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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 11, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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improve your lung function. get your first full prescription free and save on refills at ichltd >> all right, we thought we'd close the show thanks to jimmy kimmel live. he sent his producers on the streets of los angeles to ask unsuspecting residents the following question: what do you think of obama's decision to pardon the sequester and send it to portugal. watch this. >> what do you think about president obama's decision to pardon the sequester and send it to portugal. >> i'm so grateful because portugal should be protected at all costs. they have a constitutional right and it should be protected and that's what our president for. >> and especially in light of the fact he did it last year and there was such outrage.
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>> you know, i have no idea about, about the timing of this event. and just, just appalls me that it's got to go to portugal and not stay here where we need the jobs. >> and did you hear that south korea is developing their own sequester? >> i feel like it's just-- i don't know what that is, sure, let them do it. >> and my parents were killed by a sequester. >> okay. >> i'm sorry. (laughter) so like a terrorist, they're building like a robot terrorist? is that what? no, that's not good, yeah. >> and what do you guys think about obama's decision to pardon the quest and send it to portugal? >> the sequester what? i don't know, i just don't know anything about no quest. >> sean: nonwhat to say, but it was funny. anyway, that has to be one of those incredible nights.
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let not your heart be troubled, and greta, take it aw away. >> greta: tonight, does america have a food stamp epidemic? >> we have more people on food stamps, than the entire country of spain. >> amazingly, the federal government says the more people we have on food stamps, the more it grows the economy. >> a big conflict of interest is what's going on with washington. >> we actually have a dysfunctional government. >> the senate is not as dysfunctional as i understand made out to be: the repeal of obamacare, congressman paul ryan releasing a budget to get the spending and debt under control. >> the president has us on a path to a dead crisis that
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hurts everybody. >>-- we'll be talking about revenues, talking about expenses, entitlements, we have to do that. the problem right now is that we don't see from the president any structural changes in this unsustainable course on the entitlement. >> we see the request for more and more taxes at a time we just raised taxes 620 billion dollars. we believe that obamacare is it a program that will not work. we believe obamacare will actually leave the hospitals, doctors, health care providers, turning people away. >> and first tonight, a new record, but it's not a good one. more than 47 million americans on food stamps in the month of december. a new department of agriculture report showing in 2012 the food stamp program was the biggest it's ever been. why? because it's bigger need or the government has made such a mess of it. and joining us former presidential candidate herman cain is here. >> thank you, greta, happy to be here.
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>> greta: sir, why have food stamps programs exploded? because more people are needy and hungry and we're reaching them or because because the government made a mess of the program? >> because the federal government made a mess of the program by exploiting the program and exploiting those people who have learned how to abuse the program. the food stamps program, greta, is a misnomer with two words, food and stamp. it's no longer just about helping to get people to get food. it helps them to get free stuff and secondly, because some bureaucrat thought that people going in and handing in stamps was somewhat insulting, they now have given them a government credit card. and i found this out today, greta, on my radio show. a guy called in who said he owns fitness centers. the government has even allowed food stamp recipients to use their card for fitness training programs.
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so the problem starts with the exploittation on the part of government because ideologically, they want as many people dependent upon the government as they possibly can. >> greta: all right. so what do we do? certainly, some people have these, some people are hungry and need food stamps and you're saying for some it helps them get free stuff. what are you going to do about those who want it for the free stuff, don't need it and how do you define those people? >> you start by using the correct narrative. we don't need to reform the food stamps program or the snap program, we need to restructure it. if you restructure it such that the bureaucrats at the usda don't have the ability to just open it wide open to attract people to come to the program, that's what i mean by restructure. secondly, here is another example, the usda actually advertises and promotes using taxpayer dollars to try to get people to get on the program.
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they should have it there for people who truly need it. i don't have a problem with that. no one has a problem with that. the problem is the abuse that takes mace that's not being controlled because many of these governmental agencies, they want more and more people on the government dole because that's another way of buying votes. >> greta: all right, staggering numbers, for instance, texas has the most numberically, a big state, a food stamp program with 15.5% of the population. the district of columbia with a much smaller population has 23% of washington d.c. residents on food stamps. you think even in our nation's capital with such a tremendous amount of government jobs what in the world do we have such a high percentage for? >> the reason why we have such a high percentage is because of the ideological reasoning behind wanting more people on the programs and that is class warfare, when you have an
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administration and you have democrats constantly promoting the fact that maybe the rich are not paying enough even though the top 50% of taxpayers paid nearly 98% of the taxes, they continue to promote this class warfare ideology so it makes some people who find a way to game the system not feel guilty about it. that's part of the problem is this whole class warfare ideology. >> greta: well, there's another sort of, i don't know if interesting is the right word, but at least something that i think that a red flag, you know about the fight about size of sugary drinks in new york state. >> yes. >> greta: in 2011, 4 billion dollars, estimated 4 billion dollars in food stamps on sodas and other soft drinks which i think most of us probably isn't particularly good for you. whether you believe in the nanny state or not nanny state. what's being used for the food stamps not like they're buying things necessarily good for you. >> and i've had many people,
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as i said, also call my show and talk about being in line at the grocery store, watching some of the the items that people that are on these snap programs, that they are buying. they're buying irresponsibly and at the expense of the taxpayer. our fundamental is, you know, don't believe in the nanny state or the government trying to tell you how to make those decisions. if obesity is a problem in america, and it is, it should be up to individuals and not up to government and secondly, taxpayers should not be paying for the crimes of others who decide to eat irresponsibly or do anything else. our fundamentally don't agree that the government needs to do something about every issue in this country. people have to take some responsibility. >> greta: here is an issue that came up today, from the congressional black caucus, the chair of the congressional black caucus, she wrote a
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letter to the president and is concerned that the new cabinet appointments none of them to date has been african-american and goes on to say that they've been receiving phone calls and that the people are complaining, constituents, that because there's an overwhelming amount of support that he received from the african-american community and he's not choosing those as his critical advisors. (laughter) well, understandably they're going to get feedback from their constituentsy. now, just to make sure that i am-- just to make sure people understand where i'm coming from, i don't agree with nearly any of president obama's policies or many of his decisions because his policies have led us to a stagnant economy, growing only 0.1% in the fourth quarter of last year and an unemployment rate that remains at a very high rate. national debt that continues to grow in excess of 16.5
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billion dollars so i don't agree with that. however, i do give him the right to select his cabinet members not based upon color, not based upon ethnicity, but based upon what he thinks represents the best qualified, even though i may not agree with a lot of the people that he is selecting. >> greta: how should he respond to the congressional black caucus, because he's getting heat from them? >> well, he should be honest with the congressional black caucus. but greta, i think there's another underlying motive there, i think they want to put pressure on president obama. he can't just say, okay, out of my 15 primary cabinet positions i'm going to appoint five black ones they may not be the best qualified. that's not how you go about running a country and that's just one example. there's an underlying frustration in the black community and that is president obama's policies have been more damaging to the
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black community overall, if you look at unemployment, if you look at teenage unemployment, and they simply don't want to talk about the elephant in the room, so they're trying to put pressure on him relative to something that's visible called cabinet selection. let's look at the facts, that's really what they're frustrated about, but because he's black and they're black, they don't want to talk about the elephant in the room and the unemployment rate in the black community and all of these other metrics that we look at are worse in the black community, which means that the obama administration policies are even worse for the black community than they are for the general nation at large. >> greta: mr. cain, new, sir. >> greta, it's always a pleasure. >> greta: is president obama flailing in the sequester battle? the national review's michael barone says that, and he's here. you said flailing?
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>> that's what i said in my washington examiner column on sunday. look, he was telling us a couple of weeks ago, even just a week ago, that the sequester was going to result in all sorts of head start kids thrown out in the snow, the, you know, the national park system was going to go, you know, out of business or something, and then suddenly on wednesday night last week, he's having dinner with 12 republican senators, he's having lunch with paul ryan, the house budget chairman and his democratic counterpart, chris van holland and thursday. the first time he's spent more than two minutes with paul ryan according to ryan, although this is ryan's third year as house budget chairman. >> greta: and remember, he invited him to put in the front row and insulted him. so there's that. does that count? >> it's extraordinary behavior for this president because i'm going to say lyndon johnson, bill clinton, to name a couple of the democratic presidents who were always on the phone with or talking to or you
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know, going person to person with not only democratic members of congress, but republican members of congress, and constant communication, president obama seems to be more solitary kind of individual. he's said to, now, he has dinner with his family and he retires upstairs and reads official documents, that's the way he does his work. so, it's quite unusual for him to have dinner with the republicans and he's talking about sending out very top level people in the administration, even gathering some republican where he's saying, gee, we really want entitlement reform, we want this after he's been flailing them, lambasting them. >> and president obama-- >> i think it's president obama who is frustrated because what he thought was going to happen didn't happen and he doesn't quite know what to do next so he hits the left hook, hits a right hook, he's going out in all directions and you know, af been at political meetings various
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times and people try to come up with strategies and this had the look of a political meeting where they weren't sure what to do, so they said, let's do option a, option b, and throw a little option c into it. >> greta: but i suppose what he's going to say if he's watching this tonight. everyone complained i didn't talk to the republicans and now i'm inviting the republicans and everyone says i'm flailing when i'm taking the tip. >> well, let's see what comes of it. that's a position they're taking, democrats, top aides in the white house, people with considerable experience and ability are saying, gee, he really wants entitlement reform. there hasn't been, in my judgment, you know, any real intent on the part of the president to get entitlement reform. he wants higher taxes on high earners. >> it looks good he's meeting with them. but remember, he met with republicans and set them in the room in the blare house and apparently later did what he want today do. so it looks like there is he' going to be some discussion and ended quickly. >> and he had a discussion
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whether or not they would have republican parts of the stimulus package by the president saying two words "i want." i think it's stimulus not the health care. anyway, michael, nice to see you. >> nice to see you, greta. >> greta: obamacare may be the law of the land. that's not stopping senator ted cruz, he joins us. >> great to see you. >> greta: so you're proposing an amendment to the continuing resolution to slowdown the funding of obamacare. explain what you want and why? >> well, i think the top priority of every elected representative in washington should be economic growth. if you look at the past four years, our economy's not growing and the last four years it's grown 0.8% a year and as a result of that stagnant growth we're not able to get 23 million people back to work, our federal balance sheet remains a train wreck. the only way to solve the deficit, to solve the debt and get people back to work, to get opportunity flowing again is to get growth. this last quarter we had growth at 0.1%, so this week
7:16 pm
on the continuing resolution, i'm introducing an amendment that is entitled restore growth first, and what it would do is delay funding obamacare until we get back to historic levels of growth. with the economy stagnant, if we implement obamacare now, it will kill jobs, it will hammer small businesses. and it could well push us into recession, that doesn't make any sense. >> greta: is there any likelihood you're going to get a vote on this? >> well, i actually feel quite confident we're going to get a vote. when i initially introduced it, there was a fair amount of skepticism and we've seen in the several days since then, one republican after another republican, after another republican coming on board and i believe we'll get a vote and it's not likely to pass the senate because all 55 democrats will vote against it. but i think it's helpful, number one, for us to be focusing on growth and the fact that the policies that the president is pushing could well push us into a recession. but number two, there's a good chance the senate's going to amend the continuing
7:17 pm
resolution, which will send it back to the house and i'm hopeful the house, if they get this back, will add this to the continuing resolution and will be willing to send it to the president and see if the president is willing to try to shut down the government in order to insist that obamacare be implemented now, even though the economy is gasping, people are hurting, jobs are not there and implementing obamacare now could make things a lot worse. >> greta: without going into the substantive value, whether it's a good idea or a bad idea, it's the total strategic process. do you really believe that senator harry reid is in any way going to let one foot out the door of the senate. >> i think he'll allow a vote on it. >> you really think so? >> because he has the votes to kill it. 's confident-- >> and should we let him vote and get killed. >> he's confident his 55 democrats will march in lock step to say even though the economy is stagnant-- as obamacare started to be implemented, we're seeing more
7:18 pm
and more people dropping their coverage and more and more employers saying we're going to force you to work fewer hours and premiums jump up. >> and the thing i don't get. the wavers. and the point was everybody was in to keep the pot down so it will be cheaper and you look at hhs and all sorts of organizations and groups and unions and everybody else is getting wavers and the single people who don't have the big groups are saying what about me? >> and it's worse than that because the waivers aren't uniform, they're given to those who have political connection, those who have sway with the obama administration so i was talking to a small business man in houston who owns a lumber yard and complaining that his competitors are getting waivers so their costs are going down and they're much bigger companies and he's having to struggle against those with political juice. >> greta: how about all of those on the side of the aisle that he voted for the statute and now they see the constituents, medical device people pay tax and want
7:19 pm
wavers. and nobody bothered to read it before they voted for it. >> you take a young person coming out of school right now. if obamacare is fully implemented it becomes harder for them to get a job. if they get a job the employer may well restrict their hours and even if they get health care, the premiums are skyrocketing especially for young people, and look, i think obamacare is it a bad idea altogether. i think we should repeal every word of it, but at a minimum, we shouldn't be implementing it at a time when the economy is gasping and putting it into place could very well push us into a recession, so, the purpose of this amendment is say, let's at least wait till growth is back first, that's what we should focus on is economic growth. >> greta: what's your message for cpac when you give your speech this weekend? what's the message? >> the message is that republicans need to get back to two words "growth and opportunity" the last election the republicans didn't win the
7:20 pm
argument. margaret thatcher famously said first you win the argument then win the vote. we didn't win the vote and in particular we didn't make the case that free market policies benefit those who are struggling or climbing the economic ladder. under president obama the people hurt the most are those who are worst off among us. >> and that's what mr. herman cain said moments ago, talked about the black community, unemployment someplaces like detroit 20%. >> it's terrible, african-americans, hispanics, young people, single moms. >> nobody complains in the neighborhoods, and they're troubling. and i did property law for years and i find it appalling nobody does. senator, great to see you. if you're in the middle of figuring out your tax returns, this will light your hair on fire. wait until you hear where 3.5 billion dollars in unpaid taxes. you're going to find out next. mystery unfolding in new orleans, a second grade
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>> okay, brace yourself for this one. you're not going to be able to take a deep breath. federal workers owe 3.5 billion dollars in unpaid taxes. and how do you like that one? not much says our guest. we pay the federal salaries and some skip out on their tax to the tune of 3.5 billion dollars? according to the latest irs report 312,000 federal employees owe back taxes for 2011. some of the biggest offenders, postal workers and washington staffers. and byron york joins us, how does this happen? 3.5 billion from one year and we're looking for money for sequester? >> i mean, this is a lot of money. 3.5 billion is 4% of the total amount of the sequester for this year. i mean, can you imagine how many workers, if they're going to be furloughed would not have to be furloughed if the government had 3.5 billion more dollars. >> and furloughing those that
7:26 pm
owe the money. >> yeah, i mean, look, it's particularly outrageous when federal employees do this and it seems to me that the government would have a way since they directly employ these tax laws to get this money back. paul ryan in the house did introduce a bill that would allow the government to fire the people who are seriously delinquent on their taxes, not sure what seriously delinquent, but have to be some in that. >> greta: they have withholding and how do they get into the big tax issue? >> right, it's unclear. we don't know from the irs study how they actually got in it, but it's 312,000 people, 3.5 billion dollars, that's a significant amount of money, 10, $11,000 a person, so, it's, i mean, it's not like they owed $200, this is a significant amount of money. >> here is my favorite, the gao, which investigates how federal government spends
7:27 pm
taxpayer dollars, they have-- they owe 912,000 unpaid taxes. >> yeah, i mean, so bad that it's funny. >> i will say that on behalf of federal employees they're not as bad as the rest of us. the delinquency rate among federal workers is 3.2% and irs says 8.2% and the general population, we think that there's about 350 billion dollars in unpaid taxes every year, which would, you know, cover years of sequestration. >> greta: and yes, the percentage might be greater outside the federal government. for some reason, maybe i'm he wrong, i think that the federal workers have greater responsibility as federal workers to pay their taxes especially when we're trying to scrounge around 85 billion for the sequester and 3.5 sitting there and people in the federal government who have jobs that are permanent and not at risk won't pay their taxes. >> you're right, one other good thing though, the delinquency rate at the irs itself is 1.1%.
7:28 pm
>> greta: that's good. how about the obama-- >> not getting away with it. >> greta: how about the white house, a number on that? >> we do. i think it's under the 3.2%, i think it's in the 2% range so it's a little under the federal average of tax delinquencies. >> greta: and how far did congressman ryan's bill get. >> it made it in the house and died in the senate and nothing happened. >> greta: how can the senate, how can the senate could it die, how could they be opposed to that. >> it seems like a no-brainer, you'd be stunned to see how many pieces of legislation just go away between the two houses of congress. >> greta: byron york. >> good to be here. >> greta: should the workers with federal taxes be the first to be furloughed? a sugar shocker hours ahead of the soda ban. a new york judge says not so fast and that legal battle bubbling over. our famous legal panel to talk
7:29 pm
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7:33 pm
it was to take effect. mayor bloomberg insisting the 16 ounce limit would fight obesity. but restaurants and movie gaers saying it's bad for business. joining us former prosecutor jim hammer and in washington, bernie grimm and ted williams. what do you think, is the judge right or wrong? >> i think the judge is somewhat wrong. >> greta: somewhat, somewhat or all the way? >> well, somewhat. you know, i'm a michael bloomberg fan. i think when you have a city, you're the mayor and you have 57% of the adults obese you've got an obesity problem, 47% with children and residents dying as a result of obese related illness, af got to take some action. you think about it, the taxpayers are the ones who are bearing this burden. >> greta: all right, does he have the legal authority to do it. ted didn't like people getting fat in the city and michael bloomberg having the legal
7:34 pm
authority-- >> today doesn't. >> greta: ted doesn't like fat people or something about it? >> i love bloomberg, too, 2008 he said no more smoking in restaurants, after that he said no mow trans fat and sodium in food. you can't legislate what people eat. my kids don't want soda, never acquired the taste. >> greta: and the perfect father and $world of world-- >> and three of them spoke pot and-- >> jim, i want to hear from you, sanity. >> and i'm a huge fan of mayor bloomberg and having said that, i think the judge is absolutely right here. listen, legislators make laws not appointed boards and first of all, this law, the judge said the opinion was arbitrary. ruling out large drinks, saying you can have unlimited refills and limiting only at some stores and not banning
7:35 pm
milk shakes, lattes, long island iced tea and put on the butter and popcorn, and i'm with the judge, nice try try, it didn't fly. >> greta: and we went on twitter to see who was tweeting and discovered a tweet wii governor sarah palin and thought i'd read that tweet. >> please. >> greta: she says victory for liberty loving soda drinkers to politician was too much time on their hands, government stay out of my refrigerator. >> i don't know, stay out of my big gulp. the law doesn't affect seven levine levins and-- >> well intended, but he didn't have the authority. >> it's not a dumb law. when you think about the drinks, 16 ounces and they're drinking this and all of that sugar that these kids are
7:36 pm
drinking and grown-ups and then they're obese and they're overweight and getting cancer and diabetic. come on, he has to do something. mr. mayor, continue to fight this fight. >> you're right about that, but there's a point about liberty, isn't there, in america, which is to say if you're going to do that why not make illegal double buttering your popcorn and-- >> smoking cigarettes and-- >> no, no, i don't, but we tax them. but there's a sense of liberty, make our own choices and we have to pay for the consequences and that's part of what america is, is choice. >> right, but you know, tax guns, tax cigarettes and tax big gulp, until you can't tax anymore. >> the bottom line, the taxpayers are waiting what's going on and we're talking about obamacare and all of the other things and let's take into consideration that the people in new york don't want to have to be paying taxes for
7:37 pm
people who are obese and who have got to a point where they're out of shape. >> greta: and the promise though, ted, the mayor of new york just didn't have the authority to do it and it's arbitrary saying you can't have the big gulp in one store and fat in another store. >> and you can have unlimited refills? >> yes, so-- >> yeah. >> here is where is comes down to, bloomberg's well intended, but you can't have the government in your house taking it out of the refrigerator. >> greta: he lost in court, but where he won, everyone is discussing it. gentlemen, as always, thank you. ted is going to dictate what we can eat here in washington. >> going to ban popcorn. >> greta: indeed. now to the viewers what, do you think about the ban on big sugary drinks, is it good for your health or governor gone wild. go to, put in a plug for ted, i think he needs
7:38 pm
it tonight. coming up big trouble, the president of afghanistan making a stunning accusation. what did the afghan president say and could it be true? ambassador john bolton next. and the video you simply can't miss. a climb are falls down a mountain and incredibly terrifying video of that fall. you'll see much more in two minutes. thy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. ♪ with tasty grilled flavor [ mand goodness to savor ♪good. ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses.
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. >> greta: a climber falling down a mountain. a chunk of ice hit the climber and he fell, the camera rolling the whole way down. >> whoa!
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specializing in fish and game from the great northwest. he'll start investing early, he'll find se good people to help guide him, and he'll set money aside from his first day of work to his last, which isn't rocket science. it's just common sense. from td ameritrade. >> an elementary school teachers disappears new orleans. terry lynn vanished after a night out at a bar with friends celebrating her nomination for teacher of the year. now police, friends and family are frantically searching for clues to find her. her mother joins us. >> nice to see you, also. >> it's extremely difficult and the only reason that you and other families come on to try to put the spotlight on, if anyone has seen anything, heard anything, knows anything can help you find your missing family member. your daughter was out with friends, is that right.
7:44 pm
that's correct. >> greta: what do you think about after she left the bar? do you know what time she left the bar? >> all i know is that they said that the car was last seen leaving at five o'clock, 5 a.m. in the morning. and no one seems to know anything else. no one seems to know if she left by herself. if she left with anyone else. i haven't received any answers. it's been ten days now. the car still has not been located. i'm just amazed it's taken so long to locate my daughter or the car. >> greta: now, your daughter is not someone who would simply take off? this is a teacher, nominated for teacher of the year and she's very close to you and her sister, right? >> that is very correct. my daughters and i are very close. we speak to each other two and three times a day. the last time i i spoke to terry lynn was that friday
7:45 pm
night and there was nothing out of the ordinary in her voice that would lead me to think that there was a problem or anything. i woke up saturday morning and i tried to call terry lynn and her phone was going straight to voice mail. so, i repeatedly tried throughout the day and i still was not able to reach terry lynn and the later it got, the more concerned that i became. so that's-- go ahead. >> greta: i'm sorry i interrupted you, i'm sorry. >> and at that point, i became alarmed. i spoke with my other daughter and i asked my other daughter had she spoken to terry lynn and she said, no, mom, i haven't spoken to her all day. and so we both became very alarmed and concerned. she was supposed to be going
7:46 pm
to visit my brother, he was having a birthday celebration, i called him. he said, no, terry lynn hasn't been here. so, at this point i'm really, really concerned, where could she be? >> well, we've put a picture up of her in case anyone has seen her. i should add that the the bar she was in, the lakeview section of new orleans, and the bar was parlay, in case anybody was there, and that your daughter is, she's about 5-8, 180 pounds and she was driving a three-door black and do, wun 494. if anyone knows anything call police. tony, thank you for joining us and you know, we wish you, you know, we wish you good luck and we wish you get that good phone call from your daughter. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> greta: we have trouble tonight with afghanistan's president karzai accusing the u.s. working with the taliban to destabilize afghanistan.
7:47 pm
the charge coming at a critical time in talks to the u.s. military presence in afghanistan after 2014. former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us sir. >> good evening. >> greta: how troubling is it that karzai is essentially accusing us of being in kahoots with the taliban. >> that's ridiculous to say that we're cooperating with the taliban to conduct in afghanistan. and i hope that secretary hagel put that directly to karzai in the talks. to the extent he's complaining about us talking to the taliban in part because he requested it some time back. i think the notion of trying to cut a deal with the taliban is a fool's errand. i think they're waiting for us to withdraw, when they intend to take over and probably have president karzai strung up from the lamp post somewhere. it may be that his behavior here is simply becoming increasingly erattic under the pressure of the pace of events. >> greta: are we or have we ever had talks with the
7:48 pm
taliban? >> i think they're going on right now in doha and qatar and something the administration has pointing to for quite some time. >> greta: and that, i assume, that's deeply disturbing, at least to the women of afghanistan. i was in afghanistan and the women were worried about the taliban coming back in and our exit strategy to sort of work out some deal with the taliban, that's a recipe for disaster for the women. >> the argument at that the administration would make, to get their side of it, they're trying to split to the taliban and talk to this war lord and wean them away. it's not like the taliban is organizationed like general motors, but the consequence of the withdrawal of america and other n.a.t.o. forces to open the road for taliban to retake control in kabul and throughout the country. i'm very much afraid as we see the collapse of the negotiations over the so-called residual force of american soldiers, that -- and we hear these kinds of comments from president karzai, we're going to end up with an even quicker american
7:49 pm
withdrawal and smaller residual force and taliban taking over just that much sooner. >> greta: there was a press conference for saturday with the new secretary of defense hagel as he was over there in afghanistan, with, i assume with president karzai and that got canceled. >> they said it was security reasons. that's ridiculous too. they were in such a mess they couldn't have hagel and karzai standing up before the press and saying, secretary hagel what do you think of what karzai just said. that's part of the problem, we lost communication with karzai in many respects and it's bad news for the continued presence of american forces. so how do we regain -- whether you're pro karzai and or anti-karzai he's there and he's the president and someone we have to work with or at least deal with. >> i think we need to make it clear to him that his continued survival depends on n.a.t.o. staying and america staying in large numbers and he needs to get off this kick that he somehow can limit the
7:50 pm
scope o operations we're going to conduct or leave us liable for fences under afghan law. that isn't going 0 cut it. if he doesn't want to do that he really is sentencing himself to death. that's what's coming and i think the pressure in this country, just to withdraw everybody and say you're on your own, would be overwhelming. i think that's a mistake, too, i think we're in a lose-lose situation because of the policies we've pursued for the past five years. >> greta: ambassador, thank you. that's rather grim, but thank you, sir. taylor swift taking heat, but watch out haters, taylor swift has one influential fan. who's that fan? a hint, you know her well. that's next. ♪ ♪ baby, just say yes ♪ my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it. then i read an article about a study that looked at the long term health benefits of taking multivitamins. they used centrum silver for the study...
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>> okay, it's time to hash it out. talk show host ellen degeneres is known for getting her audience to dance and now has them singing. hey, taylor swift, i think i found your new backup singers. you know, we have a very, very talented audience, now that. >> absolutely. >> very talented and here is my audience singing taylor swift singing "we are never
7:55 pm
ever ever getting back together ♪ ♪ called me up again last night ♪ ♪ but ooh, ooh, ooh this time i'm it willing you i telling yo♪ ♪ we are never ever ever getting back together ♪ ♪ we are never ever ever ever getting back together ♪ >> i'd like to try that on greta wire, it looks like taylor swift has plenty of fans despite the heat she takes over her love life and famous exboyfriends and the nfl free agency kicks off tomorrow. the new york jets tweet. free agency begins tomorrow and jets priority should be fill in the blank. that's right, the jets looking to boost the roster after a rough season and asking for your advice. and if you're tired today, you're not alone. and folks tweeting, i don't know how to read that zzz, is that right? it's in honor of national napping day. a boston university professor and his wife invented the holiday back in 1999 they say
7:56 pm
napping helps you recover after turning the clocks forward and move over mario, atlantic reporting hacker modifies donkey kong for daughter and in this version, pauline saves mario, and hacking donkey kong so his daughter can play the heroine. the dad modifies it making kong capture mario and the girl coming to his rescue. >> finally be very afraid. from the christian monitor, huge quarter sized mosquitos could invade florida, could happen this summer. they could swarm florida if the rainy season is wet enough. the quarter-sized mosquito eggs hatch after a rain storm or flood and the eggs laid off tropical storm debby could produce a big crop of the giant, giant, giant bugs this summer. so get out the mosquito spray or better yet, a baseball bat.
7:57 pm
and now it's your turn to hash it out with us. use hash tag greta, and don't forget to follow me on tw twitt twitter @greta wire. first it was basketball and kim jong-un, and now see what dennis rodman is up to next. w. [ male announcer ] along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. it reduces the urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostilityagitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions while taking or after stopping chantix. if you notice any of these stop taking chantix and call your doctor right away. tell your doctor about any history of depression or other mental health problems, which could get worse while taking chantix. don't take chantix if you've had a serious allergic or skin reaction to it. if you develop these stop taking chantix and see your doctor right away as some can be life-threatening. tell your doctor if you have a history of heart or blood vesl problems, or if you develop new or worse symptoms.
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