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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  March 3, 2013 3:00am-7:00am PST

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♪ >> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, march 3rd, i'm alisyn camerota. thanks for joining us. could the sequester effect be worse than we first thought? >> march 27th when the government runs out of authority then you would see a partial government shutdown and employees sent home and that might be very disruptive. >> alisyn: all right. what the 85 billion dollars in cuts could really mean for your family today. >> tucker: plus, the single ounce that's costing millions. the big cost for soda makers in order to meet nanny bloomberg's sugary drink ban. details ahead. >> clayton: nanny bloomberg. and do you know someone who always writes lol in a text message. does that annoy you? turns out it's not the worst. the top things you should never text a friend coming up, including the worst offender. you probably do it, i do it. and "fox & friends" begins right now.
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lol. ♪ >> good morning, i can't wait to hear the things i'm not supposed to text, violating. >> tucker: lol is the worst thing you can text. nothing worse. >> clayton: we're topping that. i've got to say ali is the worst texter of them all. >> alisyn: what do i do. >> clayton: with text messages it's immediate and you expect a response quickly, right. >> alisyn: i know where we're going with that. >> clayton: ali takes three days to respond to a text message. >> alisyn: that's immediately for me. >> clayton: you're stuck in 1942? >> that's the first time there hasn't been a life threatening situation at home and i can get back. >> clayton: how quickly do you respond. >> tucker: quickly, but then i have an easy life. the president responding to the disaster and in recent days toned down his rhetoric. >> this is not going to be an apocalypse, i think, as some people have said. >> tucker: the government
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shutdown is no laughing matter and that's exactly where we're headed on march 27th if lawmakers don't come to an agreement. luckily, we've got peter doocy with the details and the latest. >> reporter: we're now 23 days away from the day that furloughs begin as a result of sequestration. and one day after that the government will shut down unless democrats and republicans can agree on a budget moving forward. march 27th all government funding runs out. leaders on both sides of the aisle have been talking about how badly sequestration will hurt, but those same leaders have been very careful to know everyone makes su everyone-- make sure everyone knows there's a difference between sequester and shutdown. >> and i think some people think sequester is different than shut down government. it's more like hold hostage the things you care about. >> the discussion about revenue is over. it's about taking on the
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spending problem here in washington and i'm hopeful that we won't have to deal with the threat of a government shutdown. >> reporter: back in 1995 and 1996, the federal government did shut down when clinton was president and gingrich was speaker of the house. national parks were closed and national monuments and many americans had to wait longer for passports and there's a chance it could all happen again this month. >> march 27th when the government runs out of budget authority then you would see a partial government shutdown, then you would see government employees sent home and that might be verydisruptive. especially because government agencies have a tendency to want to do the things that are most visible. what did the secretary of the interior mr. salazar say, we'd have to close every national park, well, that's ridiculous, i hope they come to an agreement because the government shutdown doesn't benefit anyone. >> there's also a chance all this have could be avoided soon. speaker boehner says the house will vote on a measurement to
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keep the government funded past march 27th, sometime this coming week. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: peter, thank you. we get past the sequester and now we have to worry about the government shutting down in 23 days. can't they give us a break? i'm exhausted from this. >> clayton: there are no clean bathrooms now at national parks. >> alisyn: were they clean before? >> no toilet paper and bring their own. >> tucker: it might be nice to learn about not so much government. what if it happened and had no effect on your personal happiness. >> clayton: how great would that be. in d.c., suddenly going to be a ghosttown there? >> washington is adding more jobs, the washington metro region than any city in the united states. we have a housing crisis because there's not enough housing. >> clayton: and our real estate expert on the show said yesterday, best city, no
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housing crisis. >> alisyn: there you go for one city. we'll be talking about the sequester and the effect on you all show and your headlines, a fox news alert. we want to bring you to a live look at vatican city this morning, this is the first mass held at st. peters basilica without a pope. pope benedict xvi stepped down thursday and is now living in an official papal residence just outside of rome. all the cardinals have been summoned to rome, as you know, to elect a new pope and tomorrow the conclave will start and the vatican hopes to have a new pope in place by holy week. while were you sleeping magnitude 5.5 quake rocking southwest china, 2500 homes have been damaged and 700 others have collapsed. at least 20 people were injured, three of them seriously. we'll keep you posted on that. meanwhile, this morning shall the florida home where a man was swallowed by a sinkhole while in bed will be
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demolished, authorities made the decision to stop the search for 37-year-old jeff bush. and after the odds of survival for him became more clear. >> locate mr. bush. at this point, it's, it's really not possible to recover the body. >> alisyn: meanwhile, two neighboring homes have been evacuated because of the fears that more homes could soon collapse. tell us what's going on? >> here it is, texting may be the craze these days, of course it is, it it can be easy to get frustrated over the phone. what's the most annoying thing that you be text someone according to a new report? one of them of course is lol, abbreviation from laughing out loud. my dad received that from a co-worker, didn't understand what that meant. worst possible thing, the letter "k", nothing more frustrating than just a one letter message especially when adding the letter "o" can make
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it a legitimate response. >> alisyn: i like k. i don't want to type the o. >> i'm too lazy to type the o i'm so busy. >> clayton: k, i'll be over. you see somebody on the phone and all you do is do the pinky maze. >> alisyn: lmao. and maybe you've heard that a liberal group in kentucky put out a tweet that was nasty about mitch mcconnell's wife, you've seen on our show, former labor secretary elaine chao. >> clayton: she served under president bush and here is the tweet that went out. this woman has the ear of mitch mcconnell and she's his
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wife. exmay explain why your job moved to china. he's not taking this down, if the shoe were on the other foot accord to go mcconnell, this would be an outrage. if a conservative had done this it would be all over the press. and here is what mcconnell sounded off at. elaine chao is just as much as american as any of the rest of, in fact, had to go through a lot more to be an american. and they will not get away with attacking my wife. at any good husband would in attacking his wife. >> tucker: they will quote, those tweets did not reflect our values, we're committed to making sure nothing like that happens again, comments to race, ethnicity and sexual orientation have no place in any debate, and we are deeply embarrassed by a mistake.
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the justice department would be all over this, a hate crime, and law center would issue a paper how this was a hate group. and elaine chao is not from china, she is from taiwan, it's stupid. >> clayton: ignoranignorant. like any good husband, standing up for your wife. >> alisyn: as you know, mayor bloomberg offered an edict to try to make people healthier in new york at least he satisfies that's the go-- he says that's the goal. i don't think this was an unintended consequence of the mayor, but what ended up happening is that all sorts of soda makers now have to completely retrofit all the equipment that you see they now -- they make 16.9 ounce drinks, now, they have to change their bottles, change their equipment to the tune of millions of dollars to make 16
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ounce drinks. >> tucker: wouldn't it just be cheaper for soda makers to make the case against this unilateral and deranged edict from mayor bloomberg and make the point there's no scientific evidence that it will make people thinner. people who drink sugary drinks are on average thinner than those who drink diet drink, why don't they mound a campaign to fight back against this totally unreasonable law. >> clayton: and you can buy the drinks, 16 ounce that's okay. at any other place in the sfi not just starbucks, but sugary smoothies. think about the amount of sugar in one of those giant fruit smoothies, i'm healthy for lunch and thousands of calories there, shoving all kinds of sugar and stuff in there and larger than-- >> and it's that fashionable rich people go to starbucks or
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java juice and others get mountain dew. nobody mike bloomberg knows drinks mountain dew, let's ban it. >> clayton: the slovenly looking citizens that rolled around with jugs of soda. >> i'm a visitor from washington, why are you putting up with this? oh, rick, are you breaking the law. >> rick: what's up? >> that's contraband. >> settle town. >> alisyn: unhand the contraband you're about to be citizen arrested in here. >> clayton: why is that? >> it's a cafe, but it's coke, or pepsi whatever their product is. >> clayton: right to your liver, hope you're happy. >> alisyn: look, it's a arbitra arbitrary, you can buy two of those. >> tucker: can he get away with it. >> alisyn: i don't know. >> clayton: march 12th is when
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is the law. >> tucker: and make a citizen's arrest. >> rick: i have he' got to be honest with you, i never drink pop, soda. >> alisyn: they know it's west of the mississippi. >> rick: this is the first time i drank soda in two or three years. >> tucker: and see the effect on your forecast. >> rick: it tastes really good. i had no idea. >> alisyn: it is delicious. should we be doctor? >> if you can make it through it with all of the sugar. >> rick: i think i can, probably really, really fast. it's cold across parts of wisconsin and cold toward the southeast and it's going to remain cold one more night and people were looking at snow yesterday, across alabama, atlanta, we're going it to see a little bit more as well through parts of tennessee and across the west we're seeing the next storm move on and rain in southern california some light rain, it's good we desperately need it, but this is a storm a weather maker across the northern plains,
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take a look what happens in the future radar, snow moving into minnesota and throughout parts of wisconsin and chicago may be getting one of your bigger snowstorms of the year and this takes us in towards tuesday morning and that's a storm potentially, a coastal storm, may be the biggest snow in d.c. we see all winter long and get ready for that, tucker, no. >> tucker: wednesday night, snow in d.c. >> alisyn: i'm not sure that improved your performance. >> rick: yngs. pretty tasty and i'm hoping there's caffeine in here. >> clayton: as the sequester blame game continues some say that president obama has no right to point the finger. we'll talk to congressman mike kelly about this. >> tucker: plus.... >> and now jay leno. >> tucker: a shake-up at the tonight show, reports say jay leno may be leaving. who would replace him. details coming up. >> clayton: oh, that would be so-- ♪
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>> these cuts are not smart. they'll hurt our economy and cost us jobs and congress can turn them off at any time, as soon as both sides are willing to compromise. >> tucker: message? not my fault. president obama continuing to blame congress for the sequester taking effect. so how are republicans reacting to finger pointing from the white house? joining us now is congressman from pennsylvania, mike kelly and serves on house ways and mean. >> tucker, thank you for having me on. >> tucker: in the back and forth over the budget, bob woodward makes the point that raises taxes was know tnot in t
3:20 am
car cards. was that your understanding? >> that was the idea. we couldn't get to to with supercommittee this is across the board what both sides decided and unusual or strange, but again, this is a president, the obama drama. every day, every week there's something new, running out of time to blame president bush and now blaming the republican congress, there's things we have to do as a people, we to that, but listen this is the chief executive officer. we've offered him, mr. president, you make the smart cuts, you're the smartest one in the room, why don't you make the smart cuts, you say this is a dumb idea, we agree. i've run a business all my life, and the people who run the business, we cut back, tell me where to cut and where there's waste. tucker honestly if i were to say to you, we're in tough times, you're going to have to have to find a way to cut 2 1/2 cents out of every
3:21 am
dollar. i thought tough times, there's got to be some effect and we've got to look at this the right way. >> tucker: budget administration says that they had an ability choosing what to slash and save. is that your understanding. >> that's my awning.understandi this is a president that likes to run for office and running around stirring something up there, and people running around they don't have to get excited about. it it takes a thoughtful president thinking about what's best for the country and for everybody and not just campaigning all the time that's going to get it done. he got his tax hike on january 1st, he got what he wanted, got his revenue and now it's time to move on, let's start running the country, mr. president. >> tucker: speaking of running, "the washington post" reporting that the white house political team basically began running the mid term election campaign, taking back the house the second the president was reelected, they start focusing on 2014, is that what
3:22 am
this is really about, do you think? >> i think so. you could look at a book here with the president the first two years, complete agenda-- the last two years we were able to slow him down the next two years he's going to be working to flip the house so the last two years during his presidency he can get done anything he wants to. and looking at tax reform we believe in ways and means that we can grow this economy and needs to be robust and dynamic, we can do it through pro growth tax reform. we can do it this is a great opportunity with great opportunity. >> tucker: thank you for being here, congressman kelly, ways and means. >> thank you. >> tucker: talk about making your dollar go farther. and our next guest has five steps to prosper in a tough economy. ♪ [ female announcer ] your smile.
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>> let's give you a financial fresh start. how can you thrive in an economy filled with new rules and reforms that to most of us seem daunting? >> well, our next guest has a simple plan to help you prosper. real estate attorney and author of the book, five step plan for adapting and prosecutor perfecting in the new economy. joining us now, sherry, nice to see you. thank you for having me. >> clayton: we talk about the new economy, the phrase i guess we throw out there. it really has a new definition. what does a new economy mean? >> the folks who i help on a regular basis working with home owner values that plummet and most of them saw their retirement and savings crash.
3:27 am
we're grateful to have a job and not expecting bonuses or raises as far as that goes and now all of the government cuts we don't know how it's going to impact us. for average people it boils down to feeling overwhelmed, uncertainly and not sure who to trust. >> your point is we tend to think of dodd-frank or the credit card responsibility act or fair disclosure act to affect wall street and not our wallets. five steps what we should be be doing, because these things are coming and happening. number one, adapt your banking and borrowing, what does that mean? >> that's the tip of the iceberg, billions of our taxpayer dollars have been spent on new rules and reforms and banks in turn are spending billions of dollars trying to follow these rules, they're just like any other business and they're going to have to pass the costs on to their customers, which is us. so, just like you might check out a place that offered a blow dry for your hair for an extra $10 savings. >> alisyn: how did you know. >> like most women.
3:28 am
we need to consider our banking services the same way. we're charged in ways, and that's not a one time cost, your blow dry, hopefully more than once a month and that's a recurring fee that we're paying, hundreds of thousands of dollars. >> clayton: sometimes a $17 charge on your account. if you don't do xy and z. and fix your credit and debt. people ignore our credit report. >> we're all allowed to get our credit report once a year from annual for free. so, the reason we want to do that is because everyone's evaluating us based on our credit report now, whether it's a landlord or a potential employer and it's easy. there's a tool that most people aren't aware of called rapid rescoring, but if you have problems with your credit one of the things you want to do when you review your report, and we know that one in five people actually have errors they're not aware of on the credit report is use the rapid rescoring tool and you can get it fixed in days
3:29 am
rather than months. >> the next tips and we can drill down. protect your savings and investments and retirement. number four, decide if home ownership is right for you, it's not right for everyone. >> and number five, spend less, earn more, that sounds good. which one do you want to expand on? >> you know what? let's talk about home ownership. i think it's so important. and home ownership, everyone's situation is different, i'm still a huge advocate in owning your own home, here is the thing, if you want that to work for you as a financial tool, the plan has to be to own it free and cheer. that -- own it free and clear. and that's what 75% rely on and we can still do that. >> alisyn: and read more in financial fresh start. thank you for being here. >> clayton: coming up on the show, mitt romney out of seclusion and talking exclusively to fox news. what he's saying about the sequestration and how the president is handling it. >> alisyn: was he in seclusion? >> he was in a secure
3:30 am
location. >> alisyn: a bunker. >> clayton: a bunker.
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♪ >> and last night, i signed an executive order authorizing 85 million dollars in federal budget cuts. now, most americans don't understand what this whole sequester really means. i could explain in financial terms or in human terms. but since i really have no
3:34 am
idea about how money works or budgets work, i'll go with human trms. you see, we a -- terms. from now on my wife michelle will only do four television appearances a week. down from her usual 75. i also had to sit joe biden down and told him he could not order another fathead poster for the bedroom wall. >> alisyn: and he has the sy syncopation of president obama down. >> clayton: and speaking michelle obama on television appearances along with-- >> i love your understatement. >> clayton: but mitt romney we haven't seen and joking before he had been in seclusion.
3:35 am
once you go through the daily rigors of a campaign god knows you'd want to get away from a camera to save your life. but mitt romney has not done any interviews and he sat down exclusively with chris wallace on fox news sunday for his first post-election interview and here is a sneak peek. take a look. >> during the last presidential debate, you brought up the effect of the sequester would have on the military and the president said-- >> the sequester is not something that i proposed, it's something that congress has proposed. it will not happen. >> well, you're wrong on two fronts. this is had an opportunity. see, i look at the sequester and the expiration of the bush tax cuts as an almost once in generational opportunity for america to solve its fiscal problems. if we do that, we could become more competitive globally and america could lead the world forthcoming century. i see this as this huge opportunity and it's being
3:36 am
squandered by politics, by people more interested in a political victory and doing what's right for the country. it's frustrating. the hardest thing about losing is watching this, this critical moment, this golden moment just slip away with politics. >> clayton: the grand bargain and i think, i forget what magazine it is this week, front cover has simpson and bowles on the front of it it and says why will no one listen to them. why are they being-- and how bitter are they? i mean, if you could have an honest, a totally candid conversation with erskine bowles and life long democrat worked for bill clinton and ran numerous times. what do you think of president obama, i think we'd have an interesting conversation. >> alisyn: i think he's expressed reisn'tly. isn't it interesting to see a candidate after they've lost, they seem untethered and have the shackles off and speak
3:37 am
more fluently than with political speak. >> clayton: i don't know, i don't know that he's much different. he seems the same. >> alisyn: he doesn't seem as much as different as say, when al gary came out. >> clayton: for sure. >> alisyn: his concession speech and never more likeable in that moment. >> clayton: fixing the fences in tennessee speech. what stands for me is bob dole after the election he was suddenly funny. everyone knew bob dole was hilarious, but then he kept it and tamped it down during the campaign and came out on letterman and he was hilarious. >> tucker: yes. >> alisyn: bob dole is funny. bob dole knows he's funny, "saturday night live." >> tucker: i like gore for that one day. that was the good gore, gore was never more appealing or more thin when he conceded on that-- >> very appealing. one last thing, what is the future for mitt romney? does he play any role in going forward. >> tucker: you watch the clip. two things, one is romney's fundamental decency. seems the kind of guy you'd be
3:38 am
happy to baby sit your kids, not something you'd say about a lot of politicians. and how faint the footprint he left behind. seems another time, another age. here we are in the middle of budget battles with president obama and the campaign seems so long ago, right. >> clayton: and we're always forward-thinking. when either party loses you don't like to think about who is the guy who lost the election for you, right. people are talking marco rubio, talking about the future of the party and where it goes from here and you quickly forget the guy that lost the campaign for you about a year ago. >> alisyn: and tell us what you think about all of this, please, find us on twitter. and the headlines the master mind behind the attack on a gas plant in algeria has reportedly been killed in mali. military leaders from chad say this guy was killed when they destroyed a terrorist base and the cia has been after him since 1990, however, intelligence officials are
3:39 am
trying to confirm his death they say. if the reports are true, a major blow to al-qaeda's operations in north africa. a standoff with democrats who want to restrict the size of magazines. and they've issued lawmakers an ultimatum potentially worth millions. pass this bill and business will boom. it would make it illegal to carry magazines with more than 15 rounds. nascar looking to make safety upgrades in light of that horrible crash in daytona. >> turned around and tony stewart is going to win this race. >> alisyn: around 30 fans were injured when debris and half of driver kyle larson's car crashed through a gate in a safety fence. nascar says they'll look at the placement of the of the gate which may be a weak spot in the fence and also look how larson's car came apart and see if any upgrades can be made to the vehicle. and talking about one of your favorite stories. >> clayton: out with the old and in with the somewhat new.
3:40 am
nbc reportedly set to announce in may that this will be jay leno's last season hosting the tonight show. and it's believed that jimmy fallon was already picked to take his place. nbc denied the report. they doesn't want to go through the same garbage they went through before. a rep for leno says we do not speculate on rumor. of course you remember, and reading phil carter's incredible books, nbc does not want a repeat of the mess with the conan shake-up and everything else and time maybe reported it quietly-- >> new york post tv coverage is almost 100% true. >> alisyn: and i agree with clayton, we can't ann curry him. >> tucker: jay leno whatever you think of the show, i think he's a good person. >> clayton: conan might disagree with you. >> tucker: i'm sure he would. i'm not sure you can say it
3:41 am
about conan, but jay leno. >> alisyn: and rick reichmuth. >> rick: jimmy fallon didn't want it to happen again. >> clayton: always in the face of it, pushing a guy out. >> rick: do we watch conan anymore, do we watch it. >> alisyn: what channel is it on. >> tucker: on the food channel or something. >> clayton: half a million viewers on oxygen, pbs. >> rick: point made. and take a look at the weather maps, a cold start again across areas of the south. and take a look at 26 degrees in jackson, mississippi. and march, should go dealing with spring and asalias blooming, but it's cold. 38 in orlando. how far south the cold is. another cold night across the south and then it will warm up just a little bit. take a look at the forecast for the day today. and in across the northeast, more scattered snow showers, kind of like yesterday, a similar kind after day today. pretty much just a repeat. down to the southeast, also, another cold one, but warming
3:42 am
up across the areas of the texas and in towards o city and back up to 69 degrees, so, that's pretty good for you today. into the northern plains, this is where we'll watch the next storm pull up. the storm in north daimler-chrysler and minnesota, five o'clock this evening and then it will snow all night long and eventually, by tomorrow, mid day, move in towards the chicago area, as well, but a cool day, temps 33 in fargo, across the west we're dealing storm moving in and a lot of mountain snow across parts of nevada and central rockies and see a little bit more cloud cover across the desert southwest. all right, back to you inside. >> clayton: thanks, rick. you heard about the florida man sleeping in his bed, but suddenly he was swallowed up by the sinkhole underneath his house. and decnext, we'll talk to a sinkhole expert how to contain the damage. >> tucker: and kids think it's funny, viral calls and they won't be laughing once they're thrown in jail. and cops are bringing this
3:43 am
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>> welcome back. well, this horrifying scene in florida now turning people's attention to a geological phenomenon after a man was swallowed live by a sinkhole. >> alisyn: he was in his bed sleeping. are there signs we should be looking for? this happens more than we know in many different states. what's being done there to try to fix the problem. >> tucker: turns out we have one of the world experts on this question and joined now by sinkhole expert billy hernandez. thank you for coming on. >> clayton: good morning, billy. >> tucker: what can be done? is this a natural phenomenon we have no control over? is there a way to take a precaution over this?
3:47 am
>> the first precaution, sinkhole inspections of any property that has structural damage that you may have concerns about. >> alisyn: and if you see structural-- if you see some sort of shifting on your floor or if doors are getting stuck or harder to open, you should run an inspection. >> i would absolutely get a sinkhole inspection done, look for damage or consistent with sinkhole activity. >> clayton: for an individual, for like himself, jeff, who was asleep in his house there may have been no evidence this have? i mean, in this kind of situation, where he is asleep in bed and it's presumably underneath his house, would there be anything that he might have been able to see ahead of time? >> possibly. i mean, his property could have had structural damage. he could have had items that windows and doors at that didn't close. he may have reported it to his insurance company, might have been in a sinkhole claim, then
3:48 am
again, might not have had any, it's unknown. >> tucker: give us a sense of the scale here, billy, how big can a sinkhole be or how deep can they get? >> some of the largest ones have been in guatemala, brazil, around the world they've taken cars, buildings, all at one time. >> clayton: and to go through a process of repairing a sinkhole, if you have one in your yard you obviously don't want to move, you don't have to, you have some tips how to do this? so compacticompaction grouting. >> to seal any fractured limestone. >> alisyn: billy, that's going to happen with this house where jeff is presumed dead? what, what are they going to do, have to take down the whole house? how to fix the problem. >> it's probably not flicksable, take the property down and clear the land and
3:49 am
probably never build on it again. >> tucker: this is an issue has struck closer than we at the "fox & friends" had any idea. i want to put on the screen an image, i don't think i'm jumping the gun. clayton morris' back yard, it's possible, there you go right there. >> clayton: now, billy, last year, the hurricane, the tree came tumbling down presumably on the hill side and ground water was unstable and the tree crashed through the house on to the house and the neighbor's house as well, lots of damage, in its wake or next to it there seems to be a hole opening larger and larger from last year until now i've looked out there. there's now a second hole next to it. is this a sinkhole, something i need to be worried about and there used to be water running underneath this area years and years ago. so, what to do? is that evidence of a sinkhole or bigger problem in people's back yards? >> could be. i would definitely get that
3:50 am
issue tested. in florida we carry sinkhole coverage, if you have sinkhole coverage you can contact your insurance company and file a claim. at that point they would have to do an investigation with a geological engineer and test the entire property. that would answer the question for your problem. >> tucker: so your diagnosis just from looking at the photograph we put up on the screen is that clayton might be in danger of being sinkholed? >> it's a possibility on his property that one may have opened up and he would potentially need to get that, that and the whole property tested. >> clayton: oh. >> tucker: sorry, this is kind after grave moment for you. >> clayton: that's great news. >> alisyn: thanks so much for joining us this morning. if there was water underneath it, is sounds like it's ripe for a sinkhole. sounds like you should get it checked. >> clayton: maybe your heating bill is high for the winter, and now a sinkhole in my back
3:51 am
yard? >> home ownership, welcome to it. >> tucker: this is job level though. and speaking of sinkhole, it's tough for florida farmers and could mean bad news for you and your household budget. the potential impact crop cuts would have at the breakfast table. >> alisyn: workers at a hair salon are in a legal battle over one winning lottery ticket. one. workers there said she bought the winner in addition to the office pool tickets that she bought. and other co-workers are crying foul, and they have a case. by the way, how can you win the lottery? we have an expert tell you. >> clayton: plus the kids think it's funny, a trend going viral called gallon smashing. they won't be laughing once they go in jail. cops are saying they're felony. >> alisyn: they're pint smashing. [ rosa ] i'm rosa and i quit smoking with chantix.
3:52 am
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3:55 am
>> welcome back, a group of hair dressers tussling over a winning lottery ticket. seven indianapolis salon workers are in a court battle with their colleague who says that the winning ticket was bought outside of the office pool. does she have a case. here is arthur aidala, and she says she bought it outside the pool? do they have a case any legitimate way to get some of the winnings in this? >> open disclosure, i am an expert in hair salons and hair designers, apparently, they do this all the time, right? and oh, this is like the 15th case we've spoke been like this. it's all about credibility. if it goes to a jury and goes to the judge, who do they believe? the burden is on the woman who
3:56 am
bought the ticket, saying, i bought these ten tickets, that's for the crew and this one ticket was for me and my ticket won and theirs didn't. if the jury believes her, she is a winning 9 million. if they believe the other one, she's winning whatever, a million. and as a prosecutor how would you handle this if it goes to trial, what would you do? >> this case depends on the facts of the case, so we have to know was it communicated? was it communicated that this was an individual ticket versus a joint ticket. the burden of proof is always on the plaintiff and have to go to court and say it was an agreement and-- >> and see what happens. >> it's all about the facts. >> but, gut-wise here, it's going to be the presumption is she bought it for the group. and she's going to have to say well, this was the extra ticket. >> how are they going to prove that. >> the ones that lost are over here in the group. the one over here is mine. i would say legally he's right. factually i think the jury's going to be-- >> and david, here is
3:57 am
something that may not pass the smell test, especially if it goes sour for a little longer. gallon smashing videos have been popping up. new viral sensation hitting the web called gallon smashing and roll video on this. kids go into convenience stores and grabbing gallons of milk and fake falling down the friend records it. police satisfy they could throw the book. >> and this may look funny, couldn't stop laughing. this is a crime. you go into grocery stores, they serve our community and hard working people it's criminal mischief, intentional damage of property. >> spoken like a true pl tigs. >> and town. the leader. >> we can't allow this to happen in our society. >> it's about freedom of expression, young budding actors, their craft is at stake, they brought in their own milk and juice, not
3:58 am
hurting anyone, they're trying to catch the reaction of the unsuspecting buyer who feels a splash, this and that. >> as a defense, this thing would go to trial in some capacity how would you defend these guys. >> ladies and gentlemen of the jury, do we live in a society where young men can't pull a prank, they didn't break a window or take a car. >> not when you intentionally damage the property of others. >> they brought in their own. god bless the grocery stores and owners because i love our communities. >> when they do, they put a prank, should they do it again, no, should be over. >> very hard working people. >> take a stand. >> don't send them to jail, folks. >> clayton: great to see you. go back to sleep. coming up, nfl superstar terrell owens known for being a little emotional. we'll have that story when "fox & friends" returns. ♪ on their 401(k)s?!
3:59 am
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>> good morning, everyone, it's sunday, march 3rd, i'm alisyn camerota. president obama says he has no control over the automatic cuts. as a result of the sequester, some budget experts say that's not true. why the cuts don't have to be so harsh. >> tucker: and hollywood getting a golden ticket. why the ones who glamourized violence in movies and boy, do they, could be exempt from new york's strict new gun control laws, more on that. >> clayton: the next time you get heartburn or a headache, don't race for the medicine cabinet, a better cure behind your kitchen cabinet. everyday foods that can cure what ails you, "fox & friends" hour two begins right now. ♪ >> welcome into "fox & friends" on this sunday morning and thinking about things on my kitchen or out in the dining room, like a little whiskey, that will cure a lot
4:03 am
of stuff, right. >> alisyn: there you go. >> clayton: that's right, didn't back in the 1800's you gave a person a little whiskey for a cold, right yeah, put it on a cotton ball. >> alisyn: let's find out from the real expert. >> clayton: that's my medical condition. >> alisyn: doctor, what you can cure from your kitchen cabinet. meanwhile, let's talk sequester, shall we? >> did the white house mismanage it? experts are contradicting the plan that the president had no flexibility what to cut. and from the beginning, president thought they were mindless, stupid, cannot be targeted. there's some discrepancy about that now. >> clayton: he said i have no choice, you guys voted for we all voted for, went in and signed and it across the board they have to come from projects and we don't get to pick and choose, said i'm not dictator, listen. >> i am not a dictator. i'm the president.
4:04 am
so ultimately if mitch mcconnell or john boehner say we need to go a catch a plane, i can't have secret service block the doorway. the fact that they don't take it means that i should somehow, you know, do a jedi mind meld. >> alisyn: well, it turns out there are contradictory reports about this, whether or not these cuts are arbitrary, but across the board, or whether or not the president has some latitude. now some budget experts say it's not as easy, not just as blanket across the board as he's making it sound. he does have some flexibility. and they say that there are these sub-- sub area accounts, sub accounts known as program project activity and you can go in with more of a scalpel in three ways and not have them all be layoffs and furloughs and people's paychecks, you can trim more,
4:05 am
this is what congressman said on friday how the president has not played this as honestly as he thinks. >> i don't know to what extent this white house will go to, but -- i have never in my lifetime seen such a lack of leadership and truth telling emanating from the white house and from our commander-in-chief. >> tucker: well, i mean, the clearest sign of that is the fact that the white house was offered greater discretion by the senate, by the minority leader in the senate, mitch mcconnell who said, look, this is going to be disaster, republicans in the senate will give you the authority to make more targeted cuts and the white house dismissed that out of hand. >> clayton: they wanted more revenues and the president said we wanted a plan the republicans would have agreed to a few short months ago with the fiscal cliff negotiation and bringing in new revenues to offset some of the cuts. >> alisyn: they say that they got -- in january the president won, got his tax hikes and raised up the upper rate 39.6% and they were done
4:06 am
with revenue increases and now it's time to start cutting. boats side both sides have dug in their heels, but in this situation you still have it make the tough decisions. >> tucker: the balanced approach suggests that each side gives something. now, in january, as you just said, republicans overturning 30 years of their own precedent agreed to hike taxes and now, the president is saying, no, talk about a one trick pony, i want more tax revenue, period. i mean, that seems to be the only talking point coming out of the white house. >> clayton: tucker, that's a whole different negotiation, the white house saying, hey, that was a separate negotiation, that was for the debt-- that was for the fiscal cliff. yes, you agreed to more taxes and this is a whole different negotiation. that was the first film, this is the sequel, sequestration. >> tucker: but it's the same film-- it's groundhog day, raise taxes on the rich, raise taxes on the rich. no economist believes -- if you took every rich person in
4:07 am
america and applied it to the debt, that wouldn't do it. >> clayton: and said time for the president starts leading. >> he likes running for office, doesn't leak running around blaming people, and stirring up something there and getting people wrapped around the axle about things they don't have to get excited about. we can handle this in a thoughtful way, but it takes a thoughtful president thinking about what's best for the country and not just campaigning. he got his tax hikes on january 1st, he got what he wanted, got his revenue. let's start running the country, mr. president. >> now to the american people and tried to campaign on this basic sequestration argument saying it's playing well for the american people and sort of winning the campaign on the ground on this. so, i think that democrats are surprised now to learn that maybe people are soured on
4:08 am
this whole thing out there because if you look at president obama's approval rating this morning, it's down. it's down from where it was, and you have to wonder, what else are we talking about right now other than the sequestration. it's not good for the president, his approval rating now at 47% this morning,% of the country disapproves of the gallup poll out today, there you go. >> tucker: here is what "the washington post" says, so it's not just congressman kelly. this is from yesterday's washington post, i'm quoting, obama fresh off his november reelection began almost at once executing plans to win back the house in 2014. and he and advisors believe it's crucial to second term. imagine that, within days of winning reelection, he's planning the next election, it's impossible to see these negotiations as not part of that plan. >> alisyn: yes, i mean, and i think that politicians are often focused on their next campaign, however, president obama promised something different when he was running for president, that he was
4:09 am
going to be different, post partisan and the idea that "the washington post" would say that that is what he's now fixated on or at least focused on moving forward, you can't catch your breath from the campaign. >> tucker: there's a d disconne disconnect. and i think that the republicans are focused on, no excuse, but on the current debate and the president is taking a much longer view. his plan is to win back the house, if the president wins the house for his party in 2014 no obstruction to anything he wants, nothing in the way of his entire agenda. >> clayton: for the final two years of his presidency. much more on the sequestration coming up with other guests and experts and e-mail us. >> alisyn: and what you missed while you were sleeping. this morning, demolition work is set to begin on the home where the man was swallowed by a sinkhole. and authorities warn it could take a couple of days. and they give up the search for jeff bush, the man that
4:10 am
was in the hole, after the odds of survival-- >> we've not been able to locate mr. bush. at this point it's really not possible to recover the body. >> alisyn: my goodness. meanwhile, two neighboring homes have been evacuated because of fears that they, too, could soon collapse. this is new video into the news room of the spacex dragon capsule reaching the international space station. >> clayton: private industry, baby. >> alisyn: carrying supplies to the astronauts on board. and it was delayed after there were problems with the dragon capsule structure. we're gathered at st. peters basilica this morning for the first mass without a pope. pope benedict xvi stepped down on thursday and is now living in an official papal residence just outside of rome and all the cardinals have been summoned to rome for the
4:11 am
conclave to start. >> and seeing the video, there's like four people in the square. >> alisyn: meanwhile, it's been a tough year for florida citrus crops and it could soon affect your wallet. experts say dry weather, too much fruit on the trees and a citrus disease has caused a huge drop in the output. and thankfully a fruit surplus from last season will keep the prices level. your citrus is safe, tucker. >> clayton: you're eating last season's oranges. >> tucker: there's going to be a lot of orange juice from concentrate. is that still sold. >> clayton: do you remember drinking that as a kid. >> alisyn: of course. >> tucker: very well. >> alisyn: the chunk of orange. >> clayton: and the spoon and chopping it out and mixing it with water. >> tucker: and produce is better in a lot lot of ways. >> clayton: think of the stuff we used to eat in the '80s, eat like the concentrate and--
4:12 am
>> always, it was supposed to be three cans of water to one can and we were so poor, it was like four and a half cans, stretching for five kids and, yeah. >> clayton: as far as you can. >> rick: good old days. all right, you guys, temperatures waking up. it's cold across the south and another cold day at least by reason of what you would typically see this time of year. tonight will be another cold one and we start to warm up a little bit. we have a storm that we're watching, and one of them, actually not a big storm, but we've had snow across the parts of the southeast and yesterday we'll see a repeat of that today. a lot of east coast, what you saw yesterday is kind of what you'll get today. a storm across the west that's pulling in here and this is going to be a big weather maker for us in the west right now we've got some rain and snow, it's not huge rain or snow, but as the storm gets going across the northern plains, we have winter storm warnings in effect and start late in afternoon across parts of north dakota and minnesota and create a strike down here
4:13 am
probably towards chicago by tomorrow and then that storm emerges out of this area in the plains and moves in towards parts of the southeast and the mid atlantic. so we're going to see some rain, that blue line there you see is the 32 degree line. he so, it's the north of that or to the west of it is going to be freezing temperatures. this storm is probably going to be elevation related so if you're up above say 500 feet up to 1,000 feet elevation, a lot more snow and coastal areas and probably not as much, at least elevations closer to sea level about as much. it looks like potentially a wednesday night storm around the washington d.c. area, which is only had just over one inch of snow this year, this could be the storm that gets us back up towards our average. we'll see. >> alisyn: you're getting snow, tucker, prepare yourself on wednesday. >> tucker: i'm waxing the runners on my sled. >> alisyn: okay. >> clayton: and that's not a euphemism. coming up on the show, illegal immigrants are getting a second chance hat freedom, being released because of those budget cuts in the
4:14 am
sequester. does that pose a threat to our national security? we report you decide. >> tucker: can't be good. and nfl superstar terrell owens known for being a little emotional. >> it's really unfair. it's my kid. >> tucker: and might be crying harder today. wanted by the government. >> alisyn: i do, i do. ♪ look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. we don't let frequent heartburn come between us and what we love. so if you're one of them people who gets heartburn
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4:17 am
>> apparently, thanks to sequester budget cuts, 2000 immigrants detained for deportation have been released from jail. what effect will it have on
4:18 am
our security? and joining us now, hi, harry. >> how are you. >> alisyn: i must admit i'm a little confused about this, because these thousands of illegal immigrants were released before friday when the sequester went into effect. and ice agents i should say, say it's because of the sequester, is that true. read they do this all the time because they hn amount of beds they have to keep and once they get over the amount of beds that they have to keep, they have to release people. >> alisyn: because it's expensive. in fact, it's $122 anywhere up to $164 per day per detainee to keep them. >>. >> alisyn: so with belt tightening i guess the government decided this is not a top priority? >> i think it's just an excuse to release these type people and i think the administration is responsible for this. you're letting 2000 criminals out on the street and another
4:19 am
3000 at the end of the month. i mean, what's going to happen here? these people are not going to show up. they say they're going to monitor 2000 people? how are they going to monitor them? i mean, do they have ankle bracelets on? probably not because they're going to cut them off and then they're going to make their way to some other city to work, that's why they came into the country. they come into the country to work or maybe to commit crimes. i'm sure not every single person released was a felon. >> alisyn: that's the point. do we know anything about their backgrounds? it's one thing if they were here just as illegal immigrants and attempting to work or feed their families and we know there's been a lot more leniency toward illegal immigrants as opposed to the criminals. who have actually threatened people's lives, et cetera. so do we know their backgrounds and who the 2000 people are and who they're in for? >> i bet we don't. i mean, the pinal county sheriff stated that a lot of these are level three offenders, that the
4:20 am
administration has slated for deportation. >> alisyn: what does level three mean? >> felons, i don't know, who is telling the truth? i'd rather believe the sheriff than the administration because the administration first told us only 200 people or several hundred were released and now it's several thousand. >> alisyn: right, it seems as though the sheriffs on the ground have a much better handle who they are, what they were arrested for and what sorts of offenses than the homeland security because they've got their numbers wrong. >> the sheriff knows how many people are released in the city and see the crime rate, how is changes. he's the one that's got to face the people every day. >> alisyn: and what ice, department of homeland security, ice reviewed the population to assure the detention level stays within ice's current budget and methods less costly than detention. at this point we don't anticipate additional releases, but that could change and in fact, we have heard that 3000 more now are set to be released later this month. >> exactly, who do you
4:21 am
believe? >> it certainly is a tough one. the former nypd detective, thank you for coming in. >> thank you. >> alisyn: adding insult to injury to the thousands trying to rebuild after superstorm sandy. what the sequester means for those families depending on federal funds to start over. plus, the reason to love chocolate even more, how this sweet treat helps ward off bad bacteria. eat up. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
4:22 am
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4:24 am
>> welcome back. time now for your news by the numbers. first up, 3 billion dollars, that's about how much money will be cut from sandy relief
4:25 am
aid thanks to those sequester cuts. next up 438,000, how much t-o owes the irs, get it? in income taxes 2005, 2007, 2009. the bill is so high during his football playing years. i have a theory about all that. ask me on twitter about it. and finally, three months, how old this playful polar bear cub is. made its first appearance at buffalo so and plans for a polar bear exhibit. adorable. all right, tucker and ali. >> tucker: thank you, clayton. do you suffer from heartburn or migraine headaches? sure you do. instead of reaching for the medicine cabinet you may want to check out your kitchen cabinet first. >> alisyn: nutrition specialist and author of the calendar diet, a monteneg month month guide to cure what ails
4:26 am
you. >> so excited to be here. >> alisyn: you see some foods as medicine, basically. >> i really do, to be clear not to replace medicine, but to support it. a healthy diet supporting traditional medical care, and if it does the trick on its own, stick with it. >> tucker: and let's say i had migraine headaches, what would be your prescription. >> that's great. doctors orders. many people think of omega 3 fatty acids in fish and you know, sardines and things like that being good for the heart, but they're also very good for the brain and research shows that they actually may help migraine sufferers. including these foods on a regular basis in your diet could be really beneficial. >> tucker: sardines? >> good for you. >> and people don't think, they think they have to spend a fortune on salmon, but you can get a can of sardines, heads, eyeballs, tails, whatever it is. >> alisyn: and our love of dark chocolate. >> it's great. not just in your head, no pun
4:27 am
intended, but it's a good mood elevator, contains amino acid, it has a little caffeine and sugar and it make us feel better right away. >> tucker: you say that high blood pressure can be helped by whole grain cereal. >> absolutely. >> tucker: how do i know, so many cereal, how do i know what the good ones are. >> that's a great question, you have to look the at ingredient list and take an extra second in the grocery store and look at the side panel. i love shredded wheat, for example, it has zero grams of sugar, zero grams of salt and in a recent survey nine out of ten doctors recommended it for supporting a healthy heart or heart health, but you have to look and most important thing is to make sure that the first ingredient on the ingredient list says whole wheat, okay? that's really-- and then you know. 'cause otherwise-- >> as oppose today white flour. >> just as opposed to something plane, like wheat.
4:28 am
>> tucker: corn syrup is not the same-- >> and it's brightly colored like your beautiful dress that don't exist in nature. >> tucker: the blueberry-- >> exactly, this is a great choice, but whole grains on a regular basis are good for decreasing your risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer. good thing to eat regularly. >> alisyn: i regularly eat pineapple and good for you and i didn't know it was good for allergies, combining with apples. >> this is cool and what i get excited about. seasonable allergies, apples have a plant based nutrient that decreases the release of histamine. and when you combine it with pineapple, they have something that increases the availability of the effects of the apple. this combo, a great fruit salad on a regular basis that can help with seasonal
4:29 am
allergies. >> tucker: my knees hurt, what should i do. >> eat that berry, and this one is cool, too, berries are loaded with polly phenols, and turn off genes and proteins involved with inflammation. and inflammation is what causes the pain of arthritis. having foods like this, like berries, on a regular basis can help decrease your overall inflammation and research shows it could help with symptoms of arthritis, too, so, it's all very cool stuff. food is medicine. >> alisyn: you've taught us well and made us very hungry. doctor's book again is the calendar diet, a month by month guide losing weight. >> tucker: what a cool idea, thank you my pleasure. >> alisyn: and giuliana ransick says her husband is her first priority and
4:30 am
children second. >> i've always liked her. >> and revolutionize space travel. their latest accomplishment may trump everything to date. major break through on the oreo cookie ahead. ♪ many cereals say they're good for your heart, but did you know ere's a cereal that's recommendedy doctors? it's post shredded wheat. recommended by nine out of ten doctors to help reduce the risk of heart dease. post shredded wheat is made with only one ingredient: one hundred percent whole grain wheat, with no added sugar or salt. try adding fruit for more health benefits and more taste in your bowl. it's the ideal way to start your heart healthy day. try post shredded wheat. this has been medifacts for post shredded wheat. [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power brush,
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4:32 am
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4:34 am
♪ >> the cuts also affect our space program and officers like lindsey. >> thanks to the budget cuts, our space helmets will no longer have glass. so, when we go outside to repair the ship we'll just have to old our breath. (laughter) >> that would be tough. >> tucker: that's almost basically what he's been saying the past month. >> clayton: that's right. >> tucker: unbelievable. >> clayton: random little things of course. >> tucker: unbelievable. >> alisyn: and leave is to "saturday night live" to make the sequester funny and kind after dry topic. >> tucker: the last week or so kind of hilarious. and the president no longer referring to the sequester as a crisis of epic proportions. >> this is not going to be an apocalypse, i think, as some people have said. >> tucker: i wonder who said that? while the sequester only cuts about 2% of the budget, there is a potential crisis the
4:35 am
president isn't talking about, the possibility of a government shutdown less than a month from now. thank heaven peter doocy is joining us live from washington to explain how and why that may happen, peter? >> and tucker, you look the at the calendar, 23 days from now, furloughs as a direct result of sequestration are going to start taking effect and one day later, funding for the the government runs out. so there is a risk of a government shutdown. >> march 27th when the government runs out of budget authority, then you would see a partial government shutdown and then you would see government employees sent home and that might be very disruptive. especially because government agencies have a tendency to want to do the things that are most visible. i mean, what is the secretary of interior, mr. salazar say, we have to close every national park, well, that's ridiculous, i hope they come to an agreement on the 27th, government shutdown doesn't help anyone. >> back in 1995 and 1996 when
4:36 am
clinton was president and gingrich speaker, the government shut down twice for a total of 28 days, at which point some government parks and monument closed and longer than normal wait for some government services like passport offices. the day before yesterday, the speaker of the house, john boehner, said he will bring legislation to the floor in week that would fund the government past march 27th and president obama indicated on friday he thinks that's smart. >> i did layout that the house considered a continuing resolution next month to fund the government past march 27th and i'm hopeful that we won't have to deal with a threat of a government shutdown while we're deali with the skws at the same-- dealing with the quest at the same time. and-- >> there's no reason we should have another crisis shutting the government down in addition to the arbitrary spending cuts. >> reporter: and whether or
4:37 am
not a government shutdown actually occurs, there won't be much time before the next major battle on the hill after that because in the middle of may, the debt ceiling must be be raised if the united states wants to pay its bills on time. back to you in new york. >> alisyn: oh, that's exciting, peter, thank you for that coming attraction. that's great. so we've gotten to the sequester, 23 days until the next battle shutdown and then i didn't know about the may deadline, and i'm going to set my calendar, let me write that down. >> clayton: we had the fiscal cliff and what else. >> alisyn: a debt ceiling. >> clayton: debt ceiling and now we've got-- >> sequester. >> clayton: apocalypse and now this. >> alisyn: something to look forward to. >> tucker: none of them likely the result of an actual cut to the government spending. >> clayton: or anything actually happening like the sky falling. >> alisyn: let's get your headlines. we have a lot to tell, but. there's been a massive wildfire in california finally contained, we're happy to report, but not before massive damage was done. take a look at the huge flames that charred 311 acheners
4:38 am
riverside county, nearly 200 firefighters helped to battle that blaze which started three days ago. thankfully no injuries were reported and no word yet on what caused that fire. nascar looking into making some safety upgrades in light of that terrible crash in daytona. >> it's turned around, and tony stewart is going to win this race. a terrible crash. >> alisyn: around 30 fans were injured when debris and half of driver kyle larson's car crashed through a gate in a safety fence. nascar says it will look into the placement of those gates which may be a weak spot in the fence and they will loose look how larson's car came apart to see if any upgrades can be make. and thank goodness for grandma as she catches a baby falling out of a woman. a 14 month old boy was jumping on the bed and fell out of the window, the boy's mom and caught his foot and she started falling as well and
4:39 am
luckily grandma was on the porch and caught the baby. the boy's mom fell onto the ground, but says things could have been much worse. >> he slipped right on out there and i just dove right after him and i'm thinking that af guardian angel watching out for me today. >> he she must, the mom was treated at the hospital for a shoulder injury. >> clayton: and they were bouncing on the bed and popped out the window. >> alisyn: it's possible. it's a question he that oreo lovers have wrestled with. how do you separate the cookies from the cream. tucker, you must be a lover of the oreo. >> tucker: i'm a champion, i can do the whole thing. >> alisyn: don't impress me. tell us how it is. >> tucker: well, we have they've made an oreo separating. the machine pops the top and melts and sprays off the cream. two former mit students came up with this idea.
4:40 am
probably the biggest challenge was figuring out which idea to go forward with when you have ten ways that works to take apart an oreo cookie, went between 700 and 900 oreo cookies. >> tucker: they're been tapped for the cookie or cream social media campaign. do you need a machine for this? my front teeth work well. >> clayton: right, a twist, and i always found, a twist and pop, a little pop and then. >> tucker: you drag your teeth across the cookie repeatedly be, like that. >> clayton: until your teeth fall out. >> tucker: you brush them at some point. >> clayton: every couple of weeks. >> tucker: i can denude an oreo of cream in probably a second. >> clayton: figure out, rick, how to not make the next task should be to figure out how to not make the cookie fall apart after you dip it in milk. >> alisyn: let's get the mit scientists on to something born. when you end up a coffee cup of oreo halves.
4:41 am
>> rick: that makes the good part in the bottom. >> clayton: like the sugar on the rice crispies as a kid and scrape off the sugar. >> rick: yesterday morning. >> clayton: exactly. >> rick: there's an amazing sky out here right now, i've got to tell you, the clouds are beautiful and just tweeted out a picture what it it looks like, so take a look at that. across the south, you've got a cold morning this morning and tonight, another cold one and tomorrow night we start to see some improvement. there you go, we've got the 50's and 60 towards new orleans and back in the 40's for overnight lows in orlando, so hang on for a couple of more. we'll improve things across the areas of the south and meanwhile, take a look at the forecast across the northeast today. we've got some snow across the interior sections, kind after repeat of yesterday. where you saw some snow from time to time, a few flurries, maybe you saw snow accumulating in some spots. nothing that bad. down to the southeast, another cool day today. and temps across the eastern side of that very cool, but we'll warm things up across
4:42 am
texas back to 73 in dallas, northern plains, get ready, this is where the next snowstorm is coming in and by this evening, we'll see some snow move in towards north dakota and overnight to minnesota, iowa and tomorrow afternoon in the chicago area. back to you inside. >> clayton: rick, thank you so much. controversy now over giuliana rancic's comments, e-news host, in an interview with us weekly says this, she said basically we're husband and wife now, you know, recently had the baby after a long time trying to have this baby. >> alisyn: a lot of struggles with infertility and were well-publicized. >> clayton: really difficult. we're husband and wife and also best friends and it's funny a lot of people when they have kids put the baby first and marriage second. she says in her marriage, she puts her husband first and the baby second. now, let me just say, i totally agree with that. i totally agree with that, but some people think that's not the way you should do it, put the kids first because it's going to screw up their development. >> tucker: i'll admit my bias
4:43 am
she doesn't look like someone i would take life advice, but she's wise, if you want your kids to have the happiest most stable childhood possible, have a happy stable marriage. >> clayton: and put, there was an office manager i worked with years and years ago, just a wonderful woman and her daughter was about to get married and she put up on her daughter's refrigerator, or about to have a baby, remember, you're a wife first and a mom second. now, as a wife and a mom. where do you come in on this. >> alisyn: i love her advice, i think she's absolutely right. i put the kids first. (laughter) but not because i think it's right just because, when you have three young kids that are completely dependent upon you, it's hard to put your husband first. i mean, busy with the homework, and busy with the bath, and reading, and dinner, and everybody is doing what their school assignment is. so, i think it's hard. i think they're absolutely right. i applaud them particularly after infertility and all of their struggle. it would be so easy to put that baby, just protect their
4:44 am
baby, put the baby on the pedestal, but those guys have been on the show several times and interviewed them and seem to have a strong marriage. >> tucker: i'm impressed and you know what works and doesn't cost much, get a hotel room, and it's totally worth it, an inexpensive one. get a baby sitter, leave at six, come back at midnight. watch a movie. >> alisyn: and you're making good use of the time. >> i woke up in bed with my son-- >> it totally works. >> clayton: last night i woke up with our son in bed with us, and my wife texted, i was up over hour, and my wife puts me first, our kids haven't eat nn weeks and changed diapers, but i'm happy and the kids are crying constantly. >> alisyn: that's great. let us know what you think. a marriage first or kids first, we love to hear from you, find us on twitter. >> clayton: and miles, please let us sleep for once, please.
4:45 am how you can find it. coming up on the show, they're young and pretty and missing a warning about their online activity that police say could have made them victims of a crime. >> tucker: a new picture of the royal baby bum of whebump. where the prince and duchess were spotted. >> clayton: ♪ [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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[ male they're coming.nds good. yeah. british. later. sorry. ok...four words... scarecrow in the wind... a baboon... monkey? hot stew saturday!? ronny: hey jimmy, how happy are folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico? jimmy: happier than paul revere with a cell phone. ronny: why not? anncr: get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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i've been using crest pro-health for a week. my dentist said it was gonna help transform my mouth. [ male announcer ] go pro. for a clean that's up to four times better, try these crest pro-health products together. [ sara ] i've been using crest pro-health. so feels different. [ male announcer ] crest pro-health protects not just some, but all these areas dentists check most. my mouth feels healthier. it feels cleaner. i think my dentist is gonna see the difference. [ male announcer ] go pro with crest pro-health. i don't think i'll ever go back to another product. see. >> welcome back to "fox & friends," some quick headlines for you, poor justin bieber, the singer had quote, his worst birthday after his party got cut short. he was asked to leave a london nightclub due to an argument between his entourage and security. the singer turns 19. oh, he'll have many worst
4:49 am
birthdays, he's 19. and the royal baby bump was spotted in switzerland where kate and prince william and harry all attended a friend's wedding. at five months pregnant, kate tried to keep her growing belly underwraps as she smiled and chatted with the guests and she's always standing near foliage trying to hide it, or-- >> thank you, very nice. and parent should be alerted to this, parents in denver area have been rocked by the disappearance of three women. they may have had modeling profiles on social network sites. coincidence or could their disappearance be connected to the website. pat brown, the author of "how to save your daughter's life." good morning. >> good morning. >> alisyn: one was 19, one was 22, one was 17 years old and
4:50 am
authorities believe there could be a common thread at least two of them had profiles on a website called model mayhem. the other one, kelsey shelling, the 22-year-old may have, according to a local station, had a different site on something called explore talent. what do you think of this link with these budding sort of modeling careers? >> well, you know, police cannot ignore the fact that these three girls had some kind of contact with modeling sites on the internet and let me tell you you want to warn your girls about this, these are not legitimate sites. if you say the word modeling it's like throwing out a fishing reel and girls love to be models, so exciting and throw their faces up on these places and tell you on the other side of it, what you've got are predators, pretty much. let's face it, if you're an honest legitimate photographer you work through an agency, a legitimate agency don't troll on the net with girls who have no experience in modeling. what you've got are a lot of
4:51 am
guys with cameras. >> alisyn: or an iphone. >> say come over to my place and i'll pay you some money and of course there's prostitution involved in some of this, and go on and and other girls have no clue, they want to be models and there are serial killers out there and-- >> it sounds dangerous, but as you pointed out young girls are susceptible to things like this. and you've written an entire book how to protect your daughters and what parents should do to make sure their daughters are not having any dealings with some of these shady outfits. >> they have to really talk to their daughters and understand that their daughters will be attracted to this kind of thing, not knowing what's behind the curtain and tell their daughters, if you want to get into something like this, i will show you the legitimate way to do so, don't just trust anything on the internet. that's where the dangers lie. i want to mention one other thing, the police have to look at other avenues as well. just because the girls put the pictures up here may have
4:52 am
nothing to do with why they disappeared. it could be they have a bad boyfriend. could be he they were just-- maybe went down to the store to get a soda and disappeared and now they're looking for the predator on the internet when they should have looked into the neighborhood. very, very difficult, could be more than one predator out there. >> alisyn: a great point and in fact kelsey shelling's family does not believe it's related to the modeling site and not sure she set up a profile. the statement from model mayhem. while we cooperate. model mayhem has not been contacted by police regarding either of the three disappearances. and model mayhem thinks that safety should be be top of mind when doing anything online. pat brown, thank you for coming in with your expertise. hollywood getting a golden ticket, why ones who glamourize violence in movies could be exempt from new york's strict new gun control
4:53 am
laws. ♪ establishment! luckily though, ya know, i conceal this bad boy underneath my blanket just so i can get on e-trade. check my investment portfolio, research stocks... wait, why are you taking... oh, i see...solitary. just a man and his thoughts. and a smartphone... with an e-trade app. ♪ nobody knows... [ male announcer ] e-trade. investing unleashed. all the things we love about sunday meals into each of her pot pies. like tender white meat chicken and vegetables in a golden flaky crust that's made from scratch. marie callender's pot pies. it's time to savor.
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4:56 am
>> welcome back, hollywood actors could soon get red carpet treatment when it comes to possessing guns on the streets of new york because governor andrew cuomo is pushing a bill that would exempt movie and staged gun battles from the new laws. doesn't that send a hypocritical message. dan, this amazes me, if you're a deliveryman making a living delivering goods in a bad neighborhood you could get arrested and charged with a felony with a gun. but if you're a rich hollywood actor. >> hollywood's brought to the city of new york in collateral business, over 8 billion dollars in payroll business, this is about money. >> tucker: how unfair is that?
4:57 am
ordinary people not allowed to protect themselves, but actors can do whatever they want because they're big democratic donors? >> and the second amendment doesn't apply to the citizens, but will apply to a movie. incredible. the nature of politics. >> tucker: will it happen? >> it has to happen the governor is calling a special session not just to deal with this problem, they rushed this thing through, didn't have public discourse and police officers can't enter the school with their guns. >> tucker: police officers on duty? >> on duty. >> tucker: didn't anybody read it. >> somebody tried to read it on the side of the bill and they rushed to do it in the wake of the tragedy in connecticut and everybody wanted to be the first out of the box to do something about the gun violence program. these don't solve the problem. new york has the toughest gun control laws in the history of the united states and sullivan act in 1911 and gun violence is a problem in new york. nothing to do with licensing. >> tucker: why is it that the
4:58 am
placest with the toughest gun control in new york, chicago, washington d.c., detroit. and placest with the highest level of gun violence. the highest number of democrats elected to public office, i don't know if that's a direct correlary. licensing laws don't fix the gun violence problem. it's a socioeconomic problem. we're not dealing with the schools, and economic disparity. and throwing enough law at it. the criminals will not obey the law, period, the end. >> tucker: and wish you were there to tell about it. a liberal under fire for tweeting about a republican leader's wife in racial terms. the press barely reported it. would they do the same if a democrat were under attack? i can barely keep a straight face. we'll report, you decide. by t? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
4:59 am
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>> good morning, again,
5:02 am
everyone, it's sunday, march 3rd, i'm alisyn camerota, thank you for joining us this morning. and for the first time former presidential candidate mitt romney is talking exclusively to fox news about the way that president obama is handling the sequester. and what his life is like post-election. >> tucker: a liberal group under fire for tweeting in racial terms about his wife and not reporting it. would they do the same if a democrat were under attack. >> and stop suspended kids because it hurts their feelings and making it worse. is that the way to make america safe, be nice to bad kids? fo"fox & friends" hour three starts right now. ♪ >> sunday morning, everyone, welcome in to "fox & friends" and a little later in the show, i want ali to weigh in on this because she's a woman,
5:03 am
not a single woman. >> tucker: you are an observant man. >> alisyn: fair, i'll take that. >> clayton: why i've got eyes. single women have made lists now what they want in men and the lists are so long that page after page after page of what they want from a man. are their expectations ridiculously high. >> tucker: there's not one man who meets that criteria. >> alisyn: no, there isn't. i've read this woman's list, she's very picky, so we will get to that as soon as we get to the fun stuff. a first look the at your headlines. tell you what's happening while you're sleeping. including this sad story. this morning, demolition work set to begin on the florida home where a man was swallowed up by a sinkhole and authorities warn this could take a couple of days and made the decision to give up the search for 37-year-old jeff bush, the man swallowed by the hole after his odds of survival became more grim. >> we just have not been able to locate mr. bush. at this point, it's really not
5:04 am
possible to recover the body. >> alisyn: well, meanwhile, two neighboring homes have been evacuated because of fears that they, too, could soon collapse. we have new video, this is of the dragon capsule reaching the international space station. it's carrying supplies and they say that it was launched on friday, but arrival was delayed yesterday after there were problems with the dragon capsule's thrusters. here is a live look from vatican city we're about to check out where the first mass was held at st. peters basilica without a pope. we sadly lost our live satellite and this, i think is last, his last address from st. peters basilica. today, you'll remember that pope benedict of course stepped down thursday and is now living in an official papal residence just outside of rome. all of the cardinals have been
5:05 am
summoned to rome and tomorrow they'll meet to discuss when the conclave will start. the vatican hopes to have a new pope in place by holy week. here we go, reports that jay leno is on his way out and set to announce in may that this will be leno's last season to host the tonight show and it's believed that jimmy fallon has been picked to take his place. a rep says we do not speculate on rumor. >> clayton: now they don't. >> tucker: oh, but i'm happy. >> alisyn: if you can watch history of wrath, by jimmy fallon and justin tim wer lake ber laborikborinklake-- and justin timberlake. >> clayton: he's come out on his show, he'd do an impression, and he'd do it once, but can he work at 11:30 at night? that's the big he question. we'll see. >> tucker: obviously-- well, hey, you won't be asleep
5:06 am
for this, all eyes on mitch mcconnell and his response to what some attacks were online to his wife. remember, elaine chao, that's his spouse, former labor secretary under george w. bush, a tweet went out this week by a group that said this this woman had the ear of mitch mcconnell, she is his wife. and may explain why your job loved to china, which was patently racist by that progress group that came out and basically said, now they're trying to backpedal and say we didn't mean that and if this happened by a conservative and done this against a liberal politician, there would be outrage across the liberal media. >> tucker: the media. >> alisyn: eric holder would hold a press conference. this is progress kentucky to be clear, a progressive group, the face of modern
5:07 am
progressivism. >> alisyn: mitch mcconnell spoke out. he was in kentucky and spoke out for his wife. and says that elaine chao is just as much an american as any of us. in fact she had to go through a lot more to become an american and you will not get away with attacking my wife what senator mitch mcconnell said. it's interesting to hear her back story. and she was eight years old when she came her, her parents were from taiwan. >> tucker: not mainland china. >> alisyn: they came here with nothing and his staff says she wanted to be a part of the big melting pot that's the united states and she's risen to incredible success and it's interesting how little you've heard about all of this in the mainstream media. >> tucker: yeah, well, this is what progress kentucky says, those tweets do not reflect our values and we're commit today making sure that nothing like that happens again. comments with references to race, ethnicity or sexual orientation have no place in
5:08 am
any debate and we're deeply embarrassed by such a mistake. >> alisyn: and that's for them to come out and apologize after it was revealed by the way on a local station. once it it got a little bit of attention locally in kentucky, then that forced their hand to apologize. >> tucker: and literally the today show would lead, is the progressive movement riddled with hate. is it a hate group, and see the statements about how these people stockpiling weapons and a threat to democracy and here, they've got a dumb tweet, that's fine because we know their hearts are pure, i don't think their hearts are pure at all. >> clayton: you know the motivations behind that. and tweet us about this, ff weekend and please don't say anything crude on twitter. >> alisyn: and let's go to rick, rick, don't say crude stuff. >> rick: crude stuff is never said on twitter. i'm sure tucker knew this, i had no idea they were married. did you guys. >> alisyn: yes, of course. >> clayton: yes. >> rick: of course.
5:09 am
there you go, i learned something new today. and here you go, here are your temperatures waking up in the morning. cold across wisconsin and minneapolis 18 degrees and cold for florida and areas of the south. 36 right now in new orleans and march generally it would be warmer than that. we had a repeat of yesterday. wind across the great lakes and snow making its way across parts of the central appalachians, lower appalachians as well and northern alabama yesterday we saw snow towards the atlanta area and, but we're going to be watching much bigger storm, from down across the west today and rain and mountain snow and not the big washout. we've had a dry winter across southern california which doesn't bode well for fires and those sorts of things and water pack and the reservoirs, but that storm will pull out to the northern plains this evening and we'll see snow across north dakota eventually into minnesota and northern illinois and expanding and become a much bigger storm wednesday off the coast of the mid atlantic.
5:10 am
i don't think we're talking about a northeast storm, but a storm in the mid atlantic and potentially snow across the interior sections and a lot of wind and potentially big coastal flooding across the areas of south jersey and towards much of maryland, delaware, those areas and we have winter storm warnings here across the northern plains and get ready today. snow will be here by this afternoon. >> i guess it's still winter. >> tucker: it's not winter, it's spring. it's the spring. >> alisyn: is that my barometer. >> tucker: it's spring. >> are you getting your news from the groundhog again. >> tucker: sorry to interrupt, big mistake, i couldn't handle it. >> clayton: coming up on the show, mitt romney out of seclusion and hiding. >> alisyn: he wasn't in hiding. >> clayton: wasn't he? talking exclusively to fox news. chris wallace is here next to tell us what the former republican presidential candidate is saying about the sequester. >> alisyn: and then some advice that all you men out there need to hear. a list of women's top desires
5:11 am
for the perfect man, like the ability to read minds. (laughter) >> that would be impressive. ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:14 am
>> president obama and congress failed to reach a last minute deal on the sequester. you know that. now they're setting in motion 85 billion dollars in automatic spending cuts and now former presidential candidate mitt romney is speaking out exclusively to fox news' chris wallace. >> how do you think that the president has handled the quest, 85 billion dollars in automatic spending cuts? >> no one can think that's a success for the president. he didn't think the quest was going to happen, but it is
5:15 am
happening and to date what we've seen is the president out campaigning to the american people, doing rallies around the country and flying around the country and berating republicans and blaming and pointing. now, what does that do? that causes the republicans to retrench and put up a wall and fight back. it's a natural human emotion. the president has the opportunity to lead the nation and to bring republicans and democrats together. it's a job he's got to do and it's a job only the president can do. >> clayton: joining us now the host of fox news sunday, chris wallace and the man who managed to get mitt romney out of his own sequester. >> this is a big deal, guys, literally, since he made his concession speech early on the morning of november 7th, mitt romney and ann romney have gone off the grid. radio silence. they went back to their home in la jolla, north of san diego, california and they've licked their wounds, they've picked up their lives, and obviously, they've watched what's going on on the
5:16 am
national scene. one. things most poignant about doing this particular interview at this particular moment is that romney felt such frustration at what's going on in washington, and i think he deeply believes that if he were there, this wouldn't be happening, that he could have pulled off -- he feels that the confluence of the bush tax cuts expiring at the end. year, of all of these automatic spending cuts, that it would have given every side that the impetus to make a grand bargain you would have taken some tax increases, some major entitlement reform and some spending cuts and he could have done what washington has failed to do. >> tucker: now, chris, just four months ago, romney was in effect the head of the republican party. has he had any contact with the republican leadership in congress, given them advice, helping talk strategy as the budget negotiations continue? >> no, i don't think so. and you know, i've got to say he was very open in the interview about the fact that he lost. he said repeatedly, look, i'm
5:17 am
the guy who lost, i'm the last guy the republicans need advice from. but he said, i care too much about these issues so i'm going to speak out beginning with our interview and he's going to be speaking at cpac, the conservative political action conference, in a couple of weeks here in washington. he said i care about the issues, i'm going to speak out and people can take from them what they want and and talking about the adjustment from being the in the heat of the battle and suddenly it's over. >> in a flash it was all gone, the secret service, the crowds, the intensity, the minute by minute schedule and suddenly, nothing. how tough is that? >> it's an adjustment, it is an adjustment. one i think we did well. and it's interesting in our church we're used to serving and you can be in a very high position, but you recognize you're serving and all of a sudden you're released and you're nobody, we're used to
5:18 am
that. it's like we came and stepped forward to serve and you know, the other part of it was an amazing thing and it was really quite a lot of energy, and a lot of passion and a lot of people around us and all of a sudden, it was nothing, but the good news is, fortunately, we like each other. >> it's different, but it's like riding on a rollercoaster, we were on a roller coast her, thrilling, ups and down and the ride ends, you get off and it's not like oh, can't we be on a rollercoaster the rest of our lives? no, the ride's over. >> you know, it's interesting. i would say that he's in a better place or seems in a better place than she does. she's more open about her emotions. not angry, not bitter, but frustrated and sad. she says not that we didn't get to be something, but that we didn't get to do something. he seems to be a little bit more forward-looking. having said all of that. their lives are pretty great. they live in la jolla, if you don't know one of the most
5:19 am
beautiful places on god's green earth. they are surrounded by children and grandchildren. they walk along the beach, he's back in doing some business. and they want to begin now starting with this interview today to begin to play a role. i will say one other thing, they just had two new grandchildren, the 19th and 20th grandchildren and you'll meet them on the show as well. i really commend this interview at the top of the hour or on the fox news channels replay two or six, i think you'll see about the romneys you never have seen, and some people say, he gee, i wonder if maybe the election should have turned out differently. >> and this happens, on the show, maybe if you saw some side of the candidates like we saw with bob dole of after the he election he suddenly was funnier and you see some other sides of the candidates, maybe things would be different if they had done that beforehand, but-- >> well, that's part of the game though. you've got to be able to do it
5:20 am
when it matters and look, i will just say this, you know, while he talks about a variety of other things in the obama campaign, he takes full responsibility for all the decisions, all the mistakes in the campaign and we talk about that, immigration stand, the 47% video, hurricane sandy, he talks about all of that and he says, i lost the election, it's my fault. >> alisyn: fascinating interview, we look forward to seeing more. thanks for sharing some of it with us, we'll be watching fox news sunday. check your local listings. >> thanks, guys. >> great stuff. >> clayton: a leading group of doctors says we should be nice to bad children to make them better behaved. would that really work? larry is here with his reaction to that. >> tucker: and the official science is in. whose brains work better, men or women's? >> i'll answer that right now. >> tucker: men-y of you will
5:21 am
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>> welcome back. no punishment for bad behavior? a leading doctor's group thinks that school suspension is counterproductive. bad for kids. the american academy of pediatrics say that students who experience out of school suspension and expulsion are as much as ten times more likely to ultimately drop out of high school than those who do not. >> tucker: shouldn't they be held accountable for what they do or don't do? joining us now is a best selling author, larry thanks for joining us. isn't it an abdication of responsibility on the part of schools to kick out kids they can't deal with? isn't it their job to improve
5:25 am
children, make them better and learn from their mistakes rather than having somebody else deal with them? >> i think that's the teacher's job to teach the kids and they're stretched pretty thin as it is already. i believe that people should experience the consequences and feel the pain of bad behavior and not to do that, coddle them in a way that doesn't teach them a good serious lesson. by sending them home and putting that burden back on the parents so they have to deal with that child when they're sent home, that's a good punishment as well. the other thing is that if i'm an adult and i go out on the streets and i abuse people and threaten people and maybe physically accost people, i'm going to be put in jail for two reasons, one is punishment, but two is to remove the threat from everybody else so i can't hurt them. and when you out of school suspend the kid because he's threatened other kids, you've removed that threat from those children that are left in the schools. >> but, larry, let's face it, out of school suspension for trouble makers isn't a
5:26 am
punishment, it's a vacation. they don't want to go to school. when you give them out of school suspension, that's like, hey, two days off. isn't there something else that disciplinaries in schools could do that sends the same message without sending them home? >> you know, i think you're right. that is the case with some kids. but face it, a lot of kids just want attention and if we left them in the school we're giving them that attention and when we take that away from them, by suspending them, we remove that and then we've removed their impetus for being bad because they don't get the attention that they really ultimately deserve. i think that suspending kids is just one tool in the toolbox. i don't think it's the ultimate answer for everybody. so i think you've got to have lots of things that you can rely on, but you can't take away this powerful punishment and it should be seen as a punishment. >> clayton: if the statistics are true that we were talking about earlier as we led into
5:27 am
your segment and these kids end up having all sorts of problems down the line as a result of it, doesn't it fall on society to help them support in that way, couldn't they end up in jail and couldn't we do more preventive movements at the beginning to try to stop this? >> you know, i think that's also a responsibility of the parent to make sure that the kid does better when they're young. i don't think that you can put it all on the school. that means that the school is going to get out of the job of teaching and more on the job of being psychologists and holding their hand while they're growing up. i don't think that's their job at all. besides that, there are some kids that are just bad kids. i really do believe that and they can't be left in the middle of the good kids to disrupt their learning and we have to take that into account, too. you can't disrupt the classroom trying to hold littlejohny's hand because he doesn't want his hand held and's going to disrupt no matter what you do for him. remove him, remove the threat, remove the distraction and let the people who are there to learn, get back to learning.
5:28 am
>> all right, thanks, larry. >> alisyn: thanks, larry. >> tucker: coming up, guiiuliana rancic saying her husband is always her first priority. e-mail us coming up. ♪ look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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5:32 am
♪ >> shot of the morning. hundreds taking the plunge in lacrosse, wisconsin to raise money for the special olympics, a great cause. the water temperature was a brisk 33 degrees. >> alisyn: they can handle it. one was a viking. >> tucker: i saw that. >> clayton: and he burned his boat. >> alisyn: he can handle it. >> tucker: wisconsin not like the rest of us. they're powered by bratwurst. >> clayton: and cheese. >> alisyn: welcome back. all right, let's get your headlines and tell you what you missed while you were sleeping. a massive wildfire in california is finally contained, but not before the damage was done. take a look at the huge flames that charred acres. and thankfully no injuries
5:33 am
were reported and no word yet what caused this fire. nascar is looking into making some safety upgrades in light of that horrible crash in daytona. >> turned around. and tony stewart is going to win this race. a terrible crash. >> alisyn: about 30 fans were injured when debris and half the driver cakyle larson's car crashed into the safety fence. they'll look at the placement of the gate in the safety fence. and they become new york city firefighters, but now flunking out. as many as 30 trainees dropped out because they're too overweight to meet the physical demands of the job and more of expected to go. the first recruited class of 2008 was formed after a judge ordered the department to become more racially diverse, but now veteran firefighters are fuming saying the candidates are oversized and underperforming and need to be
5:34 am
cut breaks to pass their test. all right, new evidence confirms what women have already, already know, female brains are much more efficient than men. >> tucker: oh. >> alisyn: duh. >> clayton: sure. >> alisyn: neuro science found that the hippocampus. >> it's hippocampus-- >> and it's the energy. >> the brain cells. >> alisyn: and we need fewer brain cells to perform the tasks that part of the brain that plays a role in memory, yes, our memories are better, than subjecting males and females to the range of tests and showed women outperformed men in deductive reasoning and better at keeping track of different situations, and we can multi-task better than you guys. >> tucker: only better for sheets and grudges. >> clayton: that's true. >> alisyn: what else? >> and they have incredible memory for something stupid
5:35 am
you did four years ago and will hold that over your head. >> alisyn: stupid or really-- >> both, but my wife has an uncanny ability to recall things that i totally forgot that i did, stupid little things and she's like, no, no, don't you remember, four years ago you left that box in the stairwell and why you keep-- i'm like, how do you remember that. >> alisyn: our hippocampus is better. >> more efficient. >> tucker: oh, yeah. >> waiting for the text messages to start. honey, you're watching-- >> we've been getting tweets and e-mails this morning. guiiuliana rancic puts marriage first and then child. and for a time she and her husband has a child, a little boy and puts her husband first, the idea being that your marriage is the most important thing in your life. if you want to raise happy children, have a happy marriage. >> there's the little boy, when you have happy parents
5:36 am
and they say, hey, children, spend the week with grandma because mom and dad we're going to enjoy a nice relaxing vacation together. that's one of the better things to do for your kids because they see mom and dad are happy and they want to spend time together with one another. >> alisyn: this is the first generation of kids who are the epicenter of the world. and i remember growing up, i went weeks without seeing any parent, my own included. and go over the friend's houses and i don't remember parents being around. i don't know what parents were doing, but certainly not helicopter parents hovering over us, and now, we have a very different culture. jean from north carolina wrote to us when children are young, they have to come first, they're dependent on parents for everything. if you have a full-time nanny perhaps you can put your marriage first. >> clayton: well. >> tucker: i disagree with that. >> clayton: when they're babies. >> tucker: we've had four and never had a nanny and you don't need to put-- look, it's not a question of ignoring your kids or neglecting them, that's appalling and no normal parent
5:37 am
would ever do that. the point is, the center of stability in your home is the the marriage between husband and wife. it's the thing that makes the kids secure in the first place and allows them to become independent. by the way, kids grow up and leave and then you're stuck with your spouse. >> clayton: right. >> tucker: and cultivating that relationship. the marriage is the thing that led to the kids, it's not chicken and egg thing, bob writes this morning, why does either one have to come first? i love my wife and kids as much as the other. it's a different love. >> clayton: it's not loving them any more or less, it's about-- >> prioritizinprioritizing, rig and this is from van thornton who tweeted us after the shortest 18 years of your life, if you've not taken care of your marriage it will be gone just like your children. >> tucker: the truest words. >> clayton: and if you're not married and single and might not have kids. >> tucker: all by definition, really. >> clayton: and so, a new list is out. and it's fascinating, the list, the length to which women now believe that they
5:38 am
need to find a man, they have a laundry list of things for which these men must comply before they will date them. and this is one woman's single list, but really, holds water for a lot of women in the new study and the list is incredibly long. i couldn't get through like the first page of it. here are a few examples, thinks i'm beautiful. >> alisyn: that's number one. and when the single woman was challenged by her friend then went viral to make a list of what she was looking for and the friend thought maybe three things, five things. there were like 30 things that she's looking for in a man and thinks i am he has to think i'm beautiful. >> clayton: an innocent sense of humor. >> alisyn: what's that? you wouldn't know. >> clayton: enjoys all foods. what human likes all foods. >> alisyn: me. >> tucker: likes animals, especially cats. multi-ling gal. >> alisyn: her new mate has to be multi-lingual.
5:39 am
>> clayton: and like "star trek" and pick up-- >> i've got to be honest, this is a problem. i once said what's the secret of happiness, i know in my life the secret to happiness, low expectations, truly, these are expectations completely out of whack with reality. if you find someone like that-- >> and number 22 on the list was educated. >> clayton: thinks i'm beautiful-educated. >> alisyn: educated comes right after loves all foods. >> clayton: rick, you have two ladies with you outside on the plaza this morning what's the number one thing they look for in a man. >> rick: all right, that's the number one thing you look for in a man. >> they have to like animals. >> rick: all right. so he redundancy. >> rick: what about you. >> funny, funny, yes. >> rick: except you're single and you have five animals. >> yes, and i find that funny. (laughter) all right, let's talk about
5:40 am
the weather. the weather picture, we're going to be seeing some snow this week, through tuesday, thursday morning, thursday afternoon where there will be some snow. now and then a stripe minneapolis down through peor peoria, illinois, and indiana, and ohio and a bulls eye in central appalachians. a pretty good shot, a stripe of snow and heaviest in the mid atlantic is wednesday and wednesday night. take a look at today in across the northeast, these lovely ladies to my side are from manchester, new hampshire, i think i said that right. there you go, a little bit of snow across parts of new england, today, cold certainly, 20 into the 20's across the interior sections and down to the southeast we're still dealing with cool temps one more day, tomorrow you warm up a bit. back to you inside. >> clayton: i decided to do some text message damage control with my wife. (laughter) >> get on that. >> tucker: good luck, because remember, she has a more efficient memory than you.
5:41 am
>> clayton: she'll remember this for years, for me i forgot. congress couldn't cut a deal on the sequester and now kicks in. who is to blame for the deal. john roberts looks at the fight. >> tucker: and do you know someone who writes lol, an acronym, turns out that's not the most annoying text there is. e-mail your most annoying text and we'll read them if you can bear it coming up. ♪ begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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5:44 am
>> well, now that we're stuck in sequesterville there's a lot of finger pointing in washington who is to blame for getting us here. why couldn't a deal be
5:45 am
reached? >> john roberts joins with us a fascinating behind the scenes look at the government in crisis, part of his new special that airs tonight. john, thanks for joining us. >> alisyn: hey, john. >> hey. >> tucker: remind us again, you've done a deep dive on this. how did it start? it goes back a long way. give us the genesis. >> this goes back to the summer of 2011 during the budget control act, this was negotiations over raising the debt ceiling. congress put together something that would be too horrible to ever happen in order to try to force both sides to the table to come up with some spending cuts. of course, that never happened and the supercommittee that was suppose today do that failed and we kicked the can down the road in the famous fiscal cliff deal back at the turn of this year at new year's eve. it became clear in february that the republican party just couldn't compromise any more on the idea of raising revenue and gave up 600 billion in tax cuts on the fiscal cliff deal and a lot of constituents, takely in the tea party side were saying no. and i talked to several members of congress, both the house and the senate, who
5:46 am
suggested that if john boehner were to make another compromise like happened back on new year's eve that he probably wouldn't remain as speaker very long. so republicans started to become more comfortable with this eyed of the sequester going through. while there was a lot of concerns about the cuts to the military, this idea that we needed to rein in spending began to become the prevailing idea of the day and over the president's day holiday, the break, a lot of republicans went back to their district, including david schweiker, to give power point presentations to tell people exactly how terrible our fiscal position was. it became an emerging consensus that they needed to hold the line on this because it was perhaps the last best chance to actually get something done to cut spending. i asked david schweiker about that on the 6th congressional district in arizona. here is a little excerpt from tonight's special. >> republican congressman david schweiker is back in arizona telling his constituents he will hold firm. >> you're going back to d.c.
5:47 am
on monday, from there five days to either solve this or go over whatever fiscal cliff will happen when the sequestration kicks in. how do you see this unfolding in the next few days? >> first mistake in the the question is solvent. because if we can't do this tiny, reduction margin of spending ultimately by the end of the decades isn't a reduction in spending, it's just a reduction in the growth of spending, god forbid what our future is, if we can't do this. >> should be trigger, a sign of a broker government that can't get anything done even in the height of crisis. for other people, it may be a reflection of deep divisions in the country over the vision of where it should be going. bigger government versus smaller government and then the fact that there is a vigorous debate going on here, tucker and alisyn, is a sign that well, things maybe aren't as bad as everybody thinks they are. >> alisyn: john, what happens now from all of your investigation and talking to people, is this going to happen or is there anything that people are doing behind
5:48 am
the scenes to sort of modify the cuts? >> that's a big question a lot of people have. will the economy be wasting away in sequesterville? some of the cuts may go through. they don't start for months. there's a window of time that many republicans in the house believe they can get work done to adjust how the cuts can be applied. carl cameron talked to paul ryan last week who said, he already with his agreement for the republicans and democrats look at the military cuts, adjust in such a way they don't bite as hard. a lot of people believe there's plenty of time to adjust these things so that the horribleness the president has been talking about the last few weeks doesn't happen. even if they get a deal, it's mostly about discretionary spending. 80% of discretionary spending and a tiny piece of mandatory spending. the elephant in the room, social security, medicare, medicaid, that's really what's going to choke the american
5:49 am
economy over coming years. if you look out to 2023, ten years from now, domestic discretionary spending or discretionary spending goes up by about 10 to 14%, but mandatory spending doubles to 4.5 trillion dollars by 2023. so, as you well know, they've got to do something about that or we're going to be in serious trouble. >> tucker: you really can't say that enough. i don't think that people understand that's the whole deal, mandatory entitlement spending. >> it is. >> tucker: is there anybody you've seen in a public position of authority who seems serious about tackling the growth of >> you know, they all realize that it's a problem and something has to be done, tucker. of course, the problem with congress is how do you get to that. start the means test on medicare? do you means test more on social security? do you raise the retirement age? what do you do? everybody's got a lot of ideas, but there certainly is no consensus, but you know, we seem to submerge in
5:50 am
bipartisanship, what do do about the application of the sequester, so maybe there's some sort of appetite, let's hope, to get at this element of spending. >> alisyn: john, we will be watching, fox news special reporting showdown on debt row, as it's called. airs tonight at 8 p.m. thanks for giving us a sneak peek. >> appreciate it. >> thank you. >> tucker: they're starting demolition on the hole swallowed up by a sinkhole and the latest on that story in which one man disappeared forever. >> and these cranes are just being brought in to try to level the home. of course, during the press conference earlier we heard from the crew there that basically said, it's -- we cannot go in there to recover jeff bush's body at this point. that hole is so massive. so unstable and so deep, it's putting the lives of other rescue workers at risk by trying to go into this house and rescue a person that they have said, they presume is dead. and you're really getting a sense of what a remarkable story, you'll notice the sinkhole is not visible,
5:51 am
there's no dramatic hole. it was underneath the inside of the house. it it was all, i mean, it was almost a precision situation where right underneath the bedroom the sinkhole opened up and took this poor man. >> alisyn: yeah. we've been talking with experts this morning and yesterday, what to do when there's a sinkhole and how you can possibly forecast one, based upon your foundation shifting or windows and doors not opening and closing properly anymore and basically what they've determined, they have to take down the whole house, the sinkhole keeps growing and even the neighbor's houses have been threatened in a precarious position. the sink holes, obviously in the news you hear about them from time to time and swallowing up cars and never seen one that takes a house and possibly the neighboring houses down with them. >> tucker: especially from the inside. you would never know. i suspect this is going to cause real concern for the whole neighborhood. >> clayton: and one of the reasons they made this decision, i mean, it's been three days now since this
5:52 am
happened. and they used equipment, the engineers brought in equipment which basically could identify signs of life. putting this down into the hole to try to find heat signatures from a human body to see if they could see that, they do did not find that and they had to, as they said at the press conference, quote, the heart breaking decision that they need to demolish this house. and one of the questions for the home owners in the neighboring area, they had to evacuate as well, the stability of the ground under the homes nearby. >> alisyn: it was heart breaking to hear the victim, jeffrey's, brother because it just, this happened while they were sleeping and he could hear, he said, his brother yelling for help. and he actually tried to go into the sinkhole to pull his brother out. and he himself then got trapped in the sinkhole and he had about rescued and he couldn't get to his brother and he just felt as though he was haunted by hearing his brother's yells for help. i wonder if people were
5:53 am
allowed back into their house here to get any of their belongings before-- >> doesn't appear a they were. >> there's the police tape surrounding that area. what's amazing you look at the pictures of his bedroom, i mean, just think about this. just the other day he was asleep in that bed, and then the room opens up beneath him and he's gone in an instant in his bedroom through the floor. and now, a crane is literally pulling out belongings and we saw a tv being pulled out by that crane presumably a bedroom or a living room television, couch, being yanked out. i mean, it's remarkable. >> tucker: and it's clear that nobody wants to get inside that home right now. >> clayton: yeah, his dresser. according to his brother, his dresser went through the floor, his bed went through the floor, just about everybody in that bedroom collapsed and went through giant gaping hole in the floor. >> alisyn: it's like something out you can only imagine in a science fiction movie, but
5:54 am
then it happened to this poor family, that they just -- that feeling is of being helpless while you're watching somebody desperately call for you is very chilling to me. >> clayton: we're getting word now that one of the houses next door has also been compromised. in fact the home owners that live next door were told that they had 30 minutes to get in and get out and get their personal belongings. >> alisyn: i was wondering about that, 30 minutes it was that precarious. >> clayton: they were worried that the acidic ground water that form the voids for this collapse could cause them to collapse. get in, get out. i wouldn't want to take a risk, grab the photo albums and important items and you don't know in a sfant if your house is goes to go to be going down as well. >> alisyn: we heard about the states where this is most common and i know, tucker, you were talking about this, that it is the ground water that somehow corrodes the foundation under the house and happens, i guess, where
5:55 am
there's limestone? >> right, limestone corrodes over time and takes millions of years typically, but it does ultimately corrode when it comes into contact with ground water and the result are enormous subterranean carves a caves. and spulunkers are familiar with them. it's striking that no sign of mr. bush's body has been found. despite apparently some effort. so that suggests a very large cavern beneath the home that we're looking at. >> clayton: any problem in the rescue attempt is the ability to lower ropes and lower down a crane mechanism so that rescue workers can try to go into the area and you certainly don't want to put a large crane on unstable ground near this gaping hole and try to get rescue workers to try to recover his body and get rid of the roof to be able to
5:56 am
do that. florida, we were looking at tampa, near tampa, a small community only about 5,000 people live here, a real small town. so you can imagine the effect this is having on the other folks living in that area, wondering how stable their homes are and when they're evacuated. >> tucker: we have no clue how big the cavern is, and if it will lead to other sink holes and by the way, probably wouldn't want to be a crane operator, a he it's an enormously heavy piece of machinery over ground honey combed with caverns. >> alisyn: we learn a lot as newscasters, even though would he haven't, we interview people and clayton, in seriousness, call an expert. you've been saying a couple of mysterious holes developed in your back yard since the tree fell down and that you know there used to be ground water in there and i think you should have somebody come over and look at those. >> clayton: that's an issue,
5:57 am
right? when you look the at these things, homes in these communities where, you know, communities are being built on things, like washington d.c., for instance, right, it's built on a swamp. >> tucker: it is. >> alisyn: a landfill. >> tucker: a lot of landfill and number of rivers that run through downtown washington, tiber creek, for example, parallel to pennsylvania avenue, few people know that, incorporated into the waste water system there's a great deal of water running a lot of our cities, new york city included. >> clayton: you come in and build communities over top of it and wonder how stable that is and as ali was mentioning, the situation in my back yard, earlier in the show. the tree collapsed as a result of moist soil and thing fell on the house during the hurricane and holes popped up and the expert said have a ground specialist check it and it could cause problems and turned into a sinkhole which of course scared me. >> alisyn: i'm glad to hear you took note of that. this is so sad to watch, you know, all of your belongings
5:58 am
in your house just being sort of bulldozed and obviously, they're doing it for safety and the house is uninhabitable, and they lost their son or brother, jeffrey, who was swallowed up in the sinkhole. but to have to stand by and watch all of this happening. >> tucker: you've got to think there's got to be a better way than this. there has to be to watch people's lifetime of possessions destroyed. >> alisyn: what else could they do. >> tucker: i don't know, what a sad situation. >> clayton: try to get in there and as the brother said in all of this, now, so many memories in this house. just so stad to see it go. if you're just tuning in right now to "fox & friends" this morning, good morning to you and what you're looking at are live pictures from tampa, florida, or just outside of tampa, the past three days we've been captivated by the giant sinkhole that opened up beneath the home of jeffrey bush, 37 years old. while he was sleeping, fell into the sleep hole. his dresser-- you're looking at a crane right now, demolishing his
5:59 am
house, as rescue efforts have been stopped. they're not trying to recover his body at this point. they do presume him to be dead. >> alisyn: that's the hardest part of it, the family has come out and said that they were desperate to recover his body. they had basically accepted the fact that he may not have survived that fall and being swallowed up in the sinkhole, but wanted his body and we heard from authorities earlier this morning that they did not think it was safe enough to attempt to recover his body this morning, so, it looks like they're just razing the whole foundation and the home and hard to know what the family has been told about the future. if they will be able to recover his body in the future. >> clayton: compelling pictures here and the brother standing there in tears and saying, again, that all of our memories are in this house, as it comes down. also we should mention that the neighbors have been evacuated and authorities found that actually one of the houses was unstable and had structural damage as a result of this sinkhole. the acidity of the ground water from the limestone
6:00 am
deposits there, the neighbors were told they had 30 minutes to get in, get their stuff, and get out, because they could not verify the stability of the ground beneath the neighbor's house as well. >> alisyn: we had heard missouri, florida, i don't remember if texas. >> clayton: texas, yes. >> alisyn: alabama, certain states that are much more prone and susceptible to sink holes and perhaps if you live one in of those states and you know the precautions to take, and now you can see some neighbors or perhaps possibly family members who are standing and watching this terribly sad aftermath of the-- one of the members of the community being killed in this sinkhole and now this is the house being torn apart there. but again, just take the precautions if you have sensed anything going amiss in your house, any new sort of cracks or shifting of the foundation. >> clayton: experts said earlier on the show, there are a number of symptoms you notice in your house that something is awry.
6:01 am
if the doors suddenly are having a little bit of trouble like opening, right, maybe the ground is shifting. you notice cracks in some plaster on your walls, windows are differently shifted, can't open them as easily as you once could. check that out. >> tucker: and these are typical signs of a house settling, which is entirely natural and not dangerous. >> alisyn: that's what i thought. i would think it's the house settling, but now i'll look at it-- >> if you live in an older home, you know, 50 years old that the house had time to settle. so if you notice a sudden increase in jammed doors or windows that won't open, it could be a sign worth checking out. >> clayton: more at the top of the hour. here, we're looking live at a crane brought into the moment of jeffrey bush who fell through that sinkhole. in his bedroom and presumed dead at this hour. rescue crews have said we can't go in for his body and we're going to demolish the house in an effort to get more information. >> alisyn: and neighbors are
6:02 am
comforting each other. stand by. congress will not do anything about the sequester. what will they do to fix it? we'll talk live with south carolina republican congressman trey gowdy. the big cost for soda makers in order to meet the bloomberg sugary ban. 30 degrees in new york city. colder in other parts of the country. there's a way you can escape to some summer-like temperatures on the cheap. "fox & friends", hour four starts now. you don't want to miss the travel deals coming up. ♪ >> and welcome back, everybody. hope you've been with us all
6:03 am
morning. we've had a lot of news here. of course, our top story is the sequester, and just what happens tomorrow when all of the effects of this are felt? the president no longer referring to the sequester as a crisis of epic proportion, though. >> this is not going to be an apocalypse, as some people said. >> while it only cuts 2% of the budget, there's potential crisis. the president is not talking about the possibility of a government shut down but that's apparently less than a month he away. >> peter doocy joins us live from washington this morning with the details on a possible government shutdown. we haven't heard that kind of a rumor in a couple of years, have we, peter? >> no. months. >> reporter: it's interesting. there's sort of a double whammy at the end of this month. in 23 days furloughs as a result of sequestration quick in. one day after that the government runs out of money, and there's a chance it will shut down. >> march 27th when the
6:04 am
government runs out of budget authority, then you would see a partial government shutdown. then you would see government employees sent home. that might be very disruptive, especially because government agencies have a tendency to want to do the things that are most visible. the secretary of the interior said we have to close every national park. that's ridiculous. i hope they come to agreement on march 27th because a government shutdown doesn't benefit anyone. >> reporter: about two decades ago in 1995 and '96 the government shut down twice for a total of almost a month, 28 days, and it impacted national parks and monuments since some had to close. it also caused some delays at passport offices and some other government services, but the speaker of the house and the president made clear on friday they plan to avoid a shutdown in 2013 with speaker boehner promising to push legislation doing just that a few days from now. >> i do believe the house will
6:05 am
move a continuing resolution next week to fund the government past march 27th. i'm hopeful that we won't have to deal with the threat of a government shutdown while we're dealing with the sequester at the same time. the house will act next week, and i hope the senate will follow suit. >> there's no reason why we should have another crisis by shutting the government down in addition to these arbitrary spending cuts. >> reporter: and remember, there was that final bi-partisan meeting at the white house on friday to talk about a way around sequestration. that meeting failed, but the sound you just heard from the speaker and the president came shortly after that meeting. they both expressed similar sentiments about avoiding a government shutdown this month. now we just wait and see if they can actually come together this time. back to you in new york. >> i'm sure that will happen, peter. both sides will come together. they've learned their lesson, i'm sure. >> thanks, peter. great explanation. you're going with the
6:06 am
straight earnest response. >> very good alt summing up complicated political matters. let's get to the headlines. new video into the newsroom of the space x dragon exap sewell reaching the international space station. the unmanned ship is carrying 1200 pounds of supplies to the astronauts on board. the space x capsule was launched on friday but the arrival was delayed yesterday. there you go. listening. >> space x continues america's mission to supply the resupply the international space station. >> it was delayed yesterday because there were problems with the dragon capsule's thrusters. they fixed them. >> you need thrusters. >> i know that. worshipers gathered at st. peter's basilica at vatican city, okay, just tourists, for the first mass without a pope. the pope stepped down and is living in an official papal
6:07 am
residence outside of vatican city. tomorrow the cardinals meet to try to get a new pope in place by holy week. we have a live report from rome coming up. it may be all the craze these days, but it can be pretty easy to get frustrated over the phone. what's the most annoying thing you can test another human being. one of them, according to a new study, is l.o. l. that's the abbreviation for laughing out loud. that's really annoying. then there's one thing that's actually worse than sending l.o.l., it's the simple letter "k". >> i love when people send me that. >> basically it's saying i'm too lazy to type the o in front of the k or spell it properly which is o-k-a-y. >> i recognize it that you are a busy woman who does not have time. k. >> do you want to have dinner with he me? >> okay. >> that's a very high self
6:08 am
esteem to read it. i appreciate that you're not insecure. i love that about you. i read it as the person sending the text says i care so little about you that i'm investing literally no time. you get one letter. that's what i'm portioning for you. >> it's like a rohrshak text. you put whatever your own infear orty or possibly inflated self image is. i like the k. send it. >> it's so informal. i agree with tucker on this. it's just as bad as someone being on the phone and someone saying hi. they give you a little finger up. hey. that's all i got for you. >> it's the image of a french waiter saying i spit on you. your feelings i have no interest in them. >> i'm going to get dr. keith ablow on the phone to interpret this. let's talk about what's going on in new york city. if you're visiting and you arrive after march 12th, you know you'll not be able to get a
6:09 am
giant big gulp any more, those giant vats of soda because the mayor's office has put the kabosh on the large 32-ounce gallons of soda that you can't get any more when you come to the city. this is having an adverse effect on the businesses that create and manufacture the bottles and the production quality of the soft drinks. >> they have to make the bottles smaller because the bottles that they currently make are 16.9 ounces, so that .9 ounce is going to cost them millions and millions of dollars because they have to retrofit all of their equipment like you see here, make new machines to just make 16-ounce bottles instead of the added .9. >> you know what this has nothing to do with at all? science. there's no empirical evidence that this ban will cause anybody to lose a single pound. here's what i think the soda maker should do, take a page from the gun manufacturers and ammunition manufacturers in various states passing gun control and say we're leaving if you do that.
6:10 am
california, colorado, manufacturers are leaving and moving to texas. if soda manufactures say you know what, we're not shipping any more soda to new york city, you would have a million mountain dew addicts marching on gacgraygracie mansion right now. >> michael bloomberg is a savvy businessman. he had to know this would hurt soft drink manufacturers, so you can possibly make the possible step that he doesn't mind hurting soft drink manufacturers. >> our own rick reichmuth has been drinking soda non-steps for weeks now because he knows the van is going in effect. he has a violen giant vat. you're such a scofflaw, rick. >> man. you can't drink a bunch of this and talk right away. it creates gas in your chest. >> how is your gag doing? >> he's been drinking that all morning. he's already lost four teeth.
6:11 am
>> right. there's one that is dissolving at the bottom right now. it fell out and went down the straw. this is the most soda that i've had in years. >> what you'll do for your craft. >> right. i'm the wrong target audience for this thing. let me tell you. this is tasty. all it takes is like a couple of since of this and you're hooked. >> there's a reason. >> i'm going to play the devil's advocate here and back me up or shoot me down. did you ever see the manufacturers of the bottles? they come out and they shape them, make them like an hour glass shape, like a nice shapely woman, and they put on the packaging, they say now with less plastic for the environment, but really they're just making it smaller so they don't have produce as much quantity but it makes you feel better about buying a product with a grippable handle. >> the hotel guiltying you into using your bath towels more than once. >> they show a picture of the dolphin. >> they have to make the bottles smaller.
6:12 am
that's what i'm saying. >> oh. >> all for the environment. >> hm. >> i'm sure i've had 16 ounces, at least, this morning. >> our producer wants the weather. >> can we levi listen to some weather. >> you've had so much soda that will be impossible. >> let's see if i can speak without it all coming back up. here's your temps as you wake up. a nice day if you want to hang onto winter. across the south, it's cold. another cold night on tap and tomorrow we start to see things improve. we've had a disturbance across the northeast and kind of in towards parts of the tennessee valley with snow. we had snow around areas of atlanta, parts of alabama. we'll see a few more of these flurries today. wow. see? it happens. you start to have that soda and you can't talk. out across the west this is the next storm moving in that will bring rain and mountain snow across parts of california and in towards the central rockies. it's going to develop into a much bigger storm here starting tonight across areas of the far northern plains, parts of north
6:13 am
dakota and minnesota. snow will move towards chicago, peoria, illinois, indianapolis, possibly. we're watching that become a much potentially bigger storm by the time we get in towards tuesday, wednesday really more on wednesday night. this is the kind of snow we're going to see moving in across parts of iowa, illinois, indiana, and probably the bull's eye of this will be across interior sections of virginia and west virginia, spatia especy with a little elevation. we could see some beach erosion as well. >> i'm sure an ad campaign will use you to sell soda at some point. >> it's actually for doctors who will use you for something. >> i'm rick reichmuth for mountain dew. >> take a break. >> i will. coming up on the show, congress returning to capitol hill tomorrow after deciding not to do anything about the sequester. so what will they do now to fix it? we'll talk live with south carolina republican congressman trey gowdy. it's been a tough year for florida farmers. that could also mean bad news
6:14 am
for you. the potential effect the crop cuts could have at your breakfast table. stay tuned. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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6:17 am
welcome back. the nation's now stuck in sequester squeeze, but our next guest, south carolina congressman trey gowdy, voted against the sequester next change for raising the debt ceiling back in 2011. he joins us this morning. congressman, nice to see you. >> good morning. how are you? >> i'm doing well. >> i don't know if you were looking into some sort of crystal ball at the time, but did you see this coming? is that why you voted against this? >> i'd love to tell you yes, but that would be disinjen with us. i voted no in the summer of 2011 because i was one of the ones that wanted a more systemic
6:18 am
remedy. remember, we agreed or congress agreed to raise the debt ceiling. i wanted t wanted to have entitt reform, something that was trans generational and we didn't get it. we got another washington deal. i think all the republicans in south carolina voted against it. i'd auto lov love to tell you it enough to have seen this coming. the reality is i wanted a big br deal in december of 2011 than what was being offered. >> you voted against it, 174 republicans voted for it. were they wrong? >> well, i don't know anyone who voted for it that's happy about their vote now. it's easy for me to monday morning quarterback. i was in conference. lots of guys were concerned about the defense cuts, you know. i think in fairness to them, no one thought that you and i would be having this conversation. we thought the so-called super committee would come up with a
6:19 am
remedy. why we thought that, i don't know because washington is not proving to be very successful at coming up with big remedies. were they wrong? in hindsight, yes, they were wrong. but hindsight usually is a lot better than foresight. >> i want to get your take on something that former press secretary robert gibbs said about the drone program this week. take a listen he to secretary gibbs. >> when i went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the things -- one of the first things they told me was you're not even to acknowledge the drone program. you're not even to discuss that it exists. >> now, critics have come out and said where is the transparency in this administration. this was supposed to be a very transparent administration. others have said well, wait a second. this is national security. you don't go out there at the podium and talk about the drone program and which terrorists we're targeting so they know where they can run and hide. where do you come out on this controversy this week? >> well, there certainly have been plenty of leaks with
6:20 am
respect to national security, so i wish this administration had been as tight lipped about everything as they have been about drones. not telling the media with all due respect is one thing, but not telling congress what method you use to decide whether or not to kill americans overseas is a very different matter. our framers set up a system of checks and balances for a reason. we're not a monarchy. we're not a dictatorship. the executive branch doesn't get to decide these things by themselves, so i'm actually happy that all national security secrets are not being released because there was a period of time several months ago when i wondered whether that was the case or not. i do think the department of justice owes it to congress to come explain to us the analysis, constitutional and otherwise, that they use in deciding who they're going to kill. >> where do you shake out on that? charles krauthammer wrote an interesting piece a few weeks ago where i'm sure you saw where
6:21 am
he defended the obama administration's drone program and said if you are a domestic terrorist, an american system and you pick up arms against the country, we're vowed to protect against foreign and domestic terrorists in the country. where do you shake out on that issue? >> well, i am loathe to criticize dr. krauthammer, but i will say this. the department of justice needs to answer blont th whether or ne pull planaplea of protections applies to you if you're in bermuda. if you're traveling in al engineers, are you entitled to the full panaplea of constitutional protections? here's why it matters. if doj says yes, as an american citizen you're entitled to all your constitutional protections if you're overseas and we can still kill you, despite the fact that you have all your constitutional protections, how is the analysis different if you're on american soil? that's what i wanted to ask the department this week when
6:22 am
judiciary had an oversight hearing but they didn't show for the hearing. >> you've got to show up for the hearings to get answers. >> that would be helpful. >> congressman trey gowdy, always great to see you on the show. interesting thoughts this morning. we appreciate you joining us. >> thank you, have a good sunday. coming up on the show, the process to replace the pope begins in rome. father john is here to tell us what he believes catholics need most in the next pontiff. 30 degrees here in new york city. we'll get you ready for warm weather. we'll show you five places you can visit in the u.s. that feel like summer right now and you're not going to believe the cost on these things. i'm telling you. look at the numbers on the map. you'll want to go to the beach right now. for over 125 years we've been bringing people together. today we'd like people to come together on something that concerns all of us...obesity. and as the nations leading beverage company
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6:26 am
running the halls. >> in about an hour he'll eat
6:27 am
her. >> when he gets a little bit bigger. >> that's the cutest thing ever on film. tomorrow at the vatican roman catholic cardinals will take the first step towards electing a new pope. >> what traits do catholics most want in the next pontiff. joining us is father jonathan. good morning, father. >> good morning father. you guys are not jealous that i'm here. >> you must be eating great meals and seeing beautiful things, and yo it must be fun to have your ear to the ground for this process. what traits do you think catholics most want in the next pope? >> well, let me just continue news by the numbers first. i know clayton, that's his favorite thing. it's two and a half days since the vacancy of the papacy. this is the stamp that's going to make stamp collectors all over the world go crazy. it says vacancy. this stamp is produced saying there is not a pope.
6:28 am
it will only be around for the next couple of weeks. a very important question. not so much what do i think catholics want in the next pope, but what the cardinals who are going to be voting and what the vaticanisti, the specialized vatican journalists are talking about now in terms of what's on the minds of the cardinals. let me hear you three things i'm hearing. number one, they want somebody who is in love with god. they want somebody who is passionate and unabashedly courageous about proclaiming the good news of the gospel. that's number one. number two is they want a man of governance, somebody who is able to clean up and to reform the brocbureaucracy that many beliee the curia in the vatican has been under and not a good situation. maybe some of the reasons why pope benedict felt the pressure of his post. that's the second thing. the third thing, of course, is somebody who is also able to
6:29 am
reach out and to face the problems in the secular world. those are the three things that i'm hearing, alisyn. glad you brought up the question. >> are you hearing anything about the possibility, and i'm sorry to be a partisan here, but of an american hope. >> you know, that's not partisan. 2005 in the last conclave, it was unheard of. the americans were here to vote, but it wasn't even a possibility. both in the italian press and beyond, there's a recognition that the cardinals have to think out of the box, and actually find somebody, whether he's black, white, latin, european, who's able to do those three things that i just mentioned to you. number one, be passionate projector of the gospel. number two, somebody who knows how to govern, and three, somebody who knows how to reach out to a very secularized world. the possibility of an american pope is very real, maybe not possible, tucker, and you hit it
6:30 am
on the head. >> father jonathan from rome. i hope you'll keep a detailed account of everything you eat and fill us in when h you retur. >> most importantly. most importantly what i eat, yes. >> thanks, father john. thanks so much. mit graduates have gone on to do many great things, develop the telephone, the photocopier, revolutionize space travel. it's a long impressive list. the latest accomplishment may trump everything that has come before. a major break through on the oreo cook hey. it's the ultimate furry faceoff that's taking the internet by storm. a dog takes its revenge on the family cat. ♪ yeah. progressive mobile is... [ "everybody have fun tonight" plays ] really catching on! people can do it all! get a quote, buy and manage your policy! -[ music stops ] -it's great! well, what's with the...
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welcome back. we start your headlines with a fox news alert now because this is a live look from tampa, florida. crews have begun the demolition of that florida home that was over a huge sink hole where a man is presumed dead this morning after being swallowed up while he was sleeping in his bed. the search for the man, 37-year-old jeffrey bush, was called off because officials said it was just too dangerous to try to rescue or recover him. earlier in the show i was calling it a crane or referring to it as a crane. people on twitter are writing that's an excavator, others are
6:35 am
writing that it's a trackhoe. they're being very specific of what type of thing this is that was pulling debris out of the his bedroom. >> we know the massive hole under bushes bedroom is 20 feet wide and 50 to 60 feet deep. it's still expanding. the tampa house could collapse at any minute. not surprising, by the way, as you noticed his body has still not been recovered. >> you look at all the things from a life, a soccer ball. saw neighbors standing around comforting each well. this massive wildfire in california finally contained but not before massive damage was done. take a look at the huge flames that charred 311 acres. this is in riverside coup. nearly 200 firefighters helped battle the blaze which started three days ago. thankfully no injuries were reported and no word yet on what caused the fire. a 9-1-1 call from california
6:36 am
reveals a dispatcher's desperate night to save a patient while a nurse refuses to get cpr started. >> we can't do cpr. >> hand the phone to the passerby, anybody there can do cpr. give them the phone, please. >> we can't do cpr at this facility. that call came from an independent living facility after an 87-year-old woman had collapsed. for seven minutes the 9-1-1 dispatcher pleads with the nurse to do cpr but she refuses, explaining company policy prohibits it because they are not a skilled nursing facility. >> you're refusing cpr, you're going to let her die. that's a human being. is there anybody there that's willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> the patient was eventually taken to the hospital where she died. her family said they are satisfied with the facility's actions. maybe she had some sort of agreement not to. it's been a tough year for florida's citrus crop and it could soon affect your wallet.
6:37 am
experts say dry weather, too much fruit on the trees and a citrus disease have caused a huge drop in florida's orange output. typically that would mean a spike in prices, hitting families across the country. thankfully a surplus in fruit last season is expected to keep prices level for the time being. tucker, can you please tell me about your favorite story of the day. i have a softness for animal stories. this is the best of the week. this is a sneaky dog playing prank on his sibling, the cat. they're watching a toy in the bath tup. as the cat moves in for a closer look, the dog bats the cat in for a swim. not surprising the internet is trending this video. >> there is water in there so i'm not sure. >> it's like the greatest video that's ever been shot. love it. >> he must have been doing that repeatedly. that's why they had the camera ready to go. let's check in with rick reichmuth for a look at the forecast. >> i want to see the follow up of that video where the cat
6:38 am
attacks the job. >> that's next week, part two. >> that's a good tease for next week. look at the weather maps, guys. we've got a cold morning this morning across the southeast. tonight another cold one, getting down to 35 in orlando, 30 in savannah. it's just very cold for this time of year. go to tomorrow night, though, and we warm things up, so hit that button one more time for me there, and we'll warm things up for tomorrow night. well, there you go. so temps certainly go up. 60 degrees for a low tomorrow night in new orleans. the improvement begins. look at your forecast for today. across the northeast we'll see a bit of snow. it's kind of a repeat of what you sawed. partly cloudy, a few flurries that will pass from time to time. maybe a few of those snow flurries making their way towards the coastal areas, but nothing that's going to cause any big problems. down to the southeast it's that chilly day today. temps around 20 degrees below where they typically should be. we're warming up in texas, getting to 80. in the northern plains we'll see some snow move in tonight across areas of nort north dakota.
6:39 am
tomorrow it spreads throughout the northern plains and into chicago. out across the west today, snow across the rockies and we'll see a very nice, warm day across the desert southwest. clayton, we'll send it inside to you. >> thanks, rick. still a little chilly. if you're wishing we could fast forward to summer, you are not alone. there are places you can travel to now very cheaply if you can imagine that where it already feels like summer. joining us this week with the week's tomorrow deals, courtney scott. let's start with dallas, texas. you wouldn't think well, this time of year, but i guess so. it's a good spot to go and a great deal. >> it is. temperatures are great. big texan hospitality at the renaissance dallas property. it's a luxury hotel, $494 including a flight and -night stay. the luxury extends to the roof top where there's a beautiful heated pool. you can get a head start on your summer sun bathing. because the weather is so nice,
6:40 am
there's a park crubted over a -d over a highway. check out a dallas mavs game while you're there, and a perot nature and science museum. it offers a lot of fun for the whole family. >> not too far from dallas is scottsdale, arizona. well, a little far but closer than from new york. a great deal there on the desert escape. >> yeah. it's a desert escape. 330 days of sunshine in scottsdale. you want to take advantage of that. this is $333 four-night and flight hotel situation staying at the three palms. desert living meets contemporary eelegance. it has great location. it's 60 acres including a lake and a pancht enjo park. enjoy running, hiking, and free trolleys. you can ditch the car and take advantage of that. held to old town where it's the
6:41 am
old west vibe. >> it's beautiful. it's a great town. >> third here on your list is los angeles. some great deals there which is usually an expensive place to go. >> this is a fantastic deal. $567 staying at the ritz carlton marina del ray. take advantage of this harbor location and get out and charter a sail boat, do some deep sea fishing. the hotel also rents out bikes. you can take a 22-mile bike up the strand that also connects the other beach towns, so it's really a fantastic location and price. $561. >> i know we promised you five spots, but we're out of time. if you want more information, you can reach out to courty on twitter. >> @courtscott or we have a new page, for some great deals. >> courtney scott, great to see you this morning. >> thank you. >> get out there and get some vitamin d, everyone. millions watched this doctor take the president to task during the national prayer
6:42 am
breakfast. he's earned another major speakinspeaking role. we'll talk to dr. ben carson about what his message might be. one law maker ready to pull the trigger and move to the next state. we'll have a fair and balanced debate on that coming up. how d? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪ stay in the groove with align.
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♪ ♪ your finances can't manage themselves, but that doesn't mean they won't try. bring all your finances together with the help of the one person who can, a certified financial planner professional. cfp -- let's make a plan.
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6:45 am
he 0 stole the spotlight at the national prayer breakfast and he's scheduled to be a speaker. what will his cpac message be. joining us now is dr. ben carson. he's also an author and the recipient of the presidential medal of freedom. >> nice to see you. >> nice to be back. >> you're headed to cpac. what will your message to conservatives be? >> i think we need to recognize that we're actually in quite a bit of trouble as a nation right now, and the ship is about to go off the waterfall, and what we
6:46 am
have to do is utilize every force that we have to turn that ship around rather than be be concerned about the barn kellies on the side of the ship. we need to look at the big picture here, use every resource that we have to turn that ship around and then once we're moving in the right direction, we can deal with the peripheral issues. >> dr. carson, what do you think republicans and more specifically conservatives since you're speaking to them have done wrong in their messaging? >> well, i think there's been a lot of looking at different types of issues and concentrating on those and getting behind those rather than recognizing that if we allow ourselves to be destroyed as a nation economically, everything else will be non-cons conventional. we're very rapidly approaching that point. i don't think people are emphasizing this nearly enough. for that reason, the populous doesn't truly understand the devastating effects of what will
6:47 am
happen if we default and if we destroy ourselves economically. it's happened in the past. we need to recognize that it's happening to us before it happens. >> > so in other words, instead of the side issues that people get bogged down in and the tangents, they need to hit over and over the economy. meanwhile, we've heard it reported that the white house wanted to see an advance copy of your script. i believe that was for the national prayer breakfast, is that right? >> that's correct, but they also wanted to see an advance copy the last time i did the national prayer breakfast, and i suspect they always want to see an advance copy because the president needs to know what he's going to respond to. >> sure. i mean, nothing nefarious. they wanted to see an advance copy, and i'm sure that every white house and every president, as you said, likes to see what the featured ce note speakers will be saying. you did not give the white house this time an advance copy of your speech. why not? >> because i didn't have an advance copy of it. i -- i am a spontaneous speaker.
6:48 am
>> the last time i spoke, president clinton came up and said all right, i want to know who is responsible for putting this guy on for me. he was joking, but it was very funny. >> i'm sure president obama felt the same way at the national prayer breakfast. we all saw that president obama may have felt a little bit uncomfortable. you were standing up there, you got a lot of attention and you really didn't pull any punches, talking about what you think is kind of the wrong direction of the country, so you must have surprised the president or the white house with the content of your speech. >> well, it's so important that we learn how to be able to discuss differences of opinion and do it in a very nice way without calling people names and acting like third grade,. this is really quite embarrassing, sometimes, what i see in our nation. >> that people can't handle having an adult conversation. do you know he what exactly you'll be saying at c pac? >> no. i always ask god to guide my
6:49 am
thoughts and to guide my scalpel, and he always does. >> but do you mean that you will be speaking extemporaneously or do you write out a speech the night before and have notes? >> i will not write out a speech. i may have some bullet points on a piece of paper which i may or may not use. >> you keep them guessing. i like that even you don't know necessarily what you'll be doing. basically the theme, as we understand it, because we do like to get a little of upcoming attraction, is that you will tell conservatives that they need to be more focused on the number one issue in the country. >> absolutely. you know, i love this nation. its been very good to me, and i want to make sure that it is good to my children and my grandchildren. we've got to preserve it. >> and dr. carson, what about you getting involved in politics? i know we've asked you this before. how are you leaning in that direction? >> well, i'm leaning in the direction of continuing to speak out about ways that we can do things in a logical manner, and
6:50 am
i think i'm not interested in going into politics, but i'm interested in helping our nation move in the right direction. >> i'm sorry. logic? that will never work. dr. ben carson, thanks so much. always a pleasure to you can at a to you. >> thank you. straight ahead, what did the white house really say to the veteran watergate reporter, we'll find out. what's more important, gun control or job creation? that's about to become a major debate as gun makers prepare to close their doors and fire their employees they say because of the latest laws.
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welcome back. quick hea headlines for you. nascar looking at safety upgrades in light of the horrible crash at daytona last
6:54 am
week. around 30 fans were injured when debris and half of driver kyle larson's car crashed through a gate and a safety fence. nascar saying they'll look into placement of the gates where people can get on and off the track. they think there may be weak spots in the fences. there's a question oreo lovers all over the world have wrestled with. how do you separate the cookies from the cream? is there an easy way to do it. the mit graduates have unveiled an oreo separator device. they broke nearly 900 cookies attempting to perfect the machine and they figured it out, tucker. i know. for most of us, our teeth work just fine. that's big news. well, political news. no deal on the sequester, and that means 85 billion dollars in automatic across the board spending cuts are now in effect. white house economic advisor gene spurling talked about this moments ago. >> i think the president was overall right in that the idea
6:55 am
of an across the board all spending cuts was the idea of republicans, but yes, we put forth the design of how they do this. >> which was the sequester. >> but the right answer. >> which was the sequester. >> the right answer is we all agreed to this. >> part of the reporting. >> sperling explained his side of the controversy he's been embroilebroiled in with bob woo. welcome to you both. i want you to listen to what gene sperlic rling said this morning. >> i was trying to explain to him from a substantive point of view that the idea that the president of the united states was moving the goal posts by asking for the type of balance of tax reform that raised revenues with the speaker boehner himself as you know that had called for as well as long term entitlement together to get
6:56 am
rid of the sequester was not only not moving the goal post, that was the whole idea of the sequester. i think that e-mail was cordial. it was substantive. >> so mark, what is it? iis bob woodward making it up when he claims his reporting showed that increased tax revenue was not on the table, was never supposed to be part of this plan? where did he get that. >> bob woodward, i was reading an interview with him yesterday did agree with gene and said they have great working relationship, that they have a cordial relationship. bob woodward never felt threatened at all by this e-mail. he's a veteran reporter and has a lot of experience. this is sort of how politics works and these guys go back and forth with, you know, with this type of language, but no. whawhat happened is the idea ofn across-the-board spending cut cames from republicans. >> oh, it did not. no, it didn't. >> let me just say. >> where is the balance here?
6:57 am
we've seen at the first of the year pretty dramatic tax increases. pete, were you expecting the president to call for more? >> you know, i think it's in his nature, unfortunately, but look. we had 650 billion dollars of new tax increases in january, you know. >> affecting a miniscule percentage of the american population. >> that's absolutely untrue. now we have -- >> it affects the millionaires only. >> through the sequester gutting our military in virginia, you know, we need to cut spending in washington, but this is not the way to do it. this is a political deal. bob woodward exposed the president on this, embarrassed the president on it because it's his idea. >> this is the wrong way to go about it. >> i want to get both your very quick reactions to a story happening in virginia and maryland as maryland weighs dramatic gun control measures. at least one gun manufacturer, beretta, is saying it might move to virginia from maryland. mark, this is ineviden inevitabt
6:58 am
it? >> every governor wants to attract jobs and private companies to their states. absolutely, virginia i understand, and pete, by the way, congratulations for throwing your hat into the ring on the lieutenant governor race. i don't begrudge them that, but we can't have this discussion about economic, you know, attracting jobs and gun safety and the safety of our school kids at the same time. these are very separate discussions and when we're balancing gun laws, we can't be thinking about what are the economic imperatives. >> that's the very problem. >> virginia, just to be clear, hasn't necessarily wooed gun manufacturers. maryland has driven them away. >> tucker, bone headed liberal policies have economic consequences. my day job is i'm the ce off of a company called disrupter capital. i saw this story in the "washington post". i immediately called and sent a letter with my disrupter capitol
6:59 am
hat on to the head of ber rat aa saying first and foremost, i started two businesses in virginia. come on over, the water is fine. secondly, if you want to relocate, my company would be interested in financing it. i want to make maryland a gun maker free zone, period. >> wait. you said a second ago that our kids would be safer in the wake of this. you think moving beretta from maryland to virginia is going to make any child in america safer? you want to say that with a straight face to the camera? >> i'll say it with a straight face in the wake of newtown and virginia tech in pete's home state where it was the worst massacre by a gunman in american history, this isn't the time to be wooing gun makers. let's wait and have a discussion about gun control legislation. >> you want to gut our civil liberties. >> isn't it easier to get rid of all gun makers then? by your


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