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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 8, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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>> dana: i am going -- >> greg: i am changing my one more thing. we found out that andrea tantaros has a new radio show in january. debuted at number seven in the country. congratulations to andrea. she is well deserved. there are people in front of her that i think would not be, it wouldn't a great loss. >> greg: how nice of you? are you suggesting that could be killed? >> bob: you could do it that way. >> andrea: don't do anything rash. >> bob: i was one of the first guest on your show, right? >> andrea: the first guest. >> bob: you didn't do too well. >> andrea: you should come back. we have a game show for you. >> bob: you asked me ridiculous questions. >> andrea: we played a game show. played one with eric, too. rock and load with eric. played a country music quiz with dana. >> eric: congratulations. thank you. >> andrea: the work is very, very hard. >> eric: my turn? >> greg: yes, eric. >> eric: full screen
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breathe. one more time. there is still time. open hour white house. hashtag it and trend it. trending on and off all day. if you want to twitter. @presssec. that is jay carney's twitter account. let him know it's time to enthe white house. >> bob: if you want to loan hashtag, whatever that means, to eric. >> eric: check "cashing in" saturday at 11:30 and 4:30 every week. >> dana:ly tweet you a picture of jasper. my other job. >> greg: "red eye," a new "red eye" tomorrow at 11:00 p.m. eastern coast time. 8:00 pacific. tucker carlson and it should be a fun, fun show. it's a new show. >> bob: this self-promotion by you guys is unbelievable. >> greg: i'm promoting a fox news show. >> bob: don't promote your book yet. when is the new book due out? >> greg: end of the year.
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>> bob: okay. that means we'll start promoting it june? >> greg: two weeks. that is it for "the five." thank you for watching. have a great weekend, everyone. >> chris: despite all the doom and gloom talk about the sequester, the economy shows surprising strength. this is "special report." ♪ ♪ >> chris: good evening. i'm chris wallace in for bret baier. the much hyped run-up to the march 1 sequester cuts apparently did not square off employers after all. february jobs numbers were stronger than expected. white house correspondent wendell goler has tonight's top story. >> reporter: the 246,000 private sector jobs created in february were spread evenly across the economy. 48,000 in construction. 32,000 in the healthcare industry. and 73,000 in professional and business services. they offset the loss of 10,000 teachers and other government workers and pushed the
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unemployment rate down to 7.7%. its lowest level in four years. at the white house, the good news interrupted months of warning about the impact of the sequester. >> we are starting to gain traction. and it's time for politicians in washington to work across the aisle. to put in place policies that will support, not inhibit, that recovery. >> reporter: in fact, officials warned concerns about the sequester held the economy back at the end of last year. economist jane shirks says no. >> gdp was down because there was less government spending. however, the private sector growth was fairly robust. >> reporter: the strong jobs report prompted relatively little comment from republicans on capitol hill. house speaker john boehner said any job creation is positive news, but he added in a written statement, "the fact is unemployment in america is still way above the levels the obama white house projected when the trill-dollar stimulus spending bill was enacted." and while rel tiring baby boomers dropping out of the labor market, helped keep the
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jobless rate down, so does the high number of people who have been out of work so long they have stopped looking. >> even though the unemployment rate has come down, the employment rate has not come up. the labor market is not as strong as we need it to be. not as strong as anyone in congress or any policy makers want it to be. >> in fact, the labor force partitionpation rate that peaked under the first year of the george w. bush administration fall on the a 31-year low. but the long-term jobs trend, according to the president's aides, is positive. >> today's report from the other indicators that have been coming in show us that the recovery is gaining traction. we have now added private sector jobs every month for the last three years. total of 6-pointbe 4 million orve that period. >> reporter: aides say it's not enough to satisfy the president and certainly not enough to satisfy the critics that say 20 million americans are having to settle for part-time jobs or are out of work altogether. even at february's rate of job growth, many will stay that way for years. chris?
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>> chris: wendell goler, reporting from the white house. wendell, thanks for that. aalready surge in wall street didn't mind the numbers. they had a record close of 14, 14,397 for the dow. s&p 500 finished up 7. it's official. senior al-qaeda figure charged for aed crimes in criminal court in heart of new york city. not everyone is happy about it. here is correspondent doug mckelway. >> reporter: sulaiman abu ghaith's not guilty plea in federal court to one count of conspiracy to kill americans sets the stage for a high profile terrorist trial, just blocks from ground zero. it reignites intense republican criticism of the obama administration for trying to terrorism suspects in civilian courts, where miranda rights apply. >> if this man right next to usama bin laden involved in the attacks on our country on 9/11, don't you think it would
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be important that we not tell him he has right to remain silent? >> reporter: kelly ayotte with fellow republican senators lindsey graham condemned the statement that said the decision clearly contravenes the will of the american people land not go unchallenged. a family member of a 9/11 victim also weighed in. >> my concern is that a guy likes this comes to a civilian court. he is put away. hopefully he would be convicted. but it wouldn't, it's not, it's conspiracy. it's not murder. >> the white house today defended the record of terrorist conviction in federal court. pointing to the times square bomber and the underwear bomber, now both serving life sentencing. >> there is broad consensus across the united states government. at the department of defense. the department of justice. department of homeland security. intelligence community agrees that the best way to protect our national security interest is to prosecute abu ghaith in the court. >> reporter: an officer
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doubt that it meets the requirement of military tribunal. >> sorry, he can't be charged with material support for terrorism, which can carry a life sentence, because that disallowed as a lool matter in military commission. no a traditional war crime. he can't be charged with consider in military commissions because that is not a traditional war crime. >> reporter: trying abu ghaith in federal court raises other concerns. in 2010, the administration backed down from trying terrorism mastermind khalid sheikh mohammed in manhattan, when new york police estimated the cost of security for a year-long trial would run $200 million. abu ghaith has been in u.s. custody since march 1. though the government did not reveal it until yesterday. prosecutors today said he gave extensive post-arrest statement totaling 22 pages but they offered no details. abu ghaith's trial set for april 8 is expected to last only a few weeks. asked today if it would be disruptive, mayor bloomberg seemed resigned to saying, "i'm not going to get involved in that, because i don't want to make the president's job
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any more difficult." chris? >> chris: we have more on this with the panel. doug, thank you. following up on a story we told you yesterday, the obama administration has revoked the award it planned give an egyptian activist whose twitter account included anti-american and anti-demettic comments. ibrahin claimed her account was hacked but she refuses to apologize to what she calls the zionist lobby in america. the threats continue from north korea. today, the communist followed up yesterday's warning about a nuclear strike against the u.s. with moves that further isolate the regime from the rest of the world. chief washington correspondent james rosen has that story tonight from the state department. >> reporter: images broadcast on north korea state run television puffer ported to show dictator gy kim jong un in islands that had a pep talk to "annihilate the enemy" anytime an order is issued. elsewhere, north korean army
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seasonals conducted military exercises in an apparent display of defiance against the u.s. and south korea. but the newly inaugurated south korean president, the first woman to hold the job, sought to project firmness in response. >> translator: i will deal strongly with north korea's provocation. >> reporter: this week the u.n. security council imposed new sanctions on what is already the most heavily sanctioned state for punishment for the nuclear test the north conducted last month, third in seven years. fresh from hosting dennis ro rodman, discussed a threat but was largely dismissed. >> the united states and the allies are repaired to deal with any threat and any reality that occurs in the world. >> reporter: the north has even gone so far to declare the intention to scrap the
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truce in place since 1953 that ended the korean war. the state department rejected suggestions that the steady application of sanctions may actually be helping the regime by unifying it. >> we are now increasing the number of affected categories of society and the dprk; particularly, trying to go after those elites who may be encouraging this negative direction. >> it seems that the young new leader is being influenced by the hardliners, perhaps his uncle, by the military. so that is a little troublesome. >> reporter: aides to secretary of state kerry made clear once again today that they regard the road to reduce tensions with north korea running through beijing. as it's estimated that china provides the north with 45% of its food. 80% of its consumer goods. and 90% of its imported energy. chris? >> chris: james rosen reporting from the state department. james, thanks for that. the c.i.a. has its new director. john brennan was sworn in
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today by vice president biden. brennan placed his hands on an original draft of the constitution, dating from 1787, which has george washington's personal notes on it. brennan was confirmed by the senate yesterday after a filibuster over the administration's drone policy. well, just how easy would it be to sneak a bomb aboard a plane at one u.s. airport? the shocking answer later on the grapevine. up next, the president's outreach to republicans. is it really a change of plan? [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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other serious stomhh conditions may exist. don't take nexium if you take clopidogrel. ask your doctor if nexium is right for you. find out how you may be able to get nexium for just $18 a month at >> chris: when does a change of strategy not a change? the obama administration says the president's latest outreach to congressional republicans is motivated by the spirit of cooperation not desperation. it isn't really a change at all. chief white house correspondent ed henry takes a fair and balanced look. >> reporter: as president obama has stepped up a charm
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offensive with republicans, aides incyst it's no change in tone -- insist it's no change in tone. >> the republican made clear since the election, since the inaugural, he is interested in working cooperatively. >> reporter: that is not exactly how it's played out since election night, when the president talked about reaching out. >> in the weeks ahead i look forward to sitting down with governor romney to talk about where we can work together the move the country forward. >> reporter: two days later the president held a pep rally in east room. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: and suggested he was not that flexible. >> i'm open to new ideas. i'm committed to solving our fiscal challenges. but i refuse to accept any approach that isn't balanced. >> reporter: the confrontational approach fired up democrats, as the president hit the road again. making his case on the fiscal cliff. >> it's too important for our families to not get it done. >> reporter: the president did eventually have that lunch with romney. yielded only an awkward photo. plus, there was little outreach to rank and file
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republicans beyond one-on-ones with speaker john boehner. the president's team says the g.o.p. dug in on taxes so he did his best. >> he negotiated with and gave republican leaders and he put forward proposals that represented by any measure serious compromise. >> reporter: the strategy seemed to pay off, as the president got a better deal in the cliff talks. and went in to his inaugural riding high. since the "state of the union," though, he has had far less leverage in the sequester fight after some missteps, including exaggerations about the impact. >> whether it's sequest related i don't know but there are teachers getting pink slips now. >> reporter: backlash over shutting white house doors to save less than $100,000 a week. >> the sequester is what, $85 billion? and $75,000 doesn't seem like really anything. >> reporter: now with the clock ticking on lam duck status, advisors to the president say he is anxious to get a big budget deal to move on to the rest of the second
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term agenda like immigration reform. boehner, though, calls the sudden outreach a 180 and suggests it may have little impact. >> i'm hopeful that something will come out of it, but if the president continues to insist on tax hikes i don't think we are going to get very far. >> reporter: administration officials think republicans are celebrating too early on sequester, because it's having a big impact in states that have not yet been felt here in washington. asf a big budget deal, the president's plan was supposed to be unveiled in february. that has slid to march now. we are hearing it won't come until april. chris? >> chris: thank you. about an hour ago, the army suspended its tuition assistance program because of sequester-related budget concerns. soldiers will be allowed to complete current courses, but can't sign up for new ones. the marine corps made a similar move last weekend. the navy and air force tell the armed forces press service they expect to announce their decisions next week. cardinals will begin their conclave to select a new pope on tuesday. they made that decision this
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afternoon. there will be one round of voting on the first day. followed by two rounds each morning and two each afternoon until a new pope is chosen. the u.n. says 21 filipino peacekeepers held by syrian rebels since wednesday could be free tomorrow. the peacekeepers are said to be hidden in the basement of homes less than a mile from the israeli-controlled golan heights. the end of one era in venezuela tonight and possible beginning of another. president hugo chavez was memorialized as the chosen successor prepares to take over, at least temporarily. correspondent steve harrigan is in caracas tonight. >> reporter: hugo chavez's funeral was not followed by a burial. instead like communist leaders lenin and mao his remains will be embalmed. in a glass coffin and placed on display in a caracas museum
3:19 pm
forever. interim president nicolas maduro says the move is necessary because of the huge crowds who have come out to see the remaining. >> translator: he is in my heart like my headband reads. i'm chavez and proudly i say i am chavez forever. >> reporter: the opposition says permanently displaying chavez's remains is a split kay ploy to win votes in the upcoming election -- remains a political ploy to win votes in the upcoming election. mahmoud ahmadinejad and castro and dictator of belarus attended the funeral. testament to chavez's wide-ranging efforts to build anti-u.s. alliances. the u.s. sent the small delegation to a funeral of a man mo called one american president the devil and another a clown. the actor sean penn who described chavez as a friend america never knew it had was in attendance, as one the reverend jesse jackson who says the transition could be an opportunity for the u.s. to improve relations with
3:20 pm
venezuela. >> i think we have a moment here at the time where president obama, even though true -- [ inaudible ] congress did to represent america. america shouldn't be here. >> reporter: maduro a one-time bus driver and chavez's hand-picked successor will be warn in as acting president tonight. -- will be sworn in as acting president tonight. he is starting to talk like chavez and dress like chavez and even gesture like chavez from the podium. chris? >> chris: steve harrigan reporting live from venezuela. thank you for that. still ahead, fundamentally changing the way you get healthcare. but first, it's never too early to start handicapping the 2016 presidential race. [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪
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>> chris: 2016 sounds like a long way off. that is, unless you're talking about the presidential race. few names have been mentioned for democrats. other than former secretary of state hillary clinton. and vice president biden. but on the republican side, the number of possible candidates seems to keep growing. chief political correspondent carl cameron has a scouting report tonight on the candidates who may already be laying the groundwork for a run. >> reporter: i will speak until i can no longer speak. i will speak as long as it takes until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that the constitution is important. >> kentucky senator rand paul nearly 13-hour filibuster has become the opening act of his 2016 white house quest. the tea party favorite with a deep libertarian streak has been saying for a couple of months he is seriously interested and it's in his
3:25 pm
blood. his father, ron paul, ran for president twice as a republican and once as a libertarian. the senator filibuster about the president's drone policy captured the attention of civil libertarians in both parties looking for candidate in three years. >> we can't wait until 2016 to begin to change the direction of the country. it has to start now. >> reporter: paul partially eclipseed former florida governor jeb bush 2016 coming out party this week, including a glitzy reagan library speech pushing his book on immigration reform in california. son of one president an brother of another he denied any interest in the white house for years and then shift dramatically this week acknowledging this time is different. his new book on immigration reform advocates a path of legalization for illegal aliens. if a path to citizenship does not encourage more illegal entries he would support it too. >> the hair tage created dinenism and invo nation than any other country on earth. >> he is in sync with marco rubio also eyeing a white house bid and speaker of
3:26 pm
florida's house when bush was governor. rubio delivered the republican response to the president's "state of the union" address, is a key author of a bipartisan immigration propose is with a path to citizenship. he is hispanic and could help the party appeal to minorities but some conservatives oppose both legalization and citizenship as amnesty. this week rubio threatened to oppose any spending measure to avert a government shutdown at the end of the month that does not completely defund obamacare. rubio is not the g.o.p.'s only latino up-and-comer. texas senator ted cruz feisty debut had some tea partiers noting in 2016 he would have as much experience as president obama did when he first run. but cruz was born in canada and is constitutionally ineligible. still, there are at least 16 other republicans and nine democrats already jockeying for position with three year years -- 3-1/2 years still left of mr. obama's final term. next week, the 2012 republican vice presidential nominee paul ryan gets the spotlight when the chairman of the house budget committee he will
3:27 pm
unveil the white house republican budget proposal sure to spark controversy and division and a lot of attention on his white house aspirations in three-and-a-half years. chris? >> chris: political junkie to it's never too early. carl, thank you. i'll be talking with two of the prospective candidates this weekend on "fox news sunday." i will have an exclusive interview with house budget committee chairman paul ryan and i'll also sit down with corner florida for jeb bush -- with former florida for jeb bush. task force says treatment of post traumatic stress december order is plagued bay variety of shortcomings. the republican blames confusing paperwork, inconsistent training and guidelines and incompatible data systems. it notes the army has more than doubled the number of military and civilian behavior health workers in the last five years. popping the question with an assist from the u.s. senator. that is next on the grapevine. plus, even in death, hugo chavez stirs emotions in america. did you know, your eyes can lose vital nutrients as you age?
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>> chris: now some fresh pickings from the political grapevine. oil companies sitgo honored passing of venezuelan president hugo chavez in a way that angered many americans. citgo lowered all flags to half staff, including american flags. "we at citgo are sadped by the news of his passing. the thoughts and prayer are
3:32 pm
with the family and the men and women of venezuela in their grief." hugo chavez called president bush the devil and hinted the u.s. gave him terminal cancer. there is a reason that newark airport is mockingly referred to as the ground zero of tsa failures. the "new york post" reports late last month a plane-clothe tsa investigator got through two security screenings including a patdown with an improvised device, explosio expe device in his pants. it was a fake. last year wassens of tsa agents and baggage screeners were fired for major security lapses. finally, senator mark warner's twitter page took a break from politics yesterday for a good old fagged love story. brent wanted to catch the attention of his girlfriend beth who was the senator's press secretary. he tweeted the senator your press secretary pays more attention to this feed than her own. can i borrow this space?
3:33 pm
senator warner said okay. so bret popped the question. that is when bret showed up in the flesh and got down on one knee. you will be happy to know she said yes. the senator sent congratulations how else? via twitter. >> we are taking another look at the changing face of healthcare in the life of obamacare. fox news political correspondent marc seigel tells us about efforts to make big changes in the most basic of functions. >> dr. crumbhold as the country top health policy efforts is proposing sweeping changes to how hospitals and doctors treat patients. he sees the patient as more than just a diagnose know analysis. as a person with a series of health challenges responding best to a team approach. >> the idea of team believe it or not relatively new in medicine. for us to succeed we have to work together, inpatient, outpatient, nurses, doctors, healthcare worker, educators,
3:34 pm
everyone has to get soldier socl workers, nonmedical personnel. what does this patient need to be successful? >> one in five medicare patient has an acute problem within a month after hospital discharge that requires them to be readmitted. dr. crumbholt latest research calls this post hospital syndrome. it costs the healthcare system billions. he believes even a small reduction could save money and save lives! here at yale new haven hospital innovative researchers are reengineering the healthcare system so it meets the patient's needs. >> surgery is perfect, but the rehab doesn't work or problem and six months later people regret they had the surgery. they aren't gaining benefit from it. what did the surgery actually accomplish >> can the healthcare system afford an all hands on tech senior care? healthcare insurance advocate susan says the hmo anticipated
3:35 pm
this problem in advance of obamacare. >> health plans focused on the transition from hospital to home. conservatively over the last few years. have designed systems to help make sure the patient gets what he or she needs at home, to make sure the follow visit occurs, to make sure that patients are taking their beds. >> 83-year-old helen is one of the rare medicare patients who is getting to try out an exciting new way to fix the aortic valve without surgery. >> i like to be with people. i don't want to just get in the car and feel sorry for myself. >> but will all the helen on medicare get their wish? can medicare take substantial cuts, be stretched to include post hospital syndrome and still be able to afford to cover technology like this for all patients in need? in new haven, connecticut, dr. marc seigel, fox news.
3:36 pm
>> chris: some of the same areas hit hard by hurricane sandy are now digging out from a late winter snowstorm. up to a foot of snow fell in parts of new england that led to accidents and power outages. the same storm barreled through the midwest and midatlantic earlier in week. three people were killed in virginia. the conservative activists who help bring down the community group acorn settled a lawsuit with one of the group's former employees. court document indicate james o'keeffe will pay rivera $100,000 and apologize. o'keeffe snuck a hidden camera in his office and asked for advice on illegal activities and then released a video where vera appeared to be helping him. is image everything? we talk about president obama's new charm offensive when the fox panel joins me after the break. this is $100,000. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back.
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we really are starting to gain some traction. now the question taising lawmaker information washingtonlawmakers in washingt, is congress going to be engamed in an effort putting in place the kind of policies that will support that recovery? >> chris: white house spokesman josh earnest getting the jobs numbers and the president's pitch to undo the sequester in to one neat sound bite. bring in the panel. hayes of "the weekly standardment" charles lane for the "washington post." and syndicate columnist charles krauthammer. well, steve, start with the jobs numbers. before we get to the president trying to undo the sequester. the unemployment rate drop to 7.9% from 7.7%. and the economy created 236,000 jobs last month. which is both much better than expected. is the recovery picking up steam? >> it's too early to say that,
3:41 pm
though that was a good jobs report. there were some findings in the jobs report that pointed in another direction in terms of the long-term unemployment. picked up a little bit in the length of long-term unemployment was longer. generally this is a good jobs report. i don't think we can say we are in the midst of a robust recovery. we are still growing at perhaps .1%. that may be revised. but there is no sign, not enough signs that the economy is really taking off in the way it did say under ronald reagan. >> chris: chuck, the jobs number don't reflect the sequester. these are the february jobs numbers. they may reflect the doom and gloom, the hype about this, because there were certainly people who laid off private companies that laid off people in anticipation. but the white house maintains that as this sequester begins to take hold, as we get the furloughs and layoffs it will affect the economy. >> that's what they say. to back it up is the cto
3:42 pm
projection. >> congressional budget office. >> shows three-quarter of a million jobs lost in the sequester. you have to be encouraged that we added this ma private sector jobs. at a time when we come off a quarter of sluggish growth. and we are facing whatever uncertainty sur rounds the sequester. government employment was down. so, i think it will be interesting because if the numbers continue to tick in a positive direction it changes the politics of the sequester. because it will put the administration in a position of saying the economy would be even better if we didn't have the sequester. but republicans will be able to argue see, we had the sequester and the economy didn't tank like you saud said t would. >> chris: the jobs numbers and the possible impact of the sequester on the economy. >> look, the sequester is less than one-half of 1% of the economy. if you believe the cbo, the actual cuts this year will be half of that to be a quarter
3:43 pm
of 1%. the idea it will cause a stall in the economy are dramatic, the drop is ridiculous. we saw in the current number what is is happening is that government jobs are going town. they are being replaced by jobs in the private sector, which is exactly what you want for a got, which is hugely in debt. $16 trillion in debt. running trillion dollar debts all the time. it strengthened the economy. cut down on the size of government. end up with the jobs in the private sector, which is exactly what is happening. i think ultimately, underlying this, after half a tect housing hit the bottom now. it's rising again. with that, you get essentially a bottom underneath. under pinning the economy because it creates all kind of jobs in construction and other industries. and i think that is probably the engine underneath. it looks good. if the government will get out of the way. >> chris: this brings to us
3:44 pm
president's so-called charm offensive to try to undough the sequester with a grand bargain. another attempt at a grand bargain. this week he met with dozen republicans rank and file, not senate leaders for dippe dinner wednesday night. he met with paul ryan head of the house budget committee and democratic ranking member chris van hollen. on thursday, how sincere do you think the president is in reaching out to republicans and trying to work out a deal to undue the sequester? >> strangely enough, i remain uncharmed. i hate to be sin can about this. if you're not hard to understand the president's actions. the only thing that changed his numbers have gone down. from high 50 to 40s. the only thing in the real world he tried to exploit the sequester. "a" with predictions of the
3:45 pm
apocalypse. then with sort of the petty actions like shutting the tours on white house. and what happened is obama strongest constituency, not the left. the main stream media could no longer cover for him without being embarrassed. it had to expose exaggeration after another on sequester. the obvious cynicism of the white house tours trying to inflict the maximum pain in order to make a case and blame republicans. that partisanship has worked for the president. since election night and through the fiscal cliff. but it crashed on the sequester. that is why i think he had to recalculate and now he is extremely charming. >> chris: but you remain uncharmed. >> remain uncharmed. >> are you -- >> because i remain highly
3:46 pm
cynical. >> chris: i was going to say skeptical. are you as cynical as brother charles krauthammer or do you think the president -- i guess more important than his motive is there the basis for a deal? >> i'm not quite as cynical as charles because i don't expect sincerity from politicians. it expect them to do what is in their interest. to the extent thinks it's in his interest to do this it might be a good sign. week or so ago at the press conference he said there is no special sauce to convince john boehner and mitch mcconnell. so he tried asparagus marmalade at the jefferson hotel on the rank and file. they selected 12 guys with the help of lindsey graham because they are up for re-election in 2014, or retired. or previously announcedded they are open to this kind of deal. i guess the idea is if you could fete six of them, or eight or whatever you need to kind of get to 60 votes to block a filibuster, then you could cut a deal and present that to the house. so you would go around
3:47 pm
mcconnell and around boehne boehner. you would work from that group out. >> chris: 30 seconds left in the segment. give the tie-breaker. >> i am more cynical than charles. in order to believe that the president is sincere here, you'd have to accept that the president is now believing in a means bipartisan he rejected throughout most of his first term. toward an end cutting spending and reducing the debt he never seems to care much about. it makes no sense whatsoever on the face. republicans ought to be very cautious as they enter in the talks. do everything in public. only time you are serious is if the president says i am for "x" -- >> there were 12 senators at dinner. same number as the apostles. i don't want to draw meaning from that but i want to point ouit out. >> wow! we have to take a break. but next up, the friday lightning round. gotcha !
3:48 pm
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right next to bin laden involved in the attack on our country on 9/11, don't you think it would be important that we not tell him he has the right to remain silent? >> chris: republican senator kelly ayotte not happy with the obama administration decision to charge usama bin laden's son-in-law in criminal court instead of a military tribunal. we're back not only with the panel but for the friday lightning round with our panel. so, we now learn that sulaiman abu ghaith has been in u.s. custody for a week and was only charged after he stopped talking, supposedly, steve. the u.s. was have a railroad of being able to bring
3:52 pm
terrornist to court and convict them in criminal court. what practical effect do you think the decision is here to go in criminal court rather than a military tribunal? >> a lot of it depends when he was mirandizeed and how much information he gave us before he was mirandizeed. we heard that story from the obama administration after the airplane bomber. gave us everything we could want to know in 50 minutes. that is a harder sell here in particular because faith abu ghaith was in iran. and the indict reads extensively about his activities in iran in 2002. he is potentially somebody who could give us a lot of information about the network, the al-qaeda network operating in iran which the obama administration has in the past. >> chris: chuck? >> well, you know, they don't want to take him to guantanamo. >> they haven't taken anybody to guantanamo. >> exactly. they don't want to it anymore. they don't have to waterboard. it's beyond -- it's
3:53 pm
surprising, maybe it shouldn't but it's disappointing to think with a high value terrorist like this, there is no middle ground. >> they don't want to is not a gnash ral. it's completely irrational. even you oppose guantanamo at the beginning, it exists. no way it will shut. the administration committed to shutting it has now shut town the office that would shut it down. so if it is here, it is the place you can hold him and question him over years. why do you give him miranda rights? >> chris: question two. north korea, which this week upped its threat, the warnings to levels even extraordinary for north korea. and the new leader there, kim jong un. why do you think the rhetoric is so extreme and how seriously should we take it? >> he could be getting pressure from others and elders in the military surrounding him now and feels
3:54 pm
the need to show himself and puff out his chest. the obama administration handled this well. better than bush administration tid in second term. their policy seemed to be to respond to every provocation with a pre-emptive concession. and the obama administration is not doing that. they are letting the provocations happen. they are putting pressure on china to get serious, but they're not responding in a public way seeking more talks. >> i think with all the rhetoric, the north korea reasons masking a deep -- north koreans are masking a deep insecurity and weakness. the ground is slowly shifting under the regime. the example of that the china vote and the security council. i can't remember where china has gone on the record in the mild sanctions way and voting the security council and publicly repry manding the statement with korea. >> those are rational answers but there is a third choice. he is nuts. after all, he and dennis rodman got along extremely
3:55 pm
well. there is a history of rulers who were nuts. rhaligula made a horse in to a senator so it has happened before. if it is, he can be irrational. the military will try to contain him but i wouldn't under estimate the influence of craziness in world history. we certainly saw it in the 20th century. >> chris: real quickly, chuck, why would the fact that china seems to be going for the sanctions cause them to be even more outrageous? to try to scare the chinese? >> i think they have to show at some level why nobody pushes us around. truth of the matter is china holds a lot of cards in terms of food and energy supply for north korea. north korea cannot operate without china subsidiaries. >> chris: all right. the top, your top vote getter for friday lightning round is winners and losers. steve? >> my winner is joe flacco as the quarterback of the baltimore raveps, only the 19th rated quarterback in the n.f.l.
3:56 pm
nonetheless, based on his performance in the playoffs signed the greatest contract and highest paid player in n.f.l. history this week. he is also my loser, because whether he lives in maryland or new jersey, his stat taxes are so high they will take a greater percentage of his income which will make brees broze the highest paid player. i'm not shedding tears for the guys, i'm just saying. the taxes take a bite. >> bobby jindal eliminates that income tax in louisiana drew brees does even better michigan winner is chris cacubiak. the executive chef at the plume restaurant in washington where president obama -- >> marmalade. >> yes. where president obama dined with the senators and just received including this millions of dollars worth of free advertising as a result. my loser, tough to pick this week but i gave it to michael bennett who is the senator from colorado. he rups the democratic -- runs the democratic senate campaign for 2014.
3:57 pm
his job is tougher when senator carl levine of michigan announced he would step down. most people expect the democrats to win that state. but they will have to spend more money. >> chris: charles, 30 seconds. winners and losers. >> you are both wrong. the big winner of the week is rand paul. he palle pall -- he picked the t issue. how many americans believe obama on a whim has a right to put a drone-launched missile through their living room? a small constituency. loser, bolivia, ecuador, nicaragua and cuba. the teth of hugo chavez means in time, not immediately, they will lose the billions of oil dollars that chavez had lavished upon them. >> chris: that is it for panel. stave tuned for new video that show just how serious a threat north korea poses to the u.s. [ male announcer ] this is betsy.
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