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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 3, 2013 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> jamie: imagine this. what if eric and i were still sitting here... 30 years from now? 32? that's -- that could happen, actually. scientists are saying that 72 is the new 30. >> it was 50 then. >> jamie: wow. really. >> your evidence that this is working? >> jamie: i appreciate that. but is that possible that we can restore what we have and keep what we have all the way to 72? >> there is no question about that. this study came from germany. it is know a study that is randomized. these researchers examined something and found out that the
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first 8,000 generations of hi-- of humans on this planet, didn't budge their lifespan. the last 4 generations are increasing longevity. what's the reason? public health, cleaning up sewage, cleeber water, cleaner food, vaccinations, great surgeries, great medical treatment. those are the reasons. and we ought to be very excited about that. >> medicine is working. we have helped a lot of people. life expectancy in 1935 is 60 and now it's 78. i see this going further. kisee that in my practice. i never saw 80-year-old men walking in, asking for viagra, that's good news -- >> jamie: on that note. >> eric: that's the test. 80 years old and asking for viagra. good morning. wonderful. >> have a good day. >> jamie: you, too.
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>> on this sunday morning, there is new fallout from the bottoming battle in washington, americans are wondering, will they ever really get their act together? president obama signing the order to begin forced spending. the reductions after the negotiations in washington failed. now washington lawmakers are weighing in on the true impactost across-the-board cuts to domestic and defense programs. welcome to a brand-new hour of america's news headquarters. >> jamie: a lot of different stuff this hour. lawmakers are giving their two cents on who is to blame. we talked about the lobbyists earlier, how we can avoid more stalemates like this one in the future. steve centanni is following that from the washington bureau. good morning. >> reporter: yeah, house speaker john boehner and gene
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sperling squared off this morning on the sunday talk hoes in the aftermath of the $85 billion budget cut called the sequester. the speaker says he doesn't think anyone knows how this situation gets results. he blamed the president for kicking the can farther down the road, saying we are running out of road to kick the can down and says the president doesn't seem to have a plan. >> if he had a plan, why wouldn't the senate democrats pass it? the house has acted twice in the last 10 months to replace the sequester. if we are going -- the president counted his tax hooks on january one. if we are going to get rid of loopholes, let's make the tax code fair for all americans. >> the president is urging the congress to work with him on a compromise. polls are showing the president sharing some of the blame for the crisis. his approval rating dropping from 51% to 49%. and his top economic adviser,
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gene sperling, saying today, as republicans begin to see the effects of the budget cuts, a solution could be found. >> our hope is that as more republicans start to see this pain in their own districts that they will choose bipartisan compromise over this absolutist position. that's why, just yesterday, the president is on the phone, calling both democrat and republican senators, who he believes want to be part of a compromise. >> reporter: the president's calling for what he calls a balanced approach, which republicans say means another tax hike after taxes already went up january 1. >> jamie: steve, great to see you. thanks for the report. >> eric: polls show the majority of americans believe that cutting spending is necessary in washington, but they wonder if our elected officials are able to come together and address the challenges that face our country in a methodical and sensible way. john roberts is the answer of
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"showdown on debt row" this evening. good to see you. >> reporter: good to see you. >> eric: is it doomsday? or are they screaming chicken little? >> reporter: it depends on the perch from where you sit. it would appear -- we found this out in the course of our investigation -- that this kesequester, which was deemed too horrible to let happen, this automatic doomsday machine may not be as bad as people thought and could be a turning point with the congress, a moment where lawmakers look at the ballooning debt and say we have to stop it and we have to do something other than raise taxes in order to keep up with our spending. we talked to a lot of lawmakers for this documentary "showdown on debt rote row" from the house and the senate. paul brown is i tea party favorite. he voted against the sequester in the budget control act in 2011.
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but over the last few weeks has slowly come to realize that this is something that needed to happen. he wasn't quite comfortable with all cuts, but he was not about to take a deal to avoid the sequester that included raising taxes. here's know an excerpt from tons program. >> john boehner is a great speaker. but he's too nice a guy. barack obama comes, he's a bare-knuckle street fighter. is that what this is going to be? a bare knuckle brawl. >> it already is. >> reporter: obama now warns lawmakers, don't test him on the debt ceiling. >> i am not going to have a monthly conversation about whether or not we pay our bills. >> reporter: and in fact, behind closed doors, a cadre of republican leaders is contriving to suspend the $16.4 trillion debt limit. they would pass a law to dock lawmakers' pay unless the
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democratally-controlled senate passes a budget, which it hasn't done in nearly four years. >> i think that was a gimmick. just giving barack obama a blank check for four months is inane as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: he told me that he is very concerned about cuts in the military and says we need to increase the spending in the military and there is a better way to apply the cuts. >> eric: on the other side, john, president obama blames the republicans that, john boehner won't sit dun to talk about the fiscal situation. americans are sick of this going from crisis to crisis. what can come down the road, do you think? >> reporter: paul brown says there is a better way to do this. and in fact, that may be in the works. despite what you heard gene sperling just say about when republicans feel the depth and the pain from these cuts, maybe
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they will get religion. they are already at work on an alternative to this sequester as laid out, the budget chief paul ryan says he has agreement to adjust the military cuts. there was a bill floated in the senate, at the last minute to shift cuts from defense to other domestic programs. it failed in the senate. but ryan says he has something that could get some bipartisan support, and that is to give the president more latitude to apply the cuts. maybe congress prescribes the way it happens. maybe the president is given more latitude, but a way to avoid the bludgeon-type of cuts that the sequester prescribes. but when you look at it, this sequester deals 80% with discretionary spending, 20% on mandatory spending. but it's mandatory spending that is going to kill our fiscal sanity here in this country because if you look at the growth of discretionary spending versus mandatory spending,
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discretionary spending increases 12 to 15%, but mandatory spending doubles. our price tag for social security and medicaid and other mandatory programs is $4.5 trillion in 2023 and that's not a trajectory that is sustainable and could bring the economy to its knees. >> eric: and the clock is going up. all right, john. >> reporter: it will be $$17 trillion soon. >> eric: we will be talking about this throughout the hour. and tonight, john's special, "showdown on debt row," part of a three-hour lineup on the subject, with an exclusive interview with mitt romney and his wife, followed by a special edition of the fox report at 6:00 and then fox news reporting, our special on the debt. >> jamie: in fact, $85 billiop in spending cuts are upon us. maybe there is an up side,
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though t. seems as though business was as usual on wall street. the dow with a near record-setting close on friday. here for that and a preview of what could lie ahead, brenda buttner. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> jamie: we will know tonight when the overseas markets open. do you think it will -- i guess the u.s. is a gauge for those as well? will we know as early as this evening? >> yeah, i think we almost know right now. when the cuts were going into effect on friday, pretty much wall street said, ahh, who cares? it's a small percentage of the dep deficit and the debt that we have. and also, there are other factors that are in play, which are pushing wall street higher. we are now within .5% of an all-time high for the markets. we have been up 115% from the crash low. so we have come a long way very
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fast, in part because the fed -- ben bernanke has been pumping trillions of dollars into the economy, keeping interest rates at all-time lows, near zero. and wall street likes that -- >> jamie: i imagine -- is that the right answer, though? >> absolutely not. there are a lot of economist who is say this is the bubble we are going to be facing this bubble at some point. but for now, we are seeing wall street saying, who cares about the cuts? they are not that big of a deal? you expect the curts to be draconian and that's what the white house has told us and the republicans on defense spending, on friday, a key defense index from philly hit an all-time high. it stheems wall street is not paying much attention. in terms of prices on wall street. if you take a look at a price tag. the price-to-earnings ratio, it's 14.7 to 15.7 right now. in the 90s in the internet
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bubble, it was 30. the price tag was double and even during the crash, we were higher. we had higher price tags for stocks. so stocks may be undervalued. that could be pushing wall street forward. >> jamie: that's only an opportunity for the folk who is have income on the side, which many people are waiting for an opportunity like that. but with all the billions of cuts in the defense industry, what is going to happen to the jobs of those people? and the jobs numbers? >> again, you are looking at such a small, small percentage of what we owe. it is not expected that the job cuts are going to be that heavy. however, there are other influences on employment and on the stock market that we have to take into account that are negative. that's a slowdown of the global economy. the euro zone and japan are in recession. we are close to recession. it's a tepid economy. we are not creating jobs. we're very, very stagnant on
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employment and a very stubborn one. >> jamie: good news but with caution. >> absolutely. >> jamie: i never miss her show. you shouldn't either. >> thank you. >> jamie: bulls and bears every saturday here on the fox newschannel, 10:00 a.m. i am working at 10:00 a.m., but i love brenda. thanks. >> eric: we have a fox news alert. buckingham palace and queen elizabeth ii has been hospitalized from what appears to be a stomach infection. he is 86 years old. they say she is doing okay and she has experienced some stomach problems before. but she is in the hospital. she will be in the hospital for they think, about two days or so with a stomach infection. this has has sidelined her upcoming trip to rome. queen elizabeth hospitalized, thankfully, just a stomach infection. new fallout from a troublingly
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government reaction to the spending cuts. the a.p. reporting that documents show the homeland security department released some 2,000 illegal immigrants in the days leading up to the cuts. we go live to los angeles with the details on this. that's a lot more than we first believed. >> reporter: absolutely. not only were they released, but according to the a.p., the homeland security department had planned to let another 3,000 go this month. this number found in internal budget document, significantly higher than the 300 that the obama administration acknowledged had been released to trim the budget. there has been a huge outcry over the decision by republicans because of the hushed-up way they were released. >> simply duck-and-cover mode. our country is in chaos. who is in charge?
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who is answering the questions? what is going on? we get absolutely no communication from the federal government and it is not fair to the people of arizona, it is not fair to the people of the united states. >> reporter: a.p. says it shows that immigrations customs enforcement, or i.c.e., has released a thousand immigrants each week. the homeland security secretary regrets how the releases occurred and the decision has been blamed on i.c.e. >> the agency released low-risk, non-criminal detainees under a less expensive form of monitoring, to insure that it stayed within the i.c.e. budget. they are all in removal proceedings. priority remains on serious offenders and those who pose a
8:16 am
significant threat to public safety. >> reporter: the government had released a few hundred of the illegal immigrants being held. there is no fresh word from the white house yet on the higher number of immigrants released. it costs the government $164 a day to keep the detainees in immigration jails. those who have been released will face deportation and follow then will have to comply with mandatory check-ins and gps tracking devices. but there is concern that given the budgetary restraints that many more may have to be released causing a further outcry. >> eric: thanks for the latest on the member numbers. >> jamie: i can't believe this. but former nba bad boy dennis rodman has a bizarre message to send to president obama. this is fresh off the controversial athlete's visit to -- of all place it's north korea. he met there with the north korean dictator last week. and now he says the repressive
8:17 am
dictator and the president could bond if they only shoot hoops. that's right. he says basketball is the answer and he says the president should give kim a call. >> this is a different view. i sat with him for two days. he asked me to have obama say one thing, do one thing. call him. he wants a call from president obama. he told me that. >> jamie: like attention-getting behavior probably. but rodman is the first known american to publicly meet with kim after he took control after the death of his father, kim jong il. >> eric: now to john kerry, in egypt, wrapping up a meeting with muhammad morsi, in the first trip to the region as america's top diplomat. it comes ahead of president obama's planned visit to israel that will be the president's first as the commander in chief.
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he was there as a senator. what can we expect? we have a former israeli ambassador to the united nations here in new york this morning. welcome. >> great to see you. >> eric: good to see you. we saw donis rodman. i can't get over that -- you are a diplomat. what goes on when someone like dennis rodman can meet with the north korean and the they are launching nuclear tests? >> lyou know, i think the koreans and the north koreans are very good at brainwashing and i think something must have happened to dennis rodman while he was there. this is a bizarre statement. we did see sports play a role -- ping pong, table tennis, played a role in opening the gates of china to the united states. but i thinks china was a totally different story. i think the pariah state of north korea is not the place the president wants to shoot hoops
8:19 am
in or with. >> eric: exactly. now let's move to israel and the president's upcoming visit. what do you think can be achieved? >> i know the white house is trying to lower expectations. i think also the israeli leadership is trying to lower expect eggs because as we know, the higher expectations, the higher the disappointment. but i must tell you that among the israeli people, there are very high expectations. we don't think the president is coming for a photo. i think he means business. i am sure that he will get a briefing from secretary kerry, following his nine-state visit to the region, which will make clear to the president something which i am sure he knows: that this is a totally different region to the one he visited as a senator just over four years ago. it's a volatile region, where the exeemists are taking over. senator kerry must have
8:20 am
witnessed it in egypt. syria is in total chaos, in the mids of it of a civil war. i think what the president will also realize is that he is visiting a totally different israel because hopefully, by the time he comes and days before he comes, there will be a new government formed in israel. i think by all signs, it will be a government that will want to see movement on the peace process and will expect the president as the commander in chief and the leader of the free world to exert his influence to see that negotiations are resumed and that even a deadline and a time table is set for this process to move forward with some results. >> eric: the president has come under criticism, concerning israel. do you think that's warranted? do you think when they have a visit like this that there will be a type of achievement? maybe negotiations? >> it's true that the president has been under some criticism
8:21 am
over israel. i think this visit is a very good chance to repair any damage that has been done to those relations. i know the israeli public is looking forward very much to that visit and has great expectations. i think the president being there and obviously having very serious talks with the prime minister and with the leadership of israel and probably even addressing the israeli people, which i know is something which they expect and when hoo which he wants to do, i think there will be very real expectation that the result will be resumption of negotiations with a deadline and ultimately a two-state solution, which i think is something that most israelis aspire to. >> eric: how do you achieve that if the palestinians don't want to play ball? >> the president will be meeting with the palestinian leadership. i think one of the things the president will do is make it
8:22 am
very clear to the palestinians that they should play ball, that time is running out. it is not in their favor neither in ours that the alternative could be violent. nobody wants to see an anti-fahda. we will not lay back and take. it i think the message of the president to the palestinian leadership will be to get back to the table and we mean business. we want this to really result in a two-state solution. we want it to result in, not just a peace process, but at the end of the day, peace. i think the president and the united states is the only power in the world who can really achieve that and i hope that visit does. >> eric: we will be watching that. i thank you for coming in and giving us your perspective. >> jamie: nice to see you, ambass dar. we'll be right back.
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>> jamie: unfortunately, the unemployment numbers continue to rise and they are very high with so many people out of work. you know, you don't need to be a college graduate from a university or a four-year college to find a job because a lot of those students actually are graduating and not finding
8:27 am
jobs. so what do you do? well, in today's take-charge consumer protection segment, i wanted to tell you how to take charge of your employment situation and out-earn those who have a traditional four-year degree. here to explain that, i am joined by chanly brian. this was a study that said that community college graduates right now, by a very large margin are out-earning traditional four-year college and university graduates. >> i think you have to look at the numbers carefully. the average starting salary for recent graduates from four-year colleges is $44,000. about but the statistics of technical programs are the higher rates. so just as you hear often about all of the opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math, those are also the associates degrees for which graduates are earning the most
8:28 am
money. >> jamie: that's fascinating. the reason i do this segment for you is to help tutake charge and improve your situation. what if you don't have a science background. is that something you can learn in two years? >> absolutely this. morning, i was on code do the-org, a new initiative designed to teach people how to code computer programming. and mark zuckerberg says that essentially, there are 1 million jobs that could be ready for the taking should people learn those skills and there are free ways to learn that. but overall, there are very good ways to earn money through two-year degree programs. >> jamie: if you have a diswrob -- job and you want to further your education or discover something new, like coding in the computer industry, what about online two-year programs? are they looked at by employers with the same interest? >> to be considered seriously by
8:29 am
an employer is to have a recognized credential. many industries are moving towards looking at industry-based certifications, which are certified by professional associations. so i think the key with that is whenever you want to study an online degree, go to a site like my next move dot-org, which provides you with salaries and qualifications. >> jamie: that's a great tip. what other careers can you consider with a two-year degree? >> two-year degree, one of the best is nursing. there are approximately 1.1 million nursing jobs -- >> jamie: paralegal? >> paralegal as well. only 55% of the class of 2011 from law school had jobs 8 months after graduation. so paralegal is an excellent place to look. >> jamie: firms are looking at that as an option. that's so great.
8:30 am
we will post this on our web site if you want more of my segment, it's really easy, go to and you will see the link for our show and when you click on that, you will see 21 of the latest take charge consumer protection segments. >> eric: always great advice. thank you. the u.s. defense is on the chopping block and as the automatic cuts begin, what is the impact on our military veterans? general jack keane will tell us what the cuts could mean for those who have served our nation. i'm here at my house on thanksgiving day, and i have a massive heart attack right in my driveway. the doctor put me on a bayer aspirin regimen. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. go talk to your doctor. you're not indestructible anymore. ♪ i don't wanna be right
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>> eric: fox news alert. the demolition is underway in florida, outside of tampa. crews are taking down that home that was over that massive sinkhole. this is just heartbreaking to watch. take a look. a teddy bear, brought out from
8:35 am
that home. the operation began this morning. workers pulling out personal items, such as the pink teddy bear and other items after what happened was so tragic and unexplained and surprising. a sinkhole opened up in the bedroom. it swallowed one of the homeowners. jeffrey bush who was 37 years old. he was in his bedroom and everything gave way. the concrete floor fell down and went into the gaping hole. it's about 100 feet deep. the bed and everything in that room, too. his brother, jeremy, in vain, tried to save him and was unable to did that. the hole took everything in that house. they are taking that house and so tragically and sadly, jeffrey's body has want been found. but he is presumed to be dead. >> jamie: there are $85 billion in spending cuts we are telling you about. two things that look like they will be cut are not only defense
8:36 am
contract, but also the care that we give to our returning veterans. some cuts might have been necessary to keep the defense department efficient. but what will we actuallyee and when? joining me is the former vice chief of staff from the army, jack keane. general, good morning. >> good morning, jamie, my big concern is dual concern -- one, the jobs that defense contractors are giving, but more, the care of our returning troops. do you agree that some cuts might have been necessary to make the army more efficient? >> well, i think what the viewers have to understand is the defense department is absorbing a $487 billion cut that was put in place last year and that came on the heels of a number of efficiency cuts that secretary gates made before he left. i think the cuts last year had too much risk in it for ground forces. can you find waste in a
8:37 am
department as large as the pentagon? of course, you can. but these cuts we're talking about here in time would be very serious and would fundamentally change the military we have. >> jamie: i got an interesting email yesterday, general, from the wife of a lieutenant general, active service who, said our military will step up to the challenge, that they will get the job done, particularly in afghanistan. but i think about future risks, other risks, if we're not as populated on the border between afghanistan and pakistan, will we be able to keep an eye on what is going on in pakistan? >> pakistan is very important to us. the fact of the matter is, a military alegarchy runs the economy. india has a flourishing democracy. pakistan has a democracy in name only. the military certainly really controls that civilian government. there is no growing middle
8:38 am
class. and now, certainly what has happened inside that country is the pakistan taliban, radical islamists are trying to take it over and their escalation of attacks are on the rise. that doesn't mean that pakistan is about to fall. but it is a very dangerous place in the world. it's a place where we have to keep an eye on. what is going on in afghanistan certainly affects pakistan and vice versa. >> jamie: how do we take care of the troops that return from afghanistaner those who will face multiple deployments, perhaps with not every resource they feel they neal need? >> what the troops who return on active duty, what they would want more than anything else, whether they be pilot, a seaman on a ship, somebody who is driving a tank or a soldier or special operations force soldier, what they want more than anything else is to be ready to be able to fight effectively. they want their skills honed to
8:39 am
a razor's edge. that takes resources and time. that means pilots have to fly. ships have to sail and ground troops have to train together to be effective. they know then they can dominate an enemy and they know that they are bringing their brothers and sisters home in peace. >> jamie: absolutely. we want that because it impacts our national security. what they are doing does keep us safe here. i wonder, though, lastly, morale is so important for every military man and woman. and they are hearing the news of these cut, the white house saying 50% of it to impact the defense department, the $85 billion. how are they doing? >> i think they're fine right now. i think they are in disbelief that while we are at war and given all the challenges that are in the world today and we could enim numeerate them here for 20 minutes, the military is going to be weakened. i thinks getting their head around that is frustrating for
8:40 am
them n. time, they will see a different military. that's when their morale will be affected. when they are not training properly and they are not able to affect their skills and they are degraded, the services on their bases for their families start to gradually evaporate, this will not happen overfight. but two or three years from now, the anecdotal feedback from the troops and the families, i guarantee you, will be quite significant. >> jamie: we keep them in our thoughts. thank you, general. always good to see you. >> take care, jamie. >> jamie: thank you? >> jamie, you have been talking about the spending cuts, while they could be just the beginning. did you than there is a march 27 deadline to avoid another government shutdown? you think washington can really solve our budget mess? that's the question we will put to our political panel just ahead. s a key role throughout our lives.
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>> the spending cuts triggered by the ongoing budget battle in washington. but is this really any way to run a government? deadline to deadline? crisis to crisis? the deficit continues to zoom past $16.5 trillion. we have a former deputy assistant to george w. bush and a former president of women's media center and fox contributor. good to see you. >> good morning. >> eric: good morning. brad, let me start with you. do you think washington can really fix this? >> the president could fix the sequester, eric, in about 45 minutes. he has to call in the budget director and demand that he offset the cuts cuts that sequer demands and sell it to the house and the senate. a bill would be passed and we can move to the next crisis, as you suggest, which is the continuing resolution because the president has failed to produce a budget. under federal law, the federal
8:46 am
budget control act of 1974, the president is required to provide a budget to congress on or before february 1 of every year. the president has failed to do that. that's why we have the continuing resolution, the president's failed to provide a budget? >> the president blames the republicans. >> of course. but the onus is on the in the as a -- on the president as a matter of law. so the house and the senate are waiting for a budget, like we have for four years that never seems to arrive. >> eric: gemu, what about that? >> well, eric, i wowoke up on saturday morning and the sky didn't fall. i don't know if that is because i am in austin, you also have a sky in new york. the reality is that a little bit of common sense would go a long way in washington. i know this may be a surprise to brad, but i agree with mitt romney in the quotes that we have seen coming from his upcoming fox news interview in a
8:47 am
couple of hours, when he says we have people who are more concerned at this point about a political victory. and really squandering an opportunity. what this boils down to is not the national parks are going to be affected, sure, we will have to wait in line at the airport. but what about the economy? a fragile economy that was just starting to recover? where now, the gdp will go down, unemployment will go up. there is a lot of blame to go around. president obam ai am sure there are people within the white house who are kicking themselves over the idea of sequestration to begin with. but congress has been operating our government on a crisis-to-crisis basis and this has to come to an end. >> eric: that's right. americans are totally sick of this. bump to bump to bump and a fiscal cliff.
8:48 am
jehmu, do you think the washington politician it's look at the debt clock? this is zipping up like a las vegas jackpot wheel and it just, so far -- there it goes, it is going to hit $17 trillion. so what do we do? >> eric, i try to be an optimist , as much as possible. but at this point, i think we have to look at the wave of new members of congress that came in and represented the tea party in 2010 and really decided that compromise was a bad word. it was lake a -- it was like a four-letter word -- >> that is not so -- >> wait a second. let me finish. we need to see a swing, the pendulum swing to bring in a new wave of had beens in congress who have common sense wee because we have not seen any of that in the last four years. >> all right. >> eric, did we not have increases in revenues? the republicans granted the president his wish for increased
8:49 am
revenues with the proviso of reduction in spending? we haven't had the reductions we need. we haven't had entitlement reform which simpson and bowles says is a must for short-term and long-term economic problems. the problem is that the president would rather golf with tiger woods than iron out a deal. the president has been deficient in getting a budget, but he has time to have fun in florida. the american people are not having fun. 2% in growth -- we can't do as a government?! there is a travesty for the president not to be leading-- all right. >> through this crisis. >> eric: sadly, we are out of time i. it's a travesty that the president plays golf. that's pooh-pooh. spending cuts with a scalpel, not a weed wacker? we are out of time. john boehner refuses to sit down with the president. so we'll have to see how this continues. thank you.
8:50 am
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>> eric: now for a look beyond the news with liz trotta. >> there are times in the business of the nation when it seems one public squabble just begets another. take the draft, for instance. it's been a mostly moot subject
8:54 am
since 1973, when the ford administration, acting on an idea proposed by richard nixon in his '68 campaign, ended conviption and gave amnesty to draft dodgers. the lingering legacy has smothered any hope of returning to the draft, each after 9/11. the country's all-volunteer force seems sufficient to defend our national security. then two things happened. the long wars in iraq and afghanistan went down and the obama administration last month lifted the ban on women in compat n. washington, some legislators are asking why don't women register with the selective service system, as all men between 18 and 25 years of age are obligated to do. others urge abolishing registration altogether. parallel to this debate, a call
8:55 am
to reinstate the draft is in the wind. this comesats a time when criticism of our prolonged performance in afghanistan is beginning to fade and in its aftermath, festers an alarming number of suicides, post traumatic stress disorder cases and permanent physical wounds. multiple tours to war zones have taken a heavy toll, yet for most americans, it's a far-off skirmish in which they have no stake. the greeks and romans practiced conscription, but it was napoleon who ushered in the modern idea of it, embodyo bodying the ideals of the french revolution. it is the vitality of the nation and will purify the nation. in the united states tbegan in the sell war and peak in the second world war when more than 30 million men registered and 10
8:56 am
million served. in those days, princeton graduates served alongside truck drivers from new jersey. the arguments for and against conscription today have the benefit of this history, just last month, general mckristol, the former head of nato forces in afghanistan urged a return to the draft. he said the nation suffers right now from the fact that many americans don't meet or deal with anybody outside their social or cultural circle. a volunteer force is hardly a cross section of the countriry. this is promullingated for years by representative charles rangel, a democrat and korean war veteran who sees the second quarter and racial implications, the sense that class warfare is alive and well in america. basic straining is a great leveler. young men and women adrift in society would learn discipline, neatness and respect for authority -- in short, become
8:57 am
adults. on the other side, many draft opponents have resurrected their memories of the 1960s, like melvin laird who presided over the withdrawal of forces under nixon. 10 days ago, in a washington post piece, he insisted the volunteer force represents the countedry's makeup, costs less and has exceeded quality standards. the volunteer force is a success by any measure, he wrote, critics say he is still shell shocked. the quinnipiac poll people found that the nation as a whole does not want it by a 65-28% margin. then approved drafting men over women. women are divided, 45% in favor, 48% against. as is often said of debates over the draft, it all depends on how
8:58 am
much skin have you in the game. >> we'll be right back. as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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