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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 16, 2013 10:00am-11:00am PDT

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>> time for what i need to know for next week, tracy, you're first. >> while we're busting our butts to pay taxes, they're not, federal workers, congressional staffers and white house employees should pay their bills. >> they absolutely should pay their bills. >> should. >> what do you think, jonathan? >> yes, this is animal farm
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once again. the animals are equal except a few of those in washington d.c. a little more equal than the rest. >> wayne, what's your pick for the week? >> before that, you've got remember something, with timothy geithner who is the secretary of the treasury, he didn't pay his taxes, you remember, he got caught on that, it's outrageous and my pick, i'm not committing a lot of money-- new money to this market. i've got old money there, but i like, if you want to take a gamble, shfl a gaming stock. >> and john, yours for the week? >> a bunch of municipal band funds hit 52 week lows, i think a canary in the coal mine for higher interest rates. i think 2001, 2002, and higher rates, sag up with interest rates and hold it in my fund. >> we'll keep an eye on that. thank you, gang and remember, we're here to keep an eye on your cash and your taxes because the folks in d.c. keep cashin' in on your hard work. we'll be here week in and week
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out until we stop. and i'll be on twitter all week, and tell me what you think. eric bolling hashtag cashin' in. have a great week, everybody. >> . >> jamie: north korea appears to be ramping up its saber rattling against the u.s. and south korea, hello, everybody, i'm huma pemmaraju in washington. and south krohn officials are saying, the likely response to routine u.s. and south korean military drills, but it comes as north korea has become increasingly provocative even ramping up talks of a nuclear strike. and chuck hagel announced he's beefing up the u.s. defense system on the pacific coast.
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and joining us now with details of the story. >> reporter: the latest comes as the pentagon announces a 1 billion dollar plan to upgrade our missile defense tools and the deputy defense secretary will make a two day visit to seoul over the weekend. >> we will strengthen homeland missile defense by deploying 14 additional ground-based interceptors, gdi's in alaska. that is increase the number of deployed ground-based interceptors from 30 to 44. >> reporter: this after threats from pyongyang and kim jong-un warned of preemptive strikes on the united states. in addition to increased radar capability in japan, the extra interceptors are planned for alaska, along parts of the west coast, as well as undisclosed he locations on the east coast. the west coast designs will be able counter attacks from an inter-continental ballistic missiles like the ones you're
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seeing in the animation here. the upgrades originally proposed by the bush administration were halted when president obama took office. while some are critical of the president for this, others say that it wasn't an appropriate time. listen. >> we didn't think we needed to take a lot seriously before 9/11 and we learned afterwards we did. this young korean dictator is just like his father and grandfather before him, erattic and sporadic and the regime is unpredictable. >> reporter: a white house official says that north korea advanced the missile capability in the last six to eight months and the plan is to have in place by 2017. >> thank you, a concern after senator lindsey graham drops a bombshell about the benghazi investigation. and graham accused the obama administration of telling survivors of that attack against the u.s. consulate in libya to keep quiet. up u not heard from any of the people rescued
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that fateful day and lawmakers say they have little information about them. the white house is denying pressuring them to keep silent and graham says he's finally made contact with some survivors and that they have valuable information. >> their story is chilling. they feel afraid it tell it. it's important they come forward and tell their stories. the best evidence of what happened in benghazi is not a bunch of politicians in washington trying to cover their political (bleep), they feel they cannot come forward, they've been told to be quiet and at the end of the day we can't let this administration or any other administration get away with hiding from the american people and the congress people who were there in real-time to tell the story. >> and you can watch the entire interview with lindsey graham on the website turning now to politics. we're a few years away from the 2016 presidential contest. that isn't stopping some in the g.o.p. from taking a close
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look who might be on that short list to lead the republicans for the white house. nearly a dozen republicans who have been making headlines are auditioning at the national cpac conference in the washington d.c. area and later today, members will be voting for their 2016 choice in a straw poll. molly henneberg is joining us now with more from the cpac conference. molly? >> reporter: hi, uma. this is the last day of cpac, conservative political action conference and we're leading up to two things today, the keynote speaker, texas senator ted cruz and the results of the straw poll and both will come later this afternoon. since this past hour the crude heard from former g.o.p. vice-presidential candidate sarah palin and she received seven standing ovations and she criticized president obama for being, what she called, quote, permanent campaigner. here is more. >> leaders seek to bring americans together to confront our challenges and campaigners, they seek to divide and to conquer and to
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orchestrate crisis after crisis after crisis to exploit. mr. president, we admit it, you won. accept it. now step away from the teleprompter and do your job. >> reporter: also, this morning, dr. ben carson the neuro surgeon said he would be retiring later this year and been very critical of obamacare and fired up the crowd with a hint or tease of what may be in his future. >> let's say you magically put me, you know, into the white house and-- i take it back. the keynote speaker later today, texas senator ted cruz appeared last hour as a surprise, somewhat, introducing sarah palin. she had voiced her support early for cruz in his senate
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race and today he introduced her. cruz will talk about opportunity conservativism, focus on increasing growth and opportunity in america. one of the headlines this year at cpac is the result of the presidential straw poll. people want to see if the next president-- mitt romney won last year and congressman ron paul thanks to the high number of college students who come to this event. and they've been doing a straw poll since 1976. and only two winners of the cpac straw poll have gone on to be president. ronald reagan and george w. bush. >> thank you very much. as you heard molly report the folks at cpac are making a pick for president later in the day today, but we want today hear from you first. who do you think is the future of the republican party and why do you think they can make a difference? tweet us your answers@h and hq
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d.c. and at answers later in the hour. the frustration of president obama is what we've been hearing at cpac, rick perry calling a federal jail break. in the last month more than 2000 illegal immigrants have been released from detention centers, many set free from the lonestar state of texas. we sat down with rick perry and what he's been able to find out about the those released by the immigration officials. >> and released tomorrow 760 plus in the state of texas so it's a serious problem for us, and we've got a letter in, we've got a request for information in and you know, we're not getting any answers. >> still not getting any answers, even a few weeks after the fact, even after it was made known. and this is really serious for us because you've got individuals who, in some of these cases, may be very
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violent. we've got individuals who may be professional criminals. we don't know. i mean, that's the -- you know, as a father and as a husband, and as a governor of the state of texas, i've got citizens who now are being exposed to individuals who we knew were problematic enough to be detained. and now, they're being turned loose for what i see as a political stunt by the president. i mean, the idea that we can't find another place to save money, rather than turning out criminals on to our streets, either this is the most tone deaf president in history or he's doing it on purpose. >> i think a lot of americans are rather surprised at the fact that you, the governor of texas, cannot get answers from those in charge about just who these individuals are. >> well, as you recall, i handed the president a letter about border security on the ramp at the austin airport and never heard back from that
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either. this is an administration that truly has a political agenda. unfortunately this political agenda is putting people's lives in jeopardy, not just the citizens in states where the individuals are being turned loose, but i will suggest our military tri which faced substantially more cuts in the process of reconciliation and of sequestration than other areas of government. young men and women who are standing between us and those who would do great damage to this country, and we're cutting their budgets way too much. i believe the number is somewhere around 50% of the cuts during this period of time and they only make up 18% of the budget. that's unacceptable. >> let's switch to politics for a moment. a lot has been said about the republican party trying to find itself right now. different speeches made by different players here. some say that the g.o.p. of the old reflects certain values now that there's new energy and new branding for the g.o.p. what do you say about all this? >> well, i believe that those
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conservative values that have served our country and t republican party for decades are still very much real and alive and solid. so the idea that somehow another-- we need to move away from values that have served this country and that are time tested, i don't agree with that at all. now, do we need to be able to articulate what freedom really means? do we need to articulate what the protection of lives and liberty and the pursuit of happiness is about? probably need to do a better job of that. when we talk about giving opportunities, whether it's economic or otherwise, texas is a very substantial hispanic state. we do pretty well with the hispanic population in texas in our elections because we've been very open and we've been very appealing to the hispanic voter in many cases when we talk about freedom from overtaxation. freedom from overregulation,
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freedom from overlitigation. protection of life, patriotic men and women who serve our military come home and retire in the hometown of san antonio, for instance. they're just as real if you're african-american, asian or whatever your cultural background might be, that's the message that has to come through. >> and really quickly, last question he here, a lot of of people are speculating about your future. are you going to go for it once again. make a run for the white house, 2016? >> that's way down the road and this summer i will make a decision about reelection to the governorship and we'll take a look further down the road as that comes along. my focus right now is making sure that texas stays the most competitive place in the country to have a job and raise a family and live. so, that-- >> and would factor in this decision, this time around, what would factor into that decision? >> well, obviously the condition of the country. i don't see anything changing
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that's going to make this country any stronger economically. unless this president has a metamorphos metamorphosis, and i pray that god will open up his eyes and if you want to get american strong again and getting the energy industry going all across this country, would put so many people to work and give america security from those middle eastern mullahs and south american dictators that are not our friends, that's what needs to happen. if this president would do this, he could turn around this country so quickly and go down as a really powerful and positive impact on america, but he's going to have to have a metamorphosis of some substantial size for that to happen. >> governor, great to see you, thank you very much. >> always good to be. >> and our thanks to governor perry. later we'll hear from freshman senator tim scott one of the g.o.p. senators who met with president obama this week as part of the of the president's so-called charm offensive. we'll see what he thinks about
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the standoff over the debt crisis right now. >> i couldn't explain to them why that he was taken to prison and finally they kept saying, does daddy not love us anymore? does daddy not want to hear our voice anymore? and i have to tell them, daddy was in prison because he loved jesus. jesus. >> all right switching gears in a big way, that heart breaking ehe motion nal testimony from the wife of an american pastor who is in iran and to spend eight years behind bars. and she shared her husband's plight with lawmakers on capitol hill. she joins us now here in our studios along with george sekulow the director american center for law and justice,
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advocating for the pastor's release. thank you for being here today. very difficult, i know, to watch that video of yourself yesterday on capitol hill testifying about what you're going through, how difficult this has been. at this point where do things stand right now? are you getting any cooperation from the state department to try and secure release of your husband from na iranian jail? >> it was very difficult yesterday, but i'm glad i was trying not to be emotional, but i'm glad the american people and the congress got to see how we're suffering every day, me and my kids, and that prison. it was a very successful hearing in that we got to be able to speak about the persecution and his imprisonment. we're hoping that now there will be more action from the government and kerry, secretary kerry and the president especially. >> there were a lot of people
10:17 am
at the hearing yesterday who wanted to hear what you had to say. and listening to you talking about the children, obviously, a very, very moving moment there. how are they coping right now with the fact that their dad isn't home right now? >> it's difficult. i'm glad-- at first i was trying to hold back, but i'm glad that people got to see that, the real side of the story of them, not coping very well. and they think he's around the house, they miss him. they've lost him in a way, and they're grieving that loss. so very clingy to me and they cry every night, every night they're crying, asking about him and it's hard for me to see he ththat. many times i'm a mess and crying and praying for him. >> and as a mother it's heart breaking. a lot of people have difficulty understanding why he's in prison given the fact he was allowed to travel back and forth to iran, even though
10:18 am
he had become an american citizen and had converted to christianity. what was the turning point? why now? >> there's an election coming up in iran in june so there's been a crackdown on christians. it was interesting, we talked about this at the hearing. they were married as christians and both are converts. and naghmeh earlier than saeed. but they were allowed to have a christian wedding in iran and so he's been able to travel back and forth nine times in the past years. and the government ask him once, you've got to stop working with the churches or in trouble. he said, okay, i'm going to work on orphanages, he was on this trip to get the final approval for the board of directors for the orphanage getting ready to open. it's outrageous and the iranian government trying to say every christian, everyone not part of their government version of shia islam, that it
10:19 am
could be you next. it doesn't matter how you've been treated in the past. you could be next. >> and i found is very interesting and sad that there was no one from the state department who attended that high profile hearing on capitol hill yesterday. how do you respond to that, the fact that they didn't send anyone, even say we hear you, we're with you, we want to support you. >> exactly. they were invited and given notice and they're the ones supposed to be fighting for my husband and to be a leading voice and they didn't show. and there was a-- it was very heartbreaking they weren't there. and during this, everything saeed and i did, everything saeed was a part of was legal. it was not -- he didn't purposely put himself out there to be arrested or taken. our marriage was legal by the government and they recognized our conversion and christian
10:20 am
marriage. and under government control, we were working with the government on that. and it was very interesting. it was just very much, it shows the iranian government action toward christianity, their recent policy that they took him in such a way. and that, as the u.s. government, as we discussed in the hearing, should be a leading voice in defending our human rights, not-- >> well, on that point quickly, a few seconds left. he's being tortured, his health at risk right now. the white house has said virtually nothing about this. what do you account for this? why? >> we still believe and have said this at the hearing yesterday, that because of their record on speaking out for people in iran, for iranians even it must be something about the religious conversion, may be creating a new paradigm to have to deal with. we've never seen a proactive step by the administration. we went to the meeting at the state department yesterday
10:21 am
that's what we're waiting for. not just reaction from someone in the press, but proactive to get saeed help. >> we wish you the best and continue to follow the story. thank you for your courage and bravery and being a great mom to your kids. >> thank you. >> the new leader of the roman catholic church gets up close and personal with media at the first news conference. pope francis explains what prompted him to choose his name and after the election. >> outspoken conservative ann coulter will be joining us. stay with us. [ male announcer ] this is the opposite of subliminal advertising...
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>> welcome back, everybody. well, in his first introduction to the world news media, pope francis is calling for the church to focus on the poor and giving us some insight how he was chosen by the cardinals at the vatican. lauren green is joining us now live from rome with more, and lauren, even though it's called a news conference, the pope didn't take any
10:26 am
questions, did he? >> no, it was -- there's more -- less of a news conference. normally there are about 600 journalists who regularly come to the vatican here in rome, but their ranks have swelled to well over 4,000 in between the weeks of pope benedict's resignation and the conclave for the successor. i and my fox colleagues in rome stood in a long line of journalists that stretched for blocks waiting to enter the vatican for an audience with the man they've been writing about since election wednesday evening. pope francis telling it was the holy spirit that led to pope benedict xvi to resign and it's christ not the pope who leads the church. the former jorge bergoglio of argentina diverted from prepared text to give anecdotes to the conclave and confronted by the good friend when it appeared the vote was favoring the now pope francis. >> when the scrutiny was going
10:27 am
on through two-thirds of the ballots and it was clear that the pope had been elected, and people were applauding, at the moment, that moment, he hugged me. he kissed me. he said don't forget about the poor. >> reporter: and the pope, the first from latin america, the first jesuit explaining why he chose the name francis. >> talking of the poor, i have often thought of francis of assisi. then i thought of war where the scrutiny was going on. and francis is a man of peace and that's in my heart how came the name francis of assisi. >> reporter: tomorrow the new pontiff will give his first sunday angelus, blessing in st. peter's square and tuesday insulation mass headed by heads of state, u.s. delegation led by vice-president joe biden and meeting with his predecessor, pope benedict xvi at the papal
10:28 am
palace, castle gandolfo. >> uma: that should be a meeting, indeed. what i wouldn't give to be there and you, i'm sure. reporting from a beautiful setting out there at sunset at the vatican. thank you for the report. north korea reportedly test fires a pair of missiles. we'll take a look what may have triggered the latest round of testing and if the u.s. is responding. plus, who will be the future of the republican party? our conservative commentator ann coulter right after this break. you don't want to miss that. stay with us. we'll be right back. dad, i'd put that down. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. moe most consistent speeds indoors or out. and, obviously, astonishing throughput. obviously... you know how fast our home wifi is? yeah. this is basically just as fast. oh. and verizon's got more fast lte coverage than all other networks combined. oh, why didn't you just say that?
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now over to you charles???? sir charles' single miles card left him blacked out. he's coming to us from home. that's gotta be traveling. now instead of covering the final four, he's stuck covering fourth graders. brick! bobby is 1 for 36. mikey? he keeps taking these low-percentage shots. and julio? i don't know what julio's doing. next time get the capital one venture card and fly any airline any time. what'sn your wallet? can you get me mr. baldwin's autograph? get lost, kid. >> welcome back, a quick look at some stories making headlines at the moment. north korea has reportedly test fired a pair of short range missiles into eastern waters. south korean officials say it's likely a response to routine u.s. south korean military exercises, but reaction to the threats coming out of north korea, the
10:33 am
pentagon is adding 14 missiles interceptors to a system based in california as alaska. colorado is dealing with the first major fire of the season. crews are hoping for calmer weather as they fight the blaze burning along the front range and hundreds of people have been evacuated and 50 homes have been threatened and so far none have been destroyed. and you may remember when the deep water horizon rig exploded in the gulf of mexico back in 2010. well, now, bp is suing for what could be billions in settlement payouts to businesses affected by the oil spill. bp had agreed to the payouts and now says it will cost billions more than planned and the oil giant also says some of the businesses making claims were not hurt by that spill. a quick look at some of the stories making news right now. well, is the g.o.p. in need of a major overhaul when it comes to messaging and taking on rivals? it's a question lots of folks within the party have been asking and joining us now, new
10:34 am
york times best selling author, ann coulter. welcome, great to have you here. >> thank you, good to be here. >> uma: ann, earlier this week, senator rand paul told folks at the cpac conference that the g.o.p. of old was stale and moth-covered as many determined was a direct hit at established republicans like john mccain. do you agree with rand paul? >> if it was intended as an attack on john mccain, then i agree, but i don't know, i think the establishment and new republicans could be overblown, i hate to see right wingers fight. and there have been a lot of them. and remind me when college professors have the horrible fights over tenure and so on and so forth and the fights are so vicious because the stakes are so small. republicans have a biggeren am i right now. conservatives, libertarians, government is enormous.
10:35 am
unemployment rate is through the roof. all obama wants to do is raise taxes and i think all right-thinking people should join together and stop the in-fighting. >> uma: let me ask you on that note. what impact do you think the soul searching is having on the g.o.p.? this is mitt romnsince mitt romt the presidential election. >> i warned them at cpac, and i looked up my speech. i've warned them for several years, it's hard to take out an incumbent. i admit, i forgot that in the enthusiasm for mitt romney and he was really on a roll toward the end. i do think if it hadn't been for the hurricane mitt romney might well have won that election and he did better than any other candidate running against an incumbent president. an incumbent president who won, in about a hundred years. so we'll pick up our seat. the pendulum swings. i happened to have come across recently, because my mother
10:36 am
has the largest north american collection of any mentions of ann coulter in the media and i was in the time magazine right after the 2004 election. you want to perk your spirits up, look at the time magazine that came out right after the 2004 election, when liberals put everything they had into that election. they had michael moore and george soros and they hated george bush with a passion and still bush won reelection and i was the winner in that issue and michael moore was the loser. he they said, you know, seven the last nine presidential elections have gone to the republicans. what are the democrats going to do? they're going to have to come back under a new name. the pendulum swings. we're going to come back. >> let me ask you this though, what do you think about the debate going on in the party between the libertarian wing of the party and the conservatives? can't they find ways to speak with a unified voice? >> yeah, they should, and i must say, i mean, i'm more libertarian than most people call themselves libertarians.
10:37 am
richard epstein, the great university of chicago law professor. there's a real libertarian. and these college libertarian are of a slightly different breed. it's more wanting a sense of belonging and they have an awful lot of liberal habits and accepting or one issue, but in terms of actual libertarian ideas, that's the republican party and frankly, we could use a little help. there's an awful light that could be privatized. the lesson of history is, everything run by the government over time becomes more expensive and worse. everything that is injected through competition on the private market becomes cheaper and better. look the at cell phones, flat screen tv's versus oh, the subway system, air traffic-- or tsa agents, the public school system. so we want to privatize as much as we possibly can. i don't think we need to get way down on legalizing--
10:38 am
>> there you see ann coulter, talking from the cpac conference. >> good to see you. >> uma: great to have you here. well, he may not be new to capitol hill, but he is new to the senate. and coming up after the break, tim scott tells us about the gridlock over the budget and at the capitol. >> i would say we have to define funds. and enjoying putting my fingerprints on the future of america. [ pilot ] now when you build an aircraft, you want to make sure it goes up and stays up. [ chirp ]
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that's stupid. you're wasting the best part. shuh, says the man without a helicopter. wait, don't go! [ male announcer ] choose your side at >> welcome back, everybody. tragedy involving a pennsylvania university and women's lacrosse team. a tour bus carrying the seton hill game, went off the turnpike on slammed into a tree. the driver and one passenger dead and 23 were on the bus and reports of serious injuries. seton hill is near pittsburgh.
10:43 am
>> the crew was great. i mean, they were toilets backed up and we did have food, water, air and the room was cleaned every day. >> you know, the thing is, if this is the worst that could happen i'm having a great moment and go carnival. >> uma: there you have it. those are the passengers from the carnival cruise ship "dream". the ship experienced problems with an on board generator while docked at st. maarten. and fortunately, that sounded nothing like the experience of triumph who spent days drifting in the gulf of mexico without power and without toilets. the president said he didn't feel the debt was a crisis. and he didn't plan on focusing on balancing the budget instead we need to raise more revenue from taxpayers.
10:44 am
one of the g.o.p. who met with president obama says that the president's fix will only fuel more problems. >> well, there's no doubt when you look at the budget crisis that we're in, it's 16 trillion dollars worth of debt, 17 trillion, is absolutely ridiculous, but what we have to do is look at ways to actually unleash the opportunities of our economy. we have strong opportunities in the energy sector, for us to see millions of jobs created in america and we need to quit stopping progress on things like the pipeline, the pipeline, we have an opportunity to build that energy economy, technology and science were two areas we're actually the champions in the world on those areas, so if we would allow for us to focus on growing our gdp, growing our economy we'd find ourselves with a strong opportunity to remain the world's super power. >> uma: coming from the chief executive, did it surprise you he would actually go on the record saying that he thought it was basically, we really didn't have a crisis to deal
10:45 am
with? >> yeah, i think you hear democrat leaders saying there are spending problems and surprises to every american. what we should focus on as well is not only that we have the crisis from a financial standpoint. how do we solve that problem? and i look at my personal journey and met an entrepreneur who taught me out to make my way out of poverty of being in business and creating jobs. it'd be nice to have some of our friends on the left talk about job creation and from a regular standpoint and from a tax standpoint. if we did that we'd see our economy start to grow. >> uma: if we continue down this path. do you really see us becoming more like europe and the countries there that are completely bankrupt? >> well, there's no doubt that the debt level that we currently have is unsustainable. number one. number two, annual deficits reflect that you're not balancing your budget. number three when you have annual deficits and you're having to borrow the money to spend it all of that is absolutely unsustainable and
10:46 am
get some of the european nations that have unemployment in the 20's or debt crisis like greece and find yourself in a strong position to talk about one thing that leads out of that abyss. and it's unleashing the opportunities and having that agenda around economic freedom. when we figure out what that looks like and we focus our attention on it, get the public's eye on just the government solutions, which most conservatives do not like general way, and focused back on entrepreneurship, family-owned businesses succeeding and eliminating the regulatory environment and producing a flatter tax system and broader of base which allows people to go to work and it's necessary to grow our economy, we find ourselves having a real prospect, a real opportunity to continue to lead the world as the world's largest economy. >> uma: let's talk about the g.o.p. for a moment. there's a lot of discussion about rebranding the party and a lot of discussion going on within the ranks about the messaging from the party. rand paul went on the record
10:47 am
saying that the g.o.p. of old has grown stale and moss-covered and there are some who say the g.o.p. should embrace libertarian values. talk about that for a moment, that dialog going on, and is that going to keep the g.o.p. in a holding pattern until actually it does find itself and knows how to brand itself in a way that's going to connect with people to make a difference going forward? >> i think debate is healthy, without any question, debate is healthy. i've learned when we transfer from washington speak to everyday society. america is a very conservative nation and we share values that are very important to our future. as we focus our attention making sure as we speak to the american people, we don't speak at them, we speak to them, with them about issues that are important to them, that we'll find a way to move this ship forward and the
10:48 am
conservative values that we stand on are the most important ingredients to our success. i think about growing up in a single parent household and my mother taught me and my mentor came along and taught me you can think your way out of situations and you find that you have solutions not just problems. obstacles always precede opportunity. >> uma: so you think it's a healthy debate and it's not going to hurt the party? >> well, i think you grow stronger through debate. our party will remain unified and we will have a target. it's not just winning elections, it's winning people. america is still a very conservative nation. >> uma: quickly, what's the biggest surprise making a transition from congressman it now being in the senate? >> we in the senate, we're certainly working on very important issues. i'm looking forward to tackling some of the spending issues and the challenges that we have in our future. i think the biggest challenge, really, is the opportunity to work on some of the processes of nominating folks, of the president's cabinet, that's
10:49 am
probably not a surprise. and everything else the issues are the same. >> uma: you're having fun? >> i would have to say we have to define fun, but i'm enjoying the opportunity to put my fingerprints on the future of america. that i'm finding joyful. >> uma: and when asked if the president, and trying to work out a compromise with the g.o.p. this week, scott says personally, remains, quote, cautious. there's been a lot of talk about 2016 at the cpac conference as we're been telling you, so ahead of tonight's straw poll we've been asking you who you think is the future of the g.o.p. the answers are pouring in to our news room. tony says, ted cruz because he does not back down to anyone. walter says, it's just someone who will stay true to the principle of greater freedom and less government control. stick around. we'll have more on the show. flames, fireworks and floats, our alicia acuna reporting on
10:50 am
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>> welcome back, everybody. now we take you to one of the hottest parties on the planet. we take you to valencia, spain and our alicia acuna. honoring the patron saint, turned into a party of parades, flowers and explosions. >> reporter: yes, uma, and this is something that's become bigger, brighter and louder every year and one example are the fires themselves, the center piece of the festival, like one here behind me. they started out as simple art pieces and have become these spectacular pieces of work that are really just the center and what comes-- have become the huge attraction for visitors all over the world who come to stand in awe of the gigantic structures. they're made of food and
10:55 am
paper, from styrofoam and all over the city. residents vote their favorite, only two, and the rest are torched at the end of the fiesta. the survivors, or pieces of them are preserved at the museum. and each year since 1934 have placed one piece of the winningers. you can see the changes he over the year and we talk to the director. some who don't understand the tradition find it sad that the pieces of work are burned, but he compares it to a concert. >> it's only for a moment. it's only for enjoying the moment, for enjoying the moment it's the pleasure of this moment. so, and it will be impossible to do anything some other way. impossible to store all of th
10:56 am
them. >> reporter: now, in truth. they're running out of room at the museum because they get two new pieces each year and when i talked to the director i said what are you going to do? and he looked at me and smiled and said, that's a really good question. still to come at fiesta, they have bull fighting. there's going to be a paella contest and the queens of the fiesta, beautiful. >> uma: it must be beautiful there and i can't get over the fact they burn those beautiful structures like most of us they can't believe they do. obviously they love it and enjoy it. thank you, alicia. a cop gets more than he bargained for when he pulled over a car. the unbelievable story what was going on inside that vehicle, next. you say men are superior drivers? yeah? then how'd i get this... [ voice of dennis ] driving bonus check? every six months without an accident, allstate sends a check. silence.
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