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tv   Hannity  FOX News  March 9, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PST

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supposed to be out on a flight. and hasn't been heard from. to get a real response from the iranian government have born what? >> nothing. as of right now, they still don't admit publicly that he was ever even in iran. >> but you have reason to believe that they're holding him as some type of political chip? >> i don't know. i don't know why. all i know is that he's been held for the past six years. his passport has never showed up in any other country and we just want him home and we don't know what to do to get him home. >> sarah, it is-- it's appalling, reprehensible and i hope our government behind the scenes is doing a lot more than we see them doing publicly, because a lot of times things are happening behind the scenes. i certainly hope that's the case and i hope that the president useses his worldwide fame and celebrity to bring this case to the public at large in a much bigger way.
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our prayers go to you and your family, sarah. >> thank you very much. >> and finally, tonight, the factor tip of the day. when you prepare for debate have the facts on your side, unless you live on mars, by now you know that o'reilly got into it with alan colmes earlier this week and friends were e-mailing me about it. bill challenged alan to come up with a concrete proposal by the president to cut spending. bill's point the president will not put forth any specifics. well, today the lead editorial in the wall street journal examines the president's plan and draws the same conclusion. there are no meaningful specifics in it. so here is the tip, read that editorial in the journal, headlined "obama's not so grand offer" you'll learn a lot and see exactly why bill got worked up. tune into my radio show every day and go to laura and become a laura 65 member, and this is it for us tonight. thanks for watching. i'm laura ingraham in for bill
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o'reilly, please remember the spin stops right here because we're ut for you. have a great weekend. >> . >> ♪ >> welcome to a special edition of "hannity." it has been six months since the benghazi terror attacks that killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador chris stevens and still, there are more questions than answers about what happened that tragic night in september. over the course of the next hour, we will examine what we know now and what the white house is still trying to cover up because to this day, the stonewalling by the obama administration continues. now, just this week, fox news has learned from republican lawmakers that they have not been granted access to speak to the survivors of the consulate attack. joining me now with reaction, someone who has been demanding answers since day one, senator lindsey graham, senator, welcome back, sir.
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>> thank you and god bless fox news. >>. >> sean: well, thank you for saying that. i met ty woods father. >> yeah. >> sean: i've got it tell you something, his son gave his life saving other people and we deserve answers. this has gone on too long. when we be able to talk to the survivors, some of the gaps we have can be filled by them, they were there. >> we're going to write a letter, senator ayotte and myself to senator kerry asking him to make survivors available to the congress, the appropriate committees can interview the survivors about what happened that night. six months later, what do we know, sean? we know that the story told by susan rice on 16th of september that the consulate was significantly, substantially and strongly secured has collapsed and we know her story and the president's story, an al-qaeda attack caused by a hateful video that led to a spontaneous riot has
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collapsed. we know that the story they told us for weeks after the attack no longer holds water. >> sean: all right. we've got three aspects to this, senator. we've got the before, the during and the after. so-- >> absolutely. >> sean: do we have an answer to the question, why was the request, numerous requests by ambassador stevens denied when it comes to benghazi and the extra added security that he said he needed? >> well, we know the answer, the state department denied their request because they were trying to pursue a foreign policy that was quite frankly ill conceived. they objected, the military, the american military and contractors securing the conflict, they wanted to basically lead from behind and outsource security to a nonexistent government in benghazi, so the president is the primary culpable party here. his leading from behind strategy of trying to basically have a very low american footprint led to this debacle called benghazi, we
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also know that secretary clinton did not have a clear idea of the threats in benghazi, because she never received any information coming from statements and other people on the ground in benghazi and tripoli about the threats they faced. she was deaf and blind and before the attack is a clear example of a failed foreign policy, a detached president and a deaf and blind secretary of state. >> sean: i mean, what i'm having a hard time wrapping my hands around here is this is a hot bed of terrorist and when an ambassador is requesting additional security you would think this would be taken seriously and this is the first ambassador killed in 30 years. and the facts we've learned are troubling, i want you to weigh in on this. i was shocked when leon panetta, the defense secretary, said i informed the president when it started. he never updated him and i
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think it was you that was asking, wasn't the president at all curious about what was happening? >> during the the attack, the president of the united states never made a phone call to anyone in libya. remember, the hostage rescue team, the six-man team was held up at the benghazi airport for three and a half hours. the secretary of state never talked to the secretary of defense. >> sean: well, i would think that that would be a basic thing to do and that didn't happen and i'd like answers regarding that. now we've got the after, you referred earlier to susan rice, the five sunday shows obviously, that she went on this, whole narrative that this was all connected to a youtube video none of which panned out to be true, but it wasn't just susan rice, it was president obama himself, you know, two weeks later, he goes before the u.n. he's advancing that false narrative that this youtube video is involved. no evidence whatsoever to back up that claim and to the contrary, the president of libya and others were saying, has nothing to do with what happened. >> on the day that she was on television telling us there's
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no evidence of an al-qaeda element here, this was a spontaneous event caused by video. the president of libya on the same day said this is an al-qaeda attack. the secretary of defense, and the chairman of the joint chiefs testified before the armed services committee, they knew on the night in question, 11 september, this was a terrorist attack. so, how could the president and susan rice be telling the american people and the world there's no evidence of a terrorist attack, when his own secretary of defense and chairman of joint chiefs of staff knew that night it was. obviously, no one is talking to each other, but my belief, the story they were telling was a politically motivated story, they wanted to preserve the narrative that bin laden was dead, al-qaeda was on the run, being dismantled and if it were true that al-qaeda had attacked our consulate in benghazi on september 11th, it would undercut that narrative. he so i think there's no justification for what the president and susan rice said. i think after the attack that
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there was an effort by this administration to conceal the truth. >> sean: i think there was, and i think it's self-evident at this point. i've never heard a spontaneous attack where people just happen to have rocket propelled grenades and mortars in their back pocket so the narrative never exactly fit for me, senator. i think it was deceit from the beginning and america's biasly abusive lab dog media went along with it. they never asked the tough questions which we should have had answered before the election. >> here is what we've learned from here. the media has been absolutely awol, if you imagine if this were bush and bush was telling people there's no evidence after a terrorist attack here and a spontaneous event caused by a video and his own secretary of defense knew early on it was a terrorist attack, the reaction? but the british closed their consulate in june because they had been attacked in june and
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our consulate had been attacked twice. the president is the primary responsible party here and we're going to keep pressing. we want the witness interviews and who the survivors are so we can get the truth in benghazi out and we're not going to stop until we get the truth. >> sean: thanks for being with us, we appreciate it. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up next, it's a time line of terror. we're going play for you and have minute by minute accounts how the deadly terror attack unfolded and how the president misled you, the american people and liz cheney continued efforts to continue with the botched handling of the attack. and benghahahahahahaha
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>> now the terror attack in benghazi sparked hours of chaos and confusion not only in libya, but halfway around the world in washington d.c. now, let's take a closer look at how it all unfolded. september 11th, 2012, sometime in the morning, u.s. ambassador chris stevens sends a three-page cable from benghazi libya to washington, noting, quote, growing problems with security, unquote. the libyan police and security forces were, quote, too weak to keep the country secure. ambassador stevens is getting ready for bed inside the main residence of a temporary complex made up of a series of rented villas.
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and also in the building is information management officer shaun smith and information security agents and fox's greg palkot went to benghazi to track the events of that night. >> on the other side of the u.n. mission walls in this benghazi neighborhood, all is quiet. no stirrings or any protests, no sign of the real hell about to unfold. >> 5,000 miles away secretary of state hillary clinton is at the state department and president obama is at walter reed medical center in maryland. >> this amateur video apparently captures the first outbreak of violence outside of the compound walls. suddenly, the compound is overrun. the mad mob of attackers break through here, the main gate, a weak point in the defense of the mission and move on here to the understaffed libya
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militia barracks, they storm the place and torch it and light up embassy cars around it and then they move on. >> inside the main residence is a safe haven area, fortified by a locked metal gate. >> the special agent reported bye comes over here and gets ambassador stevens out of the bedroom and along with shaun smith brings them over here to the room in the safe haven, time-- medicine and supplies, really, just a dark windowless closet. and outside a locked grill hopefully for security. >> outside they sound the alarm. >> a diplomatic security agent working in the tactical operations center immediately alerted the quick reaction security team stationed nearby. the embassy in tripoli and the diplomatic security command center in washington. >> an urgent e-mail comes to the state department with the subject line "u.s. diplomatic
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mission in benghazi under attack" it says that approximately 20 armed people fired shots, explosions had been heard. >> at this point there are seven americans at three different locations, ambassador stevens and two others at the main residence over there, two special agents at the second area and cafeteria, and two more at this. attackers are coming in all around. >> world of the chaos reaches the secretary of state in washington. >> i was notified of the attack shortly of after 4 p.m. i instructed our senior department officials and diplomatic security personnel to consider every option to just break down the doors of the libyan officials to get as much security support as we possibly could. i spoke with to the national security advisor, tom donlan several times. >> in libya the main residence is under siege. >> attackers come in here and
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ransack the place and then they go for the locked gate. they look inside, it is dark, they don't say anything, he they try to open up the gate. they can't. >> sean: a mile away is the cia annex where former navy seal ty woods and five cia gloeshl response agents launch a rescue mission and speed towards the fight. the attackers have poured diesel fuel around the main building and set it on fire. and ambassador stevens and sean smith are forced to control through the flames towards a window to try to escape. >> this is a window that the special agent opens and crawls out of, but stevens and smith do not follow him. even though he can't breathe, barely see he goes back in, in and out to try to find them. and then, he is overcome with the smoke. >> at the pentagon, officials say there is not enough intelligence to get resources to help. >> the basic principle is you don't deploy forces into harm's way without knowing
2:18 am
what's going on, without having some real-time information. >> sean: but in tripoli, 400 miles from benghazi, a team of seven, including former navy seal glenn doherty commandeer a small jet and fly in to help. president obama departs walter reed for the white house where he will meet with the defense secretary leon panetta and general martin dempsey chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. the cia team rescues the remaining americans from the complex and recover sean smith's body and cannot find ambassador stevens in the burning building. a second e-mail reaches the state department saying the firing at the u.s. mission in benghazi has stopped and been cleared. and back at the white house, the president met with general dempsey and panetta. >> and we picked up that something happened an apparent
2:19 am
attack in benghazi and i informed the president of that fact and he at that point directed both myself and general dempsey to do everything we needed to do to try to protect lives there. >> did you have any further communications with him that night? >> no. >> how long did the conversation last? >> we were there in the office for probably 30 minutes. >> so you talked to him for 30 minutes one time and you never talked to him again? either one of you? >> until afterwards. >> until after the attack was over. >> that's right. if i could just correct one thing, i wouldn't say there was no follow-up from the white house. there was no follow-up to my knowledge with the president. but his staff was engaged with the national military command center and pretty con standpointly through the period. >> sean: as the president is briefed, the compound in benghazi is is completely overrun. the american agents load smith's body into an armored vehicle and head for the cia annex, along the way they take
2:20 am
heavy aka 47 fire and grenade hits and despite heavy damage make it back to the complex. looters find stevens unconscious and rush him to the hospital. and another e-mail reaches washington a terrorist group is taking credit on facebook and twitter. a mile away the annex is now under attack. >> around 1 a.m. ambassador stevens is brought here to the benghazi medical center and doctors tried desperately to save him for 45 minutes. he died of severe asphyxiation. more than six hours after the attack begins, hillary clinton calls president obama. >> to bring him up-to-date, to hear his perspective. >> when did you talk to the president? >> i talked to the president at the end of the day, but i had been in constant communication with the national security advisor. i had been on secure video conferences with high level
2:21 am
officials in the white house, in the defense department. by this point the cia annex is under heavy attack. the team from tripoli finally arrive at the annex and glenn doherty joins ty woods to help fight off this assault. >> around 4 a.m. this annex compound is hit by another wave of attacks, it's described as planned and praecis, a round of mortar fire targeting the roof of the building set well behind this gate that turned out to be dangerous and deadly. former navy seals doherty and woods are killed when mortar rounds explode in the roof. security agent is severely injured. around the same time hillary clinton releases a statement confirming that an employee has died and saying, quote, some have sought to justify this vicious behavior as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. there's never any justification for violent acts of this kind. ten hours after the attacks began a convoy evaluates the
2:22 am
remaining americans to an airport where a chartered jet takes them to tripoli. >> we are working to determine the precise motivations and methods of those who carried out this assault. some have sought to justify this vicious behavior along with the protests that took place at our embassy in cairo yesterday as a response to inflammatory material posted on the internet. >> later that morning, president obama addresses the nation from the rose garden. >> no acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation. >> sean: the white house sticks with its explanation for days. >> it's in response to a video, a film that we have judged to be reprehensible and disgusting. >> september 16th, five days after the attack, ambassador susan rice goes on five sunday talk shows, standing by that
2:23 am
erroneous claim. >> it was a spontaneous reaction to what had just transpired in cairo, as a consequence of the video. it's people gathered outside the embassy and that then spun out of control. >> coming up next, we reveal who is responsible for removing the words al-qaeda from the administration's talking points. plus brand new evidence indicating that libyan officials warn the state department about an imminent threat on the consulate days before the attack. liz cheney responds to both of these breaking developments as a special edition of "hannity" continues. [ male announcer ] shaving ca sensitive issue.
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>> and welcome back to the special edition of "hannity," benghazi, six months of deceit. now there are new details on the obama's massive efforts to cover up the truth to what happened that night in libya. giving the senate intelligence committee documents that reveal press officers, including those within the white house, are partly to blame for changing the talking points in the days following this attack. now, according to the report the so-called press shops references to al-qaeda or attack fearing the media would
2:28 am
ask follow-up questions and warning washington an attack on benghazi was imminent. six months later this comes out now? pretty remarkable. joining me, liz cheney, this is pretty damning to me because in my view they had to have known this much earlier and well before the election. but now this is connected to the election. so, what should the american people take out of that? >> well, i think that, you know, the big message here is it's clear and every day it becomes clearer, every time somebody testifies on this, it becomes clearer, the president of the united states, president obama did nothing to defend our people, did nothing to protect them when they were under attack and then afterwards, he lied to the american people about it it and continues to lie to the american people about it. it's just about as damning a situation as you can imagine. and you know, we're in a situation now where we've just confirmed, you know, the new
2:29 am
director of the cia, we've just confirmed the new secretary of defense, the new secretary of state and nobody's had to truly answer any questions. at any time we get people on the stand, like secretary panetta, for example, secretary clinton, is simply raises more questions. we know now that secretary panetta did not talk to the white house after that 5 p.m. meeting on the night of the attacks on september 11th. there was no further communication. i mean, there's something very, very wrong both with having an administration handled this and how they lied to the people of the united states afterwards. >> sean: so, again, it's before, during and after. i keep going back to this, it's the key to the whole case. before the libyans were warning an attack was imminent. the ambassador requested security and denied that, security requested. and during that the president just disappears, doesn't ask any questions, not curious what happened to ambassador
2:30 am
stevens? so we have competence during and coverups afterwards, i don't know which is worse. >> nothing is good here. if you look at before, the warnings were serious enough that something should have been done. you also had previous attacks on the british ambassador's motorcade, on this consulate it's he hasel itself. and we knew it was the anniversary of 9/11. when you think about the attacks in 2001, we know how al-qaeda operates with respect to the anniversaries and we know they like to commemorate this, a victory for them. that in and of itself we should have beefed up security there. there was malfeasance and incompetence before the attack. other thing, sean, during the attack, we had two squadrons of f-16's at the air base and could have been there in 90 minutes, nothing happened. and we had the marine, well-armed marines, been there
2:31 am
within hours. not dispatched. nothing happened. what did the president know when he went to bed that night. did he go to bed not knowing where the ambassador was, what happened to him? there's been questions that the white house has gotten away without answering. >> and you're right. and the eyewitnesses, why don't we have access to any of them? is there one eyewitness that could give us the real deal on what happened that night and john kerry was ambiguous this week about it? >> right, and i think that's one of the reasons why i really believe that we need to have, you know, a special committee set up in the congress to investigate this. we've got a lot of people, members who are doing very hard work, trying their best to get to the bottom of it, but frankly, with so many committees investigating, the white house has been able very effectively to duck and to dodge and this is simply too important. we have four americans who were killed. we know that much more could have been done to protect people beforehand, to help send in reinforcements during
2:32 am
the fire fight, and then, don't forget, secretary clinton's words when she testified about this matter when she said what difference does it make. >> sean: a big difference. >> if the administration, yes, told people it was because of a movie or a terror attack? i can't even begin to interpret for you what she meant there, but if she doesn't understand that it makes a difference if you lie to the american people, clearly, you know, there's a lot more work we need to do to get to the bottom of this. >> sean: what do you make of the reports there were earlier attacks that could have precipitated, in response to these groups? is that something we'll ever get an honest answer to? >> i don't know if we will, frankly and i hope we're taking actions against the groups. that's sort of the fourth piece of this. you've got before, during, and then the lies after and the four i say is no consequences. you know, it's six months later and nobody has been held to account.
2:33 am
i'd like to see us taking more action against groups like this, but the message that we've sent clearly is, you can attack our consulate, you can kill our people, nothing will happen to you. nothing has happened after six months and the white house, and the president are hoping this will all go away and they won't have to deal with it. >> sean: well, with the help of the media he besides us, so far they're getting the assistance they'd want. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> sean: coming up, you'll meet two special ops veterans, and one of the officers was a close friend of one of victims and the warning signs ignored by the highest levels of the government leading up to government leading up to assault on the consulate as
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2:38 am
in benghazi there were multiple security incidents, attacks and bombings near the consulate not to mention the request for extra security that came directly from ambassador chris stevens and after an attack on a british ambassador, the u.k., well, they immediately closed their consulate and withdrew its diplomates. why didn't the ambassador obama do the same. and why did washington ignore the potentially deadly events. joining me now to recap the warning signs and how the tragedy could be prevented. the authors of benghazi, with the report. former jack murphy and brandon webb. i brought this up a little with liz cheney in the interview and that is you guys report, both of you, that there were fact were a number of attacks that precipitated what happened that night in benghazi, correct? >> yeah, correct. the other thing, too, regardless of the writings on the wall when you look at the timeline and the events leading up to september 11th, but there's a document that the state department produces
2:39 am
called the security environment threat list and it lists the country that the state department operates in. 264 countries and out of 264, 14 are ranked critical or high threat. now, tripoli and benghazi both on that list, so, again, it begs the question, how come no security resources are allocated to two of the most dangerous places on the planet. >> so, let's get the timeline right here. so, the white house was involved initiating attacks against the group that eventually fought back. nobody in the public knew about this. ambassador stevens is asking for extra security. the brits, they take off because of an incident. we're left this and security at one point was even decreased. >> yeah, i mean, it's to the point where there was even just a sole dss agent at the temporary mission facility at the consulate and i think one of the important issues you have to look at, of these 14
2:40 am
countries where we have high threat embassies there or consulates, is that each one of those is supposed to be designated as best value as opposed to the lowest bidder in terms of security. and both benghazi and tripoli would have been at value. they would have been high threat, high priority. so, why didn't they have the appropriate security there? >> well, if they're initiating attacks and we don't listen to the brits, we don't listen to the libyans and we're not listening to ambassador stevens, you could say incompetence or blood on their hands or an utter inability to see what's in the attack there? >> i think so. and again, we have access to sources and we know that stevens' last journal entry was never ending security threats dot, dot, dot. and when you look at who is responsible at the state department and hillary clinton and who handles ops. a name we need to focus on patrick kennedy.
2:41 am
he handles the administration, dictating policy, the allocation of security rehe sources and really, you know, the buck does stop with him and as liz was staying they could have gotten there in 90 minutes and help these guys out. and the president got briefed at five o'clock and he was gone. didn't even, wasn't curious about what was happening. >> well, i think it's-- you're in a game of political musical chairs. everybody is worried about cya and-- >> excuse me if i'm the president and hear my ambassador is missing and our consulate is under attack, i want an update every 15 minutes, what's going on, what's going on. what can we do to help them? >> your representative to libya, you have to be on top of that and know exactly what-- >> you would think so. what are your thoughts? do you think this is utter and complete incompetence? again, the libyans warn, the brits had their incident and the ambassador requesting things and our government initiated basically a conflict
2:42 am
and they still didn't beef things up. >> i think when you're initiating covert operations inside an area, you have to deconflict those areas at a high level and the national security level and out to other agencies, cia and state department and that wasn't being done, so the state department on the ground in benghazi that night couldn't have known there would be some sort of of retaliation. >> and they want the american people to believe, the spontaneous uprising and people had mortars in their back pockets and rocked propelled grenades in their back pocket and oh, it's connected to a youtube video or more connected to the attack they had. how did you find out about the attack, last question. >> that was a talking point that came out at the white house, that it was a youtube video at that spurred the attack. >> sean: we know because they kept regurgitating it and the president regurgitated it two weeks later and he knew it was a lie by then. >> and the important thing, too, rather than notice the rising threat levels, they had a green beret team and a team
2:43 am
of dedicated state department security personnel there before the summer, both teams sent home. and just having one of those two elements on the ground in tripoli or benghazi. >> sean: could have saved the ambassador. >> yeah. >> sean: and maybe ty woods. stories of incredible bravery, heroism, but shouldn't have been necessary. all right, guys, great book. appreciate you both for being with us. >> thanks, sean. >> sean: coming up our panel of national security experts join me here in the studio to tackle, the unanswered questions surrounding benghazi and will hillary clinton be held accountable for failing to protect her diplomates. that and more as the special, benghazi, six months of deceit continues.
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>> welcome back to this special edition of "hannity," benghazi, six months of deceit. and with so many unanswered questions looming about what happened on that tragic night in september. will we ever find out the truth and will the obama administration ever be held accountable for the deaths of four innocent americans. and joining me for the final panel, fox news analyst, kt mcfarland. author of "spring fever" the
2:48 am
director of the philadelphia freedom center, andrew mccarthy. and monica crowley and cia operative gary bernstein is with us. >> hi. >> sean: i think i'm more angry as time goes on than i was even at the time we were covering it. >> they lie, they covered it up and gotten away with it, why? because the mainstream media didn't care about this. why did they cover up. didn't go fit their narrative. al-qaeda is finished, how can al-qaeda pull off an attack. >> sean: and we all agree that this was about the election, first and foremost? that that had a lot to do with it. >> i also think that a lot of had to do with the obama narrative about promotion of democracy in the islamic countries. i mean, this is their -- we've never asked the question, why were we were benghazi in the first place? they keep talking about, for example, the consulate. there was no consulate in benghazi, they can't describe what that was, it was a
2:49 am
diplomatic mission and some kind of an annex. because they don't want to try to say or explain what it was we were doing there in a place that was one of the most dangerous places on the planet for americans. >> and to tie the two points together about the media and about what we were really doing at that cia compound in benghazi. you think about watergate, you had incredible investigative reporting, digging 24 hours a day, seven days a week to try to unearth the truth and then you look at ronald reagan and iran-contra, not a dissimilar situation in terms of possible arms transfers to different groups around congressional approval and yet, there seems to be no interest whatsoever on the part of our media. >> right. >> to dig and to try to get the real answers. >> the answers to the big questions what were we actually doing in benghazi, was it a transfer of arms from al-qaeda and the infamous in libya to syria, was it going on without congressional approval. did the president of the
2:50 am
united states know that was going on and sanction it? the american people have a right to know. >> there were probably several things going on there and probably the first thing going on was probably recovery, 15,000 lost, and you can explain that in the new york times, the agency. were they doing covert action without covert action authority. did they have a finding for what they he were doing, and that is-- >> you think this runs much deeper than even what we're discussing here, that-- our last guests talked about there were conflicts, military conflicts in the area that nobody knew about and revenge attack? >> the only thing they would be hiding if they were doing covert action without authority which would be a violation. >> then the question, why were they doing this? the whole narrative we have the arab spring democracy was going to break out everywhere, what's now happened, libya. we've seen, we've toppled the dictator what do we get.
2:51 am
al-qaeda set up shop in libya. benghazi. and egypt, a pro muslim brotherhood government that's anti-america. we go to syria what do we have? genocide basically and a civil war so time after time after time this is an administration which has not done very well in the last two years and the biggest question i have, it's not what did they do, what did they get away with. why have they not gone after the people that killed ours. they know where they are and they haven't touched them. >> i think the biggest disconnect here, go back to 9/11, all right? we had a timeline for everything that bush and cheney did from the moment that happened through days after the attack, because everybody said it was important to understand what had happened in order to prevent it from happening again. in this distance we have an eight-hour siege. we have two americans who are killed at the tail end of this, leave aside the ambassador and the information
2:52 am
and novembavy seals. >> sean: ty woods. >> we had people to respond 90 minutes away, military assets. >> and the president in the timeline, there's a terrorist attack ongoing, who does he speak to, what does he do? we know, sean, the few americans in tripoli who came and responded were held up at the airport by libyan authorities for some 90 minutes. where was the secretary of state working the phones with the libyan authorities. where was obama-- >> one phone call they would have gotten through. >> the people in power because of obama's-- >> and look at the commander-in-chief there's an emergency, an international crisis where americans lives at stake. the commander-in-chief has the power to cut through the bureaucracy. >> absolutely. >> and ride everybody straight on down to the secretary of state to the folks who are on the ground in benghazi, where are the benghazi survivors,
2:53 am
are they talking to the fbi? are they talking to the cia? why don't we know this? why haven't we heard from them about what actually happened. >> six months later we haven't heard from them. >> and in crisis management, you collapse the bureaucracy. as a team leader i'm talking to the white house and same thing afghanistan, i'm talking to chief, who is talking to the presidency. and you collapse. they empowered no one, they went to bed at the white house. >> sean: that's pathetic. we've got to take a break and more with our panel of national security experts as this special edition of "hannity" rolls on. we're glad you're with us. ♪music plays thank you orville and wilbur... ...amelia... neil and buzz: for proving there's nowhere we can't go. but, at some point... giant leaps gave way to baby steps... and with all due respect, you're history. if you taught us anything, it's that you can't cling to the past... if you want to create the future.
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visit and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. >> welcome back to the special edition of "hannity." benghazi, six months of deceit. we begin with the panel of national security experts. were you saying in the break, kt, to me that you wanted to know-- we know who did this, why have we responded? >> guy who is a self-proclaimed master mind of the benghazi attacks, is sitting in the benghazi luxury he hotel pool side sipping strawberry frappes and why haven't we gone after him. we know where the al-qaeda training camps are in libya, why haven't we gone after them. it's the message you send free open season on americans, no penalty. >> sean: and the chinese hack in into our security system no
2:57 am
penalty. the russian over with nuclear tipped weapons. no penalty. >> no penalty. >> it's not like obama did this thing in libya, it's a war and suddenly unforseebly we had jihadists running rampant in benghazi. a lot of us campaigned against that war precisely because we didn't want to empower our enemies and i think he doesn't go after the people we know did it, it makes it too painfully obvious that it started with the people who hated america and we've empowered them. >> to pick up on that point, nobody in the mainstream media, very few, i mean, we're doing it here, but nobody is asking the bigger question about what barack obama's broader agenda is. you can't look at the map of the middle east now and-- >> leading from behind. >> leading from behind, but you can't look the at a map of the middle east with the slaughter in syria, with the overthrow of a key american ally, hosni mubarak in egypt.
2:58 am
overthrow of gaddafi, a terrorist providing critical information about intel, muslim brotherhood in north africa to the united states. those people are gone and you see the rise of the islamists this is part and parcel of a bigger strategy and nobody is asking the key questions about what obama really wants. >> sean: i have a follow-up. my last question is on track here. hold that thought i want to give gary a chance first. >> the president, we have the killing of bin laden proclaimed he was doing great at national security and all of this lined up. he failed at the three o'clock in the morning phone call, actually 4:30 in the afternoon and failed to deploy before, during and even after, not getting it out. >> sean: he covered up, lied. >> could have made a phone call to a french security company in benghazi and secured that place after words within 12 hours. >> sean: could have thanked george bush, but for the enhanced interrogation there wouldn't have been the courier that led to bin laden.
2:59 am
two minutes left, last question, i say we're going to look back on this period of history as through the prism of history and say this was the rise of the radical islamist and to me, it has an eerie similar feeling to the 1930's. >> i would even say the 1950's and the question will be asked, who lost the middle east the same way we asked who lost china in the 1950's, if you now look forward two years from now atlantic ocean to the africa, middle east. >> sean: the first battle will be against israel and then the west, am i wrong? >> the dynamic. >> the dynamic back on the ground on this world, islamic spremsism and that's the dominant idea. >> it's already happening and there. >> the reality you have an american administration that's actively promoting that, sean. they're doing nothing to stop the rise of the islamists i


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