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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  March 13, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> kimberly: bob? >> bob: one of the greatest threats to the united states security and intelligence comes from cyber attacks. hackers. the biggest and the worst are the chinese, who we have given technology to, they useded and turned around and come back to hack computers. we educated their students here at the best universities in the world. we have send them back and they continue to do what the chinese government asked them to do, hack in the united states security apparatus. it's time for this to stop. if we are going to spend money on anything, spend more money on taking down hackers. >> brian: we were talking about what was happening with the vatican. it's special. but what is happening in the n.f.l. is titanic. 31-year-old wes welker left tom brady and gone to john
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elway and peyton manning. he had 116 catches. going to devastate the franchise. does anyone know what he has done in the last six seasons with the patriots? >> dana: absolutely. 672 receptions over six seasons. i think it averages out to 112 per season. he will be huge for broncos. >> brian: wow! i can't wait to watch the game with you. >> eric: what do they call bronco stadium? >> dana: mile high stadium. >> kimberly: we want to end this on an appropriate solemn note. wish all the best to the new pope. as a laity know women i'm excited to have someone from latin america. very exciting day today. historic one as well. jesuit educated as mr. bolling here. all private catholic schools. this is a special day. thank you for sharing with us. >> brian: privilege to sit in for greg gutfeld. >> kimberly: that is it for
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us. so you tomorrow. stay tuned for more continuing coverage of the selection of the new pope, pope francis. ♪ ♪ >> bret: white smoke and new pope from a new place. first pontiff from the americas. this is "special report." >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. it took two days and five ballots and now the world's 1.2 billion catholics have a new leader tonight. he is unlike any of his predecessors. white smoke atop the sistine chapel at the vatican symbolizing a end to the conclave, which began tuesday. thousands of the faithful jammed st. peters square in the cold rain today. they jump for joy at the signal and awaited the pope's first appearance. he is 76-year-old argentine
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cardinal jorge bergoglio. he will be known as "pope francis." he is said to be a man of the people. humble servant. as his new name signifys as well. the first pontiff from latin america. we have fox team coverage tonight. father gerald murray in rome. we'll talk about what the pope means for the catholic church. correspondent shannon bream has the bio on pope francis. but we begin with amy kellogg in a jubilant rome as well. good evening, amy. >> reporter: oh, bret, it is a night of great excitement and emotion for so many people here in rome. really, the buzz about the first words uttered by the new pope. st. peter's basilica, the balcony. was his address to the people. and a very familiar tone, bre bret. he said -- [ foreign language ] and crowd was pleased by the
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familiar tone that the new pope used. now, when argentinean jorge bergoglio stepped on the balcony to bless rome and the world, the jubilation quickly turned to hush silence. then people recited the lord's prayer along with the new pope. in a cold chill. the crowd waited on the square for hours in the rain for this moment. and the announcement. "we have a pope." the world had waited for this moment. for its first latin american pope. latin america has the largest percentage of the world's catholics. 70% of latin americans are catholic. and argentina is the 11th largest catholic country. the most talked about bets had been on other men in fact from italy, brazil, even the u.s. but pope franc francis said his brother cardinals went to the other end of the world to find
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a pope. bergoglio, argentinean of italian descent was reportedly a serious papal contender the last time around after the death of john paul ii. he was the archbishop of buenos aires. not a vatican insider. someone who has been called a balancing force. voice of conscience. best known for his profound humility. >> i want to ask you for a favor before the bishop blesses the people. i want for you to pray to the lord he zo he can bless me -- so he can bless me. i want the people to ask for a blessing for bishop. >> now, you know the cardinals had been sworn to secrecy and silence during the conclave, bret. now that is all over. we have already heard from the archbishop of boston. sean o'malley. who has conferred his congratulations. remarked on the humility, instantly addressed by the new pope francis. bret?
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>> bret: amy kellogg, live in rome. thank you. let's find out more about the new pope. correspondent shannon bream has that part of the story. >> up with in five children born to an italian immigrant father. jorge bergoglio originally had plans to become a chemist. abandon those in favor of the priesthood and spent much of his career teaching others. the first pope from the americas, pope francis is orthodox on issues of abortion, contraception and same-sex marriage. even provoking public rebuke from argentina's president after opposing legislation giving new inheritance and adoption rights to gay couples. >> i don't think that any person of conscience would be concerned about a rebuke, whether it's a president or whether it's a street sweeper. we have to do what we have to do. that means uphold the teachings of the church. teaching of christ, himself. >> more progressive organizations know that he will not break with church doctrine on issues they are encouraged by him visiting aid
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patients, kissing and washing their feet. and he visited the poor. >> he shunned having a large palace for the bishop brick. he cooks his own meal. to have someone representing those values is something we need. >> reporter: there seems to be strong enthusiasm about the electors selected a man from where protestant evangelicals have been making strong gains. >> it is interesting because we see the church growing all around the world. the eurocentric focus. and now we see the burgeoning churches in asia and latin america and in africa. i think the cardinals made strong statement about the growth of the church and the revitalization of the church. that will come from places, most especially like latin america. >> lawmakers in washington are offering their congratulations as well. >> i'm happy they were able to
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come to a choice as quickly as they did. i think reaching out beyond the traditional continent of our church is another big step in the right direction for the church. >> the president along with the first lady sent his warm wishes to the new pope tonight. in a statement that reads in part, "i look forward to working with his holiness to advance peace, security and dignity for the fellow human beings, regardless of their faith." we learned tonight the vice president will travel to rome for the pope's installation. >> bret: thank you. let's talk more about the historic day. joining me now is father gerald murray, pastor of the holy family church in new york city. cannon lawyer. he joins us from rome. father murray, first let me get your thoughts on this day. this was a surprise for a lot of people. i was surprised -- it was a wonderful surprise. i was not expecting to see a pope from argentina. but i'm happy for that. argentina and all of la tip america represent one of the
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strongest regions of the faith. and then in reviewing his biography, i'm pleased to see his love of the poor and the sick. the fact he is dedicated so much of his efforts as an archbishop to promoting the faith among the disadvantaged. i'm also impressed he chose the name "francis." saint francis is probably the most beloved saint by catholics and non-catholics. when saint francis received his revelation from christ, the lord told him rebuild my church. i think that is exactly what the new pope will have as his mission, to rebuild the church. >> bret: more than 500 million catholics in latin america obviously an outreach to that region of the world. we're told, father, he called pope francis' phone, the pope emeritus after the conclave was finished. unique situation, the place we are in the vatican now. with pope benedict still aliv alive.
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>> yes. this is completely unprecedented in modern history. really, we have never had a pope resign for reasons that the pope did that he was tired and that he needed to rest. on the other hand, he said he would dedicate his life to prayer for the church. pope benedict, pope emeritus said he would swear his obedience to pope francis. >> bret: how will he be different? >> there is another st. francis. he will be different because he has a different personality, a different the emphasis. the fact he comes from the new world. he has that mentality in the new word, which is kind of like an explorer, setting out. i think he is going to be adventurous in the good sense of the world. try to find new ways to proclaim the gospel. as a jez it with, h it jesuit, d man. i know they are serious scholars and they are demanding on the students. i think he will be demanding on us as faithful to serve the church with our whole hearts.
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>> bret: the first jesuit pope. what is interesting today, i heard some people talking that this reminded them of 1978, when pope john paul ii became pope. where he didn't follow essentially the order that was laid out. and he kind of went off-script. and did that moment where he asked the crowd and all of those around the world to bless him. before he blessed the people. >> that was very moving, because precisely there is a ritual he did afterwards, i should note. in asking the people to pray that god would bless him, he is showing them that he really is theirer is vant. that is one of the titles of the pope. servant of the servant of god. i think that is what we will see from the pope, drawing to people to christ through teaching. but also through action. and through the way you live. >> bret: father, how much of a reformer do you think pope francis will be? dealing with all the issues
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that the catholic church has been dealing with in recent months and years. >> i think he is going to be a reformer, precisely because he is aware as the other cardinals are, that changes need to be made. vatican bureaucracy known as the roman curia needs to be overhauled. you can say mismanagement has plagued it. we had the butler stealing documents. we have had miscommunications between different departments. i think he will be forth right in defending the right of the faithful against predatory priests to eliminate the problem completely from the church. it is also going to propose a challenge to the world. we live in a secularized society in the west. by his example and by the name francis he is reminding us true joy in life does not come from wealth and riches but comes from serving god and serving our neighbor. >> bret: father gerald murray, thank you for your time. we'll be continuing this story throughout the show.
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>> thank you, bret. >> bret: just in a bit we'll talk to cardinal from washington, d.c. in rome. inside the conclave and he will join us live as well. social media, as you may imagine all over the pope's story. twitter reports 130,000 tweets per minute. following pope francis' introduction with 6 million tweets so far that referenced the pope or his twitter handle. @pontifx. you can tweet me. @brettbaier. we will talk about the new pope with that special panel a bit later and up next the president adjusts his position on the canceled white house tours.
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>> bret: continuing coverage from rome in a bit and live interview with cardinal worrel from rome. in washington no, issue has come to symbolize the fall-out from the recent sequester cut like the white house tours. president obama now says he is trying to get some reinstated. the president is changing his tune and changing his story. >> the fall-out over white house tours continues after president obama mixed up who shut them down. in an interview with abc news' george stephanopoulos. >> i have to say this is not a decision that went up to the white house. >> that contradicts what spokesman jay carney told reporter last week about the back and forth between the secret service and the white house. >> to allow the secret service to best fulfill its core mission the white house made a decision we would unfortunately have to temporarily suspend the tours. >> pressed on the contradiction today, carney
3:18 pm
insisted there was no contradiction. >> the secret service made a decision to withdrawal personnel from tours. >> that comes as the president plays defense on the sequester, suggesting he may reopen some tours. >> are there ways to accommodate school groups? you know, who may have travelled here with bake sales. can we make sure that kids potential can still come to tour? >> a new "washington post" poll found nearly three-quarters of the public says they are feeling no impact on their lives. fewer than half expect the sequester to hit the finances. the same percentage as those who do. a bigger problem for the president, same poll found on the question of who the public trusts more to deal with the economy in december, the president held 18-point advantage over congressial republicans. but he has dropped 14 points since then. now only holds an edge of 44% to 40%.
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the aides privately tell fox they're getting antsy. it's overshadowing the president's effort to come to other legacy issues like immigration reform and gun control. that explains why the president was on capitol hill for second straight day. democrats rush to his defense about whether the outreach is sincere. >> give peace a chance. >> he hasn't even come here yet and already we are criticizing him coming here or what his mote rations are. >> he works lawmakers on a grand bargain, the president could hurt the case for action. by also telling abc news there is not a crisis. we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. for next ten years it's in a sustainable place. different what he said in the 2008 campaign about then president bush's stewardship. >> we have over $9 trillion of debt we are going to have to pay back. $30 few for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible.
3:20 pm
that is often patriotic. >> carne -- that is unpatriotic. >> work needs to be done but the point is we don't have an immediate debt crisis. on the right trajectory. >> the "washington post" notes the president's numbers are sliding because he is caught up in the washington malaise. as this hour the president will speak to outside group known as organizing for action. former obama campaign advisors is criticized for selling access. >> more on this with the second panel. thanks. retail sales went up by 1.1% in february. the fastest pace in five months. half of that was due to higher gasoline prices. dow on the first nine-day winning streak since 1996. gained five today for another new record close. the nasdaq gained three. up next, we talk to cardinal from rome.
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take a live look there. in rome. big day. with a new pope.
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>> bret: president obama joined national security advisor tom donelan's meeting today with libya prime minister. in the prime minister's first official visit to washington. florida senator marco rubio introduced a bill to
3:25 pm
block u.s. financial assistants to egypt. rubio wants the administration to certify that egypt is protecting basic freedoms and human rights before the economic and military support funds are released. president obama is naming names when it comes to cyber attacks against the u.s. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge says the name getting the most attention today is china. >> the president closed door meeting is a signal to cyber actors that the obama administration is not talking but taking action. they played down the symbolism of hosting the business leaders in the situation room where they witnessed the bin laden take-down. >> that's not the subject. no. we have meetings there on occasion, on different topics not related to the national security issues. >> in an interview with abc news, president called out china for american ideas, the intellectual property. >> we made it clear to china and some other state actors
3:26 pm
that we expect them to follow international norms and abide by national rules -- abide by international rules. we have had tough talk with them. >> this comes one day after the senior intelligence and officials told contract it's a leading threat. >> what is happening in the cyber arena cuts across any of the disciplines, counterintelligence or counterterrorism. as well as criminal. >> in the last year, with every major u.s. bank reporting website problems including denial of service or intermittent delays blamed on state sponsored cyber attacks the head of the u.s. cyber command predicted more. >> the state department spokeswoman deflected. >> this is a complex and difficult issue we are working on with china and we will
3:27 pm
continue to do it. >> china rejected hacking accusations the white house spokesman welcomed the statement from the foreign ministry that claimed beijing is willing to engage in a constructive dialogue. bret? >> bret: thank you. no grapevine tonight as we continue the live coverage of the new pope. pope francis from rome. we are still waiting to hear from woerl. when we have that, we'll bring it to you. when we come back, the special guest panel discusses the new pontiff and the challenges he faces. it's not what you think.
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i want to ask you for a favor before the bishop blesses the people. i want for you to pray to the lord, so that he can bless me. so i want for the people to ask the lord for a blessing for its bishop. >> bret: pope francis today, off-script moment there, after he was addressing the people in saint peter's square. we have a special group of experts with us now to talk about the election of pope francis. steven white, fellow with the catholic studies program at the ethics in public policy center and joins us from here in washington. kathryn lopez, editor at large of "national review" and coordinator of catholic voices usa. she joins us from rome. father monte is franciscan friar in the new york studio. david kerr is with global catholic television, ewtn also from rome. thank you for joining us. father monte, i want to start with you. pope francis is the first
3:32 pm
jesuit. what does it mean to you and the name he chose? what do you think it means for the catholic church? >> well, first of all, i'm excited that a member of the religious order like my own is now the pope. there hasn't been many pope and religious orders as pope, in recent centuries but i think it says a great deal that he chose the name francis. the new pope is a jez i jesuit. one might think of francis xavier and he has a love of missionary evangelism and that comes through. we think of our own patron. this new pope of bishop of buenos aires is strong consciousness of the needs of the poor to marginalize in society. it says something about his goals of being evangelizeer, of being a church that is close to needs of the poor and marginalized in the world. >> bret: david, your thoughts on this day and this choice?
3:33 pm
>> bret, two words. holy moly. with an emphasis clearly on the "holy." months ago when pope benedict resigned as the holy father the dome behind me was struck by lightning. my, it's just happened again. get in conclave, there was speculation whether or not the cardinals would back a liberal or a conservative. we got an answer tonight. the choice was catholic. here is somebody who will defend the -- [ inaudible ] and likeness of god. whether it's the child in the womb or child with a right to grow up with a mom and dad or worker in the work place being exploited. this is a great night for the catholic church. great night to be in rome. once again, bret, thanks be to god. >> bret: kathryn, your sense of this choice? pope francis has a really interesting history. and story that is obviously being told now to 1.2 billion
3:34 pm
catholics around the world. >> i think what was so profound, you know, i got on sunday and the first thing i did was go to confession. you can go to confession anytime at st. peter's. the priest after ward gave me a holy card and sat francis. it had a peace prayer. lord, make me an instrument of your peace. friend of mine said it's a soft whisper that pope francis came out with tonight. when you look at his bio and you see jesuit and he is a member of the communion liberation movement and he cares for the poor and lives simply. you wonder if he can't heal some of the divides that we have. >> bret: thank you very much. steve, we'll be with you in just a minute. joining me now on the phone from rome is cardinal donald woerl of the washington, d.c. archdiocese. thank you for being with us. your thoughts on this day? >> well, it's a very exciting
3:35 pm
day. it's a day that calls up to look to the future. the joy in the faith of pope francis is just contagious. he is a very simple, very humble, but also very dedicated, i believe a very holy man. he is also very bright. but his life has been at the service of the church focused on people with need, focused on the poor. and so i think what we are doing is we are taking a look in to the future. and as we went in to this conclave, we talked about the need for the church. to be engaged in its spiritual mission. that is what he is calling us to. beautiful day, not only for the church, but a beautiful day for all of those who are touched by the great mission of the church. >> bret: cardinal wuerl, can you paint a picture for folks? you mentioned the conclave and
3:36 pm
inside the sistine chapel and how you get to the decision in just two days in only five ballots. can you paint a picture for folks back here in the u.s. about how that all comes together? >> yes, i think you have to remember that the preface to the conclave was the week we spend in what we call the general congregation. all the cardinals getting to know each other. talk with each other and discuss what the needs of the church are. and also be probing one another for their qualities, their gifts, talent. that took a week because you want to spend time deliberate something you don't have to spend a lot of time when it comes to making the decision. we went in with a profile of the person we wanted so it didn't take long for it to gel. >> bret: happening just before holy week, just before easter. everything we can hear from
3:37 pm
argentina and latin america is they are ecstatic. how much did that really factor in to this decision? reaching out to latin america and making sure that the 500 million plus catholics there continue on their path. >> guest: i think there was a sense it's time. it's time. the first time in history, first time in 2,000-year history of the church we have had a pope from the new world. from our hemisphere. there was a sense it was just the right time to do that. because we have had now a break in the long tradition of italian popes, polish pope, german pope. i think it was a sense it was time to move now in to the rest of the world. that brings us to our hemisphere and america. >> bret: when he was cardinal bergoglio, he was critical of the curia and the inner workings of the vatican at times.
3:38 pm
how much of a reformer will he be? >> he will bring all of his focus on the needs of people. and to respond to those needs. he will bring that to his task now. he will look at the way the office is in rome, the way the curia office functioned and he will see it through that prism and expect them to work at a different pace and a different way. he is noted for being very hanz on. in terms of his ministry, getting out, not having a lot of interference between him and those he is trying to reach. so i think we may see that reflected in his pontificate. remember, the curia exists to facilitate the mission and ministry of the pope. i think he is going to bring his vision in to the reform of
3:39 pm
the curia. >> bret: we talked a lot, last thing here, cardinal, about his choice of francis as his name. saint that was a humble servant who turned his back on his family's wealth. it seems like pope francis in his history has a lot of the same qualities. >> i think we will see the choice of the name was very symbolic. cardinal bergoglio and now pope francis has an approach that is really focused on mission not bureaucracy. focused on reaching people and not getting so bogged down in all of the work process. that strikes me as very, very symptomatic if we were drawing a picture of st. francis. he was there with people trying to preach the gospel, live the gospel. i think that is going to be what we see in the life of
3:40 pm
pope francis. >> bret: thanks. cardinal wuerl, thank you for joining us and we look forward to having you back in studio when you're back in washington, d.c. >> looking forward to seeing you and thank you for the opportunity to share the thoughts with you. god bless you. >> bret: thank you, cardinal. next up, more from the panel about the new pope. when we come back. then in a little bit, the washington, d.c.s, all-stars join us. what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. >> bret: back with a special panel. steven white, fellow with the catholic studies program of the ethics of the public policy center. kathryn lopez, editor at large of national review. monte is a franciscan friar. we lost david kerr there as he gets ready for shepard smith's show in a few minutes from that position. steven, you heard cardinal wuerl on the decision they made inside the sistine chapel. and about the issue of being a reformer. pope francis. how much do you think he will
3:44 pm
shake things up in the vatican and some of the things that the church has been dealing with in recent years? >> i think we have to understand what we're looking for when we talk about reform. we view this from lens of two dichotomies. the answer is he is both, saint francis was known for being man of poverty, living with the poor. that christian witness reformed the churchi.'s been 800 year since then. what we have now is a chance to see in pope francis a life that demonstrates in his own person the complimentarity of the truth handed down through the catholic church. and the life of working with the poor. and life of charity. how complimentary the two things are. that in itself can drive reform. >> father monte, it seems that part of this, talking to some
3:45 pm
people in rome, talking to others, that part of this was a call to back to the basics. do you agree with that? >> i think so. since pope benedict announced his resignation, we get caught up in the more, if you want to say political issues. i think the election of pope francis demonstrates back to the basics in a sense of a real commitment to jesus. one thing that i think that impressed me very much was his humble and prayerful posture as he went out on the balcony, asking the people to pray for him as he took up this responsibility. i think with this new pope is a deep concentration on the basic reality of our faith, which is a commitment to jesus christ. and his teachings. and his message. >> bret: kathryn, we talk about about the blessing there, asking them, the people to bless him. but he also chose in his
3:46 pm
investments to wear something different. your thoughts jef overall? >> i thought there was something in the posture that father is talking about that was not only humility but a little apology or contrition. cardinal wurel and cardinal dolan and the u.s. bishops have been so forceful talking about secularism and its threats. in that message and the cardinal wuerl has been clear in this. the fact that we have surrendered to secularism and the culture in so many ways. when you say back to basics, i think you are absolutely right. i think that the message of pope francis today going forth is going to, to be continuous with pope benedict, who talked in the last days about encountering christ. engaging the culture. but it's also going to be, going to address the crisis that many catholics don't know and are not acting, living as
3:47 pm
we ought. not living radically different lives. pope francis obviously presented himself as something, with something radically different, something christian. something very franciscan, of course. >> bret: we have david kerr is back with us briefly. dade, the inauguration mass for pope francis is march 19. the feast of st. joseph, that in and of itself is significant. >> st. joseph is the patron of the universal church. very enough the speech that pope francis gave from the balcony this evening. it seems strange to say "pope francis." my goodness. did this happen tonight? the speech he gave, is back to the basics. it's all about jesus christ. i think he feels and drawing upon the name francis, not only looking toward francis, 13th century given the mission to rebuild the church
3:48 pm
by god. but francis xavier, a great missionary. this pope will reform the institution behind me to help the new evangelization to bring jesus christ back to western world and all of the world. >> bret: david, father monty, kathryn, steven, thank you very much. this special panel has been very interesting. we appreciate it. the day has been historic but there has been things happening here in washington as well. next up, the president gives himself some wiggle room on the white house tours. the all-star panel here next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. and you learned something along the way. this is the age of knowing what you're made of. so, why let erectile dysfunction
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you know, i have to say
3:52 pm
this is not a decision that went up to the white house, but what the secret service explained to us was they are going to have to furlough folks. >> in order to allow the secret service to best fulfill the core mission, the white house made the decision that we would unfortunately have to temporarily suspend these tours. >> well, that was the earlier thisabc. week. talking about the white house tours being suspended because of the sequester. president in that interview went on to say this about the sequester. i'm always amused when people on one hand say the sequester doesn't mean anything and the administration is exaggerating the effects. whatever the specific effects are, they yell and scream and say why are you doing that? well, there are consequences to congress not having to come up with a more sensible way to reduce the deficit. with that, let's bring in the panel from washington. senior writer for the "weekly standard," steve hayes. charles lane, opinion writer for the "washington post." syndicated columnist, charles krauthammer. charles? >> another demonstration of
3:53 pm
the white house arm's length relationship with the truth. benghazi was a spontaneous riot. a week later the president says well, we are not really sure. then the secretary of state angrily says what difference does it make at this point? everybody considers it a brilliant retort, where it was an empty bluster. and challenge that nobody picked up the difference it makes is that truth matters. and the origins of all that, what is happening in north africa really matters. this is a more trivial example. but it always has a point. the point was to shut down the tours. deliberately. as a way to apply the pain of the sequester in a way that will be unmistakable, that will be out there and then you could then turn and blame the republicans, which is the way the administration has handled it. actually, it didn't help them. people understood it was a cynical move. if the president cut out one of the golfing trips by the new calculations, he could have had three months of kids
3:54 pm
going through happily on the white house tours. so he can make choices. he didn't. now he puts out story "a," second story is out there. then he leaves it up to jay carney to do gymnastics and work it out. >> bret: here is what carney said today, chuck. >> he has asked the white house to consult with the secret service to see if there is any way to provide limited tours to school groups or others. that is being reviewed. but i should be clear that the choices here, there is not an option here to reopen the tours in general here, because again, that is not an option because of the sequester cuts. these are labor intensive operations that require thousands of man hours by the secret service. >> bret: what about this? >> i don't know. i'm not as cannibalized about it as everybody else. this is what you do in politics.
3:55 pm
this is close the washington monument first rule. >> bret: they got busted doing it and now they're reversing it. >> so what? the real question i have is why does it cost so much money to run white house tours? why is it so labor intensive. why are there so many hours of overtime built in this process? nobody is asking those questions. maybe the whole thing doesn't need to be this expensive in the first place. really, this seems to be entirely possible that both versions are true. that the secret service told them look, here is a menu of things you can do to deal with the furlough. the white house said ah, great. one of them is cut the white house tour. we'll do that. >> bret: right. now they are getting called on. tonight's twitter question, by the way. why don't we have obama's pac pay for white house tours? rich people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to see him. steve? >> well, i mean, that is one idea. there are other private rich people who have offered to pay for tours. that was shot down. i think the problem with
3:56 pm
giving the white house the benefit out on the tours is they have now shown example after example after example they haven't earned the benefit of the doubt. so i don't think they frankly deserve it at this point. i thought the bigger news out of the interview that he gave yesterday was once again is his cavalier attitude toward the growing debt. the president basically says debt is not a problem. it's not going to be a problem for a decade. we don't need to worry about it. it's the same thing he told david letterman last year in an interview six weeks before the election. it's a shocking claim. i think it is a problem. we're borrowing $4 billion a day. that is a short-term problem. this suggests to me the president isn't serious about cutting the deficit. he is not willing to risk political capital to do, to address something he doesn't think is a serious problem. >> bret: here is what he said. we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt.
3:57 pm
in fact for the next ten years it's going to be sustainable place. this is what he said in 2008. >> the way bush has done it over the last eight years is take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from for $5 trillion for the first 42 presidents. number 43 added $4 trillion by his lonesome. we have over $9 trillion of debt that we are going to have to pay back. $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. us' unpatriotic. >> bret: "unpatriotic"? >> hypocritical. arm's length relationship with the truth. truth for the president is what you can use.
3:58 pm
he has a new truth and use it now. >> bret: we have an online show tonight. that is it for this panel. because of the ongoing coverage from rome, but stay tuned as one couple gets off the sacrament of marriage to a rocky start. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one. standing by for capture. the most innovative software on the planet... dragon is captured. is connecting today's leading companies to places beyond it. siemens. answers.
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