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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 18, 2013 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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the rape victim's mother said again, human compassion is not taught by a teacher, coach or parent. it's a god given right. when your child gets their feelings hurt or you do, one benefits compassion. thanks for watching. studio b with shepard starts now. >> shepard: thanks. happy monday. cops in central florida evacuated students from a residence hall after they found a body, bombs and guns in a dorm room. the fbi is on the case. the tiny mediterranean island of cyprus. we thought it what's to drain your 401k. now there's been a bit of a rebound on wall street. a bailout could cause worldwide pain. a hijacked helicopter. helped inmates escape from a prison. but they didn't make it too far. that and march madness marshal
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henderson unless breaking news changes everything on "studio b." first, at 3:00, in new york city, we begin with a fox urgent. the state department confirmed the syrian government that has been killing it's own people today fired rockets into lebanon. the u.s. state department calls that a significant escalation. syrian jets and helicopters fired rockets into the north of lebanon into a town with a sunni population, a population that supports the rebels. at it also comes days after the syrian government reported that a large number of militants crossed into lebanon. this new cross-border attack is the latest sign the civil war reportedly killed more than morn 70,000 people and displaced millions of others, is spilling across the region and forcing the united states to consider playing a more direct role in the conflict. the united states recently did
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give their syrian rebel tens of million ops dollars in medical and humanitarian aid but the u.s. claims it has not joined the gulf arab nations and others in directly arming the opposition. katherine, what are we learning about the strike across the bored center. >> a short time ago the state department confirmed syrian jets struck across the boredder into lebanon, a high-ranking official telling the french wire service. this is the first confirm strike inside the borders and syrians targeting rebels. there's no doubt the violence over the bored is a confrontation. >> this is a significant escalation the violations of lebanese sovereignty that the syrian regime has been guilty of. these are absolutely unacceptable. >> lebanese security forces are also indicating that there may have been intelligence because there were four missiles fired,
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two targeting a bomb that was just the syrians. we learned the briefing the u.s. ambassador in lebanon is actively involved with the government there over the strike. >> shepard: it appears there's more to this than simply the cross-border shooting. the news out of syria is plentiful today. >> the latest video we have -- this is video footage that typically we cannot authenticate, and comes from a group that sis it works independently and is not connected to the rebelsisms it -- rebels. it shows the same things. dam mass -- damascus, and we see fighting and evidence of the sir yap government targeting its people. and at the accept department beleapts the assad regime has not gotten the message they
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cannot fight their way out of this. >> shepard: there is a break in the case of an american mother who turned up murdered in turkey. investigators say they found her killer hiding out in syria. you may remember this case. we covered it extensively here. the woman from new york, stat enisland, was touring turkey alone when she vanished. last month her body was found in what's been describe as a seedy part of is stan ball. they said her killer beat her to death. now a homeless man is in custody. he was found. in a confession the man says he was high on paint thinner the day of the murder. he says he must have hit her in the head with some sort of heavy object but still no word on a motive in the case. the u.s. treasury secretary says he is closely watching the situation in cyprus, that tiny country where the money mess is threatening stocks and 401ks
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at home and around the world. the government of cyprus announced plans to bail out the country by essentially raiding people's bank accounts. law mickers are set to vote on the plan tomorrow. if passed the government would seize up to 10% of some people's hard-earned savings in order to pay off the mistakes. the plan causing outrage. word of atms running out of cash. people trying to take money out of the bank. now fear of a bank run has the government shutting down all bank until at least thursday or friday. now concerns that other struggling countries could try the same thing and that sent chills through the markets around the world. right now the dow has recovered from the session lows. it was briefly up, and ever so briefly. but now we're down just a little bit. jerry willis is here. this cyprus situation is more than just raiding people's bank accounts. this has to do with people who, it's believed, may have been
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laundering money through the banks. >> that's right. but it would affect everybody, whether you laundered money or not you might wake up and the government would have its fat hand in your bank account, which i can't imagine anybody thinks positively about. but russians launder their money in cyprus. but the people would are ticked off, the peek protesting, and they're raiding the banks. the government is changing their plan. instead of taxing at 6.75%, the will tax at 3%. >> shepard: this is a bank holiday in cyprus. they were going to open tomorrow. then they decided to wait until wednesday or thursday. now looks like friday. and along the way, there was a plan to tax large amounts of money at something close to 10%, and then every day folks at something less. that's the part you said they've
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taken down. >> that's the part they're concerned with. they know they're making the people who live there angry. if you woke up tomorrow and saw your account -- your mother's account was being impacted like this, you would be desperately unhappy. i can't imagine what kind of reaction we would get here in the u.s. >> the concern is that cyprus does this, you have problem in italy and spain. and then there's a run on their banks. >> you don't know the impact here. it's the rule of law. you're not supposed to take things that aren't you're, especially if you're the government. that's why you saw the market solidly negative. i don't know how there's control over this. we'll be watching but deeply concerning to people, even in this country. >> shepard: a week ago there were a lot of scenarios chaos.
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this was not seen. >> we have a great story. kate middleton, the dutchess of cambridge, now lots of women in new york want her nose, and they're calling their plastic surgeon and getting the kate middleton nose. that is the big trend here in new york city. we only cover the important stories, shep. >> shepard: this afternoon in. >> well, 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. so join us. >> shepard: 6:00, i'm busy getting ready for the 7:00 but i hear you. >> maybe 9:00? >> shepard: 6:00 eastern time, 5:00 in oxford. see you then. a former college football star is among the two people who died after a private jet crashed in indiana, hitting three homes. that's what a university official says. here's what is left of the jet. investigators say it clipped a couple of houses and landed right next to one of them. smashed into the third house and snapped in half. three people were hurt.
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one reported in serious condition, and now we've learned that the one-time oklahoma university superstar quarterback steven davis was inside the jet. he led the sooners back in the day to back-to-back national titles in the 1970s. 32 wins, one loss, and one tie. he was a superstar in the college football world. investigators say the pilot of the jet had tried to land at indiana's south bend regional airport, 20 minutes or so as a drive from the university of notre dame campus. but according to an official the pilot reported electrical problems and the jet then stalled and just fell out of the sky. jamie has m details on this. that had substantial leak. a lot of fuel and that posed a big risk, too. >> a huge one, shep. it's an interesting point you bring up. investigators had to take every precaution as they slowly made their way through the wreckage. they actually cut off electricity in a lot of areas to
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prevent a spark from torching whatever is left. they want to maintain the integrity of the site. they want to go over haven't is left of the aircraft and reach the best answer why it came out of the sky. the county coroner identifying the two passengers. one as you mention, a well-known and much lovedded former university of oklahoma quarterback, steven davis. also killed in the crash, wesley caves who is believed to be the owner of the plane. there were three survivors being treated at south bend memorial hospital. and when you look at the scene you have to say it's amazing more folks were not hurt. the beechcraft left tulsa on sunday afternoon. the pilot reported electrical problems and made one touchdown at the airport, and then went up in the air, and the ntsb is investigating. >> shepard: what's he situation on the ground? can home owners get back in there? >> they let some in, shep, but
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they're taking every risk out of the way before they go through. they say that everyone is accounted for. but one house actually had to be stabilized because structurally it could have come crashing down on the investigators. so they're being very careful. those witnessed the crash -- we know we live close to the airport, we know the risks we never thought this could happen to us. listen. >> the front door flew open i heard a big boom. and i brought any kid inside. >> i saw the plane, then i heard the boom, and then was silence. so i ran to the front and it was a big cloud of insulation and plane parts and everything flying. >> really shocking. of course anyway never expect this. the plane is reportedly registered to a tulsa company, but they haven't identified the survivors and they don't know yet what happened.
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it make day some time. >> shepard: thank you. the trial of those two teenaged boys who raped a girl is over. but this is not the last of it. or so it appears. next, ohio attorney general says more arrests could be on the way and who else could be dragged into this investigation. they're going through records and phone calls and it appears now that nobody is safe from this, at least those tied to the investigation. the updates are coming next. [ male announcer ] it's relobster's lobsterfest our largest selection of lobster erees, like lobster lover's dream or new grilledobster and lobster tacos. come in now and sea food differently. visit now for an exclusive $10 coupon on two lobsterfest entrees. visit now vo: to the elegant trim es in each and every piece, bold will make your reality a dream.
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switch to citracal maximum plus d. it's the only calcium supplement that can be taken with or without food. my doctor recommends citracal maximum. it's all about absorption. >> the rape convictions of two high school students are apparently just the beginning in ohio. that from prosecutors there. now they're looking into whether there is would a coverup and maybe on a wide scale. one that could have involved they say other teenagers, plus powerful coaches, and a football team that is an enormous part of life in a small ohio town. yesterday juvenile court judge convicted these two high school football players of raping a 16-year-old girl at a
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booze-filled party. the victim said she was so drunk she didn't know she had been assaulted until the pictures and the text messages started making the round. the two defendants broke down in tears at the verdict. one sobbing his life was over. before he apologized to the victim's families. >> want to apologize. i had no intentions to do -- i'm sorry i put you guys through this. >> shepard: the judge sentenced that teen to at least a year in juvenile lockup. his codefendant got two years for also sending around the pictures of the naked and underaged i victim. now ohio's attorney general says a grand jury will convene to investigate whether other people should face charges, and the list is long. mike tobin has the news from steubenville. where does this go from here? reporter: there were many, many witnesses to the rape, and there are 16 people who refused to cooperate with the
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investigation. that is why attorney general wants to convene a grand jury to compel those people to talk on the record. following that, the determination can be made about additional charges. he is making it clear he wants to send a message with this case. >> what's even more shocking and appalling is that crimes of sexual assault are occurring every friday night, every saturday night, across this country. >> the ag is not predicting severe charges will result. he is looking at low-level miami miami miss demeanors. >> shepard: there were a lot of really cruel internet postings involved. >> the nasty language on the internet have not stopped. they renewed follow the verdict, much of the nasty lange directed toward the victim.
12:20 pm
the sheriff and the bureau of criminal investigations have been called in now because people are getting on twitter and making threats of physical harm toward the girl. >> after the verdict, after the ag's office spoke, more threats come over against the victim. one specifically is where it was a direct threat of homicide to the victim. now, this can't be tolerated. reporter: the sheriff says without all of the mean-spirited internet posts investigators would never happen gotten the leads they needed to obtain conviction, but all the internet traffic continues today. >> shepard: let's get some legal analysis. the defense attorney is with us, live this afternoon. anna, thank you. >> thank you for having me. >> shepard: with the understanding of the reality that we're talking about the perpetrators of a crime who were two very popular in a small town football loafers -- two teenage
12:21 pm
football players and now the internet posings and the threats against the young girl, who was the victim, it's hard to imagine it's come to this. >> shep, this ordeal is far from over, and that attorney general certainly didn't waste any time publicly announcing that he is rightly going to convene a grand jury here. aside from the party-goers, i think there were over 40 of them, 16 of which refused to cooperate to date with authorities. we have alcohol being served to minors in at least two homes, by adults, presumably, and let's not forget there are allegations that school authorities and coached knew of the alleged assault early on and failed to report it, failed to do anything at all. and that is a crime under ohio law. >> shepard: that was a distinction i was going to point out in some places failure to report is a lesser crime and in some cases not a crime at all. but in ohio somebody in authority, like a football coach, if you know of an abuse,
12:22 pm
especially a felonious abuse of somebody, you're required by law to report it. >> absolutely. you're required by law to report it. and even if you're not required by law, you would have a moral obligation to do something, and nothing was done. i think the attorney general is being very clear. they are not going to conclude this case until every stone has been turned, until they -- they certainly make sure that everybody that did something wrong will be prosecutor, and a grand jury will be convened. they'll hear all the evidence, and all that is required is for the grand jury to find probable cause a crime was committed in order for them to issue an indictment. and i think another point it the role of social media here. i think it's a double-edged sword because on the one hand if it weren't for these tweets and facebooked toes we weren't
12:23 pm
happen nonabout it but at the same time we see potential witnesses being threatened, intimidated to come and testify. we've seen authorities threatened. and that poses a threat to our criminal justice system. with us on this very complicated and now expanding case. thank you. well, right now, the feds can write to your cell phone carrier, demand information about your cell phone account, and never tell you or a judge why they're doing it. or even that they're doing it. now one judge says it's time to end, that your private phone record are your private phone records, until a court rules otherwise. how in the world did it get to this point? and how far can they go? that's next. i'm the world's worst cleaning lady. i'm here in your home, having a pretty spectacular tuesday.
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>> 24 minutes past the hour. a federal judge in san francisco ruled that thousands of fbi secretive requests for customer information are up constitutional. the fbi sends the so-called national security letters to banks and phone companies and other businesses demanding customer information. the fbi sends those letters without any judicial review, and the recipients of the letters are banned from making them public. so it's a huge secretive proposition. friday last week the judge ruled the government has failed to show the letters and the blanket nondisclosure policy, quote, serve the compelling needs of national security. the judge also ruled the gag order violates the first amendment. judge napolitano is with us. this goes to the fundamentals of something we talk about around here all the time. what of your private information is -- should be available to
12:28 pm
everyone? >> yes. after 9/11, the congress enacted, and then president bush sign into law, the patriot act, and among many other changes to the law it authorized fbi agents, on their own, to serve search warrants or subpoenas on custodians of information. so a telephone company, computer provider. a hospital, lawyer, doctor. having someone else's information. they call that search warrant, which goes around the fourth amendment, which requires that only judges sign search warrants -- they call those search warrants national security letters. so when the fbi comes calling to your or my server, says here's a letter. we want shepard smith's record, they also can't tell anyone because the statute makes it a crime for the recipient of the letters to tell anybody. that's the part that was ruled unconstitutional by the federal judge in california on friday.
12:29 pm
because that runs up against something called the first amendment, which says, congress shall make no law infringing the freedom of speech. so how could congress make it a crime for people to talk about the government seizing private information without going to judges first? >> shepard: this is a process that is underway now that we knew that everybody was paying close attention, or trying to knew after the patriot act was enacted, would eventually go away. i it was matter of when we all settled down and remembered the constitution. this has happened. there's much more to come, probably. >> the patriot act had a sunset clause four years. that was extended another four years. that was extended another eight year, so we're still into the period of time where the fbi agents have this authority. but parts of it have been declared unconstitutional by six different federal judges, and the federal government still use it. if the custodian of the record -- in this computer provider -- doesn't squawk or complain, just
12:30 pm
complies with it, the person whose records are sought doesn't even know the records are sought. so they're not in a position to complain about it or challenge it before a judge. it this rare custodian of records who says, i think these records are private. i think there's something wrong with this statute and i shouldn't just hand them over to you've. it's the rare custodian of records that will challenge them. this challenge in california had the result where the judge said, can't do this knee. people have the right to know when their record are being seized and the right to talk about it in public show. statute is unconstitutional. >> shepard: going to be interesting to see what has been done without anyone's knowledge. ever 350,000 of these national security letters have been served since 2011. do you think anybody we know has been the subject of them? i'm dreading it. >> yes. >> shepard: thank you, judge. okay, explosives in a dorm room, and a college student dead. it all forces hundreds of
12:31 pm
students in residence halls to get out. we'll update. plus, the helicopter prison break that almost worked. i need to get out of prison so send me a helicopter to land in a yard. they got out. the rest of the story as we approach the bottom of the hour, and the top of the news, on monday, march madness fills "studio b." we'll get to that just because we can. 22, going to be fun to watch. [ male announcer ] trail...
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>> this is studio b. it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. a 0 body guns and a bomb found in a dorm room. classes cancelled. school officials say somebody called campus police about a man with a gun in the dorm room a little after midnight. as the cops were responding to a fire alarm somebody pulled. when the police show up they found a student dead with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound, and also found several guns -- or a gun -- several guns and self improvised explosive devices or homemade bombs. the cops evacuated 500 students. >> cops told everybody to run, and we got told to go to the union and stay away as far as possible. >> thought someone had a gun inside the building.
12:36 pm
>> shepard: the university of central florida, the main campus in ore -- orlando. phil keeting has the news from florida. the said the threat is over? >> it remains over. the fbi telling us the bomb squad rendered the bomb and book bag safe. however tower one remaines closed indefinitely. it's a seven story building and the suite where these stunt lived is basically a four bedroom apartment. still unclear whether his three roommates knew of the dead man's guns or bombs and suspected anything like this. >> 500 students who lived in tower one, directly affected and the main campus, a university of 50,000. so it is a signatureland impact to our operation. reporter: they have a very clear
12:37 pm
policy that no guns are weapons are ever allowed on campus. >> shepard: i was wondering if the cops or any authorities had had previous contact with this student or if this is just out of nowhere. reporter: that's a curve crucial question that they have failed to address that could change when the first news conference will begin in orlando. we have been told the man who committed suicide did not leave behind a note or man fess to or any includes, nor whether the bombs found in his room were booby-trapped. classes resumed, but as you can see in this student hall, most students chose to stay away from the whole day. the 500 students who live in tower one remain unable to access any of their personal belongings. >> shepard: there will be a news
12:38 pm
conference scheduled for ten minutes from now. we'll monitor that. a couple of inmates climbed up a rope into a hijacked helicopter to escape from prison in broad daylight. but they didn't get far. this happened in canada where cops say men posing at tourists commandeered a helicopter from a tour company, then put a gun to the pilot's head and ordered him to fly over the prison near montreal, then lowered a rope to help two inmates climb into the chopper. they got away but the cops recaptured them the next morning. >> the warden said it's the bold est escape attempt he has seen but acknowledged the response to this was a little bit slow, but if you look at this graphic, shows the whole thing went down under a minute. the helicopter came over the
12:39 pm
yard, dropped the rope, two inmates jumped on and off the wait. later when the suspects were spotted there was a car chase, standoff, and also a shootout. nobody was hit during at the shootout. they ended up rearresting both the inmates as well as the two men who carjacked that helicopter. very bold says the warden. >> shepard: turns out this is the first helicopter escape. >> no, no. in fact back in 1971 that was at the first one. a new york businessman who was actually escaping from a prison in mexico, and that time he was able to escape not only the prison but the country, and then later wrote a book about it. since then have been dozens of other attempts and many have been successful. in fact a man in france escaped by helicopter three times. the last time for good, and a man in greece escaped by helicopter twice. he was captured both times. but just this weekend, he tried to escape again. not by helicopter. but by taking what you see there, hostages.
12:40 pm
the standoff lasted several hours. he finally gave himself up. went back to the prison, presumably to plan his next escape. >> shepard: probably. so trace gallagher live. thanks. >> north korea's leaders threatened the united states. so in response u.s. leaders said they would beef up a missile defense program. now china is in the mix, and bosss there say the united states is making matters worse. so here's the question. is that just propaganda or do the chinese have a valid point? that's next. ♪ [ female announcer ] from meeting customer needs... to meeting patient needs... ♪ wireless is limitless. [ female announcer ] from finding the best way... ♪ to finding the best catch... ♪
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wireless is limitless.
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>> shin officials are warning the united states' plan to ratchet up our missile defense against north korea will just antagonize north korea. last week chuck hagel said the u.s. is adding 14 new ground-based interceptor
12:44 pm
missiles in alaska. double the amount we had before. this followses north korea's long-range missile test in december. specifically they said they were going to hit washington, a lot of talk. the chinese foreign minister said today that diplomacy should solve the disputes over the nuclear program and the united states missile defense plan is not helping. the former new mexico governor and u.s. ambassador to the united nations, bill richardson issue is with us. what is your take on this? i know we don't know a lot about this kim the younger who i running the place, but to put up defense systems can the chinese don't like that. >> shows the chinese will only do so much to help us. in the end they will back north korea. they did help us with a tough security council resolution on sanctions last week. they helped offer it. which put a little bite into the sanctions. but now that i think we did the
12:45 pm
right thing to put those interceptors, not targeted against russian missiles but north korean missiles there there's more of a threat. the chinese are kind of backing off. so in the end i've always felt that the chinese don't really want to help us there because they don't want north koreans coming in as refugee, so in the end they say diploma, but diplomacy has to be backed by a few sticks and that stick, the biggest stick carried out there is by china. if they don't want to help us, it's tough to get the north koreans moving in the right direction. >> shepard: i remember when kim the younger, kim jong-un, became the new leader. we didn't even have a picture that was less than five years old. but more importantly, who is pulling his strings? do we know? >> the danger is that the hardline elements of the north korean military is -- he has an uncle that is not very pro
12:46 pm
engagement, pro u.s. the danger is that they're pulling his strengths and he is allowing them to do that. what i do think is happening is kim jong-un and his people think he has to strengthen himself because he is so young and inexperienced with his own people. so, maybe a lot of this bluster is to show his own people he is in charge, that the missile launch was successful. the one they did a couple of months ago. but it's amazing what we don't know about this guy, and this is why i think it's important that somehow down the line we engage him with diplomacy, but backed up with a few sticks. like the chinese could help more than they're helpings. >> shepard: the south koreans ended the crease fire that put the war on hold. how concerned are the south koreans about this guy? >> they should be concerned. any little conflagration, any mishap by the north koreans could get both sides into a
12:47 pm
conflict, and that pulls us in. so, this is why i've always said, north korea has missiles, got a million and a half men in arms, possibly four or five nuclear weapons, they've got an untested, unpredictable leader. it's tense on that peninsula. we got to watch it. >> shepard: ambassador richardson, governor richardson, thank you. less than a dayway airway d-day away from the pope's inauguration, and world leaderred will be traveling to rome. including vice-president joe biden. he is the first catholic vice-president of the united states. tomorrow's nonracing takes place on the feast of st. joseph which honors the father of jesus christ, and also father's day in it lay, and easter is less than two weeks away. the popes ring will be a simple
12:48 pm
piece of jewelry, nothing ornate, which fits with his style. last week he paid his hotel bill and picked up his luggage the day after hisr of the 1.2 billion catholics around the world. amy kellogg will be helpsing us cover this tomorrow in rome. >> he pope will be wearing a recycled, recast ring, albeit by a very famous sculptor. it was given to pope paul 6 republic but it's not clear whether that pope wore it. pope francis won't be the first pope to wear a silver ring but it is unusual to wear one modeled on somebody else's. the ring and was made by the late enrico, called the pope's sculptor because the did a lot of work. and we got a lot of work for the pope's coat of arms. it has a star for mary, a flower for joseph, and a symbol of the
12:49 pm
jesuit association, and his mott motto, which is god saw him, had mercy on him and called him. the pope had lunch today with the argentine president, christina hernandez, with whom he has a rocky relationship. he accused her government of demagoguery and critical of her policies. argentina this first latin american country legalize gay marriage in 2010 and she called the pope's positions reminiscent of the times of the inquestion sayings. they did seem to have made a step to smooth over their relations today as hundreds of other dignitaries descended upon the vatican. >> the holly see does not invite any foreign delegation or country or leader to come to this particular ceremony. we inform the world that this is taking place. those who wish to come are welcomed. no one is refused. they may come and take part in the ceremony.
12:50 pm
>> might be interesting to mention that the zimbabwe present has arrived. he is not free to travel in europe because of his human rights record but the vatican is a special situation, like the u.n., where everyone is free to come, especially for an event like this. >> shepard: our coverage of the inauguration starts bright and early in the morning. around 4:15 eastern time. a little before 4:00: 30 in the morning. 1:30 a.m. in pacific time. i'll be in to host that if the alarm clock and coffee pot are cooperating. i'll see you bright and early. >> match madness is here, and the most hated man in sec basketball, if you have not seep this guy play, it's not just me talking about him for once. they're talking bet him all over the country. he has a date with wisconsin, and that won't be easy, but i guarantee you it will be fun. march madness.
12:51 pm
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>> shepard: for the second time ever in and the first time since 1981 the ole miss rebels have come out on top in the ncaa southeastern conference, at least in the tournament, after a huge upset over the gators. secures them a spot the big dance. the final moments yesterday. marshall henderson leading the rebels back. a kickout in florida. had a chance right there at the end to tie it. watch marshall henderson, number 22. if you don't know about him yet, you will. he said the other teams were treating him like a villain for his, shall we say, demonstrative on-court antics. that's the tongue is marshall
12:55 pm
henderson's own, and he can live it. it's fun. marshall madness underway this week, and from the looks of things we could be in for a wild tournament. the analysts say even the number one seeds, louisville, kansas city, gonzaga, could be in danger. joining us, the sports editor for the daily national. sometimes it's just me talking about this guy. and i'll plead guilty. but this time the business insider has a huge writeup with pictures. this is an exciting player. >> exciting and controversial. his own dossier of the gator chomp against the gators. don't do that in front of a hostile fan. >> marshall henderson, not marshall mathers. >> a great story for the casual fan who could latch on to someone. there's been so many stories of
12:56 pm
players not playing for four years, this is someone you can sit around the water cooler with, talk about the things he will be doing in the fame coming up. unfortunately he is going up against a wisconsin team that thrives on this kind of player, a guy who is loosey-goosey and not set in stone, so could be here my wrong or a nice upset. >> well, it's one of those. been that would be my guess. i do know people will get a kick out of him. it was an amazing time. when you see a time like that knock off missouri and florida. that's the first time they cut down nets in 32 years. >> a great accomplishment for them and something that, looking at the tournament, the history of the tournament you look at a team like ole miss or louisville, who has gotten on a strong path as they head into the tournament. those are the teams you look at to make upsets.
12:57 pm
and as the number one seed no one is playing better than louisville. they had an amazing come back win at the garden. down by 16. winning the game by 17-points. that's a huge swing. so as we go into the tournament those are the teams and type of players you look at to really make a run. >> shepard: indiana, going into the season, great. i'm like, okay, it's indiana this year. indiana, michigan, gonzaga. >> absolutely. indiana, you look at zeller, that's who you want to hitch your wagons to. michigan has been great lakes ups and downs. miami certainly with the defense. do they have the one player you can hitch your wagon to? like a zeller to go to the final four. i think indiana will come out of that region. >> shepard: i still think florida -- you look at the past they have. florida can get there. >> you look at the sec and who is going to be tried and true out of the regular season. they know these tough games. nothing is going to surprise a
12:58 pm
florida time or billy donavon. you look at the pedigree of the coaches and the team and florida could make run. also look at georgetown as a team that can make a run. >> shepard: can't wait to watch. it's wide open. thanks, mike. coach kennedy, you're the man!
12:59 pm


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