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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 12, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> greta: new york city mayor is worried about fatty foods and large sodas. >> when it comes to this stupid sqeft traigs thing >> mayor plumeberg said don't panic. but when you have $16.5 mill globe debt, aren't you already out of mony? like nine years ago, we ran out of money. >> that's your last call.
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thanks for being with us. go to good night from washington. b isg recess rule. >> dana: hello, i'm dana perino with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, who is on the floor. [ laughter ] eric bolling. greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> dana: so the charmer-in-chief is at it again. president obama wined and dined lawmakers at a restaurant near the white house and today tried to court them on their turf on capitol hill with the first of four meetings in the next three days. the mission to win support for a big budget deal. the president made room on the dance card for another sit down with abc news today. what is the new public campaign really all about? the national journal asked a senior white house official and that perp revealed what is
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behind it -- person revealed red what is behind it all. it's a joke, waste of the president's time. something only being done for the media. greg, let me ask you. who are you going to believe? your own eyes or a senior administration official from the white house? >> greg: i have never trusted my eyes, dana. they let me down many times, usually around last call. like a good grad student president obama thinks you can talk your way to prosperity. is there a reporter left in the country who hasn't sat down with him? i think of one. triumph the insult dog. when you major in sit-ins this comes naturally and the going gets tough and the soft get talking. >> dana: it was very revealing the background quote from a white house official, because on the surface, if you are just watching casually the news, that is good that the president is meeting with them. they can work it out. that is great. what we know is that he never really wanted to sit down with him for the first four years. now he is in trouble and the poll numbers are slipping and he needs to get this deal done
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because of the sequester and other things. do you think that a quote like that completely undermines everything they tried to do in the past two weeks? >> andrea: for sign iders i do -- for is insiders i do. for anyone watching this, all they see is president obama reaching out. if you're following politics you are probably skeptical about it. because you're reaching out to them on entitlements, he feels like look, we demonized them on entitlements. i can still meet with them. then the next day, i know this is the next topic, give a speech at organizing for action to try to win back the house of representatives. that is why this isn't believable at all. he has been so partisan as well. i think that he feels, dana that people are watching. and that they may believe some not all he is genuine. >> dana: we know people want to see americans in washington, d.c., working together. why can't you get along and
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work something out. one of the things that the republicans felt is that when they have come to the table, and thought they had a deal, after they go back home, they find out wait, that is not the deal that president obama can deliver from his democrats. who is zooming who? >> eric: president obama, here is what, the way i perceive it. sequester didn't work for him. he made a big thing, sequester would be bad. it wasn't. he's trying to back track on that a little bit. continuing resolution, the vote they have to figure out in the next couple of weeks would actually work against him pretty dramatically. it looks like he is trying to make bipartisan effort to reach across the aisle to find some consensus, so it doesn't look like it's all his fault. he will have a hard time. for the first time in four years the senate democrats came up with a budget today. and if you read it, reading through it, senator patty murray delivered it, she said they came up with $1 trillion in spending cuts. half the spending cuts, $250 billion savings from the
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afghanistan war, $275 billion in healthcare savings. these aren't spending cuts. they're -- one of them wasn't supposed to be on budget anyway. the other one may or may not come. so he will have a hard time taking this senate democrat budget, taking paul ripe's house budget. and coming up with a compromise. >> dana: bob, eric has it nailed on the specifics. but the bigger picture method, i know, sorry, a banned phrase from yesterday. if you're the democrats do you think it's a good scheduling move to schedule a meeting with the house republicans? at 3:00. and then to go to your partisan arm two hours later where you are basically all planning to attack the republicans in the next day? >> bob: first, you may be missing the big picture here. first, sequester is starting to hurt. in a lot of different places. we can get in that argument over and over again.
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what obama did is go out in campaign style and draw the republicans out and blame them. switch over to try to then deal with specifics and deal with them individually. part of the reason for that was he was getting heat -- >> dana: from who? >> bob: from the press, from other people. from us. the president will have a difficult time saying the president of the united states did not consult with us. they are meeting part of the way, he can say, i tried my best. >> andrea: that is why it's a big set up. if you look at the specifics of what they are offering them. the rumor is he is offering a change index on social security, this is something he said he supported months ago. nancy pelosi says he supports it. it's like saying okay, i'll come over to your side a give you my shoe. can you whack yourself over the head with it? that is what he is asking the republicans to do. >> dana: the wall street today said president obama is
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having woo his democrat on his own minor social security change, then at same time they expect the republicans to cave on raying higher taxes -- raising higher taxes. >> greg: i don't think this matter to anybody outside our building on sixth avenue. obama knows budget talks fall on deaf ears in education the last 30 years, fact-based information replaced by the feeling. financial education requires thinking. however, anti-bullying conferences need poyiansy in emotion. we will spend our way to oblivion and we obsessed over sex ed. it is time for real life education. forget where do babies come from? we need classes on where does money come from. it's not your daddy's wallet. >> bob: yes, it is. >> greg: my point is nobody knows where money comes from. >> dana: in your personal household? >> eric: you have three
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potential budgets. paul ryan's budget that deals with the spending. six or $7 trillion in spending cuts. patry ryan says there is a democrat that deals with the tax increases. president obama was one that -- in fact, every time he tries to propose a budget, it fails in the senate with zero -- >> dana: this is the first time in 92 years the congress moved forward ahead to the president. >> bob: what are the $7 trillion in cuts? >> you can watch paul ryan on "hannity" tonight. >> eric: he talks about hitting entitlement spending. he is very aggressive the things that maybe some of the other people in the house might not like. >> andrea: this is by design. he looks moderated today. you the progressives on the left, hammering him on the chain cpi. he looks presidential, finally, five years late going to work on the hill he is
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pulling a clinton. like he is triangulating. he knows the progressives have nowhere else to go. this is good. the left wing, after me, i moved to the middle, though we know he has not. >> dana: one group is not happy. congressional black caucus said to president obama they are unsatisfied with the number of african-americans who have been appointed or not been appointed to the cabinet. do you think they have cause for grievance here or is this just a little bit annoying? >> bob: i do. it's not just the cabinet. it's a lot of sub cabinet positions who are in the white house itself. look at the white house. i've not seen a white house lacking that many blacks as i have seen in this one. you can argue this is the first black president so it covers up a whole lot of things but if i were the black caucus, and i know most of them well, they are not the most mellow people in the world. i would think they would say to themselves at least give us
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one or two cabinet secretaries. >> eric: don't go crazy. >> bob: i'm not -- >> eric: no. isn't it racist to say there should be more blacks in the cabinet because of the color of their skin not because they're qualified to be there? >> greg: isn't it racist putting black people in a cabinet? >> eric: i'm sure president obama will put the most qualified people to head his cabinet, i would think, right? >> bob: well, first of all, it i racist to put black people in a cabinet. the answer to the question is if you're from minority group, this is important for you. >> dana: i was thinking about that earlier today with regard to quotas. the latino community also said we expect three cabinet members to be of latino descent. i think it goes to the root of the problem, which is, president obama should be able to put in whoever he thinks would be the most qualified
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and help guide him in a second term. >> andrea: i think that is true. i think you can criticize president obama on a lot of things but i don't think you can criticize him on not being diverse enough. if you look at the first round of appointments he had hilda solis at labor, valley jarret, a woman advising him. he had van jones in the white house. he has been very, very diverse. he should be able to put in whoever he wants. again, i don't think is lacking. i think he should pay the women in his white house equal pay. that is the issue. but he is not, not diverse. >> eric: in his two supreme court picks, sotomayor and kagan. there is absolute diversity in there. >> greg: let me make a point. let me ask anybody here if you were going to emergency heart surgery, are you going to ask if the surgeon staff diverse? no. get me the best person for the job. this is why i am sick of the phrase "diversity." i think you can go after obama for this because the left
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created this idea. now they pay the piper. is that a racist phrase? i'm a little person with a vestsual tail. i'm not complaining. >> bob: the question from dana does the black caucus feel they're diversified enough? i'm not saying he doesn't have to pick whoever he wants but knowing the caucus well, i'm not surprise they're upset. >> eric: that is different from when you said there should be more -- >> bob: i said they said there should be represen representation. don't put words in my mouth. >> eric: we said what they think -- >> andrea: we heard women groups hammer the president as well for not having enough women. in the election, he had two chief spokes women. i'm not seeing this one. >> dana: i agree. >> greg: wasn't he the first female president? didn't a liberal commentator say that? >> greg: he is the first
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everything president. dabs >> dana: the exceeding politeness on "the five" is unbelievable. a suspect accused of last year's movie massacre insane? he could be given a truth serum to find out. he appeared in court today went have details on that next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> eric: colorado movie theater suspect james holmes appeared in court today and a judge entered not guilty plea on behalf of the defense lawyers. the defense lawyer said they weren't ready to enter their own employee. holmes donned the orange jump suit he has worn i since being in court. he faces death penalty unless he pleads not guilty by reason of insanity. if he does that, he may be administered a truth serum.
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bob, what would happen if we administereadministered the trum to us here? >> bob: this is a terrible thing myself. if they admit it to us here, some of us would pass with flying colors. i certainly wouldn't, depending what the suspect was. >> dana: what do you want to confess here? >> bob: most of it i confessed. >> andrea: that you're a republican. >> bob: god no. we talked about this in the break. it find this amazing why don't they give everybody truth serum in the situation. >> greg: put it in the water fountains at congress. >> eric: or the jail. >> greg: exactly. i never heard -- truth serum to me was cocaine. that's what they gave people to get to talk. not that i have experience in that. but the influence on crazy people are other crazy people. the sandy hook nut was consumed with the norway nut. the only thing we can do to
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control this is not talk about the creep. let him die. treat him like naturaldy saster is focus on victims and let him die. go away. >> eric: if he does that, he avoids, i guess he avoids the possibility of a death sentence. >> andrea: that is right. the taxpayers of california get to pay to keep him alive in a facility. the question is whether or not he is insane under the colorado law. but is there any question that this guy knew exactly what he was doing? he bought a ticket 12 days in advance and got a front row seat. he stalks out only non-gun movie theater in colorado. he boobbytraped his apartment. he was highly functioning. he is not completely mentally insane. mentally ill a little bit but he knew what he was doing. >> eric: what do you think about administering the truth serum? >> dana: i suppose if it
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works, i guess it would help us -- it would be slippery slope for revealing crimes and maybe things we don't want to know. if it does work i'm for it. i am bothered that the lawyers for him in some ways i wish they would have counseled him to enter a guilty plea and let families not suffer anymore as they try to go through a long-out trial and appeal. >> eric: it means they could be the death penalty. the topic of gun control. check this out. town in georgia proposed a new law requiring every head of household possess a firearm. the town is nelson, georgia, population 1,000. they have only one police officer, and that guy works one eight-hour shift. i'm on board with this. >> greg: mandatory gun ownership, the next thing you know we have mandtory healthcare. why is this radical? at least they're doing it legally.
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if an outlaw is going through the country, and looking for a town to hit, he is going to drive right past this one. he will find a gun-free zone. we talked about the theater shooter. he found a place with no guns. >> eric: 90% of the town agrees with this. it isn't a law yet, you go through a city council. it's proposed now. it will be april 1st. the town agrees with it and the police officer agrees with it, too. >> dana: local control. the local control that was tried in new york city yesterday was about soda drinking. i think this one, this town feels if this is what they need to do to protect themselves, i'm for it. if it's mandtory people will be trained. they have the background checks and the laws will be covered. >> eric: if you don't like it, if you object and have a conscientious objection, you don't have to have a gun. >> bob: it sounds to me like one of the worst ideas i've heard. the idea that you have mandatory -- it's mandatory if you don't object and you don't
11:23 pm
have a religious problem with it or whatever. that you have to buy a gun when you may not like guns. >> eric: you can object -- >> greg: replace it with healthcare. >> bob: let's not talk healthcare. next make it mandatory for over the have a bazooka on their roof. >> greg: or healthcare. >> bob: this is nra sponsored deal. >> eric: this has nothing to bo do with nra. >> andrea: as much as i love they're doing this and i understand the next town over has the same law on the books. so i love law in theory. i don't like being mandated to do anything. that is like someone saying we mandate you to exercise your first amendment all the time and to exercise it you must say "i love obama." what if you live in a town with 90% of the people believe that way? i put the shoe on other foot. >> dana: pennsylvania county. >> eric: 100%.
11:24 pm
101%, actually. >> bob: just make it nationwide? >> greg: amen. >> eric: if you're a criminal, bob, you're driving down the road. go to every house, every door you knock on or break in to has a gun? the next -- >> bob: i don't think they will stop and read the "new york times" and figure out who has got a town like that. >> greg: the police exist to respond to crime, not prevent it. it's up to you to prevent it. >> eric: right there. ahead on "the five" -- why you might want to think twice before liking someone on facebook. it can expose your deepest, darkest secrets. you might not like this next. ♪ ♪ be
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: well, if you have a habitbe of liking things on facebook, you might not likebe this one. a new study conducted by the university of cambridge reveals a lot of information can be gleaned from what people likebe on the social networking site. anyone online may be able to determine your race, age, intelligence and even your sexuality. so does that bother anybody? it bothers me a lot. dana, i'm not liking anybody anymore. >> dana: i try not to get too upset about it because i think there is nothing i can do about it, because this is the type of technology is here to stay. i guess we need to roll with it. >> greg: yeah, thank god you don't let everybody know every hour of the day where you are in new york city with your dog. >> dana: well, people want to know. >> greg: i know where you are with jasper before you leave your building. >> dana: because i tell you? >> greg: because i'm outside your building.
11:30 pm
>> dana: 99% of people say they dislike greg. >> andrea: the perino institute. >> dana: yes. >> andrea: very good. there is money behind this. isn't that the reason they are doing this? buying and selling information like currency. there are a couple of companies, double quick is one that comes to mind. what they do, everything you do online, whether it's liking on facebook or searching something on google. every site you click on it goes in this big, big pile of data. they compile it and they figure out what your likes are and interests are. every time you go to another website, you see the ads that are really tailored to you. big, big money. facebook is looking for way to monetize what you are doing. you spend time on facebook, right? they are trying to figure out a way to make it worth their while. make money off of it. there is no surprise they are probably taking all of that data and selling it to advertisers. >> andrea: isn't it scary when you look in the e-mail to see the adds on the side and
11:31 pm
wonder -- for prescription medicine or other things. this is what you told me on the break. >> bob: prescription medicine from canada. first of all, i have no sympathy for people on this. if you want to put yourself out there and your names and your information out there, likes and dislikes, it is open for the public to view. we have been doing this targeting in politics going back 30 years. it was not sophisticated then. we maybe take what newspaper you bought or tv shows you like. that would tell us a little bit about how we would get a message to you that makes some sense. in this case, people say what they like to buy, likes and dislikes are. that is the price you pay. put yourself out there and understand it will cost you with people coming at you. >> greg: can i point out facebook's comment to this story? facebook declined to comment. every single person should follow facebook's lead. stop commenting. we are nation of oversharing.
11:32 pm
no more privacy. we used to talk about 1984 and the government showing everything? that was a joke. we are giving it away. >> you think people don't realize. for example, they upgrade new software on google and you click the terms. you read the terms and they own you. own your e-mail and your images. >> dana: who reads the terms? i never read the terms. i assume yeah, i'm a law abiding citizen and i check the box. >> eric: you don't have to be on facebook. there are companies figuring out what you like and where where you spend time and target market you. even if you don't agree to the terms -- >> bob: this is no different if you go shopping in the holidays and you are buying online, for months you get the same ad from company that you bought something from. >> greg: then your wife goes on your yahoo websites and sees the adds for leather masks -- ads for leather masks.
11:33 pm
it never see greg wear them. >> andrea: people are at risk of having their financial information mined. the recent victim is first lady michelle obama. a victim of hacking this week with other celebrities like jay-z, britney spears, paris hilton, mel gibson. jay-z has yet to pay the $227,000 credit card bill, which is a drop in the hat for jay. what do you think about this? what can people do to protect themselves? i say secure password and e-mail account. >> greg: what is hacking? did they just went through your -- they went through -- >> eric: some of them. not all of them. some of it was regularly available on the internet. others i read truly hacked. this is a big problem. hacking is a big, big problem. think about the invasion of privacy. the intellectual property we're losing from hacking. i don't know, we need to
11:34 pm
really correct on -- >> bob: not to mention national security information we are losing to the chinese virtually every day. >> dana: did you see what we said sunday to the chinese? america said please stop doing that. >> andrea: they are very scared. >> bob: the hacking thing may be a problem but you can go -- there are three credit agencies. if you get access to the information they can tell you anything you need to know about someone's credit worthiness. >> andrea: not if you sign up for lifelock. serious. 'canes' true but do you think it's gud to check a perspective mate's credit history? >> bob: absolutely! >> dana: i don't know. we'll talk about it in the next block. >> andrea: do you snoop on their financial situation? >> greg: do you remember how when everybody went in sarah palin's e-mails, nobody cared. but the fact you went after the hollywood liberals and the democratic political celebrities, it's like attacking royalty.
11:35 pm
but they just, if the russians, just stuck to palin and dick cheney, no one would have cared. >> andrea: true. is there a trust fish you are hacking in your future's spouse's e-mail. >> bob: i can't even hacked in my own computer. i don't know how to do it. >> andrea: coming up, "the bachelor" is officially off the market. sorry, ladies. sean lowe gave out his time rose last night. ♪ ♪ >> andrea: don't fret or reach for kleenex. bap lor bob is still available, ladies. so would the big suspender give the reality show a try? >> bob: don't expect a diamond either. >> andrea: we'll ask him that next. ladies, right here. ♪
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colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: last night's "bachelor" finale, sean rejected lindsay. it was pretty devastating. >> i have to say goodbye to you. this is by far the hardest thing i've ever had to do. because i know how incredible you are. >> greg: so funny. something about seeking a mate on a reality show. let's weed out the opportunists. there is something neat about being dumped in a place like
11:42 pm
thailand. all the time, this is gorgeous. as you ponder your life alope. you can't ever eat thai food again without breaking down in tears. it notice two things. there weren't enough candle option the set there. wasn't a single man in the live studio audience. the women were so transfixed they look like they were watching two kittens building a house of cards. tall me were out doing other things, watching hockey or building jet engines. no matter how we claim society changes, we're still the same. women love the wedding ring, picket fence, happily ever avenue. marriage sells and it sells when compared to other choices it's better. it has been proven by science and studies of longevity and happiness. being against the bachelor makes you antiscience, bob. gender studies, professors are intent on maintaining that women and men are identical, that's flat-earthy. no, women are just way smarter about relationships than men. think about it. why else would you need a tv show dedicated to getting one
11:43 pm
handsome man married? which makes you wonder do men knee their own title 9 to level the playing field of romance? i would call it bourbon. andrea, you are only one on the table besides me that was transfixed by the show. you were watching? >> andrea: of course. i haven't missed one "bachelor" yet. ask me anything. >> greg: were you surprised by the choice? >> andrea: no, i wasn't. in "us weekly" it said they consulted with kathryn's mom and grandma and her grandma was the only grandma we saw on one of the episodes. it could tell he wasn't in to lindsay either. >> greg: you know what kills me, dana, about this show? women all the time say how they love a sense of humor but they flak to a good looking dull guy time. >> dana: last night i was watching "wheel of fortune" which i love. at the end they said, "coming up next, three-hour special of the bachelor." i couldn't watch three minutes of that. he is so boring. i just think is this how young
11:44 pm
women today think they are going to find a mate? but someone to marry? >> greg: what if the man was a dog? >> dana: you have wild interpretations. >> greg: did you watch this? do you buy the idea you can find someone this way? >> eric: last night i'm trying to get netflix on my tv to get "house of cards" and i screwed the tv up. my wife said she is going to watch this three-hour finale no, matter what, she is watching it. my tv is broken. i have to sit in the other room and i swear, i'm tortured for three hours of the "bachelor" and i got things like "why don't we get an elephant for our weding ?" i said do you realize they film this thing in three weeks? for this guy to say he is crying, in love with her after three weeks, that's it. no way. i don't think any bachelor ever married his bachelorette. >> andrea: wait a minute, that's not true.
11:45 pm
>> eric: i don't think so. >> dana: one from the beginning. i see her on the cover -- >> eric: you're wrong. the runner up, if i'm not mistaken. >> andrea: jason and molly melany. right, producers? we have a control room full of girls. no, the guy who was a single father from seattle. >> greg: bob, you are the expert here. >> bob: that may be the most ridiculous, absurd, disgraceful television stuff i have ever seen. he ain't that good looking. >> dana: he's cute. >> andrea: c'mon! >> bob: he is boring. >> dana: he is boring. >> bob: the girls are good looking. would you take them for a night or two, sure? marry them? on the basis of what? they fly the family to thailand. to say what do you think? >> thailand?and? >> andrea: since when are you against thailand? >> eric: for greg and andrea that watches it religiously.
11:46 pm
do you they they love him or don't want to be dumped on national television? >> dana: it's a crush. and i could be on the cover of "people" magazine. the women you mention thinking, yeah, give it 12 years, sister. >> andrea: they don't want to lose to other women. it's not about getting dumped. they don't want to be the one to go home first. >> dana: plus, he said he was in love with both of them and had to make a choice. >> greg: how is that possible? how about a dating reality show called "bobbing for bob. s" are you up for that? >> bob: it depends who is in it and if it's in thailand. >> andrea: who are the bobbys? gregg is a pun. >> bob: listen what eric had to go through. and his wife is a nice lady. >> andrea: i actually think we should put you on the millionaire match maker with patty. >> greg: there you go. >> andrea: right? why don't we put you on? >> bob: if you waste a second of the precious time that the lord gave you to watch crap like that is beyond
11:47 pm
me. >> andrea: i think you -- >> greg: i disagree. i enjoy it. great to watch something nonpolitical and relax. that is what great about it. >> dana: i watch "justify." >> bob: she was crying because she was picked second? >> dana: i watched it last night and went to bed. >> greg: good for you. all right. okay. ahead on "the five" why the new york nanny mayor should stop worrying about sodas and worry about students in the city. bob has surprising statistics next. ♪ ♪
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the ban on bigger cup size was a way to remind you if you want 32-ounces you have to take two cups so maybe you only take one. as long as you don't ban cheeses. cheeses are okay. that is my addiction. >> bob: yeah, mayor, that is great. michael bloomberg was on letterman last night making it clear he wouldn't ban cheeses. though he wanted to ban super-size sodas, the effort
11:52 pm
was struck down bay judge. the mayor says the mayor will appeal. instead of paying attention who people are eating or drinking they might want to pay attention to what the kids in the city are learning. new report shows 80%, 80% of high schoolers in the big apple aren't prepared for college. before you get on a rant about unions let me say most of the students in the city are poor and minority and it might contribute to that. what do you think, is this a teacher's union? >> eric: i'm not going that way. i'm going with the way you read it. instead of worrying about soda and the salt in my dinner, he should spend time essential kateing the teachers and the kids on what it takes to get in to college. make sure that what is it, only 20% are reading proficient. >> dana: right, they can't read the ingredients on the side of the can. >> greg: 80% going to community college. >> bob: yeah. that is right. >> dana: a lot of them -- think of how many people that
11:53 pm
is. they need to relearn basic skills. that is like learning to read and do basic schism approximately math. math -- doing basic simple math. >> greg: bloomberg doesn't want them to read so they don't read in the city that he is going for a fourth term. >> dana: the answer to this will be national preschool. >> andrea: please. >> dana: right? >> andrea: you know what the new york operating budget is for new york city schools? i tid not have a clue until i looked this up. $24 billion. b, b, b, billion. >> dana: more than fortune 500 companies. >> andrea: think what they spend it on. morning after pills for girls and monitoring what they're eating. mayor bloomberg is so crazy he wouldn't let people donate food to the homeless because it might not be healthy enough. >> dana: the salt content. >> bob: get back to the point that the universal students in this city are universally poor.
11:54 pm
they come with only one parent raising them. >> eric: how did -- >> bob: i don't think this is america, i don't care how good is it is will prepare kids for college to come out of that background. >> dana: what is the policy prescription for the root of the problem? >> bob: this is a culture question. how do you figure out how to keep people together? >> dana: "the bachelor." >> bob: that's it. i think it's a tough call all the way around. it doesn't excuse bloomberg for anything. because you're inexcusable. one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪
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please sir, i want some more. more? he has asked for... what? well he did say please... please and thank you. pass it on.
11:58 pm
>> dana: time for one more thing. eric? >> eric: roll the video very quickly. i'll explain it in a second. go. >> that is a fair ball. right over the bag. and the ball drops. knocked it down. she has interfered with the play. >> greg: that is great. >> eric: the best part of that, it was a fair ball. hooters girl pr picked up a live ball in the game. one more time. take a peek. >> that is a fair ball. right over the bag.
11:59 pm
and the ball girl knocks it down. she has no idea she has interfered with the play. >> greg: american hero. >> bob: what is the ruling on it? >> eric: ground rule double. >> andrea: doesn't it go to prove you can get away with anything you want if you look good doing it. >> greg: exactly. if it was a fat old guy we would have -- >> andrea: booed. thrown out. >> dana: bob? >> bob: i would like to pick her every ground ball all season long. >> eric: all right. >> bob: i have officially appointed myself the pope-watcher for "the five." i want to announce to you today that what you are seeing there is yes, it's black smoke. we don't have a new pontiff. i know you, like me, are up all night long waiting for what will happen. it will let you know. every day this goes on, we see black smoke. when we see the white smoke we have to find someone to replace eric because he will be on his way to vatican city. >> i'd love to see it. >> dan


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