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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 11, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> time for quick headlines. take a look at this. a kayaker plunges off a 65-foot waterfall. this was in mexico. the group of daredevils amazingly came out unscathed. the photographer hanging from a wire above captured the stunt for short film. a furry creature
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creating havoc at a soccer match in switzerland. tkafpg on to the field after the -- dark on to the field after the game started. the player dived to cash the critter. >> what the heck is that? >> i don't know. called a martin or something like that. >> a lot of you have written in to fox news to tell us how much you love the fact that we're playing the national anthem right before the beginning of our show every day. we want to read more of your comments. >> please keep the star-spangled keep "the star-spangled banner" as your opening. it is heart warming to hear first thing in the morning. >> jay tweeted i love fox and the greatest country on earth and the greatest news team ever. god bless the u.s.a. and the staff at fox. >> linda on facebook wrote it is refreshing to see this on television. i served 20 years in the u.s. air force. still get cheers and teary eyed when i hear the song. thank you so much.
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>> thank you to everyone who responded. keep your comments coming. >> and we'll keep putting that on the air every morning. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. >> have a great day. >>gretchen: good morning everybody. glad to be with you today. march 11, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. fire fighters rushing into a burning building never expected this. what went wrong? the video, the story moments away. >>steve: that's like in a movie. our new secretary of defense makes his first trip to afghanistan, and he's greeted by bombs. our partner there, president hamid karzai says it's our fault. what? should we still be giving this guy our men and women not to mention our money? details straight ahead. >>brian: you can't go to the white house, but can she?
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♪ >>brian: we'll have the latest this morning on who's been invited while you're shut out and maybe who has not been invited. we'll explain in a little bit. "fox & friends" starts right now. >>steve: welcome to the program. brian kilmeade is on vacation and in his spot is the guy with no tie. >>gretchen: sometimes you wear it, sometimes you don't. >>steve: donald trump tie. donald trump will be with us one hour from now. >>gretchen: by the end of the show that tie could be on that guy. in the meantime, let's get to headlines.
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18, ages 14 to 19 were trapped in a car, landed on a guardrail and ended up in a pond. two escaped. the family, as you can imagine, devastated. [crying] >> pick up the phone and tell your family you love them because you never know what will happen. tomorrow is not promised to anybody. >> police believe the car was taken without permission. the video you will see will knock you over so imagine if you were a fire fighter on the scene. watch this. a back draft causing a massive explosion. this is harrison, new jersey, sending dust and debris everywhere. five fire fighters are hurt after being tossed into the air. >> they were literally thrown out of the building. a smoke explosion threw them out of the building. >> it was very scary.
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flames coming from every single window. >>gretchen: the fire fighters will be okay. the fire started in a restaurant before it spread to a neighboring apartment building. >> bet you haven't heard this one before. playing video games saved the lives of two teens. a small plane slammed into a garage feet from where two teens were playing video games. one said the entire house shook. >> just knowing my son was so close to the accident, he was just above it. it really came home how, you know, fleeting life can be. i feel very bad for the family that had this happen. >>gretchen: the pilot of the plane killed in the crash. the passenger, the pilot's nephew, just upgraded to serious condition. witnesses saw the propeller stop before the crash. the white house may be close to tours but michelle obama's 50th birthday bash is wide open to hollywood. ♪
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>>gretchen: according to reports beyonce and adele will head her party. they will allegedly sing at a private party paid for by the obamas, but the white house is shooting down the story saying it is false. >>steve: that story is out there everywhere. i'm looking at huffington post. it says they're booked. >> someone had to come up with the idea. i'm sure this didn't pop up out of thin air. >>steve: if it is true, when it came out, people are going let us get this straight. they closed the white house to the tours, but the first lady can have a gigantic, very expensive party with adele and other very big celebrities? it just seems wrong. >> this is the first weekend the white house is closed to the tours. i'm still trying to figure it out, why they would use that. >>steve: did they ever call you? >> no.
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we started something here. i'll do it again here. open our white house. hash tag open our white house. it trended. it came on the show friday morning. people are outraged at the white house tours. a lot of kids on spring break go to washington, d.c. with either their classmates or their parents or their families. they want to see the white house. >>gretchen: just to remind people, eric tofrd pay for one week -- offered to pay for one week, specifically iowa kids. they went on facebook and said let us come to do our tour because they were coming to d.c. over spring break. i guess with regard to the party it would matter if the obamas were paying for it privately. if it were taxpayers dollars, that would be a huge problem. >> it takes a lot of money to secure the white house. the 30 service service agents, i guess they would still be on staff during the party; right?
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>>steve: donald trump has also made a big offer and he'll tell you about it. it involves $5 million out of his pocket. coming up. what is up with the president of the united states? remember we were talking to you about two weeks ago about how the night of the election, the president made it very clear his number-one priority was to make sure that nancy pelosi was returned to the speaker of the house. and they would do whatever it takes to make sure that the republicans lose control of the house. and then suddenly things started going wrong. the sequester not so bad. starting to take hits in the media. and his polls numbers fall. suddenly he's decided, wait a minute, i'm going to start being nice to those republican leaders who i haven't talked to. i'm going to invite a bunch of them over for supper and stuff like that. what's he up to? >>gretchen: i love having eric fill in but if brian were here he would be saying i told you so because he was the one optimistic person saying maybe this was a new president obama who would be reaching out to
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republicans and showing the olive branch so to speak. other people were more skeptical about whether or not this was all for play or whether or not there was going to be something done. >> are we sure? president obama decides to invite 12 republican senators to the white house. by the way, you know what was going on simultaneous to that dinner? rand paul was filibustering on the senate floor. i got to tell you, if that were going on and i'm a republican senator going, hold on, president obama, thank you very much. i have some important business to take care of, and show some support for rand paul. >>gretchen: two of the people at that dinner came out and said negative things about what rand paul was doing. >> for me, still krafpg my head why senators mccain and graham are -- >>steve: the big question is what is the president up to? republicans on the chat show yesterday don't know. >> if you say these draconian cuts which, by the way, were increasing spending by an average rate
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of 3.4% a year, that does no good to get to common ground. that makes it impossible for parties to come together and bridge the gaps. if that kind of rhetoric resumes, we'll know this was for show and it wasn't sin saoefrplt i hope this is -- and it wasn't sincere. i hope this is sincere. i think he's genuinely reaching out but you've got a lot of scabs and sores on people that will take awhile for that to heal. the senate is not near as dysfunctional it's made out to be because there's great relationships in the senate. our problem in the senate is the leadership of the senate, not the members of the senate. >> great. to build trust is a good thing. to be honest with you, bob, what the president needs to do is to reach out not just to republicans but to democrats and makes sure he gives them the political cover to do frankly what most of them know needs to be done. >>gretchen: it will be interesting to see whether this trend continues. will the president continue to reach out? will there be anything that will happen? that will be the bigger thing? >> it's nice to reach out
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and have a dinner but how about putting something on the table? how about putting one of the entitlement programs he's refused to touch through this whole process, put it on the table. you've got $600 billion or $700 billion in tax increases each year. i guess he wants more. >>steve: i think he's trying to be bipartisan now because next year when things go belly up he can say blame the republicans. >>gretchen: another huge story because all eyes on vatican city as the cardinals gather for their last day before the conclave to elect a new pope. that will start tomorrow. >> that final preconclave meeting is underway in vatican city. all 115 cardinals gathered. they are about an hour and a half in. they are expected to meet for about three hours this morning to talk about the needs of the church and what the characteristics of the new pope will need to take on the challenges the church faces in this modern
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time. there's other indications a decision is near. they are preparing the balcony for the presentation of the new pope, whoever these cardinals cast two-thirds of their votes. there are 77 votes they will need to elect the new pontiff. all across rome yesterday we were talking to people from all around the world who have come here to watch this play out, they would like to see it happen sooner than later. >> i really hope that we will have a pope as quickly as possible. >> we hope it's going to take a really short time, that they find a compromise. >> while it's impossible to predict, there are front-runners and odds makers that love this. a two to one favorite is angelo skola. and peter turkson, a four to one odds. the americans are in the running. there is a phrase called
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pope-able. i don't know how to say it in latin but it translates to pope-able. interesting and intriguing times to see how this plays out. it's not a high-tech deal. it is basically a rectangular sheet of paper where it says across the top i elect as the most high pontiff. the cardinal will write his name, fold it and that will decide the vote. tomorrow should see first puff of smoke indicating how that vote turns out sometime tomorrow evening. guys, back to you. >>gretchen: very interesting process. thanks for breaking that down. >>steve: what is hamid karzai, the president of afghanistan, up to? did you hear this? there were some explosions that killed 19 people on saturday. and then yesterday, what does he do? he says, look, the united states is working with the taliban, and the taliban is working with the united states. why? so that we realize now -- my people do -- we're going to need the americans here in the country after the "get out of town" date which is 2014.
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he also says the united states wants very valuable afghanistan resources. >>gretchen: you got to wonder how long this guy can be in a powerful situation when he's lobbing those threats against the united states and accusations. what is it like to deal with this guy? that must be a thrill if you're one of the people in the state department and otherwise, including the president who has to deal with this uncertainty as we move forward. the big question is why is he so ungrateful? >> he's always been this way. but my question is the timing of this. chuck hagel went over there, had a big meeting. was supposed to have a meeting with president karzai. that ended up being canceled. they said because of the bomb that happened a couple days ago. it may be because of the outright disrespect he showed for the american people on the day before that press conference was supposed to be delivered. >>steve: there could be a little of both. it looks like the bad mouthing of america -- remember he's not going to be in the job forever. and when he leaves, right now he's trying to appeal
3:15 am
to the antiwesterner, anti-american factions in his country and in that region. once upon a time he also said he would like to join the taliban. the president of afghanistan. >>gretchen: okay. coming up on our show, tuition assistance has been suspended for our nation's military because of the sequester. but guess who's still going to get help? illegal immigrants when it comes to swigs. >> who's in? who's out? at least two of the ladies are leaving. now they're talking. "the view" tells all. coming up. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice,
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>>gretchen: they risk their lives for our country but now our nation's military members are being hit hard by the sequester. the marines and the army suspended now their tuition assistance programs for active-duty members of the military. yet in several states illegal immigrants can still get tuition assistance. joining me now, united states marine corps veteran and the new york state assemblyman lawler. good to see you. tell me about this program. i understand 200,000 active-due members of the army were taking advantage of this money. >> they're in the middle of a course of study, and they found out late last week the funding they have been getting -- maybe one of the reasons they enlisted -- is not going to be there once this semester is over. they are kind of in the lurch. >>gretchen: it is the army and marines who are going to be cut from this. the air force and navy have not yet done this. >> they may follow suit. >>gretchen: how much money was it to an active duty of the military? >> $250 per credit hour,
3:20 am
>>gretchen: you bring up an important point that maybe this was the i am impetus for people wanting to get into the military knowing part of their education would be paid for while they were there. >> they go to college while on active duty and then become an officer. some of the great officers are those who have gone up the ranks much we're going to lose that in large part by cutting this program. it's not just a benefit cut. it's a quality of military cut. >>gretchen: you are proposing here at least in new york state that the state pick up to fund the rest of this? >> that is correct. what we're saying is if we have new york military personnel enrolled in state universities or city universities, we're going to say we're going to let you stay, continue out your degree because, one, you've been serving our country. and, two, we don't want to pull the rug out from under you. the cost will be minimal. there's a bill making its way through the assembly to allot $25 million to give financial aid to illegal
3:21 am
immigrants in new york state. for a fraction of that cost we can let u.s. military in our state finish their education. >>gretchen: what kind of dichotomy do we have here where we're going to cut off funding for members of our military but illegal immigrants will get that money to go to school? >> it's a real clear indication of bad priorities at the state and federal level. >>gretchen: what has been the response so far to your bill? >> unbelievably positive especially when you juxtapose it to $25 million in aid. in new york, we already give in-state tuition to illegal immigrants. there's funding going there without this extra $25 million. we can find a few dollars. the cost is minimal. the teachers are already being paid. we want to keep the spot for this military person open so he can finish his education. >>gretchen: you're a veteran so you would know firsthand and now you're a new york state assembly man. thanks for your service in both ways. coming up on frock --
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coming up on "fox & friends," you know about the benefits of aspirin, but ladies this is for you. our next guest wants to make it mandatory for all citizens to have a gun. that's an interesting proposition. come on, nowadays lots of people go by themselves. no they don't. hey son. have fun tonight. ♪ ♪ back against the wall ♪ ain't nothin to me ♪ ain't nothin to me [ crowd murmurs ] hey! ♪ [ howls ]
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>>gretchen: 23 minutes past the top of the hour. quick headlines for you. a friend of oscar pistorius says the blade runner is on the verge of suicide. he is charged with murdering his girlfriend. and this morning motley singer l
3:26 am
recovering in the hospital after undergoing surgery for kidney stones. the group was in the middle of a concert in australia when he walked off the stage forcing them to cut the show short. >> while many lawmakers trying to limit your second amendment rights, a georgia town is working hard to expand them. >>steve: they are introducing a law that would make gun ownership mandatory for every family in that town. edith joins us this morning. tell us how the family protection act would work. >> it's a, an ordinance that the city of tenysaw passed in 1982. this is a copy of that. and it gives the rights to
3:27 am
all homeowners to own a firearm. but -- eric:i wanted to point out it recommends the head of each household own a firearm, one, because there is only one police officer in the town and it is quite a large area he has to cover. also, if he object as the head of the household, you don't have to own? >> absolutely. if you don't want to have a firearm, you do not have to have one. it's a deterrent kind of law. because we're basically, when our police officer, which he does a marvelous job, he works 40 hours. and we are divided between pickens and cherokee, and we are at the mercy at that time, you know, who gets there first. >>steve: and if that
3:28 am
guy -- he only works 8 hours a day and there's 24 hours in a day, there are a lot of hours not covered. you would make gun ownership mandatory. if i was a criminal looking in, edith, that would be a town i would bypass, if i knew that everybody had a gun. >> absolutely. it's like -- and i'm quoting this from another council member. he always says it's like having a security sign in front of your house that the majority of the people don't even have it, but you don't know. so this would be in the same, you know, the same thing. you don't know if that person has a firearm or not. >> we only have a couple of seconds here, but tell us how is the police officer? what does he say? does he welcome this? >> absolutely. he's all for this. and he's even, you know, wanting to give classes to people who want them, how to use a firearm.
3:29 am
and he's doing, at a minimal cost. >>steve: by the way, we should point out with this law, if you're not mentally or physically capable of using a gun, a felon or you object on religious grounds, you don't have to have one. and the people of your town say what regarding this? are they all for it? >> i mean, we've had positive. i would say 90% of the people are for it. >>steve: edeath portello in nelson, georgia, thank you for telling us about the family protection act. thank you, ma'am. >> next on the rundown, today is the day elizabeth hassleback getting booted from "the view." but the reason? why? we report. you decide. >>steve: it is the richest city in the world. why singapore can thank america's millionaires and billionaires and possibly the white house too? stuart varney is coming in. stuart varney is coming in. he will explain it all. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean.
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>>gretchen: welcome back. you saw him right here on "fox & friends" first. 11-year-old julian newman went one on one with anna kooiman. now he's moving on to bigger targets, sharing the court with the harlem globetrotters in florida. he plays on the varsity basketball at his high school. congratulations. >>steve: he's got a bright future. meanwhile, other headlines for you. a fox news alert from our nation's capital. a horrific drive-by shooting sending at least seven people to the hospital with gunshot wound. police believe the shooter still on the loose. he reportedly fired several rounds into a crowd of people shortly after 2:00 a.m. as you can see in washington, d.c. the condition of those taken to the hospital are not known at this time. the cause of the shooting is under investigation. >>eric: "the view"
3:35 am
barbara walters set to talk about her morning talk show this morning. major shakeups. elizabeth hassleback is leaving the show. last week it was released joy behar's would be leaving the show at the end of this year. >>gretchen: taking aspirin regularly may help protect women from deadly skin cancer. a study found these women were 20% less likely to develop melanoma. researchers say aspirin decreases inflammation which may develop cancer. >>steve: this arizona couple hit it big with the lottery twice. diane and kerry carmichael won in 1995. they got $2.5 million. last week they won another $1 million from the power ball. the carmichaels say they always knew they would win again. >> it was exciting because it was my ticket his time.
3:36 am
the first time it was his ticket. so i got the thrill of saying i won, you know. >>steve: lightning does strike twice. this win comes just in time. the payments from their first win will stop next year. >>gretchen: they're pretty lucky people, rights eric? >>eric: you know who else is lucky? tiger woods is. he went way off round in the cadillac championship, hitting the ball off into the trees but nothing is stopping tiger this time. he cruised to an easy victory. he finished 100 par, 71 for his 76th p.g.a. trophy, 17th world golf championship title. tiger has won five times in the last year and that's more than anyone else. >> talk about the best birthday president? mat kenson wins at the motor speedway on his 25th birthday. he is looking ahead to next week. >> that's a great thing
3:37 am
about the sport. it never stops. you only get to enjoy it for a couple of days. to answer your question, it feels really great to get the win. hopefully that will keep momentum going for our team. >>eric: the next race is at the bristol motor speedway on sunday. just like fine wine, boxer bernard hopkins gets better with age. the 48-year-old fighter becoming the oldest boxing champ in history. hopkins says victory is sweeter than honey. steve? gretch? >>steve: who you calling honey? maybe gretch and maria. maria is in the weather center taking a look at a big storm all the way from the great lakes right down to the gulf coast. good morning. >> good morning everyone. we're talking about a brand-new storm system bringing in areas of heavy rain for the great lakes into parts of louisiana, mississippi, alabama. rough commute early this morning out there because
3:38 am
that rain is really coming down. as far as the east coast, new york city, we had a beautiful weekend. and more of that is in store for us today. we're talking very mild temperatures. right now we're in the 40's in new york city. 43 right now in chicago. it is actually cooler in dallas, 37 degrees right now, than it is in new york city. kind of odd. high temperatures today in new york, 60 degrees. 59 for your high temperature in dallas. over in minneapolis, 32 degrees for your high temperature. we have that storm producing areas of rain right now in louisiana, mississippi, alabama. heavy rain in the city of nashville across tennessee. eventually that storm does head east. we'll be bringing in areas of rain for the east coast as we head into tomorrow. watch out for delays if you're doing traveling, anywhere you have areas of rain, on the back end of it, snow across sections of iowa, minnesota and also wisconsin. >>gretchen: thanks very much for the update. >>steve: a $166
3:39 am
billion -- the amount of money 60 u.s. companies parked overseas last year. not in the united states. overseas according to the "wall street journal" and their analysis. why are big companies focusing on their foreign subsidiaries? stuart varney says the answer is washington, d.c. >> that is the easy answer and that is correct. can we get used to the idea that taxes, tax rates, taxation drive economic activity? and that high tax rates in the united states drive the economic activity of american companies and american individuals? you just mentioned that. the "wall street journal" has got a study of 60 big american companies. they have parked $166 billion over there, outside the united states. why are they doing that? if they brought it back to america, they would have to pay a 35% tax rate on that money coming back here. that is the highest tax rate in the industrialized democratic world. and they're not going to pay it. so they are parking it over there quite deliberately to
3:40 am
avoid the high tax rates over here. >>gretchen: let's do math and show folks how much money we're talking about. this is g.e., they have 2012 ree $144 billion. outside the united states $102 billion. >> in 2012 it goes to $108 billion. microsoft at $60 billion. these are vast amounts of money parked overseas. that amount of money is actually going up. you would think that the logical answer is, all right, lower the tax rate that these people have to pay and you bring that money back to america. that's not what president obama wants to do. he wants to extend the reach of american taxing authorities and make sure that every dollar of profit is taxed wherever it's made, wherever it's parked. >>eric: that is unlikely to happen. i floated this idea in the past. give it a complete tax holiday. you want to bring it back, bring all of it back, somewhere between $1
3:41 am
trillion and $2 trillion is parked overseas. you want to talk about job creation right here? give a onetime tax holiday, make sure a certain percent of it goes towards hiring american workers. that would spark the economy immediately. >> that was done in the year 2004. the tax rate was reduced. $310 billion came back to the united states. >>gretchen: what can the united states learn from singapore? >> keep your tax rates low. you do not encourage economic activity. you don't encourage growth if you have high tax rates. that's the lesson to be learned all over the world and all over the united states of america. singapore, 17% of the people, of the households there are worth $1 million. that's wealth accumulation. they've got a very low tax rate and rich people are moving there specifically because of taxes. president obama -- can we make this clear? president obama has to learn the lesson that taxes drive economic activity. and you get more economic
3:42 am
activity if you lower tax rates. >>steve: i've got a feeling he's having lunch and dinner with all these republicans. i bet one of them is going to remind him. we're going to be watching staoufrbtd -- watching stuart varney over the fox business network at 9:20 east earn time. >>gretchen: the government wants to make you feel more pain from the sequester. a federal employee is a federal employee is telling all. [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. i work for 47 different companies. well, technically i work for one.
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3:46 am
past the top of the hour. quick headlines. it turns out heart disease is an old problem. a mummy old problem. researchers find mummies more than 4,000 years old had clogged arteries. at the age of 20 she is returning to her roots. former disney child star shrel in gomez will reprise the role in the wizards. >>steve: 115 cardinals from around the world will hold their final meeting today ahead of conclave tomorrow where they will start to vote on the next pope. they're hoping to rally behind a candidate who will reignite the church as it faces one of the most difficult periods in catholicism. is there a clear front-runner to become the next pope? peter isner is the author
3:47 am
of the soon to be released book the pope's last crusade. good morning to you. today is the day of the last meeting and then tomorrow they start voting. behind the scenes there is a lot of politicking going on? >> absolutely. there is different factions. mostly a majority european faction larger than ever. at least more than half of them are going to be european or european based. and the question is: how do they join together in a coalition to get more than the two-thirds plus one that they need? i really think that it's going to be tough and it could take awhile. >>steve: you say that even though the united states, a lot of people here in the united states think wouldn't it be tkpwhaeut to have an american -- wouldn't it be great to have an american put a new face on the pap papacy but you say the odds
3:48 am
of that are slim to none? >> i think they are slim. the 11 cardinals in the united states have a role in choosing what kind of pope it's going to be. but i think we're looking at a situation in which for 35 years there's been no italian for the first time in centuries. if i had to bet on anything, it would be an italian or latin american. >>steve: a moment ago you said this could be a tougher vote. it's going to require as we take a look at the sweet sistine vatican edition -- on-line there is a blog run by a religious news service where they take a look -- of course it's just bloggers and people voting on their own. but you said it could be tougher this time than we've seen in a very long time. why? >> first of all, you've got a crisis in which some people are saying we've got to deal head on with the crisis. the crisis involves management. the crisis involves obviously all the scandals going around the church.
3:49 am
then there's another group, traditional group that says we've got to circle the wagons, get in, be careful and not do anything too bold. i think that really means you're going to have trouble in coming up with a consensus candidate. >>steve: talking about what's going on behind the scenes is reflected in your new book that is coming out where you talk about how before world war ii, pope pyius 11 wrote a paper that condemned tphaz stkeuism and -- naziism and then the next one, nothing. all politics. >> it talks about pope pyius who saw hitler moving on the scene and said it is one thing to deal with the
3:50 am
church and another thing to deal with the world and humanity. he brought on a jesuit to try to fight hitler and fight antisemitism but he died before he got to do what he wanted to do. this book is a what if? what if the church had been able to follow through and fight hitler? >>steve: great theory. "the pope's last crusade" is the name of the book coming out. thank you, sir. >> thanks a lot. >>steve: a dozen minutes before the top of the hour on this monday. next up on the rundown: the government wants to make you feel more pain from the sequester? the proof from a federal employee telling all coming up next. what's the secret to a long-lasting marriage? a woman who's been hitched for 73 years spilling for 73 years spilling secrets you've never heard. [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ]
3:51 am
[ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do.
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3:54 am
>>eric: a government employee is speaking out claiming the obama administration is going out of its way to make you, the public, feel the pain of sequester. the u.s. park ranger telling fox news national park officials forced cuts on programs that would have an effect on visitors like tours. are they trying -- and they are trying, are they trying to shut down high-profile park events just to scare people? the president of recreational resource management, a private company that manages parks, thanks for joining us. last week we had the department of agriculture, a leaked memo saying let's
3:55 am
not down play the sequester. let's upplay the sequester. this is happening also in the national parks service as well? >> it looks like it is. i don't have specific information about the source, but it shouldn't surprise us a lot. if you look at polling for most federal agencies, it's not very good. the one agency that gets great polling from the public is the national parks. so there's a long history of using the national parks politically during budget fights. there's actually a term, when the government goes to sort of close the most important rather than the least important function as a way to try to get budget back, there is a term for it. it is called the closing the washington monument ploy from a past budget battle. the park service has been the center of this kind of controversy before. >>eric: the park service falls under the department of interior, has about a $3 billion budget. interior has about a $20 billion budget. if i'm reading the numbers right, the park service,
3:56 am
that specific agency is going to be hit harder with sequester than any of the other agencies within the department of interior? >> i'm not sure why that is. the sequester was set up in the first place to be sort of overly difficult. it was an incentive to get some other kind of budget deal done. it was supposed to be pro rata. why the park service would be getting hit for mohr rather than taking -- for more rather than taking out some layer in the interior is a surprise. look at the white house. of all the things they could have cut costs in their own cost cutting, they closed tours so they could dominate news sidle with disappointed sixth grader on tv. >>eric: i think that backfired on them. are they doing the same thing on a national level when they make the parks, the people who go to these park tours feel that pain too? >> yeah, i fear that. in the park service, there's a lot of things the park service could be doing over time to reduce costs
3:57 am
in intelligent ways that don't hit visitor service. >>eric: where's another area? >> private companies clean bathrooms, do the landscaping, do all the kinds of things where we can do it at about half the cost the government does. or at the state level, for example, in california, private companies reopened a bunch of parks in california because their costs are so much lower than the governments. that is an intelligent way to cut costs. you don't cut visitor services. you do things less expensively. >>eric: thank you very >> clayton: s he joins us at the top of the hour. the hour. stick around.
3:58 am
3:59 am
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[ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. today is monday, march 11, 2013. i hope you're gonna have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. a day after the afghan president blamed the u.s. for conspiring with the taliban, two u.s. troops are dead from an insider attack. what is the connection? the breaking details straight ahead. >> eric: the white house is closed, but it doesn't have to be. donald trump and i have an offer the president shouldn't refuse. trump joins us live in a couple of minutes. >> steve: two of my favorite billionaires. plus, turns out it literally pays to look like bradley cooper? how much more good looking guys make over their not so good looking colleagues. we'll give you the numbers. >> eric: we'll explain later. >> steve: "fox & friends" hour two for monday starts now.
4:02 am
>> eric: i gave you a look, steve, 'cause you know what today is? it's 31113. >> gretchen: wow. >> steve: which means? >> eric: i don't know. [ laughter ] >> steve: there is a lot of 1's and 3's. >> gretchen: it's book ended with 3's and three 1's in the middle. >> eric: this is good. [ laughter ] >> eric: i got me a calendar! >> gretchen: i thought you were going to say something about st. patrick's day coming up or something like that. we got to get to some headlines, i think. there they are. a fox news alert. two u.s. troops are dead from an insider attack when a gun was turned on them a day after
4:03 am
president karzai accused americans of working with the taliban. he says this is to show how the security will deteriorate after troops leave next week. hagel and karzai were scheduled to hold a joint press conference, canceled for security concerns. makele quickly responded. >> i told the president it was not true, that the united states was unilaterally working with the taliban in trying to negotiate anything. the fact is any prospect for peace or political settlements, that has to be led by the afghans. >> gretchen: secretary hagel left afghanistan a few hours ago. another fox news alert now. this time from our nation's capitol. a horrific drive-by shooting sending at least seven people to the hospital with gunshot wounds. police say the gunman believed to be in a blue bmw still on the loose this morning. he reportedly fired several rounds into a crowd of people
4:04 am
outside an apartment building shortly after 2 a.m right now cops say all the victims are conscious, breathing and in stable condition. the cause of the shooting under investigation. it's believed speed was the key factor in an accident that left six teen-agers dead. this happened in warren, ohio. eight teens ages 14 to 19 were packed into the car when it lost control, hit a guardrail and lappedded upside down in a pond. two boys managed to escape and ran to a nearby home to call 911. family members are devastated. >> even if you have gone through something, pick up the phone and call your family and tell them you love them 'cause you never know what can happen. tomorrow is not promised to anybody. >> gretchen: police believe the car was taken without permission. it literally pays to look like bradley cooper. according to australian researchers, handsome men make 22% more than other -- or than
4:05 am
their average counterpart. below average look men are paid 26% less. study showed a blatant double standard. good looking helps more men than women! those are your headlines. >> eric: that's proof that that study has no merit. that last line there. >> gretchen: it is a little subjective because isn't gout butte in the eye of the beholder? >> steve: there you go. whoever is doing the hiring. donald trump joins us on this monday morning as he does every monday morning. he's live on the phone from palm beach after a very successful -- congratulations on the wgc cadillac championship yesterday. >> it was. tiger was amazing. he's a great guy, by the way. a really great guy. he played tremendous golf. it was very good for my asset. i have a great asset that's now going to be essentially blown up. we're building a brand-new incredible course there. it's been really something.
4:06 am
the crowds were tremendous. there were record setting. we had a great day. >> steve: great weather. >> gretchen: let's bring it back to the white house because much was made about the fact that white house tours were being shut down affecting a lot of kids, quite frankly, because of sequester. but then there was news that came out over the weekend that beyonce and adele will still be going to the white house to celebrate michelle obama's 50th birthday. the white house is saying that that is not true. do you see any sort of a conflict of interest here? >> well, there is a conflict of interest. the big conflict of interest is what's going on with washington. i'm not only talking about the president. everybody. i've never seen anything like it. we actually is a dysfunctional government. they meet and everybody makes a big deal out of the meeting. nothing ever comes out of the meetings, by the way. they go play golf together issues which i actually thought was a great idea when they played golf, when boehner played with the president. but nothing came out of that. nothing comes out of anything. in the meantime, our nation is going to hell.
4:07 am
>> eric: donald, can we talk about this a little bit? senator coburn, who was in the din better president obama last week, said there is at least $200 billion per year of wasteful spending, of duplication, of regulation, et cetera, that could be saved. why in the world would the white house choose to close the white house tours, which we all know wouldn't cost them a heck of a lot of money to open it. i offered to pay for a week. you offered to pony up some money for it. why would they do that? >> well, i guess it's political. they want to hurt the people. they want to do something to make their point. they want to do something to, in their opinion, get things going, even if it's going the wrong way. a lot of things are being talked about that are bad. if you look at what's going on, i guess they're trying to make a political point. it's just really ridiculous. i don't think it's a big deal, frankly. but it does make us look awfully bad and awfully pathetic. >> steve: by the fact that the white house turned off the tours, just makes them look petty and mean.
4:08 am
>> absolutely right. >> steve: newt gingrich had this tweet. i don't know if you saw this, but he wrote, donald trump, that's you -- should offer to pay for the white house tours. he can afford it and it would show who cares more for american students. what do you think about that suggestion? >> i think it's so nice of newt to suggest that, i don't know anything about it. i'm hearing about it for the first time. i like newt a lot. they're members of my club in washington and i love all of my members. newt happens to be a great one. no, i didn't hear this, but it sounds reasonable to me. why not? >> gretchen: let us know if you are going to follow eric bolling in wanting to pay for a week. >> eric: can i throw the numbers out? >> doesn't sound bad. what are the numbers? >> eric: abc news said it was around 18,000. we looked in, we dug deep. there are about 30 secret service personnel that guard the white house during the tours. they get paid 50 bucks an hour,
4:09 am
they work eight-hour shifts. it comes to about 74 grand per week, donald. i threw in a week. hannity jumped in, threw in a week. we've had other people say, i don't have 74 grand, but i got 25 bucks. can you aggregate some? here is the point, though. americans want the white house open. don't we want the white house open for tours for the kids so they can come see it? learn history? >> steve: symbolic. >> it's always been that symbol. it's always been open and it's certainly not a lot of money. the big thing is that the country is going to lose essentially lose, a trillion dollars this year. we have 17 trillion in debt. closing the white house tours does not exactly the biggest thing on the agenda. >> gretchen: i think that's the bigger story. until they discuss the biggest issue, which are the entitlements and the real spending here, i say nobody should donate anybody to keep it open because the onus should fall on what they're doing with regard to closing it for petty money compared to what they're spending in general of the let's move to ambassador susan rice.
4:10 am
she was controversial with the benghazi situation and those talking points on the sunday talk shows. now it appears she'll be the kopp top contender to be the next security advisor. any thoughts on that? >> my thought is he really likes her. he really does like her. he wants her someplace. i guess that's his prerogative, whether we like it or not, he won the election and that's his prerogative. but it doesn't mean you have to be happy about it. and i see the republicans and they do whatever them, but they don't do much. they don't seem -- i'm a republican, but the republicans don't seem to be very good negotiators. they don't get their way. they have the filibuster. i disagree with my very good friend eric. i happen to feel that the filibuster did nothing. they got nothing out of it that was nothing gained. it was a protest and we need more than protests. we need action. >> eric: it did highlight the fact that that's what the senate floor is there for. you're a senator, go ahead and do it. >> but it didn't stop the
4:11 am
brennan catastrophe, which is what it should have really -- the purpose should have been for that. >> steve: right. and it was a foregone conclusion. everybody knew that he was going to get confirmed, which he did. but what rand paul was asking for, he was asking for clarification because the administration has secret policies regarding drones. he simply is saying, can an american citizen be killed on american soil with a weaponnized drone within, what, 12 hours after he was done, eric holder pumped out a memo, no. so in that respect, he did get -- >> but everybody knew that memo was essentially what was gog happen anyway. and many of the republicans, i'm friends with many republicans and they were not happy with it at all. you know that, eric. you know there is two sides to that picture. >> eric: absolutely. absolutely. many, many republicans. >> eric: honestly, donald, one of the things that people sitting in my seat say, hey, can't we the republicans get themselves together where they coalesce behind one person or one group or one ideology?
4:12 am
the splitting is not helpful to anyone on the right. >> the amazing thing to me is the republican have so much power and they just don't seem to be able to use it. they don't use it properly. and they're not -- don't deal from strength. i've never seen anything like. they're at a great negotiating position and they're just not using it. i've never seen anything like it. >> gretchen: it's either negotiating or messaging, one of the two or both and other things. speaking of singling people out, cpac is coming up, which is the conservative action council, i believe, and you're going to be speaking there, although some of the republicans were not invited to speak there. what message do you hope to bring to the conservatives there? >> i'm somebody that really is very good on something called jobs and getting the economy working. let's get going. that's what we'll talk about. i look at china and brazil. i look at these countries doing so well and we're doing so badly. it was a great honor to be asked. i'll speak on friday, i believe. and i really look forward to it. they're great people.
4:13 am
the cpac people are great people. they believe in something. you know what it is? working. >> steve: yeah. good point. >> nothing wrong with that. we're not allowed to say that anymore. they believe in working and making this country great. >> eric: speak of working and not working, you fired -- i have to be honest, i went to bed before i found out who you fired. i'm starting to watch the apprentice last night, so i didn't know. reading the prompter, let's take a look. watch. >> i know you're not a quitter. you've never quit in your life. >> no, sir. >> dee, i don't want to fire you. >> i know. >> i don't want to fire you. you're solid guy. you're a great guy. much different than i would have thought. dee, you're fired. >> eric: now, you shocked me 'cause last week brett michael, you got rid of him. two solid players. >> you're right. dee is a great guy and so is brett. dee is a great die. he knew himself.
4:14 am
he did something that was no defense. this will not be controversial. but dee is a great guy. >> steve: before that, what we didn't show is you fired penn jillette for a second and then said, just kidding. >> i do that every once in a while to shake things up. yesterday they had a rerun from 7 to 9 and then they had from 9 to 11 the apprentice. so that's four hours e. this i had the golf tournament for five hours before that. >> gretchen: wow. >> that's got to be some kind of record. i think i went nine hours. >> eric: can you fire omarosa already? >> steve: she was crying last night. >> does that show great heart? great sensitivity. i can see. >> gretchen: i love how you talk everyone up and say you're fired. you've got a good craft at that. donald, have a fantastic week. good luck at your speech and we'll talk to you next week. >> thank you very much. >> steve: it is 12 minutes after 7:00 o'clock eastern seaboard. afghanistan president hamid karzai accusing the united states of working with, get this, the taliban. yeah, right.
4:15 am
should we really be giving this guy our soldiers and our money along with the blood? a veteran of the war in afghanistan joins us live next. >> gretchen: and what's the secret to a long lasting marriage? a woman that's been hitched for 73 years spilling secrets you've never heard. stick around for that what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. [ male announcer ] pain not sitting too well? burning to feel better? itching for relief? preparation h offers the most maximum strength solutions for all hemorrhoid symptoms. from the brand doctors recommend most. preparation h. don't stand for hemorrhoids.
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> steve: we've got fox news alert to share with you right now. two u.s. troops are dead, another insider attack in afghanistan. the killer? an afghan police officer who opened fire inside a police station. the attack, just one day after our new secretary of defense, chuck hagel, took his first tour of afghanistan where he was greeted by bombs that killed 19. with president hamid karzai growing more critical of the americans day by day, why do we
4:19 am
keep giving him our soldiers, our money, our blood? let's talk to a veteran of the wars in iraq and afghanistan and ceo of concerned veterans for america, pete. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: so president karzai says that the united states, the taliban are working together because that way with all these explosions and the attacks, it will just show that the united states needs to stick around in afghanistan past 2014. that is one of the kookiest things i ever heard. >> it really is. there is a lot of conspiracyial thinking. this isn't the first time he made comments like this. he's threatened to join the taliban before. he's called us occupiers before. this is all part of a sick and twisted negotiating strategy. one of the logical, points of logic he used is that we're not calling the taliban the enemy anymore, meaning the u.s. that's at the request of him and many in the afghan government if
4:20 am
we call the taliban the enemy as opposed to al-qaeda, then how do we negotiate a settlement at the educational background of -- enf the day. he's picking things to shape a future that advances karzai. not necessarily conditions on the ground. >> steve: it has been all about him in the past. i mean, up until 2009, he was doing a weekly video conference with george w. bush and then when barak obama took over, you know, karzai at one point suggested that somebody in the administration was trying to oust him. so there has been bad blood there. >> it's a very good point with diminished influence and with diminished focus, no wonder he starts to edge enemies or others when america is not there to choose a different option. >> steve: we've been talking about the sequester every hour. here is something that i've gotten a number of e-mail from people who are very upset that on friday, the army announced they're suspending the tuition assistance program for soldiers newly enrolled in classes
4:21 am
because of the sequestration. this is another one of those things where there is a lot of different places you could make cuts, but they do this because it inflicts a little pain and it's going to wind up with a headline. >> that's right. talk about whatever is most forward facing. i got an e-mail from someone, hey, i logged in and i'm not going to get my tuition assistance benefits. they know who will be affected by it. it's all part of why these cuts are so stupid. 'cause they're indiscriminate and then when they do have a choice of what to cut, they're going to cut the things that hurt the little guy the most, creating the most public outcry that nothing can be cut. there is stuff in defense that can be reformed, like no doubt about it. tom coburn and others, his department of everything talked about where we can do it. but let's start with tuition benefits? i'm not sure how that works. >> steve: how many times during the campaign did we see the president of the united states on college campuses talking about how i'm fighting for you. >> the troops behind him. >> steve: now you're talk being veterans who want to go to
4:22 am
college and story, we're out of money. >> sorry, can't handle it. it's sick and twisted logic all the way around. >> steve: all right. pete, ceo of concerned veterans for america joining us from beautiful san diego today. pete, thank you. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. it's now 20 minutes after the top of the hour on this monday. gun makers firing back, telling the government if citizens don't have gun rights, we won't sell them to you, the government, either. and still feeling sleepy from daylight savings? well, the four things you should do today to make sure you get all the z's you need hey! did you know that honey nut cheerios
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4:26 am
>> eric: you got to love the control room headlines. a friend of oscar pistorius says he's on the verge of suicide. he's charged with murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. pistorius is reportedly selling his racehorse to pay for legal fees. and no respect for the second amendment at all. no gun sales, the number of gun companies suspending sales to state, county and city governments restricting the rights to bear arms tripled in the last two weeks. it's called the firearms equality movement. gretch? >> gretchen: we all know that the clocks run forward over the weekend. are you still struggling after losing that hour of sleep? joining me with restful tips is dr. michael bruce, sleep expert and clinical psychologist. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i'm just going to say that you look very bright eyed and wide awake. >> thank you, thank you. >> gretchen: because you're a sleep expert?
4:27 am
>> it is. >> gretchen: okay. you have some tips for the rest of us who may feel a little drag today. >> most people will feel a little bit of a drag today because of that lost hour of sleep. so one of the first things i tell people is if you can, go to bed about a half hour earlier tonight because that will allow your body to start to catch up on some of that sleep that you probably have been missing. >> gretchen: okay. also here is a good one. try counting backwards from 300 by 3s. >> yes. >> gretchen: why? >> because most people tell me that they can't turn off their brain at night. they get in bed and all of a sudden these thoughts come in. the easiest thing to do is distract yourself. by counting backwards from 300 by 3's, it's mathematically so complicated, it's so borrowing, you're out like a light. >> gretchen: do anything it takes to breathe. >> yes. so what we also know is congestion can cause difficulty in sleeping. so i say decon jest for better rest. whether that means using a breathe rite strip or netty pot, something to irrigate the sinus
4:28 am
cavity and make sure you're able to breathe and sleep. >> gretchen: so there is a lot of controversy about drinking wine before you go to bed. >> there is. >> gretchen: some say red wine actually helps you because the tannens in it can soothe you, white wine, too much sugar. where do you fall? >> i like the idea of having a glass of wine with dinner. i don't have any problems with it. but once you reach two or three glass of wine. while it may make you feel sleepy, it keeps you out of the deep sleep. it also dehydrates you. that's half of the reason you get a hangover. one glass is fine. but tonight, i would say avoid alcohol because you're already at least an hour sleep deprived. >> gretchen: it's so interesting when you look at the facts like you do. what happens on today that we should all pay attention to as a result of having lost that hour of sleep? >> it's pretty scary. there to be have studies. one shows there is a 10% increase in heart attacks across the country this very day of the year. and 8% increase in traffic
4:29 am
accidents that day of the year. we think those both have to do with the loss of that hour of sleep. so i would recommend to folks out there, be extremely careful if you can go in late to work today, that might not be such a bad idea. >> gretchen: oh, oh he's writing a doctor's note for you. the other thing we were talking about is that you would be an advocate of changing it if we on stay with it. change it to a friday. >> yes. i don't understand why it's always on a sunday. i actually learned the reason is apparently had to do with the train schedule way back when that was the easiest day to change the clocks because the trains were not running nearly as frequently on sundays as they would on friday. but i personally think that we're probably past that time in our lives now and if we change it on fridays, that gives all of us a chance on saturday and sunday to adjust better. >> gretchen: all right. thanks very much for the tips. i feel much more rested already. >> that's fantastic. >> gretchen: all right. 297. i'm asleep. next up, today is the day there is about to be a major shakeup at "the view." elizabeth hasselbeck has been booted from the show.
4:30 am
and even man's best friend has a best friend of his own. a blind dog forms an incredible bond with his own seeing eye dog. they're here next and they both need a home. right back [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice. and you wouldn't have it any other way.e. but your erectile dysfunction - you know, that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently. tell your doctor about all your medical conditions and medications,
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4:34 am
it's internet sensation grumpy cat draw noting huge crowds at e south by southwest at austin. he always has a grumpy look. hundreds of people lining up to get their picture taken with her. over 55,000 people follow her every day on twitter and soon she'll be a tv star, appearing in frisky's commercial. >> steve: i wonder if they use grumpy cat and by the end of the frisky's commercial, i bet the cat is smiling. >> gretchen: what does it take to make the cat smile? n frisky's. all eyes are on vatican city as the cardinals gather to elect a new pope starting tomorrow. lauren green is outside saint peter's square for us with more. good morning, lauren. >> good morning, gretchen. while it is 24 hours -- less than 24 hours before the conclave begin, which will choose a successor to pope benedict xvi. we are hearing today of possible
4:35 am
front runners. as you say, all eyes are on saint peter's square where this morning the balcony is being prepared. this is where the world will see the new pope for the first time. there are reports the cardinals developed two camps. the americans along with those outside the roman curio, are said to be supporting angelo scola. he's archbishop of milan, italy 's archdiocese, produced five popes. he's seen as someone with a strength to clean up the mess and scandal plagued by the vatican. another is cardinal shur, a brazilian of german descent who could give the church its first latin american pope. it's home to 40% of the world's catholics. the american cardinals are also merging as serious contenders, like new york's timothy dolan, sean o'malley and houston's daniel denardo. regardless of whether they get
4:36 am
the required two-thirds, they are seen as power brokers. but the two factions that developed signals the church's multiple needs. >> they're looking for someone who is holy, because he's preaching the gospel and he should, you know, be living the gospel that he's preaching. then they also want a brilliant theologian, you know. and then they want somebody who can communicate to grammar school kids. then they want somebody who can reform the vatican curias. they're look for jesus christ with an mba. >> the cardinals have one last congregation meeting today before the conclave rituals begin early tuesday morning. here is how it will proceed. they begin at 7:30, moving into the sequestered living converts on vatican grounds. at 10:00 a.m., the mass. at 3:45 in the everyone, they will be transferred to the apostolic palace. at 4:30, they will make a procession into the sistine chapel. they will each take the oath before casting their first
4:37 am
ballot. of course, the first whiff of black or white smoke would be around 7:00 p.m. rome time. black smoke would signal there is no new pope. the white smoke signaling we have a new pope of the that is the situation right here right now. gretchen? >> gretchen: all right. lauren green, thank you so much for breaking that down. historically it's amazing to hear the process and how it works and we can know relatively soon. >> eric: i went on the betting site and the archbishop from italy is the highest -- the most likely, according to the people who do those things. they bet on when will be the next pope. >> steve: that's the sweet sistine, right? >> eric: sweet sistine, yes. >> gretchen: we are in march. >> eric: there are two cardinals from italy. but the one from milan. 25%. >> steve: meanwhile, 25 minutes before the top of the how many we got headlines and we start with the fox news alert. five people dead after a homicide bombing in iraq.
4:38 am
two are police officers. the the attacker drove his explosive-laden car straight into a police station. three dozen more people hurt. some students from a nearby school hurt. no one has claimed responsibility for the attack yet, but they will. >> eric: the video you're about to see will knock you over. so just imagine if you were a firefighter on the scene. watch this. a back draft cause ago massive explosion in new jersey. five firefighters are hurt after being tossed into the air. >> they were literally thrown out of the building. the smoke explosion threw them out. >> it was very, very scary. the flames coming from every single window. >> eric: the firefighters will be okay. the fire started in a restaurant before it spread to the neighboring apartment building. tchen: barbara walters will talk about her brand-new view this morning. she's expected to make it official that elizabeth
4:39 am
hasselbeck will no longer be on the show. a spokesperson confirming this in an e-mail last night. it's been revealed joy behar will step down at the end of the year. ratings on the show have sagged a little bit in recent years. stay tuned to see what she'll say. >> steve: how do you make marriage last? try taking advice from a woman who has been married 73 years. a new book called "fall in love for life," 96-year-old barbara cutie cooper, as she's known, shares her wisdom from her long marriage to her husband, harry, who passed away three years ago. she suggests don't make excuses instead of making love. and focus all your attention on that person when they walk into the room. she also says be creative to keep romance alive and be honest about money. all good advice. >> gretchen: wow. >> steve: also separate bathrooms can't hurt. and yes, dear. any time you got a question, answer it yes, dear. >> gretchen: all right. let's head out to maria.
4:40 am
who hasn't gone down the married path yet. >> not yet. >> gretchen: when do, come to the three of us for advice. >> for now, we're going to stick to the weather out here because it is relatively mild. it's not exactly room temperature here in new york city. that 72 that eric likes. it's in the 40s. it should be a little cooler than that for early march. as we head into the afternoon, it will get much warmer in new york city. look at dallas, it's actually cooler in dallas right now. 37 degrees. 28 degrees in kansas city. and also in the city of minneapolis. as we head into the afternoon, 70 will be your high in san antonio. 50 in new york city. across florida as usual, very warm. 78 degrees for your high temperature. in the city of tampa. enjoy the warmth while you have it across the northeast because we have changes. a strong cold front that's heading eastbound and this system is actually going to bring areas of heavy rain across parts of the south, up into the great lakes, eventually by tomorrow we should be seeing those showers moving into the new york city area.
4:41 am
otherwise on the backside of the system for today, that snow winding down across iowa, minnesota, and also sections of wisconsin with anywhere between four to nine inches of snow. now let's head back inside. steve, gretchen and eric. >> steve: it is still winter. thank you. >> gretchen: they say dogs are man's best friend. but did you know dogs can have best friends, too? >> steve: yep. we got proof for you. meet chico, a dog from colorado who is completely blind. but his blindness isn't a problem because the dog actually has a seeing eye dog. his best friend, jack the dog. today these two catalogs are up for adoption. >> eric: joining us are jack, chico and erica jenkins from denver, colorado. tell us the story. it's heart warming. go. >> all right. these two dogs came to us, in a no kill animal shelter from a family whose owner passed away and they were no longer able to care for them. so they came to us.
4:42 am
they're about eight years old. super sweet dogs, jack takes care of chico. they love each other and lick each other and clean each other and just couldn't be separated. >> steve: unfortunately, you don't know much about their story. you just know the story from the last day of last year, december 31, when they dropped them off. >> that's correct. >> steve: you had to connect the dots yourself, right? >> yeah. we don't know why chico's eyes were removed. but he is fully blind. i'm guessing some sort of eye disease at some point. but we don't have the story. all we know is that they're really great, sweet dogs that just need a loving home. >> gretchen: you say they would be great with kids and -- >> yeah. they'd be great for a family with no other pets. jack is a little protective of chico. he cares for him and wants to make sure he's safe. >> eric: tell us, if people are interested, where can they get in contact with you? >> they can look us up at max
4:43 am we are a no kill shelter. and also we have a phone number. if they want to reach us, then find that on our web site. >> steve: we'll have it at >> eric: i worked with the iams company, they've been fantastic about sending dog food, stuff they don't send for general sale, sending the dog food to no kill shelters. do me a favorment i'm going to contact you later, see if we can get food. will that help out, some iams donated food? >> oh, yeah. that would be wonderful. >> gretchen: you can take all the donations we can get. we hope chico and jack can be adopted together. thanks for bringing their story to national attention. >> thank you. >> steve: that's great they've got each other. now they need a family. if you can help, we'll have it up on our web site in a couple of hours. >> gretchen: coming up next, kerry kennedy busted driving under the influence, but she says she can explain that. story coming up.
4:44 am
>> eric: john brennan gets sworn into office without a bible and using a shortened copy of the constitution. his version missing the bill of rights. what does that mean? first, the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1971, this actor played the role of luke in a 2005 film "the dukes of hazard." who is he? be the first to e-mail us, friends at fox with the correct answer and you'll be the winner.
4:45 am
4:46 am
4:47 am
>> steve: quick headlines. the daughter of robert f. kennedy, kerry kennedy, wants the drug driving charge against her drop. she claims she accidentally took a sleeping pill instead of her thyroid medication before
4:48 am
swerving into a tractor-trailer on a new york highway back in july. that's her excuse. meanwhile, a weasel-like creature called a martin wreaking havoc at a soccer match in switzerland, dashing out onto the field. watch this. a player grabs it, but the thing bites his finger. another player was able to get the critter off the field. picked it up and just gave it a toss. let's hope you don't catch that in your lap. eric, over to you. >> eric: the road to john brennan's confirmation as the new c.i.a. director was bumpy. on friday, he was sworn in. instead of resting his hand on a bible, he chose the original draft of the constitution, but this document does not include the bill of rights. is that a problem? joining us with more is on-line editor of the weekly standard, daniel helper. is it a problem?
4:49 am
does the constitution have to have the bill of rights in it for it to be a true swearing in, sir? >> no, it's not a problem in the sense that he's not the c.i.a. director or he's not able to perform the duties of his job. it's just the whole move was a symbolic move as the white house announced on friday. the deputy press secretary came in to explain what happened and to i guess get some points from the press for this. so the whole move was symbolic and it was symbolically all wrong of the the reason people take an oath with the bible is simply to say i'm swearing to god that i will uphold the constitution. you're invoking god, you're invoking your commitment to god, invoking a higher being. that's not what brennan did, which is okay. there is nothing wrong with that. it's just symbolically a little odd, frankly. then to have the constitution that doesn't fully amend it and doesn't have the bill of rights, you know, it all seems to be a response to the rand paul filibuster and rand paul wanted the constitution to be upheld by this administration and it just
4:50 am
seems so bizarre to get it completely wrong. >> eric: i'm trying to figure out, if there is a ceremony to swear somebody in, can they just pick and choose whatever they want to put their hand on? is that where we're headed? >> yeah. look, people are of different religions, different faiths. maybe some people are nonbelievers. maybe some people are jewish or islam. you can do whatever you want. the point is you're invoking a higher being and invoking a higher belief than the constitution and then the laws of the united states. that's where this is kind of weird 'cause you're taking an oath on the document, you know, you're invoking the document that you're taking an oath to uphold. it's bizarre. it doesn't really make sense. >> eric: beyond bizarre, there is no rule that says you have to swear in on a document that's approved? >> no, not at all. it's just customary. you can change it up, i suppose, and do things like this. the other weird part is that the
4:51 am
press wasn't allowed in. the white house puts out this photo. so we're only left with what the white house is feeding us. we're not able to see it ourselves. we're not able to ask questions ourselves. we're just left with what's given to us and that's just frankly bizarre and doesn't really make sense. >> eric: all right. we'll leave it there. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> eric: next up, the stars of the hit channel show "austin and allie" are here. but on this day in 1986, "sarah" was the numero uno song [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo!
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4:55 am
>> eric: gong johnny knoxville is the answer to the trivia question. "austin and allie" is the hit show about two friends trying to make it in the music business. >> there is no way i can make it without you. >> thank you so much, austin. this is the sweetest thing ever. >> step aside, please. i need a clear shot of our happy couple. [ laughter ] >> wait! i can explain! >> gretchen: sometimes things get a little complicated as fans saw in one of the highest rated episodes of the season. the stars are here with a sneak peek of what happens next. all the tweens and the parents who are waiting for what's going to happen, get ready. spill the beans. >> okay. so basically just to catch up on everything, 'cause the clip you saw, that's when allie realized
4:56 am
she liked austin. the next episode -- >> steve: the two of you like each other. >> basically austin found out he liked allie. and then the third episode, we're like, what do we do? we're friends, but we like each other. >> meanwhile, the other girl in the mix -- >> steve: there always is. she comes back and says, by the way -- >> i want to be your girlfriend. meanwhile, what just happened before that, we kissed. >> right. >> what? >> gretchen: i read that. >> so basically the next episode which is coming out march 17, ally just got over her stage fright. she just found her voice. austin obviously has two girls. >> he's a player. >> but he's not really. >> so all gee like, you know what? i'm going to focus on my career. >> gretchen: good idea. >> i'm a strong independent woman.
4:57 am
>> gretchen: why is the show so popular? >> i think it's partly 'cause of the music, i think. >> definitely. >> i don't know. >> s a pint sized version of "entourage." >> i heard that. >> i like that. that's cool. >> i would even go and say it's also kind of a disney channel version of "will and grace." like it's an ensemble show. i think that's what makes it so -- we're all really good friends in real life. and that energy, you can totally see on screen. >> steve: we love nice and holesome shows like this one here. here is a sneak peek of "austin and ally." >> i guess that makes it official. congrats, you, two. >> well, i better get smooching. i mean scooping. there is a movie i don't want to kiss. i mean miss. let's go, trish. the duet sounded great tonight, although your timing was a
4:58 am
little off. >> steve: there you are with the other girl. >> right. >> gretchen: the plot thickens. >> the beautiful girl. >> gretchen: i love about you guy social security you do spill the beans. sometimes we ask people and they say, we can't say anything. >> we can say something. but we didn't give away the main thing. >> gretchen: oh, so there is the cliff hanger. tune in to see the brand-new episode. you both are charming. continued success. >> thank you. >> steve: laura, ross, good luck to you. >> thank you so much. >> steve: all right. next up, the government wants to make sure that you feel more pain from the sequester. the proof from a federal employee who is spilling some federal beans. >> gretchen: and from the it's not fair file, a couple wins the lotto not once, but twice! how did they coo it? right back.
4:59 am
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the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's monday, march 11, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing part of your day with us today. one day after the afghan president blamed the u.s. for conspiring with the taliban, two u.s. troops are now dead from another insider attack. is there a connection? the breaking details moments away. >> steve: take a look at this video. it's like something out of the movie "backdraft." remember that? what happened? the video, the story straight ahead. >> eric: and you and i can't go to the white house, but can she? ♪ >> eric: the latest on who has been invited and who hasn't while you're shut out. "fox & friends" on 3-11-13
5:03 am
starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. brian is taking the day off and in his place we have eric bolling. >> eric: he's she -- superstitious about 3-11-13. >> gretchen: we had a guest on that talked about 3-11-13. >> steve: we start this hour with bad news. fox news alert. a police officer opened fires on u.s. and afghan forces inside a police station in afghanistan earlier today, sparking a fire fight that wound up killing two u.s. troops and two other afghan policemen. so-called green on blue attack. this is nothing new. and then in the last five minutes, i see another update.
5:04 am
afghan officials say u.s. troops have now shot and killed two afghan civilians as their truck was approaching an army convoy. apparently they were killed. an assessment is underway. but they wouldn't stop their vehicle. >> gretchen: there is a lot of moving parts. you had the new secretary of state, chuck hagel, over in afghanistan, supposedly having this joint press conference with karzai. that was called off after the latest killings and other violence that happened. and at the same time, you have karzai saying that the u.s. is somehow teaming up with the taliban now, accusing the united states of working with the taliban, which is completely not true. unless it's some sort of a covert operation that we know nothing about, but certainly not true on its face. you have to ask the question, why is hamid karzai doing this? does it have anything to do with these attack as soon as if there is no respect coming from your leader toward the united states of america, does that filter down to the police force within afghanistan? >> eric: no surprise at all that
5:05 am
this attack happened and now that we have -- we keep getting these headlines, maybe there is more violence going on. what did karzai think was going to happen if he said the u.s. is working with the taliban to create these bombs and these killings that are going on within afghanistan? of course it's going to create hostility, anger, and we honestly, for the better part of a year now, we've been trying to put that stuff to rest. remember there was a big brushup about a year ago where u.s. service person killed a group of afghan police. now things seem to have calmed down. karzai has done nothing but throw more fuel on that fire. >> steve: 2174 american lives have been lost in the war in afghanistan. here our partner is talking crazy talk like that. in the past, hamid karzai, who we pretty much helped him get into a position of good power over there. he has in the past since 2009, said, you know what, i'm thinking about joining the taliban myself.
5:06 am
so now with him doing this, for him to suggest that the taliban is working with the united states, that's just crazy. but the taliban wants us to leave next year. that's the plan. why does the taliban want that? so they can go back to running the country as they did before. so to be in cahoots is crazy. the commanders there say there is nothing to that story. >> eric: 2,000 lives and literally hundreds of billions of dollars we spent over there. the guy is just -- >> steve: this is the thanks. >> eric: he's absolutely out of line saying those things. >> gretchen: in the meantime, other headlines. tensions are high between north and south korea and this surely will not help. north korea just declared the 1953 armcities invalid. north korea cutting off its hot line phones with south korea. those are used for emergency communication. this comes as the u.s. and south korea start annual military drills. the 11-day drills involve 10,000 south korean and 3,000 u.s. troops. the u.s. and south korea say
5:07 am
they are in defensive in nature. it's believed speed was a key factor that killed six teens in warren, ohio. eight teens ages 14 to 19 were packed into the car when it lost control, hit a guardrail and landed upside down in a pond. two boys managed to escape and ran to a nearby home to call 911. family members are devastated. >> even if you go through something, pick up the phone and call your family and tell them you love them because you never know what can happen. tomorrow is not promised to anybody. >> gretchen: police believe that that car was taken without permission. the video you're about to see will knock you over. just imagine if you were a firefighter on this scene. watch this. that's a backdraft causing a massive explosion in harrison, new jersey, sending dust and debris everywhere. five firefighters are hurt after
5:08 am
being tossed into the air. >> they were literally thrown out of the building. the smoke explosion threw them out of the building. >> it was very, very scary. the flames coming from every single window. >> gretchen: the firefighters will be okay. the fire started in a restaurant before it spread to the neighboring apartment building. they may be the luckiest couple ever. this arizona couple hit it big with the lottery not once, but twice. diane and kerry carmichael first won in 1995. they got $2.5 million. then last week, as that money was ending, they won a $1 million from powerball. they say they always knew they'd win again. >> it was exciting because it was my ticket this time. the first time it was his ticket. so i got the thrill of saying, i won, you know. >> gretchen: the win comes just in time as the payments from the first win, they're all out in 2014. now they can add another cool mill to that. >> steve: like clock work. is it a brand-new barak obama?
5:09 am
it's interesting and curious as well, our famously aloof president suddenly talking to republicans. is it a tactic or has the president realized after his election victory that he's actually going to need to work with those republicans he's been bad mouthing over the last couple of years to get anything done? personally, i think it's a tactic. but republicans up on capitol hill, they don't know exactly what to think. listen. >> if you impugne people's motives, if you say these draconian cuts, which by the way, we're increasing spending by 3.4% a year, that does no good to get to common ground. that makes it impossible for parties to come together to bridge the gaps. so if that kind of rhetoric resumes, then we'll know this was for show and it wasn't sincere. i hope that this is sincere. >> i think he's genuinely reaching out. but you know, you've got a lot of scabs and sores on people that it's going to take a while for that to heal.
5:10 am
>> rick: the senate is not near as dysfunctional as it's made out because there is great relationships in the senate. our problem in the senate is the leadership of the senate. not the members of the senate. >> it's great. to build some trust is a good thing, but to be honest with you, bob, what the president needs to do is reach out not just to republicans, but to democrats. and to insure that he gives them the political cover to do frankly what most of them know needs to be done. >> gretchen: which, of course, is the big thing in the room, entitlement spending. so far, no movement from the president on that. there were whispers about that a couple of years ago, that he might be in favor of some of the entitlements as far as changing the age and possibly the income level for social security that you might get less if you're a high income person. but really nothing since then. it's interesting because if this president really was going to change and try and work together with republicans, you would think you would have seen this right after the election, that it would have been an about face. but you didn't see it then. so you have to ask the question, why now? could it be because of the poll numbers?
5:11 am
could it be because of sequester? >> eric: yes. >> gretchen: not work out as he sold it to the american people. >> eric: here is why, because he overplayed his hand with sequester. they went out and said, look, sequester will be really bad. the obama administration tried to blame republicans for sequester, even though they came up with the idea in the white house. and then they started doing things like closing the white house, started doing things like pulling back in areas that the public was exposed to. what happens is, the public started saying, hey, president obama, you have literally hundreds of billions of dollars of places you could be cutting burks you're cutting in places that affect me, hurt me. they overplayed that hand. so obama is smart, he goes, let me see if i can put this fire out. i'm going to unannounce and inbound site 12 minute senators to show my bipartisanship handshake across the aisle. >> steve: that's the key right there because the belly aching about the republicans stopped working. so when he says, i'm inviting these folks in, let's get the dialogue going, people and the
5:12 am
information viewer are thinking, that looks really good. but if his goal truly is as was revealed in the pages of the "washington post" two weeks ago to have nancy pelosi regain her speaker hammer at the conclusion of next year, this is just a tactic where he'll be able to say, look, i'm getting along with these guy, but when things go wrong, he can blame the republicans. i bet you a dollar that's the plan. >> gretchen: if it was all about sequester, then he would put the white house tours back on! if he really felt like he was feeling the heat with some of these cuts, instead, it appears that they will continue, the white house tours will not happen. and things like tuition for people who are on active duty in the military, at least so far for the army and marines, they will not be able to continue their education right now. over on my left shoulder. >> eric: i'm not sure -- i think we're going to get them open. i think that eventually president obama and jay carney have to listen to what the people are saying.
5:13 am
this thing has been trending on and off the last four or five days. it's ridiculous. kids want to go to the white house. they want to see the white house. they're hurt o'clock -- hurting the kids to make a cheap, political stunt. it's not fair. they will open. i'm sorry. >> steve: and it's not just kids. i mean, you're coming up on the cherry blossom season in washington, d.c this is the biggest tourist time in washington. there will be a lot of financial pressure. plus what, will happen with the annual easter egg roll? we heard they're going to have that. so how does that work? we're closed, we're closed. we're open one day. we're closed. >> gretchen: now rangers at park services claim their supervisors pushed sequesters so visitors would notice. this was the argument we were making last week on the show was that have they cherry picked some of these cuts to make them more painful and more public, more publicity for the public to see where these cuts are happening, high profile places? if they made the cuts in some fishery down south, people probably wouldn't hear about it.
5:14 am
fish inspections, meat inspections. but they hear about these things. here is one of those people. >> the government goes to sort of close the most important and least important function to get budget back. there is a term called it, closing the washington monument ploy. the one agency that really gets great polling from the public is the national parks. so there is a long history of using the national parks politically during these budget fights. why they would got hit for more instead of taking out some layer of management in the department of interior makes little sense to me. but we shouldn't be surprised. look what the white house did. the white house of all the things they could have cut cost, they closed tours so they could dominate the news cycle for a couple news cycles with disappointed sixth graders on tv. >> steve: just remember, we're talking about a 2 1/2% cut. that's what we're talking about. pennies on the dollar. look what we have. >> eric: in the last couple of days, last week we had the department of agriculture,
5:15 am
someone leaked an e-mail saying hey, don't make the sequester cuts look good. make them look -- >> steve: contradict that. >> eric: don't contradict what we've been saying. then you have the park rangers coming out saying, they told us to do it where the public feels it the most and then the white house. i moon, honestly this is jump -- the white house jumped the shark. litical gain.ecting pain for >> gretchen: let us know what you think. coming up, you know all about the benefits of aspirin. but we bet you haven't heard this. ladies, this one is for you. >> eric: then the main stream media works overtime to paint the catholic church in a bad light. will the conclave change any of that? mr. peter johnson, jr. next [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
5:16 am
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5:18 am
four volkswagen models for under $200 a month. visit today. >> steve: you are looking live at saint peter's square in vatican city in rome where they're getting ready for tomorrow's papal conclave.
5:19 am
starting tomorrow, 1.2 billion catholics around the world will wait and watch as the cardinals pick the next pope. but that's not stopping the main stream media from painting the catholic church in a lousy light. this is nothing new. but this conclave could change all that. fox news legal analyst peter johnson, jr. joins us live today. >> yeah. as a catholic, it's an exciting time for the church. there is a lot of expectation about who will be picked. it's a great opportunity that we haven't had in hundreds of years. but at the same time, the american media in lock step almost to the main stream media has been looking to beat away at the chinks in the catholic church. instead of talking about communion and confession and a community of faith, they talk about birth control and pedophilia. instead of talking about devotion and social justice, and providing education and charity to millions of americans, they talk about dissension and conflict and that the church somehow imploding or maybe
5:20 am
exploding, for better media control. that's been a problem. but when you see the hundreds of thousands of people who will be present to await the white smoke, when you see perhaps a million people coming to see a new pope invested, when you see millions of people around the world on twitter and the internet and e-mail picking a favorite cardinal and saying, this is my aspiration for the church, you see the power of a universal church and the power of faith. any christian denomination. here it happens to be roman catholic church. >> steve: when i was in church yesterday, it was a full house. it was 9:00 o'clock mass in franklin lake, new jersey. i was talking to some of my friends there. they didn't bring up any of the bad stuff that you read about in the main stream media. instead, it was kind of like, who do you think it's going to be? because the people that i talked to are very hopeful that the new pope will go ahead and lead us way past this stuff that's in our rearview mirror. >> it's a given that the main
5:21 am
stream media has an adherent bias. the "new york times" for a long, long time has led that. go to march 6, go to the poll of only 600 catholics allegedly that they launched. that has been the basis before and after for their attacks in lead after lead after lead where they talk about the problems inherent in the catholic church, but at the same time, don't focus on the universality and the things that bring the catholic church together. millions of people are looking world wide to what goes on in the conclave as these 115 or so cardinals decide what's the next pope, who is the next leader in this media age where the pope's activities will be watched minute by minute? the same way we've seen the conclave. this discussion they've had in rome exposing all of these issues, including pedophilia, including conflict, including
5:22 am
birth control, including marriage, including the marriage of even priest, that's important for the church. but they're doing it on their own terms. >> steve: sure. all right. we're going to be watching the chimney 'cause it could happen -- typically between two and five days after they start. so we'll keep an eye on the smoke. >> good to see you. >> steve: thank you. all right. straight up, a side to ryan seacrest you've never seen before. we're talking about his dance moves. our own kevin mccarthy goes one on one with him. it's a dance party. then a major break in health news from people who have been dead for 4,000 years. what can we learn from the mummy clients are always learning more
5:23 am
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5:26 am
>> eric: drive-by shooting in the middle of dc sent seven people to the hospital this morning of the police say the gunman fired several rounds into a crowd of people outside an apartment building before get egg way in a blue bmw. a friend of oscar pistorius says he's on the verge of suicide. he's charged with murdering his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. but pistorius' lawyers have appealed his bail conditions, saying he should be allowed to travel. he's also reportedly selling his racehorse to pay for legal bills. gretch? >> gretchen: if you're looking for a work aholic in hollywood, nobody fits the bill better than ryan seacrest. he's executive producer of the
5:27 am
kardashian reality show franchise. >> eric: lot going on. but he had a few minutes to spare to talk with our own kevin mccarthy. watch. >> hi, kevin. >> good to he sue -- to see you. >> it was an honor to talk to ryan seacrest. he's promoting something called idol across america, which is basically a cross-country relay convenient where they're taking the idol microphone and basically bringing it across the country to 5,000 miles, 13-city tour. former idols will be running, walking, skateboarding, roller blading. i had a chance to catch up with him. the microphone will end its trek this wednesday in l.a. fort top ten live performance show. i caught up with ryan about his life, his life and work balance, and we have a very, very awkward dancing session. check out this video. >> this is "american idol"! >> i remember actually my audition, which i was terrified to go through. i was standing at fox and i was in the executive office and they
5:28 am
said, okay. here is what's happened. a contestant has just sung and they lost their parents this week and they're singing about that and you've got to go in and console them and also get us to a commercial. i thought, i'm confused. i don't know what they just said to me. so you go in and try to do your best. but after the audition, i thought, i didn't get this job. >> where is that balance of keeping that excitement, but also not taking on so much that you start dreading the work? >> i think there was a time when i didn't have any of it. so i remember, you know, wanting to do what die and not doing it. i also believe in hard work. i'm not that great at anything, right. >> yes, you are. >> i can't play an instrument or sing. i feel the more opportunity that i get, the harder i want to work. >> making it happen. what is the difference between radio ryan seacrest and tv ryan seacrest? >> broadcasting is more of me talking about people's relationships and things like that.
5:29 am
in terms of my life, i have less jackets on the radio and more sweats on the radio. and a few more a. -- hats. >> i saw your video on-line, what tip can you give me? >> it took ten takes. >> what was the punch you were doing? >> yeah. >> that. >> that's the new version. >> can you do it? >> i'm not sure. like this? >> is that right? >> that's it. somehow it got out that side of me. >> i want to apologize to the ladies across america for seeing that awkwardness of that dance. i'm so sorry for that. but gretchen, can you give me some tip, if you saw me doing that at a club, what would you say in would you run away? >> gretchen: absolutely not. i thought it was a great job. >> i don't know why i'm punching the air. i have no idea. >> gretchen: listen, you get an a for effort and risk taking. >> yeah. exactly. i'll be doing that. so ladies, if you see it, don't
5:30 am
run away, please. appreciate it. >> gretchen: very cute. thanks for bringing that interview to us. >> thanks. i appreciate it. i'll see you friday. >> steve: the mccarthy shuffle. he taped it in front of our building. coming up on this monday, you know all about the benefits of aspirin. but we bet you haven't heard this next benefit and that's coming up. >> eric: then you can go to the white house, but -- you can't, but can she? ♪ . >> eric: we'll have the latest on who is invited and ho is not. -- who is not [ male announcer ] marie callender's believes a little dessert
5:31 am
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♪ accomplish splash i was taking a bath ♪ ♪ all about saturday night ♪ . >> eric: shot of the morning. incredible video of a kayaker plummeting down a 65-foot waterfall in mexico. the dare devil came out unhurt. now take a look at the drop. >> gretchen: no, no, no. >> eric: a camera hung from a wire that captured and made it into a short film. that's gutsy. >> gretchen: i don't even do the ride like that at mall of america, disney world. no, no, no. that's about 14 million times
5:35 am
worse. woo. >> steve: everything worked out okay. this is not working out okay. if you are a school group, church group, tourist planning to go tour the white house today, next week or so, bad news. white house closed because of sweet sequestration cuts. now, i've been doing this show for 16 years, i've never quoted glamour magazine. but according to, beyonce and adele to perform at michelle obama's 50th birthday party, that's the story. it's happening next january and reportedly the first lady asked them specifically because she loves both of them, if they would appear and reportedly they both said yes. but this mornings the white house says that story is not true. >> eric: not only that, last week there was a report that the vacations that the obama cost $1.4 billion.
5:36 am
>> gretchen: seriously? >> eric: think about it. it's 175 or $180,000 per hour that the air force one operates. sometimes they're operating one and two to take them on vacation. >> gretchen: specifically on this party, they would pay privately for them to perform, but as you brought up earlier, security and all that, you probable lea have taxpayer expense. >> steve: i think i read both performers would waive their fee. >> gretchen: oh, okay. what did you think about it? here are some e-mails. someone should remind president obama that while the white house may be his temporary home, it's the people's house. we have the right to see and examine what belongs to us the people. >> steve: sandy writes, you don't intentionally harm others, especially children, to get your point across. that is childish and petty. our tax dollars paid for the support that is needed to keep those tours open. >> eric: then paul from louisiana writes, i think this one is one of the most unethical things our government can do. it makes us look like nonamerica, but some third world dictatorship that hurts its
5:37 am
citizens just for fun. >> steve: they built up the sequester before, oh, the sky is going to fall. then it hit and didn't really fall. and we had heard there were big lines at the airport, not big lines there. so what can the white house control? the tours. >> eric: yeah. >> steve: cut them off. >> gretchen: let's see how long that stays as planned. now to other headlines for your monday. do you remember when president obama said this? >> let me say it as simply as i can, transparency and the rule of law will be the touchstones of this presidency. >> gretchen: transparency and the rule of law, that's what he said, turns out the obama administration censored more public records last year than since he took office in 2009. cited certain legal provisions that allowed the government to keep records or parts of them secrete for national security reasons. >> eric: bet you -- >> steve: playing video games saved the lives of two teen-agers. a small plane slammed into a garage just feet from where two
5:38 am
teen-agers were playing video games. 21-year-old talon says the entire house shook when it hit. >> knowing my son was so close to the accident, he was just above it, it really came home how fragile life can be. i feel sorry for the family that had this happen. >> steve: the pilot of the plane killed in the crash. the passenger, the pilot's nephew, just upgraded to serious k. witnesses saw the propeller stop just before the crash. >> eric: taking aspirin regularly may help protect women from deadly skin cancer. a new study finds women who use aspirin were 21% less likely to develop melanoma and the risk continued to drop the longer women took the drug. researchers say it's because aspirin reduces inflammation, which they believe play has role in cancer.
5:39 am
>> gretchen: barbara walter will talk about a new view this morning. she will make it official that elizabeth hasselbeck is u. -- out. it's been revealed that joy behar will step down at the end of the year. ratings have sagged in recent years. we'll see what she has to say. >> steve: meanwhile, let's take a look at what's going on on the golf course yesterday down at the trump place called dural. >> eric: he did say ratings sagged on that show, right? tiger woods way off course in the catholic championship, hitting the ball into the trees. but nothing was stopping tiger this time. he cruised to an easy victory at the tournament, his 76th pga trophy and 70th world championship golf title. he has won five times in the last year and that's more than anyone else. talk about the best birthday present you could possibly give yourself, matt kenseth winning
5:40 am
in las vegas on his 41st birthday. >> that's great thing about the sport, it never stops. you only get to enjoy it for a couple of days. to answer your question, it feels really great to get the win and hopefully that will keep some momentum going for our team. >> eric: you saw him right here on "fox & friends." 11-year-old julian going one on one with anna kooiman and showing off his skills on the court. now he's moving on to much bigger targets. the basketball prodigy sharing court with the harlem globetrotters in florida. the fifth grader plays on the varsity basketball team at his high school. and maria, he's got moves. do you have any weather moves? >> yeah, i do have some weather moves. i'll show them to you. looking at the current temperatures across the country where in new york city right now, it's actually relatively mild. we're looking at temperatures in the low 40s here and it's going to be warming up to 50 degrees by the afternoon. further west, 28 degrees in and
5:41 am
out in minneapolis and also kansas city. and dallas, 37 degrees. 40 in san antonio. by this afternoon, you'll be 70 in san antonio. warm day in tampa. 78 degrees. it's been mild across northeast over the last several days. but it will be changing. we actual lea have a strong cold front headed eastbound. you have areas of rain and also thunderstorms. we'll be dealing with the rain coming up tomorrow in new york city. for now, enjoy the mild weather and the dry weather as well. >> gretchen: thank you so much. all eyes on vatican city as the cardinals gather for the last day before the conclave to elect a new pope. >> eric: lauren green is live with more. what's the latest? >> you know, i'm standing in the main majestic thorough fair leading up to saint peter's basilica. from here, you can see the sistine chapel. i'm going to give you a view. you can barely see it. but tomorrow night, the vatican tv cameras will be trained on that spot, that chimney stack
5:42 am
out of the sistine chapel to see if white or black smoke bill lows out after their first vote. for the first time, americans are considered possible contenders and receiving a lot of attention. new york's cardinal dolan is at the top of the list. but boston sean o'malley is more thanking as a favorite of the italian press. in his homily yesterday at his church here, he had this to say about choosing the successor to pope benedict xvi. >> let us pray to the holy spirit to choose a new pope who will confirm us in our faith and make more visible the love of him. >> a vatican analyst we talked with said although the americans are making quite a splash here in rome, we should not bank on it. take a listen. >> you know, the church doesn't want the papacy to be in the hands of the super power. that's not good for the church.
5:43 am
so i don't think an american has a real chance. >> the cardinals have one mass before they move into the sequester quarters tomorrow morning about 7:30. then there is the conclave mast at 10 in the afternoon they're transferred to the pauline chapel and then make a grand procession single file by seniority into the sistine chapel where they will cast that first ballot. we should see that first smoke around 7:00 p.m. rome time tomorrow. black smoke means there is no pope. and white smoke means we do have a new pope. gretchen? >> gretchen: all right. lauren green reporting live for us from rome, exciting assignment. thanks. >> steve: all right. 19 minutes before the top of the hour. is it really a good idea to try foreign terrorist like bin laden's son-in-law just blocks from ground zero? shouldn't we interrogate them instead of giving them their miranda rights and send them to gitmo? a closer look coming up next. >> eric: then the healing power of magic. how magic is helping kids with
5:44 am
autism in ways you could not imagine. ♪ . >> steve: that's some weird dental floss. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to
5:45 am
for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. plua brand new start.n. your chance to rise and shine. with centurylink as your trusted technology partner, you can do just that. with our visionary cloud infrastructure, global broadband network and custom communications solutions, your business is more reliable - secure - agile. and with responsive, dedicated support, we help you shine every day of the week.
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5:47 am
>> gretchen: 45 minutes past the top of the hour. turns out heart disease is an old problem, at least 4,000 years old. new research shows even mummies had clogged arteries. this finding debunks theories that heart disease is caused mostly by modern habits. at the age of 20, she's returning to her roots. former disney child star selena gomez will headline the radio disney awarts and be on tv reopro easying her role on "the wizard of waively place." guys >> eric: in one instance, the
5:48 am
obama administration defends using drones to kill american terrorists on foreign soil, but at the same time, the administration is giving osama bin laden's son-in-law a civilian trial right here in new york city. >> steve: so which one is it when it comes to handling terrorists? capture or kill? jay sekulow is the chief counsel for american center for law and justice and joins us live. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: you say enemy combatants should be interrogated, relentlessly. not given miranda warnings. >> of course, once you mirandaize them, they can remain silent and anything they say can't be used against them in the court of law. that's the fundamental problem. why are we putting, in this case, osama bin laden's son-in-law on trial in manhattan? remember the outcry when it was going to be one of the masterminds, khalid sheikh mohammed was going to be tried in manhattan, the outcry was so significant that the justice department backed off of that and decided not to do it.
5:49 am
the fact of the matter is, trained terrorists will utilize the legal system, called law fair. they'll utilize the legal system to spew their propaganda and hate. all we're doing is give them a platform. what you want to do is get as much information as you can that can be used to find out what ongoing planning has been done. this guy has been active for a long time. he's been bouncing around the middle east. we finally got him. he should have stayed in guantanamo bay and we could have interrogated him, got the information weddd intoed, put hm on a military commission. >> eric: jay, the left is saying, oh, look what we did with the underwear bomber and the times square attempted bomber. but this is different, right? 'cause this guy was caught off american soil. they actually brought him on american soil. he could have gone right to gitmo. >> of course. clearly an enemy combatant. you're right. he was caught in a situation where he was on basically fleeing on battlefield because they got him through jordan and turkey,s that some relative way
5:50 am
involved. buff the fact of the matter is this, this is an enemy combatant, captured not here in the united states. he should be tried at gitmo. he should not be mirandaized. do we want to give this guy the right to remain silent? i think the answer is no. no silent. we want to know everything he has. and everything that could be useful through interrogation techniques. and keep this guy out of the civilian court system. so what we're going to do is we indict him and then we're going to try him. what happens if because statements were made before he was mirandaized and that evidence can't be admitted and he gets a not guilty verdict. so is everybody in new york going to be comfortable having osama bin laden's son-in-law set free? he'll be shipped back to his country of origin hopefully, or claim asylum here in the united states? this is the nature of this. we're in a war. that's what the obama administration needs to figure out here. they say we're in a war because we'll use drone strikes, which i understand drones and the necessity for drone strikes. but even against americans. we held a debate whether that could be an american on american soil.
5:51 am
they were debating that. but we're in war there. that's declaration of war, so to speak, to use drones. but we capture a terrorist engaged at the highest levels on a foreign field, we're going to try him in a civilian court. it absolutely makes no sense. >> steve: just blocks from the world trade center. it's just crazy. all right. jay sekulow from the american center of law and justice, sir, thank you very much. >> thanks. >> eric: next up, the healing power of magic, how it is helping kids with autism in ways you couldn't imagine. >> steve: very nice. first, let's check in with martha mccallum to find out how her weekend was. >> i'll tell you all about that. very interesting story, in fact. stick around for that one. plus, there is this breaking news that is exclusive to america's newsroom this morning. pastor imprisoned in iran, we hope that you will stay tuned for this. it is quite a story. and what you don't know about the tsa could hurt you. an insider tells us why billions of u.s. tax dollars may not be
5:52 am
keeping you safe at all. bill and i will see you right here at the top of the hour look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
5:53 am
then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study... so i guess my wife was right. [ male announcer ] centrum. always your most complete.
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5:55 am
>> gretchen: do you believe in magic? our next guest does. he uses visual tricks not only to delight audience, but help kids and individuals with autism and other disabilities. it's a program called hocus focus. he joins me now, illusionist and educator and a friend, kevin spencer. good to see you. >> good to be here. >> gretchen: i know you went through your own disabled time. you had a severe car accident. so you see empathy for kids and adults who are disabled and you're trying to help them with magic. >> absolutely. i think when you come out on the other side of something as traumatic as what i went through, closed brain injury, lower spinal cord injury, you do kind of have a great empathy for
5:56 am
the struggles that people with disabilities are going through. >> gretchen: you say oftentimes, people with disabilities are defined for what they can not do. you're trying to help define what they can do. >> absolutely. as a society, we need to appreciate the abilities that they have and quit focusing on disabilities. >> gretchen: so what do you do with them? what kind of tricks do you show? >> magic. it's amazing because what we found in our research, this is so science based. we found every time a child learns a magic trick, it helps them improve the skills that they find very, very challenging. so one of the things that we teach that's really cool, a rubber band trick that this works with some money. they'll need to grab close on this. i have one, two, three, four, five, one dollar bills. this is where it gets fun. so nothing, nothing, but then we can make these into one. >> gretchen: woo! >> i know! >> gretchen: if a woman 40 something likes that, a kid
5:57 am
will. >> if do you it with a $100, it's 100 times better. now this one. we take the bill and you fold it over. about a third of the way. you put your first paper clip on. you fold it back the opposite direction and put your second paper clip on. you have one paper clip on this side and one paper clip on this side. but they don't touch anywhere in the middle. when the grab the two top corners and pull, the paper clips jump up in the air and hook together. it's a fun trick. >> gretchen: not only teaching dexterity and focus, but you're giving them self-examples steam. >> absolutely. this simple magic trick is a great way for them to concentrate, improve ability to follow directions, planning and sequencing, organizing tasks and movements, all the things they struggle with. but the greatest thing is it helps them with the fine motor skills and coordination and gives them an opportunity to be social. when they learn this, they want to go show somebody. most of these kids have a very difficult time with social skills. so this gives them the ability
5:58 am
to start a conversation, let me show you something, to build those skills. any time you can give somebody who has been labeled disabled the ability to do something that the normal able-bodied person can't do -- >> gretchen: i think the work you're doing along with your wife, cindy, is so amazing. you do regular shows, but then you've dedicated your life to making a difference to these kids. bag of tricks is a documentary that you're looking for funding for. if people are interested, they can go to our web site and you came up with this curriculum, hocus, focus, you're making a huge difference in kids' lives. thank you. >> thank you. >> gretchen: more fox trends friends three minutes away -- "fox & friends" three minutes away what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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