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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  March 18, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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and now i've got to take more pills. ♪ yup. another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? ♪ for my pain, i want my aleve. ♪ [ male announcer ] look for the easy-open red arthritis cap. >> shepard: the feds are close to solving one of the biggest art heists. happened on this date in 1990. two thieves posed as cops and took off with the paintings. now investigators think they know who is behind the crime. at it too late to go after the thieves because of the statute of limitations but the fbi trying to track down the paintings they say whoever has them now might not know they're stolen. there's a $5 million reward in the case. that's a wrap on "studio b" for
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this monday afternoon. a quick look at the dow. 65 and a half. there were fears this would be a horrible day. we'll update it. tonight on fox report. right now, here's "your world." >> fox on top of an illegal immigration storm brewing, or should we say, brewerring, arizona for jan brewer just heard the white house def its release of illegal immigrants in her state and it's already re-arrested a handful of so-called high risk cases in her state. the thing is the for hasn't seen it, wants proof it and is itching to talk about it. first, should the speaker who makes controversitives want to throw up. charms from the right that john
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boehner said something very wrong, all but called him a bonehead for making the president look very good. >> welcome. i'm neil cavuto. what do you say if you're a republican and the leaders of your own party in the house are saying the debt is no immediate crisis. well, you go nuts, because john baner and paul ryan just proved it. they're not only ryan rhinos on the cries but they're in bed with the president ignores this constitutional crisis. mark is on the phone with us right now. what do you make of this? >> it is extremely frustrating if you're an average citizen watching this. last year when you count fiscal operating debt and unfund liabilities, it wasn't 1.2 trillion. it was 6.9 trillion being spent we don't have. and even hear something pundits circling the wagons saying this
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isn't a fiscal debt crisis yet. what dot we have to do become cypress or greece for people to recognize this? we have tens of trillions of dollars in unfunded entitlement obligations. even the ryan budget does nothing with respect to social security. on obamacare, in the ryan budget takes the taxes and repealing obamacare. what is happening is the complete integrity of our financial system is being called into question. we have the fed printing day and night to provide the monetary support for these fiscal policies, and to hear republicans say, the speaker of the house say, this is not an immediate debt crisis. what the hell does one look like? >> neil: makes you examine, were they trying to say -- calm people down into thinking we're not going to followed like this hour or this day. but by saying not immediate, and agreeing with the president,
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they give him a negotiating edge. the president says this isn't really like a right-now threat. up to now they've been saying this is a right-now threat. >> i don't think boehner believes it is. i think he has been around a long time. the think he has participated in this for a long time. i don't think he would use this as a crisis, and it is a crisis. paul ryan was on my program over a year ago, and he said we have two years. well, that's over a year ago, so i guess we have about ten months, and i'm surprised at paul ryan saying the same thing. here's the thing. of course they give obama political advantage. but they also take the heat off themselves. if they said, yes, we're facing an exceed debt -- immediate debt crisis, people would demand they do something. so they're taking responsibility off their own shoulders. the runs are schizophrenic. they claim to be the fiscal conservatives and they're not. at least obama is consistent. he is a radical leftist and he acts and spend like a radical
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leftist. >> neil: do you think there's something more than just symbolism to these remarks and the fact it was both the speaker and the house budget chief and former vice-presidential candidate for president, saying this is tough but not immediately tough. these are the folks who voted, obviously, for the last deal that prompted taxes taxes to go. so it's a face-saving gesture as much as it is, wherever we're going from there. >> they voted for every deal. they've negotiated every deal. and so for all the talk, the fact of the matter is, obama has been to this -- about $6 trillion during his watch and so have the republicans in the house. maybe not the first two years but the rest. what have they done? i look at my stumps that's what they're supposed to look at -- look at my constitution. all tax bills come out of the house of representatives. all of them. then they say they don't have
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any power? when boehner announces we're not going to shut down the government, when it was shut down for three weeks when newt gingrich was trying to control bill clinton and his spending, and he is giving up his card. when boehner says we don't have an immediate dead crisis he is giving up his cards. he doesn't want to actually do something about this but likes being speaker. >> neil: they're looking at the next -- the end of this month we're facing yet another potential crisis. they're going to argue that the government could shut down. and this is their attempt to say, we won't brick -- bring it to that pranksmanship because we don't want it on our door step we caused it. but it's going to boomerang on them. they retook the upper hand and now they're giving it away. >> exactly right. sequestration was passed a year and a half ago, part of the plan a year and a half ago. all the republicans had to do is
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keep their mouth shut and stay out of the way. thank god they did that. here we go again. if they're not going to stand up now, to obama, and this absolute mindless spending, and borrowing and printing, then i have to say, neil, what the hell good are they? i'm going to tell you i'm not alone in this. the republicans putting out a statement today, compassionate conservatism, whatever, if they don't get serious and substantive and start to take affirmative steps to bring this government under control the republican party is going down. i'm telling you that right now. >> neil: obviously punted a little bit over the weekend so we'll see. mark, always a pleasure. thank you. favorable andded, the democratic congressman who shays mark levin is off his rocker. saying the debt is not an immediate crisis.
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he says it strikes me as a grenade with a cap off. no? >> you know, thank you so much for having me, neil. you may recall, i was a member of the so-called biden group, where we had ten meetings, bipartisan meetings, i was on the supercommittee, 12 people, bipartisan, six and six, when we met and met and met, and we could not reach a deal on the so-called big reduction package. but we know that we do have a problem with spending. but we have a problem classifying spending as well. i think it's spending when you give tax preferences to people and corporations who don't need it. you are spending money. so what we have to do is get serious about expenditures,
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where they're being made, come up with a fair and balanced approach to try and get something done. >> neil: do you think unless we do, we are -- say what you will, what your characterize is spending or not. i heard that argument. i'll talk about whether it represents an immediate crisis now that, regardless of what you call it, when we are spending in an excess of a trillion dollars more than we are taking in, that's not sustainable to say that not an immediate crisis, begs the issue ex-when would it become an immediate crisis? >> to in people immediate would be tomorrow morning. to others immediate might not be until july or even september. >> neil: i think, congressman, immediate to me, given the fact we pile on 3 billion a day on our debt, is this very hour. >> well, not so much when it comes to the budget. as you know, many things --
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there's a lot of lagging in a budget. and i do believe there's a lot of lag time here. we have some immediacy when it comes to the end of this month. some things we have to do. and we need to do that in order to keep the government running of the question is, do we need to pay all the debt in that time? i don't think so. i think that we'll see over in europe now what happens with these austerity programs when you don't do things in a way that is balanced, when you don't have investments versus cuts in such a way -- >> neil: you're not seriously thinking, congressman, anything we're doing hints anything approaching austerity. we don't have to worry about here because nothing behinds of dramatic cuts in spending. and we're wrangling with each other over the size of the increase in government programs.
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right? >> but i dare say if we were to adopt a ryan budget, that's exactly where we we woo -- we would be. we see draconian cuts in the budget. >> neil: they're not draconian cuts if they're just moderate growth of institutions. >> that's true. that's true. >> neil: we just got off the whole thing with sequestration where everyone was whining about 85 billion in supposed cuts, half of which were in the outer years, in a budget north of $3.6 trillion, in a debt approaching $17 trillion. if that's draconian, i guess i'm twiggy. >> that's why i have been advocating that we take a different look at how we do this budgeting. because we're calling things permanent if they're done within ten years. continue knoll we -- i don't know we have to have a ten-year fix on things -- >> neil: ten years is at least a
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goal. its unrealistic, arbitrary, but it's a blueprint. >> that's true. like you say, unrealist stick and arbitrary. >> neil: you don't just stop doing it. >> oh, sure. you keep hope. but you don't have to, asol sea, be unrealistic about it. it's one thing to say i want to do this in ten years, it's something else to say the real benefit comes in this 13th or 14th year, but we're not going to tackle it in our budgeting. that's why i think we have to really get real about what we're doing, how we're doing this, because the american people don't need to be subjected to all these manufactured crises. >> i don't care if you're on the right or left. i love you to death. but to me when you're taking on a $3 billion in debt each day, spending a trillion more than you're taking in each year, it's an immediate threat. an immediate threat. but we can respectfully
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disagree. >> i agree. 90-day immediate or 120 day immediate? >> neil: i think it's now. congressman, thank you very much. in the meantime in the meantime, look at this, it could have been worse. could have been much worse. fears of an all-out run on banks in cyprus starting a global run on stocks. the dow diving more than 100-points at the open, trying to rebegan its footing as the day ensued. wasn't eaddy. this after bank customers in cyprus rushed to the atm machines to beat the first tax on bank deposits some 10% tax off the top that created such incredible hit staira. the government quickly shut down all banks, at least through thursday. but the damage from this island nation reverberating like a tsunami worldwide today. asia, hong kong, down 2 to 3%. european stocks hit hart -- hard
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before calming down. it could happen here? what if i told you something similar is happening here? fox business 8:00 p.m. do not miss it. >> they're rearresting in the illegals they say were face. fork get the famous tarmac moment when she got in the president's face. wait until what you hear what jan brewer has to say to the president now. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down. what's your plan? ishares. low cost and tax efficient. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses.
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>> neil: at it time for our latest edition of "they say, we check." >> year going to mapping our way through this by identifying the lowe's risk detainees and putting them into alternative -- >> sorry, janet, not true. we checked on that. >> several hundred related to
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sequester but not thousands. >> neil: also not true. we now more than 2,000 illegals were released, including at least ten considered what they call level one offenders, four of whom have since been re-arrested. whatever the case, it's got arizona republican governor jan brewer shaking her head and her first. she joins me now. bottom line was they disavowed this motion there were thousands of horrible illegals wanting to do harm on the streets, when in fact they called back a number of them and they do now say that there were a good many more than they first said. what do you make of this? >> you know, it's absolutely outrageous. this whole episode has been nothing but a charade. this reporting by this administration -- just simply is not right. we need good, solid information.
1:20 pm
they tell us all low level. we know that's not a fact. yet we still can't get in really pertinent information from homeland security. >> neil: when they talked about the ten or more serious issue cases, do they tell you, governor, they're from your state? governor, heads up? here's who we got. how many we got. have you heard anything like that? >> well, we've been told there has been one level one person at least in arizona. i don't know if i can take that to the bank. i don't know if that's the total truth. there's been so much misinformation, no information provided to the states in which they released these people. you know, the federal government has a few things they have to do because those things are the thing wes can't do for of uses, and public safety is one of
1:21 pm
those things. you just don't release people incarcerated because one day you wake up and you think you need a bed or two. i think we didn't release prisoners out of our prison. that our job. it's just so wrong and so unbelievable they would do that. they have a responsibility to the people of arizona. we don't know where these people are. we don't know why they were were incarcerated. at this point in time the majority of them have left the state of arizona. >> neil: we know -- >> i don't know how they'll find them. >> neil: we do know that initially those who were released, were released on the notion that, well, sequestration cuts were coming so we had to go ahead and cut them off now. put -- but of course that cutting before cuts goes goo effect, cuts that wouldn't affect this area of homeland
1:22 pm
security, are at best specious. are so now i'm beginning to wonder what else we're not quite getting sneer what else has been updated for you or passed along to you. anything? >> well you know, my directors of homeland security, my director of public safety, wrote a letter to homeland security, requesting information, and we have not heard back from them. they just swat us away like we're a fly and it doesn't matter. at it their job to keep us informed. we work in conjunction with law enforcement on a federal level hope and state level and these people are -- if in fact they are in our community, we need to know where they're at and how they're keeping track of them, and why they were incarcerated in the first place. we know there was level one, level two, level three. >> neil: were told there were up in of those. >> exactly. all we want is a little truth-telling. truth-telling is important and we're not getting that from the federal administration.
1:23 pm
neil: governor brewer, thank you, good seeing you again. >> thank you, neil. >> none of this is sitting well with a certain share. share joe arpaio. he is mad and he is here. remember when i predicted this last friday night. >> i preticket -- writ this in pencil -- straw poll is just a snapshot in time but i'm telling you rand paul could be on his way. you could have written it in pen because it happen. the these republican honchos who don't think this guy is for real, maybe they're the ones who have to get real. [ male announcer ] it's relobster's lobsterfest
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>> neil: got to give rand a hand. first it was this...
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>> i will speak as long as it takes until the alarm is sounded from coast to coast that our constitution is important. >> neil: then this. >> i was told i got ten measly minutes. but just in case i brought 13 hours worth of inspiration. >> i say not one penny more to countries that are burning our flags. does it really take $3 million to discover monkeys, like humans, act crazy? ask the facebook generation if they want to bail out too big to fail banks with their tacoma cools and you'll hear a "hell no." >> neil: now rand paul is saying, oh, yeah, topping dozens of established conservatives to win cpac 2013 straw poll. ahead of our live interview with the senator on wednesday, the town katy.
1:28 pm
is this a call for the party as well? >> it's an urgent wakeup call but also a shift. we're now seeing rand paul move sunny front. chris christie has been on the tip of everyone's tongue but he didn't win the straw poll. rand paul follows in his father's footsteps. his father won two years in a row, starting in 2010. romney won last year, and now rand paul has proven he is a different kind of politician. people at cpac felt like he is not selling himself but selling a message of freedom and liberty and freedom from the government and overregulation, which is resonating with young people. >> neil: also challenging the party establishment and sort of ruffling some featheres, including the people who organize cpac, bemoening the time he was allowed to speak. dot that boomerang on him? >> i don't think so. the g.o.p. have the report that it came out today, trying to
1:29 pm
rebrand themselves and fine out what went wrong, and what went wrong is we have been embracing establishment counties for a long time. first john mccain, then mitt romney, and they're really seeing that rand paul is popular, able to connect with the facebook generation, which as we saw in the 2008 and 2012 election, has huge impact on how people vote. he talked in terms of freedom and deregulation and young people like that message, and he gave examples of, look, too we need to be spend your hard-earned money researching monkeys and how they act on meth. common sense things he can communicate to young people and voters. >> neil: he advocates doing more cutting sooner than the party establishment has. we just speak at the beginning of the broadcast about been john baner and paul ryan saying the debt crisis isn't an immediate prices. paul ryan's plan calls for us getting out of the deficits in ten years. senator paul said, i can do it
1:30 pm
in five. what do you think of that? >> i think he could and he has put forward plans in the past that show he can. and like i said, going back to the communication factor. he knows how out of control the government is, whether it's sending money to people who are burning our flag or giving money to college students to come up with a menu how we'll eat on mars, and he has an ability to communicate with young people and voters as a whole what is important and what isn't. and we have seen him become a hybrid. he is a republican but has a libertarian base and ising which that republicans have been striving for but hasn't found the right candidate and right now rand paul looks like he is on his way. >> neil: obviously ruffled john mccain's feathers, and john mccain kind of apologized for how far this went. react to this. >> in an interview i said that senator paul and senator cruz
1:31 pm
were whack obirds. that was anyone appropriate and i apologize to them for saying that because i respect them both and i respect what they stand for and what they believe in. >> neil: i still sense this friction, though, between the establishment and the new up-and-comers. >> absolutely. you asked me the question earlier if rand paul kind of going against the establishment, calling in a subtle dig to mccain, the g.o.p. establishment has grown moss. it boomer ranged against the establish. i'm glad john mccain paulized but pauling people names and saying rand paul only has impact on libertarians living in the dorm room, it's false and it hurts the g.o.p. moving forward with younger voters. so aim glad to see him apologizing. >> john mccain was a maverick for taking on the republican leadership but not the fact
1:32 pm
today. he drew in the line. now the white house is lowering the bar. the president's upcoming trip to israel. allen west said at it all for show. you heard it at cpac. he is letting it rip. ♪ [ male announcer ] this is a reason to look twice. the stunning lexus es. get great values on your favorite lexus models during the command performance sales event. this is theursuit of perfection.
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>> i'm speaking from experience i tell you there's nothing on this green earth that a liberal progressive fears more than a black american who wants a better life and a smaller government. [cheers and applause] >> neil: you heard him there and now you can hear him here. former republican congressman allen west. they were revving up the presidential band wagon for you. >> you just talk about rand paul, so he is the guy at the top of the heap when you look at that cpac straw poll. i just want to continue to say the things that americansed in to hear. not what they want to hear. >> neil: folks in that room want to know about what will be don about the deficit, and then over the weekend, the same weekend, we get word out of party leaders
1:37 pm
the debt crisis isn't an immediate crisis. what do you make of that? >> i can't understand it. i listen erred and heard your initial segment with mark. this is a very confusing message. if you're a loyal opposition, the party of fiscal responsibility, you should recognize that this debt situation we have, that is soon going to be $17 trillion, and by the time that president obama steps out, it will be $20 trillion. when he was senator obama he called george w. bush being unpatriotic, the debt was 9 trillion. so something has gone awry, and hope any we don't see a g.o.p. leadership up there in the house, especially, that is starting to take the baby stepped back because we do have this debt ceiling vote coming up soon. we have to stop the spending -- >> neil: you used to work there, and i always think there's a method to all madness, and i think that someone there, within the ranks of the party
1:38 pm
establish; must be saying, we can't agreg aggressively push this because maybe in and of itself, pushing the idea of immediately attacking the debt and we don't, immediately backfires on us. >> i'll go bark the words of the former chairman of the joint chiefs of staff mullen who said our debt is the most critical national security crisis of the country. that it is coming from the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. i believe everybody else in washington, dc would get onboard. you would not think that something such as that financial matter would have something to do with national security but it does you. look at what its going on with the missile interceptors we're moving up into alaska, it's costing us now two to three times what should it have cost, and we'll hear to borrow money from china, in order to have a missile defense shield against north korea. that the status. >> neil: when the president goes to israel and talking about
1:39 pm
bridging the divide with benjamin netanyahu, who is still cobbling together the last piece of the coalition government, will anything change? obviously you're no stranger to the ill will between our countries and that is supposed to be a fence, building effort. >> well, i'm all about end results and not about words and trips. it's amazing to me that this is the president's first trip. he went to turkey and gave a speech. he went to saudi araina, cairo and made his speech about reaching out and building bridged with the muslim world. now we see israel in the neighborhood that is absolutely unconscionable and threatening to its security. so, the faith behind the doors, nicolas sarkozy, the way treated prime minister benjamin netanyahu previously, i don't think anything will change. the president saying we're moving our embassy from tel aviv to jerusalem and recognize that
1:40 pm
jerusalem is the rightful capital but if you go back to the dnc convention, they had to add back into their convention platform that they would even recognize the rightful capitol is the modern day state of. i want to see some action, not words and rhetoric. >> neil: real quickly. the discourse among republicans have some thinking the grand old party is at war with its. is it? >> the theme of cpac this weekend was the next generation. we were talking about new challenges and timeless principles, and i believe that much the same with a relay race you have that exchange zone, and it's time for us to pat -- pass that baton because if you don't pass it within the exchange zone you get disqualified. we don't want to see this g.o.p. get disqualified. people have to rafaelize there's a new generation of voices and conservative leadership. you look at the young people
1:41 pm
that were there. they're looking beyond the old stallworths that are there now and we have to move on, or else the party is no longer viable. i believe this is a question of transition in leadership, and if we don't do it at the right moment we may see a party that becomes no longer relevant. >> neil: quickly, those who are urging you to run for president at cpac, i talked to a lot of them -- are you saying you're not? >> look, the most important thing is that i'm always in a position that i'll serve my country however they wish me to. if they want a really good dog catcher, i can do that. we don't know what happens in 2016 but maybe i'll have you as my economic advisor. >> neil: that's already a doomed campaign right there allen west -- >> but we can eat a lot of good canoli. >> and marinara. >> will unions unhinge detroit?
1:42 pm
look at this. [chanting] >> neil: the focus of their anger? here.
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.. alright, bring the model in on the set!
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[chanting] >> right to work has got to go." >> neil: they can chant but the michigan governor rick snyder says, guess what, right to work is still on and he doesn't care how much it ticks these folks off. think they can get nasty? wait until you have the gov when he gets going on your world, because governor rick snyder is here and only here. meanwhile, out of work? better stand in line because you have plenty of company. unemployment rates jumping in half of all states and the district of columbia. why is the main stream media saying the jobs are looking hunky-dory in the united states. scott says because they're
1:46 pm
biased and clueless. there's a disconnect. >> yeah. neil, look. i'm a data guy. we all know the bad numbers out of the economy in the last couple quarters, being run over by some of these media folks -- look no further than the unemployment rate which is a fancy way of saying all the people that are either parttimers that want fulltime, or all the people that have just been so discouraged, they have given up looking for work. the number is over 14%. so while the unmomentum rate is celebrated at a post recession low, we're still about mid-teens for unemployment as a real term. >> neil: let me ask you this. when so many states are seeing for some a sudden uptick in the up employment rate,ings to that trigger or pop up in the national numbers or is there a lag effect? what do you see? >> well, there's certainly a lag effect to some degree because there are different economic factors going on in different
1:47 pm
states. we talk about this before. all the fracking has poshed then unemployment rates in dakotas, but at it gone up, especially in states next door. but for anybody to sit here and tell you that fundamentals are changing as a whole across the nation are as misdenged as dennis rodman, bus we all know the facts are the facts. the unemployment rate is still very high. gdp is struggling at 0.1%. we're barely growing. >> neil: this disconnect, november withstanding maybe friday as well, between wall street and main street, why is that? why that he market been doing so well if things look so bad? >> because we have our friend, ben bernanke printing money like at it going out of style. making cyprus look like a weak country. the return on the bond goes down. the people that save money to
1:48 pm
retire are getting hit. but guess what happened? the money has to go somewhere. it goes into stocks because that's the only place it's going up. >> neil: scott, very much. scott falls these markets better than most folks i know. turns out the gov was right. a legal immigrant furlough thing is a mess. now, jan brow irstopped short of calling the white house a bunch of liars. i'm not into sure my next guest will show the discrimination it's time to call in the sheriff. time to call in joe. arpaio. oh, myo.
1:49 pm
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1:51 pm
>> neil: the perfect amnesty storm. that is what happens when you
1:52 pm
replace thousand of illegal immigrants from detention centers at the exact same time you're planning to furlough border patrol agents. that's not me saying that. that's the vp of el's a sew's border patrol union saying that and fearing that to sheriff joe arpaio who agrees with that. sheriff, what do you make of this? >> well, it's mind boggling. spent 30 years as a top federal law enforcement official in mexico and south america, the borders, but this -- i don't know what they're trying to do in washington, dc, whether this is a way of giving amnesty to 2,000 people, and you throw in the dream act, what's going to be next? >> neil: you're a lot closer to this than i am and i know you're just back on the job. you dislocated or broke your shoulder? how are you feeling? >> this is hi first day back full time. just for you. >> neil: get better. but on to this mishmash.
1:53 pm
i'm confused it's not left or right. i'm just trying to get facts straight. i know when folks like you brought up the idea that detainees were being released, it was disavowed by the administration, and that the numbers being talked about. thousands, were considered exaggerated. now we're hearing it night not have been exaggerated and many of the so-called nonthreats were in fact threats and re-an presented. i don't know who to believe. >> we just arrested two more people for smuggling illegal immigrants and drugs. one was 14 times back and forth. another one was five times. where do you true the line? they can't even keep track of those that have been deported and they keep coming back again. so something has to be done in washington to get this problem resolved once and for all and stop playing games behind the scenes or politics. >> neil: if level one candidates are being released and these are
1:54 pm
considered, i guess, the most dangerous, and then re-apprehended, and then they were released in the first place, we find out, because of approaching sequestration cuts that hadn't even gone into effect, then what would it take to release a bunch more, a bunch more often? >> that's the decision made by cabinet -- i'm not saying the president knew about it but he should know about. i knows everything i'm doing here as evidenced by his nomination of perez to be labor secretary, who has been going after me for three years, and i'm going to federal court because i'm not going to give in to the federal government. just shows you again, the controversy involved and the time that washington does something. i so maybe that's a good thing when you agitate and bring this subject back to the table, at some something will be done.
1:55 pm
>> neil: you mention the labor secretary, perez, who comes from the justice department, going after your methods in arizona and elsewhere. but what too you think of him running labor? seems like an odd choice. >> ought to be thanking me. we raided 74 businesses merck office, and arrested 500 people in those businesses here illegally, with fake so he ought to say, thank you, you're making openings for those here legally they need a job and, as you say, we do have an unemployment problem. so why would you want to give these jobs to people that violated the law, come in here illegally? let's save the jobs for u.s. citizens. >> neil: amazing, sheriff, feel better. get that shoulder become up to speed you. got a lot of weight on it here. good seeing you. joe arpaio, good. >> i want you to look at something. these folks shouting in the streets?
1:56 pm
they just learned they can't get money from their banks because their government is closing them. now, i know what you're thinking. that is going to create a bank run there, right? what if i told you it's already igniting fears of a bank run here. . all stations come over to mission a for a final go.
1:57 pm
this is for real this time. step seven point two one two. rify and lock. command is locked. five seconds.
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[ chanting ] >> neil: this is what happens when the fan goes too far. taxpayers go nuts and tyke the street, especially when they can't get the money because the government closes their banks. it's happening in cyprus, but this could be us. let me explain. the government there wants to tax people's bank account up to 10% of what they have in the bank account. say ten grand there, say goodbye to 1,000 bucks. wham, bam, no thank you, ma'am. it's already caused such


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