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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 10, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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it was nice to only need one security system -- adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. >>. >> jon: we talked a lot about the presidential debates last fall and moderators and bias in perceived questions. jim lehrer moderated the first debate and one reviewer called him a potted plant. martha raditz took flack for interrupting. candy crowley was next. who can forget her. calling the benghazi attack acts of terrorism and bob schieffer wrapped it up and said he was no candy crowley. we know that martha raditz will receive the award for excellence
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in political journalism. thanks to to our panel. i'm jon >> gregg: hello, i'm gregg jarrett. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: topping the news this hour, just ten days left of winter. but mother nature shows no signs of letting go. heavy snow snarls traffic and causes headaches at airports. >> gregg: anger and finger pointing in afghanistan as chuck hagel wraps up his trip to the region. hamid karzai lashes out at the united states. what set him off. >> heather: and congressman paul ryan says he has the answer for balancing the budget and he has placed his target squarely on obamacare. we have a fair and balanced
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debate on his proposal. >> gregg: but first, we begin with the new report highlighting growing concerns over security at what may be one of the most unsafe airports in the nation, an undercover agent managing to get through not one but two security checkpoints at newark liberty airport with a fake bomb hidden in his pants. now blockbuster revelations from a former tsa screener shed ago disturbing light how these episodes could happen. arthel nevil is here. >> had he point out gaping holes at newark liberty airport chalking it up to silly policies and lazy workers. in an article in the new york post a screener wasn't surprised by february's incident that you mentioned and criticized those tasked with keeping america safe
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it's not a matter of if, a terrorist could board a plane but when. among other accusations screenings are substandard and violent requirements. workers don't need a high school diploma. half-hour bathroom breaks are normal and many supervisors are asleep at the wheels. officials maintain despite problems the system has worked. >> i wouldn't want to be a terrorists try to get to these planes. we have never had a terrorist get on these planes in last eleven and a half years. >>. >> reporter: that breach last month is one of long series of incidents. in october 2012, 25 employees were fired and 19 suspended for improperly screening baggage. in june 2012, eight people were fired for literally sleeping on the job. and in january, 2010 the
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terminal was shut down for six hours after a man ducked under security rope unnoticed by the tsa. we have reached out to the tsa for commented but nothing yet. no response from them as of yet. by the way, as for those pat-downs that some flyers find offensive, a former screener call them ridiculous you can't find anything using your back of your hand over certain areas of the body. >> gregg: that may be true. half-hour bathroom breaks? engrossed in reading the new york post. [ laughter ] >> gregg: okay, arthel nevil, thank you. >> heather: icy winter blast moving into the central part of the united states, parts of colorado getting this, more than a foot of snow yesterday forcing airlines to cancel hundreds of flights. passengers stranded for hours waiting for conditions to
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improve. >> i grinds the airport down to a halt. >> i'm beat down, i've been here 7:00 a.m.. they were trying to tell us for tuesday, that would keep us out here for a couple of days. we managed to find a flight to take us out of here tonight. >> heather: beat down, gregg. that is good description how a lot of them are feeling. the storm is heading east and parts of iowa and wisconsin could see several inches of snow tonight and tomorrow. >> battle over the federal budget is draging on in washington. no surprise there. the president though is scheduled to meet with top democratic and republican lawmakers on the hill this week. in fact more than once in an effort to reversed automatic budget cuts that went into effect the beginning of the month. it comes after a big dinner date with top republican senators and few others and a luncheon meeting with white house budget
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committee -- house budget committee chairman paul ryan who is working on his own proposal. let's turn to steve centanni. >> reporter: both sides are talking but they haven't reached an agreement in a battle over deficit reduction. congressman paul ryan chairman of the house budget committee did have lunch with the president on thursday and said today we'll find out in the coming weeks if its real insear out reach aimed at reaching common ground. ryan unveils his budget plan coming up on tuesday of this week. he says that is the only way to get america moving again is to balance the budget. >> we think we owe the american people a balanced budget. we want to respect hard working taxpayers and we think we have a responsible plan to balance the budget which the reason we do a balanced budget is not to make the numbers add up. it leads to a healthy growing economy that creates jobs.
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>> reporter: in addition to his lunch, he hosted a dozen republican members of congress for a dinner last week. it's part of an ongoing charm offensive as it is being called by the president aimed at reaching some kind of fiscal deal. democrats say it needs to be accompanied by movement on the g.o.p. side. >> the president has reached out more broadly among republicans which i think is a good thing. ultimately, of course, for us to reach an agreement everyone has to be willing to compromise. our republican colleagues are going to have to back on off their position when you can't close one single tax loophole for the purpose of reducing the deficit. >> reporter: the president has several meetings scheduled on capitol hill to meet with lawmakers with both parties this week. >> gregg: spring thaw, pick your metaphor. it may be four years too late.
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steve, thank you very much. >> heather: new fallout from the sequester budget cuts and how it is affecting the brave men and women who serve our country. the army is suspending it's tuition assistance for active duty and reserve members. that means soldiers who take weekend or night classes will have to pay for it themselves. >> soldiers are currently enrolled in courses that are approved tuition assistance then there is no change for them. they still have it approved, nod after today. >> bottom line is we hold congress is able to develop a budget that is approved by the president then we can reverse sequestration. >> heather: move will not affect benefits under the g.i. bill that paid for soldiers to attend colleges. >> gregg: a strained relationship between united states and afghanistan. afghan president hamid karzai making some rather wild claims that the u.s. and taliban are
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working together. the comments coming during defense secretary chuck hagel's official trip to that country. peter doocy reports from washington. >> reporter: afghan president made a sensational accusation against the united states this weekend telling a television audience he thinks the americans and the taliban have been coordinating terror attacks against civilians as recently as this week intending to show civilians how quickly the security situation will deteriorate after most u.s. troops have left the country. >> they are trying to frighten to think tlig twa the foreigners. we would be facing these sort of incidents. >> president karzai and chuck hagel cancelled a joint press conference for security reasons, but the two met anyway and hagel told the afghan president his claims are false. >> i told the president it was
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not true. that the united states was unilaterally working with the taliban in trying to negotiate anything. >> reporter: hagel says political pressure led karzai to speak out against the united states. john bolton gave a similar explanation this morning. >> it's a curious round of afghan politics to say the taliban and united states are cooperating but it's part of karzai's game. he wants to look independent of the united states and taliban. >> reporter: thinks swing through afghanistan is nearly done. he is expected back in washington tomorrow afternoon. >> gregg: peter, thanks. >> heather: we are now less than two days away from the conclave to elect a new pope. 115 cardinals from around the world are gathered in vatican city spending dated today in prayer in preparation for the secret vote. while the vatican itself is being transformed for the
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election meantime. amy kellogg is live in rome with more. >> reporter: in fact, heather, some of the cardinals gave mass here in rome. they have churches, they are assigned to churches when they become cardinals here in rome so they have a greater foothold here. there were huge crowds because there is a loss of curiosity on the part of italians toward some of the cardinals where there is a buzz. cardinal o'malley gave mass. at least one italian poll is putting him as the front run for the next pope. timothy dolan also gave mass amidst much excitement and curiosity he kept going on secret but there is a terrific spirit of fraternity and they are ready to vote. >> italians have a beautiful
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saying, you can only making with the dough you got. we say we want to be a good dough for the holy spirit to work through. >> reporter: cardinal dolan i have to say his typical joyous self. one of the italian journalists complimented on his italian and he laughed it off he does better after a couple. >> heather: thank you very much, we appreciate it. >> gregg: now to the story of seven construction workers kidnapped by islamist militant group have been killed. they were captured in a raid on a construction site in the northern state of bachi. they were citizens of italy, britain, greece and lebanon. william hague responding to the news today. >> it's great sadness i have to
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inform you we believe a british con construction worker that was taken hostage on 16th of february in northern nigeria and held hostage since then is likely to have been killed by his captures along with six other foreign nationals who were taken hostage at the same time. this is an act of pure cold-blooded murder which there can be no excuse or justification. the responsibility for this tragic outcome rests solely with the terrorists that took these people hostage and are now likely to have murdered them in cold blood. >> gregg: the terrorist group it carried out the raid inrevenge in atrocities by european nations against islam. >> heather: still to come an amazing journey to freedom for u.n. peacekeepers in syria.
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how they made it to safety. >> gregg: plus reports of a shocking breach of security in one of our nation's busiest airports. what a former agent has to say that should make flyers very concerned. >> heather: brand-new survey finding that many americans are ill prepared for retirement. tips for how you can save enough money through your golden years straight ahead. ♪ ♪ when i get older losing my head, many years from now ♪ ♪ will you be sending me a valentine ♪ ♪ birthday greetings, bottle of ♪ birthday greetings, bottle of wine ♪? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy, and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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one tasty 90-calorie slimful and a glass of water satisfies hunger for hours making it easier to eat smaller meals, and resist snacking. your friends might think you found the secret to losing weight. but it's no secret... it's slimful. eating less is a beautiful thing. >>. >> heather: welcome back. the united nations thanking the government of jordan in securing the release of 21 u.n. peacekeepers. they had been taken hostage by syrian rebels last week. a tsunami memorial erupting in japan two years after the killer wave swept through. leaders in one city are looking to preserve iconic remnants of the devastation but many residents saying having them around is too painful. >> and nelson mandela leaving
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the hospital today. the 94-year-old underwent routine tests and he is doing well. >> gregg: all right. an eye-opening look at retirement security. developed countries showing folks living in norway, switzerland are set to live out in golden years in a fine and good way. work free, but the news is not so rosie for the united states as coming in number 19. does that retirement is pie in the sky dream for americans these days, maybe the grim years? that is what i'm thinking. we do have tips for you. let's turn to gary, he is a fox news contributor. here is what i don't understand. if the united states is top ranked when it comes to per capita income, how come we're at the bottom here essentially, number 19 when it comes to retirement security?
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>> basically tells you we are a very much spending society, americans are not watching their dollars. i have to tell you, this is something i talked about 30 years ago, 20 years ago, ten years ago. it's amazing with the proliferation of the web and all the experts out there that tell people, put hundred bucks a month away and 40 years it will be a monstrous number. people don't listen because they think about today. >> gregg: americans are classically procrastinators in many things they do. could it be that or do they perhaps believe erroneously they will live fine on social security and medicare? >> let's hope they are not thinking that social security and medicare are the under all, be all but that is part of it. it coming back down to education and when you make a dollar, ten cents of it put on the side. don't spend a dollar ten.
1:22 pm
we have been a credit card society for a sl long time. every time we get to a recession people started saving and they start spending and we're back at square one. when i saw the numbers i was amazed because i think we are educated society but it looks like people are not thinking twice about it. >> gregg: and especially when you consider how long the investment retirement vehicles have been around. the 401-k was initially created back in 1978, iras somewhere around the neighborhood as well and you think tax dollars, tax deferred money you can set aside for retirement. a lot of employers make some matching contributions, right? >> if there is anything government has gotten right over the last 30 years, it is just this. imagine, if you are 25% tax bracket to put $2,000 away every
1:23 pm
year you are getting 25% on your money putting it in retirement account and giving your savings down the road. so its win-win all the way around and amazing to me more people are not taking advantage of it. for me it's one of the greatest things as far as getting your retirement going. >> gregg: you know what else is out there, i don't think a lot of people know about this. that is annuities with monthly income for life plus benefits. i looked it up, ameri traded, vanguard and other investment companies. it's fairly reasonably inexpensive and you are paying anywhere from one and a half to 2% on service charges. should people look at that? >> you know, i have to tell you. when it comes to annuities may worry has been when i read the fine printed i don't think
1:24 pm
einstein can figure out what is in there. for some people it's a good way of going. its structured way of pitting dollars away. more and more people should start thinking about the word structure and not just every day pie in the sky and don't worry about it next year. people that i know that put the money away 30 years ago are multimillionaires from the article of compounding. the market has done nothing 12 years but before that you had a monstrous bull market. >> gregg: so individual retirement accounts, maybe annuities but be careful about it. what else? >> that is the best thing. more importantly whenever you make money, have a little sheet of paper for yourself and say okay, this is what i make. i can't spend this much. unfortunately this credit card society thing where people get a credit carder owe 5 grand and all i have to pay is ten dollars
1:25 pm
this month, i'm okay. the fact is money they owe they will have to pay one day. we've got to get away are from that. it's going to be tough to get away from. >> gregg: with the internet. you can go on to all of these websites that have what are called retirement calculators. they tell you exactly how to do it, where to go. how to structure it. you put all the components, your age and so on and so forth, aarp has one online. take advantage of the calculators, right? >> it's great you bring that up. if you are 25 years old you can punch the number at age of 65. if i made 5% of money, 2 grand a way, how much would i have? the numbers are huge but people don't want to take a step back at age 25, i'll take care of it 35 and then before you know it 35 and then take care of it 45.
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>> gregg: don't go higher than that. >> my pleasure, thank you. >> heather: flack go it is a controversial method of extracting natural gas from the ground. -- fracking but the industry says it is safe and working well and they pointed to pennsylvania for one example while in new york it is still banned. john stossel takes a look at fracking. >> protests grow. >> a lot of people are getting sick. >> you would think so since the anti-fracking movie includes this frightening scene. >> jesus christ. >> so much gas in his water he could light it. one when officials investigated the incident they concluded frablg go had nothing to do with it. it was just gas that is
1:27 pm
naturally in the ground. that happened. there are many places in america where no fracking is done, water still catches fire. this is lake in alaska. this man lives in new york where tracking is banned. yet.... >> heather: john's program live and complete stupidity -- myths, lies and stew mid zbleigt they hooked up a gas exit pipe deliberately to the water pipe to cry to create the impression this was all fracking when it was complete fraud. john has good stuff on that tonight. paul ryan has a plan balance the budget but it takes direct aim at the signature health care law? is it dead on arrival? >> president has it on path on debt crisis that will bring us a
1:28 pm
recession that gives us a european experience that we want to avoid. we wanted people going back to work and growing economy. we get that by balancing the budget. >> heather: plus, good news for lobster lovers. you wouldn't have to put away those bibs anytime soon, we'll tell you why. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ arrhea, gas, bloating? yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against these digestive issues with three strains of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's.
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>>. >> gregg: an aggressive approach to curb drunk driving preventing people from buying alcohol and lawmakers in new mexico are now considering. it's picking up steam in the state house. dominic from the west coast newsroom. hi, dominic.
1:33 pm
>> reporter: this is bold idea. lawmakers want to stamp on state ids of convicted drunken drivers they are banned from buying alcohol. there are cutting measures with ignition interlock devices installed in the car. now lawmakers are deciding whether to issue specially marked licenses that will prevent the driver from buying alcohol of any kind from any vendor. we're talking stores and bars and talking restaurants but critics say applying the rule isn't realistic. it's likely to be little or no enforcement by vendors. >> when we take a look at how prolific alcohol is and where it is available and how it is available, to expect that to be enforceable and what the
1:34 pm
penalties shall is really beyond any resource that we have access to because it does take a lot of resources. >> reporter: and they have plenty of experience of drunk driving issues and the bill going through now, despite majoring backing in the new mexico state senate is feel good effort by politicians. the state representative behind the bill admits it will make a difference to the victims of drunken driver accidents and adds at least it's a new measure that doesn't go down the punitive route and mainly preventative. we'll see if it gets to prevent anything if it gets pass. >> heather: paul ryan making an announcement today. he says his new fiscal blueprint could balance the federal budget in ten years. doing so would involve repealing the president's healthcare plan.
1:35 pm
>> we don't think healthcare is going to be improved in this country. we think it's going to get very ugly over the next couple of years. that is why we are going to propose with a better healthcare system for the poor and people in the states, for medicare so we can actually have affordable health insurance for everybody including with preexisting conditions without costly government takeovers which is what obamacare represents. it repeals obamacare and replace it with a better system. >> heather: what is the likelihood of this plan passing. injecting us is tony faye and democratic strategist ms. maxwell. thank you for joining us. passed efforts have failed. you know the president's healthcare law, supreme court upheld the constitutionality of it. what the likelihood that it will
1:36 pm
pass this time around? >> zero. there is month chance of it happenings, it could pass the house but no chance to become law. mitt romney on ran on repealing obamacare and americans decided not to go that route. >> heather: why are they doing this again? >> you mentioned rightly, heather, that republicans in the past have taken too much of an ideological and political approach to reversing the negative impacted of obamacare. they passed house resolutions that are tha are not binding. i think it's very smart of congressman ryan he is making this large conversation about obamacare part of a budget process. he also said in this interview, we now for the first time in four years may actually have a budget presidential coming from the democratic senate. it's crazy we have operated that in four years. so instead of doing what conservatives want him to do to attach a rider to the resolution he is making it part of the
1:37 pm
larger conversation that looks at the next ten years and makes part of his budget proposal when reconciled with the senate will produce something that does focus on the fact that obamacare costs twice as much as initially projected and that is the number and that is fact now tells it is $1.3 trillion and puts in the larger context of balancing the budget which is something this president has shown a lack in doing. >> heather: what is the question. can we afford obamacare has it stands now. we have all these new numbers that are out by the congressional budget office that says it is going to cost so much more. >> i think many things in obamacare that are essential in cutting the deficit haven't gone into effect yet. many of the provisions don't start until 2014. the idea that it is destroying healthcare when the republicans had the chance to do all the
1:38 pm
things paul ryan is talking about during george w. bush and they didn't, i don't believe now he really wants to take it seriously. obamacare is the law of the land. we should learn to live with it. americans are going to like it when it all goes into effect. >> heather: you mentioned americans voting for it. here is something that came out. last week the joint committee on taxation, they released this report. it contains hundred different pages and talks about 21 tax increases that are contained within obamacare of which a dozen of them target americans earning less than 200,000, $250,000 for couples. was that something that all these voters that for it were aware of? i don't think so. >> let's correct the record. obamacare as an individual policy was not a referendum item in november. if you look at the recent
1:39 pm
polling only 36% of americans support obamacare as it stands. so the sole idea the president got re-elected and no questions asked about this enormously costly project that is going to add another sbyd that the president has no idea how he is going to pay for. number two, you point out effective pointed. president promised, no middle income tax that will be negatively affected by obamacare out of these, like the tanning are going to hit any american. number two, premiums we were promised premiums were going down. president had $2500 and the irs just this month announced that the average american family of four will see their payments go up by $4,000. that is not responsive from obamacare. >> heather: i have to wrap it up there. all of this coming on the heels of meeting with paul ryan, maybe
1:40 pm
this means there is some sort of compromise in the works. we'll see what happens. >> he presents his budget on tuesday. >> coming up, more u.s. companies are testing employees to see if they are smokers and penalizing those with higher insurance costs. do you agree with the testing? get on twitter and tweet meet at heather childers. >> gregg: they are supposed to keep us safe in the skies but a shocking security breach by the tsa and tell all by an agent has many airline passengers extremely concerned. [ bop ] [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion. a full serving of vegetables, a full serving of fruit. but what you taste is the fruit. so even you... could've had a v8.
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>>. >> heather: a former tsa agent teeing off the agent in an interview with the "new york post." he blasts management for misplaced priorities and
1:45 pm
screeners do little to keep passengers safe. this interview coming on the heels of last week's news that an undercover agent got a fake bomb past screeners. what needs to be done? joining me is alan colmes, host of the his show and show host mike gallagher. good to see you. >> we understand, we appreciate it. >> we got past security. >> heather: no tsa screener here. let's talk about the new policy allowing the novelty sized certain sporting equipment. is this overloan. i wasn't aware, that small scissors are still aloud and tweezers. those could be used as a weapon? >> let's look what they are doing. for those that travel a lot. heaven forget shaving
1:46 pm
cream or bottle of water. small knives are weapons unless we forget on 9/11 they used box cutters. these knives, two and six inches are bigger than box cutter models. there is a guy that at the top, the tsa chief that needs to be accountable for boneheaded decisions that start to make all of us wonder if the tsa knows what it is doing. based on the last couple of weeks i don't think they do. >> heather: there has been an "cry. >> i have to agree with mike. it kills me. [ laughter ] >> the fact you can carry a knife. i was stopped once for carrying toenail scissors. there is no rhyme or reason and people get confused. what can i take. water, shaving cream, shampoo, you can't take shampoo.
1:47 pm
>> if everybody read this essay from newark tsa officer, read it because it was written as an essay. you think about it. you don't need high school diploma to be a tsa officer, are you kidding? >> heather: and the latest issue where the fake bomb got through and pat down and was able to get through. apparently a lot of incidents happen like that that are not aware of. >> the problem i have with the article, unnamed source. we don't know who it is. could be disgruntled ex-employ. we don't know if he says is. so to call every tsa person lazy and go after the department is unfair. i think it's fair. >> heather: and federal court found that the tsa took corrective action on fewer than half of the reported security
1:48 pm
breaches that happen. >> all of us that travel some of this is wrong. how about if they see something they don't under to o the screen? they call four of them together and stare at the screen and so many weird procedures in effect. >> and we are still fighting the last war. this happened 12 years ago and you honestly think if we were going to be attacked by al-qaeda or terrorist group it would mirror what they did on september 11th, 2001 and do the same exact thing? are we moving forward with the ways we protect ourselves. they are not going to do the same thing and replicate it. >> let our guard down. i think they, recent intelligence they still like to target aviation. >> heather: here is something that outraged me even more than the small lives issue and fake bomb getting through. we heard about the sequester and
1:49 pm
budget problems and issues. they may not be trained very well and they may be getting fake bombs may be getting passed them but they will be dressed pretty well. $50 million of our money going to uniforms for the tsa workers. what is that? clearly they need training. >> until the sequester is solved there will be people all upset whatever it is that money is spent on versus what it could be spent on. >> heather: training for tsa workers. >> i'm sure they will. >> the uniforms were made in china. >> heather: in mexico. >> some foreign country. >> and then fewer undocumented immigrants will come here, you should be happy for that. >> heather: have to wrap it up. we appreciate joining us let us know if you get patted down. >> gregg: don't go busing on
1:50 pm
my -- it's important to be dressed. >> former marine busted because of a jacket he was wearing. you will not believe it. he is suing the federal government saying his first amendment rights were violated right there at the american justice system. our legal panel takes a look next. [ birds chirping ] i'm your hot water heater. you hardly know i exist. that's too bad. 'cuz if my pressure relief valve gets stuck...
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>>. >> gregg: former marine is suing the federal government for a million bucks. it's gerald scott was arrested in the u.s. supreme court building, in the building for refusing to take off a jacket that had the words occupy everything on it. he was charged with unlawful entry. scott says his first amendment rights are being violated here. obama administration disagrees saying scott could have been charged with violating the display clause making it illegal to draw attention to a cause inside the supreme court or on its grounds. david warts, defense attorney and lis wiehl, fox news legal analyst. lis, should this former marine prevail? >> i'm not sure he is going to get million dollars but what the administration is saying, he
1:55 pm
could have been arrested and charged under the display clause. >> gregg: put it up on the screen and read it. it's unlawful to move in processions or... >> gregg: now, i studied that. i can't figure out how occupy everything qualifies? >> the administration would have to argue and that occupies everything is a flag or a banner or device wearing something. i'm not saying i believe in this argument but they would have to say and brings attention to the occupy wall street, occupy everything movement. >> in this is disgrate grace, gregg. this is false arrest. false arrest case and it is a violation. how can you say something on a
1:56 pm
jacket or a shirt is somehow a flag or a banner of some sort. that would be like if you are wearing the american flag or you walking with a polo shirt they can arrest you. this is very building we wee got all these civil rights in the first place. >> gregg: you could be arrested for wearing ralph lawyer en? >> i got a button that says i love america but i don't think i'll be arrested. >> there is a supreme court decision, 1971 decision where a guy walked into a los angeles, california court and he was wearing an expletive. and supreme court says the same body we're talking about, that is the first amendment. it's covered by the first amendment. >> gregg: it's occupy everything. >> it doesn't compare. >> gregg: supreme court has repeatedly said that free speech is not entirely free.
1:57 pm
time, place and manner of restrictions is permissible as long as it serves a government interest. what is the government interest inside that supreme court building? he is not yelling, screaming. >> he was looking at an exhibit. if he was wearing with a group of people wearing this and motivating others to violate something, that is different. >> i just watched the video. there are few people around. the other protestors are outside the building. so he had no chance of riling up the crowd. >> gregg: here is my question, why would the supreme court so important or more important than where free speech is permitted? >> it only applies to the supreme court. what they are saying it's a first amendment free zone, really? >> gregg: i'm not sure the display clause has been constitutionally challenged. >> this is hypothetical situation. this is hypothetical parade or
1:58 pm
riling up the troops or whatever you want to call it. it never happened. it's ridiculous and he will prevail. >> other thing supreme court says restriction has to be content neutral. well, i think there could be violation of that. >> exactly. whatever is on your shirt according to one person it's not about what it says. to your point, david, there were people arrested saying the same thing outside the courted. >> and did the unlawful entry, they were careful with the arrest. >> gregg: we'll be right back. don't go away. with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. by the armful? by the barrelful? e carful? how the bowlful? campbell's soups give you nutrition, energy,
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and can help you keep a healthy weight. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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2:02 pm
>> hello, everyone, welcome to brand new hour inside america's news headquarters. >>gregg: topping the news, fallout from senator rand paul's old fashioned filibuster this week. our political insiders weigh in on what it accomplished and what it didn't. >>heather: more and more americans say they want to know -- they demand you undergo certain tests. is this a good idea or big brother? let me know on twitter. >>gregg: fire up the grill, the meat industry is pushing back in a big way against a study that says their products you will cut your life expectancy.
2:03 pm
>>heather: first, growing fallout from a shocking security failure at newark international airport. lawmakers are demanding a top-to-bottom security probe after an undercough t.s.a. agent struggles a fake bomb past not one but two security checkpoints last month. a former t.s.a. now speaking out about the agency and the safety measures he reportedly described we are live in the new york city newsroom with more on this story. >> the anonymous whistleblower says there are really big holes in security at newark liberty airport in new jersey saying he wouldn't trust the people tasked with keeping americans safe to walking his dog in an article in the new york post the former t.s.a. screener says it is easy to bend the rules and much of what the agents do amounts to make believe. for example, the patdowns that
2:04 pm
some find offensive, the former screens called them ridiculous saying it is impossible to find anything with the back of your hand. screening of children last about ten seconds going completely against t.s.a. protocol. while there are concerns over deficiencies officials point out that the system has worked. >> i don't want to encourage the terrorists to get the plains of. we have not had anyone get on successfully with the explosive devices in the united states in 11 1/2 years so something is working. >> in february, three undercover t.s.a. workers got through two security screeners at newark. one has a fake bomb according to a report. another was stopped. the latest breach is one in a long list of recent security-related incidents at newark. in october of 2012, 25 employees were fired and 19 suspended to
2:05 pm
improperly screening baggage. in june of 2012, eight people were fired for literally sleeping on the job. in january of 2010, a terminal was shut down for six hours after a man ducked under the security rope unnoticed by t.s.a. we have reached out for comment bit t.s.a. but we have had no response. a flight on 9/11 flew out of newark crashing in pennsylvania killing all passengers and crew members. >>heather: thank you. >>gregg: president obama reaching out to lawmakers again this week with a series of meetings on capitol hill. he will meet with top democrats and republicans separately in an effort to reach a compromise deal on the budget. this week's meeting is on the heels of a working designer with top republican senators and a luncheon meeting with the house budget committee chairman paul
2:06 pm
ryan. steve joins us, now, live, from the washington, dc bureau. >> congressman paul ryan says the coming weeks will tell if president obama is sincere in trying to reach common ground with republicans. the chairman of the house budget committee has his own proposal that called for a balanced budget and is based on repeal of obamacare but paul ryan is watching the president to see if the current charm offensive with a flurry of bipartisan meetings will actually lead to results. >> will he resume the campaign mode? will he resume attacking republicans and resume what is long believed to be a land to win the 2014 elections? or will he sincerely change and try to find common ground and work with republicans to get something done? that is what we hope happens. >> the president so far has insisted on a balanced approach to deficit reduction, that includes more revenues gained from eliminating tax loopholes.
2:07 pm
democrats say republicans need to show willingness to compromise on that issue. >> unfortunately what we have had so far is a paralyzed republican leadership particularly in the house of representatives, who have not been able to act, not felt they have enough leeway because of their extremism in the republican conference, to do anything with the president. >> this week, the president plans to meet with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle when he goes to capitol hill. >>gregg: thank you, steve, from washington, dc. >>heather: as the federal government and states debate second amendment rights law enforcement in oklahoma practice protecting students. first responders cleared classroom after classroom taxpayer a shooter was actually in the building. the drill is part of a nation-wide program called "alert" teaching officers from different law enforcement agencies how to work together in
2:08 pm
such a crisis. the ultimate goal is to make them learn with the shakes and the rapid heartbeat and all the chaos going on and still perform in a safe manner. >>heather: oklahoma law enforcement have completed 40 drills like this and they began the training a year and a half ago. >>gregg: fox news extreme weather alert, heavy rain and flooding shutting down a portion of a highway in minnesota. police say one vehicle was towed away after getting stuck in the water. forecasters say the rain is part of a larger storm system that now is bringing more rain and heavy flooded to parts of the gulf coast and the southeast. >>heather: peter king could be used to bear knuckled politics but last night he traded in the verbal jabs for the real thing. look at this, the congressman stepping in to the ring showing
2:09 pm
off all of his moves in what amounted to a slug fest against new york state kick boxing champion. this took place at a pub on long island in new york and in an interview this morning on america's news headquarters he explained why he did it and how he feels after the bout. >> he is a great guy, great fighter, and we had a true exhibition and it was good, it was real good, you know, community event with sell out crowd and i survived. but if i am wobbly i took a few shots to the head. >> no black eyes. it is nice to know their congressman can put up a fight in the ring and in washington, dc. what do you think? >>gregg: he obviously had a better right hook than a left hook. >>heather: got it! >>gregg: with sky roberting cost of health care some are testing employees to see if they smoke and they are charging
2:10 pm
smokers more for insurance. good idea? bad idea? >>heather: tweet your thoughts. we will read your thoughts in the segment coming up. christians coming under fire considered a hotbed of islamic fundamentalism and crowds take to the street. >> a sanctuary for big cats re-opens after a deadly tragedy. we are live there next. [ female announcer ] you can make macaroni & cheese without freshly-made pasta. you could also cut corners by making it without 100% real cheddar cheese. but wouldn't be stouffer's mac & cheese. just one of over 70 satisfying recipes for one from stouffer's.
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>>gregg: time for a quick check of the headlines. seven foreign hostages kidnapped in nigeria by al qaeda linked terror group, citizens of italy, britain, greece, and lebanon. >> pakistan, christians and police clashing when there were allegations of blasphemy with hundreds demanding better protection. >> residents in the falkland islands vote to decide their future. whether stay as a british territory or move to argentina's rule? >>heather: a new big brother alert as we learn that more united states companies are embracing the controversial idea of requiring employees to take a
2:15 pm
test to verify whether they are smokers and base the cost of their health care plans on those results. we are joined by our guest. so, this isn't really unusual for companies. many companies charge smokers more but normally it is by the honor system, so the difference here is requiring employees to take a test. what do you think? >> i am a big believer, if business thinks it can save them money, and if they think they can get the employees to do certain things that can make the company better so be it. some companies did a little test here and they tried the honor system and they went to rewards and testing and suddenly, more people showed up as nicotine smokers so i don't mind this. i don't see it as big brother. it is companies realizing that costs of health care continue to skyrocket and they have to get
2:16 pm
their numbers in balance. >>heather: we threw this question out to the twitter world and we got a huge response. very mixed emotions. politics, one says, yes, charge smokers extra. texas instruments does this and says it was a big incentive for this person to quick. on the other hand, you have a doctor who says that they should test for eating chocolate and fast food since obesity causes more health insurance claims. that does lead us to the next question, what is next? >>guest: they already are doing cholesterol tests in some companies and whatever companies can do to have more healthy employees which cuts the costs down, they will do it informally and formally. again, i don't see a problem with this. i understand some people say it is a little bit too much. i have to tell you, employees
2:17 pm
could be complains but if they were running the companies they would understand what is going on here. it is a point of trying to get a person to act a certain way but it is for the benefit of the company so i don't see the problem. >>heather: the american lung association is one of the groups that actually has come out against this saying the tests themselves are not necessarily reliable. >>guest: i'm not the american lung association f they say that, maybe it is true. but there are plenty of others that say the tests work pretty darn well. again, it all comes back to the costs that are insane and out of hand and continue to go up for health insurance on the employer and the employee part. it is great that employers will say to an employee, we will give you $300 rebate to your part of the insurance if you show us that you are nicotine free. >>heather: what about just
2:18 pm
trusting your employee? what happened to that? you trust them enough to work for you but you will not trust them regarding whether they are a south america. >>guest: i guess it could hurt the morale but the companies that are doing this have recognized we are going to go this route. it is better for us. there have been companies that tried the testing and backed away because they recognized that it wasn't changing the playing field. it is on a company by company basis. they get to decide what is best for them. the companies are accountable to their bottom line, their shareholders and, also, the well-being of their employees which makes the business better. >>heather: thank you very much for joining us. >> senator rand paul making a dramatic stand on the u.s. senate floor this past week with
2:19 pm
his filibuster. is he the real live version of mr. smith goes to washington? our political insiders are here to weigh in. >>heather: the people's house, closed. the sequester is to blame but is that move actually backfiring on the president? [ male announcer ] extreme power. ultimate savings. get both now at your polaris dealer during the xp sales event. rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% on the world's best powersports li-up. incredible deals on hard-working rangers, smooth-riding sportsmen, and razor-sharp rzrs. hurry to your local polaris dealer for rebates up to $1,000 and financing as low as 2.99% during the polaris xp sales event. let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money.
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2:23 pm
>>heather: a check of the headlines right now, a tragic scene in warren, ohio, an s.u.v. crashed into a guardrail landing in a pond killing 16 agers and injuring two others. the cause is still being investigated. a report shows harvard secretly searched e-mail accounts of several deans last fall and in
2:24 pm
the quest to find out who leaked information of the cheating scandal. >> good news for lobster lovers, me fishery received an international certificate of sustainability for their responsible fishing practices. >>gregg: new mexico lawmakers proposing an aggressive approach to drunk driving. they will keep people with d.w.i. convictions from buying any alcohol. it is picking up a little steam in the state. dominic is live from the west coast. dominic? >>reporter: it is picking up steam, deciding whether to issue specifically marked licenses to prevent convicted drunk drivers from buying alcohol at any kind of vendor. the state is already known for the aggressive attempt to crackdown on the problem for the past seven years. they have had devices installed in the car so the vehicles will not start and lawmakers want it stamped on state i.d. if
2:25 pm
convicted of drunk driving that you are banned from buying alcohol. this is quite far reaching. critics say, however, applying that rule is not realistic and it is likely to be little or no enforcement by the vendors. >> you ask a private industry to now be an enforcer of a law and i would say probably ten times out of ten there will be little to know enforcement of that. it is just not going to be practical. >>reporter: despite that, we have seen a similar law acted in alaska but the judge if this case has specifically been ordering a defendant not to buy alcohol and the state identification card is marked. in new mexico, they are actively attempting to have a block on the purchase of alcohol. if lawmakers get their way, this will be the most restrictive drunk driving elections we have seen in the country. >>gregg: thank you, dominic, from los angeles.
2:26 pm
>>heather: a californian mall sanctuary is re-opened to the public today less than a week after 24-year-old intern was fatally mauled by a male lion. investigators say she was attacked after the lion was able to lift the door of a partly closed feeding cage with its paw. today's re-opening was dedicated to her memory. now we are streaming live from california with the story. michelle? >>reporter: yes, heather, this has been a very somber mood for the people at project survival cat haven with visitors and workers come to show their support for her, and visiters, over 400 visitors came to honor her, and this man came from fresno to show his support. >> it has been very difficult... is hard to come to grips with something like this but we have to get ourself around this and realize
2:27 pm
that there are still cats to be saved and work to do and she would kick out butts if we would stop at this point. >>heather: that was the founder talking about diana. on the investigation, there were mixed reports and even what exactly happened to diana. it was an accident according to the sheriff deputies. >> unfortunately, the door to the cat section where she thought he was secured, was open. it appears at this time as if it is not likely the cat was able to get a closed door open and what we are finding out so far, it leads us to believe the door was accidentally left open. >> there were also other reports
2:28 pm
she was talking on her cell phone and that is false. she had a walkie-talkie and that is necessary procedure in place to have here at cat hay veteran. now, since friday, there have been over $4,000 in donation to cat haven which was re-opened under the consent of her parents. if you want to donate employees visit their website at www. >> thank you. >>gregg: a magical change in tune in thed with as the frosty relationship between president obama and congressional republicans appears to be warming up, just in time for spring. and your tax dollar. an example, the president hosting a big dinner with g.o.p. senators at the fancy hotel on wednesday night. you picked up that tab. on the surface, the ice looks to be melting. is this a genuine thank thaw?
2:29 pm
president obama's charm of on fencive is nothing more than cosmetic moves. we will bring in our political insiders, john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york and doug schoen former pollster if bill clinton and pat caddell is out sick and we hope he is well soon. all right. so, after four years, the president finally decides he is going to meet with the other side. >> that is right. we will get to that in a second but the poll numbers are starting to drop, the scare tactics on sequester appear not to have worked, if not backfired, and the american people are saying, we need to govern, not just the blame game. >>gregg: why does it take four years to do this? >> the first two years he had control of the house of representatives and senate so why bother. why bother.
2:30 pm
then the tea party took over the republican side of the house and the re-election of the president was on so now is the first real period of no campaigning, when we can actually do some governing, he tried for january and february to govern the old way by steam rolling the g.o.p. the g.o.p. has drop nothing, really, to commend themselves except sit on -- stand firm, we are going to cut spending and we are not raising taxes. >> it is working if you look at polls. look at the poll, sequestration, who do you blame? nearly as many blame obama as republicans. >> and here is the point that people need to understand: going into sequester it was about 49 percent to 30 percent that people would blame the republicans, not the democrats. in actual fact, the fact the gap is now not 19 by five points between the two, that suggests that the president is losing
2:31 pm
support and losing it quickly. >>gregg: the government accounting office identify $364 billion in utter waste on stuff like this, robotic squirrels interacting with snakes. who cares? climate change musicals. pet shampoo projects, eating more caviar, don't do it. seniors playing online games. look at this list, it is absurd. and we have people like john cornyn studying the budget and saying, wait, their budget isn't going up, not down. >> we have to be adults. that stuff is emotional and we read it without really knowing how that spending goes on. there is no way to justify any of that stuff. >> the real money is in entitlements. neither side has gotten to that. neither side is talking about it. unless and until we get there
2:32 pm
--. >> doug, at dinner the other side, we fed it will republicans and conservative republicans, sitting with the president, what went on there? did they tell him what you just said? in order to fix this budget problem, mr. president, medicare, medicaid, social security, need to be adjusted to save? did he hear that? >> he may have heard it once or twice but he did not hear it in a serious and sustained way with a plan, a budget, and a clear commitment by the republicans to get it done. >> one happy talk dinner ain't going to do it. he also is looking, in addition to the sequestration of who gets the inflation he is looking at personal poll numbers. this poll was eight-point drop since december. and the gallup poll which is the latest that came out four hours ago, a drop of six points in his approval rating in one week. >> here is what is going on. bottom line, the president and
2:33 pm
his people monitor these polls each day and they do their own polls, they mirror what you see in public and they see that the charm offensive was a necessary counterweight to the president's brinksmanship on sequester. >> planes would fall out of the sky, old people will die and children would starve and the president shut down the white house to tours. listen to his own wife, michelle obama. >> this is well what the white house is all about, and i say this all the time, it is the people's house. it's a place that is steeped in history but also a place where everyone should feel welcome. that's why my husband and i have made it our mission to open up the house to add many people as we can. >> and a couple of months later he shuts it down. has it backfired? >> we now know that to keep it open for the tours is $18,000 a
2:34 pm
week. but we also found out that if you donate $500,000 to americans for action, obama's new organization, you give $500,000, you get four face to face meetings with the president. you can buy your way in. >>gregg: not president just for a couple of hours decided not to go out and campaign because the use of air force one costs $187 an,000 an hour. >> what if he said he wants to get past the sequester, to deal with the debt ceiling, the continuing resolution, so we have a real budget plan. >> that is what we want. i think the american people want. >> the white house announced they want a grand bargain by the end of july when the next debt ceiling vote is due. now county that is what we all
2:35 pm
want. >> what will they do to get there? >> they will have to reform medicare. that is the biggest driver of our annual spending and debt and medicaid and talk about social security. the proof is in the pudding. the president has never brought this up in a constructive way. >> if you look at simpson-bowles is it that offensive if you raise the retirement age so it is in sink with longevity. >> you means test social security and medicare, you raise the retirement age, you fix the cpi on social security, and you show some flexibility on tax reform and raising or lowering rates to try to have a seamless system. >> you have $650 billion in tax hike, will that get anymore, congressman? >> he may get revenue hikes by tax reform. >> he has not been willing to
2:36 pm
talk about it. the republicans are not eager to do it. i am still a little hopeful things are pushing the two sides together. simpson-bowles does not do medicare, that is not part of simpson-bowles and he still ran away from simpson-bowles. >>gregg: stick around, republican senator rand paul talking and talking and talking and he should have put on comfortable shows, with the filibuster lasting 13 hours. was this meaningful or a publicity stunt? our political insiders are back in a flash. ÷÷
2:37 pm
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they're great! [ male announcer ] and on exciting entertainment! [ taxi whistle ] c'mon guys, the millers just got their cards, too! [ male announcer ] check out the possibilities. >>heather: defense secretary hagel's first trip to afghanistan plagued with security problems and strained relations with karzai.
2:41 pm
he accused the united states of working with the taliban to spread fear. >> fires sweeping through an apartment building in southwestern germany killing seven people, six of them children. investigators focus on a heater. cardinals celebrating sunday mass around rome and will meet on tuesday to elect a new pope. >>gregg: listen to this. >> i will speak until the president says no, we will not kill you at home when you are in your bed. no, we will not drop bombs on restaurants. is that is hard? >>gregg: no hell fire missiles in michigan? that is a stunner, everyone expected it, that is senator rand paul speaking for nearly 13 hours in his filibuster of the nomination of brennan to run the
2:42 pm
c.i.a., to challenge the president's policy on drones specifically, whether the president has the authority to use drones on american citizens on u.s. soil. did he really start a meaningful national conversation on this? or was it just blatant grandstanding? what is he up to? >> i think this is all about 2016. bottom line, this was the weekend where jeb bush pulled a full aganstburg on all five top shows and rand paul was making what he thought an important point and question about drones. be clear, those questions were largely answered before he spoke. this is about his identity, the tea party, and 2016. ought the timetable on this is almost laughable to some people who have criticized senator paul. at 10:38 a.m., hold are makes
2:43 pm
clear the answer to the question and here it is.. >> let me be clear. i said no. no. i said no. >> i am glad after much gymnastics i am very glad to hear it is the opinion of the department justice it is unconstitutional to kill a citizen on united states soil if that individual did not pose an imminent threat. >> the question is answered and senator paul takes to the floor for 13 hours going an hour and three minutes after his question was answered. >> it may have been grandstanding, it may have been 2016 but i also think, i am glad a senator has stood up for this issue. i am glad he is a libertarian conservative. where are others who should be joining? it started, really, when someone was whacked in yemen, an
2:44 pm
american citizen, no trial, does the u.s. government have a right to kill the enemy? >> there is a real issue but paul did not frame it that way, what is the appropriate role of the united states using drones overseas? >> maybe now he is trying to rewrite his own history because he penned an op-ed yesterday in the "washington post" talking nothing about domestic drones but implies he was talking about drones anywhere. >> there is a legitimate debate and conserve we could have. i go back, john, to real politics. senator paul is going to reach out to the tea party wing of the republican party. they are libertarian. they are isolationists. on a weekend when jerk general -- john kerry was giving $250 million to the egyptian government when we are cutting programs here at home, there is a legitimate role or debate of the role of the united states in terms of economics and foreign policy.
2:45 pm
>> it would be more effective if he brought up we are cutting white house tours, we are cutting t.s.a., we are cutting kids on head start but we are giving the muslim brotherhood not only $250 million but the administration wanted to give more last week and congress blocked it. >>gregg: but they are comparing him to jimmy stewart although he does not have the drawl. there is jimmy stewart. you got to love that, "mr. smith goes to washington," and rand paul, and, a little bit shorter. >> he is his father's son updated. ron paul was a principled, libertarian, noninterventionist conservative, he is a more savvy version and he 8 get all his father's supporters and he will run in 2016 and he starts with that group who will like them the more they see it. >> lot of democrats support the
2:46 pm
drone actions of the president and you have a bunch of republicans that do, as well. >> here is the thing. there is a decision in america define those who believe using drones is an appropriate and reasonable way to take on a risk from al qaeda and other terrorists. there are others on the democratic left, the republican right, who disagree, and there is a constituency that rand paul was seeking. this 13-hour filibuster was the formal going of his campaign for president. make in mistake. >> and 80 percent of americans back the drone program. >> and you saw the divide among republicans in the senate when john mccain and graham went accuracy. >> they called it ridiculous.
2:47 pm
2:48 pm
i predict she will run. the only. >> i would say that jeb bush had a very tough week where he takes a position to the right of rubio on amnesty, right? then he writes the book, allegedly, with his name point, and in the first ten minutes of that, he does a 180 on the path did he even read his own book? it makes you wonder. >> chris wallace posed the question, is there too much bush baggage? is there too much sat situation? you have had two bush presidencies? look, it is clearly a problem because george w. bush still has a lot of baggage but the issue, who is jeb bush? what does he stand for? >> it is not a problem for hillary clinton? >> highest popularity rating of any politician. >> but she only polls at 50 percent. >> but bill clinton is so popular, clinton name is popular name. >> she has 68 approval in one stat and she will raise $2 billion. $2 billion. $2 billion.
2:49 pm
$2 billion. >> the high water mark was $1 billion and you are doubling down. on jeb bush and the bush fatigue, there is bush fatigue. but if he were a very dynamic candidate, we her he was in florida he was that was as a national candidate he could over come it. >> okay, we wish you well, gentleman, and more political insiders each monday morning and back here on sunday and you can follow them on twitter. health a study on cancer suggesting that vegetarians may live longer than bacon loving meat eaters but the meat industry says not so fast, there are a lot of problems with the report. who is right? we will ask the doctor next.
2:50 pm
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2:53 pm
>> there is a new study that is not good for bacon lovers, with research linking processed red meat to early death. >>heather: everything is
2:54 pm
better with bacon but maybe that is not true. the study says cutting back on red meat just, just a little bit, that could reduce your risk of early death due do cancer or heart decease. as you might imagine the meat industry is firing back saying there are a lot of problems with the study. how much red meat is really okay ? thank you for joining us, doctor. you took at look at the study. what did you think? >> it is just been a terrible year for the meat industry. we all remember the pink slime scandal with the grotesque images of animal products that was viral on facebook and youtube and they discovered there was unauthorized use of horse meat in processed meats. this is found in europe so they stopped selling sausage in stores in russia and the study is more bad news to the meat industry.
2:55 pm
consuming greater than 120 grams of processed meat in a day can increase your risk of premature death from heart disease and cancer. >>gregg: tell us about any contents of the study? >> the researchers looked at the diets and the medical records and death certificates of 500 million europeans across ten countries. they defined process meat as bacon, ham, and sausage. they asked the respondents to determine how much they consumed in a given day. the researchers found people who consumed greater than 20 grams of processed meat in a given day had an increase risk of premature death from heart disease by 72 percent. that is astounding. they showed an increase risk of premature death in cancer by 11 percent so the authors concluded that 3 percent of premature deaths can be avoided if you consume less than 20 grams. >>heather: that is the side of
2:56 pm
a matchbook. we are talking a small amount. but is it just processed meat we are talking about? what about grilling? >> a lean steak? is that okay? can you get enough nutrients from fruits and vegetables alone? >> some problems with the study is it is hard to say is it 20 grams of processed meat or 21 grams. we cannot conclude for sure. a limitation of the study was the people would do consume large amounts of processed meat live what they call unhealthy lifestyles. those people are also more likely to smoke, increased consumption of alcohol and --. >>gregg: to that gives you serious reservation. >> everything in moderation is good. you can consume meat products. you need to consume vegetables, as well as your fruit.
2:57 pm
>>heather: you cannot live off bacon. >> >>gregg: come on, i put bacon bits on everything. it kills the taste of brussel sprouts. again, moderation in everything, what does that mean, exactly? one steak a month? a lean steak a month? one a week? >> it is hard to determine conclusively what it is. once a month, once a week, we need more studies. everything in moderation. putting things on the grill and avoiding pink slime, that can help you live healthy. >> don't leave the fat on the mat. >> the meat is a good source of protein. >> that is something that the study did show that people who do not consume red or white meat such as lamb and beef and chicken and poultry, they have to show they have increased risk of dying early contrary to a number of other studies including those that came out in the new england journal of medicine about the mediterranean diet and a study from the united
2:58 pm
kingdom about vegetarianism. >>gregg: doctor adkins would be very upset. >> rolling in his government. >> moderation is key. for everything. >> doctor, thank you for being with us. good to see you. >> that will do it for us. we hope you have a great week. fox news sunday with chris wall has is coming up next. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take as well as they could because they don't take it with food. switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. [ bop ] [ bop ] you can do that all you want, i don't like v8 juice. [ male announcer ] how about v8 v-fusion.
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