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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 13, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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from around the world with this mission of love and hope and charity. this cardinal, now pope, will be charged with doing just that. it begins right here in st. peter's square with the rain on. >> the rain is not going to dampen the emotions tonight. i think we're going to see a pope that people will immediately embrace and the message he gives will be important and i think a message of faith and as you say, you have to expand the circle of god's love and the world. >> the bells began to ring at 1908 tonight. 8 minutes after 7, and within three or four minutes we were able to look down from the balcony where we stand and people were coming every street was filling. people running with rain coats on, some without. some carrying children, cars honking and filling the entire area around vatican city. people were coming out of their homes in rome to run to this place, to witness this moment. >> yes, i was looking out from the hotel where i'm staying and windows are open, people
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looking out and they want to hear the bells. yeah, this is one of those rare events in human history, the providence of god has given us a new pope and the greeting from the loggia. >> and do we know where pope emeritus is? >> he's out at the castle gandolfo at papal summer residence and he's watching on tv, and cold tthe conclave on television. >> never has the pope witnessed the electing after pope astounding. >> we live in unusual times, but unusual blessings i think are coming to us. >> yes, the former pope, pope benedict xvi, he already said that he pledges his loyalty and reverence to the new pope. he's sort of first in line to
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instruct how to greet our new pope. >> you may hear viva il papa, long live the pope. the thousands upon thousands who don't yet know who the pope is hoping for long life. and one thing, a youthful man, they're trying to attract young people, the young people are the heart and soul and vibrance of the church and hoping to bring in more young people. a younger man was the thought. last time among a bunch of people and this time. the balcony. it's true, the youth of the world are the future of the church. that's what we're looking to inspire. >> shepard: it's 3:00 on the east coast, noon on the west coast, 8:00 p.m. in rome and vatican city. i'm shepard smith and this is fox news continuing coverage of the next pope. $1.2 billion catholics around the world, so many of them
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watching a tv set on continent after continent waiting for word to spread we have a pope. the announcement 53 minutes ago. the guidance from the holy sea was the process would take about 45 minutes. for those just joining us, there was a time for prayer, greetings, choirs of song and bands played and people have arrived and now are waiting for that moment when we learn who of the 115 that went into the sistine chapel as a cardinal will come out as the leader of the faithful. jerry murray is with us from holy family church in manhattan and here with us watching. amy kellogg called it a period of great suspense.
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that has ended but the suspense has not. >> the cardinals are she'll smin the vatican. when they come out, we'll share that joy. you can hear the sirens and cars. rome is going to go crazy. >> shepard: one thing i've learned in my limited time in covering the inauguration of pope, sirens are ubiquitous. it's possible it's out of celebration but they're always here, morning, noon and night. i love rome but those noises are beyond annoying. >> i lived here four years in the '90s and you have to get used to that. >> shepard: to look out and see so many flags from europe and around the world, it's not as if the city was teeming with tourists. it's my understanding people have streamed in to witness this
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moment. >> that's right. it's very natural at this time because we have preparatory meetings so people were ready. i've met people here just making a regular pilgrimage and students just here by coincidence but everybody's in the square now. >> shepard: the biggest difference between this time and the last time is there was no period of mourning. no one has died. on top of that, the last time people of poland descended upon this place. they slept bit thousands in the streeted. it was inspiring, the reverence, the calm, the respect. this has been a completely different scene building towards something that -- no one had ever experienced. >> it was very unexpected that the pope would resign. i don't think people had in mind a conclave coming up so soon,
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but people are coming into the city and it's going to be interesting. when we find out how it is, then we'll see a lot of pilgrims will try to get here for the first inaugural mass -- the inaugural mass. if it's an italian, this nation will be very happy. >> shepard: it's our understanding that this will happen on sunday. but it's possible that it could be the tuesday after. they'll let us know. >> tuesday is st. joseph day, the patron of italy and revered saint? the italian church. >> shepard: father, stay with us, waiting for the big moment, we have a new pope. , it's exciting. >> megyn: on the fifth vote they managed to come up with the 77 votes required to find the new pope. we don't know what the final number is but john moody says it may leak out in the days and
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weeks to come. they have a two-thirds agreement among the cardinals eligible to vote. tom has been watching these events with us. tom, the procession outside of the about basilica has ended. the music has stopped and the guards have stopped and now we wait. what do you imagine's happening inside? >> i imagine they're getting everybody ready to announce the new vicar of christ to the world. i rode a new book and little did this young man years ago know he would become not only a priest but pope. what an extraordinary plan god had for his life. god has an extraordinary plan for all our lives. each one of us has a certain role to play in this thing we call life. here in a few moments we're going to see the new vicar of christ coming out as a shepherd of the faithful.
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>> megyn: we're keeping an eye on the balcony. we don't see any action but occasionally you hear the crowd cheer. we're not privy to all they're cheering about but so far, nothing. additional lights went on we're told. perhaps they're lighting the balcony. moments ago we did see some large screens in the crowd, so we believe they're helping the crowd get a better look at the balcony. they appear to be getting ready for their next move. let's sit and watch it for a minute. [crowd chanting viv are a il -- viva il pappa]
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>> we continue to watch and wait and john moody, one of the first
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things the new pope will tell us is the name he's chosen to go by. the significance of that? >> very significant. pope john paul ii -- i, took the name of his two predecessors, he wanted to continue their policies. john paul ii with characteristic modesty took the same name to say i'm no different than what john paul i would have done. that turned out not to be the case. he put on a rock star show. pope benedict when he took his name was doing it in honor of pope benedict xv whose mission was to reunion -- reuni-fi. >> it tells us a lot. the name they've chosen for
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themselves, they're trying to telegraph what type of leader they'll be to. >> to catholics worldwide and the other cardinals. >> megyn: we're told after the protodeacon announces the pope, the new pope we're told will likely give greetings in several languages then speak in his native language or perhaps in italian. john and i talked about how john paul ii struggled with his italian but it only made the crowd love him more and he said, if i make a mistake, you will correct me. everyone loved him. we'll see what the pope's native language is and whether he chooses to go to it. one of the front runser is from milan. after that, the new pope will be expected to celebrate mass with the cardinals in the sistine chapel on the days following the election. an important part of this process. then john, the cardinals go back
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home. do they go back home to their respective countries and cities with a mandate from the new pope or does that come later? >> they come back with a mandate. they'll be expected to pass along the message he's given. if the pope says i want you to go forth and evangelize and bring more catholics into the flock, that will be the new buzzword. if he says it's time for hugh hugh mill -- humility, that's what they'll do. >> megyn: speak if you can about the support that the new pope will have. even though he's going to be the leader of the catholic church, he's just a man. and he needs help and assistance and he needs input from others. how does he create that group around him? >> i don't want to compare it but american viewers would understand when a new president is elected, the whole country is
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behind him. they say you're our new leader. we want to get along. this is a heavenly office but the new pope comes with a tremendous amount of goodwill behind him, from the cardinals, from all the bishops around the world. let us hope from the 1.2 billion catholics but he's got to earn it. that's what the first couple of weeks and months tell us. >> in terms of advice and council he'll lead on bishops and others within the church, or will it be they take their staff, people they trusted forss with the ear of the new pope. >> a little bit of both but mostly the latter. everyone one of these cardinals have come with staff from the home archdiocese. john paul ii came with a bunch of polish aides. >> look at that.
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i love the closeups of the balcony windows. we want to peek behind the curtains. you can see some figures moving about behind the curtains. but what we need is for them to open up the doors. we may be pretty close. this is the first time -- a full camera shot. this is the first we've seen something like this. >> let's watch. [speaking italian]
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>> george -- cardinal of the holy roman church, bagolia who takes for himself the name of francis.
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the new pope is from argentina. george mario bergolio. >> we have a new pope and that new pope is not one of the names we heard much. bergoglio of argentina. shepard smith is live in rome with more on the new pope and his identity. >> he was on our watch list and had been from the beginning. he's a man of the people as our guests here explained. he's a man who rides the bus. he was second, the last time
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around. that was the belief. and now, now we know. >> they made a serious choice. this man is a man of the people. it means the entire latin american world has a pope that speaks spanish, he rides the bus, a man in solidarity with the poor. >> and ordinary for eastern right faithful in argentina who lack the ordinary of their own right, born december 17, 1936, making him 76 years old. he was ordained for the jesuits on december 13, 1969, during study as san miguel. was a novice master and taught theology. after completing his
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dissertation in germany, he served as a spiritual director. in may of '92 he was named -- the long and short of it is they decided to go with a reformer. >> this man is a strong man, his own man. the key thing is he's nobody's puppet. he's not anyone's -- in anyone's pocket. >> the thinking going is they would choose someone of the curia, of the administration, an insider, or someone from the outside. if those are the two categories, he fits into neither. >> no, he's a saint. he's a holy man. he's a jesuit and this is the first time in centuries -- i don't know that i have to check this, but he's well-educated. he's got a powerful mind and he's a humble and steady man.
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that's the key thing about him. >> shepard: what does this mean for latin america and for the church in latin america? this is a development for which so many in latin america have prayed. >> this means the entire world can rejoice that the half of the world's catholic population produced a man who will lead the church. who will be peter. this is important to remember, the man has three names. born with his baptismal name, jorge. then he has to pick a name for pope. we'll hear that in just a moment. he's also going to be peter, the successor of benedict and he will be the successor of peter. >> shepard: cardinal jorge mario bergoglio. of the next pope. >> i was in the press office this afternoon and watched the
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guys in the italian -- putting up profiles and i saw bergoglio on two screens. >> shepard: there's been speculation and enormous anticipation. i believe hope among so many that the largest percentage of the population within the church today might some day be represented. at long last, they will be. >> this man is a good man. he is not a man who puts on airs. as i said, he rides the bus. he's an intelligent man. i think it's a wonderful choice. >> shepard: he served as president of the bishop's conference in argentina in 2005. he created -- he was created and proclaimed cardinal by john paul ii. 21st february, 2001. so 12 years. >> yes. the one surprise is he's older,
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he's 76. but in a way, i think this is a good choice because a younger man wouldn't have the experience. i think they tried to square the circle. instead of leaping to a young man, they went to a holy man who has gone through life, older and more experienced who can be a real father. >> shepard: he was not -- he's not a wealthy man. he grew up as a commoner. >> an ordinary person. but he distinguished himself but his studies. in a sense, he lifted himself by his own study and virtue to the position he's taking. >> shepard: do you know if he speaks italian? >> sure, excellent italian. >> shepard: given what you know about him, what might you anticipate his demeanor and message would be as the curtains open again and we meet, for the first time, the holy father? >> the serenity of the nicki kne that we always have faith, hope
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and love. but the greatest of these are love. he'll probably quote st. paul. >> shepard: your estimation of the tens of thousands here today, how many will know who he is when they see him. >> it's a slightly unusual choice. we knew he was one of the candidates in the last papal election. we put him in the second rank this time around because we thought they would go for a younger man. we had all the other candidates who were younger. but i think they chose a steady man, but i think they really felt the sparkle of this man's heart. i think we're going to find a man with a big heart. >> shepard: i wonder, enormous catholic population in buenos aires. i can't even imagine what it's like there. >> i don't know. buenos aires, i'm sure they're feeling delight and joy.
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>> shepard: it's now been the better part of an hour and 15 minutes since the smoke rose. i see the curtains moving again. >> there he is. >> here he comes. we'll see him on this feed in just a moment. in just a second you'll see him and away we go. i can't wait to hear his voice. you've heard him speak before. give us an idea of what we can expect. >> i would concentrate on the fact this man is humble but very intelligent, accomplished, learned man. he understands the world but is humble. he doesn't put himself first. he's a servant. >> the primary objective of the catholic church is to spread the word of god. would you anticipate, given what you know about his health, he would be a pope that would travel a great deal, go back to latin america and try to bring in the faithful?
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>> well, i'm not sure that the traveling -- look, the curtains are moving now. >> shepard: the vatican tv feed. >> i don't know that they'll send the pope traveling as much as john paul ii. they don't need to do that with the internet. >> shepard: i believe history is upon us. let's listen.
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♪ [ cheers ]
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[speaking italian] buoyance [speaking italian] >> you know that the duty of the conclave was to give rome a bishop. it looks like my brothers, the cardinals, went to find him at the end of the world almost. but here we are.
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i thank you for your warm welcome. the rome diocese now has its bishop. thank you. first of all, i wish to say a prayer to our pope emeritus, benedict xvi. we are together going to pray for him so that the lord may bless him and mary may hold them and now, our father. italian
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>> and now, the holy mary. [speaking italian] >> glory to the father, to the son, and to the holy spirit. and now, let's begin this path, this path of the church of rome, which is the church that
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presides over the other churches in love. the path of brotherhood of love and of faith and trust. let's always pray for each other. let's pray for the entire world. so that there can be great brotherhood. i wish you all that this path within the church, that we are starting today, and my cardinal who is next to me will help me, we want for this to be fruitful for the evangelization of this beautiful city.
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and now, i would love to give you a blessing. before, i want to ask you a favor. before the bishop blesses the people, i want for you to pray that the lord can bless me. i want for the people to ask the lord for blessings for the bishop. so let's remain silent for this prayer from you for me. [ applause ]
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>> holy father francis, to all of the faithful present here and others who receive this blessing via radio or television and the new 21st century technology, in the forms established by the church. let's pray that the almighty can keep the pope for many years at leadership of the church and for him to give peace and unity to the church all over the world. >> and now i will give yo blessing all over the world to all the men and women of
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goodwill. maybe holy apostles peter and paul, we have confidence and receive on our behalf to the lord. amen. through the prayers of the blessed mary, the virgin, michael angelo, blessed john the baptist and the holy apostles, peter and paul, and of all the saints. may the almighty god have mercy on you and with your sins forgiven by jesus christ, lead you into everlasting life. amen. may the all the mighty and merciful lord bring absolution and remission of all your sins, time for true pentence and
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always, amend of the life and consecration of the holy spirit and good works. amen. and may the blessing of the almighty god, the father, the son, and the holy spirit descend on you and remain with you always. amen.
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♪ >> interpreter: brothers and sisters, thank you very much for your warm welcome. pray for me. and see you soon.
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i'll see you soon. tomorrow i'll go pray the holy mary so that she can watch over the whole of rome. good night and please rest. [ cheers ] he will be known as pope francis, formerly jorge mario bergoglio of argentina and john moody is with me as we watch these events. an interesting observation among many others. when you listened to him, you said this is all code for
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hewlettty. >> yes. >> your thoughts. he chose the name francis in deaf -- deference to saint from a sis. he asked for god's blessings. i've never heard rome that quiet before in my life and he asked for help from the people. this is a man who's going to be a pope of the people and i believe that it will be the mark of his papacy that he started it off this way. no one will ever forget this moment. >> you talked before we knew his identity about the possibility of going with someone who was a little older. he is. 76 years old. perhaps to come in and fix things, then pass the baton. is that what's happened? >> it's a possibility. i think they picked pope francis because of who he is, not who he is not. they want someone who can take charge of the curia. pope francis indicated in the
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past when he was the cardinal and archbishop of buenos aires he thought there was a lot of room for improvement in the curia. >> megyn: what is man he is. as you look at his background and hear how many times he rejected the trappings of power. >> he's a jesuit, not necessarily expected to be humble as a jesuit, but he has very much shown that all through his career. he refuses to live in the cardinal's palace. he takes the bus to work. he's mobbed by fans when he does so. he has always said that he is simply a man doing the will of god. >> megyn: does his own cooking. >> he does his own cooking. he's very strong on moral positions of the church and shows no yield, yet has gone to an aides hospice to watch the
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feet of the victims. >> he's described as someone who is compassionate and conservative. they use them different in the church than we do politically. he's been praised by some for holding the line against attempts to assume more liberal positions in certain areas. what does that mean? >> it means he's going to uphold the teachings of christ as given to him and as he's passed them on as a bishop and cardinal of the church. he does not believe he as cardinal or pope has the authority to change what jesus taught us. however, he's concerned with the difference in economic prosperity between the richest and the poorest. he's spoken about that and said there has to be accommodation given to the poor. he talked about the need to care about our poor brothers and sisters. that sometimes gets him in trouble with conservative wings but we'll see a pope who reaches out to the poorest of the church
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and says i'm your brother, pray for me. >> megyn: i want to bring in shepard smith, live in rome watching this happen and has been living to our coverage here and to your thoughts. shep? >> hi. unbelievable. the first from the americas in the millennium with enormous ties to italy as hundreds of thousands of people immigrated from italy to argentina. if there's anyone on earth who could bring together italy and latin america, it's this man. it's this man of the people. from so many in our short time here in rome, but years of covering this, we have heard -- we wished that the papacy could be more inclusive, that the process could more include us. father johnathan morris, if anyone can do that and as done that, it's this man.
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>> he walked out, was presented to the people without any notes whatsoever. and just talked for a very good long time. and he looked at people, he didn't -- he didn't show off. he looked in a very quiet way then began to talk. he began to thank them for their welcome. and the fact that we have a pope that's from argentina, from latin america, and yet somebody who speaks italian very well, he just spoke very good italian with an accent. they have a pretty strong accent even in spanish. but he was known, shep, to be one who could come in and make serious reform. because he was an outsider and because he had done so in argentina. it was -- rumors were flying and they were solid that the runner up, eight years ago after ratzinger. pope benedict xvi. he went back to argentina and
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was immediately elected as the president of the bishop conference. it shows how much love he garnered from his own people. he wasn't just a guy with influence in the vatican. his brother bishoped in argentina, selected him to be their leader from 2005 to 2011. now he's going to go to the world and show i believe that the humility that john moody explained well. >> shepard: history says he's done this through his life, he's gone to the faithful and said the church needs you. he's now gone to rome and the world and said i need your help, please pray for me. for the first time in our lifetime or any lifetime about which we have any knowledge, he thanked the pope amir does for all he had done and stood so quietly and humbly with his shoulders back and stood still and thanked the people.
12:43 pm
i can't imagine a more welcome gesture. and my guess is that catholics through the this city and this -- around this continent and around the world are rejoicing that they have a man who is clearly asking for them to be part of the process. >> he actually asked people to pray over him. he bent down, put his hands down, not just giving the blessing to them, but please pray for me. that says a lot. it says a lot and it tells the curia as well, this is the way you reform. it's the change of the heart. it's the hugh humility. >> even the sirens stopped wailing. i could tell you felt a moment and everyone else did. >> it was a beautiful thing to behold. you can feel the emotion in the studio and reports much coming in from the reaction in
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argentina and how folks there burst into tears upon the news their cardinal had been named pope. imagine the pride and overwhelming feeling of love they have for this man, as do now all the catholics beholding this, shepard. we will get back to shepard momentarily. john moody has been watching these proceedings with us. you knew this was a possibility. you came out and said don't count this guy out. he was on a list of possibilities but wasn't one of the main guys everybody of talking about. his age counted against him. he was second in line last time. he lost to charged ratzinger who became pope benedict. how much did that play into the decision? >> it was a face they knew, a name they trusted and probably if he was second, i would never say he lost but if second to cardinal ratzinger, it's because
12:45 pm
he knew the church needed someone to hold its hand as it departed from john paul ii and now this is the new era, a new age. i have to say i'm so happy for my church. it's probably tailbacken the big -- taken the biggest step in history to reach out to the rest of the world and said come join us. it's gone from the most impressive place in rome to a working class area in buenos aires and said we're all together. it's a wonderful moment for the church. >> megyn: you talked about how humble he was and his humility and he took a moment to thank pope benedict. this was an important moment and another signal. >> a transition, something that it's not about me, it's about us. he thanked his predecessor whose moral courage in giving up that office cannot be overlooked. you don't give up the papacy easily. but pope benedict, former pope
12:46 pm
benedict knew it was time to let somebody else take the reins had. >> megyn: we talked about having a foot in both campus a reformer but carry on traditions of the church and sort of not -- believes in the fundamental doctrine of the church while working on cleanup and working out the controversy. >> cardinal bergoglio while cardinal was associate with a group called communion and liberation, it grew out of the second vatican council. it tried to make sure the reforms of vatican 2 didn't go far and the foundation of the church wasn't forgot been in a rush to modernize. he'll build on his association with that group as he leads the
12:47 pm
church into a new era. >> megyn: it will be exciting to watch and wonderful to see the message in sunday mass and how his humility and message will translate to regular folks sitting in their sunday church services just like they do every week, or in some cases. >> not so every week. >> john moody, thank you so much. you've been helpful. back to shepard smith live in rome. so lucky. >> shepard: thank you. let's get down to amy kellogg, live in st. peter's square and witnessed history before her eyes. how with was it? >> we have a pope and we know longer have rain but people are filing out, content they were blessed by the new pope, pope francis. it was an extraordinary moment. i think people packed into the square before the white smoke rose as if they had a spiritual
12:48 pm
tipoff. normally they flood to st. peter's square after the bells ring. but they were here before the smoke went up and then, of course, some additional people crowded into the square. you talk about obviously a large number of people here, probably the majority are italians. and there was a lot of talk that italy would like to take back the papacy. but i think when it comes down to it, when you talk to the people who are truly religious, truly faithful, they wanted the pope that was chosen by god. they wanted the pope choice to be inspired by the holy spirit and i think they believe that's what happened. just as happy to see an argentinaian as they would have been to see another italian. i think there's a sense that the church is open. they're proud of the church that's based here in rome in the vatican, of course, but in
12:49 pm
italy, that is now even more inclusive. a polish pope, a german pope, now a latin american pope, which is important given latin america has the biggest percentage of catholics around the world. it's quieting down despite some people shouting over my shoulder. people are going home but the silence, as john moody pointed to, the silence over the square when pope francis came out was just mind-blowing because it had been so rowdy and happy and festive. then there was silence and people praying along with the new -- and praying along with the new pope, shep. >> shepard: amy kellogg down the street in st. peter's square. thank you. we're joined by mario, who works in our rome bureau and is covering his fifth pope. >> yes.
12:50 pm
>> pope francis, how do you feel about it? >> i don't know much about the man, butgood about it. >> shepard: they clearly made a decision to choose a man of the people. we've said it repeatedly but it bares repeating. the guy who rides the bus. >> and he comes from a conclave of 500 million catholics. it's a huge number. it's a good time to have chosen one from that area. >> shepard: with so many italians who have immigrated to latin america and specifically argentina, an enormous italian population, some 50 to 60% of argentinaians have italian in their lineage. it's a melding of two associates. the church has said we need to be more representative and inclusive. that was as inclusive as it gets. >> yes, indeed. to go further about the italians in argentina. 49% of italian blood are
12:51 pm
italian -- it's a huge number. more than any other country bids italy. >> you've witnessed so many changes, some subtle, some not to much, with a would you anticipate this man could mean for the people of the church. not the curia, but the people. >> it could mean a great deal. it's having a difficult time and roman catholicism especially. in latin america they're losing ground and they need to pay more attention to that area. i remember when the polish pope said in europe, christianity is dying. yes, indeed, the church needs to regain that credibility that is badly needed. >> shepard: one of the ways so many said the church can gain more credibility is include the people more often in the process.
12:52 pm
that's what this man has done his entire life. >> well, that's true. and i think that the church eventually is going to have to open itself, especially with the media the way it is today with television, internet, and so many more people have access to what's happening, access to the church. >> shepard: and keeping things secretive is becoming more and more difficult. >> it is. yes, very more difficult. especially -- yes, with the media the way it is today. but i think the church is eventually going to open itself up. look what's happened this time. vatican television has covered this event incredibly. 19 cameras. when ratzinger went to castel gandolfo, that's incredible. everyone we've seen these days has been exceptional. >> shepard: you mentioned
12:53 pm
cardinal ratzinger, pope benedict xvi now at castel gandolfo, he was thanked by the new pope, pope francis. from what you know of him and so many years of studying him, what might you believe his reaction to this day might be? >> well, i think obviously i think he's going to be very happy. he obviously couldn't go on and that's the reason he left. he's 85. okay. not in the best of health. but i don't know -- the reason why he really resigned. maybe he just said i can't do it anymore and gave up. >> shepard: five popes you've covered as a journalist and follower in this city. i can't even imagine that journey. i wonder what you would say in your estimation, to say to the church. >> to say to the church, yes, open up. open up and let the world -- let the catholics know exactly what is going on and, you know, what can i say. i think they have a new director
12:54 pm
of communications now. he used to be my correspondent in rome, greg burke. he can help the church open up. these days it has done so. >> shepard: it certainly has. it's been open the last few weeks and months and last couple of years, whether it liked it or not. >> yes, indeed. >> a great honor, thank you. >> thank you. thank you. >> today we have a pope. pop francis, the man of the people, the man who came before the faithful in st. peter's square as the rain fell and chill sat in and asked the faithful to pray for him and thanked his predecessor and wished hope and love for catholics around the world. our coverage will continue on fox news, satellite, and cable and on your late local and evening news. i'm shepard smith, fox news in
12:55 pm
rome. continuing coverage now on "fox news channel." our stations across the country and around the world have just dropped the coverage. the broadcast networks across america all across europe, and all around the world have just joined in this. i figured since we're with "fox news channel," we've talked so much about the technology, which has opened up the church and it's been a sort of a running fun that the sistine chapel's smokestack has been tweeting in the way that in sort of a fun way. it's sent out a lot of tweets about the chapel -- i mean the smokestack's role in this. the last tweet from the -- there were two final tweets from the smokestack. just as the smoke began to fade, the chimney tweeted, as the smoke begins to fade, i want to thank the little people that made it all possible.
12:56 pm
wait, they're all little from this perspective. the pope himself thanked the little people, if you will, and asked them to pray for him. if i mildi might be so bold, the last tweet as given to me from my producer, the last tweet from the smokestack reads as follows it's okay, with this 15 minutes of fame, i'm bound to get a contributor slot over at fox news "fox news channel." sorry your job didn't last longer. you never know. on the phone now is charlie sinott of global post. >> good to talk to you. >> your sense of what pope francis will mean for the church? >> it's a real global moment for a global church. this pope in particular has a history of the cardinal of speaking out on behalf of the
12:57 pm
poor. argentina had a very severe economic crisis. and as cardinal, he was really widely seen as the conscience of the church in looking at the impact of the global economy on the poorest. and that is something that i think is a real hallmark of his stewardship and something we'll want to see how he brings that conscience and that economic understanding to the papacy. >> shepard: 500 million catholics in latin america. it's been a. >> did you're trying to send a couple of messages, it seems -- with divine inspiration picked a man of and by and for the people, if you will, and have also said latin america, we
12:58 pm
recognize you. >> i think that's exactly right. i think when he greeted everyone with buenos aires and there was -- just that thunderous wave of applause in st. peter's square, it said it all. the catholic church has gone through tremendous scandal, tremendous strain. it's suffering. it's had a deep moral and economic crisis, and it's looking for someone to lead it through to a new beginning. i think hearing those words, buenos aires, was the first harkening of that change. or at least a recognition that hope is very strong out there for change. we'll see how this pope takes on the extraordinary task of reforming a catholic church that's at a pivot time in history. it's shrinking in europe and america but growing in the global south. it come back to the economic
12:59 pm
part of this papacy. he has had a pension for the poor as part of the gospel, as it would have to be said that was his central message. and he's taken that to heart and done it in a very powerful way. i think that's a very exciting moment for the global church. >> shepard: thank you so much, father jerrold murray is with us, a priest from holy father church in new york city with us to witness this. what a magnificent evening. >> spectacular. a pope from the new world from latin america, a jesuit priest. i went to jesuit high school. they're disciplinarians but most intellectual and probing. he ran a big archdiocese sis and he loves the poor and lives as the poor. he lives humbly, lives in an apartment.


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