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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 11, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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but and old initiatives that got us in this spending mess. i'm not here to say either party escapes from the quagmire we are in. both sides supported them at the time and democrats were putting trillions on budget since that time. the time for blame is over. the time for partisan favoritism should be over, too. i want to know if both parties got us here, why is it republicans that are getting blame for keeping us here? this much i do. john mccain's rapid descent boggles my imagination. but because he challenges on drones he is suddenly disagreeable. forgive him for fearing for what he fears will be carte blanche on drones and make us more secure. rand paul is right to question that. what i find weird is media stars
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aligning with the senator to challenge it. the likes of msnbc and jon stewart herald go the republicans that are not obsessed by about opportunity. that is enlightened view. fearing terror and not obsessing about it. so good for senator paul. i might remind him about fickle friend who is now in his corner, not so for john mccain who is only cool that takes on issues that the media likes but are those that stand in the corner. latest doubling standard and kneeing the media i suspect it is not the last. meanwhile, anyone tell you you are too old to do something. 48-year-old bernard hopkins says forget it. he is the old east coast man to ever win a major boxing title. he is not stopping now. this guy, beat a 30-year-old, a
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guy old enough to be his son. he was the one running around. find out espn how old is in. >> i'm eric bombing and long with our panel. it's pga and greg is waiting in new york city. this is the five. >> eric: a big victory for people who like pop, a judge just put the kabash on the soda ban and michael bloomberg responded but first. on friday the usda broke the bad news, 48 million americans needed food stamps to put bread on the table and we learned that president obama added $580 billion to the overinflated debt balloon but you wouldn't know it. obama zombies were out in force
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trying to convince the american people that everything is a.o.k. and new york times economist paul krugman. >> it's a remarkable document that came out yesterday. about the budget and what it said it is projecting a deficit of $845 billion this year. with a fully recovered economy the budget would be down to $420 billion which is a level that is consistent with stable situation. >> it's adjusted. >> it's back to what it was back in 2006, that is what it was during the height of the housing bubble. so we have basically brought the budget under control but nobody noticed. >> eric: sorry pablo, we are exploding in debt and cbo report proves. and $425 billion simply disappear?
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i guess you need a noble prize to figure it out. i was watching that live. he went from $845 billion to $420 billion and where did it go? >> greg: i thought matrix was an alternate universe. but what is it with nancy pelosi and krugman, this iser crazy eyed. that drug is our money. anybody that can think they can have 850 -- on whatever is the deficit is like telling a junkie well done for doing one less speed ball. it's still an addiction. dirty secret. they are saying deficits don't matter. why do we have taxes? >> bob: i want to know what drug you are taking to get yourself oh soe depressed. first of all the president is right. budget deficit has been cut.
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there was jobs created last month. there is all kinds of information. unemployment rate fell. the economy is getting stronger. in the meantime, conservatives and republicans, all they can do is moan about it. >> $845 billion in new debt in brand-new debt we're going to do that. >> bob: how much do you think is entitlement. >> eric: here is the problem. krugman was saying everything is fine. we are cool. almost a trillion dollars again. >> kimberly: i don't think it's cause for celebration. sorry bob. this is just reality. we're not going to sit there and heads in our cloud to listen to this nonsense. those are liberal, democratic talking points coming forward to say that everything is okay. it's not okay. just a little bit might have happened. it doesn't mean the rest of it doesn't need to be dealt with. that is the problem. when you look at the numbers they are staggering and they should be taken seriously. >> bob: not that i'm standing up
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on the roof with balloons and some people would suggest, jump, but it is cause for celebration when you finally after four years, it's been a long four years, you are better off four years ago. >> who is better off? >> lend some sanity back to the table. trillion dollars add to the deficit we're better off. >> kimberly: the president has right to his bin. cbo report said the clinton era, surplus, when bush blew on all his great programs did not exist. so if he is going to choose this report to hang his hat on, i think that one deserves some credibility, as well. the people that disagree with the president are people like simpson-boles who were asked to do the bipartisan commission to look what we need to have a pro-growth policy in america. also the team of ceos that get
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together, they are saying this is a problem for us. it's a problem for job creation and numerous other economists. i just don't think that a 63.5% participation rate in the economy is cause for celebration i think it's great over 277,000 jobs created but what are the underlying factors and where do we go from here? long term trends is troubling. >> temporary jobs, long term jobs. look how many jobs we have lost to begin with. >> eric: he is going to take to place you don't want to go. on the debt. back to 2006 levels and servicing aok and we're not back to 2006 levels. we've added almost $10 trillion since 2006, six years ago and we're still adding a trillion dollars. you can't say we're back to that level. krugman is trying to pull the wool over american eyes.
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>> greg: what krugman said i want to challenge and agree with the deficits don't matter. you have said it here before. do you think you can go $17 trillion probably in debt and we could go to 20, 22 trillion, we would still be fine. let's not. have one tax for a year for america, let's see what happens. let's see if you guys are right. >> bob: i think $25 trillion is the level we can handle. >> who what do you base that on? >> bob: the one i base on that is former vice president cheney. >> where do you get $25 trillion was okay. >> bob: that is what cheney said. >> dana: that doesn't, you can't have it both ways. >> eric: our economy is $16 trillion or soe one and a half times our economy is n debt. >> bob: i am saying we could
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handle that. >> basically what krugman is saying it is okay. 75% of g.d.p. is fine and if you look at u.k. or japan, they are basically saying those countries are doing great. i lived there. i have family there. it's not great. you have much less disposable income, much less job growth and all the things that are happening with government and regulations putting clamp on people is hurting america. >> they are not motivated to reduce the debt because they don't have a fundamental problem with carrying a deficit. they don't soldier kr eight substantial crisis. >> bob: as from england and other places and compare it to the united states. >> you point out something, krugman is okay with 75% of our economy in the form of debt.
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we're at 95% and pushing hundred percent. greece is 110 '%. let's move on. >> bob: it's about the size of los angeles. >> eric: my point is we are deep in debt. so on wednesday, president obama is going to talk to ofa, organizing for action which is his political action group but he is going to sit down and talk. this is group that offered to sell for $500,000 and sits down with the president four times a year. >> that is very blatant. facts are there. if you pony up the cash you get to sit with the big guys. if everybody is okay with that but not try to hide it. the access, that is what you are in. >> the organizations as they set it up, president obama saw it as threat to democracy but now they are not so much of a threat or want to join the threat.
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>> campaign reform advocates go from here. >> greg: i want to know what they want. to me it seems like this is change they've been waiting for which is a new universe, a new world order to use the old phrase. they have given america lap band surgery. it's okay if it is the side of belgium. >> bob: they built a campaign organization over a tremendous campaign organization in the history of this country. they need to feed it. if you look what the agenda on the meeting it's everything that obama has been asking congress to do and nothing more and nothing less. it's a way to stimulate grassroots support. >> greg: what they have to sustain a smaller economy and bigger government which is like having a giant man in a tiny car. >> you just said grassroots. >> that is the funniest thing.
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>> eric: hold on, $500,000 you can meet with the president but you can't go to white house tour. the lights are still shut on the tours for day three. kimberly, is it time to hash tag open our white house. >> kimberly: i'm ready for it. open up the white house, did they take you up on the offer? >> greg: they would let you win especially if clooney was there. >> and jay carney, press secretary. >> he would hang up on me. we're going to send $200 million to the muslim brotherhood. >> greg: i have to say i disagree with you on the tours. i don't think they deserve field trips, when you have google images, clip it up and look at it. that is what is great at
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worldwide web. assistance program shut down for the u.s. military. they signed up because they were hoping to get tuition assistance from the military. a lot of sequestration things are like a shotgun blast hilg all these different things almost without a pattern, but when you look at the pattern you see what it is. it was a way to hurt people --. >> bob: national parks, closing parks, that is everybody, yellowstone. >> eric: it's at a rated three times the department of interior were doing. >> on purpose to make a point is demonize the other side. >> eric: or the obamas sick of people walking through the white house. >> i think was shortsighted but it's going hard for them to do so. i think the pressure will continue.
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other thing i heard the air force is thinking about cutting the flyover at the graduation ceremony in may at the u.s. air force academy in colorado springs. that seems like a bad choice. >> a bad choice. >> greg: it's an interesting idea, somebody has come up. with when you pay your taxes, you can check on the 0 where the bulk of your taxes would go. we would probably have the world's greatest, we would have world's greatest military. >> bob: i would check none. i'm sorry this goes into the budget. >> that is on the irs form. >> bob: no, i handwrote it. >> eric: next up, president obama couldn't make her secretary of state after republicans called her out over the benghazi situation but does
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the president have a different key position for ambassador susan rice. kimberly has the details coming up. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ open your eyes may be you will see the lies ♪ >> six months to the day from our attack in benghazi and lawmakers are still waiting for answers to save four americans. on this half year mark we are learning that ambassador susan rice is now the leading contender to be national security advisor. official cabinet post and doesn't require senate confirmation but person in that position has a major hand some shaping policy. what do you think about this. >> i'm really important position. it doesn't need senate confirmation, the national security advisor is probably the national security council as president obama, secretary of
2:20 pm
state, treasury, down the line, cabinet heads, it's an extremely important position. this is woman who didn't know or was misinformed for a dialogue that blamed the video after benghazi when he is very well knew had nothing to do with the video. very concerning this is going to be in that meeting. >> kimberly: both of those choices. >> and whether she decided to go along with the talking points and this is her reward. >> she is the only person i know who resigned the confirmation she hadn't been confirmed for yet. she was not on the list as far as anybody knows to be secretary of state. as dana pointed out she did a good public relations job but it's critical because the cross point in the white house from all points from the defense and state. my friend that runs the office now, tom donalon he wants to put
2:21 pm
had i am in the embassy. that is what is holding susan rice. >> kimberly: you think she is qualified add good choice? >> bob: i don't know enough about it. the ambassador of the u.n. and not be canvassed have request qualified. >> president obama made that a cabinet position so she has a seat at that table. the other part of this job is congressional relations. condi rice was president bush's first security advisor and steve had ley. i remember he would tell me what i needed to know. the questions in the briefing room at the time were 90% foreign policy related. one of the most important roles was congressional relations, calling up congress and keeping them informed even things that weren't supposed to be public yet.
2:22 pm
she had had some of the worst congressional relations of anyone that i have seen. she has some repair work. i have no doubt the president has full confidence in her because he had to say saw because when she was up important secretary of state. >> do you feel she would be a good choice, a good fit for this position what you have told us. >> dana: i think the president needs somebody he can trust and he trusts her. that is his judgment call. >> bob: let me make one other pointed why this is so important. under the law that was passed 20 some years ago the hill created the intelligence act to committees both the senate and house. every day, i used to have the job, you had to carry this stuff up to the chairman and ranking member had a chance to review it all. its critically important john. donilan has been doing most of it. but it's really sensitive stuff, believe me. it's not an inconsequential job
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by any means. wouldn't it help twa was accurate. >> bob: that stuff is accurate. >> or who burned the video. >> kimberly: that is what i was getting to, the video. >> gregg: this is great thing about the government. if you are incompetent you never worry about losing a job. there is always a place for a failure, if you say she is incompetent, beware, that is racist. that is how it works and sexist. the problem with benghazi is the short attention span of media. benghazi is old magazine in a dentist's office that they pass and throw aside. if americans had been killed by nra members, there would be marches every day. they care more about ben affleck than benghazi. >> bob: there was people magazine 15 years old. they are still interesting. [ laughter ]
2:24 pm
>> kimberly: let's talk about something more interesting. potential collusion between the united states and taliban. this is the ago indication. >> hamid karzai made that claim over the weekend. as chuck hagel was going to do a press conference. let's think about it for a second. we put him in place to be president. he has insane wealth now. we have given that country hundreds of billions of dollars in our wealth our money, how about 2300 lives freeing afghanistan for him to say we're not in cahoots with the taliban to create bombs and death so we scare people in afghanistan. >> kimberly: he says this is happening. >> eric: that is happening. >> kimberly: he said the two side bombs killed 19 people, it will highlight the point that if u.s. troops are removed afghanistan is going to be in a worse off position.
2:25 pm
>> bob: what is beginning on over there, this guy is a waste of time. we put him in office. his family is bunch of drug dealers. we're going to take what is accurate. >> you get what you pay for. >> once he knew we were going to leave he had to make political allegiance west side someone. he is political self-survival mode. >> gregg: have you ever watched that show intervention, they say look you have to get better. you are watching it. why are they bothering? that is how i feel about him. he is your deadbeat brother. >>. >> why this man, because this morning, it's called yellow on blue. there was afghan police officer who killed two american servicemen this morning, why, because of the comments of karzai, highway he has to stop. >> kimberly: otherwise he is
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going to get a time out. two powerful women have fired up a lot of working moms with recently comments. find out what all the stuff is about next. stay with us. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday. ♪ but i don't notice the loose rug at the top of your stairs. and that's about to become an issue for me. ♪ and if you got the wrong home insurance coverage, my medical bills could get expensive. so get allstate. [ dennis ] good hands. good home. make sure you have the right home protection. talk to an allstate agent. ♪ ♪ >> dana: okay. two of the most -- >> dana: using that show to open the song. >> dana: i didn't choose that song. >> greg: "i am woman." >> eric: don't match the music to the segment. >> dana: i didn't choose it. successful working moms in america. they reignited the debate
2:31 pm
about the work-life balance for women. never-ending topic. we can't get enough of it. a woman ordered some women back to her company. facebook, chief operating officer cheryl sandberg has a new book with advice to get ahead. but the reak has been less than supportive. she was on "60 minutes" last night. >> they lean back and say i'm busyism want to have a child one day. i couldn't take on more. or i'm learning on my current job. it never had a man say that stuff to me. my message is not to blame women. there is a lot we don't control. i am saying there is an awful lot we can control. we can do for ourselves to sit at more tables and raise more hands. i want every little girl if someone says they're bossy to be told instead you have leadership skills. >> dana: the book is "lean in." greg, as a woman, how do you
2:32 pm
react to this story? >> greg: wow! she caught that whole interview from 1978 "coz mow." can we retire the phrase -- does every media person ask the question: can women have it all? no. neither can men. when men were building bridges and falling off of buildings in world wars, were they having it all? no. women were living 10% longer. women may not have it all but they have more than men. that it was woman running facebook? facebook runs the world. while running the world it's in effect turned men in to giddy school girls constantly checking their status and posting pictures. she won. social networks have turned men in to more like women, more communicative. it's positive. >> dana: interesting. >> dana: i read a lot of reviews this weekend. some tried to be mildly
2:33 pm
supportive but a lot of women were vicious toward her. are you surprised? >> kimberly: yeah. listen, no, i'm not surprised but i agree with her. choose to be a winner in your life and say you can do it or limit yourself and find ways to defeat yourself before everybody else tries to beat you up. you can do it i'm a single mom with a young child. i'm here working every day. >> greg: can you do it all? >> kimberly: i am trying to do it all. >> dana:♪ she can bring home the bacon ♪ i'll ask eric something. one of the pieces of criticism weekend is from someone who was logging on "washington post"'s web site. who said one of the complaints about her when she helped the company facebook go through the ipo process, she didn't demand the financial institutions and the banks have more women on the board. do you think it was her role to demand more women on the board? >> eric: from what i hear and read she did it way she should do. took the most eligible and able and qualified people and
2:34 pm
put them in the right spot. brought a company forward, which is what you have to do with ipo. maximize the potential profits going forward and sell the public on the fact it's a company that will continue to make money. you don't say i want to make sure it's the right percentage -- i'm one, white, black, gay, straight, white -- >> dana: green. >> eric: fine, too. if you make the green. >> dana: let me ask about maureen dowd. maureen dowd said she has a plan to become the pied piper in prad ankle boots. she thinks she can remedy social paradigms with a new club -- >> dana: what do you think of that? >> bob: maureen is the last to talk about it. successful on her own but has riz on the a position very few move to. 4% of the ceos in fortune 500 are women.
2:35 pm
17% are women in top executive positions are women. we are losing enormous amount of talent. women bring to the table set of assets that men don't bring. for example, compromise, listening to each other. the things that male ceos and others don't understand -- >> greg: that is sexist. >> eric: fortune 500 ceos are put in place? how many? what are you saying? the shareholders -- >> bob: the shareholders are mostly men. >> eric: no, no. >> greg: a lot of women invest. >> dana: the u.s. chamber of commerce is working with a lot of companies that talk about how can more women get to serve on boards? >> bob: they should. >> dana: a steppingstone to ceo spot. >> kimberly: it's great she wrote the book and put this out there. it meanous will get attacked. >> greg: how? >> kimberly: she wants to help.
2:36 pm
>> dana: women attack each other. that is the point. not that you are. >> greg: i have seen those films. >> bob: we are wasting a lot of talent. women brainge lot in the table. not allowed at the table. >> greg: talking about waitresss? >> bob: you. >> dana: that was so insightful, we are grateful. >> greg: bringing a lot to the table. >> dana: i got to run, because there was a hit-and-run. then there is a driver due back in court this week. over the crash that killed a young couple and unborn child in new york city. this was not the suspect's first run-in with the law. greg has his lengthy rap sheet and what could have prevented this accident. that's coming up. ♪ ♪ license and registration please.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here today is the charge from afghanistan's president that the u.s. and the taliban are cooperating. tonight on "special report," hamid karzai says the two are working in concert to show that violence in the country will worsen if most coalition troops leave. the accusation comes as new defense secretary chuck hagel concludes the first trip as pentagon chief. fair and balanced debate about the war on terror and the administration's controversial drone policy from karl rove and joe trippi tonight. the republican point man for the budget, wisconsin paul ryan will unveil the newest proposal tomorrow. ryan says a deal with the president and congressional democrats is possible. there are a lot of disappointed people here in washington tonight. the white house pulled the plug on the tours blaming sequester cuts so now what? "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now have send it back to new york and my colleagues with "the five."
2:42 pm
♪ ♪ >> greg: it's a sickening crime you might have missed. the husband and wife were cabbing their way to the hospital. the suspect fled leighing behind the dead couple and the unborn child. he is charged with criminally negligent homicide, reckless speed and assault and reckless driving. he could face 15 years to life if convicted. what do you think he will get? are you willing to wager? consider this. aceevedos murdered someone in '87. he served under nine years for that. last month, the dirt bag was nailed for driving drunk and he was still out there driving. the moral, there are laws but laws are pointless when the consequences for crimes are whittled down to a nub.
2:43 pm
what could have stopped the thug from killing three more innocent people? the fee cuss counts. real sentencing. whether the weapon is a gun or a car, laws are only respected by the good, never the evil. if you catch a bad guy, you have to keep them off the street forever. sentencing is really criminal control. unlike most gun control gimmicks it's the only way to save lives. bloomberg bragged about a lowered crime rate, what about the guilty serving real time? the last time i checked a big gulp never killed an innocent family. k.g., you are like the legal person here, you claim to be. not sure. this guy had 18- to 16-year term for manslaughter. he served eight. that was the minimum. isn't that the problem here? no one serves time for their sentence? >> kimberly: a big criticism and a fair one in the criminal justice system that there isn't truth in sentencing when you deal with the state level prosecutions. there is wide sentencing rang
2:44 pm
ranges. how his behavior was when he was incarcerated. there is also unfortunately over population in prison that people fall on to say we have to get them out went don't have another justification to hold him. when you commit the crime that he was accused and convicted of committing, taking the life of another human being, why is this guy out? why was he out. he might have been drinking at the time. this tends be pattern of coffin duct if someone is caught with a dui. that is because they are caught this time. that is not the first time they have done it, drinking and driving. he murdered a family. >> greg: we have no death penalty in new york time to bring it back? >> eric: sure. i love the way you relate this to the gun control issue. just get them off the streets
2:45 pm
and we dent have to up the ante on the laws. >> dana: one of the concerns is cost. one reason he got out is probably because of a cost related issue. with the marijuana issue, perhaps there are ways to maybe even that out. release some people that are being held because of a minor drug offense in order to keep people like this in jail. >> kimberly: nonviolent offenses. >> greg: last word. boston last word there are states with three strikes you're out. mostly around drug laws, which are ridiculous. in a case like this, guy with a pattern like this is about the last person i can imagine walking the streets. he should have been incarcerated and kept incarcerated for as long as possible. >> kimberly: he proved to be a menace of society, which is what the rap sheet reflects. he will get the maximum on that. i'm telling you. >> greg: we don't know that. >> kimberly: wait and see. >> greg: the maximum is him
2:46 pm
beheaded. >> kimberly: he will get the 15. then they have the ability to able to hold him -- >> dana: we have to waste our money on that, on all these appealing is annoying. >> greg: we have to move on. still ahead on "the five," breaking news in the big apple. that is what they call new york city if you don't know. victory for millions in new york city. bob can't wait to tell you about it next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: you are looking live at new york city. where sugar lovers like me are going to be dancing in the streets tonight after a judge invalidated michael bloomberg's ridiculous bans on large cigarry drinks scheduled to go in to -- sugary drinks scheduled to go in effect tomorrow. excuse me while i take a drink. what do you think? >> eric: three things. the judge should run for mayor. we can push back against
2:51 pm
bullies. can we get the judge or these judges to take down the gun law to call them arbitrary and capricious, too? >> bob: how did you get gun laws out of that. >> kimberly: milton tingling. >> greg: that sounds like a disorder you get. >> kimberly: sounds like a disord they're chris matthews has. >> greg: this is a victory for the little guy, like the run that run the bodega and groceries in new york. a loss for the ninnies who think we are stupid. the sodas are part of the giant remaking of society. they think we are stupid. there is meat, vegetables, fruit, dessert, have a little of everything. >> bob: bloomberg said hey, look, if you want 32 sonss, then buy two 16-ounces.
2:52 pm
i failed math. two 16-ounces which meant one of it was costly for people to buy it. this was effected, directly effect the poor people in the city. >> dana: right. but see, i think that they believe on the government side that they are the parent. of everybody of everybody. they want to tell you they can't have "x" or "y." this is arbitrary, capricious and ridiculous. today you heard starbucks can sell 20-ounce because you can put in as much sugar as you want to at the counter. this gets to too much nitty-gritty. expense for the grocer. whether it holds up or not, i don't know. cities as they get ready to do the same thing across the country, they should think about being embarrassed like the new york city government is. >> kimberly: people want to make decisions for themselves. what they want to eat.
2:53 pm
if people are smart enough, okay. you may have a point but it is their choice to decide what they want to do. >> bob: it's my choice to drink the drink. i have been yelled out for five minutes from the producers to make sure you take it off so they don't know you're are doing wendy's. don't take it off. sorry. okay. fine. >> dana: you are doing wendy's? >> bob: this is coca-cola from somebody. >> dana: wendy's. >> greg: what is he doing now? >> bob: this is probably getting ready to do the press conference. >> kimberly: take it back. >> bob: all right. joe. it's a joke. what happened to jokes? >> bob: bob, your new best friend of the korean american grocers association that went with the american beverage -- >> bob: there you go. see, there i am. i'm not a friend of bloomberg. >> kimberly: that's clear. >> greg: not an f.o.b. >> bob: what? >> kimberly: friend of bloomberg. >> bob: no. let's do it all. no. okay.
2:54 pm
i'm not going to scare you. one more thing is up next. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> eric: all right. time for a monday one more thing. kimbo kicks us off. >> kimberly: working on it. i know. so, here is the deal. i like the study. i tend to believe the study.
2:58 pm
i personally agree with. this is one of them. six reasons to snooze on national napping day. napping now, people. all right. it boosts you alertness and improving learning and memory. that could go a long way. increases your creativity. productivity. lifts your spirit. it zaps stress. bob, do you nap? >> bob: that is why i'm always in good spirits. it snap all the time. >> kimberly: you nap outside >> bob: my turn? >> eric: yeah. go around the table. >> kimberly: and it's good for disease and obesity. [ laughter ] >> bob: what was that? >> dana: that was added things in the study. >> bob: excuse me. >> kimberly: it's helpful to people -- >> bob: excuse me. on a seriousness, since kimberly is not being very serious, nelson mandela who is president of south africa
2:59 pm
'94-'99, 95 years old and spent three decades almost in prison, hard labor in the apartheid years single handedly led the black african congress from prison. he was sent to the hospital, very ill. people were not thinking he was going to get out but he did. so congratulations, president mandela. you are a great human being, one of the world's great heroes. >> eric: absolutely. "hear! hear!" amen. kimberly, i also like studies, especially those that agree with me. i love "walking dead." one of my favorite shows ever. clemson university professor did a thesis on this and found that people watch zombies are attracted to zombies when the economy is bad. listen.


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