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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  March 14, 2013 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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that problem has to be solved, and the only real proven to solve is it fiscal discipline and rapid exec growth. there's no tax increase in the world that will solve our long term dead -- debt problem. i'll tell you the criticism of the left. number one, he drank two much water. number two he didn't offer any new ideas and there's the fallacy of this. we don't need a new idea. there is an idea. the idea called america and it still works. [applause] >> i was told i got ten measly minutes. [laughter] >> but just in case i brought 13 hours worth of information. [laughter] >> the filibuster was about drones and also about much more. do we have a bill of rights? do we have a constitution? and will we defend it? [applause] >> within a few days, the
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president signed an extra $250 million to send to egypt. [booing] >> you know the country where attacked our embassy, burned our flag, and chanted "death to america," he found an extra $250 million to reward them. i say, not one penny more to countries that are burning our flag. >> the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and moss-covered. [applause] >> i don't think we need to name any names, do we? applause. >> our party is enculpberred by an inconsistent approach to freedom. the new g.o.p. will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and personal sphere. >> marco, rand, ted cruz, mike lee, new generation, and we need
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it more than ever. that is all the time we have left. thank you for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. the news continues. greta is next "on the record." we'll see you tomorrow night. >> greta: tonight they're on fire. cpac starts with a bang. >> there's nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black american who wants a better life and a smaller government. >> i remain haunted by the experience of the 2012 campaign where it seemed that every day president obama would go out in every speech and say, we don't want to good back to the policies of the past that got us into this mess. it was the left that got us into this mess. that's the fact. >> look around the world today. they're not copying the former soviet union, not even copying china. >> america is extraordinary, not bus of who we are but because of what we do.
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>> instead of looking to washington, and to government, we will see the greatness of our country. excellence. >> i'm a conservative because i believe and understand that real peace comes from the marine corps, not the peace corps. when you have a federally sponsored jail break -- that's exactly what this is, a federally sponsored jailbreak you cross the line from politics and spin to politics as a craven form of cynicism. where everything goes. everything goes. in order to win the next election. >> obamacare is an as toty. we're talking about $800 billion of new taxes. the g.o.p. of old has green stale and moss-covered. applause. >> i don't think we need to name any names, do we? >> as soon as i'm done speaking,
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i'll tell you about the criticism on the left. number one, he drank too much water number. two he didn't offer any new ideas. and there's the fallacy of it. we don't need a new idea. there is an idea. the idea is called america and it still works. >> from the a-list, newt gingrich joins us. >> go to be with you. >> tough talk from your fellow republicans. tell you anything? >> it's great. it's wonderful. we're in a point in time where we head to have a national debate about where we're going. it's vigorous and clear. we have 23 candidates on the presidential poll at cpac, which is terrific. tells you this is a wide open time for the republican party to have a healthy debate, which the democrats are incapable of having. >> greta: the former -- the current speaker of the house, that the november election
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losses would not deter his party from pressing for smaller government and turning healthcare over to the private sector. the president would say, he won, and the american people spoke. >> that's what is nonsense. the president won the election for president. the republicans won the election for the house. republicans won the election for governor. 30 governorships, 315 electoral votes. the democrats won the election in the u.s. senate. so we have a split country and there's legitimate arguments on both sides, and instead of posturing i wish we could get together and talk about new solutions, new approaches, break out of the old system. i wrote a newsletter last week entitled "pioneers of the future vs. prisoners of the past." washington is trapped in the past in both parties. and i think that we need to break out of that past and look at the great exciting things being done around america. >> greta: you ran on that in the last campaign. why do you think the lines seem
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to be so drawn? is it deep ideology, commitment to one's ideology and unwillingness to look for solutions or grudges or what is it? >> i think this is a city whose culture is to avoid thought. this is a city where the -- this is a city that where the kardashians are the equivalent of intellectuals. >> greta: who are you point your finger at? >> the whole city. we're going to talk about a grand bargain. there's no possibility of grand bargain. this is silly. but it gives the press something easy to write about. remember the fiscal cliff fiscal cliff, which i said was more of a bunny slope. so we head this great crisis, and hold guys, the powerful guys, the guys, they're the only ones in the room. that's why what rand paul did was right.
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every member can be a leader if they quit worrying about their leadership and do that it think is right. >> greta: what your think of the president making trips to capitol hill. you laugh. >> lisp. mark twain would have loved barack obama. this is pure comedy. a man who is so pay -- patently contemptuous of the intelligence of the american people. he beats up the republicans and his poll numbers drop. and suedly, i love republicans, can we get together? can i see you? and i'm sure some consultant say to him, bipartisanship works better than confrontation. so what does he do? i think the meeting today was a fiasco. he arrived. it's essentially press conference without the press. >> greta: one of the things he met with the g.o.p., and one report says that ten republicans told barack obama to tone down
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his political attacks if he wants to compromise to reducing the deficit and provide stannel to federal benefit programs. >> okay. what am i supposed to say to that? >> greta: it's going to happen and. >> this like lucy and in the football. hooven cass barack obama say, can he please be kinder longer than this meeting? then he'll come back from israel and go back to attacking people. tim -- timid runs will raise they're hand. >> greta: a senate democrat, rockefeller, was apparently giving him hard time of the drone policy. he wants the documents from the department of yates 'as to the legal justification for using the drone, and at least, according to politico, president obama's response was imino dick cheney on drone. >> that does that mean?
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dick cheney gave the same information. i think the obama policy on this is exactly where bush was, which is i ain't telling you. i'm the president and you're not. now, i think anybody who cares about the constitution has to applaud what rand paul did, and what senator lee did, and senator rubio, and senator cruz, all of whom went out and said this is a serious question of the constitution of the united states. >> greta: i guess it would have been a little bigger of him to say, when asked by rockefeller, i'm not giving them to you, i'm president, i don't have to. instead he reached back into the hoyt and said dick cheney. >> i don't try to micromanage or microal-analyze barack obama. he is a left wing chicago machine democrat -- >> greta: micromanage -- didn't you just do it? >> going to combine the radicalism of the university professor with the machine politics of the city of chicago,
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and so you're going to get the worst of both worlds. that's who he is. we've seep him -- >> greta: if that is so -- if you think that its bad, why don't the republicans can't beat system they didn't beat him in '08 and didn't beat hem in november. >> that's over elm republicans don't need to be the antiobama party. they need to be the party for america's future, runs need to organize the country so it's a country forces democrats to vote for republicans and the republicans have to say to senate and house democrats, you want to go into 2014 election with a president that opposes the american anymore that's your problem. >> why should people trust the republican party? >> i don't recommend you trust anybody. i'm with reagan. trust but verify. the position of both parties is, we need a new generation of solutions. we need a new generation of idead. we're sick and tired of the same old bumper stickers masquerading
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as political thought, and we want you to come up how to improve our lives and give us a better future. >> greta: what is going to happen in the budget fight between the president, the senate and the house. >> i have no idea but i assume nothing particularly good. they're trapped in a box that is impossible. you cannot fix this particular set of problems inside the old order, and you cannot fix it while it's scored by the congressional budget office. they can't do it in europe. the pain level required to solve it is so great it won't happen. so you end up in muddle. >> greta: in an ideal situation, being pragmatic, what could be done? >> the house ought to be having hearings on every committee and subcommittee and unearthing things. when you're told by the inspector general we have $50 billion in fraud -- not waste -- fraud -- that begins to
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say something about money. when the president says we can't let student goes through the white house but we're going to send $250 million to egypt? you set up certain kinds of fights. it has to be a series of salami slices slices where you methodically pick fights that the american people say, how can anybody be on the other side of this? >> greta: the republican party made the tours to the white house showcase, even governor perry brought it up today at cpac. do you agree that's fair? >> even the "washington post" says the president i wrong. >> greta: why doesn't he back down? >> stub -- disturb bornings in, operatement i don't know. what the spent on a golf trip he
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could have kept the white house tours. everything for obama and nothing for the american people, that's a weak position. >> greta: president is going to israel on tuesday night. what can he or will he achieve? >> well, i think it's a very interesting moment that the president and vice-president will be in the two holeyest cities in christy dom. the vice-president is going to rome, and then the president will be in jerusalem. so the two holeyest sights in christianity. the president will go and indicate he is very strong on iran as long as he doesn't eave to do anything and would really like if the israels good palestinians would quit fighting and he would want to be courageous as long as he don't have to do anything.
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and be courageous. >> greta: cpac, relevant? >> cpac is the great arena of the conservative movement. i talk to people who first came to cpac when they were 16, 17, 18 years old. this this 40th anniversary, 39 years ago ronald reagan the republican party were shattered. reagan stood up and said we have to have bold colors, not pale pastels, and he began a six-year fight over the fortunate of the republican party and the future of the united states. this year it's terrific that people -- the talent you just saw, marco mike lee, allen west, rand paul, rick perry, who i'm told gave a great speech today there are 2500 young people who have registered
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at cpac as student and they're going to go home fired up and some of them tube house or nat members or maybe a future president. >> greta: mr. speaker, nice to see you. as we propertied when senators confronted president obama about the secrecy on the drone program, president obama saying, this is not dick cheney we're talking about here? >> and taking the stage and blasting big government. >> we must remember that whenever government becomes too involved in anything, bad things happen. any wonder the vast majority of americans have little to no confidence in government? and that they have enless confidence in congress as manifest by congress' current approval rate of 15%, which makes us as members of congress just a little more popular than raul castro, and only slightly
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more popular than the influenza virus but the virus is catching up quickly. >> greta: what does congress have to do to change this? >> i think congress has to acknowledge the fact it's not all powerful. that there are limitations what congress can do, and also on what it should be doing front a constitutional standpoint. >> you spoke today about civil society at cpac, where is the civil society? and talking in congress? >> talking about institution office civil society. those things that exist outside of government, that have made our country prosperous and free and successful for centuries. things that don't rely on government. things that exist because we're free. >> greta: i asked speaker gingrich about cpac. what is the purpose or the point or the relevance of cpac. >> a place where conservatives can gather outside of any political party construct, where conservatives can share ideas. he mentioned the great ronald reagan made some important
10:17 pm
appears at cpac in his national political clear, and helped launch a movement, and there's sort of a conservative renaissance going on right now of its own kind, and it's a good thing to be part of. >> greta: straw poll, is that something significant? >> i don't know. straw polls are fun to conduct and look at. we're still self years -- several years away from the next presidential a lex cycle so i'm not sure how much but it's entertaining. >> how come there's not a lot of focus on waste and fraud? there's discussion of spending or tacks, and once in a while you hear closing loopholes. there's so much waste and forecast. they just scoop up a lot of money. 82 or 85 billion in sequestration funds. i could find it just going through the gao reports. >> you spark that's why we as conservatives focus on the sheer size and scope of the government. the best way to root out waste, fraud, and abuse, is to limit the size of government, and to make sure you don't just raise
10:18 pm
taxes everytime you start following short. you have to cut spending and that's where you find it out where the waste is. >> greta: do you find president obama has -- do you appreciate his reaching out to republicans the past week? >> of course. it's great. there's no question that it is nose be considered, nice to have him come up to capitol hill. we enjoyed meeting with him today. we don't necessarily agree on a lot but it is a nice gesture. it's been a couple years since he has met with us. as all republican senators. >> greta: what did you get out of it? >> what we expect to. we heard the same messages we hear phloem president in many respects it felt like a press conference without a press. >> greta: what did he get out of it? >> he probably heard from us a lot of things he hears in the press. but we did communicate to him some of the things that concern us. one of my favorite moments is when one of my colleagues said, mr. president, it's not all that helpful to have you publicly
10:19 pm
questioning ought motive and accusing us of wanting to eadvice rate medicaid because we want to call for reform. >> greta: his answer was? >> don't speak nearly as badly about you as some of you speak about me. >> greta: nice to be candid and everything -- >> struck me as are so moric. but i don't see a lot of republicans, especially senate republicans-standing up and openly questioning the president's motives from the standpoint of not caring about people. >> greta: what was said back to him? >> not a whole lot. we moved on. >> greta: really? >> a lot of us had to restrain ourselves from raising our hand at that moment. >> who asked him that? >> john. i thought he did a great job. he was def rein shall when he did and it it was a point that needed to be made but the president's response was
10:20 pm
unsatisfactory and overlooks the fact, most of the time, sure, we criticize him but we don't question his motives, don't question whether or not he genuinely cares about the american people, expect that a problem. that's a difference. >> greta: senator, thank you. straight ahead the video of jodi arias, caught on camera doing bizarre things in the police interrogation video. more video coming up. also, a dream turns into a nightmare. it's happening again. another carnival cruise ship. right now passengers just trying to get home. the messages they're sending from onboard the ship. and allen west got the crowd going. block. >> i'll give it to you straight. last november we did take one on the jaw, but this movement and this fight is not determined by the punches we take. we're defined by how quickly we pull ourselves off the mat and
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>> there's nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black american who wants a better life and a smaller government. [applause] >> greta: allen west firing up
10:25 pm
the crowd on the opening day of cpac. allen west joining, nice to see you, sir. what do you mean, nothing on this green earth a liberal progressive fears more than a black american who wants a better life and a smaller government. >> because when you look at black americans that are conservative, look how they have been viciously attacked. condoleezza rice, colin powell. the other side comes after them viciously. during our election campaign we had a group from san francisco and they were crawling around in homes and houses talking about, i beat my wife and things of this nature. that's fear. they don't want to talk about the issues or an african-american conservative that has served 22 years in the military that understands fiscal poll skis -- policies and responsibility, and understands the responsibility to the country. >> greta: what reception do you
10:26 pm
get in the inner city? if you went to detroit. >> i think the receptions i get -- i've gone back to my own neighborhood in atlanta -- advice very well. that's where i came from. it would be different if i dodd not have athlete background or experience. my parents were born in 1920, 1931, in south alabama and south georgia, growing up they were democrats and voted for john lewis, and i told them that when i got to capitol hill. but they raised my with conservative prims and faith -- conservative principles and faith and family and god. one of the first things president obama dade, he cancelled the school voucher program for kids in washington, dc. that takes away their opportunity. a kid like me, growing up in inner city, you just cut them off at the kneecaps. you think about washington, dc now, 25% is on food stamps. >> greta: a bro predominately democratic voting population. >> the problem is we have not taken that message into the communities, like detroit,
10:27 pm
chicago, and my own neighborhood in atlanta, that says, there's a different way. >> greta: why don't they? frankly, i didn't see the democrats going into this neighborhoods either. >> the democrats don't have to. the community is taken for granted. >> greta: that's troubling. >> if you have money and you want continue vest your money in mutual funds or stocks do you put all your money in one mutual fund or stock? you diversify. so when you have a community that has nose diversified it political investment. they become irrelevant to one party and taken for granted by another. >> greta: everyone has to do -- if we don't help those who are really not fortunate to get on their own feet and be successful, or that class is going to grow larger and that entitlement class is going to grow, and it's imperative from a humanitarian privilege and even a self-interest perspective to have them thriving, and yet
10:28 pm
don't see republicans or democrats going into those communities and paying any attention to them and their problems. >> you know, reagan's economic advisor, and jack kemp. >> greta: the empowerment zone. >> no one has gone back and revisited that because if you don't have that small business growth in the urban communities, if you don't have good quality education and opportunities, you're going to see the crime, the gangs, the drugs, and all these things tearing apart the community. the third and fourth generation welfare. young ladies continuing to have children out of wedlock because government says they'll give them a check for it. >> greta: i hope the republicans and democrats pay more attention to those communities. i'm turning now to a question of what's going nonnorth korea. apparently they're beefing up our security because north coreways rattling the -- saying they're going to attack us. >> sure. one thing you have to look at, the military teaches you, you have to consider the enemy's most dangerous course of action,
10:29 pm
not his most likely course of action. it was 30 years ago that ronald reagan on march 8, 1983, gave his evil empire supreme. if you listen to that speech, when he talked about nuclear disarmament, we got parallels to where we are today. the world is more macveilan. we should have continued to have a defense shield, to show peace through strength, which is what ronald reagan promote in that speech back 30 years ago as a deterrent. right now we see ourselves trying to play catchup to the tune of some, i believe, 240, $250 million to get the first response deterrent factors back up to alaska, on the west coast. and we're going to have to boyer that money from china, who are friends with north korea, so we can defend ourselves against north korea.
10:30 pm
>> greta: our foreign policy, this administration and the last one, has not successfully convinced north korea to -- >> you have to be strong with them. i was stationed in south korea in 1995. they've will continue to do this because we'll pay them and then they'll ratchet up the rhetoric. >> congressman, nice to see you. >> greta: coming up. senators marco rubio? what did they tell the coo crowd? and jodi arias, a new video. will the video change what you
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>> i believe america's finest hour is still ahead of us. we are an opportunity society. we are not a society that >> we are an opportunity society. we are not a society that believes in redistribution. we're an opportunity society. if we do what we need to do, all of america will stand up and join this conservative movement and help us not only win elections, but win the hearts of people. >> just two months after he was sworn into office, south carolina's newest senator, senator scott is here at c-
10:35 pm
c-pathpac. >> how are you? >> greta: allen west said today, there is nothing liberals fear more than a black american who want ace better life and a smaller government. do you have agree with him? >> well, i tell you what i do agree with, i agree with the fact that in america, you can start from a single-parent household, a kid that doesn't see the future very bright at all. and end up in a place where you can be an entrepreneur, get elected -- appointed to the senate, elected to congress, to fulfill your parents and your grandparents' dreams. so we are talking about the ability to move forward as americans, there is no brighter place to live on the planet than the united states of america. >> greta: how do you convince a young child that the future is bright -- especially a young child growing up in a family, a broken-up family, where there is no money, maybe on food stamps -- i imagine it's hard to convince a kid, a young kid that the future is bright?
10:36 pm
>> sometimes we start off in very difficult places. i think it's so important foritous remind people, it is not where you start, it's the progress that you make along the way. for me, what i learned along the way was that if you have a strong mothered, francis scott did a error good job of providing discipline and meeting someone who believes in your future and excavate the necessary parts of your success, that you can fuse those two together and create a very important, very bright future. that's what my chick-fil-a mentor did, looping with my mother. you are talking to high schools and middle schools and people think that life has passed the them by because of difficult situations, you have to stop and walk in their shoes a couple of steps and then talk to them about the fact, no matter the circumstances that surround you, greatness comes from within. when you take it from within, you control your destiny. that's a very important message. and it works. >> greta: today, at c-pac, they talked about the fact that
10:37 pm
obamacare is an atrocity. i am curious, you know, a lot of people have never had insurance or didn't have health care available to them. obamacare may give that to them. do you feel it's an atrocity, knowing for some people, this may be their best chance at getting insurance? >> i think if ronald reagan made a step in the right direction, a couple of decades ago when he made sure that people could come into the emergency rooms and be seen. but how do we control the expense of health insurance? and obamacare does not do that, but it does add $800 billion of burdens on families and breaks the very important link between a patient and a doctor. i talked about how my grandfather at 93 years old, as he grows older, he is a healthy guy drives a ford f-150, i want to make sure that the family makes those decisions. that's ruined in obamacare. it's very important foritous recognize what the legislation does and what it doesn't do.
10:38 pm
i would tell that you, as we look towards unleashing those opportunities, one of the places that we can unleash opportunities is making sure that we worked on things that expanded the footprint of providing health insurance -- that's not through the federal government. >> greta: are you saying you would like health care available to people, but it's the way that the obamacare, for lack of a better word, is not a good way to do it? is that what you are saying? >> well, i would certainly say that when you look at the impact of obamacare, in south carolina, we will see that a young entrepreneur getting started will see because of obamacare, his health insurance rate guess up 61% on average, is what i understand. what we can recognize is that we will break the link between a patient and a doctor. so what actually happens, something that may have had some good design as a part of the philosophy has in implementation, caused great concern, it distorts the market. it is not act yourially sound
10:39 pm
and doesn't provide the key component of what we are looking for -- how do we create more access you? don't create more access through the government, you create more access through the private sector. >> greta: senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you very much, greta. >> greta: to another c-pac headliner, senator marco rubio. >> reporter: what is the message that you have for him, senator? >> two things, don't forget what made america great. it's important for the world that america remain the strongest and most powerful country. second, our movement of limited government and free enterprise is the movement of upward mobility to give them the chance to improve their lives for themselves. lost in the depay thees that are going on about the future of the conservative movement has lost the reality that the vast majority of americans are us -- hard-working, tax-paying american who is want to get ahead and leave their children off better than themselves. >> reporter: the next generation, reaching out to
10:40 pm
younger folks. you are a fairly young senator yourself. how do you reach the young conservatives? will they translate to votes? will they really buy what is being talked about? >> you reach out to people the same way you always reach out to people, offering relevant ideas to the issues of the day. what is going on in their lives? what are they hoping for? what are they worried about? how do your ideas pertain to that. >> reporter: you talked about what is at stake for the nation. could you speak about that for a second because it seems to be a very heart-felt concern? >> it sure is. i grew up in the safest and the most prosperous time in american history because america was the most powerful country in the world. that's what is at stake here. there are countries -- particularly china -- that would like to replace us as the most influential nation on the earth. whether we want a country that doesn't want to allow their people to the internet and force abortions on women, whether we want a country, willing to do that to their own people, to be
10:41 pm
the most powerful country on earth. >> greta: straight ahead, after 18 days on the witness stand, you may think you have seen it all from jodi arias, but coming up, a side of jodi that you have not seen yet, all caught on camera. the video of the accused killer that you cannot miss. next. in two minutes, a mother finds an unusual way to teach her child a lesson. but does the punishment go too far isn't school is not happy with the mother, two minutes away. mower from husqvarna. we engineered its unique drive system and dual transmission to handle hills& thick grass& and tough terrain& without losing traction or power the all-wheel-drive mower from husqvarna. challenge the impossible. visit us online to enter the challenge the impossible promotion a body at rest tends to stay at rest...
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10:44 pm
banning the shirt, saying it is demeaning to the child. but the mother says the school is over stepping and says discipline is up to her and she does not think the t-shirt hurts her daughter. she says good parents keeps kids out of jail. is the punishment a good idea? or does it go too far? go to we are back in two. [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ] with android apps, you get better quality control. so our test flights are less stressful. i've got a lot of paperwork, and time is everything here. that's why i upgraded to sprint direct connect. [ chirp ] and instant push-to-talk nationwide. [ male announcer ] upgrade to the new "done." [ chirp ] with instant push-to-talk, three times the coverage, and android productivity apps. now when you buy one motorola admiral rugged smartphone, for ninety nine ninety nine, you'll get four free for you business. visit a sprint store, or call eight five five, eight seven eight, four biz.
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10:47 pm
>> greta: that's not all. throughout the day on fox, adam housely will show you more. you'll see her singing and talking to herself, a behavior transforming when the detective leaves the room. and wait until she hears what she says when she fines out she is facing murder charges, and then tomorrow you'll see more video. right now in the arizona courtroom today, the defense calling a psychologist to the stand, trying to explain away the lies about the murder. >> not able to tell her family about what happened. she was not able to tell anybody about what happened. and this is a classic victim of an accused stress disorder. >> how do we know she wasn't able to tell anybody versus she just didn't want to get into any trouble? >> well, i guess that could be an alternative explanation, but
10:48 pm
when something horrible like that happens, can you imagine the feeling of isolation? if you can't turn to a parent? if you can't turn to a friend? if you can't turn to a professional, to seek some help, the turmoil must have been incredible. i consider that to be a significant indication that she suffered from that disorder. >> greta: we're live in phoenix with the latest. troy, cute stress disorder is what the witness says and the defense is self-defense. reporter: yeah, for -- poor goad -- jodi. her lack of memory is her biggest problem. the jury asked her questions why her memory was bad? so the psychologist says that flight or fight are height 'ed.
10:49 pm
more blood in your muscles and you can run away or fight but parts of the brain that deals with memory are sometimes turned off so sometimes always not unusual for people involved in a violent crime to have hazy memories. so whether or not the jury believes or not, really all this comes down to jodi forgot. get get she -- great -- >> greta: she says she recalls little. but she has three different stories. she managed to clean up the murder scene and get rid of the gun. >> and delete pictures off the cameras and all these things you can't do when at it fight or flight. theirs comes down to most people in the courtroom are saying this comes down to the penalty phase. shill get the death penalty or fiscal cliff prison? i think we still have a few more weeks to go. >> greta: 19 days on the stand,
10:50 pm
very bizarre. the defendant, 19 days. that's totally bizarre, and especially in case where she said she did it but doesn't remember. i don't know what is going on, running this courtroom. >> she was her defense. the defense is saying, she was abused and she had -- she felt like she would be killed he was, self-defense but there war so many holes that they prosecutor had a field day with her and her defense is slow, so you get all those days. >> greta: that should be run afternoon. troy, thank you. tomorrow night we'll show you more of the shocking video of jodi arias in the police interrogation room. tomorrow night on a special edition of "on the record." on another case we're following, the disappearance of gavin smith. police in los angeles have found his car in a california storage
10:51 pm
unit. police say the storage unit is linked to a convict drug dealer. the drug dealer is reportedlyd r mistress. smith vanished, last seen leaving a friend's home. the employs are calling the case a homicide. we'll keep you updated. >> and straight ahead. it's happening again. we believe it? another carnival cruise ship in troubled waters. passengers trying to get home. [ engine sputters ] [ dennis ] allstate wants everyone to be protected on the road. whether you're an allstate customer or not. all you have to do is call. [ female announcer ] call and sign up for good hands roadside assistance today. [ dennis ] are you in good hands?
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okay. it's time to hash it out. it's happening again. can you believe it? another carnival cruise ship stranded. this time the carnival dream and tonight the ship is back in st. martin, unable to sail back to florida. a problem with the diesel generator keeping the dream from going home. carnival says the ship never lost power but there were interruptions to elevators and toilets. one passenger tweets, we're on a boat and stuck on an island. another tweet, they're offering me 50% off my next cruise. is that a joke? last month, an engine fire tripled the the carnival triumph. 4,000 people were stranded for five days without working
10:56 pm
toilets or without power. >> if you like souvenirs, cpac is the way to go. one tweet, look at all the cool stuff you can get at cpac. first, lip balm that says, not just lip service. then there's the pillow with george washington's picture that says, the original "american idol," and then there's one of those giant claw game machines that promotes drilling. all kinds of fun going on at cpac. and talk about a lot of lunch money. when did school lurches get so expensive in a michigan sixth grader brings backpack with $20,000 in cash that's right. she was giving out the cash to fellow students. the girl told police a neighbor gave her the money. the police are still trying to figure that one out. the huffington post tweeting, angel shaped cloud appeared in the sky after the new pope is announced. take a look yours. vlad residents snapping picture
10:57 pm
of a cloud shaped like an angel over palm beach. what do you think? you can hash it without with us. don't forget to follow me on twitter. ask greta. and coming up, a major fast-food and coming up, a major fast-food change has good news for caaaaa what's droid-endurance ? the longest 4g lte battery in a razr thin profile. with 32 hours of battery life that turns an all-nighter, into a two-nighter. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-endurance. droid-powerful. and you see the woman you fell in love with. she's everything to you. but your erectile dysfunction - that could be a question of blood flow. cialis tadalafil for daily use helps you be ready anytime the moment's right. you can be more confident in your ability to be ready. and the same cialis is the only daily ed tablet approved to treat ed and symptoms of bph, like needing to go frequently or urgently.
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