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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 4, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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gateway issue, it's not a dominant issue amongst latino vote voters, hispanic voters. it's a gateway. if you send a signal whose tone is negative and not inclusive, people don't want to listen beyond that. >> sean: and do you think that-- i don't know who people are talking about. >> i think the tone of negativity exists for sure. and that's not the dominant issue because there are many issues where we share common values, we share common beliefs, but if you can't get past the gateway issue. and let me give awe example, asian americans, more intact families, more small businesses, and entrepreneurial. 75-24. >> why do you think that is. >> it relates to the question of we want your vote, but we really don't want you to join our team. it's not related to policy or issues. republicans have the positive-- >> but i also think that this
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has been part of a demagoguing campaign by the democrats. they have-- they have created a false narrative about what it means to be a conservative. i'm a conservative, a christian, we're all created by god, we believe in freedom and opportunity. >> obama is the last person who wants to solve this issue because it is so painful for republicans. but coming from arizona and seeing the tone in arizona, that state could turn blue because republicans are -- are not perceived as welcoming. >> sean: well, jan brewer did was take the language from the federal law and apply it to her state. that's really all she did. >> i don't know if she is who you're talking about, but last word. >> let's just say we have a positive agenda rather than constantly appearing to be reactionary when we're not. >> sean: guys, good to see you. governor, a rare appearance, get you up here. good to see you, clint. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: that's all the time we have this evening. and thank you for being with us, let not your heart be troubled. greta is next to go on the
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record. see you here tomorrow night. greta, take it away. >> greta: tonight, president obama says he's not a dictator. but rush limbaugh says the commander-in-chief left something out. what is it? >> barack obama is not interested in compromise, bipartisanship, getting along. >> i am not a dictator, i'm the president. >> the only thing obama cares about and the only thing he's ever cared about is no opposition. >> i am not a dictator, i'm the president. >> every time i hear him say he's not a dictator, he doesn't complete the statement but i wish i was. >> we're going to manage as best we can to minimize the impacts on american families. >> people are now really getting tired of -- and it's an act that blames, it's a class warfare act. there's no leadership, and there's nothing saying where we're going to cut. this country is adrift. >> he didn't think the sequester would happen, it is happening. >> we're already seeing the
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effects on the big airports, for example. >> i'm sure you will be hearing about these from the americans themselves, will wonder why republicans made this choice. >> there's no one in this town that's tried harder to come to the rim with the president and to deal with our long-term spending problems. no one. >> our hope is that as more republicans start to see this pain in their own districts, that they will choose bipartisan compromise over this absolutist position. >> i've watched presidents from both parties, i've watched leaders from both parties kick this can down the road. kick it down the road and kick it down the road. we're out of road to kick the can down. >> greta: the blame game goes on and on and on and on. but is anyone scoring points? democrats, republicans, president obama? karl rove joins us, nice to see you, karl. >> good to see you, greta. >> greta: let's look at sequester from a political
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standpoint. anybody winning? >> president obama is losing. if you take a look at the gallup poll, the president dropped from 53% since this drama began a week ago to 46% today. a big drop in a very short period of time. the president's typically this far into their terms don't move that way, that rapidly up-- move up or move down that rapidly without something big happening. >> greta: why does that matter? he's in his second term and dropped from 53 to 46, why do you care. >> when you get to the approval rating is equal or below-- your approval rating is an at or below your approval rating the quicker you turn into a lame duck. the president did this himself. he raised the expectations what a 2.4% cut in federal spending would do and american people simply found it not credible. >> greta: we talk about sequestration, the problem is the march 27th deadline when the continuing resolution cuts off and the funding for the government is cut off, if nothing is done. do you agree that's the more
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serious issue? >> well, i would have two months ago said it's more serious and likely set of fireworks. i think this may pass without much activity. the house republicans have announced they intend to pass a continuing resolution this coming week that funded the government at the sequestration level and gives the department of defense greater flexibility. they're going to take the language from two appropriations bills and the feds authorization and the military construction bill and put it in the cr and send it to the senate and the reaction from the senate is muted so we may find ourselves with a solution to, you know, the government funded basically between march 27th and the end of the fiscal year, by a continuing resolution adopted by both houses within a matter of a couple of weeks, that funds it at the current level. >> greta: we have a continuing resolution because we don't have a budget. >> and that's the bigger problem. this obscures the bigger problem is that we're running 3.6 trillion dollar enterprise without passing a budget in the normal order, the regular order as dictated by the 1974 budget control act. >> greta: don't you think
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someone would be a little embarrassed as a politician we keep limping along the continuing resolutions? every time there's a continuing resolution there's a neon sign you're not doing your job. >> and like in the american family your expenses would be, trying to run a business without saying to the people who were running the various parts of your business, here is how much money you can spend over the next year. and instead, what we say to big entities like the department of defense and health and human services, here is how much you can spend for the next couple of months and then we'll get back to you what you can do for a couple of months after that. it's not how the government is supposed to be run. for, you know what the last time that the united states government passed a budget for an order in a complete fiscal year, 2007 for fy08. in 2008, the congress did approve president's budget for fy '09. half an hour. we want to wait until obama gets in to plus up the spending. ever since then we've fund the
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government on a serious resolution. >> greta: i was listening to ed henry on the air and what's going to happen with the sequestration and one of the discussions was that it's going to, we're going to have to, we're going to have problems because we can't have as much overtime as a consequence. as i thought to myself why are we so inefficient we're in a situation where we have to have overtime instead of filling that hole? we're paying extra. >> yeah, well, and have you noticed how much talk out of the administration is about cutting jobs, cutting people, cutting people's hours, furloughing people. >> greta: 750,000 sperling said yesterday. >> why are did he come up with that. we're cutting 85 billion dollars, 42 roughly of it in this fiscal year, between now and the end of september, and then the other 43 billion dollars over some number of years to come. if you take that 85 billion dollars that we're spending $115,000 per person that we're supposedly saving that money by getting rid of them.
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look, in some instances we're not going to have conferences, in some instances we're not going to have travel and some instances things we don't purchase. the idea that somehow or another translates lost jobs, they told us we were losing teachers virginia and slower lines in the airports. i breezed through lax. and it was supposed to be what? huge long lines? they oversold this and this is unworthy of james sperling. >> greta: what's worse, senator coburn is on the show later. if you want 45 billion, for starters take it spent between june, 2011 and july 2012. 5 billion dollars in improper unemployment benefits. improper and that's for the starters what i could come up
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with. >> federal communications commission, 28 billion dollars out of the budget and talking furloughing staff. they're responsible for overseeing a 2.2 billion dollar program that provides free cell service to low income households. their own study, the fcc's own study and the five largest providers 41% of the people getting that service were either ineligible for it, made too much money or refused to respond to inquireies they were ineligible for the program. why don't they find that out of the 2.2 billion. that's 2200 millions of dollars in that program. >> greta: it's, karl, why doesn't anybody do this? i've never figured out we talk every night about the incredible waste in the city, things are paid for, nonexisting and paying for empty buildings, all of this sort of stuff. >> we heard about it in your opening package. the president's goal is not to
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make sensible thoughtful cuts in wasteful and inefficient programs. there are dozens of job training programs that overlap and duplicate each other and dozens of programs on teaching quality that overlap. the they said we're going to give you the flexibility not it cut everything across the board, but pick and choose among worthy activities from less worthy activities and the president said i don't want that authority. the reason he wants to treat this as a political tool to beat his political opposition into submission. "the washington post" had an amazing article on the front page of the newspaper in which the president's people talked about their legacy goal and that is to recapture the house of representatives in 2014. >> what is the legacy goal to recapture the waste and fraud? doesn't anyone want that as a legacy. >> can you imagine what we would look like today after having appointed the bowls-simpson commission and adopted the recommendations and spent 2011-2012 and put
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the fiscalicy in order and his popularity would be sky high. >> and the federal revenue, 2.7 trillion dollars, the highest ever federal revenue and why are we in such tough shape. and the building debts that we've had and the debt service, but what happened? >> here is the reason why, you're right we're going to have 2.7 trillion dollars in revenue burr our outlays are 3.553, this is cbo yesterday. >> we don't try to cut back at all. >> that's after sequestration. >> greta: that's after the sequestration. >> after the sequestration cuts and assuming you get credit for all of those in this year. the problem, before we went into recession, our spending was 2.7 trillion, and so, we've -- we've added 140 billion dollars in additional revenues, but we've added 822 billion dollars in additional spending compared to the budget. our deficit has gone from 163 billion dollars in fy07 to 845
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billion dollars forecast for this year. >> greta: which i guess is why the republican monitoring a spending problem. >> our revenues are at a record amount. we'll receive more revenue than we had. and absence of economic growth. now what the last number was that the cbo had on this, that they thought we'd have this year, in this fiscal year, 2.9 trillion and indeed, the other problem we don't talk about that's obscured by this, anemic growth 1.9% over the last three years since the start of the economic recovery in june of 2009. i use today say that it was the largest, excuse me, the worst economic recovery since world war ii until an economist friend of mine took me aside and said uh-uh, it's the worst recovery of the recorded statistical recovery of the united states. >> greta: what do you think will happen in washington, long-term and short run? >> and i think we're likely to see, there's going to be a telling moment here in the next couple of weeks. the president's going-- the senate is going to get a
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bill from the house that continuing resolution to fund of the rest of the government with flexibility for the defense department. the question is, are they going to say we want to provide flexibility for the domestic agencies and send this bill on to the president or are they going to bridal that and give the president flexibility? . my gut tells me the senate while their democratic majority is not going to stay with the president we're going to deny you to make the cuts on case by case basis. we want to be flexible and he'he will sign it. and buy me some wood to knock on, but i think we may have the government funded through balance of fiscal year and the next battle, the debt ceiling over the summer and normal battles over the normal process. >> greta: do you have any objection to doing a top to bottom audit of the defense department? >> not at all. >> greta: why isn't that done? >> there's waste in the defense department.
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look, it's tough to cut out programs. we came in under president bush vowing to end a particular kind of large, very expensive program for a very large piece of mobile artillery and it took us several years to get it done. clinton tried to kill a helicopter program called comanche, we came in vowing to kill it and took us until 2004 to get congress to really cut it. >> greta: what about the contractors? there seem to be a lot of contractors, no bid and paying an awful lot of money on those. >> sometimes you want no bids because frankly a specialized contract that only one company can fulfill. yeah, should military procurement be looked at from top to bottom? you bet. when in doubt, i'd rather waste a little money on defense to make sure america is protected than waste a lot of money on free cell service. >> greta: but we don't make any efforts to check it out and very little effort. >> there's a lot of effort made, but it's a very big and complex budget. remember our defense budget today is larger than our entire budget was 20 years ago. >> greta: it is. anyway, karl, nice to see you.
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>> thanks for having me. >> greta: straight ahead, casey anthony, she's back, she's out of seclusion and guess where she's going? that's coming up. and barbara walters returns and that wasn't the biggest news on "the view." someone else is making a big come back. wait until you hear who it is. and next, dennis rodman delivering a message from north korea to president obama. what is the message? here is a hint. >> ♪ i just met you and this is crazy ♪ ♪ but here's my number so call me maybe ♪ ♪ and all the other boys try to chase me ♪ ♪ but here's my number so call me maybe ♪ [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food.
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>> nba star turns diplomate and wildman dennis rodman is telling all about his trip to north korea and hanging out and partying with the north korean leader kim jong un and watching basketball and eating sushi. and rodman tells what they discussed. >> i discussed with him two things, and one thing he asked me obama something to say and one thing, he want obama to do one thing, call him. he wants a call from president obama? >> that's right. he told me that. he said if you can, dennis, i don't want to do war. i don't want to do war.
7:20 pm
he loves basketball. and i said, obama loves basketball. let's start there. >> greta: former u.n. ambassador john bolton has got the giggles and may have have to talk through the macarena while he recovers. you liked that? >> you know, if it weren't for the tragedy of what's going on in north korea, if you really could dismiss it lightly, but dennis rodman and i'm sad to say the harlem globetrotters who accompanied him were played for fools by this dictator in north korea. he gains he legitimacy, he gains international repute. he gains credibility among some people, i suppose. all the while, he's continuing to develop nuclear weapons, ballistic missiles and oppressing his people. >> greta: let me give you another twist to consider. we've had no contact with this guy, we have no idea what kim jong un is like at all. i realize that dennis rodman is quite a wild guy and quite an interesting fellow, i might
7:21 pm
add, but we now have at least we have a communication from rodman to this guy, which is more than we've ever had. >> yeah, the question is, what communication went into rodman and what reported that communication is coming out. you can get a distorted view. >> greta: it is distorted. i think it is distorted. >> and i think he's presented a distorted view. if they want to communicate with us, there are ways to do it. it's a question here not of one individual kim jong un, it's a question of a regime that's followed a pattern, including since he took office of repressing its people and threatening its neighbors and nothing since kim jong un took power after the death of his father has changed. if anything, it's gotten worse. they've restricted the border to prevent north korean refugees from coming out and tested the nuclear device for the third time and there's every indication, increased cooperation with iran and i think the threat is growing larger and what vladimir lenin
7:22 pm
called useful idiots who go to north korea, eric schmidt of google, and dennis rodman played for fools by the north korean regime. >> greta: i've been there three times and i don't know if i'm one of the useful fools. >> you report things as you see them as opposed to the propaganda that these people are simply transmitting. >> greta: this is the -- this is probably the worst place on earth. i mean, these people have no free thought. >> it's a prison camp. >> greta: it is a large prison camp and we've been unable to bust through and have any communication. he is testing nuclear weapons. he's a threat to the whole region. he's a threat to south korea, japan, you know, and we have no idea what's going on there. >> well, i think, as i say, we can have all the communication with them that we want. it is an illusion to believe that even with a lot of communication we can talk them out of their nuclear weapons program. this is not a case where personal relationships or more open communication are going
7:23 pm
to change that regime. that's why i think the only real answer here is that the regime needs to disappear and the two koreans have to re-- >> and when i'm he there they think that every saturday night every single american is thinking how are we going to kill those north koreans and when i was there when they told me that, i said, well, frankly we're thinking about shall we order pizza or chinese food, what movie do we want. the people of north korea actually think we're trying to kill them every single day. >> well, i think it's also a vision of what they think they want on the korean peninsula. i mean, this is the world's only hereditary communist dictatorshi dictatorship. and the burden has to be on china not because suddenly kim jong un is going to have a revolution because of communication with dennis rodman, eric schmidt or the new york philharmonic or john
7:24 pm
kerry, their direction is opposite of ours, detrimental to anyone in the region and really only one long-term solution. >> i think that china could step up, but we've discuss that had before. >> and i think their younger chinese leaders are getting ready. >> greta: ambassador, nice to see you, sir. and probably not the prognosis you want to hear. tom coburn says that every american is going to have to experience pain. what does he mean? senator coburn tells us next. and the 911 call that everyone is talking about and no one can believe with time running out, a 911 operator begs a nurse to do cpr on a dying retirement home patient. >> it's a human being, is there anyone there willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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>> senator tom coburn blasting the defense department over wasteful spending and insists there's things to cut from the budget. for instance, one billion dollars to spend a spaceship to another galaxy. one million to cook up a type of beef jerky and a 46 minute video production, drill sergeants sharing their grilling recipes. >> nice to see you, sir. >> good to see you. >> greta: okay, president obama says that the spending cuts, the automatic spending cuts are going to be budget
7:29 pm
pain for every american. your thoughts? >> well, i think first of all, given where we are and the situation we're in, every american's going to have to experience the pain. that's true. and whether this will or not, it all depends on how it's administered and whether or flexibility to make it as painless as possible. >> greta: is there, i know you and i have discussed this many times waste in the government. do you have any choice examples today? >> oh, well, look, there's so many to choose from. >> well, let me give you a hint. how do you like this one? i got this information from you, is that we have to see the department of the produces a 46 minute video called "grill it safe" featuring drill sergeants showing off their own recipes. >> well, i'm sure somebody thought that was a good idea. you know, people don't do stupid things intentionally. they're just not unaware of one, common sense. number two, the situation we find ourselves in. i mean, we've been running
7:30 pm
trillion dollars deficits for four years. you would think people who are making the contracts for some of these grant programs at the defense department or homeland security or agricultural department or many of the other departments would use a little bit of common sense on what is appropriate and what's not. but we haven't found that. each year we've put out the waste book and we continue to find things that are just unbelievable, whether it's in the scientific arena or in the defense department or in just general government where we do things. i mean, it took last week before they finally said, we're not going to continue to add employees in the federal government. we had to send a letter to say, well, here is what you're advertising for, you know, an advisor in the department of agriculture making $168,000 a year, do you think we really need to continue to do that if we're actually hurting? are there ways to make the pain less?
7:31 pm
and the answer is yes. >> greta: awen i have had had these conversations and wrote a book about it. and everyone says it's terrible the amount of waste and duplicate programs, but nothing gets done. we have the same conversations over and over. >> i think two reasons, one we have career politicians that are interested in getting reelected rather than best interests of the country. they don't mean to be that way, but that's the default position. which implies they're not going to do anything to put them at risk from a parochial or constituent basis. all the programs even though they're wasteful have people making money off of or employed by them or they benefit somebody. so, the typical career politician is wary to say the least to offend somebody by taking away something that's absolutely stupid, wasteful and not a priority for the federal government. >> that's immoral or close to it. if it's just to satisfy a position that's bad for the country-- >> i'll tell you that's part
7:32 pm
of the problem with our government today. if that and the total, total ignoring of the enumerating powers of the constitution, here are the defined things the federal government is supposed to do, everything under the 10th amendment and everything else reserved to the people in the states and yet, it's totally ignored. you know, we offer amendments when we can. it's very hard under the present leadership in the senate, but they rarely pass. >> greta: i mean, it's not immoral, i don't mean to take care of your constituents, i don't mean that, but when everyone knows it's unbelievable waste. we recently did a story where 5 billion dollars in inappropriate unemployment benefits a year, and people in jail getting unemployment benefits while they're in jail. no one in washington here seems to have, you know, a mission or a desire or a personal conviction that we ought to get our finances in order. >> well, i think i do. >> greta: you do, i see that, but you're leaving. >> well, four years, so i can create a lot of trouble between now and then, but you
7:33 pm
know, it's not just the 5 billion you mentioned. the child tax credit, where there's at least 13 billion dollars a year, inappropriately paid out for people that either don't have children or aren't legal citizens or, you know, there's 13-- i mean, the way you get rid of trillion dollar deficits, greta, is a billion dollars at a time. we spend a billion dollars a year on advertising, promoting the federal government. that ought to stop tomorrow. there ought to be no advertising contracts and every advertising contract we have ought to be canceled other than canceled. things that promote health and benefits that are done through free mechanisms, i mean, that's the way you do it. and mere is the real problem. the average american's income now, family income is about where it was in 1989. that's where we find ourselves after five years or seven years of this terrible recession we've been in and
7:34 pm
yet, the federal government acts like we haven't been there at all because we're 89% bigger than what we were in 2001. so, we continue to grow and every american family out there is making tough choices, even the ones making pretty good incomes are now having to start making some tough choices and this is just the beginning, if we don't change things in washington. so, the question is, is the problem is, who is here? and we have career politicians, and they mean well, they're great people, and they have compassionate hearts, but they lack courage. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> you're welcome. >> greta: okay, what would you tell your lawmakers to do to get them to do their jobs when it comes to the money? go to and tell us. and does this make any sense? just days into the sequestration, slashes our spending planning to give 250 million in aid to egypt. secretary of state john kerry
7:35 pm
meeting with mohammed morsi and despite calling for egypt to make economic and political reforms, secretary kerry calling egyppings our long time partners and friends. are they our friends? >> good evening, greta. >> greta: do you have any objection to releasing 250 million dollars in foreign aid to egypt? >> when you think about the sequester was on the 1st of march and two days later 250 million and talking about laying off 750,000 people, it makes no sense, that's why i've introduced a bill to freeze aid to egypt, which we give 2 billion dollars a year. >> greta: is it not true though that we -- that the reason we give foreign aid, many times, is friend and put the lid on certain problems that might back fire on us in the grander scheme? >> well, the fact of the matter is we give them 2 billion dollars a year and we've given them 60 billion dollars over the last 30 years. we're drowning in a sea of debt. we can't afford to buy our friends anymore. i mean, the senator just said before this we're running trillion dollar deficits every year.
7:36 pm
we've got 60 1/2 trillion dollars of debt going to 20 trillion dollars. we've got to slow it down or quit it or we're all going to be in trouble. we're on the road to bankruptcy. >> one thing troubles me. i realize foreign aid for a lot of reasons to keep friends and to try to help develop democracy in certain parts of the world. one thing that bothers me, we can't monitor our own spending here at home. we have so much waste, money going to programs at that don't exist, or going to people who don't even dead people are getting benefits, whatever it is, and always curious to what extent we can monitor what our foreign aid does. if we send over to egypt for education, if we send over for some humanitarian order. i don't know what monitoring we do for this money. >> well, we spend 50 billion dollars a year, i think it all needs to be looked at, all needs to be reassessed again, we're spending trillions of dollars we don't have. i get that every day, i was at a town hall tonight and a lot of meetings, and let's focus
7:37 pm
on our needs here and it's different with a surplus, we're running trillion dollar deficits now and everybody's concerned. when i first got to congress i wanted a constitutional balanced budget amendment like the state of florida, 49 out of 50 governors have. >> greta: maybe the problem with egypt is that egypt is israel's only friend to the extent a friend of israel in the region. and it's a very fragile government. a different government with our relationship compared to when mubarak was president. and it's extraordinarily important. are we better now trying to sort of keep them, you know, inside the tent rather than outside the tent? >> well, they dislike us and they absolutely hate israel, everything i've read and looked at, and i'm concerned like a lot of other people, that he we just sold them-- gave them i should say, six or five f-16's, we're going to give them a total of 20. that's 17-- >> what do they need them for, they don't have any enemies in the region. >> i don't understand--
7:38 pm
>> that's a whole other issue. >> 20 f-16's, they're five minutes away. >> and the cost to taxpayer and some contractor made the f-16's and someone else is making money. >> we give them 2 billion to buy the planes, we're paying for the planes. >> greta: who gets the money for the planes back here? >> well, you're right, a defense contractor, but we're giving them money to buy the planes. >> greta: so the problem twice. >> we get back and 340 million dollars for planes where we can't-- they claim we're going to layoff 750,000 people, that's the a concern that i have and thing we need to look at all of our foreign aid, 50 billion dollars worth and come up with a different program going forward. >> greta: i totally agree and figure out why egypt needs f-16's, i don't know what they need the f-16's for and that's-- >> 1200 miles per hour and five minutes from israel. that should be concerning in itself. >> greta: congressman, thank you, sir, nice to see you. >> thank you, appreciate it, greta. >> greta: coming up, and at
7:39 pm
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>> a 911 call causing outrage. a nurse at a california retirement home calling for help after an elderly patient collapses. and the operator desperately begging the woman to give cpr. you have to hear what happens next.
7:45 pm
>> the 87-year-old woman later died and today, the retirement home is standing by, saying she followed the facility's policy. the policy if a health emergency occurs call 911 and just wait. really? just wait? is there any legal responsibility here? joining us our legal panel, in orange county, california former prosecutor and here in washington ted williams and bernie grimm. jim, first to you. >> you know, i think the key phrase of the dispatcher is when she said as a human being, would you do this? and at some point in life we have to leave the wall behind and what our policies are and follow human moral instinct and the moral law in this case is so clear, it makes me sick.
7:46 pm
i learned it as a boy scout, how to do cpr. when i was a reserve police officer i performed cpr a bridge technique to keep them alive until the professionals come. the fact that a human on the planet says it's policy i'm going to let her die leaves me so cold. >> greta: ted? >> i've got to say when i heard this i found this to be outrageous, it shocked the conscience, but the question is, was there a legal duty? and i submit to you from a legal perspective, probably not. there was a moral duty that you would see another human being down like this and you would give them some help, but you've got to look at the other side of this. suppose they would have given help and suppose that some stage or another they could very well have been sued for giving help. so it's a tragedy all the way around. >> you know who is to blame? insurance companies and lawyers who write these god forsaken laws because the insurance companies tell the
7:47 pm
providers at the nursing home, if somebody falls, don't help them, because if something goes wrong, you'll he be sued. and say that ted falls and greta says fox news alert give him mouth to mouth-- >> and you know what i don't understand, why this was even-- why this was even a discussion. don't you just sort of automatically respond to someone who goes down, who is going to have a discussion whethedon't you just automatically go to help the person? >> in california at least, and many states you have what's called a good samaritan law and everybody watching, i hope they take this message away. if you help somebody in extreme danger in an emergent situation, you're shielded unless you commit gross negligence, but cpr-- >> forget the law, now what? -- you know what? forget the law. >> no one could stop us, no one could stop us, exactly. >> and i don't say-- >> and giving the woman cpr
7:48 pm
like that and the fact that we have culture saying i can't do it i need to let her die is sick. >> and it is sick and saying to hell with policy, someone is dying, you see it, you go and help them. this is the american way and the way we do things. >> greta: time to think about it, you just do it. >> i was coming into work 4:30 in the morning, two guys in a construction truck, end over end and pinned under the steering wheel not that i'm better than anybody. >> greta: you just do it. >> you're reacting and you do it. and i'm sure that jim and ted come on those frequently. >> what troubles my the facility attempts to hide behind a policy. >> greta: they're scared, and they're smaller than the people just watch that woman die. >> i've read the policy. the policy doesn't say that.
7:49 pm
they're screwed if they viewed that policy as-- >> go ahead and read it, ted. it doesn't say you can watch the person die. >> what the policy says in the event of a health emergency this independent living community, our practice is to immediately call emergency medical personnel for assistance and listen to this, and to wait with the individual needing attention until such personnel arrives. >> greta: it doesn't say to wait and do something nothing and the person dies and take out your cell phone and get a video. >> absolutely, this cockamamie policy is-- >> call ted williams. >> greta: gentlemen, thank you, ted, too. i always tease him that way. and casey anthony goes back to court after 19 months in seclusion, anthony appearing in public for the first time since she was found not guilty of murdering her two-year-old daughter caylee. she was in a tampa courthouse, there to meet with creditors. in january she filed bankruptcy claiming about $1,000 in assets and $792,000
7:50 pm
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>> okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. barbara walters taking her place back on the couch at "the view." she's been off recovering from chicken pox and a healthy barbara tweeting so nice to be back on "the view." thanks to all the surprise special guests to made my day even better. and regis telling a secret. >> you wish someone would wave a magic wand and you would have a full-time show again? >> in front of the abc president you're going to ask me that. is he looking at me right now? smiling? >> smiling. >> he's the only one in the whole company i like, you know. she knows that. >> and on abc, and are you
7:55 pm
doing another show? can we look forward to that? >> yeah, i think i will be doing another show. >> oh. (cheers) >> it hasn't been announced yet, so and everybody gets mad. >> go ahead. >> and is she looking? she closed her eyes for a minute. >> the new show? >> it hasn't been announced yet. >> well, announce it. >> tell us. >> oh, please, really? >> fox, fox is starting a sports channel. everybody is starting a sports channel now, where nothing, but 24 hours of sports. >> and espn has been dynamite, you know, and so everybody, nbc, cbs, everyone is going to have a new show and regis is going to have a show. >> greta: welcome to fox, regis and anheuser-busch is fighting back last week we told you beer drinkers are
7:56 pm
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7:57 pm
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