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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 7, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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sign up for your free trial today at >> all right. the viewers choice night tonight on hannity. the night when you become the producer of this show and decide how we close the show. so many of you voted. i apologize you crashed our server, now the results are in from those of you lucky enough to get in early in the poll and we told you that we had a well-known hollywood actor, a liberal exploding on twitter during the rand paul filibuster and his rage was directed, believe it or not, at democrats. no, it's not president obama's pal george clooney. it appears on twitter. jamie foxx took the night off. it seems the only west coast liberal captivated by rand paul's courageous action on the floor of the senate was none other than actor john cusak, now, his panic attack over the democrat's failure to participate in the filibuster
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began around 10 p.m. last night. a sampling of the frantic sos messages he was sending to democrats in washington. quote, dems, do you have any thoughts on obama's transition from a progressive academic humanist to a regressive corporate war lord. ouch, in other words, is time to return the nobel peace prize, mr. president. begged his party to come out of hiding, for god's sakes where are democrats. and his negativity to the anointed one and democrats like harry reid and barbara boxer and others were a surprise, and one chimed in and says cusak why he isn't take the liberal response. >> i am liberal that's why i bring this up. and what in the name, i suppose, being branded liberal by nbc or the real thing? i'm not sure, john, but i can tell you that all of this democratic infighting kind of putting a smile on my face, particularly on the day when
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the future of the g.o.p. boldly stood on principle and the constitution, that's a good day. that's all the time we have let. thanks for participating. let not your heart be troubled. greta is next, see you here tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight, wow, senator rand paul firing back after john mccain takes to the senate floor and calls the filibuster a political stunt. >> when i asked the president can you kill an american on american soil, it should have been an easy answer. i will speak today until the president responds and says, no, we won't kill americans in cafes. enough is enough, mr. president, come clean, come forward and say you will not kill americans on american soil. >> drone strike program is under the department of defense, when the cia says they're not going to kill you in america, they're not saying the defense department won't. so, eric holder sent a response, the attorney general, and his response says haven't killed anyone yet. i don't intend to kill anyone,
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but i might. >> in eric holder's response, the attorney general's response to me, they maintain they're not going to do this, just trust us. it's not really about them, though. it's about the law. so when we asked the president, can you kill americans on american soil with your drone strikes, which is part of the military, it it should be an easy answer. >> it's a pretty direct question, it's a question i've been asking all morning, it's a question i've been asking for a month and a half. >> and tonight, senator rand paul is declaring victory, now, we spoke with him a short time ago. senator, nice to see you, sir. >> good to be with you. >> well, today the attorney general of the united states wrote you a letter and says in part it's come to my attention that you've now asked an additional question he, does the president have the authority to weaponize drone noncombat kill an american on american soil.
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the answer to the that question is no. >> apparently it was sent to the media outlets and announced on tv and calling my office do we have a letter from the house because we've been waiting for this, to try to determine whether or not to let the brennan nomination go forward. >> do you have a question whether it was snarky because it says it's come to my attention that you've now asked this, this is the day after you were on the floor and i think it's quite evident you were asking that question on the floor multiple times. >> not only were we asking it during a 13-hour filibuster. we've been asking him for about six weeks and we think it's an important question and i'm glad a lot of people are interested in it. it's a question of whether or not all american citizens can, fifth amendment, sixth amendment protections or whether you can be accused, detained or even killed without a trial and i think it's a pretty important question. >> greta: it says an additional question in this letter. was this an additional question you were asking the attorney general? >> it's the same question, we've been asking can you with
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drone strikes kill an american on american soil not engaged in combat and we've been asking this over and over again. in fact, we got no answers for about six weeks and then we got some members of the intelligence committee to help us and then we did finally get an answer, but it was an answer that said, well, we might, but we might not and we don't intend to do that and i didn't think saying i don't intend to bring the constitution is enough, because the presidential oath of office says i will protect the constitution, i will defend it. it doesn't say i intend to defend it. >> greta: how do you interpret the tone of this letter from the attorney general? is it just answering a question, senator we didn't know you had this question. here is the answer? or i refer to that as a little snarky because it's come to our attention, and the media outlets were covering the filibuster. >> i guess i look at it, it's a great victory because we've been asking a question of the president and this is a question that limits the presidential power. presidential, republican and democrat, they don't want to limit their power so this was the body of the senate saying
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to the president, are you going to obey the constitution, and i think it's a blow for freedom that we got the president to admit, yes, i don't have this power. this is a power i do not have. it's a little sad that it came to this, that we had to get-- use pressure to get him to admit this. i think it's still a big victory for the people who says, you know what, in america you do get a trial. the main reason for asking this question was we have drone strikes overseas where people are being killed who are not actively engaged in combat. now, they may be bad people, but they're not actively engaged in combat. i don't think in america, if you're in a cafe, if you're e-mailing somebody, even if you're conspiring, that you should
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should should be summerly killed. and we have the kill of writes rights our soldiers are fighting for. and therefore, you can be named an enemy combatant and walked off to prison somewhere. >> greta: what do you think one of your colleagues in the republican party, senator john mccain and senator lindsey graham, they accused you of theaterics or political stunt i think senator mccain used. is this a fair debate and how do you respond to that? >> i think it's a good debate. i think they're on the wrong side of history. >> greta: do you mind they called it a stunt? >> i don't admire that kind of add homonym, but they've been arguing you can indefinitely detain a u.s. citizen, i asked senator mccain directly can you send a u.s. citizen to guantanamo bay without a trial forever? and his answer was yes, if i deem them to be a safety risk. problem is that's an accusation, if a government or a politician calls you an enemy combatant, is that enough to whisk you off to
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guantanamo bay or is that enough to have a drone strike on you? and see, both of these senators argue that america is part of the battlefield for the laws of war apply. well, the laws of war sometimes don't involve due process and i acknowledge that. if soldiers -- if the enemy is shooting at our soldiers, there is no due process involved with that, we shoot back to kill. there are no judges and juries, but america is different. >> greta: i guess, you know, one thing that has a political debate and very important issues, another is, i mean, frankly, the wall street journal went after you as well. it wasn't just, we don't agree with senator rand paul, it seemed to be much more aggressive coming back at you. >> yeah, i think the question becomes and question needs to go back, if you're going to name people as enemy combatants, that's an accusation or a charge. if we have an arab american who lives in dearborn, michigan and e-mailing people who live in the middle east
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cousins of theirs, and all of a sudden you say their cousins are terrorists or associated with hamas or hezbollah. do you drop drones on the person heres, would you accuse them and get a trial and prevent-- that's not me, i'm not associated with terrorism. or say, oh, no, you're an enemy combatant, you go to guantanamo bay. that's what they're arguing for, no ability to defend yourself if the government names you an enemy combatant. i don't think we should give up on the bill of rights. >> greta: i am akeir just about a couple of things. 10:47 p.m. last night, ten hours into your filibuster, he had a call to arms, so, the g.o.p. senators get on the floor. what do you think of that? >> i appreciate the support, i know him getting actively involved in this and i appreciate the support. >> how about senator wyden, a
7:10 pm
democrat from oregon? were you surprised? >> no,'en i have worked on issues and one of the need things, you look at the support on this issue, some on the left and some on the right and there are people who believe in civil liberties that are liberal he believes in his position and some of his position overlaps with my position and four or five democrat senators, to me a great compliment came up afterwards and said they agreed with what i was saying and appreciated the spirit and appreciated the zeal and so, you know, it was a great compliment to me that the people felt like i was fighting for higher calls than simply partisanship. >> greta: how are your feet? >> tired, give it a rest. >> greta: senator rubio talked about water nearby. >> i didn't take his advice because you don't want too
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much water, and it eventually has to go somewhere. you can't sit down and not allowed to go anywhere and minimal on my water intake. >> greta: what made you side to end when you do. >> it's hard to pick a day. you want a victory. and today we had a victory the white house conceded we had a point and answered the question. that was a huge victory, we at midnight i didn't know it. we went to midnight because the next day would have pushed the voting to saturday and as now, you have leverage if people have to work on the weekend, and so, our leverage today at the white house wouldn't have responded would have been we'll see you on saturday for the vote. that sometimes speeds up the process of trying to get what we consider to be something very admirable and that's that the president will obey the constitution, there will be no drone strikes on americans in america. >> greta: one last question, how much longer do you think you had? >> you know, i could have gone maybe an hour or two. i was getting energized because senator cruz and
7:12 pm
senator lee had come and you know, they're young and full of energy. they were all of a sudden debating back and forth the white paper and my eyes were bleary by then and i was energized by their support and others on the floor. >> greta: senator, nice to talk to you. >> thank you. >> greta: here is a poll question he just for you at home. what do you think about attorney general holder's letter today to senator rand paul? was it genuine and responsive or was it snarky? go to and vote in the new poll. the outcry of one of the sequester acts, the white house tours, from lawmakers in washington to school children across the country, there is outrage over the white house's decision to suspend public tours. now, a group of iowa 6th graders making a plea on facebook hoping to save their school trip. >> the white house is our house, please let us visit. >> greta: curt snyder is a pastor at st. paul's luthren
7:13 pm
school. good evening, pastor. >> good evening, greta. how are you. >> greta: how disappointed are the children about the tours being shut down. >> oh, they're disappointed, but they want to be for negotiating things we don't agree about. >> greta: what's the plan. the children put up something on facebook and resonated at least gone all the way to washington and certainly got our eye on it here. >> what's the plan? >> yes. >> they just want to keep this issue in front of the-- in front of people and see where it goes, they want to be leaders, they want to be -- i think they say, we work out issues in our school. we disagree with things in the room, we admit our mistakes and we move forward with agreement. they think that's a good model for the nation to follow. >> greta: is that suggesting they were disappointed with how things are not being negotiated and handled at least as far as the tours? have they sort of-- are they old enough, mature
7:14 pm
enough to have at that sort of conclusion about us here in washington? >> i think they have some frustration about maybe from their parents about things not working out well. i'm not sure they understand the full details of sequestration of all of the other things, but they wanted to make a statement about where they were and how disappointed they were about not getting in the white house. >> greta: all right, now they still are coming to washington. >> they are. >> greta: okay, they're still coming and when are they coming? >> they're coming this weekend because not, not this weekend, but the following weekend. the 14th, 15th, 16th, 17th, come back to iowa on the 18th. >> greta: well, there are a lot of things to see in this beautiful city and a lot of members of congress and the senate watch this show. so i'm hoping maybe they'll get an extra special tour of the u.s. capitol or the senate office building, the house office building and the other monuments and maybe even things will change by the time they get there, pastor. >> it might be, but this is an exciting experience in
7:15 pm
citizenship for them, that they've raised an issue and it's brought a lot of comment and a lot of exposure to them. i think they feel really good that as young people, this nation can debate its issues and they can be part of that. it's good experience for them. >> it's a good experience for them and maybe, a good lesson for us. anyway, pastor, thank you, sir. >> thank you, bye. >> now, some republican lawmakers are blasting the white house decision to suspend public tours and they're going directly to president obama for answers. senator john barrasso joins us, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: you were on the floor, i should add helping out senator rand paul. >> i was there for the last three and three quarters hours and remarkable job and deserved the answers and got them. you're part of the group that sent a letter about the white house tour. why did you do it. >> i've been getting calls and staff, and planning to come here families for the spring break. some of these are a once in a
7:16 pm
lifetime opportunity. they want to see the white house, the people's house, and the president to me appears very petty in making this decision to close the white house. it seems if you're not well-connected or well off you're not welcome in the white house these days. the american people deserve better. this is really though focusing folks on spending, because people think about half of the money they send to washington in the form of taxes is wasted. and they're looking at this and saying, you can't keep the white house open for tours, but yet, there's money wasted over here, and there's this program that overlaps with that program. so i think it really has people focused on the spending and why is the president doing this? because he couldn't get the tax raises that he's wanted. >> greta: and i think we should explain when people come to washington they go to their members of congress, both sides of the aisle and don't they get tickets to the white house or-- >> we make arrangements because there's only so many opportunities per day and now there are no opportunities, but the capitol is still open and our office buildings are
7:17 pm
open the the pastor and others around the country that wants to come to washington, and get a special tour, the kids we'll make sure it's an unforgettable once in a lifetime experience. >> greta: and 74,000 is the cost of secret service to have the tours, and you look at the numbers and you mentioned the fraud and waste, the gsa conference that happened in vegas that we always talk about the guy in the barthtub with two unmatching wine glass, and that's ten weeks, if they use good sense we could keep the white house tours open for ten weeks. >> the thing that's distressing to so many people when they look at the amount of cost of that and how other money is spent, they say this is absolutely ridiculous. i mean, the president should try to make any of these cuts really minimize the impact, instead, it seems like he's trying to maximize the pain and the fear of the sequester
7:18 pm
and you see with the tsa, they just had 50 million dollars for new uniforms and it was done the same day that the head of the department of transportation was saying, well, you're going to have to wait in line longer and 90 minute delays for flights. the same day they spent 50 million dollars on uniform. >> greta: i don't mean to pick on the president and the president travels around and seeing people around the country, an important part of being a president, but we hear the number, $180,000 an hour to run air force one. you know, perhaps, you know, the-- when they could choose their trips wiser and even one hour on air force one keeps the tour line open for two weeks. >> and i believe ultimately the white house has really gone too far. they're going to have to reverse this because they know they made a mistakes on this. >> greta: do you think it's political? >> i think it's petty on the part of the white house, they want to show that the sequester has impacts on people and you get a leader, they ought to try to minimize the impact on the american
7:19 pm
people so the public isn't bothered by these things. the american people know that we spend too much, and we need to get the spending under control and this is focusing that discussion on all the wasteful spending. >> i think probably not thinking more than anything else. some people think it's a political decision done districtly by the president. the president probably didn't make the decision at all, it's made by somebody else, and i suspect it wasn't an easy way to skim off money to try to put it into another pocket to take care of secret service on overtime or something. but this one has really-- this is a case of people not thinking. i don't think, i don't think it's a case of being nasty, do you? >> although over the last week, you know, the reporters who look into this have found so many false statements. >> greta: well, there is that, i give you that one. >> talking about the pink slips for teachers, never happened. the president in his press conference saying that all of these, you know, janitor, service people were going to-- their salaries going to be cut, not true at all. meals on wheels weren't going to be delivered. not true.
7:20 pm
look at the list. >> greta: i'm totally with you on that. got me on that one. senator, nice to see you. >> thanks for having me. >> greta: straight ahead control towers shutting down and f.a.a. workers is your lowed. and captured, why are g.o.p. angry. and senator rand paul stood for 13 hours without a bathroom break. were things more uncomfortable for him after he left the senate floor? stay tuned you have to see this. [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> as a result of these cuts, the vast majority of f.a.a.'s nearly 47,000 employees will be furloughed for approximately one day per pay period until the end of the fiscal year and in some cases it could be as many as two days. >> greta: and now that the sequester is happening, thousands of f.a.a. employees getting those promised furlough notices. but republican lawmakers demanding answers from the transportation secretary. john thune and schuster want to know if the furloughs could have been avoided and wasteful spending cuts instead. weekly standard joins us. >> it's interesting, senator thune and congressman schuster have been trying to get
7:25 pm
answers what the f.a.a. has been doing to avoid this eventuallity in the case after sequester. and haven't been getting the answers and in their letter today obviously expressed frustration that they haven't gotten any answers and in their view i believe they feel that the f.a.a. didn't do adequate planning to avoid the kinds of problems that we are likely to see if there are furloughs. >> explain this to me. maybe i'm dense on this one. with sequestration, it's slowed growth. it's not cut, it's not cutting what you had. so, why is anyone getting a pink slip? it seems like if we were going to hire ten now we can hire five. why do people give furlough notices in the first place. because it's projected growth and everybody assumes they make decisions based on what they think they've got coming. they have additional-- >> that's not something they've been doing in the last year, known since august 2011 that sequestration was a possibility, but in spite of it for the last year and a half, well, congress, they'll figure it out and although,
7:26 pm
anyone who works in town knows that was pretty silly so they went ahead and hired more people with the expectation they would get the extra money somehow. >> and what's more outrageous, they're hiring more people today. senator coburn sent a letter yesterday, asking in the world f.a.a. is hiring new people. >> still hiring today? >> community planners with the salary. >> while they're furloughing others. >> still have noticing for community planners, and they're still doing this, attending conferences and this is also in senator coburn's letter and f.a.a. they're going to be obviously spending money there. i think the point for republicans is, there are other things you can do to avoid the kind of pain that could, we could see from these furloughs, and they're opting not to do that. >> you say that's the point with the other cuts and i think that most americans are listening, how can anyone be
7:27 pm
so stupid. if the choice between commerce and air traffic controller, which one are you going to make? and some of this is so patently stupid it's hard to talk about it. >> it's either stupid or it's being done on purpose and i would say it's obviously the latter. i think the president-- >> you think this is deliberate? >> yes, i don't think there's question about that. the white house made clear that-- >> it's a really bad motive and-- >> not a bad decision, that's a really bad motive. >> i agree with that. but the president was offered flexibility and he basically came and he said, look, these cuts, these furlough, the sequester, this is going to be catastrophic. the u.s. government isn't going to be able to function the way it should. that's his argument and in effect, that's an amplification that he's made since he began running for president in 2008. it's a force for good, and now what we're seeing is we could probably survive without these things so republicans offered him flexibility to get around this pain and he didn't take
7:28 pm
it. i think, if that's not an evidence of a badfaith, i don't know what is. >> greta: steve, thank you. and jury firing hundreds of questions at jodi arias. one of them, why should we believe you now? you'll hear from the accused killer's answer and rand paul talking for 13 hours with little water that's tough. did things get tough for senator paul after he ended the filibuster. something happened and you're going to see for yourself coming up. in a single stroke, for less irritation, even on sensitive skin. ♪ gillette mach3 sensitive. gillette. the best a man can get. gillette mach3 sensitive. looking for a litter with natural ingredients that helps neutralize odors. discover tidy cats pure nature. uniquely formulated with cedar, pine, and corn.
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>> jodi arias spending a second day taking rapid fire questions not from the lawyers, but questions from the jury. arias is accused of slaughtering her ex-boyfriend in the shower and they are third version of what happened, she claims it was self-defense, but the jury asking arias, after all the lies you have told, why should we believe you now? >> as i've said before, all of my-- i lied a lot in the beginning and each of those lies tied directly back to two things, travis and protecting his ego -- his reputation, and my own partially, and to relate to any involvement in his death. so -- i understand that there will always be questions, but all i can do at this point is
7:33 pm
say what happened to the best of my recollection and if i'm convicted, then that's because of my own-- >> and anchor troy hayden was in the courtroom. and bernie grimm, all of his money in las vegas and defense lawyer ted williams in washington. troy, what was it like in the courtroom? were there any questions that were remotely sympathetic to arias. i counted two, what are we going to see with the jury questions, the jury may feel they he know her and sympathetic. and when the questions were read, everybody had big eyes, no going the other way. why did you take so long to tell the truth? how come you can remember the beatings and not the killing. how can you kiss another man after killing travis and the
7:34 pm
one you had, after the lies, how can we believe you now. i think that jody is in a lot of trouble, greta. >> greta: all right, troy, and the legal panel here is may have questions of you and let them ask you, first i want to ask ted, do lawyers like it when jurors get to ask questions? which is unusual. >> some do and some don't. on as a defense lawyer i don't have a problem asking questions and what the jury may be thinking about. but this jury asked 220 questions and it's my understanding that they very well may not be through. this is very troubling. >> greta: jim, do you have a question for troy, are you curious what happened today that we didn't see. >> i'd like to hear again the body language of the jurors, troy. as a prosecutor you look and try to get cues from how people go and you mentioned people sarcastically laughing. is anyone on the jury warming up to the woman or cold as ice towards her. >> here is one thing i'll say,
7:35 pm
very, very engaged. especially the defense questioning which was slow and plodding and these are their questions and they want to not answers. two questions i told you about that are kind of sympathetic, i was skating the jury trying to see who was the person leaning in and looking at jodi, trying to figure out who was the sympathetic person, but i have to correct myself if i said they were laughing. the jury was not laughing, but the questions have been sarcastic. >> greta: bernie, the thought of being her defense lawyer 15 fwe feet away, asking why she's a good liar in essence. do you have any sympathy for the lawyers? >> those lawyers, no, this is the business we're in. and even i lost $1,000 at blackjack and told me to hit every time i got to 19, you know, i'm still happy to be in-- greta to get back to the first question, thisis-- this stuff is fascinating.
7:36 pm
only in a few states this is allowed. i had a number of cases where jurors asked. in this day and age when they watch the shows, juror love to ask questions. and after the jurors ask questions, the lawyers have a chance to ask questions, don't do it, let the juror be the-- >> i go back to ted, i mean, ted, that's the last thing, now the lawyers they have they've got to do cleanup on 200 questions and i would not sit there and let-- they can't work magic, i know what they can do. >> sometimes, keep it simple, stupid, and sometimes i think once you've asked these questions, look, this jury is tired. this jury has been there the longest, i know you need to rehabilitate your client, but he need to get this woman off the stand. >> greta: was that you? >> this is an absolute disaster for the defense, normally as a trial lawyer i wouldn't want the jury to step in. anybody who has a lingering doubt in a death penalty case
7:37 pm
that's not enough to vote death. this is a chance to disspell that doubt. to have them lie to her face, not two days before, repeatedly, she has no moral value, empty to the core, let's give her the death penalty. very dangerous. >> what do you say when she gets off the witness stand after these questions? >> it's so stressful for clients, i never said, you know, you killed yourself because we're probably going to see that the in the vekt and say, okay, relax, let's just listen to the balance of the case, and make sure your client didn't open a rebuttal case for the government. >> but, greta, the question is, will this jury after establishing this rapport with her, give her the death penalty? i don't think so. >> rapport? they're calling her a liar, ted, how is that rapport? they hate her. (laughter) >> that's rapport? she's communicating with them. i tell you, i don't see the death penalty.
7:38 pm
>> greta: all right, gentlemen, thank you all. coming up new information tonight about obamacare, will this impact you? find out next and in two minutes, speaker of the house has a brand new mission and one that could make school kids very happy, but president obama maybe not so much. find out what speaker gringrich said moments away. i decided enough is enough. ♪ [ spa lady ] i started enbrel. it's clinically proven to provide clearer skin. [ rv guy ] enbrel may not work for everyone -- and may not clear you completely, but for many, it gets skin clearer fast, within 2 months, and keeps it clearer through 6 months. [ male announcer ] enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events, including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, nervous system and blood disorders, and allergic reactions have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. you should not start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu.
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7:40 pm
>> the former speaker of the house newt gingrich make president obama an offer he cannot refuse. he wants to save the white house visitor tours and calling the white house canceling the tours childish and speaker gingrich went on right here and made the president this offer. if the white house would tell us how much it would cost i suspect we'd find three or four people to put up the price. we can subsidize the tours. >> greta: are you announcing tonight you'll start a fund to pay the tours for the white house. >> the white house tells us what it takes, we'll raise the money to enable the white house tours to continue period. i have no doubt about it. >> greta: we know now it costs
7:41 pm
$74,000 a week to run the tours, will barack obama take newt gingrich on the offer. what possible reason could he have to turn him down. go to and tell us what you think about speaker gingrich's plan. we're back in two minutes. [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8. i took something for my sinus, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough. they don't? [ male announcer ] nope, but alka seltzer plus severe sinus does it treats your worst sinus symptoms, plus that annoying cough. [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! [ angry gibberish ] [ breathes deeply ] ♪ oh, what a relief it is! dad: you excited for day? ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪
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i'm overprotective. that's why i got a subaru. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
7:43 pm
>> this is a fox news alert. former president bill clinton calling for the supreme court to overturn the defense of marriage act. the very act he signed into law in 1996. now, the law prohibits the federal government from providing equal federal benefits to married gay couples. these are people married in states that already allow gay marriage and tonight, president clinton is publishing an op-ed, it will come from the supreme court and the justices must decide whether it's consistent with the principles of a nation that honors, freedom, equality and justice above all and is therefore constitutional. as the president that signed the act into law i have come
7:44 pm
to believe at that doma is contrary to those principles and in fact incompatible with our constitution. a supreme court ruling is expected in june. and osama bin laden's spokesperson is here in the united states, captured last week in jordan and turned over to the united states and then flown to new york. a justice indicted with conspiracy to kill americans and tomorrow he will appear in new york city courtroom and tonight, senator lindsey graham blasting the obama administration for bringing him to a civilian court. >> we're putting the administration on notice, we think that sneaking this guy into the country and clearly going around the intent of congress when it comes to enemy combatants will be challenged. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us, good evening, sir. >> good evening, glad to be with you. >> your thoughts about having this man captured, jordan, inhe was captured in turkey and sent to jordan and turned over to the u.s. and brought
7:45 pm
to the united states. your thoughts about that? >> well, i'm glad that we got him, but i think the administration is trying to make an ideological point here that they want to deal with terrorism through the criminal justice sim. this has been their point of view right from the get-go. it's reflected in a lot of different actions. they've tried to take. congress's blocked some of them so instead of taking this al-qaeda spokesman and sending him to guantanamo bay in the detention facility there where they would have blocked by law bringing him into the united states they brought him directly to new york. so they have made their point and now a criminal trial of this guy under our criminal system. i think it's flatly wrong and represents the fundamental representation of how obama administration had to deal with the international terrorism. >> greta: if given this man talking and a spokesperson
7:46 pm
said vile things post 9/11 about americans and the right to kill them. i'm curious if he's talking, what are the questions that you would ask him? >> well, i wouldn't ask him questions in a courtney more than i'd put joseph-- >> no, no, i don't mean that. if youere the cia debriefing him, i'm curious, what information are we looking for from him? >> i think the critical questions for this fella who does not appear himself to have been active in terrorist acts, but was part of al-qaeda's leadership, what can you tell us about the al-qaeda chain of command? what can you tell us about al-qaeda operations elsewhere in the the world, in the mahgreb and i think he's a source of intelligence, but you're not going to get that in new york, with criminal defense attorneys, no offense,
7:47 pm
who will tell him not to say anything to anybody. >> greta: that to me is the issue. if he's brought into the civilian court and he'll get a lawyer and a lawyer will say don't speak to anybody or say anything, if he's debriefed in another environment like guantanamo we'd be able to ask him about the al-qaeda network, the government would ask about that or attempt to do it. that's probably the main difference? >> well, that's the -- that's a practical difference, but i think it's important to underline the conceptual difference that's at work here. the ability to refuse to answer questions and so on is a right against self-incrimination in the criminal justice system. if you think that terrorism is just like knocking off the corner starbucks only a little bit worse, that's the route you're going. if you think this is war, you're he in a completely different paradigm. not a paradigm without laws attached to it, but completely different circumstances and it's that conceptual difference, really, that the
7:48 pm
obama administration is trying to make its point on here, by bringing him into new york. i think it's going to cause a firestorm in congress and it should. >> well, i'm going to have the last word on this. i'm very much curious what's going on with al-qaeda from a national security point so i would frankly like to debrief him or somebody from our government to debrief him to see what might be coming or not coming. ambassador, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> and the cost of health care, one group of americans getting a grim prognosis and a group that can least afford it, when obamacare takes full effect. young americans see their health care premiums skyrocket up to 203%. 203%? recent college graduates paying triple the cost. >> hi, greta. >> greta: this study is from a number of republican committees, is that correct? >> that's right. what they did was assemble the conclusions of studies that have been done by insurance industry, different states. what they found is that there's going to be a range of
7:49 pm
cost increases under the health care law, as the major provisions come into effect next year. >> and was this unanticipated? >> i don't think so. i think republicans have been making this case for a long time. the other side of the argument is that democrats say the law also gives a variety of benefits to people who might otherwise see their health care costs go up. for example, people buying insurance on the individual market which is what we're talking about right now. if their premiums go up, especially their young people, it's likely that they could be eligible some kind of assistance from the department of the to buy that coverage. >> greta: if it's going up 203% for young people they're less likely to buy it. if they're less likely to buy it they're not a part of the pool and everybody chips in and bringing down the cost. if the cost goes high individually and not going to buy it and put the cost up for everybody else up if the
7:50 pm
pool-- >> and that's what insurance has been telling us, avoiding the cost increases this is, you know, the new front line on the wore against obamacare, we're seeing this debate happen. >> greta: is this a fair-- the obama administration, did they adequately warn the american people of this type of cost increase? >> republicans would say that obama made a variety of claims that aren't true. obama disagrees with that, but i think in the future the law is going to be implemented no matter what. obama won the election, so, in congress we're seeing committees come and try to conduct these debates over whether the law is being implemented as well as it possibly can and that's why we're talking about cost. >> greta: and the if the costs skyrocket the american people aren't going to stop talking about it either. thank you. >> thank you. >> greta: could you say awkward? senator john mccain taking rand paul to the shed over the filibuster and then taking an elevator ride with him. that's next. pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better?
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7:54 pm
>> okay, everyone, it's time to hash it out. senator rand paul spent 13 hours on the senate floor with no bathroom breaks. our new york times report, anatomy of an awkward moment. they shared a post rebuke
7:55 pm
elevator ride. and the awkward ride coming shortly after senator mccain took the senate floor and chastised senator paul for the filibuster. by the way, not a lot of eye contact on that elevator. and is anything ever that awkward happen to you? go to greta wire and tell us. and today senator pat toomey sending support to senator rand paul, for next time. he posted a picture of the milky way bars he sent senator paul. and yesterday senator paul was spotted eating milky ways duri during the speech. and justin bieber fainted during back stage at a concert and given oxygen and finished the concert before going to the hospital and moments ago bieber tweeted getting better and thanks for everyone for pulling me through. figuring out what happened, thanks for the love. and posting a picture of himself in the hospital. it looks like he's doing much better.
7:56 pm
and "the view" is leading one of the leading ladies. joy behar departing the view and contract will not be reviewed. her departure will leave barbara walters as the large original member of ""the view." they have been on the show since the 1997 premier. finally, a washington d.c. weather man taking heat for predicting the snow that never came. and demarco says nobody put baby in the corner, tucker barnes was put in timeout after yesterday's forecast. and nobody said that weather forecasting was a perfect science. it's your time to hash it out. use hashtag greta, and don't forget to follow me on twitter. and first it was kate middleton, and now another celebrity accidentally telling the gender of her baby. you'll hear that celeb's
7:57 pm
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