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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  March 8, 2013 12:00am-1:00am PST

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>> greg: that's good. >> eric: quickly. sean hannity was watching the show and said he loves the idea of picking up a week's worth of cost for opening up the white house for the tours. sean offered to take a week for himself, too. he would like to. >> andrea: you got help there. >> kimberly: thank god. bring in the big guns. >> eric: next week. the following weak what they are telling me. right, porter? >> greg: people must make a lot of money. what are we doing this if they can all afford this. what is wrong? >> eric: we have a birthday today. >> greg: i'm outraged. >> eric: our own kimberly guilfoyle. happy birthday to kimberly guilfoyle. >> bob: all right! >> kimberly: cut the cake! 22. >> eric: this year you clearly turning 22. >> kimberly: isn't that nice? this is my favorite, too. i love strawberries. very sweet. thank you, buys. saturday i'm going to go see my brother. i'm going to give you a big piece. thank you for the birthday wishes. >> andrea: happy birthday. ♪ happy birthday to you
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>> greg: inside the cake $18,000 from eric bolling. >> kimberly: perfect. >> greg: i just got word. steve bu sc herb is offering $20,000. >> bob: bill hemmer gave him a 20. >> andrea: bill o'reilly said he would cover the same thing. what about kimberly's birthday party? are we kicking in for the tab? >> bob: for sure. >> kimberly: thank you. a lot of nice shock chocolates and juice. >> bob: how old are you really? >> kimberly: really old, i just age well. it's being around you, bob. >> bob: 83. >> kimberly: i don't want to stab myself with this. i'm going to go to los angeles and go see my brother. see my buddies from the l.a. d.a.'s office where i used to work. justice party. >> eric: happy birthday. >> kimberly: thank you.
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bob there you go bob. who wants a welcome to "red eye." it is like the young and the restless if by res less you mean missing. let's go to andy looy vee for a pre game report. what is coming up on tonight's show? >> rand paul's filibuster leads to a letter from eric holder assuring the senator that the president cannot use a drone to kill a noncombatant american. and plus can making it rain at the club be written off as a tax deduction? maybe the rappers don't know what they are talking about when you file taxes and what happens when we send bill schulz out on the street to find out what they mean about a new yogurt marketed to men? hopeful -- hopefully he has a rag over his mouth and his lungs fill with liquid and all of the thrashing in the world
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can't change that his vital functions have shutting down and he will cease to exist as a human being. greg? >> wow. that was thorough. >> it gets more involved each time. >> i would call it fan fiction, but it is more like anti-fan fiction. >> it is the opposite of slash fiction. >> do you though there is a police officer in new york arrested for writing such things. >> is that right? >> yes. >> well, that police officer is not me. >> that is true. >> i like the new set, by the way. >> it is permanent. it will be from now on, viewers at home. >> fantastic. >> go away. let's welcome our guest. she spends all of her time getting dangerous men off. i am here tonight with criminal defense attorney remi spencer. and he is so sharp he is not uh you loued near -- he is not allowed near -- he is not allowed near he mow fill
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yaks. in stockholm he is a syndrome, bill schulz. and i would stick my head inside of him for safety reasons he is the editor-in-chief. that's a copyright there. >> a block. the lede. and now the longest hour in television. >> must their dialogue be such a slog? rand paul got a haul after the tog-athon. eric holder responded by a letter. dear senator paul, it has come to my attention you asked an additional question. i wonder how he found that out. does the president have the authority to use the weapon niecessed -- the weaponized drone? the answer is no. that was kurt. so was his filibuster worth
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it? the answer to the question is no according to john mccain. >> the country needs senators who care about liberty. if mr. paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. he needs to know what he is talking about. >> he wept back to his garage and tipping erred with his hand radio. for more lets go to the cat. >> that is a feline baster. >> it wasn't even that funny. he was making a pun on the filibuster. dan, welcome to our new, permanent set. i want you to pretend you
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watch the filibuster and pretend you don't have a social life and don't have kids or a wife or lovely profession. what did you make of it? >> it was amazing. i would like to see 13 hours of the cat licking himselfment. >> 13 hours? when is the last time you did anything for 13 hours besides watch bill watch clown porn through the window? >> i don't have a tv. that must be somebody who looked like me. >> he may look frail, but he has quite the stamina. >> that he does. john, did senator mccain, was he right when he said rand paul did a disservice to the debate on drones. >> i like the idea of drones. first and foremost i didn't waste that time playing at the time tries as a -- playing tetris as a kid. i think it is a good thing. i am in favor of anything that allows bad people to get wiped off the planet. it doesn't involve putting pilots at risk and people in
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the service at risk. i think drones do that. they do serve a purpose. >> do you distinguish them between drones on foreign soil with enemy combatants and american noncombatants who might be bad guys? >> one of the things that was raised in rand paul's speech was jane fonda could have been killed in vietnam if these were around back then. i was thinking to myself, god i wish they were around back then. >> a better example would have been bill eirs. that was obama's best friend and a bomber. remi, welcome to the program. >> i love your permanent set. >> do you think rand paul -- he was arguing not about the president, but the presidents. >> he was arguing about due process and as a criminal defense attorney what he did was remarkable.
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he was asking in part that the white house, the administration established as a matter of fact they aren't going to kill without a fair process. that's what our country was built on. of course we know our attorney general issued a press statement saying what is the problem here? i don't understand graham and mccain. why are they creating a divide in the party? why are they not supporting senator paul's filibuster attempt here? i don't understand why they can't get behind this. it is not a bad -- it is not about -- i'm sorry. i just lost my train of thought. i think what they did is disappointing for the gop. >> i think they both can be right to an extent. i think rand paul did the right thing, but i think mccain has a point. you should be more worried
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about al-qaeda than your government. but it might change. that is -- rand paul has a good point. during the filibuster i was shocked when -- that rand paul said he could live with that. do you think it was unfair he singled you out? >> i would filibuster that. there is a point to be made about how, the filibuster was a grand symbolic gesture versus camera time. and john mccain did not make that point. the only thing missing is the word meddling. he is a scooby doo villain and he was exposed. it was kind of embarrassing. >> scooby doo villains are young people. >> i find them to be cranky and they mutter. they mutter something fierce. >> it as a typical stereo type from those who are with the
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people in the van. >> i am with butterfly collars and free love, man. all of these are doing nothing but bad stuff. they are ghost and goblins and what have you. >> i watched most of the filibuster -- not really, but two hours when i came home, and i thought it was pretty impressive what he did. what was really impressive was how he was able to reach beyond the limitations that most people have when they are standing for hours. meaning where did he take a leak? there is tape on this from the glen beck show. >> i did think about it. i put them in and i decided against it. >> the producers are saying make sure you are talking and he is talking about a catheter. thank you. that was a joke. >> do you buy the fact that the world is now a battlefield? >> hold on.
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i have a catheter in. >> oh i thought it was in. >> you know this whole drone thing on american soil, you know when you are driving on the highway and you are getting on the exit ramp and there is a line and a guy that goes ahead of everyone. he is like, oh i didn't realize. can the drone shoot that guy? that would be in full favor. >> you are right. if you could drone annoying people -- if you can drone people who cut in any line metaphor rickly, any line, like anybody that gets ahead of you, ie, job promotion -- it is not just cutting in line at the bank, but cutting in line in life. >> we solved something. >> we have. >> a grand. does making it rain reduce their tax pain?
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some rappers are writing off the practice of throwing wads of cash around like confetti. and h&r block wouldn't balk. busy bone -- that was my original name and then i changed it. i am giving charities to females who need their light bills paid. of course that is a write off. you write off your kids, don't you? sadly i wrote off greg junior a longtime ago. and lil flip says he has done it before, deducted make it rain expenses from his taxes. tmz explains that strip club tips could be a legit deduction as an entertainment expense. or if they are directly related to the rapper's business. some rappers say making it rain helps build their image, and i am inclined to agree. meanwhile, old timers like myself will only make it rain on this guy.
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>> one of my few discoveries that i often brag about at other club meds. >> so you dance the weight off? >> exactly. >> remi what do you make of the belief that it is deductible? >> i make an audit. guess whose taxes will be reviewed by the irs this year. no, this is ridiculous. i didn't know what making it meant. in my business we have rain makers. they are lawyers who generate a lot of business. when i first read this story i didn't understand it. i talked to someone i would know, bill. >> you could have talked to one of your defendants.
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>> there is no way frequenting a strip club is a legitimate tax deduction. >> you are telling me that you have never made it rain at a male strip club, remi? >> i didn't say that. >> i knew it. >> a big cigar in your mouth. >> i just didn't know what it was called. >> what do you make of his argument? legitimate? this is actually better than most charities because the money goes directly to the beneficiary, something like red cross which i am making up right now. 98% of it never makes it to the -- >> that is shocking. why doesn't shepherd lead with that? >> i have no idea. allen shepherd the astronaut? he passed away. >> oh, i'm so sorry to his friends and family. >> dan, answer my question and be specific citing some statistic. >> 72% of strippers are keeping small business in
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business in the body glitter industry. where would we be if we were not making it rain? >> i like that camera angle like that. it looks like i am throwing up. >> can i write off these jeans speaking of throwing up? >> i will write them off. >> john, do you think the irs would buy into this? >> i think if rappers and japanese businessmen could write off tips at strip clubs we would be going to another sequestering. the irs would run out of money. the government can't do anything right. they can't pave the roads. they can't make sure the sidewalks work. they can't make sure the schools educate the kids. one thing they can do, if you owe them money, they have a blackhawk helicopter right over your house, and they make sure they get every cent you owe them. jay that's true. >> -- >> that's true. >> can you write off anything you throw money at? i have thrown a lot of money at my kids' pokeman collection.
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>> i think you candy duct pokeman from your taxes. >> well then i will. >> and i am a tax experts, as you know. you read my book "no more taxes" by greg gutfeld, cpa. i got it in the falklands. >> men make it rain on you all the time, about but not with dollar bills. i am talking about points on the street. remi, why do i have to pay for your sick thoughts? >> answer the question. why does he have to pay for your sick thoughts this. >> and can he write those payments off? >> it makes total sense. if these guys are at a strip club and they get their bold names in page six they are not only promoting themselves, but they are raw moating the album. they are promoting the album. i am for being creative when it comes to writing things up. say you are on a late-night cable talk show and since are you on cable you can expense
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your cable bill for the entire year. that's a very legitimate thing to do. >> what you are doing is watching the competition which is what you have to do in order to succeed in television. >> that's what i have been trying to explain to you, family tax guy. learn about media. >> by the way, i think it is their version of the salvation army. would you rather throw a dollar in the little red pot or throw the dollar at the little red pants? >> they can't write off the pants. >> are you talking about santa? santa in the hot pants? >> what strip club are you going to? >> has anyone ever done a study on how unsan terry that has to be? when you are that naked and where bills have been, there has to be e-coli on the stuff that they wright around on. >> -- writh around on. >> you must get a sore. >> from taxes to tweets, it is a safe haven for the craven? is every hash tag a drag? it turned my thee rear that it
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is nothing but warm fuzzies on its head. everyone is a jerk. pew research founded the reaction. it differs from public opinion and whether the response was liberal or conservative the tone is always lean to mean. it is overall negativity that stands out. as for pew's finding as to whether or not dalmatians like peanut butter -- >> open the mouth up? >> just going to do it. >> oh my god. >> he already got some. oh my gosh. >> technically they are making it rain in the dalmatian strip bar. >> dan, what is wrong with kids today? why can't they be more like the kids in your generation? >> that question was originally written for larry
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gatlin when this story was slated for tuesday. as you can tell guests are interchangeable. they are like larry gatlin without the musical talent. >> it is an ll bean version. >> i hate this study hash tag it sucks. twitter is twitter. did you ever follow bill, like, around? >> pretty much the same schedule every day. i appreciate the attention. >> i wouldn't call that tweeting. is negativity contagious or was everyone a jerk before there was twitter? >> i don't know if everyone was a jerk, think people had the cornel they do behind their -- the courage they do behind -- they are em boldened by the anonymity of the internet. whatever their twitter handle might be. i think there are decent people out there that say awful things because they don't really think it through. it is a roster on the train. they are not thinking about
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it. it is quick and anonymous. >> it is easy is what you are saying. i get it. what do you think about this? if you are going to twitter for positive reinforcement, isn't that your fault? >> you totally have it coming. when people are anonymous they are more abusive than if you know who they r. if you are comme kitty 69 you can say more on twitter than you can on facebook. you can't say it when your high school spanish teacher or somebody you went on a date with four years ago will think you are an a-hole. >> that's true. speaking of, should people of all political stripes come together over their shared hatred of you, you stupid jerk? that wasn't anonymous. >> hash tag tear. >> the only thing about this stud dooy is people are surprised -- about this study is people are surprised by this. it is a stadium.
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it is a virtual place where groups of people come together. and group of -- and groups of people suck. it is all the way up to a red sox yankees game. the only thing is between those jerks, sometimes they can hide behind their name. groups of people are terrible. jay i know -- >> i know one person who is is terrible. >> swree to take a break. coming up, what is the solution to prison overcrowding? remi spencer discusses her book "keep murderers on the street where they belong." i think a lot of people will disagree with you, remi. first, is bloomburg now after your ear holes? we report, you derive.
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the new york city mayor and my pilates partner is targeting loud ear buds. the city health officials are planing a social media campaign to warn youths about the dangers of listening to music at high volumes on their mp3 players. i should get some of those. it would put $250 grand to target teens and young adults. according to the group funding this thing, quote, hearing them brings on the problem of other hearing problems later in life. there is low self-esteem and increased stress and risk of injury. so what does underwater cat have to say about this?
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>> he had a lot to say about that. and i am glad somebody is speaking up for the under water kittens. the headphones, that's a word. >> it is two words put together. >> are we clear? >> i am just trying to do it in an outraged sort of way. >> you are speaking as someone who listens to their headphones loudly. >> yes. >> you have low self-esteem obviously from doing that. aside from all of that, you are on a train and the person in front of you has their headphones blasting, and all you hear is -- and that is the worst thing on earth. >> i happen to like it because
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that means i am getting free music. i love the sound of that. >> i love it when i am just making that noise. >> you do that often. john, do you buy any of this? it seems bloomy is on a roll. he is trying to remake the human being. >> he becomes a dictator, like the white man's kim jung-il or lil kim. he is getting involved in the open congressional race in illinois, the jesse jackson, junior seat. he supported a candidate big time for gun control and got involved in the l.a. city school board elections to support his idea of school reform. he is a guy who is trying to take this national. i think he wants to run for president at this point. >> i don't think you are wrong, john, but i also don't think. remi $250,000 down the drain and for what? >> for headphones.
12:28 am
>> good. >> i don't know if bloomburg wants to run for president, but he definitely wants to have a voice in the next election. he wants a national presence. everything he is doing this term is for that very purpose. these headphones and the sodas. >> the teen pregnancy campaign. >> all of this is to -- >> he wants to i'm impregnate teens? >> he is trying to educate teens about abstinence. i think that is the purpose. he is trying to buy the second amendment by funding the pack. he is the only fundraiser or the supporter in the illinois race right now. he has donated $10 million to support a candidate because of her position on gun control. he is bringing himself to a national audience so he will
12:29 am
have influence in the next campaign. the earphones, really? they are a small part of it. maybe it is a distraction so we don't know what is going on. >> you still rock the walk man cassette player. are you ever worried about hearing loss? >> i am not. i am concerned about looking good and mission accomplished. i haven't figured out what mayor bloomburg is trying to create. this is a society where you get shot if you litter and every obscenity is met with an automatic ticket. you have three sea shells to go to the bathroom with. all of those things he wants, apart from the sea shells. i never understood that part of the plot. >> i want to congratulate all of the panelists when i asked you a question. you didn't pretend like you couldn't hear me. sorry i have hearing loss. well, i think he actually
12:30 am
might have a point, but i am tired of his points. i am tired of it. >> well, in defense of blaring music in your ear buds how else are you supposed to listen to christopher cross? >> what is this air bud thing? that is an amazing franchise. you have a golden retriever that can play sports. and then there is the air bud spinoff and these are puppies who play sports too. >> he can catch a ball? jay yes. he -- >> yes, he can kick it. he is a golden receiver. >> great name for a colorado airline, air bud. i guess we will take a break, right? the producers report talking anymore. do you have a comment on the show? e-mail us. do you have a video of your animal doing something interesting? go to still to come the half time report from andy levy. >> tonight's half time report is sponsored by cold cuts, the slices of chilled deli meats used to make sandwiches. thanks, cold cuts.
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let's see if we missed anything so far. now to andy levy. it is hard to get used to this set. >> but after a few weeks it will seem like home. >> i just hope nothing happens and we are at our old set tomorrow. >> no, this is a permanent set. then you can never go back. >> there is no way we will be back on that old set
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tomorrow. no way. >> i have great news. the producer just told me the old set was destroyed. >> absolutely. >> i would not bet on us being on that set tomorrow. >> it is a fool's bet. >> rand paul's filibuster. john, you said you like the idea of drones if they help us kill bad people without putting american pilots at isk are. i agree with. i also should say drones are morally neutral. >> that's true. >> i think a lot of people seem to over look. they blame the drones. >> i have always made the point that in the future we will have drones the way we have guns and we love drone control. i just wanted to remake that point. i wish i could throw to a sock of me saying that. >> but, john, don't you think killing him is one thing, but killing his 16-year-old son who was an american citizen, and then having an obama
12:36 am
campaign spokesperson basically saying, oh i would suggest you have a more responsible father if you don't want to get killed by drones is another? >> it is the one thing i agreed with president obama on his entire first term. if you are an enemy combatant or with somebody in a theater of war that we are at war with and you are on the battlefield, then sometimes you get turned into modern art. >> basically anyone who happens to be near a target is fair game? >> yes. >> when we went in and got osama bin laden we shot his wives too. >> that's different than anybody who happens to be around there which is the standard we use now. >> if you are hanging out in afghanistan or one of those countries you have a problem with and you are with somebody who is a big terrorist, then yes, you take your chances. >> you know who hangs out a lot in afghanistan? >> who is that? >> people from afghanistan. >> that's true. >> kind of sucks for them, i guess. >> well, it was his dad.
12:37 am
was. >> yes. greg, you referred to bill ares as obama's best end from. not true. >> really? >> how about his ghost writer? >> don't know. thought his best friend. >> how about a lighthearted chum? >> that's fair. >> i knew there would be one you would agree to. >> remi you don't understand senators mccain and graham. a couple things. as far as mccain goes i am glad to see the person who suspended his presidential campaign to return to washington because of the financial crisis. they accused rand paul of a stunt i thought was nice. >> at least you get to see remi. >> exactly. >> thanks, andy. >> bill, you said the only thing missing mccain said was the word meddling. i think you are on to something accidentally of course in that this was
12:38 am
possibly a potential changing of the guard moment for the gop. you have rand paul, marco rubio, young people, relatively young, up on the senate floor and you had people like mccain and graham no where near there. and when there is a changing of the guard, the old guard don't like it much. >> they mutter and they are holding the mask of the goblin they were pretending to be. thank goodness for the mystery machine with a side order of scooby. >> interesting how rand paul was applying the guard while changing the guard. he probably had hygiene issues. >> although the way he looks he can never tell. >> can you write off making it rain? you say rappers say making it rain helps their image and you are inclined to agree? >> yes. >> i don't like this whole tax write off thing.
12:39 am
it goes against everything making it rain stands for. making it rain isn't about tax write offs and it is not worried about whether uncle sam is getting his. it is about ballers keeping it real while they are chilling in the club. >> and once you deviate from that it kind of makes it not as fresh. >> i am tired of them pulling whack ass stunts like this. >> andy, let me ask you this. do you think rappers are thinking about the strippers' kids as they are making it rain? >> what if they are his kids? #*r. >> i think that is the furthest thing from their mind. >> this is something i was going to get to later and basically say, you are a hater. >> not a hater, but i spend a lot of hard earned money -- >> at strip clubs? >> asking my accountant about what is a lawful deduction. many of the things i pay for to be here and to be on other
12:40 am
shows on fox news and fox business you would think would be a write off. nope. whatever this rapper is claiming, i will guarantee you i will save him some money, not a write off. >> it would be great if you open up a strip club and call it a soup kitchen. the receipts work out by themselves. oh, soup kitchen. how nice he spent $835 at the soup kitchen. >> awesome bread sticks. >> that's what they call it. >> political twitter tends to be negative. blah, blah, blah. greg you said everybody on twitter was a big jerk. remi you said people are involved in anonymity. it is a fair point, but i looked through the survey and there is nothing in it that necessarily says people on twitter are mean. it says negative comments generally exceed positive comments. but it could mean i don't think president obama is doing a good job. none of that is mean.
12:41 am
>> that's mean. people generally are much easier with criticism than compliments. you are less inclined to watch something on tv and go, i really thought that was funny. it is more like, oh your collar is screwed up, greg. >> do you have specific examples? >> last nightwatching the filibuster and i was having fun coming up with acro anymores including i slept fib are which i thought was good and people were offended. how dare you soil this important event with touch -- with such horrible phrases? you didn't though i was doing an acro anymore. shut up not an acronym. >> a -- an anogram. >> i don't know where i am. >> lastly, the cbs uh affiliate in new york covered the story. here is one of the quotes they got from a new yorker, "mayor bloomburg should bud out." >> nice.
12:42 am
>> my guess as to the reason the person gave that quote is the reporter's question was, so would you say mayor bloomburg should bud out? >> and when they say yes they should, no. >> it definitely took three or four times for the guy to say a come pleat sentence. >> that is journalism. >> that's how you win the award. >> i am done. >> well, i will just be back here in this brand-new studio. >> loving it. >> love the colors. >> our other studio is smoldering right now. >> it is gone. the studio is gone. it went away. never seeing that one. oh, coming up, could this next story be anymore next? it could win a nexy award at this year's nexy. >> what in god's name is fro dirt? sadly it looks like we will find out.
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if there enough bro in your yo? finally there is a yogurt for dudes. it is a powerful yogurt. there are -- it is for men and by men and do you see how it is close to his abs? it helps build muscle and burn fat and increase fertility. it is sold in man sized eight-ounce cups. the bro-gurt comes in banana and man-go. how does it taste and hour morntly how does it taste? how does it taste? we sent red eye's correspondent to find out and he back with this crap. >> yogurt, for too long it was a chick thing. after a long day of work dudes will want one thing and one thing only, brogurt.
12:47 am
>> what are your thoughts on yogurt overall? >> yogurt overall? it is a good breakfast food. >> what about yourself? >> greek is my favorite, greek yogurt. >> there is a lot the greeks do that are my favorite, but we won't get into it now because it is a kid show. >> what should the packaging look like to appeal to dudes? >> energizing yogurt. >> so a giant flexing bicep with yogurt inside? or a giant match boxcar that shoots yogurt in people's faces? >> something that looks like a woman's body part perhaps. >> what body part would that be? something that makes dairy? >> yes. >> like a foot. >> do you feel the yogurt campaigns are too feminine? you look at the commercials and it is moms gabbing in the grocery or john stamos making a kissy face at the camera.
12:48 am
>> no question. i want a yogurt designed for a man. >> well we have a new brand i am eager to get your opinion on. are you up for it? >> i am up for it. >> and are you worried it will be too girlly? >> of course not. >> you don't strike me as a guy who worries about anything. >> no. >> including std's. does anyone want a hard hat? excellent. that's the thing. you look like a guy at a construction site. no way does he look like a member of the village people. you can grunt when you open it. >> that was good. that was little projectile. that's something you don't though about us. do you find this to be a more masculine flavor than the normal female fare? >> i feel like a man right now. >> do you think of john stamos ate this his crotch would blow off? >> definitely. >> what are your thoughts? it is hitting you. it is hitting you like a boy bullet. >> it needs more flavor. is the mango at the bottom? >> the mango is at the
12:49 am
bottom. it is called the power bottom. >> we are going to reput that back together and give it to other people. do you have any tape? we will feed that to other people. we need to clean off the spoon. put it in your mouth. we are on a budget. >> is it too masculine for you? the right amount of dude? >> right amount of dude. >> what is going on in your mouth -- >> where is this going? >> this is a family show. where are you going? wherever you are going i would love to accompany you if you are single. does it taste too manly? >> no. >> am i too manly? >> no. >> do i look feminine? >> yes. >> god ya! >> i am looking at you and feeling the biceps. >> i found my first ab. it is right there. >> if you spill on that ab i will eat it all. >> do you mind if i do a couple of push ups. while i am doing push ups you say what you like about it. ready, go. >> it is smooth.
12:50 am
>> smooth. >> i'm speechless. it is good. >> do either of you want a performance enhancing hug? >> yes. >> yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt. >> bill, you have been embarrassing us for awhile, but you have been eating this for weeks. do you feel any different? >> one thing they forgot in the marketing campaign is what a wonderful treat yogurt is for yeast infections. that's something all dudes should be aware of. buy it. >> they should create a character and call it humphrey brogurt. it is time to break a take. there is more stuff to talk about. and remember, buy "the joy of hate" you can get it from any bookstore. for an autographed copy, check out g that's my fave.
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offering money for a 10-year commitment to change its name to sugar dad .com. it would change to woodside because of the wealthy residents such as michelle pfeiffer, neil young and the
12:55 am
horse who played sea biscuit. it would require the city to erect a statue of hugh hefner near the town hall. who has town halls? that's what i don't understand. there is no such thing as a town hall. why don't they do this? that is a great idea for cities in trouble. >> i have no idea. do you realize what kind of playground you can build with that money? >> i would love to have a monkey bar made with monkeys. >> detroit needs help. why not call it like, google for like $100 million. >> there are four cities that went bankrupt, and some including los angeles could go bankrupt. i hope rancho cook cucamonga is not one of them. >> remi, if i become famous what is wrong with me changing my name to a corporate name and reaping the benefits. it is "red eye" with apple. >> who said there is anything
12:56 am
wrong with it? >> you did. i can tell you hate it. >> too much brogurt for him. i don't understand why this company, this sugar daddy multimillionaire is the first to come up with this. i am surprised we haven't seen apple or google or some other tech company trying to do it. i don't think it is going to happen. >> bill, your original name was human porta potty. and then bill schulz paid you, what, $50 to change your name so he can go off and do other things and blame it on you? >> now it is a hobby and not a name. i used to work in montana and there was a town that literally changed -- it figuratively -- they changed their name to joe in the hope that during the name changing ceremony joe montana would come. i remember he sent a jersey.
12:57 am
didn't make money off that one and now they are called joe. this makes sense. joe montana, not so much. >> love joe montana. he was a great, great running back. >> yes. >> we will close things out with a post game wrap up with andy levy. and to see clips of past shows go to fox eye.
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