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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 14, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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what i find interesting, though, is how the men who stole the virtue of government when push comes to shove. their own money. not going to the government. warren buffett says when he dies his dough will go to the bill and melinda gates foundation. he invests his money wisely. buffett is betting he will get more bang for his buck giving it to the guy they call mr. salty, than other guy we know as uncle sam. they like government. like to idea of wealthy giving more. just not in their case. focus on their words, yes. but focus on their wallets. definitely. see for yourself tonight for when the first time in a television interview i try and get bill gates to focus on both. when bill discusses our bills, i guarantee you it will make
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you think differently about how even the richest advocates for bigger got say one thing and do another -- bigger government say one thing and do another. three hours from now on fox business. if you don't get it -- >> demand it. i >> neil: if you watch that other bill as i am talking to that richer bill. you know what it will be? it will be a best-seller. me killing you. this is important, folks. the countdown is on. the moment is now. billionaire takes in the largest of consequences, debate of our time. what is the obligation of the government to you and your obligation of yourself to the government? not a commercial for this man. not a commercial for washington or microsoft. not a commercial for windows 8 or whatever incarnation.
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realistic view of where he thinks we should go and his philosophy make sense. fox business. three hours. if you don't watch this? >> demand it. >> eric: hello. i'm eric bolling with andrea tantaros, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> eric: today's opening day at cpac. we'll get to that in a minute. but first, good news in the white house tours front. interesting call today from the obama earlier this morning. it looks like the president may be close to reopening the people's house. "washington post" editorial page reopening the white house tour calling it bureaucratic hostage taking. a rough couple of days for mr. jay carney in briefing room. watch. >> secret service told us the tours cost $75,000 a week.
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how much is it going toques for the president to travel later this week to illinois? >> the president is the president of the united states. he is elected to represent all of the people. he travels around the country appropriately. i don't have a figure on the cost of presidential travel. it is, you know, obviously something, as every president deals with, the security and staff. significant undertaking. but the president has to travel around the country. he has to travel around the world. that is part of his job. >> how much does it cost for him to play golf? >> john, again, you're trivializing the impact. people will lose their job. >> eric: this morning jay called to discuss this. evidently they are trying to reopen the tours but they are supposedly waiting on the secret service for approval. i'm not sure why the commander-in-chief can't order them to do it. he is the president, after all, right? anyway, i appreciate the call. but we need to see some action
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asap, pronto! what is the over/under on how long before they open up the white house tours again? >> andrea: i'm glad jay carney cleared up that the president is the president of the united states. >> dana: very helpful. >> andrea: yeah, i was confused until he said that. i think they will make a decision probably tomorrow, friday at 4:45, when all the reporters have left. because think have to stop the bleeding. the fact they blame the secre secrets? the first place is ridiculous. if you blame anybody, you blame the men and women that protect you. or the group of people that protect you. i think it's ridiculous. either he is saying i'm not going to manage this or i'm not capable of managing it. we know he could handle it. >> eric: how do you think this is going? >> dana: there is no way they ran it be the press office before closing the white house tours. it should have showed jay before i left i kept a can of
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gas line in my desk. if i knew something bad would happen, i'd pour the gasoline over myself and take matches and stand outside the oval office and say who is going to fix this before i light this match? in the press office you can get a lot done and stop thingses from happening. this has gone on for two weeks and they look ridiculous. they wasted an interinterview with george stephanopoulos yesterday with abc news. this is the news that came out of it. the president blamed the secret service about decision about the white house tours. if you were going to run for president of the united states you think you have more power not telling the secret service we would like to open this up. is there a way we could move around budget to take care of the tours? >> eric: so when the phone rang, came on my cell phone, it was holly. i said holly, can you call me back on a land line. she did. i thought you were pranking me. [ laughter ] >> greg: i guess i should tell you. it was me. i do a tremendous jay carney
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impression. >> dana: and holly. >> greg: i silently weep over the phone. blaming the secret service is worst thing you can. if the secret service breaks wind the president has to take blame for that. they take your bullets. you never do that. they call it washington monument syndrome. the government is trying to show the bruises of sequestration. the equivalent of if a husband goes home and tells his wife we have to cut stuff from the budget. she stops buying you beer. it's like i am goingp to get back at you. the white house in a way is acting like an angry girlfriend who burned your favorite sweater. >> greg: was it yellow? [ laughter ] >> greg: can i point out i may throw up. stiff still have the noro virus. >> eric: do it on the set, it's great television. >> greg: is it going to happen. i got 42 minutes to get through. >> eric: blame the white house. >> greg: yeah. >> eric: bob, what about it?
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speak to jay carney. he gets on the phone. jay, first, president obama with the interview with stephanopoulos said he made the decision, president made the decision. then you guys yesterday -- [ loss of audio ] >> andrea: that was one of -- >> bob: that was the most exciting thing that jay carney looked forward to doing. returning your phone call. >> greg: do you think he thought you were eric boller? [ laughter ] >> bob: that is funny. bogs it was determined. obama needed to take responsibility for it. it's determined that the secret service made a decision to cut back on the agents. the doesn't matter. it was mishandled from the beginning. i want to know who the little guy was asking the questions. >> eric: jonathan carl. >> bob: who is jonathan
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carl? >> dana: he is fantastic reporter with abc news. great reporting. >> eric: take a listen. former secret service agent under bill clinton. listen to what he had to say. >> throwing the secret service under the bus -- not speaking for them. speaking as a former agent. i know men and women who have spoken to me who are still there andup set about this. this was political cowardess. these men and women would lay down their lives proudly at a moment's notice for the president of the united states. he conveniently finds a political target in them. uses them. knowing they will take it on the chin. they always. do that is the kind of folks they are. this disgusted me. it did. >> andrea: blank runs downhill. really. in a big way. this is so typical of the white house. he is the commander in chief. there is no one more powerful arguably in government than him. he can fix this if he wants. i do want to ask you, eric, did they at least thank you
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for your offer? did he say anything? >> eric: he said, he said it was time gesture. i took notes. kind gesture. you can write a check to the treasury. but you can't specifically have a purpose. you have can't earmark it for a purpose. i don't think i will write for the general purpose of president obama. trying to get the white house. >> greg: that goes back to the point we talk about last week. earmarking. why can't we allow the american public paying the taxes to earmark bulk of their taxes to things they want. if they want the white house press tours. if they want enhanced military. if they want the social programs. you know what will happen? all the things that matt her get supported. the military, police, roads. all the little fluffy stuff will disappear. >> dana: no more solyndra. >> bob: sorry, go ahead. >> eric: one question. "washington post," editorial page, reopen the white house doors, calling it bureaucratic hostage-taking. that is a week later. >> dana: yeah.
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that is why they could have stopped this from the beginning. i had a good point earlier i said in green room. if you throw the secret service under the bus, why not do it two weeks ago on the night when they announce that the white house tours would be closed? if you throw them under the bus you could have said whoa, secret service. you can't close the white house tours. we will figure this out. the white house will save the day. blame the secret service on that end. instead, they made everybody look bad. >> bob: the secret service agent that spoke on the record i bet you $1 million he voted for mitt romney. >> dana: who cares? who cares who he voted for? why does that matter? >> greg: they are all smart republicans. >> eric: so what? who cares? >> eric: the main stream media didn't drive this. didn't shine the light on this. conservatives did. we did here. >> andrea: they are not shining a light on anything or
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driving most stories. you saw this with benghazi and menendez scandal. how many times has the media had an opportunity to be first? they missed the boat. in this case, better late than never. the president lectures on and on about shared sacrifice. we just hear the announcement. going on another vacation to martha's vineyard in august. getting skin in the game is not a good message to preach as one of the first things you preach when you take office. when you are not doing it yourself. >> bob: you can focus on the white house tours. but the fact of the matter i said over and over again, there will be hundreds of thousands of people that lose their job because of the sequester. it's not funny. >> eric: no one is laughing about it. >> greg: i just allowed 2,000 illegal immigrants many were criminals, drunk drivers should do the white house tou
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tours. there you solve two problems. it might be interesting for the kids. more accurate america, right? >> bob: if you're bye lick bilil it will work. >> eric: reopen for kids. it's not the general public. but reopen it. how do they spin the p.r. nightmare they are in now? >> dana: the president says i'm in charge of the budget. figure it out. i want an answer on my desk by 8:00 tonight. thank you very much. done. >> andrea: do you think he looks like hero here and said the secret service called me. i pressured them for a decision. they got back to me. >> dana: it's too far gone. this is saturday night live territory. >> bob: they will get tours open by tomorrow and next week it's a nonissue. >> andrea: what time? before 5:00? friday afternoon dump? >> bob: it doesn't matter.
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american people interest in this story maybe has a few more hours. >> eric: are you out of your mind? this story has a few more hours? there. keep it going. >> dana: why are you defending them? >> bob: i'm not defending them. just saying -- >> eric: it's still not open. >> bob: it will be open. it will be open. >> greg: i will say this, i don't care about the kids. kids suck. i said this before. kids not getting a white house tour, go. get a summer job. >> dana: what if they can't find a summer job? >> greg: run the tours! if you get tuition stuff for military, that is arbitrary shotgun approach obama used with the sequestration. >> bob: that was part of what the military had to do. >> greg: he thought he could get away with it. he didn't think anybody would go for it. he is stuck holding the back.
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like you said a month ago, don't take hostages if you're not willing to -- >> dana: off them. >> andrea: the trigger. sequestration. >> eric: leave it there. up next, cpac 2013 kicks off near washington. why can't we say in washington? we'll show you the highlights from opening day. marco rubio. rand paul. good friend allen west. you hear all from all of them up next on "the five." ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] when it comes to the financial obstacles military families face, we understand. our financial advice is geared specifically to current and former military members and their families. life brings obstacles. usaa brings retirement advice.
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>> andrea: well, it's opening day at cpac, outside washington, d.c. this is the biggest gathering of conservatives since president obama's re-election. mitt romney and paul ryan will address the crowd tomorrow. who were the big speakers today? marco rubio and rand paul fresh off the filibuster fame. >> there has to be a home and movement in america for people who believe in limited government. constitutional principles. and free enterprise system. that should be us.
2:19 pm
>> i was told i got ten measly minutes. [ laughter ] just in case, i brought 13 hours' worth of information. >> the filibuster was about drones, but also about much more. do we have a bill of rights? do we have a constitution? will we defend it? >> andrea: notably not invited this year, new jersey governor chris christie and virginia governor bob mcdonald. both possible contenders in 2016. greg, cpac -- first you thought i was talking about zpac. you got excited i may be trying to make you better in the segment. we're not. cpac has been in the headlines in the past couple of weeks for keeping people out. christie, mcdonald, and others they have had negative headlines. do you think this is a smart approach? >> andrea: it angered in when i found out there were no transgendered sex workers.
2:20 pm
they started with rubio. having the climax of the movie before the trailer. i don't understand that. they got one thing right. they had allen west there. allen west is not in government. but grayson is. so that tells you everything wrong with the country. but anyway, i don't know. it's not for conservatives now. it's for the media to make fun of conservatives. shark feed in which there is no feed, so the sharks devour each other. >> andrea: they seem to give the media fodder. the leader of cpac, i had an opportunity to ask him why chris christie was not invited. here is what he said. >> why no chris christie this year? >> we tossed it around and thinking who we were going to invite. we have 30 g.o.p. governors. we have 41 senators. we hav than 200 members of congress. people like dr. carson, jeb bush and mitt romney that folks want to hear from.
2:21 pm
>> wouldn't you argue that christie is more the future of the party and romney is more the past? >> well, romney was our presidential candidate. he hadn't addressed the country since the election. >> andrea: do you think they are making a mistake by snubbing chris christie? >> eric: no. this is cpac. very strong conservatives. cardenes went against christie because of what happened at the end of the year with hurricane sandy an the bear hug with president obama. bob mcdonald, i believe, i don't know this but i believe he was left off the list because of what he did by raising the sales tax in virginia. that's probably why they pushed away from that. principles that true conservatives don't like. my question, this appears to be -- for the record, this is a big, big line-up. rubio, ryan, trump, palin, ted cruz. i think this is changing of the guard. new conservatives. but my question is mitt romney no,, offense. don't hate me for this.
2:22 pm
it doesn't fit. didn't fit for me. >> andrea: what do you think? >> dana: i like to watch cpacc in a non-election year. when there is a primary -- if you remember last year, last year i think, that was when everybody was out to try to win cpac. it gets all crazy. this year you have policy discussions and a little bit more, a chance to chew on okay, what do we want on conservative movement? immigration was a top thick morning. like it for this reason. >> andrea: i know you love cpac. you are glued to the t, watching the whole thing. >> bob: i tell you, there are a lot of issues that are dividing conservatives that may or may not come out. immigration one of them. drone policy being another. they are yet to find what it mean boss the next generation of conservatives. the other thing i would say that you look at the winner of the straw poll already.
2:23 pm
i wageer any amount of money that rand paul will win that. >> dana: but the winner of straw poll at cpac has ever gone on to win the nomination. this is just 2013. >> bob: isn't it arguably the case that cpac has very little influence on the election process? >> andrea: it does, but i think that anyone who gets a really powerful speech and energizes the crowd is the one to go on to be the front runner the presidential election. >> greg: but the speech has to be seen by america. that is the issue. will they see the speech? >> bob: right. >> greg: at cpac it's people speaking to people who agree with them. >> andrea: i would argue isn't that the problem, though? conservative values, this is a platform for them to reform the message and maybe reach a broader crowd. >> eric: forget the message. how about find the right candidate? they have to keep doing this year after year to find the right guy that can go and stay conservative throughout. >> andrea: or gal. >> eric: not the one sta
2:24 pm
tarts out conservative -- hold on. or gal. sorry. who starts out conservative in the primary and then tacks to the center. >> andrea: who do you like around the table? who do you have your eye on? >> dana: anyone. >> eric: ted cruz. >> dana: for president? >> greg: i'm a fan of pat toomey and rubio. i like christie who is not there. toomey is a strong sleeper. >> dana: i don't know. i think it's too early. i just, i like the process. i'm not worried about the future of the republican party as much as some people are. i think that this is, this is a good time to get all the graphics together. in the first block bob said no one will remember the white house story next week? canceling of the tours. it bet you money that you would find people will remember the white house tour story for a lot longer than anyone will remember what happens at cpac. >> bob: for sure. >> andrea: anyone scare you? >> bob: rand paul worries me very much and most democrats.
2:25 pm
there is real fear the guy could take off. >> dana: nice try. >> bob: i was trying to be serious. >> dana: i know your body language to well. >> bob: okay. i think rapid paul for america is a good idea -- rand paul for america is good idea. >> andrea: i like the wisconsin governor. walker. i don't think he is at cpac. i don't know. i like him. coming up, surprise move from the pope, the new pope francis this morning in rome. we tell you about his surprise visit up next on "the five." ♪ ♪
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>> greg: we can agree to that, can't we? the wisconsin department of public instruction wants some of the white workers to wear a white wristband as a reminder of their privilege. by privileges, the advantages you have because you're white. a new trend. racial justice workshops. where guilt-ridden white folk with degrees and no talent earn about their personal bias instead. others suggestions for whoa is me whitey include putting a note on your computer to remind yourself about your privilege. finding a perp of color who will hold you -- person of color to hold you accountable for addressing privilege. instead of confession, you kneel before the aggrieved and take your punishment. how does this help victims of racenism it doesn't. it fosters a victim mentality and resentment that leads to pure hate. that is what the white leftist radicals want. they know the moment people of color stop caring about color, the radical white left agenda
2:31 pm
is dead. they perpetuate the hate. to them, being born white is racist. your parents committed a hate crime by having you. the worst part is the state agency pushing this crud. under the guise that helping low income families. no wonder the poor families aren't doing much better. the real hate crime is letting the sweeps near them. i know coming in here, you are wearing a white bandage but not wearing a white wristband. how long have you been a raceist? >> bob: how can i count the days. this is the equivalent of peace corps but domestic. they work in poor neighborhoods. i was in the peace corps, going back that many years we had the same kind of training. for a full day. not just paper. but full day. so we could try to get ourselves to understand and appreciate the people we're working with and not bring in our privileged background with us as we went in the villages.
2:32 pm
you may think it's radical. >> greg: it is. >> bob: and the rest -- well, okay. but it served a purpose i think for us to remind us that we had to leave behind the life we were living and understand the life they were living. >> greg: what you are talking about is something noble but don't you agree that it has changed in the modern activist is now about white liberal guilt? >> bob: no, i don't. but i don't think that this is an example of trying to perpetuate blacks believing there is racism. there is racism. it won't go away because you say it will go away. i think people who work in the inner cities, as vista volunteers need to have a much better appreciation for the people and the lives they live. >> dana: the people are volunteering presumably volunteer because they have empathy and caring heart and they want to help somebody. not because they feel guilty
2:33 pm
being born white, brown, red, green, whatever. i can understand the point of before you send somebody in the peace corps you want to understand like where that person is coming from. this is a taxpayers funded program. >> dana: this is a marketing band. >> greg: they have commercials, web things with the guy, written over their face. >> eric: this is different. >> greg: it's in wisconsin but under the same umbrella that white people are born racist because they're privileged. is it a better message we have a black president? that is inspiring. >> andrea: even tupac told us we could let it go once it happened in one of his songs.
2:34 pm
not all -- >> eric: rubio tell you that? >> andrea: yeah. rubio told me that. not all white people are privileged either. i think bob makes a good point. but there is a different way about going about that. there is sensitivity. you don't want to come in low income area, dripping in diamonds. i can see if that is the concern. that is not the concern. the concern here is to separate the world in the two classes as you point in out monologue. victims and victimizers. they do this to keep it relevant. i look up and i wonder how much do we spend on this? $94 million went to americorp vista. now if money went to this program. i say you cut that white privilege money. reinstate the tours. >> bob: they do remarkable things in vista. i will say this, be careful here. all people are privileged
2:35 pm
small percentage may be racist. i don't think many are at all. >> eric: why teach it? >> bob: not question of teaching of racism. >> dana: this morning in south carolina. story out of south carolina that decided not to do the medicaid expansion. the website had a news story the reason that south carolina denied the medicaid expansion is because they wanted to do something bad to president obama because he's black. it had to read it three times. i couldn't believe it was -- >> bob: that's crazy. davis a lot of people put it out there. retweeted it and tried to give it legs. i hope it dies on the vine. >> andrea: isn't it weird that someone they help looks at an arm and say why are you wearing a white bracelet? it's a white privilege bracelet to remind me i have been privilege and you aren't. >> bob: i don't buy in the white bracelet. we didn't have to do that. >> eric: quick point we got
2:36 pm
to go, i get it. look at the people at this table. we're all white. as far as i know, no one came from a privileged background. it has nothing to do with race. it has to do with how much hard work you are willing to do and sacrifice put in. >> bob: i couldn't agree with you more. >> greg: my dad was a king. i don't tell people that. >> eric: did he wear the sweaters? >> greg: he invented the v-neck sweater, i will have you know. it's disgusting that you would make fun of that. >> andrea: prince greg. >> greg: we have to go. we didn't get to the other s.o.t. coming up, how pope francis spent his first day on jobbism wonder if they introduced him to the human resources to get an i.d. card. that's what i did. next up on "the five." ♪ ♪ i'm a conservative investor.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story today, gathering of conservatives to talk about what went wrong last november and how to fix it in 2016. tonight on "special report," prospective presidential candidates rand paul and marco rubio spoke at the first day at the cpac. political action conference. president obama charm offensive continues and he met with the senate republicans to come up with a budget agreement. the senate judiciary committee passed a new assault weapons ban on party line vote after fiery exchanges. the bill has little chance in the full senate. we will show you why. pope francis shunned the papal motorcade and pick stub bag from the hotel and paid his bill there. plus, exclusive interview with fedex founder and ceo fred smith about the state of the economy and where it may be headed. "special report" from washington starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five."
2:42 pm
♪ ♪ >> dana: all right. pope francis' first full day on the job in vatican city today. he delivered his first mass as pontiff in the sistine chapel. he went to roman basilica to spray privately this morning. a lot of catholics in new york city and around the country were hoping cardinal timny dolan might have gotten the high holy honor but the cardinal says he is happy with the selection and he explained why. >> what we were most looking for is a man of holiness. a man who obviously reflected god to us. a man who was theer logically con versant -- theologically conversant. a good leader and good exercise, good pastoral governance. >> dana: you weren't here
2:43 pm
yesterday. and andrea, your thoughts, too. what do you think? >> greg: 76. glad they went for the youth vote. new blood there. and i love how the media on other stations discuss how catholic he is. he is the pope. all right? he is the pope. what did you expect? pro-choice online minister? he is a conservative catholic. i think the media outraged they didn't give president obama for the job. they should have given a muslim a chance, too. religious bigotry. you said it before. >> dana: you have. we're grateful for your contribution today. >> greg: that was a lie. >> dana: if you look across yesterday, aside from some commentary, he got a warm welcome and reception around the world. >> andrea: he did. one thing that stuck out in my mind, and i'm not catholic. it saw him and i started to read about him and what he said in past, i thought this is a really humble, humble
2:44 pm
man. he wantbes to focus on the people. one thing he did in argentina he criticized other priests that would not baptize single mother's babies. he said this is completely hypocritical. the women have the courage to deliver the baby. i thought wow! that is, as much as the left wants to criticize him. i'm not going to glorify or mention any of the awful tweets or things they've said. i think that is pretty wonderful. and special for a pope to do. >> dana: did you head over today? >> eric: i did. >> dana: what was the move at saint patrick's? >> eric: every day. but today -- yesterday a little bit but certainly today, it was very, very active. a lot of people. he was doing construction there. hard to get out the door, there is only one door. people are funneling and piling in. the point is maybe this pope. clearly, after an election, a lot of people come back to politics. after a new pope, catholics
2:45 pm
come back to their religion. he could be goo for catholic church. he took his name from patron saint of the poor. didn't want to wear the papal colors. he went with the plain white. took the bus. seemingly great guy. help the membership. >> dana: bob, i want to ask you this question about the poll that was done by pew that said the number of people who say that are religious in america declined. it used to be 5%. then in 1990, 8%. last year, 2012, full 20% said they don't affiliate with any particular religion. do you think that tracks with people not wanting to join anything, including labeled by a certain political party? >> bob: it probably reflects more demographics, the younger people get, the more they get from faith or from the church.
2:46 pm
that is part of it. let me go back to the pope for a second. the catholic church has had some pretty bad black eyes in the last couple of years. if i had to pick one guy in one day with the message that was sent about humility and working with the poor and people that solved a lot of that, or at least made it acceptable to look at the catholic church in a reasonable way. this guy did it. it was a brilliant choice. this is what makes me believe this is god's choice. if anything the catholic church needed, it did not need another high profile guy. they need somebody who was of the people, by the people, for the people. this guy i think is going to go a long way to resolve a lot of catholic problems. >> greg: i want to go back to the question you asked bob about the decline in religion. the reason religion declining among young people, religion is replaced by government.
2:47 pm
religion was basically saying we have got each other. you don't need that anymore when you have government. that is why government in media hates religion, because religion is competition against the government programs and brian williams. >> dana: government won't let you down. >> greg: whether you're religious or not, i'm not that religious. i'm not religious at all. i realize religion did more for your community than any community organizer could. >> eric: they compete for the same dollar. that's what it is. >> andrea: don't you think they made fun of religion so much? >> greg: yeah. >> andrea: christianity is the last acceptable form of discrimination in this country and the media made fun of it. the book of mormon and the other stuff. young kids are like it's not cool. >> dana: yeah, maybe we might see a change with this pope. maybe people come back. >> greg: being 76, i think the young kids will flock to him, dana. >> dana: maybe they will flock to your sweater. with poop on it. i want to get to the seagull.
2:48 pm
the seagull! >> greg: the seagull landed -- >> eric: landed on the desk. >> dana: see! >> andrea: nice try, dana. >> dana: i just wanted to make fun of greg. still to come on "the five," how long should kids live on their parent's dime? bob has a son and daughter, two good kids and he will be confronted with that question. is mid-20s too old to be on your parent's cell phone plan. when we come back. ♪ ♪ all stations come over to mission a for a final go. this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds. three, two, one.
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♪ ♪ >> bob: how long should you let your kids liver on the dole? your bank account? i have a son and daughter not out of college yet. story in paper worried me. the "wall street journal" says two out of five parents still pay for their cell phone service for children as hold as 35. now, i mean, this just shocks me. not only, that they pay for
2:53 pm
their netflix account, their itune account. paying for the itunes account of my daughter would bankrupt virtually anybody. i can tell you this. once she is off to college, done. finished, over. off the account. >> dana: yeah, right. >> bob: you watch. >> dana: no. >> bob: i think there is a psychological part of this, which is that a lot of parents don't want to let go. so they give, keep them on thele accounts so they can stay in touch or have a connection to them. i think it's absolutely ridiculous. if you let it happen to yourself, you lose your retirement. you just give it to your kids. >> dana: i thought the story was surprising how many parents that were interviewed were excusing it. they weren't embarrassed by it. >> eric: i am sof this. >> dana: why? >> eric: he is 14. >> dana: he is 14. when he is 268, will you feel that way? >> eric: absolutely. i won't let go. i won't let go. i'm happy when he says hi to me. if he said call me and said pay the phone bill, i will. the alternative is don't pay
2:54 pm
for your kids and let the government pay? that is where they are headed. >> bob: do we have to go there in my block, please? >> greg: we are living longer. we all living longer. 25 is the new 15. boys storming bunkers 70 years ago are sleeping in their bunk beds that they grew up in. it's in a weird way a testament to the veterans who fought the wars that now this generation gets to live in the protracted adolescence where they don't have to. they made it happen in a weird way. great thing. get rid of mother's day and call it mommy's boy's day. >> bob: don't you think it's greg said, isn't it sort after protracted youth thing that they won't let go? >> andrea: i do. i don't think kids are asked enough by their parents. ient to think it's either give them everything or they go on the government dole. there is another option. one that my parents employed with me. i would call my dad and he would say the bank is closed.
2:55 pm
maybe i'm more self-reliant, i had no choice. made me work. he said you want to help your kids, give them nothing. if you want to ruin your kids, give them everything. >> bob: a lot of the kids in the story are making good money. right? living on their own. own houses. that're still being -- cell phones still paid for. okay. return more thing is up next. next -- one more thing is up next. ♪ ♪ what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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