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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 12, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> two minutes till the top of the hour. before you leave the house this morning, here's a look at what's happening today. colorado movie massacre suspect james holmes due in court today expected to enter a plea of not guilty by reason of insanity. in less than five hours house budget committee chairman paul ryan will unveil his budget for next year. it's called the path to prosperity. >> tonight a comet set to fly by earth.
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you'll be able to see it with the naked eye for about an hour after the sun goes down. look for it near the moon. >> it's time for your brew on this question of the day responses. earlier in the show we told you how some companies are offering nap time to employees. we want to know if you think that's good or bad for business. here are some of your responses. >> bill said have you ever tried working up my 11-year-old on a school someday. i'm laughing thinking about waking up an office full of workers after their afternoon noon nap. >> in my 12 years in the navy i often take a 30-minute nap during lunch. >> kent says we take a one-hour lunch which includes at that half-hour nap. this works really well and boosts morale and productivity. thanks to everyone who responded. >> i don't know. you and i take a lot of naps because we wake up early and do this and you're groggy after a nap. >> i'm not a nap person.
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if i nap, i can't go to sleep at night. what about your son? does he nap? >> no, he's always awake. >> stay awake because you know what's next? "fox & friends." >>gretchen: good morning everybody. it is "fox & friends." it is tuesday, march 12, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time with us today. fox news alert for you to start the morning. time to pick a pope but there may be one problem. there is no fronts runner. we're live at the conclave. >>steve: battle of the budget. both sides are leaking new plans today but one balances the budget and the other doesn't. we're going to break down both. look, brian's back. >>brian: they stormed our embassy and took americans hostage but now the iranian government wants to sue over the movie. they didn't like it. really? really? "fox & friends" starts now.
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>>steve: we've been waiting a couple of days. brian kilmeade is back and so now we can start the conclave. >>brian: i love the way everyone is taking the pope thing to sport. no front-runner. anyone could win. >>steve: there is a blog called the sweet sistine which takes a look bracket style. >>gretchen: brian started to sweat because he heard that music and thought he had to go to confession. the last time you went to confession? >>brian: i don't know. nixon was in trouble. >>gretchen: i was glad i wasn't catholic because my giffords had to go to -- because my girlfriends had to go to confession and i didn't. >>brian: confession was the hardest. number one, it was usually on weekend and you had a game. number two, you had to memorize the act of
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contrition before you went in and you couldn't bring a flashlight to read it out loud and the priest had to pretend he wasn't shocked by what you said. >>gretchen: could you see him through that window? >>brian: the one time we did it in the auditorium, they didn't even pretend not see. >>steve: you are now actually sitting in the same room with him looking at him eye to eye. >>gretchen: that's worse. in the meantime, we're going to be talking about this all morning long. we have lauren green live. >>brian: about his confession? i hope not. >>gretchen: no. we're going to be talking about picking the next pope. here is a developing story overnight. >> a blackhawk went down in kandahar. no survivors. initial reports showing no enemy activity at the time of the crash. the karr -- crash happening
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hours after another green on blue attack. the colorado movie massacre suspect headed to court today. if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity the 25-year-old could be given a truth serum and polygraph test to prove he's not mentally fit to stand trial. a crash that killed some in ohio was stolen. family members gathered for service in warren, ohio. >> we hit the whao*el and i got knocked unconscience. it was upside down. i hit my head on the dash board and flew to the back seat where everybody was at: the water was so cold.
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>>gretchen: henry smashed a window to escape from the car. he and a friend ran to a nearby home for help. iran taking aim at ben affleck? >> iran says it's planning to sue hollywood over the movie "argo." officials are not happy about the way the country was portrayed in the movie. they are also unsure how to file the lawsuit. in case iran forgot the movie is about how tehran stormed our embassy holding americans hostages for 441 days. >>brian: imagine how angry we're going to be when iran does a movie about how we took their hostages. we never did that. >>steve: five minutes after the top of the hour.
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right now take a look. you are looking live at st. peter's basilica in vatican city. the cardinals attending a mass before they enter the sistine chapel and begin the conclave to elect the next pope. lauren green is live in vatican city with the latest. good morning. today they start the vote? >> they have one voteght. the mass you're watching right now is the solemn mass that begins the whole process. it is the mass for the election of a pope. it will take about two hours. the public actually is invited. it's a mass that will have the old and new testaments of course and the gospel reading. one of the reading is a verse from ephesians talk about that each one has been given unique talents. that is the verse to guide the cardinals to choose a man best suited to lead the church. that is the question the
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cardinals have been trying to answer. one of the top contenders is cardinal angelo scola, 71 years old from milan. if you're an odds maker you're putting your money on him. a lot of people are. it's a question of what do they want for the church. one analyst we talked to said this might be one of the cry tear were a. take a listen. >> in the last two conclaves, what they tended to do is elect the smartest man in the room. john paul and benedict were brilliant theologians. the question this time is do they want to do that again and maybe go with scola or do they want to go with someone who will listen to all the smart people in the church, bring together the creative and smart people to work on the problems facing the church. >> this afternoon the cardinals will make a procession. they will make one vote. they are not obligated to
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vote tonight. but if they do it will likely be black smoke that goes up on the chimney of the sistine chapel. you're watching this mass that is incredible but abouts no pope. but there is a pope because somewhere among the 115 cardinals attending that mass is the new pope but we won't know maybe for a couple of days. >>steve: lauren green, brushing up on her italian and latin. >>brian: when you get elected pope, you don't go home? you've got to sit there. they have vicinity clothing, close to anybody's size. i guess it's elastic. >>gretchen: your knowledge is unbelievable. >>brian: i don't believe you don't have a second to go home and get your stuff. >>gretchen: maybe that is why it took so long to get there. they were waiting on that pope from vietnam. what's happening at home, guess what? do we have a budget? stko we have a budget -- do
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we have a budget proposal? looks like we might. dueling budgets revealed. congressman paul ryan says he's not going to spend more. he wants to simplify taxes and get more tax revenue because more people under his plan ostensibly will have jobs. and that will bring in the increased revenue. >>brian: to balance the budget within ten years, he's going to do it by killing obama care. medicare will go for years. he's going to simplify the tax code to 25% and 10%, cut corporate taxes. for the most parbt he's going to -- for the most part he's going to leave the sequester cuts in place. >>steve: when it comes to energy, regarding energy, because we're sitting on the largest supplies of gas, enough to runed -- run
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the planet for 90 years, what he's going to do, the obama administration is grabbing this land -- >>brian: when did that start? >>gretchen: we've been reporting that. a lot in the west. >>steve: they're trying to prevent development. what the republicans would do would be to open that up. of course green light the keystone pipeline. in the "wall street journal" today, mr. ryan writes: by giving families stability and protecting them from tax hikes, our budget will promote a healthier economy and help rate jobs. the truth is the nation's debt is a sign of overreach. government is trying too much to do too much and government does too much, it doesn't do anything well. >>gretchen: it's interesting because the democrats have been forced now to write some sort of a budget for the first time in years. how long have we been sitting on the couch and telling you democrats in the senate, the entire senate has not come up with a budget for that period of time. and when the president proposed his budget most
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recently, it got zero votes. now what will the democrats come up with? yesterday it was interesting because a spokesperson for the president said president obama not looking to balance the budget. really? so the whole goal is to not balance the budget? the democrats looks like it's kind of balanced but will it make a difference? they want to cut the deficit by $1 trillion but they also want to increase spending by $1 trillion. it's a wash. >>brian: washington promising debt is not going to be touched according to their plan but it will not get anything in balance. the trillion dollars in tax hikes are a nonstarter. >>steve: the senate democrats are going to come out with a budget tomorrow. the president is going to come out with his budget two months after the deadline. when it comes to particular taxes, the expert says we're going to raise $1 trillion in revenue but
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doesn't specify where the money will come from. she says the committees will have to figure that out. >>brian: the house is dramatically different from the senate and the president will be different from all three. >>gretchen: it's interesting to see whether or not you'll still have your optimism after you listen to charles krauthammer. >>brian: because the president is still on his charm offensive. three visits to the capitol this week. >> the problem is he's not interested in cutting. ryan says if we don't, we're going to go over a cliff. that's the real issue here. it's not that he's not hanging out with mitch mcconnell. it's that the republicans believe that unless we get our fiscal house in order, we are doomed. and obama thinks that he can, should, and is destined to be the one who increases american entitlements. that's the problem. >>steve: as we review the plans, we've heard the republican want to make
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taxes easier, and the democrats want to raise $1 trillion worth of new taxes. what could possibly be easier than the plan we have right now? when you look at the tax plan -- and who knows what bracket you're in -- wouldn't it be much easier if you simply didn't pay taxes? take a look. we've got some stats. of federal employees who do not pay taxes, look at this: white house aides have not paid their 2011 taxes, federal taxes, to the tune -- >>brian: the president's appointees? >>steve: right. congressional staffers owe close to $11 million in unpaid federal taxes. and federal employees, $3.5 billion in unpaid threfrpb threfrpb -- 2011 taxes. >>gretchen: remember thefrp going to -- they
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were going to hire more i.r.s. people to come after you if you didn't pay taxes for obama care? >>brian: for the record, the control room said amy fisher. amy fisher visited mass pea kwa where she perpetrated a crime. >>steve: to the control room, you're thinking buttafuca. >>brian: a new study says red wine can slow down the aging process. rub it all over you. dr. samadi is here with the details. details. pop the cork. look what mommy is having.
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>>brian: men and women who enlist in the military eligible for tuition assistance? not anymore. the benefit suspended because of sequester, they say. why are those who sacrifice most for the country being hit the hardest and first? joining us is lieutenant donald, the most decorated medical service corps officer in the navy's history. a pleasure to see you. thank you for coming in and for your service. in reality, when sequester hits and you find out about tuition assistance, what are your thoughts? >> first of all, very disappointing. a large portion of our military, it's an all volunteer force, we have to remember. a large number of those men and women join for those judicial benefits and now they're being stripped
3:20 am
away. i don't think anybody looked at the long-term effect. if you look at the bureau of labor and statistics, it shows that veterans from this gulf war is approximately 9.4%. you also can look at that same bureau of labor statistics and show that the lower the educational level, the higher the rate of unemployment. so what we're doing is prolonging a wave of unemployment for our veterans. i don't think anybody wants to do that. >>brian: which is incredible when you think of your priorities and your hit list. why are you hitting veterans and their aid and their medical benefits, and in this case their tuition costs? you can't tell me there's not other things to cut. >> i believe the military spends anywhere from $300 to $400 million annually on tuition assistance, a small amount from what is actually needed than elsewhere and other cuts. >>brian: i want to talk about something else. you're helping veterans every single day. when you came back from war, iraq and afghanistan, and the first persian gulf
3:21 am
war, you did have suicidal thoughts, correct? >> absolutely. it was something that slowly gained on me. what i refer to as impasse stress. i don't like to use post traumatic stress because that is only one component. there's multiple components people feel until a point of helplessness. >>brian: what got you through it? >> my mother reaping out to me at the right time -- my mother reaching out to me at the right time. >>brian: did it almost ruin your marriage? >> yes. >>brian: almost took your life. as we look back at ten years in the iraq war, are you proud of what you and the others accomplished there? >> i'm obviously proud for what everybody has done there as far as service members, government employees and americans in support. we need to focus this ten year anniversary on the positive because war is a horrible thing but there's positives out of it. there's valor, service and sacrifice given.
3:22 am
>>brian: why were you able to keep your head down and have so much success and save so many people through the course of your service? why were you able to have the coolness and calmness under pressure? >> a lot of that is training but it mostly comes down to the people you're with. there's nothing i did on my own. everything i have was accomplished for the people with me next to me side by side. when you look at the accomplishments, you have to look at the totality of those people, not a small people. >>brian: you chronicle that here. lieutenant donald, thank you for your service, "battle ready." thanks for visiting us from albuquerque. the treasury announcing g.m. will likely never break even. how much is still owed to the taxpayer? we'll tell you next. no need for plastic surgery. dr. samadi is about to uncork how red wine can
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>>gretchen: good morning. quick headlines for you now. was jealousy the motive behind rebasteincamp's death? her former boyfriend says he meet her on february 12 and oscar interrupted them twice. the treasury could lose more than $12 billion on the $49.5 billion taxpayer bailout of general motors. the news comes as the treasury sold more than 17 million shares of g.m. stock last month. steve?
3:27 am
>>steve: raise your glass and drink to this. at least wait till lunch. a study says a compound found in red wine may actually slow down the aging process. here with details is fox news medical a team doctor, dr. david spwad did i. good morning. -- spwad samadi. it's called v i ritrol. they are figuring out how it helps us. >> got a lot of media publicity. it was one of the biggest antioxidants. so many doctors jumped on the band wagon saying how it's great from you. obviously it comes from red wine and it is the skin of grape. it was thought this antioxidant can help with you diabetes, heart disease, et cetera. the news today is coming out of harvard medical school, tells us it is not a great antioxidant and now they are finding out the
3:28 am
real mechanism. there is something called the longevity gene. this gene is the secret. it activates an enzyme called sirt-1. now we know the gene and we know the enzyme, companies like glaxo smith are jumping on this trying to come up with a concentrated extract medication. it can help with d.n.a. repair so when you go to sleep, seven hours of sleep, that's when all the d.n.a. repair happens. all the diseases we have from diabetes to heart disease have to do with inflammation. this respiritol extract can help. imagine obese rats where the resferatrol is clear is
3:29 am
exciting. >>steve: right now you need to take 100 glasses of wine a night. instead when they concentrate it you will be able to pop that and wind up with perhaps great benefits? >> no one in their right mind is going to drink that many glasses. >>steve: many try. >> i love red wine. i drink three to four glasses a week. there is some quality in red wine. what we're talking about is serious signs coming up. if we can get this drug that is going to reduce a lot of inflammatory diseases such as parkinson's, on and on, we are getting closer. very exciting news. >>steve: dr. samadi, thank you. next up on the rundown, the romance continues to heat up. what dennis rodman plans to do this summer with his
3:30 am
fellow kim jong un. white house tours shut down. was that really necessary? stuart varney says there's other programs president obama could have cut before closing the white house. first happy birthday james taylor. he's 65. [ dylan ] this is one way to keep your underwear clean. this is another! ta-daa! try charmin ultra strong. it cleans so well and you can use up to four times less than the leading value brand. oh! there it is. thanks son. hey! [ female announcer ] charmin ultra strong has a duraclean texture that can help you get clean while still using less. and it's four times stronger versus the leading value brand. charmin ultra strong helps keep you and your underwear clean. we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin ultra strong?
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>> when it comes to this stupid sequestration thing, mayor bloomberg told people not to panic. he said we're not going to run out of money. i'm no financial expert, but when you're $16.5 trillion in debt, haven't you already run out of money? we ran out -- like nine years ago we ran out of money. how can we not run out of -- >>steve: why are they applauding. >>gretchen: maybe they agree with limb that we've run out of money. here's an idea. how about cutting some of the waste. this might anger you because there is a bombshell report by the congressional committee whose job it is to find waste and recommend cuts says the president ignored them to the tune of $67 billion a year. >>brian: does this mean the sequester could have been avoided after all? or cuts could have been put in different places.
3:35 am
>> how many times have you heard the expression waste and fraud? we're going to get rid of it in the federal government. we're going to press down hard s-rbs -- we're going to get rid of that nonsense. we've been hearing that for many years. no president has taken action on it. you go back to 2009, the government's own bean counters, these inspectors general, they came up with $29 billion worth of savings that could be easily made. now that number has gone up to $67 billion worth of savings easily made. there are 16,900 measures which have been proposed. these are easy to do cuts in how we spend our money, but they have done none of them. result? the president ignored the bean counters and insisted on inflicting pain on the american people. >>gretchen: this is really getting me going. i don't know if it is midwestern sensibility. i hate to waste any money. i just hate it. you would think doing something like this would
3:36 am
be such an easy fix. why don't they? >> look, this is an opinion. i think the president wants to inflict pain on america. he wants to inflict the pain so he can turn around and say it's the republicans' fault. he's looking for a political victory. he's predicting armageddon. look at the hurt that these cuts will impose, and it's all the republicans' fault. now that is an opinion. that is a political opinion on my part. but that's the way i read it at the moment. >>brian: close yellowstone park, shut the white house tours. >> i think the closing of the white house to tours, i think that was the turning point. that was the turning point in public opinion. we've got a new poll out that shows a sharp drop in the president's personal popularity and approval rating. >>gretchen: i've been waiting for him to reverse the white house tour decision. why hasn't he done that? >> can he reverse those things? he's on the record countless times predicting
3:37 am
pain and disruption. if he now turns around and says i made a mistake, it doesn't look good. you can't reverse that kind of public stand. >>steve: what he's trying to do ultimately is get the republicans to agree to raise taxes which they're not going to do, so we're at loggerheads right now. >>brian: varney and company 9:20 eastern time. are you going to talk about this? >> we'll have a little on this one. >>steve: are you wearing the same necktie right now that you are in that picture? >> yes, it is. you're right. you caught me, didn't you? >>brian: turn to the other side. >>gretchen: give us that british grin. oh my gosh. >> it's okay for a guy -- it's okay for a guy to wear the same tie on more than one occasion. but for a lady to wear a dress more than once -- is that right? >>gretchen: excuse me, mr. varney. should i just get up and take this dress off now
3:38 am
then? because i've worn this several times before. >> i didn't realize there was such deep trouble coming on "fox & friends" this morning. can i go? >>steve: thank you, stuart. >>gretchen: see you later. cheerio. >>brian: your other stories of the day, a vigil for three crew members on a navy jet killed when their aircraft went down in washington state. they were on a training flight from the would-be island base. their prowler went down in a remote area. no parachutes deployed. the crew's names will not be released until their families have been notified. >>gretchen: they are the most recent victims of hackers. it appears to be the social security numbers and credit card information of 13 celebrities and politicians.
3:39 am
some of the targets: vice president joe biden, hillary clinton, kim kardashian, beyonce and donald trump. >>steve: was this driver running on dunkin'? she was definitely running through one. customers jumping out of the way as a car in reverse smashes through a dunkin' donuts location in philadelphia. one guy holding his coffee completely knocked down by the force of the crash. thankfully nobody was seriously hurt. police say the driver accidentally hit the gas. she will not be charged. >>brian: a full court press by dennis rodman. the former nba star revealing he's going on vacation with kim jong un. the trip set for august. we don't know where the trip will be. he's trying to get president obama to call the dictator and work out a peace deal. and also "the apprentice."
3:40 am
>>gretchen: plain weird. he won't go down without a fight. new york city mayor michael bloomberg promising to appeal a judge's decision yesterday striking down his soda ban. we're by a lucky cafe where owners still plan on enforcing the ban. >> they're going ahead with it. they ordered the cups necessary before the ban before the judge overruled it. they say they won't serve anything over 16 ounces at their restaurant. one of the only few restaurants we heard of in this city implementing this ban voluntarily. a lot of people are happy with the fact that this ban has been stopped in its tracks. so your soda is safe for now after that ruling yesterday. a state supreme court judge overturned the ban. he called it nonsensical, arbitrary, capricious. he said mayor bloomberg's ban on anything over 16 ounces was filled with so many loopholes that he
3:41 am
basically was getting in the way of his own objective, which was to fight obesity. the mayor is not taking this lying down. he says he will fight even though businesses say this will affect their bottom line. take a listen. >> if you know what you're doing is harmful to people's health, common sense says if you care, you might want to stop doing that. and it may -- i don't think it will hurt your bottom line. but even if it did, we're talking about lives versus profit. >> round 1 goes to those opponents of this law. round 2, if there is a round 2, we'll see what happens in that case. as you heard, the mayor is vowing to appeal. brian, i'll send it back to you. >>brian: i'll do sports, as you requested. you owe me a favor. straight ahead, the nfl, team switching can start about nine hours from now. packers wide receiver greg jennings, raven linebacker
3:42 am
paul krueger and wide receiver mike wallace, three of the biggest names out there. already a big deal is being reported. you've got sources saying the ravens already sent bolden to the 49ers. got to wonder if that's a gift from john harbaugh to his brother jim after his victory in the super bowl. they got a six round pick for one of the top five receivers in all of football. michael vick is closing his book because of threats. against the family and book retailers. protesters upset because of vick's dogfighting scandal that landed him in jail. >> watch this. a hooters ball girl disrupts a play during a game. she thought it was a foul ball. she scooped it up. it was fair. then threw it to a fan. someone in the stands said that ball was fair. she laughs, sits down, takes off her glasses and
3:43 am
gets her closeup. if i'm going to mess up a game, i might as well get my picture on television. coming up on kilmeade and friends -- i wore those headsets in the 1970's -- we have william cohen, former defense secretary. representative peter king and so many other great people. are you coming up to join me today? >>gretchen: i would love to but i'm immediately leaving. >>brian: you're taking off? that's right. >>steve: who knew chris wallace had a brother in the nfl. >>brian: he doesn't talk about it because he wants the spotlight on him. >>gretchen: who knew peter king was boxing? all those stories if you listen to brian's radio show. next on the rundown, not getting enough sleep? it's making you fat. just how fat? coming up next. >>steve: it's the coolest in si. anna kooiman will pull back the curtain on cirque du the curtain on cirque du soleil.
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>>brian: do you remember when president obama's supporter said this? >> i voted twice. absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud. >>brian: an ohio poll worker facing eight counts of voter fraud. an indictment says she voted at least six times last november and voted illegally in 2008 and 2011. focus on that for a second. >> not getting enough sleep makes you fat. a study found people who found less than five hours a night gained two pound a week because they snacked more. lack of sleep also slows down your metabolism. i've heard that.
3:48 am
>>gretchen: if las vegas wasn't vibrant enough for you, cirque du soleil's classic show missed air is. anna kooiman went behind the scenes. good morning. >> for 20 years missed air has been dazzling audiences. 8,000 shows have been down. 12 million people have been able to get an up-close look at it. we're taking you behind the scenes. they are letting me dangle from trapezes and bungee cords. let's take a look. cirque du soleil is celebrating 20 years of taking the world by storm. all that started with this very show, missed air. we're going to take you inside and show you how all the magic happens. obviously sicker due slow is known for -- sicker do you soleil is known for
3:49 am
their performers. how do you describe this look? >> the makeup. >> it's going to take how long to transform me? >> about an hour. >> you're even pow tkerg my lips. this has to last through twa? >> two shows. they're sweating, they drink a lot through the show to stay dehydrated. >> you're all done. voila! think you'll be able to take me seriously doing the news like this? walking in here, this is unbelievable. all these costumes are custom made. >> all the heads are formed. they get a plastic hat for their head. >> what would you estimate the cost of a costume is? >> probably about eight grand. >> eight hundred would sound like a lot. michael, this is a snapshot
3:50 am
of all the costumes. how many are there in the theater completely? >> over 10,000 in our show. >> what do you have for me? it is clean right? >> it is very clean. this will go on first. this is your opening. this is the unitard. this is your body. >> i'll have at it. wo w! wild thang ♪ ♪ you make my heart ♪ sing let's do it. time to be a real performer. here we go. i'm the king of the world! >> there you go. >> now what? >> reach up for the ropes.
3:51 am
[music playing] >> and then go again. good job. [music playing] >> think i need c.p.r. that was tough. that was a workout. thank you, guys. how did i do? >> you did really good. >> how much work do i need? >> maybe a little bit. >> she was being very nice. just a little bit of work. i think i needed a lot of work. the cast members, they do about 700 hours of training throughout the year. the youngest performer is 21 and the oldest guy is 80 years old. >>steve: that was great, anna. you're a good sport. how dizzy did you get when you were spinning around like that? >> honestly i didn't get too dizzy. i'm going to be very sore in the next probably two, three days.
3:52 am
>>gretchen: looks like a lot of fun. thanks so much, anna. >>brian: i'm sure that earned her a free show. that was great. 11 minutes before the top of the hour. proof you're living in a regulation nation. we'll show you how easy it is to break 33 laws in seconds. >>gretchen: proof that says the obama administration is more secretive than ever before and the judge says that's the tip of the iceberg. here he comes. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. bikes and balloons, and noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws,
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3:54 am
3:55 am
>> this is the most transparent administration in history. just about every law that we pass, every rule that we
3:56 am
implement, we put on line for everybody there to see. >>gretchen: president obama says his administration is the most transparent in history but a new analysis by the a.p. finds our government is becoming more secretive. last year the feds rejected a third of requests for information. more worrisome, the length they're going to protect government secrets. here to explain, fox's news senior judicial analyst, andrew napolitano. good morning to you, judge. interesting to see the juxtaposition for the president saying the most transparent administration ever. and then the fewer documents. >> this is the most secretive administration ever. the president likes to do executive things without telling the congress and without telling the public. and when someone asks for information under the freedom of information act, a statute written in response to abuses in the nixon administration, the presumption of which is that everything the
3:57 am
government does is available for everybody to look at, the administration reacts to that act by saying it's a secret. and it's such a secret we can't even tell you why it's a secret. i'll give you an example. the government's drone policy is based upon legal argument. and the legal argument is based upon published opinions by judges. there's nothing secret about those opinions. but the obama administration persuaded a federal judge here in new york city that their reasoning, their legal arguments in the opinions was so secret and so sensitive that they couldn't even share it with her, the federal judge, much less the public. and the federal judge accepted that argument. >>gretchen: the c.i.a. last year became more secret alternative. -- secretive. it is your argument that the president sets the tone for his other department heads? >> the president couldn't
3:58 am
possibly review all of these freedom of information act requests. the numbers can be a little misleading because they are percentages of requests. and requests change each year depending upon the public's appetite for information. but the thrust of this administration has been stonewall and find a way not to show to the public what we are doing. why? because this administration more than any other in modern times, the hallmark of it is the president doing things on his own because he can't get the congress to agree with him, because he wants to move the country too far to the left. if he can do it on his own and not tell us about it, we won't know what he's done. that is their theory and they're getting away with it. >>gretchen: judge andrew napolitano, thanks as always. fancy dinners and calls from the oval office, the president pulling out all the stops to reach across the aisle. but is it sincere. dr. ben carson tells it
3:59 am
like he sees it. he's here top of the hour. this football player has done something the pros can't do. now the nfl is calling. he's here with his story. he's here with his story. fabulous. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
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4:02 am
to see the new signature series and 1 family tractors. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, march 12, 2013. hope you're gonna have a great day. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing it with us. we start with a fox news alert. historic day for catholics across the world. it's time to pick a new pope. there may be one problem because to use a sports term, there is no front runner. we're live at the vatican gets underway. look for the smoke. >> brian: i'm going for cardinal dolan. battle of the budgets. both sides release o'clock new plans. one balances the budget. the other doesn't even try. which would you choose? we'll break both down for you and let you decide. >> steve: we've got proof you're living in a regulation nation. we will show you how easy it is for to you break 13 laws in under 30 seconds. honest. "fox & friends" hour two for --
4:03 am
is today? tuesday, starts right now. >> gretchen: good morning, everybody. hope you're gonna have a great day. >> brian: i have a clue the people of avon dale, virginia, people say our infrastructure is falling apart, they've never been there. >> steve: brian, whole washington, d.c. area. think about it, all those federal tax dollars going to washington to build a beautiful city. >> brian: right. my nine-year-old soccer is in annan dale over the weekend. >> steve: congratulations. you finished in the top two. >> brian: yeah. i'm still waiting for a few red lights. i don't know what it is about virginia, but when you're at a red light, you might as well have a picnic. do they ever change? >> gretchen: to balance your budget for the soccer books, to
4:04 am
go on that trip. we're going to talk about the budgets now. it's plural now. could we trial have two budgets on capitol hill coming up soon? >> steve: three. >> gretchen: that's right. the president will have one. but the republicans are going to have one and now the democrats will have one. congressman paul ryan for the republicans says he's not going to spend more than we have. he's going to simplify the tax code, and he's still going to try to get more tax revenue because according to his plan, if everything works, more people will have jobs, so there will be more revenue coming n. here is the best part about his plan, the new tax bracket. raise your hand if you want to simplify the tax code. 10 and 25%. >> steve: yeah, but half the country doesn't pay any. so 10% would be daunting for them. the details will not be released until 10:30 this morning, but -- we've actually seen it. however, does he write broadly about it in the "wall street
4:05 am
journal" in the op ed page. he says in part, quote, by giving families stability and protecting them from tax hikes, our budget will promote a healthier economy and help create jobs. the truth is the nation's debt is a siphon overreach. government is trying to do too much and when government does too much, it doesn't do anything well. so today we're going to see the republican budget. tomorrow we'll see the democrat in the senate budget. and about two months after the deadline, we will see the president's budget, which last year was so unserious, i think it was voted down 97-0. >> brian: he's not going to cut taxes. he's going to raise those. without spending, $4.6 trillion over the next ten years. so he wants to cut back gradually the spending while having growth t. do that, he thinks the tax before the accidents will do that and thinks stopping the purchasing for the federal government of land rich in natural gas will revitalize our energy sector and
4:06 am
help us grow. >> gretchen: what do the democrats want to do? the first thing is forced now to come up with a budget for the first time in i think four years in the senate. why? because after the whole debt ceiling discussion now, they are under pressure to come up with some sort of a budget plan. but is it really just more of a wash? you be the judge. apparently the basic tenets will be to raise taxes by $1 trillion, and then cut the deficit by $1 trillion, so will that actually balance the budget or is it just more of a wash? >> steve: in comparison, our budget is $46 trillion over the next ten years. that's how much we'll spend. the democrats say 46 trillion, we'll spend 45 trillion in the next ten years. meanwhile, the republicans south of that say, we would spend 41 trillion. when you look at such a big number, i mean, look at the sequester, they just sawed off
4:07 am
2%. yet the people in washington, d.c. are screaming. >> brian: we don't know what the president's plan looks like. we know he would not be focusing on balancing the budget, according to jay carney. looks like paul ryan will and paul ryan in this editorial says get ready, the critics will come u. i'll tell you exactly what they'll say and here are my answers. let the games begin. >> steve: when you just look at it, you've got the republican plan that's going to balance the budget. the democrat plan that would not balance the budget. the democrat plan that would raise taxes a trillion dollars, and the republican plan that would not raise taxes at all. so when they both get out there, people will be able to eyeball both of them and say which one do you like and with any luck, they'll go into conference and come up with a deal. you'll see some white smoke out of the chimney of the capitol. >> gretchen: i'll wait with baited breath for that. now your other headlines for today. a developing story, chopper crashes in afghanistan issues leaving five people dead. the blackhawk went down in
4:08 am
kandahar. no survivors. initial reports show no enemy activity at that time. the crash happening just hours after another green on blue attack. two u.s. special ops killed in an insider attack, making it the deadliest day in afghanistan this year. truth serum may be on tap for james holmes, the colorado massacre suspect headed to court. if euploids not guilty -- pleads not guilty, he can be given a truth serum and a polygraph test to prove he's not mentally fit to stand trial. holmes charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. the crash that killed six teens in ohio was apparently a stolen vehicle. the owner making that report to police. friends and family gathered for a prayer service in warren, ohio, to remember the victims. the driver of the suv apparently speeding, lost control and landed in a pond. 15-year-old brian henry and another teen managed to survive. >> we hit the rail and i got
4:09 am
knocked unconscious. it was upside down. i hit my head on the dashboard and i flew to the back seat where everybody was at. the water was so cold, it woke me back up. >> gretchen: he smashed a window to be able to escape of the he and his friend ran to a nearby home to try and get help. a police officer goes beyond the call of duty risking his own life to save a man from a burning car. officer responded to a car fire in iowa. the driver was apparently doing doughnuts in the parking lot when he crashed into the building. the officer says he didn't think twice about getting the driver out. >> i really can't even tell you what i was thinking at the time other than it's not good to be breathing all this stuff. you just got to try and get him out as quick as you can because nobody can last that long in that much smoke. >> gretchen: the officer served three tours overseas before joining the police force. those are your headlines this morning.
4:10 am
>> steve: meanwhile, our big story today, you're looking live now at saint peter's square in vatican city. you can see a few people there gathered out in the square. moments ago, the cardinals finished mass at saint peter's basilica. later this morning, around 10:30 eastern time, they, the cardinals, will enter the sistine chapel and begin the conclave to elect the next pope. >> brian: lauren green is live with more. hey, lauren. >> hey. you're talking about the mass. they just wrapped that mass up. that is designed, the solemn event, to give the cardinals strength and direction how to elect a new pope. they're calling on the holy spirit, they're calling on god to actually help them find the new leader of the catholic church. during his homily, the dean of the cardinals said, we implore the lord that throughout cardinal fathers, he may soon grant another good shepherd to his holy church. right now the cardinals are headed back to the sequestered residence where they'll be staying during the conclave and
4:11 am
then after lunch this afternoon, rome time, they will get down to the business and the spiritual sanctity of electing the new pope. what one analyst said the most exciting event in the world. >> it's not like baseball where you have innings nor is it like basketball where you play against the clock. there is no clock and there is no fixed set of innings. i think many hope it not be too long because if it's shorter, it may indicate greater unity from the get-go among the cardinals. >> this afternoon, the cardinals will proceed in procession from the pauline chapel to the sistine chapel and when assembled, the master of ceremony also in tone, say everybody out. they will lock the doors, they will close the doors of the great chapel and the voting will begin. the next indication we have will be the black or white smoke that will billow from the stack of
4:12 am
the sistine chapel. black meaning inconclusive vote. white meaning we have a pope. guys? >> steve: all right. lauren green live in saint peter's square. thank you very much. you know, the final vote, the winner of the pope job -- >> gretchen: sounds like "celebrity apprentice." >> steve: is the person who winds up with two-thirds plus one vote. so as soon as somebody gets that, they will be the new pope. >> brian: they burn the ballots. >> steve: they do and add those chemicals to either make the smoke black or white. >> gretchen: fantastic. got to love the historic relevance for all of that. >> brian: unlike the "celebrity apprentice," donald trump picks the winner. >> steve: just at the end. >> gretchen: can you imagine him firing all the cardinals. >> brian: all my money, gary busey. not for pope. >> steve: this past week, he was crazier than normal. >> brian: right. >> steve: meanwhile, at buzz feed, they have put together just a show of how many crazy laws there are out there.
4:13 am
they have shown via a 33-second video how you can break a whole bunch of laws in no time. watch. ♪ ♪ . ♪ ♪ ♪ . >> steve: amazing. >> gretchen: it was so quick, you missed the last one. unreasonable noise, street vending, littering, charging admission to a house party. there they are. there is the whole list of those 13 infractions in just 30 seconds. >> steve: how many have you done, folks out there watching? it's pretty easy to steal a
4:14 am
wi-fi signal if it's just out there. how often have you done some loitering? we're loitering right now on a curvy couch. >> brian: they're never enforced. >> steve: exactly. >> brian: that's the whole thing. >> steve: like the guy throwing the frisbee on the beach. >> brian: that's really not enforced. just like the whole soda thing. almost impossible to enforce. >> gretchen: by the way, that was overturned by a judge yesterday. mayor bloomberg wanted those sodas not served here. >> steve: it was a crazy rule 'cause certain places could sell them and certain could not. it's a mess. peter johnson, jr. will tell us the legal analyst analysis coming up. straight ahead, fancy dinners and calls from the oval office, the president pulling out all the stops to reach across the aisle. but is the charm offensive sincere in dr. ben carson always tells it like he see it is and he joins us live from baltimore next. >> gretchen: then an unbelievable rescue. strangers form a human chain to save a boy from drowning.
4:15 am
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4:18 am
>> gretchen: president obama stepping up the so-called charm offensive with congress after some informal meetings last week. today emotes with the democratic caucus. tomorrow he'll meet with the house republican conference. on thursday, talks with the senate republican conference and the house democratic caucus. >> brian: this after a dinner. is this a little too late? >> steve: joining us is dr. ben carson, and also the author of "america the beautiful" and today he joins us from baltimore. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: okay. so what do you think the president is up to? >> well, it is interesting that there has been a rather abrupt
4:19 am
change in his demeanor from blaming everybody to reaching out and it's a good change. i'm very happy to see it. but obviously the proof is in the pudding. and we'll see what happens over the course of time. if we can maintain a spirit of cordiality and respect, it's amazing what can actually happen. but i'm waiting to see that. >> gretchen: so it's interesting because the budgets now are being revealed from the republican side and from the democratic side. then the president will come out with his own budget plan. i know when you attended that prayer breakfast recently, you brought up the tax code and you were in favor of a flat tax. so whose plan do you think you're going to like? do you think anyone will advocate a flat tax? paul ryan has 10 and 25%. >> well, it's getting flatter. so we're moving in the right direction. what we have to remember about
4:20 am
taxation is when this country was founded, our taxation rates were relatively small. the tea party grew up over something that wasn't anywhere become moree're doing today and and more intrusive. and as we allow the government to take more and more money, all it does is fuel their growth. so we have to be cognizant of whether we, in fact, want to be a nation where we rule our own lives or whether we have the government invading every aspect of our life. this is a very, very serious issue and i don't think -- i think a lot of people are asleep at the whoa he will and we have -- a sleep at the wheel and we have to realize we're giving away the freedoms of our nation. >> brian: one area of expertise you have is the medical profession. you talked about it at the speech the paul ryan goes specifically after medicare. he wants to give people money to buy their own insurance,
4:21 am
seniors, start not starting in 252025. and he wants to say good-bye to obamacare. two things you could support? >> absolutely. i've looked at the ryan plan and the way that they have gradually phased things in so as not to hurt the elderly people who have planned their lives around the existing system. i think that's very sensitive. but i spend a lot of time looking at budgets. people say he's a doctor, he doesn't know anything about budgets. but the fact of the matter is, you have to plan, you have to strategize these things. when you look at the ryan budget, it works. and i'm willing to look at any budget that works. when the president puts one out, when the senate puts one out, i'm going to look at it objectively. but ryan's budget does work. >> steve: you know, this charm offensive started after the president's poll numbers dropped after the sequester imploded at the white house. what do you think about these
4:22 am
cuts, for instance, the white house tours that look like they're trying to inflict as much pain as possible to get the republicans to cave on taxes? >> well, that's pretty obvious i think even to a child. when you know that you have the ability to move money around and you allow the most severe things to happen, you know, look what's happening to the veterans' educational benefits. i mean, that's absurd. these people putting their lives on the line, many of them who joined the voluntary military force for the educational benefits, and now we say no, we're not going to give those to them because of the sequester. that is so absurd. this is the very last thing anybody who cares with our nation and our veterans should be doing. >> brian: i know you got a full day ahead, hence the lab coat. dr. ben carson, thanks so much. >> my pleasure. >> steve: making rounds with us. >> gretchen: next up, college football big business. but should taxpayers foot the bill for stadium renovations? 'cause they are. >> brian: oh, yeah. we need to. then, he's only in h but this
4:23 am
player, football player has done something even the pros can't do. now the nfl is calling. but first college is calling. he joins us live next what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful. great first gig! let's go! party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here! party...... finding you the perfect place, every step of the way.
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4:26 am
>> steve: time for news by the numbers. first, 154 million. that's how much of your money is being spent to renovate husky stadium at the university of washington. the total project is expected to cost $250 million, a quarter of a billion dollars. next, three out of ten, that's how many americans say they trust the government in a new pew research poll. finally, four years and four months. that is the perfect age gap for couples. but only when the man is older. according to the study, only 1% of women believe the ideal relationship was with a younger
4:27 am
man. here is brian, he's younger than me. ♪ . >> brian: our next guest has accomplished something that's never been done in the national football league and he's only in high school. you have a video here now on youtube, it's 17-year-old jonathan kicking field goals. it's gone viral because the kick went 70 yards straight to the uprights with ease. it seems to hook out, but hooks right through. he joins us this morning from miami, florida. where did you learn to kick like that? >> well, throughout my whole life, i've been kicking, playing soccer, you know, with my dad, my coaches and training me, coach boomer, coach g. i've been putting in work since i was little. i've always had a very strong leg. it just came to me naturally. thank god for giving may gift. >> brian: right. so you're thundering the ball through the uprights. you're a soccer player and football player and you have another year of eligibility. what made you put this on tape?
4:28 am
whose idea was this? >> my coach told me to go out to the field and record myself kicking field goals and just continue moving back and back and back. that's what i started doing. i never actually kicked the 70-yard field goal in practice. i made the 65. i made the 67. i continued moving back. i made the 70. that was great, you know. it was something i had never done before. i was very proud of myself. >> brian: i got news for you, nobody has done it before. over 100,000 hits already on youtube. how has your life changed since this went viral? >> i mean, yeah. some people have messaged me on facebook, on twitter, you know, just like saying i hope the best for you. i respond to everybody thanking them for that and the younger kids, some younger kids asked me for, like, advice on how to get stronger and i just tell them what i do, you know. things i do to get better and train and get stronger and make my leg better in any way i can improve myself.
4:29 am
>> brian: have you heard from any colleges or has your coach gotten any calls? >> well, i know that they can't speak to me 'til april. but i see that he's gotten some calls as i've been in his office. like hearing it. i'm not sure from where. i'm not sure from who. but i'm sure there is more interest than before. >> brian: you've played in a soccer game and football games. you're two for three last year and you kicked the kickoffs as well as the longer field goals. this year you plan on doing all the kicking? >> yes, sir. and i plan on punting as well. >> brian: all right. listen, the agents are going to be calling you soon, too, as well as four-year colleges. jonathan, two sport superstar, 17 years old, thank you for joining us this morning and best of luck this upcoming season. >> thank you for having me this morning. >> brian: keep posting them on youtube. we want to keep track of you. >> i'll do that. >> brian: coming up, maybe one of the best pranks ever.
4:30 am
(scream) >> brian: more of this video next. then the president probably wishes this photo op did not happen. his favorite burger joint, five guys, forced to raise prices thanks to him. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
4:31 am
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♪ a flavor paradise of delicious fishes ♪ ♪ friskies seafood sensations. ♪ feed the senses.
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4:34 am
(scream) >> gretchen: that's a good one. it's your shot of the morning, a man dressed as a plant scaring the people in the middle of a busy outdoor plaza. >> brian: did he call in sick for that or is that his job? >> steve: good question. what am i, a potted plant? >> gretchen: don't do it to the kids. >> steve: it's so fake looking. why are they so scared? >> brian: i'm not sure. i just don't think you expect a bush to grab you. >> gretchen: they don't usually leer out. >> brian: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. >> gretchen: time for headlines.
4:35 am
a vigil last night for three crew members on the navy jet killed when their aircraft went down in washington state. they were on a training flight with the island base. their prowler went down in a remote area. no parachutes were deployed. the names will not be released until 24 hours after their families have been notified. >> steve: meanwhile, new york city may michael nanny bloomberg vowing to fight back after a judge struck down his soda ban. the judge ruled it's unfair because there were too many loop holes. they would have banned drinks larger than 16 ounces, but did not apply to all drinks, like milk shakes or some coffee drinks. some restaurants also exempted. others not. bloomberg says he believes the ban is reasonable. >> we're going to appeal. we believe that the judge's decision was clearly in error.
4:36 am
people are dying every day. this is not a joke. this is about real lives. >> steve: the judge also said the city health board doesn't have the power to create regulations, which is good to know. >> brian: the fight continues. the rich, famous reportedly the most recent victim of hackers. the web site supposed to what appears to be social security numbers, credit card information of 13 celebrities and politicians and was a hoax. some of the alleged targets, hillary clinton, kim kardashian, beyonce, and donald trump, all were at my house on christmas. >> gretchen: a bipartisan group. >> brian: i did. we are still investigating. >> gretchen: dramatic rescue in new zealand. beach goers form a human chain to save a boy. he was playing playing when a we pulled him under. he was dragged 500 feet and fought for almost ten minutes. with the help of the good samaritans, he survived.
4:37 am
wow. >> steve: rough surf. all right. rough business, brian. >> brian: it's like one of the most exciting things to happen in the off season of football without football. free agency kicks off today. the teams switching teams and outstanding players are available now. if you can fit them under the salary cap and if there is a need. you have greg jennings, cougar available. steelers wide receiver mike wallis, who was really available last year. already a big name gone from ravens to the 49ers, from the champs to the runner ups, bolden now with the 49ers. you have got to wond for this is a brother to brother deal. john, you won, so give me your best guy. looks like that's what happened. jim gets this pick for a six round pick. incredible. watch this. i know what you're saying. they've been at baseball games. hooters ball girl there disrupt ago fair play. she thought it was foul.
4:38 am
she scooped it up and threw it into the stands. the problem is it was a live ball. there were guys running around the bases. instead, only she scored. she would later take off her glasses. richard authorren never been on our show until that victory. getting doused with a drink. he was doused, he slips and goes down. not sure if any broken bones, but he had a lot of time to goes. that's not the way harry carson designed it back in the '80s. coming up, don't forget kilmeade and friends, peter king, william cohen, the defense secretary, former defense secretary, and his wife, live in studio. >> steve: good radio show. all right. a friday afternoon late in the day, there was a document dump. the united states department of agriculture released the numbers of how many americans are on food stamps. it's the biggest number in history. in december, 47,791,996
4:39 am
americans had to get these cards to put food on their table. >> gretchen: some people are concerned that the fact this number continued to escalate dramatically over the last couple of years. here is fox news contributor herman cane last night. >> because the federal government has made a mess of the program by exploiting the program and exploiting those people who have learned how to abuse the program. the food stamp program, greta, is a misnomer. with two words, food and stamps. it's no longer just about helping people to get food. it helps them to get free stuff and secondly, because some bureaucrats thought that people going in and handing in stamps was a somewhat insulting, they now have given them a government credit card. i found this out today, greta, on my radio show, a guy called
4:40 am
in who says he owns fitness centers. the government has even allowed food stamp recipients to use their cards for fitness training programs. so the problem starts with the exploitation on the part of government because ideologically, they want as many people dependent on the government as they possibly can. >> steve: we spend a trillion dollars each year on federal poverty programs. that's more than defense. it's more than social security and yet, the poverty number gets worse. something really has got to be done. >> gretchen: all right. the next story has a picture of the president when he was out getting a burger. you know the chain, five guys. lots of people love getting their burgers there. well, now that burger chain says that obamacare is going to boost their burger prices and that's a problem for them because then they'll have to pass that cost along to the consumer. >> brian: i just want to have mrs. obama feels about that, always eating at fast food
4:41 am
restaurants. the only thing he eats healthy at five guys is the veggie burger. >> steve: or the peanuts they have. mike, a fellow who owns eight restaurants in the raleigh durham area was at a heritage event and said that because of obamacare, he's got eight locations. he's going to have to take all the profits from one of his locations just to pay for health care going forward. also he asked his employees, he said, do you realize that if there is a real good possibility that you would be fined if i don't provide for you health insurance? only one out of 20 of his employees had any idea what he was talking about. obviously, low information viewer. >> gretchen: yeah, that would probably be the case for many small businesses across the country. i bet if you did a similar poll. >> brian: we had the guy who owns 20 applebee's and says i'm going to cut my guy to under 20 hours. they can't work anymore because i can't afford to give them
4:42 am
health care. >> steve: the choice in many cases, you either got to fire employees or cut their hours. >> brian: all right. meanwhile, straight ahead, the dugger family getting even bigger. they're here live with some big news. yes, growing and expanding. >> gretchen: then that's our green room right now, full of one big family. >> brian: cheryl casone left. >> steve: going to try to find them all jobs. >> gretchen: i only heard laughing. are you one of the millions of americans looking for a job? don't change the channel. cheryl casone here with the top five companies hiring right now. yeah. immediately. [ male announcer ] this is kevin. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for him, he's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. i was okay, but after lunch my knee started to hurt again. and now i've got to take more pills. ♪
4:43 am
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do what? that. i ordered more coffee yesterday. congratulations. thoseoo. [ male announcer ] staples makes it easier to get everything your business needs, and now get folgers classic roast for $6.99. staples. that was easy. >> brian: i'll be quick. the kids are waiting. some headlines now. over half of women suffering from ovarian cancer aren't receiving the proper treatment. that could prolong their lives. new study finds only 37% get the
4:46 am
right chemotherapy and surgery. the reason? most patients treated by doctors with little expertise on the disease. then, dennis rodman revealing he's going on vacation with kim jong-un. the trip set for august. we don't know where the two are going. we just know that dennis loves him. steve? >> steve: they take a camera. meanwhile, on to jobs. despite the date of birth in unemployment, the big number, 300,000 people left the work force left month. you didn't hear that much. don't worry, the lower rate, that lower rate is what companies are reaching for resumes. cheryl casone is here with the five companies hiring right now. good morning to you. >> reaching for resumes. say that five times really quickly. go for it. >> steve: let's start with napa auto parts, they need help. >> 700 jobs, yes. a lot of us are fixing up our cars trying to fix our cars going. this is a company that benefits from that. they've got 4800 independently
4:47 am
owned stores. i've got 700 jobs open at company-owned stores. that doesn't count the other 4800. a lot of jobs, owners, managers, counter sales. they're going to be opening another 100 new store this is year. full time, you get full benefits. >> steve: it's exactly hurricane season. but it is at hurricane grill and wings. >> look, it's hiring season. usa today calls them the ten great places to wing it. that's what they were named. they've got 420 jobs open right now that they need to fill by the end of this month. then they're also going to be opening up a few more stores by the end of the year. managers can make from 30 to 60 k. elkton, maryland, orange beach, alabama, and more locations near you. >> steve: all right. meanwhile, something that's near all of us, a sears, where america shops. >> this is a call center. what these jobs are is you take the calls so that you set the appointments for those going to go to the home and give the estimates for the renovation.
4:48 am
i'm going through renovation right now. believe me u need somebody like sears to handle these calls. god, you need therapy. 500 customer service jobs are open now. ten of those are management positions. 14 to 18 an hour. managers at sears can make $50,000 and above. and everybody gets access to health insurance at sears. it's really important. dallas, dc, baltimore, kansas city, washington, and also salt lake city. >> steve: what are you having renovated? >> renovating an apartment in manhattan. kill me. >> steve: now let's go to title boxing club. >> working out is a way i'm working out the stress through the renovation. title boxing, 2500 new team members. these boxing classes at these studios can burn 1,000 calories an hour. 20 states now. california, arizona, new york, new jersey, wisconsin. they are look for those -- you can teach the classes or also be a general manager, or you can be a sales associate.
4:49 am
while they love look for veterans. you think about it, the military. it's physically challenging world. you can take that energy and you can move that into one of these new clubs. and these workouts are really popular now. >> steve: speak of vets, true communication. >> this is another veteran-friendly field that i wanted to bring to you. this is ip -- internet protocol. voice video and data tech. they've got 120 jobs open this year. a lot of this is like cell tower technicians. you can make 14 to $20 per hour. if you're a network engineer, crew foreman, project manager, you can make from 55,000 up to $70,000 a year. again, this is new york, new jersey. again, they're looking for former military personnel to bring into the door. they have projects with the irs and the v.a. and faa. >> steve: if people want more information? >> go to and go to the links i'm providing. i'm making it easy for you. >> steve: no kidding. you are need to since your life is so hard renovating an
4:50 am
apartment. thank you very much. >> thanks. >> steve: next up, on this tuesday, look who is here, the dugger family is here with a big announcement. another baby on the way perhaps? question mark. find out. first on this date in 1974, "seasons in the sun" by terry jacks, number one. ♪ good-bye michelle my little one ♪ ♪ you gave me love and [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day. great businesses deserve unlimited rewards.
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4:53 am
>> gretchen: it's quiet on the set and you're if to find out why that's a miracle. they're the close knit family with 19 kids and counting and starting today, the duggers are heading from the deep south to east asia? >> all these peculiar ingredients that i probably never tasted before.
4:54 am
>> eat it! eat it! ( [ laughter ] >> gretchen: joining me now the entire dugger family, except for one. good morning. >> good morning. >> gretchen: i just want to go down the list, raise your hand when i say your name. jim bob, michelle. those are the parents. josh, janna, john david, jill, jessa, ginger, josiah, joy anna, jedidah. jeremiah, jason, james, justin, jackson, joe hannah, jennifer, jordan, jonesy, we're missing joseph. and then we have anna, who is the wife of josh, right? we have mckenzie and michael and the big news of the day is what, josh? >> number three is on the way for us. we're very excited. >> gretchen: congratulations. when are you due? >> june 7. >> gretchen: just going to be
4:55 am
right around the corner. i thought michelle might be announcing that she had another one on the way. >> we're trying. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: that does not surprise me. what was it that made the dugger family think, we need to go to east asia? >> well, we had some requests to do media in japan. so we ended up adding the china trip on of the we had a wonderful time. we were there three weeks. west nile virus it will a great experience for our family to see the culture and we went to an orphanage and did a lot of fun things. >> gretchen: we saw you were trying some sushi. let's be honest, of all the kids here and the parents included, who liked sushi before you went to japan? none of you did. >> i don't know that any like it now. >> gretchen: we saw you trying it. >> yes, i did try it. >> gretchen: was it true that josey put together your sushi for you? >> yes. we did a contest at the fish market. the one that lost had to eat josey's sushi. and i was the loser. >> i won. i got it. and so i think it was a great competition, though. a lot of fun. the people in japan, they were just very welcoming of our
4:56 am
family, even though it's unique no matter where we go that there is a large family. there was a lot of questions, a lot of things. a lot of people recognized us 'cause our show is over there sometimes as well. >> gretchen: wow. i'm trying to -- i'm leaving on vacation today with just my two kids and thinking, that's tough enough. how do you keep a family this size together? who is your travel agent? >> everybody works together. >> we are a team. we buddy up and we make sure that we don't forget the wet wipes, the coloring books, the crayons, you name it. >> jess is our travel agent. she makes sure everything is packed and has their clothes together. she does a good job. >> gretchen: off future in organization. i can tell you that. so what other sights did see? i understand you went to beijing, china? how was that? >> saw the great wall and we within -- in japan we did samurai fighting, and the girls dressed up in kimonos.
4:57 am
it will be on our show tonight's, it will be the season premiere. for the next several weeks at 9:00 o'clock on tlc. we had such a great time. >> amazing time. >> gretchen: michelle, put it in perspective to the lessons that young people can learn from traveling to other nations and seeing things in a little bit of a different light. >> yes. definitely. seeing a different culture and getting to connect with the people, i think, it is such a neat experience. they were so wonderful and welcoming of us. we learned to smile a lot and bow a lot because we couldn't speak the language, but love is the language that everyone can speak. we just felt very welcomed and loved. >> gretchen: that's so nice. >> learned a little japanese. >> gretchen: okay. and how does it feel to be part of this huge family? any pressure for you to have as many kids as michelle did? >> oh, my. it's wonderful because i have such a great support network and i'm so thankful for the gift of
4:58 am
life and for the two children that we have and i look forward to welcoming our third baby and as many more as god gives us. >> gretchen: fantastic. josh, since he said you learned japanese, did you learn how to say good-bye? >> thank you. >> gretchen: it's time to wrap it up. everyone be sure to tune in tonight for the premiere of the dugger family and their east asia trip first and then the new season. thanks so much. so great to see you all. >> thank you. >> gretchen: have a fantastic season. the white house tours have been shut down. was that really necessary? laura ingraham says there are $67 billion president obama could have cut before closing the people's house. she's on deck coming up next. then militants stormed our embassy and took 62 americans hostage. now iran wants to sue over the movie "argo" because it made them look bad? can they even do that? right back ♪
4:59 am
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5:02 am
>> gretchen: good morning, everybody. it's tuesday, march 12, 2013. i'm gretchen carlson. thank you so much for spending part of your day with us today. it's going to be the battle now of the budgets on capitol hill. democrats and republicans releasing new plans today. but only one is going to actual lea balance the budget? we're live in washington to break them down for you. >> steve: here is one way to balance a budget. ask the people inside the white house to pay their taxes. there are a number of delinquent taxpayers there. we're talking about hundreds of thousands of dollars. we'll do some explaining straight ahead. >> brian: they stormed our embassy and took our people hostage and now the iranian government wants to sue us over the movie "argo." they didn't like "argo." you kidding me? you didn't like "argo." how dare you. "fox & friends" starts right now
5:03 am
♪ ♪ jump in ♪ jump, jump for my love ♪ ♪ . >> steve: instruments cost too much. so have an a capella group that makes the sound not only with their voices, but they sound like instruments. they're fantastic. how do you say this? >> gretchen: i don't know. let's see. >> steve: it looks like perpetum jazz eal. >> gretchen: okay. >> brian: all i know is that they're really good. >> steve: they're fantastic.
5:04 am
>> gretchen: they're the number one youtube big group apparently. so a lot of folks out there love them. we're going to be talking to them and hearing them perform a little bit later on in the show. >> brian: by the way, that's an instant flash mob. >> steve: absolutely. >> brian: maybe we'll give them that idea. >> steve: speaking of flash mobs, any chance that the country of iran would go out to the oscars and take ben affleck's academy award for the big win? >> brian: i don't think so. i have think the problem with iran is that there is actually footage of it actually taking place. if they don't like what happened, this don't like what happened. >> gretchen: morestin ster ways than just stealing that trophy. anyway, let's get to some your headlines now. we've developing story. crash in afghanistan. five american service members dead. the blackhawk went down in kandahar. there were no survivors. initial reports show no enemy activity at the time. the crash happening just hours after a green on blue attack. two u.s. special ops were killed again in an insider attack,
5:05 am
making it the deadliest day in afghanistan this year. you're looking live, saint peter's square in vatican city. in three hours, 115 cardinals will enter the sistine chapel and begin the conclave to elect the next pope. earlier this morning, they celebrated mass inside saint peter's basilica. assuming they vote, the first puffs of smoke should emerge from the chapel chimney around 3:00 p.m. eastern. black smoke for no pope. white smoke, a pope has been chosen. truth serum may be on tap for james holmes. the colorado movie massacre suspect headed to court today. if he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity, he could be given a truth serum and polygraph test to prove he's not mentally fit to stand trial. he's charged with killing 12 people and injuring 70 others. iran, here is that story, taking aim now at ben affleck. >> the embassy has been seized and 60 american citizens continue to be held as hostages.
5:06 am
>> gretchen: iran says it's planning to sue hollywood over the movie "argo." officials are not happy about the way the country was portrayed in the movie. they're also unsure how to file that lawsuit. in case iran forgot, the movie is about how militants stormed our embassy in tehran in 1979, holding 52 americans hostage for 444 days. >> brian: so they're upset about the second group of hostages that they didn't get. so i guess that makes them look bad. >> steve: i think the best thing they could do is simply not allow it to be shown in their country, which they probably couldn't see it anyway. four minutes after the top of the hour. at 10:30 this morning, paul ryan will unveil his plan to balance the american budget. democrats also have a plan. they're going to talk about it tomorrow. but one of them will balance the budget. the other will not. one will raise taxes. the other will not. doug mckelway live at the white house where they'll come out with a budget two months late, with the very latest. good morning to you. >> good morning. this could be the week where we find out how willing the two parties in washington are to work together to solve the
5:07 am
nation's budget crisis and to perhaps start to pair down almost $17 trillion in debility. the tone is pretty much shifted dramatically in washington. rather than make the campaign style appearance around the country, the president is turning his focus now to washington with a series of metings on capitol hill. it begins today. first meeting with the senate democratic caucus. then on wednesday he meets with the white house republican conference. thursday he meets with the house democrats and senate republicans. here is jay carney at yesterday's briefing about all this. >> our focus now as the president has said, is on working with congress in regular order on the budget process and through that process, hopefully produce a bipartisan agreement on deficit reduction, balanced deficit reduction, couples entitlement reform with tax reform that achieves the deficit reduction in both ways. >> that as house budget
5:08 am
committee chairman paul ryan unveils his budget. the claims to balance the budget in ten years without raising taxes. in an op ed in the "wall street journal," he spells out what could signal some room for compromise as he calls for simplifying the, quote, rubic's cube of taxes. he wants just two simple tax brackets. 10% for individuals. 25% for corporations. one part of his budget will be a likely nonstarter at the white house. it assumes the repeal of obamacare. here is paul ryan. >> you have to remember, all that money that was taken from medicare was to pay for obamacare. we say we get rid of obamacare, end the raid and apply those savings to medicare to make medicare more solvent and extend the solvency of the trust fund. >> the president today meets with the senate democratic caucus. tomorrow is the one to watch as he meets with the house republican conference. the tone and tenor set there could set the tone and tenor for
5:09 am
the weeks ahead. back to you in new york. >> steve: you're right. doug, thank you. >> brian: let's see if laura ingraham is buying the charm offensive because it's been going on for over two weeks. at first you were skeptical. are you skeptical no longer of the president's big push to get in touch with the other side? >> guys, i live in washington. i'm a conservative. i was born skeptical. okay? that's just the way it is. look, i think it's great that everybody is feeling like the tone has changed and the president actually broke bread with republicans, had an actual conversation, the first one he's ever had with paul ryan last friday when he had lunch. that's great. the bottom line, though, is both sides have to do the hard work of governing, which so far they haven't really wanted to do, right? the democrats, first time in four years as doug pointed out, they are working out a budget. they're going to have a budget. patty murray has to wrangle together all these democrats on her senate budget committee to agree on this blueprint that then will have to be meshed or
5:10 am
put together with what the house republicans come out with. so as much as we talk about the new kumbaya mentality, there is a huge divide between both sides. i think if both sides believe it's politically expedient for them to have a deal and that they can sell it to their bases as not compromising or not selling out, maybe, maybe there is a possibility of it. that's what i think you're seeing now. the president sees his popularity maybe dropping a little bit. and the "new york times" even criticizing him about the perpetual campaign. so he's perhaps changing his tone. >> gretchen: it's interesting when his own spokesperson says the goal of all these discussions is not to balance the budget. >> oh, no. jay carney? yeah. never been a concern. >> steve: no. just spend less. >> the concern has been to redistribute money, to make life more equitable in the united states. it's a markedly different approach to governance and even
5:11 am
bill clinton had 1994 on ward. for him, it was, we actual will he have to get this thing balanced. i have to work and play with the chess players that are on the board. i can't imagine that the house is now run by nancy pelosi. it isn't. we'll see if the president actually deals with the world as it is rather than the perpetual demonization game. >> brian: how about this? paul ryan saying his idea in his budget is to eliminate obamacare. that's not practical, even though you might want it, the supreme court has spoken, that's never going to fly. >> well, i raised the same point yesterday and i think you're exactly right. how would he factor this in? but i think there is some -- the magic in that, in that the public is still against what obamacare is doing to the health care system. and i think paul ryan sees that even in some democrat states, you just saw massachusetts yesterday say that they want a medicaid waiver from
5:12 am
massachusetts. they're seeing what's going to happen in a state like massachusetts. i think ryan thinks he has some philosophical space to move in there and again, a lot of reasons why he's putting that in there. but nevertheless, you're right, brian. it's a very optimistic and generous way of look at the money that will be on the table and available to him. >> steve: one of the other things that apparently he's going to propose, right now if you're a high earner, you pay close to 40% in federal taxes. he would like to make things flatter. have two brackets. 10% and 25%, or you could be like a federal employee and not pay any federal taxes. did you see this? we've got some graphics to show people. at the white house, there are people who work at the white house who have not paid their taxes to the tune of $333,000 for last year. congressional staffers, $10 million. federal employees have not paid their taxes for 2011 to the tune
5:13 am
of $3.5 billion. so they want us to do it. but they haven't done it themselves. >> come on, doocy. the rules are for the little people and the sacrifice that has to happen in the united states happens in the hinter lands. all the working people outside of government have to keep sacrificing to fund the government where people don't pay their taxes. okay? this is why people watching this across the country, hearing washington, my hair hurts. they're so turned off from politics right now. and it's the reason -- i think people just are so skeptical, they're so suspicious. they don't trust government today as much as they may be would like given the seriousness of the problems we're facing. it's 'cause of stuff like that. you have to lead by example and it's not that everyone is going to be perfect, people aren't going to make mistake on taxes, people fall into that category. it's not a big deal. but we had a treasury secretary who blew off tax obligations.
5:14 am
okay? so of course these guys at the white house are going to have tax troubles, too. it's not surprising. >> gretchen: have a fantastic week on the radio and we'll see you soon. >> take care. >> steve: straight ahead, it's the coolest show in vegas. anna kooiman, that's her, is going to pull back the curtain on cirque de soleil. she's got a costume and the world's largest bungee cord. >> brian: right. and let's see if she survives. then mayor bloomberg vowing to fight back after a judge cans his soda ban of the does he have a case? should he just let the whole thing fizzle out? peter johnson, jr. is here without props.
5:15 am
5:16 am
5:17 am
5:18 am
>> steve: a newnany state law was supposed to take effect today here in new york. but at the last minute, a judge canned mayor bloomberg's ban on big sodas. mayor mike bloomberg, the champion of this law, says the fight isn't over. >> think the judge is totally in error in the way he interpreted the law and we're very confident that we will win on appeal. >> steve: somebody who knows all about the law and appeals and stuff like that, fox news legal analyst, peter johnson, jr. >> good morning, steve. how are you? now it's on to the appellate division of the first department in manhattan, new york. judge kingly, supreme court justice, has said that mayor bloomberg's law is a, quote, administrative laviason, the biblical sea monster that became the model for thomas hobbs, about an absolute monarch and the need for absolute government in our society. and so the appellate division
5:19 am
will decide whether the judge was right when he said that the mayor overstepped the city council's bounds, that they overstepped the separation of powers between the executive branch and legislative branch, and whether the law was, quote, arbitrary and coo appreciation, meaning in common sense language, it didn't make any sense because you could go next door and buy a sugared coffee, while at the same time, you couldn't buy a 16-ounce soda. >> steve: 'cause at one restaurant, they had to abide by the rules. next one over or someplace else, they didn't. it's crazy. ultimately, though, peter, what has a lot of people upset is simply the overregulation. it seems like okay. in this town, you can't have too much salt. he wanted to crack down on sugary drinks. >> i understand the nanny state, burr i also think i understand and all parties understood obesity is a problem in this city. diabetes is a problem. it cost hundreds of millions of dollars. but how does a government regulate it?
5:20 am
in this particular case, it was an administrative regulation of the department of health. not a dually passed will you by elected city council people. they're going to look at the evidence here and say, did they have a right to do it? there is a lot of case law on that and it goes both ways. secondly, was the city of new york rational in its basis? did they have some evidence to show that they were doing was appropriate? whether this is decided by mayor bloomberg's term by the end of the year is unknown. probably not. >> steve: you're real good at reading the appeals process. do you think the appeals court will say that judge was right or bloomberg was right? >> i've argued these types of article 78 many times before. i believe it's a 50/50 shot at this point. the record is a long one interest and a big one. did the city put together what they needed to do to prove their case? did they overstep their bounds?
5:21 am
a lot of legal scholars think they within abridge too far. so in new york today, it's drink i dr. , drink, drink. >> steve: look, all of the camera guys are singing. [ laughter ] thank you very much. what do you think about that? e-mail us. meanwhile, do you have drawers in your house that look like this? up next, how doing a little spring cleaning could make you some cash. then remember her? she's obama's biggest fan, accused of voting for him six times. her fate just decided ♪
5:22 am
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5:25 am
>> gretchen: quick headlines. remember when president obama supporter said this? >> since i voted twice, there is absolutely no intent on my part to commit voter fraud. >> gretchen: well, ohio poll worker now facing eight counts of voter fraud, an indictment said she voted at least six times last november. she also voted illegally apparently in 2008 and 2011. this driver wasn't running on -- she was running through one. customers jumping out of the way as the car, she goes reversing through a dunkin' donuts. this is philadelphia. one guy holding his coffee completely knocked down by the force of the crash. lucky that's all that it was. brian? >> brian: yep.
5:26 am
wasn't the drive-through. a lot can happen in a year. papers pile up, documents go missing. the budget gets outdated. so while you were spring cleaning your house, why not organize your finances as well? here to help us, personal finance expert, vera. welcome. why are you giggling? >> because of our chat during the commercial break. >> brian: you think i should clean out my wallet. >> you got a lot of stuff. >> brian: it's so big, i don't bring it anyway. >> you have all sorts of receipts, business cards. you have to go digital. that's the new thing to be doing. get with the program here. social person to person payment services that are out there so you don't need paper checks or iou's anymore. there is all sorts of interesting things. scan all your business cards. it's easy to sort and keep things clean for the spring. >> brian: right. you still need the credit cards, probably need your health cards and license. >> you don't need all the loyalty cards. they have all the cards jammed in their wallet. you can create scannable
5:27 am
versions and use an app. >> brian: clean out your drawers. >> you never know what's in there, right? jewelry. no longer has any sentimental jewelry. gold is at 1600 an ounce. gift cards. the average household here has about $300 in gift cards on them at any given time. they're not going to use them. why not sell them, swap them on plasticjungle or eliminate them. >> brian: clean out your safe deposit box. >> 16 billion in unredeemed bonds is what we're sitting on. a lot of them are sitting in the safe deposit box. they have expired. they're no longer earning interest. they're sitting there. to take them out. see how much they're worth. you can redeem them. >> brian: treasury clean out your closet. literally? >> you never know what's in there. stuff you haven't worn in a couple years, wrong size or color. you might want to donate it. you will get a deduction for fair market. >> brian: some are just coming out of the closet. clean out your filing cabinets. >> a lot of junction in there,
5:28 am
too. you're probably overwhelmed with paperwork this time of year with tax time approaching here. there is a lot of paperwork you can toss, like the atm receipts, receipts for everyday purchases. bank statements once you reconcile them, old checkbooks, check registers. then things like tax documents, you do want to hang on to for three to seven years. your marriage license, all that stuff. that's if you need to hang on to it indefinitely. there is a lot of other stuff cluttering your life. do away with it. >> brian: overall, should you have somebody responsible like you do it for you 'cause we got too attached? >> that's good. my mother happens to be collecting lots of paper. >> brian: i'm going to talk to her. leave me your phone number. everyone at home can call your mom. >> she needs a little assistance. >> brian: thanks so much. >> thanks. >> brian: spring training and spring cleaning. same thing. next up, not getting enough sleep perhaps? well, it's making you fat. that's what it's doing.
5:29 am
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it's rough on the back. it's rough on the shoulders. i get muscle aches all over. advil® is great. pain and soreness is just out of the picture. [ male announcer ] make the switch. n. take advil®.d soreness is just out of the picture. and for sinus congestion, now you can get advil® combined with a proven decongestant. breathe easier with advil® congestion relief. ♪ . >> steve: it's catching on of the shot of the morning, it's the harlem shake duck dynasty style. pro golfer bubba watson joining the reality stars for the fun. he is shaking it. the video already has over 1 million views. >> gretchen: who is on the floor? >> brian: i'm not sure. >> gretchen: that's our own
5:34 am
personalizeed version. >> gretchen: i think the harlem shake is good for everyone because it shows everyone can dance. >> brian: i'm not sure what it is yet. i mean. >> gretchen: you just move however you want to move. >> brian: really? >> steve: it's not like the hustle where you would be in a line and all be synchronized. everybody does their own thing. >> brian: i come from a synchronizeed dance background. >> steve: i remember when you were doing the synchronized swimming. you were in the seoul olympics? >> brian: yes. i showed a lot of soul. when was that, 1988? i apologize. i don't remember the seoul olympics. >> gretchen: you're looking now at live pictures of saint peter's square in vatican city, around 11:30 a.m. eastern time. 115 cardinals, it's all going on inside the sistine chapel where they will gather -- >> steve: tuesday afternoon. >> gretchen: and begin the con cliff to pick the next pope. but there may be a problem. there is no front runner. lauren green is live with more. good morning, lauren.
5:35 am
>> good morning, gretchen. it's about 1:30 in the afternoon here in rome. so the cardinals are now having a preconclave lunch in the sequestered quarters at the vatican. earlier today, they participated in a public mass before the election of a pope to give them spiritual direction and guidance before they head to the actual conclave voting. in his homily, the dean of cardinals appealed for unity among the 115 electors saying each of us is therefore called to cooperate with the successor of saint peter. and they will be choosing the successor to pope benedict xvi starting that process this afternoon. as you say, there is no strong clear front runner, but there are several top contenders. the italian press is writing about, the canadian cardinal, america's timothy cardinal dolan, of course. cardinals appear to be in two camps. the reformers who want to clan up the canneddal plagued --
5:36 am
scandal plagued vatican and those who want the status quo. it leaves the possibility of compromise. there are two names. philippino cardinal and one from hungary. there is strategizing going on, but one they hope is led by the holy spirit. >> you have to get to know one another. they have to vet the potential candidates. they also need to promote the ones whom they think would be the best pope. so there is a kind of politics. i'm sure none of this politicking, however, is that of self-promotion 'cause it would be crazy for anyone to want to be pope. it's an office of tremendous sacrifice. i'm sure that they're in fearful awe, even terror, about the possibility of them coming out pope. >> they will have a brief rest and then they will head into the sistine chap toll begin the voting process. the conclave will last probably two to three days. fun facts to know, the longest
5:37 am
conclave was in 1268. it lasted almost three years. i don't think we'll be here that long. because the longest in modern history was five days. that was to elect pope pious xi. >> brian: if that happens, are we subletting your office and your apartment if you're there for three years? >> well, if you water my plants and take care of my cats. >> brian: all right. fine. i'll water something. >> gretchen: you're italian. sounds pretty good. but you would be really good after three years. maybe you can find a piano to practice on, too. >> yes. >> steve: now she's showing off. >> brian: did she just tell me off in italian? >> gretchen: you should know, you're half italian. >> brian: so my mom keeps telling me. >> steve: in the meantime -- >> brian: you'll see the chimney
5:38 am
live? >> steve: we don't know exactly the time. >> gretchen: that music scares me. >> steve: it's angelic. >> brian: it should be the last tune we hear. >> gretchen: very heavenly. >> brian: that would be bad. if that's the last song you hear, not good. >> steve: we've got headlines for you. a vigil last night for three crew members on a nature of jet who were killed -- navy jet who were killed when their helicopter went down. they were on whidbey island base. their prowler went down and no parachutes were deployed. the names will not be leased until 24 hours after their families or next of kin have been notified until 4.7 earthquake rattling southern california. you can see groceries thrown around in a store right after it hit. no reports of major damage or injuries. people in southern california walked that off. but it did interrupt the taping of a tv show on the tennis
5:39 am
channel. there is a tennis channel. you can see the shaking and brett's instant reaction. >> those comments were so powerful, neil, we actually just endured an earthquake while that was going on. >> brian: he's having some fun. tracy austin, a form guest here, will be telling us about that when she comes back in two years. the largest quake to hit the l.a. region in three years. >> gretchen: i used to work with brett in cincinnati. >> brian: just the three of you? >> gretchen: no, there were others. not getting enough sleep doesn't just make you tired. it makes you fat. a new study found people who slept less than five hours a night gained two pounds a week. that adds up. they ate more snacks high in carbohydrates. lack of sleep slows down your metabolism. >> brian: second part is true. >> steve: brian, this is a sports story, so you better take it. >> brian: you sure? >> steve: we were talking about it. >> brian: the biggest highlight of the hockey game happened
5:40 am
before the puck even hit the ice. listen. watch. >> brian: wow. staff sergeant first class philip gallardo surprised his kids. he had been deployed to afghanistan for over a year. it was his fours deployment and his children could not be happy tore have him home. >> first i was like, is that him? yeah. i was nervous. >> i was just happy that he was here. >> brian: the family will have about ten days together before dad has to report to his base in kansas. other hockey news, it's the shot everyone is talking about this morning. >> he's going to bring the puck in on the stick. the swivel, no!
5:41 am
>> brian: wow. casper of the senators attempting a legendary move against the bruins, putting his blade on top of the puck as he goes in fort goal. he just misses. the bruins go on to win 3-2. >> steve: very nice. >> gretchen: as if las vegas wasn't vibrant enough, cirque de soleil has been entertaining people for years. anna kooiman give us a sneak peek. >> good morning. 12 million people have been wowed by the original cirque de soleil show. it has been over the last two decades the cast of 75 let me get a taste of what it's like to be in the air. ♪ cirque de soleil is celebrating 20 years of taking the world by storm and all that started with this very show. we're going to take you inside
5:42 am
and show you how all the magic happens. obviously cirque de soleil is known for their performers. but it's not just the action. it's the costume and the make-up. so how do you describe the dramatic look? >> it's a theatrical make-up for theatrical show. >> me sitting in the chair for the first time will take long to transform me? >> about an hour. >> you are even powdering my lips. this has to last through what? >> everything. two shows. >> sweating, right? they're work hard. >> they're sweating, talking, they're drinking. they drink a lot during the show so that they can stay hydrated. you're all done. >> walla! think you can take me seriously doing the news like this? walking in here, this is just unbelievable. all of these costumes are custom made. >> all are custom made. we have measurements for each artist, all the heads are formed to get a plastic cast from their head. >> what would you estimate the cost of a costume is? >> probably about eight grand.
5:43 am
>> eight grand? i thought maybe 800 would sound like a lot. >> this is probably 800 right here, the one we're going to put you in. >> this is just a snapshot of all the costumes. how many are in the theater completely? >> over 10,000 costumes in our show. >> 10,000? >> yes. >> what do you have for me? you promised it's clean, right? >> it is very clean. this is the yellow bungee. this will go on first. this is your opening. so this is the front. this is the unitoward. this is your body. the make-up done. outfit is on. time to sign my life away. here we go. time to be a real performer. here we go! >> there you go. i'm king of the world! >> yep. there you go. >> now what? >> now you're going to reach up for the rope.
5:44 am
[ laughter ] oh, my god! >> then go again. yep. good job. >> solid ground. i think i need cpr. that was toughment that was a workout. how did i do? >> you did really good. >> how much work do i need? >> maybe a little bit. [ laughter ] >> during the editing process, my producer said he could really tell how everybody i was because i was breathing so heavily. but tickets range from $35 to $120 and they offer military discounts. a lot of people say, what the heck is this show about? as with most of the shows, the plot is very loose. but this one is similar to totem and chronicles the evolution of human life. >> steve: very nice. she flies through the air with the greatest of ease on the trapeze. thank you. good job. >> brian: all right. >> gretchen: thank you very
5:45 am
much. the white house shut down public tours, blaming security cuts from the sequester. but a form secret service agent says that's not the whole truth. he's here live after the break. >> brian: then now they're taking america by storm. see what all the buzz is about, or hear what all the buzz about. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you like who you are...
5:46 am
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♪ or just go to e-trade and save it. boom. ♪ got you ! you cannot escape the rebel forces ! ahhh. got you ! got ya ! gotcha ! got . that's all you got, brother ? take that. never having to surrender the things that matter. gotcha. that's powerful. verizon. >> gretchen: welcome back. the white house officially closing its doors to the public, blaming the move on the sequester cuts. now a form secret service agent is speaking out, saying the president is a guest in the white house. the people of the u.s. are the homeowners. closing the white house to public tours is clearly a petty naked gesture of pure politics.
5:49 am
you remember the white house cited overtime by secret service as the reason fort shut down. joining me is the former secret service agent, republican u.s. senate nominee. good morning to you, dan. >> thanks for having me. >> gretchen: so naked petty politics. you want to expound upon that? >> absolutely. gretchen, the president doesn't get a mortgage bill in the mail every month for the white house. the fact that it's our house is not a campaign slogan. it doesn't go on a political sign. it's true. it's our home. your tax dollars, your hard work paid for it. your ancestors paid for it. it's our home. he's our guest there and he works for us. that's a fact. >> gretchen: you know the retort from the other side of your point of view is that oh, look at republicans, now we finally make cuts and now they don't like the cuts that are in place. your response? >> gretchen, we're spending a trillion, that is a thousand billion more dollars than we did in 2008. are you seriously going to make
5:50 am
the case, the democrats at this point, that there are no cuts to be found other than keeping school kids out of our house, the white house? it's absurd. just the idea of it is absurd. >> gretchen: let's look at what the oversight committee recommended in recent ways to cut some of the waste that's going on in washington. money wasted of unimplemented recommendations, 2009 it was $29 billion. it skyrocketed to $67 billion in 2012. the number of those unimplemented recommendations also on the rise since 09, 10,000. 2012, there were 16,000. would that be a good place to start, dan, to try and look for a way to cut costs? >> it's time for this administration to grow up and govern. this is the new political air stock i can't city. i call them the downtown abbey crowd. ask you to cut. a tax hike is you cutting your budget. it's more money out of your pocket that goes to the government. but the very idea of them
5:51 am
cutting and making responsible cuts so you can live your life, to them is considered almost political heresy. think about the nonsense. this is our government, take it back. you deserve better than this. >> gretchen: he called it naked petty politics. former u.s. secret service agent and a republican nominee for u.s. senate in the great state of maryland. thanks so much for your time. gretchen: they are the hottest thing in europe and now taking america by storm. ♪ . >> gretchen: see what all the buzz is about coming up next. first let's check in with hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> gretchen, good morning to you. it is a huge day, by the way. why, you ask? she's gone. great day. we're going to break out the chimney camera, watching for smoke at the vatican. meanwhile, the north korea saber
5:52 am
rattling continues. paul ryan is back, his plan on specifics. what do democrats have to show for it? you can not tour the white house. we'll tell you who others are. we'll see you in ten minutes [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
5:53 am
just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> brian: they're the european phenomenon taking america by storm. >> gretchen: we're talking about this group. the 35-member choir brings an a capella flair to the greatest hits. >> steve: they have sold out stadiums here in the united states, racked up millions of hits on youtube and this morning they're here to perform live on "fox & friends" right here. we've got sandra and boston. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what are you going to do for us?
5:56 am
>> we are going to sing. >> steve: good! what song? >> we're going to do "jump" by van halen. >> steve: here they are. ♪ ♪ i get up ♪ and nothing gets me down ♪ you got to go ♪ not messing around ♪ and i know ♪ just how you feel ♪
5:57 am
♪ i am a working machine ♪ can't you see what i mean ♪ jump ♪ might as well jump ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ jump, jump, jump, jump
5:58 am
♪ ♪ da, da, da ♪ might as well jump ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ go ahead and jump ♪ jump [ cheers and applause ] to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice.
5:59 am
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