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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 8, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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>> greg: hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, eric bolling, she's a model for pez disspencer, it's dana perino. it's 5:00 in new york city. and whatever. ♪ ♪ >> greg: so sean penn and mahmoud ahmadinejad hit the same red carpet. it pays to note it's not for a flick, but a funeral. hugo's that is. venezuela had nearly 22,000 murders in 2012. so the red carpet makes a lot of sense. penn claims hugo was a champion of the poor. by champion if you mean undertaker, you're probably right. this is an adult moment for america, which is needed in that our president seems to bring out the kid in everyone, including himself. take sequestration. that was the bunk bed he made. but he still blamed others. tepeing the white house in a tawdry tan trem of baby games.
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now another teenager response. sneaking in through the bedroom's window. usually it's a girl or boyfriend but here is usama bin laden's son-in-law who we found out is awaiting civilian trial. how does that happen? i blame grit mow. the drones as exterminators exist solely to avoid saying you were wrong about the beauty of gitmo. what is gitmo? it's really just a remind they're there is evil in this world and evil needs a cage when it's caught. as world leaders kiss the dead hand of an anti-american pirate. north korea threatens annihilation and iran gears up for war it's time for the teenager in chief to grow up. and wise up. there is a big old world out there and it hates you. no matter how many apology tours he makes or how many heart-felt videos you send. eric, why new york city and cheaper flights than cuba? is that why they are bringing bin laden here? >> eric: no idea. this could be one of the
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biggest intel mistakes they made. once he lands here, once you read him his miranda rights it's over. he is here. he is going to get the full benefit of the legal system for defendants. there won't be any interrogation. it has to be a speedy trial. if you keep them in gitmo you interrogate him and find out what he knows and the other bad guys. the left is saying well, look at what they did with the underwear bomberror times square bomber. there is a difference here, though. this guy was caught in jordan and they brought him here. the other two bow sews were caught here, try --bozos was caught here. >> bob: he was caught in turkey. the turks said they wouldn't turn him over to the united states. send him back to kuwait, his home country. somehow, we got on the plane in jordan and got him off. now, that is a big question, how that worked out. the other thing look this guy was not involved in 9/11. he was not operational for years. this is not something to be really scared of. >> eric: he was there when
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bin laden took credit for 9/11. necessary video of bin laden taking credit for 9/11. >> bob: but he wasn't involved in 9/11, correct? >> dana: they don't believe he was. they don't believe he was. that's correct. they don't believe he was one of the top operational guys. as i understand they didn't talk about taking him to gitmo. but they redid the soccer field. why not use it? i guess if they think that taking anybody there is inconsistent with the stated policy of closing it. if they have taken a political hit, why not take this person there? the two examples were the underwear bomber and the times square bomber. the buys were already here. in the united states. this goes back to what they want to do originally, bring chaimuhammad. >> andrea: the first thing eric holder did is push for
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civilian trials in new york city. the public went crazy. they walked it back. he hasn't closed gitmo, like he was before it before he was against it before he was before it. stay with the stated position. this now in midst of the drone dedebate makes people scratch their heads and go wait a minute. he has more rights. the same rights as an american citizen than somebody who they are pursuing they think is bad with the drone. >> andrea: they is driven wi the shadow of gitmo. >> bob: may i correct you on something? >> greg: please do. >> bob: you said obama is hated around the world. he's not hated around the world. >> greg: america is. >> bob: oh, i see. fine. i take the correction back. >> dana: you were before the correction before you were against it. >> greg: is loved and hated. loved by some and hated by others. bob, talk to you about the chavez funeral. you were invite and chose not to go. >> bob: no. i was on the list but so were
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you an eric. i don't know why you turned it down. it could don't it because of my thumb. >> greg: eric would pay for the flights. >> bob: he would to that. everybody get ahold of eric to see if they want to be traded. >> eric: thank you, ange for not saying something. >> andrea: i was going to hit you up for $100. >> bob: do you know how many people hit you up for the money now? >> eric: it's for the kids. >> andrea: it's for the children. >> greg: you know how many times i say that when i'm arrested? >> bob: i think what is really important besides chavez not there, this is a important is moment in latin america for us. for the u.s. to redo strained relations it would be good for us. >> eric: he didn't strain the relations, bob. >> bob: no, no.
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i understand. i agree with you. i'm not going to correct you either. what i'm saying is i do think that there is possible you got big economies down there. not the least of which is brazil. venezuela is a place we can get oil. who takes over? >> eric: the other dictator. >> andrea: i don't know if the funeral is the appropriate place for diplomacy. this is the opportunity to honor and heap praise on him. if you look at the guest list. raul castro, daniel ortega. these are the guys they funded, that chavez funded with oil money from venezuela. the audiology is radical. >> greg: dictatortots. to use the phrase again he is going to lie in state forever. is that creepy? >> dana: when i'm gone, i want to be puff of air.
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>> greg: fed to jasper? >> dana: no. >> andrea: you want to be cremated? >> dana: sure. i don't care. >> andrea: really? >> bob: whom bombed forever? >> eric: lennon. >> greg: why is it, we don't do that. why do some countries do that? it makes no sense to me. >> dana: that is how warped this is. psychological problems were built up over a generation. i love what you said. why is it the dictatortots for the poor, they create more poor. the allegiance to them lasts beyond their lifetime. >> eric: fear. >> bob: with the guest list, the c.i.a. will run out of bugs in the hotel room. i guarantee you there is covert activity out there. if you were there, they'd do it, too.
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>> greg: jesse jackson is going to be there. shouldn't he spend more time with his son than a dead -- >> dana: only 15 hour, limited. >> greg: there you go. terrible. north korea, i want to talk about north korea. the issue is the threats, andrea, happen over an over again. we don't take them seriously. is it because we don't -- they're not credible so we laugh? >> andrea: we don't take any threat seriously nowadays. it doesn't have to be north korea. they brush everything off. i think this guy is a mad man. maybe we don't know as much as we did about his father. but assume the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. he is making serious threats. the chinese shouldn't laugh him off. this is a big deal. look, he is a nut, but you can't discount him. >> dana: i think our government takes it seriously.
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>> bob: this guy was supposed to be the better of the three generations. he was educated in the united states. liked basketball. apeered to be somebody more receptive to open up to the western ideas. he would haven't done it without the chinese okaying it. >> eric: absolutely. they enabled north korea for years. japanese are right across the peninsula. they are at risk. they can reach that. they may not be able to reach us with any of their nuclear weapons but there are areas ares that are very, very friendly that they could reach. tonight hold it past these guys to do something to one of the allies. >> greg: do you think dennis rodman made it worse or better. just a coincidence and he left and now it's getting worse? >> dana: cause and effect. >> bob: you didn't know rodman is graduate of the california technical.
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he's an engineer. he could tell him how to build a missile to get here. freddie i had no idea -- >> greg: i had no idea. north korea is greg gutfeld and america is dana perino. >> dana: and america is going to kick your -- >> greg: no. north korea is pulling america's pigtails. they are not going to do anything. >> eric: you just want her to like you? >> greg: they're irritating. >> andrea: what can we interpret from that analogy? >> greg: nothing whatsoever. >> dana: i have great hair. >> bob: it's our allies with the pacific rim of the threat. that's something we have to take in account. we have a treaty with south korea, right? 60,000 troops on the border. freddie we have to take -- >> greg: we have to take a break. it can't wait for the next segment. coming up, has the white house closed the doors for nation's devastating youth? will eric update the generous offer to keep white house tours up and running.
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♪ ♪ >> eric: yesterday, i asked the president to reconsider his petty political maneuver of shutting down the white house, our house for tours. it offered to pay the cost of keeping it open because i don't want kids like this to be disappointed. >> the white house is our house. >> eric: eached out multiple time to jay carney today. this is what i heard. [ crickets ] >> eric: the american public is no longer welcome. bob, i put this out there yesterday. it's really gained steam. sean hannity jumped on board and said he would do the same thing. charles krauthammer, newt gingrich last night amount lot of people coming forward saying president obama, open the white house doors. what it's about? >> bob: i will put ten bucks in to it. [ laughte ] before you spend that money, don't forget my car. is it dumb?
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end of what i thought was too much of a campaign event. come around. do something like this. you get kids involved and they can't come do the white house? i can't think of a worst combination of things to leave yourself as vulnerable as you are. whoever thought this up, deserves to get a hit on it. because it doesn't make it. >> andrea: it seems like karma for a president who likes to use children in press conferences now. now it backfiring because the children are powerful when it comes to p.r. tactics. but look, they want to get a tour. what's worse is they should have backed off of this a long time ago. now it's just story after story after story. we learn things like bo, obama's dog has a handler for over $100,000 per year? what? >> dana: i think he does more than hand the dog. >> andrea: what else do you think he does? >> eric: i reached out to the press office. i spoke to the assistant. i e-mailed both of them.
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>> andrea: did they say who is eric bolling? >> eric: you think they don't know that the offer has been extended, especially since sean hannity said he would do a week? >> dana: as petty political maneuvers go. they can be matched hand for hand. if i were them, i would not -- i think they were smart not to respond. if i am them, but i to think that the press office was probably never consulted about the decision to close white house tours. or if they were. they didn't block it. then they deserve to lie in the bunk bed. >> bob: you think they're going to say "yes, mr. bolling, you've been such a big supporter, we'll take you up on the offer"? >> greg: i can only offer summer tours of the apartment. thto college age students. they won't disappear like last year. bill hemmers is offering to
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buy margaritas. >> eric: it sounds like you're defending obama. can we roll tape of the kids, the people, the last few that got white house tours. listen. >> i walked in there and i never felt like -- it was like the red target. i was like, i could be walking here some day. >> i feel pretty lucky. it's the last tour. i wanted to see the white house. >> i thought it was worth it. >> eric: you can make fun of it. but i think it's bad. >> dana: we're not making fun of it. >> eric: it's black eye to america that president obama shut the white house down. >> dana: i think everybody is agreeing they made a terrible decision and they should have said immediately like okay, wait. stop the bleeding but now they are basically like in the e.r. room. >> bob: we didn't say it's a good idea. it's a bad idea. if you work in the, who i
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didn't like the tours coming through, you couldn't get from one side of the house to the other. had to run with all the kids. >> andrea: what happens is when you made your offer, eric and sean hannity jumped on board. it made it worse. it set the story for another news cycle. again, more reason for them to back off. dana, you and i talk about this all the time. the b.p. oil spill, the huge public affairs, publicbe relations nightmares they seem to let it go and let it go. they have flo no. idea it's blown up. >> dana: i think the media gives them a free ride about everything. so they never think about it until they have to. case and point to the weekly standard piece. giving an award to a woman who was antisemitic. they let it go until someone caught on. >> eric: but they were smart enough to back off that. >> bob: let's not all dump on him because of this. he has a lot of play on. this he was re-elected president of the united states. >> andrea: we're jumping on him on this he chosen not to
2:22 pm
manager the sequester. he could and he said i will not do it. >> bob: how demanage the sequester? >> greg: the army tuition program suspended because of this and it affects 200,000 soldiers. that's brutal. it feels like it's arbitrary punishment. it has to be a great time be a criminal. you could do something horrible and they will blame it on sequestration. >> eric: look at the first full screen. $1.4 billion, the obama family cost the american taxpayers over the years. >> eric: oh about cut back on other things that they could have come back on. >> eric: do you think they should have closed the white house? >> bob: you are talking about the cost of them flying to colorado. >> andrea: the last five presidents didn't lecture us about getting skin in the
2:23 pm
game. >> bob: maybe he is running out of mojo here, but the fact is he beat everybody at this game. he has done a very good job. so far, he will be fine. dines you have a good accountant? the i.r.s. is going to call you soon. bosto >> eric: cue the violins and grab kleenex. joy behar is leaving "the view." how will we go on? anyway, our goodbye to the goodbye girl next on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ [ instrumental ] [ boy ] i used to hate eating healthy stuff. but badger likes it, so i do too. i used to have bad dreams, but not anymore. [ barks ]
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>> andrea: the view is changing in new york city. that's right. talk show host joy behar after 16 years time for her to mouth off somewhere else. she told she wants to do an intelligent talk show in the future. say it isn't so. so, robert, i know you are so upset about this. you have been crying until we went on the air. >> bob: able to pull myself in here today as a result of this. by the way, intelligence -- the intelligent talk show for her is what they really do call an oxymoron. i think that, look, she is liberal. i like that. most of them are on the show. but if you get in detail of the politics, understand policy, no. >> eric: some people think you are joy behar without the wig. >> bob: i have heard that before.
2:29 pm
'canes is a comply meant to you. >> andrea: she has words for "the five." checkly, greg gutfeld. i don't know if you are a fan of the view but looks like joy has been watching you. >> why do i have to be so nasty to us. the guy, greg greg on fox. his -- gre greg gutfeld. it's better for "o" to talk foreign policy than thed bydies on "the view." >> i have ad bydd a biddy for y. come see me. >> greg: i love whoopi. first, chavez, now behar. a bad week for communists. when you are around people who agree with you constantly you say stupid things because no one is saying shut up. maybe she finds new friends. >> andrea: i thought she took a slap at her co-host and the show in general that employed her for 17 years. i want to do an intelligent
2:30 pm
show and talk about smart things. >> dana: i think it can be read that way but i doubt that is how she meant it. >> she is one of the only original members of the show. >> eric: on the way over here, "us weekly" is reporting that elizabeth hasselbeck is leaving as well. >> andrea: her contract is up. >> eric: who is left? >> andrea: i think she was funny. she was good. in the last couple of years she is too partisan. too bitter for the morning. >> greg: sad day for america. like when mickey dolans left the beatles. "the view" won't be the same. >> andrea: speaking of bitter, chris ma chews have words for republicans -- matthews has words for republicans take a look.
2:31 pm
>> obama is perfect american. went to school, never broke a law, wonderful family, good husband and good father. i don't think he got a speeding ticket. the guy does everything right. the right wing, and he has been moderate on guns until the horror of newtown. i don't newhat they are afraid of except he happens to be black. >> why play the race card? there is no perfect american. greeses he is a kel vin for crazies. >> dana: i feel bad for him. >> greg: seems like a nice chap. >> dana: i don't know. he has lost it. >> bob: the truth in telling here he is a friend of mine and i enjoy chris. he has a good deal of political background and knowledge. you may not like his politics. he was with speaker o'neil for many years.
2:32 pm
>> andrea: why the insults? >> bob: he hates republicans. >> eric: you said it's a good political analyst. >> bob: no, i said he was a good politician. that is different. >> eric: he is a terrible journalist. he is bias. no two sides. president obama -- wait. president obama is a perfect american? a guy never held a job that wasn't paid for by a taxpayer or tax largest? a guy that caned himself s? that is a perfect american? >> bob: are you showing your bias here? you ore an impartial source on this opinion. >> andrea: no one looks to chris matthews for fair and balanced news. why go to the racecard? president obama is re-elected and elected. move past this. why do they play the race card? >> dana: a couple years ago
2:33 pm
i went to one of the many opportunities that the press give themselves to give themselves awards in washington, d.c. he was keynote speaker and he started out by saying it was important to return civility to political discourse. it snickered in the background. my husband is a cough b.s. things and i kicked him under the table as well. he might be a good guy, but i think that if you are going to be the guy on tv, i wish he would be the same person. then not lecture people about political discourse. >> dana: he was calling on everybody to purn to time of civility. jo president obama lectured that -- >> andrea: president obama lectured that thing but he wide toed the american so he is not a perfect american. >> bob: as much as i abhor this, some of this on the racecard chris believes. it's something that comes outsy. what it is.
2:34 pm
he believes there are elements of the republican party are racist an out to get obama. >> andrea: is he racist when he goes up against republicans like tim scott? bost no. >> what is that about? how about going after women. is that sexist against republican women? >> bob: no. playing out the policy. >> andrea: no one plays cards on the other side. >> nobody does? >> andrea: i don't hear the right standing up using the race card or the sexist card. >> bob: how about calling what's her name a slut? >> andrea: and they say the horrific things. >> dana: who? >> bob: what's her name? >> eric: he apologized. and made a long -- >> andrea: that wasn't right either. how about that? ahead, a red light camera really about public safety or a sneaky way for the government to make money? that debate ahead on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with secret outlast clear gel, there's no white marks or worries.
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i'm chris wallace in washington. the big story here today is better than expected february jobs report. tonight on "special report," the unemblement rate drops to 7.7%. as the economy adds 236,000 new jobs. that happened despite the worry a hype ahead of the march 1 sequester of $58 billion in spending cuts. the son-in-law of usama bin laden was araped today in federal courtroom in new york. sulaiman abu ghaith pleaded not guilty to conspiracy to kill americans. north korea is issuing more threats following the-up security council decision to impose new sanctions. yesterday, the communist nation warn of a nuclear strike on the u.s. we'll take a close look at president obama's new outreach to republicans. the g.o.p. says that the welcome change but the white house says no change at all. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00.
2:40 pm
now back to new york and "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: welcome back to "the five." red light and speed camera. the up side and down side. bob has a theory. it improves safety but the others think it's a scam. in six months $1.5 million fines were collected in a town in ohio, town of 101,000 people. everybody got a ticket and paid it. >> bob: congratulations to the judge. whoever came up with the idea to put this in is close to fascism as you can get. you drive by the things. first, they send you a thing in the mail saying you owe us $140. they send a picture of the car. they don't know if you're driving the car.
2:41 pm
how do they know? you could loan it to your neighbor. >> they send a picture of you with a women and say pay $10,000. [ laughter ] >> i don't like cameras in my business at all. particularly in my business at night. this is all about collecting revenue for towns, because they don't, can't figure out another way to do it. ridiculous. >> dana: i used to get tickets in d.c. all the time, onramp for south 95. when you are getting on the highway is when you have to accelerate to be safe when you get on the highway. i always pay. that is one of a thing -- i am not a big wheel. i have a barbie car. in your hometown, chicago, a lot of corruption there. and just last, about a couple of weeks ago they found out that the australian company that has a lot of the speed cameras all across america, get 40% for every ticket they
2:42 pm
send out. what is happening is somebody like me pays a ticket right away. other people don't pay the ticket. to make up that re-knew instead of waiting for those guys to go to court, they just send out more tickets. >> eric: you can basically do it on every corner, raise the number of tickets. here is the problem, though. it's not for me. i'm for these. >> andrea: you are? >> eric: yeah. if you want to break the law, pay for it. you want to play, you got to pay. i got nailed by so many of these cameras, you no idea. >> dana: you pay right away? >> eric: they got your license plate. say my wife is driving? by the way, i have to pay for her anyway. if it's not my wife i'm in more trouble than a speeding ticket. i think that they do, they reduce crime. think twice before i speed on the street. >> dana: in all of my research today a lot of cities think it has helped safety. however, some people think it caused more accidents. >> bob: rear end collisions.
2:43 pm
>> dana: ever got one. >> greg: yes. >> bob: you don't drive. >> greg: years ago oddly enough dressed at santa claus doing a segment on going to santa school. the photo of me was in a santa claus outfit. [ laughter ] >> dana: not an elf? >> greg: no, not an elf you crazy person. this is taxation disguiseed as safety. the red light camera is a democratic drone of a way to pick your pocket. the government find way to pick your pocket, they will. >> eric: if you don't break law, they don't tax you. >> greg: a lot of these people aren't breaking the law. a lot of the cars aren't moving. >> dana: they don't know that you were the one in the car. what if your neighbor borrows the car? >> andrea: i hate these cameras. but i actually, i agree with you on this one. they only take your picture if you are violating the law. they don't take your picture if you are doing -- >> bob: no. >> andrea: behind the wheel. if you peer chair dancing to katy perry, they don't take a picture of that.
2:44 pm
chair dancing? you never danced in your car while you drive? one thing you probably haven't done in your car. >> bob: can you get a picture of gutfeld with the santa claus? first, the problem with that is no kid can sit on your lap without -- >> greg: the worst experience of my life. i was on the turnpike leaving a mall in philadelphia. i made a "u" and they took a picture. >> dana: one of the accusations is some of the cities have shortened the yellow light. >> bob: absolutely. >> dana: to catch more people running a red light or speeding. >> andrea: i don't like. then they are nickel and diming you in to complete submission. i do there is safety benefit to them. they get me to drive slower. >> dana: they cause people to leave certain neighborhoods. if they know they are there, they won't frequent stores in the area so it has unintended consequence of hurting the economy of that neighborhood. >> bob: what else they do is lower the cameras and they lower the speed. if it's 35, they will drop it
2:45 pm
to 30 just to catch more people. i'm telling you. >> eric: if you stop breaking the law you don't worry about the cameras. >> bob: you ought to break the law and not have your picture taken. >> andrea: have you seen the cameras on new york city that take pictures even if you aren't doing something wrong. >> dana: the person in chicago got accepted for taking bribes would get a kickback for putting cameras around the city. a lot of cities are deciding this is, just not the way for them to go. >> eric: chicago has done a lot of things wrong that. that 40% number came up with the parking meters. some of the parking lots. kickbacks. >> dana: some of the most expensive parking in america. >> bob: remember when they had the don't turn on right? washington, d.c. that happened. mayor for life, marion barry turns out i can't figure out why the streets -- middle of nowhere.
2:46 pm
you could make a right, but turns out his brother-in-law owned the company that made the sign. >> dana: that is convenient. bob is on the side of all of us breaking the law. coming up, don't forget, time to spring forward sunday and move clocks ahead an hour. we have a history lesson on that when we come back. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] how do you measure happiness? by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: it's hard to believe the first day of spring. not officially but the first day of spring is a week away. we are going to have snowstorms, in parts of the country. it's been rainstorms, all kind of stuff. do you know we spring forward this weekend? we spring forward this weekend. never mind. clocks are pushed ahead a hour. even i'm sure is for this. when i was drinking, i wasn't for it. because you were exposed too much of the day. but it does help a lot except when you get up in the morning it's dark. >> eric: yeah -- >> you don't get up that
2:51 pm
early. [ laughter ] >> eric: it's lighter later. that is great. next week we will have light background the whole show. >> bob: does anybody know why they want to daylight's saving time? >> eric: harvest? >> bob: yeah. harvest. >> dana: benjamin franklin floated the idea saying people would be more productive if they had light later on. >> bob: and equipment like greg with the combine that does corn. freddie the worst thing about this is -- >> greg: the worst thing about that is at a bar at 1:00 and it goes to 2:00. you're screwed. i don't think they turn it forward enough. they should do 24 hour forward. when it's monday it's sunday. sunday is saturday. friday it's saturday. saturday it's thursday. >> dana: you're going backward. >> greg: when you spring forward, you are going
2:52 pm
backwards. you go forward and you are really going backward. >> dana: i don't get it. >> andrea: i love this. it feels like spring in theylight forward. >> bob: love is in the air. spring time. they moved it up because of the energy costs. it used to be in april. move up three weeks. if you get up and go to school, early in the morning, you are driving in the o-tark, what. right -- "o-"dark-whatever. >> eric: i am amazed you are getting five minutes out of daylight's savings. >> greg: i have to say it's great. >> eric: you are doing fantastic. >> greg: i am affected by darkness. in winter i'm depressed. once it happens i'm happy.
2:53 pm
>> dana: in the winter i don't mind because then i have a good excuse for how early i go to bed. >> bob: what is that? sars? >> andrea: sad. season affective disorder. i have it. >> bob: you do something when i was drinking i got up at 6:00 in the afternoon it was light for three hours. get the chores done. get to the video store and liquor store. to the dealer. >> andrea: renting bambi. >> bob: of course. one more thing is up next. we did do that for one segment. thank you. ♪ ♪ i'm the world's worst cleaning lady. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday.
2:54 pm
♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills could get expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection.
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to avoid long-term injury, seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. if you have any sudden decrease or loss in hearing or vision, or if you have any allergic reactions such as rash, hives, swelling of the lips, tongue or throat, or difficulty breathing or swallowing, stop taking cialis and get medical help right away. ask your doctor about cialis for daily use and a 30-tablet free trial. >> greg: still talking about daylight's savings time. [ laughter ] that electrifying. it's one more thing. let's just get it over with, first with dana. >> dana: okay, i'm glad you came to me first. i appreciate that. i was gone the last couple days. i got to go to houston and i saw president bush 41 and mrs. barbara bush. both doing very well. and so that was very special. then i got to go to the houston rodeo. i got to see dierks bently, my favorite country music star. and his guitar player brian
2:58 pm
lason. and he later tweeted something i wanted to read to you, especially for bob. we have that tweet up. i think it's coming. here it is. cool meeting dana perino at the show. please extend my fandom to the rest of "the five" crew. yes, even bob. with a smiley face. >> bob: thank you. >> dana: we get that a lot. "even bob." >> greg: it's troubling when adult men end messages to smiley face. >> dana: no, it was to me. that's a way to communicate with me. you could learn. >> greg: it's emasculation of the society. >> dana: you would know a lot about the emasculation of society. >> greg: i try to do it every day. andrea? >> andrea: jimmy kimmel, who i love, had fun with a segment he calls "lie witness news." he sent a reporter out to ask folk what is they think about the new pope. take a listen. very funny. >> bob: what new pope? >> what do you think about the new pope? >> i think the new pope is amazing.
2:59 pm
from new york. >> where were you when you found out about him? >> actually, i was on facebook. one of my church friends. >> did you see the interview with the pope's eck wife? >> yes. >> what did you think of that? >> she was hilarious. >> what's his name? >> pope. the new pope. >> andrea: pope, the new pope. i also asked what do you think about the fact he's jewish? very, very funny stuff. >> greg: stole my joke. >> andrea: there is no new pope. >> greg: i said we should have a muslim pope. some people thought i was serious. >> bob: they are going to -- not what do they call it? >> dana: conclave. >> bob: next week. >> andrea: tuesday. >> dana: that will be rivetting television. >> bob: right. burn the thing and look for the white or black smoke. i know a lot about this city. do like the new pope myself. >> greg: stop it. bob, you are


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