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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  March 15, 2013 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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if you are habitually late, at millions of americans are, you're a pinhead and will hurt yourself because good people do not want to disrespected. i'm in town if you wish to opine. word of the day. brand new one. this is a great word. again, thanks for watching tonight. i'm "the o'reilly bill o'reilly. the spin stops right here.
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>> good morning everyone. i am patti ann browne. >> i am ainsley air party. >> time now for the top 5@5:00. the u.s. boosting the missile defense from the nuclear threat from north korea. fox news concerned the pentagon will deploy 15 ground based interceptors in alaska as well as california. it comes as north korea released photos of a life drill. president obama halted their deployment when he took office.
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the reversal means the obama administration wasted money. a lighting truck which held heavy light fixtures and large led screens fell as workers hoisted it up and fell 30 feet. >> one just caught by debris and one guy who witnessed the whole thing was traumatized. >> two men were rushed to the hospital with life threatening injuries. another was hurt but not seriously. the festival will go on as scheduled. >> three strikes now against carnival. this morning a third shift carnival legend having engine trouble. this is the second ship in the caribbean within 24-hours to run into problems.
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just yesterday the carnival dream was stranded at a port in saint martin after a generator malfunctioned. thousands of those passengers flying home today. you remember the nightmare last night an engine fire crippling the triumph and stranding people without power. pastor saeed abedini's wife heads to capitol hill. he was sentenced to 8 years in prison in iran on charges of evangelizing and threatening national security. in just about an hour pope francis will meet with all of the cardinals this one day after celebrating his first mass as leader of the catholic church. >> in his first homily he calls for spiritual renewal and focus
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on the message of jesus christ. he's being called the people's pope known for being a humble man and this just one way of showing it. pope francis went to the hotel paid the bill himself and picked up the bag. he's the pope. that's your 5@5:00. it's time to take a look at whose talking. cpac the conservative action conference kicked off yesterday. the rising stars of the republican party including one of the most talked about senators of late rand paul. >> marco rubio talking about his vision for the country. >> there are jobs not being created in this country because we have a 16 and a half trillion dollar debt and it's only scheduled to be bigger. that problem has to be solved. the only real approach to solve it is combination of fiscal discipline and rapid economic growth. i will tell you what the criticism on the left will be.
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number one he drank too much water number two he didn't offer any new ideas. there's the palsy of i-- fallac of it. the idea is called america, and it still works. >> the filibuster was about drones but also about much more. do we have a bill of rights and do we have a constitution and will we defend it. within a few days the president finds an extra $250 million to send to egypt. >> you know the country where mobs attacked our embassy burned our flag and chanted death to america. he found an extra $250 million to reward them. >> now he has decide to do shut down white house tours. apparently now the only folks who can get a tour of the white house are those who contribute half a million dollars or more.
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we will never bend to the social and economics of western italy. it is a best place to vacation but a sorry for government. the benghazi terror attack fox news confirming an individual is detained in libya who authorities believe might have been involved. details about three survivors of that attack. elizabeth pran is live in washington with more for us. >> police detaining a man suspected of being involved in the september 11th attacks at the compound in benghazi which killed 4 americans ambassador libya chris stevens. evidences returning to the country from a trip to back stan. they reportedly a former member of the libyan islamist fighting group that over through the khaddafy regime back in the 90s.
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if you remember a 26-year-old tone nearbyian was detained but released a months ago due to lack of evidence. a state department official speaking exclusively to katherine harris were among the americans injured during the terrorist attack. according to officials two were injured including one seriously. one of the agents injured were visited at marshall reed medical center. he sat down with us to talk about the condition of the benghazi survivors. >> i can tell you i visited with one of my survivors. he's a remarkably courageous person doing very, very well. i talk to do his wife and talk to do her.
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no word on any role the state detainees played in the attack. also unknown if it will develop any charges. >> patti ann th-- have a good d elizabeth. thank you. >> joining us now for the fox business network. adam shapiro. >> good morning to you. >> the samsung galaxy came out. >> you will get your hands on it at the end of april. they isn't set o-- released it yet. >> talking about how you would be able to look at it and control it. it has gesture control. it can start and stop video just by your looking away from it. it has gesture control you no
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longer have to touch the screen. you can wave your hand over the screen. like waiving your hand it will do thing things. you cont evweent gesture. iphone is out selling galaxy phones. it could be a game changer for samsung. those two are at it like this. the winners will be you and me. this will drive down prices and improve technology. you will like this kind of competition. >> i know we talked about u.s. airlines merging with the carrier. >> they were going to file the reorganization plan they like to see the airlines with a little turbulence. they will be delayed in the depart tour. they filed in an extension to may 29th. not as soon as they had expected. >> the delays are just
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beginning. a lot of jobs i would say for america and u.s. airways it's just a delay not a total cancellation. >> happy friday. >> happy friday to you. >> first degree weather update with janice dean. the parade should be okay in new york city but it will be dress . spring is five days away hopefully mother nature is listening. we have a system that is moving across the northern plains bringing snow and freezing rain across portions of the dakotas in towards minnesota. we have snow advisories through this morning and winter weather advisories through the northern plains where we could get a
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couple inches of snow. it could cause a new sense. 32 in minneapolis 31 in chicago. warm across the plains and even in phoenix we set a record yesterday 92 degrees that's the warm spot. we will watch a developing storm system. as we head into monday and tuesday perhaps a coastal storm to the northeast. blue line is the freezing rain. south of that will be a rain event north of it could be snow some impressive amounts of snow. >> i know i am supposed to have good news for you. >> i know it's friday. >> we will take it. >> straight ahead a video that is guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat.
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a daredevil stunt man turning right into the path of a speeding lamborghini. making an interesting discovery of employees they are working harder when they are tracking their every move. >> we report you decide. [ male announcer ] what are happy kids made of? bikes and balloons, wholesome noodles on spoons. a kite, a breeze, a dunk of grilled cheese. catches and throws, and spaghettio's. that's what happy kids are made of. campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> 14 after the hour. ans is assembly man expected to make the possession of marijuana legal. the social benefits of pot are already legal. it is the 6th state to consider
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recreational use. they hired a manager to makeup the city's $327 million budget shortfall and billions in debt without going bankrupt. some are calling president obama's debt crisis. he tried pitching lowering cost of entitlement in exchange for new taxes. despite reports the meetings are just for show. party leaders are optimistic. >> they were inspiring optimistic realistic and called for unit and invited any thoughts we had before going forward. >> it was a candid exchange with a number of our members asking questions of the president. as you can image talked about
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all different issues confronting us with considerable proportion of time transcended issue of time that is our deficit and debt. >> our nation's debt $16 trillion. >> it is time now to brew on this. here's what we would like you to brew on today. a recent report found that more companies are turning to tracking devices to monitor employee's habits to find out how they are interacting with co-workers. bank of america did this when team members talked to each other often. one ceo persworker said they co be recorded by watching movements>> or reading e-mails. >> companies putting sensors on employees to track their every move? is this just fine or is it over the line? send your comments over to us. you can tweet them to us at fox friends first or shoot us an
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>> they helped the cia track
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down osama bin laden in pakistan. the court has just reinstated 17 health workers more than a year later. dr. shaleal who led the vaccination program still remains behind bars. he was convicted of working with a terrorist group but it is widely believed he is being fun nished for working for the cia. when it comes to working with coffee or tea the answer is both. a study finds one cup of coffee a day lowered your chance for a stroke by 20 percent. the same is true for those who eat four cups of green tea daily. >> more nutrition news now. nutrition bars are growing more popular. you could be consuming more calories and sugar than you would have a candy bar. you ma have may have to look at else is in the bars.
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for starters we wanted to take a look at an ordinary candy bar a milky way bar for comparison. >> the reason we choose a milky way bar is it doesn't have any hidden ingredients. you want to stick with the real food. 2 4e -- 240 calories and 5 grams of sugar. >> the calories are lower than some of the nutrition bars and the sugar is high but it's even higher in some of the other bars. >> you expect it there they don't claim that it is nutritional. >> vanilla crisp performance energy bar. >> this has sugar sugar and more sugar. they have cane juice evaporated fruit juice concentrated dextrose and fructose. sugar, sugar and more sugar.
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>> there are different types of sugar but none of them are that great. it contains the soy protein. there's a growing consensus getting your protein from soy is not as good as people thought. >> i have a thigh proviyroid pr. you are not supposed to have soy. it has estrogen in it and cancer research says stayed away from that. >> they start to develop feminine character risticks on it. >> if you are working on your pecks at the jim you don't want muscle showing up either. >> let's take a look at the metrics. this is the big 100 peanut butter pretzel. you say colossal is right. oo 410 calories. why don't you have a big egg breakfast instead. stay away from a snack bar that has 400 calories. if you are having this for breakfast 28 grams of sugar.
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i wouldn't recommend it. if you are eating a health car it shouldn't have that. >> corn syrup, high fructose sugar, corn syrup, sugar, sugar, sugar, sugar. >> if you don't understand what the chemicals are in there you shouldn't be eating it. >> it is interesting why not have an egg breakfast. why not have some real food. metrics paintballing metrics -- metrics pr. >> chocolate chunk not nutritional. if you are eating it instead of a big cheesecake or dessert maybe that's okay. otherwise 310 calories a lot of sugar. >> what is interesting about this one it also has a warning on it saying may have a laxative effect. warning on it.
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here's one you would recommend. if you are going to use a bar. make yourself a shake at home. it is clear on the packaging for a reason. you look at it my grandmother you can tell what it is, it's fruits, almonds. best to have. it is only six ingredients on the back. >> low in calorie and high in protein. >> more on my twitter at nicki fitness. unclaimed money did some of it be long to you. the video that will make your heart skip a beat as daredevil stunt man running into the path of a speeding lamborghini. in this month in history 1965, tgi friday's opened the first restaurant in new york city.
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>> i am ainsley earhardt i am patti ann browne. thanks for watching fox and friends first. >> top five stories making news
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at this hour. search for answers in the benghazi terror attack. sources confirming to fox news libyan national has been deta detained in libya. fox news also confirming three survivors of the attack were diplomatic security agents. two were hurt at the cia in the second wave of the attack. the third suffered smoke inhal ration at the consulate. we have been demanding to have more about the attack. >> he disappeared more than a year ago now this movie executive gavin smith was murdered. investigators revealing his mercedes was found at a storage facility on february 21st. it was connected to a convicted drug dealer who is also a person of interest. his wife had some type of a
2:33 am
relationship people say. smith the married for of three was last seen driving or leaving a friend's house lahrs may. his body has never been found. the obama administration told you that hundreds not thousands of illegal immigrants were released from local jails because of the sequestration. but immigration and customs enforcement director john morton now admits more than 2,000 illegals were freed across the country. ten were level one offenders the most serious classification. four were taken back into custody. four from the attempt to make budget cuts look as bad as possible. >> the man who ordered knives to be allowed back on planes defended his position on capitol hill. >> it is the judgment they are not responsible for catastrophic failure of aircraft. >> searching for the small
2:34 am
knives are distracting for skreerns who could be searching for bombs. critics say they don't see the difference in small knives and box cutters used by the terrorists on 9-11. the policy begins on april 25th. keep in mind razor blades and box cutters will still be banned. >> super man can leap tall buildings in one bound. could a jumping car speeding right at him? >> that is p stupt man paul joseph leaping over a lamborghini going around 60 miles per hour. the stunt took place in sydney, australia. not only was he able to pull off the death fdefying stunt he als did a flip in the air. >> st. patrick's day is this sunday. some may be heading out to the
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local parades. we have a big one in new york city. everyone starts to talk like a lip con. boston the parade is on sunday. new york and chicago not too bad of a forecast. going to be a little chilly. dress appropriately. we could see snow showers for chicago on saturday. temperatures around 32 degrees. new york and boston just around the 40 degree mark. just dress appropriately and have a great day drinking green beverages. satellite radar imagery across the northwest. even a wintery mix across the dakotas. anywhere from 3-5 inches. snow is coming into the weekend
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early next week this could bring snow and rain an wind. keep you posted on that. 32 the daytime high. set a record yesterday it was 92. looking at 94 today 90 for saturday. back to the 80s a little cooler as we head into the new workweek. happy friday. happy st. patty's day to you both. hope you are celebrating tomorrow. >> we will be. you, too. thanks janice. the president and the gop across the aisle. both sides have to keep their bases happy. the president met last week with his outside political action group while republicans gather for cpac. doug luzader joins us live with more on that. >> good morning. this is cpac this week. the republican party at something of a critical juncture.
2:37 am
we are seeing a rollout for possible 2016 white house contenders. now cpac is in large part a political rally. but it's also a time this year for political soul searching. marco rubio whose star is certainly on the rides made no apology for he can no amic and social agenda. >> we don't need a new idea. the idea is called america. it still works. >> there is also the libertarian strain with the party. fresh off the nearly 13 hour filibuster last week. the new gop will need to embrace liberty in both the economic and personal speer. >> reminder that despite the ongoing partisan budget talks on capitol hill.
2:38 am
the president spoke to his outside political action group ofa in part to lay the groundwork for next year's mid certain election. this year's c papac event is notable for absences. chris christie was not invited. there are a number of conservatives about the way he keeps praise on the president for his responses to super storm sandy just before the november election. >> doug luzader, thank you. the first day of the cpac convention leading off with a bunch of fresh faces of the republican party. rand paul and marco rubio among the speakers kicking off the event. in case you missed it here are some of the highlights. >> people who disagree on all sorts of things in the real world work together all of the time on things they do agree on. there has to be a movement in america for people who believe
2:39 am
in limited government constitutional principles and a free enterprise system and that should be us. there are jobs not being created in this country because we have a 16 and a half trillion dollar debt and it's only scheduled to get bigger. >> the constitution must be our guide for be conservatives to win nationally we must stand for something. we must stand on principles. we must stand for something so powerful and so popular that it brings together people from the west. the gop is old and gone stale and moss covered. >> i don't think we need to name many names do we? our party is incumbered by an inconsistent of freedom. the new gop will need to embrace liberty in the economic and personal speer. >> we have to fight this.
2:40 am
we have to win this fight because it goes to the heart of the divide between the senate right to the left in america. it is about the size of the scope in the role of government. >> wisconsin governor scott walker jeb bush and donald trump were among the many others slated to speak. many experts claim driverless cars are the future but they probably haven't seen this video. a nightmare ending to 1 test drive when we come back. >> not ready to roll those out yet. >> the government found $2 million of unclaimed money. does the government owe you. . we will find out next. [ male announcer ] it's a rule of nature.
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>> it is now 41 after the hour.
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see what's he had going on on-line overseas. the pentagon confirming the drone over the persian gulf. the drone fired a flair as a warning. the iranian plane then left. mexico trying to figure out why two gunmen burst into a bar in cancun and killed 7 people injured 4>> if you didn't bother filing a federal tax return in 2009 listen up. nearly $1 billion in refunds to be claimed. the clock is ticking. fox business network diane mass
2:45 am
can he is heed doe has t-- macedo has details. >> it still has $917 million in unclaimed tax refunds in 2009. if you are owed the money there's a deadline to claim the money. most exceed $500. most have not been required to file because they made too little money if you have income taxes withheld from your pay you may not only be entitled to a refund but you may be missing out on the refund, too. you will be making a generous donation to the government patti ann. >> diane macedo.
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the o'reilly factor sent jessie waters to see what fans of the national past time think about the current state of the country. >> how is this country doing right now? >> it is very di vieded. >> reaping what our fore fathers have sown into us. >> come on jesse, seriously? >> you don't know what to believe all of the time. i try to make up my own mind my own opinion on all of these different ideas. >> i think we are starting to move into the right direction. >> you have the spring training collar on. >> isn't that how they do it around here? >> back in 86 i think they did. >> you think the president cares about the amount of debt we are in right now? >> so much stuff we are paying for we are not seeing what is going on today. >> i don't think he cares about anything but golf right now.
2:47 am
>> busted so-called sugar free food with sugar instead. taking you inside joe biden's head. >> see what's coming up on the top of the hour. >> i know what's going on in your head when you put on the green dress tomorrow you are in new york city of course we celebrate the green. i am patti ofurniture. the defensive continued yesterday and wrapped up on capitol hill. we will tell you if anything happened. not so much. also cpac kicked off where conservative republicans get together. they test drive a couple presidential hopefuls for 2016. couple of them really ripped up the place. one of the america's greatest towns charleston north carolina. have you ever heard of urban tarzan. he is going to swing into the studio a couple of munchkins and
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fox and friends starts 15 minutes from right now here on your channel for news. [ male announcer ] when these come together, and these come together, one thing you can depend on is that these will come together. delicious and wholesome. some combinations were just meant to be. tomato soup from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> 11 until the top of the hour. you probably asked yourself a few times what was vice president joe biden thinking? now you get to find out. the white house web site launch add new audio series called being biden. he will tell a story about a photo in which he appears. this is the first photo from when he served food at a wild game dinner. the government shut a new jersey bakery down because it has more sugar than advertised. it did in fact contain sugar and others have more fat than what
2:52 am
appeared on the label. it was the first time the viewe viewers voted on the top american idol contestants. for one idol the night ended in disappointment. >> after the nationwide vote the person with the lowest number of votes, and that person singing is curtis. you are safe. congratulations. >> there goes nicki minaj. for more on this let's step into the fox spotlight. >> good to have you. you are caking off the weekend. >> for the pope. >> let's talk about that. curtis gets kicked off last night.
2:53 am
nicki minaj says he leaves i am going to leave. >> this is the first week americans can vote and decide who got knocked off and curtis unfortunately got the least votes as they say. they also announced the top 3, which something they haven't done in past years. >> who got the most votes. the top 3. >> candice, angie and cree. >> no particular order. >> so they are going to stick around. there's only one guy who made the top 6. >> this is the year of the woman. they haven't had a female american idol winner in the past couple years. the women are talented>> they are due. >> nicki minaj she is this new judge on there everyone is concerned or wanted to see how she was going to do. i happen to hilike her on the show. she just lays it on the line. she tell it is like it is. she really wanted curtis to stick around. sh she got up and left.
2:54 am
>> she likes to do it for ratings? >> she was stirring it up a little bit. called her pin head for being late. she has a certain demo. your segment is called fox light. we do this on fox light. we have a reboot on tnt. monday's episode in which it was a funeral of jr. >> it was a big moment in television history. and i had not seen that episode until it aired. i watched it live with everybody else. i was just so proud not only to be a part of it to get the role
2:55 am
to play jr's son was huge for me being from dallas originally the show meant a lot to my family. spint the last couple years of life with him and working with him. i was so proud of the episode. >> on the show he is known as a schemer. >> he is. they did such a good job with transitioning away from the era of jr as it were. it was really touching. i was sitting there watching monday night sobbing uncontrollably. mark comes in everything okay with your mother? no it's jr's funeral. >> i need help. i know. >> what is the fox light dimming on this week? >> this week it is dimming on miley cyrus and liam are having difficulty in lover's land. >> they announced they are getting married now they are not going to? what do you mean difficulty? >> they were fighting a lot. they were seen partying separately he was apparently
2:56 am
making out with an a list actress. >> he was cheating. >> i guess you could call it that. >> when you are making out with someone else and you are engaged you are cheating. >> your sources are saying they are still together. >> you can hope. >> thanks michael. good to see you. >> happy friday. >> go to for all of the latest celebrity buzz you can check michael out on his twitter account. >> straight ahead she spelled the word correctly but the judges got it wrong. a spelling bee nightmare when we come back. we told but companies spying on their employees because it makes them work harder. is that just fine or is that over the line? we will be reading e-mails when we come back. (music throughout)
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