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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  March 17, 2013 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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a foreign sglik psychiatrist hired the defense will be taking the stand. that is all tonight. thanks for being with us. make sure you go to greta make sure you know what's going on with us tonight jodi arias trial. good night from washington, d.c. >> this is a fox report. tonight evacuations underway here at the airport in the nation's heartland where a small corporate jet has gone down hitting a group of homes. six months after the killings of libya and three other americans there are new questions tonight about why we have not heard from the people who did escape from that ambush alive. >> survivors from that deadly night terrorist attacked our american diplomatic out post in libya. what do these people know and why don't our law americas have access to them? >> i think the entire way the administration has handled the benghazi affair has been
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abnormal. >> a closer look at how someone is pressuring them is keeping quiet. while the u.s. post office spends billions of dollars a year and plans to cut an entire day of service. millions of dollars going to extravagant get togethers. fox reports. who is being wined and dined? >> also baby fever hits london with a slip between william and kate. one wants a girl while the other prefers a boy. >> i am harris falkner. we begin tonight with new fallout from the september 11th terror attack this year on our u.s. consulate in libya. allegations emerging that survivors recovering at walter reed medical center in washington, d.c. are being told to keep quiet about what happened that night that according to lindsay graham who told fox news the obama
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administration is being unusually tight lipped compared to other events. >> you got to remember this administration leaked every detail of the bin laden raid. though telled old us about seal 6. they are refuse to go give us the identity and allowing congress to be interviewed. >> four died in the terror attack. shawn smith and former navy seal glen daughterty and tyrone woods and ambassador chris stevens. >> information begins to emerge as we learn the security agents and one state department contractor who were among the injured may be being asked not to talk. lindsay graham tells fox news the injured survivors may have been quote told to be quiet. he says the house should investigate. >> i am going to hold up the
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business of the senate until they get the survivors on record. i have talked to a couple. the story is chilling they are scared to death to come forward without some institutional support. >> members the house intelligence committee says it's still too early to say whether or not they will investigate. >> still too soon to say we have an investigation once we get the investigation the fbi is focusing on a lot of areas right now. when we find out we will use the report to make a determination of where we go from there. >> when asked about the survivors he acured the white house isn't preventing any one from working. he's also in talks with the survivors. as you remember the attack killed four americans including ambassador chris stevens. one man said to be involved is currently being detained. >> john folton former uss ambassador to the united nations talked about how the white house
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is handling the attack. >> part of the administration -- the problem here is many think they engaged in a cover up they made up the story about the attack. >> i will ask him about his take on the benghazi investigation with the new developments. about that man elizabeth just talked about who is in custody in libya. we don't know witness or suspects but yet we have not had access to him either. stay tuned for that. now iran showing off the art land it represents iran's first oil heavy presence in the state water. the ship is armed with surface to surface air missiles plus anti aircraft batteries. ahmadinejad is in port city
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iran. iran says it put 18 people on trial for their involvement in the killings of several nuclear scientists. this have you had yo showing the most recent attack since january. this showed 5 out of 10 scientists died. iran accused the u.s. and britain of being behind it. ve israel has not commented. the trial will begin in months. on the subject of iran an update for you on a story we are following of an american pastor thrown in an iranian prison for being christian. they sentenced him to 8 years. a trial was held in washington focusing on his case and the plight of religious minorities in iran.
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they are doing more to free him. turn to go another country that made repeated threats against america north korea and new concerns about a 28-year-old leader kim juong-un's health is coming under question. mike rogers of michigan is trying to prove himself as the leader and the military is doing rattling for itself and its own interests. the combination could be deadly. >> they would openly threaten a nuclear attack in the united states is problem enough. there are military move ams along the dmz in north korea. they don't know the stability of their leader again 28 years old we are not confident we know they wouldn't take those tips. >> the pentagon will spend 1 billion to add interceptors to an allah cass based missile
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defense system. there is problems with nuclear weapons and missiles. the transportation security administration says it is standing by to remove small knives inside a cabin next month. announcing also it will improve a new device making a better job protecting explosives. ar they will neville, is sounds like we need this after they missed a big bomb of two levels of security. >> it is called the quantum sniffer. it acts like a bomb sniffing dog. it has traces of xhem cal compounds. once detected it alerts screeners by taking a closer look. the makers say their product is
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more traditional methods. >> the steel shank in the shoe will be metal did ybut it doesn necessarily tell you it's an explosive. the advantage to explosive traces we are telling you exactly what it is that you have detected. >> it has been used in pirates across the country. it can also detect illegal drugs. >> i understand cargo ships on planes does not necessarily go through the same kind of screening process as people in their bags do. the they could be sitting in cargo that is not screened by explosive devices. they want all packages to be screened but the frait industry had trouble with complying with the mandates. it works faster than most experts still have concerns over
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the ability to detect explosive devices. >> it's a piece of mobile equipment, desk top equipment that apparently pack ab age at a time. there are thousands and thousands upon packages that come into the airport every day. just can't do it rapidly enough. >> the device is already being used overseas asia middle east latin america and europe. u.s. companies are showing interest with at least one unit already shipped. harris? >> ar they will, thank you. >> breaking news inside the fox report now. evacuations near an independent airport a small jet has come down. the investigators are at the crash scene right now. south bend regional airport in indiana. homeland security agents also at
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the scene. here's what we know so far. as we look at brand new video into fox news a beech craft has gone down. reports of a gas leak right after the crash. that is why they are evacuating the people in the residential area. local meteorologists are saying whether did not appear tock a factor. it was not especially windy at the time of the accident. we will show you the type of plane for corporate and travel business we did obtain the tail number of the jet and learn the owner tof the plane is from canada. the small jet had taken off from tulsa, oklahoma and crashed as it was approaching south bend international airport. the jet not clear how many were on board we don't know exactly who was on it. they saw two people taken away on stretchers. more news on the story. right now thousands of
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passengers back on dry land after the fourth carnival cruise ship in a month had problems. once again a dream trip cut short. hours ago a senior member of the senate calling for big changes for the entire cruise industry to protect you when you spend money on a giant boat. it is time for a cruise ship bill of rights. we have all heard about the money problems forcing a postal t service to do away with saturday service. post offices across the country closing. why is the cash strapped agency spending millions of dollars to wine and dine some employees? stay close.
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>> a weak-- week long voyage ended for the cruise passengers, and the legend limped back with a
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faultily propulsion system. and some of thead mechanical problem cut the vessel's speed down to 5 miles an hour forcing the captain to cancel the trip. the captain to cancel the trip to the grand cayman islands. at no time were the passengers in danger. the repairs have been made and it's turned around with a fresh set of customers on board. the lend is back at sea. the fourth time in a month when they've had problems. in the most public sized case an engine fire left the triumph adrift in the gulf of mexico and for eight days, passengers and crew sweltered with overflowing title and little or no food. and that prompted one senator to propose a bill of rights. >> an international cruise passenger bill of rights. what customers should expect
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from a cruise ship and serve to guide cruise liners when serious situations that might endanger passengers unfortunately develops. >> harris: senator schumer's plan would include the right to full refund if the cruise is abruptly canceled due to mechanical problems. >> an ailing u.s. postal service is canceling saturday service and shut down and raising delivery prices. but none of that has stopped the cash strapped agency from spending millions of dollars to wine and dine a few hundred postal workers, a move that's raising some eyebrows. claudia cowan explains. >> harris, the national postal forum, shipping and direct mail, with a golf tournament and dancing, and fun for the attendees, and the u.s. postal service, agency spending big bucks to be here despite being 16 million dollars in debt.
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documents show the travel, $220,000 in exhibit space and other incidentals will cost the postal service 2.2 million dollars. attendees, including the post master general patrick donahue will enjoy live music and a banquet with the food from fisherman's warf. critics don't buy it and suggest that postal executives are out of touch. >> they're just tone deaf to the actual reality on the ground and how this will be perceived and that's something that our executives, and whether they're in the regular federal government or the postal service, has to take note of. that the public is watching and that they are turned off by seeing waste of taxpayer dollars or in this case, sosh service dollars. >> attendees see it another way. >> relationships and networking very important. if they just stand in their
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office in washington they wouldn't get the feel of what the mailers want and need in the industry because the industry's changing. technology is changing and the postal service is changing with it. >> reporter: again, the u.s. postal service spending more than 2 million dollars on exhibit space and travel expenses. that may not sound like a lot, but as one government watch dog group told me, the way you end up 16 billion dollars in debt you don't worry about a 2 million dollar expenditure. over time, harris, it all adds up. >> harris: indeed it does. thank you. and republican lawmakers stepping up calls to hear from the the survivors of the benghazi terror attacks, six months after that assault there are questions whether somebody is trying to keep them quiet. where we started tonight. and former u.n. ambassador to the united nations john bolton joins us with his take. plus, a major break in the case of an american tourist murdered abroad. turkish police believe they've
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you're o♪ ♪meout leo! some things won't last 25 years. ah! woof. some things will. save up to 20% on an ikea kitchen. >> a suspect taken into custody for killing an american tourist in turkey. the body of sarai sierra was found in the ruins of the old city wall. she's from staten island new york, went to turkey on vacation in january and vanished the day she was due to come back to the airport in new jersey. the last anyone saw of her was on surveillance video and now we're learning that turkish police arrested a man near the turkey and syrian border. they tested a strand of dna from the his head and a drop
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of blood and they're 100% match. we'll keep you posted. excitement building at the vatican ahead of the inauguration of pope francis. the energy was palpable as the newly elected pontiff delivers his first blessing from above st. peters square and steps outside of vatican gates and breaching his own security to greet a sea of well wishers. >> you don't know whether this is the honeymoon period or whether there's something special about the new pope that's gotten under everybody's skin. after celebrating mass today pope francis warmly greeted vatican employees and their family and kissing children and asking them to pray for him. and he went to the side for the hordes pressed up against the gate. let's get to work and your simplicity has captivated all of us.
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pope francis delivering his first angelus prayer from the window. >> don't forget that god never gets tired of for giving us. have a good sunday, and a nice lunch. >> reporter: we've learned from the patriarchy, that will be attending the installation ceremony on tuesday the first time an orthodox patriarch has attended the ceremony since 1054. >> harris: some people know him as the hhoff in germany what is he doing there and he's very serious and passionate. >> and this wall is really sacred.
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at or your local dealer. i started playing football when i was 7 years old. following my junior season in college, i was diagnosed with cancer. the doctors told me that i would not be able to play football again. during recovery, i wanted to give it everything i had, from training to a good rest. i had tweeted i couldn't wait to get in my tempur-pedic. the company had seen it. they said, "are you really a tempur-pedic owner?" i said, "yes, i am, and i'm very proud of it." i can't imagine living without my bed. my name is mark herzlich. i'm a professional football champion, a cancer survivor, and a tempur-pedic owner. >> a landslide unleashes mud on a neighborhood taking out homes. our top story as we go around the world in 80 seconds. india, that landslide ripping through this area of kazmir, the government providing victims of the disaster with tents and shelter, but locals
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saying a lot more help is needed. italy, red-hot lava erupting from mt. etna, europe's tallest active volcano lighting up the night sky and we're told it erupts often, but rarely causes damage. >> germany. ♪ >> actor david hasslehoff singing a song many germans remember him for, he relewased it shortly before the berlin wall fell. and the hoff at the remaining call, real estate developers want to tear it down for the property, but hasslehoff says no way. it's about people, and hearts that were broken and lives that were lost. >> harris: georgia, it's called the red bull jump and breeze contest.
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they're hitting the slopes and landing in a pool of cold water. and the costumes. among the participants, the teenage mutant ninja turtles, a bride and groom and that's a trip around the world in 80 seconds. i'm harris falkner, it's the fox report, time for the top of the news. we're getting reports now, the latest on what was breaking earlier of at least two people dead after a plane crashed in south bend, indiana, a carpet jet. investigators say the jet hit three homes after apparently experiencing mechanical problems and now you're looking at more pictures that have come in. now, this is the type of plane that we're talking about, not the exact team that went down. the beech craft premier 1, used in business often. we've learned the owner of the plane in question is from helena, montana and no details on who was exactly on board. to give you a look at what the
7:33 pm
plane might look like, a possible government shutdown, only ten days away. a live look now, the nation's capitol until the senate can approve a so-called resolution. a vote is expected sometime this week and this comes as both the senate and house unveil two budget proposals, both very different on things like tax hikes and entitlement spending and neither likely to get enough support to make it to the president's desk in its current form. house speaker john boehner says he's at work toward balancing the budget going forward, but that's that washington's spending problems have to be addressed. >> when you get down to the bottom line, the president believes that we have to have more taxes from the american people and we're not going to get very far. if the president doesn't believe that the goal ought to be the balance of the budget over the next ten years, i'm not sure we'll get very far. >> peter doocy with the news in washington for us tonight.
7:34 pm
do lawmakers sound hopeful that the government shoulddown can be avoided? >> harris, none of the lawmakers we heard from today actually threatened to shut down the government at the end of the march and the focus seems to have shifted past the upcoming deadline to extend that short-term budget resolution and on to a more grand bargain, but speaker boehner says he doesn't know if democrats and republicans can come together for a big deal and comes amid criticism of his colleague congressman paul ryan, the budget proposal and balance in a decade hinges on the repeal of obamacare. >> we believe that the law will collapse under its own weight and people will be eager as the details unfold. point two, the same point could be made for the senate budget, dead on arrival in the house, a trillion dollar tax increase with even more spending. >> reporter: ryan is of course the top republican on the house budget committee.
7:35 pm
the top democrat, democrat chris van holland made the case against the ryan budget proposal paying particular attention to the theoretical repeal of obamacare. >> their budget is built on a hoax. on one hand they say they will be in ten years, and on the other hand repeal obamacare, if you repealed it today the budget would not be balance. >> and part of the so-called charm offensive, congressman ryan says if anything big is going to get done that charm offensive needs to be sin veer and last until summer. harris. >> harris: a long time to charm. peter doocy, thanks very much. good to see you. as we told you earlier, senator lindsey graham opening up about the deadly terror attacks on americans in libya and outcomes. and the survivors of the september 11th attack are
7:36 pm
being told to keep quiet and he's urging them to subpoena for details. if necessary. joining me is john bolton, former ambassador to the united nations and now a fox news contributor. good to see you. >> hi, harris, how are you. >> harris: i'm doing great. what do you think if anything is going on diplomatically to get answers? >> well, the administration says it's still pursuing leads, but you know, they have, i think, bungled this from the start, treating it as if it were a criminal investigation of a bank job or a second story robbery, rather than what it was, an act of war, targeted attack on the president's representative in libya, killing him and three other people. i'm afraid pursuing a law he be format approach is not going to come up with much. there's talk of another possible suspect held by the libyans, that would be good news, but we'll see if we ever get access to him. >> you're talking of the difficulty of knowing what's
7:37 pm
going on with the investigation. i want to play a little built of a talk that happened with a house intelligence committee chairman, mike rogers out of michigan. what he's talking about the person in custody may be more of a suspect than a witness. let's watch. >> we're not sure yet. we have pretty good indications that he is at least a highly-- a suspect at being involved. >> harris: that's a little bit different than what we've been hearing, again, not confirmation that this person may have had any involvement, but you mentioned we didn't have access to him. and what's the situation? >> well, i think when you have an event like this now six months old, i think any responsible law enforcement official would tell you, it's very hard with this much time gone by to think that you're going to be able to track down many of those who participated in this attack. better late than never. better one than none, but as i say, i think we have-- we lost the threat on this in
7:38 pm
the days right after the attack, we lost the thread, when the administration would not acknowledge what i think reality showed us, which was, it was a terror attack, it was not a demonstration that got out of control, it's not a law enforcement matter and we're unfortunately paying the consequences. and not just with what happened in benghazi with you the continuing risk to american embassies and consulates and private american citizens throughout that region of possible terrorist attacks. >> well, and you bring he me to the issue of why it's important to find out what happened there, for americans here at home to understand so that we can look forward on ways maybe to change and better protect our people. >> let's talk about the that, the allegations that the white house is dealing with this differently than other international incidents. how so? >> i think it's incredible that six months after the attack, congress doesn't have the answers to key questions
7:39 pm
and denied access to people who were there at the consulate or at the annex that night is extraordinary. look, i'm generally worried about congress prying into the specifics of the bureaucracy down at low levels, but this was an extraordinary event. four americans were killed and it's not simply what happened that night, as tragic as that was, it does go to this larger question of how we protect official americans in countries which are vulnerable to terrorist attacks, and how we protect private american citizens from being kidnapped and held hostage in difficult areas. >> quickly, further in the acquisition that survivors are not allowed to talk with lawmakers, what do you make of it? >> well, it's a self-inflicted wound to the administration's own credibility. if they don't have anything to hide, let congress have access, let's find out what they knew. they knew they he were under attack and didn't have to rely
7:40 pm
as the administration said later on conflicting intelligence reports. they were there, it's a mystery why the administration if it has nothing to hide wouldn't make them available. >> all right, with what little time we have left i want to make sure we mention the president's visit coming up on wednesday to israel and reportedly tensions. what's the message he needs to take to the israelis next week. >> with the new government taking office in israel, this could be a time to reforge the relationships and the strength of the alliance between israel and the united states, but i think it's going to be a trip high on photo opportunities and substance is going to be quite different. i think the president's bringing two very tough messages to prime minister netanyahu on iran and on the palestinians and behind the scenes conversations are having to be very tough on both sides. >> harris: why, a tough way to describe it. high on photo ops. quickly, a lot happening
7:41 pm
locally affecting our security. and north korea prompting the pentagon to say we're going to beef up shielding defense. what should be white house be doing? >> i'm glad they finally allowed the additional missiles to go into the aleutian missile sites. better late than never. i think the administration needs to fundamentally reverse its course on national missile defense to restore it to the projected size and scope and level of protection that the bush administration planned. you know, it's great that we've got more protection against north korean missiles. he we need to plan against the day when iran has deliverable nuclear warhead capabilities as well. we're way behind on that. >> harris: we've covered a lot of ground, ambassador. thank you. >> thank you, harris. >> harris: two high school football players accused of raping a girl at an alcohol
7:42 pm
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7:46 pm
to sexual contact. additional charge of using a minor and nudity oriented material was applied to one of the defendants, trent mays, having snapped a picture of the girl and distribute it had on the internet. and following the verdict both of the football players broke down. >> i'd like to apologize to her family, my family-- those pictures shouldn't ha have have-- >>. >> i'd like to apologize, i had no intention to do anything like that, i'm sor sorry-- >>. >> an attorney for the victim's family say they appreciate the remorse, but it came too late. had it came earlier it may have prevented police involvement. the mother of the victim addressed the boys off camera.
7:47 pm
>> you displayed not only a lack of compassion, but a lack of any moral code. your decisions that night affected countless lives, you were your own abuser through the social media you chose to publish your criminal conduct on. >> reporter: one of the defendants, ma'lik richmond will do one year in juvenile detention, trent mays, two, harris, back to you. >> harris: mike tobin, thank you. three people remain hospitalized after the deadly bus crash involving their college women's lacrosse team. it's a follow-up we brought you as it was developing. we knew then the coach who was pregnant died on that bus. now the latest in our top story on the fox trip across america. pennsylvania, seton hill university hold ago memorial mass for 30-year-old head coach christina quigley who was since months pregnant and the driver. they were with the team and other coaches on board the bus
7:48 pm
when it went off the pennsylvania turnpike. still no word what caused the crash. california, opening day of racing season ends in tragedy at a track north of sacramento. a teenage race car driver taking warm-up laps veered off into the pit area. two died including a 14-year-old boy. the driver not hurt reportedly going 90 mile per hour at the time of the accident. police in phoenix just releasing brand new video of a valentine's day jewelry heist. watch as the suspect begins smashing display cases, grabbing what he can. seconds later, a store employee attacks the robber. >> he really jumped and kicked the suspect. the suspect stumbles and releases his gun on the floor and retains the jewelry. >> the employee grabbed the robber's gun and fired it. the suspect got away.
7:49 pm
police want that suspect and a person of interest in the store seconds before the chaos. illinois, it wouldn't be st. patrick's day without green. chicago loves this day. the windy city dyeing the chicago river green. and crowds getting quite a show, and even a leprechaun and a water powered jet pack. and that's a fox watch across america. and the tribute at the people's house although the people can't get inside, what we're told about budget cuts, and we can see the fountains on the north and south lawns are green, luck of the irish. again, not lucky enough to get inside. i digress. a festive touch first observed in 2009 and it was inspired by first lady michelle obama, a gushing nod to her hometown, chicago. the royal couple getting ready to welcome a new addition to the family, a boy, a girl, no
7:50 pm
one knows yet, but the duchess of cambridge does have a preference and so does her husband, prince william. and it looks like he they don't agree. ♪ baby love, my baby love ♪ ♪ i need you, oh how i need you ♪ why do people count on sunsweet prune juice to stay fit on the inside? it's made only from prunes, nothing else. it works, simple as that. it's a natural source of fiber and five essential vitamins. it's the smart choice for me. stay fit on the inside with sunsweet's amazing juices.
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>> no word yet whether the royal baby is going to be a boy or a girl, but kate middleton wants... wait for it, a soldier who met the duchess who is five months pregnant says while she and william were attending it a ceremony honoring irish guards, he asked her if she knew the baby's gender. she responded, she did not
7:54 pm
know, but hopes it is a boy. the same soldier also says kate revealed william wants a girl. we're told the royal couple has not settled on any names yet. their new addition will become third in line to the british throne. the festival in spain, a huge teal warri deal we're covering it here on fox. elaborate center pieces will be set ablaze and that's one way to party. alicia acuna live from valencia, spain. >> there's all of the st. patrick's day celebration going on and take that and combine it with mardi gras in new orleans and 4th in july and get an idea of the partying that's happening he here. >> there are firecrackers going off throughout the day and the night and the closer to the end of the fiesta next
7:55 pm
week, it seems the more parades we see and for the feeling of chaos this appears to give off, it's incredibly organized and competitive. this is the 2013 winning falla. the best one from valencia this year. more than 300 were voted on, they all have double meaning and contain humor, satire and social commentary. this year's winner poked fun at the financial crisis in and the 14th time to win first place. >> it's very hard to win the first place and we were working all year to have this prize. we burn it, so we like to make it bet her. >> and of course it's noisier and noisier as each day passes, harris, as we're leading up to the big day,
7:56 pm
weapons night into thursday when we have the 300 bonfires burning throughout the city when they torch all of these fallas with firemen standing by of course, harris. >> harris: wow, thank you. you can hear the booms behind her. her. bracketol what's droid-smart ? with google now, it automatically knows when you need to leave for the airport, how much traffic there is, and can have your boarding pass ready. the droid razr maxx hd by motorola. droid-smart. droid-powerful.
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