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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 13, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . ♪ [ music ] . >> greta: that is your last call and we are closing down shop. go to there is an open thread so you can discuss anything you want. there is an open thread.
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good night from washington, d.c. we'll see you at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here, good night from washington. tuesday. until then, have a great night. >> bill: the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: [cheers] there is a brand new pope he is he from are argentina. we will tell you all about him and take you orome. [speaking italian] >> we don't have an immediate crisis in terms it of debt. in fact, for the next 10 years it's going to be in a sustainable place. >> bill: is that true? is a debt that may approach $20 trillion before mr. obama leaves office sustainable? we have a factor investigation and debate the issue with bob beckel. >> you are not protecting the kids from sexual predators and and passing jed can a's law.
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>> bill: colorado speaker of the house openly gay politician. "the denver post" called me a homophobe bigot. the man who wrote that will be here tonight. >> you are lucky o'reilly wasn't here today, sir. >> bill: also tonight, dennis miller on government waste and that could be brutal. caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. >> bill: hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. new pope has been selected, so the talking points memo on how president obama is reacting to the budget chaos will be on our second segment tonight. but first the lead story. cardinal jorge bergoglio is the new pope. calling himself pope francis the 76-year-old is a jesuit who is an accomplished intellectual, a defender of the poor, and fairly conservative on
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social issues. pope francis is the 266th pope and is one of the oldest candidates in the conclave. joining us now from rome, fox news analyst father jonathan morris. so, let's take it step-by-step because people want to be introduced to the pope. i understand while cardinal in buenos aries, he didn't live in a mansion he lived in an apartment. he didn't take the limo, he took the bus is that true? >> that is true, bill. not only that, when did he take the bus, it was a very regular event that people would swarm him just because they liked him. they would call him father jorge. he was just a man of the people. at the same time, he was very, very strong in his statements and taking on what he believed to be corruption, sometimes argentinian government and also known here in the vatican as somebody who was
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tough. i can tell you, bill, that at the major candidates that we have been talking about the last couple of weeks were looked at for their qualities of being able to give a vivacious and committed presentation and a happy presentation of the gospel. and then in these two weeks they started realizing that these -- the cardinals started realizing the corruption and the dysfunction within the vatican itself needs a strong hand. and i believe that's why they looked to jorge bergaglio. >> he will be a reformer and champion of the poor throughout the world. is he a social conservative. he he doesn't want gay nuptials. he doesn't want abortion, of course against birth control even. so, how is that going to play because there are a lot of people wanting the church to be more liberal socially. >> right. the bible doesn't play very well in our secular society. to suggest that the pope is
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liberal is really -- is really a contradiction of terms because the pope's main job is is to pass on the core teachings of the faith. any one of those 115 cardinals selected would have been considered a social conservative. >> bill: last question. is he a jesuit. what's a jez wited to -- jesuit to those people that don't know about the catholic religion, jesuit two mean types of priests. parish priest, direct superior is a bishop. religious order priest. qui think of franciscans, jesuits, et cetera. jesuit ignatius in the 1500s, 1540 was approved by the pope, and they have been known for being intellectuals for being educators there has also been some pretty liberal strains of jesuits.
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he has taken on some of those strains including liberation theology and spoken very strongly. one last thing, bill. interestingly enough, it's a jesuit taking on the name francis of the franciscans. even in the church there is some healthy, perhaps sometimes unhealthy rivalry. the jesuit is saying saint francis is an example of humility, that's what we need for reform. not managerial reform. >> bill: saint francis was a great man. no doubt about it father, thanks very much. identppreciate it next on obama says he does not see the urgency of a 17 trillion-dollar debt. it's amazing. we will have it for you in just a few moments. i'm the world's worst cleaning lady.
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memo. for the first time in four years, the senate has put forth a budget proposal. it's impossible to explain so i won't even try. but i can give you some specific data from it. the first thing is the president obama and the democratic party claim they're cutting almost $3 trillion out of the deficit. but what they don't tell you is that is over a 10-year period. >> i think what's important to recognize is that we have already cut 2.5, $2.7 trillion out of the deficit if the sequester stays in you have got over $3.5 trillion of deficit reduction already. so we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact, for the next 10 years, it's going to be an n. a sustainable place. >> bill: wow. with all due respect few economists agree with the president that a debt heading toward $20 trillion can, quote. sustainable. in fact, there have been no real cuts. democrats are just slowing
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down the rate of spending. not eliminating or reforming wasteful programs. the sad fact is that barack obama not gonna change his opinion, no matter how much data is presented. he believes the massive federal debt will not harm the country, period. and so he operates under that assumption and says this: >> my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. my goal is how do we grow the economy, put people back to work and if we do that, we're going to be bringing in more revenue, if we have controlled spending, and we have smart entitlement package, then potentially what you have is balance -- >> bill: potentially. the president thinks he he can get the federal budget under control. potentially. but listen to this. the democratic budget calls for $1 trillion in tax increases over the next 10 years. how are you going to grow an economy with that? and every working american is going to pay some of
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those taxes. let me ask you, let me ask you this. are you already not paying taxes through the roof? i am. property tax, sales tax, gas tax, state tax, city of new york tax, federal income tax, and almost everything i do in my leash time, rental cars, hotels, planes, all taxed as well. and the democrats want to add another trillion dollars in taxes? so we're quickly becoming sweden which has the highest tax rate in europe. u.s. corporate tax is already the highest in the world, already. and there is no doubt president obama wants to raise them even further. so, again, is this a sound economic policy? is this going to grow the economy in the u.s.a.? is it? finally, the president and the democratic party have failed to tell the american people exactly what programs they will cut in the future, if anymore. once again, there is no specific entitlement reform put forth by the president. this is really irresponsible.
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is it not? and that's the memo. now, joining us from washington fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron has been taking a look at the democratic budget and the republican budget in a hard news context. no commentary. all right? so carl is going to explain it so that even i can understand it, which is a mammoth task. all right, cammeron. first of all, we have dueling budgets, right? >> right. >> put forth by congressman ryan. they don't want any tax cuts, all right? >> that's right. >> bill: then the democratic one released today, they want a trillion dollars in tax cuts. so that, right away we know we are not going to get anywhere. am i wrong? >> well, listen, this was already set up to fail in the absence of the president who hasn't put forth his budget for the first time in almost a century. congress has actually come up with their spending plans before the chief executive. so, when you start at the finish line and not all the participants are there. you are looking at a train wreck at the end. >> bill: i misspoke.
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the republicans don't want any tax increases. okay? i said tax -- they don't want any tax increases. this is what i don't understand. the g.o.p. says okay, we're not going to go for any tax increases. in fact, we want to lower the income tax rate to about 26% for the highest level. but, the democrats come in with a trillion dollars in new taxes. so, there is just no way that they're ever going to come to any agreement. >> they are approaching it from two totally different directions. paul ryan's budget which will balance in 10 years looks and weighs heavily and leans evidence heavily on entitlement reform. medicare, medicaid entitlement reform and repeal of obama care. >> bill: that's ridiculous. those under president obama and that's never going to happen. why would ryan even put it forth when he knows it's not going it happen? isn't that a waste of time? >> the repeal of obama care arguably could be described as sort of cat anyplace for conservatives who want to use that as a rallying cry for political battle.
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big ticket items that mean a lot. democrats and the president just won't go near it the president came up to the hill today and met behind closed doors with republicans for the first time in no one can remember when. and they said it was a productive meeting, et cetera. the democrats look at the republican budget from paul ryan and they say it's draconian and it's not going to work and that the math is phony and everything else. republicans by contrast have to have a point. democratic proposal to increase taxes $975 billion in the next 10 years is going to make an economic recovery a lot harder. in addition, the 97 a billion dollars spending cuts that they claim they're making are reductions in spending. >> it doesn't balance. the democrats have abandoned the idea of a balanced budget and because of that the deficits might be smaller but the now 17 trillion-dollar current debt is going to be much, much higher if it doesn't balance. >> bill: let's just cut to the chase here before everybody's head blows off. you have got a president of the united states who
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thinks a 20 trillion-dollar debt which is what it will be when he gets out of office is sustainable. i don't think he is ever going to change his mind. he doesn't see it as a big problem. he simply doesn't see it as a major problem. that's one thing. all right. got a democratic party that basically is all in on taking as much money from working americans as they can take. they are just going to take as much money as they can get. all right? then, on the other side, you have a republican party that's living in a fantasy land, saying it's going to repeal obama care when there is obama sitting in the oval office with his veto pen. even if they got control of the senate and the house next time around in 2014, it would never happen it looks to me like that's just an an annoyance thing. okay, just throw it and insult the president. so both parties, they don't seem to want to compromise. they don't want to get the fiscal mess under control. >> they profess to have that desire. and we saw something today that will give us a benchmark. the president either came up to the capitol and met
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with the republicans as a political tactic and a charm offensive that will be temporary or this is the beginning of a really productive dialogue which is even how some of the republicans describe it. >> what do you think? get you out of your hard news thing. >> come on we have been doing this over and over again for the last five years. >> you think it's a charade. >> something drastic has to happen. it isn't going to come from congress. they have to be forced. they have haven't felt any drastic pain to force them to act yet. >> bill: that's because bernanke is printing money all over the place artificially propping up the economy. all right, cammeron. >> welcome to the capitol world. >> bill: it's just, you know. next on the run down, fervent democrat bob beckel will respond to the budget chaos. later "the denver post," says i your humble correspondent am i bigot because i want denver -- because i want denver -- colorado to pass jessicacacacaa all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
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>> bill: unresolved problem segment tonight. we continue with president obama saying is he not that concerned about balancing the budget and that approaching $20 trillion is sustainable. big spending guy you can tell how he dresses bob beckel. were you surprised that president obama was so candid to abc. >> i was a little surprised. i agree with him completely. i was a little surprised there has been enough fear mongering about this deficit by you and other people that scare the death out of these people over the deficit. simple question for the american people and it's simple. when you woke up this morning, what was it about the federal budget deficit that hurt you in any single way? >> bill: it's kind of like a coming tsunami when the people don't listen to the radio reports and they stand on the beach going
8:23 pm
gee, i wonder why that ocean is going out like that. oh, then all of a sudden they are 18-fathoms under water. so i think i'm taking the approach that i'm trying to look out for the folks in saying that this kind of an economic mess isn't good for anyone. let's progress. i. >> i know certain amount of things. 17 trillion is not a good thing. it's not stable. it's not responsible. it's not good. i also know that 900 billion-dollar deficit this year 13, that's going to add another almost trillion dollars to the debt. i also know that the president doesn't really care. all those things worry me. u.s. corpted tax now the highest in the world. does that trouble you at all? >> not only does it not trouble me it's also one of the biggest misstatements you can make it is the highest nominally they get so many tax breaks and everything else they are 50th down in countries.
8:24 pm
>> bill: i want and i think you agree with me on this to close some of those luxury box writeoffs and stuff like that. >> absolutely. >> bill: i'm thinking most people would be with us here, beckel. let's close some of that and then have a reasonable amount the corporations pay so they don't have to do all this crazy stuff lower the federal in connection with tax rate for everybody so there is more cash that the consumers can spend this is my economic plan do you disagree with that. >> any time can you lower tax and get more money in their pocket the better. anything you can do to get corporations to pay their fair share by not dodging. >> bill: you and i are starting to agree. >> one thing we may not agree with. every corporation should not put one cent overseas. >> bill: we will deal with the overseas things. we have a president who doesn't agree with us. he wants to jack up the income tax rate to 40% and get as much money out of the economy as he can for his own purposes to institute social justice wants to take it out of the
8:25 pm
marketplace and take to washington. you know he wants to do that. >> i think that's the most unfair. >> bill: bill what do you think he wants to do with the $1 trillion in taxes. >> do things we do well. educate people. have the best high tech institutions in the world to do the best. >> bill: why does the government have to do that. >> who is going to do it. >> as far as the tech is concerned private industry as far as education is concerned the state and locals. >> private wouldn't be if they hadn't invested in universities who teach high tech. >> bill: you know who would be shocked to hear that is thomas edison. do you know who i'm talking about? thomas edison? he didn't get any subsidies. i think the americando it on t. >> steve jobs before he died said it was because of the united states spending on the internet that made apple apple. >> bill: well jobs is jobs and edison is edison. >> slightly different era. >> bill: did you see the brilliant talking points did i yesterday on the unbelievable amount of corruption in the spending process? did you see that?
8:26 pm
27 until in morocco to teach them how to make alberto are you all for that? >> you can go through now let's not forgot that i may be for that for ghana. >> not morocco. >> guana is okay? >> you can go through the budget. i have been through it for years and years and years. and they are ridiculous line items. >> bill: why doesn't the president do that? >> you total them all together and they don't. >> bill: $400 billion a year. >> in what? >> bill: duplicate programs and waste 400 billion. can you knock it out o. >> from o'reilly talking memo. >> bill: from our analysis. 400 billion you could knock out, a year. >> if i were you i would send your analysts back to school. >> bill: come on. i can give you the programs. overweight lesbians. do you know any overweight lesbians? >> do i know any overweight lesbians? a million and a half of our tax money. >> biggest show on cable tv and you are asking me if i know any overweight lesbians? >> bill: i want to know if
8:27 pm
the overweight lesbians need a million and a half bucks to find out if why they are overweight. >> i have no idea. >> bill: do you object to a million and a half taxpayer money to find out why lesbians are overweight? here is why they are overweight. they eat too much. i don't need a million and a half. >> listen, i'm overweight. >> bill: areare you a lesbian? >> no, no, no i'm not. take that shot there. and i could give one back to you but i won't. >> bill: it's not a shot. it's a joke. >> sometimes your jokes just fall a little flat. >> bill: i know you are offended? >> very tough to offend me about anything. >> bill: what i'm telling you 400 million in duplicate and waste that could be consult out if president obama cared. last word? >> you agree with me then that taking $4 billion a year and giving it to oil companies. >> bill: close up all of those things. >> cut them all off. if you want to cut the tax rate to 25% like paul ryan
8:28 pm
does which is is by the way is fool's gold this guy is throwing out there. you are exactly right. the idea of eliminating obama care. >> bill: that was ridiculous i have to say? >> if you are going to lower to that amount of money you have to do away with all deductions. all. >> bill: i don't think so. i think you could do the home mortgage and a few others. >> maybe you could do charitable but home mortgage is questionable. >> bill: bob beckel. >> worry about those lesbians now if i were you on their weight problem. >> bill: a million and a half. most controversial story of the evening. denver post accusing me of being a homophobe ties right into beckel because i described the colorado. talk to the man who wrote the homophobe editorial what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and has your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. factor follow up segment tonight. last week we credited sized speaker of the house mark ferrandino for not allowing the legislature out there for voting on jessica's law. jesse watters confronted ferrandino. >> 41-year-old soccer coach repeatedly raped a 13-year-old girl and only got two years in prison. >> specifically, i still do not know the specifics of the cases you are talking about. i'm happy to look at them if you can look at the cases. we need to toughen the laws in colorado, we should and we will. >> you do need to toughen the laws with all do respect, sir. >> in describing mr. ferrandino to the national audience i said he was openly gay, which he is. a fact that is noted in
8:33 pm
nearly every article written about him. apparently that offended "the denver post" which editorialized on sunday, quote: it may not surprise to you learn that a fact challenge bigoted line of attack came courtesy of a fox news channel talking head specifically bill o'reilly. o'reilly's fear mongering should offend all coloradoens he was saying gay but what he wanted his listeners to hear was pervert pedophile unquote. joining us now from the mile high city the man who wrote that the editor of "the denver post" editorial page curtis hubbard. you got nerve calling me a homophobe. you can't back it it up. your post is liable columbus speculation, is it not. >> let me correct you on a number of things. number one it's not editorial. it's my column that appears each week sunday. it's my opinion not the opinion of the editorial board. >> bill: you are the editorial page editor, correct? >> correct. >> bill: okay. go ahead. >> and i didn't call you a home memo phone but what did i do is call into question what representative ferrandino's
8:34 pm
sexuality had to do with his opposition to jessica's law which was the point that you were making. >> bill: okay. and why did i bring up that he was openly gay? what was the context of that description? >> you were trying to figure out why he opposed jessica's law and my question back to you is what does his sexuality have to do with his opposition. >> bill: did you see the report that we did? did you see it on television? >> i did. >> not read television did you read the report. >> i saw it on television. i'm going to answer your question. i described ferrandino to the audience because the audience doesn't know who the heck he is i did it in the context of what his priorities are his priorities are civil unions, all right? which you guys are going to have pretty soon out there. and legalizing marijuana which you already have out there. and he is he a gay marriage proponent as you know. so i said here are ferrandino's priorities. here is what he spends his time on, all right? >> bill, you didn't introduce them as his priorities and you can go
8:35 pm
back and look at the tape. >> bill: did i absolutely say this is what the guy is promoting. >> you asked your guests why he he opposed jessica's law. >> bill: right. >> >> then you used his sexuality and his support for gay marriage as rationale for why he would oppose jessica's law. >> bill: i didn't do anything of the kind. i described who he was, who he says he is, all right? and that's it. i made no correlation between him being quote, unquote, openly gay and jessica's law. and for you to say. >> that's not true. no now you are not telling the truth. >> your guest is the one who took your words and then said he is protecting somebody. >> bill: listen. is he protecting the trial lawyers. that's who he is protecting. see, you are ridiculous. you are ridiculous person. and a journalist? this is disgraceful. to say that i described him as. >> i'm not a ridiculous person, bill. no one here other than representative no one in law enforcement in colorado was supporting this bill.
8:36 pm
>> bill: why are though supporting it. >> what does representative ferrandino's sessionality have to do with passing jessica's law. >> bill: i already explained that to you. if you can't grasp it, i can't help you. you saying that i described him as openly gay which is is true equates to me calling him a pervert pedophile is a disgrace. it's a smear, you are a smear merchant. that's what you do. you can't back it up. now, do you support jessica's law. >> can i back it up. >> bill: no, you can't back it up at all. if you could, you would have put it in your vile little column. all you did was make this giant leap that's your opinion, fine. and your opinion is your opinion. but you are a smear merchant. that's a smear. that's what you do. now, do you oppose jessica's law? duo pose it? >> bill, i don't think the question is whether or not i support it or i oppose it. >> bill: that's the question. that's what we were doing in colorado. do you as the editorial page editor. >> my column was about. >> bill: of "the denver post," do you support jessica's law or not? >> listen, i don't know
8:37 pm
enough about it. >> bill: you don't know enough about it. so you write a column about our reporting and you don't know enough about it? >> i wrote a column about your comments on his sexuality. >> bill: his description. i described him, the way he describes himself. >> if you had simply said democrats in colorado oppose jessica's law, here's why. i probably never would have brought it up. but the fact of the matter is that you used his sexuality to impugn his character. >> bill: i didn't impugn his character at all. i said what his priorities are are as speaker of the house. look, i'm going to post this on bill o' the whole thing so people can see what a charlotte ton you are. you can't win the argument. you don't know what you are talking about jessica's law. you run the editorial page in the most powerful paper in the state and you don't know anything and all you can do is smear. that's all you can do. >> that's not true, bill. as i pointed out earlier. >> bill: jessica's law has been in play for five years out there. >> here is what i do know
8:38 pm
about jessica's law. >> >> bill: what. >> no one in law coloradont in law supported in 2007, 2009 or again this year. in fact it's only brought up when the republicans are in the minority in colorado. not when they had the majority. it's been used against democrats as a wedge issue politically. >> bill: you don't know whether you support it or not. all you know is no one and believe me i will get law enforcement from colorado on here and i will make you look foolish on that statement. but you don't even know about it and you are the editorial director of "the denver post." >> i do know about it. >> bill: do you support it or not? do you support it or not? you have to ask me which version i'm supporting. >> bill: which version. >> am i supporting the 2007 version. >> bill: not mandatory 25 to life for child rapist. >> i think that we have seen in our judicial system that mandatory sentencing oftentimes has unintended consequences. >> bill: so you don't support it? >> colorado has strong sex offender laws. i don't see any reason to change. >> bill: i have got a dozen
8:39 pm
child rapist cooking doing less than five. >> lifetime probation which is something unique to colorado. >> bill: lifetime probation for rape. if had you a kid and somebody raped that kid and they got lifetime probation, you would probably be out there with a gun, mr. hubbard. >> that's in addition to their prison sentences, bill. and if they violate any of the terms of that probation. >> bill: two or three years that they got. that's good, the soccer coached that raped a kid. -- all right. i'm just going to say it. you need to look up delbert wallace stewart. you need to find out what that man did, what a colorado judge gave him and then you need to come back on this show and tell me you don't need jessica's law. all right, mr. hubbard. >> can i tell you i know about that case. i'm happy to come back and discuss it with you any time, bill. >> bill: when we come right back, it will be miller time. wasteful federal spending and what should "the view" and what should "the view" do with its host [ both ] we're foodies.
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>> bill: thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight. the d man watched our segment last night on wasteful government spending which we mentioned to beckel which includes a study about lesbians and why some of them are chubby and sending $27 million t morocco to teach the people over there how to make
8:44 pm
pottery. 27 million. the sage of southern california joins us now dennis miller. >> first off, you are going to settle down. you are going to blow your ticker out. take it easy. >> bill: i can't. these guys have to be held to. >> do the show in 3-d so when you start pumping that finger like the guy playing paddle ball in house of wax. i know you are cranky today because you had the ecuadorian cardinal in your pope and you got blown out by this other argentinian guy. >> bill: i have got to hold these guys accountable. i have got to protect the kids, miller. i have got to protect. i like the 3-d. >> ferrandino guy is straight because the gay community won't let you have that bad of comb over. let's go to the topic. >> bill: as you know we are spending 3.6 trillion a year -- 3.6 trillion and, you know, the boston hospital bringingham hospital up there, a million and a half of our
8:45 pm
money, miller. [ laughter ] >> what's that hospital? >> the bringingham and children's hospital in boston eating too many mars bars. >> they feel no need whatsoever to attract men anymore. it's that simple. let's not get that too involved here. like wimpy in the popeye car tunes. everybody is on the mooch. i snow we are supposed to pretend we are not. when we're giving out money to find out why lesbians are chunky. next thing i will be investing money to find out why they turn into spokes people at the cal tech size me size. >> leave them alone. if they are happy being heavy fine. we don't need to study them. >> if you are happy and you know it clap your hands.
8:46 pm
listen, morocco $27 million for pottery. we don't have a pot to pee in over here in this mars things. if we keep giving money away like this, there is going to be nowhere to blast off from anymore. money to study your prom for god's sake? our country is as broke as i was at my junior prom right now. i got shrimp on tread mills. everybody knows you put the shrimp on a leash and take him out into a shrimp park. what are we studying robotic squirrels for. ironically robotic squirrel is biden's secret service name. >> you see the foolishness of all of this as i do we're simpatico on the issue, correct? >> this stuff has to be funded but we can't send aircraft carrier to the gulf. >> or have kids tour the white house. ten years of white house tours for the bought tri money going to casablanca. >> we should put up a star wars system against missiles with the pottery.
8:47 pm
>> in saudi arabia many people don't know this but they are going to stop beheadings over there because they're running over people swords men to do it. is this possible. >> you don't want to get beheaded by a rooky. they are sloppy. ever since the sciu took over the beheading industry over there it's gotten to hell there are no standards over there anymore. how would you like to be beheader in saudi arabia. exclusive club. like going in for members only jacket. ironically beheaders in saudi arabia are not the sharp ers knives in the drawer. a lot of them are getting out now when they ask them what they want to do they say they want to direct. >> bill: got to get out of there. >> everybody wants to get into show biz. >> if the kingdom of sawdz did i arabia still wants to be beheaded get the guillotine. you don't have a guy. it's just a machine that does it. >> i'm working on a green guillotine. kilt bad guy and save the
8:48 pm
planet. >> bill: joy behar not going on "the view" much longer. who should replace her? >> i don't know the specific person but i would hire a chunky lesbian because they need money, evidently. listen, here is my theory, billy. you should go on in drag and hosts a a character named wiodina o'reilly can get into a fight and will willamina could storm off. >> ms. behar has been there a long time. i was thinking about that who would i. >> you will miss her. >> she will get another show. >> sure. listen. you keep freaking out and blow your ticker out she will host the factor soon. come on, settle down. >> bill: no, no, no. this is all contained. i still like the 3-d with the finger come right into your living room. i'm thinking about maybe local -- lindsay lohan for
8:49 pm
the view. very politically astute. >> i know every week your road killing colmes, that guy. settle down now. i think about you. >> bill: miller, i think you are right. i think i should become more mellow like you. move to santa barbara and get some wind chimes in the backyard. >> once lincoln sold 43 million copies you have got to ease up. take it easy. >> bill: all right. both miller and i would like to meet you either in denver. that will be interesting in denver, won't it? kansas city or best bury long island so we put super premium tickets on sale where you meet us. make great mother's day or father's day. did you see that. justin bieber that kid going to blow up? the chubbiest states in the union. juliet huddy moments away. i was cooking dinner for my family. boom. heart attack. the doctor recommends bayer aspirin to keep this from happening to me again. it's working. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before youegin an aspirin rimen.
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it can happen to anyone. talk to your doctor.
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>> bill: back of the book segment tonight. did you see that. we begin with a gallup poll pinpointing the states with the heaviest people and the states with the leanest americans. let's take the lefty situation first. west virginia fattest people in america. then mississippi, arkansas, louisiana, alabama, kentucky ken, tennessee, ohio, oklahoma and iowa. top seven all in the south. here now to explain why that is ms. juliet huddy. >> william. >> bill: why the south? >> if you live in one of the worst states as far as poverty goes you are more likely to be fat the reason for that, there are several reasons. one the big reasons is it seems as though low income neighborhoods just don't have as many healthy choices marketed to them. that's where you see all the fast food billboards. >> bill: fast food is cheaper. >> it's got a lot of calories. >> bill: you think it's poverty-driven the obesity? >> yes. do you disagree? >> bill: i don't know. because, let's put up the
8:54 pm
states that are the leanest. okay? we will take a look and compare. colorado? >> people like to hike. >> bill: it's an outdoor state. people go there for the outdoors. >> it surprised me though because colorado has the pot smoking. can you smoke pot there. you you know what that leads to. >> bill: i never smoked pot. >> i'm not saying that i did. i just know. >> bill: massachusetts, montana connecticut, utah. rhode island, idaho, new jersey. washington state. >> hey, back off. >> bill: those are the leanest. and most of them are not northern part of the country. >> you are saying this is climate okay call. >> it's not a wealthy state. it's and so i don't know whether it might be climate. >> conversely if you think about, you know, look at south beach. you don't find many heavy people there. >> because they are not americans. have you been to south beach?
8:55 pm
>> i program ecuador. it's a magnet for -- it's a strange place south beach. i don't think we want to get into that tonight. i think it might have something to do with climate. you would think that the people that are outside more in the southern states would be burning off the calories while if you live in montana. >> it's hot. >> montana 18 feet of snow you have to cacoon. >> when it's hot outside you are lethargic. i'm lethargic all the time so it doesn't really matter. >> bill: arizona and california they are in the lean states. that's a place where -- >> -- i think it's definitely the poverty issue has to do with obesity. >> go to whole foods or one of these healthy stores. the stuff in there is so expensive. turnf these organic turn -- turnips $8. >> supermarkets are the places you get the wide variety of healthy choices. >> bill: huddy is in for the economic angle.
8:56 pm
i think she is probably right. >> i am. >> bill: not the geographical north vs. south climate. you are in shape so you know that right? >> thank you, i appreciate that. >> bill: just don't move to mississippi. things could change. >> i like mississippi. you know, shepard smith is from mississippi. >> despite that. >> bill: does he not say that every night? does smith not say that every night he is from mississippi? hey, we know it factor tip of the day about your personal appearance. ties right in with the theme of the show tonight. the tip, 60 seconds away.
8:57 pm
today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers. >> the factor tip of the day about your personal appearance in a moment, but first the to mail. nolan from texas. i hope i'm saying that right, probably am not. mr. o'reilly even though i'm only ten years old i would like to be heard. tax money spent on mars, food
8:58 pm
menus and a stupid prom video game is dumb. do i not want to pay for these things when i'm done. you're correct. and donna from pennsylvania. the government needs to cut waste and fraud out of the budget, but the washington hacks lack the will to do it. not all. senator coburn is looking out for us exposing the cons and many others as well. and from colorado, what's insane is that the obama administration believes deficit spending will grow the economy. if that were true, we had 'd ha the greatest economic boom in history. and sarah palin, and says that rate increases is less than any since eisenhower, very true, but dishonest since the expenditures are so eye. susan, i don't listen to the spin on the spending because this is all you need to know.
8:59 pm
mr. obama is running up historic debt. that if not severely checked, could very well lead to an economic collapse. that's it. that's the only issue. terry, ecuador, as someone who knows pottery, the u.s. sending 27 million to morocco to teach how to make it is ridiculous. that country has made pottery for 2000 years. would mathews, bowling green, kentucky, ashley judd is no more qualified than i am. and kirsten powers won that round, o'reilly. took miss judd's comments out of comments and ashley judd said poor folks shouldn't have kids yet and that was her theme what she wrote in a book. orphans are just a small part of it and i believe that


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