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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 17, 2013 1:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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our principles don't. you don't just have our word on it. you've got our name on it. that's how we run. nothing runs like a deere. discover the full line of riding lawn equipment at or your local dealer. >>. >> jon: it was an extreme contrast of the old and new. the world focused on the small chimney waiting important to a sign. white smoke a new pope was elected and black smoke no pope yet. as pointed out by the conclave chimney's tweet. forget pundits and someone who knows someone that heard, i am the only news outlet that matters. as television cameras watched for the smoke the attention of the cardinals stolen by a seagull on the chimney. why a seagull and not a dove?
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they went into overdrive giving new meaning. the sistine seagull answered in the tweet. if you see the smoke comes out and its orange send >>. >> gregg: hello. i'm gregg jarrett. happy st. patrick's day. welcome to a brand-new hour. >> heather: the luck of irish will be with you today. topping the news this hour, brand-new information, a major break possibly in the murder investigation of an american mom abroad. could her killer be in custody? >> gregg: plus the u.s. postal service dealing with the real threat of severe cuts to your delivery. why is it now spending big bucks on a lavish conference? we'll have a live report.
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>> heather: and pop francis celebrates his first sunday mass. amazing images as thousands around the world join in the historic event. >> gregg: we begin with the budget battle still raging in d.c. and new questions over the bickering will ever end. this after house republicans and senate democrats unveiled dueling proposals this week showing a wide gap, indeed, remains over spending and taxes. plans on the table both sides are taking to the airwaves to try to make their cases. peter doocy is live in washington. peter, does it look like either side is ready to give any ground? >> reporter: it depends on which interview you with a watched this morning, john boehner told abc news president obama already got the new taxes he wanted back in january so more taxes shouldn't even be on the table this time around, but another remember can bob corker
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indicated on fox that new taxes could be part of the discussion if democrats agree to serious entitlement reform. >> think republicans, if they true entitlement reform, would be glad to look at tax reform that generates additional revenues. that doesn't mean increasing rates. it means closing loop homes and arranging our tax system so we have economic growth. i think we've been saying that from day one. >> reporter: the house budget committee chairman paul ryan says he thinks president's trip to capitol hill to meet with republicans is a good start but he thinks the bipartisan spirit needs to last through summer at least if any problems are going solved. >> gregg: a lot has been said about the approaching $17 trillion in debt. how much of that debt factoring into the negotiations if f at all?
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>> reporter: a little bit. we got one text from dick durbin what the president meant when he said there is no immediate debt prices. >> we need to put americans back to work. that is our first priority. deficit reduction is second priority and one is coupled with economic growth. so i think we can do both. make sure we have deficit reduction but don't cut too much too fast. >> reporter: the speaker boehner says known the national debt will reach crisis level but because of that uncertainty action should be taken now before it is too late. >> gregg: the president said it was $9 trillion as the crisis and now he says it is not even though it's approaching $17 trillion. >> heather: new reaction to a guilty verdict in a rape case as attorney general calls for a grand jury investigation.
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two high school football players found guilty of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl in august. just hours ago a judge sentencing the teens to juvenile detention. mike tobin is live in steubenville, ohio that o the story that has stirred up a lot of emotions. >> it certainly has. the word he iced was delinquent on both of football players the assault on the 16-year-old who was too drunk to consent and minor and nudity orientated material for taking pictures of the girl and distributing them on the internet. following the verdict both of football players broke down. >> we flying apologize to my family and community. the pictures that have been sent
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around.... >> i would like to apologize. i had no intentions to do it. i'm sorry. >> reporter: an attorney for the victims' family they appreciate the remorse but it's too late. the victim's mother spoke off camera. >> you have displayed a lack of compassion but a lack of any moral code. it affected countless lives. you were your own accuser through the social media you pose today publish your crime. one has been sentenced to one year. trent mays the other definitely had two convictions so he has been sentenced to a minimum of two years in juvenile detention with a maximum having when they
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turn 21. both of them will need to register as sex offenders. >> heather: i did want to ask you, there could possibly be more people pulled into this because of the issue with social media, correct? >> reporter: there are still threats going around on social media and lot of nasty talk going on social media but what the attorney general was talking about an additional investigation or grand jury investigation, charges for people that didn't do anything to stop the crime or failed to report it to the police. >> heather: mike reporting live, thank you so much. >> gregg: turning now overseas, major developments in the case of a new york city mother who was found murdered in turkey. a government officials announcing the arrest of key suspect very close to the border with syria. turkish media describing the man has homeless. 33-year-old traveling to turkey alone to explore her love of
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photography. her body was later found near hidden istanbul last month. 12 days after her family reported her missing. >> heather: top republican lawmaker speaking out on growing tensions on the korean peninsula. mike rogers questioning, quote, the stability of north korea's kim jong un after a recent series of provocative moves. >> the shear threat they would openly threaten a nuclear attack against the united states is problem enough but the military movements along the dmz and north korea are whole new set of problems. it's the largest military in the world still in uniform. this is something that we have to take seriously and you can see that they are looking for some provocations not just along the border, islands they are interested in and they fired artillery on the island. this is concerning because we
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don't know the stability of their leader, 28 years old. we're just not confident that we know he wouldn't take those steps. >> heather: meanwhile, the north's foreign minister saying his nuclear weapons are not a bargaining chip to trade for economic concessions. >> gregg: serious concerns being raised about the obama's administration handling of the benghazi terrorist attack. injured survivors were told to be quiet by the administration. elizabeth pran reporting from washington. >> details about the september 11th terrorist attack continue to emerge as we learn the three diplomatic security agents and state department contractor who were among the injured may being asked not talk. the injured survivors may have been told, quote, told to be quiet and the house should investigate. >> i'm going to hold up the business of the senate until we
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get the survivors on record. i have talked to a couple and their story is chilling, they are scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. >> the ranking member of the house intelligence committee says it's too early to say whether or not they will investigate. >> it's too early to say. we have an investigation once we get the information and the f.b.i. is really focusing on a lot of area. when we find out we will use the report to make a determination where we go from there. >> reporter: when asked about the survivors, press secretary jay carney says he is sure the white house is not preventing people freem speaking. us a may remember, the attack killed four americans including chris stevens. one man suspected of being involved in the deadly attack is being detained. gregg, back to you. >> gregg: thanks. . >> heather: new troubles for carnival cruises. cruise ship legend arriving in tampa, skipping the cayman
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islands. a company spokesman says passengers got off the ship with no problems and should depart on time this afternoon for the next trip at a reduced fee. with one itinerary change. the legend's malfunction is a latest in a growing list of problems for carnival with three other ships reporting serious issues in just the past month. so, what does all this mean for the future of carnival and entire cruise industry? our panel will debate it fair and balanced a little later in the show. >> gregg: can't be good. a tragic accident in southern pennsylvania, police now why a chartered bus carrying a woman's lacrosse team veered off a turnpike and slammed into a tree. the crash killing the driver and the seton hill university team's pregnant coach. 30-year-old christina quigley was six months along.
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a mass is being organized tonight on the school's campus. >> heather: new information on how the postal service is spending its money. according to new reports, the u.s.g.s. is planning on spending $2 million on a postal conference. even as the agency cuts saturday service to trim its budget. claudia is streaming live from san francisco to explain this to us. claudia? >> reporter: 4,000 people are attending at moscone center. 400 are in the postal service and including the postmaster general and postal executives will be talking to shippers and direct mail industry and then everybody has a good time in san francisco. golf outing, fancy dinner featuring the foods of
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fisherman's wharf and documents show the travel, $220,000 in space and others will cost the postal service $2.2 million. the agency received no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage productsed to fund the operation. they say they make more of the money than they spend here because of the networking that happens. they say they shouldn't be spending millions of dollars to network. given the agency is $16 billion in debt, u.s.g.s. is out of touch. >> we're a nation in austerity. and the postal service is deep in the hole and to see they are having a lavish conference and dance party, it's beyond the pale. >> reporter: in a letter fired off to the postmaster, tom graves of georgia said, spending
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millions to participate in the conference seems to exhibit extremely poor judgment by the leadership. in fact as they cut services and near, the defense defies logic. it is an expense getting close scrutiny in washington as they hold formal hearings into wasteful trasm by government agencies. >> heather: we may have not heard the last on this issue. i wondering who they are networking with. they are delivering my mail, i mean, i wasn't invited. thank you, claudia. >> gregg: it's important to work on your dance moves and golf handicap to deliver the mail. that is critical. high winds could make it difficult for crews fighting a wildfire in the state of colorado. it broke out friday forcing hundreds of folks without the home. thousand square acres have
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burned so far and they have it 45% contained but forecasters warning of wind gusts topping 40 miles an hour. the wildfire is close to the scene of the fire last summer. you may recall that killed one person and destroyed nearly 260 homes. >> heather: coming up, keeping you safe while you fly. this seems pretty cool. they say they have a new high-tech tool that will change the way you check in at the airport. >> gregg: and years of doctor shortages and dire warnings, the country may now be headed in the opposite direction -- too many doctors? we'll explain. >> heather: and pope francis delivers his first sunday window blessing to a crowd of 150,000 strong. a reported from rome up next. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is.
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>>. >> heather: welcome back. john boehner agreeing with president obama saying the president is not face an immediate debt crisis, adding that the crisis is on the horizon and washington must reform entitlements.
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more violence on our southern border just across from border of texas, five armed people are dead after a shootout with mexican soldiers. not clear whether the violence is gang-related. >> and bruce garden has died after a long battle with parkinson's disease. >> gregg: medical schools are expanding the need of requirements of obamacare, new health care law. at least 12 new schools are opening and existing ones are growing to meet an expected demand for more doctors in the future. the problem is no one for many of them to finish their training. bartender about a buttner is anchor of "bulls and bears" here on the fox news channel. they have residency programs five to seven years but right now there are more openings for residency than doctors
1:22 pm
graduating from medical school but that is going to change? >> it is. here is the issue. there are people in the pipeline and they are going through medical school but they hit a big hurdle and that is residency. basically for the last 15 years, the funds that that have been used to, federal funds to fund these residency programs have been frozen and be part of the whole budget battle to train new doctors. they can graduate from medical school but they can't get into residency programs so that is why you are waiting longer and longer in line to get to a doctor, driving farther and farther to get one. we have 16,000 shortage of primary care physicians in this country, 55 million people can't find one. >> gregg: when obamacare kicks in next year, suddenly you got 34 million americans who are forced onto insurance rolls. this is really astonishing. association of american medical
1:23 pm
colleges estimates there will be a doctor shortage by 2015, 26,000. ten years after that a dr. doctor shortage of 140,000. what is going to happen? >> you are going to be waiting longer in lines and lots of people will have less access to healthcare. there are some things that can happen. instead of physicians doing everything, there is the approach called the team assistance. where you have nurses, you check out and do basic standard diagnosis particular tests so physicians don't need to do everything, diagnostic tests but doctors themselves say their profession is in decline decline. they have to pay a lot of money to go through medical school and you are not making that much
1:24 pm
unless you go into a specialty. that is why we have a shortage of primary care physicians because everybody is going into specialties. >> and there are 48 million seniors that rely on medicare. since medicare money, $787 billion was diverted or stolen, depending on your point of view, from medicare to pay for obamacare, a lot of physicians are saying, you know what, i can't afford it anymore. the reimbursements are awful, i'm not going to take anybody on medicare. >> 8 million people -- you have more need for health care and that is definitely a problem. >> gregg: here a recent article that i read and we'll put it iopt screen. according according to the survey, 44.9% of physicians survey report that pcps will be replaced by cost-efficienticiane
1:25 pm
providers in the next five years which is what you are saying. you do worry, i would think if you are senior going to one of these replacement doctors, they are going to miss something important that could be life-threatening. >> that is true but basically it depends how it is organized. if you have a physician on the top and nurse practitioners and social workers underneath him or her, then you can see more people and have more efficient approach. the problem is the primary care physicians, nobody wants to go into it. those are the doctors that we need. >> gregg: every eight seconds a baby boomer turns 65. it's really amazing the numbers are so massive. brenda buttner. >> on top of the morning. >> you kiss the blar ney stone. >> i know you have. you show that every day.
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>> gregg: full of blar ney. catch more of "bulls and bears" ever saturday morning right here on the fox news channel. >> heather:. ♪ >> heather: tens of thousands of people packing st. peter's square in vatican city to witness history in the making. newly elected pope francis celebrating his first sunday mass. a surprising a lot of people with some spontaneous behavior let's call it. amy kellogg reporting from rome. >> reporter: yesterday, we were all moved by the easy style of pope francis as he blessed the press corps here. he stood rather than sat at the end of a select group of journalists that were chosen to greet him personally and he exhibited a similar approach at
1:27 pm
a section for people that were out and about trying to get a piece of him. he bolted off from the crowd clearly rattling his security. this team will have to get used to th new style of pope. people crowd onto st. peter's square, this pope first which he recites from the window of his apartment blessing the crowd below. >> don't forget god never gets tired of forgiving us, it is we who get tired of asking for forgiveness. >> reporter: people are wondering about the management style of the new pope. there is a lot of concern whether or not he will be able to clean up the vatican bureaucracy. one of pope's friends wrote a piece in a newspaper saying he
1:28 pm
has every confidence that the pope will be able to do that not by intent but by disarming people and the church by his style. >> heather: amy, thank you. >> gregg: the nra is gearing up for a big battle with the united nations of all groups. how the lobby fierce that a global moves could hurt your second amendment rights. >> heather: and carnival cruise lines opening up a new debate, should passengers be guaranteed basic conditions, like electricity, running water before setting sail. we'll talk about it. >> we get to orlando, nobody knows what is going on. we've got one person telling us to drop our luggage here there are two people helping. we don't know what is going on. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪
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>>. >> gregg: welcome back. new developments in the efforts to keep us safe when we fly. transportation safety administration is approving a new device that can detect explosives. arthel nevil is live. >> the company behind the new device says passengers on planes could unknowingly be sitting above cargo that was not checked properly and hopes their product will fix the problem. it's called the quantum sniffer to help workers identify dangerous packages. it asked and answered cargo for traces of known explosives and chemical compounds and alerts screeners who can take a closer look and potentially thwart terrorists. >> the threat of terrorism is to disrupt the western way of life. they can't beat us in a war but they can disrupt our life.
1:34 pm
our job is to make sure that doesn't happen. cargo that is unexpected is potentially dangerous. >> reporter: freight industry has had problems complying with a federal mandate that all packages be screened and experts say real concerns still exist over this technology's ability to detect explosive devices in the million of packages shipped. >> there is a piece of mobile equipment, desktop equipment that apparently checks one package at a time. there are thousands and thousands upon packages that come into the airport every day. you can't do it properly enough. >> reporter: the device is being used overseas, in asia and latin america and europe. u.s. companies are showing interest with at least one unit shipped. >> gregg: arthel nevil, thank
1:35 pm
you. >> heather: as the gun control debate rages on in this country the united nations is now reviving a global effort to restrict the flow of small arms to conflict zones. with the white house signaling last week it is ready to get on board. the nra voicing fears that a treaty will be used to regulated your second amendment rights. justin is the former spokesperson for jeb bush and publisher of safety review and chris is former chief of staff to john mansion. thank you for joining us. so the treaty would govern battle tanks and combat aircraft and warships and missiles as well as small arms and light weapons. therein seems to lie part of the issue. those opposed say that it would regulate civilian weapons and impose on our second amendment rules. those in favor say it will restrict the flow of weapons to
1:36 pm
outlaw regimes and rebel groups. so, should the u.s. support the treaty or sit basically giving our right to own guns over to the united nations? >> well, i think that the treat si something that is worked on by dozens of nations across the world. it is something that i'm glad the nra is taking a close look at to protect our second amendment rights. at the same time i don't think that preventing these type of weapons from going through oppressive regimes and human rights abusers across the world requires that the second amendment be compromised. i think you can do both. the second amendment can be maintained and right to bear arms can be maintained and at the same time prevent these weapons to go in the hands of evil doers around the world. >> if you look at the obama administration's position on this why they hedged on it prior is because they wanted to make
1:37 pm
sure that there was no clear clear language that protected second amendment rights and the ability of citizens to bear arms. i think again the focus here is on arms trade and keeping weapons out of oppressive regimes, war-torn areas. that is a good thing. in terms of the concern the nra and others have this is going to infringe on american's gun rights. i don't buy buy it. the u.n. doesn't have that capacity and never will. >> heather: here is the thing, though. this is my question. i'll let you both answer. 193 u.n. members will have 11 days basically from tomorrow to hammer out this treaty and then the country would have to evaluate before making a sale whether the weapons will be used for human rights violations or terrorism or organized crime. so, how is that evaluation possible without either the very least a domestic gun registry,
1:38 pm
an international gun registry and would that then lead down the road and possibly impose on the second amendment rights. that is where the concern is. >> i think if the treaty were to prior rir that, i don't think it will be approved by the united states senate. this treaty would have to get two-thirds vote under the united states constitution and you can't get that without quite a bit of republican support. i think that is potentially legitimate concern but if that is remote possibility i don't see it getting by the senate. >> heather: how else could they track it and determine how they are being used? >> there is a difference -- it depends how you are explaining it. in identifying weapons that they do not want to fall into the hands of a terrorists, of extremist groups in war-torn
1:39 pm
areas, that is one thing. registry in terms of who owns them on an individual by individual basis that is never going to pass muster. that would be doa in a 2nd. i think it depends on how you are explaining it. i don't imagine that language is going to be in there. >> heather: so whether it can be ratified in the united states. do either of you remember wilson's treaty of versailles. history lesson here. that was set up allegedly the league of nations, gregg is the one giving the history lesson. in fact american history is full of examples. an internationally minded types they come up with good ideas for treaties and this could be one of them but they never ratify the treaties because it takes two-thirds majority of the senate. already 34 senators say they are not going to support this. 51 last time when this was
1:40 pm
brought up said they would not support it. so is the president and his administration just pandering to people's emotions right now following distinction like sandy hook and aurora, colorado. does it have any real chance of being ratified here anyway? >> i think it does. again, it depends on what that final language is in the treaty. if there is language in the treaty that reasonably could be interpreted to restrict second amendment i don't think it has a chance to pass. sandy hook and other tragedies have occurred across the u.s. in recent years there is more talk of gun control and possibility of that happening, i think at the same time those that are avid defenders are also activated to be on guard on any encroachment into second amendment rights. >> heather: i have to wrap it up there. i appreciate both of you coming on today. thank you so much.
1:41 pm
we'll see what happens in 11 days. >> gregg: very impressed treaty of versailles. >> heather: i'm learning from you. [ laughter ] >> heather: i did a little history lesson. >> gregg: it was so oppressive toward the germans. >> heather: not the first time that a treaty has been ratified in the united states. >> gregg: the maker of a dietary supplement after a soldier tied after using it. our legal panel looks at the case coming up. with the spark miles card from capital one,
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1:46 pm
running. the parents blame the supplement saying it shouldn't have been on store shelves in the first place. good to see you both. let me start with you. if you go to the gnc website it describes this as follows. ultra intense muscle strength and energy, power and endurance. vicky, allegedly contains a powerful stimulant and some experts say it's kind of like amphetamines. so do the parents have a legitimate wrongful death cause of action? >> i absolutely think they did he especially against the manufacturers. it's banned in seven different countries. it's called a controlled substance and not a natural supplement. at this point it is absolutely going to be able to be proven and probably out of court on the
1:47 pm
wrongful death suit. this is harmful and unsafe dietary supplement not good for human consumption. that is the biggest problem. they don't have to be meet standards of drugs. fda doesn't have to look at that. these supplement providers have to show the labels. they don't have to show any clinical study that it is harmful. >> gregg: may be a battle of experts and lot will depend on toxicology to show a causation between the intake and cause of death. rachel, let me put up what the lawyer for the manufacturer says. it's u.s. plad that makes jack. supposed i drank a soda pop woushlgs say the caffeine would cause a heart attack. wait a minute, this is just like caffeine and coca-cola and
1:48 pm
coffee that you have three times a day. >> i don't know necessarily know that is the strongest defense here, gregg. i agree with what vicky said in the manufacturers in this case may very well be held liable. if a lease regulation in the united states and this has not been banned at this time. there have been reports that has indicated it's not safe to be consuming but the causation is going to be need to be established here. the parents in this case are reasonably and completely devastated by the loss of their 22-year-old otherwise completely healthy son. >> gregg: what about contributory negligence negligence, may they have contributed to their own death? >> and the matter is unclear. they indicated in court filings the alleged victims used it appropriately.
1:49 pm
contribute other and comparative intelligence where is going to be a factor in this case. >> gregg: let me ask you this. the fda and i wrote this down, has not asked the product to be recalled as yet. now whether that is admissible or not is another question, but it did send letters to companies saying there is no evidence that dietary ingredient and it often increases blood pressure potentially increasing the risks of heart attack. can you get that warning by the fda into evidence during a wrongful death trial? >> i think they are going to have to try. that lab huge piece of evidence to be able to show they gave gnc manufactures the warning they could be an unsafe drug, akin to an amphetamine with caffeine stimulated go productivity. that could be call for reason for piece of evidence to actually try to come in. of course, the defense is going
1:50 pm
to block it and obviously they are going to use every rule of evidence to not allow it in. bottom line, gregg, that will be an indication of settlement out of court. they have done it many times and many occasions. gnc spent millions. >> gregg: it will be battle of experts and lots of depositions and if they do settle out of court the lawyers will get rich but we feel terrible for the families assuming there is a nexus to this particular supplement. vicky ziegler and rachel self, god to see you. >> heather: coming up, carnival cruise lines, another disabled ship limping back to port. new call to protect passengers' rights at seas. we'll take an in-depth look next. [ male announcer ] how do you make america's favorite recipes?
1:51 pm
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>>. >> heather: new troubles for carnival cruises, coastguard investigating the cruise ship legend after it had trouble cutting a seven-day cruise ship short for about 2500 passengers. that makes the fourth troubled ship in a month for carnival. chuck schumer is calling for a new passenger bill of rights.
1:55 pm
>> an international cruise ship bill of rights would require a level of service that customers should expect from a cruise ship and serve to guide cruise liners when serious situations that might endangering passengers unfortunately develop. bill of rights based on work we've done with the airline industry will ensure that passengers are not forced to live in third world conditions or put their lives at risk when they go on vacation. >> heather: also include a right to a full refund if the trip is abruptly cancelled due to mechanical issues and other things. so, is it time for carnival and perhaps the entire industry to take a time out? let's talk with jeff, talk radio service and garland nixon. thank you for joining us. so garland i'll start with you. is the role of government to get involved in this or does
1:56 pm
carnival need to do a better job at its business? >> i have a funny feeling the cruise industry will face problems getting new passengers. one of the things that needs to be done is something needs, if anything, something needs to happen to enlighten passengers or to force the cruise ship companies to enlighten passengers about their rights. most people don't know the ticket contract relieves the cruise line of all liability for anything. people are finding out now. i think while the government can't do anything to change that they should at least force them to tell people to be more open about the very, very limited if any liability they have for these types of incidents. >> heather: millions of people can't afford a vacation or take a cruise right now. is this something the government should be getting involved in? >> no, absolutely not. it's ridiculous to think we need a passenger bill of rights.
1:57 pm
chuck schumer never met a regulation he shied away from. what is next? you have the cdc that inspects the ships. you have the coastguard that inspect for safety then you have an international set of standards that regulates these ships and puts rules in place so they have standards to abide by. second thing, you made a great point, a lot of people can't afford to take cruises. this is leisure industry. this is situation where people enjoy their cruise for six days and mishap on the seventh day. i don't feel sorry for these folks. i don't think there should be increased regulation. i think the federal government has better things to do with its time and taxpayer money than getting involved. >> heather: but people pay to take vacation so they do have a right to have a nice trip. what needs to be done about it? >> as i said, to some extent i do agree.
1:58 pm
i think we got bigger fish to fry right now. the only thing i would suggest that would force the cruise ships to be more up front with people to let them know. the fact of the matter, if people knew how little rights they have on these vacations, they would rethink them which would force the cruise ship company -- but i have to agree to some extent. the government has a lot of things to do much more important to the average person. >> heather: thank you both for joining us. thanks to everyone else. stay tuned. we'll be right back. :
1:59 pm
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>>heather: hello, everyone, welcome to a brand new hour inside america's headquarters. >>gregg: happy st. patrick's day. topping the news, new videotape from iranian state her controlled media showing a war ship deployed raising concerns over tehran's military presence in that oil-rich region. >>heather: an eyewitness account after a man pulls a weapon in a sporting goods store. a tragic ending to the incident. >> in dublin, ireland, and in
2:03 pm
new york, people are celebrating st. patrick's day and we will look how people are enjoying the day all over the world. >>heather: lots of green. one place it is not is the nation's capitol in the looming budget on capitol hill. both the house of representatives and the senate drew up their own road map for the 2014 fiscal year. how far are they from reaching a compromise? peter is live in washington with the latest on that. >>peter: we heard house of representatives budget committee chairman ryan say the white house charm offensive including presidential visits to the capitol this weak-kneeds to -- this weak-kneeds to be sincere, but some of the other comments portrayed the differences in democratic and republican ideas right now. for example, president obama said this week he doesn't think there is an immediate debt crisis but republicans see it
2:04 pm
differently. >> to borrow on the phrase from erskine bowles, we are the healthiest looking horse in the glue factory. american is a stipulate ahead of the european nations confronting a debt crisis of japan in the second lost decade. partly because of our resilient economy and our world currency status. we do not have a debt crisis right now but we snow it is coming and happening. >>peter: democratic senator durbin tried to put the comments in context this morning. >> we need to put americans back to work. that is our first priority. deficit reduction is the second priority coupled with economic growth. we can do both. make sure we have deficit reduction. also, do not cut too much too fast. >>peter: anyone trying to handicap the odds of a grand bargain should consider what speaker boehner said today when he told use he doesn't know
2:05 pm
whether democrats and republicans can come to a big agreement but he did add that he trusts president obama. >>heather: thank you, peter, from washington, dc. >>gregg: senator durbin weighing in on immigration reform today. notwithstanding the major hurdles the senator said an agreement is possible but a hathaway to citizenship need to be answers. >> we are working, hours every week, four democrats, four republicans. we are making progress. there are several problems. we are dealing with border enforcement which is important on the republican side of the table. we are dealing with the question of the 11 million people paying taxes and having a path to legalization and ultimately to citizenship. they are tough issues. we are coming together. i think we can do it. >>gregg: for more on this story, senators durbin and
2:06 pm
senator corker talk immigration reform with chris wallace at 6:00 p.m. eastern, less than an hour from now. keep it here. >>heather: the chairman of the republican national committee calling for a major overhaul of the way his party selects future presidential nominees. here is the chairman. >> i believe our primary process is too long. our calendar needs to be looked at. our debate calendar needs to be shrunk. we had too many debates. they had to wait too long to get to the convention. i am calling for a convention in june or july. we will set up a commission that will make that decision. i will be part of that. i will chair the commission. no more august conventions. >>heather: he also blamed the drawn out primary process for costing former republican nominee mitt romney the presidency. federal law prohibits any candidate from tapping into the campaign funds until they are officially nominated by the
2:07 pm
party. >>gregg: new rattling from iran announcing on iranian state television the country has launched a destroyer in the first major military presence in the oil-rich area. the five countries that surround the caspian do not have an agreement on their resources exploitation. iran supports equally sharing the body of water, at least that is what they say. >>heather: a four hour stand off coming to a deadly end in pennsylvania. a man shot and killed himself inside a sporting goods store. the man entered the store in falls, pennsylvania, and canned to see a shotgun. the clerk refused to take off the lock from the gun and that is when the man pulled a revolver. listen to this witness describe the horror that happened next. >> what happened? >> we were inside the sporting goods store and me and my friend
2:08 pm
were in the hunting section. everyone was fine. we went in. two employees came over to us told us we have to leave the store and we asked why and they said there is a gunman, and we said, are you serious, and thankfully we got out of the door and they helped us. you could hear a guy screaming, but we got out and police were there when we got outside. >> what was the man saying? >> he was saying get everyone out. i could not hear because we just tried to get out. >>heather: police had brief contact with the man after three hours and they sent in a robot and they found the victim dead. his name has not been released but he has a history of mental health issues. >>gregg: new developments to tell you about a guilty verdict in a rape case that grabbed national attention. two ohio high school football players found guilty of raping a drunken 16-year-old girl in august. today, a judge sentenced the two
2:09 pm
teens to juvenile detention. now there is word of the rape investigation expanding. mike is joining us live from ohio. mike? >> both of the football stand outs forced themself on a 16-year-old who was too drunk to consent. also, one of them was guilty of taking photographs of her and distributing them on the internet. following that verdict, both the players broke down. >> i would like to apologize to [blank], her family, and the community, the pictures should not have been sent around or even taken. thank you. >> anything you would like to say? >> i would like to apologize. i had no intention of doing that. i'm sorry.
2:10 pm
(inaudible). >>gregg: an attorney says they appreciate the remorse but it came too late. if it came earlier it might have prevented police involvement. the ohio attorney general is calling for a grand jury to investigate, charging others in the case, as well, and saying he hopes to send a message because this is not an isolated case. >> what seven more shocking and appalling is crimes of sexual assault are occurring every friday night every saturday night, across this country. >> what sets this case apart is the traffic on the interpret, photos, and video, and derogatory talk of the victim. even following the verdict, the derogatory talk and the threats about the victim have not stopped on the intent. they are still circulating.
2:11 pm
they have returned, even. >>gregg: thank you, mike, from ohio. >>heather: investigators are looking into the cause of a deadly crash that happened at a race track near sacramento. two were killed, a 14-year-old boy and a 68-year-old man after a speeding race car ran off the track and into the pit during the warm-ups. the two were working in the area. the reaction to the tragedy is just now coming in. >> our hearts and prayers go out to the families that were involved. we do this for fun on the weekends. it is a racing community, a racing family. tragedy happens. we never know when it will happen. our hearts go out to the families. >>heather: the driver of the car is okay, with no injuries. we can add, though, the driver of the car was 17 and the 14-year-old who was killed was his cousin. >>gregg: sad story.
2:12 pm
>> new disturbing studies on sleep deprivation finding it can do more than just make you really cranky all the time. the details on what it does to your mind and body. >>heather: plus, why did jeb bush it is out the cpac straw pill? our political insiders will weigh in. >>gregg: the sights and sounds of a tradition that goes back centuries, a festival kicking off in spain. ♪ just one bite opens a world of delight... ♪ ♪ dreams of land meet sea, deliciously ♪ ♪ friskies surfin' and turfin' favorites. ♪ ♪ feed the senses.
2:13 pm
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>>heather: new information on the distribution of wealth in america. there are two separate reports that show the gap is getting wider between the rich and the poor. the first study show as significant increase in the number of millionaires in the united states. on the other end of the spectrum, there is this: wealth accumulation has stagnated for younger generations. the senior business correspondent from "bulls and bears" is joining us. thank you for joining us, brenda. taking a look at the number of millionaires has increaseed, nine million airs in 2012, close
2:17 pm
to pre-recession height of 2.2 in 2007. why the increase? >> the stock market. but the bulls are running. during the meltdown the stock market was cut in half. that took away wealth and accumulation of wealth for poor and wealthy. now we have seen a tremendous bull run, the dow was in the red on friday. we back to record highs. a lot has happened in 401(k)'s and also in the stock portfolio. >>heather: and the discrepancy with younger americans who include the generation x group who are stagnant. >> and our parents, from 55 to
2:18 pm
73, they doubled their income from the generation that receded them. generation x and generation y, those 45 and younger have been stagnant for the generation preceding them. that is a huge discrepancy which is what the american dream is about, that you will do better than your parents. you work hard, go to college, you will do better but that is falling apart. >>heather: what do younger americans need to do to make themselves more successful? >> part of the problem is the economy itself. we have 12 million people unemployed and 40 percent have been unemploy god more -- unemployed to more than six months. the economy has not been kind or the great recession kind to younger people. a lot is not to be blamed on them. there are some things they can do, a couple of things. they tend to get into the
2:19 pm
workforce later and not contributing to the 401(k)'s or owning stock and they did not participate in the big bull run. when you get a 401(k) and when you can have an i.r.a., put all the money you can as much as you are allowed to, put it in that. many of them are not buying houses but living with that are parents. but home prices are starting to go up, and buying a home will be good, as well. having a family. they are delaying having family. when you are part of a family you tend to budget better and you are constant because you think of your the rest. these all things that are part of the younger generation but they can change. >>heather: steps they can take to change their personal finances. thank you so much, brenda, as always. you can catch brenda on "bulls and bears" every saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. right here
2:20 pm
on the fox news channel. >>gregg: you save money when you have children? is that what you said? >> i am an a.t.m. >> exactly. >>heather: but you are more responsible. >>gregg: can i have money? can i have the keys to the car? then they are nice to me. >> we will bring you more of the sights and sounds of the final days of the festival on the banks of the mediterranean sea honoring the feast day of st. joseph. now more from valencia. >>reporter: we are thinking in terms of st. patrick's day, and you combine that with what happens with mardi gras in new orleans and you throw in 4th of july, you get an idea of what is going on at this party. there are firecrackers going on throughout the day and through
2:21 pm
the night. the closer we get to the end of the party next week, the more parades we see. for all of the feeling of chaos this gives off, it is incredibly organized and competitive. this is the 2013 winner from the city. more than 300 were voted on and each tell as story. they all have double meaning and have humor and satire. the winner pokes fun at the financial crisis facing countries in the euro zone, the 14 the time in the 120-year history to win first place. >> it is very hard to win. we were working all year to win this prize. >> as each day passes we have
2:22 pm
more noise leading up to wednesday and thursday when there will be 300 bonfires when they torch all of these,, all of these creations, with firemen standing by, of course. >>heather: in ireland the spirit of st. patrick's day on full display. more than 250,000 people braving cold and wet weather for the annual parade in dublin. we are told some 46 countries were represented in the parade. there were 8,000 from out of town. dublin hopes the holiday parade can promote tourism. look at this, getting into the spirit at the white house. the fountain on the south lawn has turned to green for st. patrick's day.
2:23 pm
>> i think they want more greenbacks in washington, dc. but they would just squander it. >>heather: how much did that cost? >>gregg: you can bet we paid for it. it seems the entire world is celebrating the election of a new pope and the argentina national football team is no exception. we will show you how they are honoring pope francis today. >>heather: new efforts to thwart terrorism at the airports and why critics say the new screening system is not feasible . campbell's chunky beef with country vegetables, poured over rice! [ male announcer ] campbell's chunky soup. it fills you up right.
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2:28 pm
providence and worcester. and pope francis is honored in argentina placing a small picture of the pope on the front of every jersey for their game today. >> speaking of pope francis, he celebrated the first sunday mass today with 150,000 people packing into st. peter's square to witness the pope's first sunday window appearance. >> there are new developments in airport security. the transportation safety administration approving a new screening device that can detect explosives. our reporter is live from new york with more on the story. >> the new device was approved by the t.s.a. in january to help workers identify potentially dangerous packages.
2:29 pm
despite congress requiring all packages be tested, the freight industry has had complying. the company behind the process, says passengers could be sitting above cargo not checked and says the new product could be a game changer. >> x-ray and metal detection do not tell you if there is an explosive. the steel in your shoe is metal and that is detected by a metal detector but it does not tell you if it is an explosive necessarily. the advantage to this is they telling you, we are telling you exactly what it is that has been detected. >> the device scans the packages for traces of known explosives and chemical compounds. once detected it alerts the screeners who can take a look. experts say real concerns still exist over this technology's
2:30 pm
ability to detect explosive devices in the millions of packages that are shipped. >> every piece of sniffer technology we have used in the airport does not serve the public well. that is why they are not there. it has nothing to do with the ability of the technology to detect the presence or trace of an explosive. it has to do with its ability to check everything. >> the device is already being used overseas, in asia, the middle east, latin america, and europe. united states companies are showing some interest with at least one unit already shipped. >>heather: we can try and see if it works. >> now, i am excited to get to political insiders. >>gregg: we have a dedicated following of political insiders and they are anxious to get there. the bloom is fading from the presidential rose.
2:31 pm
look at the president's approval rating taking a major hit in the latest poll. the president's approval rating falling to below 50 percent from december after the second term re-election. the number of americans who take a dim view of his job performance is now higher than those who approve. why are the president's poll numbers falling in what is he doing? we will bring in our political insider, john bat -- john leboutillier, former republican congressman from new york, pat caddell, former pollster for president jimmy carter, and doug schoen, former pollster for bill clinton. doug, did the president find himself in a political pickle?
2:32 pm
>> absolutely when the approval drops, and pat and i were in the white house when this has happened to the presidents we worked for, bill clinton and jimmy carter, when that happens, it is very, very difficult to turn around a ship that is going in the wrong direction. with the numbers up on the screen showing the approval at 45 percent, the president knows the sequestration is increasingly working against him. to have inflicted pain on the american people directly, ending the white house tours, threatening the republicans and the people of the united states, it has backfired. now he is reaching out to the republicans in a last-ditch effort to try to turn around a situation that has gone wrong. >>gregg: he seems desperate. is this that he wants to deal? or a charade. >> this is a president doing one thing when you look, and when
2:33 pm
you do not look he does another, running off and raising money. character is what you do when people are not looking. do you remember a president who sat out purposely to hurt americans in order to achieve a political agenda? >>gregg: that is what dr. carson accused the president of yesterday at cpac. >> the white house tours ending, he says, i didn't have anything to do with that but does anyone believe that? worse, he spends more on the golf trip with tiger woods, the taxpayers, than pay of someone for a year. so screw the people so he can make what he wants happen. >>gregg: can republicans cave on the tax hike? >> i don't think so. they bent the fiscal cliff on january 1, floating the new tax
2:34 pm
on people making over $450,000. taxes are at the heart of his falling poll numbers. everyone has their taxes going up, not just rich people. the payroll tax holiday is over. these numbers reflect, i think, the disposable income from higher taxes. the republicans are in a tough spot. they cannot do a budget deal with another tax increase before 2014, go home and campaign and say, guess what we have done? we have raised taxes twice. >>gregg: we will put the two budget proposals on the screen. $4.6 trillion and balanced budget in ten years and the democrats have no balanced budget whatever, forever. cut the deficit by only 1.8 trillion through spending cuts and tax hikes.
2:35 pm
doug, do you think republicans would ever agree to revenue increase through closing loopholes? why protect hedge fund guys? >> both budgets are dead on arrival. neither has a chance of being adopted by the other side. the democrats don't really reduce the deficit. they do not take on entitlements. the republican budget, they fail to consider even as you asked, cutting or eliminating loopholes and trying to raise revenue that way. there is a basis in the numbers for a deal but it is not clear to me what either side wants. >> these people are so far away from each other and we keep saying over and over, simpson-bowles, simpson-bowles, simpson-bowles would give us something to work with but when paul ryan said, and i was stunned, look, we will cut the rate of growth, not the automatic growth spending of 3.9
2:36 pm
percent, rather than their 5 something, and i said did anyone hear the prosecute of us have to have budgets, we don't get automatic budgets? all that people are getting from paul ryan is he wants to cut medicare and medicaid. >> but rather than doing the deferring of the health care, put a proposal that you lost the election on, does not make sense which is repealing. >> i do think that there are seeds of a potential deal here. simpson-bowles is not that far from some of this stuff. in simpson-bowles, medicare was not included. we have the president the other day going to the democratic house members and asking them to give him wiggle room. >> what did they say? >> no! >> nancy pelosi said she was open to changing cpi for social security and how that is computed. >> that is scary "changing cpi."
2:37 pm
>> meaning re-doing the index. >> it is all washington talks when you say this is the problem the country is having, a consensus morale in this country, when brenda was on the segment before us about what is happening in a country we are supposed to give better than we received, this is the test from which you can get a deal. >> we like the president and republican leaders to say we have a moral responsibility as pat said to get a deal, to put everything on the table, and to come together. they have about five months until july when the debt ceil comes up. if they don't do it by then they will never. >> he ignored paul ryan, chairman of the budget committee for four years and suddenly and magically he wants to meet with them. >> it is tough to get in your 600 and basketball. >> look if this president's attitude of let them eat cake, i go on my vacation, one
2:38 pm
presidential vacation, there are no cuts in his. just what can i do to hurt ordinary people? >> on doug's point once the approval of the president goes down it is hard to turn around, one way to turn it around is a comprehensive debt and spending deal that would revive the economy. >> what he is trying to do, if he doesn't get it because the problem for him now is people are saying, wait, this guy is playing us, and that will kill you as a president. >>gregg: conservatives hoping they have taken the first step to the white house with cpac holding a straw poll but will the winner be closer to 1600 pennsylvania avenue? our political insiders are here for that. [ kate ] many women may not be absorbing the calcium they take
2:39 pm
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got the coffee. that was fast. we're outta here. ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ >>heather: time if a quick check of headlines. democratic senator schumer
2:43 pm
calling for a screws -- cruise ship passenger bill of rights after another limps back into court after technical problems at sea. iranian state tv announcing iran has announce add destroyer in the caspian, the first military presence in the oil-rich area. >> a deadly bus crash in pennsylvania killed a driver, a pregnant coach, and her unborn child. the bus was carrying a college lacrosse team from seton hall university. >> move over, iowa and new hampshire, the first political contest of 2016, actually ahead of the presidential election, in a book, rand paul winning the cpac conservative political action conference straw poll, the kentucky senator taking 25 percent of the vote. close on his heels, though, florida senator marco rubio with
2:44 pm
23 percent and rick santorum, chris christie, and paul ryan, all falling to double digits, rather, failing to meet double digits. is rand paul already a frontrunner? back to our political insiders, john leboutillier, pat caddell and doug schoen. >> at this point you have to call a frontrunner and it says something profound about the republican party. they want outsiders. you mentioned rand paul with the 13-hour filibuster. bottom line, you saw paul ryan trailing at 7 percent. jeb bush did not put his name in the nomination. the republican party is disspiritted and they want alternates. rand paul is one. >>gregg: this rasmussen poll is astonishing and it could be a consequence of a stunt more than anything else, look at numbers for rand paul, 67 percent, 52 percent for john mccain and 42
2:45 pm
percent for graham. >> i was at cpac and the lack of energy was palpable but for rand paul's performance and carson. >> except for your performance. >>gregg: you made the numbers, they were talking about you, pat. >> i just said to the republicans, they enwhatted someone so i did it and i said what their problems were and what they had to deal with and the response of the republicans was amazing, telling the truth about their situation rather than making it up. i want to say that ryan, the vice presidential nominee could only get percent? they want new faces. they want the truth. that is the reaction i got. >> what pat is talking about is something we have talked about on this show, the mismanagement of the romney presidential campaign, the money, all the money that was spent, it was wasted money.
2:46 pm
maybe a rip-off was included in there. >>gregg: what was refreshing and i mentioned it earlier and you thought i was talking to a sound bite, doctor carson, you may remember at the national prayer breakfast a few months ago he lit into the president over obamacare with the president sitting there and here he is yesterday at cpac. take a listen. >> say you put me magically into the white is almost laughable some of the thing i hear people say who criticize you saying he is a neurosurgeon so he couldn't know anything about economics. it is not brain surgery. >>gregg: of course, he is a brain surgeon. he rocked the place. >> that is the point. the republican party as pat
2:47 pm
suggested wants to hear the truth. they want people to say i am an ordinary american and fed up with what is going on, i have skills that i can bring to the process. dr. carson and rand paul represent a profound change and fresh faces. >> let me say this, my friend warned me years ago, the problem legislations is they did not understand drama. rand paul proved what a dramatic moment is. carson has proved what a dramatic moment is. people are hungry for authentic things. >> that spirit which is big in the democratic party go back to gary hart and mcgovern in 1972 but it does not happen in the republican party until how. >> it happened with ronald reagan. >> it did but it took him three tries. >> how about another name, jeb bush, who obviously is more than dipping his toe in the water.
2:48 pm
he went to the talk show as eke ago and done an op-ed and there he was, at cpac, yet he is the guy who insisted he didn't want to be part of the straw poll. >> he got cleaned up. there was no enthuse a. >> the bush fatigue, the country we talked about is infecting the right which is why they want to go for a fresh face like carson or paul. >> someone would represents the grass roots, tea party sentiment. >> anti-establishment. >> not fiscal conservative only but anti-establishment. it was change, change from the bottom up. >> why not invite governor chris christie? is that a mistake? >> of course. christie is the most popular governor of all 50 states with the highest approval rating. he is a republican in a blue state. he is conservative and they don't want him. >>gregg: do they need to be more inclusive?
2:49 pm
>> you cannot win with just a southern base. >> you cannot be a minority party and exclude people who add to your message. >>gregg: do they need to make a change on gay marriage or immigration to be more inclusive? >> let people feel you are not against them and that you are for something. particularly for growth, for opportunity, and the antiestablishment party, by the way, of main street against the corruption whether it is in walk or wall street. being a washington party does not work. >> if they want young people back they need libertarians which means openness on social issues. >> this cpac thing was filled with jealousy, in-fighting going on, john mccain versus rand paul which is the sign of a party in decline. they are at each other's throats. >>gregg: it is 2014 for the
2:50 pm
midterms. pat, what do you say? >> last night i was at a special society with so many fans who watched this show and i wish you at the tiberian society, but happy st. patrick's day. great fellowship last night, it was wonderful at the society. such fellowship and great fun and i thank you. >>gregg: thanks to our political needers, all three of full of blarny. >> as usual. >> they will be back here next sunday, san hat, we hope. you can physical them on twitter, as well. stick around. ke you? tdd#: 1-800-345-2550 schwab bank was built with all e value and convenience tdd#: 1-800-345-2550
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>>heather: we are getting word that a small plane has crashed into homes as it was approaching the regional airport in south bend, indiana. necessity word so far on how many people were on board the plane but neighbors say they saw two people taken away on stretchers. officers have evacuated the area
2:55 pm
because of a gas leak and homeland security is on the scene. we will bring you more on this help having story as we get it >>gregg: ask anyone how they are doing and the answer is "tired." researchers are find not enough sleep is taking a physical toll on your body and it is leading to a host of other health problems. >>heather: not only that, it can cause weight gain. how do you possibly get some shut eye? we will bring in our doctor from the louisiana state university health center. how can we get good sleep? >>guest: there are things to do. keep the bedroom cool. all the electronics and the light down, pitch black. do not use the computer. do not look at your cell phone before you sleep. when you are fired, make -- when you are tired, make yourself go
2:56 pm
to sleep. >>gregg: what is happening >>guest: there was a recent study. it is not called beauty sleep to nothing. there are restoring properties when you sleep. when we do not get enough sleep, our skin is damaged, for example, by the sun each day and our d.n.a. sends to the messeng messenger r.n.a., something to repair the cells, and they found on the r.n.a. level we had more proteins that were made that were damaging and less of the proteins that helped repair the skin and things like that. really, there is something to beauty sleep. it does restore the proteins and
2:57 pm
repair. >>heather: how about weight gain? >>guest: that is another thing. there have been multiple studies that she kids overweight if they do not sleep enough, measures that only get five hours of sleep were 33 percent heavier. we have a lot studies demonstrating that. sleep is considered a stress if you are sleep deprived which caused hormones to be released including hormones that make you hungry. when you do not get enough slope you get -- sleep you get hungry and crave high fat food for more america and you do not have new of the more many that makes you feel satisfied. >>gregg: lack of sleep can lead to diabetes? >>guest: right, your metabolism is messed up, we we see diets, it contributed to heart attack and stroke.
2:58 pm
it is more than getting enough sleep and packing in your day. it can damage your health. >>gregg: i will go right to bed. >>guest: good idea. >>heather: me, too, but i have to put on my st. patrick's day sweater which i got great my mother back in north carolina. this is how we celebrate st. patrick's day. >>gregg: so many irish in north carolina. >>heather: i am dutch irish. >>gregg: would knew? >> happy st. patrick's day. >> that does it for us. fox news sunday with chris wallace is coming up next. >>heather: i will see you back at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, speaking of lack of sleep.
2:59 pm
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