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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 7, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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traffic. last time this happened, all kind of air traffic all over the world was messed up. >> andrea: volcano can't do it but sequestration can. >> juan: here we go. >> eric: 14 months ago, new year's eve show, andrea asked me this question. >> what does the five think that the next 12 months will bring? start with you. >> eric: the economy recovers, the housing market recovers. the stock market recovers but the labor market probably is going to be bad for a long time. sorry. the reason i bring that up is the stock market made all-time high yesterday. another new all-time high today 14. ,000 about 300 or so, up 12%. the economy is turning around. look, the labor market needs to turn around. the house willing be good. a trend we should talk about more. thrill up my leg greg.
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freddie i disagree. stock stock market a casino people play in no matter how bad the economy is. i have two things. banned phrase, "for the record." you don't to say "for the record." what is the problem? >> kimberly: nothing. >> greg: you don't have to say "for the record." just say what you are going to say. >> kimberly: okay. >> greg: it's not like the good wife. not like ally mcbeal. shut up is what i'm saying. >> kimberly: so rude. >> greg: thoughts go out to mr. bob beckel who is out of today. under the weather. we hope he feels better. hi, bob. we miss you. nothing against juan. juan is a woperful person. great back rubs. >> juan: thank you. keep it personal. >> andrea: you also predicted that chavez was going to die. kate would get pregnant. >> eric: and rodman would visit -- >> andrea: any other predictions? >> eric: no. feel better bob. see you soon. >> kimberly: bye.
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welcome to" red eye." now to andy levy for a pre our top story tonight, the tsa announcers that will once again allow small knives on plane or as greg calls them, swords. >> and john brennan to head the cia. it is so shocking and extreme he doesn't think they should be able to charge you with a crime. and the crazy kids who crank up their music through the ear buds. our allstar panel will get off my lawn. >> new developments in the kenyan presidential story? >> last night i broke the shocking story that one of the candidates in the kenyan presidential election might be
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a secret american. >> i remember. >> and i said there was a rumor this candidate might have been born in ohio. >> yes. >> well, tonight i can tell you i have some investigators on the ground in ohio. they are people who have been studying it, and they cannot believe what they are finding. i'm serious. >> what exactly are they finding? >> i am not prepared to reveal that at this time, greg. >> i admire your fearlessness in getting to the bottom of this. >> see, i am trying to do -- this is a serious story, greg. it has global ramifications. international incidents could flare up and you will make one of your silly little sex jokes. >> i will be tweeting about this all night. >> as you should be. it is a serious story. >> it is a serious story. i want to know if there is a secret american interloper in the kenyan elections. >> i may reveal the answer. >> i only hope there is a kenyan billionaire who is willing to help you in uncovering this scandal.
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>> i can't talk about that, greg. >> all right. you can't talk about a lot of things. as i have learned with living with you. >> let's welcome our guests. she moon lights as a deep friar. i am here with author, columnist and fox news contributor jedediah bila. and he is so sharp he moon lights as a chain saw. a lot of moonlighting. he is reason magazine's editor and chief and quite a waiver. and in arizona he is considered a dust pan. he is my sidekick, bill schulz. and if he was a hot air balloon, many would go up inside him. he is one of the authors of the best seller cheats. >> a block. the lede. that's the first story. how is this show still on? >> wow. >> do small knives no longer risk lives? the tsa says they are okay along with a bunch of other
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formerly banned items like sporting equipment and reece witherspoon. on tuesday the agency announced for the first time since 9/11 small blades will be allowed on board airplanes. other newly approved are golf clubs, ski poles poles and lacrosse sticks which i believe are used to get cats out of trees. i am not sure that is a sporting device. it will give them more time to concentrate on the biggest threat, ie, nonmetallic explosives. the flight attendant's union there is no fan of the plan. they want it to be resibded. rescinded. while we agree a passenger wielding a small knife or hockey stick poses less of a threat to the pilot locked in the cockpit, these are real threats to passengers and flight attendants in the pa is yes, sir cabin. this the passenger cabin. meanwhile the taser sword is
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still banned. >> it was built into the bottom. how it charges. >> do not accidentally fall on one of those. it was quite embarrassing at the emergency room. >> every time. >> five times over the month of november. >> it was uncan. >> it was uncanning and uncomfortable. matt, does the union have a point about these pointy things? why are we allowing knives in, but you can't bring in your hello kitty lube? you don't even know what that meant. >> yes, you do. >> correct me if i am wrong, but is this the first thing in a same direction that has happened with the tsa and like air travel in 12 years? >> yes. >> it is weird. i am unused to it.
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it is like ron paul talking about civil liber tees. what is going on? >> why cooperate they have started with something less explosive? knives are not explosive. >> do you remember when you first went to europe at age six? >> yes, my family. i went to europe when i was 6. who do you think i am? >> that's how they roll in berkeley. we used to get a swiss army knife from europe and you would bring it back home or give one to your friends. you can't do that anymore. there are all of these pointless things that happened over the years, and it is nice to see it roll back a little bit. >> the only thing i got when i got to europe was hepititis, a, b, f. f for fun. jay how excited are you -- >> how excited are you about the lacrosse sticks? you use that in a novelty ago playing the angry guy. >> i play lacrosse on the road to get myself out of the room and away from the women
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and the booze for a few hours. >> you need that outlet. >> you do. i do most of my writing while i play lacrosse. >> and wearing a plaid skirt. >> i am excited, greg. i am excited. we can finally take that lacrosse trip i was talking about. >> it is an across country lacrosse trip. >> it really is. it really is. will we ever get to the answer of this question? >> that was the question. >> i am glad you are excited. >> jedediah, finally, you can bring your hockey stick or knife, but what about your bottle of whisky? >> i can't even bring my shampoo. who makes these rules that says, knives are okay. and it is only certain types of knives that has to fit into their description. certain knives are cool and certain aren't. a large bottle of lotion? no that is an extreme hazard. i want to meet these people. >> a problem for chronic masterbaters.
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i read the new law. they said bill schulz is allowed to come on the plane as long as he removes his face. >> let me see that law. >> it says you have to cut your face-off. >> why is that law handwritten. >> i got the draft from one of the people in charge. it says, bill, no face, schulz, is welcome. >> tell them there is no t in schulz. i hate your friend. i think the limit in tsa people now because they are see questions straighted -- >> you are you blaming this on sequestration? >> it has nothing to do with this. >> it was a great show. i believe steven spielberg produced it, but it is neither here nor there. i think between the knives and the lack of security it is going to make people think twice about doing any type of air travel. i hope it does.
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it is less lines for me so that i can go to my fact finding mission in san francisco. >> i never heard you say happily there are less lines for you. >> well when i am around there are less lines. >> this is the thing that bugs me, matt. aren't they kind of saying the passengers are fending for themselves? >> you have the door that protects the pilot. whatever happens is they are not going to crash the plane. is that it? >> kind of cool. >> in the cockpit it is like love american style. outside the cockpit it is the road warrior. >> since 93 or 707, i get them confused, but since that moment, every time you have taken the plane what have you done? you cased the joint. you see what is going on and you can fan tau size about wrestling that one lady down. >> i was dhoog before 9/11 -- i was doing that before 9/11. >> what are you going to to with a pen knife?
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>> there are people that are trained to kill people with umbrellas. i have seen this on tv. i think it is weird. >> it was a batman tv show. >> do you think this was a bone to throw to the national pocket knife association so they will back hillary in the election? >> the national pocket knife association is the most corrupt. i said it for years. >> they are in the pocket of the boy scouts. >> exactly, no pun intended. the pocket knife association is in the pocket. jay i think it is good they did this. you said they should have eased it in -- what is it a switch blade column? >> it is weird. we are in a world where liquids are more dangerous than actual stainless steel. maybe they are right. >> you are saying basically anything can become a weapon. this could become a weapon. what are they going to do, ban everything?
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think about that. >> and then they say a knife is okay. >> they give you a knife. >> if they are with somebody they use the term looney tunes who wants to hurt you and they will figure out how to hurt you whether it is with the knife, end of a book, a child, what have you. they will figure out a way to do some damage. the knives don't make any difference. >> what is -- what if there is a group that is mass ask you raiding as a lacrosse team. >> is the liquid -- the size of the liquid container, is that just because of the potential for explosives. you can hide something in that easily. >> i think that is a question for our experts. >> thank you, greg. >> anything more than that and the dogs will smell it. and use prell. a lot of the shampoos don't work. >> by the way, i loved prell. who didn't love prell? >> high -- he was a good man.
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from carry ons to carrying on, his dissent would not relent. ron paul was especially chat tee on tuesday bringing the nomination of john brennan, a cia director, to a halt. i believe it is called a filibuster. the kentucky senator started speaking before noon and many, many hours later he was still at it. he promised to f-buster as the young people call. it after receiving a letter from eric holder that refused to rule out drone strikes in the u.s. like the 9/11 attacks. let's start at the beginning. >> i will speak until i can no longer speak. i will speak as long as it takes until the alarm has sounded from coast to coast. their constitution is important. your right to trial by jury are precious. that no american should be killed by a drone on american
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soil without first being charged with a crime. >> let's check in a little later, shall we? >> alice never fell down a rabbit hole. and the white queen's cause stick judgments are not really a threat to your security. or has america the beautiful become alice's wonderland. no, no, said the queen. alice said loudly, the idea of having the sentence first. hold your tongue, said the queen, turning purple. i won't, said alice. released the drones, said the queen. >> he was obviously quoting "little red riding hood," the eb johnson classic. for more let's go live to "red eye" congressional correspondent, shy goat. sg?
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>> you are adorable, shy goat. don't be shy. we love you. >> jedediah, do you stand with rand or do you smolder withholder 1234. >> i love ron paul. i thought this was amazing. the alice in wonderland part was great. the way he acted it out. he has talent. he is impressive. he does what most people wouldn't do. most senators wouldn't even think to do this. they wouldn't spend their time fighting for an issue like this. it is easy for barack obama to hold this. he says we don't want americans to be killed on american soil with drones unless we are under uh -- under attack. it is easy for them to stop this. and yet it seems like something that has been really hard for our president to admit for some reason. >> it was show boating. it is like when they play a 35-minute solo. look, i can do this.
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nobody wants to listen to this. it was annoying and dumb and it was like a bad andy kaufman routine. it accomplished nothing. it was a show piece. it was a way for the right to take a shot at the left and i get it. >> it is not a right or left thing. thank you for your fish reference. i don't think this is right or left. this is about a bizarre world we live in where if you have an administration that condemned water boarding, ie drowning, but it is for droning. >> there is a pretty good piece in "the daily beast" about this. it is bipartisan and it is ron paul and mike lee who is helping him out and he was talking about this in a serious way. it is awesome. it is like the number one twitter hash tag trending and they were reading from the tweets, ted cruz, it was like
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reading live tweets on the senate floor. >> what have we become when adults are reading tweets? >> i prefer that to passing laws. >> and it is a conversation we haven't had. a lot of what he is doing is he he reminded the president of how he ran for president. he put himself out there. >> he is more bush than bush. >> he is more bush than bush. >> he is bush cubed. >> you don't have people -- you know me -- >> do i know you? >> you used to. >> the real you. gee here is my point. the right is the team that usually doesn't really have a problem with this sort of thing. don't you think they are show boating a little bit? >> joe, are you making a mistake. paul is a libertarian. i would not put him as a
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traditional conservative. i like drones. i agree with you. the argument thraw making can be made against the left who if bush was doing this would be up in arms. i hate using that cliche. >> they would be. i agree with you there. they would be voting in a majority with rand paul -- in the filibuster he said "i will stop this right now if we can get a nonbinding success luges unanimous -- resolution saying it is bad to drone americans to dt on their own soil. and dick durbin, wherever he is from said i am not ready to go there yet. >> you convinced me. i changed my argument and i apologize for disagrees with you and you and you. i will now speak until i can't speak anymore. >> here is what gets me, bill, besides you. he was positively frightened of a law abiding citizen with a gun, but not with a government with drones.
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isn't that a bit weird for a leftist? >> i am a -- to use a noncliche, down in legs. i would like to introduce that one. some would say it is less a man standing up for ideals and more a guy that is trying to get out of the shadow of his dad and make a name for himself on this crazy little game we call filibuster. and they are absolutely right. >> we haven't had a filibuster since the great filibuster of 1883. filibustering on pastrome. >> and he is not reading out of the phone book like harry reid. >> that would be fun. >> rand paul cares about privacy issues. he really cares about the issues. if you follow his career he is calling out republicans and calling out democrats. who ever he needs to call out on these issues he does it.
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>> fra i agree with him. having said that, anybody who is into privacy is secretly creepy. doing really weird stuff. it is one thing to like privacy, but if you are that impassioned about it, you have big skeletons. >> have you heard some of benjamin franklin's quotes? >> he was the only crazy one of the bunch. but he did bring a lot into his perverted fold. >> he didn't just invent electricity, he created a lot of it. coming up, what is one way to make a woman recoil? joe derosa discusses his new book "say hello." and was the elevator murder experiment a good idea? beats me. i haven't read the story yet.
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would most passersby let a man die? an advertising firm came up with an ingenuous way to prevent colin farrell's new thriller "dead man down" about a fake murder in progress and then taping people's reaction. tame a look, people with look holes. jay we need -- >> we need to get some help over here.
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>> the social experiment ends with the question, what would you do? run, get help, call 9-1-1 or record the video or perhaps get revenge? it is the plot line of the movie i am not going to see. that said "dead man down" opens this friday. we might as well open the clip. since colin farrell stopped drinking he is adore believe a. joe, while we are watching this you said i miss you, let's get together. but you said it is fake. >> this is like that show -- web that show -- remember that show "scare tactic" where they
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bring somebody in the woods and a crazed doctor run after them with a knife. no, this is fake. if that person had a heart attack they could sue the show. there is no way this is real. they are in a public building. they can get sued instantly for this. one of these guys can get hurt. there is no way that is real. jay how much do you want to bet is they had these people that are coming to the elevator as part of an application for a tv show or something which they signed a released and didn't tell them what they are about to see, and that's how they were able to do this? what do you make of this? >> is this real or fake? >> no, i think it has to be fake. you are subjecting these people to get their heads beaten in by these crazy women with their flowers and other guys who will will -- you could react so quickly and break a guy's neck. >> something horrible would happen. and i know personally by faking a lot of things.
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jedediah, could this have resulted in actual death? >> it could have. somebody could have had a gun, all thaty it is new york so it is not likely. somebody could have stabbed them. i don't think you would willingly put yourself in this situation unless you knew the people weren't going to stab you or -- you know a fire distinguisher can do some damage. >> how convenient the only thing they get hit with are flowers and a guy shoots him with a fire distinguisher. >> i don't think that is honest. that is not an honest response. >> everybody would record it, right? >> they originally taped this with bill as the victim and people applauded and it killed the whole thing, bill. >> i believe we have the tape. >> no bill has a tapeworm. >> they did it in your apartment building and they yelled, every weekend you and some guy in the elevator! >> why does it have to be a guy? pair me with a poor woman for once.
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i actually thought the same thing you did, that it might be illegal. i e-mailed a lawyer friend of mine and said i could repeat her comments as long as i didn't say her name. so it is definitely not remi spencer who is a guest on on our show. she said it is legal as long as something didn't happen. at one point she had done a case where the prank was a bomb threat rather than a prank where somebody is videotaped. while the kids were being sued for quite some time because it caused massive hysteria and a evacuation, but it -- she wins. so this could be real and i love happy endings so remi has gotten some other horrible person free on the streets. >> a friend of mine, bill might have met, was my assistant, named jenni. gets a job at a show called "balls of steel" which is a prank show in evening land. her prank was to be a woman in distress. she would be in lester square
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and pretend she is choking on a sandwich. a man would run to save her and give her the heimlich. then she would say, what are you doing, mate? are you touching my [bleep] and then she would accuse him of sexual harassment. and then the guy who tried to save her life would be totally embarrassed. it did not go over well. when you are filmed you have to get a released. none of the people in the square would sign a released. they particularly chased the crew out of the area. my point is no one will want to save anybody if they think that they are going to be part of a prng show. this -- prank show. >> can i add something to that? when i visited you in evening land, i met that girl and i hit on her. she rejected me, and that was not a prank. i i was hoping it would be and i kept trying to hit on her. but it was no prank. >> people are now using the
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good nature of humanity to create skits. sooner or later i'm like, if are you walking down 6th avenue or is this some tv prank? >> is this some tv prank and there are so many scammers and con artists when you see somebody in distress you think they are setting me up to rob me. that's terrible. >> you know what, that angers me. i am pounding the table. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. if you have a video of your animal doing something, who doesn't love that go to fox eye. click on a video. we might use it. the half time report from andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by baby rhino's. the thick-skinked mammals. thanks, baby rhinos.
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we are back. let's find out if we got anything wrong so far. we go to andy levy. >> if you could keep my private life out of this, that would be nice. >> we were discussing the last block. it is so interesting to us. >> i find that hard to believe. >> we don't ask you to believe. we ask you to report, and then we will decide. >> greg, you referred to the
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tsa administrator and said if that is his real name. >> yes. >> it is not. it is pronounced pistol. >> how ironic. i'm sure that one has pointed that out in the last few years. >> i bet he has never heard that. >> you work for the tsa and your name is pistol? are you allowed on the plane, mr. pistol? is anybody gunning from you? are you loaded? >> he is going to kill someone. >> eventually he will kill someone. shooting blanks tonight, pistol? that's really personal. >> can't go anywhere. >> matt, you said correct you if you are wrong, but is this the first thing that has happened in awhile with air travel? i won't correct you, but my first thought was, wow, we used to be able to bring knives on planes? >> why not? >> that's what they have done to us. i don't remember bringing a knife on the plane. >> i'm sure we didn't stand in hour long security lines, but i'm not sure that's not the case. >> it was so long ago.
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joe, did you say you played lacrosse on the road to get away from the women? >> women get away from me because i play lacrosse to be honest. i'm sorry. >> why didn't he call it the cross. >> that would beacon fusing. >> it would offend christians. >> la, what is that, french? >> your brain is scary sometimes. >> i would like to apologize to the lacrosse fans who were offended by my stupid question. >> lacrosse, an excellent sport. >> it is a tough sport to play. fun sport to watch though. >> don't even know what that means. >> what is the difference between lacrosse and field hockey? >> one was invented by the native americans. >> and one perverts. >> it is true. >> joe, are you serious?
12:37 am
>> i am dead serious. >> you hold the stick up and you throw the ball. >> girls play field hockey and men play lacrosse? >> there is men's lacrosse and field hockey. >> i know when i will start campaigning again. >> on a personal level when you do your lacrosse, please wear underwear with the skirt. i feel like that seem bearing. >> that's field hockey. >> more like field i cany. field icky. >> a hell of a night. >> jedediah, you asked who makes the rules and who says small knives would be okay and not a bottle of lotion? that would be john pistol. >> he is a waste. and i need my lotion. what if i run out on vacation and it is not pretty. >> do they not sell lotion where you vacation? >> what if i don't have a car to get to cvs? >> i can't help you.
12:38 am
>> there are plenty of places to get lotion. >> what if my lotion is imported from a foreign country, and that is the only lotion because i am allergic to everything else. >> now you are out sourcing your lotion. >> we just broke our last record. we said lotion 15 times. >> and no mention of media matters. >> by the way, i was wondering why small knives are okay, but box cutters still aren't? i trust my government and i'm sure there is a good reason. i was right. he said, quote, there was too much emotion involved with those. this is how the agency that supposed to keep us safe in the sky is based on emotions. good job. >> some would say you should start making decisions based on your emotion. >> nobody would say that. >> i just did. >> i am not looking at you so i don't know what you are pointing at. >> it is all about heart, andy. >> i am not talking for myself. i am talking for pixel and
12:39 am
stormy. >> rip, greg, am i right? >> you killed your cat? >> you said you live in a world where liquids are more dangerous than a knife. that's because it could be flammable or something like. ni. >> i cannot dispute that. rand paul's filibuster, you said it is show boating because eventually it is. he will be confirmed as cia chief and rand paul said that. you said it is rand paul trying to get out of his dad's shadows, but this is actually rand paul's wheel house. that is what he cares about. >> i don't like wheel houses. >> i agree he cares about it and is passionate about it. when you do something like this, it is like fireworks. >> to what inned?
12:40 am
to what end? >> he should go to a small club in front of 30 people and talk about it. >> you go to a strip club. you get drunk. you cry in her arms and say why didn't is it turn out the way i wanted it to? >> that was generous to say 30 people. >> i figured a couple of relatives were there. >> he has a big family. >> i say some of the other republicans who joined rand paul maybe had a tiny bit of a political motive. >> perhaps. >> you said anyone who is secretly creepy, well, i am into privacy which i guess proves your point. >> don't smile. >> you noted that the left will be up in arms and you should note that the democratic senator did join rand paul on the fourth for a
12:41 am
filibuster. elevator prank shows how people react to what is a murder. you had the same thought i did. my first thought was, if this is real they must have done it in new york city because we have strict gun control laws. >> they are not stupid. >> it would be florida, arizona or texas. >> bill, and i'm sure remi is right, but i am with the people who are saying there is no way this is real. >> i watched it a couple times because there was not much going on. i go back and forth. some of those people. if they were really faking it, then they deserve an oscar. >> but here is the thing, in at least one of the clips you see a woman making a phone call which i'm assuming was 9-1-1? >> yes. >> which would mean the cops would come and i'm sure those people would be arrested, end of prank. >> and then there will be
12:42 am
charges. >> that's a great point. that's another liability that somebody could call 9-1-1 and the cops come out and they are like, what the hell is going on here? >> maybe they were lining up to go on their television show thing and part of it was you have to go up the elevator and turn your cell phones off. >> this is becoming one of the equations where you see the least likely thing is the thing with the most question marks. look how many we raised for it being real. there are none for being fake. it is fake or they the did this, this, this, this. >> you should close your set with that. >> i will close my set with a reading from your book. >> and it kills. >> you know what, we have to stay on top of the story. we will expose these frauds for who they are. >> definitely more to come on
12:43 am
this one. >> i think so too. >> maybe tomorrow. >> i lost interest already. >> are you talking about the kenyan election or the story? >> both really. isn't this just like the kenyan election? >> i blew your mind. >> all right, coming up tom cruise is dead -- tired of all of the crazy rumors about his sex life. mind your own business. he is a star. but first, what is going on with this building? well, i had to do this story so look at this lamp post.
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hugo chavez is still dead. the dictator died on tuesday prompting eulogies from the usual in hollywood. sean penn noted that the people of the united states lost a friend it never knew it had. and poor people around the world lost a champion.
12:47 am
i lost a friend i was blessed to have. end quote. oliver stone who ever that is wrote, i mourn a great hero to the majority of his people and those who struggle throughout the world for a place. and babe the pig commented. the entrenched classes hated hugo chavez. u.s. flags were flown at half mast at citgo companies and it is headquartered in houston. all of this raises the question, do chickens like bluegrass? >> i believe the tape was unnecessary. you were saying that chavez was a personal hero to you and
12:48 am
you didn't want to come on the show out of respect to him. i admire that because you are still here. >> that's funny. i think it is hilarious that chavez supported media sensorship and none of these hollywood saw -- celebrities would be able to speak out against the leaders in the country they don't like if they were operating under chavez. maybe they should study a little about what he stood for before they fall in love with him over and over again. >> matt, i dame up with the -- i came up with the phrase, hugo-slovians. >> hugo-chavi aths. >> that's why you make the big bucks and i sit crying crying in my own filth. did chavez's socialist parties work in venezuela? be sure to include no in your answer. >> the only thing that worked was oil prices that went up from $12 to $90 so he could barely pay for all of the crap he did.
12:49 am
which is lock a lot of people up and run the country into the dirt. >> and people got poorer, correct? >> except him. he is a billionaire. >> she a billionaire. >> he is also rich in friends. >> there was a great piece and he traveled to venezuela with sean penn and he talked about the back and forth they had where sean penn said you agree it is bad when suicide bombers blow people up. he said i don't believe osama bin laden did 9/11. he said this crazy crap to sean penn and sean penn would sit there and nod and take it and tell the world what a great distrace was he died. >> sean penn was the modern hero of walter durante. walter durante saw the famine and chose not to report and it it won a pulitzer prize.
12:50 am
just like your jokes they died. you had so many hugo chavez jokes. >> when i spin back around i am hugo chavez, and that's what they say about me. the first five impressions were bad. we thought this guy stinks, but then that last one he was hugo chavez. and then i read from your book until i can't speak anymore. bill, defend the dictator you stupid, commi hating pig. >> i am all of those things. hugo chavez is a bad man, but so are generalizations. we had four quotes from four people in hollywood so we covered just about all of hollywood. a citco station is not a lefty organization. they were ordered to have that flag at half mast.
12:51 am
>> why? they were nationalized, am i right? >> you know what is funny is the examples, everybody that has spoken out in favor of hugo has the same thing in common. they are all crazy. sean sean penn is nuts. roseanne is nuts. she had a called show called "roseanne's nuts" which about her nuts. michael moore, known to lie and say crazy things that are not true. i just wish more people in the gray area would go, i don't like bush, but i will not support this loonetic. >> we have to take a break. more stuff on the way. stick around. "joy of hate" g and get an autographed coffee. look at that face.
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daily news, a university survey found students engaged in bestiality and thoughts about incest and prostitution. half admitted to consensual pain during sex. 9% admitted getting paid with sex and 3% had sex with an animal. the survey was only 40 people meaning only one guy claimed
12:56 am
to have sex about an -- to have sex with an animal. thank you for your italian impersonation. >> isn't that what they do? >> here is the thing, joe, wasn't this study a trap to find the one dude on campus to find bestiality? why would they ask that? >> i don't think they expected to find anybody. i wish i could see survey person going down the list and getting to bestiality and go -- bestiality, that's ridiculous. and the one guy is like, no, no. ah, i am going over here with my survey now. >> how could they cover a story with 40 people in which they used percentages when it is only one person? >> we used to have an internet newspaper in the late 90s. we had a standing headline. this is nonsense.
12:57 am
if it is college kids talking about their sex life, how come we have 3% bestiality? you lie constantly and you over exaggerate constantly. >> it is yale. >> i will not sit here and have you defend yale. >> that's literally what the bestiality guy said. >> last word, jet do dye yaw. >> i went to an ivy league school and i wouldn't be surprised if some of this crazy stuff was going on. i heard a lot of stories in my day. ivy league more like ivy beagle. >> i am not surprised that a person who went to the ivy league mentioned he went to the ivy league. well, well, well. >> i want to open a bar called the ivy league. what am i saying? i will close things out with a post game wrap up. clips of rentes shows fox news -- clips of recent show had fox eye.
12:58 am
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