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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 4, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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i'm shepard smith. have a good night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on tonight. >> we have very strong laws, stronger than jessica's laws. >> you actually don't have strong laws a guy molested 10 kids at a day care center and only got two years in prison. >> you are lucky o'reilly wasn't here today, sir. [thunder] >> bill: state of colorado won't even vote on jessica's law. one man is preventing the vote. jesse watters caught up with speaker of the house, mark ferdino. >> you have been pushing gay legislation, pot legalization, you are not protecting the kids from sexual predators and passing jesse's law. why is that? >> bill: a factor investigation. colorado's shame. >> this is america we are talking about at a critical time. fiddling. >> bill: mitt romney upset about the ongoing budget chaos in america. the question is can anything be done about it? talking points will address the issue.
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>> human being, is there anybody there willing to help this lady and not let her die? >> not at this time. >> bill: in california, a nurse would let an elderly woman die rather than put job at risk. what does that say about america? juan and mary katharine on that. entern, you where to the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. america is becoming a chaotic country. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. as you may know, i wrote the book "killing lincoln," to show americans what true leadership is. old abe put his country above himself. put his ideology on the shelf. he did whatever he could to keep the country together and that included all kinds of compromisees. today in america president obama is not showing leadership i encourage the president to take a look
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back at lincoln because i know mr. obama is a fan. no way on earth that president lincoln would allow the fiscal chaos we have today. as talking points has stated, this is not a complicated matter. the president and the democratic party must agree to cut federal spending. they have to do that. yet, the president resists. and now we have automatic spending cuts where the government shutdown looming at the end of this month. if mitt romney had defeated president obama, we wouldn't be in this mess. yesterday the governor said this about dealing with the imposed cuts. >> i understand from paul ryan. i spoke with him just a day or two ago. that he has put forward a proposal to give the president flexibility in moving money between accounts so we are going to bring the spending down but, you know, you are going to get, mr. president, the chance to make sure that we don't he have long lines at the airport or we don't. >> he says he doesn't want that flexibility. >> why? why would you not want to
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have the flexibility to do what you think is right for the country? the only answer that comes back is that there may be more interest in showing pain in saying see what the other guys did? look, this is the country. and it's -- this is america we are talking about at a critical time. and, you know, neurois fiddling. >> romney is correct. president obama is not trying to solve the budget problem. the president wants to raise taxes and redistribute income. everything else? be damned. that's not leadership. and an honest media should be pounding the president. but it's not. instead, it is defending him. for 16 months.have known and, yet, even today, there is no plan from senate democrats or the white house to replace the sequester. >> that's just not true. they have made it very clear as the president just did, that he has a plan that he has put forward that involves entitlement cuts, that involve spending cuts. that you have made a choice
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as have republicans, to leave tax loopholes in place and you would rather have those and live with all these. >> david, that's just nonsense. if he had a plan, why wouldn't senate democrats go ahead and pass it? >> bill: because there is no plan. there is no specific plan put forth by the president. that's why there is chaos. now, let's take a look at the leadership. mr. boehner right there, he is on the right side of the issue. he wants to cut federal spending because it's leading the country into bankruptcy. but the speaker of the house has not appeared on this program and generally doesn't make his case with any authority. simply put, the american people are not listening to john boehner. most don't even know who he is. on the other side, we have senate majority leader harry reid. does this man inspire confidence? you know what reid is like? you are old uncle at thanksgiving dinner screaming more grave, more grave. -- gravy. that's harry reid, more gravy. so we, the people, are
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caught in a terrible situation. we have fiscal chaos and no leadership. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight, reaction. joining us from boca row tan florida fox news chief political analyst brit hume. where am i going wrong here, brit? >> i don't think you are going wrong, bill. i agree with just about everything you said there. >> bill: even the gravy part? >> i'm not sure how well. >> bill: uncle. >> i'm not sure how loud he would be able to scream it out. i hear reid is an odd fellow and not very effective spokesman. congressional leaders are normally behind the scenes people. their job is to round up the votes and shepard the legislation. they are really not normally the leading spokesman on the issues who -- that's really -- that's a presidential job, and a job where president obama's behavior in this business about the automatic budget cuts, this isself the most peculiar behavior i have ever seen by a president. >> bill: me too. absolutely. >> normal president would
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be trying to reassure the public this is not a large sum of money compared to the budget overall. while there are some difficulties because it's across the board and that ma fall -- make it fall particularly hard in some accounts where you would rather have it not, a president would certainly not be turning down the possibility of some authority to move money around in such a way to diminish the pain. >> bill: when did he say that, by the way? when did he say he didn't want the authority that paul ryan wants to give him to make sure that, you know, things like aircraft carriers aren't denied, things like that? >> i'm not sure -- i can't site you a crow station from him although there may be one. his aides have made it perfectly clear as recently as a week ago on "fox news sunday" gene sperling, his chief economic advisor said as much. and as far as iunder and it it said the same thing yesterday. this has been pretty clear, the administration doesn't want. this the president seems prepared to let the public suffer almost as much as possible as long as he can blame somebody else. this is not what we expect of presidents. presidents in the end are supposed to be the people
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who put their big boy pandz pants and prepare to shoulder responsibility and criticize for using that responsibility or authority so be it. but that's what you you expect of presidents. this president seems more inclined to let the chips fall where they may and hit as hard as they might as long as he thinks he can blame somebody else. it's very unusual for a president. >> bill: by his actions, he emboldens the conspiratorial tolerists now out in force talk radio he he wants to tank the economy. and capitalistic system to fall apart. go into bankruptcy so he can build new socialistic paradise. you know that is out there. this almost gives credence to that there is no rational explanation why you wouldn't try to get a deal. listen, here is how simple this is. you have got your tax increase. president obama won that round. he he got his tax increase. then you say to boehner and the republicans, okay. let's trim 10%. give me youredies. i will give you my ideas and we will come together
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and then after that we'll take on the tax code and try to close some of these loopholes but at the same time for 2014 and 2015, we will try to mitigate some of the spending there. then everybody is engaged. all right? that wasn't even close to -- that's whether a should happen. it wasn't even close. >> this president seems to think that the way to negotiate is to make the other guy an offer that he can't possibly accept. i mean, it is completely, politically crazy to think that the republicans, who have just acquiesced, not that they had a lot of choice but acquiesced in this significant tax increase which you just mentioned on the highest income people. it is not unreasonable for them to turn around and say okay, you have got your tax increase, now let's work on the spending side. and his view is, no, no. we will do some spending but we have got to have more taxes. he knows he can't get that. so he knows when he puts it on the table or argues for it that it is not going anywhere and that it is going to fail. the only thing that makes
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any sense to me, bill, he thinks that politically if this comes down hard, these spending cuts or cuts in the growth of spending, on people, and they it at the airport or wherever else it might be they will blame the republicans that perhaps he can then turn the tables and regain the house of representatives for his party in 2014 and then he can do whatever he wants in the final two years in office. the problem is that this is a classic example of what james talking about linden johnson once described as dealing with the politics of your problem and not the problem itself. >> bill: also, you are going to have a situation where i believe public opinion is going to go against barack obama, led by the bob board ward deal. i think you are going to see a shift in his approval rating going down. i could be wrong on that but i think that's what's going to happen. brit hume living large in florida. wrap it up, brit, go ahead. >> i was going to say it's down a bit already. i think he was caught out claiming this was the republican's idea and even the white house has now had
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to admit that that's not true. >> bill: okay. next on the run down, nurse in california would let an elderly woman die on the floor rather than put her job at risk. what does this say about america? daryl hannah here to tell me what kind of energy i should be using in my house and my car. bernie goldberg on the white house cursing out reporters. we're coming right back. this is so sick!
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8:16 pm
87-year-old woman living that facility collapsed on a dining room floor. the nurse on duty called 911 and was immediately told by the dispatcher to perform cpr.
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>> bill: unbelievable. the ems arrived shortly after the call took the woman to the hospital where she did die. joining us from washington mary katharineham and fox news analyst juan williams. juan, this nurse put her job ahead of the woman's life and you say? >> i don't have words for that, bill. it's inhumane. i don't think there is any way that if it's my mom that there would be any excuse for her behavior in that circumstance. i don't think that there is anything here but somebody losing their humanity. as i understand it she wasn't a nurse. she was a resident services director. her boss is telling her that at this type of home. it's not a nursing home. it's a senior living facility, that they don't provide medical attention and medical services. so maybe they were in fear of some kind of liability if they do something wrong.
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>> bill: it doesn't really matter though, juan, does it? >> it doesn't matter what they're in fear of or what the boss says. mary katharine, it doesn't matter. you have a choice. you can try to save the lady's life who is lying on the floor, all right? or you can do nothing because your idiot boss says it's against our policy. >> no, i agree. >> bill: this woman, this dispatcher goes is there anybody? no, not at this time. we're going to let her die because i really want to come to work tomorrow, you know. well, it's just too bad. on the floor there. i hate to say it but i think this is taking root in america. this kind of me, me, me, me, me. it's all about me. you die, you die. go ahead, mary katharine. >> i think there is some of that. there is a reason this happens and it's partly because of the will litigious nature of our society and you can be afraid of all of these lawsuits. part of what america has to do and what our society has to do is reward people who break the rules and save people and act in humane
8:19 pm
ways there was a lifeguard in florida last year who was fired for saving somebody out the perimeter of his beach area. bill people rallied around him. that's part of what our duty is to reward people who are willing to break the rules. it's a shame there are bureaucratic rules that sometimes prevent people from acting in the correct ways. as a human being -- >> bill: not with life and death. isn't this about life is becoming cheaper, juan, in the u.s.a.? that's what i really think it is. i think we're -- it's the abortion business, the late term abortion business. it's the euthanasia business. she is 86, ah, you know. >> you know, here is a curious part of this story is what i'm going to tell you is that her daughter, who is a nurse, said she had no objection to the way her mother was treated. this to me is mind-blowing. how could you not be upset that your mother is on the ground in distress, you know, having trouble
8:20 pm
breathing and nobody comes to help? what are you crazy? but that's what the daughter says. >> bill: this has taken root, this life is cheap business is getting worse and worse and worse in this country. go ahead, mary katharine are. >> i want to take note that it does sound like she had a do not resuscitate order that came to light. >> bill: do not resuscitate. she is alive, she falls down. >> breathing at the time. >> bill: not like she is in a coma. >> i agree with you. daughtert be her rationalization for this. >> bill: who cares? the daughter is a loon. >> nothing to do with what happens at the scene. the woman is breathing and you do what needs to be done. the fact that you need to find a stranger instead of the most qualified person in the room to do this is insane. >> to take up on bill's point though. we as an american people are difficultying away from the values, you know, i'm going to say i'm an old guy in the room here with you two. i'm going to tell you i just think there was more respect for the seniors in our society, for the elderly. the whole idea.
8:21 pm
>> bill: no doubt the elderly are getting pounded. more than that. >> they are are a burden on this society or cost us money because of medicare, medicaid. >> bill: you have got to look at, juan, your crew, your left wing crew. i just want you to think about. this oh, stop. >> bill: maybe we will pick it up next week. drilling holes in baby's heads the week before they are supposed to be birthed, where is the outcry? where is the outcry? >> i don't think that's about -- look, i think. >> bill: life is becoming very cheap in this country. i have got to governmental not enough respect for the seniors. >> bill: directly ahead, as mentioned the state of colorado, one of the few that will not pass jessica's law. why? because of that guy. he is a villain. not watters, the other guy. watters
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>> bill: factor follow-up segment tonight. as you know, we are on a campaign to get all 50 states to pass jessica's law which mandates tough mandatory prison sentences for first-time child rapist. colorado one of the six states doesn't have jessica's law. in fact, the full legislature won't even be allowed to vote on it because one man, one man, speaker of the house mark ferrandino, jesse watters caught up with him a few days ago. >> you're not protecting the kids from sexual predators in passing jessica's law. why is that? >> well, no d.a.'s. the d.a. is actually opposed jessica's law. so have victim rights groups in colorado. in 2009, the d.a.'s come out in opposition of the bill. they haven't supported it still. we have very strong laws. >> you actually don't have strong laws because let me give you a few examples. 800 times a guy just sexually assaulted a seventh grader and just got one year of work release. okay? another guy.
8:26 pm
>> i can't speak. >> another guy molested. >> excuse me. >> 10 kids at a day care center and only got two years in prison. >> i don't know your specific cases you are citing. >> are you okay with those sentences? >> those sentences aren't right if that's what -- i have to look at the details of those cases. but, the cases in colorado and from all the d.a.s i talked to. all the people in criminal justice think that the laws we have are strong enough and are tougher than jessica's laws. >> how come just recently a 41-year-old soccer coach repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl and only got two years in prison? >> specifically, i still do not know the specifics of the cases you are talking about. >> 44 other states -- >> -- i'm sorry. >> passed jessica's laws. 44 other states have jessica's law and you guys think you are smarter? is that true? >> no. i think we know what's in colorado's best interest. >> bill: joining us now from denver, radio talk show host michael brown, former director of fema for the bush administration.
8:27 pm
mr. brown, what do you think is really going on here? you know, this guy, if he cared about jessica's law, he would have researched it, ferrandino, he doesn't know anything. he doesn't know about all of these poor sentences for these child rapists. he doesn't know, he doesn't know, he doesn't know. it's his job to know because he torpedoed the law. what's really going on here? >> well, i think, bill, first of all, that was a great interview by jesse. what you are witnessing in colorado is this progressive mentality that says evil does not exist. and if evil does exist, well, we can have a victim's rights group that can work on these people and we can change them and we can bring them to see the error of their ways which i think most studies prove just doesn't happen. they are being driven by this insanity that everybody just needs to be, you know, coddled, everybody needs to get therapy, and everybody will be okay. it's total insanity what's happening in this state.
8:28 pm
we have one quick point. can i add one thing? >> bill: sure. >> he talked about, for example, how district attorneys are all opposed to this bill. well, you know, for example right now we have a big gun debate right now. district attorneys are opposed to those bills. so it's this selective use of people that are for or against something. >> bill: well, i mean, let's put it to a vote. this guy ferrandino he wouldn't even put up to the floor of the legislature to vote on it. he put it into a committee that he knew was going to kill it yet, the same guy that you are looking at, gay marriage, is he a big gay marriage guy. big marijuana legalizer. there he is when i worked in colorado jessica's law would have passed when i was working there. not even close. you have this influx of people from the outside who want to impose a secular paradise much like they have in boulder, colorado where the university is. that's infected the entire state. >> it has infected -- well, actually, let me narrow that down. it's infected the entire
8:29 pm
power structure. i think most of the state, if you get outside denver. the average coloradoen would say this is insane what's happening. and they would say let's vote for it. but the power structure within the front range along the denver boulder axis, that is exactly what's going on. to not even put it up for a debate. i criticize republicans last year on the civil unions bill because they wouldn't bring that for a debate. they sent it to a kill committee. now he is doing exactly the same thing. at least let the representatives of the people vote on this bill. >> bill: that's right. that's right. hickenlooper, the governor, i think he would sign it but is he a weasel, too. we are not even sure that he would. i think he would if it passed. keep an eye on it, mr. brown. we certainly will. and good work by watters. when we come right back, there will be plenty more ahead. actress daryl hannah will tell me what kind of energy i should use apart from gas and oil. that should be interesting.
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morning, boys. so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the road like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ] we work wherever you work. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >> bill: personal story segment tonight. actress daryl hannah activists. believes that fossil fuels causing global warming that action must be taken to switch alternative sources around the world. new documentary called
8:34 pm
called"greedy lying bastards." "what i want to know this evening is what i should do. i'm a green guy. here now is miss hannah. i am. i want a cleaner planet. i have always said that. >> my god, that's the best news i have heard on tv in years. >> you should know i'm not a big fan of the oil companies. i think we are getting hosed at the pump and they manipulate the prices all day long. i have a nice house on long island. it's a regular house. beaver cleaver could live there. on a block with normal people. i have got to heat it with oil. >> no, you don't. >> bill: tell me what i should have be heating it with. >> do you have any solar panels? >> bill: i looked into it do you know how expensive it would be. >> i do. you know what? there is many states that are participating in these leasing programs. and you can actually lease them for -- you show them what your electric bill is they charge you less than your electric bill and they put the solar panels on your house for you.
8:35 pm
so they own them and you lease them. >> bill: you have got to drill a hole in your house and things like that. the construction is. >> no, no. they pay for the installation. all do you is you pay your monthly bill. and they make. >> bill: sign a contract with them. >> you would recommend solar here? >> that's one way. there is many options. >> what else? >> well, it depends. if we are talking specifically in long island or, you know, regionally. some regions wind is better. if you decide you really want to use liquid fuel, there are alcohol burners that can heat homes. >> alcohol? i just pour a six pack in there or what do i do? >> almost. i mean basically it's closer to old days. >> do they have people that come and put the alcohol thing in and give you booze to put in it? >> you can. you can organize deliveries. yes, can you. >> are you sure? they advertise everything under the sun out there. you know, solar panels i see. they are -- solar panels. >> wind mill.
8:36 pm
>> i haven't seen anybody come to your house without alcohol. i have heard that but not in this context. all right? >> liquid fuels. all right? i mean, basically, we started making alcohol fuel back when we realized that it was too laborious to go to the coast to get away out lamp oil. >> that would be tough. >> so every guy, toothless brother had a still in their backyard. it wasn't all for drinking. this he this would use the rest for fuel. >> you believe this alcohol based fuel and solar panels is the solution to -- >> -- it's a combination. there are a multituesday of combinations and the most important thing when you are talking about any kind of a liquid biofuel is the feed stock. i obviously recommend using waste because you don't want to use something that's energy intensive. >> i flunked. >> i'm going to look into the solar panel thing. the last time i did the cost is so prohibitive.
8:37 pm
back look at a company to longevity that leases the solar panel. >> leasing solar panel. write that down for me. what about the car? i can't fit into the little honda thing that has the plug, all right? i'm not real good with machines. i have got a tough enough time driving the regular car. >> find the most efficient car that you are comfortable with. best mileage. >> i have a pretty good one that does that american g.m. car. >> okay. it's a fuel injected car. i assume it's a post 1980s car? >> bill: brand new car, yes. >> okay. once again you can use alcohol fuel. >> if it's not a diesel you can use alcohol fuel. >> bill: where do i get it? mohammed, the guy who runs the gas station in my -- doesn't put in cars. >> you live in a home. so you have room for a trash can? >> yes. >> so you have room for your own fueling station?
8:38 pm
>> can i make my own fueling station. zoning people are going to love that? >> it's not toxic. toxic. >> i would have to figure this all out. >> nonflammable drop a match. >> you have to come to my house and help me. >> i'm really hopeless. >> if you will share that information viewers i would be happy to. >> okay. >> bottom line on this is you believe this is all viable that we can get away from oil and gas and we can do it. >> we can we have the solutions available. we don't have the political will and the legislative will to do it. all busy. >> i agree 100%. >> if i put a still in my house it's going to blow up and i'm going it die. i know that. >> i wouldn't trust with you a still. the thing is that we have the tools available to us now to make the shift to clean regenerative energy. >> bill: i'm going to check it out. if i find something. i'm going to report it? >> very well intentioned. thank you very much. >> thank you for having me.
8:39 pm
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does it look like a misprint? ok. what i was trying... [ voice of dennis ] silence. ♪ ask an allstate agent about the safe driving bonus check. >> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the weekdays with bernie segment tonight. follow up on last week's sensational story that pitted legendary reporter bob woodward against the white house.
8:43 pm
woodward put forth that gene sperling said he would regret criticizing the president over the fiscal mess. as i reported, the email exchange indicates that sperling was saying woodward would regret being wrong rather than he would swim with the fishes. joining us now from miami, the purveyor of bernard mr. woodward. what do you think about all of this? >> bob woodward says now he wasn't threatened it was a benign remark along the lines of what you just said. if richard nixon's, you know, people hauled -- for instance said you will regret it if you go with that story, that would have been a threat. you could expect the irs to knock on your door the next day. so, while this particular president barack obama has a thin skin and while his aides can be nasty, no question about that. this is not, not the second coming of nixon's enemy's list. having said that bill, i spoke to a network
8:44 pm
correspondent just a few hours ago. and he said that during barack obama's first campaign for the white house. first campaign. he did a story that they didn't like. and he was confronted by a top obama aide who within seconds started dropping f bombs. he said it was like a mafia-style attack on him. so, what i find interesting, i have got a theory if you have another 10 seconds. give it to you very quickly. i think this president, this administration unlike others have seen the press as their allies. as the people who further their agenda. hey, guys, we are on the same team. so, when someone reporter actually does his job and does a tough story, it's almost as if he is being disloyal. you know, it sounds crazy, but if you think about it -- >> -- to betray us you all love us.
8:45 pm
>> president obama even said that he even said that you you know, hey, thanks a lot, guys you and i are simpatico. i'm wondering whether the tone with the obama administration is different from say the bush administration or the clinton administration. >> yeah. let me speak about the bush administration. first of all, i have read that it wasn't like this in either of them. but, let me say something about the bush administration. george bush and his team didn't expect anything good from the media and when they didn't get anything good, they weren't disappointed. this president is different in that respect are. and in another way he is different. he comes off -- he has got a great demeanor. he has got a great smile. he is always cool never gets flustered. right behind the curtain are the chicago thugs. the people that will yell at you, they will curse at you, and it's always, and you know, this bill, it is
8:46 pm
always about one thing, trying to intimidate you to make you think long and hard before you do something they don't like. >> bill: you know, i want them to curse at me, bernie. i want them to try to intimidate me. i kind of ask them to do it. can you just do a couple of f bombs next time i call? >> it's great p.r. for you, bill. >> bill: no, no, no. i would find that so amusing. i would laugh. you know, i just can't imagine. it happened to me once in my career in boston and the next time i saw the guy i grabbed his tie and i led him across a hotel lobby by his tie. and i kicked him right out into coply square. i said hey, next time you talk to me like that you are going into charles river. you are lucky you got away with the square tonight. that's the guy i am. >> you want to hear about the toughest blow back on anything i got. >> i have covered several presidential campaigns and
8:47 pm
been at several national conventions but the toughest, the hardest, the most severe blow back i ever got was from dan rather. when i wrote about liberal bias in the media you expect it from a politician. they are pushing back because they are protecting their turf. but when you get it from another journalist that's not a good thing. >> was this the "wall street journal" you wrote, the op. ed? >> yes. >> bill: rather comes off as texas genteel guy. did he say f you, bernie? >> no, no. he didn't do that the blow back was pretty severe. he didn't yell at you though. he gay you that kind of texas. >> he didn't yell at me. he didn't say a word to me from february of 1996 when i wrote it until now. >> bill: that's a plus. that's a positive. you can look at it that way, i guess, yeah. >> as long as -- if anybody curses you, bernie, let me
8:48 pm
know right away you and me will both go down and get them. hold on. i have got an answer to that jesse watters. jesse watters. >> bill: he is available banned in 8 states. 42 states. can't go to hawaii anymore, massachusetts or colorado. >> that's a good thing. >> bill: still go down where you are in florida for the time being. >> bernie goldberg, everybody. adam carolla on deck. shoots it out with the former mayor of san francisco over why minorities in california are not doing that well. carolla is next. [ male announcer ] every day, thousands of people are choosing advil® for their headaches. my name is sunshine and i have three beautiful girls. i like taking advil® for a headache. it nips it in the bud. and i can be that mommy that i want to be. ♪ [ male announcer ] take action. take advil®.
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>> back of the book segment
8:52 pm
tonight. rolling with carolla. he does pod cast online radio program. mayor and governor of california gavin newsom on and the discussion turned to why minorities are in trouble. >> think about. >> you don't have the kids. >> half of african-americans in the state of california roughly half latino families have no access to a checking account or an atm. things we take for granted. >> what's wrong with them? >> well, because they don't have the resources to sock those things away. >> i want to know why those two groups don't have access? >> a lot of just happens to be that. >> is it flawed? >> hardly flawed but they are struggling. >> genetics make they flawed. >> absolutely not. >> do asians have. >> a lot of of whites have these problems. >> it's not just black and hispanics? >> no. >> why did you bring up black and hispanics. >> because the magnitude ominous. >> why so many of them. >> just happens to be. >> that's the why god planned it? >> not at all. >> what happened to them? >> there are a lot of issues that communities are
8:53 pm
struggling. >> why are they struggling? >> a lot of different reasons. >> hispanics, blacks have been here longer than we have been here. >> joining us from los angeles is adam carolla. newsome never answered the question about the root causes that he brought up. what do you think they are? >> the soft bigotry of low expectations and if i'm sweaty it's because i have a fever and the lights are hot i have this piece of kleenex. these guys need to be coaches, not cheerleaders. they are just cheering on their constituency right into the ground and they need to be coached up. you know, politicians need to be part parent, part coach, part boss, part school teacher and if somebody is not doing well and specific topic or subject, they need to be coached up. >> doesn't want to coach them up because going to lose vote. >> it is true disproportionately,
8:54 pm
african-americans, hispanic americans are on welfare and don't have the structure, the financial structure that asians you reported that out that white americans have. what are the reasons for that in your opinion? >> well, i don't know when asians got it, but at a certain point they stopped looking outside the family. they started looking inside the family. they started realizing that assimilation and education were important and the family stayed together and put a priority on education and it turned around. >> i mean, in my first book in 50 years we'll all be chicks, i chronicle this. i went to jews and asians hispanics and white folk from the valley. at the end all the jewish kids and the asian kids headed off to ucla and cal berkeley and the black kids went back to the hood. me and mexican kids dug ditches and picked up
8:55 pm
garbage on construction sites because we had broken families and because nobody put emphasis on education. >> bill: that's what it was. you and your broken family, because i know your parents divorced early, nobody said hey, look, adam, you have got to do this, that, and the other thick. you didn't have any guidance? >> we didn't do homework. i never did homework a day in my life. neither did any of my other white trash buddies from the valley. we all got jobs cleaning carpets and picking up trash. >> bill: all right. so education and newsome wouldn't say that the disintegration of the family leads to poverty and that was your point? >> no. by the way, you heard a minute of that. that went on for 20 minutes. >> bill: i know. i read the transcript. he would never answer the question. all right. i just want to point out that carolla and i were seen together. >> by the way, bill. i'm sorry, what's in it for him to answer the question? he is not interested in helping people. is he interested in getting reelected or getting his party reelected. he doesn't doesn't care about the people. if he cared about the people. he would stop calling people like me a racist and
8:56 pm
start focusing on helping his constituency. >> bill: i was going to say that carolla and i were at the laker game together but carolla -- how did that go by the way? did that ruin your reputation being seen with me? >> everything was fine until the kiss cam instance dent and then, yeah. >> i was the one that was wiley coyote on that one. out of there so fast. >> is that o'reilly sitting with you on the floor? >> carolla brought his dad to the laker's game, that's cute. [ laughter ] >> bill: carolla brought his dad. you should have been so lucky, carolla. you would have done your homework, man, if i were your dad. you wouldn't be sitting there without a tie right now. you would have a tie on. factor tip of the day. a duck mocks me, your humble correspondent. the tip 60 seconds away. dad, i'd put that down. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte.
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>> factor tip of the day, a duck mocking me in a moment. but, first, it's march and we have mug madness going on. buy one of my best selling books on o', you get one of the fabulous free of charge, the american patriot models and i love my country mug. both make great gifts or you can keep them yourselves. there they are. >> kelly from california. you said that mitt romney lost the election he wasn't tough enough on benghazi. that would have been a loser, he did well did well to stay out of the frey.ay, a huge, hug unforced error. ray, from arizona, bill, what makes you think romney would have been running the-- better running the country when he couldn't run a fkt tiff campai-- effective campaign. >> and i don't know how the
8:59 pm
governor would govern. he would have definitely cut spending. >> you knocked romney's campaign and is your nose out of joint because mitt did not guest on the program before the election? >> my nose seems to be fine, paul, a little romanesque, thank you for asking about my nose. and answer me this, please. what national media did the governor do in the last seven days of the campaign? he basically sat it it it out. not smart. tommy, north carolina, o'riley, you claim that president obama do not realize how serious the fiscal mess is. you are mistaken, he knows, he doesn't care. this is an opinion program based on facts. norra shields, los angeles. my husband and i saw you and miller on friday night, it was laughter, truth and common sense. from utah, dvd of the bolder fresher show give us the


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