched me out of the hole. >> shepard: it's my understanding the dirt was caving in on you as well, that you could well have become a victim yourself. >> the dirt was still falling in and stuff like that, and as the cop was trying to get me out,
12:22 pm
things were falling and starting to crack. i got out of the there for my 2-year-old daughter. >> shepard: it's my understanding one of your relatives slept in the car last night out in front of the house. >> yes. my aunt. my old lady's aunt slept in front of the house. >> shepard: wow. what are you guys hoping for now? >> i just want them to get my brother out so i can have closure and there's nothing else i can do. i work all my life, all my life. i'm 36 years old. i've worked all my life. i've been working two jobs to take care of my 2-year-old daughter and my wife, and it's been so har, and i can't do it now. i don't have anything to do, to
12:23 pm
give them. everything's gone. >> shepard: are you insured, jeremy? >> the house is insured, yes. it's not our house. my my old lady's grandfather's house. we've been renting the house from him because he stays in north carolina. >> shepard: i see the live pictures at the house and a lot of media there. is the thinking that the authorities are going to be able to get in there soon? >> they told me that they were going to give us an update at 5:00, so away from here so all the media is not around. they can give us an update on what's going on. >> shepard: jeremy bush. i don't know. that's a lot to deal with today, my friend. good luck to you and your family. we'll keep watch. all the best. we'll be right back.
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>> shepard: well, it's really dry and it's really windy and that's a mess when you're trying to fight a fire which crews are in the hills of southern california. look at these pictures. flames ripping across this wildlife area in riverside. that's east of l.a., and the fire has damaged at least one house and is threatening to gobble up more of them. at the same time, the national weather service issued a wind advisory for the area, reporting that wind gusts could top 35 miles an hour today. it's happening in the same area that cops say the rogue excop christopher dorner shot and killed an officer last month. he eventually turned up dead himself. adam housley is in los angeles in our newsroom. any progress containing this thing? >> reporter: yeah, shepard. they've made some good progress. the winds do yo died down a bit. it didn't get in the mountains so they have a handle on it. those pictures are unbelievable when you look at it. you normally see this type of stuff in october or november
12:28 pm
with the santa ana winds. this fire burned right now we're told 311 acres. it's 40% contained. for those who have covered a lot of fires, it means they have a handle on it. they haven't gotten the fire line cut around it, but at least this fire, right now the winds have died down enough they have a good handle on it, but there's more winds coming. >> shepard: first of march and a brush fire. how dry is it. >> the dryest january and february on record in california. most times california was end of may, first of june was the fire season. now fire season is 12 months out of the year. this fire makes it extremely clear. these are conditions you would see in october or november, not march. firefighters are concerned about what's ahead. there's a chance that there's a big storm coming in next week, but again, january and february in california. the dryest on record, shepard. >> shepard: adam housley in l. a. thanks. let's get to the vatican. catholic officials made a few
12:29 pm
changes to the former pope's living quarters now that he has officially stepped down. the va vatican's exsecretary of state sealed the elevator that leads to the papal apartment with many of the doors using red ribbon and tape. those doors will stay closed until church leaders select a new guy. that's the next step. today officials confirm that cardinals from around the globe known as the princes of the church will get together on monday to discuss the process of picking a new leader for the 1.2 billion catholics. a vatican spokesman said it could still be days before we know when the actual vote will get underway. the church has 207 cardinals in all, but only those under the age of 80 are eligible to vote which brings the number to 115. wow. amy kellogg is in room. hello, amy. >> reporter: yeah, shep. wow is right because that means that about even more than 40% of the cardinals are 80 or over. now, this college of cardinals
12:30 pm
is often referred to as the smallest elite gentlemen's club in the world, but frankly, they don't all know each other that well because they come from all over the world, so they'll take time in the coming days and hopefully not more than days but obampossible weeks to get to knw each other personally and also the different positions that they have on doctrine. i spoke to one of the youngest princes of this group. that's cardinal timothy dolan of new york. i asked him how he thinks that they're going to find a pope who can both inspire people spirit wally but also tackle some of the issues the church is facing from the curia infighting to the sexual abuse scandals. >> you need a st., but you don't need an angel. you know the difference, of course. we need a human person who has good human talents, don't we. so we look for somebody who almost has his head in the clouds but who has his feet firmly on earth. >> reporter: we are now in a
12:31 pm
period of the vacancy where it's a period of great suspension. the vatican issues special stamps for the occasion. people were lined up at the vatican post office to purchase them and commemorative envelopes as well. the coat of arms changes in this period. instead of having the papalty ar ra over keys, you have the umbrella and also shep period some commemorative coins will be issued. those apparently won't come out until april. we're hoping that the coins come out after there's a new pope. shep. >> shepard: let's hope. amy kellogg in the period of great suspension. we're learning about a huge drop in what americans earned earlier this year. in fact, it's the biggest monthly drop in two decades. we'll have contacts and perspective from a financial analyst plus the dictator meets the worm. you talk about weird. you talk about an period of greagreat suspense.
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12:36 pm
dennis rodman spent time with kim the younger. he inherited the power, i don't know, a while back from his father. a coupleears ago. the nba hall of famer had a lot of great things t to say about e kim family dynasty. >> his grandfather and his father are great leaders, and he's such a proud man. as a young kid, a common kid, he's so awesome. and he loves his wife so much. >> shepard: are we on the same planet? does he not know what he's talking about? did anybody tell him about the lack of electricity, the people starving to death, the cash crop is missiles? >> i think we're absolutely certain dennis rodman doesn't know what he's talking about, aren't he we? >> that is nuts. >> shepard: if you can read, you can watch the television to learn he's not awesome. he's not awesome. he's not awesome, dennis.
12:37 pm
his government' government's ont impressive in all the world with strict media control, widespread hunger problems and prison camps. beside that, eas he's awesome. what did kim the younger do to impress our basketball holiness? >> they appear to be bffs, that's for sure. they were all smiles courtside as you can see, kim jong un and dennis rodman as members of the harlem globe trotters played along side some north korean players. the game you'll be pleased to know was a tie which means at least everybody gets to live and dennis rodman loves kim the younger. listen. >> he's an awesome kid. he's an awesome guy. he's awesome. the wun one thing about him. no one man can do anything. not one man. any one thing. he's proud. his country like him.
12:38 pm
not like him. love him. love him. guess what? i love him. the guy is awesome. >> in case you debit get that, dennis rodman things kim the younger is awesome. once you've been married to carmen electra, your standards of -- of awesome are somewhat different. >> shepard: could she have been drink? >> he could have been anything. >> shepard: what makes him think people love him, wait they're acting? i don't get it. >> if you're at basketball game organized by the north korean state, you're presumably surrounded by hand picked north koreans who, yes, show their love for him. the state department weighed in on this weirdly today. they didn't want to address any direct criticism of the trip, but they did point out the high puchihypocracy cease of ki of k. lifnl. >> w exchanges of sports or
12:39 pm
something we do with certain countries where maybe we don't have a good relationship, but you know, this is coming at time where we've got significant activity at the u.n. to work for a strong credible response after this nuclear test. clearly you've got the regime spending money to wine and dine foreign visitors when they should be feeding their own people. >> so how awesome is kim the younger in terms of his own people? the average north korean apparently earns something like $1800 per year. dennis rodman's career salary in the nba, about ten years was $30 million, so by my admi admittedy dodgy math, that would mean the average north korean would have to live and work 16,666 years to match rodman's nba career earnings. that's how awesome kim the younger is. >> shepard: maybe he doesn't know they don't have lights at night. >> or maybe when he was thinking
12:40 pm
of kim the younger kardashian. >> shepard: that does explain it. >> and rod my could b rodman coy state of mind as we well know. carmen electric electric electre to say. > >> shepard: he's awesome. his people love him. dennis rodman love him. >> happy friday. >> shepard: mercifully. sequester friday in what is it a state of suspense. >> i'm going to live in that period of great suspense with a nod and a thanks to you are own amy kellogg in rome. the lawmakers we pay to get stuff done in washington aren't doing anything. nothing. they did not reach a compromise to avoid sweeping budget cuts that would affect a lost americans. the thing is they invented the crisis in the first place. they invented the remedy. they voted on the remedy. they hated the remedy. they voted i on it, they put itn
12:41 pm
place, and it will kill everybody. what happens now. mike emanual is on capitol hill. are there widespread renations across the fruited plains, mike? >> reporter: that would be a no, shep. it sounds very much like it's back to the drawing board as we've been reporting. republicans do not want to give new tax re revenue as part of te acquired spending reduction. after the meeting, the democrats order this. >> the president challenged us to look at all the expenditures that government makes and whether it's about e entitlemens and see if we could come to some agreement on how we can go forward. >> as they struggle with the spending reductions, the calendar presents new critical dates such as the government running out of money on march 27th. at this point everybody is saying they want to avoid a
12:42 pm
government shutdown, shep. >> are there ifort efforts undeo do the reductions in a smarter way? >> the house is planning to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government running through september. with that they're planning to a attach a defense authorization bill that would provide flexibility to move around national security money. >> if the senate would pass it and the president would sign it, that would give them -- would bring that bill into effect and they would have direction and the ability to spend money where it's most needed. >> for now, furlough notices are going out as each government agency begins the process of dealing with these reductions. as they start doing that, they've got a deadline, march 27th, to keep the entire government up and running. >> shepard: that's the next freakout. we have these every couple of months. that's how the government doesn't work, so the next one again is march 27th. >> that would be the next countdown loccountdown clo beine corner of the screen. >> shepard: that's great.
12:43 pm
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12:47 pm
ahead of planned tax hikes at the start of 2013, so that's probably what this is all about. the government also reported that even with less money in our wallets, consumer spending went up in january, but just barely. that could explain it as well. the founder of a financial services firm is here. if they handed out a lot of money in december, it makes sense that spending goes up in january and they'll be handing out less in january. this could be a statistical blip of nothingness. >> i think that's right, shep. when you have an increase in taxes as we know as a result of the fiscal cliff this year, there will be a lot less income if people's pockets as a result of this. we saw this past month a carryingover effect to january of people spending more as well as having more after tax income in their pockets. i think it's also a result of why the market has been driven to where it is. i mean, we live in a world, shep, where the economic marketplace is international in nature and it's very, very
12:48 pm
complicated. and sometimes it looks as if we've lost the owner's manual. the good side of it is that the economy is showing corporate profits being up in the last quarter. >> shepard: thank god corporate profits are up. they're at a level that we haven't seen in forever and they won't hire anybody. what i like is housing looks really good. >> housing seems to be like it's bottoming out. i think ben bernanke and the fed has done a good job managing interest rates and keeping them low. you're starting to see people put money to work in the housing market because interest rates are so low and they're borrowing costs obviously are very reasonable. if you look at historical interest rate averages, borrowing for a home. these are record numbers. i think people are, you know, looking at their paychecks and trying to match and get the best deal that they can. it seems as if, shep, that banks are becoming a little bit more lenient with their lending practices again. >> shepard: we can hope. i watch the dow every day.
12:49 pm
at some point real soon it looks like we're going to top an all time high. these companies are making gaboodles of money. they're not hiring anybody, an most are not paying taxes. >> i think that's right. when you look at positive signs, sometimes it's difficult to do because we still have a 16.4 or 5 trillion dollar deficit. we have an unemployment rate that is historically astronomically high and it's been consistently high at this rate. the positives are increasing corporate profits. i think a weakpeople say a weak, you know, it doesn't look good for the united states. the upside to that is the united states manufacturers can make products at a cheaper price and our exports go up because things are cheaper. i'm trying to look at the glass half empty or half full, rather. >> people forget where we were. you worried about this, you crazy. things are better. things are a lot, a lot better. kyle, great to see you.
12:50 pm
astronomers say they may have taken the first direct image ever of a planet being born. i hear the mother's doing fine. plus, passengers aboard a bus scramble to keep the thing on the road. the passengers do after the drive just conks out up there at the wheel. we'll get to that coming right up. m... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! no no no! not today! ha ha ha! ha ha ha! jimmy how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? happier than dikembe mutumbo blocking a shot. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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federal aviation administration clearly busy these days, throwing some cold water on the viral harlem shake dance crazy. the agency investigating whether flight attendants broke any rules when they allowed a bunch of college kids to organize this here. ♪ >> harlem shake in case you've been in north korea or something
12:54 pm
is all over the internet. thousands of variations of the same thing. one person dances in the middle of a seemingly unaware crowd and everybody joins in, hahaha. it's awesome. this particular version hand on a frontier airlines flight from colorado springs to san diego. now the feds say they want to know whether the flight was a safe flight, safe enough altitude for everybody on the plane to be up and dancing. trace gallagher is with us. the college students say they got permission, trace. >> reporter: they said they went to the flight attendants and said they were going to do this and asked for the permission and the flight attendants said yeah, go ahead. students we want to the passengers and said is everybody okay with this and the passengers also say yes. if you look at the video, you can see that a lot of passengers were kind of joining in on this, doing the version of it not right here but right there. there they're joining in. frofrontier is investigating, bt
12:55 pm
the seanothing was amiss. the seat belt sign was off. the faa said they're not investigating, they're kind of looking at the video, looking into this and seeing if anything was wrong but not spending a great deal of time on it. the traditionalists say this is not the accurate version of the harlem shake, although it looks pretty entertaining to me. >> could you please demonstrate the accurate version? >> i wish i could. we understood the video tape machine was down. i said let's get the lebron james version of him doing it which by the way, if you have two minutes, it's fantastic to watch. >> shepard: it's my understanding that the harlem shake made its way to the middle east. >> especially among some revolutionaries in egypt who instead of protesting using violence and marches, they're doing as you see there, the harlem shake, and they're doing it to force the muslim brotherhood to change. they say it's a change from violence to sa sarcasm because
12:56 pm
there's been enough blood. they've been serious about forcing political change. the security guards are protecting the muslim brother hood headquarters say they're free to express themselves any way they wish. shep? >> shepard: the harlem shake from trace gallagher in our period of great suspense. strom ners say they've captured th most likely the firt direct image of planet forming. the object atear appears to be e first stage of a gas giant planet forming from disk material and they say it could tell us a lot about how planets are born because until now, researchers had to study planet forformation with computer simulation. now they're seeing one being born. that's how they know. passing out is not a good thing, especially when you're driving a bus full of people. surveillance video shows
12:57 pm
passengers struggling to keep the bus on the road after the driver passed out and fell on the floor. a couple of women attempting to get thing under control. they hit a guard rail, a road sign and a car traveling in the option direction. they eventually stopped the car. nobody hurt in poland. insert your joke here. pandas have been known as an amorous bunch. try as they might, zoo keepers can't get them to do the thing. some are pulling out a secret weapon. i hope this doesn't get dirty. [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinus, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ]
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