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tv   Justice With Judge Jeanine  FOX News  March 16, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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to help relieve your pain and stop further joint damag it is alls of things that women in the manufacturing world want to talk about. >> fantastic, curt are you talking to women in manufacturing or? >> i was in the field i used to but no more. >> what is the best movie coming out. >> transby danny boyle it is sensational. >> harris where are you for sunday. >> i love red eye on the weekend and report. >> tune in .
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gregg, i through it back to you. >> dising . well done . harris falker and dana and bill and curt. see you next time. good night. >> judge jeanine: if i would lie to the teacher i would witness a ruler coming down hard on my little white knuckles. the good old days at catholic school with sister mary. when i was elected the d.a., if a staff member lied to me about a case, i don't want to say that i used a ruler but you figure it out. and when i was a judge if a lawyer or a defendant lied to me they went directly to jail. you have seen this one before.
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>> if i hear other than guilty or not guilty you will be in contempt. >> i think i get the point. >> no, i don't think you do. you are now in contempt of court. >> stop. >> let's go. >> judge jeanine: truth is paramount. it is essential in an orderly society. as a judge i would instruct juries that if a witness lied about one thing they could disregard the witnesses' entire testimony. hello and welcome to "justice." i'm judge jeanine pirro. thanks for joining us tonight. this week after jay carney said it was the obama white house that made the decision to stop those white house tours president obama in an interview with abc george stephanopoulos said that he never made the decision to close his house. >> the white house made the decision that we he would unfortunately have to
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temporarily suspend the tours. >> this was not a decision that went up to the white house but what the secret service explained to us was that they are going to have to furlough some folks. >> judge jeanine: and get this, after the president said it wasn't him and blamed the secret service, carney still comes out and says that it was the obama white house that made the call. >> the secret service made the decision about its budget and to withdraw personnel from tours. >> right. >> we had to cancel the tours. it is our job to cancel the tours. they cannot cancel them. >> judge jeanine: but you it is not the first time the white house hasn't been totally honest with the american people. just last week on the release of illegal aliens. >> ice made clear yesterday the agency released the low risk noncriminal detainees under a less expensive form are monitoring. this step affected a few hundred detainees as you know out of the over 30,000 currently in i.c.e. detention.
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>> judge jeanine: and yet this week the director of i.c.e. testified before congress it wasn't a few hundred. it was really over 2,200. i guess i wasn't wrong last week when i told you the same thing before the i.c.e. director even admitted it. >> judge jeanine: in the last two weeks the obama administration has open od its jails to release more than 2,000 criminal illegal aliens. that is what i said. 2,000 criminal illegal aliens. >> judge jeanine: but maybe they are are starting to see the light. even jay carney admits watching fox might better help the white house to get to the truth. >> i appreciate it. i just don't even -- i'm not familiar with the story. i should have been watching fox earlier. >> judge jeanine: but that is politics, right? now, though, the top law enforcement official in the nation would understand the importance of truth, right? the justice department attorney
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general eric holder at its helm wrote to congress that the purchase and transport of over 2,000 assault weapons to the drug cartels in mexico was done without its approval. and when the truth was told, holder had to withdraw the letter but then claimed he didn't know anything about fast and furious. >> i didn't know about operation fast and furious until the beginning parts of 2011. >> judge jeanine: so once you are caught, in the lie, dead to right, the lie changes to i didn't know. just like they didn't know ambassador stevens wanted more security. they didn't know it was a planned terrorist attack. and they didn't have time during those eight hours to protect our men on the ground. they just didn't know. >> i was not personally aware of any requests. >> we did not know.
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>> it was really over before we had the opportunity to really know what was happening. >> what difference at this point does it make? >> judge jeanine: so they didn't know or they just don't care? and if you can't lie and you can't say you don't know, then you do that old, washington two-step, it's not what it seems. and by the way, if any of you are worried about the economy, don't worry, be happy. there is no debt crisis either. >> we don't have an immediate crisis in terms of debt. in fact, for the next ten years it is going to be in a sustainable place. >> judge jeanine: with all due respect, mr. president, saddling our children and grandchildren with trillions of dollars of debt is a crisis. maybe sarah palin said it best when she said earlier today at cpac -- >> barack obama promised the most transparent administration
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ever. barack obama, you lie. >> judge jeanine: sister euphemia if you are still out there and you still have that ruler i have got somebody for you. now, to one of the cpac speakers virginia congressman randy forbes. welcome, congressman. so am i wrong? >> no, judge, i think you are absolutely right. i think that is the thing that is frustrating most americans. they feel this administration has a totally different set of rules for them than they have for the rest of america and their words continue to evolve based on the group that they are speaking to at that particular point in time and americans i think are getting frustrated with it. >> judge jeanine: and you know, congressman, i mean it is just amazing that so many people in the administration can contradict each other and then in the end everybody said well, we just don't know. congressman, i will ask you to take a look at this. cpac just ended a few hours ago. senator rand paul from
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kentucky, of course, winning the straw poll with senator marco rubio right behind him. and i want you to teak take ak at this. >> our president fancies himself as the champion of the middle class. yet since he came on scene even those lucky enough to have a job they are working more for less. >> but the ulterior motive is if everybody doesn't have skin in the game then you can just persecute this one percent or this two percent or this five percent. if everybody has skin in the game you to be responsible because if you come talking about raising taxes you are raising taxes on everybody you better have a darn good reason. >> judge jeanine: and, of course, congressman sarah palin and dr. ben carson. what do you you think of their comments? >> judge is, i think they are right. i think the interesting thing about every single speaker sat cpac and i would guess probably
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almost every participant. one thing uniting them and one theme that went through all of the speakers and it was simply this, that the united states is headed in the wrong direction and headed there at breakneck speed and i think that is something that americans are embracing right now and the big excitement about cpac is how do we turn it around quickly because this administration is not trying to do it. >> judge jeanine: are we look at a new conservative movement congressman in this country? a lot of talk after the election we have to kind of walk away from our conservative principles but didn't sound like that to me at cpac? >> i don't think it is, judge. i think what we know is this. liberal policies don't work but they often sound good. conservative policies work but sometimes they don't sound as good because they are tougher. and what we need to do and i think what we heard at cpac is we have got to find a way of messaging that so that the american people know as conservative principles that are going to continue to give them the jobs they need, protect this country and
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determine or make sure that they have a determination of their own futures and not some other country or some other group or individual. >> judge jeanine: what is interesting is the concept that dr. carson was talking about of having skin in the game. that seems so opposite to what the obama administration has talked about, creating this divisiveness between the haves and have notes and the argument or the thinking that there are more have notes and but now the conservatives are talking about everybody having skin in the game. how does that change things? >> well, judge, i think that is important. but also the skin in the game that you talked about at the beginning of your program. just being accountable for your own actions. i mean we actually laughed when the president told us at a meeting we had when came over to meet with the republican conference last week and he told us that he didn't make the decision to shut down the white house doors, he blamed it on the secret service. can you imagine, judge, if i took a bad vote and then said wait a minute, this wasn't my fault this was one of my staff members who told me to take
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this vote. everybody in the room knew the secret service works for the president. they will not do anything in the white house without his approval and yet look at the lack of accountability they have. >> judge jeanine: he was popular until recently. i think the changing of the excuse on the white house tours may have turned around his popularity some what. congressman quickly before i let you go, who is your favorite speaker at cpac? >> i think all of the speakers were really good. i think rubio comes across with just a passion and a stance that i think really just electricfied the group. but they had a lot o of exciting wonderful speakers there and it was just good to listen to all of them to get those exciting ideas and the fact that we can turn this nation around and, once again, put it on a road to take it to its destiny. >> judge jeanine: congressman forbes thanks so much for being with us this evening. >> thank you, judge. >> judge jeanine: the best moments from the biggest names
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at the conservative political action conference coming up. >> we need to abolish the department of education. >> education is too important for it to be governed by bureaucrats in washington taking choices away from parents and kids.
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the president is trying to step up. trying to do his fair share. after the sequester was announced he said he is dyking to stop the white house tours for school children. meanwhile within a few days the president finds an extra $250 million to send to egypt. >> judge jeanine: and that was senator rand paul winner in cpac straw poll just a couple of points ahead of senator marco rubio. joining me democratic strategist ryan clayton and republican strategist and fox news contributor tony. aside from the issue of spending $250 million or sending it to the muslim
9:17 pm
brotherhood is the president's reversal on the white house tours an indication that the republicans are winning the sequester war? start with you, ryan? >> the focus needs to come on where is is the money going come from. we have a huge deficit. a question of are we going to keep cutting and cut your youselves into a 21st century great depression or find the people not pay taxes like the big corporations that pay zero dollars this taxes like fed ex and ge. >> judge jeanine: i asked you whether or not the president's reversal of somebody was lying because they said it was the secret service and the president said it was them. carney a said what was the white house. the question is why did the white house change? >> that is a question we can can keep having the congressional at this time for at thacongressional tit for tas and brawls. it would behoove us and everyone in congress and the president to -- get to work.
9:18 pm
>> judge jeanine: why did the president reverse? >> has been a disaster for the president. has had the two worst weeks since the reelection back in november. they were caught flat footed. the secret service as we learned did not make the decision. this was an executive branch decision and it was nonsense. something that could have easily been paid for through other line items. >> judge jeanine: tony, you you know politics. we know how it works. what happens is is you take the most positive publicly acclaimed program and pull it out of the budget so everyone comes out and says put it back in, put it back in and then you say give me the money but in this case carney is saying that it was the white house. obama is saying it was the secret service. carney comes out the and says it was the white house. they don't have the cliff notes together? >> there was obviously a communication gap between the president and the press secretary but this is the whole firefighter first syndrome. when there is a cut in the city where do you you say.
9:19 pm
lay off police and firefighters because that is what is going to cause the most public outrage. >> and the equivalent on a federal level. >> and when teachers get laid off people are angry about it and don't want to see teachers in the classroom off. >> the white house, the tours. >> judge jeanine: i want you to take a look at this package. dr. ben carson new on the scene. take a look at this sound. >> you know, we need to start thinking smartly about the way that we use our resources. use our money and, you know, in 2009, forty of the wealthiest families in america pledged to give away half of their wealth to charity, go some place else in the world and ask the 40th wealthiest families to give away half their wealth they look at you you like you got six heads. we take care of our own. we always have. it is not the government's responsibility. it is our responsibility as citizens. >> judge jeanine: aside from the fact that we not only care or our own, we care for everybody else is dr. carson
9:20 pm
the new face of the conservative movement in the republican party willing to directly take on the issue of government dependency? >> i think what is interesting about what dr. carson says is he says 40 families that are extraordinarily wealthy are giving away 50% of their wealth. 1% in of people in the country monopolized and hoard 80% of the wealth in the country and many don't pay taxes. >> four out of every five dollars earned in the country comes from the 99%. you hear this my friend ryan often says the top 1% versus 99. a great country because everyone has an opportunity to succeed and when you do, you you you have the same opportunity to give back. personal famous music lan trophy is an american phenomena. in europe, government mandated when they come over here and we are paying $10,000 a ticket to go to an event they think we
9:21 pm
are are crazy. >> judge jeanine: you are not suggesting the feds are not doing their job and prosecuting those people cheating and stealing and monopoliesing. you are not saying the justice department isn't doing their job? >> in the case of h hsbc they are not doing their job. >> whose fault is that ultimately, eric holder? president obama. >> congress can hold the hearings. >> you were criticizing congress for the blue ribbon tit for tat. >> they laundered money for al-qaeda and no one is going to jail and i think that is a serious problem. hsbc we should be seeing bankers walking down the street in orange jump suits. >> judge jeanine: more on cpac. i love these guys and the cpac speakers senator ted cruz and his joe biden blowback comment. first, more from sarah palin. >> never before have our challenges been so big and our leaders so small.
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the second amendment is in president obama and the senate democrats cross hairs right now. but we all did receive helpful advice from joe biden. that if you have any threats at home just go outside with a double barrel shotgun and fire in the air. which is very, very useful if it so happens that you are being attacked by a flock of geese. or are for that matter a drone. >> judge jeanine: senator ted cruz taking aim at the joe biden comment. and back with me ryan and tony. ryan, even you have to admit
9:26 pm
that joe biden who chaired the president's gun violence task force after the newtown tragedy doesn't know what the hell he is talking about. go outside and shoot your shotgun, lock yourself out of the house, violate the law, maybe kill a fugees and yo fewu are sitting duck. what is the relationship between a duck and a goose. >> he shoots from the hip. kind of a regular guy. says is stuff that is a little awkward. maybe not very presidential. still a good guy with a good heart and has been a great vice president. >> judge jeanine: everybody loves him. >> i got to say, first of all, he wants women to use a shotgun to shoot an intruder. if you you tube a woman shooting a shotgun the kick will push her down to the ground and you better kill that guy in two shots because you will have nothing else left. this was the same joe biden who just recently called in front of a domestic violence conference slapping a woman across the face garden variety domestic violence.
9:27 pm
got to love a guy like joe. >> where i come from in the midwest we have quite a few ladies that can shoot a shotgun. >> and have the right to shoot that shotgun. >> we like steak and beer and shooting guns in the open fields. with what happened in new youtown it is a serious needsion and the country to have a serious conversation. >> judge jeanine: here is the conversation. we have a second amendment and the screen the nut jobs. >> it costs nearly a hundred bucks now to fuel up your truck. it costs tens of thousands of dollars to send your child to college. the impacts on the american family budget and while the middle class americans while we are breaking their budget the democratic controlled senate refuses to pass a budget. all in violation of article 1, section 9, clause 7 of our u.s.
9:28 pm
constitution. >> judge jeanine: all right, sorry that, of course, was sarah palin. what do you think of that? >> for all of the efforts to try to marginalize sarah palin by the democrats and left wing she still delivers the most effective populous speech. the middle class and his failure to provide for the middle class. median incomes are down, judge. we know that home values are down, judge. the fact that their healthcare premiums are going to go up. she points to gas prices which affect everybody. middle class proportionally. they are going up. the president has been a failure for the middle class and she called him out on. >> judge jeanine: there is no question that the woman electricfies an audience and makes good points. >> sarah palin is back in the house and as a democrat i got to say i'm kind of excited about it. nothing better for the democratic chances in 2016 than let's say presidential nominee on the republican side of the aisle sarah palin with rand paul.
9:29 pm
that would be a great ticket. rand paul just won the straw poll at cpac. him and her going together zero percent chance they will end up in the oval office. >> judge jeanine: rand paul who won the straw poll 25% and he is very popular among the young people. >> well, judge, look, his father won cpac in 2010 and 2011. >> judge jeanine: doesn't mean they will vote for him. >> cpac has an overrepresentation of a lot of younger more libertarian republicans. paul is an extremely effective communicator to that group. he is probably even stepping outside even of the impact. >> and his father -- >> i don't necessarily think this portends much for his presidential future because i think marco rubio is truly through his speech at cpac the future of the party. >> judge jeanine: here is the problem and may not be a problem ryan. tell me if i'm right. marco rubio is very right on the social issues. on on abortion and gay marriage. rand paul is this libertarian let everybody do what they want.
9:30 pm
i know from my kids they are basically let people do whatever they want. who wins. >> that is the most interesting thing going on at cpac the uncomfortable dance between libertarian activists and hardcore social conservative base of the republican party and fighting over the heart and soul of the republican party at cpac and looks like if rand paul is any indication the viral campaign to stand with rand and he won the straw poll it looks like family values is out and the mind your own business liberalism asended. >> judge jeanine: do you agree it is more rand paul than marco? >> gretchen: marc >> marco rubio talks in a way connects to every american. one of the biggest mistakes this election was the whole 47% comment. rubio brings the messal of hopion growth and opportunity to every american in a way that he really connects with them in a major on a level that not any republican has done since probably regan. >> judge jeanine: interesting to see, guys what happens. ryan and tony thanks for being with us. >> great to see you.
9:31 pm
>> thanks for having us jeanne coming up, jodi arias finally off the stand. did she do enough to save her life? later, the golf ball, not the golfer is supposed to end up in the hole. [ female announcer ] start simple. ♪ start right. ♪ kellogg's simple grains cereals take you from seed... ♪ spoon. with jt a few ingredients. ♪ kellogg's raisin bran, corn flakes and rice krispies. simple wholesome goodness. start simple. start right. simple wholesome goodness. dad: you excited for day? ♪ dad: you'll be fine, ok? girl: ok. dad: you look so pretty. ♪
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live from america's news headquarters i'm anita in los angeles. a judge will hand down a verdict in the case two of high school students accused of raping a 16-year-old girl. the judge will announce his decision after reviewing evidence presented during the four-day trial. defense attorneys claim there is no proof their clients assaulted the girl after an alcohol-fueled party last summer. prosecutors argue the evidence is overwhelming. excitement building up in the vatican in anticipation of tuesday's inauguration of pope francis. the event expected to draw representatives from around the world. vice president biden will lead the american delegation.
9:35 pm
on saturday, the newly-elected pontiff met with journalists to explain he took the name francis because st. francis of asaisi was a man of peace. now, back to justice with judge janine. ♪ no blood when you shot him then, right? >> not at the moment the gun went off. >> how about immediately after he was struck? was there any blood? >> i don't remember. >> judge jeanine: after 18 days on the witness stand, jodi arias the about to be lifetime movie who admits she killed her ex calls it a day. with me is the aah you thor of you can't lie to me, jeanine driver, that janine without an e and the human lie detector from d.c., former federal prosecutor fred tizie and
9:36 pm
psychologist dr. robbie ludewig. the latest lunacy from the trial jodi during his police interrogation. take a look. >> she is talking about makeup wheel being interrogated for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend and what is she singing about this woman? >> you need to look patriotic thety when bebeing in it tare greated. either feign craziness or has a lot of bizarre type of behavior as a result of being stress. >> who is she talking to? >> i bond fer she he knew on some level there were cameras watching or had the paranoid idea. she he is smart and manipulative. make no mistake. >> jeanine, you have been in the courtroom. you have been watching h her. were you surprised to see this video and her behe avior on the
9:37 pm
video? >> i wasn't surprised. master manipulators, people who have power and i think she is a powerful liar. why? her power is her beauty. bernie madoff was in tell against and smart and cunning. home ppeople who have power fon the consequences. when i saw the clip that came out with her singing and doing hand stands i agree i think it was here -- she wasn't sure where she was going to go. am i going to claim insanity. claim self-defense. she was just giving herself options and she is cunning. >> she could claim insanity but she never did. fred? >> i tell people this all the time. how people act indicates what their mental state is. if you were in the room. >> i would be looking for a knife to lit my wrists. >> i would be hiding under the
9:38 pm
desk. innocent people get frightened and scared. this woman is a manipulator and powerful liar and evil bad person. >> judge jeanine: what about the people who make the excuse when they say you can't predict how someone is going to act when being accused of murder? >> everything this woman has done from the get h-go has been calculated and manipulative and done with cause and reason. i don't think there is a single -- >> here is jodi talking about the fog and just so you all know she is not talking about the weather. she is balking abou talking ab. then after that you will see the defense expert explaining the fog. >> and then you got up and then the fog started to come in, right? >> i would say the fog started to come in after the gunshot the after i got up and he threatened my life. i have no clear memories after this. >> that is where the memory issue is started, correct, right? >> i would say that. >> what may happen is that some memories can be retained and formed anew but they may not be
9:39 pm
clear. they may be foggy. >> again, it is interesting how she remembers details that work to her advantage and then doesn't remember details that work to her disadvantage. and so what the psychologist was saying on her behalf was that she seems to have post traumatic stress disorder and yet if you look at what it takes to qualify for post traumatic stress it is really inconclusive. she doesn't have any hyper are arousal symptoms. >> judge jeanine: she he admits she stabbed her boyfriend and shot him in the head. >> she doesn't have sleep disturbance. she is not avoiding people places or things. >> you are about the first. >> janine i want to go to you. you are in the courtroom watching her. is she -- does she make any sense to you and the jury? >> i was in the courtroom, judge, the last day that jodi arias was on the stand and i got to tell you when they went -- when the prosecutor starts hammering her about the
9:40 pm
fog the jury started checking out some of them and others were taking notes like wildfire. the notes starting going u up d fill out a white piece of paper and about put it in a basket. i started seeing juror three and five and eight started throwing them in and i think that she is probably a little too confident. i think the jury is going to end up -- >> judge jeanine: is on to her quickly. >> they are on to her. >> they will find her guilty. >> and the post traumatic stress thing. she caused the trauma, judge. that is like killing your parents and then pleading to the jury for mercy because you are an orphan. >> judge jeanine: love it. hang on to that thought. more of jodi after the break. is this woman crazy or crazy like a fox? tell me what you think on facebook or twitter. later, how can golf possibly be a dangerous game? this guy found out the hard way. all right that's a fifth-floor problem... ok. not in my house! ha ha ha!
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blasted and she got the knife in her hand, right. >> objection, argumentative. >> that was all in the same moment when was lunging at me. >> toes haven't a knife in his hand, does he? >> not at that particular moment, no. >> i'm asking you at that particular time he didn't have a knife in his hand, right? >> i just said no. >> and then he goes down sort of next to you, right? >> yes, we both go tumbling.
9:45 pm
>> you both go down. you never told us that he had any knife there, did you? >> no, i wasn't asked. >> oh, i see. so what you are saying is that now he has the knife with him, right? now, that is what you are saying he has got the knife. >> i didn't say that either. >> well, which one is it, ma'am? does he have the knife or he doesn't have the knife? you were there. >> judge jeanine: back with your "justice" panel. fred, what do you think about the prosecutor's style? >> apparently he got a conviction in a similar case with this style. very aggressive. she already admitd that she killed this guy. she is not a likeable person that you will feel sorry for and he has caught her in lies and given her demeanor and the way she has conducted herself i thought he did a good job and got really good stuff. it went too long. >> she was on for 18 days. >> i would have had her off the wet necessary stand with a hook. >> judge jeanine: did a make her more sympathetic the more
9:46 pm
aggressive the prosecutor became? >> i got to tell you initially watching the footage from home is different. he is on the shorter side. his aggressiveness works for him. he is not overly aggressive. jodi having no affect is typical of a powerful liar. they have an increase in cognitive thinking and quick on their feet and have an increase in positive emotions. she can be snarky and a wise ass to him and hurts her ultimately. >> judge jeanine: the jurors' questions i think reveal a great deal about what they are thinking. teatake a look and i'm coming o you, robi. >> okay. >> if you still felt threatened after having shot mr. alexander why did you use a knife instead of just shooting again? >> well, i know that i dropped the gun when hit me and i don't know where the gun went when we fell. it was no longer in my hands. and i don't really remember
9:47 pm
picking up the knife. i just remember feeling threatened. and he was the immediate threat. >> now, what we do know when it comes to a crime of passion and i know that is not the what we call it legally, you are so intense with the rage that the knife goes in multiple times. >> judge jeanine: after you shoot the guy in the brain? >> because you are so angry. it is about revenge and getting the person back. you are so in such a rage. and i think that is what happened with her and had nothing to do with protecting h herself because he was dead. >> she drop the gun and goes and looks for a knife that was someone in the house that she didn't know. all had to happen in 62 seconds. the juror was saying why didn't you just pick up the gun again. >> judge jeanine: after she shoots him and we both go down and the bullet is in her are brain he threatens her. he has a bullet new hampshire his brain. he can't talk.
9:48 pm
was the jury -- is the jury buying any of this? >> you know, i that is why i flew myself out there to see the jury myself and i don't think they are. i think, as a matter of fact, we might have a shocking verdict here with a death sentence attached to it. why? when a lot of the testimony is is coming up they are writing down and talked about the book of mormon where it says if you lie jodi arias said if you lie in the book of mormon you are going to hell. two jurors in the front row like five and six start writing furious notes. i think it iser that way of justifying why they will give her the death penalty. >> i think she felt emotionally annihilated and needed travis. >> put the picture up. >> from a psychological perspective. >> judge jeanine: where is the picture? >> she needed travis in order to feel loveable and when was rejectth her she couldn't experience herself like a person at all. >> judge jeanine: take a look
9:49 pm
at this. this woman is a victim of kinky sex and domestic violence and sexual abuse. look at her. >> and how many other things she has foregotten because of her fuzzy memory? >> judge jeanine: we got to go. love you all. >> motive. motive. >> judge jeanine: coming up when things are bad, sell your clothes, sell your jewelry, sell your car. don't move. you will not believe what our creep of the week tried to sell. thisth is your last chance. vote in our insta-poll on facebook or twitter. is jodi arias crazy or just crazy like a fox? ♪ so, i'm working on a cistern intake valve, and the guy hands me a locknut wrench. no way! i'm like, what is this, a drainpipe slipknot? wherever your business takes you, nobody keeps you on the rd like progressive commercial auto. [ flo speaking japanese ] [ shouting in japanese ]
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went over to check out what is going on. took a step in, and next thing you know, i'm free falling. >> so you had no idea the ground wasn't moving? there was no indication the earth was going to open up and swallow you? no. the ground wasn't moving. there was a depression in the fairway. it didn't look unstable. i went to check it out. then took a step in and it was like a trap door. i was just falling in the blackness. >> you're playing golf with him on the 14th hole. are you facing him? next to him? what happened. >> well, he had fallen soy was behind him. and i could see his waist up and next thing you know he just disappeared in the middle of the fairway. >> michael, mark, i should say, you ended up going down.
9:55 pm
how much owe of your body went into the hole? >> everything. probably 15-20 feet deep when i hit bottom. >> okay owe. and when he is in the hole, what do you do? >> well, my, we didn't know there was a hole there. and his partner started yelling mark just well in a hole. so i called and he is hurt and yelling. and i called the pro shop i said send a rope, ladder and ambulance. a friend fell in a hole in the 14th fairway. >> you get a ladder? >> we kind of tried to assess how mark was because there was a cut in the turf that looked like someone cut a carpet with an indentation. so we, i laid on my stomach,
9:56 pm
hank martinez held my ankles. and so no more hole would fall n we wanted to see how secure it was. >> mark let me go to you. what injuries did you suffer? >> so i -- dislocated my shoulder, i found out i have fractures there. i have surgery scheduled wednesday this week. to try to get that fixed. >> we wish you luck. did you turn in your score card? >> no. i was doing well, too. i wish i could have. >> all right. guys. >> i'm anxious to get back out there. >> i'm sure you'll get back out there with a good friend like ed there, you're lucky. used to sink holes in florida not in illinois. crazy stuff. >> yes. we didn't think there were any here. it was crazy. >> yes. and thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having us.
9:57 pm
>> now, it's time for our creep of the week. sell whatever you need to but don't do this. this 22-year-old oklahoma mom tried to sell her 2-year-old and 10-month-old children on facebook. she tried to sell her children. the reason? she needed money to get her boyfriend out of jail. the person van horn tried to sell her kids to contacted the police who arrested mommy. she's pled not guilty of trafficking children this, creepy mom is still in jail held on a $40,000 bond. they better not give her internet access she may try to sell her kids to get herself out of jail. misty van horn needs to change her facebook status to creep. speaking of creeps the
9:58 pm
question this week concerns a new video jodi arias. cameras caught her singing to herself, scolding herself for not wearing make up and doing a hand stabbed stand. is she crazy? or crazy like a fox. most think crazy like a fox. one says she stood on her head to give her face color. ellen says i wonder who jodi was looking for in the trash can. probably makeup, then a different ellen says she's ruthless. no feelings. no remorse. i think she's a very bad actress. joyce writes the last things she wants is a diagnosis of psychopath. being bevoid of conscious is a being evil device. my kind of gal. i like you way the think. lisa says what would you do in a room with nothing much
9:59 pm
available? to occupy your time waiting? well, i won't stand on my head that. sit for us tonight. thanks for joining us. remember friend me on facebook and follow me on twitter. see you next week. bye.


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