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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 10, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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>> this is a fox report. tonig >> tonight a top lawmaker waffled saying the people who were supposed to protect us when we travel are putting lives in danger. with a new tsa policy you will be able to get on a plane with a small knife, a hockey stick and a couple of golf clubs. plus afghanistan's president levels an incredible charge against america. as chuck hagel makes his first trip to the country as defense secretary. >> a play about u.s. motors ahead of the troop withdrawals for next year. fox report what hamid karzai said the top commander in the war zone calling those words t categorically false. he's the man with the republican plans to get the government
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fiscal house in order. >> we think we owe the american people a balanced budget. >> but to do that hundreds of paul ryan wants to strap president obama's biggest first term accomplishment. >> our budget does row motor repealing obama care and replacing it with a better system. >> in minutes the latest show down over spending your tax dollars. and caretakers and customers at a big cat reserve left in shock after someone apparently left the gate open and a 500 pound lion walked right out and killed this woman. tonight cat haven reopening for business. >> i am harris falkner. new defense secretary chuck hagel getting a crash course in a rocky relationship with afghanistan. the first official visit to the region and what a welcome from afghanistan's president hamid karzai. he's accusing our country of cooperating with the enemy to spread chaos across the country.
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just a little context for you. more than $540 billion spent over a decade trying to make life better for afghans with the taliban targeting dmiend of help or hope we could give them during the war. th they provided a safe haven for osama bin laden. our military is working with the taliban. we know president karzai to be unpredictable in the past. they were to hold a joint news conference today with the afghan leader. then it was canceled for what were said to be security reasons. the two met in private. >> african president hamid karzai made a sensational accusation against the united states telling a television audience he thinks the american
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taliban have been coordinating terror attacks against civilians as recently as this week intending to show civilians how quickly the security situation on the ground will deteriorate after most u.s. troops left the country at the end of next year. >> they are trying to fright ten us they were foreigners if not in afghanistan we will be facing this sort of incident. >> president karzai cancelled a press conference today the two met anyway. hagel said he told the afghan president his flames are false. >> i told the president it was not true. that the united states was unilaterally working with the taliban in trying to negotiate anything. >> political pressure probably made him speak out against the united states. >> sort of a curious round of
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internal afghan politics to say the taliban and the united states are cooperating. i think it's part of president karzai's game he wants to look independent at the united states and independent of the taliban. >> secretary hagel's swing through afghanistan is nearly done. he is expected back in washington tomorrow afternoon. >> peter thank you. we are in the final stretch less than two-days away from the con claf celebrating the pope in kau theecathedrals and basilicas. they blaclaim the guidance afte they make the final decision they will file into the sistine chapel that afternoon. for the secret balloting. they will vote until someone receives a two-thirds majority. earlier today in saint peters square but second day in a row
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there was no hope. snapping photos and taking in the move. >> milling around you can't tell but you can tell there's an energy there. >> the energy and big decision to come. amy is live for us in the room tonight. >> hi harris. today was the last day to get up close to the cardinals before they hold up in conclave. we caught up with tim dolan in the outskirts of rome today. earlier in the week he said the cardinals were not ready to vote and now they are and he is eager to get it over with. >> this is the life of the church sunday mass is so important that i am eager to get into the pope and get back home. i am running out of stocks. >> cardinal shawn o'malley of
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boston is gaining traction considerable traction with the italian public. o'malley blast off suggestion that he could be the next pope saying he planned to wear the brown cassic of his order for a lifetime. here's what he had to say about this week's conclave. >> let us pray the holy spirit choose a new pope who will confirm us in our faith. >> meanwhile we bought a peak inside the sistine chapel be transformed with the voting place with the cardinals workmen have been running around will be set up with the cardinal electors. this jeweler who says he may be lucky enough to ask to make the new pope's fisherman's ring which will incorporate the code of arms. finally about the speculation in
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harris then talked about two camps in terms of the electors. not so much liberals verses the conservatives but those more spiritual philosophical and those interested in keeping the status quo in terms of the vatican bureaucracy. >> we have seen a few of them over the past few days. there was a calling for someone to be more evangelical for now. amy kellogg thank you very much. we will look at the spending of the tax dollars. house budget chairman paul ryan with a new plan to balance the ballooning budget among the billions of dollars among the proposed cuts he will make public this week one of the largest and controversial. we will be repealing obama care. >> he is a republican we can't afford obama care. the whole thing has to go.
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ryan is talking about it today with chris wallace on fox news sunday. >> we don't think healthcare will be improved we think it will be ugly over the next couple years. that's why we proposed replacing obama care with patient setting healthcare better for everybody for the poor people in the states for medicare. >> steve sent any live for us in washington. we have seen congressman ryan make a lot of budget proposals known for this on the hill. what about the latest unlet's get it. >> fiscal balance in the budget by ten years making cuts of $5 trillion. it seems the repeal takes into account 600 billion with fiscal tax increases goes into effect 715 billion in cuts in medicare. here's the congressman. >> we owe the american people balanced budget we want to respect the hard-working taxpayers and think we have a
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responsible plan to balance the budget which the reason we do the balanced budget it leads to a healthy growing economy that leads to jobs. >> he is doing pro growth tax reforms to bring all of the rates down doing what some call offensive to try to woifrn republicans. what's the next move we know about? >> it goes to capitol hill to meet with both sides of the aisle. he had dinner with a dozen democrats and lunch with wall ryan. some are taking a wait and see attitude but some think they are going further. >> now the president reached out more broadly among republicans. it is a good thing ultimately in order to reach an agreement everyone has to be willing to compromise. they are reaching out to
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republicans not jest democrats. we need to sustain these one time deal type of programs. >> the president goes to capitol hill for separate meetings with democrats and republicans from both houses of congress. >> former republican jeb bush talking about growing speculation of a possible white house running 2016. >> it is early three months after the election. he down-played concerns about the negative public opinion polls of the past bush presidency. >> i dlooings any bush baggage at all. i am proud of my brother and his accomplishments i am proud of my dad. if i run for president it's not because of something in my dna that compels me to do it but it would be it's the right thing to do for my family and i have
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something to offer. >> he flirted with the idea of running for president in 2008 and 2012 but declined both times. tiger woods has done it. he's looking like the old tiger woods in time for a ramp up of the masters next month. today he won the cadillac championship. it's his second win this year winning by two strokes. it was a little wider than that. posing with a one-under par 70 run. more on his win when keith joins us with sports. >> right now a tough scene for first responders and investigators. we will do the tough work of finding out exactly why and how this happened. 8 teenagers from the same town in one suv two of them survived six of them are dead tonight. we are learning their vehicle veered off the road somehow
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through a guardrail and into a bridged pond. this airport has a reputation of being one of the busiest most dangerous because of lax security. the accusations one wiles blower is now making about safe standards at the major transportation hub. stay close. transportation hub. stay close. chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico,
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from training to a good rest. i had tweeted i couldn't wait to get in my tempur-pedic. the company had seen it. they said, "are you really a tempur-pedic owner?" i said, "yes, i am, and i'm very proud of it." i can't imagine living without my bed. my name is mark herzlich. i'm a professional football champion, a cancer survivor, and a tempur-pedic owner. >> a tc s >> a tragic scene in ohio. an suv went off the road and into a fridge i had pond. it happened 60 mile east of cleveland. 8 teens were in the vehicle between the ages of 1457bd 19. they were packed inside the honda passport they tell us. it veered off the left side of the road hit the guardrail and
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split ending up in that body of water you just saw. they just plucked it out. four people died at the scene. the others were taken to a hospital and didn't make it. the two who survived are expected to fully recover. >> new calls for the transportation security to allow small knives on planes. it takes effect next month. it is baseball bats, hockey sticks you can walk on the plane with or you will as soon as it comes effective. they are asking the tsa to repeal it immediately. >> you don't have to have a ph.d. in physics you don't need to be albert einstein to know these items are dangerous. it can kill someone and it was something just like this the
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9-11 hijackers used to bring their planes into the world trade center. >> few are saying now is not the time of less vigilance. the tsa providing fox news which leads taking small lives novelty size and sporting equipment off the list to better focus items on higher threat items. they will decide whether to allow any items on the plane end quote. >> after what we told you this week he's upset about reports that under cover federal agent managed to sneak a fake bomb inside his pants past two checkpoints. as a whistleblower is opening up with shocking revelations about an ex employee, useless policies supervisors asleep at the wheel.
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ar they will neville joins me now. this makes it look extremely dangerous. >> it sounds unbelievable. according to the whistleblower it is really bad. in an article the tsa screener wasn't surprised the incident you just reported on and criticized those saying it's not if but when. screenings routinely failed to meet tsa standards. employees not needing a high school diploma to get hired half hour long bathroom brakes during work and culture of laziness. officials maintain despite problems the system has worked. >> we have not had any one get on a plane successfully with these explosive devices in 11 and a half years. something is working. it has to be approved.
7:21 pm
would e have reached out fo comment from the tsa but nothing yet. >> the former screener calls them ridiculous saying you can't find anything using the back of your hand over certain areas of the body. >> one of the things i thought was startling is sometimes there are cameras put up you fethey fl like they have to do something. they are under watch. they do the searchs and they aren't actually looking for things. >> you are right. the cameras never blink but some of the supervisors are blinking indeed. 1400 tsa employees newark has seen the fair share of incidence over the years. 25 employees were fired 19 suspended for improperly screening baggage a terminal was
7:22 pm
shut down for 6 hours after he ducked under a security rope unnoticed by the tsa. >> an investigation found they only took correct tive action for security breeches 42 percent of the time. one of the hijacked flights on september 11th flew out of newark. flight 73 which crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania killing passengers and crew members on board. >> we will never forget that. >> a couple murdered in their home a car stolen now another person believed to be in the house at the time of killing is missing the latest details as police search for who they call a killer on the lose. ♪
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>> a mystery tonight near seattle. an >> a mystery tonight in seattle. the couple's daughter discovered their body saturday night and called 911. both the 812-year-old man and 80-year-old wife had been shot. officers calling this a tense situation. >> any type of situation like this makes us nervous. absolutely we are nervous. we want to locate this car and try to get to the bottom of who is the suspect in this case. >> police say to complicate things the couple's grandson who was in the home that same night is missing. they won't say if he is any danger but they say he is not a suspect. a red chrysler belonging to the victim is also missing. >> a house fire takes the lives of a housekeeper and 5 children.
7:27 pm
>> kentucky neighbors first saw smoke early in the morning and called 911. >> flames coming up the window and smoke. it was too late by then. >> a man his girlfriend and two other children. two other children spent the night for the sleepover. >> this whole road we live on we are all close together. >> children were young months old to 3 years old. arson investigators working to find a cause. they don't see any signs of foul flay -- play. a small lane hit the house the pilot died at the scene. two people were inside at the
7:28 pm
time. >> sounded like a gun shot. sounded like someone was shooting then when i heard the sound wint up to the win deaned i saw the cop that was in front of the house. >> it is not clear why but the engine failed moments before. >> a group of cyclists trying to urge congress to pass tougher gun control laws. each cyclist representing one of the victims of the sandy brook school shootings. one rierd lost his daughter>> i encourage you to look into the hearts and do that which they think could not be done. >> their goal cycle 400 miles to capitol hill to arrive on tuesday. that's the fox watch across america. >> your bottom line probably getting a bit of a boost if you have anything invested in the markets now.
7:29 pm
will the rally last when markets open hours from now. today he looks like he found it looked like a champion. tiger winning big. could it be a sign of things to come a few weeks before the masters? it would be good timing if he can do that. joining me at home base right here. is joining me at home base here. why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices.
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>> >> i'm shares >> i am harris falkner. amid karzai accusing the united states of cooperating taliban inside afghanistan. chuck hagel obviously denying the claims. he met with president to continue to support inside that country. venezuela a pposition leader, reportedly will announce his run for president against the hand picked successor of former president hugo chavez. chavez died, as you know, last week after a battle with cancer. venezuela has the largest proven oil reserve will vote on the 14th: and on wall street as the dow jones industrial average continues an amazing run, another key set of stocks approaching record territory. fox news senior correspondent and anchor of "bulls and bears" brenda buttner with
7:34 pm
more. >> the dow sets a record, sounding like a broken record. four days last week, record finishes, but it's likely another benchmark. the s & p, we care about that broader market a big part of many 401(k)'s and close tower a record as well, just 14 points away when the opening bell rings tomorrow. a strong jobs report for february kept the buyers working and the bulls running and has small investors eager to jump on to the stock band wagon and they're flooding s&p 500 funds. so far in march nearly 2 billion into an exchange traded fund that tracks at that index. keep in mind that all of these records really just take us back to the future. we are right where we were some five years ago before the housing bubble burst and the market melted and there is plenty that could make the bulls stumble. the economy is still in trouble. the recovery tepid even though we had a good month of job gains and washington is tied
7:35 pm
in knots over tax hikes and spending cuts. many experts think we're due for a correction of some 10%. but this week, wall street will be watching you, a key read on consumer sentiment out friday. will you be more optimistic as you see your 401(k) grow? harris, back to you. >> harris: thank you. imagine a cheaper way to produce energy that reduces greenhouse gas emissions. john stossel, our fox family says he's found it, it's called fracking, extracts it from the ground and critics say fracking is dangerous. he says that's a myth. >> the protests grow. >> and people are-- how-- >> the genetic mutation of our children. >> a lot of people could get sick. >> you'd think so since that anti-fracking movie includes this frightening scene. >> whoa, jesus christ. >> so much gas in his water he
7:36 pm
could light it, but when the state's environmental official investigated this incident, they concluded fracking had nothing to do with it, it was just gas that's naturally in the ground. that happens. there are many places in america where no fracking is done, but-- >> whoa! >> water still catches fire. this is a lake in alaska. this man lives in new york where fracking is banned, yet-- >> whoa! >> for more on john strossle's report on fracking and other myths, tune in tonight "myths, lies and complete stupidity", i love this title. immediately following fox report. turning overseas now, nelson mandela is out of the hospital at this hour, a spokesperson saying. mandela is 94 years old and the former south african president and anti-apartheid leader is doing well. he was admitted for a checkup at the hospital yesterday and
7:37 pm
we're told those examinations were completed successfully. mandela was discharged and returned to his home in johannesburg. seven people are dead, six of them children after an apartment building goes up in flames. this was the scene early this morning in germany. flames shooting out of the complex in the town near stuttgart. police saying they believe the fire started in the second floor apartment, possibly from a heater. no word yet on the identity of the victims, the people who lived there want to know, but local media reporting the dead include a mom and her six children. several others are thought to be missing after this. it's not clear how many people were actually inside that structure when it burned. anger in the streets across an entire country. thousands of people rallying in 60 different cities there. it's our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. spain, it's all over
7:38 pm
unemployment and the government's handling of the economy. one of the biggest rallies in madrid. protesters want the government's austerity program to end and they want job creation. spain is in its second recession in just three years with unemployment stuck at 26%. japan, the push against using nuclear power growing stronger, with demonstrators on the move. tomorrow marks two years since the fukushima nuclear disaster. you'll recall in march, 2011 an earthquake and tsunami killed nearly 19 people and triggered a meltdown at the plant. 160,000 people forced from their homes and many never returned. china, wildfires burning in the eastern mountains are now out after strong winds fanned the flames, spreading them quickly.
7:39 pm
600 firefighters responded, no one hurt. mexico, peddling in pumps. hundreds of women from across the country participating in a four-mile race to encourage people to cut down on pollution by leaving their cars at home and biking to work instead. and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. if someone drinks and drives, and then gets busted for it, should they lose the right to buy alcohol again? one place weighing that possibility right now, but is it the nanny state going to the extreme or something else? we report, you decide. also, a big cat reserve back open after tragedy strikes in the very same spot. in minutes, paying tribute to a woman mauled to death by one of the animals she was committed to protecting. ♪ ♪
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razor sharp performance is waiting for you try running four.ning a restaurant is hard, fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. >> an update now to a story we first brought you on last
7:43 pm
night's fox report. five sailors who survived the race sail boat accident are home. they were racing the "uncontrollable urge" when it was uncontrollable. we're told the sail boat lost its steering. it broke apart on san diego's coast. it hit land, the crew jumped before it did. a crew member killed, the others rescued by the coast guard. as you see, this was video coming into fox news and breaking last night. they were treated for cuts, bruises and hoip p bruises, and hypothermia. all of them expect today recover. days after the tragic death of a young woman, a big cat reserve in california reopened to the public today. a moment of silence was held commemorating the life of intern diana hanson. she was killed when a 500 pound lion escaped its pen. that's technically stretching it. the door was open, the thing left. the cat haven founder says, it's important that they reopen the place to honor the
7:44 pm
work of conservationists like diana. >> it's important for us to return back to normal outreach at the cat haven and diana would really want us to do that and i hope what we're doing here can honor her and cous cous, too, for the life they lived and the people they touched. >> harris: in case you're wondering cous cous is the name of the lion. they put the lion down. and michelle is live for us at cat haven in dunlap, california. michelle. >>. >> hi, harris, the park may be reopened, but things are not feeling just the way back to normal just days after that tragic event happened here a few days ago. now, over 400 people came out today. in fact, all of the employees here were wearing the t-shirts to commemorate diana and laid out those on cous cous and diana died doing what she
7:45 pm
loved. they say they reopened because that's what diana would have wanted. there were wrong initial reports that she was talking on a cell phone. she had a walkie-talkie with her which is procedure. and there are reports that the lion opened the door with a paw under it. >> the door section to the cat where he was secured, was opened. and looking into the door was left open. >> and to date they've received over $4,000 in donations. >> harris: thank you. it's a state with one of the highest alcohol rerated tragic deaths in the country and now, a new effort to make the roads safer. new mexico is considering a law to ban people from driving
7:46 pm
drunk, if this measure passes, it will be one of the most restrictive drunken driving laws in the country. dominic, this has a lot of criticism because they say it's too much like a nanny state. >> reporter: and they could block the sale of alcohol and we've seen across the country attempts to prevent repeated dwi's, and not nothing this strict from banning buying booze. of those who have been convicted, their cars prevented from their vehicles starting, basically, if you're over the limit and breathalyzers. now, lawmakers want it imprinted on their i.d.'s, they cannot be sold by a vendor. and it's up for a vote and has seen a landslide approval in the house of representatives and gaining sponsors to become law, harris.
7:47 pm
>> harris: it sounds like a preventible measure, but how is it working to actually practice it? >> well, most of dui convicts or i'm sorry, dwi convicts are young males and many are saying it's not going to prevent the sale of alcohol to them by critics. >> you ask private industry to now be an enforcer of a law and, you know, i'd say probably ten times out of ten there will be little to no enforcement of that so it's just not going be to be practical. >> reporter: one other thing, adds in the same way offenders find ways to duck out of using their ignition locks, they find ways to get their hands on alcohol. it's just too easy to circumvent, they say and that's really going to be the problem. they want to get it, they get it. simple as that, harris. >> harris: if you look at history of the country, we've battled over alcohol sales before not having to do with car wrecks of course, but you know, it is part of our
7:48 pm
history. people do get their hands on things anyway. >> reporter: yeah, that's certainly very much the case, but they're hoping at least there'll be somebody responsible in the private sector being for example, those who do sell liquor who make a attempt not to sell alcohol to those they know they shouldn't. >> harris: we'll see what happens there. dominic di-natale, thank you very much. a cheating scandal rocking one university in the country. why harvard administrators went too far and even violating the privacy of some of the school's deans. and the proud american farmer, unformtunatel unfortunately, many are struggling. in one part of the country business is booming not because of the crops, but what's under them. oh this is lame, investors could lose tens of thousands of dollars on their 401(k) to hidden fees.
7:49 pm
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>> can they search oyour e-mail if they don't tell you? they have had a cheating scandal they secret slifrned an e-mail account of 16 deans there last fall to see if any of the deans were talking with the media about the scandal. the boston globe, new york times both reporting the teens were not warned their e-mails will be looked at. they were spying on them after the fact. they issued harvard sanctions last month against 100 students who allegedly cheated on a take home exam. the nation lost more than 11 though farms last month. many were small businesses.
7:53 pm
at least one time they are seeing a surge. >> you are looking at the most valuable farming asset today. not the cattle the farmland they are standing on. >> we have been almost nonstop selling farmland blueded mob ge farmland. get the farmland. >> 7 figure sales in iowa are common. one iowa farm brought in 10 million plus. >> in the last three years we have had 50 percent increase in farmland values for our region. >> just last year in five midwestern states farmland value jumped 16 percent. in the last five years iowa farmland has doubled in value.
7:54 pm
that would normally draw speculators but not here. >> it is still in solid hands. the buyers of it quite often are putting down 60 percent equity into the farmland maybe 70 percent equity. >> who can afford 60 to 70 percent down payments farmers with soybeans and corn. long interest rates for all time lows. a perfect combo for farmland prices. one huge stumbling block for younger fafrmer -- farmers. >> 22-year-old mitch koiker is starting out with beef cattle on his father's land hoping to earn enough money to some day buy the land of his own to farm. prices are coming down. >> i am counting on it if i don't it's not going to happen. >> the immediate projections are farming prices should continue
7:55 pm
to grow this year although at a slower pace. steve brown, fox news. we isn't convenieseen it in healthy and winning and happy. florida tonight celebrating the sunday red shirt and a big smile. >> not smiling here a basebrawl see what caused the benches to clear. getting pretty putting on blush and hair spray. he's up next with sports. [ male announcer ] need help keeping your digestive balance in sync? try align. it's the number one ge recommended probiotic that helps maintain digestive balance. ♪
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sleep number. comfort individualized. >> tiger woods meeting the blue monster in doral, florida, 76th career pga win. peter schrager of fox sports is here and he's undefeated in the golf championships when he's in the lead after three rounds. >> tiger woods put on an incredible performance the past four days, 1 under 71
7:59 pm
today. wins 2 strokes over steve stricker. last year at this time tiger had to withdraw with an achilles, and he is he going into bay mill and the masters, if he wins next week, he'll take over rory mcilroy as number one. >> harris: and the red shirts. i knew he would do well in this tournament because he kept giving interviews. like i saw three interviews in one day and smiling and i thought, wow. >> the big store was steve stricker who was second place gave him tips on putting and tiger went on an insane run. like the tiger of old. >> harris: i got the e-mail from peter schrager, the lakers against the-- okay, kobe bryant with the lakers said it was a big deal, a big comeback. >> well, no, the lakers all season have been j


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