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tv   The Five  FOX News  March 15, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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psychologist hired by the defense is expected back on the witness stand and of course we will bring you the latest from the courtroom. that's all tonight and thank for being with us, make sure to go to and let us know what you thought about >> greg: hello, everyone. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, eric bolling, dana perino. 5:00 in new york city. this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> greg: so far at cpac we heard from allen west who summarizeed the problems liberals have with race. >> i'm speaking from experience when i tell you that there is nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black american. who wants a better life and a smaller government. >> greg: tim scott summarizeed the liberal handouts. >> having a job, this is a good thing.
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creating jobs is a far better thing. if you have an income, that is a good thing. if you create a process you can do the most amazing things. >> greg: what do west and scott have in common you probably call them tokens. that's what you say when you see a black eye who doesn't tact way you want a black guy to act. never say it to their face. someone like west would use your fare head as a stepladder. in surprise they're republicans. democrats have a path. someone i works with who lectures me on race every day. my pal left out that the thug was a democrat. didn't fit the story. a lot of stuff doesn't. democrats supported slavery and amendments to wipe it out. they were prosegregation. created jim crow. had a former clansman as a top
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senator and used the kkk as their kudgil. the media rarely ever brings that up. or that republicans helped pass the 1964 civil rights act. how does the democratic party influence help blacks now? illegitimacy is up around 70%. not rosier for urban squalor. democratic programs caused more damage than hurricanes katrina and sandy combined. but nearly all black voters go democrat. so west and scott have to remind black america the abuse i relationship they endureed for so long. they may not be in the back of the bus anymore. they're just under it. >> kimberly: hard-hitting. >> bob: emphasize it was not me that called you bull connor. >> greg: you called me bull connor twice. it didn't know who that was. it looked it up. i go without -- >> bob: i apologize.
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>> greg: you were complimenting me, i think. >> bob: okay. >> greg: what should they do to atact minoritys? >> kimberly: be for education of children. not just in public schools chasing after empty federal dollars. they're more interested in keeping the union schools going. i'd rather see us move toward charter voucher schools. things like that. education is important to all parents, especially when trying to track children left behind, the majority population, inner city failing behind. if they're not provided the same opportunity that other children are able to attend go to private schools. for me that would work and help. >> greg: when someone believes certain programs don't work. they say certain programs don't work, must they be accused of being cold and callous? >> bob: they don't.
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scott and west, they gave good speeches. they both said that the message, the inherent principals of the party are best for minorities michigan answer to that, take your message in those communities. 48% of the public voted for republicans for the house of representatives. only 48%. yet they control 52% of the house seats because the seats are more white and less and less minority. democrats grab them off when they can. >> dana: in districts across america. >> bob: yeah. the districts are. the problem for the republicans they have to get in and engage the debate if they have something to sell. >> dana: that is what they're doing. the messengers are accomplished. one in military and one in business. both are willing to commit
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themselves to public service. what i like is the idea of the individualism, both of them basically have grounded and they are so self-confidence. like wow, i wish i was more like that. not just a message for african-americans. it's for all of us to learn from them. >> greg: you are an underachiever. >> dana: i have very little self-confidence. i hear them speaking with assuredness. it comes from their core. they cannot be anybody than who they are. >> we have a difference between conservatism and republicans. let's not conflate the two. the guys talk to cpac. i also think it's a little dangerous. a friend of mine, allen west, we e-mail and talk to each
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other, bring up the race card in this setting. isn't that what they are supposed to not be doing? not the color of your skip that matters with the policy and the size of government? it matters what happens. >> greg: tell that to a guy called uncle tom. >> eric: alan west epitomizes everything that a conservative is. to mention the color of his skin and the speech. really going after government and liberals and the size and growth of government spending. >> greg: you self-tan. but you lead me to the next stop. this is allen west discuss this on greta last night. >> can we show that? look at the black miles per hours and how they have been rice, myself, tim scott, neil love.
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if you see people stand up and swim against the current, especially as a my norty conservative, but a black conservative, the other side comes at them viciously. >> eric: who care what is the other side does. >> andrea: you have to care. if they call you a raciste, you say okay. they call you a token. >> eric: i stand for smaller government. i stand for less spending, keeping more of your own money. forget the color of my skin. >> greg: he is fighting taxes that the left uses to marginalize blacks. sooner or later you to address that and point it out to the young people that don't see what is done and manipulated. >> eric: with mia love, ted cruz, marco rubio, scott, on down the line, i think young people will realize republicans don't care about the color of the skin. >> dana: however, i was just
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thinking in some ways, you could take a fight for gay marriage. if you look at somebody like ellen degeneres who decided she was going to be courageous and she did the coming out on the sitcom and then she has continued to talk about it and push that issue. she learned to talk about the garden variety topic. how do you help us on gay marriage? it's elephant in the room. they are black. they are hispanic. the two gentlemen so far, rubio, cruz. everybody, they have a story. if you pick the story up in the morning it will refer to them being hispanic or black. they just take it on rather than ignoring it to say all right, i'll elbrake it or -- embrace it. conservative side. no up with wants to talk about it and we end losing. >> eric: i hate to -- >> bob: i hate to give advice to republicans and conservatives. they won't take it. but something to think about,
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because the republican party has ties to the business community. if you want to make a state in the the minority community, convince businesses to open up businesses in the minority community. begin to hire people. that will get attention. it's fixed in the mind of minorities that the republicans and conservatives are out to get them. >> dana: like the big banks? all the big banks are run by ribbal. >> greg: who stops wal-mart to go to cities. it's not conservative. liberals. >> bob: you can argue what the liberals do or don't do. as a positive thing. makes sense to get businesses open up and provide jobs. >> dana: what businesses? if you take some of -- what would be some of the businesses you want to go in? wal-mart, grocery stores like a home depot, that type of thing.
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those businesses do business where they can best get a permit. some of the businesses would love to build but you can't get a permit. >> bob: i can't imagine a big city mayor who would not want to have -- >> dana: a wal-mart? >> bob: even a wal-mart. for example, take for example -- >> kimberly: they have a tremendous pushback. >> greg: white liberals. >> bob: take federal express and dhl. if they decide to open up transit points in minority communities they provide a lot of jobs. you can talk about this all you want. in the black community. there is very little that you work for the republicans to make the lives better. >> dana: no child left abehind, things that address how government could do a better job to help the economy?
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>> you look to me and i look different from republicans i know. let me tell you why i am. >> they are being effective since we are talking about it. >> it's a good approach. i don't want to shy away from it. puerto rican woman. >> greg: really? >> i have no problem talking about it. it's good to do that and do the outreach to encourage the communities to get active and understand the elements that, conservatism and the republican party. they understood they have principles and ideology that is really right on the mark for them. focus on the family. >> bob: you have to take the message to them. >> kimberly: that's how people get hired for. >> greg: wrap this up. next up on "the five," a year ago at cpac he was vying to be the republican presidential nominee. today at the annual gathering, mitt romney offered mea culpa. i think that is a snack.
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and a little advice. >> as someone i lost the last election i'm not in the best position to chart the court for the next one. but let me offer this advice. find out what he said next.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: romney returned to cpac to deliver his first major address since election in november. he admitted the campaign made mistakes and said the guy who lost the election should not necessarily be the one giving advice. listen. >> it's fashionable in some circumstances to be pessimistic about america. about co conservative solutions. about the republican party. i utterly reject pes schism. we may not have carried on november 7, but we haven't
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lost the country we love. we have not lost our way. i'm sorry i won't be your president. but i will be your coworker and i will work shoulder to shoulder along side you. >> dana: i don't know if you had a chance to see it earlier today, the applause from the room was interesting to watch on twitter because reporters were saying my gosh, he is getting a great standing ovation. he is getting rousing applaus and he is being welcomed and he seemed surprise. i'm not surprised. are you? >> kimberly: i'm not surprised. the interview he is has done postmortem from the election, you saw someone likable, tremendous amount of appeal. i love how he took the blame on his own shoulders, it was on -- >> dana: he didn't blame the secret service. >> kimberly: right. reminded me of george w. bush that says it stops with me. what went wrong is because of the cam pape, not because of this. that message resonateed. a true lead they're wanted to serve. he could have made a big impact especially when it comes to the economy.
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and the fiscal crisis that we face. >> dana: i think enough time had passed. i don't think that mitt romney, maybe he would not have gotten a great reception in december. but here we are in march, the weather is about to get better. people start to realize wait, we have a future as a party. they had a good cpac so far. do you think it was important for him to say i'm sorry, i will not be your president, thereby saying what he said in an interview with chris wallace on "fox news sunday." he is not going to run again. >> bob: that is clear. one thing, it reminded me when mondale, we lost 49 out of 50 states. we went before a large liberal group like cpac on the left. and i was terrified. i thought we'd get booed. he got a rousing reception. people don't want to rub it in. the guy lost. romney supports in the room. just like his concession
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speech. i'll say this about romney. he extremely gracious man. i don't think you see it in politics anymore. that part of him, that personality and politics that romney possesses is something a lot more politicians could little more of. >> bob: do you remember the -- >> greg: do you remember the things you said about him? >> bob: i said he gave a gracious -- >> dana: he said romney was gracious. not he was. eric, tell us about romney. >> eric: i didn't find it as rousing as some of the other people did. >> dana: i didn't say arousing. rousing. >> eric: it was boring but that's me. >> dana: you, as i recall, you at no time think it was the next idea for cpac to have him. >> eric: no. if they limit chris christie for whatever reason, toward the end of election cycle and eliminate bob mcdonald with what he did with raising taxes
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in the state of virginia, they should have eliminated mitt romney. >> kimberly: what? why? >> eric: because he doesn't represent conservatives straight down the line. >> dana: cpac could be seen as the turning point as the pivot -- >> eric: i think this is the best cpac they ever put on. >> dana: i agree. >> eric: changing of the guard. out with the old, you know, mccains and don't take offense to this, the mccain, the bushes, establishment. the romneys. jeb bush was there. i know. hold on. in with rubio, in with cruz, martinez, nikki haley, jind jin. >> kimberly: out of respect he was the nominee for the party. >> dana: i don't think cpac -- like rand paul won last year. >> greg: romney did. >> dana: ron paul.
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>> greg: romney won the straw poll. >> dana: who won in iowa? >> greg: i don't know. reagan and g.w. bush won the straw poll. >> dana: i don't remember. can i ask about rand paul? that was something that a lot of people loved his sound bite. the g.o.p. of old has grown steal and moss covered. we have don't need to name any names but we just did. it's incumbered approach to freedom. they need to embrace liberty. it could argue on specifics but rhetorically, is it a good message? >> greg: he is talking about the me generaller iss, not the message -- he is talking about messengers, not the message. he is talking about himself. this is me walking around going gosh, tall people are so annoying. they go around vertical all the time. he is saying i'm tired of the old people. it's time for people like me. that is what he is saying. good message. >> bob: his message is
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frankly counter to a lot of the conservatives in that room. he is much more of an isolationist. >> kimberly: yes. >> greg: loner. >> bob: social modern. because he is a libertarian. so it does run against the grain of a lot of people in the room. >> dana: that is the trick. how do you lead big step and keep it together? >> bob: that is the big question. >> kimberly: he won't lead the big tent. they like what he did with the filibuster and whatnot. he has speeches and enthusias enthusiasm. young people like it but if you check out the details he runs counter to foreign policy opinions and ideology of the republican and conservative party because he is an isolationist. when you really get down to it, he won't represent the party. >> eric: i thought quickly, conservatives will hate this. chris christie still is one guy if you put him up against
11:25 pm
hillary clinton, the one guy with the best chance. we are four years away. three years and ten months away. there is a lot of time for him to come back. >> dana: you have your calendar. >> eric: he is the guy that can bridge the gap between the far right conservatives and the moderates. >> kimberly: maybe he can run as a democrat and switch parties. >> dana: we have three years and months. plenty of time. ahead op "the five." never before seen video of murder suspect jodi arias. cameras caught her doing bizarre stuff in 2008 in the interrogation room. we have the tape for you. we'll have it when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> andrea: jodi arais trial on recession until monday but today, fox news uncovered some video of the accused murder. before changing her story to self-defense, she claimed that intruders killed her boyfriend. listen to her minutes before she was booked in 2008 lying to a police detective. >> kimberly: after the defective left the room, cameras were still rolling. that's when it got really bizarre.
11:31 pm
>> kimberly: on top of talking and singing to herself? feel like a hand stand now? >> dana: that is a head stand. easier. >> kimberly: something is not right with the woman. a show she had excellent form. >> greg: good news, she is single. never a dull moment or a dull night. >> kimberly: all right. i'm glad you have taken an interest in this case. finally. mr. bolling, you have been following this closely. >> eric: sure. first, she said there were intruders that killed her boyfriend. then she said it was self-defense. because he was becoming aggressive. but she slashed him 48 times, slashed his throat and shot him. she is clearly crazy, clearly a murderer. when you see video like that, i wonder what the jury will think when they see video like that? she must be crazy so we go easy on her? >> bob: they introduce her as part of the defense post traumatic stress disorder. the judge allowed it in
11:32 pm
against the prosecutor's will. >> kimberly: from richard samuels. >> bob: he made the point you could forget in a dramatic experiences like that, you could forget certain parts. i have to think this is either she is totally nuts or it's one of the great setups of all time. you can't admit that. would a jury say this woman should be put to death? i don't think so. >> dana: she had just killed her boyfriend. whether it's self-defense or first degree murder. in some ways she is remarkably calm in that room by herself. greg? >> greg: no, go ahead. >> dana: that's all. >> greg: i argue she is not crazy at all. she is evil. eel mocks and evil laughs, those who operate under the structure of good and evil. that is how it has worked since the beginning of time. to them, this is easy. lying is easy. fabricating, fantasies, because they know that you as a good person have to somehow respond to this under the
11:33 pm
guise of good and evil. under the guise of good and finding truth. they don't have to. so this is fun for her. she will probably enjoy prison. she is the team equivalent of drew peterson. >> bob: do you think she is unstable? >> greg: no. i think when you are a bad person, you mind, it's like water. you go to the path of least resistance. evil finds its way through. >> eric: do you think we're glorifying it? putting her all over the tv? should we look the other way on this stuff? >> what? >> eric: no, no no. i want to talk about it because i think everyone is talking about it. but in general, courtroom cameras, is this a bad idea or good idea? >> kimberly: it's great idea. court tv. >> dana: i'm not for it. >> kimberly: i had cameras in the courtroom for cases i tried. i didn't have a problem with it. i like the idea of people seeing through in the courtroom. see what judges are doing and see what is going op and then make a comment about the justice system once you educated yourself being pra
11:34 pm
tis patory in a way. checking it out. >> dana: i am old fashioned that way. i like the artist. >> greg: drawings. >> dana: i like to read and when the reporters had to do good writing an take you in the courtroom. i like that reporting better than watching her with her banks. >> kimberlybank -- bangs. >> kimberly: why don't we have both? >> greg: the behavior of the jury? does it influence the behavior of the judge? >> dana: or lawyers. >> greg: i found it to be the case. >> kimberly: well, what do you know? anyway. >> eric: is she playing for the courtroom camera or the jury or both? >> kimberly: she is playing to win. >> bob: what was the biggest courtroom -- >> kimberly: o.j. simpson. >> bob: right. in that case, the judge was playing to something, he wanted to get across. go ahead. >> kimberly: so bob, we go to this and i'll have you comment on it.
11:35 pm
this is from richard samuels that bob referred to early they're testified about the ptsd. see what you think. >> analyzing the data presented to me, confirmed that my suspicions is likely. suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. not able to tell the family what happened and not tell anybody about what happened. this is a classic symptom of acute stress disorder. >> kimberly: i don't know what the legal history of this. >> bob: whether it's used as a defense before. it seems to me that it's a little bit of a stretch. i assume they wouldn't have done it unless they thought they had no place else to go. >> eric: help me out. what was the stress that made her kill -- >> kimberly: great point. it's post traumatic stress. >> dana: she said she was abused for a long time. >> greg: stressed out from killing her boyfriend. her husband. >> eric: doing a head stand.
11:36 pm
>> kimberly: waiting for the jury to save her life and maybe they will hang on the teth penalty. >> dana: do you think the jury is like can we get out of here? >> greg: it's better than anything on tv. it's boo-hoo. >> kimberly: you are my kind of juror. you would be very good for the penalty phase, as well as the guilt phase. up next. has the n.f.l. lost its mind? that is what former star running back elmet smith says about -- emmitt smith about a new helmet rule for next season. we'll debate it when we come back. ♪ ♪ with the spark cash card from capital one... boris earns unlimited rewards for his small business. can i get the smith contract, ease? thank you. that's three new paper shredders. [ boris ] put 'em on my spark card. [ garth ] boris' small business earns 2% cash back on every pchase every day.
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colleagues with "the five."
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>> eric: welcome back. greg thinks social media emasculating member. i think libs are turning us in a nation of wussies. bob thinks real men wear suspenders and smoke cigars. we're probably all right, but nothing compares to this. bastion of brutality, the main event is conditioning banning running backs leading to a tackle with their heads. that is the time of end of times. cowboy emmitt smith agrees. listen.
11:43 pm
>> eric: n.f.l. should consider implementing this rule. what do you think? >> bob: the way they propose it, you can keep your head down in the tackle box from where you set up on the offense and defense in that area. if you have someone big coming at you? what are you going to do, put your chest out? >> kimberly: your heart. >> greg: lead with your feelings. >> bob: there are things they can do to deal with the concussions but this is credit. >> eric: if you can't lead with your head, lead with your shoulder. >> kimberly: that is the problem, emmitt smith, the position you take is natural. what do you retrain the people you play or teach them something that doesn't make sense? make it more about word and could increase the number of
11:44 pm
injuries like he is pointing out. i'm for more safety. i don't like all the traumatic brain injuries in the number of concussions. junior seau and others that shot themselves. it's very disturbing. but there are other ways to go around it. >> earlier when you said they were afraid they'd lose their manhood, i thought this was afraid they would lose their manhood. i thought that's what this is about. no one consulted me on this. this is further wussification of america. p only person to blame is president obama. never would have happened under george w. bush. he would have put a stop to it. if you want to get to the best football you have seen, in 2016, you better elect a republican. >> greg: so you are saying that president obama should be impeached. >> dana: over this?
11:45 pm
100%. >> greg: football is violent. oppressive, disgusting sport. why can't we talk our way down the field. why not continue the huddle. where people just get up and hey, guys, we want a first down. can we discuss this? four yards, maybe? for the first we do four. >> dana: we are a family. >> eric: that is liberal football. liberal academia. >> greg: what is most difficult, imagine with the officiating team has to deal with this. if you put your shoulder down and downfield, how does an official see -- >> kimberly: nightmare. >> dana: is this a final rule? or do they propose a rule and people comment? >> dana: this is bad. i can't take it.
11:46 pm
>> bob: are you going to talk about the g.e. -- >> eric: no. we are going to go. we're going to go. >> kimberly: this wasn't my block. >> bob: there are helmets they have they refuse to wear that would help them and they won't wear them. they ought to reconsider that. >> kimberly: we mention helmet. on board today. ahead, atheists try to remove god from the currentbesy. and bob is not happy about it. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> bob: atheists filed a new lawsuit against the treasury department over words got god we trust" on our money. freedom from religion foundation and 1 other plaintiffs think the word "god" in currency violates the constitution and offensive to nonreligious citizens. similar legal challenges failed. let me start this by saying to atheists. i'm not -- i wish you would find -- my first hope is you
11:51 pm
find yourself some faith. short of that. the minorities are the minorities. this is something that we happen to believe strongly in. this is not a violation of church and state. it doesn't say in catholics we trust or jewish people we trust. in god we trust. you have the same problem that you had before. you'll get beat. >> greg: you're saying screwer minorities. >> bob: yes, that's it. >> greg: finally. he says something. >> eric: i threw someone off the show because he wasn't interested in the issue. he wanted to make news. they were like the westboro baptist church, the same thing. they just want to make a scene. >> kimberly: carnival noise making. >> bob: what are you issues in >> eric: what are you
11:52 pm
talking about? i'm for keeping, "god" on currency. >> bob: i know. >> dana: for some people god is currency. >> greg: oooh. >> dana: you like that one? >> greg: yes. >> dana: what angers me about the stories we do, they're more zealot about their nonbelief tpeople of relih are about their own religion. manual if they took all of the energy they put toward costing taxpayers money to fight the lawsuits. if they put it toward something positive what they could accomplish. >> greg: like a dog. >> dana: rescuing animals. wife can't they believe in that. >> bob: listen, one thing about atheists, they should spend time with the athschism or preach about it. >> kimberly: they are religious obstructionists. infringing on freedom of religion. they are the biggest violators. bob my little legal scholar there, they are going to use.
11:53 pm
very specific court ruling that in god we trust is national motto. not a violation the first american religion. patriotic ceremonial character. >> dana: if they lose do they pay back the taxpayers for the waste? >> bob: no, but they should. >> greg: this is a waste of time. they should sue the vatican for not letting the atheist compete to be pope. >> bob: this thing started -- you just got my joke? >> eric: i'm offended by that joke. >> bob: this started -- it used to be on the currency but in the civil war, put god on the coin. in god we trust all the currency. not something from the founders or in the mcconnell
11:54 pm
city tution. this is not church. >> dana: i used to work with mother teresa attorney. jim tooey. he said you know it's bad if mother teresa needs a lawyer. >> bob: no kidding. district she ran over my foot on that pick-and-roll -- >> greg: she ran over my foot on the bicycle. >> kimberly: if i could trust you, i wouldn't put my -- >> bob: of course you trust me. every friday and saturday night you trust me. >> kimberly: what? i don't spend friday and saturday night with you. >> bob: one more thing is up next. freddie you charmer. ♪ ♪ michael, tell us why you used to book this fabulous hotel? well you can see if the hotel is pet friendly before you book it, and i got a great deal without bidding.
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and where's your furry friend? oh, i don't have a cat. now you can save up to 50% during priceline's spring hotel sale use promo code spring for additional savings on all express deals, including pet friendly hotels. express deals. priceline savings without the bidding.
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>> greg: time for one more thing. kimberly? >> kimberly: yes. happy st. patrick's day to lovely irish lady and gents out there. we played a little game at "the five." wanted to figure out what our leb rekahn names are. these are funny -- leprechaun names are. this is funny. look at the names. bob is daffodil mccavern. okay. interestingly enough, eric's name, awesome name of course
11:59 pm
is fighten mctan. so you too are related, scary as that may be. >> eric: mctaverns. >> kimberly: dana is sprinkle mcfeverish. sounds like a sweaty cupcake or something. greg is willie o'knuckles. here is a scary one. i'm dumpy o'knuckles and i'm related to gutfeld. ignorance was bliss. >> dana: how do you find a name? >> greg: go on twitter and go online. >> kimberly: the last letter of your first name. you do a puzzle thing. it's fun. follow dana. >> dana: i have something important. one of the annoying things in the neighborhood people don't pick up after their dog poop. free market capitalism


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