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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 8, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PST

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a brand-new red eye on saturday at 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. that is saturday, 11:00 p.m. eastern. 8:00 p.m. pacific. i love pacific. back to tv's andy levy for the post game wrap up. >> thanks. dan is it maxim100 voting time
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again? >> it is. you can vote for the hottest woman in the world. you can also write in andy levy. did that make any sense? >> i am all for it. >> i can't hear you with that. >> everybody at home has no idea what you are doing. >> john, are you working with allen west on the next generation project. do you have any dirt you can share? >> he cuts his own hair. >> that's cool. >> flobie? >> he has a cool look. did you ever see it? >> anything else? >> no. >> are you in charge of this segment. >> remi, anything? >> tomorrow -- excuse me, friday afternoon at about 4:20 i will be on cnn talking the law. >> excellent. >> board. bored. >> awesome, man. i thought i would play seth rogin. >> seth rogain?
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>> are you gone? did he go away? >> like our set. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> my message to the women of egypt is is take to the streets and don't be afraid. >> bill: this woman was supposed to be honored tomorrow by secretary of state kerry and first lady michelle obama. but she could be one of the biggest anti-semites around. >> have you been made aware of this woman's opinion that she has publicly expressed and what are you doing about it? >> bill: a factor investigation with a conclusion tonight. >> bill: mr. obama not put forth any specific federal spending cuts. >> bill: is it possible the president heard my talking points this week and is now changing his posture on the fiscal mess? he did meet with republicans last night and today. we'll tell you what happened in those meetings.
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>> [inaudible] doing this of my own free will and i'm of mind and body. >> who is to blame for miss teen delaware u.s.a. for doing a porn movie. some say our society. many of you say bull. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. very disturbing situation involving john kerry and michelle obama. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. this woman sum ebra hermine was supposed to be honored by the state department tomorrow receiving the international woman of courage award.
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lawd virginity at this test where women were abused by government doctors. no question she has shown bravery but also shown something else. anti-sem sim tism and anti-she tweeted today is a sweet day with sweet news. last october she quoted adolf hitler. no crime against society. takes place except with the jews having a hand in it and when a mob attacked the u.s. embassy in cairo last september 11th. she tweeted today is the anniversary of 9/11, may every year come with america burning. amazing, right, that this woman, this woman was chosen by the u.s. state department to be honored? "the weekly standard" edited by fox news guy bill kristol first exposed the
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madness today the state department surrendered. >> we as a department became aware very late in the process about samir eastbound bra hermine's public comments. -- have a chance to look forward into these statements. >> careful consideration, please? careful consideration should have gone into choosing the international honorees and obviously it did not. for the record, she says her twitter account was cum.ed, but that's hole her statements have been for months without her taking them down. the u.s. department of state. we saw it in benghazi, libya. we are seeing it again now. john kerry better reorganize this very important department quickly. it is an acute
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embarrassment to america. that's the memo. now for the top story tonight. reaction here. now one of the stars of the five democrat bob beckel. can you believe this? >> it's a tough one to believe but, you know, the other thing is five of these women are muslims. my guess is if you start digging into the background of them they may also have statements not quite as belidge rent as that. buff, you know, the idea it was hacked it went on for months. >> bill: ms. ibrahim is anti-semite and anti-american. at the level of the state department, that's the highest you can go in foreign affairs. it disturbs me that coming off libya, which, you know, four americans were killed and they didn't know what they were doing there, now they don't know what they are doing here. >> well, i mean, look, this is another case of bureaucracy that's not doing its job. somebody didn't do a background check. get sent up to the secretary of state's office
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checks it off. >> i'm not blaming kerry or hillary clinton or again michelle obama. the department is embarrassing. >> listen, this state department under hillary clinton has done a very good job in a lot of ways. i don't think you should take just benghazi and just this and say an indictment of the entire state department. >> bill: what would you say was hillary clinton's primary achievement as secretary of state? >> i think a couple things. i think nato and the nato alliance. >> bill: strengthening of the nato alliance? >> absolutely. >> bill: in what way how with key see that? >> >> physically out of control. under more control of our allies and not us by ourselves. the other thing she has done is women's rights in china and other places around the world. >> bill: women's rights in china? how do you know? you have seen it? >> she has gone there and spoken very eloquently about it. and i think there has been some changes, yeah. >> bill: okay. so the top two top achievements for hillary clinton women's rights in china that she has spoken
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about but we really don't know because you don't know. and nato being better but we really don't know. >> defense shield in poland. >> bill: the defense shield in poland? >> which is a joke. >> bill: what is it? >> it was a joke. what it is is supposed to intercept missiles. it doesn't work. >> bill: what did she have to do with that. >> she worked at the diplomatic side of it. >> bill: to do what? >> to get rid of it. >> bill: to get rid of it. >> yeah. >> bill: so take that out of there. those are the three accomplishments. >> more than that. >> bill: i asked for the top ones and i don't know. i don't know -- i don't know. i don't know. >> you don't know, there you go. >> bill: let's throw this cartoon up on the screen here to take a look at. this is a very controversial thing by the -- by the bloomberg administration here in new york city. it's trying to discourage unmarried teenagers from having babies. i'm twice as likely not to graduate high school because you -- i can't read it all right, so basically the babies are saying that they are going to be at a
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disadvantage as adults if they are born to teenage unwed mothers. now, planned parenthood and all these people don't like this. this is bad. the liberals don't like it. you are a liberal. what do you think? >> i think if you have to live through this and work with these people as i have done, 70%, 70% of black babies are born to unwed mothers. and, you know, they keep saying planned parenthood says let's use money for education. we have done education. the fact of the matter is if this could embarrass a few people into not having babies. it's not only going to save their lives in a way because it's going to alter their life it's going to save society money. >> bill: you are departing from your liberal brethren, not all of them but some of them. because they are the ones squawking against bloomberg here. as long as the babies don't get a big soda bloomberg is okay. >> that's right. >> bill: but, in this case, you are departing from the liberal orthodoxy. here is the key question. why do liberals object to
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this kind of an exposition that might get through to some teenage girls and say, you know what? maybe i don't want to get pregnant. >> can i tell you exactly what they are thinking. they are thinking it's stereotype. it's about minority kids. >> bill: it is about minority kids. >> i know it is. but that's the point. >> bill: you want to make it about minority kids not supposed to say it's about minority kids. >> they don't want to say. but it is. they have to live -- we have to understand we have bread three generations here of children who are born to unwed mothers who have virtually no chance to success in this country. >> bill: they are the ones primarily driving the poverty. i don't understand why you are still a liberal? why don't you become an independent like me? you see the foley of the left. in my conversations with you over the past few weeks. most of the time you see the foley of the left when i point it out to you. you see it you still maintain this posture. why don't you become an independent. >> i don't want to become
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independent. john f. kennedy mode. i believe the government serves a very important purpose in our lives. >> bill: can you be independent and believe that and be a tipp o'neal guy. >> if i'm an independent i have to believe the same as you are. >> no you don't. large range. >> son, you see that democratic lever. you pull it all good things are going to happen. >> bill: even know you are doing what your father is going to do. >> women, jobs, cars. pull that republican lefers, you are going to die. there you go. >> bill: i'm trying, man. i'm trying as hard as i can. one footnote about shootout with alan colmes this week. most of the reporting on that was the usual anti-fox stuff from dishonest hacks. we all know who they're. one article really nailed it writing on the web site media hype, a guy named joe explains the big picture that few others understand. we posted that piece on bill o' or see it on media and i hope you check it
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out. next on the run down, ms. laura ingraham will respond to what beckel and i debated. is it possible -- is it possible that president obama is changing his attitude on the fiscal mess after withering criticism from the factor? those reports moments away.
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>> bill: continuing now with lead story a controversial woman supposed to be honored by john kerry and michelle obama tomorrow. new york city anti-team pregnancy ad causing liberals major angst. joining us from washington laura ingraham. so does this ibrahim thing bother you or just something that fell through the cracks? >> i don't know, bill. there must be something over in the state department water supply because whether it's a republican administration or a democratic administration, it seems like this kind of stuff similar to this happens a lot. like someone like her who said something porch about
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hitler, you know, somehow slipped through the cracks as you say. and is about to be honored by our state department. i mean, that's kind of an obvious thing. >> bill: do you know why this happened? this is my theory, by the way. this woman made the "time" 100 list this year. >> oh, she is gold then? >> bill: right. somebody in the state department said look at this. made "time" 100 list. then this was the capper. do you know who charlize theron is south african actress very beautiful woman? >> yeah. >> bill: charlize rap is a wraps rhapsody about what a great woman she is. >> hollywood always butters obama's bread. >> this is how crazy this is she is rhapsody by charlize immoralityized by
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"time." neither char louise didn't check her out. "time" didn't check her out. and then the state department saw this. they didn't check her out. >> well, bill. >> there she is. if it wasn't for bill kristol, she would have been tomorrow with john kerry and michelle obama. >> laura: the hiring for the o'reilly factor or laura ingraham show staff is more stringent than the vetting at the state department for people they are bestowing honor on. presumably she would have come to the state department and been part of the ceremony and so forth. it's another embarrassment. it's sloppiness. it's a sense of unseriousness that i think permeates a lot of an administration that has this forever deepening connection. >> bill: disciplining in the obama administration. >> they blow it off until the last minute. you blow off an exam and pull off all nighter that's the. >> bill: it is.
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this ad in new york city trying to discourage teenage girls from getting pregnant with the liberals going crazy as bob beckel honestly pointed out. they don't like the minority presence in the ad. although the minority situation is driving it. and, you say? >> look, the ads are unpleasant and they're awkward and to some extent you could say could they encourage abortion because kids kind of look like a real pain in the ads. they look annoying and kids look like they're a penalty not a blessing in the ads. on the other hand, bill, i think we all have to admit that if we're going to have anti-bullying ads and you can't text and drive ads and there is merit to both of those, and they are really pretty startling a lot of the ads that you see tsa ads on smoking and so forth. why wouldn't adults want to have a conversation or start a conversation with young people, especially teens about the perils of teen sex? we have seen with what
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happens with teen with sex, rise of std's, depression, suicide rates. the hookup culture, promise skew at this, it's a loser for teens. -- i think the conversation has to be had. for planned parenthood shocking. >> bill: encourage to have an abortion? >> yeah. because the ads, you know, the kids look like real annoyances, right? they are screaming or their faces are -- they are scowling? >> bill: to me i see these kids and i want to take care of them myself. i want to save them. >> exactly. if a girl is pregnant, she sees this oh my gosh, my life is going to be terrible with this child and she is already pregnant. >> bill: absolutely that can happen. unintended consequence. >> why not affirm life and make a good choice. give choices of adoption. give choices that you can move forward in a positive life affirming way. that's not in the ads. teen sex has been validated by the culture for decades. it's about time that there was an opposing point of
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view that the teens actually could look at and internalize. >> bill: thanks very much as always. directly ahead, president obama finally engaging republicans on the fiscal kay ossments we will tell you what happened in meetings today and last night. then, who is responsible for ms. delaware teen u.s.a. doing a hard core porn film. her or society? that's raising a lot of controversy. and we are coming right back.
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>> bill: impact segment tonight. as you may know, i have been pounding president obama over his refusal of to deal with the fiscal chaos that's harming the nation. talking points posted on the fox news web site and tens of thousands of you have emailed me this week expressing outrage over the situation. now the president may be changing the key words
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"maybe." joining us from washington senator pat toomey in pennsylvania who attended a meeting with president obama late last night. so, take me through this meeting. who was there? when did you know about it? and what happened? >> well, i guess there were a dozen republican senators. we -- plans just got finalized early yesterday or maybe late the day before. we went there. the president was there with his chief of staff. >> bill: where were you? >> we were at a hotel. i think it's the jefferson hotel in washington. >> bill: right. >> yeah, the president was very cordial. everyone was cordial. we had a candid conversation. most of it was around fiscal issues. the president listened to every one of the republican senators made several comments. and the president -- he was engaged. he was paying attention. >> bill: this is is a departure. this hasn't really happened for a long time, correct? >> nothing like this has
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ever happened since i have been in the senate. >> can i, senator, with all due respect take credit for this? since, you know, we have been absolutely pounding on him this week as you probably know. but i don't want to take credit for it he bought, i understand. did he buy all you guys dinner? >> well, it was either him or the taxpayer. >> suffice it to say, i did not pick up the tabernacle. i will admit that. >> who was there with the president? >> on the president's side, the president had his chief of staff and there was one other gentleman who was with the president, i didn't know who he was. this is a good thing. we want the president to be seeking consensus and hearing from the opposing party. my theory this week, which sobbously blown up into a huge national story is that the president has really not put forth any meaningful specific, that's the key word. spending cuts. is that your belief as well
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>> i think probably the best you could give the president credit for would be some proposals to curb the rate of growth of some programs swamped by cuts. i hear you and acknowledge that they have been swamped by the new spending increases. >> bill: sure. we are on track now, if you guys don't get it together, to be 20 trillion in debt by the time the president leaves office. as you know, ben bernanke is printing money unprecedented rate which devalues all the money we already have. >> right. >> bill: i'm seeing here an ultra serious situation that needs some urgency. >> this is extremely dangerous. the totally unprecedented in american history to be running massive deficits like this. and to have the fed printing the money to pay for. this this has never ended well with other countries to try for this.
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>> bill: never ended well. >> we don't have much time to get on a sustainable course which is a different course. >> bill: i have tell you you are almost like a psychiatrist. you are making me feel much better because i put my neck on the line this week by actually yelling at alan colmes and calling him a liar which i shouldn't have done. i should have just said he was fibbing, because it is -- it is a vital issue that americans don't seem to understand or they are in denial about it. what do you think it is? >> about the level of spending that's happenings in washington? >> bill: barack obama's approval rating hovers around 50%, 48%. you know and i know that the country is heading for, they call it a fiscal cliff. we're heading for a depression. a depression if this doesn't stop. >> yeah. we absolutely have to get off the path we are on. the president miscalculated over the sequester and thought because he was more popular than republicans in
1:28 am
congress he would win and we would cave. turns out most americans get the idea this government can trim 1% and if should be a piece of cake. i'm not wild about every last detail in this but we need the savings of this sequester. i think we are actually going to get them. and maybe the president has decided o -- maybe the president is recognizing that and realizing different approach. >> i think he is recognizing that public opinion is turning against him. that's what he is recognizing. the tide is turning against barack obama last word, senator. >> the public totally understands we need to get spending under control. >> bill: thanks for coming on, we appreciate it we have a brand new bill o' question for you. how can conservatives help barack obama by saying he was a muslim. his birth certificate and that kind of stuff? have they helped him by criticizing him over crazy stuff? yes or no? bill o' plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. 12-year-old pennsylvania boy dies because of a bullying attack. megyn kelly has been
1:29 am
investigating. miss delaware teen u.s.a. loses her title because she made a porn movie. our two psychologists say society might be to blame. we'll have a follow-up on that. we hope you stay tuned to those e e e e
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where queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now enjoy the lowest prices of the season on our most popular bed sets. sleep number. comfort individualized. >> bill: in the are a r. we crazy segment tonight. as we reported last week, melissa king miss delaware teen u.s.a. lost her title because she made a hard core porn film. some say that's her fault.
1:33 am
society says someone else may to be blame. new information. great britain new study says sex offenses committed by children under age 13 are are up 2%. 98% of the offenders were boys and the internet is prominent in the study. joining us from los angeles, psychologist dr. wendy walsh and from san diego attorney and psychologist dr. monty forest. you have changed your mind at all on this issue, miss delaware? >> i really haven't, bill. i am still of the same mind that you and i discussed last week which is i believe in personal responsibility but we get personal responsibility from two sources. one is our parents as we talked about in depth last week and two is good brains as i call it studies over the last five years coming out of the national institute of health has told us that the age of 18 we don't automatically become a chore. our brain really doesn't mature until 25. i got a bunch of email over the last week or so from coaches and teachers who really agreed with that: the other source, of
1:34 am
course, is parents. in here she was raised by the state from 12 to 18, bill. >> bill: this woman was, this miss delaware didn't have good parents? >> yeah. >> bill: okay. so you are going to cut her a little bit of slack. i'm not objecting to that? >> i am. >> bill: i think primarily that ms. king knew that what she did was wrong. might not be morally wrong for her. but it was wrong in the scheme of if you are going to be a serious person, you don't make a hard core porn film. >> how would she know that bill? >> bill: how would she know that? because she lives in the united states. >> her influences are kim kardashian. her influences are people, bill, who have troifn celebrity and made money off things like pornography. now, this young girl we own. >> bill: -- let me stop you for a minute. you are telling me an 18-year-old woman does not know that making a hard core porn film for display all over the world is not going to harm her? that's like saying an 18-year-old does not know heroin is not going to harm her.
1:35 am
they know, they just choose not to do it. >> not when 1/3 of all internet content is pornography. they think it's mainstream and that it's normal because so many normal men are consuming it. bill. so as a result. >> bill: i disagree but that's okay. i think this woman has to know unless she is mentally ill, she has to know that doing that is going to harm her in the marketplace. >> she doesn't. >> now, dr. walsh, you were a little built more outspoken than dr. who forest. i understand you got hate email directed to you. give me one example of hate email and tell me why anybody would do that. >> i wish i could. but i can't say those words on tv, bill. they tended to be profane and tend to be from men and how could this crazy doctor blame society for xxxxx, whatever this woman was doing. the truth is, that this is our daughter, bill, we raised her as a culture. she was in the foster care system. she was taken away from her own parents at the age of 12 probably because of
1:36 am
abuse or neglect that might have included sexual abuse. >> bill: background gives her a little bit of compassion. but, why would anybody, dr. walsh, write you a vicious letter full of profanities about an issue as serious as this? why? >> because young men are such huge consumers of pornography they want to make sure that they don't lose one. and why are teenagers allowed to make pornography? teenagers? is it t. doesn't matter if you stay 18 is an adult. >> bill: 18 is considered an adult. >> their emotional mind is no greater. >> bill: by people pro-pornography? is that what you are saying. >> absolutely. a lot of young men out there think there is no danger to using pornography. in fact they are getting addicted. most young men are using it three times a week for as long as an hour. they are getting visually addicted and having trouble with their own relationships. having trouble with a consistent warm body. >> bill: if you are doing that stuff then you are going to be in trouble. >> yeah. >> bill: british study, dr. forest, you have a trend in britain that
1:37 am
because the internet pornography is available to anyone. you can be the greatest parent in the world but the hand held devices and everything else now this is is influencing the way british boys, primarily are behaving. is that what you took from this study? >> it is what i took from this study. and that t. is more accessible, bill, it's easier for kids to get into their hands. i also think, you made a point here which i think that sometimes gets lost in our conversations. and that is, you can have the best parents in the world and sometimes pier pressure is such or access is such that given the brain function that they don't -- aren't able to control their impulses which we now know from brain science over the last five years. that acts as a greater influence than even the best parents. i have got really good parents in my practice whose kids get into trouble sometimes because they're impulsive. >> bill: no question. good parents are not a panacea for children behaving, you know, correctly all the time. i think --
1:38 am
>> -- i think that's really true. >> bill: this personal responsibility business is on the wane in this country. i think that's destructsive. even though this woman was in the foster system. even though she is probably a dopey 18-year-old. she doesn't have a high level of sophistication. she knew, in my opinion she knew. dr. walsh, last word. go. >> i think this young woman may even have been sexually abused herself and this is what she knows to please people. this is what she knows to make money and survive. if this young lady would like to come live with me, i raise girls who make good decisions and have high self-esteem. come on over here, lady, i will help you. >> bill: trayvon martin case gets even more disturbing. 12-year-old boy dies from alleged bullying. megyn kelly moments away.
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>> thanks for staying with us, i'm bill o'reilly. in the kelly file segment tonight, the explosive trial of george zimmerman charged with second degree murder of 17-year-old trayvon martin in florida set to begin in june. now there is some new and disturbing information. with us attorney and fox news anchor megyn kelly. what's up? >> turns out one of the key witnesses in this case for the prosecution, the girlfriend of trayvon martin who was the only -- there is no eyewitness to the altercation -- she is the only ear witness to the account, was caught in a lie. and it was a significant one. although it wasn't on the direct subject of the altercation. she testified under oath that the reason she didn't attend travon's funeral was because she was in the hospital. so the defense, smelling a rat for some reason, you know how sometimes as a lawyer you just get that vibe that someone is not being truthful asked for the hospital records to prove that she was in the hospital. and the prosecution just had to come forward and say we won't be producing the records because that was not true. she was not in the hospital on the day of the funeral. now, the prosecution at trial will argue that was
1:42 am
immaterial. maybe she was just embarrassed because she didn't go to the funeral and she was girlfriend. the defense will make this into a bill deal. >> she can't be trusted. >> not only tell a lie. tell a lie under oath in a criminal proceeding where a man's freedom hangs in the balance. >> she can be prosecuted for doing that as well. reresh our memories are about what this ear witness said she heard. >> she claims that she heard trayvon, that he was scared, that he said someone is following me. >> bill: on cell phone calls? >> on the cell phone. moments before he was confronted by george zimmerman. then she claims that he said to george zimmerman, hey, why are you following me? so suggesting travon was saying zimmerman was following him. and zimmerman denies that zimmerman says he stopped following trayvon martin and then the two just- >> -- this is important witness for the prosecution. >> yes, very. >> her credibility is damaged maybe beyond repair. >> yes. >> there is a hearing about the right to carry law.
1:43 am
the defense law. >> stand your ground law. >> what is ask a that. >> supposed to be in april. they waived it defense attorney, lawyer for zimmerman just gave it up or said he thinks is he giving it up and not even going to do all this debate we had about the stand your ground law mr. it applies. >> straight self-defense. stand your ground immind trial. >> downside to get it thrown out first. >> the reason you would do it two bites at the apple. the downside is when you go down there the burden is on you as the defense when everybody knows criminal case for the jury. the burden is always on the prosecution yard. >> not in this case? >> stand your ground immunity trial the burden would have been. >> you think it was a smart move just to go to the regular trial? >> i guess so. can i see why is he doing it. >> bill: pennsylvania, 12-year-old kid, all right, dies after getting beaten up by this was in a school, right? >> yes.
1:44 am
>> bill: what happened? >> altercation with two other 12-year-olds where one 12-year-old pushed him into a boy and boy who was on the receiving end of that then punched bailey two or three times. >> >> sixth graders. there is videotape of the incident. we haven't seen it. it is supposed to be very grainy what the d.a. in the case says is that what is clear this is that bailey was hit where to two or three times in the face. they have not been able to confirm as news reports said that he a broken nose, that he had a broken orbital socket or that his head actually ever hit the pavement. what it looks like on the tape is he got punched a couple times he fell to his knees. >> by both both children. >> by one. he got up, walked away went back to class within a ice pack and continued to attend school for the next week or two. meantime the police were sent in to investigate as they normally are in these incidents today we're looking at possibly charging simple assault against a person who threw the punches. but about a week or so after the incident.
1:45 am
bailey started to develop seizures and other issues. the parents brought him to the hospital. he developed pneumonia. they put him into a medically induced coma. >> brain injury, right? >> there is a question about whether the altercation caused the brain injury and the seizures. and there was at least one allegation out there that perhaps the seizures took place prior to the fight, which the father denies all all all be adjudicated in court. >> d.a. has pathologist who specializes in children going over the autopsy results right now. results expected at the end of the month. that person will be very instrumental in determining whether these kids get charged. >> bill: have to have enough medical evidence to charge the kids. >> if bailey died because that fight, that kid involuntary manslaughter potentially. >> bill: was this kid the victim, being bull idea? >> the d.a. said there is no evidence of that right now. >> bill: just a spontaneous fight in the yard? >> maybe it was. maybe it wasn't. >> bill: parents saying he was a bullying victim. >> they are but i don't
1:46 am
know from reading their testimonials whether they mean it was just this one incident or whether in pennsylvania for that term to apply has to be a course of conduct. and so i don't know and it looks like the d.a. doesn't know whether this was just a school yard altercation that was spur of the moment for some reason or whether this is part of a greater bullying campaign against this child. >> bill: you are satisfied the authorities are aggressively investigating it and everything is under control here? >> absolutely i am. tragic result either way. he he will get to the fair result are. >> bill: all right. megyn kelly, everybody. in a moment. rock stars killing themselves. presley, jackson, hendrix, whitney houston. why did all of these people and many more self-destruct? going to talk to a guy, one of the most powerful men in the music industry about that as the factor continues all across the u.s.a. and all around the world.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight new book called "the sound track of my life. " written by one of the most powerful men in the pop industry clive davis. mr. davis is very close to whitney houston who very much destroyed herself with drugs. that's where i began the conversation with clive davis last night. >> whitney houston was a close friend of yours in addition to being a client, correct? >> that's true. >> bill: what was the genesis of her problem? where did that problem begin? >> i don't know when the problem began. i do know that when i discovered her, when she was 19, she was full of energy and wonderful spirit. she loved music. she was a work horse ♪ i believe the children are our future ♪ teach them well ♪ and let lead the way. >> first album just didn't break here in america. it broke in every country in the world. she won everywhere for the first two albums and just loved it. >> bill: she was clean back
1:51 am
then, right? >> oh, she had to be, of course. >> bill: she wasn't troubled. it wasn't like you were bringing in a juvenile delinquent or something. she was a woman who had the talent. >> minister in the church and, no question. >> bill: okay. then she evolves into this worldwide super star ♪ oh, i want to dance with somebody >> bill: and then dessends into the world of drugs. >> i did meet with her at my home. i saw her a year later at the michael jackson madison square gawrnd concert where she had become skeletal. at first she was in denial when i confronted her. >> bill: there isn't such a thing as in denial. she know she's is taking cocaine or whatever the substance is. she is probably ashamed or whatever. she just doesn't admit it saying to her hey, look. you know, you are taking what god gave you, whichson a amazing gift. and you are throwing it away. >> yes.
1:52 am
>> what does she say back? >> when i first confronted her, she said it's not a serious problem. you are making more of it. >> bill: you are making more of it. >> i am making more of it. >> bill: she wouldn't admit it. >> you are seeing the woman's career may go down the drain. what does she say then? >> she was not ready to do something about it. >> bill: so the drugs were more important than her career, herself esteem, whatever? >> clearly. >> bill: janice joplin is another one who you knew well, how discovered. >> i didn't know her as well. as whitted any. >> bill: the history of the rock pop world is littered with the corpses of people sticking needles in heir arms or powder up their nose. and whitney houston had to know that. >> you know, she was told. but it's one thing to be logical. it's another thing whether it's a parent, whether it's a close friend, you know that the subject has to sink to that level to want
1:53 am
to get better. >> bill: she didn't? >> well. >> bill: that's what happens. when you got the call that whitney houston was dead in beverly hills. your reaction? what went through your mind? >> obviously, i was stunned, devastated. shattered. she came as a civilian to attend the grammy party that i hold the night before the grammys. this was her favorite party for the last 20 years. she was there to merely just take in the music. the artists had come from all over the world. the kings, costello, jackson brown, tony bennett. diana ross. jamie foxx. they were all scheduled to sing. alicia keyes. she was there to enjoy it. ♪ and i will always love you >> bill: of all the people you have seen in the rock pop world, who was the most
1:54 am
talented? [ laughter ] >> wow. i would say from an all around point of view, bruce springsteen is one of the two great bob dylan coming out of the music world. the two of them. so bruce writes from the heart is he a magnificent writer. but he has become the greatest rock and roll performer live and that combination is spectacular. >> mr. davis, thank you. ms. davis is the sound track of my life and number two best seller list: >> thank you so much. thank you. >> bill: factor tip of the day. what to do when you are personally attacked by someone. the tip 60 seconds away.
1:55 am
>> factor tip of the day dealing with people who attack you personally in a moment.
1:56 am
but first, march madness continues on bill o' buy any one of my best selling books and get one of the best selling mugs free of charge. this is a great deal because you can stock up on gifts. if you haven't read the books you'll like them. and that's why killing lincoln has been on best selling list for a year and a half. killing kennedy, six months and check it out on bill o'reil o'reilly dot-com. i've studied the web page and there's zero on the president cutting spending. >> i agree with kirsten. specific cuts supported by the president to medicare have not happened. and abby from north carolina, mr. o'reilly, i agree with you, if you want lower prices from drug companies is like me wanting lower gas prices.
1:57 am
where is the substance? scutter, the village in florida, gotcha, bill, from time to time i admit i'm wrong from time to time, i'm not wrong horror. bonnie porter, kansas, kirsten was disrespectful to you, bill. i didn't take it that way, bonnie, robust debate is just that. tim from new york, anyone who believes the bible stories are literal, needs to have their head examined. >> i don't see it that way, tim, i respect all religious beliefs unless they harm other people. >> and from texas, if god created the world, can't believe he could create a giant fish that could carry jonah. >> i simply believe most of the old testament is allegorical and so do millions. and mr. o, i was in the
1:58 am
audience when you and miller killed it the at the nokia theater. i hope you got your money's worth. bolder fresher dvd is out and super premium tickets to meet me and miller personally. kansas city and wesbury long island. and back to the tip of the day, an interesting one tonight. dealing with people who attack you personally, it's happened to all of us. you know vile gutter snipes, they're unfortunate fact of life and now with the internet the gutter snipes run wild. it's painful to be attacked personally. i'm actually numb to it now because it happens to me every day, but i understand well the malevolence behind those attacks. what do we do? back in 2003 the di despicable things like me. and i helped him, a major mistake.
1:59 am
and now i pretty much ignore the gutter snipes unless they physically threaten me or damage my property. here is a tip, do not, do not empower people who attack you personally, but you've got to protect yourself. every american should have a personal lawyer, somebody is harming you or your family, that lawyer should put the villains of notice in writing and protect yourself in case things get out of hand in the future. generally speaking, the haters are going to hate no matter what you do, just walk away. factor tip of the day. check out the fox news factor website different from bill o' and here is why it's important this week, all of my talking points memos about the president and his dereliction in handling the spending crisis are posted there so we have a the lot of stuff going back and forth, everybody is talking about it all over the wor


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