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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 11, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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>>. >> megyn: getting a lot of feedback to the debate we had with other working moms. weigh in now. follow me at megyn kelly. up next. >> shep: thank you. good evening from rome. news begins anew, tensions in the korean peninsula, north korea said they scrapped the old agreement that ended the korean war but it really didn't as they conduct new war games. we'll separate the rhetoric from the real and. >> blader runner wants his passport back. >> and speaking out a big way in airport security. he says most of his former co-workers know that the tsa job is a joke and that it is only a matter of time until terrorists
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attack them. all ahead unless breaking news changes everything on studio "b". it is 3:00 on the east coast and 8:00 p.m. at rome where we're hours away from the papal conclave. secretive selection process that will decide on the leader of the one billion catholics. from all over the globe they are set to celebrate mass. from there they will head over to the sistine chapel and decide for a replacement for the retiring pope benedict xvi. no newspapers and no internet, no nothing they won't be able to tweet updates on the status until the puff of white smoke appears in the sky and then we'll have a new pope. we have team fox coverage this afternoon. let's begin with amy kellogg
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live outside the basilica tonight. >> reporter: the vatican today gave us a taste of the splendor and ceremony that will accompany this conclave. you know, shep, it's not just the cardinals who will be shut down from texting and tweeting. the vatican says if we have any trouble at all to disseven with whether the smoke is white or black they will not be sending any clarification. we'll have to figure it out ourselves. the cardinals had their final done degree gas station before the conclave begins. they spoke about the vatican bank, an issue that has vexed the vatican as international institutions demand more transparency but housekeeping matters will be put aside and all about the die vine guidance in the process of choosing a new pope. they will make it to the sistine
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chapel and will be accompanied by cantors who will sing the litany of saints and invocation to the holy spirit. each will take an oath in latin after which the order extra ommus that two additional officiating cardinals and then the voting begins. the pontiff cal investments has come here and he will be in the room of tears and of course accept. it's caused room of tears and then on to the balcony to give the first blessing to the waiting world. shep, the vatican even says we shouldn't expect all this to happen tomorrow. we think we will see smoke tomorrow but it will probably be black. that said, of course, anything is possible once the conclave
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begins. >> shep: amy kellogg, thank you so much. the founder and editor in chief of a website and junior fellow with the catholic association and knows the ins and outs. great to be with you. what is to expect tomorrow? >> we're starting out with mass. this is what the faith is all about and symbolizes what they are doing is submitting themselves to the will of the holy spirit. this they believe they are operating under the will and guidance of the holy spirit. >> shep: if we cut to the chase, they have been politicing in there, haven't they. come on. >> 115 of them that many of them haven't met. >> shep: to say there is no politicking going on, is it true? >> they are absolutely barred
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from politicking but they are discussing what are the problems facing the church and what are the real issues are facing these men as they consider who is going to be leading the church for the next however long. >> shep: it seems as least if you read all the local press, front runners have emerged and not at least the cardinal from milan? >> people are talking about cardinal dolan and o'malley so it's absolutely impossible to predict but whoever is going to be chosen is going to be embraced by the 1.2 billion catholics around the world. >> shep: and where do they begin? >> there are a lot of challenges the church is facing. pope benedict did an excellent job of tacking the most difficult charges including the sex abuse challenge. i think we can be assured that
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they will continue to going forward. >> shep: finally, the thing i've been reading the most is rome versus the reformers. it's the headline everywhere with exhaustive how one side wants to move forward and romans want to keep things how they have been. do you have a sense how that is shaping up? >> if there are tensions, we'll never know. this is big part of why these things are kept secret so it doesn't turn into a political event. it's a spiritual event. >> shep: thank you, ashley. >> the standoff with nuclear arms, north korea has taken no breaks, it's taken a dangerous turn. state media reports that the they have cancelled the 60 year armistice that ended the korean war. apparently there are a lot of
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factors in play here. north korea has repeatedly threatened all out war against the united states specifically and others. even vowed to louwlg an attack on united states specifically washington, d.c., not it can do that. and they also did another test of nuclear weapons. we have come up here new video of anti-korean protest in south korea. 3,000 u.s. troops joined 10,000 from south korea for joint military drills. it's part of the field exercises which is not unusual and to prepare for different scenarios in any possible conflict with the north. the our chief correspondent, jonathan hunt is live this afternoon. it's coming from all sides? >> most threaten, not surprisingly coming from the leadership in north korea. as the u.s. gets underway with
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the large exercises with the long time ally south korea, officials are making clear they will stand by south korea and stand by japan which is regularly threatened by north korea. in the words of tomorrow donalon the u.s. will not tolerate a nuclear armed north korea. in remarks prepared to give to the asia society the united states refuses to acknowledge bad north korea behavior. they won't accept empty promises or yielding to threats to get the assistance it needs and the respect it claims it wants. north korea will have to change course. south korea's new president also weighing in today, south korea is most in the direct line of fire if north korea does anything. the south korean president has put the military there on high alert and says if there was any nuclear attack, the north korean
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regime would, quote, disappear from the face of the earth, shep. >> shep: do we know what is behind this sudden burst of north korean anger? >> not definitively because nobody could get in the mind of kim jong un but number one, the military exercises with the south korean military and also on top of that the new and pretty punishing economic measures adopted by the united nations security council here last week which really speak to put a lot of pressure on north korea and stop them pursuing any sort of nuclear program. so it's in response to those two things. what worries a lot of experts this may be a case of kim jong un still trying to prove himself
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new leader. we know he can be irrational so its dangerous time. >> shep: back home in new york, another big day on wall street. markets in positive territory yet again. gerri willis is in next. plus emergency crews rush into rescue three people after the ground opens up beneath them. the latest sinkhole scare. coming up on this edition from studio "b" live from rome as is we await the papal conclave. 00. we asked total strangers to watch it for us. thank you so much. i appreciate it. i'll be right back. they didn't take a dime. how much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? if your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.
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>>. >> shep: what a day on wall street. it's happening again, our 401ks are smiling ear to ear. they hit an all time high. 7th straight session we've seen a gain. it quickly turned around and spent most of the afternoon in the united states up around 30 points or so. dow reached a record high last
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tuesday, it's still up 30. it kept climbing from there and you can see the index has more than made up for its losses when the economy nankd 2007. gerri willis is with us. what is driving it today? >> there is not a lot of u.s. economic news, it's the rest of the world. italy downgraded by fitch so their debt downgraded, fitch is an important american firm and china's growth is down. that has ramifications for everybody. the rest of the world not doing so hot. we look like the prettiest horse in the glue factory. >> shep: and billion hedge fund manager apparently considering to move to puerto rico? >> this is john paulson. he made his money back in 2007 by betting against the mortgage market. now, he is trying to protect his money from taxes. puerto rico offers new residents
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no local or federal taxes on capital gains. so he is going to move to puerto rico and pay nothing on his $9.5 billion in gains and make a heck of a return on his investment. paulson is notable for his bet which is one of the few that made that bet against the mortgage market way back in 2007. >> shep: the weather is nice in puerto rico if nothing else. gerri, thank you so much. >> we have sinkhole problems. have you heard about this? eastern pennsylvania and they forced a family to evacuate their home after it swallowed parts of the driveway and their house. it's about 30 feet wide and 12 feet deep. a sewer line burst where it opened up and fire crews had to rescue a woman and daughter and granddaughter and declared the home inhabitable. it was two week ago that a
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naturally occurring sinkhole killed a man in his bedroom. >> afghan president hamid karzai with friends like this -- he is accusing the united states of working with the taliban to destabilize his country. it may just be politics in afghanistan with the u.s. defense secretary there, the accusations take on extra weight. we'll get into that next. as we report live from rome on the eve of the conclave to elect a new pope. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 seems like etfs are everywhere these days. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 but there is one source with a wealth of etf knowledge tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 all in one place. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 introducing schwab etf onesource™. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 it's one source with the most commission-free etfs. tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 one source with etfs from leading providers
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>>. >> shep: two u.s. troops are dead after an afghan police officer grabbed a machine gun in the back of a pickup truck and opened fire in a group of special forces, it comes one day
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after hamid karzai accuses the u.s. secretly working with taliban to stage suicide bombings. it happened in the warback province west of kabul. the government also wounded a number of other troops and killed several afghan police officers. insider attacks have been a major problem for the pentagon. earlier today our new defense secretary chuck hagel wrapped up his first trip to afghanistan since he took the position and he said hamid karzai is dead wrong when he claims that the u.s. troops have helped stage two suicide attacks in to scare afghans to get u.s. troops to stay. this just flies in the face of reality. things are really deteriorating? >> it really does. defense secretary hagel's first
12:23 pm
trip as defense secretary to the war zone really marred by both of violence you mentioned. there were two other suicide bombings this past weekend. one of them killed eight children beyond this morning's attack you mentioned that killed two u.s. soldiers. the bottom line you have the violence on top of that these comments by president karzai, down right bizarre and drew a angry response from jay carney. >> america with the taliban are not their enemy and they are not fighting the taliban. in the name of the taliban they are abusing our people. the taliban are in daily talks with the americans but detonating bombs in kabul and they are not. >> that is categorically false. nobody believes it. our men and women for going on 12 years have sacrificed enormously on behalf of
12:24 pm
afghanistan. >> reporter: that is what is tough on the administration and parts of coalition and the fact there has been over 3,000 casualties among the constitutional led by the u.s. during this war over the last 12 years so the comments from karzai is tough. >> shep: certainly not helpful and how in the world are we going to have negotiations after we pull out of there. >> reporter: you are exactly right. that is why the administration is pushing karzai but they only have so much leverage but they need him to figure out what a post 2014 afghanistan looks like. take a listen to general james maddis that was asked by mccain how many troops should be on the ground after the u.s. is officially supposed to be leaving. >> what about the residual force? >> post 2014 force, that
12:25 pm
decision has not been made. it's still under consideration. i have made my recommendation? >> which is? >> that recommendation is for 13,600 u.s. forces. >> reporter: i asked jay carney about that specific number and he would not commit whether the president is going to back general mattis' recommendation in moving after these unfortunate comments. will the u.s. commit to that kind of force or pull out together as we saw in iraq. there are critics of the administration if we don't leave some forces behind, any security gains that have been made will be completely lost. >> shep: you wonder how many people will be lost and left behind. robert pelton returned from a five week trip with united states special forces unit. robert knows karzai's bodyguards and author of a book "the
12:26 pm
world's most dangerous places." i don't know what to do. we've been making these predictions. everybody has been making them on your friend hamid karzai. what do you do? >> first you have to realize there are two sets of negotiations going on with the taliban. the u.s. has gone around karzai and set up an office from qatar. karzai is trying to set up a deal with pakistan to give him more influence with the taliban. that is why he spoke out. the suicide bombings in kabul are done by a group that is not part of the conversations. so the group has been running into kabul for about three years. >> shep: you pay a lot of attention to this stuff. if you were giving advice to anybody on the matter, john mccain staying how many will stay behind, would it help for
12:27 pm
them to be there at all? >> first of all you have to scrape off the long tail support system we built. we have thousands and thousands of troops that don't need to be there but we have a core group of special operations that are using extraordinary intelligence and lots of assets to go after al-qaeda, taliban perpetrators. those people need to stay because they literally pour into the country as soon as the americans pull out of a region and hand it over to the afghans it gets infested by fundamental units. so those people need to stay there. on the other hand karzai is not going to be around 2014. he has a maximum term limit. so we should hedge our bets until then. >> shep: one of the questions all along our goal has been to train the afghan forces to take care of themselves. are we anywhere near that? >> no. i was with those forces in
12:28 pm
combat. i can tell you the commandos do a good job, afghan forces do good and afghan army and afghan police give it up. it's not going to work. >> shep: robert, thanks as always. now to the olympic blade runner, oscar pistorius, he is fighting to get his pass portal back. his lawyers said he should be allowed to leave south africa. i don't know if you have been keeping up but headlines he may be suicidal. new maps redefining who lives in a good zone and could force thousands of homeowners to pay big buck foz are flood insurance insurance those homeowners will most likely never need. that is coming up on the top of the news live tonight from rome on studio "b." what's next?
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>>. >> shep: i'm shepard smith. it's studio "b." time for the top of the news, live tonight from rome. oscar pistorius is that is according to the his family. that word has been on websites all over the world for the last 24 hours. they are shooting down the friend's claim that he is broken man on the verge of killing himself as he sits charged with murder. his attorneys are appealing the
12:33 pm
tevys of his bail. they say he should be allowed to travel while he awaits for travel. like all murder suspects, back on valentine's day, they say pistorius crushed his girlfriend's skull with bat. they say he thought she was an intruder but they say it was murder. >> lawyers say almost under house arrest. he got probation and correctional officers visiting him four times a month and his lawyers would like him to get out of that. he can't have colonel and to other banned substances. and he can't be allowed to leave south africa. his lawyers are saying he should be allowed to leave because he is too high profile and allowed to try to make some money but
12:34 pm
the prosecutors say they will object to that with every other change in bail that the defense is seeking. >> shep: and reports are saying that he having serious money troubles? >> that is one of the reasons he want wants to get back to the house where the shooting happened so he can pay for the up coming trial. you have to remember he lost those very lucrative deals with nike and sold off investments like his racehorses. his family does not deny his legal bills are massive but they are saying, look, he is not suicidal. he is very strong releasing a statement, quoting here, we are acutely aware of the fact this is only the beginning of a long road to prove that as we believe oscar never intended to harm reeva steenkamp and we realize the law must run the course and we respect the process. they understand it's expensive
12:35 pm
process. next hearing is set for early june. this case likely won't go to trial until sometime at the end of the year. >> shep: trace, thanks very much. a fox urgent now. you know the ban on sodas and other drinks in new york city? bang, a judge just tossed it that was set to take affect tomorrow banning sales. it's been a hallmark of the new york city mayor's health campaign which has targeted transfat and salt. i just got word from what the judge said. let's bring the lawyers. arthur and mercedes. i got word from the judge. this is state supreme court justice in manhattan who has just ruled that the new regulation is arbitrary and
12:36 pm
capricious preeshs. what say you? >> let's say there are two different kinds of judges in new york. one type is selected and appointed by the mayor. take a guess, shep. this was not one selected by the mayor. >> shep: i'm guessing it wasn't that. >> he was elected by the people of new york county. he said it's too arbitrary. look at the smoking ban. there is no smoking in a restaurant, amen. no smoking, also smoking when i smoke it affects other people not just me. soda it's only affecting me. here the rules were you can buy the drinks in the big supermarket but you can't by them in a movie theater. it's going to cost the customers more and make the guys that are selling this stuff lose money. judge is like, it's too all over the place. what is next? >> shep: everybody in new york
12:37 pm
has changed the way serving things. changed prices and men guidelines. mercedes this is ready to go. our company cafeteria, wendy's is preparing for it? >> shame on the judge for playing politics over people. the mayor's heart was in the right place. it's protecting all of us in making poor choices. in you want 32 ounces you will have to buy a couple glasses of soda. >> shep: it's stupid. i could get a 50 ounce diet coke. blue sugar is worse than the white sugar. >> but you are in great shape. you make right choices. that is why obesity is an all time high. all you have to do is walk around and see. >> i think the mayor would have been much more successful if he limited it to schools, where juveniles are where they don't have the choices or the education to make the right choices. but here to say everybody in
12:38 pm
new york city -- excuse me? >> shep: it's not over. >> it's not over. >> shep: bloomberg doesn't hear from a judge and say no. >> he has the research and say this is a health concern. lots of people are affected by this. they need to control their diet. they need to be healthier. that is why bloomberg can can.... >> shep: new construction requirement in federal flood maps. have you heard about this? now force something of the victims of sandy making tough choices. some residents in the northeast must now decide whether to spend thousands of dollars raising their homes above the flood level provisions or face new insurance premiums.
12:39 pm
rick is live in new jersey. call the mississippi gulf coast and tell me what happened after katrina. this is what happens after storms like this. god afternoon, well to the south's world. >> reporter: some people, closer you live to the water the more you will have to pay in insurance premiums. folks, via case home, they made the tough choices. house standing this morning, if they fixed it up, their insurance would have gone through the roof. if they raised it on stilts. this is what happened. they tore the place home. and they will bring a new home up on pylons. we were hear with the homeowner while she watched her place being flattened but she is keeping things in perspective. >> we're not the worst here. there are so many people that had their primary home and can't live in them and living out of hotels. this is sad for me, but i know
12:40 pm
we're not the worst off. there is a lot of other people that are worse off than we are. >> reporter: they are dipping into their 401-k to pay for the new house. >> shep: it's possible they won't get any insurance at all what happened on the mississippi coast f it was the water that took the house away, you would get nothing and salesmen then you would have to raise your house up? >> people are facing difficult choices. we met another family, they live down in pine beach new jersey. house that was built by her grandfather back in the 1940s they got four feet of water. they had no flood insurance because they weren't in flood shown. they got $30,000 in emergency funds and they spent it. now new maps put their house in a flood zone and they may have to start all over again.
12:41 pm
>> smart thing for us to do would have been to wait and not spend any money on the house until we realize how high up it has to go because it's wasting money because if the house can't be raised you have to tear it down. >> reporter: all these maps haven't been finished yet so a lot of people still don't foe know if they should spend their insurance money if it will be waste of time down the road. >> shep: experts have been telling us for years the security functions we have set up at the airlifts are basically worth less. people have wondered about this for the entire time. now we're hearing the same thing some of thousands standing around. one of the tsa agents right in the middle of it. security at the airports, this is blockbuster and it's just ahead on studio "b" as we report from rome. hey.
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>>. >> shep: live look at the big board on the corner of wall street in manhattan en route on seventh straight record high, 14,424. we'll keep tabs on this program and turn things over to neil cavuto and fresh business perspective at the top of the hour. we are about 13 hours away from the start of the papal conclave. actually all of the cardinals will come together for prayer in the morning and then rome time and have a vote for the first vote for pope will be tomorrow afternoon sometime around 4:00 local time here. just about 11:00 a.m. on the east coast, 8:00 a.m. on the west coast of the united states. united states have started daylight savings time. that will be tomorrow afternoon we'll have live coverage from rome for you. very confusing i don't even know
12:46 pm
what time it is. airport security, they don't either -- it's not a question whether terrorists will get through. it's when they will get through. that is from a former transportation security administration screener who claims the whole metal detector take off junior shoes and patted is just a show, to make you feel better and it does absolutely nothing to keep us safer. that is what the screener says. former screener worked at newark liberty international airport and spoke with the "new york post." he says goofing off and long bathroom breaks are the norm and men screeners pay more attention to the women passengers but they always find your shampoo. the former screener went on to say, quote, a small number of screeners are dluih zealots who believe they are keeping america
12:47 pm
safe by taking your two inch pocketknife and four ounce bottle of -- >> shep: with us analyst, judge andrew napolitano which must be shocked by this revelation? >> shep, we don't know who this anonymous former worker is but is articulated ago lot of what people feel. that intrusiveness is embarrassing and just as important as those doesn't keep us safe. now we have it from the inside that much of what they do is for show. i don't know where it goes from here except this person whoever he or she is saying what many people who fly through newark international airport and other american airports have believed for a long time. much of this is no good and irritating and just to make us think that the government is doing something to keep us safe when it is not doing anything
12:48 pm
realistic at all. >> shep: we can go back to the early days of the war on on terror they told us what to do is to put this duct tape all around your windows and put your hands up in the air like this and let's take a pick your private parts and you'll be fine. give me the bottle of shampoo. it's preposterous. every airline official we've had on this newscast says the same thing. judge, they have 87,000 employees, it's big business. >> you are right. it's an enormous bureaucracy, president george w. bush did not want to create a department of homeland security and did not want them unionized. some of them are privatized they do wear the uniforms of tsa agents but private employees whose corporations have a contract with the federal government. this guy or gal who complains of new york post is not one of them
12:49 pm
but hated his work and hated his employer. >> shep: don't you wonder what the meeting was like when they were all sitting around, all tsa bigwigs, i think we can tell them they can bring knives. who is making the decisions? >> i don't know how they decide these things. it's absurd you can bring a baseball bat but not a bottle of water or shampoo. they have studies or some kind polls and statistics but what they lack is common sense. they don't talk to you. they don't interact with you. they get in your face and make your experience uncomfortable and don't keep us safe. that is what he is saying. i think you will hear more people as they leave tsa supporting what this person has said. this is caused quite a stir over here today, my friend. >> shep: i'm not surprised.
12:50 pm
the goal is always get through there without somebody doing to you something which if done in public would be a felony. i just want to make sure to take the belt off so i don't get all whole business. i don't have a need for that. >> technology is moving closer to giving paraplegics a way out of their wheelchairs. why the folks behind this exoskeleton project say the technology could be available by next year. when we continue tonight from rome ahead of the papal conclave. that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices. i'm up next, but now i'm sging the heartburn blues. hold on, prilosec isn't for fast relief. cue up alka-seltzer. it stops heartburn fast.
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>>. >> shep: new technology now that is helping a paraplegic walk again and it could hit the shelves by next year. according to folks behind the
12:54 pm
exoskeleton project it's moving closer to fda pravl and the only device while sitting in a car or essentially walking again. john, roberts great news from atlanta. >> reporter: good afternoon but i have seen a lot of devices but few as remark aj. this is michael gore he was in a wheelchair for more than a decade after an industrial accident. he had no use of his legs and he can't even feel them. watch as he puts his feet down and stands up. this powered exoskeleton is a robot he wears around his weight he can sit and stand up and even climb stairs. he only gets to use eight couple times a month it has given a whole new perspective. >> independence, freedom, joy again. it's a different outlook on life
12:55 pm
from being normal to being paralyzed. you are paralyzed but almost mobile again. >> reporter: really amazing. this is one of three such devices. this one is derived from aircraft and sbril robotic technology. its scaled down version of that. the company that is developing this, blue sky envisions they will have much more sophisticated device that is controlled by your thoughts. >> i wanted this to change lives. i want this device to be accessible to the populations that need it most, can be taken and fit into a user's life and enable them to enjoy the freedom that they previously experienced before their experience. >> reporter: right now this uses smart phone technology, same thing that flips around your screen in your phone, when you lean forward that is when it starts to walk. one potential draw back the device in the clinical setting
12:56 pm
will likely be subject to obamacare device tax which is going to increase costs. when they get in the home the price may be prohibitive. just the parts alone runs to about $60-65,000. they don't know if insurance will cover any of that cost. >> shep: we'll see. looks like a life changer. new study out, how we feel about studies around here. this one says even mummies had heart disease. they scanned the more than 130 mummies from ancient populations and they found, drol drum roll, they had vase car conditions in their arteries and they were all surprised to find some of the problems were hunter gatherers that would likely be low risk considering a active lifestyle.
12:57 pm
many of them used fire to keep warm which likely contributed to the inhalation of a lot of smoke. >> shep: so who is going to be next n ex pope. making a wager on the event. it's gotten a lot more difficult. we'll have details on that live from rome before we turn it over to cavut. ♪ ♪
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