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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  March 13, 2013 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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party! awwwww... arigato! we are outta here! party...... finding you the perfect place, every step of the way. >> two minutes till the top of the hour. here's what you know -- what you need to know before you leave the house. right now the cardinals are holding another vote to try to elect a new pope. as many as two votes will be held today and we could see smoke at any time -frpl a fire is burning in the gulf of mexico. it started after a tugboat carrying a barge filled with fuel collided with a pipeline. the budget war continues on capitol hill. democrats will release a
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competing plan which includes tax increases of nearly $1 trillion over the next decade. >> it is about two minutes till the top of the hour as we look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first, the good. a college student getting the chance of a lifetime when he is asked to perform with billy joel and the singer said yes. [singing] >> one of my favorites. this happened during a question and answer question at vanderbilt university. fresh man michael pollack said it was the greatest moment of his life. for the bad, a proposal ends in arrest in southern california. a man and three buddies face charges for blocking the busy highway to pull off the surprise. the bright side is his girlfriend said yes. >> in jail? >> finally the ugly. what you see is not always what you get. check it out. a teen getting in over his head accepting a bet from
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his friend to jump into what he thought was a simple puddle. the video has now gone viral. >> that's some ugly. "fox & friends" starts right now. >> goodbye. >> good morning. it is wednesday, march 13. i'm alison camerota in for gretchen. holy smoke watch. will it be white or black? we will know this morning as one name is being mentioned more and more frequently. we're live from the vatican. >>steve: heading back to capitol hill. president obama says he has a plan to tackle the debt, but does it involve balancing the budget like the republicans' plan? >> the goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. >>steve: yeah. who needs balance when you can just raise taxes again. that's what he wants to do. more from the president. >>brian: we're all going to try to spell stephanopoulos. a day at the office
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involves sitting on the couch. theirs involves wrestling a 2,000-pound fish. the stars of the show "wicked tuna" will be here live at the top of the hour. we're live right now. why? because i can touch my knees. "fox & friends" starts now. >>steve: i think that is a world exclusive, as we split the screen with the vatican city waiting for the smoke to see whether or not we have a new pope; brian kilmeade can touch his knees. >>alisyn: anyone who has seen the show knows brian touches his knees a lot. >>brian: that's the italian in me. as long as i'm not touching yours, there is no charges. >>alisyn: it is good to be with you guys.
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looking forward to seeing what the smoke is later this hour. >>brian: they voted yesterday. nothing. no pope. they voted today at 5:30 local time. no pope. >>steve: they have two votes this morning. they only burn the ballots at the conclusion of the second balloting unless in the first ballot there is a new pope, with the white smoke. so far nothing. we'll keep you posted. we've got shepherd smith and lauren green live in vatican city. we'll keep that picture up throughout the day. >>alisyn: we want to get to headlines. lets take a look at these pictures. a tugboat and a barge in flames right now in the gulf of mexico. the tugboat was pulling the barge when it hit a pipeline 30 miles south of new orleans. the barge was carrying 3,000 barrels of fuel. four people are hurt including the tugboat's captain who apparently suffered serious burns. new details on that
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deadly crash in ohio that left six teenagers dead. the 19-year-old girl behind the wheel apparentlily did not have a valid license. on top of that, the two teenagers who survived the crash say the driver was swerving and going about 80 miles an hour. she lost control and flipped the s.u.v. into the pond. the house is expected to vote on a bill today to block the obama administration. the republican legislation has little pass of passing in the democratically controlled senate. last summer the administration said it would be willing to grant state labor of some of the welfare reform requirements. not one state applied for the waiver. are you ready for a good time? >> she has a figure that makes the number 8 look like the number 1 and a smile that lights up the night. and it all belongs to kid dynamite!
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>> after all this time, the groundbreaking tv show is headed to the big screen. >>steve: thank goodness. >>alisyn: you've been waiting a long time. sony is making the film expected to keep good times in its 1970's setting. no word on who will be starting in it. >>brian: jimmy walker is here, one of our favorite all-time guests. he says the cast didn't get along at all. i don't know if i can watch a movie knowing in real life they don't get along in sitcom life. and they resent the word "dine-o-mite" >>steve: they didn't like he had one word catch phrase. a live look at the six-foot copper chimney where any moment smoke could rise from t chapel.
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the cardinals will hope as many as two votes this morning in an effort to select a new vote. then two more later today. lauren green joins us with the latest. >> yes, we are also looking at that chimney stack on the sistine chapel. we think we're probably past the window for the white smoke after the first vote, but we don't know because there is nobody giving a play-by-play of what's happening inside the sistine chapel. we will wait another hour and a half to wait to see if the smoke will be white or black. we know if it is inconclusive or if there is a new pope there will be smoke coming out white or black. there are people waiting to see the smoke coming out of the chimney. they are braving the rain. there is a sea of umbrellas and raincoats trying to see if they are going to see indeed the white smoke. these are the faithful. they are praying.
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they are saying the rosary. and their eyes also are on those big screens in st. peters square. many of the cardinals being figured in this are american cardinals. cardinal dolan, the one thing about cardinal dolan is age might be an issue. take a listen. >> he's 63 years old and they're saying we want a holy father, not an eternal father. if he got in at 63 and ruled till 83, it would be a long time. o'malley of boston is becoming a kind of a trend here in italy. the italians are saying, wow, you have a franciscan who wears sandals. that would be great as a pope. >> it is a secretive vote, but we know what they had for dinner last night. they had pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables and soul. we can give you at least that bit of secret information about the cardinals and what they're doing. we'll be waiting for the white or black smoke in
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about an hour and a half. >>alisyn: lauren, thank you for the menu update. i like to hear what everybody is eating in rome at all times, including you. in your next hit, please include that. >>brian: it's good to know in the pregame great meals, keep it bland. you don't want people sticking around just to have good food. i love this ragu sauce. >>steve: the president of the united states is going to go up to capitol hill later today. he's going to talk to house republicans tomorrow. he's going to talk to senate republicans. what's interesting -- >>brian: he's doing a lot of talking. isn't that a relief? >>steve: it's the charm offensive. he's trying to be charming, although as you're about to discover from us, it's just a tactic. nonetheless, he was talking a little bit about his budget which will not be balanced. it's going to come out two months after the deadline. he told the partisan george stephanopoulos who used to work in the clinton white
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house this about balancing the budget. >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that we're going to be bringing in more revenue. if we control spending and we've got a smart entitlement package, then potentially what you have is balance. but it's not balance on the backs of the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who have got disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >>brian: you were doing good until the last line. if you want to reform entitlements, all of a sudden you don't like the poor, the elderly, people with special needs, then all of a sudden you can't talk anymore. these are entitlement programs that need to be reformed in a way that will be sustainable. you don't have to vilify people that come up with plans. come up with your own plan. for him to say i'm not going to balance the budget just to balance the budget,
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did he get anything out of the dinner from last week? >>steve: how many times in the campaign did we hear from the democrats we've got to have a balanced approach where everything is balanced, except when it comes to the budget, which the republicans say they will balance the budget within ten years. but the democrats, you know, are just flatout, no, we're not going to do it. i don't get the disconnect. >>alisyn: this is a huge disconnect. in fact, it is possibly a deal breaker, the fact that the republicans say the one thing, their overarching goal which is to do away with the debt and the deficit and to balance it somehow, and the president says that's not at the top of my list. and he's more interested -- i mean, he thinks that the paul ryan budget really hurts education and research. and he thinks if the government doesn't invest in education and research, then we will not be internationally competitive. the republicans have a completely different view. it's great that they're talking. i think it's wonderful that they're talking but they are at opposite ends philosophically about this. >>brian: the house says okay, there is the budget.
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you don't like it? the senate is going to do something interesting. they are going to have a budget. excited about it? a senate republican, snorkelly ayotte on -- senator kelly ayotte on greta van susteren's show last night. >> i'm glad the democrats are finally after four years going to do a budget in the senate but basically he's rendering himself irrelevant because his is going to come after the house puts forth his budget, after the senate does his budget. where is he on this issue? you'd think he would have a fiscal blueprint for the country. i'm on the budget committee and we'll be doing it without his piece of it. frankly, when he drops it, it will be irrelevant. >>steve: she's going to hear from the president tomorrow. part of a charm offensive. >>brian: he's going to the house? >>steve: today the house. we've been speculating what was the motivation for this charm offensive. now thanks to ron pornier,
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we know it is a tactic. the president of the united states is not serious about reaching across the aisle, but he saw his poll numbers were imploding thanks to the sequester, and a senior official told "the national journal" this. >> a senior white house official says this is a joke. we're wasting the president's time and ours. i hope you all in the media are happy because we're doing it for you. in other words, the president is only going, according to this senior white house official, to capitol hill to break bread with the republicans as a show, a bit of political theater. that was the most disheartening thing i've read in a long time, because that's what you're supposed to do. i mean, you're supposed to go and meet with your adversaries so that you can work out some sort of bargain. the president made it sound as though he's looking for some sort of grand bargain. if this is true and if a senior white house official says this is a show for the media, we think it is a huge waste of time and is not going to bear fruit.
3:14 am
>>steve: not for the country. for the media. >>brian: i'm still buying into the charm offensive so don't say a word about this article. steven hayes wants to disabuse me of that thought. listen. >> i think this whole thing is a setup. this is all about the 2014 election. this has nothing to do with a grand bargain. the president hasn't given us much evidence that he wants a grand bargain. this is all about setting up republicans as the bad guy, as the village so he can once -- as the villages so he can once against run again. >>brian: the president, given the fact that the sequester didn't work out right, his standoffishness with republicans, he's lost a lot of political capital and so he's going to capitol hill again today even though he told the white house aide in the past going there is beneath
3:15 am
me and beneath the office. but nonetheless he's doing it again. >>alisyn: it might still work. regardless of the motivation, even if the motivation wasn't pure, it could still work when they get together. i like i am not willing to fold my hands and be cynical like everybody else in the beltway. i'm hoping something will happen. >>brian: alisyn seems really smart today. coming up straight ahead, a story that may have people thinking twice about cracking down on gun rights. >> i made it clear to him that if he did come at me, i would have to take him down. >>brian: that man just saved a woman's life with a gun. that story ahead. >>steve: the president's likely pick for secretary of labor, a supporter of sharia law. that guy? that guy? coming up next. my wife takes centrum silver. i've been on the fence about it.
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>>steve: a disturbing new report about president obama's possible pick for labor secretary. justice department official thomas perez is on the short list to replace hilda solis but perez has controversial connections. he was reportedly instrumental in the decision to dismiss a case against a new black party member. remember the alleged intimidation in philadelphia on election date in 2008. perez denies politics played a role in that decision but our next guest says he has a long history of dishonesty and racism. john fund is the coauthor of the book "who's counting." he joins us live. >> i meant radicalism. i don't believe tom perez is a racist. >>steve: radical. thank you. tell us about an inspector
3:20 am
general report that came out within the last 12 hours. >> he's a radical's radical. what i think we found in this inspector general's report is that he presided over a civil rights division in the department of justice that has been way tilted to the left. he himself comes very much from the left. he used to be president of an immigration advocacy group that advocated no enforcement of any immigration laws whatsoever. the inspector general's report is significant because the inspector general is appointed by obama himself. normally they tend to paper over these things. to have perez so criticized for his actions as head of the justice department's division is astonishing and for him to be considered labor secretary where lots of decisions are made on whether or not companies are going to be allowed to create jobs is very troubling. >>steve: i read an item in "the washington post" about how generally a lousy lawyer. also i read one report that says he's a supporter of
3:21 am
sharia law? >> i haven't gone into that part of it yet, but i'll tell you this. the report that the justice department put out confirms what a federal judge concluded recently which is when perez was giving testimony on the new black panther case, he directly contradicted the written record. in other words, he misled people. for someone to literally have problems with the truth when they're testifying under oath and then be potentially nominated for a cabinet post is beyond the pale. >>steve: i got a feeling you don't think he's qualified for the job. >> i think he may be qualified for the job but he is beyond mainstream and is getting slapped by the court, including a case in north carolina. i think the senate would have no choice but to consider mounting a filibuster and stopping this nomination if made. >>steve: it is about thomas perez who could be our next labor secretary or
3:22 am
not. john fund, thank you very much. 20 minutes after the top of the hour. another kick for mayor bloomberg. lawmakers in one state passed a law to leave their soda alone. secrets from inside the vatican you never heard before, like not one of those cardinals actually wants to be the pope? really? the man with that scoop [ male announcer ] in blind taste tests, even ragu users chose prego.
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3:26 am
from passing and enacting laws that requires calorie counts to be posted. therms not allowed -- they are also not allowed to cap the size of beverages or food. a hump back whale entangled in ropes off the coast of hawaii is finally free this morning. the mammal was spotted last friday but rescue crews weren't able to reach it until monday. they used a pole to get to the rope and set the whale on his way. >>alisyn: they are known as the world's smallest army but play a big role in the vatican city. the pontiffical swiss guard have been protecting the pope for years. although not allowed to speak to the pope unless addressed, our next guest says he also had conversations with pope john paul ii. >>brian: joining us the author of "the pope and the c.e.o." how did you get to be a small business guard and how did you get to be -- go
3:27 am
to the vatican? >> the swiss guard is not associated with the government of switzerland at all. you basically apply and then it's a competitive kind of process to get in and get accepted. >>alisyn: you ended up protecting and actually befriending john paul ii. i read that you said he was the most fully human person you ever met in your life. what does that mean? >> when i went to the vatican, i wasn't particularly practicing my catholic faith. i grew up in -- i'm a cradle catholic but like many people i didn't quite practice the faith fully. in a way that was a blessing because i got to know him, to meet him just as a, you know, man to man, if you wish. he was quite a bit older than me, of course. so when i started to interact with him, i just had this huge impression of
3:28 am
him that i remember one day seeing him and he did all these things very well. he was a very -- he lived very purposely. and watching him, i thought whatever that man has, that's what i want. he lived -- that's the best i can say. he lived life most authentically than i've ever seen anybody do. >>brian: you had that story where you were upset because you weren't home to be with your family on christmas. he prayed for you in church and you got a warm feeling about that relationship. take us inside the sistine chapel. now would that be a great place to be a swiss guard to oversee that process? >> the swiss guards don't i don't see see it. they do security -- the swiss guards don't oversee it. they do security outside the chapel. but it would be a huge honor to be one of those guards standing there right now. >>brian: you say it's boring? >> if the average person would be inside the sistine chapel, i think they would
3:29 am
be pretty bored. this is not a political event, not a rally. this is a prayer meeting. >>alisyn: i was thinking it would be great to be a fly on the wall inside the conclave right now. but i read in your notes you say all they really do is vote and pray. and it's your theory that the cardinals aren't really lobbying to become popes because this was god's choice. >> i don't think that any one of the cardinals really wants to be pope. i was very privileged to see firsthand, sort of a first-row seat to seeing what it is and how it is to be pope. and i think most cardinals, every cardinal knows that being a pope means you give up your life. that's one of the signs that they give up their names and choose a new name, is that they pretty much give up their private life. pope benedict said he felt that he sort of prayed when he was in the sistine chapel to say please, god,
3:30 am
don't do this to me. let me go home and basically retire, but god had other plans and so he accepted the vote. i think any pope that is going to come out on that balcony the next few days is going to accept it but hasn't thought that often. >>brian: interesting. i thought they would all want to be pope on some levels. >> much nicer to be a cardinal than a pope. >>alisyn: the book is "the pope and the c.e.o." thanks for your insights. >>brian: 28 minutes before the top of the hour. it's something you've probably taken many times to fight off an infection. but now there's word it could be deadly. >>alisyn: nearly 50 million people are on welfare. congressman paul ryan says he can fix the problem, but will his plan work? stuart varney will announce it. >>brian: first happy
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for a body in motion. >> a company is developing drones that can beo u pick up and deliver items to customers. isn't that amazing? yeah. so if you see a drone coming, someone in the neighborhood either joined al qaeda or netflix.
3:35 am
>> that's funny. >>alisyn: a good one. let's get to your headlines and tell you what you missed overnight. there is a new warning out by the f.d.a. about a very popular drug. officials say the antibiotic better known as the zpac could cause potentially deadly heart problems. it may cause an irregular heart rhythm. at high risk are elderly people and those who already have an irregular heartbeat. >>brian: they say that is what paul ryan is doing, hurting old people with z-pak. >>steve: don't believe that part. brian, you're fired. >>brian: 27 minutes before the top of the hour. a shooting at the most popular shopping district in south beach, florida. a wheelchair bound man and his brother got into an argument with a waitress over where to sit at a bar at the lincoln mall road. that's when they say the suspect pulled a gun from under his shirt and began waving it at people before firing two shots.
3:36 am
witnesses say it was chaotic. >> i was running. i saw everyone running. i hope it's an isolated incident. i'm pretty sure it is. >> the suspect told miami police he had had too much to drink. do you think? >>brian: a veteran in the right place at the right time is able to stop a pwraouplgts -- brutal crime. he was driving home from work when he saw something on the sidewalk. a man assaulting a woman. so he made the quick decision to step in and stop it. >> he was a big individual, and i wasn't playing around and he didn't seem like he was playing around. i made it quite clear to him that if he did come at me, i would have to take him down. >>brian: blackmore held his gun on the suspect and then called police. >>alisyn: if you're going to take a sick day, try not to make international news. a british man made headlines in january for wrestling a shark away from
3:37 am
some kids at a beach. good samaritan while he was on vacation in australia. the only problem, his bosses thought he was on sick leave for stress. now he is. when he returned home, he was fired. making matters worse, his wife also works for the same company and was also fired. >>steve: as a child, that was always the peril. if he call in sick, never show up at the mall and run into your teacher there. >>alisyn: or wrestle a shark away from other swimmers. >>brian: how many times have we heard that? sports headlines. late last night the iditarod, the winner competed for nine days, 7 hours and 79 minutes. seavey won the challenge in 2004. i would give credit to the dogs but they are not
3:38 am
watching. the miami heat have won 19 in a row, dwayne wade leading the way this time. the team rolled past the hawks 91-81, tied for the fifth longest streak in nba history. nfl, the big players changing teams. free agency. miami dolphins signed now former steelers wide receiver mike wallace. and the super bowl champs, the baltimore ravens losing two key defensive players. paul krueger with the browns and the dolphins linebacker daniel ellerbee. looks like terrell reavus could be going to tampa bay. coming up on kilmeade and friend from 9 till noon on the fox news radio app and kilmeade and friends, judith miller among the many guests joining us live
3:39 am
as well as dr. keith ablow? >>steve: if you need weather information, you would go to january niece dean, our weather -- you would go to janice dean, our weather machine. >> speaking of winter, still here not only here but across europe. let's look at this video. snow is the blame for this massive pileup in germany. more than 100 cars collided on the auto bonn. first responders said the road looked more like a battle field covered in wreckage. we've seen scenes like this over parts of the midwest and the northeast. i want to point out as we go to the maps across europe, paris only 28 degrees. they had over a foot of snow earlier this week. madrid at 43. 41 in london. vatican city, all eyes are perhaps on a new pope maybe today or tomorrow. if you're a reveler headed
3:40 am
to st. peter's square, it's going to be a little bit rainy unfortunately today through tomorrow. over to the u.s. here, temperatures chilly across chicago. 34. even atlanta right now in the 30's. and the satellite radar imagery shows you that storm system exiting the east coast. we still have lake-effect snow and a new storm system moving into the northwest bringing some rain and a little bit of snow. there is your u.s. forecast. there is your european forecast. we are just all over the map today with "fox & friends." back to you. >>steve: although apologies, janice. i think we had french music under your italian live. [music] >> what kind of dance is this? >>brian: it might be greek. >>alisyn: we're going to get it right. >>steve: thank you, janice. >>brian: she's not punchy. >>alisyn: let's go to capitol hill.
3:41 am
congressman paul ryan releasing his bold plan to balance our nation's budget partly by giving states incentive to ease people off of welfare and into the workforce. here's what the congressman told hannity last night. >> our welfare reforms, we're asking should we measure poverty fighting by how much money we throw at programs or maybe we should measure it by how many people are getting out of poverty. that was the point. how do we make people's lives better and balancing the budget is a means to that end. >>steve: if you can see vatican city, the six-foot copper chimney at this hour is showing black smoke which means no pope. they have voted twice, we believe, on both ballots a pope was not selected. >>alisyn: i think that is a live shot outside st. peter's where all the watchers are waiting. >>brian: shepp smith is standing by. i thought the voting
3:42 am
started over an hour ago? >> it did. they were supposed to have two votes this morning. the thinking was that they would vote during "fox & friends" first and we believe they did. and that they would vote again. and if both times they didn't get 77 votes, the smoke would pour and we would know there is no pope. what we know is there is no pope. but we may know a little bit more. here's what the insiders are telling us here. all day yesterday, all of this morning here in rome, the overriding thinking was that cardinal scola of milan seemed more as a reformer really than one who would be backing -- in other words, one who believes we need outside voices to come in and help us with the problems that the church has and with spreading the message to sort of underdeveloped areas from a catholic church perspective. the thinking was that he was the front-runner. here's how everyone here is thinking about it. that is that scola was the one who had the votes of the reformers, et cetera, and that they got together but couldn't get 77 votes.
3:43 am
so the thinking is probably another one from the reformer side will come up and try to take those votes and they'll vote again this afternoon. all of that said, we really don't know. but the people who watch all of this think that's where the best money is on all of this and they'll have a couple more votes this afternoon, late morning your time. if they don't get a pope, there will be more black smoke. they'll pray about it and do it again tomorrow. >>steve: shepherd, you're talking about the politics there at the vatican. scola is the cardinal from milan; right? >> correct. cardinal from milan. very close to benedict xvi. personally more of an extrovert with greater optimism about the church's prospects in the here and now. it was widely believed that benedict xvi tried to hard to get reforms in place, the vatican bank controversy that had come along, the scandal after that. it is widely believed here he tried really hard, couldn't get things done he
3:44 am
wanted to do and decided for a number of reasons that he would resign, but with hopes that reform would take hold after he advocated and a new pope came in. it really is a struggle of two competing thoughts. one is that the hierarchy within the church, sort of administration, if you will, would remain the same and they would work their problems out and expand the church. the other thinking is an outsider would come in, one not so closely tied to the administration of the vatican, if you will, and would bring in new thoughts and new ideas and new ways to bring the church forward in the 21st century. those are sort of the kpaoert areas. -- sort of the competing areas. >>alisyn: as you're speaking, we're watching some of the bystanders who are waiting, the faithful waiting out in the rain obviously there for the answer. they are filing out of st.
3:45 am
peters. at home there is a lot of talk about cardinal sean o'malley of boston. is he in the reform camp or the other? >> he's in the reformer camp as is timothy cardinal dolan of new york. there is a lot of talk about cardinal dolan around here as well. here's how that thought process works. i want to preface this by saying nobody really knows, but here's the thought process. if you get a timothy cardinal dolan or cardinal o'malley out of boston, that would be an enormous, an enormous shaking of the tectonic plates around here because that would mean big change is coming. father jonathan morris is with me. either of those would signal the church is going to take on new ways? >> it would. the taxi drivers would be very happy because there would be lots of people here in rome. it would be such a shift. but, yes, it would be a big change because they are coming in from the outside. cardinal dolan here for six
3:46 am
years. but at the same times americans have dealt with the sex abuse scandal, for example, in a way that a lot of other countries have not yet. and they would come in, they would be looking for transparency, looking for taking on some of the corruption that's been in the roman church. it would be a big shift. >> the other side of this equation is that there might be someone more closelied closely tied and cardinal sheerer of brazil might be the one. it is unusual to think of someone from brazil as an insider but he is. >> he worked for many years within a major department here in the vatican. and the way the vatican, the expert journalist talked about it, he has so many friendships and relationships on the inside and because he's not a big personality that if he came in, some people would be able to control him in a way that they would want.
3:47 am
and that's why some of the others are saying no, we don't need that. we need somebody who is able to be a manager and at the same time a pastor. >> make no mistake, the romans want to keep this within the current administration, within the current way and many want outsiders instead. it's a waiting game. the last time we did this, 2005, on the first day there was a vote and nothing. on the second day there was a vote in the morning. we got black smoke. and in the afternoon we had a new pope. it was benedict xvi. i'm guessing he's watching this on vatican tv along with us. >>steve: we've just concluded three rounds. shepherd, i'm looking on-line. it says that they had two votes today and one of course yesterday. three rounds. we're seeing all that smoke -- >> that's not how they say it here, though. they consider each whatever -- who cares. >>steve: we know two rounds are burning. we know that?
3:48 am
>> we do know two rounds -- yeah, two rounds are burning and the satellite delay is a second and a half. >>steve: shepherd, with all that black smoke coming out of that chimney, they must throw something else in there other than 115 little paper ballots. >> it's true. remember those little snakes you had as a kid, you throw out on the sidewalk? i think that's it. it's funny because the last time we were up here on the afternoon vote on the first day in 2005 and it was a gray day much like this, probably a little grayer and we're all looking at the smoke and we couldn't tell if it was black or white. instead it was stkpwraeu, which really -- instead it was gray, which really life is. this time they added chemicals. they could have just tweeted it. >>brian: shepherd, would you ask father jonathan this. we just had a guest on that got to know pope i don't know paul that was a --
3:49 am
pope john paul that was a member of the swiss guard that said for the most part most of these cardinals wouldn't want to be pope? >> father morris, you answer and then i'll answer. he was talking earlier about how they don't really want to be the pope. that's like saying an employee i side a business doesn't want the c.e.o. >>brian: asked father jonathan. >> i did. i know his answer. >> i'll tell you the facts as i see them, my. i was with cardinal dolan a few minutes before he got in the box, he came down here to live these few days. can you imagine what is going through his mind in terms of what a lifestyle change that would be? in his case, for example, can you imagine being stuck behind these walls and having all of the press on you all the time, constantly. it would be a lifestyle change besides just a huge spiritual and also
3:50 am
political responsibility on you. >> he also came from st. louis where he grew up. then he moved to milwaukee, a huge brewers fan. and then he had to move to new york. that is as big a culture shock as all of that. and then you get to go over here and i don't know. think what that gregarious man could do. think of the changes he could make not just here in the church but all over the world. if god wants him there, he'll be there. >> i like that. you know, if he were to be pope, they would find him all over this city in different restaurants having a beer with friends and with others. it would be a -- >> that's one of the things i like about the catholic church. you can have beer and it's okay. i figured our rome bureau would become much more active and we would probably need to anchor programs from here. >>alisyn: shepherd, i like where you're going with this. >>brian: the fox report live from italy every day.
3:51 am
>>steve: once again, folks, to recap, you're looking at the picture of the black smoke moments ago from the chimney above the sistine chapel. they have had two rounds. they voted three different times as shepherd accurately told us. still no pope. shepherd, you were talking about how the conventional wisdom was that people were voting essentially on cardinal scola from milan. he's a reformer. he didn't get the 77 -- the supposition is. he didn't get the threshold of 77 votes. so now rather than getting more votes for him, your people are telling you maybe we're looking for another guy? >> it's not -- if not scola, the next reformer on the list of those who we think might be up there? maybe the cardinal from canada? >> i don't see him as a
3:52 am
reformer. you know who would be a real reformer is virgol i o. i think we should keep one eye on him. he's an argentinian. he knows rome inside and out but he's gone back -- he was supposedly the number-two guy, a runner-up in the last conclave, getting 48 votes. those are rumors but pretty substantiated rumors. he went back. an argentinian bishop elected him the president of their bishops conference. he is loved, he is simple. he is a jesuit but he's also taken on more extreme elements of the jesuit community. yes, i think bergelio is a reformer and big possibility. >> do you state course or do you go out-- do you stay the course or do you go outside the box? we'll know soon enough.
3:53 am
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dulcolax stool softener doesn't make you go, it just makes it easier to go. dulcolax stool softener. make yourself comfortable.
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3:56 am
>>brian: moments ago we saw black smoke coming out in the middle of the segment where we saw paul ryan talking to sean hannity last night. >>steve: unrelated to paul ryan. we have a budget budget! we saw black smoke, no pope. >>brian: we have two rounds to go. >>alisyn: let's get back to capitol hill because we were telling you congressman paul ryan releasing his bold plan to balance our nation's budget
3:57 am
giving states the incentive to ease people off welfare and get them back into the workforce. can his plan get people off welfare? stuart varney. >> the answer is yes, it would if it were implemented. here's what paul ryan wants to do. number one, he wants to return the work requirement and the time limit. in other words, you can't sit back take the food forever. got to get out there and work for it. number two, he would give block grants to the states. say here, you run the food stamp program. here's how much money you're going to get. do with it what you like. i think, number three, most important, he would return morality to the food stamp program because he would use it as a way to get people out of poverty as opposed to locking them in. i think that's a very moral position to take. >>brian: it becomes a word game. that is why it isn't getting anywhere. republicans don't like poor people. they're trying to take food stamps away as opposed to working through the
3:58 am
problem. >> that is how it gets demagogued to death. we're signing up 3,545 people every single day to get on food stamps. you present that number, those facts, and you also say all we're doing is taking the food stamp program back to bill clinton's day when he reformed welfare. if you do that, i think you've got more of a winning argument. >>steve: i saw something this morning, one in three students in the united states on free lunch. >> separate free food program. 18.7 million students get totally free lunch. that costs us $10.4 billion per year. that's added on to the food stamp program. i think you need reform, frankly. >>steve: stuart varney, 9:20 eastern time over on fox business. we've got breaking news. black smoke seen over the sistine chapel. we'll take you back to
3:59 am
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4:02 am
viagra. talk to your doctor. d. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 13. you seen smack smoke rising from the sistine chapel. >> brian: president obama and paul mine face-to-face. >> this is the first time i've had a conversation lasting more than a few minutes. never a lengthy conversation until this moment. >> brian: how did it go? we report. you decide. >> steve: then they're among the most highly trained military operatives. we're going to tell you all about them. >> brian: that will be good. >> steve: then, we'll be talking about dolphins. >> brian: i never -- i thought it was a navy seal. >> steve: we got so much more in the final two hours of "fox & friends," which starts right
4:03 am
now. >> alisyn: we start with a fox news alert. moments ago, black smoke rising from the sistine chapel signaling no pope was elected this morning. >> steve: we should point out that brian, because we kept the chimney up the entire show, brian kilmeade actually spotted it. did some pointing. >> brian: i happened to notice smoke while paul ryan was talking. lauren green is live outside saint peter's square where not many people will there are giving me the credit for spotting the smoke during the paul ryan sound bite. >> there is a bit of a traffic jam here in rome. you can hear the sirens behind me. the street leading up to the vatican is not very broad. it is very grand, though.
4:04 am
and the black smoke came a little earlier than a lot of them had expected. probably 40 minutes. i want to bring father tom reed. he can explain a little bit more about the earliness of this smoke. we had expected it around 12:30, which is 40 minutes earlier. what does that say to you? >> just that the cardinals happened to move faster than we thought they could. and this is a really a key time in the conclave because last night for the first time, they had real data on how much support the front runners have. then this morning in the two votes they had, they were watching to see who gains votes. it's momentum. it's all about momentum. if those front runners don't get enough votes, if they don't keep increasing votes, then their day is passed and they'll have to look for somebody else. >> let's talk about one front runner, father scola. we're looking at him as one of the outsiders. one that will come in and sort
4:05 am
of clean up the mess. what about him? >> he is certainly one of the ones that people are talking about. he's a theologian, he's in the tradition of john paul and benedict. we wouldn't see any radical change under him. on the other hand, he isn't part of the curia. that's why people look upon him as an italian who could come in and clean up the mess. and so he's kind of a threat to the people in the curia. >> cardinal scherer is seen as an insider and being supported by those inside the curia. what about him? i'm hearing he's actually kind of losing momentum. >> well, he, of course, is someone who actually worked in the curia. not in a very high position. it was a low position in the congregation for bishops. then he went back to brazil and became the archbishop and cardinal. he has a little bit of knowledge of the vatican and some people think, well, he'll work with the people who are there. but on the other hand, he might have the knowledge, the inside knowledge to be able to go in and clean it up. so he might appeal to both sides
4:06 am
on this. >> very interesting compromise candidate could be cardinal of hungary. it's not servicing too much, but you say he's a very interesting character. >> he's a very interesting bishop. because he became a bishop at a very young age and not only that, but he was elected the president of the european bishops conference. so he's got backing from all of these bishops in europe and cardinals who respect him and like him. you know, his major handicap is he's young. >> he has some american contact as well. >> absolutely. he got a research grant to study at the university of california at berkeley. that would be something to have someone connected to berkeley become the pope of the catholic church. >> the other person that the italian press are really looking at the american, cardinal am sean o'malley. this is a surprise that emerged a few weeks ago. what is it about him that the italians like?
4:07 am
>> well, if the election was up to the people of rome, sean o'malley would be elected. the newspapers have been having polls. they just love him. his brown robe. his beard. he looks like a holy man. and he knows italian very well. when he talks, he communicates. he's so transparent. the people of rome have just fallen in love with him. and that's why he's gotten all this buzz in the italian media. >> he would stay in his brown cassock and sandals, right? >> he was asked that and he said he's worn that brown robe for 40 years, he expects to be buried in it. but does he not expect to be the pope. >> i want to thank you very much. we'll be keeping in touch with you. and we're going to be watching for more smoke this afternoon the we could see the first whiffs of smoke really after the first vote this afternoon. maybe around 5:30. if there is no conclusive vote, then we will wait until about 7:00 p.m. rome time, which is
4:08 am
about 2:00 p.m. eastern time. that is it for right now. back to you, steve and ali and brian. >> brian: great job. >> alisyn: i hope you're not doing anything at 2:00 o'clock. you need to spot the smoke. >> brian: i'm the guy. i should tell megyn kelly. >> steve: if you are just joining us, black smoke over the sistine chapel just about a half hour ago. no pope. more voting this afternoon. there you can see what it looked like. you saw is it live right here on "fox & friends." of course, we will have, during the aforementioned hours, we will have the chimney cam up. >> alisyn: let's get to other headlines. we have another fox news alert. let's look at these pictures. this is a tug boat and a barge in the gulf of mexico. the tugboat was pulling the barge when it hit a pipeline 30 miles south of new orleans. the barge carrying 3,000-barrels of fuel. four people are hurt, including the captain of the tug boat who we understand suffered serious
4:09 am
burns. there are new details on the deadly crash in ohio that left six teen-agers dead. the 19-year-old girl behind the wheel apparently did not have a valid license and on top of that, the two teen-agers who survived this crash say the driver was swerving and going about 80 miles per hour. she reportedly lost control and flipped the suv into a pond. should work requirements for welfare be waived? the house is expected to vote on a bill to block the obama administration from doing just that. the republican legislation has little chance of passing in the democratically controlled senate. last summer the administration said it would be willing to grant states waivers of some of the welfare reform law requirements, but not one state applied for that waiver. it sounds like something out of a movie. three killer dolphins are on the loose and looking for love? they escaped from the ukrainian navy. the mammals are trained to find underwater mines and kill enemy divers. the u.s. navy also uses dolphins, but just for
4:10 am
intelligence gathering. >> steve: what about the looking for love part? it's just kind of dangling out there. >> alisyn: that's a cliff hanger. tune in next hour to find out. >> brian: by the way, how do you escape from the ukrainian navy? >> steve: you mean with weaponnized dolphins? >> brian: yeah. incredible. we're heading back to capitol hill. president obama is going to be doing that. he has a plan to tackle the debt. but does it involve balancing the budget? elizabeth prann has the latest from washington and this big charm offensive. >> that's right. this going on while a new national poll shows the president's job approval rating is slipping. it's down five points from the start of this term. according to a new abc survey, 50% of those polled approve of the way the president is handling his job of running the country, while 46% disapprove. this while the budget showdown continues. the president is heading back to capitol hill again today, but this time to meet with house republicans ahead of his budget
4:11 am
proposal as a show of compromise. yet during an abc interview last night, he refuted paul ryan's latest budget blueprint. take a listen. >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that, we'll be bringing in more revenue. >> the president made previous efforts through dinners and phone calls to make a kiss for tax increases and entitlement cuts. house republicans say it's not about more spending. >> how does he forget what he said? one of his first goals in the first four years was to cut the deficit in half. now he doesn't care. he doesn't even produce a budget. i'll bet you this, i bet you he spends more time filling out his march madness bracket than writing a budget. >> the white house is said to release its budget proposal during the week of april 8, more than two months late. today on the hill, the house budget committee will begin mark ryan's proposal, while patty
4:12 am
murray will release a competing plan. back to you. >> steve: all right. thank you very much. also kevin mccarthy, the whip talked to the president at the gridiron dinner the other night and apparently they had a chat as well and he said, the president said if the republicans are going to get entitlement reform, he says, you need me. >> brian: no kidding. is that big news? >> alisyn: yeah. they do need him. >> brian: they'll bypass the president and get that passed. paul ryan spoke out for the first time about meeting the president. the only time he spoke to the president was at a caucus in which the president was invited and kind of took over and singled paul ryan for having a nice family and later invited him to a big event and kind of singled him out as the bad guy. >> steve: that was the awkward part. >> brian: that was kind of awkward, too, the first time, 'cause that didn't go for well for mike pence in particular. last night he talked about meeting him. >> alisyn: shockingly, congressman paul ryan says that
4:13 am
he's never really talked to the president for more than two minutes. he's never spent any substantial time with him. listen to what the congressman said on hannity. >> this is the first time i've ever had a conversation lasting more than two minutes with him, other than a couple public exchanges we've had on television. i've never had a lengthy conversation with him until this moment. i just thought for the sake at least starting a relationship if that's what we're doing, candor is the best way to go. so i told him precisely what i thought of the rhetoric, of the policies, and why it is we're doing what we're doing. at least he understands my perspective and why we're doing what we're doing and why we proposed these policies. he gave me his side of the story as well. so at least we had a candid and frank exchanges. >> alisyn: isn't that remarkable? the president and paul ryan have never talked about this? i mean, the guy on capitol hill who personifies the budget and what republicans think is the way forward and they've never
4:14 am
spoken more than two minutes? i was astonished. >> steve: you know what brought them together? the president's dropping poll numbers. there is a story in national journal where senior white house guy says, hey, what is happening with the charm offensive, it's all for show. it's a joke. they're just doing it for the media because the president's poll numbers have dropped. >> brian: the thing is, he's not running for reelection again. we're two years from a midterm election again. i could see the dinner being, okay, it's a show. but now you're looking at a dinner, a lunch, throw visits to capitol hill. so if this is a grand charade like i haven't seen before a big -- the biggest show on earth. sorry, ringling brother. how long is the big show going to last? >> steve: it's all about photo op. >> alisyn: that's what one senior white house official said in the national journal account. but other people say it is time to cut the president's political capital has dropped and it's time to make some sort of bargain or negotiation, grand bargain is probably out. but it isn't really a show.
4:15 am
but it's hard to know since inside the white house they're saying it's for the ops. >> steve: two weeks ago he said my number one goal for the second term is make sure nancy pelosi is speaker of the house. and then like a week later to suddenly, come on over! let's hug, come on. >> brian: yeah, but that was the story that broke. the president didn't want that out. i don't know. we'll see because senator coburn, senator lindsey graham all came out and said we had substantive conversation. >> steve: but in your heart, brian, do you believe there has been a charge of heart with the president. i think that's cute. >> brian: steve, i opened up to you before because my heart has been broken before. i'm vulnerable. >> alisyn: coming up, it was a film buster for the history books even some republicans were not happy with what rand paul did. so was it worth it? an interesting take next. >> brian: then the stock market is surging. but is it a good time to invest there? financial guru dave ramsey is going to tell us how to get
4:16 am
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4:19 am
>> brian: it was a filibuster for the ages. senator rand paul speaking for hours protesting the president's ability to use drones against the americans on u.s. soil. the senator grabbed headlines, but not everyone in his party agreed with him. >> if mr. paul wants to be taken seriously, he needs to do more than pull political stunts that fire up impressionable libertarian kids in their college dorms. he needs to know what he's talking about. >> brian: our next guest doesn't necessarily agree with either senator after meeting with paul yesterday. he has a newfound respect for what paul did. ditor with the national review and fox news contributor. you are on the mccain side or rand paul side?
4:20 am
>> well, first of all, i think mccain, you crazy kids get off my lawn routine doesn't work for him or for the republican party. at the same time, i agree with john mccain and other rand paul critics on a lot of the substance. i think that if we're in a time of war and you have a true enemy combatant on soil, the idea that you can't kill them without a trial or due process just doesn't strike me as all that plausible. if nazis were invading, you could shoot them on site without asking them if they're american. on the other hand, i think rand paul makes a great case that this is a different kind of war. drones in themselves are new and different and kind of creepy and kind of orwellian. and the war on terror is open ended, borderless, not bound by the geneva conventions, and so therefore, coming up with some new bright lines about what the constitution allows and what it doesn't seems to me entirely reasonable.
4:21 am
even if i might not like all of the reforms that rand paul would impose or implement, i think it's highly worthwhile discussion to have and a lot of my friends on the right got a little over their skis on all of this. >> brian: i mean, he was looking for a hot issue, one that would resonate. he feels he found it, and he went ahead and did it and therefore, a lot of people like senator mccain feel as though he just is looking for his own career. not really for the party. >> yeah, i know. look, i have enormous respect for john mccain. he's an honorable man. at the same time, for him to be denouncing rand paul as he did the other day as essentially a whacko bird n his terms, who wants to fly to the cameras and get a lot of media attention, i can't think of a single other republican in american life in the last ten years who has gotten more media attention and has been around the cameras more than john mccain. i think if the republican party is going to grow and change, and it has to be open so some new
4:22 am
ideas and arguments. >> brian: senator mccain's camp did reach out and said, look what else he wants. no more foreign aid. he wants to cut back defense. >> look, on that stuff, i'm very much with john mccain. i'm a strong military guy and all of that. but if you actual lea believe in -- actually believe in your position, better to have an argument. rand paul has gotten down really well is sounding reasonable, being diplomatic and civil. screaming about libertarian kids in their dorms, i don't think it works for the elder states in the republican party. >> brian: if he wants to talk about civility, he should learn from you, 'cause that's who you are, as you state the case this morning. thanks so much. >> i'm captain civility. thanks for having me. >> brian: yes, you are. next up, good news. twinkies are back. why didn't we break out of the commercial for this one? what weather can you expect -- when can you expect to see it back? now actress rita moreno is here
4:23 am
live to tell her story of why she's happy her mom left her as a child. she's next ♪ [ male announcer ] start with nothing, build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a time machine. go here, find someone who can build a futuristic dash board display. bring future guy back. watch him build a tft display like nothing you've ever seen. get him to explain exactly what that is. the thin film transistor display... [ male announcer ] mmm, maybe not. just show it. customize the dash, give it park assist. the fuel efficiency flower thing. send future guy home, his work here is done. destroy time machine. win some awards, send in brady. that's how you do it. easy. prego?! but i've been buying ragu for years. [ thinking ] i wonderhat other questionable choices i've made? [ club scene music ] [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego.
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it shows. we don't run like that. we build john deere equipment the way we always have: the right way. times change. our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it.
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you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer.
4:26 am
it. >> steve: time for news by the numbers. more than a million. that's how many more mid-size cars made by gm could be added to a recall list. brake light problems. next, 1 entire state is now against new york city michael bloomberg. mississippi state lawmakers actually passing anti-bloomberg bill that bans food regulation within its borders. take that, mike. and finally, rita moreno thinks it's hilarious. $410 million, that's the joint offer hostess accept to do save
4:27 am
its brand. the new owners say twinkies should be back on the store shelves by summer time. >> alisyn: thank goodness. she spent six decades in entertainment starring in more than 30 films and becoming the only female, i believe, and latina to ever win an emmy, a grammy, oscar, and a tony. >> but who is counting? >> brian: we're counting. congratulations. >> look at that cute picture of me. isn't that cute? >> brian: you're still cute. >> awww. a cute old lady. >> brian: no you're not. >> i'm an old lady. i'm 81 and aim proud of it. >> brian: you look 15. >> i think you exaggerate. >> steve: you've got a brand-new biography out and in it, you tell a touching story about how -- your mother was still a young woman, she was barely a girl. >> about 18.
4:28 am
>> steve: and left puerto rico. >> my mom divorced my father when she was at that time, unheard of in a catholic island like puerto rico. and came to this country by boat in search of a better life. >> steve: didn't speak a word of english? >> not a word. she found a job in a sweat shop like many, many hispanic women, and are still doing that, by the way. learned enough english to go back to puerto rico to retrieve me and bring me to the united states. it was astonishing. we arrived if february, freezing cold month. all i can remember as a child was that i saw trees without leaves on them and i kept saying, what happened to the trees? freezing! i kept saying, what do you mean this is a better life? [ laughter ] what's better? i'm freezing. where is the warmth? paradise suddenly turned into something else. it was a difficult greeting to
4:29 am
this wonderful country. but it wasn't so wonderful from my perspective. >> alisyn: you waited a long time to write your memoir and you say it was because your husband of 45 years passed away. >> i don't think he would have appreciated the business with marlon brando and elvis presley and a couple of those other people. >> steve: extraordinarily, you talk about how you were involved with elvis and marlon brando simultaneously. >> what happened was -- >> steve: one of them wouldn't like that. >> marlon was a philanderer and we had a very long relationship. i think we were about almost eight years. >> alisyn: and very turbulent. >> steve: it's more like brando, come on. >> exactly. marlon turbulent brando. and i had just had it up to here are his philandering and it came out in the papers that elvis presley spotted me in the box commissary and would like to meet me. sure enough, colonel parker called me. said my client, elvis, would like to meet you and i'm
4:30 am
wondering if you would like to meet him. [ laughter ] and i said, i would love to. [ laughter ] i went and visited him at paramount. he was making "king creole." i thought to heck with marlon, except i didn't really mean it, of course. i thought if it gets in the papers, maybe he'll get jealous. he went ballistic. >> alisyn: it worked. >> i loved it! >> alisyn: if you want to read more about what her date with elvis is like and ha kind of perhaps -- what kind of perhaps lover -- >> you read the book, didn't you? >> alisyn: yes. >> brian: also alisyn has her own elvis story. >> steve: check out her book, a real pleasure. >> it was nice to meet you. thank you. >> brian: great to meet you. >> steve: you want to hang around the fox commissary here at the other fox? >> no, honey. i'm done boxing.
4:31 am
pleasure. >> alisyn: he got up the nerve to ask billy joel if he could perform with him. ♪ i'm in a new york state of mind ♪ ♪ . >> alisyn: a college kid's dream come true next. >> steve: then the stock market is surging t. a good time to invest at the top of the market? dave ramsey will tell you how it get 2 million in your bank account in a couple of years next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle.
4:32 am
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4:35 am
>> steve: fox news alert. 45 minutes ago, we saw this live. black smoke billowing from the chimney on the top of the sistine chapel. the cardinals signaling no new pope yet. so what does happen next? joining us now live from rome, fox news anchor shepard smith. >> hi, steve. it's lunch and prayer break, i suppose. then they'll get back to the business of the church. the cardinals, 115 of them, will come together in the sistine chapel. they'll each vote again this afternoon. about 3 1/2 or so hours from now. it's really up to them. but that's approximately the time. they'll have two votes in the afternoon. if they don't get a pope today, they'll pack it in and try it again tomorrow. >> steve: sheppard, you were telling us about 45 minutes ago, there was some supposition that there might have been a front runner and now that he did not get the required 77 votes, maybe
4:36 am
the cardinals are now thinking about plan b. >> that's entirely possible. the thinking going into all of this, again, this is from all our people who work here year in and year out, that the thinking was that cardinal scola of milan might have been the leading candidate to become the pope and the thinking about the way these things worked in the past is they get together, the folks who want to vote for them. and the hope is they'll get to the 77 necessary to make him pope. but as it turned out, the 71-year-old, who was created cardinal by john f. kennedy -- pope john paul. they haven't had any communications with us since yesterday they closed the doors. so nobody really has any idea. it's possible that they don't get a pope today or tomorrow, that they could go in a completely different direction. >> brian: what about an american? >> yeah. possibility of two americans.
4:37 am
i think there is more talk about an american this time than in our lifetimes. they've all been italians until the last two. but patrick o'malley from boston and timothy cardinal dolan from new york are both being talked about. the archbishop of boston and the 63-year-old archbishop of new york. cardinal dolan in new york, gregarious man who is all about town and has really done great work, according to those of the faith in new york city. and in the new york diocese in general. he's one who would be seen as a reformer and certainly bring an outsider's view into this. he was born in st. louis, moved to milwaukee and then now is the priest in charge, if you will, at the archdiocese of new york. there is a loft different possibilities. the hope is we'll know pretty soon. it was cardinal dolan who said he was only taking on a carry on baggage and figured if they
4:38 am
didn't get this done quickly, he would have to send his laundry out. >> alisyn: when should we keeping our eyes peeled for smoke this afternoon? >> 4:30 this afternoon, our time. so about 11:30 daylight saving time in the united states. but not in europe yet. there's a week where we're five hours apart. this afternoon, 4:30 our time. 11:30 this morning your time. that's the round about time when we'll be looking again. then after that, that's it. they'll try it again tomorrow during "fox & friends" first. >> brian: what are you doing now to make sure the pope is announced during studio b? >> well, we've asked for a delay. one of the guys here has called god. i'm not sure how busy he is. but i'm assuming quite. >> brian: he's getting a lot of requests. >> alisyn: that's great. thank you. we'll be watching. >> thank you. >> steve: all right. it's now 24 minutes before the top of the hour. >> alisyn: time to get to your headlines. a new warning out by the f.d.a. about a very popular drug. officials say the antibiotic better known as the zpak, could
4:39 am
cause potentially deadly heart problems. it may cause an irregular heart rhythm. sometimes those speed up your heart when you take it. you feel a little up. for elderly people and those with an irregular heart pack, z-pak could be dangerous. it's often used as an antibiotic. >> brian: a veteran in the right place at the right time is able to stop a crime and captured the suspect in the process. charlie blackmore was driving home from work when he saw something on the sidewalk. a man assaulting a woman of the so he made a quick decision to step in and stop it. >> he was a big individual. i wasn't playing around. he didn't seem like he was playing around. i made it quite clear to him that if he did come at me, i would have to take him down. >> brian: he held his gun on the suspect and then called police. the guy is in custody. >> steve: meanwhile, a college student truly is in a new york state of mind. he gets the chance of a lifetime. ♪ i'm in a new york state of
4:40 am
mind ♪ >> steve: this impromptu performance happen during a q and a session at vanderbilt. he asked billy joel, hey, could i play with you? and as you just saw there, he said yes. joel told the crowd to remember that name. >> brian: he's got an unbelievable personality. when he was still drinking. >> steve: billy joel? >> brian: not mr. pollack. he was at the new school giving a seminar telling the background on his songs. i never forget, the story got better and better, as the scotch -- he would sit there with a bottle of scotch and just sit there and pour. he was fantastic. >> alisyn: wow. janis dean has a big personality, but she is sober. >> brian: you don't have to be sober. >> thanks for covering. you know, i'm actually risking my life right now here on 48th street to show you, have you heard about this, the "new york post" tour bus?
4:41 am
one of the best ways to discover new york city on a tour bus. this one is brought to you by the "new york post." i mean, some of the headlines that we have seen from the new york post are famous, infamous rather, well, both. you can see that one of the most popular headlines, headless body in a topless bar. do you remember that one? >> brian: i remember that. >> then we had, what's another one? wiener's rise and fall. of course we remember that and the picture that accompanied it. congressman anthony wiener's bad torso. and then we've got charlie sheen, toast of the town. remember that one? so you can see new york city on this new york post tour bus and you can do it today. so book your reservations. let's talk about weather. weather here in the new york city area, very nice today. it's going to get cold tomorrow, though. temperatures right now around 40 in new york. look at atlanta. 39. 38 in memphis. 27 in kansas city. we've got freeze advisories,
4:42 am
freeze warnings in northern and central georgia, including atlanta for the prolonged period of time we have seen freezing temperatures. but look at phoenix! on the flip side of this, we're dealing with 90-degree heat across phoenix. we could break records. i don't know, that's pretty early to see 90-degree temperatures. but here we are, 48th street here in new york city in front of the new york post tour bus. i'll be your tour guide this afternoon. >> steve: janis dean standing right next to the bad girl logo on the side of the bus. >> that's right! >> brian: later i'll tell you that story, steve. >> steve: i'm sure you will. with the stock market's recent rally, we're at historic rise. what should investors do right now to see the biggest returns? stick with their investments or sell? >> brian: let's ask financial expert dave ramsey who is always talking did debt. but this time you're talking about going on the offense. am i correct? >> well, absolutely. you may remember back in 2009 on this show i was begging people
4:43 am
to not run out of the stock market 'cause it was diving and everybody was freaking out. i was saying, guys. just ride it out, calm down. remain calm. it turns out maybe i was right. i'll just say i told you so. >> steve: all right. in the lightning round because of limited time due to breaking n we'll go through your five tips. first of all, invest for the long-term. think at least five or ten years, right? >> well, absolutely. march of 2009 was the bottom and we markets 'cause we don't really know what a down market is. everybody says, this is the top of the market. that assumes it's going back down. how do you know? i don't know that. i know that over the course of the stock market, it's averaged
4:44 am
a little over 11%, according to s & p 500. >> steve: and this is your most important point, i think. the 12% reality. explain that. >> well, the 12% reality is simply this, the market has averaged a little north of 11% and there are many mutual funds out there that you can invest in that have averaged long-term over 12%. is it going to do that going forward? there is no guarantees. but if you buy in a good neighborhood, when you buy your home, usually you got a good investment. of course, $100 a month invested for 30 years will actually become about $3 million. >> brian: wow. >> steve: you got to stick to it, though. that's your most important point. all right. david, we thank you very much for joining us today from nashville. have a great week. >> thank you. you, too. >> brian: dave ramsey still getting in. 18 minutes before the top of the hour. coming up, do you hate when someone says, can i ask awe question, before they ask awe question? are they normal or nuts? dr. keith ablow hates a lot of stuff. he'll tell us 'cause he went to
4:45 am
college for this. >> steve: then love a good steak but don't want to pay a lot for it? we'll show which you cuts of meat are cheaper and could taste better than the filet or the stripper. >> brian: right. but first, the aflac trivia question of the day. born on this day in 1956, this actress currently stars on the hit drama "body of proof." when is she? be first. if youthen this willbrids arbe a nice surprise. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. c-max come. c-max go. c-max give a ride to everyone it knows. c max has more passenger volume than competitor prius v and we haven't even mentioned... c-max also gets better mpg. say hi to the super fuel efficient ford c-max hybrid.
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4:48 am
c♪ with tasty grilled flavoreep yoand goodness to savor ♪ean. ♪ friskies grillers blend. ♪ feed the senses. >> brian: quick headlines. nasa says mars may have supported human life several billion years ago according to new tests from the mars curiousity rover. the red planet at one point had water pure enough for humans to drink. now we call it evian. will the world forgive and forget about lance armstrong's doping administration. he says he should be because they gave president clinton a second chance. different circumstances. steve, think about that.
4:49 am
>> steve: all right. do you always want to buy that new york strip steak or stripper as we call it at our house but it costs a very, very big number. how about getting a cheaper cut of meat that promises to be just as good? >> alisyn: here to show us how is meat merchant pat lafreda. pat, get over here. >> steve: how are you? >> alisyn: nice to see you. you were saying meat prices are going up so we should be more cost conscious. >> it's inevitable. the rise in corn prices and the exportation of american beef since it's the best meat in the world has made supply very low. and demand in america is still very high. >> steve: what you're going to do is show us how popular cuts of meat, you can actually get something much, much cheaper that you might not think about. show us the new york strip versus the flat iron steak. >> this is a new york strip steak. and there is another cut of meat called the flat iron which has
4:50 am
very similar flavors and tenderness. >> alisyn: prove it. >> let's prove it right now. >> alisyn: because we are reporters! use your machete. >> this is a flat iron. >> alisyn: wait, don't tell me. >> steve: we know what it is. >> alisyn: no, no. put something in on a fork and put it in my mouth. one of the steaks, preferably. >> steve: there is the steak. >> now we're going to compare. >> alisyn: delicious. >> now we're going to compare that to what would cost three times the price. >> alisyn: that was very flavorful, whatever i'm eating. tender. juicy. >> steve: he's cutting the flab off four. >> alisyn: i loved it. what was i eating? >> a flat iron. >> alisyn: it was really good. >> that's the new york strip
4:51 am
steak now. >> steve: let's look at filet filetmingnon. >> same concept. >> alisyn: it is about the same. >> and one third the price. this is a petite tender. we'll cut a piece of that off. and let you sample that. now, this is not as tender as a filet, but has the same properties, just as lean. >> steve: i'll try this. this is the expensive one, right? >> this is the inexpensive one. >> steve: it is? >> yes. >> steve: 'cause that tastes like a filet. >> it's from the shoulder and this is a filet mignon. >> alisyn: i hope you like it still moving. >> steve: that's a little raw. >> alisyn: wow. but you're saying the petite is only 4.50 per pound.
4:52 am
>> yes. where you have filet which could be 20 to $30 a pound. >> alisyn: great, do we have time for the next one? >> steve: we do. >> alisyn: do you have that? >> we want to do the lamb. >> steve: no, no. this cut here. >> so we have what is america's favorite, which is a rib eye steak. and we'll cut a piece of this off and we'll bring it right over to the cutting board. >> steve: real quickly. >> right here. >> alisyn: that's a rib eye? >> this is a rib eye. >> alisyn: get us the less expensive one. >> steve: quickly. >> alisyn: i will. but that's -- we're about to taste the chuck eye versus the rib eye. i'm just going to use my dinner knife. >> steve: there are really cheap alternatives to expensive meat. >> alisyn: i'll let you know via twitter how i like this one. >> steve: we thank you very much.
4:53 am
>> alisyn: you're wonderful. >> steve: coming up next, am i normal or nuts? >> alisyn: i'll tell you [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes? just begin with america's favorite soups. bring out chicken broccoli alfredo. or best-ever meatloaf. go to for recipes, plus a valuable coupon. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do. all your imptant legal matters in just minutes. protect youramily... and launch your dreams. at we put the law on your side. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. moe most consistent speeds indoors or out. and, obviously, astonishing throughput. obviously... you know how fast our home wifi is? yeah.
4:54 am
this is basically just as fast. oh. and verizon's got more fast lte coverage than all other networks combined. oh, why didn't you just say that? huh-- what is he doing?
4:55 am
4:56 am
>> brian: the answer to the aflac trivia question, dana delaney. the question is who is dana delaney. and the winner is tony stemlilio from charlotte. >> alisyn: very nice. >> brian: congratulations. >> alisyn: as you often probably wonder, am i normal or not? it's a question everyone requests once nun a while and a question we ask dr. keith ablow every week. joining us to answer e-mail social security dr. keith ablow. hi. >> hi. good to see you. >> steve: good to have you. this is a perfect question on the heels of us both having steak for breakfast. we got an e-mail from somebody who says, i'm obsessed with how my food is prepared.
4:57 am
if i see the counter where my salad is being chopped down haven't been wiped down, i refuse to eat it. am i normal or nuts? >> i'm going to give this a normal because i don't tend to like inspect the salad bar counter. but if you noticed that it was completely grimy, i guess you'd say listen, i pass. on the other hand, if this is becoming a problem and we just heard an example and that there are other examples of this behavior in this person, then i would say you need another visit with the doctor. come back after class. >> brian: let's go to another one. my husband says it drives him crazy when i say i need to ask you something. he says, i do this all the time and he wants me to stop of the i don't see why it drives him so crazy. is he normal or nuts? >> well, i'm out on a limb 'cause i don't know the couple of the but i'm going to say he's crazy.
4:58 am
right? he's crazy in this way, she leads with sometimes things that have the meaning that are just stated in them. she says, i need to. and he goes crazy. why? because maybe her needs trigger anger in him. so what i would encourage they are do is to say, listen, look at all the times you've expressed your needs. are those things that drive him a little nutty? if so, you might tell him, hey, guess what? it's not going to work out here unless you can accommodate my needs. all i was doing was telling you, i needed to ask you a question. i also need you to take out the garbage. >> brian: very good. the one phrase i hate for is not for nothing. not for nothing but. >> what happens? you get violent? >> brian: no. i don't get violent. >> i heard you get violent. >> brian: that's not true! i heard i get defensive when you accuse me of being violent. >> alisyn: great to see you. take it to the green room. >> steve: coming up, there are
4:59 am
hidden dangers lurking inside your medicine chest. what's in there could actually make you sick to your stomach. then -- [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising... there's no subtext... just tacos. yeah, it's our job to make you want it. but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican.
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5:02 am
lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. >> alisyn: good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, march 13, i'm alisyn camerota in for gretchen today. you saw it right here just about an hour ago. black smoke seen rising from the sistine chapel. we are live at the vatican with the very latest. >> steve: meanwhile, will the white house reopen their doors to public tours? angry americans forcing the administration to consider changing course. breaking news straight ahead. >> brian: he thought he was hopping into a puddle. but he got in way over his head. that's a nice friend, isn't it? laughing in the background. "fox & friends" starts right now
5:03 am
>> alisyn: fox news alert. black smoke billowed from the chimney on the sistine chapel. the cardinals signaling no new pope yet. so what's next? >> brian: lauren green joins us live from outside saint peter's square with more. when is the next time we could possibly see some smoke, lauren? >> 5:30 rome time, or five hours ahead of the eastern time. that's because the cardinals will take their first vote this afternoon. if there is a pope, they could actually have that smoke by about 5:30. if there is no pope, there will be smoke either way around 7:00 o'clock or 8:00 o'clock tonight, rome time. but right now they're taking a break. they're going to lunch. as are the thousands of people who packed into saint peter's square. we're assuming they're filling in the streets around the vatican city and the cafes and the restaurants trying to find a
5:04 am
bite to eat. this morning's black smoke came a lot earlier than people expected. a lot of people expected, meaning the cardinals perhaps are moving quite quickly. >> if it ends today, i think it means that one of the front runners is going to get it because what they're watching for is who gains votes over the day. and if one of the front runners continues to gain votes, well, then they're going to say, this is the guy. and you start to have a band wagon effect, or the momentum. >> the front runner he's talking about is cardinal angelo scola. he is the 71-year-old from milan. he apparently is the top candidate on a lot of lists. so we're look for that. if there is no white smoke this afternoon or this evening, or even tomorrow morning, it will signal that the two sides of reformers and those ideas the curia are deadlocked.
5:05 am
in which case it means all bets are off. there could be a surprise candidate that we have not talked about, researched at all. so this is the situation right now. a lot are saying it will be today and other people are saying it will be thursday or friday. meaning no one really knows for sure. no one is in the sistine chapel giving us a play by play. it's all speculation at this point. brian? >> steve: lauren green live in rome with the latest. did you hear that apparently they also installed some sort of a jammer either inside or just outside the sistine chapel so there could be no radio signal, you know, nobody could twitter out or blackberry out any information. >> brian: if you can't trust a cardinal to keep a secret or tweet when he shouldn't, who can you touch? >> alisyn: i love this old school message delivery of the smoke shall. it's wonderful. the suspense is great. >> steve: i got an e-mail from somebody asking if that chimney with the smoke that, where the
5:06 am
expression holy smoke comes from? >> brian: i thought it came from f troop. the p.o.w.ees are coming. >> steve: it may have predated f troop. >> brian: really? >> steve: if you know the annual to where the origin of holy smoke, maybe it has to do with frankincense or something like that. e-mail us. >> brian: or batman. the 1960s sitcom. >> alisyn: that's good also. let us know. we have another developing story. brand-new video right now just in to show you of a fire burning in the gulf of mexico. a tugboat was pulling a barge when it hit a pipeline. this is 30 miles south of new orleans. the barge carrying 3,000 barrels of fuel. four people are hurt, including the tugboat's captain who reportedly suffered serious burns. there are new details on that deadly crash in ohio that left six teen-agers dead. the 19-year-old girl behind the wheel reportedly did not have a valid license. on top of that, the two
5:07 am
teen-agers who survived the crash say the driver, alexis casen, was swerving and going about 80 miles per hour when she flipped the suv into a pond. should the work requirements for welfare benefits be waived? the house is expected to vote on a bill today to block the obama administration from doing just that. but the republican legislation has little chance of passing in the democratically controlled senate. last summer the administration said it would be willing to grant states waivers of some of the requirements, but not one state has applied for those waivers yet. talk about getting in over your head, the kid you're about to see was dared by his friend to jump into a puddle with his brand-new shoes. we said puddle. let's take a look at what happened. [ laughter ] >> alisyn: that's horrible. i should not be laughing. what he thought was just a puddle, the photographer is laughing, not the poor victim. he thought it was just a couple of inches of water and it ended
5:08 am
up being a couple of feet. his friend posted the video and it has now gone viral. >> brian: what friend says, i have an idea, i see the puddle there. how much to jump in the puddle with both feet? they're up to something. >> alisyn: is that right? >> brian: feel free to laugh. >> alisyn: thanks, brian. >> steve: we've all been over our heads at one time or another. >> brian: not me. >> steve: all right. let's talk a little bit about this. the president of the united states continues his charm offensive. we'll tell you the true motivation about that in about two minutes. first, later today, he's going to be meeting with the house republicans. tomorrow with the house senators. interestingly enough, abc news is running this morning some clips with an interview between the president and george stephanopoulos. yesterday paul ryan, the republicans in the house, presented their budget for the coming year. it's balanced by ten years. what about the president's version? unbalanced. here he is. >> my goal is not to chase a
5:09 am
balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work, and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue. if we controlled spending and we've got a smart entitlement package, then potentially what you have is balance, but it's not balance on the backs of the poor, the elderly, students who need student loans, families who got disabled kids. that's not the right way to balance our budget. >> steve: the president back to campaigner. >> brian: what's so unbelievable is the ryan budget, everyone is vilifying it saying what are you going to do to medicare, those eligible for medicare from 65 to 67, that's a horrible thing. but he still is saying, for example, you can keep medicare traditionally the way it is. we want to build in a choice so if you want to take that money and go shopping for your own insurance, you can do that. just like george bush said four years ago with social security. we want to give you a choice of investing a portion of that in the market to grow your money
5:10 am
rather than just get it. it's a choice. then people say, well, look what he's trying to do. he's trying to screw old people. >> alisyn: here is the problem. the president and congress -- well, the republicans have two different goals. you heard the president there. his goal is not to do away with the deficit and not to balance the budget right now. his goal, he says, is to invest in education and research. so they're not even starting in the same frame of mind. the republicans say you can't have a really successful prosperous country for long with these levels of deficit and debt. look at greece. and the president doesn't feel that way. so this is a nonstarter. he's just laid out that the deficit is not his number one priority. >> brian: if we don't think this charm offensive, if we think it's insincere, you can't go anywhere. let's say there is sincerity on the charm phonessive to go to capitol hill three times, lunch with paul ryan, lunch with the democrats and then the senators. dinner with the senators. let's say it's sincere. you know what he could be doing? he knows the democrats for the most part, liberal democrats especially, are not going to be going for entitlement reform.
5:11 am
as crazy as that sounds, because it's not sustainable. maybe he's trying to use the republicans to say, look, you saw what happened with sequester. they're not budging. so i'm dealing with them to give them a few things they want. i have no choice. so maybe he's going to use the republicans as leverage against his own caucus. >> steve: that's all predicated on he's being sincere, he wants to reach across the aisle. >> brian: right. >> steve: i feel that is not true and will tell you why it probably is not. but one of the reasons he's launched this charm offensive is because after the sequester, you know, that ended badly for the white house. and then the cuts, we were told the sky is falling. not so bad. what does the white house do? they canceled the white house tours. we showed you the images of the sixth graders in iowa pleading with the president to please open the white house to the tours. instead, they canceled it. now this morning, breaking news, the president is considering resuming the white house tours. why?
5:12 am
clearly because that blew up in their face, too. >> brian: here is the president. >> how deeply do they have to furlough their staff and is it worth it to make sure that we've got white house tours if it means you got a whole bunch of families depending on a paycheck who suddenly are seeing 5 or 10% reduction in their may. what i'm asking are there ways for us to accommodate school groups, who may have traveled here with some bake sales, can we make sure that kids potentially can still come to tour. >> alisyn: that would be nice. nice that school kids can see the people's house. particularly like the kids in iowa who planned a trip. they were looking forward to it and mental it was canceled. i'm sure there are ways to save that $17,000 a week somewhere else in the white house. >> brian: right. i like to see receipts from the iowa kids to make sure it was really bake sales. also, just keep in mind, steve, to your point, the president had an 18 point advantage when the american people were asked who
5:13 am
is better on the economy over republicans. that's down to 4. >> steve: right. exactly. and the president's poll numbers have tanked as well. and so the national journal writer was talking to a senior white house official. what's going on with this charm offensive? and this is what the white house official told him confidentially. quote, this is a joke. we're wasting the president's time and hours. i hope you all in the media are happy because we're doing it for you. so the president not doing things for the people of the united states. but instead, doing it for the media, which has all been in his camp. >> brian: is he done? >> alisyn: he's done. >> steve: you're delusional. you think -- >> alisyn: we're idealistic. >> steve: it's a tactic! >> alisyn: no, we believe that it has come -- who cares what the motivation is, if he lost political capital. >> steve: he lost a lot. >> alisyn: maybe that's the motivation. but we believe it's in earnest that they are talking to each other and i refuse to believe that senior white house official
5:14 am
saying it's all for show. >> brian: steven hayes is buying the charm offensive. watch. >> i think this whole thing is a set-up. this is all about the 2014 election. has nothing to do with some kind of a grand bargain of the the president hasn't given us much evidence over the course of his four years in office that he really wants a grand bargain. this is all about setting up republicans as the bad guy, as the villain so he can once again run against them. the media will say, look, he reached out to these nasty republicans and they wouldn't listen. >> steve: see, that steve agrees with thisteve. >> alisyn: brian is crushed again. >> steve: he writes, so why exactly this charm offensive and you're going to be seeing some images of the president shaking everybody's hands because of the drop in his approval rating. he's meeting the republicans for trips to capitol hill. he had a rare news conference last week, and of course, he was on with george stephanopoulos this morning. >> brian: that's not going to help. the other stuff will. >> steve: it's all optic. >> brian: all right. we will see. because the president also knows he can't turn around the economy
5:15 am
without entitlement reform. so maybe he wants to use republicans to say i had no choice. >> alisyn: let us know what you think the real reason for this reach across the aisle is. if you're as cynical as some on the couch. >> steve: i'm realistic! for four years he doesn't talk to them. suddenly, hey, what are you doing for lunch? >> alisyn: we'll see. >> brian: remember this? >> i want you to listen to me. i'm going to say this again. i did not have sexual relation with that woman. >> brian: i have not seen that. that's the first time. bill clinton called our next guest when he was in trouble. now lannie davis is offering a you advice for free just buy his book first. >> alisyn: kelsey grammar says he's just -- his biggest spending mistake ever. what is it? it's green energy. there. i ruined the surprise. we'll tell you why
5:16 am
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5:19 am
>> steve: well, whether you're wrapped up in an intern scandal, slapped with insider trading charges, or you just forgot to pay your taxes, when famous and powerful people get in trouble, they call our next guest. lannie davis helps manage crises for high profile clients like bill clinton, martha stewart and charlie rangel and he's got a new book out called "crisis sales, five rules for coping with crisis in business, politics and life." good morning to you. >> thank you for having me. you need my help, by the way? >> steve: not yet. you're my phone a friend. 2002, i believe, middle of the night. phone rings. it's martha stewart. yeah, right. it was martha stewart. >> i did -- my wife said, someone says she's martha stewart, but she didn't know what time zone it is. she was out of the country. and she did say, i'm told you
5:20 am
believe in getting the facts out. my blank, blank lawyers won't help me. will you? >> steve: exactly. one of the things you learned through your years of crisis management is you got to get out there fast and you got to tell the truth. >> yes. if the truth hurts and it's painful and they're bad facts, it's even more important to get your own bad facts out yourself rather than let them dribble out a little bit at a time. >> steve: with martha stewart, she was maligned in the court of public opinion. ultimately she wound up serving some time. but her story is not known by a lot of people. >> you know, you've got it exactly right. she was prosecuted and convicted in the headlines for insider trading. when we got a story written by jeffrey tuben in the new yorker, that showed she really didn't engage in insider trading. the prosecutor never indicted her for what the headlines prosecuted and convicted her for. they indicted her for a false statement not under oath, not tribed and that's what she was
5:21 am
convicted of. >> steve: meanwhile, there is a congressman from new york, charlie rangel, famously appeared on the front page of the new york post. there he is. he didn't pay some taxes. he gave you a call. >> you know, charlie rangel, who i love and respect, did something that nobody believes. two words, innocent mistake. and -- >> steve: he's a tax expert! how do you forget to pay your taxes? >> he said it himself, i'm not making this up. i was grossly irresponsible, but he didn't make dime. no bribes. didn't enrich himself and made a terrible mistake and owned up to it. unfortunately, the outcome wasn't good. >> steve: you know, i think the white house, this white house could use you 'cause a couple of weeks ago there was a brouhaha, the president of the united states took a trip down to florida. golfed with tiger woods and then suddenly everybody is going, like, where is our access? why can't we see the picture of the president and tiger woods. >> i don't understand the communication shop. we don't want the press to cover the president playing golf with
5:22 am
tiger woods. let's bar the press and we'll have no story. what genius said that? they made it into a huge story by barring the press. if they let the people go to the first tee, there is no story. >> steve: i have a feeling they're not going to make that mistake again. thank you very much. >> thanks for having me on. >> steve: 20 minutes after the top of the hour. coming up, there are hidden dangers lurking inside your medicine cabinet. what's in there could actually make you sick to your stomach. we're going to give you details. then, do you wish police would ticket people for driving too slow in the left lane? your wish just came true what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready.
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5:26 am
>> brian: quick headlines. a plane skids off the runway in poland. the airport is closed now as engineers continue to try and free it. fortunately no one was hurt. flights expected to resume this afternoon. if you're in the left lane, better do the speed limit. a woman in maryland was pulled over and ticketed for going 2 miles an hour under the 65 miles an hour limit. she was cited for failing to move right. the woman says she was slowing down because it was very windy that day. yeah, same old story. she now plans to fight the ticket. i'll follow that story while ali does this. >> alisyn: thanks, brian. so when you thought expired food in your kitchen cabinet you throw it away. but had it comes to our medicine cabinet, most americans act differently. they let it sit and rot. are those items now dangerous? can they hurt your children?
5:27 am
the editor at large for shape magazine is here and will break it down for us. great to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: i always thought the expiration date on over the counter drugs were suggestions, but you say we need to take them seriously? >> absolutely. because they're there for a reason. if you don't follow them, the medicine might not be as potent or effective and maybe could be dangerous. >> alisyn: should we keep our over the counter drugs in the medicine cabinet, which is what we think the medicine cabinet is there for? >> contrary to its name, you should not keep your medicine in the medicine cabinet. >> alisyn: why? >> because we take a shower, the environment becomes hot and humid, and that can actually degrade the quality of the medicine. so we always suggest you put your over the counter and prescription medication in a dry, cool place, like linen closet, or preferably in a night stand with a lock. that way kids can't get ahold of that stuff. >> alisyn: that's good advice. what can be kept in the good real estate of the medicine cabinet? >> so you want to put your band-aids in there, your sun
5:28 am
screen, your contact lens solution. these are things that are within easy reach and they belong in the medicine cabinet. >> alisyn: is there any way to determine what the life span of those things in the medicine cabinet are that don't seem like they have an expiration date, but i guess they do? >> absolutely. when it comes to make-up, a lot of us don't pay attention to the expiration date. these days, a loft our foundations have a number in the back, either a 12 or 12 months or 24. so they can be guidelines to when they expire. if you don't find that number for the foundations or anything they can liquid, you want to keep them around for three to six months. that way the quality is really good. after that, you can actually buy new, fresh foundation and for powders, a lot of us women wear concealer and powder, that can last up to a year. >> alisyn: i had no idea there was a number on the back of the foundation. i'll look for that. you say it's important to keep your medicine cabinet clean and organized. i think a lot of people, you put things in there and a few years
5:29 am
later, you discover what's in there. why are we supposed to keep it organized? >> first of all, it's important to keep it organized because if you don't know where things are, let's say you cut yourself, you can't access the first aid essentials quick enough. so that's one reason. second, every single month you should take everything out of there, clean it all down with an antibacterial wipe because a lot of bacteria can actually collect in there, especially if you've been keeping things in there for years and years and years. >> alisyn: note to self. i know what i'll be doing this afternoon. thanks so much for alt tips. >> thank you for having me. >> alisyn: next up, a story that may have people thinking twice about crack down on gun rights. >> i made it quite clear to him that if he did come at me, i would have to take him down. >> alisyn: that man just saved a woman's life with a gun. we'll tell you the back story ahead. then kelsey grammar says he just lost six figures on his biggest spending mistake ever. what he bought and why he regrets it
5:30 am
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5:33 am
with clusters of flakes and o's. oh, ho ho... it's the honey sweetness. i...i mean, >> brian: here is your shot of the morning. if you thought okay was big, check out the paperwork it comes with. this picture was posted. 20,000 pages of new regulations.
5:34 am
>> steve: right. the tower is the 20,000 pages worth of regulations. on the chair, see that yellow thing that looks like a phone book? that's the original bill. but look at all of the regulations. >> alisyn: wait a minute. and the bill was too long for lawmakers to read. how are they ever going to sift through the 20,000 pages of regulation? >> steve: mitch mcconnell twittered that and put the hash tag, red tape tower. as you can see right there, it's surrounded by red tape. >> brian: we have a lot to get to. word out that the white house may be reopening its doors to public tours. yep, after shutting it down for budget cuts. >> alisyn: the news came from president obama himself. let's listen. >> how deeply do they have to furlough their staff and is it worth it to make sure that we got white house tours that means you got a whole bunch of families depending on a paycheck who suddenly are seeing a 5 or 10% reduction in their pay. what i'm asking is are there
5:35 am
ways for to us accommodate school groups who may have traveled here with some bake sales. can we make sure that kids potentially can still come to tour. >> steve: the answer is yes, because they've got some flexibility in moving some money around. here to weigh in on what sounds like the restoration of the white house tours, we've got the co-host of "the five," eric bolling. good morning to you. >> good morning, steve. >> steve: you famously last week made a public offer to cover the cost of one week's worth of the white house tours and you also had a hash tag. you've got it trending on twitter. what do you make of the president sounding like he's going to cave and restore the tours? >> steve, let's start with it was all about the kids. the reason why i made that offer last thursday was because there was a group of kids from iowa. i had seen it on the night before on i believe it was abc news, who were coming to dc to go tour the white house. they said please, mr. president, don't shut down the tours. it seemed like using the white
5:36 am
house tours as a means to cut costs for sequester was just kind of a political ploy. it didn't seem like there wasn't a lot of money. i investigated. it cost anywhere -- abc said 18 grand. we come up with $70,000 number, per week to run the secret service for the week to keep the tours going. i offered it. i really offered it because i wanted the white house to see how ridiculous it was that they shut the white house tours down and made it seem like it was a savings for sequester. those secret service agents -- let me make a point. i'm thrill that had president obama is willing to at least look at opening the white house tours. i'm concerned he's blaming the secret service, but the good news is, if he opens it, the kids will be able to see the white house again. >> alisyn: eric, how much money did you end up coughing up? >> i didn't cough up any. i offered it and made several attempts to do it. i called jay carney and the press office. i tweeted the press secretary. we asked in one of the press
5:37 am
conferences, could we pay? let me just add this, after i did it, literally within minutes, sean hannity called in to the show on "the five" and said, i'll do a week also. later on, donald trump said i'll pony up a million bucks if we can get the white house open. the point is this, it's not to embarrass the president. it never was. it was to embarrass the administration into opening the white house for the kids. they were using it for the wrong reasons, but if they get it opened, that's fantastic. >> steve: well, i think the white house made a big mistake and now they're capping up to the fact. thank you very much. we'll be watching "the five" at 5 with those five people, including you. >> good morning to you guys. >> alisyn: thanks. >> steve: now we got headlines on this wednesday. earlier this morning, saw it live right here on "fox & friends." black smoke seen rising from the sistine chapel signaling no pope has yet been elected. the cardinals voted twice during the morning session, unable to reach a decision both times. they did vote once yesterday. now the cardinals breaking for
5:38 am
lunch and prayer. they will reconvene later this afternoon and could hold another two votes. you may see things at about 11:30 this morning. >> brian: here is a to her that may have a few people thinking twice about cracking down on gun rights. you have a marine veteran in the rite place at the right time was able to stop what could have been a brutal crime. you got charlie blackmore driving home from work when he saw a man assaulting a woman of the he says he jumped out of his car, held the suspect at gun point while waiting for police. but says he was ready to handle himself if the suspect tried to attack him. >> he was a big individual and i wasn't playing around. he didn't seem like he was playing around. so i made it quite clear to him that if he did come at me, i would have to take him down. >> brian: police finally arrived. blackmore called them several times first, though. >> steve: meanwhile, kelsey grammar revealing he blew six figures on his biggest spending mistake ever. green energy. >> investing in wind mills. >> investing in wind mills.
5:39 am
really? >> yeah. >> you would think that would actually be -- >> what happened? >> it's not really an environment for new technology. it really isn't. you have to have a way in. it's a small wind investment. it cost me a lot of money. >> steve: wind mills. kelsey says his finances are still okay, but admits there is no chance of recouping his original investment. >> brian: could bring back frazier. if you're going to take a sick day, try not to make international news on that sick day. a british man made headlines for wrestling a shark away from kids at a beach in australia. but wait a second. his bosses thought he was on sick leave for stress. when he returned home, he was fired. making things worse, his wife also worked for the same company. when she returned home, she was fired. now they can go on vacation. >> steve: they jumped the shark, literally. outside we go to ali.
5:40 am
>> nice job. reel him, baby, that's it. reel, reel! that's it. 100 feet away. hold on! hold on! >> alisyn: they spend their days aboard a ship hoping to reel in that big catch. they're the stars of "wicked tuna." that was clip from the new episode airing this sunday on natgeo. joining us is one of the show's stars, first mate paul heburn. great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> alisyn: i read fishing is in your blood. how long have you been doing? >> 40 years. my family, my father did it. my five brotherit. die it. we've been doing this, it's all we've ever done. >> alisyn: what's your biggest catch? >> 1280. >> alisyn: what does that mean?
5:41 am
>> 1284 pounds. >> alisyn: 1284 pounds! how did you catch that one? >> it was hand line. years ago we used to use hand line. >> alisyn: wait a minute. you mean you reeled it in with your hand? >> with rope. >> alisyn: did you have any help? >> we used to catch them in row boats back then. that's how we used to catch them. now we use rod and reel 'cause the fish are getting adapt to do leaders and all that. >> alisyn: how long did it take to get that 1200-pounder? >> half hour. but some of the fish, the way we catch them now, some of them take two, three hours. but you don't see that on the show. they don't have the time to show it. >> alisyn: we condense that. so tell me what this is illustrating here out on our plaza. why do you have all of these cans of tuna? >> this here is to show the people at home that this is like the size of a fish that we catch. this is how big they get. this is like 1500 pounds of
5:42 am
tuna. >> alisyn: this is how many cans of tuna you can make from one of your catches? >> one of the fish. that's right. >> alisyn: it's a lucrative business. >> yes. >> alisyn: how much money can you make from one of these? >> you can make good money off them, but you actually earn it. you put a lot of time in to catching these. >> alisyn: sure. i mean, there is no guarantee. it's dangerous. >> the blue fin tuna is the filet mignon of the sea. that's what we call it. so it's a high delicacy in japan. so it's worth a lot of money over there. we ship all our fish over there and that's where the delicacy comes from is they have it as a sushi. this here is a different kind of tuna. this is the canned tuna. it's yellow fin. we just wanted to assemble it and show the way of the size of the fish. >> alisyn: that's fascinating that you guys catch the ship and ship it to gentleman panel i thought it was vice-versa. >> no, no. we ship it to japan. we got the tuna buyers.
5:43 am
they come in. they check for quality and the size, the shape. and if it it's a good quality fish, they'll ship it to japan. >> alisyn: it is dangerous. obviously everybody remembers "the perfect storm" from massachusetts. and fishermen, you guys take big risk. >> he do, every day. every day it's a big risk. but the rewards are great. if you can catch one of these, it's great! >> alisyn: you say you were so proud when you caught your big catch because your son got to see it? >> that's right. it was 1280 pounds. it was a big fish. we try to keep the kids out of it. >> alisyn: thanks so much for showing us this. >> thank you so much for having me. >> alisyn: great to meet you. great show again. that is "wicked tuna." >> we're going to donate all this to the food bank of new york. >> alisyn: fantastic. i like that. charitable and delicious. thank you so much. great to meet you. >> brian: start loading up the truck. you got a food bank to deliver some tuna to.
5:44 am
19 minutes before the top of the hour. >> steve: his father went to the hospital for a minor problem and wound up dead. and he says it could easily happen to you. our next guest making it his mission to unearth the widespread problems in our current health care system. >> brian: then sharon stone sued? she's in big trouble.
5:45 am
5:46 am
5:47 am
>> steve: quick headlines. you have the right to remain silent because of this man. today marks 50 years since the arrest of ernesto miranda. his handwritten confession was
5:48 am
thrown out because the supreme court ruled his rights against self-incrimination were not protected. hence, the reason police now read you your miranda rights. and actress sharon stone getting sued by a form housekeeper. the woman claims she hurt her back while soliciting stone's heavy groceries and her doctor told her to rest. instead, sharon stone fired her for working too slowly. stone's lawyers called the lawsuit bizarre and ridiculous. all right. brian, over to you. >> brian: with a what is she shopping for? his father was killed by an infection caught at the hospital after a minor case of pneumonia. now our next guest made it his mission to unearth the problems at our health care system that he says killed his dad. joining us is the president ceo of the game show network and author of a book "how american health care killed my father and how we can fix it." welcome. >> thank you. >> brian: great perspective. you started studying this. your dad goes in for what kind of operation?
5:49 am
>> he within in for observation. and within 24 hours of being this a hospital, he caught a serious of infections that ultimately killed him. unfortunately, incredibly very common experience. over 100,000 americans are killed by infections they acquire in hospitals every single year. >> brian: you decide to take action every that. you examined the heal care system where. do the problems lie? >> a lot of the issues in health care are very different than what we think. they're really about a system that serves a customer who is not us. and as a result of a system serving essentially intermediaries, insurers and medicare, we have something that's incredibly costly. for that cost also, very sloppy, delivering a tremendous amount of excess care that causes harm, and terrible service. i have think that's really what you saw happen. >> brian: you want to put us in charge of our own health care. do you that by letting us take personal responsibility in what way? >> i'd like to rebalance the system to get us more. i think there are a couple ways to do that. as patients, we have to be more active. if we're telling ourselves or someone else, we're kidding
5:50 am
ourselves. that's not really how the system works even today. the second is a bit financial. which is we're taking out of one pocket, all of our pockets a tremendous amount of money to fund another illusion that someone else is paying for this. we're all paying for it. what i prefer to do is see insurance cover what insurance is really good at, protecting against catastrophe. but carving it back so more and of the health care system runs through our own pocket. >> brian: i would decide, for example, with my own health care accounts if i'm going to put money aside in case i do break my leg or in case i do need neck surgery or something like that. >> yeah. the system needs to become more price sensitive, both we as consumers need to be more price sensitive. but the providers need to be addressing us in a way that's more price sensitive. but it's not just about money. it's also about quality of care and service. >> brian: like anything else, i'll pick a restaurant, if i like it, i'll go back. when it comes to health care, we're like robots. >> we give it a pass. probably the worst is the service and record keeping and the things that are lost and
5:51 am
s a result of serving someone other than us. >> brian: your incredible business experience helps us understand what's happening in the health care industry. thanks so much. david goldhill, get his book. david, thanks so much. >> thanks for having me on. >> brian: 11 minutes before the top of the hour. she's a smash. actress performing live for us. but first, let's check in with martha mccallum to find out what's on her show at the top of the hour. >> it will be a nash as well. good morning. good morning, everybody. so we are awaiting the next smoke signals out of the vatican. lots of anticipation is building now 'cause there is so much riding on this choice. and the president's dc charm offensive, reports this morning say a white house official says it's all for the media. could slipping poll numbers be behind the president's reaching out. and a golfer falls down a sinkhole? we'll see what happened there. bill and i will see you back here at the top of the no sinkholes here
5:52 am
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>> steve: look at that animation. putting on a broadway musical is not always smooth sailing. >> your choices are all wrong. the stuff ridiculous and the one thing, the one thing that i was holding on to, my song, you cut. and why? so that you can dance around in your underwear on stage a little while longer? nobody wants to see that. >> some people do. >> nobody. [ laughter ] >> steve: that was a clip from the hit tv show called "smash." our next guest is a star of that show, singer and actress meghan hilty is here and she'll perform a song from her debut cd called "it happens all the time." good morning to you. >> good morning. how are you? >> steve: fine, thanks. loved you in "wicked" and now you're a hit on" smash." now you got a cd.
5:56 am
what are you going to play? >> "no cure." >> steve: all right. hop in. take it. ♪ i've got this fever running through my veins ♪ ♪ keep on trying but i just can't shake it ♪ ♪ all this medicine that i keep taking ♪ ♪ it ain't working ♪ i keep hurting ♪ what is this in -- there is just no cure ♪ ♪ take me up ♪ take me back to my bed ♪ put a cold towel on my head ♪ you tell me that it's working but i'm not sure ♪
5:57 am
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5:58 am
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