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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 9, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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>> this is a fox report. tonight, guns and your second amendment rights, all eyes on what a few lawmakers in colorado will do next . what is this were it not a drill? fall out and outrage after a massive security breach in newark international airport. an undercover tsa agent with a fake bomb in his pants slides right through security. they missed it twice. we know the tiniest device could blow a hole in the plane. how can this happen in one of the nation's busiest airports and demanding answers. >> also, six years ago today. this former f.b.i. agent vanished inside of iand
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prompting a reward for information leading to his safe return. now his son speaking out after meeting with secretary of state john kerry. where the search for john leavenson stands now. it is day one of a new era in america. >> there is plenty of other places to cut first long before they you know, close tours to the white house. >> for now the people's house closed to the public despite pleas to keep it open. >> i am harris faulkner. we begin with a fox weather alert. a huge winter storm system is merging with extremely cold air from canada. it is different this time. those two things collide, millions of americans are caught in the middle tonight dealing with heavy snow and ice and massive flight cancellations and dangerous travel conditions in the
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midpart of the section. plizard warnings for colorado, kansas and nebraska and wyoming. so far 500 flights are grounded in denver international airport and flights that took off and hoping to land there is delayed. the blizzard putting a damper on the busiest day in sports. it is postponing the opener in philadelphia. some areas are getting a foot of snow. here is a bigger problem, ice storm warnings are in affect for parts of south dakota and minnesota where over an inch of icing coating is supposed to be on everything. it is falling now. we'll keep you posted as that situation develops . while the midwest hunkers down. people in the northeast are heart broken tonight. yes, it is massachusetts and have harsh winters there. but two feet of snow. melting mixed in with high tide, all of it bringing
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destruction. we have been getting video and pictures from massachusetts, houses falling in the sea there, since yesterday. david lee miller is here. the east coast feels like a target zone now. a lot of the extreme weather especially since sandy and it is a double punch. >> it is. what make its worse the forecasters got it wrong. the recent storm was not supposed to be a problem for new england. the winds came from a northerly direction and canada micked up the moisture in the atlantic. 18 inches of snow feel in boston international airport. portions of new england and connecticut are digging out from more than a foot of snow. among the communities hardest hit, plumb island, off of the massachusetts coast. two homes were ripped from their foundation and a dozen more are teetering on
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collapse. all residents could do was watch in disbelief. >> one moment it was there and then all of the sudden gave away. >> we saw it slide right down and heard the crash. i said oh, my god. >> the storm caused serious flooding on the northeast coastline. some shore line communities found themselves in up to three feet of flood water. >> you know, i mentioned it before and it is the wintertime and the northeast and people will say that's what it does. this is putting extra stress on budgets and people who are dealing with a harsh storm system, time after time after time now. >> a lot of extra stress. it comes in a difficult time, financially the country dealing with budget woes. the white stuff is causing communities to see red. for places like concord, massachusetts which has only had two other snowiest winters
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on record. the budgets are in the red and in deficit. some of the communities are going to seek federal reimbursement and others say thank to an easy winter last year and a carry over surplus, the pain will be eased. but the coast - cost of the storm is enormous. still to be dealt with is beach erosion and thats property and lives at risk for months and months if not longer. >> we will have daylight savings and things are going to change and spring is coming. thank you, david. >> in afghanistan, first trip for defense secretary chuck hagel and his agenda is full. he is meeting with top nato coalition leaders and set to meet with hamid karzai tomorrow. as you know, karzai decided to kick out all american forces from a key province.
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hagel trying to get that decision reviewed and reimbursed and details to prepare to with draw from afghanistan after a decade of war. if his first mission was not tough enough, the taliban is trying to send secretary hagel a deadly message there were two massive explosions that killed 19 people today. hagel was not near the attacks but could hear one of them across kabul. >> harris, defense secretary hagel has been to afghanistan four times prior to this trip, but this is the first visit as defense secretary. he was in cabrera in the time . homicide bomb attack outside of the afghan ministry of defense. he preparing to leave the afghan capital city he said this about the first attack. >> i was not sure what it was.
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i was in a briefing, but we are in a war zone. i have been in a war, so i shouldn't be surprised when a bomb goes off and there is explosions. >> hagel, a vietnam veteran offered sympathies to the family of the nine afghan civilians that were killed and those wounded as well as for the homicide bomber in kabul. he was on a bike outside of the area when he detonated the bomb. the taliban claimed responsibility. this not a direct attack to target him meaning kabul. i mean meaning hagel. but we want to send a message that we are always capable of hitting cabble when the top defense ministry is there. there was another homicide bomb attack in the police checkpoint in eastern afghan
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city. that killed two afghan police officers and eight children between the ages of 10 and 18. >> mogy, thank you very much. >> state senators in colorado capturing national attention as the debate on guns and second amendment rights heats up. state lawmaker in denver are considering bills on mandatory background checks. politicians in the state are sharply divided and the outcome could influence what happened in washington. dominic is following the story. dominic we could see them vote on monday? >> we could indeed. i say, sharply divided is the right phrase to use, harris. not all of the bills got through because some were too controversial in the final voting stage. we'll look at what did get agreed however. first, universal background
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checks between private individuals and sales conducted on line. mag wreens can no longer hold more than 28 inches ofle . a gu ban on all people accused of domestic violence . reducing assault weapons to 15 rounds. that last one could be repeated across the country to prevent high numbers of victims if a gunman strikes again. >> those folks have that type of ammunition. they can keep them but will not be sold once the bill is passed and will not be able to purchase them or transfer them in the state. >> harris, you might remember the pro gun lobbyist argued that 15 rounds may be too few and leave people who need to defend themselves poorly armed to respond. >> you mentioned a few bills
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that didn't get through. i am curious, what about those bills? >> the democrats couldn't get back here to specifically look at controversial bills. first with a gun bill on college campus and holding assault weapon's owners liable. they couldn't get the support. as of last night three democrats were ready to side with the republicans on those points. of course, those three would be a big enough margin to defeat them in the decider. it is hard going on these issues that have people wondering, harris, just how much of an influence that colorado will have in the country. >> as you pointed out, they are talking about the very things they are discussing in washington, word for word. we'll tell everybody what happens on this on monday. dominic, thank you very much. >> right now, a section of a
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major interstate is closed down. a dump truck hit a pedestrian bridge interstate 90 in ohio. now the rush to fix it. it is falling in chunks in roadway below. he disappeared in iran six years ago today. his family, a former f.b.i. agent speaking out with a meeting with the president's cabinet and what the family was told coming up. as of today, the white house is officially closed to americans for tours. the administration blaming the across the board budget cuts. sequestration. disappointment for people especially the school children that planned to visit the white house. senator brown joins us with his thoughts on the sequester
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fall outs. i thought it was the people's house. after today is it a little less hours? >> we came to the scene. he created a bucket list . so we thought it was the greatest way to have a tour of the white house. i have never been on the white house tour and my mom hasn't been on a white house tour. we thought it was a exciting thing to do. disappointing that we are not able to do that today. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 seems like etfs are everywhere these days.
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they will have to do that so it is safe to drive on i-90 below. lanes will remain closed in both directions. while the crews work on it. remarkably no one was hurt. they are having a heck of a time moving the truck, too. >> today marked six years since robert leavenson went miss nothing iran. a lot of time has passed. yesterday, secretary of state john kerry meeting with his family, saying that the united states government remains committed to finding him. there is a lot of questions of why he was in iran in the first place and now we are hearing from his son, peter doocy has more from washington. >> harris, last time dan had contact with his dad, he got an e-mail about how proud he was of his son. robert leavenson kidnapped in
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iran where he was working on a case related to cigarette smuggling. he was last seen in these photos. >> you are devastating to see him but happy to see that he is alive and he is relatively well. >> dan and his mom met with secretary of state john kerry here in washington. officially the state department said the united states continues to welcome the assistant -- assistance of the partners and calls on the islamic republic of iran to find him d return him safely to his family. dan said he has confidence to kerry. >> he's been related to the case a long time . knowing he's in a new position, he has more ability to urgeently press it. >> the white house said the iranian government offered assistance locating
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mr. leavenson. we look forward to receiving this assistance even though we disagree with other key issues. there is a million dollar reward for the safe return of bob levinson. >> this is not your typical fender bender. two full planes bump into each other on the tarmac and new reaction from the people on the plane. a major security failure in one of our nation's busiest airport. an undercover tsa worker gets by screeners with a fake bomb inside of his pants. not just once but twice. >> there is one big question. what if this were not just a test? what if it were real . vo: bold helps you re-imagine
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>> two planes, packed passengers, bumped each other in new york's jfk airport. it happened on the taxi way this morning. we were told it was the aviation equivalent of a fender bender. the damage to the wing was extensive. a jetblue air bus was sitting near a gate before departure when it was bumped by an air india flight that just happened. >> i heard it and i remembered. >> it was a surprise? >> yeah, it was. it was a little hard bump but that is all it was. >> the jetblue's plane's rudder was damaged and the passengers were transferred to another plane and three hours later took off for florida.
4:25 pm
meanwhile, new york congressman peter king ising foe review of the newark international airport. his request a day after learning about the undercover federal agent that was able to sneak a fake bomb between two security agents. where was the bomb? hiding in his pants. it happened with a so-called red team of agents posed as passengers to pass the airport security reponce. king called what happened unacceptable. he's written a letter to the tsa and reads in part quote: this is another long line of security failures discovered at newark, tsa must do more to insure that screeners have training and screeners that fail multiple red team tests. handled appropriately. >> the tsa will not tell us
4:26 pm
what will happen to the tsa agents that fail the test. heading over seas to the vatican. the next few days promise plenty o history making for the catholics in the world. all 115 cardinals are gathering in rome . the conclave for the selectionn of a new pope is expected to bin on tuesday. the finishing touching going up in the famed sistine chapel. crews installing the chimney that will tell the world when a can college of cardinal have picked a new jammers are installed to make sure no cardinals have access to the outside world during the voting. lauren green is live for us in rome, laur snen >> harris, the date is set and the place is ready and all that is left is the voting that begins on tuesday. but the final happened today.
4:27 pm
vatican workers attached the chimney stack to the sistine chapel. from there white or black smoke will be seen tuesday evening after the cardinalex lectors cast their ballotings. black smoke signals no yope white signals a new pope. the interior was arranged for the 115 men to sit under the painting of michaeldeangelo. >> he will say as a call as my witness christ the lord that my gone is begin to the one before god i think should be elected. insiders emphasize that selecting a new bishop in rome is a serious and solem task. >> i was back here in the college in '78 that it is quiet and a lot of time of reflection, and prayer on
4:28 pm
their own. they are not politicing or chatting. they are watching the ceremony of each of them to give their ballot. >> the vatican released more details of how the actual conclave day will begin. cardinal electtors will begin 7:00 a.m. move nothing santa monica . then at 10:00 a.m., they will celebrate the vote and mass in st. peteria basilica . then in the afternoon assemble in the paul even chapel for a grand procession of sistine chapel. it may signal how long the conclave will ask. >> five full days of discussion means that we could have a fast conclave period. once they go under lock and key in the sistine chapel. hopefully five-days of preparation and discussion mean that the cardinals are ready to go and te.
4:29 pm
>> vatican insiders say that there is no clear front runner and a clear thing that happened. a poll on an italiann newspaper showed strong report for one american. boston cardinal shawn o'malley. >> you don't know. wouldn't it be being if things do tick along according to the sources that you spoke with and you had a new pope in time for mass . >> chances are we'll have a new pope by the end of the week and there is indication that it could happen that quickly. >> lauren green, thank you. >> the people's house is closed to the people. today tours to the white house put on hold for the first time in years. we are told to blame the budget cuts n minutes, former
4:30 pm
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>> i am harris faulkner. it is the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. crews in massachusetts, first responders starting to demolish several home that is fell in the sea after a massive storm. some are still teetering and some of them could end up like this. we don't know what might happened. the foundations were destroyed by massive waves and a storm surge that buried streets under three feet of water. the rough surf will likely force them to be demolished. >> former south africa president nelson mandela back in the hospital. he's 94 years old. his office said it was a scheduled medical check up and no cause for alarm at this point. mandela is seen as one of the unifying figures of the 20th century for helping to prevent
4:35 pm
race-driven chaos sense transition from apartheid to democracy. the white house is officially closed to american public. white house tours are all cancelled to us now. the administration blaming automatic spending cuts and sequestitration for the decision. it cost $74,000 a week to host the tours. joining me now is former massachusetts senator scott brownn who is a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> good to see you. my dad lived on the plumb island for decades and it is tragic. >> how is he doing. >> he passed away, but his wife is there. and i know where those homes are. >> sorry for the loss of your dad and i am glad people in your family are doing okay out there. senator, i know $74,000 for the white house tours is a lot of money.
4:36 pm
but compared to the other areas to cut. it is low-hanging fruit. it is it the people's house. is the white house sending a message. >> it is proving a point is what they are trying to do. what are the proprietaries of the administration in and of the people in washington. the people may not know. congressman and senators are not taking a cut as a result of sequestitration, but the staff is. senator coburn has a book this thick of hundreds of millions, i am sorry billions of dollars that you could cut and not have it hurt. we all know, we have lists that we heard about them and shake the head things that you say really? we are paying x-amount for this. it is to prove a point we get it, but it is going to back fire. >> before the cuts took place one of the guests said the sequester would be a good thing and force the government
4:37 pm
to make tough decisions. it didn't seem like the markets minded all that much. why not keep them in place the way they are. >> if you remember, people need to understand why we did this. we were in the virge of default and they were going to downgrade us . the president came up for a idea to have the cuts that are so terrible we would not do it. we'll get a selectt committee and and it failed. they should have had another committee and another committee. we are just addressing cuts over a 10-year period. we are doing nothing for the balloon that is going to happen in the next 50 years. we can afford the cuts. but the president should have and should accept the transfer of authority. the ability for him to delicate to the secretary and chiefs in the various departments to say listen, we'll come up with 1.2 trillion dollars.
4:38 pm
this is how we will do it. you come up with an idea and do your jobs . that's what harry reed and chuck shuman should do. come up with 1.2 trillion and come back to us with recommenation and they are not doing that and it is a shame. >> i know you are part of the discussions in the past, on twitter tonight, is there any way when it come to the white house tour that they can reallocate things and give us an option of buying a ticket. we basically have already paid for it. but maybe. >> of course they can reallocate. it is called transfer of authority. they, the republicans came up with and they made an offer and brought forward bills to allow for the administration to have transfer authority and to actually spread those cuts over thoughtfully and shift the accounts and adjust and be
4:39 pm
adults down there. we are americans first. not demdeps or republicans, first it is the people's house and young kids should be able to go in there and learn about democracy. it is not a good lesson. they are doing it to prove a point and the people deserve better. >> senator brown, you hinted that the president is feeling a little back lashh on this. we see the president obama appearing to be reaching out to republicans, first a dinner with a dozen senators and lunch with former vp nominee paul ryan. they are calling it a charm offensive in the media, what is your take on it? >> he is the president and when the president calls and said let's have a dinner or bite or basketball you will go do what the president asks, okay. we'll start with that . people after the hammering over the last month and the campaigning and all of the rhetoric about the doomsday sceniario and sequestitration
4:40 pm
and trying to blame the republicans. it his head. i was there . trying to reach out and having an olive branch. i am happy for it i spoke to former colleagues and they're grateful, but they are also very wary and it is it a lack of trust it is a trust but verify situation . hopefully it will work out and they will find common ground. it is not a democrat bill or republican bill that will pass. it is a bipartisan bill that the president will sign. >> interesting. americans feel that way about washington. show us and we'll figure out whether or not they believe it. senator rand paul in kentucky gaining filibuster fame after protoasting the u.s. drone policy. we have seen the political back and forth. take it down to the bare nugget now. what did he accomplish this week? >> i think it is important to
4:41 pm
see why he did that. we have a history in the three years i was there, it was always pulling teeth trying to get information. i had a fishing issue with noah and i needed 30 or 40 percent of the documents that we requested a year and half earlier it is the same thing with rand and the armed services committee . what is the policy on the use of drones in america. we do have laws and we follow the rule of law and he was not getting the answers. the mechanism that is available to him is what he did. i commend him for it . by his actions to get the answers, he got the answer he needed. there needs to be a policy and full and clear transparency when it comes to the use of drones on u.s. soil. >> senator scott brown, you are about to go back to an event that you stepped away from . tell us where you are going. i want our audience to understand where you will be
4:42 pm
tonight. >> thank you, it is an event for a lot of the fallen heros and people that served our country. it is something that i enjoyed. they do a wonderful job to help soldiers and it is always fun. any time you can help our men and women that are serving, they deserve the help. as you know, we are still in a war and people are hurting. we have ptsb and suicide and other thing thags we are trying to identify here . loved ones are picking up the pieces and thank you for everything that you are talking about. i know cardinal omauly -- o' malley and wish him well. >> you started off senator brown, a lot of people hurting because of a snow storm system. thank you for joining us, sir. >> thank you, harris, bye-bye. >> a programming note. catch chris wallace tomorrow with paul ryan .
4:43 pm
an interview with former florida governor jeb bush. that is tomorrow on fox news sunday. an arrest to tell you about. a workplace shooting. a woman stormed in the office and opened fire and nearly killing her co-worker and then the clue that led the police to the suspect's front door . a new controversy, after a boy takes cupcakes to school to celebrate his ninth birthday. school officials had one problem with those treats . now the family is outraged.
4:44 pm
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4:47 pm
guard hoisted five of them to safety. they inspector a race. they issued a mayday call and then they wanted go on with the sail boat race. they knew they were in trouble and then the rudder fail coast guard officials tells us things got worse. the rudder started to steering them to the island. 30 foot boat breaking apart and crashing the waves and five of the six guys made it, wow. >> police in seattle arrested a woman who stormed in her office and nearly shot a cold worker and nearly killed that co-worker. the shooting happened in a city parks department building. the person shot is in critical condition. carolyn piksa went to the area and confronted an employee but in that incident no one was
4:48 pm
hurt. police tracked her sell phone to her house. she was arrested without incident. so far they have not charged her with anything. >> a massive fire burned through the center of a small town. this is fox trip across america. >> michigan, it started inside of an iconic restaurant south of kalamazoo and spread to the building next door. they needed all of the water they could get. closing schools early due to a water shortage because of the fire. no body hurt and still not clear what sparked >> north carolina, a mangled mess of metal and debris, all that is left after a big rig plowed through a convenience store. the truck hit with so much force, it took two parked cars in the store with it. the driver's injuries were
4:49 pm
minor and everyone inside of the store is okay. >> florida, forget sand traps and water hazards. it is cows that have golfers crying in miami. after escaping from the pen. two golfers trying to be amateur ranchers to try to get the cow off course. >> typical cow chase. they shaped up and did a great job. >> new york, those homecoming surprises never getting hold. a soldier greeting his wife and son at the airpor and then to his daughter's high school. >> he grew and i am sure she has. all i have seen is pictures of her. >> and with a turn of a knob dad walks in to the art class . this dad's fourth tour of duty. he's celebrating 20 years of service in the air force at home with his family.
4:50 pm
that is a fox watch across america. >> even the sweetest gestures can cause controversy. a school in michigan told a third grader to toss the toppers off of the cup cakes. he liked plastic army men. the classmates were looking forward to celebrating the birthday. his mom was told to take the toys off of the top of the cupcakes. the school said in the light of gun violence they want to promote a peaceful amosphere. the boy's father was outraged. >> that had to be removed because of the guns. they are lumping them with socio pathic children because they used the same tool? >> the school stands by itself decision. donors in california giving money to save the park. there enough money to keep the parks open for business the
4:51 pm
entire time. greed or mistake? the police are searching for a robbery suspect don't have a name to go on but have an unmistakable tattoo. ♪ ♪ why turbo? trust us. it's just better to be in front. the sonata turbo. from hyundai.
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>> there is one suspect who should be fairly easy to pick out of a line up. police in illinois arresting this guy with full face ink. the tattooed man broke in a storage facility and stole thousands of items. investigators tracked him down quickly. >> you are going house to
4:55 pm
house looking for this individual and they don't know the name and then you say the individual with a skull tattooed on his face. >> i think hebeing sarcastic there. authorities recovering half of the stolen goods and the rest was sold on craig's list. the tattooed suspect is held on $60,000 bond. >> in 2011, california's financial crisis nearly led to closure of parks in the golden state. generous donors opened up their wallet to save them. now it turned out there was enough mon tow save them. people want to know what happened? >> california state parks department is in damage control mode after becoming a symbol of government incompetence. 54 million sat unused in hidden rainy day accounts even as the state moved to close the parks and volunteers
4:56 pm
scraped together donations to keep it open. it was thought to be an embarrassing mistake. but the park officials established millions for more than 13 years. why remains unknown. to critics it is bad management and the mind set of sacramento. >> when someone is working in a department and agency it becomes their own and they get protective of it . the cuture that they have determines their behavior and obviously in this case it was the wrong behavior. >> the people who were so good to us in donating, felt really betrayed and kick would. >> ann raised money to insure that the park near san jose would stay open only to find out the money was there. all of the major donors have dried up. and the cent parks slated for closure are open for now.
4:57 pm
volunteers wonder if there would be the same generosity if the call for help would be there. >> we have to say watch what we do and watch the fixes we put in place and learn from the trust that we tried to put in place for you. regular state-wide audits and new leadership in the top. but the former park representative may not be off of the hook. there is an investigation that could result in criminal charges. in san francisco, claudia cowan fox news. >> one thing most of you need to do before you go to bed. get used to looking at the oud of the white house unless you run for president or get invited to joinn him there. >> as we reported on that hour. i am life tweeting inside of the fox report with a question. would you pay for acess to the
4:58 pm
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