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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  March 15, 2013 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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a new "red eye" returns on saturday. that is a new show at a new time and a new night this weekend. saturday at 11:00 p.m. eastern and 8:00 p.m. pacific. time to go back to gavin mcguinness for the post game wrap up. >> we don't have a lot of time so we have to make this fast. and it is mckinis and not
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mcguinness. i will ask you a question and respond as quickly as you can and we will keep this rolling. starting with sherrod. first question, what is what going on with a show called good morning and then the name of the country we are in which is america. answer now. >> i am going "good morning america" the week of the 25th. >> we don't have a ton of time. let's move on, jenni. jenni a question for you we need to answer quickly. we have to get going here. we have limited time. >> okay. >> i need to know why people should follow you not on facebook or twitter, but instagram. >> instagram, jenni johnson high five. i will be drink wght fox news team later, and we will see pics of andy with his motorcycle jacket. >> sorry we need to jump.
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>> lauren, why are you in new york and do you know that i am not busy this week? >> we have to go. sorry, i have to say goodbye. thanks. that does it for me. i'm andy levy. see you. >> the o'reilly factor is on tonight. you know, if you had a kid and be somebody raped that kid and they got lifetime probation you'd probably be out there with a gun, mr. hubbard. >> that's an admission to the prison sentences, bill. >> why are many on the left so soft on protecting children and babies? why don't they care about them? >> abortion rights under attack, why do we do? >> stand up, fight back. >> bill: we will have a special report on protecting the kids. >> we now have over 9 trillion dollars of debt, $30,000 for every man, woman and child, that's irresponsible, it's unpatriotic. >> bill: that was back in july of 2008.
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but now, a 17 trillion dollar debt is not upsetting president obama. >> it's going to be in a sustainable place. >> bill: so what the heck is going on here? we'll have the inside story. you watch o'reilly ever? ever catch the show. the other day i seen he went into a rage the other day. chill a little bit, chill o'reilly. >> bill: and jesse watters goes to spring training in florida to find out what the players think about the state of the union. >> what about right now? >> probably not. >> bill: caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. "the factor" begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. protecting america's children, why won't liberals join in? that's the subject of this evening's talking points memo.
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first of all, i have to apologize to some left wing americans who are actively trying to protect children and babies. i have to speak generally this evening, but i'm aware there are many liberal americans who are outraged about what's going on. last night we brought you the editorial director of the denver post newspaper, apparently opposes jessica's law and mandates long prison sentences for child rapists and a man raped a 13-year-old girl for months, for months and pled guilty to sexual assault and was sentenced to two years in prison. also in colorado, 47-year-old jeffrey bingham, actually abused a 11-year-old boy almost a thousand times. he got one year in a colorado prison. so, it's simply outrageous that seven democrats in the colorado house killed jessica's law, saying that the state already has enough
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sanctions against child predators. it does not. speaker of the house, very liberal, refused to put jessica's law up for a full vote. now the denver post is sticking up for him. >> colorado has a strong sex offender laws and i don't see-- >> i've got a dozen, a dozen child rapists doing less than five years in your state, mr. hubbard, do research about it. >> and probation unique to colorado. >> bill: lifetime probation, ooh, lifetime probation for rape. if you had a kid and somebody raped that kid and they got lifetime probation you'd probably be out there with a gun, mr. hubbard. >> that's in addition to their prison sentences, bill. >> bill: so the question is why is that curtis hubbard the post editorial director really opposed to jessica's law? what's behind it? now, we have similar situations in vermont, illinois, hawaii and we'll get to in a moment.
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and it's now the left that is pushing late term abortion on demand for pretty much any reason under the banner of protecting a woman's health. and that's simply barbaric as some late term babies are actually birthed, their spines snapped. there's a so-called doctor in philadelphia on trial for that right now. other babies have holes drilled into their skulls inside the womb. so, it's simply hard to believe that any american would support that, but some on the left do and again the question is why? here is my theory and it's just that, a theory. many secular progressives do not want to make judgments on behavior. they don't believe in evil. they don't believe in right and wrong, somethieverything is gray area. and in vermont, restore to justice where child rapists are educated to stop their behavior, not punished for 25
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years. as for late term abortions, it is it the mother who has all the rights. the babies simply disposable. many progressive do not believe in god and make up excuses why viable babies can be murdered. very, very disturbing. and that's the top story tonight. now let's go to honolulu where there's exactly one, one republican state senator in the entire hawaiian legislature. hawaii refuses to pass jessica's law and it is perhaps the most liberal state in the union. joining us, senator sam sloan. senator, do you know why the left in your state opposeses jessica's law? >> well, aloha, bill. the only thing i can tell you is basically what they say. i think it's a case of misplaced compassion, compassion for perpetrators, and there's also an underlying cultural problem here where
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some of our diverse cultures actually don't see any problem or any crime in having sexual relations with young children. >> bill: now, you introduced the law a couple of times and you even introduced a watered down law. >> that's correct. >> bill: six years mandatory? >> well, no, i didn't introduce that law. i tried, being the only republican as you mentioned, out of 25 state senators. i sit on every one of our state senate committees, there are 16 of them, including the judiciary committee and early in the session which began in january, i asked our chairman if he would hear the bill. he said he would think about it. i asked again. >> bill: this is jessica's law bill, right? >> it's my bill, which is exactly modeled after jessica's law. instead, a bill came forth that was supported by the local prosecutors and by the judiciary chairman and that bill made sexual offenses a minimum of six years eight
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months, but it only applied to offenses against children 11 years of age and under. so hawaii's pretty much a free fire zone for pedophiles and violent-- it's a free fire bill? >> unlike my friend's congressman who you had on before. >> bill: yeah. >> i watch your program and i appreciate everything you've done. look, i love hawaii, we're a great state and we have great people, but we have a dirty little secret and that is ironically, the hawaiian word we use for the children is keiki, and everything we do in the legislature is for them. and when we raise our salaries it's for the keiki and when we exempt ourselves from ethics laws it's for the keiki and bureaucratic laws that don't protect children, it's for the keiki. with all of the discussion how we care about our children we would protect them and yet the secret is we don't do that and people really don't talk about
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it. it's not an issue for discussion. so when i tried on the senate floor a couple of weeks ago to amend the bill that was still alive to actually put in the minimum mandatory 25 years to life, boy, i was met with a firestorm of opposition on the floor and my democratic colleagu colleagues spoke against it and tremendous arguments. one said, what about if a mentally ill child rapes another child. another one said what about the poor developmentally, you know, children that have problems there? but the best comment came from one of the senators who said, suppose a 11-year-old is in love with a ten-year-old and sex occurs? and i tried to refute this bill by saying, first of all, who speaks for the victim. everybody is talking about the perpetrator and you're right in your comments about restorative justice. we had a justice reinformation
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and reinvention initiative last year, and the whole emphasis is trying to rehabilitate these people. >> bill: yeah. >> i want to take care of our children, it's not being done. >> bill: and this con about children with children, all of these laws say it's got to be over a certain age, it's a adult and a child and they still won't do it and i've got to run, senator, i'm going to have you back because you're very good. but i understand that laws against harming pets are more important in hawaii than they are harming children. and we'll get into-- >> you want a big crowd, have a dog cruelty bill. they'll get hundreds of people down to the capital. thank you, bill. >> bill: thanks very much. megyn kelly will have more on the colorado situation later in the broadcast. stick around, amazing what's going on in colorado. next, for years i've rejected calling president obama a socialist, you may know that. but now things are changing. we'll have that debate moments
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can you cook it safe? >> back in july of 2008 when then senator barack obama was campaigning to be president, he addressed a crowd in fargo, north dakota. >> the problem is, is that the way bush has done it over the last eight years is to take out a credit card from the bank of china in the name of our children, driving up our national debt from 5 trillion dollars for the first 42 presidents, number 43 added 4 trillion dollars by his lonesome so that we now have over 9 trillion dollars of debt that we are going to have to pay back $30,000 for every man, woman and child. that's irresponsible. it's unpatriotic. >> bill: well, here is
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president obama earlier this week being asked about the national debt approaching 17 trillion dollars. >> we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact, for the next ten years, it's going to be in a sustainable place. my goal is not to chase a balanced budget just for the sake of balance. >> bill: joining us now from lower manhattan dr. mark lamont hill who teaches at columbia university. i mean, this is rich, this is really rich, pardon the pun. so-- wait, wait, wait. i'll give you plenty of time so then senator obama is complaining about bush adding 4 trillion to the national debt in eight years. president obama's been in office four years and he's added 7 trillion, but there's no problem. now you say? >> obama's debt is way cooler than bush's debt. >> bill: cooler? do i have to pay tuition at columbia to hear you say his
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debt is cooler. >> a dollar is different from obama's pocket. no, here is the truth, bill. people often say that, you know, a balanced budget is the goal. if you talk to most economists they'll tell you, unlike a family checkbook a balanced budget isn't necessarily what we need. obama in 2008 voters think about balancing the budget is like a checkbook and easy to get votes. >> bill: and you're saying he was being disingenuous, he didn't believe a word of what he with a was saying. >> one of two things, either he didn't know how it worked or-- i'm going to err on the side i think he knew what he was doing, lot of people do it. we're not in a crisis because the budget isn't balanced and that's what obama is saying, he's absolutely right. >> bill: you say he's right, but i say he's wrong. >> why, bill? >> why? because you can't run a nation--
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when president obama leaves office the way it's going now and i believe that the president is sincere when he says it's no problem. what he believes, but he's absolutely wrong. >> as do most economists. >> bill: no, no, he's herbert hoover, that's who he is. he's herbert hoover, he doesn't understand the economy and doesn't understand what's coming. >> that's not true. just for the record that's not factually true, you do realize that. >> bill: and herbert hoover didn't see the depression coming, didn't see that his policies were leading up to the armageddon. >> and that's not the issue-- >> and barack obama doesn't see it either. >> that's a red herring. >> bill: a red herring? >> yeah, you can google that-- >> it's not. it's a historical fact. hoover didn't know it was coming and we all got blasted because he didn't know and the same thing is likely to happen with barack obama. >> i'm not making an argument about herbert hoover. and the argument is whether a balanced budget is necessary for-- >> 20 trillion dollar debt by the time leaves office, that's crazy. >> the question is what kind of debt it is.
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>> bill: no, money is money. >> that's not true, if i blue through the econoblew through l bush did, and the war and if i investigate in technology on-- >> that's an outlay of money that will not come back to the treasury. if it's an investment it will and-- >> you say the boon doggles, 20 billion to morrocan pottery is going to-- >> i didn't say anything about moroccan pottery. the whole point of the segment is to suggest that obama was way off base by saying we don't need a balanced budget. >> bill: it's not about a balanced budget, it's about a national debt that's going to be 20 trillion when he gets out of office. i'll give you the last word. >> the biggest point here is whether or not the economy is growing at a faster rate.
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as long as the economy is growing at a faster rate. >> bill: it isn't. >> that's what-- that's the point, sensible contradictions between 2009 and 2013. he's a good guy, he's in the a socialist, he's investing in the economy. >> bill: forget about the socialist. i still don't think he's a socialist, but a lot of the audience disagrees. a socialist is about seizing property and, but could be, could be. >> you don't have any property, i do. you have nothing. >> what do you think i'm-- you know, they ought to be paying you more there. >> i will next time wear my red tie. >> bill: and we had the laura ingraham on the new pope already being criticized and yet another "the factor"
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>> week in review from the ingraham angle segment tonight. many of the world's 1.2 billion catholics are happy tonight there's a new pope. of course the secular progressive movement doesn't like anything religious so their accusations that pope francis didn't stand up for human rights in argentina where he was a powerful cleric. and so the criticism centers on a former government in argentina that brutalized the population, a fascist government and that pope francis didn't do enough to stop that. and you say? >> bill, look, i would have been stunned if the secular progressives had come out just lauding this man for his career of service and his humility and his charity. that just wasn't going to happen, right? it's not going to happen. he's not here to be loved by the secular progressives. so the fact that he's coming out, well, you didn't do
1:25 am
enough to unsuit the junta or do enough personally to come up against this brutal dictatorship when in fact, of course, a court of law dismissed any charges that he had been an accomplice to some kidnapping of two priests or not done enough to help them. that was dismissed. the 1980 nobel peace prize winner said that he did not collaborate with a dictatorship. there might have been other priests who did more to stand up against the dictatorship, but he was no friend of the dictators. he did not in any way work with them or facilitate what they did. instead, he actually stood up against the left wing guerilla, and the dictatorship when they went wrong. so that's the story. >> bill: you know right now that they're down in buenos aires digging up anything they can, trying to get him, and it's because of abortion and the other social issues, gay marriage, that the catholic church opposes, that the s p's
1:26 am
worship, worship the-- >> here is the good thing about freedom, if we still have freedom in this world and in this country. if you don't like the catholic church, you don't have to be part of it. you can actually be part of other denominations and other things. >> bill: the new york times is the best example of an anti-catholic newspaper because it bleeds over into their sacred causes. >> sure. >> bill: and the church opposes that and do whatever they can to marginalize-- >> guess what? pope francis and i don't know any of the 115 cardinals there at the conclave, they know that -- you're not going to look through the bible, bill, and look and find any passage where christ tells christians, this is going to be an easy ride. in fact, we're supposed to embrace the wood of the cross, in fact, christ loves us the most, we're taught, when we're suffering. so, i don't think the pope is really surprised by all of this has any belief about it.
1:27 am
>> bill: i don't think he cares and-- >> we as christians are supposed to understand that this is the way it will be for us and we hope it's not a time where we'll be, you know, martyred for goodness sakes like christians were in the past. but the world is the world and we believe in the truth and the way. >> bill: and rather than turning the other cheek, you have to, if you want to save babies and if you want to make the world a better place in which to live, a freer place, you've got to confront it and popes in the past have not. and american catholic church is in disarray and i think that, you know, i'm hoping this pope can basically convince people that the church is on the side of good. >> well, i think his life is an example and a witness to that. i mean, all of these people are criticizing him, well, you're not sufficiently embracing contraceptive use or you're not for changing marriage. well, when is the last time most of these people washed the feet of aids patients, kissed the feet of aids
1:28 am
patients, held aids babies, worked with the poor, you know, threw off the trappings of luxury, decided not to take a car service and ride public transportation every day? give up your palatial quarters and give them to missionaries for years upon years? this is who the man is. >> bill: yeah. >> and i think that witness is going to be very powerful. >> bill: they've got to combat the other stuff. now, msnbc making a change at eight o'clock. >> oh. >> bill: ed schultz, your close personal friend, he's out and that makes 20 time slot changes for msnbc and cnn up against "the factor," 20, 20 people have come and gone on both networks and how should we process this? >> well, we should -- we should dance on the graves of our enemies. no, of course not. >> bill: that's not a christian thing. >> i'm joking of course. ed schultz said something about me at one point and never bothered me that much.
1:29 am
other people were bothered by it. >> bill: did he apologize. >> yes, on television he left me he a voice mail. >> bill: that's good. >> and i wish all of my old friends at msnbc, i use today work there, i was fired there. i've got to think if you're fired from msnbc you're probably in a better place. >> bill: end up here on fox news, which i don't forsee that happening. >> i was a convert. maybe he could convert-- he used to be a conservative so maybe he'll come back to the fold. you can always hope so i wish him the best. >> bill: and the eight o'clock time slot, you know, what are they going to did now? >> they've got to throw the powerhouses up against you, and so far, you've got to have-- and. >> bill: we had him up against us. mathews up against us. >> i understand that larry king is coming back and he's going to do another show, but move it it down to eight o'clock and look out, look out, o'reilly. >> bill: and i think the secret, laura, i have to stay
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humble. >> you do. >> bill: if i do that i'll be okay. >> you need to be like an athlete and need the competition. >> bill: i love competition here, absolutely. laura ingraham, everybody. and more as "the factor" moves along and megyn kelly whether colorado really has tough laws against child predators. they say they do. we don't think they do, but we'll have miss megyn investigate that. and jesse watters goes to and jesse watters goes to spring training and asks the
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no child is a lost cause. because a stable loving family can help any child succeed. i don't think i'm a lost cause. i'm just a kid. if you agree, find out how you can help. at youth
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>> in the "are we crazy" segment tonight. it's estimated 65 milli165 mill americans are overweight and a study by the mayo clinics, you're more likely to shed pounds if you get paid. and joining us a psychologist, and dr. walsh, what's the payment deal the mayo clinic studied? >> okay so this was a year long study at the mayo clinic where they took people and asked them to try to lose weight and gave them good education and half told them if they met their goal every month they'd get $20. if they lost their goal they'd have to pay $20. guess what they lost at four times the rate. >> bill: was it the incentive to get money or not pay money, do you think that did it? >> i think mostly the incentive to get money. i think learning theory has been pretty clear that a
1:35 am
reward system, a positive reward system tends it shape human behavior better than anything. the negative reward of obese, overweight, ashamed or discriminated on the job certainly doesn't work. >> bill: do you agree with that, dr. forest, if there's some kind of geld at the end of the rainbow people will be more motivated to do the right thing? >> bill, i wish it was the goal at the end of the rainbow, but unfortunately, i think this is yet another example of our society of short-term gratification. the study here, yes, the mayo study lasted a year, so that's longer than most studies. but in fact, if you look at rewards in general and specifically, bill, looked at employers giving rewards to reduce health care costs, very specific areas that we're looking at and it it doesn't work long-term and more importantly, when you're trying to get to the end of the rain he bow, your analogy, it it doesn't work, because you don't keep the weight off if you don't keep paying them. >> bill: if the money goes
1:36 am
away then the fried chicken comes back and high calorie food. >> i disagree. >> bill: all right. go ahead. >> dr. bonnie, i think that weight loss and weight maintenance are two completely different sets of behaviors and i think a reward system in general always makes better human behavior. the whole reason why you want to work, bill, is so you can get a paycheck, right. >> bill: i shouldn't pose that question because the obama administration's going to have, you know, start to give everybody money if they lose weight and giving everybody money anyway. but anyway, how long can we do that? we have now floating up, we're going to pay parents if they get their kids to school? i mean, you know. >> well, no one suggested that the government get involved in this, but all i'm saying is that we go to work, the work force stays at work for paychecks not because they're afraid their boss-- >> that's not a matter of incentivizing. >> yes, it is incentivizing. >> bill: and why do you agree with this, dr. forest, i think
1:37 am
that money is a motivator and specifically for younger people. if you bribe your kids, give them allowance or whatever they're more likely to do what you ask them to do as far as chores are concerned. >> short-term. >> yes, short-term, bill, you're absolutely right. it is a short-term motivator, but the first study in 1973, last year journal of american medical association shows that once you take the reward away, long-term, weight comes back or more importantly, i see it in my practice with kids. yes, if i have a child with special needs and i'm trying it motivate him, i might use short-term rewards, but longer term studies show it's more about the intrinsic reward. if i do something because it makes me feel better about myself or i feel like i'm a better human being, those are the rewards that lost for a lifetime and helps you keep the weight off. >> bill: are you guys surprised that 70% of americans, you know, are overweight to some degree? that's a big number.
1:38 am
>> i'm not at all, bill. >> bill: no? why? >> i'm not at all, it's short-term america, it's about i want-- i'm vested, i'm going to have comfort, i'm going to stuff my emotions and deal with these in a negative way and get the immediate comfort for food, it's cheaper and faster if two people are working in a house, more accessible, it's harder to lose weight and you have to go and do things every day and walk and move. >> bill: and it's discipline and it hurts, it's painful. >> no, no. >> i disagree. >> bill: 30 seconds. >> we have a population that's addict today salt, sugar and fat and starts early life with processed food and we have places in the country where there are food deserts and can't find fresh fruits and vegetables. in in the depression, poverty meant thin and now in the recession, poverty does not. >> bill: and the predator
1:39 am
situation in colorado and also trademarking the name jesus. somebody has done it.
1:40 am
1:41 am
>> i'm bill o'reilly and the kelly file segment as advertised miss megyn has been looking into whether colorado has tough laws against child predators as the liberal politician claim they do. have you been following us. >> yes. >> bill: i've been mean to this. >> megyn: i like the point about the 3-d i was with him on that. >> bill: got to get that going, but i think they're lying that they he don't have tough laws in colorado against predators. am i wrong? >> lying is a strong term because it's subjective. they may believe something is tough and you don't. in my opinion they're not tough. >> bill: deal with the fact. >> megyn: they're nowhere near
1:42 am
as tough as jessica's law. >> bill: let's take it one by one. if you're four years older than a 15-year-old. you're 19. you rape the 15-year-old. 11, 13, 9 or whatever. the minimum you get in colorado is two years and the maximum is six years, that's the maximum, six years, is that correct? >> that's right. the minimum is two years and if you go one class of felony minimum is four. >> bill: if you do violence, it goes up. if you're 21 and you rape a 13-year-old it's two to six. >> megyn: the minimum on that climb is two and the local d.a.'s say under certain circumstances it can be a life sentence. >> bill: but what? >> let's focus on the minimums because that's what people care about. when you have a minimum sentence it's because you don't trust the judges to come down hard 0 enough on a certain class of defendant. and in sexual cases there is a
1:43 am
history of too lenient. and they've decided they don't need a minimum of 25 years, like jessica's law. they can do ttrust them it's good. minimums of two years, four years, eight years if you're really, really bad. eight year minimum. >> bill: you have to have a gun in the mouth of a kid to get eight. >> there you go. you look at how did you apply it. in the bad cases did you go for the life sentence and do as much as you possibly could. you heard jesse watters confronting a local lawmaker. one guy abused a boy 870 times, one year in prison. >> bill: one year. >> megyn: one. >> bill: let me stop you. so, you independently-- i have not talked to you, correct. >> correct. >> bill: the whole week i haven't. >> we don't chat. >> bill: so he we let miss megyn and the staff investigate because the guy, said we have enough laws and so did the editor of the denver post. they spouted that.
1:44 am
it's not true. this is a chaotic system in colorado, but they don't want to fix it. do you have any idea why they don't. >> and denver post also claimed that the coalition against sexual assault is against jessica's law. we called them and they said he they don't actively oppose or support the law. >> bill: another untruth by the denver post. >> now the d.a.'s office, district attorney's counsel guy they talk about the existing state of the law out there and how there are potential-- there is potential for harsh sentences, but they're not nearly as opposed to jessica's law as the denver post would have them believe. >> bill: let's get down to the nitty on this. why don't these liberal democrats in the legislature want jessica's law. >> there are several reasons, i think the defense bar, criminal defense bar is powerful. >> bill: the attorneys don't want it. >> defense tones don't want it number one. and i think, number two they're having financial
1:45 am
problems and prison overcrowding. >> bill: they don't want to pay for the predators, that's nice, that's nice. >> i think the d.a.'s some of whom, he was right the other night, are not necessarily in favor of jessica's law don't like to be handcuffed to minimum sentences. >> bill: they want to slow it down. >> harder to get a plea. >> bill: i agree with all of that. there we go, colorado. there we go. okay. that's the truth and it's wrong. jes jesus, jesus jeans. >> let's talk jesus. >> bill: jesus would not like what's going on in colorado and hawaii. >> he'd watch "the factor" and object. >> bill: someone has patented, copyrighted the name jesus? >> jesus jeans, it's an italian company, saying that their motto, for the jeans i'd follow you anywhere, i don't know. >> bill: okay, that's great. they're all going to hell. okay-- >> so they got the trademark on this and even here in the united states even though they were denied the trademark
1:46 am
someplaces in the world. >> bill: and i've called "killing jesus" and am i-- >> jesus jeans, and only applies to apparel, or the secular, like i love jesus, pope francis if he wants to say something about jesus, that's fine. >> can't get sued for it. >> no. >> bill: i can't give you jeans if i give you the book. can't do at that promotion, no spin jeans, and you buy a copy. >> you're not going to get lis wiehl in jesus jeans on "the factor" website. >> bill: that's a cheap shot against weihl? >> i love weihl. >> bill: and now i have to give weihl time. >> snead the had the t-shirt on looks good. >> bill: i can see a cat fight. >> that's not on the website either. >> bill: and the cat fight. i really appreciate you doing that colorado stuff because people believe you more than me, some people will.
1:47 am
>> thank you. >> bill: and kelly and i are on the same page here. watters on deck and goes to spring training and asks the folks an and players, how is america doing? >> who do you get your news and information from? >> my mom. >> what has your mom been telling you how the president is doing? >> i don't remember. >> that's good. watters upupup
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>> back of the book segment now. and watters world, and spring training underway in florida and lots of people taking part in america's national past time, baseball. we said watters to take some temperatures about the state of the union. ♪
1:51 am
>> we're starting the baseball season. how is the country doing right now? >> it's -- it's very divided. >> are we doing all right? >> we're definitely reaping what our forefathers did, and i think we're starting to slip away. >> and mickey mantle? >> i'm worried about, the starter right now. >> the country is in good shape, really? i don't think so. >> and you know, get a lot of respect. >> you koent know what to believe all the time. i try to make up my mind and opinions on all of these ideas. >> i try to move in my direction. >> isn't that how they do this. >> 1986, i think they did. >> and what about the president, think he's doing an all right job. >> he's doing good. getting a lot of heat. >> doing great. >> keep doing what he's doing. >> how would you rate it.
1:52 am
good job, bad job? >> b-plus. >> b-minus. >> f. >> f? you guys are all over him day and night. >> what are you worried about. >> good. >> have you seen gas prices? >> out of control. >> had to catch the bus to come over here. >> do you feel like your taxes are going up. >> that's not my call, not my call. >> you open up the wallet. >> yes, exactly. >> do you think that the president cares about the massive amount of debt we're in right now. >> so many stuff we're paying for and not seeing what's going on today. >> i don't think that he cares about anything, but golf right now. >> any advice for the guys in washington? >> i don't know. >> we're not talking about him. >> he at the end of the day the guys have to come together and make it happen. >> if you guys are working the ball close to the ball field and the balls just fly into your handsions in a while. >> and we want a real ball! >> you guys have a game tomorrow? >> oh, yeah, we have a game every day, seven days a week, unlike you.
1:53 am
>> where do they find this guy? >> do you ever see o'reilly throw the baseball? >> i think so. >> got a good angle, a tall guy. >> what about the president, you ever see him throw out the first pitch? >> just a boutside. >> president bush could. >> it's like you're having a blast down there. >> what about right now? >> probably not. (laughter) >> what was that, what the hell was that? >> do you ever watch the o'reilly factor on fox news channel? >> every once in a while. >> i watch his show all the time and i love it. >> i seen him go into a rage the other day. >> and o'reilly, chill a little bit. >> i definitely like the talking points memo. probably more specifically and i'd like 0 to see he more often watters world. >> you have good taste. >> killing me, mom. >> and i do.
1:54 am
>> how about that? ♪ >> and showw walt ter is a good guy. >> and some people say, are you serious, jesse, asking me about the debt and some pr guys didn't want me to ask about president obama and they didn't need the headache, if trashing the president. >> and what about the athletes, their awareness of "the factor" and news. >> high, middle, low? >> high. pirates loved the "the factor" and some of the other players not so much. i think it's just, they don't know any more or less than the average american. >> bill: reflective of the population. >> a microcosm. >> bill: usually rabid sports fans are aware of what's going
1:55 am
on, taking in a lot of information. >> and a lot of the players are from dominican republic and-- >> and i love showwalter more. >> are you a disrespectful there is no mass produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. you'll only find sleep number at one of our over 400 stores nationwide. where queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now enjoy the lowest prices of the season on our most popular bed sets. sleep number. comfort individualized.
1:56 am
>> of the day whether you're a diseffectful person. in a moment i'm having your face embroidered on my 12-year-old son's antibully t-shirt. just be happy i'm looking out for you. if some predator assaulted him, the denver post is given given the prison sentence. i'm outraged and you should be, too. >> i support jess can's wall but you're a bully.
1:57 am
you sound like a man kid. >> i am. >> why >> when a journalist accuses me in print of equating home esexuality with pedophilia without evidence, the gloves come off, and they did. >> bill, you were never more right than in that interview. you showed righteous anger and won the debate. harvey, costa rica: bill, will you be inviting that guy to the bolder fresher show in denver? >> i'll say, he had the courage
1:58 am
to show up. >> why condemn lesbian with hurtful lange. don't stoop to the sophomoric level of miller. >> i didn't mean to demean gay people. i demean the federal government which is wasting our tax money on a study. bill, thanks for suggesting the web site i am owed $1,200 in pension money. >> i'm glad i could help you. >> please give some of that money to charity. >> dan, from indiana. the suicide of george make you suspicious, bill? it's a mid, dan. i haven't solved it yet. one part of the kennedy situation i just don't know. but i'm still working on it.
1:59 am
and i'm glad you liked the book. >> if you buy any of my books you get a great mug free. two books, two mugs and on and on. on monday, i'll have a big announcement about "killing just." last night, "american idol" had a live broadcast, and one of the judges, nikki minaj, showed up late. >> this is where nikki -- i hear she is seven minutes out and there's congestion on the 405. >> i thought it was the 101. >> let get the party started. >> everybody gets caught in traffic but miss minaj is a pinhead because she should have been there an hour early. here's the tip of the day. it's important to respect people with whom you deal. being late is a sign of disrespect. you are


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